Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). March 4, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). March 4, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Publication Date: March 4, 1977
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- L.'. .. .

iT t C See pageT
2oli2 Tubrnir (7idc41 "'V "PATRICK LIES
S London W. 1, ivA8 INgl" 3.sut & 35. C,-i tars o. .
irk....,_.. Ei_.... tr C. P-t-ylia..hgaq t l _..- .....,.,
2-Iol v XI .10- Friday. Ma2ach- k2977 Fifteen Gents 19
We learn frrz a reliable source HER GOLDEN JUBILEE AS A RELIGIOUS
that Mr. Eustece Francis, Speaker Fifty years 1927-1977 of devoted
of the Dominico House of Assembly, service as an I.C.M. sister, ).0 of
has resigned fr.m that position. which were spent in the Caribbean
We have not a.- yet confirmed 37& in Dominica will be marked
that a disagreement with the Prem- by a Mass of Thanksgiving on Sun.
ier caused his withdrawal, nor March 6, at 7 p.m. in her honour.
that Mr. Oliver Mak'loire (Mayor rch 6, t
that Mr. Oliver oire (M r We wish Androcles, her good
of Portsmouth) is 1;'.kely tn be friend, could be here to. write on
the replacement Spea.ker. The this great event. He would put in.
Hnuse meets again on March 10th to proper focus how she started a
(Throne Speech, Indepesndence). mat industry to get funds for her
school work, which later became the
N e famous beginning of Dominicats straw
APPOINTMENTS: Cab.Sec.;1., stmaster inditirj,. But many will esteem eqr
Mr. V.L.Shaw, lately Establishment most for the breakfast shed she set
Officer Public Service, r-.places up for little pupils who-onevon r ront
ficer P ic Sev rep home to lunch their number rose
Mr. C.A.Seignoret as Secretary t to 200 eventually; or for initiat-
the Cabinet. He joined the \Service ing a Vocational Class, where Home
in 1918, is well-trained anq well Ecomtomics, Typing etc. are taught.
qualified. And by the way many of her girls
1r. Gilmore Rnbinson, now i'ak- now hold important and responsible
ing an admin.cgurse in Trinid&-, posts in Government and business.
who also joined the Civil Serv.'Lce f1ho can pass St.Martin-s School
in 19)R8, has been appointed t+n- without breathing the name of
Sioistr Borgia in deep gratitude?
serve as Postmaster General. A specialpoem to her is to be
-R'- found on page two,
CARNIVAL: Bands will not get the NEED A TONIC ?
customary prizes this year. They Make Your Own '
were not sufficiently outstanding. Jst add one bottle QUITT NINE
But a cash hand-out to costumed to one bottle SAWC WITE -PRESTO
bands will be made, says Carnival e inE Tn
Organizing Committee. Lord Shaky 7 o1 hve on? ofthe inest Ton0c
has been proclaimed Road March nes available, and this will
King: prizes being donated today. you only $5.00.
Guyana Govt. lost its newspaper .QrTO"nNE and SANGO WINE are
convictions case against opposing ava slable from
newsfolk: Brindley Benn & Thelma THE DOMINICA DISPENSARY CO. LTD.
RsT t free. 4 Tony Greig (just ar-
rived in Australia for test match) ) r. W.S. STEVENS IN HOSPITAL
says English team is confident of bt a'etting better at PMH,Roseau.
winning.x Many pupils of Dominica Part or his Iast column (deldJyred
schools have benefitted in crick- in our postbox on Press-eve)- ap-
et training sessions conducted by pears om p ago 6. WIE WISH Hli VWELLI
S MC Vice.Capt Mike Smith.

page TSa9


(FPr Sister Mary Borgia, I.C.M., on$
the occasion of her Golden Jubilee)
*, ....... *a *
Blest be your life of devotion
At Obd's call in tireless service.
And sacrifice for a population
With truelove, without compromise.
Who dare deny you acclaim?
Who dare be so ungrateful?
Who, is so, hopelessly lame
And selfishly forgetful?
Praise GOD while bells sonorously ring;
Give praise while tunes from organ swell.
Give praise, let choirs joyously sing;
Give praise, a saint with us doth dwell.
Sister Mary Borgia,
God's devoted servant,
Docainica thanks you
For feeding the hungry,
for clothing the naked,
for teaching the illiterate,
for numerous services well done.
We thank you.
Sister of Memry,
Sister of Poverty,
Sister of Love,
GOD bless you,
forever. ,
-- JR. Ralph Casimi i'

are eR noifed tat F -reative
to the question of efforts made on
their behalf) a reply from the
Ministry of Finance and Consumer
Protection was received on the
night of ThurSday 24th February /
via the Dominica'Trade Union.
It states (expressing regret for
the delay in replying) that everyy
effort is being made to have thi
matter settled as quickly as pCss-
ible and a further communication
will be sent to you in due course"


sume a
or "Ma
just ":



ThXlttala m3lry, 5iad&at bF
his/her own name, or even .
This should be prohibi-
ted, especially with artic-
les of a controversial na-
ture, such as the one en-
25th Feb, p.6). Where that
writer was afraid to. give
a signature in full (as I
do), couldn't he or .she as-
pen-name such as "Corrector'
stermind" instead? Signing
M.C." as in that article could
hatred to any of us wha own:
initials. Thanks.

per J.AJames, Secretary. incurred bymy wife, Martha Stevens
U ITIAS O nee Laurent, she having left my home
by May Christian in Guadeloupe (after joining me tere)
Please for a little sp ce in since April, 1976 T
your popular paper to stat my ob- S SIMO
jectimn to the habit or p ssibility March2 7
of any free-lance write using ---
._ ... .. _

M 0 ST

Letter from PORTSMOUTHI[
by KE Hughes
In times past, it was
oustoiary to see heavy-
duty road rollers accom-
panying gangs of workers
doing road repairs in the
North. Those ,rollers were
not being huy iedly bor-
rowed from the capital,
but wore stationed in the
Public Wzesa Dept, in,
TOdayl, in an advanced
age, whPti ias being seen.t om
our re ofs is a hand-drawn
r0olle' which is only fit
for r lSing a cricket pitch-b
It 1'ao makes the attendants
look/ like a company of ants
draggiAg a piece of sausage.
Can the people of Ports-
mAoth be informed why a
roper road roller is noti
Stationed in Portsmouth?

I, Simon:Stevens, residing at
Massacre, hereby declare that I am
no longer responsible for any debts


I :


Friday, March 4, 1977





L_ J-

a 4 E S TARa h

Listeners to Radio DBS must have been very disappointed over the
last weekend when they heard repeated ad nauseam t+h overlong
unimpressive and distasteful broadcast made by the Premier
supposedly on.the subject of Independence.
It is unfortunate that he permitted himself to be caught out
in so many blatant lies.
It is even more unfortunate that he was unable to attain the
standard set for him by the Leader of the .Opposition in her earlier
broadcast. Whether we agree or not with the points that she made we
all agree that she had a case to make out and she efficiently made
this case, in a manner which gained for her the admiration even of
her enemies.
Let us attempt to enumerate the numerous lies which the Premier
permitted himself to scatter throughout his broadcast:
Lie No.1: That the Leader of the Opposition had stated on
television that the Opposition would not attend the talks in London.
One of the calypsonians called the Premier by the name of "Bliney"
during the last Carnival but he appears to be "Deafy" also! Those
of us who saw the interview on television clearly heard her say in
reply to a question put to her that she had been invited to attend
the.talks in London and she had asked for clarification on the areas
to be discussed in London. Incidentally we have learned from her
that the areas have been clarified but that in any event she would
not have permitted that bunch of government ministers to attend
talks behind her back.
Lie No.2: That she had at times meted out dire punishment in her
own personal capacity as a lawyer. Obviously a lawyer acts for
clients and is an agent as well as a legal adviser. So if cases
have been entered against the favourite stooges of the Premier he
must realise that there must have been-another party to the case
besides the lawyer. He must also realise that if his stooges lost
the cases that it was the courts which gave the judgments and not
the lawyer. The Premier has had sufficient personal experience of
courts to have gained that knowledge.
Lie No.3: That from October 1970 when the Leader of the Opposition
failed to gain a seat in the House of Assembly the Dominica
Co-operative Bank ceased to give loans. The several borrowers who
obtained loans after that date know that that is a lie which the
Premier himself knows to be a lie.
Lie No.4: That immediately on the failure of the Dominica Freedom
Party to form the Government in March 1975 the Dominica' Co-operative
Bank called in aN,,, b1 a -, n115better than the Premier
that loans were l/, mahclihc oQ t.i tnts made by himself and the
Minister of Finance in the house of Assembly and also because
legislation was passed to prevent the Bank continuing its operations.
Lie No.5: That the Freedom Party stated that the people of Dominica
are not intelligent enough to understand the issues at election time.
The Party has stated time and time again and proved that the people
of Dominica do understand the issues and that 52 per cent of them
vote on the issues but that the other 48% are still emotionally
swayed by friendship and gratitude for favours done to them or their
relatives. But where there is no need to respect persons who have
meted out favours the people of Dominica come out for the things that
are good for Dominica and this has been amply proved during the
discussions on Independence.

Friday 4th March, 1977


Page three

Lie No.6: That "We the people" means the Freedom Party. The Premier
is not honest enough to state that wherever he and his party
supporters have attempted to talk on the subject of Independence in
Dominica, they have met with open hostility and this has been
particularly evident in the villages which voted strongly for his
party less than 2 years ago. That is obviously the reason why he
does not wish to follow the natural course of commencing the new
Parliament which he proposes in his draft Constitution with an
Lie No.7: That the British imposed the 1967 Constitution without
consultation. It is well known that the then Premier and the present
Attorney.General held discussions with the British Gov.ernment before
it was drafted and that it was at their insistence and that of
international organizations that the provision was made for the
people to decide their future political status.
Lie No.8: That the Leader of the Opposition had any part in the 1973
fiasco which the Premier well kn@wSwas the creation of the theh
Premier who saw a communist plot in an ajoupa with two rounds of.22
Lie No.9: That the Leader of the Opposition informed Liat that there
was no Dominican to hold the post of Manager in Dominica. The Premier
forgets that he has given a different version of this story at a
public meeting concerning the 1975 elections when he told the people
of Roseau that the Leader of the Opposition'had been seeking to get
Liat to appoint a dread as Manager of Liat because that dread came
from the same village as herself. The Premier should at least make
notes of his lies so that he can be consistent in making them and not
be caught out so easily.
Lie No.10: That Freddie Brown had been denied the opportunity of
applying for the Liat post of Manager. Mr Brown attended an interview
for candidates who sought the position and the Leader of the
Opposition was not a selector. Can the Premier have forgotten the
part he played in preventing another suitable Dominican from being
appointed to the post by representing him as a subversive and
dangerous character merely because the man had refused to be
intimidated by the Premier and had insisted on his legal rights to
defend himself against character assassination by the Premier? Does
this Premier dare to talk of an observance of human rights when he
knows that most Dominicans are aware of his total disregard for such
Lie No.11: That the extension of 14 days which he has granted has
only been possible because his visit to London has been set for a
later date than he anticipated. The Premier has always planned to
be in London in the second half of March. What use is the extension
when he intends to move a resolution on the 10th March 1977, that
Dominica go into independence on the terms of the draft constitution.
Obviously he intends to pay little regard to the comments sent in by
many honest and earnest people.
Lie No.12: That he is a professional politician and therefore cannot
seek power for its own sake and therefore cannot be a tyrant. This
lie if it was not so pathetic would be a source of great amusement.
We can but hope that the Premier is more honest with himself than he
is with his listeners!
So like the Way of the Cross in Lent these 12 lies among many
others which we may mention later are left for us to ponder on and
wish for the mending of the ways.

Friday 4th March 1977


Pafe four

f.L'JL.4.C.J9 (iW-iM& j.C .* I i-' 1

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
or Caveat for week ending the 19th
February _977..

Pase Pive

(Continued)Schedule for week w ending


Date ersn. I Fature of Re-I
Presented Presenting quest whether
for a Certifi'oate of Title or Nottig

tnereon or a ea'. e ___
Request dR'Patiick Request for the
ted 19th Qeorge issue of a Erst
Jan.1976. by his Certificate of
Presented Solidito Title in respect
16th Feb. Cilma A. lof a portion of
1977 at M.Duptgryland at Middle
. 18 P.m Ridge,Calibiahie
in the Parish of SteAndrew, in the
IState of Dominica,containing 7792
;square feet and bounded as follows:-
,North by a Precipice; South by a
'Public Road separating it from land
of Bennet George; East by land of
David Robin; West by land of Ferdi-
inand Theodo!.'
Request da. .eorges eo.est for thb
ited 16th Joseph b) Sfae F-
Feb. 1977 his SoliTitle in respect
lPresented citor Caof a portion of
16th Feb. ma A.M. land at Marigot
1977 at Dupigny. in the Parishof
3.22 pA'%* St. Andrew, in
the State of Dominica, containing
3772 square feet and bounded as
follows:- North by a Right-of-Way
separating it from land of Delpher
!Prince; South by land oTf Norah Wal-
lace;East by a Public Road; West by
land of Gustavus Ti thy.
Request da Joseph Request for the
ited'7th Dunstan i gu9
i Feb.1977 by his Tri Eb eN ap-e e
'Presented Solicitor tion of land in
18th Feb. Cilma A. the Parish of St.
11977 at IM.DupignyAndrew,in the
11.27 am.,( State of Dcmninca,
containing 2,00 acres and bounded
as follows:- North by land of Morris
Prosper; East by land of Elvira Ba-
'zil" South by a ,oad separating it
from land of Albert Bazil; West by
.a proposed road separating it from
land of Albert Bazil.

'he 26Th day_ of Februtary, 9j77
ate of Person Nature of Re-
equest Presenting quest whether'
for Certificate
of Title or No-
tin. thereon or

Request da- Sir Louis Reque'st:for
ted 28th Cools' 'the issue cf
Sept. 1976 Lartigue, a first Cer-
Presented Kt.,0, aE. tificate of
24th Feb. by hi's Title for
1977 at Solicitor that portion
12.35 p.m. F.E,Dega- of land onow
Szon as a resid.
ential lot situate in the Town.of
Roseau in the Parish of St.George
in the State of Domihioa conrtaaim
ing 1707 square feet and bounced
as follows:- North-West by ltnd of
Ursula Robinson; North-East by
lands of Methodist Church and Es-
lie Royer; South-East by Virgin
land and South-West by land of Do-
ris Johnson-

ihadlcle.ter week ending Mar ch 5;
Request da- Twistleton Request for
ted 18th St. Rose the issueaf
aeh. 1977 Bertrand a First Cer
Presented and Ann tificate of
2nd March Robinson Title in
1977 at as tenarns respect ofa
3.15 p.m, in common portion of
in equal land situaB
shares by in the Town
their Soli-of Ports-
citor GiBa rmouth,inthe
A. M. Dupigny. Parish of
St.John, in. the State of Dominica,
containing '1629 square feet and
wounded as follows.:- North by a
ight of way separating it from

BW t eeyt w ty arll separa-
ing it-frcan the Sea.
OFFICE, RO$EAU. Ag. Registrar of
NOTE:- Any person who desires to
object to she issuing of a First

_ ... .... ._____. .-' Certificate of Title on the above
applications may enter a Caveat in the above office within six weeks
from the date of the first appearance of this Schedule in the STAR
News Paper published in this State or from the date when the ilotice
prescribed by law was last served on any owner or occupier of ad
joining land in respect of which the applications are made.



ST4 S T A- R'

n,~t a,*~ Mhknk k' f 677


Page Six THE STAR Friday, MarCh 4, 1977 _
*S 1TA-R*"P*O*R*T'*S ;;-Morchri ston In ReP1 d- hy FqP.^
SCRICKET: Australia wins short series aeau, n
Austal climaxed theM TODsht toE EN MARCur
e of New Zealand with a 10 wicket win FROM TODAY UNTIL THE END OF MARCH
over N.Z. in the second & finalmach Wetll give you a cash discount of
S-beating New Zealand 1-nil with the 10% on purchases of goods from our
F first match dawn. Scores in the Cosmetic Department totalling $20
SAtr (dominated by fast bowling of and over.
Dennis Lillee) New Zealand 22%&175 So here's your chance to make sub-
after Greg Chappell had won the toss stantial savings. Team up withlyour
for Australia and sent in NZ.tobat. neighbours in order to qualify.
No batsmen in either team scored a THE DOMINICA DISPENSARY CO. LTD.
Century. Nz's Richard Hadlee 42 & THE WERMIG OF TAMS D EghWr.
81; Dennis Lillee 5/51 & 6/72. :* THE WARING OF TAMS -HughIlwraC
SAustralia 377 and 28/0.Greg Chap- Would it not be a wise thing if
Apell 58. our Government could pass a law to
The second test match between ban the wearing of Tams? This head
4the touring Pakistanis and the West covering is not suitable to wear in
SIndies started today at Queen's Parl the tropics where we suffer from
SOval, Triidad. The first match heat nearly all the year. The young
(played ii Barbados) ended in a male sex has seemingly a special
Sheart-stopping draw. Scores at tea reason for wearing Tams perhaps to
SPakistan 169 frr 8, Coli Crofts 6 cover their plaited hair which is
-i tfor 2 I~ fg ingfoJ~ d unbecoming for men, Those who wish
S 7 august s Gregoireteao to wear something on their heads
got underway last weekend: Saints should wear our local made hats.
'vs.Somerset at Police GroundsyCane- This would help a great deal to
field: Saints won the first match boost our local Industry. The women
of the Season, beating Somerset by who waste their time knitting Tams
81 runs in a low scoring match: 43 s~oyld in my view be brought ta-tital.
& 138; Somerset 41 & 59.. *,:-**** We agree that Tams are unsuitable for
Celtic United beat Gutter Crowns wear in the heat; but surely enough.
by 6 wickets relatively comfortably laws have been passed to curb youths'
but had to sweat long, as Gutter C. freedom of choice already?- EDITOR.
defended stubbornly during theirNDNC OVRSHADOWS
2nd innings, batting for more thanSOME THINGS INDEPENDENCE OERSHADOWS
3 hours, Scores: Gutter C 129 &145. by W.S. Stevens
Celtic U.234/8 decl. & 36/4,losing Independence is unduly overshadowing
3 wickets on 31,2nd innings.Royston many important current and recurrent
John 78 and Thomas Kentish 75 put evils already bedevilling Dominica.
on 134 runs for the 4th wicket after Neither Patrick John's supporters
Celtic U. were 21 for 3. -e R.Greg- nor his opposers want to wake up to
oire 4/68 & 2/24,V.Younis 2/59 and find themselves without Human Rights
R,Shillingford 2/07 (2nd innings), and Democracy in the real sense of
PAKISTAN won their first match on those terms,
their current 2nd tour of the W.I., Cost of living is increasingly a
beating Trinidad by 6 wickets on a soul-destroying problem. It were bet-
spinning Queen's Pk Oval wicket, ter there was no Minister for Con-
Scores: T/dad 183 & 134.Iqbal Qasim summer Protection. Dominicans did
7/67,Mustaq Mohammad 5/52 and Wasim not ask for another Bank; but the
Raja 2/61.*Pakistan 225 & 94/4. In- hasty construction of a National
shaia Ali 4/90,Raphick Jumadeen 3/62 bank seems of infinitely greater
& ianjie Nanan 2/30. importance to Government than food
2nd TEST W.I.vs Pakistan starts to- for the hungryl .
day. Our hero Irving Shillingfordis- (To be concluded next woe.)
still on the chosen squad. Injured, InIccan ony wat to .ear wnat
happens again to the small islanders
Holder is out; Foster has been drop-Maybe some other man wold have
ped (mediocre bat performances) Thi ay some other n w he
T/dad spin turn Inshan Ali & R.Jui- Barbados after being made 12th man,
adeen have been included.We in Dom- & &iou adave onhQe ears go


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