Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). September 9, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). September 9, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: September 9, 1977
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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__________ db
epresentaa V e'
Coljn Turner(Lb6ndoy)

122 Shaftesbury Avenue J.l Ministers' state-
London W1V 8HA England rQfdd '. 1 ments:pages 3 & 4.
Vol. XXV N ..E C ,to ,I-. :-.l L -'
T. E STRol HTAVY D SCUSSO.pS" h 9 DE O TO teen centa low )

As a result or bullet wounds
Arrival of Mr. Burns Bnadie, receive resuwhen or ws etpp woed ins
Gen.Sec./Treasurer of the Carib- received when -e was .trapped in
bean Council of Labour (by boat) Glenvillia Boxing Plant wearing
'today enlivened the already profuse his grass skirt, the Dread out-
discussions and talks about the 9- law Galloway died shortly after ;
day-old Civil Service Strike, Mr. entering_ hospital. $5,000 had
Bonadie has already met the C.S.A. been offered for his capture"
executive and many of its members. ded or alive.. Since this sum
He is holding talss with Government is publi money, it should be
spokesmen this afternoon. interesting to-the public to know
Spokesmen'his af n how .is. portioned outi N
Meanwhile last Friday Hon.Eugen- h t sportioned out.
is Charles offered her services as
a mediator. in the troubled situat- .FIFTEWr UGANDANS EXECITED TILEI
Ion. Her offer to the Premier has .AM IS IN A "COMA" Among the
been refused 1; very rude terms, 15 men were three high Governmentr
and as a reSult.she has'written
and as a resu' itshe hasswritten Officials, an Army Officer and a
firmly shown hilm that the condit- They were shot'in "
Postal W-rker. They were shot in
ion to which Doninioa has been ont f the cck twer-in p-
brought is lue o his own mismanage- ala. Amin.has declared that "any-
ment and missperding' of_.ou taxes. one involved in subversi on will
iome Affairs Atnister Parillon be committing spuiide".
discussed the strLke with ^CSA lead Few people believe that the
ers, and hss states, that.the part-, UgandanPresident, who had a..tiny,
jes, mus get together to negotiate. blemish n 'his neck removed,. has
No positive, solution is evident by' t y rbeen n ina coa. e-ust
press : te c a tdj fo the dea.'- s.ce ne
Nearly all shools are lsed prove their loyalty :to, the John ..
forlack'cf teachers, whd strongly, Gtt~ nd express their d'istlke
suprt 3Ai.- Governnent has put : union, solidarity td: -a
out, an advertisement on .DBS t.o o-called "Labour :'Govt .it .oulId
temporarI clerkl typists :sand.MeI- .:aso save a .cohsiderabl:e& 'sum since
enger..: some 1CO.have-been,.,inter. the hangers-on are mostly; senoir.)'
viewed. ,het -dorrsBonadie.and the :. Although the. Prenier keeps:
SA -think: 6f this [move? saying he owes the civil servsnts
-AVARITN'S 'CONTNIROPOA.QSAI, $4.4 million, he shriuld in honesty
Charles gavarin ,ut up-by, letter to relate the saum to the income tax,
Government, a .master.fuul. outer ,po- hhe would aP.dct from it. .The :
posal:' that..those 'ho have stayed figurew..ould surely be tea-rer
on-, at.. works.hoaB d .,Peeive e '-debentures $2 .: million. Govt-. Ministers 6oud d .
and the .strikers. should ,;alt .rece ftv alo- sacrifice. a -al ': d:
their- cash, (-T is would -ive the ,l ances, like the -i aersz ^ :k
antik-strt f ers hance further, -'' :j~aa car 'a.iiaA ,' .
.-* ^ r^ .n*2;CI. ^______^ ____ .*' .. '.'.'- -~ : **l *f- .t ^.i w *;.. ^ ji .i> -,..f.. .. .: ~ ___

Flu .

10.150 a.m, Harris-J known. as a re&
SLookhartI identical Lottn
the town of Po6rtsiith in the Par-
iah of St. John containing 539 r1i
ft, and bounded as follows:- North:
Land of Mary Burke; South: Lands of
Gairteld Laville and Perry Carbon;
We 1 .L"4 Q. tho Govermuent of
edie rir wee On

,S 9tember. -l9 1277__

Tt seems to me 1Itat the C.SA.
VtrXe will go on end on inde'inite-
Pyt j a.pp seer to me tbat. the
I 4il 4el-VIbe Association has' lost
I.Uqqpj4'4pnqe in thb Shoe Govern-
deftt 614'*4Ujinevq again work
aoaatably iYder Sts regizwe
our peopip for nearjlybwo cem.
twi~sS-arpw indopendeni people,, 44
bout 70 pa.e.0 oPn landp wbito
.theiv .4yir by fishing
E~~; I-r~C~lP ~IF 0-



RequesT da- I-obert 1 queseffIMr- t
ted 18th Vidal the Issue of P
August 1977 by his a Frst Cert-* c
Presented Sollcitra ificate of T t
29th August Armour-& tie in resp Wi
1977 at Armour, of a portion f.
3.05 p.m. Harris & of land at s
Lockhart. Lilette ii the
Heights f ouibste in th- Par.
ish of St.Joseph containing 4,99
acres and bounded as follows:- o
North: By land of Gerald Charles; t
East: By land of Hbrpbie Prosper; d
South: By public track to. Heights t
of Morne Raquette; Westa by land o
Heirs of John Foye and Joseph Patl c

ted 9thieb* Burton iasue of a i
rsauw 1977 by his ertiflcate of
Presented Solio te in res.
23rd Auat Armour & hoot of- a por-~
1977 '" .raour, tmn of land
3,Q, Harris & Pai Bouche ) i
Lockhart he Parioh oa I
Soni 62$ sqft 4
bounded as follows:- orth: Eand
Agatin Joseph; Eastst and of Ediso
Pederick and e Dovell Rlichards
South* Land of 1aOmons Vidal; Vest
Public Road separating it froM land l
of Agatin Josge

04iou i O oaOtpa!

na wnat noT, re wora *ILaDour-
oes not suit our country, as it
oes the other islands.
Nb Shoe, Bbot, Sandal Toeless
clipper, Tennis or Push-In Party
hall ever succeed again,
by B.C. Loblack
We DoBinIoans have given Patrick
oo much latitude and that has made
atriok decide he will rule this
ountry like some savage land where
grants rule with uncontrolled sway,
e were told that Nero lit Rome with
ire and he went on the hillside
smoking his pipe. Where is he now?
B has vanished, but Rome and the
ople are still there,
The time has come for the people
f Dominica to stand up and tell
hat boy Patrick John that he has
one enough, we are not going: to
tolerate his nonsense any longer for
s have seen and we know. Does he
are if Dominica goes to the devil?
Shas nothing to lose; but we who
ve Nife, children and family have
Meeting to think about*
We bmow Patrick went to Lagon
college and believes he knows more
a~ than any legal praotitioner,
ie lawyer tell Patrick John there
I no dispute in Civil Service mat-
rl; he refuses to accept the law-
irs interpretation of the law.
As an old man, I would advise Pat*
ck John that Dominoia is a hard
Sok to. raok. He should do one of
o things (1) leave ot fee in good
iith; or (2) all a General lestion
ld t the people put in mn and
wa' able to decide the destiUn of

----- ---;--------r --- I------- 7---r .---C ...--T -I-;-- ~.- -I

------- ---- --: --- ---1 Lr -:lj~Lr


Friday 9th September, 1977 T H E S T A R Page three


It is one of our greatest failings as a country that the
majority of Dominicans do not give enough serious thought to most
of the more outrageous statements made by our leaders. By shrug-
ging off ministerial pronouncements time and time again, we have
allowed the leaders of this land to believe that they may say,
and at times do, anything without suffering the consequences.
Whereas in other democratic countries ministers fall and
scandals rage because of some obscure but controversial statement
made by them; in Dominica self--styled orators can use radio,
television and every other media at their disposal to threaten
and abuse the people of the state, knowing .that because they have
got awsy with this type of thing in the past they may continue
to do so. Happily over the last two weeks the reverse has been
true, and the Premier is suffering rather than gaining from over
exposure of himself on the radio. But even as he destroys him-
self in this way there has not been sufficient reaction from the
people as a whole over his attack on two of the basic Human Rights
of this country
(1) Protection of freedom of assembly and association
(2) Protection from discrimination
On Sunday August 28th the Premier addressed a small group
of people on the Nevitown Savannah, his speech however was broad-
cast over Radio DBS which allowed listeners both here and abroad
to savour for themselves the force of venom and bitter hate con--
tained in many of the statements iade that day. The Premier
in his diatribe clearly stated that the present project of Urban
Low Cost Housing was not for the mass of poor and needy Dominicans
in general but solely for those who openly supported his party.
To use his words "These houses are for the dirty shoe people."
This is an official statement. It comes from the Premier
of this country, not by way of rumour or a drunken mutter overheard
in a wayside bar. This was said for ell to hear end was part
of the day's programme when all ministers of government expounded
on the past achievements and future policies of ministries under
their charge. This was the policy statement of the Premier of
Dominica and minister in charge of housing. It makes the whole
"Hewtown Statement" into a rag of meaningless jargon prepared by
ghost writers. It has made official what many of us heve known
for years. For we all know that this party discrimination does
not only apply to housing but permeates every level and dimension
of our island life.
It is however most shocking that in the case of low--cost
housing the evils of discrimination should fall on the shoulders
of the most needy Dominicans'. Let us face it that there can be
none more needy than those who dwell in urban slums. The houses
at Bath Estate were built to relieve the population pressure in
Roseau. It was hoped that while people moved from the crowded
centres of the capital, old unhealthy slums ,would be removed and
new dwellings erected. What is happening is that the old houses
are filled as soon as they are vacated and those who most need
homes are not necessarily those who get. The queue is long and
the competition is great. To add to the confusion home ownership
demands that you prove Labour Party allegiance. Being independent
is not enough, you have to sell your soul to the party. One such
individual, a clerk in a certain Statutory Board, after applying
for a house at Bath Estate, received an envelope containing a

Friday 9th Setember, 1977 T H E ST A Page four

Labour Party badge and blank party card all he had to do was fill
it out. Neo-slavery is as easy as that there is no need for
whips or plantations.
The next hurdle for the prospective homeowner to overcome
is cost. At present-day rates, one wonders whether "low-cost"
is really the correct phrase for the scheme. Each building costs
;26,000 to erect. These contain two homes each, so the resident
will have to pay off roughly ,13,000 all told. Complaints have
been made by many people about tke size and design of the units,
but this is an unfair criticism, for the architects have been
restrained by cost and practicality. Yet even these bare essentials
are going to cost the average working, class man dearly.
Consider the case of one family who applied for a home.
The couple have five children. The man works as a porter and
footboy for 3 local firm at `28 a week. They have been renting
a small two-room house for q30 a month. The wife asked a well
known member of the Freedom Party to assist her in getting one
of the units at Bath Estate. This member told her frankly that
her chances would be much better if she went on her own and made
no mention of him or the Freedomo Party. The wife later e:ressed
amazement at the dovmwnpyment of *,-500 asked for each unit. The
Minister for Housing wPs then in the United States and the woman
was told"Patrick has nothing~ to do with this high rate which the
housing authority is asking, but when he comes back from America
he will make sure it is leris." (Notice the propagandas: the
blame is never on Patrick, always on some other ministry or organ-
isation.) Of course some weeks,- later the woman returned to nay
the do"wnpym.ent wan no'w ,175, but no word yet of how much the rent
would be. The family could not even afford the do;vn-payment the
Freedom Party men provided them with the money but ,advised them
for their ownv sakes not to m:n 3tion it.
The fc;t remac.ins that many other f million like the one just
mentio.:ed will have to f-co -the payment of monthly rent -. !Moot
of the housc-' are nowo- fully occu-ied ;wile- the amount of rent
to be charged is still unclear. Certain report:; state that charges
range from .90 monthly for a concrete block unit to ,.80 monthly
for a. wooden one, Even at half these rates it will still tcke
over twenty year, for 1 f,--'ily to pay for their .ho.i ae. ThiIn of
doing. this on a. :c g of 028 a week with a wife rnd five c ildren
to support.
Added to this:, mMny residents of these "low, cost" houses
have borrowed extre money to buy:new ,furniture, fitting; nd drapes
for the glass louvre Already there ore extensioans ing
built and a couple of T.V. aerials, are to be seen. le:it or no
rent, the people are there to stay.
As has happened at the King, Hill scheme it is prob-ble that
payment of rents will bog cdown and all taxpayers will bear the
burden of repaying the debt. The fact that politics is involved
will mnke it im-oorsible to sort out tlao .. os nad because of allegiance
to the ruling party many persons know that. they can :get away with-
out paying any rates at all. Mr. William Demas and his colleagues
ct the Caribbean Development Bank must take a stand on whct is
happening with C.D.B. funds in Domiinica and this government should
be made to answer for its flagrant use of international monies
towards enforcing a policy of political discrimination.


Frtday. T-Sep `-n

Friday, SerbteDmbej~,\, 1977


.. ...ATh OF ^ -IcA
Schedule of Applicationrifor Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon:
or Caveat fQr week ending 27th
Auuist 1977,L (Ct ed from pag 2)
Datp pf Person Nature of .Ra
Request Presenting qwest whether
for Certificatej;o tie i,? ogR.ting
thereon or Caveat
Request da- Taepic Reqa fbor
ed 3rd 141abt the isaue of
august 1977 .'Oy axe a F.rst QeV-

.nt Ak git Vanyga:- Title.. in "p.

ala &t BRver Clare# in theFr
of St.George, containing
and bounded as follows :Nor
Land of Kelly Shillingford; Sou
Babillard Estate; South-West: Lands
of Hubert Jean Jacques, Sude Batha
elmie and Ma uselle Tom ssaints

request da- Gillette Request for'
ted 12th Peter the issue o0
July 1977 Terrance a First Cer-
Presented. Registe tificate of I
25th Aug.- and ~il- Title in re-
st 1977 lette spe.t of a
2at 230 Peter lot of land
"rrance Registe at Jalousie
; Personal Representa- Castle Bruce
tive of Iris Amy in the Par-
Registe deceased by ish of St.
their Solicitor David in the
Yanya Dupia. J State of
.Dominica, containing 1I42 acres
and bounded'as foilows:- North: by
Public Road, land of Lovie Challen
ger and Johnb Prevost; South and
East: By the Sea; West: by land of
Aetitia Sustache and it Nation.

Registrar of Titles.
S.T-: Any person ibh desires to
eobje6t to the issuing of a Oerti-
tioate of ..itle on the above Ap-
pliations may enter a Caveat in
I the above ot oe wthtu six weeks
from the date of the first appear-
ance of these Schedules in the STA
news paper published in this State
tor from the date when the Notice
prescribed by law was last served
on any occupant of adjloinig lands
It respect of wmich these applica-
^Wti** lt it. .*_*___**


Pane Five

N 0 T I C E


WAGEI,_ __, 1_1_ 31OR 1-OXWGBOXI Pfl
WO1URM a ttblanpez' gaant vage 1 in
crease as from 31st-Amps2t 9m
in being given to 6pp0o 0 w0yrk.
ores of all a~t.oagtiea DAM had
made demands 8fl their' behlfp.;

PRX2X9(2$0) Amm]ol~
fat~' J~
mes ,@.. aanth ,



*.~-L-SS-~-C--. r-

- -- ~- --'L' -- --


,,t_.. -- -- -- -- ------- -----------------~


Century Insurance Company Limited
(Agent L.A.Dupigry & Co. Ltd.)
have applied t; the Registrarx of
Insurance to withdraw their deposLt
made under the Insurance Act 17/740
Policy holders (if any) must. file
$4er' objections .with. Wh registrar
of Insurance, Ministry o0 Pinance,
Obverixment Headquarters, R-oseau,
Dominica before the 301h September
19779. D,At DUPIGI & 00, o TP
W3 ---*-^^y*s*ot,w-** -----*-.-*=**< *, i7s
k. ... dsw, N 4 -..
The iaagement Committee of the
i Bat Growers Assooiat1dg
scholarships to a I-
e;glwai re sucessfa~ -
in the 197 e E anoe E am1i
nations* Patfrick Psoole of, Ma4crt
arind laUdette WilliamA bf Laiida .
were aseeoted for these awards c.it4i
a list of eleven names subpltted Wt
the Association by the Education
Di vision of the Ministry of rEduca
tion, Youth Affairs and Co-operatives.
Applications for assistance
hat been received by the Education
Division from parents and Principals
of the schools attended by the
children. The scholarships will cov-
er cost of tuition books, examina-
tion fees and a maintenance allow-
ance which will be paid to the
holders of. the scholarships if they
reside away from their homes,
2nd September, 1977.

both the y~ winners of these
enerous scharship and Ite Dowas
inica Banana Association for tUh
ezoellent grants.

ii.- -^. i_ t

FOOTBALL: 'The league match most' Twenty-year-o-ld -MVss Tandy
looked fofwa'rd to this season .. Nicholas of Canada broke the re-
Ken borough United versus knockout cord By' .swimming the .ngliL -
chtampions : Harle'r Rbover pr-mis'ed Channel to France and back in,
all `ue excitement only two good nineteen hours & 55 minutes.
teams, could gdne'rate wheie they --
clashed' at Windsor Park on Sun aay LABOUR COMMISSIONER CHARIPiSD
Sept. 4, for just- about 20 minutes WITH FORGERY 'ST. KITTS
'.,.before the match came to an BasSeteree: Labour Commissioner,
abrupt,h premature end. Samuel Danies and a Labour Dept.
By the time the match endedAKens m singer Ronald StapletanhavO
ame singer. Ronald Stapleton.zhaVO
borough U. enjoyed-a 2-1 lead and- been. arrested on forgery charges
it looked like another of ,this arising from alleged disappear=xan
season's "goals galore" affairs, of money from the :Labour Offieid.
The eason';for the early end will Both .are on bail; 'the Commission-
b variouss, depending on where fhe her's was seti at $2,000. .
spectator was standing and the team ______ -- -
beingsupported, -What is certain E WS B R I F S
frpm the sidelines *-is that after' President CarteP's new Panama Canal
bot f .Kensbproggh-,U ~ ,s goal'sHar- Treaty is winning widespread sup-
lem Rovers and: ~minicaas captain, port excepti. pockets of dissent
Oliver Grell. protested to the ref- in his, own country. There is a
eree ,about the validi ty, ,of those nightly curfew in Lusaka,Zambia
goals, e..We all iow about, the i since Zambia accused white-ruled
judga-t .-decisidn being final; with Rhode.ia of Runohing an air raid.
Grell's continued protests after -In Dominica, arising out of the
'the 2nd'goal, he was shown the red CSA strike,# an 8-day boycott wa.
card: iindicationr to- idae -the field placed against Astaphans Super-
Grell obediently started td walk market' or discouraging its work-
off the fieldd. At Once. Hie'mius from, participating in Solidar-
Emanuel. kicked -the'-ball 'away from ity Day. this week A, boyco-tt- has
centre fiield asnd .the.Harlem players been placed on Sulad.e's, hop
like one man walked o f clear off the i obdwill Parish .all, the
t ei WjJinds or a, wi thoit. ;looking .proprie tor having beeon overheardb
back ', la"m bastiig civi-- s'ervants f or go-
.On Tzesday Sept.,the"Football. ing on strike.o S
A ssocidtiondecidea.d. to make. en- GOQDa E TO THE2 ,COP-ERS
trance to the Park for the partans/ MIr.Chris Corner, Advise' o.
Spurs mat6aifre e, a "sort of compen- Eduoahion to the Teachers
station for Sunday-s happening, : Training College -and his wife .Ira,'
Spurs wrote to the As.spci .tioq .. left Dqminica by Geestboat on T-urs-
stating ""that .they wol.d not play if iay.
such wa.i,.the cae., -and ,.ided ..did. ; The Co"riers were here 'for q~ite
not turn up ,or .the match.In rornal' a while and made countlesss ,friends,.
circu'mstancd a team .,fail.Ang too ., They w"ill 'emucih''nissed ot only:-,
tUrAi up Tor a match f 't' the by bominican' but by 30.s d Peace
points. Were circuit c6o normal? Corps' people to whon the wee a :
'""lp0 to press time. there was- no' ways most kind, Bon vcya.eePV
word from the AssO9cition about. r-: S.:-T.A-:SS *TS :-
those at.ches, ., ..' ('. ; '.
In another .fixture Paints, and,. In Divsibon II ;a.che',Victobia'
Gutter Potters played to a ;3ll-4 Stars 'd@featedd SdinitW-1 'd- K- ''
draw. 'ialph"'Richards got'2 goals Hides. :came Upi to'beat Kensborough
0or, Gutter/Potters, one a penalty, Unte 4 '.*3... -.. '
He also threl~ a. penalty seconds be jPrinted & Published by the 'Proprie-
fore the end." Burgins lso. net d .tpr R.E.Allfrey: bf 'Copt Hhl1 Mill
twice';r. Saets, -... i aa -'26 h Riad Dorithica W I,
A h 2 a j jjj o i

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