Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). June 3, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). June 3, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: June 3, 1977
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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I' I< I.'' "
, h ] '-

Vol0 )OIV ,-P. 2-5
Pridayy j e 31 -19W,

IS *i S T Scotts Head -
,% -Ba rinpl your
o'Wn pict-ic
M NIIQmA -,eal and travel
. 'Iave .oawe re in ;o;urqwn_-s
,or0- Piyllies S haey- transport.
"~~ ixteen, tents .'i

Last Wednesday there tQok place in
Lagon the largest public meeting we
have ever seen in Roseau, We,ll, ove
three thousand people, not counting
those in hundreds of parked cars,
crowded to listen to the Freedom de
.egates' reports on the Independence
Conference in London.
.Both Anthony Moise and 1Lennox
Honychurch were full of praise tf
SMiss Charles"' leadership and of
her spokesmanship at the
The thousands af listeners were
very attentive as Lennox..eutlinec
the'-main points of the conference
Government's refusal of a Repub-
lican system within the Common-
weal-th, their refusal of-an indel
enident director of Public Prosec-
utions and, on the- proposed com-
position df the House 'of Assembl
Freedom's suggestion of, a reduceC
House was overruled.-
-SoDominica will-have a House
of Assembly with 30 members, 41in
of them are to be styled 'Senatoc
but as Lennot said: "How ridicule.
. us Senators without a Senate
The words "No Independence on
November 2, 1977" were greeted
with .cheers,. The official news
release gives no January date el
their; 'it simply says "early in.
When speakers referred to Gov
ernments statement that if the
British did not give them Indep-
endence i'n January theywould ta
.it, .,- the crowd rocked with
laughter. "P.J Take, it?" was
the slogan arourrd tcwh*thereafte
(Concluded on page six)

As part of, a Geneva Estate Dev,
.Programrme, Govt. is committed to
the- idea of this industry, said
HonOliver Seraphintea an eight
man delegation which included Hon.
Avon Casimir. ;The setting up of
a depot 'in Grand Bay:was sugges-
ted,where straw could be bought.

7 Premier Patrick John, Finance
S Minister V.Riviere, Attorney Gen.
r Austin, and Mr.Arlington Riviere
(perm.Sec.) Trade & Industry etc
left Dominica for America to which
I- he had been invited by the IT.S.
Government, but will cruise around
to World Bank, US AID Dept., U.N.
Development Programme and 0.A.S.
,r 'The Premier and party stopped 6ff
briefly in London and. Germany -&n
ce, pursuit of development aid. They.'
will be back on June 22.
I *. ;.- ___ .____________________

Freedom Party's Annual Conf.
takes place at Scotts Head Parish
Hall on Sunday, June 5th,,beginning
at 9.3Q0a.m.
OPEN /SESSION (starts 10 a.m.)
1. Prayer
2. Song: First two verses of "We
Shall Overcome"
3. Welcome Address by Perliament-
ary Representative
I. Introduction to-Feature Address
-by Party President Alvin-Ar-
5. FEATURE ADDRESS: -The Realities
of an Independent Dominica
-by Mary Eugenia Char)aes,Loader
of the Opposition
6. The Task Ahead Lennox Hony-*
Schurch,Member,House of Assembly
7.'. Song: Last twr verses :bf "We
Shall Overcome".
'L.TOC BMAK ,-' One' Hour.
(See' page g5 for Afternoon Session)
-,---- _-Ci ,-- -- -"-...
Major Earl Johnson, one-time Dir-
ector of the shutdown Londonderry
Youth Gamp. He replaces Mr. Dennis
SLATE SPORTSNWS -ricket oinr-
vs. St. Lucia. Dominica,batting finii,
,!was 732 at lunchtime; after.lunch,
all out for 210. St. Lucia was 16
for no wicket at 4.35 p.m.


18* Lst 78 s--kr
NEW Y'Rl 24 N. V,


hL ~ -i

_ 1 i __

'...the British Government, exploit- by Hugh Lawrence
ing a loophole in the law, is con-
nivijng with Associated States poli- Subject to correction, it is now
ticians to 'confer' independence up.- three years since St.Lucia ( an
on them. The Grenada case was the Tland that is top) has been trying
first rape of Westindians* rights in to attain Independence. Bradshaw
this connection and now, withouttes of St.Kitts must have travelled
ting the popular will and desire, hre or four times to the united
groundwork is being prepared for
Britain to rid herself of further Yingdom, seeking the same goal
obligations.,. Westindians can but with no final success yet. Gairy
look at the tension-ridden, divided of Grenada only succeeded by the"
non-productive community of Grenada promise he made on his manifesto
and be warned." __prior to election, saying he would
seek Independence for his country.
N 0 T I, C E We Dominicans cannot allow any
wicked, militant and political
ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Crater Group activists to plunge us into an
meets at Red Cross Headquarters, independence that we are not pre-
pared to face, thus putting us un-
Godwil1l, every Thursday afternoon der a heavy and unnecessary burden
Let us all be sensible and try to
Anyone with a drinking problem is tv the same line with the birds
welcome there between 3-6 pm. of Antigua. -- H.L.



Castle Street, across from Dominica Electricity
Open Daily -- 3 to 9 p.n.
"0 thou who art waiting, tarry no longer, for He is come",

will purchase all good
empty Rum Bottles at
15 per bottle,. and empty
CARTONS in good condition
at 30 cents per carton,
at the following locations:-

I write to appreciate the few
but good words you printed on p.1
last week about the death of my
old friend. However, you spelt
his original Polish name wrong.
I believe it should have been
Czerwonka. However he will long
be remembered here as our true
friend and,dental expert Druce
Stuart. A~ ADMIRER OF B.S.

BELFAST Distillery Belfast DOINICA LEAVS .E -A
NASSIEF'S Liquor Shop Market 4 renada and Dominica have both
Square a and Dominica have both
A, _orerm Squari e cleared out of the Eastern Carib-
ASSIBF'S Storeren Riverside. 1~Zn Tourist Associatiot The re-
-___- mainingh members are annoyed.
SKTTEN: There .is still one lovely The Dominica Hotels Association
black kitten left seeking a good wound up on April 30 of this year.
bame. Telephone 2610 -

What are problems? Our needs.
When we are in need there are many
things we can hardly explain.Some
.of us are willing but we are unable
ti talk about them. But God our
Heavenly Father sees in secret; He

can work them out. he 'Prayer tells
Sus to pray without 'ceasing: pray.
So he sees us in the dark as in the
light. The hearts of men are op-
ened in the sight of God, Not trly
one, but all, Lord helps. And
let our cry come unto Thee. Provide
for. us, O Ge'a in whom we put trait.


'Pridayg,' June 3, 19777

T H_ E -S T A



L: di

Friday 3rd June, 1977 T H E S T A R Page Three
Before the Government delegates loft for London they arranged a welcome
for the successful negotiators of independence. Instructions to schools
wore icsued on the 12th of May 1977. Whilo the trlks ware taking
place in London they planned a cocktail party to celebrate their-
success on their return. Invitations for the cocktail party went out
on the 18th and 19th 1iay 1977 at which time the results of the
conference were unknown even to the delegates,
But the Government was naturally assured that Independence would
be obtained at sometime in the future since everybody in Dominica
recognizes this is to be the next step in our constitutional
development. But when is this to be? Government intended to return to
Dominica with the date fixed as 2nd November 1977. This date was
denied to them. They have again returned to England hoping in the
absence of the Opposition to get the date brought forward. We will
wait and see the action of the British Government and we will weigh
their credibility in the balance.
So as a welcome home for the Government delegates the school
children were taken out of school to celebrate an event that did not
and should not have been celebrated because there was nothing to
celebrate. The Premier, on arriving and finding out that the
merchants and workers had not automatically closed up shop as they had
done on the 16th December 1971 when they were protesting the eroding
of their fundamental rights, proclaimed that it was a Bank Holiday.
The Governor meekly allowed the Premier to do his work for him.
In spite of all these efforts, closing of schools, commanding of
teachers-to take up their positions in a welcoming parade, and the
closed shops and stores a mere handful of school children attended the
rally at the Botanic Gardens and at the Airport.
The Opposition Party delegates returned quietly to Dominica not
celebrating anything although they had gained major points in the
discussions, but said that the checks and balances required in the
Constitution had been refused by a Government which says that it is
for the people and wants the people to be the real rulers of Dominica.
Finance still remains wide open for the corruption which already
exists. No-one can query the Ministers' spending of funds. No-one
can check whether the amount allowed to the Ministers on their over
frequent trips abroad are true and correct or excessive. These
figures will only be revealed four or five years later when they will
have gathered the dust of ages. There is no certainty that persons
will not be charged for crime according to their political leanings,
we are not assured that we will have a Director of Public Prosecutions
who will be independent of political pressure. We are not assured
that we will have fair elections since the Government fought bitterly
against the appointment of an election coLmission instead of one man
who may or may not be the lackey of the Premier. The right of freedom
of expression which has been grossly misunderstood by the men in power
for the past 15 years, may continue to be misunderstood since the use
of the media is not spelt out in basic English nor is the Right to
Dissent a specific provision in the Constitution and so we will still
have our 20th November incidents.
So what are we celebrating? The freedom to g out with hand
outstretched begging for more and more aid. The duty to pay to the
United Nations the sum-of $80,000.00 U.S. per year when we find it
difficult to meet our civil service bill each month; and find that
we have no money to purchase injection needles for use at the hospital:
However the Oppbsition Party in keeping with its policy that it
is the people's business to know affairs that concern them have begun
their reporting to the country. They began with a meeting at Lagon
and although they did not call it a rally it was indeed a Mass rally.
It is estimated that 3000 persons were present. The people who
attended were there to learn, to gain information and so to be able to
form their own opinions. The Opposition Party delegates spoke at
length of the conference which had been held in London. Theydetailed
the points that they had gained; they showed the points that had been
refused and were able to put in context the importance to the people of
Dominica of those provisions. They spoke of their efforts to obtain
the assistance of British M.P.'s to obtain a referral to the people.
They explained that the Foreign Office had said that they would not

Friday 3rd June, 1977 T H E S T A R Page Four

grant a referendum but that the Foreign Office had stated that they
wished to be assured that the majority of people wanted independence
under the Constitution devised during the Conference. The speakers
at this massive public meeting pointed out that the only proper and
true way of testing people's opinion was by referendum but that if
some other sure method could be devised they were prepared to accept
it. They pointed out that it was foy the people now to make their
wishes known to the Foreign Office in any manner they considered
AS REGARDS THE QUESTION OF a Republic versus a Monarchy, the
Opposition delegates gave the reasons why the Freedom Party have
from the very beggining requested that we should go directly into
the Republican form of Government. The first was that we would go
there anyway in a year or so after independence and it is better to
have all the agonising done at one time. The second was that we would
not lose the association with the Queen since she would still be
head of the Commonwealth. The third was that we should elect our
head of state by direct ballot of the people and that the Head of
State would serve as some check and balance against the all-powerful
Prime Minister. The Opposition delegates pointed out that calling
the Head of State President did not make for a republic and that
they could never accept the hypocritical attempt by the Premier to
appear to give way on this point when all he was doing was changing
a name. But of course the Government members are good at changing
names, do we not have Captains of no army and Colonels of diminutive
measure? We can see a repetition of the history of Uganda and the
Amins of this world with COCA-COLA tops for medals!
The Opposition Party hold their Annual Convention at Scotts Head,
the very south of the island on Sunday the 5th June 1977 and at that
Convention will be given full details of the conference which took
place in London. Usually the Freedom Party invites a distinguished
guest speaker to address the Convention butthis year they have
rightly decided that the members and supporters are too engrossed
in local plans and changes and will prefer to dwell on these.
Immediately following the Convention the Party will take to the
roads as usual to inform the people of Dominica of the happenings in
London. Because this is the only way the Opposition can keep the
people informed. The Government have refused (except for one
isolated instance) to give them time on radio and television to get
their message across to the public.
The public must ask why it is that Government is so afraid to
allow them to know the other side of the matter. Why should not the
public hear both sides, Government and Opposition, so that they can
freely make up their own mind on ,the matter. This fundamental right
of freedom of expression that the Government Ministers pretend to
adhere to must of necessity include the right to get information
from all sources. But it is obvious that Government thinks that
the media which is paid for by al' taxpayers must be used for
themselves alone. Dominicans must use every means at their disposal
to ensure that the media is open to everybody and not only to
Government Ministers reggae, pop music and calypsoea.
With Independence comes responsibility and it is the duty
of every citizen to prepare for independence by demanding that
his rights be respected by those in authority. The days of
"Massa Yes Massa" are gone even when the new massas are terylene
pantsuit and shirt jack elite who think that the electorate owe tLem
a living.

, I 1

Page Five, .T H E
Schedule.of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
or Caveat fodr week ending May 28th,
1977. .

Date of Person Nature of Requesi
ReJuest!Presenting whether for Cer-
tificate of~ itle or Noting thereon
or Caveat,_____
Request da- Jcdn Bleau Request for
ted -1th'. also Ikno1 the issue of
May, 1977 as Gerald !a First Cert-
IPresented Bleau by ificate of
12th May his Solioj Title in res-
S1977 at itor ,Cilmal pect of a por-
220 L AM.I.Tipny tion of land
known as a resiFential Pointe
Michel, in the Parish-of St.Luke, in
the State of Dominica, containing 813
square feet and bounded as follows:-
North by land of Josephine Antoine;
iEast by lands, of Francillia Noel and
Ovrin'Peltier; South by land of, "
GUrard Bardouille; West by an Access
iRoad separating it from land of
Wilfred Peter.

Request 4a- Camilla Veqges for
|ted Gth Peters by.the issue of
bct. 1975 her Sbli4 a first certi-
SPresented itor. M. ficate of"Etle
i24th May, Eugenia in respect of

'S.T A R Friday, June 3, 1977
---------~- ---------
Two (2) storey .iHoiadeand Lot
at River Street



P.0,Box 121

Heavily pressed by the Dorminica
Association of Industry & Commerce
to reverse its "placing of all
imports into"Dominica under licence"
strategy (a delegation led by DAIC
President Phillib Nassief made
firm representations recently) ,t,-
the Government of Dominica is
suspending its announced policy.
for. six months, and a committee; is
being set up; the situation will
be reviewed at the end of that time,

June 5th Afternoon Business Session
(Card-bearing Members Only)
1-Reading/Confirmiung of Minutes
of last Conference
2 Matters arising
3 Treasurer's Report
4Election of Officers
5 Introduction of Young Freedom

1977 at Charles a portion of 6 Resolutions
12 noon. __ I land at Pointe 7 Views from Members
Michel Village in the Parish of St. 8 Closing remarks by President -
Luke containing 791 square feet and 9 Song Last two verses of "We-
bounded as follows:- North-East: Shall Overcome"
Land of Emie Peltier; South-East: The programme coverdesigned by
Land of Archer Myler; South-West: Lennox Honychurch, portrays the
Land of Raphael; North-Wept: Conference theme:- FREEDOM IZ
Land of Benoit Andre. DOMINICA'S OXNI. ROPE NOW"
Request daePaddinton Request fort t t oT -ENTZON F-F';.
ted 1st Leblano issue of a Frat .Madam, In the New Chronicle on 14y
June 1977. by his Certificate of 14 the "Controversial Property Trx.a~
Presented Solicitor Title in res- fer deal"was given full exposure
1st June Cilma A. -pict of a por- Since then I have waited for the :
1977 at M.DaupIgny ton of land Star to take up the matter. Bit -you
3.35 p.m. known as a paft have kept quiet Why? The facts arv
of Champ" Eliz6 Estae- at Borne, in there for us to discuss, and as a
the Parish Of St.John, in the StFte matter of ruth the people of Doran-
of Dominica, containing 4,354 acres nioa are talking about the short
and bounded as follows:, NorthEBSast payleft by the Aa (said to be
by land of' Hayes W$lianao; South-, '$2%0* in stamp duty) all over.
East by land'of Zelpha Magloire; So give us morel P.W.. Roseau.
North-West by land of Hartwill Mag-L Editor: It was a ew iWrcle scoop
loire; South-West by a Road separa- and theggealt with it ade uate1
ting it from the Heirs of Cornead :the above e wi slwe
Tavernier and land of Jeanie Magloir4% from the date of the first appear-
(C"Schedule for Week ending June 4th) i ance- of these Schedules in the STAR
R news paper published in this State
REISTRARtS OFFICE, Henry DEYMER or from the date when the NotiOc
Roseau, Registrar of Titles prescribed by law was last served
NOTE: Any person who desires to on any occupant of adjoining lands
object to the issuing of a First in respect of which these applic-
Certificate of Title on the above nations were made which ths
applications may enter a Caveat in. at.o were... d. e

L__ ____--------

Page Sixy T 1 E S T AR Friday, June 3, 1977
-;ST ~;A-PR-;:SPO-:-S.T-S- Morchriston THAT MAMMOTH PUBLIC METITG (p,t)
CRICIETT: deltic U Consolidate
SCeltic inted went further in The speakers made a mockery out of
their -zoine when.they beat Spartans Government's "All Fools Day" re-
for the first time in 11 years of turn on Monday May. 23rd. Meanwhile
cricket by 25 runs at Windsor-Pk. Freedom delegates had been visit-
last, weekend. *-The Windsor Park in' Rominicans in Preston and Byad-
pitch continued to prove a low- ford (they were welcomed by the-
scoring pne when Celtic U was u (thewer we d by
bowled out for 137 after being 116 yor of Preston). Three public
for b. Thomas Kentish (49) and meetings were held in London, and
Ian Munroe (34) had put on 88 for contact was made' with several Brit-
the 5th ticket after Celtic United ish M.P.s.
had been struggling on 28/4. Spar- Mids Charles drew thunderous ap-
tans could reply with only 98, plause as she came out to speak
John Rolle 26. dressed in bright red. She outlined
Celtic U. in their 2nd innings tep by step the constitutional
found the going even more diffic- p the cost
ult, and succumbed for 112. L. proposals and the final draft.Speak-
Sebastien 27 and C.Elwin 37'Derek ing for just ever two hours to a
Abraham returned figures of 4/42 quiet rapt crowd, she dealt with
and 5/144 for Spartans, also A. the details of the Republican sys-
Lawrence j/61 (1st' innings) and tern, the Judiciary, Parliament,
P,Nicholas 3/28. Head of State, citizenship and fin-
Spartans, pet to score 152 for ancial arrangements. The huge aud-
victory, lost their 1st wicket ience reacted with shock-on hear-
without any runs on the board.and ing we'will have to 'ay $80,000 TS
playing one man short. Second in- ig e aveo pay 0
nings could be considered 2 for annually as a TUN.member, aside
no runs. D.Abraham (21),and J. frcm the cost of a representative'.
Lawrence (who finished with 46) Other international bodies require
took the score_ to 65 from 29/2 be. similar large downpayments. How
fore Abraham was 3rd man out.The shall we meet ,the cost? -
4th wicket fell at the same score. If not a referendum, to which I
Lawrence found a worthy partner in still cling, said Miss Charles, a
Oliver. Grell -23); together they, referral to the people is essential..
pushed the score along to 1041 be-opl i e n
fore first Lawrence was bowled by "It is Up to the people now to do
Henry John Baptiste and Grell.fell their part-- and,let the British
two overs later lb,w, to tlie same people understand what WEP want."
bowler. The innings folded on 126 __
for 9, Bowling for GCeltic United, --asketball ct-. Lennox -c-que -8 &
Thomas. Ientish 7/291 R,John Bap- In Rther matches,
tiste 2/12 (1st innings); PJohn PeS6. In other matches,
r Cash'nt Carry Cardinals narrowly
Jules 3/25 and H.Jobn Baptiste 24 Cash'nT Carry Cardinals narrowly
JThules 35 ach between Butiste 2o. defeated an improving Bali Jizards
-v.Th6 ath7-70 Sustyle Abassadors play-
and Asta carded for the Botanical 470- Sustyle ambassadors play-
Gardens did not take place duelto, ing an improved ga' e beat EJT Rdk
an unp.renpared pitch, ers 85-49; finally, Daiw Creation
The other Augutus regoire Harks beat a fatigue Bata Pros 8368.
The other .Augustus Gregoire
league matchbeteen asual d TBALL'S 1977 season is in its
,16ague match between Casuals and closing stages.-A'number or girls
Police played at Canefield was won losing stages number girls
Police played tare training for the 1977 Caribbean
by Casuals, victory being due main Netball Chamnionshis in Bah .
Netboall Chiamnp'onships in- Bahlaas. e ..
ly to Casuals superiqa. bowling n .
spearleaded boy a Grayson Suwlngord The Knockout competition however is
BASKETBALL; FLAMES GO ON SCORCHING till incomplete and the question
By-'Trinee 'Flames scored the highest is, oan Good Year Stars, make it a
number of points this year when tbhy double? TGey won the league charop.
Soundly thrashed Brisbane, StarlightsCRICET AGAIN: stof thre one-day
96 point tro 4s8 a Windsbor Park .s.t lifted overs matches between EnBg-
w ek tnds, Main contributors to this land & touring Australians resulted
handsome Flames total were A.-"Fonso"'n England beating Australia by -2
SEtienne 27,-SeebirtDidieb 25(nxt col) T a g9f r o~i 9Vs )
S -ihnted & Published by the 'Proprietor Robeet -E.fAllfrey of.Copt 0 a61llf`-
House at 26. Bath Road', -Roseau,--ominica, West Indies

'L--IN -
_____ _______ __* ________ -- --! ----- -- ---- '-*--'---= ------- ^ --- ---

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