Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). May 13, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). May 13, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: May 13, 1977
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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I i A Imy- 1
*5E.ARQt. INST14hJi
NEW YORK 21a &.L
e e 0a3esnI
C1.n ,Turnerj London IS ThE
1822 Sha~ft6 sbtty 7AvenueHAI3O
London, WI V3Ii:s1A.1n, and Lce A BRITAINF6
ol 2'4 No 20 Editor Phylis Shandd Alifrey
dFridays aF een Cents-)15

Ten people went to Britain at dif-
ferent times this week. We may.
consider, the Freedom three as pil-
grims, for they have gone to pre-
sent the case for:a referendum', so
that al1. the people of Dominica
Smay have an opportunity of voting
for or against Independence.' We
, say it is useless the Premier call-
Sing their mission'useless: in the
S past few days the. ne-time French
territory of Djibouti in _the impor-
tant area between Ethiopia and
Somalia was given the chance of a
referendum, and voted solidly for
Independence. What then is the Gov-
ernment of Dominica afraid of.,
Even as we go to press, that con-
troversial Prime Minister of Pakisa-
.:tan has;declared .that he will acc-
ept a referendum to decide-his fate.
(Ali Bhutto). 'In fact, referendum,
is the democratic way out.
But that is not' all. Our Freedom
representatives are not satisfied,
with the constitution' even as so
called 'amended' by Government.They,
are arguing on our beh..lf to.make
any potential independent government
a truly democratic one, Otherwise we
)may find that 1.984,has"' crept up on
us in 1977.

"I .have watched this famous island
descending incontinently,fecklessly,,
the .stairway which leads to a dark
gulf. It is a fine bread stairway
at the beginning, but after a bit
,the carpet ends A littlefarther on
there are .only flagstones and -a.
little farther on still these break
;beneath your feet."
FO R, S- .A B
1391.Square Feet of Land with.
STwo .Storey House,
Angle of .Queen Mary Street and
_p :f ,,'i' ~L ress, 28 Old tree,
..Box", 'qsa-at", Do inioa.
7"- -7,

1 Robert and Phyllis Allfrey
thank all those very kind people
in Dominica who called at Office
or home, wrote letters, sent cards,
,flowers and other tokens of sym-
pathy when Phe sudden death-of'
their .daughter Phina was disclosed..
We also especially'thank
those loving people.who telephoned
from Africa, America, Australia,
England,, France and the West Indian
Islands, and all those who have
written to us so far from overseas
The date and time of her
Memorial Service 111 be announCed

We have received an audited. ac,
count of this fund, which now shows
$35,000 invested in Barfincor; reg-
u'lar monthly .payments of $7,285 and
Christmas payments of $225. The
graves 'of the victims in the R.C,
cemetery have been 'enclosed, and
a memorial bearing their names, will
(eventually be erected, Children's .
tuition fees have been paid, and
medical expenses met. The Committee
should really be congratulated on
the care taken over the survivors.
The Committee thanks all helpers.

A' row broke rout in the House of
Commons when it was announced that
Mr. Peter Jay, son-in-law of the
British Prime-Minister, was appointed
1by Dr. David' Owen Ambassador to
Washington. Sir A. Ramsbothamr the
retiring Ambassador, is now to be
Governor of Bermuda.
Peter Jay, son. of famous Douglas
Jay:, Labbur NP' consultants was a
political economist-journalist who
worked for the Times & on television.

CLASS CRICKET: both men, recently
turned )O, have declared their exit.

< 1 -\ ,

/ '

Page- Two T H E .S T A R, Friday,May 13th, .1977
Theatre Review:. NITE-BOX by R.E.A* Editor s Note.: We have in the past
How many people in Dominica rea- few dayq received a number of let-
lize what an--exceptional creative ters and articles AGAINST the very
force exists .in their midst? The suggestion that Leblanc become Gov-
Peopl'es. Action Theatrel' ernor, and resenting his going to
This is.ftot of profess- Britain, Some were signed; others
ional, paid,' full-time actors,wri- were ANON. We do beg you good
ters, stage- electrians and technic- people-to direct these anti-Leblanc
ians, composers, etc.; yet in a few missives to the NEW CHRONICLE,which'
short months.unaer the inspiring has been giving this' ex-olitician
leadership of Alwin Bully (Assistant quite a spread latelySorry.-Editojr
Headmaster at the D.G.S.) plays are, ---- ----------
written;. composed,rehearsed., stage- ,.We 4o, however, print Mr.W.3.Stevans
managed, musically scored, produced on the subject. He is having a check
and bang entertain us with fin- up at. Princess Mararet Hospital.
ished artistry comparable to any LEBLANC-S RETURN A OAX -W.S.Stevens
professional stage in.the world. LEBLA S RE N A HX te
The single set, of course, helps ,\r.Leblanc has 'always insisted
that Dominicans are, ke foSwls:they
with its i sriplicity, and the' absence have no memor.s
of scene shifting holds the atten- should never be forgotten that
tion of the audience, as does the the lat Tr r Brey had treaten-
mood-music and sounds. Although it .d to kill LeBlan fo presenting
is a Miurder m~ystexey. :a-thriller ed to kill LeBlanc for preventing
is a murder mystery, a thrillerohis
which Agatha Christie mightnothve hi Buney fom sellingpat of his
disdained throughout the play land atVeille Case to a foreigner
disdained, throughout thle play rzns
a politics dialectic based oh the to pay his-debts. The murdered Keith
aur disp e. b Alleyne., as everybody should remem-
Nurses' dispute V
Audience reaction shows the suc- ber paid the supreme penalty- Bruney
cess of this latest production.Pol- as a mental case could never have
itical references are greeted'with been convicted of murder. rHis at-
cheers, murders with screams, and tempt on eBlac'slif misfredIt
laughter; burst out at often, u pec-am too sick 'at the moment to give
ht burst out at enunepec-he details. ou Dominica,LeBlan
ted moments. -It is real entertain- thedeta
says, are fowls and soon forget.-
ment. Stagecraft of. the actors un- Trevorune died and byorgat
der ichael Bruneyes direction is Trevo une had escaped to i that
relatively faultless; I had to wait time LeBlasc had escaped to Vieille
a long time for lovely Carol Se3erin case. wToday the New Chronicle says
to smile her anxious frown troubdeBlanld was a tired man, RSensible
me; Benjies Alison Stuart Boyd act Dominicans (not fowls) believe he
was cunning, and Pan-Manh 'did his wwas fleeing for his life.- Had he-
stuff admirably; Lennox reminded me: known Bruneyts death would have been
-of Charles Savarin, and the victims so soon, would he have hung on indef-
were good, alive or deadly Moreover nitely?
the programme, like the play, was To say a good word for LeBlantc,
hell designed and produced, when he had to dismiss Patrick John
"One practical criticism: Dlease as Mayor for misappropriation of
collect bottles fromthe aucnce be-Town 'Council's $2,000 he displayed
fore the end of the interval; the some integrity. But when not long
clanrk! of falling bottles distracts aqfterthat in, 1970, the same t eBlanc
from the play anointed Patrick as minister for
.o L _h ue_ l.a_. o. Communications & Works, it was like
S L A VE R Y by' Hugh Lawrenmce saying "you have behaved very well
N-. e hear and read so much about and 1I11 try you out in a Dept.where
the above heading, that we have y-ou will have a better & safer, chance",
come to -the conclusion that it is when teBlanc took off; .Trevor Bruney
part of our life. To refresh my was still alive; so Patrick was made
memory of its true meaning, I look-Premier.
ed up miy Websters dictionary,- Two. years ago at a packed meeting
1. The owning or keeping slaves as at Weirs,M-arigot, Patrick John set
a practice or institution, tlave- up a Pary supporter to ask if it
holding. 2. The condition of a..- was- true LeBlacn was to become Gov-.
smaw.6i bondage, servi-tude. 3.A con- ernor to get back into'puhlic life,
edition of submission to or d'omina- Patrick'John stated LeBland had rer
Stion by some influence, habit etc. signed and had no intention of re.
4.Hard, continuous work like that turning to publi-c life.
.done by slaves.drudgery, (cld, p.6) (Concluded 6) peae)

i' "
|~~~ ~ ~ -''"' 11 -'' 1 1 "* .''* '


91" AnnU AL COnvEnTIOon


how ~B





9"30 a'm.



:PrrdY. V

The Dominica Port Authority solicits tenders from reputable suppliers for
the underlisted goods. Price quoted should be laudll. cost, duty free, delivered to
Authority's premises at Roseau or Woodbridge Bvy ,s designated on arrival.
Supplies under i and 3 will be required within t2 weeks of acceptance of
tender. Supplies under 4 will be required within r6 weeks of accept~ce oftende~
Tenders should be in plain envelopes addressed:
and be mrnked in the top left .hand corner:
TiNDER PORT AUT HO i Y '# Its 3 or 4 s applicable4
Ea-ch mvelope should comCnaJ o)ly one (i) tended.
Tci a- i-.:.ld retch th Chaira an not later than Noon, Ist June 19774
The Aat hrit.y does not entertain any correspotndence on the matter of declined
SCrre ondd~ce on amipmstion of tender terms should be addressed to the
Ge'ner Manageer at the 'ai*e address.
Dtit-'epo S...e Qu.ooit4
iid tyres" 7.5 x to 4

8.25 i 15


Punumetic tyrcs 750 120 3
tv 1; .4 1750 x to 4
ty-c5 7 1 315 4

Tgma rlFva I t4 10a
*Tj',,a 1 13-64 Z tO
7t9 aj28t I~~ 8j aC-
Tyres 14-0v 1700 1 20
tubes 1:7)j tot

a Vi,,R!V T&VtI.E (G;1- CMIL
2' ZM LSP4 g ljdd by tank wagon tapo lsupiers own service ttnks Installed at Ptan
~~ ~s 'd ~ i C3,e Ev iona niond mom6lgy ;Antiti.&r of about 400 Las, ca demand.
Sotojce tiiej. to bL! "tted out W wij floivi. meterst aid klckW1 delivery hose.
3. C ft-'-
8 III xt i v 4aS Fn ~o! d1mm. SAfl po.
C3~ 413 13i 5 VI. ils
Cau. i'Yrta IS tto ~ic ;o ,o/4* lb, psile.
t1 mpa up *retrvt e t zo lbs. In 30,/40 10-
x2 dmz. White usiForw h:rts shortaleeve with butlon down breat pockets. pen sup on
!4& g~de anid epaulctte strap. (button top) in cotton of Cotton amanwde fibis minhuare
Troipical weight.
6 dox. dark-blue terelone or imnilsrt cfeaseresistsit fabric uniform troumer. pper frunt
two sldi pockets, two button-dowo hip povkt.a b olIt loor,.
t doz. white unlformI blaums 23 for Sbit.
,4 dcx. btue uonform skits muaral as =twoss babov
xx doz. Pht. blue unlrmn shirts, iDetail fsotr white shims.
14dezldidk- blu wozk pants -twill. Detail is for Unifom trousers.
z doz. khaki work pent, twill. Detail as for Uniform wousere
i doz, utriform cape: kaki tops.t
3 doz ahoritsleea light. blue boiler suis, Tropicul weight with usual pcket mn pIN It,
words "Port Authority"' over left pocket,
So painr black uniform shoes.
6 pairs black uifor shaoles (Ladla.).





' I f

Friday, May 13, 1977 THE STAr. 3 Page Five
T I- 7~-F ---D if-0CL : SCHEDULE for Week ending ay I th
TITLE B .PREGIST.ATION ACT Request da- dward questt for
Schedule of Application for Ce.ti- 1l0th March Thomas Ihe issue of
ficate of Title and Noting thereon i1977 by hisa First Cert..
or Caveat for weekly ending 9th April Pr/esented Solicitorificate of
19 ___ 10th May Zena L. eitle'in res-
ate of "Person Nature of 6-qtl 1977 at Moore pect of a pa-
Request LPresenting whether for Cer- ..._ Dyer. ion of land
tificate of Title- or Noting thereonat Be rricoa, Grand Day in the Par-
or Caveat. ish of S t.Patrick, 'containing
Request da- Cainson Request for- 1008 sq. ft. and bounded as follows
ted, 24th John by issue of aFirst North: Land of Heirs of Loven Thonm-
Feb. 1977 his Sol-Certificate of as; West:Land of Heirs 'of Loven
Presented icitoi Title in respect Thomas; South: Land of Laustina.
7th April) Vanya of a portioncd Samuel; East: Land of Angela Philip.
1977 at Dupignf land known as 3eauest da.. avi-dsn Reqe- for
2.30 p.m. a part of' Kin- uest da- ~on^
U h B d b h M A114-,

ellan ETtate, in t he Parish of St,
Joseph, in the State of Dominica,
containing 8.39 acres, and bounded
as follows:- .North: Land of Eman-
uella Pierre; East: A Ravine sep-
aratUIng it from lands of Dalton,
Adams ahd Syvestre Bully; South-
West: Landis of Jashington Jno.Bap-
tiste and Lawrence Pierre.

e e- ( L lU UJU7 .lJy LA su JL V
April 1977 his Soli- a First Cert-
Presented citor ivicate of
10th May Zena L. Title in res-
1977 at Moore ,pect of a por-
3*,35 ,m Dyer. tion of land
Inown as a Lot at Marigot in the
Parish, of St. Andrew containing
13,000 sq. ft. and bounded as fol-
lows:- North-East by Lands of Rachie

S -HEDUL- eekending Aril 30-.1_77 Linton and Answorth Andrew;, Eabt
request da- 1 equs o- by land of.Euvanie Sylvester;South-
ted 28th lingford he issue oEast by a Public Road; South-West
April 1976 by her Certifi- by land of Albert Peters; Wist-by;
Presented 6blicitor ate of ttlland of the Heirs of Rebacca Robin.
28th April C.C. Beau- n respect
1977 at soleil. f a nortio Date of Justin Requeat forthe
l1 .0 a.i. of land at Request Pascal issue of a Certi-
Massa ,in the- Parsh o StPu th May, by his ficate of Titlein
in the -State of Dominica, containing 1977. Solici- respect of a por-
3826 square feet, and bounded as Presente tor C. ion of land at
follows:- On the North by land of 12th May .Beau- Grand Fond, in the
Elmire Julien; en the East by land 1977 .at- oleil. Parish of St.David,
of R.egifald Isido.4; on the South ~1.O a in the-State of
by land of Eva Isidore, on the Wes aDomlnica, containing 27,975 square
by the Public Road. fe-et and bounded as follows:-
e P c R n the North-East by land of Oxilia
Request t da-~T Thii 4 -Ti-equest for Polydore; On the North-West by ihe
ted 28th lingford the issue of eltic Road; On the South-West by
April 1976 by her : Certifi- by lands of Marcella Blaize and
Presented Solicitor cateof lTtle Orien John Baptiste; On the South-
28th April .C. Beau- in respect East by a Ravine' separating it from
1977 at solei of a portion land of Tennyson Prince ___
11.45 atii. of land at _-.~
INOTE (contd.) Applica ions may'en-
Madsacre, iTn the. Pari sh of St Paul a aen-
inthe tate of Do. o. er a Caveat in the above Office
SDominica, ntining within six weeks from the date of
1190 acres and bounded as forows :-
On the North by Qanal liver separ- the first app rance of these Sched-
ating it, from land of Maitre Mc- rules in ,the S 'AR newspaper published
Pherson; On the North-East by lands in tis State or frdxm the date when
the notice prescribed by law was
of Mary Louise McPherson and Regin- otc prescribed by law was
ald Isidore; On the South-East by ast served on any occupant of ad-
lands of Ifatilda Isidore and Elmira joining lands in respect of which
land of-- -hese applications'sowere made.
Julien and land of Knight Tavernierthes applications were made, (See p6)
On the South-West by lands ,of ----...
The largest manufacturer of soap and
REGISTRAR'S OPFICE, HENRY DYER, detergent products in Trinidad,'UK
Roseau. Registrar of Titles firm Lever Bros,Ltd. have contracted
NOTE: Any person who desires to ob- with Philip Nassief IPreaDAIC) to,
ject to the issuing of a 'First Cer- manufacture Palm Laundry Soap in Dom-
tificate of Title on the above inica for supply to E.C.C.0 States. ,

kL :

_ I I.




*S XA*R*S"P*O*RK*T*S Morchriston
CRICKET: Spartans, who were led.
on 1it innings in their match ag-
ainst Gutter, came back strongly
in 2nd innings to win handsomely
by 5 wickets at Botanical Gardenst
Derek Abralham,captaining Spartan
for his first season put on anoth-'
er splendid allround performance 1
and led his team to victory.Score:
-Gutter 106 & 146/9 (playing one
man short, 2nd day).Ralph Richard:
60 n.o, & Gifford Walsh 29 put on
73 runs for the 3rd, after being.
2/12 runs. Matt Hill topscoredwit
21 n.o, in the first innings. Ab-
raham took 5/23 of 12.1 overs and
6/43 of 21.2 overs,at medium pace,
Algernon Lawrence 3/32,.. J.Fausti
2/214^ 1 Spartans in their turn
at the crease (one man short) were
98/9 and 157/5. Vincent Titre 32
(1st. innings) Derek Abraham .49 n,o
,and Oliver GrBll (better known as
a footballer) 40 n.o. 87 unbeat-
en runa for the 6th wicket after
coming together with their team' s
total 70/f.John Rolle got 30; for
G-tlte r, chael Darroux 5/32 &33/48.
'In another-Augustus Gregoire
League match Somerset inflicted an
.nnings.defeat on Cable & Wireless
at Canefield. Scores: C.&'W 53~ 70;
Somerset 180.
221. players have been named for
Island trials for the Windward Is.
Heineken, Tournament.
BASIETBALL: Ball Wizardsa a posi-
tively improved t6am,snatched a 3-
point with ,over Bi-Trinee Am-bassadc
Wednesday night at Windsor Park.
Wizards t.ho always led in thematch
through the .:ealous efforts of M.
LeBlan. 26,,M.Freeman 24,E.Lancelot
.10 and M.Joseph' J.Carbon in de-
ffence won 72"69. For Ambassadors,A1
David 23 and G.Bruney 20.That same
night Flames beat Bata Pros 78-5.1
For Flames, P.Skerritt 22,C,DidierlV
0. Burton, 14L & A.Etienpe 12.ForPros,
Lambert Henderson 28 & P.Charles 10,
--In a junior match Lakers beat DGS
Jets 51-37. In other senior matdx
Cash'n'Carry Cardinals whipped E,
Rockers 92-L1;for Cardinals,Irving
Williams .ran up 40 points,Carl Pe-
ters 28, *I Dawn Creation Hawks beal
Brisbane Starlights l5-41.
BOXING: '~orld Heavyweight contend
Ken Norton took only 58 seconds to
beat formerly'unbeaten Dione Bobic!
on Weds in USA, earning himself, an.
other crack at World, Champ Muhamma
for the heavyweight crown-.
NETBALL:- Last week Goodyear Stars
beat Spartans & DGS;Hillsborough
3 ooiaIs beat roical Stars and
HL~sborough Senobasis

T A R Friday,May 13, 1977
(Application: contd, fro'i page 5)
SCHEDULE for' week ending la llL 1977
{ darAdamson Request for the
;ed 13th George issue of a First
.pril 1977 by his Certificate of
Presented Solici- Title in respect,
L2th ay tor M. of a portion of
L977 at Eugenia land at Pointe
1, 20 a.m. Charles. 4icohel in the Pr-
ish oi St.Luke containing 832 sq.ft.-
and bounded as follows:- North: Pub-
lic Road;,South: Land ofEdward Balr
son; East: lands of Elmira, Michel and
Murray Gaohette; West: Lands of Kil-
lan Henry and Autley Gachette.
Request da Charles. equest for to h
ted 6th Ma Josep4by issue of a First
1977 his Soli- Certificate of
Presented citorZen Title in respect.
i2th May Moore of a portion .of
1977 at Dyer,' land at Loubiere
-. .m pn. in the Parish of
St.George contafinin- 1704 sq.ft. and
bounded as follows:- North: Land of
Earnest Benjamin; East: A Public Rbad
separating it from land of Crostina
Charles and Florence Stevenson; SQlt.h:
Land of Joseph A.Mitchel; West: the-
iCaribbean Sea, .(CAVEAT NOTE ON PAGE )
got the space for your letter, which
suggests the Opposition should,ask-
for a Probation Period (of Indepal-
dence?); but odce attained, we ]now
that Ihdependenpce is irreversible and
cannot be "put on probation~l Ed,
HOMEWORK: .we cannot iquo t e' at leng'Th'
from the St.Kitts Democrat, which say
that the Govts., of St.Ludia'& St.KIts
have not done enough to'prepare their
people for Independence, .. .
"SLAWEHY Hugh Law7rnce fr, p.2
'\ As we do seem to be heading for
Coimnunistic-socialism, will we be
8 soon having.concentration camps in
Will someone lease enlighten e
e (frP.2'I replied in the STAR alreacdt
TI Loblack s query as to LeBlanc, becom-
ing Governor, by .uotinr hat., Patrick
John ''stated at Weirs. dito'
S If the New ChronicleA s one of
the fowls without memTory,I hope I
Shave helped hinr in this very imporp-
ant issue.LeBlanc i's.the cause and
k at the very.bottom of Dominicas'ills
Sand I hope these notes will be prin-
d ted in time for the forthcoming Lon-
don talks. W.S.

printed & Publ.shed by the Proprielte
Robert E.Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill
House, at 26 Bath Rd Roseau Dominiea WI

i I

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