Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). March 25, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). March 25, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: March 25, 1977
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Telephone: Editor -.8610 TO
UK MediaIReresentative: DI M I al'A -THE
ICcan Turner (London) Ltd,, PAISTA
322 Shaftesbury Avenueml, PAXISTANq
aG, 17V HAS L Englands : .1 os e Tw _tt TC Wip,
.Edtor Phyll Shad Allfre- .
v T'go7.3g 1 Frid.ay March 25, l9977- Fifteen Centshl
Constitutional Qonf. May.19th England will give Dodinica In-
dependence a. the appropriate t je;
-ave yru noticed a singular sil- u she-has already given us two
-Chc-a from ti G0vernmqnt team in
Lnonupfro t i v nenstime team in vital things: the English language
on up to idday nrsti iand cricket. We doubt if Jesar Rhys
That is becue 0 C S would have received the .ort of
hav= oeentake, as tow heather there
hai been akRef i es tOenuem er tnhere welcome Irving Shillingford got, on.
wi1 be a Referendum rnot his reentry to Dominica today,Fri.
on 4he date for Independence. -t to Dminic todyFrl.
on e dae f Inde' The whole matter took four hours
Te received this news .through a
t e received this new. .through a of festivities from airport tp,
t.lephone call frbom the-Leader of
rthe nppositicn,Hon.M.E, Charles. GHQ, with key of the city handed
The Joint Delegation has been over by the Mayor, two top broad-
askAd to return to Englend on May casters busy en route, two out-
19-for. further discusson on the riders, a motorcade, the Govt.Band,
proposed constitution. and speeches at 10.0 in town.
This news came through to us at Speechmakers included the Dep Prem-
'.10 p.m. on Thursday. ier, officials, Mr. Ed.James Pres.
F we want to refutethe Premier s Cricket Assn., cheques from Bel-
Swe wi t refte ~hf Premier's pst ($200) Blanco (Grenade). $120
Statement in the House 'recently
hatt t the ndependenceissue had D/ca Coconut Products $300, a-par-
That the Independence issue had y' GaA^r'0 0 apan
| ceen laid beforee the pople at th y at Gary Aird's 4100, Astaphans
een laid'before the people at the 50: nd more tocome at:the 'ock-
Slst General Eltection1. All that was fa00: and ore to-comethe cock-
said, in-para.25 (the last) nf DLP tall (GH),party tonight.The talks
canifest,o was:- (under Constitut- were generous & routinoup.Irving's
anrfespo,y was:- (unde osi
!onal Advancement) ".Work to secure reply was the best, with his mod--
,hrough the people national indepen- est thanks, and references to the
Tence through unity with the Assoc- people of Salisbury and his wife.
S iated States and/or other dep.endentA We were sorry not much was'said-
Sr independent countries, of the Car- about the incoming Pakistanis.
ibbean. 4Mantain the policy By the. ay, Civil,Service employ-
that it' sees Caribbean Unity not as ges must buy daily or season tickets
&n end but as a means to independ- in advance or they Wontt be granted
er.t development '" (our uderlining) half-days off between March 26-29J
nlis vague aspiration cannot, in Anyhow, we greet you, Irving Shill-
a sane view, v taken asatn out- ingford, and hope the -schemozzle
rght claim v or nepkendeas an has not put you off your strokes
right claim for Independence.
SIDNEY ALLEYj JAILED MARTINIQUE .As far as we are concerned this
The bankerr" rroimwhom Dominica Go-' fall occurred some three years ago
ernment hoped to borrow thousands when, like small island tyrants,
has been sent to prison for two yrs this brilliant lady, inheritO of
in Martinique With his Canadian col the Mehatma Gandhi JaWarhalalT"-
league Russell Croston.Both men are edition, deviated into be aviour
to pay $11,000 as .welk. An appeal only worthy of the worst small-
is pending.,Alleyne has been accused islanC leaders: state of emergency,
by Barbador Goverpment of seeking imprisonment of ri-vals, enforce-
to overthrow them by force. Arms ment of unpopular measures etc.
vere seized in Martiniqie. Her son has regretted the part he
R.C.BISHOP DONAL LAMOINT said in played in her defeat. The pres-
London today that only a bare enttaustere and aged -(81) Prime
chance remains for'Rhodesia. i Mliister is 'r. Morargi Desai. -
1r o 'pc, n, -ii -- 0/-, .. _o. ...

-I -r

Pag Tw T-lE STA F-dyMrc ,17


It is time for me to express my
sincere thanks and appreciation to
the many kind friends who visited
me, sent me flowers and prayed for
my early and complete recovery as
well-as to the patient Nurses and
Physician who ministered to my needs
during a hectic political week in
Dominica. W, S. STEVENS

(Mr. Stevens is now convalescing at
his home in Marigot,-Ed_)

Dominicats political history in
this 20th century has ofton been
fraught with issues of great nation.
al importance. Once, in an effort to
rouse professionals to come out and
save Dominica from the mess into
which Patrick John & Co. were plung-
ing her, I. tried to got the text of
my address delivered at the unveiling
of the bust of the late Hon.Cecil E.
A, Rawlo on' rd November 1964. l Uah-
04.* referred to political stalwarts
like Cipriani of TrinidadfMarryshow
of Grenada, Rawle, and J.Hilton Ste-
ber of Dominica the last being ac-
claimed as one of the most able
journalists and Editors the Carib-
bean has ever produced.- The news-
paper did not print it;New Chronicle
Oh for another Stebert Under h~is
banners what man with a background.
like Rosie Douglas' would have dared
to draw youths to his thinking in
terms of independence or anything
else, for that matter Sunh a man
would have had his deeds so realis-
tically portrayed that he would be
neither seen nor heard.
But this is a period when the
more tarnished and murky your past,
the more people are ready to shout
as on the first Good Friday: "Not
this man, but Barabbasl "
Nonetheless, I cannot see Inde-
pendence being granted this year
merely upon the ratings and illog-
ical ratings of men for the past
five years.weighed'in.the balance
and found Wanting,
I Ant


Nelson Caribbean have.produced a
most attractive collection of poems
for the young; and most of them are
by West Indian writers: we noticed
particularly Pamela Mordecai, while
our young boy especially liked Emily
Lewis' "My Dog", The illustrations
are marvellous photographs bf true
Caribbean people; in the back of the
book their are some school exercises.
... (co4tiud on page 5)

THE HEALING HOAX B.Woodford. here wor. no _ualifyi g conditions,
-(Last week Fe-v.Woodford wrote-of noQe was turned away. (34 If no
the many disappointed people who genuine healigs can be proven here
went away from the Gardensunhealed) in Dominica, what basis will there
"They turned away in the same con- be for such claims as glowing re-
dition in which they came. ports, reels of movie film, and
ith these thingsin mind let us hundreds of photographs of the cru-
With these things in mind let us sade carried to the USA and .Ca nada???
ask the organizers of .the crusade Lt each reader seah the script
a few pertinent questions: (1),Can Let each reader search the scrip-
you bring to public.attention an tuures daily whether those things
y~ou bring tC public, artten-t~ion a were so. Acts 17:11i;, then heed the
genuine healings that Can be ver- were so. Acts 17.11; then heed the
field? (2) If the gift of healing is warning of Iaiah 820- "To the law
and to the testim-ony; if they speak
still in operation why.were not all and to th testimony; if itey speak
nthe sick healed? We must remember not according to this wordit is
that when the gift was in operation, because there is no light in them."
all those desiring healing were ...
healed* (next column) IfE > SINDEPWJC WITHOUT REFERENDUM

B A N. iI T S, A L TI
There is music in my soul,
Roll on, Jordan, roll, roll,
In spite: of bandits' schemes
Washing in dirty streams.
There is laughter in my eyes
That dispels the fervid tears;
Joy quickelns my sullen heart,
Patience coolas my ruffly brow.
fat is honourable
in fraud, deceit, abuse,
oppression, obscenity,
'deception, dictatorship?
Peals of thunder deafen the ear,
The Lord, He.calls by the thunder,
Calling, calling, way up yonder,
Forked lightning rends the sky;
Be still, sweet chariot,
I am still far from home.
SWhere is excellence
in upholding
bad laws, misconduct,
maladmina s traction?
Brother feel to curse,pvrl
Sister,when you feel ta: cry,laugh4
SWhile ourl burdens we bear
There.'i no need to fear
For GOD is near.
When tyrants abuse power
There is no need to cower.
*Love and peace shall overcome,
Hal-le-lu-j ahi
andits, halt
Lo, Christ is near,
He bids us hear:
Come follow Me".
Lord have mercy.
JR, Ralph Casimir


Friday, March 25, 1977


Page Two

Friday, Meroh 25, 1977

T Ii 1 T A i'


Aar the ilsse of J~adesidem with @91w atstwo s1uch1

s ss~L cane Ca nd iastagian dor sad fish,.
V UV1 TAT NOR ""I a aMe of t. C 107i ;W "00

-a' .se d wN e h lOrah i if thbe fmd to ke if the 1W a

was after all really lrue that Robert lrad ha qb- t .. ..e m-, -,-- ; wh---I f a scho bl pls built,
o -us -garo~e to aryo Govenwmentr r"eq is for a be bed f abtd, antf wtt re ovly
a*_m w ei B stchas met eth lne tri puk of St. bae e-4 euun te ahm asi peplH w
Vr t. e ve e all oh ne6 the spar: fiso wat th e kbrith

- Jti +rettaso~ns have decided to resist all the ", oh Oan, are moving ou y sdrovees t se t
Ror t Bradeaw to maniulat them mnto turn- better living elsewhere
om ngA of people loosee iinoq the MW Wish pride
IT was uru. an edaiand. i tot e rb the other motivations
hWE ar wiMn r. happy to notpeolt I.wthe Brih besides intate bNsam which o that Ite woul
ltelew edt thro gh for the ie wneh the Govern. P, reme, er' s de ire to be freea teana
pinent sl, tad ohemwa, hwat en they eali that ite. dbt fene and foreign woraffairs, ssaC
er n after all ny dbt they eie that tb mt &darut whr.ot;11 an be foud to keep e e teo pla
it thatnd the propy Vtt *a Io deaeag.r ppsjt eith f s;bll ihe h Bra Aoadshaw t bhis o
Itmtfena tha t we have wt oplen ep" e t e da e b0say God le them and pere-
Very, e hundred a. d c to y yea e gtae r thaoe utol
THE British Governmentow M dshaw well, nd Bv T wl anlsot bletsbv tovhe British f
do taOusl have a firly a te ida of wit ar aye the~~O a are movg ot d .by droies t sethok
get on Br Stt laha to manipulat. te imat ben- better living ele here.
fenob apre loatr ivn l the circumst Sea without pE British anno t forever cand btwt
ton o t d n tohe eoaanoic coditions of oer
sadly e B w island, thWer are other motivatio o
WE and wa ian nld y cbmplmto tnote th te it beside s what m enship g hio h gor ours eves
arent hawili t ngro t hacet the m" Jorit of the pe-1 d f n c e and foreign ffa irs, and
te which plae on a aren favors ofitlthoughe they have nt ds aclose the
adien e hr ic R doubf t idthey awrd his that t Srtbi Governten for their orluotance to pler
. that the propjftin he. nt mr people with ith ball wi th Bradsha t against ise Own
Uicateht teat wthaw T bave iuwu iae c das o,6 people, se 8ay' God Blless therm and pre-
hrvery, oea hundred and fifty ycaron tr tago. r .
who must have a fairly accurate idea of what rilyltbeair aomforet and kond noa without
oes on i St. Kito Nevcs, and Anguila must be no[realnding ourn own people thas thelr
aCub1 aware that, gin all the cIrcumtfIanes, the pep. Britieb annoitiforever stand bstwnen
coditions for the decisive step to Independence do not us end the Satanic dsiigns of cloaked
really exst, ngartdicss of what Robwtt Bradzsbw trles tyrants. We cannot zxpeot them to tdo
to say, and we caa only compliment thewi on their for ua whbat we ought to do for ourat.ves.
Pvfealt unwilingimsa to accept the results of the 1975 If wo the people of this island arw
citiocns which took. plce on a shbrunken votet' iist, convinced that the dstlgais of the
ad in *Wh4 Robet Brt1idshaw tried his bet to eona- Governmaent are nIot in (lou best interest,
'e __ {f irt~ is for ua to act to save ourielvesB ;
"''ho abnwrtio And those of us who know batter and who.
pThleb:h ia -,nr tjS te icoi k cIan see the dangora tha -threaton thit;
Iarcth lo. Sito tf V rraid, must cast fer ..'aside and en-
nht h'" h boon^ aht *'to cont-en lighten otter and join together to,
From London) that Britain has IiT preserve our freedom, andif neeestry
agrortd to a rerorendum or urgei d tc to remove our support from Robert
oultaion wt ", 3radshaw aned those wbose policies are
Stations with the people affected olsarly Assigned only to satisfy their'
H8e even took CANA to task for a i
Iti,4 ar a a MY nn1naa.l 04 jexo ambitions.

.-........ ,^g. -,veasefo un tnat. suo-
ject. I
As in our own case (and readers
may find rosoemblance we wait to IaX1W.

1 the British are. giving us ai
Stv 1k,"e 4l1t0lHs thssIl dfor It but
SW tt. oppdit l ty to
livu Ouel t frtom the wrath to oaome,
If we wish to fake this land our home.

I -----------___


Fln 1o Th'kEree

_ __ __ __ _~___ ~_. 1-- I.LUCc~""Cli-~CUla---^L---


"B L sn
LU 1zli

~I -.. 1P

Page Fou TH TA rdaMac ,17

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
or Caveat for week ending the 26th
day of March 1977.
Date Person, I Nature of Re-
Presented ijresenting!quest whether
for a Certificate of Title or Noting
thereon or Caveat,'
Request da., Pau Request for the
ted 9th Henderson issue of a Lrst
March 1977 by his |Certificate of
Presented Solicitor Title in res-
22nd March Zena L. pect of a por-
1977 'at Moore DEr tion of land
3,02 p._. known as a lot
at Hole a part of Bedminster Estate
in the Parish of St.Patrick contain
ing 1e052 acres and bounded as fol-
lows:- North-East: Land of May Hen-
derson; South East: Land of May Hen-
derson; South-West: Land of Terrance
Thomas; North-West: Land of Manson
Request dal Paul Hequest'ErtheU
ted 8th IHenderson issue of aFist
March 1977 by his Certificate of
Presented Solicitor Title in res-
March 221d Zena L. pect of a porr-
1977 at Moore tion of land
3,27 p.m. I Dyer known as a lot
at Hole, a part of Bedminster Est-
ate in the Parish of St.Patrick con-
taining 1.185 acres and bounded as
follows:- North: lands of May Hen-
derson; East: lands of Joseph J.B.
Henderson; South & South-West:Lands
of Joseph J.B.Henderson; West:Lands
of May Henderson.
111 -~

Because of the delay in calling
a meeting of producers and export-
ers of Bay Oil,villagers from Petite
Savanne, Fond St.Jean and other
neighboring village's are bding
deprived of revenue for their Bay
Oil production. A meeting with
Government to discuss the position
has been continually pQstponed for
a variety of reasons, including
the absence of the Minister of
Investigation by DAIC has con-
firmed that according to a letter
issued by the Min, of Agriculture,
the Petite Savanne Bay Oil Co-op
was to be "the sole exporting ag-
ency for Bay Oil, provided that
the Cooperative will purchase oil
from all producers of Bay Oil in
the State". The Cooperative has
been unable to meet this provision
and since December last year has
not been buying any Oil.Government
was informed of this, agreed to
aall a meeting to make other ai.-
angements in the interest of the
producers & exporters, but as sta-
ted the meeting is yet to take place.
In the meantime, some $58,000
of sales (according to a New Chron-
icle report) is being held up be-
cause of no action by Government*
Several peasant producers in the
Fond St.Jean area have petitioned
for an early end to the present
restriction on exports.
Dominica Assn.of Industry and

Request da- Paul Hequestfr the INDEPENDENCE : NOW?- Hugh Lawience
ted 8th Hendersoni issue ofa First Recently I have seen two or 3
March 1977 by his Certificate of cars with "Independence Now" stuck
Presented Solicitor Title in res- on them; but I have not seen:anyr
22nd March Zena L. 1pect of a por- vehicle with the words INDEPENDENCE
1977 at I Moore tion of land NO. I am still hoping to sep many
3.31 p.m. Dyer' known as a lot cars, Jeeps and trucks carrying
at Hole a prt of Beedminster Estate these two latter words. As I have
in th6 Parish of St.Patrick contain- already said, Independence can still
ing 1.554 arres and bounded as fol- lie low until election.
lows:- North-Wet: by land of Mac We are still far from bbing educa-
Christie Birmingham and William ted and fully developed for this
Lurent;rSoruth-East: by land o f Bel highly important affair.We Domini-
May Henderson; West by land of May cans are too laisser fire, and
Henderson; South: by land of May canIt see further than our noses.
Henderson; South: by land of May It is time we remove this blindness
_________ and get ourselves wise, so that no-
REGISTRAR'S OFFICE, IENRY DYER, one can say that we Dominicans are
Roseau. Registrar of Titles. narrowminded H.L.
NOTE: Any person who desires to ob- ___
ect to the issuing of'a First Cer More letters on page six.
ificate of Title on the above ap-T
plications may enter a Caveat in News Paper published in this Stateorl
the above office within six weeks from the date when the Notice pre-
from the date of the first appear- scribed by law was last served on-any
anae of these Schedules in the STARoccpant of adjl~ing lands in res-I
(next column) i omaa nci ne.ese !pIato s re

Friday, March 25, 1977

Page Four


SFriday, March 25, 1977

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and'Noting thereon
or Caveat for week ending the 5th
March 1977,
Date i Person | ature of Re-
Presentod! Pre entin quest whether
for a .Cortlifcate of Title or Not-
ing thereon ir Caveat .

Requies- da-i~idd beques t for
ted 13th' jBartonby the issue of a
April Soli. First Certifi-
Presented icitor M. cate of Title
2nd March. Eigeni.a in respect of
1977 at Charles. a portion of
12,20 nm0 i land known as
e iesidcntial Lot i Roseau, in the
?arish of St.George, containing
'20 square feet and bounded as fol-
lows:- North-East: Great George
$troet, South-East: Fields Lane;
-outh-West: Land of Phyllis G.
.eignoret; North-West: Land of Jean
SCHEDUTLE for Week ending March 12th
Request da. Bertha ReqTest for
ed 10th.. ountaine the issue of a
Jan 1977 by her First Certifi-
Presented Solicitor cate of Title
10lthij'ch Cilma A. in respect of
1977 at M4.Dupigrn land known as
J,05 II.m a Lot at
L!O-range,'Bagatelle, in, the Pari'sh
of St Patrick, in the State of Dom-
'Inica, containing 30,666 square
feet and bounded as follows:-North
by land of Newton St.Hilaire;North-
East by land of Newton St.Hilare;-
South-East by land of Mrs, Cecil
Lefoe; South by land of Simon Fran-
cis; South-West by land of Simon
Francis and Michael Francis; North-
West by land of Michael Francis.

The editor of this anthology. is
Cecil Gray; its name is AMBAKAILA.
We spot any small island:
poets in the grouping, but there
are some long-dead and well-knoyan
poets quoted: R.L.S., Elinor Far-
jeon. Southey, Alfred Noyas,James,
-Stephens, Next time Mr. Gray will-'
have to hunt among the hidden;poets
of the L.D.C.I8 This book is pub-
'ished mainly for primary schools,
and will no doubt be much used. and

W I F E N 0 T I C. E
I, Simon Stevens, residing at
Massacre, hereby declare that I
am no longer responsible for any
debts incurred by my wifeMartha
Stevens nre Laurent, she hav5ig
left my home in Guadeloupe afterr
-joining me there) since April 976.
March 2,1977 990 3/3

We were amused to learn that
President Carter described Britaini
as The Mother Couintry the otherday.
Anyhow, Britain has contributed
2.500 MILLION pounds sterling to-

SCHEDULE for Week ending March 19th wards development in some 120 de-
Request daT- elita Request for veloping countries in 1975, say&
tced 8th Joseph the issue of a the Ministry of Overseas Develop-
Nov. 1976 nQ'a arles First Certifi- ment. This is two ari a half per-
Presented by her cate of Title cent of her Gross National Product.
14th March Solicitor in respect of SELF-HELP: a new growth h'as been:
1977 at Cilma A. a portion of involving the people of the East
10,30 a.. .- rupigj land in the Caribbeanm in self-help projects.
.village of St.Joseph, in the Parish Many grants have alroad.2r b m. de
of StjJoserh. in the State of Don- r,
inica, containing 2000 squaree feqt RJEGISTRAR'S QFFICE, HENRY DYER,
and bounded as follows:-" north by Roseau. Ag.Registrar of Titles.
lands of Elgiva Henry; South by ]nd NOTE:- Any person who desires to
of James Poston and Orlin Pierre; object to the issuing of a First
East by land of Elgiva John and certificate of Title on the above
0orgo ,Felix; West by a Public Road. applications may enter a Caveat in
Request dafNaomi Request for te the above office within six weeks
ted 2Ythi Phillip issue of a First rom the date of the first appear-
Feb. 1977 by her Certificate of ce of these Schedules in the STAR
Presented Solicitoi Title in respect iNews Paper published in this State
14th Marchl Cilma A. of a portion of or from the date when the Notice
1977 at lM.:ugn land in Ports- prescribed by law was last served
30 p.m. mouth,in thePar- 9n any occupant of adjoining .ancl
ish of StJohn,in the State of Dom- irspe o ich these applic-
inica, containing 4117 sq.ft, and. -' -- X
bounded as follows:- Neoth by Bed-- agpoire; South by land of Mrs.F
ford Street;Eas .by X nd of Josoe er Ben-amin; West by BayStre.

__ _

Page Fi ve~


Just add one bottle QUTITO\TNE
to -one bottle SANGO WNTE -Presto.
You have one of the finest Tonic
Wines available, and this will
cost you only $5.00.
available from

-a~ -ix THE" STAR Friday ,----qarc1 25, 197

* s ;a^t po--t*S&t t :-Maorchrist on
CEIT1RYI When pakistan collapsed
for 19t- in their first innings of
the 3rd test match played at Bourds
Guyana, after Clive Lloyd had won.
the toss and sent,them in, a mass-
ive. West Indian tb.taL was always ion
the .ards Clive Lloyd however,who
had pulled a hamstring muscle, could
'nly bat if WI. needed him.He did,
in fact, but way down at number 9.
3 wickets down and W.I. 193 -only
1 run behind Pakistan. At 255 with
2 more wickets having fallen, Derick
Murray joined Shillingford. They'
put on 123 for the 6th wicket with
Shill.ihgford cutting,driving and
hooking (on one occasion this re-
sulted in a massively hands-omo six
right out of the ground .lMuray left
for 42 when ShillingtQrd was- 94 *
Joel' Garner, next batsman, was the
little mastorts partner; when Irv-
irig got to his first 3 figures in
test cricketthe had batted for 308
mins, and struck 12 fours and a aixi
This was. one in a long string of
centurie-sy for, whatever team Ivvig
happened to. be playing for' -Sparta=s
Dominica, Windwards or Combined Is,
President's XI. or the double cerntry
he scored in .Jamaica whilst doing a
short University course.Dominicans
never doabtecd that Shillingford
would score high for the West Indies
given his chancel Yet it'took 11ear
an injured Lawience Rowei poor per-
formances from Gomes & C,King and
the fear, of putting him in a test
match agai4ist the po~werfUl Pakistat*
When Shillingford was dismissed. 9th
man out for 120 runs,W.I.werb 422.
He faced 261 deliveries batted for
346 minutes. :Jdy. Rberts and Colin.
Croft pushed the score to 448*
'PAKISTAN mounted the formidable
total of 540 runs in their 2nd inn-
ings, *.-At c-lose, f play W.I. were
154/l,chagirig- a victory total of
287. Scores: Pakistan 194 & 540.
Maia siM a fine-167; Z,Abbas 80
& Haroon Rashid 60.Garner 4/48 & 4/
100" Cr ft 3/0O &-2/118;Roborts /49
& 3/174* WEST INDIES: 448 & 154/14
Gordon Gr~onidge.91 & 96,Shillingfra
120,A.Kallicharan 72,Richards 50 hid
Frodericks 52 -nro.Majid Khan' 4/4.,
TOMOROW the Windward'Is.will play
Pakiststn at the Windsor ParkiRoseau.

Jdst a few lines to ask this
questions who is Patrick John to
declare that ke is going to take
Dominica into Independence on the
2nd day of Foovember 1977, without.
getting the views of the masses?
Does Patrick know that the
blood of the Englishman has bre-,
shed for Dominica'. nd .some. Domin t-
ban blood' has been shed for Eng-
land which causes Her-Majesty tr
havq national interest in Domtnicae
Does Patrick know why Britain
made an American General in Com,
maid of World War II? Why- is not
:Patrick John interested in any of
the Commonwealth nations, but just.
:in Cuba and Guyana?
Madam I must say that the dream
Patrick John has 'that.he will bring
Dominica into Independence on 2nd
Ncvembbr is the same sprt of dream
Napcleon's mother had when he was
in the womb."Poor Patric,k John'.

O.r Portsmouth Correspondent.
ItIs a pity-Portsmouth was not
able to be present i1h the mass at
the splendid Freedomt (draft oCnsit,
meeting) on Feb,6th, And what a
fine report came out of it But
transport is a great-drawback to
us,.causing a gap ptweon us and
Roseau In.these hard days. By bus,
the vutry early departure hour is
unpleasant, the initial fare iq
$7.00 and a charteris $60 or $0..
Then you have expenses for the day
in Roseau; all this combines ta,
keep our people apart, Roseau mlst
sympathize with Portsmouth in: harn
B ,. .
NEWSBRIEF.: Antigua has placed
3% surcharge on certain food items
and building materials incomeo .tax
has been deleted; sincb the re-entry
of the A.L.P.Govt,) This Ji oppose,
od by George Walters team,
Dominica: two young men are going
on a saw doctoring 6,-th course
in Buckingham,Britain MrG- ,,W
HeggsJUKForestry Adviser is no*.r .
1WEEK end: Barbados & Trinidas cla t
'fbr finals of 50 overs a side match
BOXING: George Foreman lost on- ptsV
to Jimmy Young (12 round- bout).Joe
Bugner of UK lost to Ron Lyle (USA)

krInt ea e publishedd by the Propriet orRobert.EAifey if Mill H-ose
Copt Hall at 26"Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies,

- --F-~ ---- -`~--~--~~--- ~--~

- f -- .... ...... ,, ... .

r- --~s ------ -~ 3n

. T H T'~ S T A; R

F~ridayBVarch~ 25, 197T

graB.e $e9

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