Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). August 5, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). August 5, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: August 5, 1977
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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_78Y)~-I 2-1 I-~

OppositionAsk For More Time To
Consider Late-Delivered Budget Fig-
ures Government gives them I dayt.
The Budget speech by Minister of
FPnance Mr. Riviere followed a lec-
ture by Speaker Degazon on the re-
cent bad manners in the House, and
was listened to by Mr.Mortlock, Dep.
Chief British Representative based
in St.Lucia -.which may have accoun-
ted for part of its moderate tone.-
A; its close (59 foolscap pages,
some 23 hours), the Leader of the-
Opposition asked for f6ore time to
corsid-qr the late-delivered figures
Sin *.he budgetary proposals (just re-
ceived) After mild wrangling, -with
thq Premier 'coming down against de.
lay (it -vs put 'down for. Friday),the
request-for Monday was refused and
now those of us rhio want to hear
what the Opposition thinks &f thi- -
new wily budget will attend the
House.tororrow, Saturday, at 10 a.mi
to hear the debate
UWeIave given the matter much
'scrutinity' devoid of last year's
'septicismt (Riviere's words!). The
sum passed is $62,064,180. The-Prem-
ier's Office (over 5 -million),Min.
of Education,Youth Affairs and Co-
operatives (-jver $6 xm) Min. Home.
Affairs, Health C&~Welfare {over $5m)
and Min.Finaice (over $4 m.).get the
largest sums, recurrent section,
Independence vas only mentioned
in passing. Government are shirt of
$7.4 million and dontt as yet irnow
where to get it. Yet they have ear-.
marked $602 000 for Defence(against
whom?) and $100,000 for Ineependence
celebrations -
When the MiniA rr declared "We
on this side of thie aouse stand
firmly for Justicefor everyone",
a distinct frisson'oi amusement
went through the whole Chamber.
It is an interesting Budget,es-
\ specially for the extraordinary
amount -of Hope that it engenders,
It is not a conservative budgetiand'
not really (as claimed) a "progress-
iv,"one. It is not oven historical
except in,. the sense that the openr
in g lecture on Caribbean & World
econQmics was a historical survey.
( included on back _page 6) ,

"'e want an Investigation.. '
The four-trade unions-who got
together recently to ask.the
Premier for an investigation of
certain allegations made against
the Attorney General (DTTT, WAWTf,
CSA & DAWU), are not deterred
despite a letter from the Prem-
ier refusing their earlier de-
mand. They state that since no
investigation would be possible
while the present holder of the
post remains in office, either
interdict' him while another pub-
lic officer acts' in his. stead,
,or that he be required to take
long leave and another officer
take on-his post/while the iA
vestigation is going,on,
We understand that the g '
CHROF'ICLE and, certain of -its
correspondence ~aeing sued
by the At trneT'of defamation
of character ($150,000).

EW S B R I iSF S "
President Julius Fyerere of Tan-
zania is nhow in America, a guest
of President Carter. He was wel-
comect warmly, has made speeches.
& 'Eight days of clashes in Sow-
eto (1.25 million Blacks),South
Africa, have occurred between
students and police, S.A.Govt.
has threatened to close the
achcols. Students are determined
to get better facilities.
Archbishop/Politician ..akarios
of -Cyprus is now dead, and a bat-
tle of wits for hisosuccessor as
leader of Cypriot Greeks is on.'
s Mr. Andrew Young,UT .S.Secretary
to the U.N ., arrives in Jamaica
,tomorrow on Caribbean tour.
W, There is no C.M.O. in Domtific
nowadays; no local doctor would
take on the job. Perm.Sec,Symes
(Health Ministry) does. most of
o Miss Universe (Genelle Commis-
siong) is back in Trinidad (p.6)

j L



Pa 'Two


,..Ftidae,.Auguqs't 5, 1977 ,.

Tenders For Control of Leaf Spot writes our Correspondent
Disease On Bank Holiday Monday, Portsmouth
nde d f the aeral was en fete. People came from all
Tendes are invited f the serial parts, of Dominica to enjoy Augnst
spraying of bananas in Dominica for
,the tro of LeafSpt Dseas Monday on the beach and :tb wit-
,the control of Leaf Spt Disease. ness the great "Exhibition". It
she following items of inform- was really good. The place was
ation must be included in the even too mall to display the
tender to be submitted and preseh- quantity and variety of products
ted in the form prescribed. etc. that were there; everything
1. Number of acres of bananas whih S was beautiful and attractive.
can be effectirly and economic- In my view, althoughit was called
ally sprayed by air in each or a Mini-North Agricultural Exhibi-
the districts listed and in total tion, it was more of an island-
.Numbr of. yles per year that wide and major Eibition on the
would need to be executed in aon; on
normal year (i.e. forecast for whole, it was marvellous. B.S.
1977/78) in each of the districts Another visi or adds:
listed and in total to effective. We were disappointed in the
Sly control leaf spot disease. ceramics displayed: run of the
3. Average quantity of Benlate/01l mill teapots and coffee pots -
mixture per acre per cycle that no ancient designs revived. Our
needs to be applied in each of no anci4en desi eviv Oc
nhedisto br apnd intotal to Barbadian friend said- they should
the districts and in'total to
effectively control leaf spot come )to Bridgetonw to see what
disease, good pottery really is like. We
4, Cost .f"r sapraying per acre/ did notnotice any display'from
Sycie (less cost of Pingicide Portsmouth handCrafts either.G & F.
milcture)ii each of the distribts..-
lidted and in total to effective NO'T6REE PARTIES FOR DOMINICA.
control leaf spot disease. by Hugh Lawrence
5, Cost of spraying (less cost ,of .,y Hugh Lawrence
.fungicide) per acre/cyce basedoo We know of very large countries wit
o only two political parties, and
S4a) 8oycles per year this works successfully. Dominica
b)12 cycles per year th only 75-80 thousand souls
6. Any other. information that, I wt al 5 t -lso,
6. y othernformation that is should be satisfied with two also.
relevant to the tender.

Tenders should be submitted, in
sealed envelopes marked TENDER FOR
SPRAYING CONTRACT and addressed to:
The General Manager,
Dominica Banana Growers Association
13 Hanover Street,
ROSEAU, Dominica
and should reach him on or before
the l5th September, 1977.
2nd Aug.1977. GENERAL MANAGER,.

Permit 11o a space on your paper
tor'r f indot~ atdbut ~ r~T 1-h~~~


navLug rL- aWries 4 on.y
selfishness, jealousy, conceit,
confusion, wrangling and unnecess-
ary splitting of votes.
When we think of the members
of Consultants Ltd., we can see
sone powerful brains in that move-
ment, and the members could be
firm members of the opposition pary.
We all ave to work for the bene-
fit and upliftment of our country,
and not only for selfish gains. We
must continue to pray for inspira-

n ......... ... Editor' s Note: We learn from med-
Doria CShillingford. No mention f- aEdit rtl'es th Not Shi lirf d-, -
was made about the departure of wo clrcf6s toa r 1^ e State
hiti.apd his family after so an who hd planned to leave the State
years with us all as citizens of a long while ao, secured pthou
,"'I'dah them" 41 t t bvsf that ... -has hZad to study
liAfe has to offer an4 gh French inte1,, S y 4 # U-4.
em here and ec es againnetuats
"b Ev ag JEN OTT wife and three youngest children are
th~u .with him; son Damien is at lona Coll.
ei^.dt s rotO t 0, and daughter Paula sudyingt Caxada.
^feha t oferan hoe o ^ech.^~f^ ^ f M0


T E S T A R:



In his budget address delivered last Wednesday the Minister
of Finance gave several warnings to sections of the community
on which he intended to keep an eagle eye to ensure that
these sections did not prevent his plans from materialising.
The harshest warning was to the smuggling industry.
The Minister warned that he was determined to put a halt
to this illicit trade. He stated that suitable machinery
for doing this and new legislation would be effected for
that purpose at a later date.
This is not the first time that in his budget address,
the Minister has referred to the smuggling industry. He
has apparently obtained advice from some quarters that the
real way in which to break the liquor smuggling trade is
to reduce the duties on liquor so that it is no longer profitable
to smuggle. The Minister discards this advice and instead
intends to increase the duty on these goods so as to protest
the Dominica Distilleries Company in which Government has
shares. We fear that the Minister is naive in this approach
and we can only see this as a bonus for the smuggling trade.
To really police this smuggling trade, the Minister
will have to increase the numbers in the police force and will
have to ensure that a seaworthy boat is available to assist
them. We do have such a boat but wasn't there some thought
of converting it into a ship for transporting goods in the
fresh fruit and vegetable trade? Is there any truth in
the statement that after conversion it was found to be too
small to carry a sufficiently valuable load to offset the
expense of running it? Has the Minister made any provision
for a new boat to assist the police in their efforts to catch
the smugglers?
Should instructions be given to the police that all
smugglers are smugglers and that there is no special class
or commodity that is exempt from their efforts at stamping
out this illicit trade?
There is a great deal of preparation to be done in more
ways than one if in fact we are to see any benefit from the
warning issued on this score.
The second warning issued by the Minister is to profiteers.
The Minister was on happier ground here because he was able
to show that his past efforts at price control had prevented
retail prices from increasing at a higher rate. It appeared
that the Minister did not consider that the fixing of the
FCC dollar to the US dollar in any way affected this. The
Minister was also able to point out that efforts had been
made to improve the administration of the Price Control Unit.
He again referred to the Supplies Control Act which he apparently
intends to ensure becomes effective at an early date. This
is the act which will control the issue of import licences.
The most interesting side light on this matter of price
ntrol can be gained from a reference by the Minister to
the lifting of Control Prices over locally produced eggs,
poultry, meat and fish. Restrictions on the importation
of such goods will be relaxed but the imported goods will
be controlled in price. This will of course determine partly
the price of the locally produced goods as well. The Minister
does not believe that the merchants and shopkeepers wish
to compete with each other to get the larger share of the
market and is confident that the markup is so high as to
bring "windfall" profits to them.
It was to the Civil Servants that the third warning
was made. He made it clear that they must not expect the
arrears of pay due to them. He attempted to imply that
this was a demand just made requiring payment in a very short
period he appears to have forgotten that payment was promised
at the end of December 1976. He has made it clear that
no payment can be made at this stage.

Bri~srv E;S:h ~llgl~fi~, ~977


- -. .. -1. A.,,~.rr+ 40'7'7

mwiR STaR

Pnae four

FridUay 2tIhU JAaUaUe g-jI -

The Minister further warned the Civil Servants that if
they press for a further review of salaries Government had
only two alternatives before them: one to decrea-se -the number
of civil servants employed or raise taxes so that their demands
can be met and at the same time cut out some of the reliefs
that have been given in this and previous budgets.
But the Minister was very restrained in his warning to
the Civil Servants. He appeared to handle them with kid
gloves. He appealed to -them rather than waive the big stick
too obviously. It was the Premier in his debate on the amend-
ment to the Industrial Relations Act who decided to throw
down the gauntlet and ensure that some sort of confrontation
takes place. He pointed out that for 21 years "this Labour
Government" had been in power and during that time they had
been marking time letting people get to know them. But in
the 2' years that remained he intended that people should
feel the full force of "this Labour Government" and should
realise that they were prepared to take their stand and did
not care.whether it brought confrontation or not; he was
ready and prepared for it. One might almost have read the
phrase "and willing for it" in his attitude.
There are two things that seem to require comment on
this attitude. 'The first is this harping on "this Labour
Government". It appears that the GoVernment members of the
Hous-e disassociate themselves afntom any decisions or any steps
taken by the Labour Government 'rom 1961 to 1975. But they
are the first to boast that this Government has been in power
for 15 years. They must-learn that they cannot have their
cake and eat it. Either they have been in power for 15 years
and are therefore part of the regime which has existed since
then. If on the other hand they wish to state that they are
a different body to that which existed since 1961 then they
cannot claim to have been in power for 15 years. They must
look on themselves as a fledgling government of only 2g years
of existence.
But it is not unusual to find them prevaricating and
saying one thing-one time and another, another time. It
is a sign of their inadequacy and it is the same quality which
makes them adopt all the statements and suggestions of the
Opposition which they at first jeered at, never once admitting
the source and of course without any gratitude for the thoughts
and plans of others which they have copied. Naturally the
persons who have given them the ideas do not mind that they
are copied or even the ingratitude which exists because the
operation of the ideas are for the common good.
The other point which the Premier's attitude brings
to mind is that it is wrong for leaders to take such diehard
stands. It was only last September that such a stand was
taken. Police were dispatched without much previous thought
to break up an association of nurses and their labour leader!
Yet in a few weeks the.Premier was down on bended knee asking
for mercy. He should cease these prancings and chest beatings
and approach the problem as would any other employer. He
should be asking himself "what are our points of agreement"
and "what are our points of disagreement" and above all "how
can we compromise".
After all the Premier has the advantage of having taken
a Trade Union course and he must have learned the art of
negotiating. The first lesson in that art is never force
a confrontation and above all NEVER THREATEN.

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
or Caveat for week ending July 23,

Date ofl Person
BRquest Presentine
for Certificate of
thereon or_Cavenat.

liature of Re-
Squest whether
Title or Noting

Request da- Noe6ise James Request
!rws 18th nee Williams for the
July'1977 by her Solic- issue of
Presented itor Cilma A. a First
21st July fM.Dupigny. Certifi-
1977 at oate of
'3.20 Pr.m, Title in
respect of a portion of land at
Entwizzle, in the Parish of St.
David, in the State of Dominica,
containing 42642 square feet and
bounded as follows:- North by lands
of Lucina Joseph and Foster Tyson;
|South by lands of Stephenson Baron,
Hector Fontaine and a Public Road;
East by land of. Hector Fontaine;
West by land of Lucina Joseph.
Request da- Clifford .R equesY for .
ted 14th St.Ville the issue of
July, 1977. by his a First C04-
Presented Solicitor tificate of
21st July Cilma A. Title in res-
1977 at M*Dupigny pect of a
3.10 p.m.* portion 'of
land at Boetica, in the Parish of
StPatrick, in the State of Domi-
nica, containing 8349 square feet
and' bounded as follows:- North by
lands of Eric, Daniel and Angella
Joseph; East by.a Public Rbad;West
by lands of Alphonse Joseph and
Rosanna Joseph.
*cHb-fty'"T VQI WEE NDK I GR 'Juty 0Qt


talning 12.7 square
ed as follows:- Nor
Road; South: by lanC
Andrew; East: by lar
Almond and Elishia
by land of Preston

reet ana owuna-
th: by a Publio
I of Elishia
ids of Vyrol
Andrew; West-.

Request da- Agnes Request for the
ted 26th George issue of a Frst
July 1977 as Per- Certificate of
Presented sonal .Title in res-
27th July Repres- pect of a por-

3*30 a.m. of Eva known as a Lot
Looby deceased by at. alibishie
her Solicitor Oil- in the Parish
ma AH Dupigpy, of St..Andrew,
in the State of Dominica,contain-
ing 768 square feet and bounded as
follovaws- 'orth by lands of Hills
Peteberid Helefn Africa; East by
land of Hyram George; South byIlandd
of V-cotor Bethelmie; West by a -Pub-
lie Road separating it from land of
Calibishie Credit Union,
N 0 T E: Registrar's Office,
Ephraim F.Georges,Registrar of Tites
Any person who desires-to object.
to the issuing of a certificatee of
Title on the above Applications may
pnter a Caveat in the above office
within six weeks from the date of

Request da. Jonathan Requet forthe first appearance of these Sched-
-ted 9th May Charles as the issue uleb in the STAR news paper publish-'
1977. personal of a First ed in this State or from the date
Presented. represent- Certificate when the Notice prescribed by law
27th July active of of Title i was last served on any occupant t *
.1977 at Caroline respect of adjoining lands in respect of whicH-
"Jy -2 p. Roberts,de- a portion these applications were made,
ceased, y her Solici- of land at ...- .
tor -Cilma.A.M.Dupigny eirs, Mar-
igot, in the Parish of -iSt Andrew, WIFE NO TTC 3
in the State of Dominica, pontain-
ing 32.975 acres and bounded as I, Rodney Sanford of Salybia,
follows:- North:land of Huggins Wil- declare 'that I am not respon-
liams; East: by Centre Line of sible for any debts incurred
Smith Gutter separating it from by my wife Elise Seafed r who i
landsI of- Jarvis bcrea~,Hannah Jo- leff f ho -r -arnd home on 18th
seph, Hez4akis Jo04 BpA 19# SC

ani rO th-a-sn Estate; South:byIbrt~a (gd ,~ .4/ SAFC D.
,g Q0 40 4ma SWtW me tEo Rav-
ne separating it from land of He eirs Ss Od and the Baby Talks
of John Charles Burton; Weat:by S reports France Antilles of
lands of Dora Jacob, Antonia James Julio (surname secret) who can say.
and Heirs of John Charles Burton. 'car" "milk" "bread" and refused
.... .-:-..-- .- .--- a..... atnt frafa s Pap r say I dnt
want it," \0aco -A rgenia;
L __-----------

Frida7, August 5. 1977

T A _, '_Page FPive
Scefdule week ending Jiul 30 ctd.
Request da-, Odney Val 'Request for
ted 18th mond by the issueof
July 1977 his Soli- a First Cer-
Presented oitor tificate of
27th July Cilma A. Title in re
977 at M.Duplgny pect of a
319 P410, portion. of
and-at Wesley in the Parish of St.
drew in the State of Dominica con-

Page Six T I E S T A R Friday,August 5,, 1977
*S*T iA*R*S*P*0R*T*S Mo rchist6n UBU
SEngland took an unbeaable- 2 (From page 1)
nil lead in the 5-match series Nearly an hour was wanted on
against Australia, when they beat this.
Australia by 7 wickets at Trent- No, the real rub of the whole
,Bridge, Nottingham in the third performance, cunningly spread
test.(The first match having been throughout, was that all.the won-e
drawn;. England won the second.) derful planned future happenings
Australia batted first and again depend entirely on borrowed money
batted badly for 243 runs only-te for which in nearly every case, in-
stubbornness of the last two wick- terest has to be paid.
ets putting on 88: McOosker $1 and Without repeating endless fig-
0'Keefe 48 n.o. England took a ures, one must just say that the
121 lead.after they were 82/5; Geof budget, especially the capital bud-
Boycott making his eomeback,to test ge, has many shortcomings since
cricket 107 and Allan Knott 135 many millions still have to be
(his 5th test century).They put on -borrowed. Even in 1976/7 budget
215 for-the 6th wicket.-Australia there was a shortfall of several
crumbled for 309 in 2nd innings af- million dollars. And now our
ter being 240/.ORick McC osker 107, National Debt is escalating ex-
England, set 189 for victory, cf'uciatingly with loans, treasury
lost their first wicket on 154 And bills, overdrafts and debentures,
2 more wickets at score 158.,Mike all and having ev-
Brearly 81,G.Boycott 80 no. Derek entually to. be paid back. The in-
Randall 19 n.o. (he scored the win- terest oh this debt is likely to
ning run playing before his home' be'in the millions already,
crowd the first Notts.player to BUt the Budget Speech was reas-
,do so since 195 FINAL SCORES: onably put together, for which the
Australia 21}3 & 309; 18-year-old Minister has many advisers to thank
Ian Botham (debut) 5/74 (1st inn!) and thank them he does. However
M,Hendricks 2/46 & 2/76,Bob Wills far that quite a lot of the
/88' "and D.Underwood s/4. M Hopes are still pie-in-the-sky.
England 364 & 189/30 J.Thompson
3/103 ,L.Pascoe. 4/80, Max Walker MISS- UNIVERSE (r. pae 1)
2/79 and 3/10.* Tomorrow she will be the guest of
SThe Leeward Islands are the new Port of Spain Citj Council and get
champions in the W.I.Benson & Hed- loaded with a-few more gifts;shets
ges Youth series, Their match ag- already had an aeroplane named
ainst the Windward. Islands drew at after her. A'very beautiful girl
Sturge Park,Montserrat; Leewards. but perhaps not all that bright if
got Ist innings points. SCORES: s really means she is craving to
Windward Is, 219 & 196. Thomas Ken- t Idi Amini
tish 58 and lravis 46. Leeward -Is.
FOOTBALL: 'WIhen the second league. We hear of the possibility of Fr.
atch1977 season, was played at Proesmans return to Belgium, We
Windsor Park, the Gutter Crowns/ pray it is not so. It is important
Potters United CollUSion found tbeim- that he should be given .the oppor-
selves, under fire from a rejuvenat- .tunity to continue his work -namely
ed Spartans line-up.:-- Spartans led on the History of Dominica,among
3-1 at half time and went-on to the people in a land he loves so we;
make the final scoe 7-2: their *.J for several people
forwardsmen found Gutter/Potters Roseau,
defence unco-ordinated. Spartans OTHER CO0MENTS ON HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY:
got their goals from the Lawrence: (Editor): Talk about chopping down
brothers Jeffrey & Algernon, J.Far- trees for industry nothing about
tin'and J.Lewis well supported our National Park!(Publisher: I ap-
with.3 goals by the ineptness of rove of the new income tax measuresJ
the Gutter/Potters defence wch I Savarin: The Minister threatens the-
left custodian A.S.olomon in all Civil.Servants, but ,we meet his chal-
sorts of difficulties. Gutter/Pot- longe. Public Servants -want tibircash.
ters goals cabie from AndreA Atony WAmdts.Industrial Act: the Unions are
BASKETBALL: The /;Wndwards Is.Tourn- gong t take a stng sand .
ament did ot materiaLis. St.Lu Print- ed, & Published by the Proprietor
toured GrOnada. who expected DomE. fre f Cpt allMill House
ica Vo O 14ewisefor Triendlynmat- E.t 26Bath Road,Roseau,Dominica,
chesDominioa- did not accept. at
/ 5

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