Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). September 2, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). September 2, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: September 2, 1977
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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.-p -r B-, 2.

STeephoniijt 6 FREEDOM -
K MeUdia ep A i PAGES 3& 4
Coin Tuxn rk( jondi) ? Labour Party
S e lAp Cononnti0or P.2
-Eitol_ U Q d Al1 f- -
VJ___JV _o. Frit.ire ep.: er 2. 1977d. Fifteen cents .'2
This if the second day of' the long- ly Portsmouth Police
presaged strike of Dominica Civil The escaped jailbird "Toombah"
Servar ts, So far all i quite calm,
The Ps3t Office and treasury depts "- G'lloway whi escaped from
in Rj eau and elsewhere are shut jail, to which te had been commit-
dowi.. Ministries (exoep-. the Prem- ted for striking a policemaneand
ier's) are making do- skeleton for 0hom a $5,000 reward was of-
personnel, mostly senior, officials, feared, was captured in Portsmouth
Prn Nuscess are still wokspilg at area today by three members of
s Margaret eospi1;al. Each the RHy3l Dominica Police Force.
day the General Secretary-of the the Rv1 Domini Police Force.
Civil Service Associaticn, Charles Galloray had been concerned in
Saviatin, meets with the strikers the abduction and detention of
for discussions, A few 'substitutes" two yo-ng Portsmouth girls.
i.e, newly joined Civil Servants -.-- --
who are not yet confridrmld in their FATHER PROESMANS DEPARTS
jobs, are hanging on to them. The
Dom nca Defence Pro aades n Seemingly resigned to his depart-
Dominica Defence ?oroe parades in
Roseau, armed. ure front Dominlcs, Father PrQes-
The CSA geared its riembers up mans of Pointe Michel and Belgium
for the strike(on Thursday) with left the State last Sunday. He
mammoth public meetings. Last- Tues was accompanied by Father Charles
day night thousands p:Lcked and Lenno7 Honychul-o also by
listen to a panel of Very good Father, who went with hiN
speakers which included Jennifer to Paris b'. air and thence to
Astaphan, President s the Dominioa Belium by ar. All good wishe
Nurses Association. L .is Benoitt Belgi-,um by .r ....A :
(Zaboca) and Charlef. Savarin himself
Morale is good: the strikers know N 0 T I C E
that the majority t '. the public is The Dominica .Co-operative Bank
on their side. Ltd. wishes to inform its cus-
The Airport is closed, thus Mr. tomers that as of 5th September
Willian Dolras, wh3 was to have come 1977 the hours 'f business will
here to talk abor.t the Caribbean be:
Development Banrl (he is its Pr'sid- Monday to Fridt~ 8 a.. t
ent) was looked out; othr- travel- 12 noon
lers have had 1o change their plane 12 noon.
One intere jing point: earlier' -.. -._ __--- --1-
the Premier srdid there wPs-a dispute* RH 0 E SIA CR I S IS
no strike cold be held until- their ceonse ene de
decision waj made, On-Thurs, the -
Tribunal trld the Minister of Labour st:-ike and no) employer s3alll de-
that there was no dispute and there- clre or authoriso a lockW't, un-
fore they had no jurisdiction in lss (a) in respect of a i'radc
the matter (ChairmanCh.rles Maynard.) lisputo to which that tri do un-
A so? assault? Go-;orrnont is now or employer is a party.*"
saying that under, $8(i) of chc n In Ronseau "they say" Govern. ont
dustrial RQlaiions .Aot. 3,"no trade h;. tied it.usolf up; also .4i haJ 1
=union shall .do iaa xe?. u.?t>- a.. U- t -una wa~k fy ,R -iS rw&iwait
-- c ', -

Paan Two T HE S aT A9R


Page Two

It is true to say that the Con- I noticed that at the lest meet-
vention was a flop, in numbers and ing of the House, it was only the
content of speeches. A number of Captain who.used very frequently
people foregathered on the Savan- the word comrade when addressing
nah, surrounded by a number of cars the Hon Spea:er, The Colonel, who
and shuffled somewhat while those perhaps found it rather embarrass-
in the sheltered dais talked. Min- ing for both himself and the Speak-
ister Christian rebuked those who did so seldom, and wisely too.
slacked around during the National I would not be surprised if at
Song. Boys played football on the the next sitting of the House, the
grounds. Insults were hurled by Speaker puts his foot down and stops
Minister Riviere at an Opposition that title given-to him. Leave that
Leader (M.E.C.) who had "left the title for Russia, Cuba and Guyana.
country". Shortly afterwards she
drove by. Guyanese Wilbert Bascomb 'THE WRITING ON THE WALL
ave a pep talk as an expert, on by E.C. Loblack
DoV*gaica's new Nat.Com. and Dev. Where are we going? We have seen
Bank. E.O.LeBlanc sat silent with that some who break the law are
his wife and Earl Leslie. Eustace free and they are not to be punish-
Francis led off with an attack on d, but those who work hard and ask
a newspaper which blackened the for their money may be sent to a
State's name abroad. Christianspo~ jail where snakes and other animals
of vandals destroying schoolsequip-have their dwelling. Have not the
ment. Home Affairs Min.Parillon be fanatics seen the writing on te wall
gan to discuss the case of the At- ene Mene Tekel Upharsin they who
torney General, then dropped it live in luxury and want to burn ev-
his talk was a disappointment,just eryone who does not pray to God af-
calling the Opposition 'Mas' and ter their one fashion they refuse
attacking Para Riviere. Douglas(Mn to accept Jesus teaching "render
Communications etc.) allotted unto Caesar the things that are
standpipes to Labour Members who Caesar's and unto God the things
pressed for them,said electricity that are God's." But no power will
& telephone rates might go up. He e able to wipe out the writing on
had a desperate hoarse voice.Chair-the wall.
man O.Seraphin speaking on his Min- .
istry said "if we can olve the i ST-;TA--R*S-P-3-0R*T-S: Morchriston
land problem of Dominica, it is FOO2BALL Antigua Retains (Bpicnsh.
best all of us pack up and get out.'Dominica, a leading team in. C & W
Listeners were waiting for the sponsored Youth Soccer failed fi.
Premier's speec:.. T- hcs s.nce been the 2nd time, :ad ot home. We were
printed, and aside from sc. ris- favourites to win and always looked
prints, looks good and indeed sound-danger ~' on SunAug 28, but our
ed better than most of his speeches.strikers failed to capitalise on
Called The Newtown Statement, it many scoring chances. In extra time
began by mapping Dominica's "New at love-all,match was decided on
Socialism": restructure of the Civ- penalty kiec-s: Dom:nica's goalless
il Service, Caribq to be treated match was highlighted when they
equally, no intention of makingDom only scored one of 3 penalties,with
inica a fUlly State-owned economy Antigua netting 4 times to win the
or a capitalist monopoly: a Mixed West Indies Youth Soccer Tournament
economy was the aim. Details of the for the second til'e.
mixture followed. "we shall follow LEAGUE: 1977 football league con-
the road to progress by evolution tinued to be goal-productive as
rather than by revolution". We must Spartans beat Kens 5-2, (conclp)
eat what we grow and grow what is (Ho-wn te concprnted hl
needed to eat. Welcome foreign in- Hwevf t out his br ted pamph et he
vestment with no strings. There was left out his based attacks on the.
nothing in all this to'upset people. A ouses ire or shoe pat-
1 I r -;

~- ----1 I----I

-'u- ~-_

Friday.September 2.1977




Having heard the irresponsible and unpatriotic statements
made by ministers of government concerning the proposed
industrial action by the public servants, The Dominica
Freedom Party wishes to reassure the people of this State
that there is no need for panic.

The difficulty arises merely as to the way in which the
payment of arrears are to be made to the public servants.
The amount of these arrears was agreed on by both parties
in 1974. It is therefore clear that there is no trade dis-
pute: the Civil Servants will merely cease to comply with
their contract of employment until the government complies
with its own terms of that contract and pays the arrears.
It is now over three years since they have been unable to
make good'their side of this contract.

For reasons which have not been made clear, the govern-
ment ministers are inviting confrontation over this simple
matter in which they are in default. They are acting in
a manner apparently aimed at inciting a major conflict and
perhaps even the burning and looting of property.

We wish to remind you that strikes take place in other
countries, and are a democratically accepted method of pro-
test. However, never under such a situation have ministers
of government in any country so freely used words which are
intended to incite the population to riot; break and entry
and arson.

The members and supporters of The Dominica Freedon Party
will agree with us that nothing should be allowed to escalate
the situation. It is obvious that the ministers of govern-
ment are daring the public servants to stand up for their
rights: in other words threatening them to claim what is
duly theirs the arrears of pay which they haVe been entitled
to since 1974.

Most outrageous in this respect were the utterances of
the minister in charge of safeguarding the economy of this
land. The words used by the Minister of Finance at his
party's 22nd convention were:
"Confrontation for Confrontation, Bois for Bois, Dayba
for Dayba..."

He went on to encourage citizens to break the law and
informed insurance companies that he would protect them from
paying for damage d6ne. to property.

Friday 2nd September, 1977


Page three

Friday 2nd September, 1977 T H E S T A R Page four

It is government that is the debtor and therefore Govern-
.ment Ministers should be making every attempt to conciliate
and negotiate. Instead they have thrown down the gauntlet
and made a declaration of civil war.

Dominicans have always been a peaceful people and they
are shocked to see the peacefulness of this land threatened
by those who claim to be their leaders in government. The
Dominica Freedom Party 'are asking the general public to remain
calm. Store up a little food and make preparations in case
the strike spreads to other sectors; attend to your personal
affairs at home and avoid trouble.

Do not feel threatened by the arrogant chest thumping
of the minister. We must understand that their actions and
emotions are unbalanced because of bitter disappointment
and party division. Their loss of power and popularity
has made them grow desperate. This bitterness was clearly
demonstrated on Sunday August 28th, when less than 200 children
and hard core supporters turned up to witness their party
convention. It is however shameful that they should have
allowed their vengeance to be exposed on the radio. Such
conduct only further damages our investment climate and hampers
the progress and future development of Dominica.

By their words and attitude and threatening demeanour,
the present regime have demonstrated that they have given
up the role of leaders and are incapable of handling any situation
in a rational manner. It is clear they are bent on creating
a crisis.

At this time the Dominica Freedom Party the alternative
government are stepping up preparations and contingency
plans should the present government falter. Executive and
officers meetings have been held over the past few days to
brief all members on the issues. The departure of the Leader
of the Opposition, Mary Eugenia Charles, on Wednesday 31st
August to attend conferences in Africa and Canada will in
no way detract from the Party's position of readiness during
the weeks ahead. Miss Charles is prepared to break all en-
gagements and return to Dominica at a moment's notice should
any unprecedented development take place.

Finally, we call on all citizens of this State to play
their part during the crisis by being calm and by withstanding
any attempt on the part;of the regime to create a situation
which they are unable to handle. Let us, within the restraints
of law and order, support the civil servants in seeking their
rights. But above all, we must make it abundantly clear
to this irresponsible regime that we will not be forced into
a national crisis of their own making.

Members of House of Assembly
M. Eugenia Charles Leader of The Opposition
Antony Moise
Avon Casimir Alvir Armantrading
Lennox Honychurch President, Dominica Freedom Party

Th:i ugu 'T STAR ThL tFridav- Sentember 2.1977

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
or Caveat for week ending 27th
Auaust 1977

Date of Person Nature of Re-
RequestPresenting quest whether
for Certificate of Title or Noting
thereon or Caveat. _
Request da- Victoria Request.for
ted 15th Boston the issue of
August 1977 by her a First Cert-
Presented Solicitor ificate of
24th August Cilma A. Title in res-
1977 at M.Dupigny pect of a
3.30 p.m. portion of
land ta t 'Na which is situated in
the Layou Park Area, Parish of St.
Joseph, in the State of Dominica,
containing 5.83 acres and bounded
as follows:- North by land of Rob-
inson Luke; South by land of ~ran-
sisca Dorival; East by Crown Land;
West by land of Emelise Afexander,
Request da- Joseph Request for
ted 3rd Aug-Talbot the issue of
Ust 1977 by his a First Cert-
Presented Solici- ificate of
i22nd August tor Vanya Title in res-
1977 at Dupigny pect: of a
i1,26 a.m.o portion of
and at Riveer Claire, in the Parish
of St.George, containing 8.68 acres
and bounded as follows:- North-East
LLand of Kelly Shillingford; South:
iBabillard Estate; South-West:Lands
Sof Hubert Jean Jacques, Sudo Bath-
ielm and Manuelle Tcussaint.
Request da- Giillette" request for
Sted ?.2h Peter the issue of
iJuly 1977 Terrence a First Caet-
iPresented PRegis-e ificate of
! 5th Aug- and Gil- Title In res-
iust 1977 letter Pe- pect of a lo
lat 2.30 pm ber Ter- of land at
i" ance Reaw- Jn.lousie

\tutabd Perso'al 'spreser-
tative cf Iris Amy
Registe deceased by
their Solicitor Vanya

ICastle Bruce
in t.e Par-
ish of St.
David in the
State of

T A K E N 0 T I C E
Century Insurance Company Limited
(Agent L.A.Dupigny & Co. Ltd.)
have applied to the Registrar of
Insurance to withdraw their deposit
made under the Insurance Act 17/74,
Policy holders (if any) must file
their objections with The Registrar
of InsuranoeMinistry of Finance,
Government Headquarters, Roseau,
Dominica before the 3th September
1977 L. A. DUPIGNY & CO. LTD
Last year's London Carnival ended
in a shambles. This year Police
(who had been blamed for their too-
evident presence) soft-pedalled
their activities. The Carnivalheld
in Notting Hill area, started well
but ended in looting and mugging
by a lot of coloured youths, said
to have come from other areas;their
shouts and blows frightened even
their own compatriots. Two people,
one a policeman, were seriously in-
jured and taken to hospital.A West
Indian commentator whs not alone in
expressing his deep shame; now the
possibility of another London Carn-
ival is extremely doubtful.
This week the two countries ap-
pointed diplomats to represent
them,. for the first time in six-
teen years.

", 1. Registrar of Titles.
* OT.: Any person who desires to
t object to the issuing of a Cer-
,tificate of Title on the above
Applications may enter a Caveat in
(the above Office within six weeks
from the date of the first appear-
ance of those Schedules in thei STAR
NEWS PAPER IBt18d I Th 3ki s S tat.
[or from the date $Pea th e:'Notlce

Dommnica, containing 1.42 acres and proscribed b-r law was last served
bounded as follows:- Nbrth: By Pub- on any occupant of adjoining lands
lic Road, land of Lovie challengerr in respect of which these applic-
and John Prevost; South and Eas~- : nations were made.
By the Sea; West- by land of Laet
ti.a and Emit Nation, B NQM =8 TKMG MUM

"S--. --~-- -lljT u

_ __ __ -..^-j-jjijiurujB;ii~n- r--7

-----^- I -- --- --- --- --

. .-r .. ...... a.._. ...


_- 25*K.T y', ;. ->

Pridav, SeDtember 2,1977

Pn 6a fft or


--- ---- nr ,


aLIT:~ -


E u'

A i .. ..* .* T I
RA- CHUN: rd M~, Me

g. .. 4.0 L kA lT IS ls


roo 1t ...SIR*m O

r- --XLi~u

twT*A*R^*S*PIO*ReT*S* (*Ah)US &L P., itg m ouh wberu shipped Gu tt'
/Prottr 6-ail .ft/ resgiterred t.eir it~ poLi< wba tBey beat S pr;
2-..* Then ther tns possibly the Wts exeitiy a.te to dato tih a-lt
roaw between Ht Harle Rolr ettnd lKo$er after' iSa-U Ia A hd led *ot a rtrlably
2-nil with goals fro'0 Ei se and. StPoe' Don't.A ,: .Thir omaplunaemy
rieauled in t i draw.
PDTIOION I. I eals have already started to flow in tis cami. .tr.-;,o as
tictri Stas~w beat IK-Rides 3-n511 Saintr oer- Ms!t' a lsPay
defeat on police 9-n1l ts ji tio- 'mnd Sra.8n ) b.-. t la", sbOrou 2-1.

'OrIKtt 3 'B 4 Mit t t *iA y rt 'lahe
Oval ended in a draw to leave- Ei ngland & tnviwrdwn 3I-nil Wu'i,.trtIt a
abtet pt to rally in the fifth math prood rruttlr, rs m or that two
daya were lost to ainM and tba light. I.At lPOt- ; n-3e, 214 i7/,
aick Malune W/63 aand sft Thou tY Australia. 35, Davit. Hookes 85,
aay V F ayth e i J Rober
or1 Cill ou1 e at 26 dat d,.Ro*srt Domriniattl- Wj

hr C6a4m .r &" eMel
b*ttt'mnnfTr ,r Tfplwnit rhBlwteBi aI e la-ftn
S( ttIC I DAMR C f IH tLSA 1* luas- BWD-IT-VOUfRSfis b atrtS li,
"amnhriE 1*WM mtOc^
-^aa?^ (^^iN^ '


-- <.J<1

~c~. rY.-~-r .-\---C4-------~-~-`

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