Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). April 15, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). April 15, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: April 15, 1977
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Colin Turner(London)Lt
.22 Shaftesbury Avenue,
LIndon,WlV HA8, England

Vol. XXIV No, lb

DOMINICA Read our leading article
on pages 3 & ,

Although many people in Dominica tend
to say "it was better last tima", we
Scan- pronounce that the two exhifbtitnis
(Giraudel Flower Show and La Plainess.
Agricultural Exhibition) were both
successes. We attended Giraudbl's,andi
delighted ii the flower room and the
many booths along.the road,, The theme;
of La.Plaine's was-in part "Better
Nutrition for all'", and it demonstra-
ted that the people in charge (says
our reporter), as well as- exhibitors,
are. learning as they go' along; this
.exhibition was in 'general superior lt6"
the one held at Londonderry last Feb.,
although the physical'facilities were
better at Londonderry, Some three


vrt t REFEl A withoR t aEN
I" irb ', .....REPERENDUMI .

Editor -- Phyllis Shand Allfrey

Friday. A-prll I> 4 (U

Total import licensing recently
imposed by the Governdent is caus-
ing a hold-up in exports of food
products by P;W.Bellot &' Co. Ltd.
.Urgent overseas supplies of
vinegar (for peppersauce exported
'to Europe) and supplies of glass
a z"s-artons, barrels and other'
paEcq. g materials are held up be-
cafQe firms abroad are asking for
copies. of import licences before
they will ship,says a Bello release.
SThe Firm has written for an ap-
pointment with the Premier, who
however is not expected back from
abroad until April 21st.

thousand people attended the LaPlkine LOCAL STARSPORTS by Morchriston
show, which had a specially good live-
stohk' sectiorrn and exhibits from DAIC, Grand Bay defeated BlUe Stars of
Bello, L.Rose, Coconut .Products and Portsmouth at. Cricket by 5 wickt5.'
Metal Industries, Two locally-made- in the finals of the 1976 D.A. I,C-
presses for sugar cane were shownand sponsored limited (30) overs a side
there were a great many spices and competition, held in the Botanic
vegetables., Gardens on Easter Sunday. SOOREL:
The next .(3rd) mini-exhibition' of Portsmouth 114 in 29 overs; Grand
this sort will' be held atGrand Bay Bay 117/5 of 22.1 overs. Their: skip-
on June 12th of this' year, per Benoit Stewart scored a hard-
NSBREFS:- Hon Ferdinand r hitting 71 no,. after Grand Bay were
NEWSBRIES: Hon Ferdinand Parillon 173. He got solid support from L.
has been confirmed as Ministr--of Ham Henderson andT.Alexander.,
Affairs. He has been acting up to now BASKETBALL: In recent matches Sun-
'* QUOTE: "Party Politics tends style Ambassadors scored 74; E.T.T.
troy not build" Parl.Sec.Hon Osborne Rockers. 50, By-Trinee Flames. 72,
Theodore at/Grand Fond. And at St.Jo- cIntC Cardinals 71, Wizards, 41t.
saph, newly elected Council Chairman IHarks 73, and Bata Pros 63. In a
hoped that -the (Freedom) Gouncil" wouid junli..mi~a ch, .Bata Pros 36 Back
not be discriminated against' or vic- -Street' .-. .. .
'timised'in any way, exercising its -
duties, oo Hon14. .Douglas is in MWashing tte flash Tony Cdaier, well-
ton, at UK/US agreement, known sports commentator, has come
-out strongly in.print against Mustaq
WA G E W 'A R Mohammadts attack on-the bowling of
on Andy Roberts and Joel Garner. 'E--rs**
By a two-prong attack with, Martin's School was on top again with
TETMOSOL SOAP. the 'majority of shields, cupa and.
and 'certificates: School of the Year.
LOREXANE EAM ISM After Hon.MDouglas had said
+LOREXANE CREAM v that Dominica was the centre spot be-
and defeat the enemy,in three days. tween 2 socialist states (Guyana and
Supplies available from- Jamaica),Premier Bird,Antigua, said
THE DOMINICA DISPENSARY he hoped for a, real' Caribbean ideol3gy
free of 'isms' from abroad.(: :-:;:-;;

/~ '\



-- --- -- -- -- --


-. -,:---- ----- ----- -.1-- ---~- ---- -Cp-~r-

- 1..._ ~L.

--- --~---


- --li- -_I- ~-~ -~:--- -- -r ~--1 -----i----

' ^

V-17 uen cun

I was annoyed in February to Thank you, Norry Vidal, old friend
learn that a Trinidad newspaper wa and colleague in the banana struggle'
quite indignant, that Britain had But you forgot that .the Xmas banana
sent a warship to Anguilla. Wells, season 1972-1973, the price ,paid was
well, sinee when was Anguilla under 3 a lb. The price rose appreciably
Trinidad? Anguilla is financed by b Defore Xmas and after January; that
Britain. and they have made roads, price was not published and it was
given them electricity, built a inot paid. Asked subsequently at
wharf and an airport and pay for thehe- Londonderry Boxing Plant about
running of the island; surely they this piece of irregularity,Mr. John
have a right to ;take a warship thel Van Geest replied in the hearing of
if there is zign of a disturbance? ,a big banana crowd: "That is a mat-
If Trinidad had done all these and ter for you and your Governmenti"
(like Tobago) Anguilla was flying Now he'is getting deep into the Cit-
the Trinidad flag, then it could x2us Business.
object to the warship', but under Women at Boxing Plants continue
the circumstances, I think it, is to lift heavy bunches of bananas -
pure imrpertinencel As usual they 60, 70 80 lbs and put them down
add that it sayours of Cblonialism three times before reaching the sales.
(some of us West Indians would hve Some women have 40 to 50 bunches.
nothing to talk about if we could The. Banana Management Boss is not
not use Colonialism & Imperialism).-aware of this. BBut when a new move
Bat how many'of our present rulers is put upon poor growers, he sign's,
were educated and now hold-their to it with grace and pride. Nor is
positions due to Colonialism and any notice taken of women whose haniz
Imporialisml are in water two to three days wash-
So now we are suffering from ing bananas. Yet there is a lot of.
Africanism and the standard of ed- talk of human rights and women.s wel-
ucation has dropped low. Children fare and rights.
now are only taught about their The trouble is, in Dominica actim
petty string of islands and they and progress is vested in D,B.S.
never learn about the people of the Agricultural progress is now vos-
past who did good for our islands ted in Exhibitions which take up a
(as. many did); they are only drilledgreat deal of money, also-the time
in the worst "aspects, and often an of innumerable agricultural district
untrue side of slavery, so that: experts whom peasants normally .nev-
racism will go from badi to worse. er see. The -End Product? A goodhow,
The majority of West Indians now a success afterwards no activity
, believe that white people went' to in soil or industry. This suits the
Africa and rounded up Africans like agricultural graduates very well
animals, put them on ships and took- nSTATE OF DOMI A
them out to the West Indies to work,. ITTE BY REGISTRATION ACT
also that they ill-treated them all, Schedule of RpplicSTRT for Cert-
They are never told that the African ificate of .itle andNotng thereon
Chiefs rounded people ificate of wTle ndoting thereon
and sqld them to Portugese and Arab. or Caveat for week ending 9th Aril
traders who drove them to the coast ~1977'
T__e nimal s and in turn sol d them (sea P.6) Person Nature of RequeT
.F- E S H AR. R I VA L & I i) Date of Presen- whether for Cer-
Request ting tificate of Ti-
Barker's Liquid of Life le or Noting thereon or Caveat.
Barker's Liquid of Life Tablets R R
De Witts Pills Request Lionel Ri request for the
De Witts Antacid Powder dated 25 Simon by, issue;of aFirst
Gelusil' Tablets & Suspension' March1977 his Soli' Certificate of
H.P. B Complex Capsules Presented citor 'Title in respect
Neko Soap 4th Apr'- Zena L. of a portion of
Protein Plus Tablets 1977 at Moore land known as a
Sucrets Throat Lozenges 10.57 a. .Dyer Lot at Scotts
Scouts Emulsion Head in the Parish of St.Mark con-
Tampax, Regular & Super training 2464 square feet and bounded
Wheat Germ Oil Capsules as follows:- Ndrth: Land of Sharn
Witch Hazel Perrier and Severine P.Delsol; East:
t a Land of 'Shan Perrier; South: Land oi
THE DOMINICA DISPENSARY CO. LTD. Max3miti Fevrier and Wilson Francis;
Sest: the Sea. '
WITHOUT A REFERENDUM FIRST (Concluded by Caveat Note p.)

.- -. *- ;

Page Five

Friday, April 15, 197,7

-T, H E S T A. R

Frida.v 15th Aril 1977 TH STAR Pe three


When the people of Dominica have decided to go independent by
their free and voluntary vote, they will at the same time be choosing
the form of Government that they wish for themselves. There is much
to be said for the choice of a Republic. Eventually we will get there
as other developing nations have reached that goal in the past and so
it is well for us to decide to do so in one step from semi-colonial
rule to republic. We must therefore take time out for consideration
Sand after careful thought and precise and detailed drafting to embark
on the final step of our status. One of the important reasons for
giving this consideration at this point of time is that we the people
of Dominica know that we cannot afford the unnecessary expenditure to
upkeep the trappings of the present.situation which exists regarding
our titular head of state. It is to our benefit to get rid of the
anachronism with the next step in change of status.
At present our Head of State is supposed to be the Queen's
Representative but he is in fact the appointee of the Premier. He
carries out no functions for the Queen except perhaps taking the
salute on the march past on the Queen 's official birthday. The
cocktail or punch party which he throws on that day is rigidly
controlled by the Premier especially as regards invitees.
I would be surprised if the monthly reportsto the Queen which
Governor's are supposed to make are still submitted. In any event
such a report would hardly carry an impartial and unbiased view of
things as they are in Dominica. Our present Head of State acts as if
he is the representative of the Government rather than the Governor
of the State and the people of Dominica. He is unable to divorce
himself from the Labour Party who appointed him and who maintain his
appointment and I doubt if he would be comfortable in his position if
another party formed the Government.
A few days ago when the inauguration of the Freedom Village
Council of St Joseph took place, the Chairman attempted to make
reference (in reply to the political remarks of the Parliamentary
Secretary who represented the Premier) to the many instances of
discrimination against -former Councils by the Local Government
authorities. The Governor who was present grew restless and finally
sent word to the Chairman to desist because he would not sit there
to hear criticisms of "his Government". He was quite prepared however
to permit the acts of discrimination to be carried out against his
people of the State! This is a misguided view of the role of any
head of State who is the servant of all the people and not of any
particular party.
Even where the legislation gives functions to the Governor he
prefers to pass it on to the ministers to deal with and in making his
appointments to boards and commissions he fails to grasp the
opportunity to do valuable service to the country. The appointments
which have been made in the last decade illustrate clearly that the
Head of State has abdicated from his 'position and merely becomes a
rubber stamp for the Premier of Dominica. It is very much feared that
appointments by the Governor on the advice of the Premier are simply -
appointments by the Premier over the signature of the Governor.
Because of the fact that we have seen the position not made
proper use of in the past we must seek some other method of appointing
a head of state and we must appoint a Head of State who serves the
people. Dominica cannot afford to throw away close on $100,000.00
on such a position to reap absolutely no benefit from it. This
wasteful exercise must stop.
It will naturally be asked "how do we avoid having a head of state
who is not the minion of the party in power} The answer is simple.
By election of our head of state by the people. It is done in other
countries and can be done in Dominica.
First of all it would be necessary to decide how such an officer
would be nominated. We consider that he should be nominated by a
meaningful number of people in the State representing the various walks
of life in the community. He should then be elected by the people in
secret ballot divorced from party politics and about a year after the
General Election.

Fridas 15Sh, A~ril. 1977


Page three

; 1077 MR? S T AR Page four

It may also be asked what will be the duties of this President?
One can conceive of many, to begin with he will be responsible for
defence and be the head of the armed forces no more little man
Colonel and Captains of the Guyanese armies for Dominica. In fact
the constitution should provide that persons who carry ranks in armies
of foreign countries should lose their citizenship, unless they do so
by virtue of being citizens of that foreign countries.
The President would also be responsible for police and Internal
The President would be responsible for Foreign Affairs.
The President would preside over the Parliament of the State.
We would therefore get rid of another anachronism that of Speaker.
One might ask what would happen to the Premier he would be the
chief minister of Government and the leader of the House. And as
such he would have the right to nominate members to Boards, and
Commissions to represent his side of the House while the Leader of
the Opposition would nominate members to represent his side of the
House. The President would always nominate the Chairman, and this
without the obligation to consult anyone, prior to making such
The President would have the right and the duty to adjourn any
measure which he-considers impinges on the rights of particular
interests until in his opinion there has been sufficient publicity
and time to permit those special interests to make an application
to Parliament to be heard on the matter.
The President would have an original vote and a casting vote in
It must be stressed that the head of State under the Republic
as envisaged, would be a working head of state and the post would
not be a sinecure. To ensure that he brought his talents to work for
the benefit of Dominica, in as unbaised and sincere manner as possible
the President should not be a person who has been in active politics
during the past 10 years.
With a President such as is envisaged the post of Ombudsman need
not be filled in the immediate future for the President would because
of his manner of selection and election be able to redress many of the
administrative wrongs which now exist and go uncorrected.
There would have to be provisions made to ensure that the
President is not obstructed unduly by the carrying out of his
functions re defence, foreign affairs and internal security. But even
the President would be subject to the checks and balances so necessary
for good government, so that his actions could be vetoed by a vote of
75% of the members of the Parliament of the State.
So that by this method of appointment of the Head of State we
avoid having full power concentrated in any one hand.
Few Dominicans realise that the present system makes a mockery
of government by the .people which is what Democracy is all about -
and even a greater mockery of Democratic Socialism which is the new
catchphrase on the lips of our so called Leaders.
Just a little thought makes it quite clear that whatever is
decided in Cabinet (and if we can listen to the Labour rumour mongers
the decisions of Cabinet are the decisions of Patrick John) is carried
in the House. Because of the large majority which the present
Government carries as regards the seats in the House although they
could not even muster the majority of the votes in the country -
whatever the Ministers say must go does in fact go. Back-benchers
are too afraid or too indifferent or too unknowing to contend with
the Front Bench and raise queries or vote against or even abstain
from voting on measures which are brought up by Government Leaders.
Yet it is obvious from their expressions and their unwary motions some-
times, that they often are not in agreement with the Front Bench. This
was made manifest when on the occasion of the introduction of legislat-
ion levying a rent rate, the Premier, in spite of previous agreement in
Cabinet to a 2.5% rate, at the mere "a temp" of the Speaker decided to
raise it to 25o. It was the hurried consultation by a backbencher which
reduced it to 10%. If the Backbenchers utilised their democratic and
human rights, more often many mistakes would be avoided. But since
they have failed to do so for so many years in the past we must build
in the checks and balances and one of these is a President rather than
a Governor.

Pane four


nl-~-.. .~ICIL. 1 077

. Ts E S A TR Pt &7a s A"p S, 19
,_ _____-I- -----Tpp_ a* .
I 't:w AP-.tT 'tK^j'js' K A2S1 fl^L: T.*^ ^. ^BE
4 no taM fop r.{ fCA 3_L_ GA O Q
4 I.. c ft.' .. "+ ra -M -- ---- 7 -- *
'.: w0 -it i e W.1 &Q" I ationsRa, u- irMiibed "or theb
S,. poat of Oner.:1 to the o Doi.
tw. ,46-f- TS 'y::Tn iun Eo4vAna Groitre Agsgedationa
,.- ,,: .,- Ap fic. ita should hold a degree n,
+*.-- f-.,,^.I..^ A.'.+'f o. "..,5 u-,(tioneae aOlminisatottom witl at least
'' '-.. .r Waoe yar exj riefos t top ~t aeo-
;=*,, .: j$ 'mont. las the absence of a d ogr
bdn of as F.:r'wio* ;rs be SLv4 V9 put
I, f a r-& T-olt ifi troj 't-andidate with ten str *?e years oe
.a'+a eT w6r itil in r tn'- sxperiTa-Fe its a rspoiaible manager
,s". :'r.Ted. '.~4sti~st of a poyrJ, paity. idditi.Moa n dipo2m or
i, BT AlT .tl; on of Q l d'qree in 4A*rioult'ne wtnld be a
A.*2 he:, or *i tr at PMortsmottht gr ady3d;is:ig ,
3.1 i t41 tre ~irtsh iant fn jt hall b ie a the
toV nya. > Bt.Johnt owar o^ntra et 1As the r.ra tateian6e.
I AET a ft# fol uws salary of the point it *34,400
v;y.... lin .V of P':- lr ti.n A Pro.on pir anmay with a taxable agrtuity
Za.;,,: i;'-ai'bcur 'it4e; Su-ith; by bL7,1. 2 per cent of. salary on. the ter I
:~Wrtirei, lalns ~wat r y l5han nation of the ontraot.
C' .-z Aint ThR me suoneosoeul aTplicoant will be
*a to tan tain a C' .. fc r
A its ...t t onn Ithe iuc .3f toa peArt*rance.ofohi duties and a
'" Pt^ ienn te i~',,,,,a, tratwtin$g a2lowanoe of $100
I'E o 7) 7 1 his tl irEc CrtftL '' *nth F~. t silgte at the Late
.I'. ,, .t ,L. '-r oa Title 29 bera trav l11 d on, ;t.y will
.,:s. .., ot.l Ia in r~ mne Lt or"
att h' _r7y-.^ p t Pcb"Aor. "
i 1)3.raol at L'aoe The 04ntral Manager is the, Chief
i:-,* ''e O r it ;' iab e rontainsl$teutive Ofice-r of the Aodoia-
-.- 7'0 aer-re fe;b and m de as tfiton and ia responsible to lthe
3 'Jo Istd iU-i thr-exst, larl ')F PteA Board af MNnagement for Uae day to
rri,. .?"th:-EA IttEin a't tfonie day l on'pation of the Association.
G O.;r' ahtt of Paylor Simon; He shall confti;qr to tho wrdvisiona,
W'e !' d of M..i'rr-i u in of tho Bfananon Ordinanroo and the
`--3- --.-: t,' rule's wdew by the board of
?%. .r,,t du M ent^ and such other
a6. 1 h b b l a. o a1,=1 a .sR... ...a y be 1i-
M 4.i,9t .i. t I Iora e tin we S8tate from time to ,
"* t' ii- tfite i~n t ine as thte unsa. m be applicable,
5h p.4 j a A.. p of rrs *. Apol.otnicfne shcAld be addressed
e %i gna. tls 04 of I.ani .o the ExecutLive hairmtan,Bania
3hall HIl, tGrowers AssaoiationS Rooeas to
Y;$,rT t1~tO, fi, rh er F7'on ig, t'enehia t not. later than 301i
i n -ur' 'tn .A of*,:tatninc April, 1977.
t*,*; -!tre toat or O0I62 'orse JOPFPS 4. ROBUISON
ip .-pi oufldL-.6 at olowrs.. north by. a .-1* fOStO'1ll{ALUi '
i.(E-"V t I' ePnr-Aing it fro.m GCove rnMiMt 'th April.19??7 v
|Fial>a; ,'Snaf by Ocv'Srt;monb lAri;dac
.'m^'^ tnr ThX P;lj mRmn se1 r e a *q. m t L2
Ifa 1.E t by (ito & iv.t4 ia tra. ti r U ridis. I.
,re.Lc it from -hvurnmnor laUndsj

.^tee ^* ew ,i `FtJyarr ]lfi' .* ft %40" how I !*A""T* 1
eo.ctanu'l.... r of 1itete TA naB nQj. .
bf .t: Any desires to a
:to the,' iieist of. a PiFt Cors
Iicfiate of FTitle Oi tht above rtixt MAl&
1a&ic1ns ma wnter a CMVCa t in the 6 et
as iAta of tuh A.aib tp arInMe '
1nsr. Sc.aduls i thy A AR newt f
I"t or Vjl.4bishehd in this -aBsatate or
fm th le 4fhri. the Notolae pre*r .
aesib-d by law was last uarvuo a. respeu of se app@tlSa |
Sn4 ..aP0 nat o ft.dcOj) w lorda waere aAd r.
A, -C ,


C -C


*3-S-T-;;-A-;R S-;:-PO--;;-R-T'-sS o Morchriston'
Michael Findlay completely misread
conditions at Barbados Kensington
Oval: through his bad judgement be-
fore the-match,Combined Islands
slumped to ignoble defeat .giving
Barbados their- 6th Shell Shielddch'
ionship-and their 4th under David,
Eolford, who also won the limited
O0.overs a side Gillette competition
for the 2nd year,
Findlay won the toss, sent in Bar-
bados to bat with four quick bow-
lers. From then on the Islanders
were up against it. By lunch B/doR
112/2, at tea 222/3 and by close
of 1st day's play 361/4. During the
last session, Emerson Trotman(even-
tually dismissed for 99) and -.Ricky
Skeete, 80, were, particularly sever
on the fas bowlers, picking-out
'Andy Roberts & Norbert Phillip for
special treatment. On the 2nd day
the Islanders dismissed the remain,-
ing 6 batsmen for a further/ 10 run
Barbados'all out $11. David Murray
a fine 113, his 4th first class cm-
tury; G.Greenidge 50, Roberts 3/127
and Derek Parry 4/1134.
The Combined Is. in their turn
replied with-only 23s, with Richadgs
registering his 3rd Shell century
and V.EddyL41 the only batsmen to
resistJ.Garner & C.King 4 wkts
Sent in to bat a' 2nd time, the
.Islands averted the innings defeat,
LeeaVingg Barbados to get 53 forawin,
Jii Allen reached 101 before he
was surprisingly given out, run out
King took a further 4/118. *FINAL
SCORES:Barbados 11 & 58/4, Ch.mbinn-
ed Islands'?35 and 328,*
TRINIDAD joined Comb.Is. 'n 2nd
place with "24 defeating Guyana (in
Guyana) for the first time in 22
years, by 9 wickets. Guyana played
without their current test stars,
their only experienced batsman be-
ing L.Baichan,who lead the team, F,
Bacchus & L.Shivnarine.Skipper,
Prince Bartholomew; young & prbmis-
ing Randall Ryan kept wicket. SCORES
Gtyana (sent in to bat) 177 & 214.
Trinidad 332,and 60 for'one.
IPAKISTAN had the 4th win of.their
current WoI.tour, defeating Jamaica
by 6 wickets,SCORES: Jamaica 303 & i
140; Pakistan 312 & 135 for 4. ;*-:-
Pakistan's Capt.Mustaq Mohammad,ac-,
cused W.IT's Andy Roberts and. Joel
Garner of chucking. He said. Garnerb
faster deliveries were the ones to
watch and Robertsishould have an-
other screen tests (Local Sports 63

Printed Pubished by the Proprie-
*top R,E.Allfrey of Mill House adopt
Hall at 26'Bath Road. Roseau, Dobmi-
a nica, West Indies.

Friday. Aoril 15. 1977


Page SiX

'--'-- -

If the peasants dontt want to fend
for themselves, that is their busi-
,ness4 The DBGA has no right to
keep back part of the increased.
price; surely the Annanias and Sa-
phira stunt should cease You never
know how much i taken and it is
not your business either to be told
,the substantial amount not paid.
Growers are finding It harder to
live... Mr. Vivian Whitets contract
having been concluded, he has left:
this unhdly banana business.
The reason given by a Minister
why the Inquiry Report cannot be,
published' s that it will ref?2ecto
upon the Government. Saying that
makes the reflection disgraceful
It its more than. time that the
banana industry gets an honest deal.
14.Wh knows what' is in the new banana
contract? S R & O' replace banana
laws on the stattebooks.' That will
be a very special feature of Inde-
Fight on, VidalT If I am. dead,
my spirit will support you.
to British merchant shippers. Any'
educated person would-know that np
white man could then have gone into
the African forests and round up
peoplelThat was done by the African
Chiefs who W,~st Indians now think
of as Godsl (Part II next week)
(The'writer of the above articlR
lived as a child in Dominica; nqw
resides in another island; has ask1d.
for anoi lymity. Editor).
It bleeds my heart when I se6
the good work we Ihave done being
destroyed by the,Leblanc-Patrick
Government. About 3-4 years ago
the -Btitish Army handed the GovtY.
a piece of bridge when the Old Ros-
eau Bridge fell, and was assured
that they would put a new Bridge as
early as possible. Madam your Rea-
ders .can see that there is no sign
of a New .',Bridge; but Govt, is now
putting Bulldozer by the old Bridge,
digging the river that is to throw
the old Bridge.
Now Madam once'you donut support
that Government they will not use
the talents of people who know- bet-
ter about the development of Domin-.
ica. The Govt. Ministers only like,
to call themselves big names such
as Minister of Fisheries when there
is no fish, Chancellor of the Ex-
chequer when they have nothing to
check, Colonel without training and
Captain without training. In a nut-
shell their only training is to
travel over the world wasting the
taxpayers' money _-- E.CL.

; --i-- ? ------i-- L; .. I. _-Y( ~.I -L~I -2-

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