Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). May 27, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). May 27, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: May 27, 1977
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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ITOTtor -40 T R Ptseouth
ne:ta FL-Dr:2es i L Ietter:
JJL t d p C ages 2, & t
I&K -tan 22DV C.yli3bn W4lt Cns
6as 2?~ _Bd~ta-

After all the faldidah of Mon-
'day, We havereceived many enquir-
ies as to when the Freedom three
-will be returning to Dominica. The
people want to hear from them what
took place in London.
W e are glad to say that Hon.M.
E.CXhiri~ e and Fons.A.Moise and L.
Honychurch will be landing at Mel-
ville Hall Airport by the late aft-
ernoon plane on Sunday 29th. Their
message said: -ndependence .postpon-
ed next year. Meeting Dominican-
.in Britain and British M.P.s.",
So there is only a short time
to wait before they call a meeting
and give you-all their account.

The h-wse met this week; we were
Snot present, but heard 'it was more
or less a one-party affair.:weakly
Attended. P .n vens asked if. the
large scale Yi try would affect
his farmer friends; but nobody ap-
pears to have been worried about
the effect on Dominioa's ecology.
Students can under a new Act, now
get aid for their approved corres-
pondence courses abroad,

On Wednesday we received a phone
call from New York, and it was
moving to hear how deeply grieved
Ed Scobie was-about the'death of
our daughter Phina, whom he first
saw when she was -a student at Ox-
.ford University. Since we do not
have Scobie's, address, will some-
one please pass him their copy of
this paper, with heartfelt thanks.'

ple of 'any Associat6d State freely
expressed their will and desire for
independence? ...Obviously. not,and
when constitutions were prepared
for the Associated States,this sit-
uation was foreseen. Safeguards
were included'to insure that the
"will and.desire" .of the people
would' prevail."

-We deeply regret to announce,
the death of Dental Surgeon'Dr.
Bruce Stuart, which took place.
at Princess Margaret Hospital to-
day, Friday, just after 3 a.A.,
following a stroke.
Bruce Stuart was born in Pol-
and. under the 'name of. Slavonk'a;
he was one'of-the brave Poles
who got away"to Scotland., where.
he met and married his wife,Grace.
They have one son, Richard, who
is in the Mierchant Navy Seryice.
-On becqomng a British national,
Dr. changed his name and
settled in Dominica. He was 71
-when he died, but seemed much
younger. Of late he was the
"squire" of old St.Aroment House.,
..We have often.heard people
from abroad praise his skill and
efficiency as a dental surgeon and
dentist; they said it-was equal
to the best treatment in any land.
He was blunt and forthright
. in his eewS, a loyal friend, and
,.extremely kind behind his blunt
words. ,we cannot imagine how
Many people will miss him now.
that he has -gone from us.

In order to assist the Dominica
Banana Growers'. Association,Bar-
clays Bank Internation has given
this sum towards a training cotrneo
for Boxing.Plant Supervisors.
The course will be supervised
by Dominica's Management Consul-
tants Ltd, in two parts of five
days each

Our popular columnist, one-
time Dominica Minister of Health
& Education Wills Stevens,returned
to his home from P.M.H. in apain-
wracked .condition, asd .no improve-
ment has so far been, mentioned.
Welsend him,our best wishes and
our kindest thoughts.

i .',~ -:.~- i ~. ~ ~L~ -~- ill -i^.~-- 1~L-----. ~~.- ~ --

Pag Tw TH STA rida ,'B ,17

In the article "The Cost of It::
4ll" (Star,May 20), I said that
some very strange things are happen-
ing in our Island. What actually
did the Colonel bring back on Mon-.
day? 'Last Friday morning the talk
all over town was that Independence
was in the bag; by afternoon it was
in doubt that the.delegation would
return with. Independence. By At-
urday *the news was being spread all:
over Roseau and. beyond that Monday.
May 23rd would be ALL FOOL'S DAY.
Now we know:that the"delegation
did not get exactly what they had
gone .for: that was Independence on
2rid Nov. 1977; they say they will
get it by January 1978.
What was farcical, and difficult
S to understand,was that having part-
ly failed in their-mission,Govern-
ment decided-to still go ahead with
the.plans they had made before they
left for the United Kingdomj Recep-
tion at the Airport, motorcade,tell-
ing teachers to see that children
were assembled at Windsor Park lan
Music Eovers Band and a Steel. Band
which rumour says dost $500.
I am afraid that apart from Mem-
oire Poule, Dominicans love nothing
more than Freeness and Bo6 Temps;
and if they had heard that an in-
vading force had landed at Melville
Hall Airport, that there was a for-
eign warship off the Roseeu Road-
stead and one off Goodwill, they
would have acted the same way,Jump-
,up. As we witnessed>'. at Irving's
reception, Patrick can fool them at
any time just give them a holi-
day and -jump-up. AX P Y
Roseau South.

U.K. talks again on Dominican
Independence; the delegates, includ-
ed Mr. Patrick Jihn, Premier, and
Opposition Leader Miss Eugenia
Charles. Mr. Luard (U.K.) said
that their first task would be to
examine the Constitution as to what
changes would be necessary to conr
vert it into a Constitution for
This would be primarily a matter
for the delegates from Dominica (he
next col.

by Hugh Lawrence
It is widely said that in a
.few decades to come, the whole
world will suffer from a -hortagp
of water. This shortage is el-
re-ady being felt in some parts'
of the Caribbean.
Flat countries like Barbados
-and Antigua which have no forests
c'an rnly depend on distillation
of sea water.
-I always had a fear when DOM-
CAN started fellinp our huge trees
in'the forests; if this is to
recommence (and there is a Timber
Bill in the House of Assembly
this week), -and if it continues
for any length of time, we too
at some future date will surely
suffer. -
Editor's Note: We couldn't agree
with you more.

(a letter from Westindian M;B.)
Will appear NEXT WEEK in ETSR.
Premier Patrick John put Ports-
mouth in a useless and "senseless
.gaiety on Monday; although there was
an appearance of a very big crowd,
that big crowd was comprised mostly
of school-children and Secondary
School students; there was a band-
stand with music throughout the
whole day. Members of all Village
Councils in the North seem to have
been invited to Portsmouth. John's
motorcade had-many cars, and talks
by two or three Ministers preceded
his address, The Minister of do'rks
(HI.Douglas) in his outrageous talk
of his disappointment bver 2nd Nov,
Independence was fierce, Said he:
"Independence in January for Domin-
ica is a must; If we don't get it
we will take it. .
Poor'John tried his utmost to
convince the people of his' keen in-
terest in their welfare & progress
under the d disappointment of his,
frustrated victory. :ie had not real-
ized there is many a slip between
the cup and the lip. tle ,tresse in
S_ concluded oaae 6Y

observed) -on externalo affairs and
Why Patrick John and his Attorney.-
General have not told us so is per-
haps because of the $60,000 turned
into $2,000. No more space. ECL.






__ ~ -- ------ -- --- -



Friday,-Me'Tg27, 1977


T H 3. S T A -R

,rt.nT, Zy ^ 1977 S. Y' A P~e h8TiTA R

tju.4 iNOTtICES
i Alcoholics Anonymous Crater Group
;ill pv 'hae s all good. me e E at Red Cross Headquarters,
It SA2IAL 7,r mI4AST SkGCOUL Good ill, every Thursday afternoon.
,ep y Rmut Bo;tlea at woyne with a drinking problem is
165 por bottle, eand empty welcome there between 3.00 and 6.00.
CART 0 S in good ondirton R U I IB D
ait 30 centa per carton,
a, thie following locations:- INDUiBTIAL IEOHAICO For general
E .3A3T Distillery Belfast Maintenance.
Tr.i.TItS Z3.4q'uor Shop Market
S9 Square Apply in writing giving details of
S1i.:.JriF1' Storeroom Riverside qualification tot

.,. ?O 3r SAeM -^ Omul Pi I
j.PjW it hmid Blaok ro wSde4h0r- \^ NOWA
r thT I'of good homes
.-l'y SYiR Oifioe, ring 2610


0C, a
Ar you DfNAMIC and
pc laly CREATIVE?

if you aie, WINXaAN may need you for one of the following posts :
COMMERCIAL ARTIST with special ability in cartooning. Amongst his/her
duties, the successful applicant will be required to .produce posters,
pictorial leaflets end strip cartoon in collaboration with the
Baonun Extenaion Services of the WINDWARD ISLANDS.
2. I1WS REPORTER to provide copy on all aspects of the Baana Industry for
Windlard Island Newspapers and radio. A knowledge of Patois is
3. PERSONAL ASSISTANT/TYPIST to the Head of the Communications Centre,
applicants must be skilled in typing, layout and have the ability
to draft letters and short articles.
The succsaeful applicant will need to reside in St. Lucia and be willing
ti work extra-long hours when the Sentro is extremely busy.
For further details and application forms write e
SThe Managing 'Director
(Communications Application)
L) P 0 Box 115
St Lucia
';.'' .. ._ .. .... : .. ..

1_1 I

4; 't

Y"F- -~ Pt3F~


-fl 070`-Z~--- --

'L jBilP ~ "~~~ l 'M~za~a-
"^i y 4, 'Vp' -' A,'^
.-'vj -
c.x^ :" Zi T,
:~: rr; P ,,, ur

.t*rtvJrr14rA 'I

- I' I .v ..-".-. i," .

Ova' .1+-1.1 -

.oi r 4vt c'^ rnorf -*i-."'1 .t
N .

. o ls's 'ot -4-fl a.M "I .l

. a

'to r.i b ~ ... A

Cl-! I.
---.If ~


-tb '-'"~t D.~~t~.~, ~C~

I. Pa v


r .' 4

4. ..

i .*I % a ,, .-4 : 6'.- ,}-.. r .. j

: -.,I CcS,. ,- ,.4:.> Tf; y. ^ J. ,
") 'e ',, ',' t.% Th,

,. S a ; . --" ^

S., J .,L .";
.Ac.r* t -L'4n:fr *rpi.- i; -,
-.. .t
lq. .wi& I4jR- W tsft

,* <.'*~ i ,. "
"o t 4 I'

.. .. A.... Al U.e U .

r" anns I *uat r~-l -ft -'' $ .t '.

"m v t nk t.- .a fto .i"n,'., o, we h, .rg; p -Si .t.9.t.^, .P ,-

"I. x4 Ot
v~'H ade saw -Ed .1 ,1,. -Fta Yit a'tI ..r ,a '
.'. v.r ", .
*uoqJW grrt ;t d:V r

a l a s t .* *.n d rrm q .. .,tr .- .h uf l -. ,t ."

m b vI f,. ... .ta rt t 4 t, t fr 7 ,f, r-r.s s ,. .;, -, .ag.. -., t -a o i,
M,' Q.3.. "Q .. *j' t t i '" ( e '"4 "
wh r -K^yrf 4rr i -.. .sr Ki !

",' "ir '.-w -'& V .I ,' -.
..... ,t,,clr r ,t, ,r.w.,- t *. .

." ;'---4L'-- -t-ng : '38 t fl w 11 .- as hL; e -'- -""" it-
- -' ^ ^ : '.B ^." .- .v" 'P,.,.r's''^'

t 444

' -^ '*-: ^


71-arurpbl~elllll ------ -J.- ..


I -

' ;

~ .~



Friday, May 27, 1977 T HE S T A R Page Five
STATE OF DOMINICA. : Patrick Faustin D6tbonne coitd.
{TITLE BT REGISTRATTON ACT East-by land of Avriette Alexis;
Schedule of Application for 'Certi- Southby land of Roger JnoBaptiste-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon' and William Nicholas; Westby an
or Caveat fo- week ending.14th May Access Road separating it from land
1977 of Agnes Debonnes,
Request da Eoy Tequest for the F Y e
ted' Uth Picehe issue of a first Request da-Samuel Request for te-
April 1977 by his Certificate of ted 18bh Joseph& issue of a Firs
Presented Solici- Title in res- April 1977 Marcella Certificate of
12th .May, 1tor Cil pect of a por- Presented Joseph as Title fa respect
S1977 at rma A..M, tion of land 16th May tenants of a portion of
3.10 pa;m_ iJ pipn1 at La Source 1977 at in com- land in the vil.
Situated in the Parish of St.John O n1mon in large of Layou,
in the State of Dominica containing equal shares by thirn the Parish of
,69 acres and'bounded as follows.:- Solicitor Cilra A. St.Jpseph, in
North: by land of Hyram Andr6;South :.Dup!g ,. I the State ofDom-
bfy lan- bof Lewia Alexis; East by inica, containing 148 square feet.
land of Lewis Alexis; West: by and bounded as follows:-North-East-
land of Dennis Joseph,' by the Public Road separating it fr
land of Imona Hector and Donald Ser-
Request da- ll.a r 'eque for rant; South-West by land of Samuel
ted 7th Willians the issue ofa Joseph; Sgq9th-East by a Road separ-
March 1977 In&e Phil- First Certifi- ating it Ffrom land. of Scyla Smith;
Presented lipibrher date of Title North-West by a passage separating
13th May Soliitor in respect of it from land of the Methodist Qnadrh
1977 at Cilma A. a portion of
2. P M.Duigny land known- as SCHEDULE for Week endingJtay 28th
a Lot in Marigot, in the Parish of Request da- John EHU Request for
St.Androw, in the State of Dainica -ted llth alsokrown the issue ofa
containing 3.849 square feet and lMay,1977 as, Gerald First CeBtifi.
bounded as follows:- South-East by Presented Bleau by cate of Title
land of Gwendolyn Pascal; SouthA 25th May his Solio- in respect of
West by land of Huby Charles; North. 1977 at itor C(laA a portion of
West by .1and of Gabriel Matthew 2.20 p.m. .M.Dupigny land known as
Cooke; North-East .by a Public By, a residential Tot at Piinte Michel,
Road separating it from land ;, in the Parish of St. Luke, in the
of Fsndolyn Pascal. State of Ddminica, containing 813
-.square feet and bounded as follows:-
SRequest da. Advalena Requ-aesA.ffD the North by land of Josephine Antoine;
ted 7th Petersby issue of aFirst East by lands of Frarcillia Noel
March 1977 her Soli- Certificate of and Ovyin Peltier; South by land of
Presented citor Cil-Title in res- Gerard Bardouille; West by an Access
13th May ma A M. pect of a por- Road separating it from land of
1977 at Dupigny. tion of Land at Wilfred Peter,
i $ .m, __ Mangrove Gutter- -
n the Parish of ASt.Andrew in the
'State of Dominica containing 1,00 REI TAR OFFICE, IIY DYER,
acres and bounded as followrt- Tcrth Roseau. Registrar of Titles.
West by land of Kenneth Telemacqua; NOTE: Any person who desires to
East: by land of Norris Prosper; object to the issuing of a First
South by land of Dunstan Joseph; Certificate of Title on the above ;2nd of' Albert Bazil. application may .enter.a Caveat in
i c fo g- gi-- the above-Offiice within six weeks
from the date of the first appear-
Request da- Patriok Request for the ance..of these Schedules in the STAR
ted 28th Faustis issue of aKF.rst newspaper published in this State
l March.1977 Desbonne Certificate'of or from the .date when the Notice
Presented by his Title in rppec prescribed by lawr was last'served
16th May Solicitor of a portion of on any occupant of .adjoining lands
"1977 at' Cilma A. land at Savanne in respect of which these applic-
2.L5 p.m, MDupigny Paille,Gillette ati6ns w ereiimiad, -
in the Parish of StJohnin the Stat ___ __ -.-
of Dominica,containing 9,954.0 sq. PEN PAL: Brian Car-ter,2 of 5- Robb .
ft. and bounded as follows:- North Street,Bourda,Georgeto-wnGuyana S,Am
S by an Access Road separating-it from wants pen pals. Interests: photo-raphBv
land of AA1rI% .t (contd. Sport, Dancing and Travelling.
next column)

__I __

Page Six T H E S T AR Friday,May 27, 1977
CRICKET:Saints,Smartians get Wins his talk on the oounter-a~tao? o6f
ta-- s weekend in Augstuss Greg-. the Opposition in promoting a Re-
oire League matches, Saints and publican State with a Pres&dent
Smartians. inflicted heavy defeats rather than the Monarchical system
on Grand Bay, and Mahaut respective- with a Governor General, yet at '
ly, needing only one day in bdhcases the same time.NOT explaiining to*
At Ganefield, in reply to Saints, the people the true facts and the
comfortable 235 for 9 declared, meaning of that argument.
Grand Bay replied with only 21 and. In any case, they were undoubt-
4k. as Seraphine crashed through them edly disappointed with the brush-
to register match figures of 11 for off of the Nov2 Independence date
45. HMahaut cooperated with which they had been so cocksure
Smartians to ensure that theirma-ah about; so much so that their pro-
did not go into the 2nd day when gramme for victory and a blazing
with the fall of the 8th wicket in demonstration all over the island
2nd innings with 10 minutes to close was all set, already well-rumoured
the batsman at the non-strikers end and known all over. The public holi-:
and the other two remaining batsmen day declared only on arrival at
abandoned th9 match, Mahaut(batting the Airport had been carded long
first) made totals of 82 and 81 ror ago 'but again."Man appoints-and
8. F.Henry 28 and E.Henry 27,Rupert God disappoints". Their Master of
Lance had taken with his leg breaks Ceremony the Mayor of Portsmouth
5/26 &e 6/29; D.Henderson.2/03 and stated that he observed the dele-
H.Volney 2/31. Smaetians 211 for : gation left with 7 strong and re-
7 declared, Colbert Shillingford 66, turned with only >: of course he
Giftus John 32 no, and L.Abraham did not continue that statement,
26. L,Chailes 2/13. Witi'.? .a.. nor did he deny that Leblaic and
Following two trial matches held Patrick disagreed over there.
at Windsor Park which.both ended in .To condlude: 'Portsmouth proper
draws, the following players were was not much interested, those who.
chosen to represent Dominica in the went did so to see the man John and
1977 Windward Islands Heinekeri Tourt some did not even wait to hear him
amenti Norbert Phillip (capt.)Kaleb talk. The majority of those who
Laurent (vice-capt. ),D.Abraham, P. were 'pro John', are now against
Bardouille, L.Bertrand,C.Elwin, E. Tad the Govt. delegation' acquain-'
JohnT.Kentish, LSebastien,G.Shifl- ted themselves with the Psalm of.
Singford, R.Shillingford, G.Walsh & David,Chapter 33, verses 16-17,they
B.Xavier. Reserve players afe D.Dub- would not have returned crestfallen
lin, A.Lawrence and I Munro.~,~***- to a fake victory. B.S.Portsmouth.
BASKETBALL: Flames 'o,._e ScprqET] P
THstTime Sunstyle Ambassadors' COMMONWEALTH POETRY PRI
were the victims of By-Trinee Flaes The organizers are concerned at the
burning element. *. In the first half lack of response to the publicity
Flames had-difficulty with their for this yeart.s poetry prize
rhythm and were led 22-36 at the in- So far less than ten 'entries have
terval. Ambassadors 'maintained their been received for this annual prize-
Slead for almost 3/4 of the tnd half of250 offered for a first book of
when all of a sudden a smoulder- oetry in English published by' an
ing Fla~es blew into prominence, authbr.from a Commonwealth country
Man of the moment'Ceebirt Didier got other than Britain,
almost 20 points in the last.7 mins. Titles (published between 1 July
whilst Ambassadors could only mus- 1976 and 30 June 1977) should be sent
ter 4 pointsFlames finally were'oron before 30 June, to
fortable victors 62-51. For Flames: The Librarian (Poetry Prize)
DDidier 23,O.Burton l5,P&Skerritt 10 Comm onwealth Institute
A& AjEtienne 10,Ambassadors:J.Lawramce. Kensington High Street
23 andG. Bruney 14. 4,* In a dingdong London WO 6NQ ENiCTLAND.
tusselCash'n'Garry Cardinals beat Seven copies of the hook of poems,
Dawn Creatiou HIarks 60-5. *sB:-,ata are required by the Judges.
Pros narrowly defeated Ball Wizards REATIVE & PERFORMING ARTS Theatre6-
65-63 After the match had to 0o into people and authors are invited to send
. E~.Lt OLT o 2e ar s whipped Hi photographs, souvenirs,recordings etc to
-borough Speaials (defending champWchael FRster Commonwealth Igst (above)
31-21,. became 1977 Netball. Ct ons. Printed' & ?Published by th Proprie-.
tor Allfrey of CQtl ell 1 Hus 'at 26 Bath Road, Roseau,
S omna, west-nies .
i '

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