Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). August 12, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). August 12, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: August 12, 1977
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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db NEW YORK 21 F -

/? Uk ~5 r ~ LATE SCORE;"
Telephone:Editor 2610 LATE SCORE;

122 aftesy AvenueI OUT 36
.London.,Wl VBHA-Eng)lr .Tr "-,c, _o it- wi.rft ( 1Oycott. 191)
.l .V N Editor Phyllis Shand Allfrey
Vol. XXV No. 7 Friday, August 12, 1977 Fiftb@n Cents 1

Whether or not she was surrounded by
the British Army, Her Majesty showed
courage in visiting Northern Ir@albad
this week, and getting away. unscathed.
The British Press was full of'opinions
on the subject. We just waited.
The Queen will be visiting Barba-
dos at the end of October, will read
the Thrune Speech in their House of
Assembly, and lunch with Prime Mini-
ster and Mrs. Adams at Sam Lord's
Castle. Whether or not she takes off
in a Concorde is not so far decided.

You readers will be able to read
about the budget on pages 3-).. We
would only add that the debate was
not so much a support of the budget
(from the Government side) as an ex-
cuse to attack persons virulently;
even those sitting in the audience;
and even the editor of the Star,who
could not get up and answer back,
which she is fully'capable of doing.

Prstal Worker David Berkowitz, a



by Hugh LawrenceI
Perhaps most Dominicans- will
agree with me that a monument of
some sort should be made and er-
ected in the village of Marigot
in a conspicuous spot for the
late Wills Strathmore Stevens,who
worked not only for himself and
his family, but more so for his
fellow men.
As a teacher, education officer
and Minister of Government, "he
played his part unselfishly, es-
pecially in his village where he
was born and bred.
Those men and women trained by
him who are'now holding key posts
in their professions and otherwise
will s-urely ;pd willingly agree to
take up this responsibility, aidei -
by contributions, no matter how
small, front the people of Dominica.
His memory for generations to
come should be long-lived.


tunky, curly haired army veteran, Aruba is now paralyzed by a gener-
as seized by N.Y.Police yesterday al strike, caused by Independence
nd charged with murder. He remark- moves. -H Mayor Karam has been
I to his captors: "well, you have invited to attend the llth Congress
ot me." Deaths caused by "son of of United Towns Org. in Guadeloupe,
am" had the whole of New Yorknervacs. Oct.29-Nov. 2. **:"MfISS CARNIVAL"
AM- contest in St.Lucia will be atten-
ARMS AND MMEN ded by Miss Sandra Williams, Domi-
MIr.Loblack writes us that all guns nica's Carnival Queen. A:ie Air
aave been taken away from the Royal Traffic Controllers caused chaos
Dominica Police Force and handed ov- inCanada b, orkin t o slw"
er to the Defence Force.Is this true? after an airlines striKe Sunday: :-
We want to know' Meanwhile in Trinidad will continue to provide
Nevis a cargo af Kittian-militia scholarships for the young people
guns have been sent to Nevis,atten- of Zimbabwe and $100,000 worth of
ded by a transport of soldiers. ctething: agreement with Nkpmo-.l
"If we do not get our money by the eau tonight, Friday, 8.30 p.m.;and
31st August..." so say CSAmembes at Trafalgar on Sunday, 10 a.m.
The bad problem of education (only -:-* Andrew Young UN Minister USA
$10,000 for primarV soo y'-F, 'ence.,&.4 Ids-ouit ry is intere-std:. in
force increase $f 42^)) nX ^ ndso ~kih of TSA their growth
land prosperity.

Iri-'n ant .at,.oFy the Proprietor, R.E.Allfrey of Copt Hall
MiL hai a-t '.: 'Bth'Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies

PA Ms., T H E STAR Fridav Au st 12. 1977

ST*A*R*S-~-O*R*T*-S Morchriston
FOOTBALL: This season promises to
be a memorable one with all winn-
ing teams to date capitalizingheav.
ily on scoring opportunitiess offer-
ed, In six marches played to date,
34 goals have.been scored: Spartans
and Harlem.Rovers boasting 10 goals
each from two matches apiece.
During the last week, Saints
lost two tight encounters against
Kensborough U 1-4 and Spartans.?-3
Saints looked organised in play,
but like their past two seasons,
found it difficult to take chances,
D.Hurtault 2, C.Elwin and Roy Mur-
phy got Kensboroughts goals with
David Kentish getting Saint's con-
solation. Against Spartans, Saints
scored first through Dorian Simpson
quickly equalised by Jeffrey Law-
rence. Saints threw away several
scores during the remainder of the
first half, always looking danger-
ous, Spartans went into the lead
in 2nd half with a header by "Jer-
ry"L.Lewis. A minute later Saints
got the equaliser a direct free
kick by Kelvin Phillip. Spartans
in one of their dangerous raids
got a third goal through a Lawrenc
brothers combination completed by
big brother Jeffrey, Another
Lawrence brother Gregory "Peck"
scored 3 goals for Kens,who beat
Spartans 4-1. Harlem Rovers
notched up their 2nd win without
conceding a goal to Gutter/Potters
4-nil. For Rovers William "Wee
Wee" Dontfraid 2,"Fox" Dontfraid &
Irvine Benoit got the goals,
The Dominica Youth Team for
Cable & Wireless:Youth Tournament
was selected and will go into act-
ion in the knockout type competit-
ion against St. Kitts at Windsor
Park on SunuAug.14 (see our p.6).
CRICKET: Celtic United and Smart-
lans will get a replay in the Aug-
ustus Gregoire League at the Bot-
anical Gardens this weekend.Celtic
United are- leaders in their zone
and look clear favourites for the
final with a team from the next
zone, -* The feud between Aus-
tralian millionaire Kerry Packer
who has signed up many leading
cricketers under stringent terms
and the Cricket Control board of
several countries is still on,with
writs and counter-suits flying. **,
The 4th Test match between England
and the touring Australians start-
ed near Leeds on Thuts., England
taking first strike. At tea-time
Ist day, England 184/3;at lunch,
339 for 5.Boycott hit his hundreds
century in 1st class cricket

On Monday 22nd'August, 1977
from 10 a.m.
1. 4 acres 3 roods 7 perches of
land at Marigot in the Parish
of St.Andrew.
2. 3200 sq. ft* of land with con-
crete block house situate in
the village of Wesley.
3. 2445 sq. ft. of land known as
Lot L at Belfast Housing Scheme
129, acres 3 roads of land part
of "FYurchet" Estate situate inm
the Parish ~ of St.John Portsmouth
'5. 21.435 acres of land known as
Prevost close to Sylvania Estate
in the Parish of St. Paul.
S3 1 I

TRATION ACT (continued from pi5)
Schedule for Week Ending Aug.13.1977
Request da-Darlingtor- Request for
ted 14th! Andre by the issue of a
April 1977 his Solic- First Certifi-
Presented itor Vanya cate of Titale
8th August Dupigny. in respect: of
1977 at a portion of
12.30 p.m. land known as
a Lot at Lagoon (Portsmouth) in the
Parish of St. JOhn, containing 1161
square feet; and bounded as follows:w
North: Land of John Mills; East:
Land of Stedy Sylvester; South:Land
of Everson Edward; Westi Land of
Christina Elick.
ISee Caveat Note on page
We'learn from Mr, Arthur: JH.
Tonge,promoter of public relations
on Dominica, that ini this festival
(Aug.31-Sept,.),Miss Princess Dar-
rouX (a 'contestant in our Queen Shw
1977) will appear as Dominica's
Queen in N.Y.'s Labor Day events,
At "Nights of the Islands of W.I.
Culture"in Brooklyn, Museum, she wM
meet Congressmen, Senators etc. The
Cultural Society of the U,N.,with
Mr.Tongets aid, will present "Festi-
val Dominica" in songs,music,dances
and: calypsoes in honour of the Uni-
ted Nations 32nd anniversary. The
film "Waitikubuli" will be shown.
A grand dance will be held (details
next week) also a Carnival Parade on
Eastern Parade,Brooklyn; Miss Dar-
roux will represent Dominica on the
A hearty welcome- to our friends froa
Dominica says ArthUr Tonge.


Fridav.~uaust 12. 1977

Pa e* Two

-- a ra 0 41. a a eee


It is amazing to find that after 2- hours of talk and
58 pages of words, that the debate on the budget was in fast
not on the budget except by Opposition members and one Minister.
The Opposition members criticised certain parts of that
budget address and they welcomed certain parts and they point-
ed out where improvements or better provisions could be made.
But at no time except in the person of the Minister for Home
Affairs, did the (overnment members apply themselves to the
task that was before them.
The Minister for Home Affairs took the opportunity, quite
rightly, to explain the shortcomings of his Ministry and in-
dicated the areas in which he sought to find remedies for
these shortcomings. He explained how within a restricted
budget he intended to better the services that the departments
under his ministry were offering.
Significantly while he was speaking perhaps rather slowly
but deliberately and with effect, a note was passed to him
which he did not appear to pay much attention to and the
note was discovered afterwards to have stated "You are on
the air so talk politics". This was the advice given to
him by another front bench member! The Minister appears
to have ignored this advice.
But this solves the puzzle of the very bad behaviour
on the part of members on the Government side. Even the
member for Wesley, Calibishie and Woodford Hill, who because
of his religious fervour, would have been considered above
that conduct has proved time and time again that he is only
interested in speaking half truths and twisting the truth.
He certain. never makes any contribution which can be remembered.
The Minister of Communications and Works apparently felt
very guilty and spent the whole of his address explaining
away his accidents in public vehicles, the use of boats in
export and import trade and the many trips abroad. The various
millions of dollars he referred to as having been received
in Dominica as a result of these numerous trips, appear to
have passed out of Dominica again without leaving any real
mark or indent.
The other members on the Government benches apparently
were making their Annual Convention speeches of praise for
their leadership.
But empty as they made the debate it was the behaviour
of the Premier which lowered it to a standard below human.
This much lauded Premier, whom to his members seems a "Messiah
come to earth" behaved in such a manner that even his followers
must have been ashamed. He openly stated that he was not
going to speak on the budget but that he was going to find
some sort of abuse and some sort of mepuis to use against
each member of the Opposition. At the beginning of the session
he had called on a minute's silence in memory of W.S. Stevens
and in his speech he found it necessary to malign the dead
man's memory with a fabrication so patent that not even he
could make people believe that there was any truth in it.
The hypocrisy of this premier is greater than he had demon-
strated in the past.
Egged on by this behaviour the Minister of Finance dropped
his mantle of decorum under which he had delivered the Budget
Address and sank to an all time low. To listeners over the
radio hearing the shouting the conduct of those two was bad
enough but to have been present and to see their actions would
have really shocked anybody in Dominica. When the T.V. station,
which appears to have already become obsolete, is able to be

Friday 12th August 1977

'PFTR .Sr~~n

PDi +1^t

used for televising the proceedings in the House of Assembly,
the public will really be shocked at the behaviour of their
leaders on the Government benches.
But what of the contents of the budget? Will the citizen
to better off on its implementation? It appears not. Some
measure of relief has been attempted for persons who pay income
tax. But is is significant to note that it is the persons
in the higher income brackets who can afford to pay tax who
get the greatest relief.
The attempt to place a tax on person purchasing foreign
exchange will yield revenue (much required) to the Treasury.
But it is obliged to raise the cost of living. Because
much of our food comes from abroad and it will mean that every
dollar we spend outside of Dominica (except St. Kitts, Antigua,
St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Grenada and Montserrat) will have
to bear the added exchange control tax. This increase muet
be passed on to the consumer who as usual is the person to
pay, and pay, and pay every time a tax is levied.
The additional 5% deposit to be paid by Banks will have
to be watched to see what results it may bring. It could
cause the closure of the Banks, or it could force the Banks
to incorporate locally. In Jamaica a short time after Barclays
incorporated locally, it is being taken over by Government.
In Trinidad incorporation has been successful because the
private sector has had the money to buy shares. Who in
Dominica has money to buy shares in a Bank, the future of
which you are not certain about because of Government's attitude'
S" And talking of Government's attitude, it is significant
to follow some of the statements made by the Premier and
Minister of Finance during their very poor and vulgar contri-
butions to the debate. The Minister of Finance instead of
explaining away the points made by the Leader of the Opposition
regarding the increase in the cost of living, the benefit
to the larger income earner, spent his time (and that was
two hours) trying to tell the nation that the Leader of the
Opposition had tried to cheat the Government of thousands of
dollars by presenting two bills for two different hotels
for the same night. But in his nasty underhand way he could
not name the night in question. The Public will never believe
him because they know how much he dislikes the Leader of
the Opposition and if he had ever found such a fraud he would
have handed it to the police immediately so that she could
be arrested.
What both ministers should have explained to the public
is the manner in which they spent the. $97,000 for six of them
for a shorter period of time as against the $13,0&0 by the
Opposition members for three of them for a longer period.
It i-s for that amount they must account!
Let the Premier account too for the fast that although
he raised his pay last year that-he again raised his pay this
year to $18,000.00. But at no time during the debate was
that additional salary for the Premier mentioned. At no time
did the Premier explain to his taxpayers that he had decided
that he deserved a raise in pay, and that he had taken it.
Take it P.J.! Take itl It is all yours!
But it is obvious after that shameful performance that the
Ministers of Government are out to ruin the country. The
Premier said with great emphasis that when the Opposition
become the Government of the island their plans will not succeed
because he intended to soe to it that they were all frustrated.
There speaks the little man who so loves Dominica!
It is obvious therefore that the Budget debate, from
the Government's point of view, is seen as an occasion for
playing politics and not for planning for the future of our
island home.

Friday 12th August, 1977


Paae four

Friday, August 12, 1977

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
or Caveat for week ending 6th Aug-
ust, 1977.
Date of Person Nature of TRe-"
Request Presenting quest whether
for Certificate of Title or Noting
thereon or Caveat.
. .. \



Request da-iMable Request for- 1
ted 29th Seraphin Ithe issue of r
July, 1977. by her a First Cer- 1
Presented iSolicitor tificate of
4th August iCilma A. Title in res- R
1977 at M.Dupigny pect of apor-
3.25 p.m. I_ tion of land 1
known as a Lot at Good Hope, in the P
Parish of St.David, in the State of8
Dominica, containing 18,5%. square 1
feet and bounded as follows:- 3
North-West by land of Cynthia Stev- a
enson; East by land of Nelson Dur- t
and; South by land of NelsonDumnd; 0
South-West by a Public Road separa- f
ting it from land of Violet Tous- b:
saint, 1
Request da- Mable Request_ o a
ted 29th Seraphine the issue off
July, 1977. by her a First Cer-
Presented Solicitor tificate of
4th August, Cilma A. Title inres-
1977 at M.Dupigny pect of apor-
3.30 P.m. i tion of land
known as a Lot at Mopo, Good Hope,
in the Parish of St.David, in the
State of Dominica, containing 0.802
acre and bounded as follows:-
North by land of Weldon Titre; East
by a Public Road; South by land of
Samuel Nurse, Stanley Durand and
Marie Bonnie; South-West by a Public
Road separating it from land of Vio-
let Toussaint; North-West by land of
Nelson Durand.
Request da-Mab e Request for
ted 29th Seraphine the issue of
July, 1977. by her a First Cert-
Presented Solicitor ificate of
4th August, Cilma A. Title in res-
1977 at M.Dupigny pect of a poi
3.37 p.m. _tion of land
known as a Lot at Mopo, Good Hope,in
the Parish of St.Davd, in the State
of Dominica, containing 2.200 acres
and bounded as follows:- North by a
Public Road separating it from land
of Vincent Vigilante, Nichols Sand-
erson and Melany Darroux; East bylaaC
of Violet Toussaint; South by landcf
San Sauveur Estate; West by a Foot
path partly separating it from land
of Patrick Toussaint,

. . Im m ..

Another Application for a First
Certificate of Title appears:page 2

1977 next column


- -


equest da- ary Request for
ed 8th Theophile the issue of
ugust, by her' a First Cert-
977. Solicitor ificate of
resented Cilma A. Title in res-
th Aug. M.Dupigny pect of apor-
977 at tion of lard
.10 a.m. at Pointe Mi-
hel, in the Parisl of St.Luke, in
he State of Dominica,contaning
276 square feet and bounded as fol-
ows:- North by land of Andrew Mor-
is; East by a Public Road; South by
and of Ferdinand Charles; West by
he Sea.
request da- Donna Request for
ed 5th Aug. Jacob the issue of
977. by her a First Cert-
resented Solici- ificate of Ti-
th August tor Cjil tle in respect
977 at ma A.M. of a portion of
,20 p.m Dupiy. 1 land known as
Lot at JalousieI,Castle Bruce, in
he Parish of St,David, in the State
f Dominica, containing 20652 square
eet and bounded as follows:- East
y a Public Road separating it from
and of Mens Dubique and Celestine
oseph; South by a Public Road sep-
rating it from land of Dorley Al-
red; West by land of Peter Lockhart;
orth-West by land of Emelda Ryan.
Request da- Donnba Requestfbr
ted 5th Aug. Jacob the issue
1977. by her of a1crst
Presented 8th Solicitor Certifiate
August 1977 Cilma A.M. of Tit3e in
at 3.35 p.m. Dupigny. respect of
a portion of land known as a Lot at
Jalousie, in Castle Bruce,in the
Parish of St.David, in'the State of
Dominica, containing 3,617 acresand
bounded as follows:- North by land
of Watson Edward; East by land of
Emelda Rygn, Government of Dominica,
C.W.A., and Johnson Thomas; South
by land of Felicien Jacob; South-
West by land of Lovy Challenger and
Emma Mingo.
ROSEAU, Registrar of Titles
N 0 T E: Any person who desires to
object to the issuing of a Certificte
of Title on the above applications
may enter a Caveat in the above off-
ice within six weeks from the date of
the first appearance of these Sched-
ules in the STAR news paper published
in this State or from the date when
the Notice prescribed by law was last
served on any occupant of adjoining
lands in respect of which these ap-
plications were made,

Page Five

D PONWTCA SA$A .SA '0 ,(rb'
ondefft P(T Cottrol of i.-L^ '" i 6'' V cjt,7, uv i year
--- DTs~e (b.l4 cyoli pr+ y)1r
- tara are iavilted for the aerial Invnr t t t t ender.

... r. foll'btng items o0t. inform" t- se (.rr) ".ACt a.nd ntddro-a d' to:
prlyino el-h4iins In Dom n l a ft!rs

ation imust bl ino'hded ,n tfhe ',The 't .ral a .,nI Ii e r,
tender too bQ mWb.,itted )ard srfo+ lDina hanana Grwer 'ssst
i.r, j.,. +>+ :Cl+dini+. Co prcr.ibod. Der
13 HIwncWer street.,
| hly of b-f ..r .nac o. ndhm- A^ D omid bea or
1can Al ifot'iv r Dly ar e n iconomo- o nc I
l ;j sraored b'y air iti each of aond houi2 rn;cob thir on or brore
Sthl oJistrionha lisit+.vd and in otabl, t.*e 15th S-.eptember, 1,917.
2.o lthtber of oyonr t8 T*or yarp tsht T, II.
wot0 it need to beo xetcutrd in a Au.113977 (4t, TGElRAL nA.ZiG
I .norl ,year ( i. f. Ptoc t f-r ...- .. .v --.--
-7Sf7/7"'7 [in reina _hr of :hn ill ,rtfflre -s m ? A t t 0 T t I EIi

listed wn1 in total 'to effeotive-
"l o0ontro loaf spot di.'-,a'0 f .l
:. Avero^.l. Qua.nt;iby of foulate/Uil
rm.'trl...e.P per ac're er cyccle that
T..sed tr, be aipli rd In 'eoach of
the r J.ct, t rd in total to.
M/ oeutivenl: control }.3 *6 .'c' i:
di ; OvIe,
4. ':-i; ftor n'y..'rying per acors/
S:.:L; ( costi of Vupglctido
Sti;.re)ir 1 Ciob oaf the*'tiditi.ct
:ie. tn ti, in .botnl. to f'C"ivo-
. ,: l'-of ..ot dinrrse,
- ',j'oub of ,i; yi;i.,. (Ie"; oot; of
t n't Mis- the


QI ,n'ufry Inmuraije Comtpany ImAiateda
(Agcmnt I.rA.eiguIny & Co. Ltd.)
Shave n.p"tlled t the nfR ,..tsracr of
STar,, tor to withdraw their deposit!
miardn the InurgtUan Act 17/74.

SPolicy h
their r ob
of lnsur
Domf Iice v


First Round DOMI feTA

KIck-off Time: 4.0
o(Rfto*et DON NORVILLE of I


old'r.( (if any muist file
jections with LThe Iloglptrar
u-trce Ministry of Finawce,D
;it Headquarterso, Rosenau
before the 30th ..ptembvb,
L. A. .uP3rar & 00, LTD. '
.. .. ...... -- -- "+-2-- -




AUGUST 14th, 177
o~im4 I


,.++ '


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