Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). September 16, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). September 16, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: September 16, 1977
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Pdia or' p fIC W a
eleenohe:BqCL ~L'~t~i~lB j T P 61ztbfgU
KMedia Rwe" sntativ rw boc&"ia- of
olin Turner(London )D L0()M INICA. PreBi offer:
E2 Sharftesivi Avenu but,* 2eAs.0e 2
S "I -Y L 14 1 YLt4 _'Dom q -7 C M.,

dqo NO S -eie habie A1E 197 P lt r'-y`
Vo1. XVI'o,10 F~rFiday. Spt;3embe 16 197 li

After days of silence, at a
meeting which began at 10 a.m. to-
day, Prm -. i'fJrin (supported by
Dep../Premisr C.hristian, Ministers
%Iviere and Doiglasi proposed to
the CSA teau led by Charles Savarin
~ *9 -

T1%1B% T~i^r

Wn4.i ,J.Aiexis, I'rancis Severin and inuTOS OurtA1 RtOiMnH
cthes., the ollowing terms:- According to the'CSA Bulletin,
m$ gilllon to be paid to the Civil Hon. Mike Douglas is seeking to
servants ,w. The balance owed by make a martyr out of Tomba, a
Aovernmen~t to be paid by debenture man whom the Govt. of Dominic6
bonds, ovr'a 3, year period at an had reduced to a non-person (by
interest rate :of 7 %e (or in cash offering $5000 on his head "dead
ver a period). Tae Money, said or alive"). At Coulibistrie,
premier. JSC, ald to be obtained M.Douglas said "that Tombs was a
troh a source abroad and repayment human being and that had the Civil
hf fte interest on this loan would Servants strike 'not been on Tomba
e~ 0urden. Government, would have had the Nursing care
Others at te meeting Mbre Mes- that he required and would still
.:Tcim Er (DEetF) Philipn be alive today". CSA asks: didn't
assl yard an en- Mr.Mike know that Tomba was a human
assief, ( 4aynard and Bent-
ley Blgou.c....., "d Vice.Pres. of being when he and his Government
Seamen & Allied W rkers Union -of made it lawful for anyone 'p kill
'rinidad an of coarse .irns ,Bonadie.) him? How many bullet wounds
When Charles zSa'arin took' these -did Tomba receive? How many Batons
ters before he s ng C l clubbed him down? Did he receive
1erms bef re te ne sVZiking Givil,'
Servants npzse in oowill Parish any meditation which, coupled with
e. ..l toe repns w: the extent of his head injuries
ha' t eir r n was: would prove fatal? If so, who
administered the-medication?
"If he said .e wa$ going to pay R E DO AS, th ame eca ^i
half now and the rest later..." be- ry tactiDs t Sir Geotge -ia
rgan Onle Yo~ dy. 14 other word fiery tactics at Sir Geo6ge, Wi2Les4
gan one yo lady. It other word Univ.Dzxnada, got plenty of DBS spaoe
the terniS are not acceptable to the for saying that Britain should pae
Civil Servnrts, the Civil Servants because of the
m h t. Pmier money taken frop us during coloho.
The meeting aith the Premier ial d&ay. (A lot of darn~nonisese).
resumed a- 3 pm. just before our =,.- Some 4 dozen --
Press Ti.m. Civil Servants returned home W~ tha.
Ai7-T Tn. T. If S VITAI' Prime Min-- freighter "Dappa" from Antigua,to
isntor 'lich,-el Manley has taken over which land they had flown front. USA
the all--im!ort'unt subject of Land after a .SA.-TU excursion (jeersd ta
Reform, vit~L ggr Jamaioas d .iel- by the -remi~, *

is holding a public meeting at
SHOP LANB, (Federatioi: D ite)
,, [ ^i ,/ "_ i t : .* -


rnf/tc~i MltrT< 111

STRANGE EVENTS IN THIS STATE .Century Insurance Company Limited
h is to te f (Agent L.A.Dupigny & Co. Ltd.)
o eaS is to there. have applied to the Registrar of
people of that large village are Insurance to withdraw their dep dit
^? S f L r a B^ e1 .. ... I 1 ran ce to w i th draw th eir d epdOz
calling for a By-electionp to which der .e insurance Ac 17/7
@under the Insurance Act 17/740t:
they feel themselves entitled Policy holders (i any) mustil
the death a year ago of Mr.Isaiah thoir y holders wif anth files-
Th their objections with The Regis-
Thomascor no' y justkeoraed iun- trap of Insuraonce Ministry of
AecSrdingly., they asked their Coun-' Fiance, Obvernment Headquarters,
oil Chairman, Mr. Alvin Armantrad- RF ne, Dv ernmen t Headuarters,
Roseau, Dominica before the 30th.
ing, to lead them in a deputation Septee
to the Premier with this request. September 1977 L.A.DUPIGNY &.CO.
When the men arrived at Govt..H.Q. Sf 5/6 LTD.
they founded a letter from the Pre- --- -
mier to Mr. Armantrading but were QUOTES FROM CSA.. STRIKE BULLETIN
refused'an 'audience'. Theoletter Spt : The skeleton staff which
said in part that there was "no was mounted by the CSA at the PMI
provision for holding by-elections on Tuesday Sept. 8 had to be with-
in the Dominica Constitution 1967", drawn yesterday, one day aftet It~
We, know this is untrue.: Premier officially went into operation.
John also said he would see that Tho 15 nurses of the skeleton saaff
provision was plfted in the propos- were treated with, indifference y
ed Independence Constitution for the matron, and did not get: the
the holding of by-elections; but necessary co-operation from-nont
this was really Miss Charlest ideas trikingnurses on the wards Li
He also stated he was personally vital areas such as the giving and
taking over consideration of the receiving of reports and handmag
problems of St.Joseph constituency, pver of keys. Education Officers
telling. Armantrading to "pay greater) Benjamin, George & Henderson are 4
attention to the affairs of St. 'busy cajoling, preaching, working
Joseph Village Council" I and threatening teachera,including
Now St.Joseph had held a Free- Principals, in.a bid to ge.t then
dom Party meeting on Mon.12th Sept; to break the strike, Sept. 9,.
the deputation went to the Premier Has Parillon. resigned? (pe6Frs1nt
on the 13th, and reported to their' rumours were abroad of a stormy
people that evening. On Wednesday, Cabinet meeting)}. t A small group
anniversary of Mr.I.Thomast death, of 'SchedUle $32",Civil Servants
the Premier was due to attend a stand solidly behind CSA onBdac'-
Mass at the Catholic Church there, pay, despite qoVt. threats. Some
He sent down the Defence Force at of them hold iey positions. Sept.
5.30 p.m.; the service was at 7.30. 12th: OWA workers came out In sup-
St.Joseph people were somewhat in- port. CSA advises citizens to store
censed at the sudden spawning of water but please boil rain wate:
Defence men. When the Premier ar- before drinking, "Bonadie speaks
rived they booed him outside the out" says one article. Garibbean
Church. Ministers Douglas and Riv- leaders are intrinsically copycats
iere, guarded by Defencemen,walked bankrupt of ideas and initiative.
uphill afterwards to visit Mrs. Bonadie drew a comparison, with
Bernadette Thomas;-the people made Grenada issued with lOUs instead
remarks about them, too, On the of monthly paycheques after inde-
way home, near the bridge, the De- pendence. Cables of Solidarity
fence Force threw cannisters of from St,Lucia CSA,St.Vincent Union
teargas at the disgruntled crowd, of Teachers, Bhrbados National
who had been asked by Arrmantrading Union of Public Workers, & Guyana
to resist being provoked. We under- Public Service Union wore read. *
stand there were no injuries save The "Fizzle" of Douglas-Seraphin
for a Labour person who fell into road march was also covered,
the canal. (Other events on page 6) (More on page 6)

- ~- ~'~ -

I __

Paae Two


FridavSehtember ~h,~977


One of the speakers at a recent public meeting in St. Joseph
likened Dominica's present situation to a draughts board where
neither player can make a move. The chips on the board are
so positioned that only skillful manoeuvering can avoid a disaster.
The past week in particular has been unusually active and shows
clearly that the chips in government's favour are dwindling fast,
This afternoon an announcement made over DBS informed
Dominicans that the lightning road march "meet the people tour"
(or whatever you wish to call it) was being brought to a premature
halt "because of the present negotiations underway between
government and the C.S.A." Anyone who was alive during this
week would rightly laugh at this. The truth is that Mike
Douglas and Oliver Seraphine do not dare to continue their
circus for fear that it further tarnishes the image of themselves
and the Labour Party. From their firat attempt to hold a
meeting at Colihaut to explain "independence and the C.S.A.
issue" they have met with hostile crowds. In Trafalgar last
night the team of two were not even permitted to speak while even
the usually passive village of Laudat rose up against them
a few hours later. Wherever they have been the cry is "Pay,
Pay, Pay". It is interesting to note that in patois, pay' also
means "shut up". At one and the same time they were insulted
in both languages of this land.
Eustace Francis got his share of heckling on Monday night
in Newtown and the Premier had to dart in and out of the church
at St. Joseph on Wednesday through angry villagers. Such
a wave of unpopularity has never engulfed Dominica before
and it is worth assessing the reasons for such animosity.
Basically its roots lie not in the C.S.A. strike action
(that is the catalyst) but in the failure of the Labour Party
leaders to fulfill even one quarter of their promises made
to the people in 1975. Besides this each representative has
not been doing their work in each of their constituencies.
The people have to be met, assisted, informed and advised through-
out a representative's five year term and not approached to
cough up votes at election time.
The last two and a half years have been vibrant ones,
and the people, through experience and information, have learned
much about the failings of those whom they elected to office.
During this period the ministers 'have drifted away from the
realities of the lives of the people they claim to represent.
One example was Mr. Francis's Hewtown meeting when he commenced
to address the crowd in a manner so base that his listeners
were insulted by his attitude towards them. He appeared
to take for granted that they were ignorant of the facts and
issues of the day. Other speakers like him have been taken
aback that their audiences no longer avsorb meekly all that
is put before them. Public speakers today must never under-
estimate the intelligence of the masses and playing down to
them in the Labour Party way will just not do, as the "light-
ning team" has so painfully found out.

Friday 16th September. 1977


Page three

The Premier on the other hand issues his diatribes by
letter or radio, safe from the hostile comments of the crowd.
But even this does not save him, for every statement destroys
him further than the last. It is strange, as we look at
our island draught board, that the ministers and members of
government do not react against their blundering leader.
It would be much to their advantage if they were free
of him and yet.they cling together like fleas to a dog. It
has been hinted that rather than supporting Patrick Mike Douglas
was using the issue to lay the foundations for his own island-
wide popularity in an attempt to assume leadership either
of the Labour Party or one. of his own creation. This plan
has seriously backfired and so we will hear nothing from them
on a public platform for the next few months or at least until
some miracle puts them back into favour.
The whole question of representation and party allegiance
is much in the air, not only because of the demands by the
constituents of St. Joseph for a by-election but also because
of the general mood of no confidence in the government.
Many persons feel that the Governor should be pressured into
dissolving the House of Assembly and calling General Election,
but few understand that it is not in his power to do so.
Even if thousands march on Roseau and tear the place to bits,
the vote of no confidence in the government can only come from
members of the House. Even at this time of crisis a motion
of no confidence would probably not succeed in the Assembly
because the fleas are still willing to hang on, regardless
of the damage done to the country by their remaining in office.
Each backbencher would still vote "aye" or "no" according
to where his bread is buttered thickest. But even as the
House of Assembly lingers on in its present form only a. major
upsurge in economic trends can change the mood of the people.
Even if the Civil Service issue is resolved and the machinery
of state begins once more to clank along, the scars left by
these last few weeks will remain unhealed for a long time yet.
The Premier's twisting of the truth regarding the holding of
a by-election, the reaction of the people to his speeches,
the hostility at public meetings of,the ruling party, the
dissatisfaction with government policy (or lack of policy)
and the solidarity shown by the civil servants will still
be remembered months from now.
Those who forget easily will be reminded for all this
has set a new course for Dominica, for this crisis has shown
that the citizens a a whole have 'experienced a change of
heart. The draughts board of Dominica's destiny is poised
to take a new and possibly surprising turn,but the people must
never be allowed to forget the events of September 1977 or
else that cowardlylaissez faire attitude will creep over us
once more.

Friday 16th September, 1977

T HE- S T- A

Paae four

Friay Setme 16. 1977 THE STA Pae iv

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and.Noting thereon
or Caveat for week ending 16th
July 1977
Date of Person Nature of Re-
Re quest Presenting i quest whether
for Certificate.of Title or Noting
thereon or %Cave'at
Request da- Millicent Reques- for
red 16th Marie by the issue of
July 1976 her Soli- a First Cer-
Presented citors tificate of'
15th July Armour'& Title in res-
1977 at Armouri pect of apor-
10.50 a.m.- Harris & Ition of land
Lookhartt, known' as a
residential Lot in the town of
Portsmouth in the Parish of St.John
containing 5392 sq. ft. and baurid-
ed as follows:- North: Land of
Mary Burke; South: Lands of Gar-
field Laville and Perry Carbon;
West: Land of the Government of
Dominica; East: Bay Street
Schedule for week ending Aug 27.19
Request da- Haymond request for
ted 9thFeb. Burton by the issue of'
Fruary 1977 his Soli- a First Cer-
Presented citors tificate of-
23rd August Armour & Title in res-
1977 at Armour, pect of apor-
3.05 pem. Harris & tion of land
..Lockhart at Paix Bouche
in the Parish ofrSt.Andrew containr-
ing 9,625 sq. ft, and bounded as
follows:- North: Land of Agatin
Joseph; East: Land of Edison Fed-
erick and McDowell Richards, South:
Land of Simmons Vidal; West:Public
Road separating it from land of
Agatin Joseph.

Schedule for week ending Sept \9L77
Request da- Robert Request for
ted 18th Vidal the issue of
August 1977 by his a FJstCerti-
Presented Scali ears ficate of Ti-
29th August. Armour & tle in respect
1977 at Armour, of a portion'
3.05 p.m. Harris & of land at
i- Lockhart Lilette in the
Heigs of Coulibistr: e in the Par-
ish of St.Joseph containing 5.99
acres and bounded as follows:-North:
by land of Gerald Charles; East: by
land of Herphie Prosper; South:by
public track to He ghs H Morne
Blaquette; We bL 3jaod Pa Heirs of

When one takes a stroll around
Roseau, heaps of rubbish are ob,
served here and there, But one
of the most important spots where
rubbish should not be allowed to
accumulate is opposite Harlsboro,
a medical centre where fine doc-
tors work daily and where dozens
of people including strangers and
foreigners go to seek medical at-
Have the Jaycees closed. their
eyes when passing that area? They
really made an attempt to help
keep the city clean, bu do they
fail to see Aii Wmell what we ot-
hers do? HUH LAW pEE

Well, Mrs. Allfrey, iihat a
strike Arid the OSA went about it-
quietly and peacefully, which the
other side did not expect: we not-
ed their threatening expectation.
According to their talk -on DBS,
they were provoking violence, But
what pleased me most was the reply
to their invitation for a new pro-
posal from CSA. Oh my~ When Iheard
over the radio Savarints counter-
proposal I was overjoyodI clapped
and shouted "A Daniel come to judge-
mentl" What a fine piece of SEkkes-
peare: "Let it be a pound of flesh
without a drop of blood", An excel-
lent proposal; they got frozen. In
my opinion, it is most logical -
let non-strikers accept the debon-
tures and the others pay them
cash. A most fair distrjbutionLB.S.

Registrdf of Titles
:NTE: Any person who desres to
object to the issuing of a Certi-
ficate of Title on the above Ap-
plications may enter a Caveat in
the above office within six weeks
from the date of the first appear-
ance of those Schedules in the
STAR news paper published in this
State or from the date when. the
Notice prescribed by law was last
served on any occupant of adjoin-
ing lands in respect of whichiihese
applications were made.


I .

Page Five
-* Mrf -* I f**-^*----------------N

Friday, September 16, 1977


Page Si, T H E S TA A R Frida $Aptember 1977
*ST*A*R4'~iOR*OT*S* Morchripton BLOW BY BLOW ACCO16J (Ifjroem pae2)
FOO2SALL 4fISalem Rovers will have The road march MiiSst:ers Douglas
Fo -0rfeA the points in their next and Seraphin have Ant been welcomed
leoaSe mato h according to a release during their safari. Oolihaut,Cou-
from the 'Football Association in libistrie, and even Calibishie did.
reterenen t to Harlem Rovers walking not give them the big hand but on
off ~he field when they played Kena the contrary they had to cut their-
boroug United. Oliver Grell meetings short, At Wesley a huge'-
(tems captain) and Herminus Emanuel crowd called out -"pay! payl pay-l. -
were to'mifs their team's next two At Maerigot an even heavier crowd
matcAes, whilst the other players caused the Ministers to take off .
wolg4 have to miss one match for quickly. Govt. supporters were not
walking off the field. This easily, Ipleased to see them.
meanu-that Harlem Rovers would be At Vieille Case Mr.Douglas call-
unable td field a team for their ed Freedomite Wyllis LeBlanc n1ic-,.
next match. The points in that abannames; he was asked not ito do sol'
4one0 match were awarded to Kens- he continued and Mr. LeBlanc Int
boroagh United. to pick up stone's, whereupon Mr.
Spartans were awarded the points Douglas gave him a karate chop -
for their match'at which Spurs the neck and Police took Mr,LeeLang
failed to turM up. And Spurs were away while the unsettled meeting
warned that further such action continued. In Trafalgar on.Thurjday
couad e1a4 to their being banned p.m. the people made"so Tmuch noJae,
fqom the league. ringing the church bell and all,:
As the league continued,Spartans that the Ministers were forced 19
suffered a bad upset, from Outter/ leave. They went to Laudat, when
Potiers, a team they had beaten in the crowd. heard them (with eck in
the first round 7-2. Gutter/Potters ibut told Seraphin "we haven t soe4
had sweet revenge over Spartans who you since 1975 we don't went 7ou
seemed to be playing for playing's here-now,'. At ,hj meeting thiJ
sake beating them 2-nil.In another week, ex-Speaker Eustace Franc-
ma oh Kens defeated Saints 2-nil. got very angry with the attitai
Soring for Kens GLawrence and of the crowd: and although he i*&led
HypoJite. for speakers, hq would not al:o
"In second division matches Vie- certain people to speak at all *
torip. Stars defeated Spartans 4-1 QUOTES FROM GSA STRUSE BULLE ,tp*2)
and Kensborough United beat Saints The headlines of the. last 08
1-nil. strike bulletins in our hands L.e
Yesterday afternoon Kensborough revealing: Sept. 14 Bonadie .-
United and Saints met inu.a first timistic. Seot. 1I5 No Progreaop
division fixture. Kensborough U. Negotiations (but Bonadie adv iel
beat Saints 4-1; Murphy, Elwin, Civil Servants to keep faith, and
Henry and Hurtault scored the goals called- for stamina in the struggle,)
Leslie Eienne scored Saint's lone Sept.15 (last) Savarin Sceptick4
goal. This sheet contains a personal ac-
Harlem Rovers in a practice count of how Hon.ME.Charles was
iatch in Portsmouth last week-end harassed by a yellow eop nan~.ed
beat Portsmouth easily enough: 5-2. .by Defence Foroemen, ihich zig-
BOXING: World Heavyweight conton- zagged within a few i-ches of her
iers Ken Norton (No. 1) and Jimmy body. -** EXPRESSIO, organ of
Young (NgW2) consolidated their D/ca Amal.Workers' Union. though
positions behind Muhinmad Ali with less racy, has somo fough thinking
ring victories ear2lir this week. embodied in its columns too
'This month Muthamrad Ali will ETIi t.F-i 4: SiO cargo shnps
'again defend his title thid time bypassed the State (WAW; is out),
aglgsismie Shavor* J-o caaialsD/ca iktg Board !, 11it.,
c Shaver. a ....r -zht..
d& Publlahed y the Proprietor, Robert E. Allrey of pt
Mill .-Iouse at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, W.I.

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