Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). April 7, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). April 7, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: April 7, 1977
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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lephone: Editor 2610
Uiepreseittive :
Coliln Tunber (Ioii)U
12 ShaftesbiryAve u u e
Lidnion, WIV HiA8,jEnL
S Voi. XXIV io' 15 Editor -'
Thurada t Ap-rl 7, 19771'
3 and 2. We regret that we carfno
publish any more of the several
articles and letters that came in
on this subject nor the many
referring to disappointment over
S rving Shillingford'C recent scoe
If Dominicans required any fur-
ther proof that our present polit-
ical leaders are only bent on en-
joying themselves at the expense
of the taxpayers, they have got it
S -now with the latest "junket" trip
to Eu'rope, resulting only in the
confirmation of long-promised con-
cessions from France.
How dan anyone justify that six,
Government persons were necessary
to have preliminary talks with the
British onIndependence? Why did
the Manager' of DBS radio have to
go? Why did the Cabinet Secretary
have to go? Surely, if a"Secretary"
was needed up there, the British
could have been asked to provide,
one, or we could have used someone-
frnm nir own Ra sntprn Crr rhh n 'nm-


kis Slz5hia~Alnd Aey



Fifteen Cent IEe


We must live new lives now. We
make the future different by mak-
ing the present different -- in
these times, that is to make a-fu-
iture possible. It is the most ef-
fective way we -know, not of con-
tributing to the-.creation of a
welfare state, but to the myster-
ious transformation of night into
day that begins when God rules'and
transforms our hearts.
The ambition.,of Gandhi's life-
was.,to see God face to face. It
is a matter of seeing what is
right in front of us in this
case not the existence of this or
that, but Existe'nce itself.
The friends of our Brother Jesus
had Reality itselff before their.
eyes, butf they couldn'-t see. 'It
was still night.
SThe dawn follows the long night
of the crucifixion.

(A quotation from'Robert Ellsberg,,
writing in The Catholic Worker.)

mission The famous and popular Giraudel
Yet I gather that even more flower show Easter, Monday a.m.4*
squandermania is to come (and this A big exhibition of arts and crafts
in the context of Government n6t at $t.Martints School, April 13-15.
being able to meet its monthly sal- Exhibits (drawings, paintings, gra-
ary commitments'.) (Concluded p. 6& phics, ceramics, textiles, sculp-
ture, handicraft, homecraft eta),
SPEECH DAY 1977 of D. G. S. will be assembled there products
There are 602 students and 1-6 fems ,of Primary & Secondary ..Schools
S throughout. the State, *"--:;-. -;;E--s:--
at the Dominica Grammar School: it The first phase of the pilot tim-
is bursting at the seams. Their ber logging & saliill project be-
*speech day was very ple,asant;Alwin gins in Juy under Mr.G-len Heggs,
Bully compered it; the interim en- 'Regional Forestry Adviser to the
tertainment was most enjoyable.Hon. W.I,based British Development Div-
Mr.Christian spoke ofstandards, vision. Two of Forestry's Staff (Mr.
chauvinism & patriotism, and much E.Jerome and Mr. D.F.Oharles)are
else. What did he think of the Hous to be trained in Britain and will
work with Mr. Heggs, who has an
debate? We learned that there will Aberdeen Univ. degree in Forestry-
be "English by radio" soon. Bra-vo. A new National Sports Council is
WE ARE SELLING OUT to be started to control the (French)
OUR STOCK OF SMOKING Stadium etc. -is-- DIVORCES: we have
SP P E S G ,-read in overseas papersthat the.
P P E S Trudeaus are separating. A pity,
AT A DISCOUNT OF 50 Here, Mr. Eustace Francis has boen
THE DOMIINCA DISPENSARY CO. LTD. divorced by his wife, and the A.G.
in-7 4,2_ is divorcing his Dominican wife.**-

"I"` -~- ~-

----c~- ~ ~~---~--~1~--~"~~--~-

r-f~R'", ..r .. -----~_

.11~5~% hi~ia
rsa 1~

We wish all
rA 1our redaers
a quiet:
0S^ Good Friday,
Gam tI and a very hap-
py E A 3 T E R

Page Two


Thursday,April ,.' 1W77

I always remember my late mother
Elizabeth StVvens' often repeated
saying: "The longest-liver sees the
most". So let me list -some strange
things: why did not .the Speaker,
call for order in the gallery when
pandemonium reigned during the
speeche-s by pertain Opposition mem-
b t~iPbt,: -Surely it is the duty of
the Speaker of the House to ensure
that every speaker on the floor is
not unduly disturbed.
There is such a thing as "pri-
vilege" but privilege can well be
abused. The other day'Premier Pat-
rick John told Dominicans that he
wants thp same powers and privilege
possessed by Mr. James Callaghan,
British Prime, Mni-ster, to make the
appointments in the State. Does he,
Patrick John, consider that his up-
'roarious conduct on Monday last en-
titles him to be'given any power at
al1? He referred to matters before
the Courtsin an unparliamentary wW.,
-My lqte wife and-.I attended both
Houses during our 4-months holiday
in Britain, and despite hot debates
we never saw members display this
type of conduct, nor would '.such
'conduct have been condoned by (Con-
servative) Speaker, Sir Selwyn lloyd.
But the longest-liver sees the mdst
and anything happens in Dominica.
I sometimes pitied the poor U.K.
Speaker,,dressed up there for long
hours having nothing to say.Prayers
done,- then the. Adjournment, There
was no'bitterness despite hot de-
bates on both sides on issues affec-
ting all Parties. Our House of Ass-
embly is a scheme for more hate,
threats and discrimination,
Eventually Hon.Pat -S evens bowed
and walked -out. .The Speaker was
AFTERWARBS invited to name him!
Subsequently Pat contacted the
Clerk, Mrs. Marie Davis Pierre and
pointed out that he was NOT named,
as DBS had-stated; she persuaded
DBS that their publication
I must express that I was shock-
ed at the conduct which ,I heard
over the Radio, Don't you think
those low and dirty expressions
aimed at' the Leader of-the Opposi-
tion were ,base and shameful from a
House of Parliament? -It wuas. a House
of Scandal I always thought that,
when anything out tf place was'said
in Parliament, the individual was
checlted and deemed "unparliamentary'
and you mean to say they passed
S (concluded on page 6)

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Vlheat Germ Oil Capsules

Lot 183 square feet on Great '
Marlborough Street
with wooden house thereon.

P.O. Box 121
28 Old Street, ROSEAU

S-,echford by-election result:
Conservative majority over Labour
2,000 votes. 1Mr. Roy Jenkins-, who
resigned to become President of
the European Community,,held the
seat for 26 years his previous
(Labour) majority was 12,000.

The current state-of the parties
in the British House of Commons is
Labour 3 10 ,
Conservative 279-.
Liberal 13
'Scottish National Party 11
Welsh Nationals (Plaid Cymru) 3
United Ulster Unionists. 8
Ind. ULster Unionists 2
Soc./Democratic & Labour
S (N.IrelBnd) 1
Scottish Labour Party 2.
-,The Speaker and his' three
Depiuties (do not vote) .
There .is one vacant seat.
*-----------^- __ __ .
The retail price per imperial gal-
lon of gasolene,dieseline Kero-
sens has been raised from April 1.
Gasolene is $2.37 Wholesale & "
$2.55 retail; Kerosene is'$1.62 ~
wholesale and $1.76 retail.

o- -- '. .
,,+ +

: j

------r-~~ --- -L- I--L_~- -~-I. L--l-- _Ci i. -----L* _-. -II- ~-L_ -_ _.--

rch 1977, the Queens- Representative, the Governor
3ad the Speech from the Throne. This Speech is
i Cabinet for the State of Dominica and is the general
rk to be carried out by the Government of Dominica
ng session. The session of Parliament commenced this
h of March 1977 and will continue until the Premier
it. Usually it ends about the end of December.
Therefore in their preparation of this speech from
supposed to face realities and to insert in that
1 plans that they envisage and. intend to carry out
months period before them.
government has' been-criticised each year because
le provisions-appear to be in the Speech from the
cates that they have never carried out the plans
to have made for the country. Not unusual since
Sat the Labour Government likes to promise but does
S1n-fn e r year are not
tpleted in that year and therefore they .eep
year one must query why then use the
from the Throne when what they require is an
Lan of.Performance! Not a statement of a
"or the next nine .months.
7 t debate takes place on the Speech from the Throne,
sters are supposed to be in the positive-since only
programme.of work is for the next few months.
)sition on the other hand is to criticism the
i the Government and to point out the omissions.
)n the Speech from the-Throne which took place on
each member of the Opposition who spoke
nmsnt and showed areas which they had not touched
in a faulty manner. Fortunately for the
Share, the Member from iarigot Pat. Stevens, had
L 'he lack of provision in the pronouncement from
victor of agriculture. This brought out from the
ps which were being planned. But to any
us that the plans which he spelt out were not
Sa during the next nine months and some of them
-endy mostly by persons in the private sector.
health and Industrial Relations and Welfare had
'peech.from the Throne and his speech in the
-.U uo much to amplify his programme for the next nine

The other Ministers took the opportunity to abuse the members
of the Opposition. One iMinister gave a list of what he called
achievements achievements of the past 16 years all of which could
b' counted on one hand; completely ignoring the fact that his task
was to lay out in detail what he intended to achieve before
Next New Year's Day!
But the two ministers who should have had most to say, that in
charge of Finance and the Premier, used the opportunity to utter
untruths, abuse, filthy stories and filthy words about the Opposition,
in particular about the Leader of the Opposition. They both broke
every rule in the book on the conduct of debates in the House of
Assembly. The new Speaker sqt by and accepted most of it. At no time
did tho-e two Ministers advert to the Speech from the Throne. To a
stranger who did not know what this was all about, they might have
thought it was a Free For All and the bouncing ball was the Leader of
the Opposition. The wonderful thing about it is that this was carried
live on radio although no committee under the Parliamentary
Broadcasting Proceedings Act had given permission for this to be
broadcast. In fact in spite of numerous attempts on the part of the
Leader of the Opposition, the Committee has never met.
To people listening on the radio, it sounded as if the Minister
of Finance was having a fight with himself, and it sounded as if the
Premier was also having a fight with himself and had lost his voice


ADril. 1977

'P H X S 'P A R

Paae three

~~ SC~I




Thursday 7th April, 1977 T H E S T A R Page four

or strained his vocal cords in so doing.
But the Leader of the Opposition had sensibly left them to
befoul the air with their utterances in her absence. She wisely left
them to their unbecoming behaviour while she carried out more
important duties elsewhere. For it is not the duty of any member
of Parliament to stay to listen tq nonesense and rubbish and pure
vulgar abuse. Only the Speaker is bound to do this; but this is
a role which he chooses to endure for whatever reason he may have or
may move him so to do. No member assists the nation in listening
to men who have never learned to behave themselves.
But these live broadcasts even if contrary to law do a lot of
good because the people can for themselves hear what their leaders
get on with when they should be doing the work of the country;
when they should be trying by every avenue possible to create
employment in the country. This they fail to do and no wonder one
of the speakers in the debate referred to them as "playboys,
rudderless and in fact a "labelle" government"- they rush around
like fireflies to no purpose burning out their light.
Yet they strut around in their fine clothes and talk of
discipline. In introducing the Bill creating National Service the
Premier again spokefor an hour on the matter and the trend of his ta
talk was discipline. Again and again we heard the Premier, Minister
of Finance and Minister of Hyraulics talk of discipline. The latter
two were grateful to Great Britain for having afforded them the
opportunity of getting discipline during the time they did national
service in that country. A less disciplined trio it would be hard
to find. The word is known to them but the actuality is beyond
their reach and every citizen even their supporters and admirers -
know this. In fact they are admired for their acts which show a
lack of discipline by one sector of the community. Only undisciplined
men could have conducted themselves in the disorderly manner of the
I.inisterof Finance and the Premier in the House of Assembly Debate
last Monday.
Besides the word discipline which hit them that day, they were
bitten with the bug of "rumour". They blamed all their ills and set
backs on rumour mongers. But they never replied to the accusation
of Pat Stevens that rumour had it that they had sent for an
additional $23,000.00 to finance the last jaunt to England. This
was the occasion to give the lie to that rumour. The Opposition
had to remind them that it was the Minister of Agriculture who had
stated that rumours were listened to so much by the Premier asofcause
character-assasination of other members of the Cabinet this clearly
indicated that it was the supporters of the Labour Party, who alone
have the ear of the Premier, who were the rumour-mongers.
The Minister of Finance was reminded also that he was the chief
rumour monger since he in his attempt to do harm to a financial
institution which he envied and 'whidh he wished to close, had spread
rumours about the said institution, rumours that were so obviously
false that his colleagues abroad thought little of him for
spreading such false rumours. His listeners here despised him even
more for uttering such falsehoods since they knew that he had
welcomed a loan of $300,000.00 from the saidinstitution only two
months earlier.
It was clear that Dominica would never get investments while
these playboys are seeking it, Would be investors soon take their
measure and realise that no good can be obtained from even chatting
to such Ministers. Badly mannered as they are, decrying other
Leaders in the country because they do not support their cause and
the indiscriminate use of the word "COMRADE" by them. But the
Leaders of Government are incapable of thinking these things out
for themselves, they are too bent on making mischief and creating
hatreds in the country. What i sad is that they used the
occasion of the speech from the Throne for the purpose of displaying
their bad manners instead of making it the Great Debate it would have
been. In the meantime the country continues to do down the


Page Fie T H E S
Schedule of'Application for CertifiF
cate of Title and Noting thereon. or
Caveat for week ending the Zad day
of Anrit 19L77, .
Date person Nature of ie-,
Prbsented a Presenting quest whether-
for a Cer ificate of Title or Noting
thereon. or Caveat.


Thursday, April' 1977

Applications are invited for the
post of General Manager to the Dom-.
inica Banana Growers Association,
Applicants should hold a degree in:
business administration with at least
three years'experience in, top Annage-


Request da, Ashley Requ'est forthement. In the absence of a degree
ted 15th George Per-issue of aFis consideration may be viven to any
Feb.1977 sonal Rep- Certificateof candidate with ten or more years of
Presented resentative Title in res- experience in a responsible manageria
31st March of Virgini ect, of a por.capacity, In addition a diploma or
1977 at. Alexis de-ion of land. degree in Agriculture would be.a
11.25 a,, ceased by at Portsmouth great 'advantage.
his Solici-in the Parish
hi s Solic the Parish, Appointment, shall be on a three
Vanpif, SJo hnoo iear contract in the first instance.
Dupigny. gaining 1392
square feet and bounded a follows: The salary of the post is $14,400'
North: by land of Franklih A. Baron per annum, .with a taxable gratuity
tast: by Harbour Lane; South: by Land f 2' per cent of. salary onr the, ter-

of Edwin Williams;- West: by land ol mination of the contract.
M4il.icent. Adre. The successful.applicant will be..
Request da Gladstone Reqtest for required to maintain'a motor car for
ted 1st, tienner the issue of thd performance of his duties and a
Feb, 1977 by his bl- First. Certifi asic trading Allowance of $100
Prsente itr cate. of Title per month plus mileage at the rate
ef 3' Cents traveled on.. duty-will
31st March, Vanya in respect of 3 cents traveled on duty will
1977 at Dupigny. a portion ofe paid
11 -45 am i land at Laroche, The General Manager is the Chief
in the Parish of .t.Patrick contain- Executive Officer of the AssQcia-
ing-7200 square feet and bounded as tion and is responsible to the
follows:- North-West':. ldnd of Peter Board of Management for the day to
Simon; South-East: land of lonie day operation, of the Association.
George; Ea'st: land-of Taylo'r Simon; He shall conform tothe provisions
South-West: land of Martin Simon. of the Banana Ordinance and the
-.---LE wk.endin 9th A^r r a rules made by the Board of
Request da. k L ies r the Management and such. other
ted 15th Hyacinth issue of a irsE Rules and Regulations as may be in:
March 1977 Hy cnth .issue f a.Fs force in the State from time to,
Presented by her Crtiicate o 'time as the same may be applicable.

Applications should be'addressed,
to the Executive Chairman,Banana
growers Association, Roseau, to
reach him not later than_ 30th
April, 1977.
5th April,1977 12-/
I". ..m ,, .

respect of which: these applicationnS
were made. I

5th April Cilma A.M. pect of a por-
1977 at Dupigny. tion of land at
9,.35. am, Bell Hall,
Portsmouth-, in the Parish of St.John,
in'the'State of Dominica,containing
28,83605 square feet- or 0.662 acres
end bounded as follows:- North by, a
Ravine separating it from Government
lands; East by.Government lands;
^North-West by the Public Road sep-
arating it from Government lands;
'South by Government Lands.

RoseauL Registrar of Titles.
NOTE: Any person who desires to ob-
ject to the-issuing of a First Cert-
Ificate of Title on t'he.above appli-
cations may enter a Caveat in the,
above-office within six weeks from
the date of thh first appearance of
these.Schedules in the STAR news-
paper published in this State or
from the date when the Notice pre-
scribed'by law was last .served 9n
any occupant of adjoining lands in

N 0 T I C E
'chase all good tDt Special or
-Belfast Special'empty rum bottles
at 15 ,per bottle, and empty IDI
Special or Belfast Special cartons
in good condition at 30 per car-
ton at the- following locations:-


-T- i-. ---~_1~~~- _r__~. *-
A I,
( '* 4' '

I .., -rT7lii~-i-~ 7-~Cl-I .1. -;: I-~L I -.~-1 ;-

. ,II mJ l -I


, -


Page Si T H E S T AR Thursday, April 7, 1977
-S*STA--RSP-::-O*R*S -Morchriston IFROM B.S. ,PORTSMOUTH (from page -2
CRICKET: Pakistan Levels Series audacious remarks when the Leader
of the Opposition walked out' Did.
Mustaq Mohammad, captain of the they expect any well-bred Member to
Pakistan touring team to W.I., put sit listening to their low and slan-
on a sterling performance in the derous expressions? What was the
4th test match against-the West In purpose of that meeting? There seem-
dies at Queen's Park Oval,Trinidad ed to be only one item on the agenda:
to level the series' one-all with 'Belching Low Expressions on the Op-'
2 matches drawn and the 5th and fi position". I found this to be the
nal one-to be played at Sabina Pk. main'topic and it also reminded me
Jamaica, April 15-20.. For the sec- of a-film, "The Plbanet of Apes",
ond time in his long cricketing where at a conference, the support-
career (which started at age 15) ers clapped and applauded all the
he scored a century and took 5 wic- heap of nonsense, delivered by mem-
kets also in the Same test-innings ber Apes.
The only other player 'to achieve Holy Week is with us, so I wish
this feat is. W.I.' Gary Sobers,/wh a HAPPY EASTER to you and all your
did it three times! readers. B.S.
Clive Lloyd won the toss and san .JEERUDIANS ARE CLEVER P.-OPLE by
in the Pakistanis to bat. Mustaq
(who has been struggling for form) Hugh Lawrence
topscored with 121, his .tenth test News has just reached me that the
century, in Pakistan's total of3 Bermaudian Parliament is to introduce
West Indies in -their turn at the a bill to help the small business
crease started with a bright 73 people there, I must call this cle-
before the first wicket fell.There ver andfull of wisdom.
Upon.they never recovered -14 all. There. may be 3 or 4 .very big bus-
out. Mustaq 5/28 of the 10,. overs inessa men, running huge supermarkets
4 maidens etc. while perhaps 100 or more small
Pakistan declared their 2nd in- ones are just forcing the ppint to
nings closed at 301/9,leaving W.I. hold on. It is fair to say that all
-to get 489 for victory in more than must live, and all should be allowed
,9 hours. After 4 the creasE to thrive so that :several young folks
they were 7/157. Andy Roberts and will get employment, and the Govern-
Deryck Murray :(35 & 30) held up ment will swell its revenue with
the end for more than 2 hours be- licenses and taxes. God bless them.,
fore W.I. finally succumbed for A NATIONAL SCANDAL (from p,l)
222, 4 Final scores: Pakistan 341 Whilst the Premier alone was in-
& 301/9-dec. Mustaq 121 & 56;Majid vited (expenses paid) To visit some
Ihan 92 Wasim Raja 70. West In- institutions in the United States,it'
dies 154 and 222: A.Kallicharan45 has been reliably disclosed (and not
and R.Fredericks 41. Pakistan won surprisingly) that:he will take othor.
by 266 runs. advisers with him all at taxpayers'
SHELL SHIELD: Sat.April 9 12, expense
Barbados vsConibined Is, in B/dos Surely, after trips all over the
to decide the 1977 Shield winners, world by the same group of Ministers
Barbados having already won the and.bureaucrats ostensibly seeking
Gillette championship. Trinidad investment, the Premier should real-,
plays Guyana starting same day, ise that there tust be something
LEAGUE: Over the last weekend, wrong, since nothing has mat6rialisod
.Gutter Crown*, Smartians and Son- Why doesn't he discuss the-matter
erset registered wins in the Aug. with Dominican, businessmen :or. bet-
-Gregoire League. At Police Grounds tor yet, take one or two along on
Canefield, Gutter defeated Mahaut the tips if he is sincere that
by 7 wickets (95 & 42/3 to Mahaut business. investment is what he is
65.& 71.' At Windsor Park,Smart- genuinely seeking? -- DISGUSTED
ians inflicted an182.-runrun de- (name given)
feat on Blackburns who scored the .....
lowest total for the week. Scores: Starlight ,.F'lames '0; Sunstyle6
Smartians 191 & 132/9' dec; Black-: Ambassadors 72,C'n'C Cardinals 82.
burns 99 & 42. *''-In the 3rd match, Harks 68 & Bata Pros 77. *,:H^:
Somerset scrambled to a 2-wicket NE: S Vincnt casino is
victor) over Casuals,Botanical Gar- now open, Na MLrs, -Thatchor is in
dens. Scores: Casuals 121 & 150. hina. Luke Coriettois aff to
Somerdet 112 & 160/8. 4 Baaketball Guyana (Youth Affairs)
printedd & Published by the Proprietor, Robert E. Allfrey of Mill House
Copt Hall at 26 Bath Road, Dominica, West Indies.

I LB~B~ ,

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