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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). February 18, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). February 18, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Publication Date: February 18, 1977
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MAR 8 177
mw o .3 K ^The START
Swi l be
Taephone: Editor 2619 on sale
00I ln Lnext Fri-
UK Nvedia yosenuae: v next Fr5-
S a ,-N C A 'o,, day 25th.
T?.d-itor Phvllia Shand Allfrey


Fridav. February 18 18977

Fifican Gents 160

The people's real national holiday
is nearly with us: tonight the
Calypsonians are competing for a
new crown,-presented by Mr. Law-
rence Sandy, now of U.S.A. There
are nine competitors, Solo and
Shaky among them;'but we haven't
yet heard what they have produced.
The "King" show will be completely
covered by DBS. And on Sunday the
Queens will take the stage: seven
young ladies Lucinda Bardouille,
Sandra Edwards', Princess Margaret
Darroux, Althea Etienne, Anelia
Lawrence, Regina Royer and Pamela .
Thomas. Meanwhile s WeSley High
School student, Alex Williams, won
the Junior Queen contest, and the
children had a lovely costume show
won by 6-year-old Calvin "Prince
of the outer planets". The children
will all come out on Carnival Mon-
day. In fact it is safe to say that
if this sunshine keeps up, everyone
will be out; the French are televi-
sing our festivities this year. So
we trust that nothing happens to
spoil the liveliness and laughter.


Agricultural Plots
And Building Land
Near Sylvania Junction
Vanya Dupigny
Phone 3012
Or Leo Narddny
Phone 1225/
P.O. Box 23.



We present in this issue of The
Star the first half of a really
splendid speech made by the Hon.
M.E.Charles this week. The sec-
ond part will appear on the 25th.
Our advice is keep those pages
3 & 4 and give them some thought
after the temporary fever of Car-
nival has passed. They are without
doubt the words of a leader. we can
truly trust and support.

,In Ugands, a h~raihJal event tnok
place this weekI framed as a con-
spirator against President Amin,
with arms concealed near his house,
the Anglican Archbishop and two
Cabinet Ministers were slain,their
deaths being described as a motor
accident. The bodies are undergoing
autopsies, but Uganda radio has
been mute so far about,the deaths.

Having served his 5 years, iMr.Wlite
left for Trinidad;'Mr. T.C.Irish
is acting Gen. Manager. Incidentally
$16,238,256 was the total "revenue,76
nf the State from bananas sold to
Geests. The growers got less than
half of this; Govt. took $174,608
expnrt tax. "Other payments" were
$7,6)+5,9)3. Mr. Everton
Charles is now Manager of the Co-
operative Credit Union League Ltd.
He was a D.E.F. Training. Officer,
holds an I.L.O.Management Certijt-
cate, has many qualifications.
REGINA MARIS a lovely 3-mayst ''
sailing ship,Skipper George
was in port' this week.


_ ,V. ..--- ------- S-h --,All

ul~ ~~L'L' --~I I --~--'

.. --


T o E S T A Friday. February 199 1977

Hugh gawrence
The move which several countries
took in refusing to have the film
of the Entebbe airport affair shown
is" either due to jealousy or some
other foolish cause. Hats off to
Antigua for allowing it to be
screened there' Such wonderful
feat of what took place at the En-
tebbe airport in Uganda should b.!
gladly accepted in all civilized
We are anionus to:: have this film
screened in. Dominica,
I read the following in a book
named "90'Minutes at Entebbe" :-
'The mission in Uganda in one short
hour strengthened the backbone of
the Jewish people and of' the whole
f'ee world. This was a- time wherm
the fate af a nation was determtlht
ed& in; one'hour-by a smalT band of
brave: men.
Psalm li.: "When the EordI bring-
eth'baok the ca tivity af his-; peo E
ple, Jacob shalllreji~e, an d
Israel shall be R 8ihad" H.f*

by K. Hughes
I am in agreement with Mr.W.S.
Stevens in his Candid Comments of
Friday Jan 21, when he said "in
the ether sections of the media
suppression of expression is wide-
spread". To this can be added,not
only through the media in question,
bht many other primitive tactics
are being seen at play to suppress
people's viewpoints before Indep-
I am not trying to underestimate
Mr. Stevents statistical accuracy
when he said 90% of our people
cannot and do not read and think
for themselves; I will add: the
majority of Dominicans are tao un-
involved in serious matters that
concern them. This causes our poli-
tical pundits and their blt4 fcoi- _
lowers to display the air of Wil-
liam Cowperx s Alexander Selkirk' s -
"I am monarch of all I survey,
My right there is none too dispute,. "
*, .Hoping readers will reatt the
last verse of this poevm K.f..

- Editor s Note: We agree. Do
please show the fil here.- P.S.A. DOMINICA PENSTOIERS' ASSOCIATION
AnDOMINtCAw TOWARDt + EN Government Pensioners are all here-
An interiew with n r.Rosie Douglas by reminded of the meeting sched-
was published inI BOHEMIA mag.Cuba. uled to start at 10 a.m. on Satur-
It took place last November. Rosie
It took place lasr November. Rosee day (19th February) at the Dominica
Dtor ofeopas is descs c itte dfor Trade Union Hall (opposite Barclays
tor of the people's committee for new Bank)
Independence. new Bank).
After a touch of scene description the pon o d
and recent history (Assoc.statehood the population owned between -20
196 -Dominic as poor economic con-acres of land; the big proprietors
diion, something about potential of land he names as L.Rose Company,
edition, something about potential' Geesti- and Colonial Development
bauxite,cascads (but the electrici- (Commonwealth Development Corp.),
ty is controlled by England)eeets- (omonwealth Development Corp.)
ty is controlled by Englan )eeetst- who get along well with our capit-
explbitation ef the banana inlustr'y, alists.
Barolays Bdnz (said by R.D, tenin- Mr.D s ws at
vest in South Africa through U.K.), MrDouglas was asked about pro-
the ein of th Africa through-UKs blems of youth and health. After
the decline of the larme ihdostryi- replying, he spoke about the need
the interv wer asked Douglas rt for a constitution "to defend our
speak about social classes here#Re' democratic rights, working rights,
replied thAt there were^few local o right, of the nat
capitalists (negotiators, importers) union rights o etoia of the nat-
a middle-class partly commercial ionalisation of foreign Anterests
a middle-olass partly commercial, in Dominica; and "liberty for our
land- withg, professional; a working political prisoners" and closer
class without industries, and 20% of relations with 1OCuba.C0@. .

-- 1

Pr~Bav, Pebruars 19, 1977

Page Two


1'ridav 18th Febrwnrv 1Q77 'P H 1?S'PA

=------- -- --.-- -- ... .. u 1
Broadcast by Leader of Opposition on the draft Constitution,
Independence and the need for a referendum: 15.2477

Fellow Dominicans in seeking to speak to you on the -draft
Constitution and the subject of Independence for Dominica, I have
not done so to impose my own personal ideas on you. It was for this
reason that I insisted in addressing you only after the Dominica
Freedom Party had met in Conference at which representatives of all
the Constituencies were present and had established the majority
view on the provisions of the draft Constitution.
The Dominica Freedom Party has already stated that Independence
cannot be-achieved until the people of Dominica have voted and two-
thirds of the persons voting have decided that Dominica shall become
fully independent. A referendum must be held. We are satisfied
that such a referendum should only take place after the provisions
under which Independence may be attained have been fully aired,
commented upon, amended and additions made. We are quite sure that
most Dominicans agree with this point of view and we know that
Government is aware of that fact.
We have good and valid reasons for saying this. When the
British Government in despair over the break up of the West Indies
Federation and the failure to form the "Little Eight" created the
new constitutional concept of Associated Statehood, the British
Government addod as a corollary that no further change in political
status would be bestowed on us without the approval of the electorate.
We have noted that certain other Caribbean territories have chosen
Perda tnuefit t f ah etvayfid sod WUM to mWm
we have not interfered wit er timing in cages o he
constitutions and they must leave us to decide these matters for
ourselves. And when I say "US" I do not mean the elected
representatives of the people I mean "we, the people of Dominica",
that is all of us Dominicans in our own deliberate judgment and
using the secrecy of our ballot boxes.
It has been said that no other Commonwealth country, apartfrom
the Associated States, have required a referendum before becoming
independent. This argument is of no importance to us. We are
Associated States, our Constitution requires that a referendum
should be held.before it is altered and we are insisting on that
provision being adhered to, if we are to have eventually a peaceful,
meaningful, and progressive era of Independence Less than two years
ago Britain herself undertook a referendum to decide whether she
should stay in the Common Market. Why should we be denied the same
privilege, a privilege which is provided in the legislation and
Constitution which now governs us? Because it is simpler? Because
it is feared that the people of Dominica do not wish-to achieve
Independence in November 1977? Because it is known that we the
people of Dominica consider that in our present economic state we
cannot afford Independence in 1977 and above all, because we the
people of Dominica have not been given any real and direct evidence
that we will in fact receive all the promised blessings that the
Government Ministers claim will come with Independence? For these
very reasons a referendum must be held*
Before the referendum re the Common Market took place in Britain,
i. he people were informed, educated and plied with facts and figures,
especially by means of the radio and television, so that they
understood the pros and eons of remaining in the Common Market.

Pa e three

PA 4 1+1 R h-i 1Q77 TP H E ST AR R four

We must realiSe that two full years of discussions and planning
took place before we entered into Associated Statehood why then should
we be pushed into Independence with less than nine months considerat-
ion? It must be noted that although the Premierof Dominica at two
interviews in Guyana hinted to the people of Guyana of his plans and
thoughts on Independence, ,it was not until August 1976 that he told
his own followers his intentions and it was not until the 20th
December 1976 that he told "we the .qpie" of his plans.
The draft Constitution, copies -of &ich were not available to
most people in the island ,until :he s6ond week in January, is long
and complicated. It repeats, muc1h of ,thhe, t'-67T Constitution provisions,
but with the experience which we' have'. had Of:t he implementation of
those provis-ions .in. the,:past, to th.;e ~triment' of':the people of
Dominica, it'is of paramount. importance. tha t .t should re- think and
re write many of those. ovi sions., .This is 'so particularly in the
realm of the Fundament4l Rights. We: ever vigilant to ensure
that the various exceptions, which are. aiim.ed at avoiding certain
events and militate against certain class, of persons, do not in
fact whittle down the right so .as to .make it completely meaningless.
Nor are we obliged to follow' slavishly the, pattern set -by other
States. For instance we are..strongly .of .the view that to give ample
protection to the individual and to ensure that his fundamental r
rights are indeed enshrined and entrenched in the Constitution, it
must be for the particular'person who intends to infringe a right to
seek the approval of the. Court within ten days of his having done so.
And if he fails to obtain the approval of the Court then he should be
condemned in damages and perhaps other dire punishment. After the
1973 fiasco and farce which completed the destruction of our economic
viability, we have' learned that we cannot depend on leaders of
Government to. act in the best interest of the citizen and the
country. We must have the checks and balances to use against them
and to curb their desire to remain supreme.
Though some of the provisions follow the present Constitutional
provisions, there have been some innovations especially with respect
to the Governor, the Cabinet and Parliament. An Ombudsman or as it
is termed in the draft constitution a Parliamentary Commission.
The Governor is no longer to be the representative of the Queen
but the minion of the Prime Minister who has the right in.his own
deliberate judgment to appoint him and dismiss him. The-Governor is
not to be only the titular head of State but he is also to undertake
any other work that he and the Premier agree upon'that he should
performs But above all this man who is to be beholden to the Prime
Minister is to be the Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission and is
to appoint the other members of this Commission. The Commission
which is created to redress wrongs which the citizen complains about
and which do not have redress in ordinary courts of law, is wholly
the creature of the Prime Minister, Experience has shown that most
of such'complaints will arise from administrative excesses or
bureaucratic bungling and therefore the method spelt out in the
draft Constitution does.not lend itself to engenger in the mind of
the citizen faith in fair and just and unbiased disposal of such
We are of the belief that the titular head of state should be
nominated by a large number of citizens and on such nominations the
electorate should vote to choose their Governor. He should be the
representative of the Queen if we do not at the time of Independence
go Republic and his post should be. an honorary one carrying no:salary
but only allowances e.g. travelling and entertainment.contd. next

PaRe four

~R+h ~i~,hrri'oru ~a77 'P HR


T Hba 1TE STAR Pa Five

m rp A fC' J.LS..L...J J. L -iv-Ajj ^ ''-'-""q s Pa -' --se -u --a-_ -
TITLE BY REGISrBATION ACT Request da- Patrickson Request fr
Schedule of Application for Certi- ted the 29i Nixon by the issue of
ficato of Title and Noting thereon day of Jan, his Soliv. a First Cer-
or Caveat for week ending the 12th 1977. citor Cil- tificate of
da of February, 1977. Presented ma A.M. Title in res-
Date Person Nature of re- 9th Feb. Dupigny, pect of apr-
Presented Presenting quest whether 1977 at tion of land
I ~for a Certifi 3.10 p. ____ at Jiin (Call-
cate of Title or Noting thereon or jbishie) in the Parish of St.Andrew,
Caveat. __in the State of Dominica, containing
lRequest da-Dennis Request for th82,47S sq.ft, and bounded as follows:.
ted llth Fe Lynch issue of a FSst North by land of William George;
1976. by his Certificate of South-East by land of James Alex-
Presented Solici- Title in res- ander; East by a Public Road;South-
9th Feb, tor'M. pect of a por- West by land of Ba~b Nixon.
1977 at jEngenia tion of landat Reques da-2 arina Jer- request or
11.00 a.m. 'Charles Salisbury in ted 2nd Feb vier and the issueof
[the Parish of St.Joseph containing 1977. undy Jeerer aFirst Cer-
3689 square feet and bounded as fpl- Presented s tenants in ificate of
lows:- North: Access Road over land 9th Feb. common in eq title in
of Theresa Vidal separating it from 1977 at al shares by respect of
land of Enid Anthony; South: Access 3.25 p.m. heir Solioi portion
Road over land of Theresa Vidal sep- or Cilma A. f land.
abating it from lands of Marian K Dugny. own as a
Louis and Theresa Vidal; East: land Lot at Scotts Heady n the Parishdc
of Theresa Vidal; West: land of St. Mark, in the State of Dominica,
Theresa Vidal. containing 1064 aq.ft, and bounded;

Request da- onnt eque t for th
ted 16th Lynch by issue of a
Dec. 1974 his 8ol- First Certifi-
Presented icitor M cate of Title
9th Feb. Eugenia in respect of
1977 at Charles A Portion of
11.20 a.m. Land at Salis-
bury in the Parish of St.Joseph con-
taining 3,720 square feet and bound-
ed as follows:- North: Land of Mc-
Farlan Louis; South: Access Roadcaer
land of Gerald Ambo separating it
from land of Gerald Ambo; East:Acces
Road over land of Gerald Ambo separ
eating it from land of Gerald Ambo;
West:Access Road over land of Gerald
Ambo separating it from land of
.Gretta Roye V
Request da- Phyllis o. quest for
ted 13th Seignoret the issue of a
July 1976 by her Sol-First Certifi-
Presented icitor M. cate of Title
9th Feb. Eugenia in respect of
1977 at Charles, a portion of
11.40 a.m. 1 land known as
a residential lot in Roseau, in the
Parish of St.George, containing 608
square feet and bounded as follows:-
orth-East: Lan of Mlre Brtn;
Souh-E:as, Fie~sla any. o j n-wesfh
Ra of rene N hWes :
Land of Jean Maynard.

as follows:- North-East by a Publif.
Road separating it from lands of
George Jervior and Lundy Jervier;
South-East by land of Celestinelew-
is;South-West by land of )aison
Francis;North-West by land of
Cl&rita Lewis,
SNhedule for week endien ebl9th'
Request da Josepbne Request for
ted the 15 Constant the issue of
Feb.1977 by herSbl- a First Cera
Presented icitor Ci3 tificate of
15th Feb, ma A.M. Title in res.
1977 at Dupigny.' pect of apojV-
2.4 pim. tion of land.
at River Street, Roseau in the Par-
ish of St.George,in the State of
Dominica containing 26iL8 sq.ft.and
bounded as follows:.- North: by Rver-
Bknk and Land of Fernand Toustoal ;
East: by Land of Signatia Laronde
personal Representative of %eItomi
Hodge (deceased); South: by River
Street; West: by Land of 'ThaelaAig-
ustus and Margaret Colabraoke4

Roseau, Ag.Regasttar of Titlea
NOTE:- Any person who desires toaob*
ject to the issuing of a Firstt Geij.
tificate of Title ( included pg,~

xiday, February 18, 1977

~- '-- -- I~'-----

__ --


Paae Five


r~~ntAl SrtP~arJrl7E? fnr wlr Annfn~ hbl %

STATE OF DOMINO A T E S A r d eb&" -
TITLE B REGISTRATION ACT (d The government and cabinet of
on the above applicationsamay en- Dominica, Mr.Douglas told Talia
ter a Caveat in the above office Carol (interviewer) would accept
within six weeks from the date of all these propositions; and Prem-
the first appearance of these ier John would visit 'Cuba,
Schedules in the-STAR News Paper "The reactionary Opposition,"
published in this State or from the said Rosie Douglas, "is against,
date when the Notice prescribed by independence and relations with
law was last served on any occup- Cuba." This is one of the false
ier of adjoining lands in respect statements he made in that inter-
of which this application was made, view, in Dominica last November.
*S*T*A*R*S*POO*R*T*S-Mo rchi stone CANDID COMNS: WS.teven
CRICKET: ShillingfordMakes Squad Patrick John & Co. Must Gol
ICrving Shillingford, 32, of the It was impossible, before and
Combined Islands and Dominica,after during World War II, to bargain or
11 years of consistent cricket with treat with Herr Hitler; and now it
the bat, has finally been chosen on is impossible to parley with Ian
a West Indies team,* His first cap Smith or Amln. One can only say to
in the series against Pakistan(ich a dictator: Thus far and no fur-
starts in Barbados today) is no cer. their In my view Patrick John is;
tainty: this is because Morris FOs- a bully backed by dictators Burnham
ter of Jamaica (specialist batsman and Castroa he appears to want to
who can bowl & has already repres- be the Idi .Adin of Dominica.
ent.d the W.I.) is among 13 players When another race enslaves you,
named for the 1st:test team.Another it is hard to bear, When one of our
ingredient which handicaps Irvingts own kith and kln uses all his pow-
pick is:that there are no other-ml- ers of mind & body to enslave you,
aicans on the team: Lawrence Rowe you have every right to employ all
& Michael Hblding are both injured; the proper means available to get
and knowing the areas cricket at- him out of power quickly. Panel dis-
titude, the "Big Four" Islands are cussions won't do; reasoning is use-
nearly always represented less. He will not.listen-to the ne-
The 13 players named are:- cessity fora Referendum, and has
Clive Lloyd; captain (G), Colin everything in his Draft Constitutian
Croft (G) M.Foster.(J),Roy Freder- to make him a Dictator and Dominica
icks (G), Joel Garner (B), Gordon a one-party State. In such circum-
Greenidge (B),Vanburn Holder (G), stances there should be massive dem-
Raphick Jumadee (T), Alvin Kallich- Onstrations from Capuchin to Scotts
aran (G)'; Derek Murray (T), Vivi Head demanding the immediate resig-
Richards, Andy Roberts and Irving nation of John and his Government,
Shillingford (Combined Islands). even if some of our intellectuals
Our initials G,J,B,T stand for stand aside and do not help.
Guyana,Jaamaica,Barbados & Trinidad, Marigot,Wesley and Woodford Hill
Sometime today we'll knowif Irving said "No" to the Premier. At Marigot
Shillingford is playing the Pakis- after he read a letter from WSS ab-
tanis or whether he should be com- out the plane which he was obliged
ing home for Carnival from Barbados, to move from Melville Hall airstrip,
The 5th (final) test match India Mr. Sylvester Joseph advised the
vs England at Bombay ended ina draw Premier to leave Marigot before at-
Scores: India 338 & 192.S.Gavascar tempting to answer 101 questions.
108 & 42. Underwood 4/89 & 5/84 en- Last week the Oaribs felt they were
ded with 29 wickets in the series, insulted by him; Calibishie & Castle
England 317 and 172 for 7.Brearley Bruce want to have details of Inde-
Sraw -Pakitan/Barados:Pakis- Pendenoe. Pressure is mounting high.
n-qa: &. 2LO._8dec.Bdos 3l9 & 99/?2Yes, Patrick John & Co. MUST ,GOA

pr&re &e Published by~ the Proprietor, Robert E.Allf~rey of PIll1 House
Copt Hall at 26 Bath Roads Dominica, West Indies,.

Page S ix


PridW February 19 197

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