Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). February 25, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). February 25, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: February 25, 1977
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Teleplhone:E ctotr 'i6L3
UK epdia Represent tive :
Co]WnhTunier (Ia)nan) .Ltd;
122 Shaftes'~r Avenue
Lndon Wl AmI En land

/ m^bs^R
*E W sruoy. ^ CE
e2 FA~r OF MAN

~ 1 S ^ ^ ~ S^ Food Seminai-
t Social Centre,
'iINI4^ Feb.28th-Mar _th.t
SPORTS: A.Gregoire
; Nftutt jU t ow^ i ot League,GaCeafi.elSath

Vnti xxtv' ITo, c-

Editor Ph-llis. Shand Allfrey .

F~x~dav. Febzdarv ~P 25. 197~7 *.,,. Firt~een Ucnitsr-J.5:

It was not poor in,spirit -
the revellers behaved rather well
and thoroughly enjoyed themselves
But the costumes were in keeping
with Dominica's economic condition:
- not much lavishness or glitter:
example, in the Nations of Africa
Band, instead of wearing African
national costumes the "players"
just wore shirts and flags, and
one or two nations were missing.
Sunday's programme was a flop,but
the Beauty Queen show was well-
attended, and Sandra Edwards, 18,
was No. 1; this caused a rumpus i:
the audience, which had its own
favourites. In fact, she was the
one we rather liked (ahead of the
event) she reads, writes, and en-
joys poetry and Yoga.
The Calypso King audience was
also discontented:' they had opted
for Lord Shaky; anyway, he won th
Road March Prize. Solo got the ne
crown, Goosey was third. (See p.2
There was no crime, and although
people drank all they could afford
no unpleasant incident was report,

So the Anglicans and Roman Cathol-
ics agreed upona 39 day Lenten
season, dictated by the Guyanese
Government' They actually cele-
brated Ash Wednesday on a Thursday'.
However the redoubtable Wesleyans
and Moravians, who in earlier times
fought for the freedom and educat-
ion of Slaves in the region, held
fast to Ash Wednesday, and refused
to comply, Republic Day or not.
The Guyanese national holiday had
serious incidents: 1 known death,
and a Diplomat and wife attacked.

S On March 10th at 10 a.m. the House-
will meet to hear a Throne Speech
designed to buoy up-Independence
Moves. A resolution pressing for
what many Dominicans consider a
tpo-early Independence will be
put forward. There are many non-
political groups asking for more
time to consider the new draft
constitution. And of course the
Freedom Party is firm in its in-
sistehce on a Referendum, to which
we are entitled.

The Rt. Hon. Anthony Crosland,For-
eign & Cpmmonwealth Secretary, is
dead (see p.2). Incidentally,Mrs.
Judith Hart, a gnod friend of the
West Indies,-is back as Minister,
Overseas Development.
In Trinidad, a real old-style
Labour evangelist & fighter,T.T.
(Uriah (r Buzz)Butler died at a
great age. Mr.A.Frederick Joseph
sent off appropriate telegrams.
A scholarship from Petroleum Trin-
idad is being awarded; and there
is hqpe that a Park will be named
for this..ggQd. old ,. abour fighter.
THE PREMIER: he has received an
assurance that ex-P.M.Chirac's
$lm.prnmises of aid will be kept,
The Premier has also been invited
to visit U.S.A. and tour aid spots.
AMIN says he did not "personally
shoot" Iead Anglican Archbishop.
He insists- on attending Heads of
State Conf.,Britain.But the Queen
will not receive him. Mr.Mike
Smith,Vice Capt MCC, comes in on
Sun. to teach cricket coaching.
Mr. Philip Nassief will attend in-
dustrial cooperation conf. Vontreal
sponsored by C.I.D.A.

_ __

-- -~I-- --


-- -- I -c. ----

7 .. .. r

voi, Fl-iday. Fbraar 5. 1977 lft-en

The tall, handsome and brilliant
Foreign & Commonwealth Secretary(58)
Anthony Crosland died last weekend
following a stroke but he really
died of overwork. It is a pity so
few West .1idians had ever met him.
He wrote "The Fature of Socialism"
at 38; no other member of his Cab-
inet had written anything comparable,
Proud of being an intellectual, he
commented when Tony Wedgwood Bonn.
told the preIs that his intention
was to'lose the stigma of the in-
tellectual: "Well, in order to lose
a stigma one has first to-acquire
its" At one time Crosland was Min-
ister of Education, with one of the
best records of any Cabinet Minis,-
ter. He enjoyed using sharp words-
and. swear words too, Hewas a man of
thoe entire, a democratic socialist,
Now Crosland is succeeded (after
much debate and anxiety) by another
cent~.rst 20 years youngertDr.David
Owen, aged 38, He is another sort
of intellectual without the long &
testing experience C'rosland had.He
has a difficult Ministxr in a weak
be ea.goeed Government. We wish him

We haven't obtained any script
of Lord Shaky'a popular calypsoas.
His voice was somewhat' tunolesssin
fact,of all the Calplscnin .th.ard-
ly one (save Solo) brouigt ;.t te.
underlying tune of their co:.cosit;-
ions. But we really enjoyed S~ lys
digs and daggers at wh.-.b i,,. ;:c'-
mentators cautiously caPlldc, :':
Establishment. Of course hI sE
largely kept off the agr, a>o::g
others, But someone r gave u: ,-o -
lines of Goosyts "'linn J P:ure
(Blinny is .the Big EBlnd.
running our country):-

Nowadays we can't make ch .idren
because maXthea itiou, is k!-l. I ^.thayn
iHe rather build up. regint'-;,,;aotG
every cent for reinforI m~nt.,
Meanwhile in the hospital they. run
short of chemicals,
No bandage to tie, no oxygen to. save
human lLfe.
It is a shame: he to blame,Goosyj
I can't stand pressure agair.-
A poor man life starts and epdr~.-l
Brother me grandma eat she !1." I:'
Yet they have Bull dogs fee~i i. .t:n
I t eh noe'1 oke I 6ht ig t .:


A. U.

rrG nib umi Listen, Mo-ay to Friday to

New Day Eroadcast
RADIo pARADIS (1265)10.15 am.& 10.15 pm. DBS RADIO (595) 5.30


*GRUSADE iMEETINGS at 7 p.m. in 'the



I Further details from Crusade Chairman:
Rev. Don Scheske, P.O.Box 108, Telei
~- "^~wP .. age Two

a 'i. '

phone 211.8 l

'~' S'T-" [ '- -


*,' J. > I !
h i J l

6 -. 1

--c- ---- 7 -1

IIIYC~I-I-I ------ ----' -- -- -~--WL*-I~'C*YILIn *II----






Broadcast on Draft Constitution etc,(contiaued from last week)
The overwhelming authority of the Prime Minister, is one of the
points which makes us reject the draft Constitution. Becuase these
provisions have the incipient asking of a dictatorship. In light of
our ever closer ties with Guyana and our great rapprochement to Cuba
which has been apparent in the last few months, we can only be
fearful that the reason for putting so much power in the'hands of
one man is not far to seek. There is no point in stating that these
powers are to be found in every other constitution. First of all
that is npt true and secondly we must seek the constitution under
which we can live and progress. Already we the people are motivated
by fear of the reprisals that can be taken against us if we appear
to dissent; already experience has shown that jobs are given to
persons who appear or claim that they tow the party line that is
the line laid down by the ruling party; the creed of that party has
been spelt out in their newspaper and indicates that privileges,
jobs, licences, commissions must only be granted to party adherents;
and let us not forget the allocation of houses. Therefore to correct
those ills which are becoming entrenched in our society we must take
every measure in our Constitution to prevent them being imbedded for
all time in the pattern of our lives. We have lived or existed with
the mistakes of the past so let us ensure that such mistakes cannot
exist in the future. Do not let us lay the foundation of the one-
party state.
We complain that the draft constitution provides no checks and
balances agai:st the overwhelming power given to the Prime Minister
and his government. The reply may be made that there is to be a
Senate. IThe Senate is neither check or balance under the draft
Constitution. It performs only one usefulfunction it can delay
legislation of which it does not approve for six months. The
expense of a 12-man Senate is not required to give this delay. If
proper intervals between the reading of a Bill in the House were
permitted, the delay which is required for the members of the public
to air their views and make known their disapproval and their wishes
to Parliament would be obtained. The Senate has absolutely no
power and we cannot afford to have such an anachronism. Leave such
useless institutions to more wealthy states.
We realise that it is essential in the present development of
our State to make use of all the best brains and this may not be
possible under the elective system. We are quite sure that this can
be obtained by a mixed method; i.e. some members elected in the
usual manner and the others appointed under a proportional
representation system. The number of Constituencies would be fewer,
for example 13 or 15 and the representative of each'Constituency
would be elected in the usual manner viz. the candidate polling the
highest number of votes. The other members 8 or 6 according to the
total membership of the Parliament decided upon, to be nominated by
the respective Leaders in the House in accordance with the total
percentage of votes polled in the election for each party. In this
way we would have the best of both worlds without any added expense
and greater efficiency than we have had in the past or supplied by
the presence of a Senate.
It is in the appointment of persons in key positions and the
commissions which make these appointments, that the lack of vision
in drafting this constitution is most apparent. The idea of Public
Service and Police Service Commissions was created to divorce the
public servant and the police from the heavy hands of politicians.

Friday 25th February 1977 THE STAR

Paae three

TRINIDAD GUARDIAN, Wednesday, February 9, 1977

Britain accused

of conniving on

Dominica freedom
ROSEAU, Tue.: independence issue. Delegates
THE OPPOSITION Dominica unanimously resolved that the
Freedom Party has accused the people must decide on indepen-
British Government of conniving dence as provided for under
with the island's leadership in the present constitution which,
preparations for independence said the statement, "calls for
from Britain under a foreign a referendum to decide on the
constitution. change of the constitution." A
The Freedom Party said the If the "backdoor method (of .
British Government allowed in.- a no referendum) was repeated
dependence to be decided on in the case of Dominica," the MISS EUGENIA CHARLES
by members of the House of statement added, the Freedom
Commons rather than by Domi. Party would condemn such understanding of the issues in-
Ileans themselves, action. evolved.
The party made the charge in Premier Patrick John, speak- The release, signed by Len-
a statement on the outcome of fng in the House of Assembly nox Honneychurch an execu-
a conference which discussed last month, said his govern- tive member of the party, rejec-
a draft constitution for an In- ment would take Dominica into ted a Senate as outlined in the
dependent Dominica which is independence under the West draft constitution.
seeking to gain sovereignty Indies Act of 1976. Mr. John "The powers of this body are
*rom Britain by November 2 said earlier that the new con- severely limited by certain pro-
this year. stitution will not depart basical- visions in the draft constitution"
Delegates called for full free- ly from the existing constitu- said the release. However it
dom to be achieved under the tion. did not name the provisions.
island's own constitution, and The eight hour conference The delegates agreed upon
not under the West Indies Asso- yesterday was attended by 88 "the establishment of one As-
elated States Act in the British delegates, representing the 21 sembly made up of both elec-,
Parliament like in what they electoral constituencies in ted members appointed by pro-
called Grenada's "disastrous Dominica. portional representation," it
ease." It approved a resolution call- added.
The one-day conference, held ing on the Dominica govern- The results are to be pub-
at the home of Opposition ment to extend the period for listed in a booklet for distribu-
Leader Miss Eugenia Charles, consideration of the constitu- tion by the Dominican Freedom
repeated the Freedom Party's tion so that the mass of the Party throughout the island.
call for a referendum on the people may have a better (Cana)

NEW CHRONICLE Feb. 12, 1977


Freedom Party Conference
on Independence Constitution

"The Discussions Today
will have a lasting effect on
the future of our Country"
.... so stated Party Presi-
dent Alvin Armantrading at
the opening of the Confer-

Independence as provided
for under Section 34 of their
own Constitution. This in-
cludes a referendum to de-
cide on the change of con-
stitution .

P"-*' OEI :
C O ,j O'-iC
c+-' C+ WB
M co 0 C+

9 t-t Q V 0 a
13 0
C+ C
~Qi O0b Gp
~~ 001'O
:::r Is 0 mtor
C/) 0 00 "E C r
tf 'icO
0 1-1 C+ c
(~ bfl 4-4m
0 Q, (1) 04 C+ ~ Q

01 141I-0 C+
(D *,4 + 1-4
W C 1 D Cp C C
co, t-f Ct al-

CO 6 04 aC+



The AdvocateNews
Fntabedle, Bridgetown, Barbados, W.I.

U.K. accused of

conniving with

Dominica Gov't
ROSEAU. Dominica, sai earlier that e new Con-
Tuesday. (CANA) sUtution will not depart basically
hre opped on Dominicc the he edtioUns ConoecdM
Freedom Party has accused the The eight-owmur eafremoe an












One section of the 86 delegates at the Conference discussing the draft.

; ~ -`3....


Yet in the case of the Public Service Commission the membership is
decided entirely by the Prime Minister with a "begging-th-question"
provision for consultation with the Leader of the Opposition.
Consultation ihich I am prepared to guarantee will never take place
with any meaningful purpose during this regime. The police are more
fortunate they are still permitted to name someone to be a member
of the Commission.
We consider that the Public Service Commission and the Police
Service Commission should be entirely separate commissions. The
membership of each should be five with two nominated'by the
Government and two nominated by the representative body and the
Chairman appointed by the titular head of State in his own deliberate
judgment. To have the Prime Minister appoint all the members and
also appoint the Attorney General, Auditor General and Commissioner
of Police is to make the functions of these key officers so
completely subservient to one man the Dictator that this
Constitution tends to create.
In announcing the proposal for Independence in the House of
Assembly on 20th December 1976, the Governor referred to the fact that
, that I have often represented civil servants before the Public
Service Appeal Board. So you will forgive me if I appear to give my
personal point of view at this stage, It is because of the
experience that I have gained that I was able to advise the
Conference that the Appeals Board is completely unnecessary. All
v other statutory boards have access to the Court for appeals: other
workers in the State have such access under industrial legislation,
it is therefore completely absurd that the public servant should be
so discriminated against. We suggest that appeals from the
Commissions should be directed to the Court of Appeal and that the
Public Service Appeals Board should be abolished.
Since our policy is to divorce the Titular head of State from
any but ceremonial duties and appointments of unbaised chairmen of
commissions, it is obvious that elections should be conducted by
him. We suggest an Election Commission consisting of three members,
one nominated by the Government and the other by the Opposition
with the Chairman nominated by the titular head of State in his
own deliberate judgment, to provide for fair elections. We would
not be truly independent if we permitted the practices of the past
to continue to prevail at election time.
The draft'constitution is incomplete in that it'does' not provide
an election date for the first elections nor does it provide for the
interin provisions for running the State until such elections take
place. These provisions are imperative if we are to'avoi'd a Prime
Minister dictatorship or an inadvertent prolonging of the present
term of office. These elections should be fixed to take place
within three months of attaining Independence.
These are some of the thoughts and ideas which emerged from the
conference of the Freedom Party held on the 6th February 1977.
These ideas are by no means comprehensive. In one day and even
after a few weeks of preparation by constituency members, we oould
only touch the broad outlines of the provisions of a draft
constitution-and more urgently settle the condition precedent to
Independence that is the holding of a referendum so that "wo the
people" can decide for ourselves.
This is printed on the cover of the Freedom Party Confereice Report.
Collect your copy of the report from Liiss Euge".a Charles' Chambers.

Friday 25th February 1977 T H E S T A R

Page four

Friday,~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Fer 25 17 TI E STRPaRF'v

Schedule of Applieation for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
or Caveat for week ending the 19th
February 1977.

Date Pre. PTerson Nature of re-
sented tPreznting, quest whether
for a Certificate of Title or Noting
t sreon or Caveat.
Request da Xatrilk eque s for the
ted 19th "' eorge ;issue of a First
Jan.,1976, |byhis lCertificate of
T'.esented olicitImt'Title in respect
%6th Feb, -Cilma A, of a portion of
1977 at MDupi Jland at Middle
3 m18 pm i Ridge, Calibishie
. the arish of St. Andre, in the
V.ate of Dominioa, contacting 7792
,luare feet and bounded as follows:-.
tT, h by a Precipice; South by a
Public Road separating it from land
of Bennet George; East by land of
David Robin; Woet by land of Ferdi-
rand Theodore o
Seiquest da- T.Georges 'tnquest 'c or t.
ted 16th Joseph b issue of aEirst
Feb, 1977. his Soli Certificate of
Presented' citor Cil-Title in res-
16th P'eb. ma A. M, .pect of a por-
1977'at DupijD. tion of land
1. 22 pI at Marigot,in
the Parish of Stndrew, in the State
of Dominica, containing 3772 square
feet and bounded as follows:-
North by Right-of-way separating
lit fz'om land of Delpher Prince;
jSouth by land of Norah Wallace;

Agricultural Plots
And Building Land
Near Sylvania Junction
Vanya Dupigny
Phone 3012
Or Lee Narotfny
Phone 12-5./
P.O. Box 23.

Dominica Pensioners Association
at their well attended meeting on
last Saturday morning coInsdered
the efforts made on behalf of
Government Pensioners to get their
expectations fulfilled.Io replies
from the Hon.Mixnister concerned
had yet been received.
A varied audience of retd.oivil
servants (legal, admin., teach rs
police, departmental officers, t ze
-- 0 T .I 5 E
All Pensid~ars who were unavold-
ably absent from the above-mention-
ed meeting are hereby requested to
send in their present addresses a~i
nearest telephone numbers to:
The Secretary,
Dominica Pensioners' Asgociation.
c/o Mr. J.A.James,
68 Kennedy Avenue

taa by a Publip codty West by lana B 0 E A U
f4 Gustavus Timothy __ I
Request daJosepline Request for (Sg) AJolaes Secretazr
ted 15th Constant the issue of S.L. Jolly N President <._
Feb,1977 by her So- a First Certi- REGISTRARIS OFFICE, Hery DYER
Presented icitorCil.. ficate of Ti- Rosea Ag. Reistrar f Ttles
Roseau. Ag, Reigatrar of Titles
l15th Feb. nia A.M. tie in respect,
'1977 at Iupigny. of a portion NOTE: Any person who desires toe ob-
5 p.m. of land at ject to the issuing of a First Cer-
i,.ver Street; ROseau, in the Firish tificate of Title ra the above ap.
of St.George, in the State of Dom- plication may enter a Caveat in the
3inica containing 2618 sq.ft, and above office within six weekss from
bounded as follows:- North: by the date of the first appearance
fHLver Bank and land of Fern~nd Tous-of this Schedule in the STAR News
Stois; East: by land of Signati Lar- Paper published in this State or
onde Personal Representative of from the date when the Notice pre-
i Felton Hodge (deceased); South: by scribed by law was last served on
River Street; West.-by land of Thel-any occupier of adjoining land fiT
ima Augustus and Margaret Colebrooke.respect of which this application
I -- ,-- .... -- waes made.

1 '"


Page, Five

Friday, February 25, 1977 T H E


xeN( t deman)

Page xx -t & -xn
SS*T*A*R*S*PO**R*T*S*-Morchriston THE PENSIONERS DID ME-T (p.5)
CRICKET: Drawn Matches Hkalth Inspectors, Nurses, Postal
The first test matches between Aus- Workers and many others listened
tralia and New Zealand in N.Z.,and patiently to various accounts by
the West Indies and Pakistan at experienced men of their workixc
Kensington Oval, Barbados, both en- conditions, also of moves in oth
Sided in draws. States to alleviate hardships ,'.u
Pakistan won the toss and batted to spiralling cost of living ae.:d
first, a decision which delighted consequent devaluation of Pe -i.? 'at
Clive Lloyd, who chose to play with monthly retirement'pay.'A An Aodvi~ry
four quick bowlers,leaving out Tr2- Committee was elected to recoro;nd
idad spinner Raphick Jumadeen whi t further steps to place the oLtnx on
Morris Foster of Jamaica was pref- a footing to cope with present day
erred over Irving Shillingford of demands.
At first (148 for 1) Pakistan This land of ours is a Motherland
looked like piling up more than 500 and not a Fatherland. She is a
but by 207 they had lost 5 wickets, country where (mostly unmarried)
Wasim Roja (No.7) was unbeaten with mothers have been responsible for
117 runs when Pakistan were finally 3/ o the children in the land and
dismissed for 435. Majid Khan 88. brought them up for generations
Debutantes J.Garner 4/130 & C.Croft without a father's help. 1Arther-
3/85 with M.Foster 2/41 did the dam- more, Dominica is a beautiful land,
age. W.Indies at 183 for 5 were like a woman well built not a squar-
in trouble but Capt. Clive Lloydl57 ish stern Fatherland. That is an
(his llth test century) andD.Murray antiman or fascist idea to call
54 put on over 150 for the 6th wkt. Dominica a Fatherland (like the
J.Garner chipped in with 43.West In. Germans) I believe every woman
dies were finally dismissed br421: and most men here will agree with
G,Greenidge 47. 2nd Innings:Pak- me.-
istan were out for 291(hardly ex- M.C., ROSEAU.
pected since they struggled at 158 We agree. Can the Cinderella of the
for 9) Wasim Roja & wicketkeeper W.I. change h6r sex? Nonsensel-gEd,
Wasim Bari made this last wtcket- -
stand of 133 runs. C.Croft //47, J. WHERE WILL MY FREEDOM BE HuLg
Garner 2/60 & Roberts 3 wickets Lawrence : k"good pal of mi~e,
were responsible for Pakistan.s di- some weeks past, worried me a bit
lemma, West Indies,set a victor by saying that if independence ever
target of 306, looked like they're comes, I will not be permitted to
cruising in easily when at lunch on write so freely in the papers. I
final day they were 129/1 with not- took the matter seriously, butthen
out batsmen Roy 'Fredericks & Vivi I think of those brave Russians who
Richards batting soundly. But be- would rather be exiled than stifle
tween lunch & tea Safroz Nawaz dis- their views and opinions, I quickly
posed of Fredericks,Richards and brush the idea aside.
Foster;I' ran Ihan had Lloyd caught Furthermore, I remember what
at the .cket. After tea,KAllich- Wills Strathmore Stevehs said at a
aran batted nearly 2 hrs for-9 runs political meeting at Lagon. some
caught wicketkeeper Wasim Bari,bcwl. weeks ago (I quote): "I am not
ed Saleem Altaf, who also removed wasting my-breath to speak on in-
Garner & Murray. Roberts,batting dependence, as that will never come"
with Holder (nothing getting through (words to that effect); I then felt
was joined by Croft when Holder was that there is nothing to fear.-HTL,
bowled I,Khan.They saw out the atdi TOO LATF: CANDID COIEcNTS By T
*Scores in New Zealand:Australia *The script had not arrivedpres.time.
~a ~eta~' 4g.l7rs 2. -. 251977
Printed & Published by the Proprietor, Robert E. Allfrey of Mi L_ Ho'i7
Copt Hall at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.

li~ic~v.Bebrua~v 25 1911

'F iT R ~I'P nR

f\nc <-pr 0 <-i

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