Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). July 29, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). July 29, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: July 29, 1977
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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UK 1Te-dia Representai*t
Colin Turner(Loindoz)t
122 Shftes burAvenue
London P TT1T/; 01 k'lai

,~ ..WVhat, is it
3NBMIN5CA about? '
- V ,; .Tb ^ -S S Readpages 3 e- .

-Vol.5V No5. FidayJul 29. 197 ieen Cents '-
'The established Trade Unions must PR~ME BY T.U. MOVEMENT
watch out for themselves and for Dom- Subject: Attorney General
inica. A fifth general union of a
few dissident, members of DA-up- Thefour Dominica ons, D
ported by Mariists 'Para' Riviere W.A1. U, C.S.A. and D.A.W.U.sent
ported by Marxist ara Rviere letter to Premier John inform-
and others-some of whose names can letter to Premier John, inform-
be, reed, in EXPRESSION (DA17T pubVica.-- .Inghim that they had discussed
be,read in EXPRESSION (DATU pub'lica o enesday the fa'ct that the
tion),.have recently registered a new on Wednesday the fact that the
unio "The National Wotkers Union",, Attorney General.was a:Public
n a demi-literate release which Officer, and that it was the
Informs 'the public of widespread responsibility of Government to
dissatisfaction, disillusion and ensure that the-allegations made
almost complete distrust inthe lead- against him be investigated by'
ership of the' trade union movement" the competent Authority, so that
Sin the country" they tell howthey the guilt or innocence of the
(their Exeutive) they do not say present holder of.the post of
if they have any ordinary members- AG. be established.
"proceeded to write to the various The T.Movement considered
unions asking for co-operation". Te
Evidently none was forthcoming: the the matter to be of grave nat-
other four general, Unions already ional importance and hoped the
organized in branches throughout tkt. Premier would net shrink from
country and already in -competitbon- taking whatever action wcs con-
eould hardly eo-operate with a fifth. sidered necessary to have the.
However this new Union can create matter investigated. At the
a great deal of confusion; they are mte me
not above pretending to be a 'sub- T.UI.workin committee meeting on
union" of anoth-r better-known one. Weds.27th they called on the Hon.
Dontt forget that for the Communist Premier to ensure that the pro-
'the ends (powers for the leaders per machinery was set in motion
who control the State) justifies to investigate the allegations* of
the means-': false promises, smear misconduct involving the Attorney
campaigns etc. covered over with General. which had been appearing.
a smoke-screen of talk about demo- in current issues of the local
For more than 15 years I have newspapers.
watched -he trade union movement in
Dominica and bemoaned the fact that BELIZE GUATEMALA
there are toe many gene tirade Some progress has been made in this
unions.and practically .._-dhing in *j touchy matter sinqe Guatewalan dis-
the way of craft unions.The first' cussionswith UK Minister Rowla'nds.
union (DTU) suffered from lack of
militancy,-became too much of a ST TTCIAN POET VISITS
burial society; the result was that Robert Lee came here with his re-
it became neither feared nor res- cently married attend the
pected by the employers, whose .men- wedding of Alwyn Bully and his wife
'tality in the 1950s was often that nee Agnita Astaphan,last weekend.
of a sweatshop employer of 100 yeias
ago in England.The Seamen & Water- NO BETS ON ROYAL BABY British
front -had broken with DTU but re- bookmakers have refused bets on ,the
turned for a while in the eixties, sex weight of Princess Anne's
DTU&-SWU were affiliated to the In- forthcoming -ehild due November.
ternational Confederation of Free EV : ANhu _K2 NEW M
.rade Unions (ICFTU)- the global opening SatJuly 3uth
'workers organization of the demo- AGRP.SHW PORTSMOUTH -10 .mA
cracies, split off from the Commun- America and Indo-China -the Intern-
ist Confederation. There was a national Federation of Cathollic.Trade
third Federation, strong in Latin Unions.(Note initials confusion..
S(Concude on page s

~7___ 1

,v'- '

PARILLON,Minister for Home Affai fequet da- Oney Val- Req
By BC. black Request da- Odney Val Request for
By E.C.Loblack ted 18th mond by the issueof
I would like to quote "Men of July 1977 his Soli- a First (brt-
Visidn what they have seen". It Presented oitor Cil- ificate of
reads:- 27th July ma A.M. Title inres-
"the alternatives we face 1977 at Dupigny pect of a
are freedom or non-freedom. We can 3.15 p.m. portion of
have mankind dedicated to realiz- land at Wesley in the Parish of St.
action of the best cultural values Andrew in the State of Dominica con-
uphol'ding human dignity, dis charg.taining 1287 sq.feet and bounded as
ing individual responsibility, as-follows:- North: by a Public Road;
during judicial impartiality, and South by, land of Elishia Ahdrew;
preferring the persuasion of tol- ast' by lands of Vyrol Valmond and
erance to the compulsion of force. lishia Andrew; West by land of
Or we can have people moulded and' reston David,
shaped -by the dictates of a sup- Request da- Agneu Request for
reme leader or a gang controlling ted 26th George the issue of
the resources of a state; people July, 1977 as Per- a First Cer-
so disciplined and directed from Presented sonal tificate of
the cradle up that they automati- 27th July Represen- Title inres-
cally obey a word of command,how- 1977 at- tative of pect of apor-
ever obnoxious it may be. 3.30 p.m. Eva Looby tion of land
whatever r soft language may be deceased known as a
used in .explaining their codes, by her Sol Lot at Cali-
we can have no faith whatever in icitor( 1bishie; in
the honesty of persons professing ma AIM, the Parishf
belief in human rights and at the Dupigny. St.Andrew, in
same time subscribing to the doc- the State of Dominica, containing
trines of dictatorship, revolution.768 square feet and bounded as 'fo1
and the one-party system of Gov- lows:- "North by lands of 11ills
ernment. a Peter & Helen Africa; East by land
Such a form of Government is of Hyram GQorge; South by land of
demeaning to human dignity. It Victor Bethelmie; West by a Bublic
asserts that economics determines Road'separating it from .nd of 1al-
all human life' a proposition to ibishie Credit Union,
which even clever men may give off; request da- Jonathan R equestfor
hand approval, but in doing so it ted 9th May Charles as the issueaf
succeeds simply in saying that 1977.Presen- personal a First Cer-
people are moved to act, not on a ted 27thJAly represen-+a-ificate of
basis of principles or any stand- 1977,340. pmitive of Cargitle icres-
ars of morality, but by their ma-, oilne Roberts ..eceased b~ect of a
erial wants. her SolicitorxIilma A.M. portion of
It assumes that man is not in- Dupigu*Y, and at
terested in freedom, knowledge or Weirs, MarigotQ, in the Parish of St.
religion, but only in a full stom- AndrewT in the State of Dominica, ccn
ach. It inhibits the free play c tainifg -2.2975 acres and boundedas
the spirit of inquiry aad places follows:North: land of Huggins Will-
blinders on the mind. It dare nct iams.;East: by Centre-Line of Smith
allow deep philosophical thought butterr separating it from lands of
or accurate historical analysis, *arvis Ducreay,Hannah Joseph,Hezekial
because these would show up the oq4 and Jeias of Jane mnanuel.

barrenness and futility of the
leaders notions.".

JUSTICE? by Hugh Lawrence
Listening carefully on Sunday
morning programmes about slavery,
liberation and other blasted non-
sense, it was just disgusting. iJe
look on this DBS station as a juke
box, yet something constructive
and not'destructive should be on
the air, especially on a Sunday,
Every radio listener should
switch off to Big A whenever such

a, ja z app Ijca o10 concla, page ix)J
a programme is on. Things that we
should forget, which happened years
and years past, are brought back
to revive hate and jealousy. This
will net help, as now we all need
more love and co-operation, Our
DBS staff may be overanxious to
preach-a sort of coammunistic Soc-
ialism, and they do not allow the
members of the Opposition to ex-
plain to us something about the
coming political independence which
may take place in 1980, Remeiaber we
all pay for the Radio. STUPID!

~--- )-- -. i-ZL- T :~ I

L te U t f t '0 6 td

T 0- 0 q-9 1 1: 1 .: - r

Pagoe -Two


Friday.v July 29, 1977


When in 1973 the Government forced a confrontation on
the 6ivil Servants, the Ministers refused to consider that
the matter was merely a dispute between employer and employee
and should be resolved under the provisions for such disputes.
When the Industrial Act was being debated in the House
of Assembly in 1975, the then Minister (may his soul for
ever rest in peace)refused to accept that the relationship
between public servants and government was that of master
and servants. He therefore rejected the idea that on the
panel of chairmen there should be prominent and experienced
Dominicans who were working in nearby islands.
Today the Government sings a different tune. For some
time now the dispute between Government and the Civil Servant
has been settled. The increase in salaries has been agreed.
Part payment has been made on that basis. The only itom
left to finalise the matter is the payment of the last part
of the overdue salary. There is no dispute as to what is
owing. The only cause of delay is that Government is in
an impoverished position (through its own wild and indiscreet
spending). Government therefore wishes to delay the payment
of the amount which they have acknowledged is owing by them
over a period of ten years at 5% interest. The Civil Servants
state that because of their own impoverished situation they
cannot afford to give Government credit.
How on earth can that be considered a dispute?
The private employers must Io laughing their heads off!
For if Government should get an awara in their favour then
thsre is not a single employer who will not be able to use
that as a precedent in his own affairs, to the detriment of
the worker. Who then will be described as the oppressors
of the poor downtrodden masses? Who then will be using their
position of gross bourg" to the disadvantage of the "petit
bourg'? And at last we come to the final decision "who is
in fact the gros bourg?"
Why did not Government consider their expenditure when
they were wildly increasing their pay, their. oa S ttimmnt allow-
ances and their fictitious travelling allowances? Did they
not decide that Parliamentary Secretaries who can hardly be
found either at the Government Headquarters or in their con-
stituencies deserved much more salary and much more for allow-
ances? How can they expect any sympathy from the ordinary
workers who see that sort of injudicious and undeserved rewards
to idlers who do no work? Have they forgotten that some
vouchers indicate as much payment in overtime as in basic
salary for persons who are known to do no other work but
campaign for their party?
Surely the only way Government could have assisted the
situation was to show that they are themselves prepared to
take a cut back in their own perks. The ordinary worker
would then perhaps believe that there is no money to give
them their well earned and agreed arrears in pay.
Our leaders are so imitative of each other in the Caribbean
when it comes to oppressive legislation. But when it comes
to the few worthwhile gestures they shun imitation as if it
was a catching and virulent disease. Why, instead of copying
the words of Manley as regards "Socialism" they have not
imitated his action of taking a cut in salary for themselves?
Why do they still spend unnecessary money travelling
first class when they relish in the idea that this is the
day of the little man and all a we is one? Why do they still
take extra perks which they say the law entitles them to when
in fact all their expenses have been paid by regional institu-
tions to which we have to contribute? After all when the
civil servants see that kind of wasteful spending they cannot
believe Government's assertion that there is no money in the
kitty. And civil servants are but human and will naturally
want their share of the cake.

Friday 29th July, 1977


Page 1l'.L_.3

V eJJ, O h V.T, 14A -S fo Q 7 e : four'-.^. ---

What strikes one as even much worse is that Government
is intending to take the non-payment of its just debts into
the arena of industrial relations. As far as we know it
when a man does not pay an amount due by him whether he is
impoverished or not the creditor takes legal process to attempt
to collect the amount. He does not go to the Industrial
Relation tribunal to get an award that his employer must
pay; nor does the employer dare to go to the tribunal to
get a decision that he must not pay in the legally accepted
method i.e. in the coin of the realm.
To carry out this inverted1 thinking, Government is attemp-
ting to amend the Industrial Act with a hurried provision
giving them the right to have their own panel of members on
the Board. At present there are three panels on the Board,
each consisting of four persons: one nominated by the trade
unions; one nominated by the Employers Federation; one
nominated by both trade unions ahd employers federation and
this is known as the Chairman's Panel. The Board therefore
consists of 12 members.
The proposed amendment is to consist of 18 members.
The trade union panel and employers panel are to remain the same.
But the third panel is abolished and replaced with a panel
of 4 nominated by the Minister responsible for Establishment
ANY STAGE). The fourth panel is to be the Chairman's Panel
but the method of arriving at this panel is to allow two
nominations each to the trade unions, the Employers Federation
and: the Minister responsible for Establishment (who is in
fact the Premier).
There is the odd proviso that no member of the third
panel can take part in any hearing unless he has the approval
of the Minister responsible for Establishment to do so.
Is the Premier protecting himself against a rebellious Minister
of Home Affairs who may attempt to use as the Government's
nominee a member who may give a fair and impartial decision
or award when in fact the Premier may want a member on the
panel who bends his ear to his hints?
Or have recent events just bothered the Premier so much
that he feels himself surrounded by enemies and he does not
know whom he can trust and therefore is making sure that ultimate
power rests in his hands?
There are simpler ways of d)ing this without bending our
legislation out of all perspective. He can get rid of the
Ministers who dare to question his wisdom and his fanatic
championing of the Attorney General. He can replace them
with certain backbenchers who are so pleased to be back in
the fold that they will never dare to stray again. There
are among some of the backbenchers the "John Royer's" of
yesteryear who can get medical certificates concerning the
condition of their eyes and'the glaucoma that is the cause
of their difficulty in following the proceedings of the House.
But to do this the Premier must do an exercise in getting
to know his men. Because there are backbenchers who will
not stand nonsense for long or at all times and who may not
sympathise with the attitude of the Civil Servants but who
themselves will not be deprived of their salary and their
perks while the Ministers hog it all for themselves with trips
abroad ad infinitum while they, the backbenchers, have to
bear the brunt of the complaints of their constituents as
to the fact that nothing is happening in the country.
To his sorrow the Premier has learned that the backbenchers
or some of them realise that "Public Office is a Public Trust".
They are asking themselves why cannot their political leader
see it their way. They are asking themselves where has all the
electricity of the electrifying team gone; and even if there
has been a short circuit why cannot it be mended and above all
they are questioning the wisdom of the Premier taking advice
from one man and not listening to the other members in the
1SVthe Ra&ii^y 1itWa whether the party is not greater


P'- ae four!!

PIIi~otr 3Qfk .TI~1~~_ ~a73


Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
or Caveat for week ending July 16th'
1977 ___
Date of Person Nature of Re-
Request Presenting quest whether
for Gertificate of Title or Noting
thereon o Caveat,
Request a- UOemient f"Reqiuest f or.
ted 22nd J.L, the issue of
June 1977' Dupigny a First Cert-
Presented by his ificate of
llth July Solicitor Title in res-'
1977 at M.Eugenia pect of a por-
12,1. Pm. Charles. tion of land
known as A 2esidentTal Lot in Ros-
eaq, in-the Parish of, St.Georgeoon-
taining ,50. square feet, and bound-
ed as follows;- Iorth-East:Land of
Verginia Titre; South-Easb: Land of
Alix Green; South-West: Hanover
Street; North-'est: Land of Clarita
John Lewis,
SCUEED for Week EnYin23rd Juy
request da- "Odney R Iequest for
ted 18th Valmond the issue of
July 1977. by his a First Cer-
Presented Solicitor ti'ficate of
18th July Cilma A. Title in res-
1977 at M.Dupigny pect of .apo-
2,L0 p.In,. I tion of land
known as a Lot at Corner River in
Wesley, in the Parish of St.Andrew,
in the State of Dominica,contain'ing
'3.625 acres and bounded as follows:
North: by a Footpath separating it
from land of Frederick Telemaque;
South: by lands of Osmond Richards
and James Wright; East -by land of
Arthur Robin; West: by land of John
Baptiste Valmondi
Request da- Ber-rand_ equestF 6for ,
ted 18th Galste the issue of
July, 1977 by his F'irst C'.rt-
Presented Solicitor ificate o
18th July' Cilma A. Title in res-
1977 at M.Dupigny pect of rpor-
4,.00 p. -al. __ ttion of land
at Delices, in the Parish of St.
Patrick, in the State of Dominica,
containing 0.460 acre and bounded

R Page Five
F R S A L E j

Approx. bight (8) acres of cul-
tivated land near Carholm, S.,
Contact: Joseph.
Cniss Cilma Dizpigny,
20 Hanover Street
TEL: 2168 Roseau.

Request da-
ted 14]th -
July, 1977
21st July-
1977 as
3.10 pi,m.

St. Ville
by his
Cilma A.

Request for
the issue c"
a First Cer-
tificate of
Title in res-
pect of a
portion of

laFd at Boetica, in the Parish of
3t. Patrick, in the State of Domi-
nica, containing 8349 square feet
and bounded as follows:-
North by lands of Eric Daniel
and Angella Joseph; South by land
of Alphonse Joseph; East by a
Public Road; '.est by lands of
Alphonse Josepii and :losenna
'oseph. (Late Gt ga 131atio

as Iollows:- JNorth-'est.: oy land or -les an
Catherine Thoma:s and Albert Laronde; JAYCS SLGAN: lies and
East: by a Road separating it from food are soon parted with a
land of Thomas Etienne; South-East- Nrote contd, enter a Caveat n '
by land .of Euphrasia John Baptiste; the above Office within six weeks
South-West by lands of Catherine from the date of the first appear
Thomas and Editha Niburg, ance of these -Scledules in the
N 0 T E: REG.ISTRArtS OFFICE, .STAR news paper published in this
NGISTRARS OFFICE, State or from the date when the.
Ephraim F.GeorgesRegistrar of Tits Notice prescribed by law was last
,Ephraim FGeorgesegistrar of Titls served on any occupant of adjoin-
Any person who desires to object to servedon any occupant of aoi
the issuing of a Certificate of Ti- ing lands in respect of which
tle on the above Applications may these applications ere made

Friday, July 29, 1977

W I F E N 0 T I C
I, Rodney Sanford of Salybia,
declare that I am not responsible
'for any debts incurred by my wife
Elise Sanford who left my house
and'home on 18th June 1976 without
good oause.(Sgd.)RODNEY SANFORD

Schedule for week ending July. 23 6td
request da- Noelise James Request
ted 18th nee Williams for the
July 1977 by her Solic- issue bf
Presented itor Cilma A. a First.
?lst July M.Dupigny. Certifi-
1977 at cate of
3.20 p.m. Title in
respect of a portion of land at
Entwizzle, in the Parish of St..
David; in' the State of Dominica,
containing 42642 square feet and
bounded as follows:- North by lands
of Lucina Joseph and Poster Tyson;
South by lands of Stephenson Baron,
Hector Fontaine and a Public Rohd;
East by land of. Hector Fontaine;
West by land of Lucina Joseph.

_ __ ~li__ __

-~--~--BC~'~--~-t~L -- -r -- ----



_ -=U

Page Six T H E S. T A R Friday7Jul 29, 1977
S-**, -~P4* 0 RTS n- Morchriston STATE OF DOM-INICA TITI- B3Y- REG i
BASIKTBALL: Yet Another Scorcher ISTRATION ACT Anplication by
Cash'J'iCarry Cardinals and By-Trinee Jonathan Charles (concluded fr.p,2)
Flames played another thrilling land of Disney James and North-End
match at Windsor Park on Wednesday land o Di y .James nd Nort
night to determine the champions of Esand centre lne of Ravne separat-
and centre line of Ravine separat-
the knockout competition after both
teams had disposed of all opposition ing it from and of Heirs f John
before them. a. Flames beat Cardinals Charles Brton West by lands of
Dora Jacob, Antonia James and
for the second time this season 93- Heirs o Joh Charles Brton
90 to win the knook-out making an (See Caveat No te on 1.d)
exchange of cups after Cardinals had (See Note on
been declared winners of the League WATCH THAT NEW FIFTH UNION-J.Sbedcr
on goal average. Soon after the takeover of ban-
Flames raced tp an 8-nil leadon and marketing by Geests, AoF.Joseph
commencement and led 3 at the with some T.Uwork behind him,start-
interval, But Cardinals,showing high- the Union now known as D.A.W.U. as
est quality of play, brought the lead a technical-union for banana workers.
down to within 2 point* at 92-90
where t thw one or to chans In a short time this Union made head-
,where they threw one or two, chances -and'wa. accepted'in'the IFCTU
to ecqualise. For Flames: O.Burton 36 way
C.bidier 26; For Cardinals: C.John and given some financial support.
IMeanwhile Patrick John and Arwid -
Baptiste 33,W.LeBlanc 25.* In quali- Aotivplifiltrated the DTU and per-
fying matches Cardinals registered suaded Waterfront o'fiers
two centuries 103-59 vs EJT Rockers shaded aterfro orers to break
two ce116nturies Brisbae Starhts away again as a separate union,San
& 11-6 vs BrsbaneStarghts. after thisA.FJs Union became a
.Flames beat Wizards 59-38 the same ate isA.J. Unionbecame
general union "'the Dominica Amal-,
evening Cardinals whipped Starlights. non -the ca Aal-
FOOTBALL: Harlem Rovers Crash Spurs gamated Workers Union, willing to
1976 Knockbut Champions Harlem Rovers accept all types of workers (as did
the DTU). Not to be outdone, the-
inflicted a 6-nil drubbing on Spurs She DTU). Not to beotone, th e
in the first league match of 1977. eaen & waterfront beca the Wter
Strikers Herminus Emmanuel, Irving Ben. front & Allibd Workers- Union -WAAT
oit&: Wilfred "Fox" Dontfraid got It has strengthened under Zaboca -
oit1 Wilfredo, Louis BenoitFi
two goals each. The, season opened Lous enoitc ,
with a occerama on at.o Dominica, with a Labour Force
with a Soccerama on Sat.23rd July of less than 25,000, had 3 nera
which Kensborough.U.won in handsome ls than2 hd 3 ie
style when they threw 3 quick goals unions alus the Civil Service Ass-
into the nets of Harlem R. within $ ociation and. Teachers Union (now CSA
minutes and went on to beat SpartaIn the late sixtiesnuch energy, was
scoring another goal in the process, displayed in inter-union rivalry:
On Sunday a Dominica Youth Team for polling of workers for recognition
the Cable & Wireless.series-lost 2-6 by management. But that phase passed
to an under-23 team, and the Unions went their separate
CRICKET: Leewards/Windwards For Final ways, sent their officials to Conf-
The idwar I s. in Zone B became reces and Seminars and did a fair
jobndward is.w in Zone B became
qualified for the finals after Barba- job of work so much that the employ-
dgs (who led in their Zone) was dis- er3 (inc. the biggest employer-Govr.)
qualified for having a player older became wary of, and respected the
than the stipulated age. Barbadoshad rkers So much so that they passed
beaten the Windwards, getting 1st a harshbut ineffective Trades Dis-
innings points against Trinidad pute Act. A few employers told-us:
who was beaten by the ndwardthe fellows have done so well that
who was beaten by the Windwards. I we cannot afford to empl
The Leward Islands took first in we cannot afford to employ men at
The Le~eward Islands took first innx: their rates,. based on Western stand-
points against Jamaica in a highscor-heir rates based on sut erinstand
gng. draw in Zone A, going 3n to besab ards of efficiency but Dominican
Guyana by 90 runs. Earlier Gruynauahad standards of skills and punctuality."
Beaten Ja aia ounarieh, and a draw a Several attempts have been made
beaten Jamaica outright, and a draw to form a Trades Union Congress, in
would -have seen them through to the fo a Tades Union Congess,
finals(they on Benson & Hedges ser- which (as in other democratic lands)
finals(they won Benson & Hedges ser-Strength;
ies for two yearsIScores: LeewardsIs:t is proven: Unity is Strength; Div-
205 199. Guyana 171 & 134,l r-: ided we may fall. No success so far.
Finals today, Pri.29,in Montaerrat. BA1AMIAS: Lynden PindlingsTTL-bera-.-
LEAGUT HATCH between Smartians and Partyt has been returned to power
Celtic U. was abandoned no umpires, with 85% of the people's votes- 1st
TEST: The Third Test match Australia election since independence. eMss:
vs.England at Trent Bridge: Piesstime FORBES BURNHAM is to visit Nigeria
score: Australia 243 all cut; Eng- and Libya within- the next few,weeksg
land 2 2 for five, E;;--:;.-; -. :: .-:":.;: l s e
a 26atnoLc' a obert EA y of or
')u al Lx I

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