Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). March 18, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). March 18, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: March 18, 1977
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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I034phone: Edita?- 26-0O
UK Wl'ia Representativie:
1~22 Sha.Ttesabuy Avenue,
=teIon WVaV81iA.Eg3cad.,

Editor Phyllis Shaad Allfrey -


Fifteefl (Cents- 1b0

'JJi ALLI.J V )~ I.'- __*-.--., ,-- -- --- --6- -

As we go to Press the weather
could not be more fair. This is the
'week-end when Government and Oppos-
ition set forth for preparatory In-
dependence talks in England.
THE GOVT. TEAM: Premier Patrick amn
who emitted many anti-British say-
ings during the passage of his In-
dependence resolution; Ministers
Vic Riviere and Douglas; the Attor'-
ney General (who described the Brit-
ish as practisers of "deceit and
deception" in that debate);Cabinet
Secretary Shaw; and ex-showman now
DBS Manager Denis Joseph.
THE OPPOSITION : Eugenia Charlesmnd
' "l emHnox Honychurch. We place our con-
fidence in thetim They will
London thousands of signatures or
Dominicans who ask for a longer
time in which to consider Independarne
Any Dominican readers who wish to
contact these two delegates should
get in touch with them at: the Royal
Commonwealth Society.

by Censure Motion
The minority British Labour
to be attacked by a Conservative
Censure Motion' at its next session.
It is possible that Labour may be
defeated and a new election called.

These have been kept dark by Govt.
because in St.Joseph, Marigot and
Vieille Case anti-Gbvt. forces have
gained the majority, A Grandbay el-
ection takes place today, Friday.
Her Majesty is being presented by ar
anonymous donor with a specially
designed and equipped Rolls Royce
car worth 100,000

Whil- agreeing with the process
of "import substitution", the
Dominica Association of Industry
& Commerce objects to Government's
decision (taken without consulting
DAIC) tn place under licence the
importation of all goods into this
country, calling-this measure im-
practical, and "a further scope
for the exercise of political fav-
ouritism in the granting of all
licences which is already being
'f 6ur Ma'ch issue we stated.
that MrG.Robinson was. appointed
Postmaster General. The word "As-
sistant"was omitted. Mr.Philip S.
Rock is of course our P.M.G.Rogretal

1 Hamed Make Independence Work?
'riday March 10 the House of As-
bly met and a motion was put by
Premier. The Government called
i resolution. Sad' it is that ini
20th Century the Premier of
.nica and his colleagues do not
r the difference between a IIovion
a Resolution,
is you know, the motion called
Independence for Dominica, The
.ker of the House as a West-Indian
>wed the Premier and his men to
.ate entirely from the motion.
>re the House and give out "Me-
on points which had nothing
.o with the motion, I was a tar-
Statements were made claiming
.s so hungry and naked that Mr.
.anc out of pity gave me .an. old
pension,, and the Speaker never
.ed on the Mepris-givers to ob-
re the procedure of the Houseo
LS very much disappointed in a
er who, has sat in, thn0e Lod
lconta^ \. p ___

^.ri e N. pages
E N 3 and -

- ---- --40004t,



ikiXky oa18

Friday March 18 iUYY

-- ------,


Page Tw H TR rdy arh1.17

$816,800 was passed in the House
last:-w~ok most of it under the
Head -Demands from Civil Service"
but Police exercises re Dreads and
search for the kidnapped girls was
$39,0001 The search for the Eng-
lish botanist cost $12,000 in re-
wards and compensation to whom?
by E.C.Loblack (from p.l)
I would like to remind this Govv-
ernment that perhaps unGodliness as
made them ungrateful. They forget-
conveniently that, but for myself
and Mrs, Allfrey whose personal
f.nds went into forming the Dominics
Labour Party, many of the present
members would not be able to pay
their passage to Montserrat althagh
they are now able to use Taxpayers
money'to travel freely all over the
As far as I know the contribut-
ion of -1r. Leblanc,Mr,John and their
colleagues towards the development
of Dominica is Nil; but they will
not acknowledge my contribution to-

125VA, 300VA, 550-V,
800 ov, 1000VA, 1900VA,
Supplies limited

I, Simon Stevens, residing at
Masaaore, hereby declare that I
am no longer responsible for any
*debts incurred by my wife,Martha
Stevens neee Laurent, she having
left my home in Guadeloupe (after
joining me there) since April 1976.
LMarch 2,1977. 990 2/3
Prom W.3.9tevons' COMNENTS on INDE-
I cannot see Independence being-
granted this year purely upon the
ratings and illogical ravnmgs of
men who for the past five years have
been weighed in the balance and
found wanting*
Jamaioa has had independence sime
1962, and -What can Domini'oa emulate
in her? More violence 'and crime? An

wards my country. Let them ask H,_. edonomty which is declining on a geo-
the Governor, and when inr)England metrical ratio? National begging
go to the Commonwealth Office where even from those who are more hard-
they can meet the record.o? my con- up than herself?
tribution from 1949-56 towa'.ds the And.then Guyanal the National
development of Dominica, Those who Service Scheme is a Guyana product,
receive unexpected good fortune do If from the age of 8 children will
not know that he who built the be expected to join it, will there
house has more honour than the be any need for schools? It will
house and those who dwell in it, surely be tantamount to what Hitler
did to German Youth which resulted
AFRICAN BAH1 I TO VISIT ii World War II, Dominica will hve
Mr. Enoch Olinga of Uganda, an ec- her Goebbels, her EiFmmler, Secret
onomist, author and world traveller police and all the criminals with
is now on a Caribbean tour, and r.o regard for Human Rights and Free-
will speak on the Baha'i Faith at c.omsl
the Dominica Grammar School on 2aid As to Grenada, that name cropped
March (Tues.) at 7.30 p.m. up quite enough in the recent debate
TH HEALING "A.B odf "that is the Grenada way of get-
For those who claim that --the t- ting Independence etc." to show the
of healing is still in operation.t-c unstate- (as yet) alignment,
day, as it was in New Testament t!r:"r THE- QUEEN'S SILVER J-CX'E~:
this past week was the perfect timfie Prime Minister Callagigan said re-
to prove it. The crusade team pray- contly in the Commons that both
ed and laid their lands on hundreds Houses will present addresses to.the
for healing. Many claims of healing Queen in Westminster, May L1.. Her
were made in the Gardens but so ufr Majesty (who just went with the
none have proven genuine in the* Duke to Australia) will make a nat-
atreet. In addition, many blind, ional tour of Britain, there will be
deaf & lame wer-e b-itterly dian.F- Cathedral Services in May &. June.
ed. (To be concluded nCox-t wror)

_ I~

Page Twoo

Friday. March 18. 1977


The persons who listened last week to the debates in the House of
Assembly were amazed at the manner of which the Cabinet Ministers
conducted themselves. It appeared to listeners that everything but
the issue of "Independence without a referendum" was being discussed.
But those who attended were appalled at the behaviour of some of those
ministers. Government members of the House of Assembly should realise
that they have set themselves up as models for the young people of the
State to emulate. One mother remarked that her children must not do
National Service because if they are to be thrown in the company of
such Ministers for one month, they may return to her home having lost
all idea of the manner in which human beings should conduct themselves,
All in all the show put on by some of the speakers on the Government
side ensured that th'3 population should remain divided. -Yet ,after
hurling all the abuse he could on all and sundry the Premier put out
his hypocritical and clarion cry for Unity. Yet it is well known that
his very cabinet is so divided that no decision can remain fixed for
more than five minutes. We bring to our readers the verbatim text
of a document delivered to hij colleagues by the Minister of
Communication and Works, Comrade Oliver Seraphin:
"The victory at the polls in 1975 was a complete consolidation of
the Dominican dream to eradicate all vestiges of exploitations of the
past. The Labour victory was a people's victory. The people's
eternal cry for economic and social reform and liberation was
trumpeted by the aggressive promiseoof changes by the candidates
representing the Labour Party. The change from irrelevant colonial
practices The change from negative acceptance of the power of the
system thatboqnstricted and stifled the aspirations of the little
man. The eradication of all efforts to uairp the power of Ministers
to lead was the Base for the Change.
During the past year we have experienced the efforts manifested by
the civil servant club to hoodwink mislead and generally to
During the past year we have seen the plurality of efforts to
malign disrupt and calculated to "divide and rule the Ministers of
We have been subjected to as leaders of this country a barrage of
attacks from within the ranks and by the false friends of the party.
During the past year we have noticed the invidious practice of
persons currying favour with leadership by openly castigating and
challenging the loyalty of Ministers of Government. Our fight to
alleviate the socio-economic burdens of the little man have been
replaced by the fight to restore credibility and confidence within
the confines of Cabinet.
The Ministers' of Government have been subject to such 'total effort of
character assassination that the cognisance of Portfolio
responsibilities have been ignored in an effort to maintain a blanket
of secreey.
Information which should emanate from Ministers of Government is now
told to Ministers by friends outside the confines of Government.
It is difficult to attest to the thinking that the Typist involved
in the relevant documents ran be more trustworthy than a Minister
of Government.


Pnee Thrse

~~i~au ~8fh ~ar~h~ 1a77


Thoerules.o- Cabinet make provision for those found wanting in the
The fear of being found wanting due to the fabrications of certain
elements has destroyed and preyed on the minds of Government
Minister which seems to have disrupted the burning enthusiasm that
could generate the electrifying performances.
The shortcuts that Bills take to the House of Assembly the
discussions relevant to Ministers not known to the appropriate
Minist-e--makes ,a sham of portfolios and renders a feeling of acute
importance. .........
The machinery must seem to adjust to a change and the modus
operandi of the past does not and should not relate to the present.
A Minister with a portfolio should fully represent and have occasion
to help frame policy and apprasie matters which
reference to the responsibility that has been so vested by this
Ministerial appointment.
The change must start the Leblancism of Cabinet and House
'.""'--procedure should.nott now be established as the method of. the day.
We should now seek to exploit the contributions-of each- iiaister in
order to get effective and enthusiastic implementation of ideas and
The concept of good Government requires a singular yeoman effort by
the individual Ministers to contribute in whole all his intellectual
and other abilities in restoring the supposed negligence of (8)
eight years of Ministerial responsibility.
The haze which seems to surround Ministerial functioning must now
be obliterated. The Minister must now be privileged in the manner of
division of Labour to pursue his constitutional responsibility
without fear or acrimony within the confines of expressed policy.
His responsibilities and effectiveness must not be dourped by the
8 years of Permanent Secretary rule Or even that of the Attorney
General's office.
We must now seek to adjust to the constitutional requirements and let
Ministers performance be judged not by rumours and vilifications of
our economic constraints
The struggle for change must now begin. Let us all comrades put
,aside our misgivings by hearsay, let us not crumble in the face of
the task ahead. Resolutely by giving to each his own we can
conquer and Solidarity will not, be a word but an Instrument that
will remedy the ills of the past.
The above gives you an insight into the dissatisfaction which
exists among members of the Cabinet dissatisfaction with the heavy
hand of the Party Chief who still rules in no uncertain manner from
his stronghold at Vielle Case, with the Attorney General who is
considered by many of the members of the Cabinet to have far too much
power in decision making, dissatisfaction with the-Permanent
Secretaries, who in the minds of some members of the Cabinet, should
merely be minions to fetch and carry and not to have any opinions of
their own and to be deprived of the duty to the country to follow and
po'in' out proper procedures that should exist. But above all
dissatisfaction with Premier John and his side-kick the future
Chancellor of the empty Exchequer, who have appropriated to themselves
the right to be a little super-Cabinet controlling the real Cabinet.

Friday 18th March, 1977


Page Four

Page Five T HE S T A R Friday, March 18, 1977.
..... .Reauest da- "Tyi.ia Request for
STATE OF DOMINICA VReq uest da- Requ"st for
TITTLE BY REC-LTRATION ACT ted 22nd Toussaint the issue of
TSITTch BY REApplTRATIN ACT F eb.1977 by her a First Cer-
Schedule of Application for Certin resented Soi.citor tificate of
ficate of Title aed Noting thereon t'_ Mah Cla A. Title i res
r Caveat for week ending the 5th j3th March Cilna A, Title in res-
or Caet for wee 977 at' 1 M.Dupigny pect of.a pox.
Marath 1 Pe77 s 20 p tion af land
DPtee Person aure of Re at StJoseph, in the Parish of St;
Presented Presentin quest whether
f -or a ce rite e whe-h- Joseph, in the State of Dominica,
theron or ate 0. Noi containing 617 square feet and
thereon or\ Caveat A P ^ o- frrh 1W iA
_____b___ d d llows: No4t by~ 1eA'

,of Errol Baptiste and Lambert '- n$
East by land of Glovello Charles;
West by lands of Marscen Romain.
and Eleanor Pagan.

Request da.Ildre-d Request for the
ted 13th Burton by issue of a Frst
April 1976 her Soli- Gertifioate of
Presented citor M. Title in res-
2nd March Eugenia pect of a Por-
1977 at Charles. tion of Land
12,20 on, known as a Res-
idential Lot in Roseau, in the Par-
ish of St,George, containing 72(0sq.
feet and bounded as follows:-
North-East: Great George Street;
South-East: Fields Lane; South-West:
Land of Phyllis G. Seignoret;North-
iWest: Land of J6an Maynard.
Request da. Delpha quest for the
ted 2nd Prie e js of aA rst
Feb.1977 by her Certaifficate of
Presented So:lcitor -title in res-
3rd & March CilTna A. pect of a .por-
1977 at M.Dupigny tion of landat
1 5 1 m OI ver' .Gutter,
:.h iOe village of Marigot, in the
Parish of St.Andrew, in the State of
TDminica, containing 42114 square
.eet and bounded as follows:- -
11North by land of Gustavus Timothy;
East by land of Gustavus Timothy;
South by an access road separating
it from land of Mesach Linton; West
by au access road separating it frou
land of Sttfford James.-
Request da- Linus Request for the
ted 31st Jeffrey issue of a First
January 197 by her Certificate of
Presented Solicitor Title in res-
3rd March Cilma A. pect of a por-
.1977 at M.Dup1ign tion of land
240- 12.E-.._ known as a lot
a. oujiblst ie, in the Parish of
St.Peter, in the State of Dominica,
containing 1755 square feet and
bounded as follows:- North by land
of Winnifred Shillingford; East by
land of --grtrude Julien; South by
land of Ena Siillingford; West by
a rnui Po ro a___
jched~uleforweek ending arch c12
(noxt column.)


Reaouest da Melita MR request for the
ted 8th Joseph issue of a-'
Nov. 1976 nee Charlss Certificate of
Presented by her ,Title in res-
l4th March Solicitor )pect of a por-
1977 at Cilma A. tiop of land.
10 30 a,^ M 'yr., Dt in the z:,..,ge
pt~- I sJo6seph I i the Parish of St.
Joseph, in the State of Dominica,
Containing 2000 square feet and
bounded as follows:- lands
)f Elgiva Henry; South by land off
James Boston and Orl]in Pierre; East
py land of Elgiva John and Gborge
'ejix; West by a Public Road.

Re-ucost da-
ted 2dLth
Feb, 1977
Presented March
1977 at
300' pom_

Naoniie request for
Phillips the issue of
by her a First Cert-
Solicitor ificate of Ti-
Cil:.a A, tle in repoect
M.Dup giy of a portion
____ of land in the Parish of St.,&hnm
(cqitirinod next page p.6)


i_ ---




Request da- Bertha R fqquest for
ted 10th Fontaine the issue of a
Jan. 1977 by her First Certifi-
Presented Solicitoc cate of Title
lOth Marh Cilma A. in'respect of
1977 at M.Dupigny a portion of
3.05 p.m.I land
a Lot at L'Orange, Bagatelle, in
the Parish of St,Patrick, in the
.State of Dominica, containing
30,666 sqr.--e ffeet'and bounded as
follows:- 1iorth by land of Newton
St,Hilaire; North-East by land of
Newton St.Hilaire; South-Ehstb by
land of Mrs. Cecil Defoe; South by
land of Simon Francis; .South-West
by land of Simpn Francis and Mich-
ael Francis; North-West by land of
Michael Francis,

.-- -- T-- HE -- .ida arch 18 197------7'------

in the State of Dominica, containh
ing 4117 square feet and founded as
follows:- North by Bedford Street;
East by land of Josephine Magloire;
South by land of Mrs. Foster Benja-
min; West by BayStreet.
Roseau. Ag. Registrar of Titles.
NOTEi- Any person who desires to
obj d4to the issuing of a First
Certificate of Title on the abovO
applications may enter a Caveat in
the above office within six weeks
from the date of the first appear-
ance of these' Schedules in the STAR
News Paper published in this State
or from the date when the Notice
prescribed by law was last servedon
any occupant of adjoining lands in
respect of which these applications
were made,

Agricultural Plots
And Building Land
Near Sylvania Junction
Vanya Dupigny
Phone 3012
Or Leo Narcdny
P8Z-hone 1245 / P.O$,ex 23.

Just add one bottle QUINTONINE
t9 one bottle SANGO WINE -Prestc'.
You have' ne of 'the finest Tonic
Wines available, and this will
cost you only $5.00.
available from
99%- a/4


. .

Applications should be submitted
In writing and, addressed to:
P.O. Box 18, ROSEAU

-S5-T -;A.R-Sy P,0*R*T-S-f,-Mo rc hri stone
*Australia Wins Centenary Matchl
She beat England by 45 runs in the
test match at Melbourne to celeb-
rate 150 years of test cricket be-
tween the 2 countries by the same
margin the Australians inflicted
in 1877 first test match. Tony
Grieg won the toss for England;but
Australia batted first succumbing
for a paltry 138 (Greg Chappell 40).
England 29/1 by end of 1st day were
bundled out for only 95 runs.Dennis
Lillee 6/26 & Max Walker 4/54.
Australia declared their 2nd in-
nings closed at 419/9. Rodney Marsh
110 n.o. Bowling for EnglandJ.Lever
2/36 & 2/95;BWillis 2/33; D.Underwod
3/16 and S.Grieg 2/66.
England, set the mammoth total of
463 for victory were'at one stage
238/2. Derek Randall,who made their
victory possible, scored 174.Lillee
took another 5 wickets in bringing
Australia victory. Final scores: Aus-
tralia 138 & 419/9 dec.England 45 and
l4* PAKISTAN lost their one-day in-
ternational against the West in Ber-
bice,Guyana, by 4 wickets.Clive Lloyd Pakistan to bat (45 overs be-
cause of rain); Pakistan scored 176
runs for 7 wickets HWEST INDIES hit
off the winning runs with 1,4 overs
to.spare when Clive Lloyd banged a
big six off Sadiq Mohammad. Scores:
Pakistan 176/7 (45 overs); W.I.182/6
in 43.2 overs*
PAKISTAN & GUYANA played to'a high-
scoring draw in their 4-day match at
Bourda. Scores: Pakistan 303 & 424/8
ecl.; G uyana .31 & 412/8.Clive
Lloyd 125 and L.Barichan 115.
TRINIDAD & ..Barbados won comfortably
their limited overs matches against
the WindWards and Leewards respect-
ively, qualifying them for finals.
LOCAL: A.Gregoire League:Police de-
feated Grand Bay;Casuals beat G & W,

In 1st Test in Guyana since 1974,Pak-
istan(batting first): 194 all out (3g
We regret having had to cut artic-
cles by W.S.S., Rev.B.Woodford etc.;
(space problems).Also a fine long
poem by J.R.R-.Casimir and a letter
f1'om Hugh Lawrence. Next week
Printed & Published by the ProprIe-
tor Robert E.Allfrey of Mill Honae
Oppt Hall at 26 Babt Rd, Roseau-
Dominica, West Indies.

" L~ --

Page Sfix-

PridaP, Mnreh 18, ~977

~flHF: S~AR

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