Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). May 20, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). May 20, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: May 20, 1977
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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:id ;261O~
Londr, WNT
Vol. _j V Ioa21 editr Pyllis Shad AfIreY 15 lam
ridMgy 20j 1977 I


THAN. 1978,


say the



Although a very great number of
people in Dominica-will be dis-
'appointed that the British Gov-
ernment'has set aside the Free-'
..dom Party's pressure for a Ref-
S'erendum, it must be said that
the news that Independence will
NOT be forced upon us by Novem-
bet 2, 1977 that much prom-
ised, proclaimed and vaunted
date is a great relief. Now
we hear that Dominica's Indep-
end6nce will..take place 'onot
earlier than 1978".* This cer-
tainly gives\ time for a little
breathing spa'e,.
-At this week's constitutional
conference ini Londonf there was
,much measure of agreement on
the nature of the- constitution".
but this matter of Dominica' s
Independence must, be passed in
the British House of Commons be-
fore it is ratified; -nd the UK
Government wish to be sure that
the people .agree on Independence
(Query: wh not test them with i
referendum.) Premier John assu
ed the British that Dominicans
"were 'behind the 'Independence is
sue "
e Two major points of differ
ence were that the (?Socialist)
Labour Party wanted ta retain, tl
monarchical system (with the
Queen) while the Freedom Opposi
i0n thought' that upon Xndependei
Domihica should immediately be-
come a republic. There was also
disagreement about the composite.
ion of the House, of Assembly.
Further work will have to be doi
on the constitution, and the Op.
position has.the' right to.raise
the matter again,
-Miss Charles,Lennox. and Motso
will tell you all the restU.

Although the Government never
actually released the names of,
all-the 7 people they took on
their side of the constitutional
talks, we learned from Britain.
that Mr. E.G.Ie Tocq CG -(St.
Lucia .based B.G.representative)
and .r. Evan Luard MP, Parlia-
mentary Secretary at the Foreign
and Oogmnjonwealth Office '(who
,chaired the meetings) were pres-
ent. We also learn from else-
where that it was.a stiff fight
Small week. We have-reason to
think that the people will be.-
proud of the part played by their
Freedom Members.
On his way home today (Friday)
lunchtime, ,the Publisher, entered
a little shop. A little old lady
said to him: "You hear they not
having Independence on Noaember
second?" He (surprised): -'o,
I d.idn'yt know that yet." Then
e a very large lady, a shopper,cut
*.in: '"So if they pot getting it,
this year why they calling out
the schoolchildren all.along the
road?" "Well,,' replied the Pub-
lisher, "I expect the Premier
r- is jealous.of Irving's motorcade
and wants to do better." "Huh,"
ie said she, "an' Irvin never hit
a decent stroke since that day~,"
Writing to console the Editor on
the death of her daughter, Jean
khys added: "There is nothing I'd
ne like better than to come out to
the West Indies, I've been think-
ing of it, on and off,.for years,
but I'm afraid that as things are
now it would-be difficult. I'Ve
had an invitation to Barbadoe,..
We long for you td gome,,dear Jtu.,
... '.', '. ,' U .r -

;- ~
I- .;....

,* -


- -- ---3-----

~ -i:~- ;~-----; -----

:~, :.

. I

I i




Some. very strange things are hap-
pening in our island, but oply one-
can be mentioned now.
Soon a delegation will be t.return-
ing from the United' Kingdom, having I
had preliminary talks on complete
independence from England or Domin-
ica. It is an arguable point as to
whether Do inicans en .masse have ask-
ed to be completely free from Eng-
-land, or whether the ruling party
now in power is rushing into inde-
pendence for their own, ends, and- the
masses are. just following.
SWhat is amazing is that. after\
nearly six taonths of debate, talks
on D.B.S., articles in our local
press and a'full debate in the House
of Assembly, up to .now no-ond, I.
repeat NO ONE has told us under the
proposed new constitution hoiw much
"Independence" is going to cost us?
Can,'we affcird it? Where is the
money to pay for it t'o come from?
IHow much will 12 ,Senators cost us?
How much will 21 (twenty-one or
more) Members of. Parliament cost uds?
How much will the Prime Minister's
salary be? What w1ll be the Governor
General's salary?
Of course We don't expect ,the i
present government to explain these
things to- us at least not before we
are well and truly-caught in the net
and perhaps not even then; but by
that time the whip will be on our.
,bac1 s for we are the people, who
will eventually have to pay for it. I
They have the power (18-5) to
set their ot.n salaries, so we cen
imagine how much they will pay them- f
selves.It is a .well-known fact, and 4
not denied by government, that it is
a monthly headache to find money to
pay civil servants, So waere ,is the
money to come from to pay these 42
new Elite-Bourgeois? Surely hot i
.from new and increased taxes? But
then from where? or-has someone
Spromied them this already! This
would be highly suspicious, and the
query arises: from whom? and under,
what terms'and conditions?
Can 75,000 poor people afford
this extravagance, we really .need
this massive bureaucracy?
Cantt a less expensive and sim-
pler form of government be.workedout?
TAX PAYER : Roseau South
(Name Piven)

T A'R Friday;I'ay' 20, 1977

by- Bugh Lawrence
After reading your columnist's
Letter in last Saturday's issue
that'the ex-Premier'said that
Dominicans are fowls, for they soon
forget, I think in some sense he
was right.
At the last meeting of the House,
I noticed that in one of the speechIs
the Catholic Church was attacked and
criticized by"a Government Member.
The ruling party forgot that it was
the Catholics who voted them there.
6r- we are still 90 per 'cent strong.
The 15 Labour Members-present and
their supporters 'laughed and clapped.,
but at the next election, the very
same Catholics' will be asked to vote
again, and if they are. really fowls
they will vote Labour.
Our Church always insists that-
we must ,vete -at election-time, and
ie obey. Some of the so-called.
Thristians do not take part in pol-
itics and hardly cast a vote.
What ungrateful people they are!

The -Alliance Francaise of Dominica
presented,early this week .an exhibi-
tion of photographs, lecture and
3lide' show on thde S.E.Asian State of
Laos for the benefit of senior French
students in Roseau. This was presen-
ted by M.Jacques -Decourtye, ,Director
)f Studies of the Alliance, Last week
she salm presentation was made to
Alliance members and French Conversa-
tion participants. The Allince now'"
gives French Conversation classes
for beginners and intermediates,four
ilys a week, an.d plan an advanced
students class,
At the moment the. Alliance is al-
so providing French instruction for
children aged 3-6 at three schools
In Roseau through a, trained pre-school
teacherr from Guadeloupe (financed by
;he French Government).
Further-plans are: a bilingual
)re-school, and a trip to Guadeloupe
)y Alliance members for the 14h 'July
celebrations ,
Dr. John _Royer.was re-plected Presi-
dent; also elected to the executive-
Julien Johnson (Vice Pres.)K.Polydore
Sec) Yvette Barzey (Treas) & Pagry
Bellot PRO; M.Charles & Star, Lestrade.

-A QUOTATION from W.Somerset Maughram, ?th century novelist;
"If a nation values anything more than./freedom, it' wUl 'lose its
freedom; and' thp .irony of it is that if. it's comfort or money
that it values more, it will lose that .1 ,. .. '<

Y- -^ i "


_ _


J g ifMHer 20, 1977 it a T A R __ ^- .
ADtU OA.PALN I J.,Rabalph Gasimsr
SAdlie, Capirainel
sBwarri Nes, exit the 'sad of 8t449',
failing to souttle the (Ship of State't
oe's a reckless poor skipper
Who oan't manage the rudder.
these's been a let of buffoooery,
aew fares Doeinique's eoonomy?
Say, hko stand your oeffoer
'fit weaker or toaghert
Don't care a damn for the limping ship
srena no account of yotl stewardship.
Verge and Jtip
the 9eonsion Slip*
And make reparations
For tatold affliotions.-m
Adieu, Capitaiuen

Ona it the ex-Capitaiae is staging a oeoeback
Don't tell a he oan be such a demoniaso.

W |ard bmi s Bmamere amG^^

Are you, DYLNAMIC and
ispcianly CREATIVE?

If you are, WINSAN may need you for one of the following posts :
1. COMMERCIAL ARTIST with special ability in cartooning. Amongst his/her
duties, the successful applicant will be required to produce poster,
pictorial leaflets and strip cartoons in collaboration with the
Benena Extension Services of the WIND ARD IBLANOS.
2. NEWS REPORTER to provide copy on all aspects of the Banana Industry for
Windward Island Newspapere and radio. A knowledge of Patois is
3. PERSONAL ASSISTANT/TYPIST to the Head of the Communications Centre,
applicants must be skilled in typing, layout and have the ability
to draft letters and short articles,
The suouessful applicant will need to reside in St. Lucie and be willing
to work extra-long hours when the Centre is extremwly busy.
fat further details and application forms write ft" ;
The Managingtiatote
S(Communiostionm Applioation)
S P 0 Box 15
St Lucia
.'V O. .N .. . .,. . . i I I I l ll i m l m ll I -

I ~

Fi'iday, May 20, 1977

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
or Caveat for week ending 7th Nay
Request da- Hayes TTeques' for
ted 13th Williams the issue of
April,1977 by his a First Cert-
Presonted Solicitor ificate of
3rd Hay Cilma A. Title in res-
11977 at M.Dupigny pect of a por
3.15 p m,. tion of land
known as a part of Champ Elise Es-.
tate at Borne in the Parish of St.
John in the State of Dominica con-
'taiing 2.953 acres and bounded as
followk:- North-East by land of
Iartwell Magloire; South-East by a
Bavine partly separating it from
land of Josenh Desbonne and land of
Zelpha Magloire; North-West by land
of Hartwell Magloire; Soath-West:
Iby land of Paddinton LeBlanc.
1S1CEDI for Week endin. Yayf 1 thi
Request da- Edward teque st -or" the
ted larch Thomas issue of a.rst
10th 1977 by his Certificate of
Presented Solicitor Title in res-
lMay 10th Zena L. pect of a por-
11977 at Moore tion of land
3..0 Pn. Dyer. at Berricoa,
Grand Bay in the parish of St.Pat-
rick, containing 1008 sq.ft. and
bounded as follows:- North: Land of
Heirs of Loven Thomas; .WeBb: Land
of Heirs of Loven Thomas; South:
Land of Laustina Samuel; East: Land
of Angela Philip.
Request da DaaVdai s~ equ e-1T16rh
ted 27th Boland issue of a Fle
April 17 by his Certificate of
Presented Solicitr Title in res-
10th May Zena L, pect of a por-
1977 at Moore tion of land
3-*35 Pm., Dyer. known as a Lot
at Marigot in the-Parish of St.And-.
rew containing 13,000 sq,ft, and
bounded as follows:- North-East by
Lands of Rachie Linton and Answorth
Andrew; East by land of Euranie
Sylvester; South-East by a Public
Road; South-West by land of Albert
Peters; West by land of the Heirs
;of Rebecca Robin.
1391 Square feet of Land with
Two Storey House
Angle of Queen Mary Street and
Kennety Avenue
Apply: M.E.Charles,
28 Old Street,
P.O,Box 121, Roseau, Dominioa.

.SC n ,nlay 1-! contd.
Request da- Justin TRequest fVor
ted 9th Pascal !the issue of
May 1977. by his a Certificate
Presented Solici- of Title in
12th May tor respect of a
1977 at C.Beau- portion of
ll. O a.m. soleil. land I',Qeam
Fond, in the Parish of St.David,
in the State of Dominica,contain-
ing 27,975 square feet and bounded
as follows:- On the North-East by
land of Oxilia Polydore; on the
North-West by the Public Road; on
the South-West by lands of Marcela
Blaize and Orien John Baptiste;
On the Sputh-East by a Ravine sep-
arating it from land of Tennyson

nviue'st da-
ted 13th
April 1977
12th May
1977 at
11.20 a.m. .

AAdamson Requesy for
George the issue of
by his a First Cer-
Solici- tificate of
tor M. Title in res
Eugenia pect of a por-
Charles. tion of land

at Pointe Michel in the Parish of
S t.Luke containing 832 sq.ft.and
bounded as follows:- North: Public
Road; South: Land of Edward Balsqon
East: Lands of Elmira Michel and
Murray Gachette; West: Lands of
Killan Henry and Autley Gachette.
Request da- OCarles Request for
ted 6th May Joseph the issue of
1977 by his a First Cert-
Presented Solici- ificate of
12th May torZena Title ilm res-
1977 at L.Noore pect pf a por-
3.40 p.m. Dyer. tion of land
atLoubiere in the Parish of St.
George containing 1704 sq,ftand
bounded as follows:- North: Land
of Earnest Benjamin; East: A Pub-
lic Road separating it from Land
of Crostina Charles and Florence
Stevenson; South: Land of Joseph
A.Mitchel; West: the Caribbeaniba.
Request da* Elroy Request for
ted 4th Pioche the issue of
April 1977 by his a First Cer-
Presented Solici- tificate of
12th May, tor Cil- Title in res-
.1977 at ma A.M. pect of a por-
i;J0 P.M. Dupigy tion of land
at La Source situated in the Par-
ish of St,John in the State of
Dominica containiang,4.68 acres azad
bounded as follows:- North: by lBa .
of Hyram Andr6;South: by land of
Lewis Alexis; East: by land of
Lewis Alexis; West: by land fif 'l
Dennis Joseph, .
p ications & avea
ot;e next page S -


Page Four



Page. Five .T H E, S T A R Friday,May 20, 1977

Schedule of A.nDlication for Certi- Everyone knows that in England ,
fidate of Title and Noting, thereon the Law is the Master of the Land;
or Caveat for weel: endiIng 14 1977 but it serms to me that .in little
SDate ,o-. eron- nNature of 'eque -Dominica it is somewhat different.
Request Presenting whether for Cer-Now I was informed that they have
tificate of TitLe or Noting thereon, caught, a King John, and I hear ev-
or Caveat eryone saying that nothing ill'
iRequesttTa ^Z-AvaT-e ,na es for tB" come out of that. (See your Chron-
ted 7th Peters issue of aFirsticle of last week),
iMarch 1977 by her Certificate of 7Now in Article 8 Of the Charter
iPrespnted So'licitcr T4tle in res- of the United Nations, of which
13th May Cilma A. pect of p por- Britain is a Member, it reads "the
1977 at M.Dupigny tion of landat Declaration is a universal Magna
2. m.._ p. -Mangrove Gutter Carta; even .astha sun shines on
iin the Parish oTUStAndrew in the the evil as- on the good, -that is
State of Dominica containing 1,00 to say no-one is above the Law.
acres and bounded as follows:- Radio Dominica always says "we
*North-Uest by land of Kenneth Tele- are watching the world'' --but now
fmacque; East: by land of Norris jthe world is watching us.
Prosper; South: by. land of Dunstan Now turning to Independence for
,Josseph; West: by land of Albert Dominica, UN. Charter Article 21
,Bazil. (3) read#S' The will of the people
_shall be the basis of the authority
Request da- Claris Request Tor of Government'I this shall be ex-
'ted 29th Williams the issue *of a pressed in periodic and genuine
,:April,1977 nee Phil- First Certifi- elections which shall be by uni-
;Presented lip byher cate of Title versal and equal suffrage and shall
'13th May Solicitor in respect of be held by secret vote or by equi-
'1977 at Cilma A.M.a portion of valent free voting procedures"
S307 p.m. Dupig.. land known as Readers, that meanb the will of
ia Lot in arigot, in the Parish of the general public NOT the will
St, .Andrew,* in the State of Dominica or Edward Leblaje and Patrick J~an
containing 3.849 square feet -and
bounded as follows:-, South-East byP N UT AND
land qf Owendolyn Pascal; South-West Revelations of the thousands of his
by land of Huby Charles; North-West own people murdered by order of Pres.-
jby land of -abriel Matthew Cooke; ident Amin (documented) hav' cause!d6)
North-East by a Public By-Road sepa st da- SaielR Request for the
rating it from lahd of Gwendolyn ted 18th Joseph & issue of a First
IPascal. April 1977 Marcella Certificate of
eqest daariRck. 'Request er the Presented Joseph as Title in respect
28th March Faustin issue of a First 16th May tenants of a portion' of
1977. Desbonne Certificate of 1977 at in com- .and in .the vi-l-
Presented by his Title in res- 3,0 pm mon in large of Layou,
16th May Solicitor pect of a, port- equal shares bytheir in the .Parish of!
1977 at Cilma A. ion of land at Solicitor Cilma A.M. St.Joseph, in
255 n i m,; .Dupirpr Savanne Paille, Dupigny the State ofDom
Gillet'-e, in the -arish of St. John, -- ---i-inia, containiT
in tiie State of Dominica., containing, 1448 square feet and bounded as fbl-~
9,954*0 square feet and bounded as lows:- the Public Road I
follows:- North by an Access Road separating, it from land of Imona -ec- I
separatingg it" from land of Lambert 'tor and D~dald 'Serant; South-West by-
Victor; 'East by land of Avriette Al- land of Smaue l Joseph; South-East by
exis; South by land of Roger JTio.Bapt. Road separating it from land of'
tiste and William Nicholas; ;West by ,Scyla, Smith; North-West by a passage
an Access Road separatiiig it from separating it from land of the Meth-
Sland o., Agnes 'Desbonties', j odist Chuirch.
TEGISRArI',S OFICE, T i s office within sx iweels' from the
Roseau. Registrar of Titles date of the first appearance of
NOTE: AAny person who desires to ob- these Schedules in vthe STA2 news- .'
ject to the issuing, of a First Certi- 'paper' published in this State or
ficate of Title on the above Applica- 'from the date when the Notice prO-
tions may enter a Caveat in the'above scribed by law was a served on,.
any .occupu, a-"o7 mining lands inhrespect of whioh these applications ''
were made. .,

V.. .


Page Six H E S T A R Prilda, May 20, 1977
S4-T-A.R AS*P-;O-R;-T-;:- Morchriston Reputable, long established
Basketball; F LAMES BURN CARBINALS American firm needs yearly
By Trinee Flames with more than'95 supply of .our nativee Wild
,of the support at Windsor Park on o.
Weds.night forged to another excit- Plumes. We- paid one .hundred
ing win over Cash'n'Carry Cardinals thousand dollars (U.S.) to a
remember 1976?)' Net~ T Island, last year
It was a beautiful day, the cool- for their Plumes. We ill
ness was just right, and ,the fans ,a visit you to-instruct you.
well -a the players were raring tog9 Write to Len Parker Green-
Flames,through Peter "Blaok"Skerrit houses, 1325 Terrill Road
took an early lead with 4 points(two Scoh
baskets) and already the,fans were Scotc Plains, New JerseyT.SA
bouncing up and down. Cardinals got' (07076) ,
off the mark with a free shot and
quickly moved to a 5-4 lead. THE HO1TS 1 OF ASSEMYLY
From then on Cash'n, Carry Caadir meets next Thursday Yay 26 at
nais dominated through tod the inter- 10 a.m.
val when they enjoyed a 13-point lead -
at 37-24. By then,Charles Roberts of F~EE ETRA'CE AT VARIGOT -W..S.stea s
Cardinals(who had been striking, ac- I have it on good authority that
curately) had departed from the cart. 'furniture, L4 equipment for free en-
with 5 fouls. Willie "Plastic"' Le- trance pupils at Weirs School was
Blanc ras also striking beautifully, grossly inadequate. Rev.Mathura
*displaying all hi, versatility.Flames (Methodist Ninister), Supervisor,
had difficulty in maintaining their ,suggested that Marigot pupils
rhythm and threw away chances,.which should stand, and let pupils from
enabled Cardinals to gain their lead. Wesley,Atkinson etc. occupy the
On resumption, Cardinals opened available seating: but Principal
their lead to 15 points. Flames re- Mrs, Mona Joseph promptly and'
plied with 6 points; by then the bat- rightly rejected this. The Free ,
tle was truly on4 Ceebirt Didier of entrance exam, was mounted by no
Flames left the court with 5 fouls, less a person than C.E.O. MrBal-
But by then dreaded players Peter grave Robinson, But Education Min-
Skerritt and O..'Neckers" Burton star- ister Mr. H.L.Christian should sure-
ted striking with their long shots ly satisfy himself that all is well
whilst Alphonso Etienne (ex-Ambassad- at every Centre, when the future
ors) managed to, drive in and make vi- careers of' every pup$.. are involved,
tal lay-ups. By-Trinee Flames sudden- rather than simply scream on edic-
ly oIoked like the formidable' team. ation matters over DBS. Why should
they are, the youth of Dominica endure these
Leblanc of Cardinals,ably support- ordeals when their parents pay?
ed by Clem John Baptiste tried valia- What will happen after Independence?
ntly to keep their lead,but Skerritt- That school is without furniture.
and Burton,shooting as only they can, A clock was applied for months ago,
forced Cardinals into erpor and com- One ,Supervisor; at the Exani.leaving
pletely erased the lead at 65-65. to get a snack, expressed concern
When the final whistle went,Flaresa for the children in their ordeal.
had beaten Cardinals 71-66. -;c':?-,i--* My teacher the late N.E.B.WattysBad:
In the other match of the evening "Wills,"Education will not allow
Bata Pros comfortably evaded EJT Roc- people to do what they want with it,."
kers combhacko 61-53. H,* Harks beat Is not another Free Entrance Exam,
Ambassadors 56-45 and Wizards beat a MUST in the cause of JUSTICE?
Starlight 60-52, A I national
BOaIigh inOhia 22nd World Champion-. mt. "eeo- u rit e, eor a on
ip fight, 35 yr old Mohammad Ali .. Churches and ethical,
beat 22 year old Alfredo" Evangel'staa minded people to protest against
of Uruguay over 15'rounds on Monday. Gen..'Amin's proposed visit to Eng.
All guyed around quite a lot. a .ne land to attend.the Commonwealth heads
Three native boxers Kid Dorset (Me of'Govt.meeting this year. Yet Brib-
Neil Jule'-)Pickaxe (Julian Lockhart) ain still hesitates to -ban.him. The -
and young Flite all 'oored victories U.N. and 0.A. are cri0cised for
Over MIartinique boxers on Sat.May .- not condemning his bU a al excesses,
CRICKET: Police forced a win over, Printed & Published by -the Proprie-
Defence Force in 1 day at Canefibld: tor,R.E.Allfrey of Coit Hall Mill
(.163 to 98 & 60/9 declared.),Asta- House at 26 Bath-Rd.Roseau Drminica
phans ist win was vs BladkburmnsAGL, West Indies
.5 *.

I I r ~ -- -- -. -..1-'-~ ~

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