Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). March 11, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). March 11, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Publication Date: March 11, 1977
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___ ,____ |SL ^ i" M.E,
Tel, ephon: Aitor 2610 < Charles &
R ~e pe-pin~e .. .Hon.. .L.Hony,,
e.r..efn tat-ve/Mded ;, .' church are going
.." ri."-i'. ...... n- -' to the Independence
._ _,,-- _._ '.^ _t ,. y, .~~t conference 1m London
Vol XX IV6.o 11 I I Marc 1,^ 197i"teaen Cents- 1i6
House of Assembly Mr. Alvin Armantrading, President
We have never heard, in any of the Dominioa Freedom Partytop.
We have never heard, in any g
Indin H e, my ai- ped the polls at St. Josephl Withb
West Indian House, o many snti- four other persons,'one a woman,
British sentiments expressed: and and all pro-Freedom, he carried the
we have attended several in other once-wavering Village to victory;
islands. The Premier's resolut- and-Independence with Referendum
ion nn Independence was designed was one of their main points.
to jockey this little country into-----
Independence on a date set by BANANA PRICE UP says DBGA
him without reference either to WINBAN told the Dominica Banana Gro-
the Opposition or the people.The wers Association that the Green Mar-
Opposition's NO was a NO to the ket Price for bananas has increased
terms of this resolution (which by ten pounds sterling, meaning that
had a shockingly defective oara- our growers will get 9 cents basic
graph but the new Speake, and per b, pluspossible bonuses,
we At^C wrongly, did not a low an THE THRONE SPEECH.
arvG e put. (See pge three). H.E, Sir Louis Cools-Lartigue read
Howbeit, th-re roverlint vote his speech: there is hardly anything
was 18 to the Opposition's three, in it worthy of underlining; but it
AVAN CASIMIR RE;fGES started with a National Planning it-
Doing what would have cost him his em (3 pagcs),What of all the previns.
Party membership in any civilised plans? The paragraph on gave
-us pause; we support Conservation, be-
land, Hon.A.Casimir, whose const- cause if you strip the trees, you
ituency is strongly dominated by deny the people water; the pilot pro-
Rosie Douglas, voted with the ject will employ 144 men. We hope the
Government; and Pat Stevens, Con- FAO & British know what they are doig.
rad Cyrus and R.Bannis hai clear- Tourism as a major industry local
d of h : t P i produce external trade bureau- fire-
ed off home: the Premier describedpower through paying teachers in aid-
their absence as cowardly, and ed schools -roads .bridges. airo
this is one cf the only things he taes plus alternative rsveu,,
said with which we tend to agree. NEED A TONIC ?
After all, the taxpayers are payig | Make Your Own'
their House salaries, and this was Just add one bottle QTTRUTONINE
the important Debate of the year. to one bottle SANGO VWIE -PRESTO'.
We intend to give ,ur readers You have one of the finest Tonic
next week a run-down of the matters Wines available, and this will
discussed for two wh9le days. cost you only $5.00.
A new Speaker (Hon.Fred Degazso), QTINTONINE and SANGO WIM 'are
was elected, and Arnold Active slid available from
in again as a nominated member. THE DOMINICA DISPENSAPJ CU LTDf
The question of a referenad'm is, __..
may we sy, still very-much alive. INDEPNDENOE YES BUT BF THi p'T
liDllES: 'Wji"iftrod Gaskin, High Comar, OF TIE. EOPLE RtFEREND1UM TiRSI
Guyana*W.I,, died a few days ago,
I ... '

1_at wo THE IT WrIi ._ ;.___idav.arc 11: 1977 _

CA1I4D COMMENTS by W.S. Stevens
(who is, we are glad to say,getting
better at Princess Margaret Hospitall
There i5 of late a spate of road
ACCIDENTS .u our community. Ag ^
months before I resigned fromra -h '
I tabled a resolution tor revise
Traffic Acts as regards speed li.i
its in built-up areas, warnings for
schools, one-way street sign at
omrners. The then Minister for C~omi
aUPication & Works (Mr. LesUle)in-
iSs- arrogant style turned the idea
Later-an .Act was passed by the
Government to the same end. But as
uueal, the thing never got off the
ground. I suppose our numbakokied
politicians are awaiting funds from
abroad to reconstruct ~rads,
But not so long ago the British
government gave the fDominica Govt.
a grant to erect road signs such as;
you have in every itodern state,
Again no action is taken, Here was
an opportunity for Government to
demonstrate and educate schoolchill-
dren, adults, divers of motor ve-
hol3es on the use of roads in a de-
veloping modern community. The loud
Snt4 h R. nvho'hl hnvd he t-lrae the

It was a truly festival atmos-
phera in tbh Roman Catholic Cath-
edral last Sunday, We arrived early
and most Of the seats were filled;
later, participants stood near the
,entrantces Thus were we warmed up
by Father Lononke's rehearsal music
which he lea with his fine voice.
iA Soleni High Maes yes but also
a. vet happy one; hundreds of girls
f rota Chi4 'oo to wqEaanhoQd and
thety relatives had gathered to
great their tear friend, and to
than-God to bher presence in- Dom-
The sig1tg quite entraned an
Amierican valfer who came with us;
the wro0le tusiUal service was per-
formed wit% ust the right blend of
formality aUA spontaneity; His
Lordship,, the Dean, the Priest Coi-
mentator,.. 4 then the tributes
by Miss thihml. and Miss Ritchie,
the pr6ssntat8Lit of a Purse, and
flowers taken to the altar by young
girls. The Tervice lasted two hours,
we discovered to our surprise after-
wards. Aftlwards, too, we learned
from Sister Borgia herself that she
enjoyed it all immensely.

opportunity to emphasize the cor- WD d~ OMm W.S.S. (contd,)
rect use of roads and given regular Dominicans are certainly unhappy
and serious warnings about sirens over Independence under high priests
and their mission, But D.B.S. aims not in any way touched by the foel-
at telling you a multiplicity of ings of their infirmitios. This
news and clouding the brain with; is what the British Government rep-
obsequious songs, sounds etc., so resentativos niust consider,
that the important issues may not Most things here are in a deplor-
be committed to serious reflection, able state. This week anything could
Meanwhile some people suffer and. happen. When at month-end money can
dies AN HISTORIC W not be found to/pay the servants sof
N HISTORIC WEK the State le us remember that
beforee these notes are published communications, education, health
tDomnicans will be wiser concerning trade & economics do not become In-'
Independence. dependent,
It was the Tape Recorder that Qant we wait until both people
brought the American people to heel and Government are ready for it?
as regards Nixon' unfitness to be, ___:____
Head of the American people.Members "DRIVES, PASE USE YOUR DXSCRET--
of the Rouse should insist that the ION' by Hugh Lawrence
.complete proceedings of the House, After a big feast at the Roseau
should be broadcast live to all Cathedral, the crowd eots so thick
DofAnicans and tapes taken to Lon- between the gates to Queen Mary St,
don in the keeping of the Opposit- especially in the night. Some driv-
of Leader, Uho re-sults of all vil. ers seem to start driving too soon,
lage & district meetings should be causing the crowd to rush to the
recorded and noted,. sidewalks where they may fall.
(next column) (concluded on page 6)

---~--~` ----` ~~--

Pridhv.March 11: 1977

Page TWO


Prid~v llth. 1977

-- "--I Ij --- i I I I -- il-- 1i --i-jiI I --. _

At the meeting of the House of Assembly which began on Thursday,
19th March 1977 the- Premier proposed a resolution to take Dominica
into Independence on the 2nd day.of November 1977 under the
provisions of section 10(2) of the West Indies Act on the basis
of the draft Constitutional proposals which had been circulated.
The Dominica Freedom Party having spoken in many places to
many people in Dominica realise that there would be popular
opposition to that resolution and therefore proposed an amendment
which would be acceptable to most Dominicans.
However the new Speaker of the House of Assembly ruled the
amendment out of Order because he said it negatived the original
resolution. But the rules of the House permit amendments which
are relevant to the subject matter of any resolution and the
following proposed Amendment is certainly relevant to the subject
matter of Independence:-
"1. That the first and second recitals be deleted,
and replaced by the following:
2. WHEREAS draft proposals for a Constitution for
Independent Dominica have been circulated and
discussed by various groups and associations which
/ bodies hate requested an extension of time to consider,
comment o amend and improve on the draft circulated;
3. AND WHEREAS it is now widely felt throughout
Dominica..that the State of Dominica should not proceed
to full' i dependence until the people have so decided
by referendum;
BE IT RESOLVED that the State of Dominica be allowed to
proceed to independence under the provisions of 10(1)
of the -West Indies Act and in accordance with the
provisions for amendment laid down in clause 34 of our
1967 Constitution on the basis of a constitution which
has been widely discussed, understood and popularly
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that to ensure national
awareness and national unity ard the enactment of a
constitution as set out in the proceeding paragraph, a
Joint Constitutional Committee be set up consisting
of equal membership of both sides of the House of
Assembly under the Chairmanship of an eminent West
Indian jurist which committee will canvass the views
of Dominicans and submit a draft constitution to this
House for approval."


Paae three

3ia, Ji(s r)m-A^.-^ .ML. .'.i *.


GRENADIANS, on Monday last, celebrated
their third anniversary of Indepeaendenc. To
the outside world this was indeed a historic
occasion for the 120 sq. mile island. After all,
e did endure 250 years of Colonial rule. But
tih- million dollar qJestiont is "have we made
ary i mtni'l-, intprovements siit:e Britain giant.
ed us indep! Jener r on Feblruary i 974?" '

With all the "exter-
nat goodwill" constant-
ly boasted about by
Grenada's dapper Primel
Minister, Eric Gairy,
the country, even after
three years of Indepen-
dence, still continue to
beg and kneel at the
feet of more developed
coiutries for monetary
aid to assist our crum-
ling economy. Despite
the record budgets and
"foreign investments"
Civil Servants- up to
this day still experience
uncertainty as to when
they will get their next
pay envelope.
(ir rods continue
to retrortges to the su-
prenm state of "Goat
tracks". They continue
to crack up and pro-
duce new holes at an
alarming rate. Bridges
have been under or
donkey's years now.
And this is still so evn
with the Prime Minis-
tC.'s ,ecord breaking ef-
forts prior to elections.
The roads are so had
that our motorists
deserve a Nobel Prire
for zig-zag driving.

The Tourist Industry,
again constantly boast-


ed about, is a joke.
Tourists refuse to dis-
embark because of our
Attti-Zirtist UN stand.
Visitors to our is-
and arn constantly
molested by members
of Prime Minister Gairv's
givingg Academy" lo-
cated on that area bc-
tween the Tourist
Bureau and the local
firm of Jonas Browne
and Hubbards, straight
! as the crow flies. These
urchins rake the
tourist's life a misery
with their "any small
Change chant" and
Their "throw a tiarter
in the water" diving
Gymnastics. So mnich
so that a major crtln
liner threatened to call
off its visits, hence the
formation of the
"Diving Acadeimy" vltip ,
ped with "Lawn Tennis
rackets", uniforms and
Choir master et al. An-
other of the P.M's "Na-
tional Escapades".

Inspite of the seem-
ingly numberless Police
Stations and memhcrs,
crint still soars to a-
larming heights. For

1M I *eatliUy?

the pas. iiitire V-t:, hl1a'e bencint-
volved in a numberr of
murders. Nlt as investi-
gators but s criminals.
And these Incidents just
die a natural death.
Ifone refletts on the
past threo; years and
brings thlt picture to
life, one ibuld quick-
ly realize that we have
progressed, along the
;wrong lines. Indepen-
dence itself was paved
with bloodshed native-
ly called by the Prime
Minister "birth pangs of
a new natiori". Is Mr-
der of the first degree a
sy.mpto of "the birth
pangs?" So we are ntow.
Independent. But are
we truly so?
The harassment of
Opposition forces con-
tinue. We still have a
"Liquidity problem".
We still are molly-cod:
dling persons, aliens at
that, of ktnown and
proven sleazy characters.
In Grenada there arc
only tw), Political Al-
liances, as far as the
SGrenada United labour
Party sees it, Gairyites
or Anti-G(iryites.

Grenadians have only I
Political Independence, i
We do not have ANY
form of Deniocratic In-
dependence. The inter-
nal structure of the Gov-
erinment of GrCunada is
riddled with the vilest
ifrrim of victintisatiotn

And while the Gov.
ernment of "Action and
Progress" continues to
behave like Nero at the
burning of Rome. G"t-
nadians continue to
trv yet another yoke,
not Colonialism but In-
dependence spiced with
the tinge of dictator-
ship. We continue to
grovel at the feet of
a system far nmoe shins
ter than that which we
shook off three years
ago. We continue to al-
low "Uncle" to prosti-
tute our God given
rights at his whim and
fancy without redress.
Is this Independence?
independence, the
reality, is not a ques-
Stion of phony Knight-
Shoods, Doctorates or
Honours. It is not
poqtp, ceremony and
sport. It is not empty
promises and idle bmst-
ings. It is not blood-
shed and violence. Nor
is it a badly run Gen-
eral Hospital. If the
Government mr 2 well,
let them, after three
years, make a meaning-
ful contribution to the
betnfit of its 100,000
men, sorrmn and chil-

after ; .earo .il--
opc~tu: iOiCCo -- 'iju'.i;
Sn1 >i w L a i' t

* ui all j.p ul .+1i'

"Healing: Divine or Deceptive?"

How can we determine whether healings are divine or deceptive?

Recently a massive advertising campaign has been mounted announcing the
coming of an evangelist who would hold meetings and pray for the sick, and
now the crusade is in progress. Curiosity of many, including myself, has
been aroused concerning the outcome. My concern and reason for writing is
twofold. First I'm concerned for those who will be deceived to believe a
lie and secondly for those whose hopes will be raised only to be smashed in
bitter disappointment when no healing materializes.
Healing being a very controversial subject, I know some will disagree
with what I have to say. But let me suggest a simple means by which we can
evaluate the work of modern-day "healers". Let us compare their deception
to the divine healing performed by Jesus Christ and the disciples in the
New Testament.
1. Deceptive healing is usually limited to disorders due to mental or
emotional stress simply because these can be relieved by the mental or
emotional release provided by the highly emotional atmosphere created in such
crusades. But Jesus' healings were not limited b the cause of the disease.
He healed all who came to him regardless of the disorder. See Luke 6:19,
9:11; Matt. 15:50.
2. Deceptive healing is often limited by time. Seekers are told to
"accept their healing by faith" even when the symptoms remain and to wait
for gradual healing. But divine healing is not limited by time. Jesus
healing and that done by the apostles was immediate. No one was told to
go home and "think" that they were healed. They knew it! See Matt. 20:34;
Luke 8:44, 13:13, 18:45.
3. Deceptive healing is limited in extent. We hear reports like
"Doctor claims 70% healing". "There's much improvement". "I feel so much
better" etc. But Jesus healings were all 100N. There was not a "marked
improvement" they were "made whole". Matt. 12:13; Mark 7:35.
4. Deceptive healing is limited in duration. After the emotional
"high" of the crusade wears off many who were "healed" find the same old
problem recurring again. But Jesus' healings were permanent. To my know-
ledge there is not one mention of a disease recurring after being healed
by Jesus.
5. Deceptive healing is limited to those present in the crusade who
are caught up in the emotionally charged atmosphere there. But Jesus was
not limited by distance. More than once he healed people who were separated
from Him by miles. Matt. 8:13; Mark 7:29 & 30. Let us ask our evangelist
friends why they don't pray for those in the hospitals or leper home. Better
yet, why not go to their bed-sides and pray for a miracle?
6. Deceptive healers claim that healing is limited to those who have
enough faith. So the sick who remainLas before are blamed, "Your faith
isn't strong enough". As I understand James 5:14 & 15 it is the one who
prays for the sick who is to pray in faith not the sick! Jesus healings
were not limited by the faith exercised by the sick. He healed those who
had faith, those whose friends had faith; when both had faith and when
neither exercised faith. See John 5:8-13; Luke 22:51; Acts 3:5-7. Jesus
never failed to heal anyone. Nor do we find Him denying healing because of
a lack of faith.
One other observation which we can mke is that deceptive "healing
crusades" must be fueled by massive advertising. They herald a man with a
"big name", and cite reports of previous "healings" to stir up the curiosity,
expectations and emotions of masses of people. Thus before the "evangelist"
even arrives thousands have already been beguiled to accept without question
anything he says or does.

Jesus' healings needed no advertJi.g.__I.. _factchej oftet.dd.eo~raged
those that he healed from telling others.
To me this says something very significant. I'll leave you as the
reader to draw your own conclusions,
Have any divine healings taken p ace this week in the gardens or as
a result of the crusade? Let me suggest a simple test by which we may
evaluate the genuineness of claims that will be made.
1. Can medical records to produced by a doctor or doctors who treated
the person before the cmrsade which document the condition as one which was
caused by more than mental or emotional stress. Thus if such a sickness
were cured it would have to be by more than a mental or emotional release.
2. If the healing is of a visible nature, are there eye witnesses
who can verify that it took place immediately. If of an internal nature is
there verification by a doctor of an immediate healing,
3. Is there verification by a doctor of 1000/o healing?
4. Has there been any recurrence of the disorder or its symptoms
since the time of healing?
Is this too much to ask in order not to be deceived?
If there is any person whose case meets the four requirements above
and who can produce the evidence I would be most happy to hear from you and
make a report to this paper concerning your healing. Also, I'd be inter-
ested to hear of any who could not attend the crusade and yet were healed
at a distance.
Secondly I would address those-whose hopes were raised and then
smashed when no healing cc'cu:rred, Your first and most important need is
to be born again once and for a.llj a trusting alone in the blood of Jesus
Christ which was shed for bhe remission of your sins. See John 3:3; I Peter
2424; Titus 355; John 1.1T. Tlen you can rest in the knowledge that God
knwrs ^and will do wh-t is b--st for you. Philippians 1:6. If God wants
you to be healed He'll -o it. But if He has a purpose in your continued
illness, then IHis provision for vyon if the came as it was for the Apostle
Paul,""My grace is suffciecrt for tl'ee for my strength is made perfect in
wickness", Then yoa can be joyful even i..l siclkess as the Apostle Paul
said, "Most gladly., therefore, will I glory in my infirmities, that the
power of Christ may rest upon r".:
Let it not be said that thi' Pastor loes not believe in divine healing
or in the power of prayer. I.c- rtain.v do. I believe in a sovereign God
who heals according ',o His o'~r~ will r.ot that of a faith-healer). I be-
lieve-that God uses docT.ors and med-cines to bring healing and that He
also heals supernatiural. 1, ut I reascu to believe that He is
working today through. self,-prc.lar.d "faith-he.lers" and "pray-ers for
the sick" as He dic.a bhrcugh Jesus Christ and the Apostles in the early
days of the church,

Pastor, Berean .Bible Church, Roseau
P. ,0. Box 127
P. S. Additional copi-su oi this ari;icle may be obtained by sending an
envelope with your address and a 60 stam-p to the above address.

Etf U_ V A T K R Fridav.NMareh 11. 1977

Schodu:.e of Application for Oertj.-
floate '.if Title pnd BWotlo thereon
or CaVcL:t.: for woeek e-adtg the 19-th
Foebrinay 1T77.1

Date Person nature of Re-
Ptsented I resenting quest whether
for-a Certi icate of Title or Noting'
thereon or 'aveat .
Request da-oseph request for t
ted 7th'Pe .Vi.*tan issue of a First
1977. 1"- his GOrtificate of .
Presented Solocitor Title in respect
18th Feb. Ctilma A. of a portion of
1977 at .IDul.igny. land in the Par-
11 27 am ish of St.Andrew
in the Stato 6 ?.W ni sa, containing
2.00 acres and bounded as follows:-
North by land of Morris Prosper;
East by land of Elvira Basil; South
by a Road separSting it from land of
'Albert Bazil; West by a. propoed
road separating .At froca land of Al-
bert Bazil.
Sche.u3 dayfo w ek ending r th 196t7
day O) Febxrar1 1977.

Request da- Sir Leuis Roquest for
ted 28th Gools.- the issue of'
Sept. 1976 Lartigve, a first Certi-
Presented Kt.,O.I.E. ficate of Titaf
24th Feb. by his for that por'"
1977 at Solicioria tion of land
12.35 p.m, F. E. known as a res-
Ddgazon identical lot
situate in the Town 2f Roseau in, the
State of Dominica containing 1707
Square feet and boun-ed as follows:-
North-West by land of Ursula Robin-
son; Noji9t East by lauds of Methodis
Church and Eslio Roye'; South-East
by Virgin Lane and SoA, h-West by
land of Doris Johnson.
Schedule for week ending March 5th
Request da- inus if Rquest for
tdd 31st Jeffery t h issue of a
January, by her Fi rst Certifi-
1977. Sdicitor oa-te of Title
Presented Cilma A. in respect of
3rd. arch M.Dupigny portion of lac
1977 at known as a lot'
12.30' pa._, at Lloulibistrdo
in the Parish c.f St.feter, in the
State of Dominica, containi'lg 1755 sq,
ft. and bounded as follows :- North by
land of Winnifred Shilling!.ord; East
by land of Gertrude Julient' South by
land- of Ena Shillingfordo n



Request da- Twistleton Request for
ted 18th St.Rose the ispuecr
Jan.1977 Bertrand a First Oer-
Presented and Ann tifioate of
2nd March Robinson Title in
1977 at as tenants respect of
3,.1 pom. in common a portion
Sequal6 sBhares by of land= sit
their Solicitor OimaI uate in the
A.M. Dupigny. .. Town of rlbr
mouth, in the Parish of StJohn,in
the State of Dominica, containing:
1629 square feet and bounded as
follows:- North by a right of way
separating it from land of Ethel
Stedman; South by land of Gwendo.
lyn Peter; East by Bay Street;
West by a wall separating it from
the Sea,
Request da- Delpha Request for
ted 2nd Prince the issue of
Feb. 1977 by her a First Cer-
Presented Solicitor tificate of
3rd March Cilma A. Title in res-
1977 at MPDupigny pect of a
12,01 POM. !portion of
lnd at Over Gutter, in the vil-
lage of Marigot, in the Parish of
St.Andrew, in the State of
Dominica, containing 4214 square
feet and bounded as follows:.
North by land of Gustavos Timothy;
East by land of Gustavus Tirimothy;
South by an access road. separating
it from land of Me ac. -0ta
f ob TandE of .1 8rdz- mt .
Request da- Tylsina a Request T-o
ted 22nd Toussaint the issue of
Feb. 1977 by her a First Cer.
Presented Sodicitor tificate 6f
8th March Cilma A, Title in res-
1977 at M.Dupigny pect of a pr-
1320 pm.. bion of land
t .Joseph, in the Parish of St.
Joseph, in the State of Dominica,
containing 617 square feet and
bounded as follows:- North by
lands of Errol Baptiste and Lambert
Mason; East by land of Glovello
Toussaint; South by land of Samuel
Charles; West by lands of Marsdeni
Romain and Eleanor Fagan.
Roseau. Ag.Registrar of Titles,
NOTE:- Any person who desires to ob
ject tc the issuing of a First Cer-
tificate of Title on the alove
continued ext pae. 6_)

-~I ---~--

..i -

PridaPP1Iar~h 22, 1977

~p ~f- F~ ~~hR

ZCl* ,.*,

- --

Eas-- -

Schedule for ween e d 9. PILWOU 2

*P~eSi TE TA Fidv.- 97

applications may enter a Caveat in
the above office within six weeks
from the date of the first appear-
ance of these Schedules in the STAR
Newspaper published in this State oc
from the date when the Notice pre-
scribed by law was last served on
any occupant of adjoining lands in
respect of which these applications
were made.
*ST-A'I^S*P CRICKET: West Indies Take Lead
Woof: Indies cruised to ano easy six
< vT'Ic'toary, over- Pakistan at the
id'ens Park Oval, Trinidad by 1unch
am t he last day of the 2nd Test,
On the first day, by lunch, the
Pakistanis had lost 3 wickots for
6&. but Dominicans wore not so intr-

.1 ----.----u, -, --, -
125VA, 30GVA, 550VA
800VA, 1000VA, 1500VA.
Supplies limited



94s !'<

We do not need a traffic police-
man to control this move. I would
,suggest that the first vehicle
facing Queen Mary Street moves first
and others follow. A vehicle is a
very fast machine, so the drivers
can reach their homes long before
the pedestrians.- HULH LAWRENCE
mouth): History teaches-us

er. stod they waited to soo Irvig tnat war aiviaed Germany, partit-
SEillngford at the1 croaso for his ioning that country into two sec-
hfti-lTostnfr atthe cearse for his tions; East and West. Th this day
ir!1st, Test team appearance after- an this is still a reality;
elovem year wait. Starsports con- thn Dinistll, h realty,
grattalatos Ahm, Pakistanr s first In Dominic, however, there were
innings petered out at; 180 thanks to no known wars which created any
Colim Croft (Guyana) whao rcordod division, yet even the blind can
8 wickets fbr 29 rs with his fast see a division between North and
8' wickets for 29 runs with his fast South Dominica,
almost unplayable log breaks. Jack Su t i
Noroiga, Trinidad spin-bowler, holds Recently while conversing with a
the record with 9 wickets (India/WI young girl, she described the sit-
Suation as "Roseau Dominica" and
2nd Tost. 1971, Queens Park Ovzl), "Portsmouth Guadeloupe". This may
West Indies replied with 316- otsmouth deloupe" This may
136 runs oIn Roy Fredericks 120 (his sound like a joke, but she struck
8 Test century) hld the WI. to the point. Ths adrsely affects
gather, Shillingford 2nd topscoror the North; will Independence heal
39, Pakistan: Mustag Mohammed 4/50, or widen the wound? Let's hope the
Saloon Altof 2/44, Imram Kham 2/50 former.
and Intiklah, Alam 2/90. In their 2nd As the Bible rightfully says:
innings Pakistam scored 340 after A country divded against itself
being 123 without- loss. Andy Roborte canno. t stnd. .
1{@(4( Of the last 6 wickets) rest-
Lit (d Ofthe last 6 wicket) r38 got Australia and England starts at,
rotod artho. Jickl Garn Raa 3/4 got Melbourne torbrrow (Saturday). This
the early wickets, Wasim, Raja 65 &
84, Majid xhan: 54 and Sadiq Mohancd is n offici1 Test-match to celeb-
81, Wesit. Indi s needad205 for viae- rate 100 ye o's of Tests between the
tory8f At stumps on the 4th day, the two- teams, Svoral former captains
West Indies were 148/: t wicket from bot untrs are invite to
down at' 97 butImra Khan quickly dis-he matchA ondat celebra tin
mise- Gr-rconiidgo, Richards& Shillix- Also on Saturday, Trinid. will
mssed: Gronidge, Richards& Shillirg-ply a liit- d overs match again-tt
i 'brd (171/I, Therr Lloyd and Kallich- play a limi-td overs match ga!= t
ar saw t71 e scoreL to 206. Frederichs the Windward Islands in Trinidad,
57, Ooo dgw e 70. Final Score: Pak Meanwhile Bbrbados plays the Lon*
is.n 180 & 340, West Idis 316 and yards at ea1sinto Oval nd ~na
2o4anr The centenary match betwen .will be d-ng battle with. Pakist.. .
20o/4..* The centenary match betweeoon i'a furdy match.
Printed & Published by the Proprietor, Robert 4.Allfrey of Mill house e
Copt Hall at 26 Bath Road, Dominica, West Indies.
4 .

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S- fit.... .

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Paize Six-


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