Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). April 1, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). April 1, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: April 1, 1977
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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FOR Iftrcsu.,
Sru&, OF rf
ASSN.. f
'46t.,R~INDUSTRY &

Editor b i PhAtytrels Sbz~nd

Vol. XIC2V No. 11

Frida. APmril 1. 1977

Fifteen Ge'nts f4

S We noticed a singular silence
on the part of DBS regarding thee
.delegation to London, but this si-
l1nce was not observed with regard
toethe French log of-,the tour. Two
Broadcasts were made from rranme'to
repeat to us that the French are
going to give us certain gifts: a
sta.dium'(th-.s has been promised
time and time again from 1973), a
renewed Transinsular Road to the
airport;, rehabilitation of Fort
What lisn' t clear is whether we
have to repay or whether these are
absolutely free gifts; and what '
the people of Martinique and Guade-
loupe have to say to this'.
!'The-Prelimingry talks .were held
in the FQreign & Commonwealth Office
en 23 and,24. March, and were atten-
ded by both Gbvernment and Opposit-
ion representatives from Dominica.
It was agreed that a constitutional
conference'should be convened in3
10 London, beginning on 19 May 1977,
to discuss the terms of a constit-
ution for Dominica which might be
brought into effect following any
future decision that Dominica should
proceed to independence by the op-
'eration of the provisions gf the
West Indies Act, 1967".

'Dominica's most famous writer,
Jean.Rhys, signed the petition to
delay independence until the peo-
ple of this island have a chance
to agree on a Constitution and
have made their independence choice
through a referendum.
Jean Rhys is a completely non-
political person, so Dominicans
will realise what a great gesture
her signature is. We thank her.

Miss Charles.and Lennox Honychurch
travelled by economy class to Brit-
ain; the Govt. .(6 VIPs) travelled
1st class, and lived it up accord-
ingly. Consequently, according to
reliable information, they cppel-ed
for $23,000 more from our Treasury
to keep them going during their-ex-
tended stay in France and Geneva.
On Monday Lth Apri'l the House of
Assembly will meet. Govt. will de-
mand "a further sum of $816,800":
Governor,$2,500 ;Magistracy-.0,000;
Premier's Office $107,000;Min. of
Finance. $281,500; Min.of Ag.$57,500;
Min.Education etc. $13,300;Min.of
Home Affairs etc $149,700;Min. of
Communications etc. $100,000. And
all this less than 6 mths after the/

BIRTAIN, M9e5AbgUAii s V om a
Tri + P lno ;bA+ d A t h1 l-V 4

V- V iIII U I UrCe upa 2 aU sb
THE.WORLD'S WORST AIRCRASH' 'Roy Jenkins' seat to Conservatives.
Perishing in flames and smashed up, In FRANCE, J.CHIRAC is Paris Mayor;
578 people including several babies AIAWCesaire won handsomely in Marti-
died in the Teneriffe,,Canary Is., Ininque,Left. gains;3 Ministers dropped.
disaster when two Boeing 7Z7s met ------------
on the runway: -one plane was Dutch, C'
the other American. All Dutch peopL BELFAST ESTATE LIMITED will pur-
died..An inquiry is progres~ng,but chase all good 'D' Special or
it appears that the Dutch jumbo jet /Belfast Special empty rum bottles
pilot took-off too early. at 150 per bottle, and empty 'D'

Special or Belfast Sp
in good condition at
at the following loca
i '

ecial cartons
300 per carton


dRICM_,:Pakistan I 1594 press tinme, 'auooppead. -pri-iajlrc 19M iSian'.92-


k Vrii


-- -- ----i

u -- U

Pitten 0nts 15

I- ~-


( t"ee W,=WJD) l -)

T H E S TA R Friday,April 1, 1977

-1). E.C. Loblacl:
The Pakistani- Cricketers were week Ie heard ,E.O.Ieblane
not very happy in Dominica;twas poaking on Radio aominica. At the
-there neither a Government, liaison to oki ons voice ha condemn Arica
officerror one fro the Dominica top of-hIis vo ice he condemn America
officer orie fom the and England as ex1loiters. May I en-
Oricket Association attached to po
te to se ta t wt o ex-nlighten your readers on -2 points:
them, to-see that they went on ex-,, l.M. Church
I cursions .. ,et al people i th 1.tMr Churchill wa~ an old man who
homes, etc loc? p fought and wonq World War II; after.
,A kind friend of ours sought out te war there was a general elect
the Pakistanis at Fort Young Hotel; ,. there did not give Mr.Churchill
they were amusing themselves with the Government but he stayed in the
domino-games and dancing to their House asan Englishman to use his
own taped music, They told her that talents for the welfare of the coun-
iif they could get a plane back to- try and the people of the Commnon-
Trinidad a day earlier-they d glad- wealth.
ly do so, We don't know if anything "Z.I now turn to E.O.Leblanc, he
particular twas arranged for them who came empty-handed to join you
before their dqparturei aJld'me. We gave him our help; he
Being mainly Moslem, these sport became the Head of State.Within
men did not drown their disappbint- a few years, he bought' an estate.-
ment in- strong drink. .He built a mansion for: himself.
The Pakistanis refused to-play ie apeht t22,000 on his father's
a'limite.d overs match on the day old house- and made it new. He
after their rather-weak victory, broke a car, in the night and bought
.RETURN& T LAM E. afterr a new one in the morning; he bought
THE 3U0,00RTURS TO 'ENGLAND afterr boat and fishpot and caused the
a 30,000 mile silver'jubilee tour Governments cheque to bounce the
(her toughest everHMueen Eliza-en ba upte he cou
beth II & husband are home for' mp try ank. Thrn aw rupt
ping-up ubilee .celebrations 1 A yo'ng-lsh man like .0.
THE LITTLE .MASTER Leblanc is sitting- at Vieilie
.To Irving Shiilingford, Dominican. Case playing Dominoes. He is
Cricketer who, in spite of detract- now calling Dominicans toggo
ors and obstructionists,, reached independent quick for Domiufm-
he top Test Cricket. ,ica to become Republic so
S*, 3 that he may be the firat
We compliment you, Little Master, President. Inasmuch as lie-
For keeping cool during moments blane tells us that he has
Of rebuffs'by selfish mortals; schemes when we become in-
For being unruffled while being denied dependent he will have rights
The open door to achieve your goal /in the World Bank and the
Of being -a master of lovely cricket.. world market, why did not he
In the tumultuous battle of life' stay in -office? -. to use his
How well) you have been patient; talent for the welfare of the
How modestly you haye weathered the storm people as 'Mr.Churchill did:
During twelve, long years of waiting .. E.C.L.

Truth speaks: '"Success comes to-.him who
"To him ,io .-persists in well doinglwaits
"To him who has- the courage of a ho~ro
"To-,him who keeps plugging along"
Hold high your head" Little Master,
:Yu have made'it ... you have reached.
Dominica welcomes you, -
Little Master, the Hero,
W3th music and shouts and laughter;
The Spirit of Love abides with you,
Be modest still,
Keep plugging along,
Be courageous always,
Little Master.
-- J.R.Ralph Casimir

ARRWAS & CARIBS: Dr.Potit-Jean came
to Dominica to disprove an articdle
stating that no Caribs or -Arawaks(p.6-)
i .,

(2) Jblf Spector on LeBlano:
eblanc is wrong if he said
That no country has used a
'referendum, to- gain indepen-
dence. It was a favourite
tactio of de Gaulle, All'
..French colonies are offered
referendums; the French-Afro,
states opted for.Independence;
Martinique & Guadeloupe to
remain with Matropolitan
rance. The Comore Is.(off
Madagascar) had one too; the
biggest island,Mayotte stayed
with. France the.others "went
Independent' As to the Brit-
ish-;Ellico Is.had a refer
-,endum in 1975, and, Wales & *
Scotland'may have theirs SOon4
*on the question of (see p,6)


__ I __

- i.-

Page, Two


** ^ ,




, i


Friday 1st April, 1977 T H E S T A R Page three

At the beginning of February 1977, the Premier of Dominica sent a
cable to the Commonwealth Office requesting full discussions on
the Constitutional advance of Dominica into full independence for
the purpose of taking Dominica into Independence on the 2nd day of
November 1977.
The reply from the Commonwealth Office in London was that on
the 23rd and 24th of March the Undersecretary of State would be
prepared to receive a delegation of three members of Government and
two members of Opposition, for preliminary discussions on
independence. On a request for further elucidation as to the area
of these discussions the information was given that a proposed-
independence constitution would not be-discussed but that since
there were differences of view about the approach to independence,
preliminary talks would be held with representatives of both the
Government and the Opposition with a view to reaching broad
agreement about how to proceed further.
The two delegations proceeded to London in their separate ways.
The Government with a six-mad delegation including the Head of the
Media in Dominica, by special charter to Guadeloupe and then on to
France by first class accommodation on.*rse-way tickets; then across
to London to stay at a hotel be fitting the importance of their
position in the universe and no doubt a daily allowance to cover
their out of pocket expenses.
S Both delegations concluded their official visit to London on
Sunday, the 27th March (although the Minister of Communications and
Works and Hydraulics returned to Barbados the previous day, still on
official business) the Leader of the Opposition to return home and
the third nominated member to visit other parts of Britain at the
request of Dominicans, the rest of the Government delegation again
to Paris to wrap up the gift of the stadium from France as well as
the re-doing of the transinsular road. These gifts should have been
delivered to us in May 1976 but there seemed to have been a slight
delay which has now been corrected, if one can believe the reports
from Paris by the head of the media.
At the time of writing this article the government delegation
had not returned to Dominica.
The*cost of the passages of the government delegation can be
calculated at about $20,000.00. If we added a further $6000.00
to that this would cover the cost of the referendum. One must not
believe the Minister of Finance when he states that it would cost
$279,000.00. Our readers should know that when the Minister of
Finance states "I defy anyone to prove otherwise" he is telling an
evident untruth. The cost of a referendum is easily estimated
as being somewhat less than the cost of a General Election.
Besides since when did the cost of anything deter the Government?
Haye they estimated the cost of a permanent Defence Force? The cost
of the National Service? How much money was lost at the Youth
Camp? The cost of national day celebrations each year and especially
on the 5th anniversary? Why should count the cost of letting
the taxpayer express his views as to his future constitutional
If the Government are so concerned for the taxpayers' pocket
why did they take a six man delegation to England? Was this
At the talks in London, the Minister of State for Foreign and
Commonwealth Affairs opened the talks, the Premier addressed the
gathering for approximately 10 minutes, and the Leader of the
Opposition also addressed the gathering from a document which had
been drawn up by herself and the Third Nominated Member, expressing
the views which had been already frequently expressed by the
majority of Dominicans. In spite of the editorials in the New
Chronicle, most Dominicans wish to have a Constitution formulated
which they can generally approve, and then they wish the people to
be wholly involved by permitting them to express their views by way
of the ballot box in a referendum, in accordance with the provisions
of the law which already exist.

s. i 4 !

It must be pointed out that the provision for a referendum
and a vote by two thirds of the electorate, was a provision written
into the Constitutionand the English Act, which introduces the
Constitution, at the request of E.O.Leblanc, the then Chief Minister
of Dominica later to be the first Premier. He insisted on that
provision and now he wishes to ignore this and scoff at the idea
of a referendum. He wishes to break the law although the Labour
Party poses as the champion of'law and order.
Some persons in the community, are bent on stating that the
Freedom Party are wrong to request a referendum. But these persons
never go on to say that it is not the Freedom Party which designed "
the referendum; it is not the Freedom Party whiph requested that
this provision should be entrenched' in our Constitution. But it does
exist in the law and all that the people of Dominica are saying is
in brief follow the law* It is time that persons of
responsibility in this community stop misleading the people by
pretending that they do not know the provisions of the West Indies
Act. For any responsible person to quote Riviere's estimate of the
cost of a referendum without checking it out, is an.act of deceit
perpetrated against the people of Dominica& I
Any person of responsibility should chelk the actual estimated
cost against the useless expenditure which we have been faced
with for the past 10 years and the useless expenditure which the
Government has made in the last visit to London, not to mention
other visits abroad.
For the six man delegation did not in fact contribute anything
to the talks which took place in London and that was therefore
unnecessary expenditure.
The talks themselves are confidential and ona cannot state
in detail what took place. But it can be said that after about
an hour's deliberations on the first day, a luncheon took place
hosted by the Under Secretary of State. At that Luncheon a short
speech was made by the host, and the Premier replied in tones which
were diametrically opposite to his anti-British Statements in the
House of Assembly on the 10th and 11th March 1977; and the Leades
of the Opposition said a few words of thanks.
The next day the UnderSecretary of State met each delegation
separately for more detailed discussions and then the press release
was agreed on.
It can really be stressed that the only agreement which was
arrived at was that the 19th of May was set as the date for
the next meeting in London and at that meeting an attempt will be
made to draw up a constitution for any future independence of
Dominica. No agreement was reached as to the method by which
Dominica enters independence or the date of attaining sueh
independence. These are left for decision at some future date.
But it must be remembered that whatever decision is made
the Commonwealth Office will have to put the measure through both
Houses of Parliament in England. That will be the last act of
our "colonial masters"; whatever P.J. may say About UDI,
Referendums are not as unheard off to the British Parliament
as ex-Premier Leblanc would like to make us believe. In 1975 they
were involved in two referendums. One for themselves which kept
them in the European Common Market; and the other in Ellice Island
or Tuvalu for Independence.
The House of Commons is now discussing whether there should
be a referendum to decide whether Scotland and Wales should have
a greater measure of control of their own affairs. In fact the
British voter is of the opinion that more and more decisions should
be made by himself and that when he elects a representative to the
House he does not do so to give him full right over his soul and
body. We the voters of Dominica must realise that when we elect
representatives to our House of Assembly they have become our
servants and not our masters and-th@y must not act contrary to our
wishes. It should always be people before power and politics'


Friday 1st April, 1977


Paeo four



By copy of a letter dated the hth March, 1977 addressed to the CNRICOM
Secretariat (and reaching our office on the 7th instant) the Dominica Association
of Industry &r Coirmerce was informed of Government's decision that, "with immediate
effect, the importation into Dominica of'all goods from all countries irrespective
of origin" would be placed under licence. The reason given for this decision
was to "monitor" Dominica's adverse balance of trade situation for"the purposes
of encouraging import substitution as well as ensuring that imports from CARICOM
Member States take precedence over extra-regional."

The DAIC must state from the outset that it is in full support of all
genuine efforts at import substitution. Indeed, by letter dated the 27th June,
1976, the DAIC recommended to government a range of items (citrus juices, soaps,
etc) which should; Fo5tbe imOorted into Dominica at all, and another set (Shirte',
quicken,' tc).: o miTrh' Qts'iLtative .eetrictions should be placed. In a major
policy document on Stimulating theEconomy presented to Government in September
1976, we again recommended restrictions on certain imports for which there were
local substitutes available. There was no reaction by Government on these
recommendations. In a further iniativo undertaken in February this year, the
DAIC embarked on a programme aimed at voluntary import restrictions to be practiced
by Dominica's major importers to ensure the spi-'it as well as the letter of
imp-i'+ atbtstitution: was understood by our commercial houses.

Thus what the D,1IC is opposed to is not government's desire to enforce import
substitution, but the unexplainable decision to place everything under licence.
It does not appear logical. The business community is therefore forced to
speculate on the real intentions.

What has brought out our scepticism is the fact that Government's decision has
beeen t -kern without any consltation with the DCIC, despite repeated assurances by
government that such conTuLt_-ti'on would take place 'cspeciallv on all such matters
Which affect principally the business cciriunity. Moreover, the letter to
the C'PICOM Secretariat was written less than 3 days after a supposedly consulta-
tive meeting between the Premier and his top officials was held with the DAIC's
Board of Directors, when government intentions could have been communicated,
instead of more and apparently insincere promises of further cooperation and
consultation to improve the very sordid investment and business climate which
currently exists.

The DAIC's objections to "total licencing", however, go beyond mere princi-
ple. We are concerned with the impracticalities and implications of the decision
to place a31 imports under licence. The Trade Department of government can barely
cope with the items which presently necessitate licences. The situation will
obviously be considerably worsened if the new decision is to be implemented.
This is not an incentive for business expansion.

Further, trade and industry disruptions, shortages, more inflation and even
possibly ultimate retrenchment would be the certain direct outcome. For example,
because of bureaucratic delays at government level, it will be impossible to make
quick business decisions necessary to benefit from special offers or special
prices on the world'or even CARICOM markets. Similarly, if a factory has a
breakdown here, it will no longer be possible for the Manager to quickly telephone
for a replacement part from, say, Guadeloupe. He will have to prepare a licence
form, bring it down to government headquarters, hope that the licencing officer is
in office, hope that he will not say he needs to refer it to some higher authority
etc, etc. T-hs situation will surely not encourage trade or industry or the much
sought-after foreign r4vftpint in this country. Neither will the further scope
for the exercise of/;avorii tsm in the granting of all licences which is already
being RractTsed and whh has been brought to the attention of government officials
and the Premier himself.


The DMIC feels that government's all-embrasive decision has been ill-
conceived and rushed and that prior consultation would have shown that a phase-
in period for any intended additions to the number of items currently under
licence is a more realistic and more acceptable approach. We trust that the
government will sea the validity of the arguments raised and look forward
to an urgent review of the situation in the interest of thedevelopment of this
count ry.

Pasl__ll u.- c-. ~ :- ----. I ~ -. W*~

Schedule of Ap0pl~ioti4ot for Crortt-i
fica-to oft Title arnd Notin-' there~on,
or, aveat for weeqk endfrg the 26th
day ort Mah9&x h 1

70-tu olrKe-

tie ax' NotUS-Of ti
thereor, or~LF5L
R;Tu-;6;8 44- eques orFO
ted 9th. I' n enderorea, U Bsle of a&Zmt
I4aroh -1977. ,,by hisa I Csrtifaat4d 6f
Presented. !$qljojtorr.1T~i;2tle iii roe-,
22nd iirehi jetna I poat of a Por.
1977 "fl, at, Moore ,ttoni of land
Llas a-lot
-of 1 ]mown a rra
He art nater- st ate
in th6 Parish of St. Patriolc contain"
'ng l.ob2 acres and 'bounded as fol-
lows:'.i; -ohh-Sast1 L and of May lHin-
derson; 3outh-gast Lanxd of May, Hen-
tderson;) South.'ffest: Land of Terance

Frahe I a
a qukn i Pa 7,01 uef .
ttor t6h Hond0~son issue ctapLrst
Lj-rch 1977 Y his. I Crtiftcate ofr'
tj t, O. solticit Title in roeal
'Mloh 2!nd Zena pet of a porea
11.r' U io oe'f land
atHoje---o a ~oaz o Qdrtuister Ent-
ate., in th Ptariieh 'of ,StPatrilrk eon-
tamintg 1,;60 1 i'res QeNd bounded. as
f'ollows:-, North: lands of May, Hen-,
derpon; Badt#: land1eof Joseph J.B.
HEmprYscn; South'&- South-West: lands
'of jos-ep J.B.Henrdorson; Westilands
aC c~Hy'Miderson~
tl ,,eus a~r' Uu
~tea 8th Handerson issunc of a
1977 by-, his- First qerxtifi-
e en _e oliditoz' cate of Title,
122rd iiirtrh 'Z~ma L. in respect of'
1977 At Moore ma portion of'
3A14- _P la IcM known an s
14 *. B~ O par of Bedm'nater
jtlriba;o iL the Parish o f !t*,Pat r3,c-k
1containing !S1t4 ,acres and- bounddd
Ip.s follows:.- Ndr~th-Woot: by land of'l.
Chris`-e ie rminghaiua-nad Willia
aur-oxil Soutih-East by land of Bel-
:ltln Taverniir; oi36th-Wast y larid ofl
l May. lenderson; 'West by land of May
iRendeeony Sb3cuth: by land of May

Ro seau*

'-"-c~ ---

I dUa olcants

NW10':, Any p-scn who desires to ob jet to the issuing of a, First Cr-
tificate of Title on the above applications may entai a Caveat in tke
above office within six weeks from the date of the first -appeaeance of
L those Schedules in the STAR News Paperpublished in this State or from
-the date whon the Notice prescribed by law Maas last served on any o '
O.u part of adjoining laids in respect of,,ihioh these applications we2e
t ,adO ,.

E~tBafi~ EOWE) J321p"9

/. '\'. I ____________

_ -- -- -- --



-STAFF VACANCIiS (closing ll May, 1977).
Applications are invited by 31st May, 1977 from suitably
qualified and experienced persons, preferably citizens
of Commonwealth Caribbean countries who are univer-
sity graduates or who have qualifications leading to rele.
vant professional status, fbr appointment to three posts
in the following grades at Council Headquarters in Barba.
dos by l t August but NOT later than Ist pctobtr, 1977;
S (a) Junior Assistant Registrar
S Salary Bds. $15.000 x 600 18,000
(b) Assistant Registrar.
Salary Bds. $17,280 x 720 23,040
(c) Senior Assistant Registrar
Salary Bds. $22,440 x 840 27,480
The successful applicants will be appointed to
posts in the areas of operations and external production
control, the internal production and design, and finance
control and cost accounting. The grades and post to
which and applicant is appointed will depend on his or
her hoi..fl!ilions -a. eprieence T'einas.tsl. t-O be
coveredW y eii h ofithe three posts will be 'grouped from
among the following:
(1) to design the layout of all forms, exami.
nations and other publications including any
art work and photographic reproduction.
(2) to oversee the production of photo-ready
copy for off-set printing by typesetting or other
appropriate techniques.
(3) to maintain and keep secure all test and
(4) to write and develop bulletins and other
publications and to edit the publications, in-
cluding examination papers and tests, produced
Sby other staff members.and examiners.
(5) to oversee the distribution and receipt of
examination and other materials including sort-
S Ing, checking, Identifying, storing and internal
circulation of such materials, and the customs.
Sand transport arrangements for all materials.
(6) to schedule all activities related to the
production and administration of the examina-
(7) to prepare cost estimates for the various
examinations, development and research projects
in cotaborat6tr with the senior ttaffmernbenri"
charge of tiicse progrnlnamis.
(H Ito prepared hudgelary :cslilurltus, to he
s., .listibsihir i. the Re:eisflr! for hildgetiry pnil
othlel 'ltiiicialt, conliuls, aitd t i suipevisce fli-
ai uunting work of the Council.
Applications by letter (including relevant person.
nal Informitlon, academic and professional qualifica
tions, and experience, the names and addresses of two
referees, the= earliest date on which the applicant could
assume duty, and the level at which the applicant would
expect to be appointed if selected for interview 'in June
1977) should beddressed to:
who will send further particulars to appropriately quail-
Hfld annlicants.


Frl~dayv~Lpril Is, 1977, ~

h e


Pair 74Y~ft~k

; '

Page Six

'.T HE ,S T A R

Friday, April 1, 1977

SS~-TA;R,;SP-s0,-OR-T-S* Morchristorp i CRITIC OF LEBLANC Joth Spector
CRICKET After all the hul~haloo j(p.2) increased responsibility and
in promoting the'Pakistan/Windwards -internal self-government, These are
match which was played at.Windsor Pk.only a few of many examples. J.S.
Roseauwith Irving Shillingfordcfresh ARAWKS CAccuped- s
from his century against Pakistan AWAKS & CABS occupiedthneWest'
in the 3rd Test match (Guyana), the coast of Dominica, by his discovery
affair turned out to be a sad anti- of artefacts and other traces of
climax. Thh match was ever within our first settlers from Scotts Head
thefirst hour .of play on the 3rd through Roseau area & beybnd.(p2 ..
day, instead of lasting 4 days. ENGLAND MUn1 -HAY A. SAY by Hugh
The crowds which could not make ; Lawrence: When ie were told that
the scene on the first two days were the delegation left our shores for
denied a. chance to see the Pakistanis U.K. to 'begin talks 'on political
or even Shill'ingford in action whedendpennce, we started wondering
at close (2nd day).Windwards were why;all this hurry? The leader' of
64/4 the Opposition'left, I am sure,
People are already saying that with a strong spirit of, confidence
Swher Windwards play here in.future, backed up by.our prayers, seeking
they won't turn up. The Windwards for a referendum with near 12
will have to distinguish themselves thousand signatures. Will she're-
first. Therets an opportunity inthe quire more for the month of. May?
Gillette cricket,, but they will haye If she does, she will surely col-
to wait until next year aS Barbados lect three times that amount. It
are 2nd year champions (scores Bar- would seem that .most Dominicans
bados 97/2 in 98 mins.,Trinidad 95: have started opening their eyes
50 cdvers a side mathh: they won and minds, so that all sarts of
by 8/Mwckets with 23 overs to- spare, Messrs. Tom, Dick, Harry,Iokay
Irving Shillingford was the other and Cheolit may never again- suc-
big disappointment in last week-ends ceed to play 'on their brains with
match, His'scores of 3 and 8 really erpty words.
let the fans down. Anather-century We can wait patiently like Prom-
Iih Trinidad in the'4th test match ier Bird Sr.' and got to know fully
(starting today) can of course make well-what is political independence.,
amends. Bbth;innings, Irving came in D OADCASTG E
tobat intent on playing some strokes GOD BOADAST
for his fans; off an uncharacteristic To those who have been deprived by
hook shot he was almost caught for a Radio Pominica of BBC news: the
duck and was caught in the slips BBO, together with the West.Ger-
next over. ?nd Innings he played two mans, is establishing two strong
fine shots to the fence but was not f elay stations in,Antigua & Mont-
given room to play a cut shot and' serrat World service news in
was caught' by wicket-keeper Tashim English, Spanish & Portugeso.
.AZ if who had 7 victims in the mathj' We greatly welcome this.
A big disappointment was the Pak- LEAGUE: Celtic United & Saints re-
istanits batting. Totals of 167 and corded victories in the A.Gregoii-e
162 tell a story of non-application League. Celtic. U defeated Asta in
and letts finish it up early. Bats- 9ne day by an innings 52 runs' at
men who are out of form and search- CCanefield.Scores: Celtic U 155/9
ing for a test pick just did not ap- dec: T.Kentish 59.* Asta 46~& 57.
ply themselves, giving the Dominica Saints registered an easy win over
public a'poor opinion oftheir stan- Defence Fbrce within an hour, 2ndday,
dard of cricket. .SCORES: Pakistan BASKETBALL:; Eight teams registered
167 &*'162 Wasim Raja 6 5'nd'Mushin '-or the Senior Div. of 1977 season,
Khant 55 (he hit the shot of the match underway with a ballorama Weds.eve.
-a hook for 6 off Grayson Shilling- Mr.Arlington Riviero,Perm.-Soo. in
ford-into the'D..S. compound, P. iPremierts Office addressed players
Thomas 4/60,NPhillip 3/23,G.Shill- whilst Vivian Rene chaired- Teams
ingford 3/23 and S.Hinds 3/47, are Flames (1976 champs),C'nTC Car-
Windwards 129 & 91,Lockhart Sebast- dinals (knpckout champs),Iata Pros,
ien 64 (best innings in the match). Ball Wizards,Brisbane Starlightd,.
Safroz (with an almost similar dis- Dawn Creation Harks, E;T.T.Rookers,
missal to Irving!s)' 4/4T Sik4nder ?bpiz Pioneers & Sunatylo Ambassdrs.
Flames defeated Cardinals in. the
Bakht 5/44, Intikhab 4/16 and Iqbal Efinals 39-30f d as
Qasim 3/18. (next column) BOXING : Muhammad Ali will defend
-T'rinted & Published by the Proprie- his title against Dione Bobiok or
Kpre- en Norto, pn p jr l2-lion,, R.E.Allfrey of Mill House Copt Ho, spay thi iii onas.
Hall at 26 Bath Road, Roseau,Dqoini. ------ ---
West Indies. -DOMI ANiS" H D l WE MU


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