Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). June 10, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). June 10, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: June 10, 1977
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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..EW YORK 21, N. T

: U %j. fiata.e t SzMeIICA tewf
Coli.n Tuwnr (Ltondan) A j P
19 ShacftabtrU A. W.. t u .

- ~ PYL~SIJ~I~

'F~lib3n, ra~ca lQi. 19~77


y2iXVa U6e14ta ly.,W

n(%(rt1 qCtS~LrI If~~~ ~J I 31t~ (8~YKs1T') QQN73HB3~9~IN U

There 154 g o dlsx*tIt that- West
Initicii ratoenativab haim made
their~ SUAa at this Iveprttint do.-
batttx aud doaislarx-tking Lond-
on Imatin%g Vowtid .s stil1 in

westin4&sns d0vv4 l"50'gel
as at toortn armed with Q-;xloom
Soce.-Gene, A1.1-steir Hantyre's pa-
per on Vti britSng of the gap
beto'ieen rioh = oor rations#
anud aided by ( onwwaweth Ssoao-

r. General 8hrSaiath 3. Ramuphalts
oxpertlie, the leaders frm
jamaica arnd Barbadoa uhmd uap
well alongside that ftin At-
rbioaa President lo.UnImd a vW11
dild not hesitate to Gastigato
A'imsii as "another Hitlor on* -m
bo tmsrders his own people.
After fooling avouztdpretend-
ing he w as on his way to Ig
land# AmIan was revealed an be.
ing in 'Uganda. (ee


Applications are Invited from citizens of Com-
monwealth Caribbean countries between the ages of
30 and 45 years for appointment to the post of Assis-
tant Registrar, Administrative and Operational Centre,
Western Zone, Kingston, jamalica.
Assisting the Pre-Rejgstrar In the management
of the Adminlstratlye and Operational Centre for the
Western Zone; cbordinLadl co;vening servicing and
managing meetlSir, of subjectpane0s and other groups
r-dntbd by the Western Z2da Office; assisting in
aerang!.t3 the actlvitiess ,it~cted with the exar ,na-

Soil y:



: UniversIty grIduat. with adnminis-
Uttcvo :cperi.ence In
curriculum actlvity an eductional
planning Woult! be an-aouet
J$7,824 x 324 $10,4165 W.

1r0% cbaslc s)lary
A >i a* s current, for the time being,
I! t e Public Smr"lee it "rnigIC2
T'fhroo yatr 4ontidoi Itt th~a fiti. 10

Applcations by lettitrind uding relevant personal in..
formations,' academic, and proftsalonal qua1ifihation%
.#nd exoefletnc,/ the names #nd Add -esbe of two
refnte3 and the 01Ali61 date on whigh the arpikcant
tI aswmrne duty If selected for lntaruiw In July,
.1977 along with L ?plsksvf two tettimonllis shfouid be
addritsid to this kost*ar, jbbsn Ike. -nt!tiJ'
C:~,ARnllCII, :UQIeidqur(sJ~ A'I1,t. Mtcheai,
S-j ~rbtdtl s, We trI dOu.~ Ua b a h14' Nbtl~7r 'tba rha
I lone, 1977.
Further pardldrlw may e obtalnod fnrti
either the eilsrar -at the above address or thq:Ptr'
RIteltrar at C~ibbean Examlrlatlmos Couincil, 2i4'"
Floor, Iniparial Life Building, lO KniJafgd Houle'
yard,. INew Kingston, klfngstoh 5,'jmaicla West

Alt"Ur a epeel-AI U1Apk091V2*4 8...
v1e &; 0. st4afats oath ona

:VOW4* ?#, 16 Nvji-St
vA*~atlcirs; bd, mA *Lu& with. the boo'.pa.

towa't&arv Ls2,baft s UIjh Wb4aa4

Qaft*, n#40 amn *Mt0 41 1 a
Londo madilh ViiM3P vl2,S. NO
fta, :%= g8 SW a a ;F J 0St L "1.-
Aw th "Iai Nav yFt *0 bh t*
Oa"t of 2alantI.

"I'll, ta ." ___ I-, I a Ad-
xm-&S, 10 1,077

_7_ 1-17771 71ZL I_~N~ erulF-~O "CdfP+~C


1 '-1 1 r yt;? *4n 00% ~t



;_ 1
!i 1

S T A R Friday,June 10 1977

fBal g its afternoon session, at Hugh Lawrence
the magnificent meeting arranged When we listened on Wednesdaj
in .~Dominica's most neglected and night last week to the speeches
beautiful southern point, some made by the Opposition delegates
four thousand people'teemed around on the London talks on Indepen-
in the dry sunny air, many listen- dence for Dominica, surely we
ing from outdoors, as the'hall was must agree with one of the speak-
packed tight. After lunch, the vs that the Leader of the Oppos-
business began; and two new Vice- ition should be called Lady Charles.
Presidents young Alvin Phillip Although she expected-no fan-
and lir. Louis "Zaboca." Benoit fare; no Government band, no steel
were elected. Mr. Alvin Armantrad- band, no motorcade, she was so
ing remains President; Mr.Rupert eager to explain in detail what
Sorhaindo is Chairman; Hon.Lenuoo took placeI We thank her and her
Honychurch, Secretary,with Miss co-delegates most heartily for
Jones as Asst. Secretary; Mr.,7.O. enlightening us. We pray that
Severin, Treasurer; Mr.Edward El- God may spare them long life,
win, Auditor, and an executive health and strength to continue
from all over Dominica. And of this arduous task until it reach-
course the leadership is in the es success, and that D.B.S. will
more than capable hands of Oppos- permit them a minimum of onehour
ition Leader Hon.M.E.Charles, who weekly to instruct the nation on
received a great ovation, the coming Independence that
Interesting points a Young radio which our taxpayers always,
Freedom Movement,led by Kelvin although so far without much re-
Francis, is on the move; and the sult, look toward to see that
Freedom Party will havs its own justice be done, H.L.
newspaper soon the STAR HERALD. \ OMMON HEALTH E-DS OF GOn T pl)
Ther@of the conference was:- \ "Sir' Eric Gairy talked of
FREEDOM IS DOMINIOCAtS ONLM HOPE OW1 God and unidentified flying ob-
The Convention's host was Hon. A. jects before he took off to or-
Moise. It was equal to and even ganise an O.A.S.gathering of
exceeded conventions of the past, I15O in Grenada, starting monday.
and the atmosphere was charged I(Continued on p.6. under late news)
with hone and determination,



Castle Street, across from Dominica Electricity
Open al-y 3 to 9 p.m. Phones )269, 1235.
Baha'i books available at Paperbacks

"THE CAT IS PUT IN CHARGE OF THE MILK", This mysterious saying
is passing all around Dominica. We offer $1 each to the three
first "translations into actuality" of this remark received by us.

Tomorrow, Sat. June 11, is the Queen's Official Birthday:a holiday.

will purchase all good


empty Rum Bottles nt
150 per bottle, and empty
CARTONS in good condition
at 30 cents per carton,
at the following locations:-
fASSIEF'S Liquor Shop Market
NASSIEF'S Storeroom Riverside.


S0 T I C E

Two (2) storey House and Lot
at River Street.
Apply: M.E.Charles
P.O.Box 121

Group meets at Red Cross Head-
quarters, Goodwill, every Thurs-
day afternoon. Anyone with a
drinking problem is welcome there
between 3-6 p.m.

_ __ __ ___I__ ___ _~

3 A L E

Page Two


Let us examine some of the areas which will be new and exploratory
for us when Independence comes. Perhaps the most important of these
will be the establishment of our foreign missions. We will have to
appoint ambassadors and High Commissioners to look after our affairs
and the affairs of our citizens living abroad in many countries.
The sensible leader would appoint perhaps a High Commissioner to
Great Britain who would also represent us at the European Common
Market and an ambassador to Washington and this ambassador would
also serve us in the United Nations ard Canada. But a consulate
would have to be established in Canada since so many of our citizens
now live there.
But we merely have to look at near-by Grenada and note some of
the other appointments to be wary of what might come in the future -
ambassadors to Chile and Korea and perhaps to Switzerland where the
T.M. leader lives!
Of more importance is for us to consider what we would expect
of these representatives. We would expect them to look after the
interest of our citizens living abroad, we would expect them to
assist us in our search for trade and investment and for
development capital. But most important of all, they should be
"windows' for Dominica. They should be walking advertisements of
the soundness, of the alertness, of the integrity,
of the ambitions, and of the intelligence of our leaders.
Do we have a right to expect that this will be the case in the
future? Is there not a saying that as a tree falls so shall it lie?
Why should we expect then that our ways should change because the
word independence has become a reality? There are many instances
which should oblige us to think otherwise.
First of all we have heard stories from other Caribbean
countries and from England which make us realise that our leaders
when they are outside our shores behave in such a manner as to make
people turn us to ridicule. It is not too many years ago that an
eminent West Indian leader told a delegate to a conference on
hearing that this delegate was Dominican that "he would not admit to
coming from the same island as" the leader of the island.
Two years ago an eminent travel writer came to Dominica and
because of the situation which at that time existed with regard to
Black Power and the attack on white people in the streets wrote a
very damaging report on Dominica.
Before preparing his 1977 issue of his travel book he wrote
to the Governor asking for information as to the state of things
in Dominica so that he could reassure his readers that Dominica
was safe to visit. After all, three white visitors to the island
had been killed in 1974! The Governor made no reply. No doubt
he considered that it was not his business as an impartial person
to take part in such matters. But law and order is his
So the keen and eager writer of this tourist guide wrote
to the Premier again requesting the information. Again he got
no reply. What do you think this writer deduced from this?
No doubt that in view of the fact that the Premier had stated
that the persons who had created this situation were "the majority
of deceitful persons all holding American or Canadian passports"
that he must gather that tourists from'such countries are not
wanted in Dominica. Such a deduction would have been emphasised
by the following, and I quote from the writer: "The vitriolic,
irrational, naked hostility exhibited by Dominican Tourist Board
officialdom towards members of the U.S. press" So here we are
spending so much of our taxes and many others so much of their
effort and zeal and energy to try to promote tourism and the
very persons who are paid to be our "ambassadors for tourism"
are creating the wrong impression in a sector which is of great
importance to us in that field.
Do you now understand why it is important that we should
be very selective in our choice of ambassadors and persons who
represent us? We must be proud of our country but we must not be
so conceited as to believe that we are the only pebble on the shore

Fridas 10th June. 1977


Pa ~ a rll h r a a

It is necessary to woo people with honey for you never catch
them with vinegar not even the flies can be fooled
Although we have heard our government leaders spout a great
deal of diatribe about colonialism and the necessity to cut the
apron strings of Great Britain, we all know that only in two fields
has Britain been responsible for us for the past ten years defence
and external affairs. We have heard the Ministers say that they
were unable to make proper deals with other countries because
Britain has held the reins tight. We all know that that is
nonsense! What about Sunday Island Project, Valhala, cement
factories, timber contracts? At no time did Britain interfere.
What did interfere was the lack of knowledge and experience
of our leaders. They do not seem to be able to judge character
and they get caught in the web each time and nothing comes of
their attempts to get contracts with persons from abroad.
What is more, in spite of the fact that Britain is supposed
to be joking after our external affairs, the Government of Dominica
has been ablo to appoint "Consuls" and "Consuls plenipotentiary"
to act on behalf of Dominica! With proper accredited letters and
cards bearing our crest. Quite recently one of those appointees
involved the Government of Dominica in an unnecessary court case
and as a result the Government of Dominica is saddled with court
costs of over $10,000.00 ECC! Nobody returns to tell us, the
public, about these things and after all it is the taxpayer who
will have to pay. Again in this instance we understand that all
of this could have been avoided if replies had been sent to
letters written from that foreign country. But our leaders like
to forget things that they do not like or do not understand.
They believe in sweeping under the carpet all things which are
annoying and require some thought to solve. This is not the
method which muet be adopted in Government! Do we have any
reason to believe that the ambassadors that they appoint after
independence will change that habit and will be more knowledgeable
than they have proved to be? Judging from the past and the
chronic patronage which has riddled every action of this present
Government do we expect them to behave any differently? Should
we not expect that their favourite bull-dozer operator will be
made ambassador in North America? After all he has already
throw his weight around and informed the legal authorities
"wait till independence comes."
We all know that our Premier prefers the advice of his
elbow-bending friends and that he will not seek the company of
people who might assist him to form proper decisions because he
is afraid of being overshadowed by their intellect. But surely
every decision arrived at, at a drinking session, cannot be the
right decision. But can we really expect that our missions
abroad will be conducted in any better manner? ,
Does the Premier know what is required of an ambassador or
will be allow his friendships and the fact that he is beholden to
someone, make his decision for hiu*? Will the promise of delivery
of 65 votes at the next election be the basis for decision? Can
we be reassured by his appointments to Boards? And most scandalous
of all can we be satisfied by his appointments of "technocrats"
under- the Parliamentary Executive legislation?
It is important to examine these matters if we are to be
satisfied that in the future we will be well served abroad.
But the Premier is not interested in the future only in the
celebrations, we know that the celebrations will be a failure.
Because they will lack the essential feature, of making Dominicans
know that they now have to build with their own hard work a state
that belongs to them. Independence should be utilised as an ideal
opportunity for every Dominican to get down to creating and
building something for Dominica which can be looked back on with
pride as "our own Independence gift to ourselves". All that is
left after the fete and mas is a headache and a fleeting memory
of a day well lost!
After all how have we celebrated the Queen's Silver Jubilee?
Not a religious service of thanksgiving% Not a message on the
radio from her representatives Not even her own speech
broadcast When will we learn?

Friday 10th June. 1977


PAeE Four

Schedule of Application for Cert-
ificate of Title and Noting there-
on or Cavoat for week ending May
28t 3 1977.
Date of Person Nature of Re-
Reoueost IP:esentinJ) quest whether
for Certificate of Title or Not-
ing thereon or Caveat.
Request da- Camilla Request for
ted 5th Peters the issue of
Oct. 1975 by her a first cer-
Presented Solici- tificate of
24th May, tor M. title in res-
1977 at Eugenia pect of a poa-
12 noon. Charles tion of land
at Pointe Michel Village in the
Parish of St.Luke containing 791
square feet and bounded as follow;
North-East: Land of Emie Peltier;
South-East: Land of Archer Myler;
South-West: Land of Aimes Raphael:
North-West: Land of Benoit Andre.
Schedule for Week ending June Lth
Request da- Paddintoh Request for
ted 1st Leblanc the issue of
June 1977. by his a First Cer,
Presented Solicitor tificate of
1st June Cilma A. Title inres.
1977 at M.DaXpigny pect of a
3.*3 P.m. a portion of
land Icnown as a part of Champ El-
iz6 Estate at Borne, in the Parisi
of St.John, in the"State of Domi-
nice, containing 4.354 acres and
bounded as follows:- North-East:
by land of Hayes Williams; South-
East by land of Zelpha Magloire;
North-W'st by land of Hartwill
Magloire; South-West by a Road
separating it from the Heirs of
Cornrad Tavernier and land of
Jeanie Magloire.

S T A R _Friday Jt
Schedule for urk.endiY *J'it t
Request da- Thelma ii ;. .'c.
ted 24th Williams the i'-r..e
Jan.1977 by her of a '
Presented Solicitor Cevtificate
2nd June M.Eugeni of Title in
1977 at Charles respect of
10.4 m a.m. 'a Portion
of Land at Pointe Miche). in the
Pa-ish of Saint Luke containing
989 square feet and bounded as
follows:- North-East: Land of
Catherine R emy and Ofaril Rich-
ards; South-East: Land of Paul-
ine Celaire; North-West: Land of
Ertninia Daroux; South-West: Land
of Thelma Williams.
Request da- John Request fbr
ted 14th Naughton the issue
Feb.1977 by his of a First
Presented SolicitorCertificate
2nd June M.Eugeni of Title in
1977 at Charles.respect of
11 am. a portion
of land known as Lot 3 at New
Town in the Parish of St.George
containing 3277 square feet and
bounded as follows:- North:
Lot 2; East: Land of Eulyn Elie;
South: Land of the Heirs of
James B.Hall; West: Victoria St.
NOTE contd. Applications may en-
Ster a Caveat in the above office
within six weeks from the date
of the first appearance of these
Schedules in the STAR news paper
published in this State or from
the date when the Notice pre-
scribed by law was last served
on any occupant of adjoining
lands in respect of which these
application were made.

Request da- Thelma Request for
ted 14th Williams the issue cf MIE ACCUSED OF MIRDE ACQUITTED
March 1977 c IvyIn a Fi.rst Cer-
Presented nue Wil- tificate of Because the statements made
2nd June liams by Title in res- by a 13-year-old boy regarding
1977 at theirSolpect of a the murder of the late -Olive-:
10.30 a.m. icitor Mportion of Augustus, 12, were inadmissible
Eugenia land at Pte. in Court (a submission of Mr.
Charles -ichel in the Jenner Armour agreed to by the
Parish of .Luke containing 21 Judge, Mr. Justice Wensley Brunor
square feet and bounded as follows t
North-East: lands of Thelma Will- two other youths, aged 19, were
iams and Pauline Celaire; South- also acquitted of the charge'. of
East: Public Road separating it- murder.
from land of C.H.& P.A,; North- We cannot but recall the ur-
West: land of Emery Delauney; gent statements made by Hon.M.E.
South-West: lands of Sydney Pem- Charles that the Police need the
berton and Adrien Theodore. services of a legally qualified
REGISTRARS OFFICE, HENRT DYER Public Prosecutor before .they
ROSEAU. Ag, REGISTRAR of TITLES present their cases in Court.
NOTE: Ap person who desires to Who can imagine how the fam-
object to the issuing of a certi- ily and friends of Oliver
ficate of Title on the above(nxt colAugustus feel at this moment?

P~~ige_ Si TH T R Fia, ue1,17

* '.S-*:-TzsA.: PO. ::.S ; P-O.R---S- -Morchri s-
Bowlers continued to pr-oduce im-
pressive bowling figures on the
newly renovated Windsor Park
pitch (now in its 2nd season)as
Dominica clinched a comfortable
81-run victory over St.Lucia in
one of the opening fixtures in.
the 1977 Windward Islands Hein-
eken series. -: Scores: Dominica
210 and 198 runs. L.Sebastien 37
C.alwin 36,T.Kentish 35 n.o.lst
inn., R.Shillingford 48 and D,
Abraham 44.
StiLucia 177 & 150. Earl
Cenac(the most impressive bats-
man on show) 47 & 37; G.Satney
37, J.Cadet 36 and F,Thorpe 30
(2nd innings).-, Bowling perform-
ances, St.Lucia: 'D.Collymore
6/57 of 25 overs,left-arm medium
pace;'Marshal Francis 3/51 (19
overs,1st innings); Hubert An-
iba 5/67 of 39 overs left-aria
orthodox spin and E,Dorville
For Dominica,Grayson Shilling-
ford returned figures of 5/50
-17 overs an-d 2/6C of 21. long
overs, whilst the p ,o the
bowlers, 19-year olMe'tnsish,
finished with 3/24 14 overs
and 7 for 41 of 243 overs.
NETBALL: Good Year Stars com-
pleted a fine season when they
added the knockout championship
to the league and Golden Ball
championship they had earlier
won, -; In a tight match they
once again beat Hillsborough
Specials, this time by only o.1e
goal, the final score being GY
Stars 25 and Specials 24. Anthea
Pierre, who tooscored with 14
points that evening also got
the winning goal for GY Stars.
.: A prize-giving ceremony which
was preceded by a match (Good
Year Stars versus Rest took place
Sunday (night) Sth May at the
Windsor Park,
BASIETBALL: Dawn Creation Harks
after a ding-dong tussle with *
Ball Wizards went on to win the
match 70-59. For Harks, George
Andrew (38 points) and E.Loblack
12. For W'izards M.Freeman 20,M,
Leblanc 15, & E.Bellot 10. -;eS-
CashtnCarry Cardinals comfort-
ably defeated Bata Pros in the
2nd round of matches 80-54. By
Trinee Flames beat EJT R ockers
78-55; Sunstyle Ambassadors beat
Starlight 60-41.
CRIC'ET: Dominica, batting first
vs.Grenada, were all out for 269.
Grenada 16 without loss at press t

LATE NEWS: We understand from a
usually reliable source that the
West German Government has fined
the Dominica Government $10,000
for some "deal" which took place
between them and West Germans. We
should be pleased to print a ref-
utation of this extraordinary news.
Most of the debate on Friday is
on Southern Africa. Guyana has
disagreed with British P.Y.Call-
aghan over bringing Rhodesia to
heel through legalistic means;
Tanzania want to attack lan Smith's
army right away; 'anley says "guer-
illas are fighting not only for
themselves but for us." There is
much talk about a combined Com-
monwealth assault on the Smith
regime. Amin is threatening Britons
in his rnnntry.
populated village of Canegrove,
14 head of cattle have died from
this dread disease, which is
transferable to human beings.
The village is now under curfew
in regard to animal movement.No
reports of human involvement yet.

I would very much Tike to have
penpals from your lovely country
preferably between the ages of
2h, and "4 years, male or female.
hiy hobbies are: travelling,sew-
inu, cooking, music and others.
I ain a student at the University
of Guyana. JOAN KING,
) E Dowding Street,
Kitty, Guyana, S.Am.

To the Captain of the Grand Bay
Cricket Team, who complained that
excellent cricketer Boniface Xav-
ier had not been picked: we are
happy to see that Xavier is in
the Eleven vs. Grenada, and have
therefore omitted your good let-
ter. Thank youl Editor.
DA-U at Feast of 't. ISIDOU
Union members at Grand Bay,col-
ourfully dressed, paraded the
Alley, enjoyed a 10-lb cake bak-
ed by Mrs. Varrington, and did
house-to-house vjsiting _
Printed : Published by the Prop-
rietor,RE.Allfrey of Copt _Hall
Mill House,a-.26 Bath Rd. Roseau,
Dominica, West Indies.

Friday, June 10, 1977

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