Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). February 4, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). February 4, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Publication Date: February 4, 1977
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UK Lhlja R
Cck1 ta r-N*t2
IL Co --: .
1 v .j .,I- ,

:Edit 2610 will dis-

,d.n1) Lted.. c.L .C.'onstitution. at
V3? 1~ ~CiiA 31 E .d.I V ', TA o President I home 3STM

Editor Phyllis Sbhad Allfrey

after 3-day search in mountains
A helicopter of HMS Tartar (re-
quested by Dep. Premier Christian)
and a party of Marines joined the
many Dofonco Force, Police and pri-
vato citizens, ag:riicult-zrists end'
foresters who scoured the shaggy
difficult terrain below the Boiling
Laeo for Mr. tchaol Ns., 44, bio-
lgist here With a UK t>aim to in-
vestigato cr-ayfish prod,'. ction-, On
Sunday morni.-g Mr. Ngs., tired,drop-
pod out about halfway up to tholeko,
but instead of awaiting- the return
of follow oczcursionists, who dis-
covered his absonco at Island Housse
he triod to make his way down alone
.e veered loft and eventually fol-
lowed the Riviore Claire until' he
stumbled upon an empty hut; there,
existing mainly on water, he lived
for three days, until the activity
of a helicopter indicated a serious
search. Mr. Now shouted persistent-
ly throughout Tuesday night and po-
ple from a hamlet in Anno area at
length came to the hut. A boy was
sent across the bush to Morno Pros-
per to telephone Police: by
Mr. Now was in Roseau for a.checkup
- and his health was good. Everyone
is pleased at the happy ending,

Lot 501 Canefield contalning-2120
Squaro Foot. Aply:-
28'Old Street,
P.O.Box 121, Roseau, Dominica.

Bringing gifts of 60-radios(schools)
and medical supplies,this vesselwas
on view to hundreds of children and
many adults. (Full report next week
'of M,C,W.ts new Land Rover 896 in h

Fifteen Cents 15B

Our Relations With Communists
Before and After Leblanc
Read our leading article on
Pages Three & Fourl


When the whole Island learned
of the kidnapping in the North of.
June and Juline, two girls in
their early teens a crime of' the
first, order --by the movement kinxow
as the Dreads, whose. doings seem
more drastic than those of the.
Klii-t,utx Plan of 'the JSA long ago,,
6 thought it would havi created an
unusual stir; that we would have
crouched by the radio to hear the
news in progression.
Disappointingly, the atmosphere
at one time was ordinaryxunruffled;
while news was sparse if not left
to rumour. (Concluded on page 6)

by a Northern Correspondent
The last two Sunday0 have given
Marigot listeners plenty to learn
and to discuss. Last Sunday, al-
though only heralded by ,a portable
speaker, Mr. Alvin Armantrading
gathered a considerable crowd and
held them-under the Freedom spell.
The Sunday before, Hon.Pat Ste.
vens, with Mr. Jerome Barzey as
guest speaker, (a surprise) drew
a large crowd. Those men laid bare
the bad economic situation of Domi-
nica, and "WSS" spoke on human xight~s
Mr, Roeie Douglashad somewhat ofa
hostile reception, being faced with
remarks on his career in Canada,and.
'the people asked him not to speak,
MrW,S.Stevens objected to Douglast
.s independence campaigning, *:-4-

V~ol., XXTVT No., 5E



X .41 A

W_, k


L~ri~i~v~, j~obrm~Y~ ~E. 1Y%'Z~

WHY NEGLECT TEACHING CIVICS? VIV.CS: according to law, there
were too many. Two offencesl The
If you look up the word civics people in the truch sat inntilence,
in your dicti.n.ry, you'll find O2- or two whispered to the drive.
something ik;:- "o r p...i..n.l A. :o drew the police'T-an awoy,? In a
to cifti e~.'i"; o)r "'he t.eie o, ; moment theylse and the pol-
civic affars.- That des not tean was seen putting money in
us much, or us ith ny is pocket. Most of the-passengers
in re laughed and waved, but one said to
specific zeal to discover more.Yet his wife: "This bribery business is
for a developing country advancing bad." A friend near by remarked
towards Independence, Civics is of "Nonsense, everybody does it, so it
paramount importance. So why has doesn't matter." So they drove on.
part of the Third World, and the An hour later there was a loud
greater part of the schools in DoM- explosian. Yes it was the so-called
inica, rejected the teaching of new tyrel is assistant said to
civics We venture a gc the driver, "...This tyro was not
e venre a gess. It is new at all,..It is not good, too,
beMuse the civics textbooks are that you have bribed a policeman."
based on the ethics of the West; Very angry, the driver beat the man,
the 'new countries' are fumbling while the passengers looked on pas-
for their own sort of civics, and sively. 1ht one of them alone tried
looking Eastwards, to defend the man. He said: ."Come,
This week, instead of-writing us I have money. Let us get out and
an article, Mr. W.S.Stevens has -as1 go back home, see the owner and go
ed us t print some quotations fr o to Polce Headquarters to report.
Extremely interesting book on. the dishonesty. It is destroying
n extremely interesting book on country"
civics. Before doing so, however, At this the driver and his friends
wtld like to predcis a fascinating attacked the outspoken passenger and
tale in this book ("CIVICS FOR the assistant, while the others lpok-
CARIBBEAN SCHOOLS"). It is called ed on. Later the party went on with-
" The Sad Story of the Passive Cit- out the passenger, his wife and the
izens", and we regret cutting it, assistant. The bus went very fa~t
"In a certain country, a large downhill, came to a river, and was
party of people hired a truck, The unable to avoid crashing into a big
truck driver had been given money b truck from the other direction.,
the owner to have the brakes There was a great crash; many pftple
ed and to buy a new tt-re, Now this were -killed.
truck driver was not honest. ZDHe At this stage (and it could so
went to a *friend (another dishonest easily have happened in Dominica')
man) and bought quite cheaply from the tale teller draws his analogy.
him a stolen tyre, which luO^ked new "Let us call the truck by the name
This truck driver told the owner of your country; the people in this
that he had bou-ght a new tyre, and story are citizens; it'is clear-
paid for the repair of the brakes, that the driver and those who sup-
The owner trusted him, ported him were bad citizens and
Next morning the driver set out the three who got out were good
with a truck-load of holiday-makers. citizens. But what about taost of
The truck was travelling fa t.o At those who sat in the truck the
a crossroads, a policeman held up other passengers? They saw what
his hand, but because the brakes was wrong, they know why it was
were faulty, the car slid past him, wrong, but they did nothing to
The Policeman tested the brakes, & put it right. Through th-ei' failulb
declared them not good; also, he massive citizen te truck
counted the people in the truck,and (their country) carm to disaster,
(See page )

Page Two

T HE 3 T A

F~fday$yFebruarY 4P 1977

There can be no-one who heard that speech in 1973 who has forgotten the
occasion. The former Premier of the Labour Government, now the PARTY
CHIEF, in a sad, awe-inspiring, somber voice spoke of the great dangers
which faced us, the people of Dominica: the imminent take-over by
force of this island by the communists of the world. Can anyone forget
the fact that a State of Emergency was placed on this island because
the Premier had uncovered a Communist Plot? A state Emergency which
completed the economic downfall of Dominica a downfall which had been
begun by the bad management and lack of vision of ie Labour Party.
Of even greater importance was the evidence which was laid before the
public by the Premier indicative of the fact that a plot did exist: an
ajoupa in the hills containing two rounds of.22 ammunition fantastic
to believe that all that it required then was two rounds of
.22 ammunition for the Castros, the Russian Marxists, the Polish, East
Garmare Hungarians, and the Czechs as well as the Mao Chines to over
run the island.
Yet even in'those days the then Premier idolised Burnham who is
of course part of the communist world. He never recovered from the grief
of having to abandon the Grenada Declaration which was nothing but an
attempt to tie us to the Communist-yoke of Burnham.
But his admiration for the man Burnham is not to be compared with
the complete take over of the yet smaller mind of the present Premier by
all things Guyanese. If the reports on the media are correct, our
Premier has found Utopia in Guyana. He intends to copy everything that
he has ever seen there. This is the pattern he has set not only for
himself but for all of us. Unfortunately for Dominica the Premier was
never a man who could hold a sustained thought for more than one second.
His mind darts about like the proverbial firefly and with every dart
his entire thinking power is burned out quickly. Perhaps he should
consider many things before he takes us into yet another disastrous
groping that of the Comecon world.
Let us take for insteatce one of the patterns he intends to copy
from Guyana the National Service idea. Conceived at first as a means
of placing young persons who have just left school and who, in the
present economic state of Dominica cannot find work, in a position for
further self-development while serving the State usefully, it has now
grown into a machine for brainwashing the young people of Dominica.
Could the Premier be prevailed on to stop to think for a moment and make
plans for the effective employment of the young persons after they have
done their two year stint? For to let loose young people who have had
a para-military training to yet another bout of idleness 'is t6 lay the
foundation for an upheaval among the young which will be much worse than
the troubles we have been facing from 1972.
In his total adoption of things Guyanese has he considered how he
is going to imitate the deposits of bauxite to be found in Guyana, not
to mention her deposits of minerals! Has he been able to dig for a gold
nugget in the mines of Dominica' Is he going to be able to imitate the
topography of Guyana? What of her timber resources? The Premier, in
spite of his numerous promises made from his taking over of the
leadership of the Labour Party until August of 1975, has not been able
to do anything with our modest stands of timber. It appears that all
that the Premier has been able to imitate is the life-style of Burnham
v;hich consists of living luxuriously while the people make all the


Friday 4th February 1977


Paae three

After all it must not be forgotten that while the Labour party
leaders have been advising the people of Dominica to draw in their belts
and produce until they bust, these very same leaders have been taking
for themselves cost of living allowances and increasing their salaries,
and in particular their entertainment and travel allowances (which are
free of income tax). The advances which they take when they go abroad
are never reconciled except by the submission of bills for expensive
suitcases, impossible taxi fares, and questionable allegations of money
spent on entertainment of their hosts abroad.
Why the Premiir has denied that Castro is to be one .of his hosts
in the near future is a puzzle for all Dominicans. After all an
invitation for him to visit Cuba falls exactly in the pattern with his
overtures to the CQmmunists. -t was on the first Sunday of 1977 that
the Premier spent many hours in close collaboration with'the self
appointed Dominican mouth-piece for Cuba. Surely the Premier does not
believe that he can pretend to Dominica that he is not involved with the
real founders and promoters of the Cuba Friendship Club? But the leaders
of the Labour Party wish to carry that fiction so far that the Deputy
Premier on a boost-the-morale-tour of the Policemen at Police
Headquarters was quick to deny an unspoken accusation, that the wife of
the Premier: was visiting Cuba. His explanation was that the Premier's
wife did not go but only a woman who is employed as a clerk of the
Liurketing Board. That firefly type of mind again believing that they are
addressing themselves to more firefly minds
What is at the back of the Premier's attempt to show that he is
not interested in Cuba's overtures? Can the explanation be found in the
congratulatory telegram he sent to President Carter? In this telegram
the Premier, posing as the foremost leader in the Caribbean,demanded
that Carter throw a beneficial eye of aid towards these waters. He need
not worry since Carter will lift the embargo on Cuba in the not too
distant future and he will be able to honestly confess that what he wants
is to copy all the dictatorship traits of the Cuban leader.
That the Premier intends to be a dictator cannot be denied even
by him. A look at the draft Constitution indicates that he intends to
keep all power in his hands. He does not even require his electrifying
young team to assist him. After all we have it on good authority that
the electricity has been short circuited!
The 14 persons who left Dominica at the invitation of the Friendship with
Cuba Club with all expenses paid by their host the Cuban Government
have returned full of praise for the country. The atmosphere is lively
and gay we are told and Cuba is revelling in tourism with visitors from
Forth America being in the majority.
Perhaps they were also told that tourists have only been allowed
back into the Country for little more than a year and that the reason for
inviting tourists is due to Cuba finding that she cannot live on her
agricultural pursuits alone especially when the price of sugar is so low.
Cuba found in tourism a quick way of reviving her economy and her
closeness to the USA mainland is a great asset.
Can we learn a lesson from this? Should we cease to antagonise
the press of North America with our rude letters and accusations and
could we attempt to give a civil answer to the pressboys when they ask for
information which they have a right to have if they are to advise their
readers to visit us? Lust we always get a bad press because of the off
the cuff remarks by the Premier and his tourist ambassadors whom he
a points?

: friday 4th February, 1977


Page four

Friday, February 4, 1977

Pag Five TH SA

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
or CCaveat for-week ending the 29th
day of January, 1977.
Date Person iNature of re-
Presented 1 Peesenting quest whether
S___for a Certifi,
cate of Title or Nottirg thereon or-
Request da. James Request for
ted 26th iElisha ,the issue of a
July, 1976 lThomas byiPirst $Certif-
Presented !his Soli-iicate. of Titl(
27th Jan. oitor E. in respect of
;1977 at .Eugenia /& Lot of land
I11,20a am. Charles.i at Zicack,'Tbwn
I... !. .. .. i .e of Portsmouth,
Parish of St. John containing 3590
square fet and bound< as folloVs:.
iNorth: Sandwich Street; South: Land

SC",T;'IET for week ending Feb.5th
'ate I Person Nature of Re-
Prosented lPresenting quest whether
------' for a Certifi-
cate of Title or Noting thereon or
C avat. ________________
Request da- Conrad Request for
ted 22nd Royer the issue of a
Nov. 1976, by his First Certifi-
Presented Solici- cate of Title
31st Jan. tor Cmo in respect of
1977 at A.M. a portion of
3.35 p.m. Dupigny, land at Upper
Penville, in
the Parish of St.Andrew, in the
Stat9 9 Dominica, containing 10,500
4uAare feet and bounded as follows;
North by a Public Road and a Ravine
separating it from lands of Mottie
Laville; East:by land. of VerataPaul;
South by lands of Christianie Paul
and Noissant Royer; West: by land
Felix Paul,

Iof Aleeande? Peter; West: Rollo- CIVICS FOR CARIBBEAN SCHOOLS(frp. 2)
Street; toad of Helen Steven. There is usually, and quite nat-
urally, a lot of enthusiasm when
iRequest da4 Request for any member oy the family sets up a
cited 22nd 'issue of a milestone in its progress by adopt-
Nov.1976 First Certifi- ing a new Constitution. This brings
IPresented \ Rufus i cate of Title with it greater opportunities for
,27th Jan, Dyer in respect of the people of the country concerned
!1977 at by his ,i a Portion of to manage their own affairs. The
'11.10 a.m. Solicitor Land.known as Constitution itself, however isnot
1..Eugenia a part of Mon the all-important thing.It depends
'Charles Repos Estate entirely on what use we make of it
S i in the Parish when we have it. In the hand of
.of St.John containing 5.00 acres *a elected representatives of the peo-
land bounded as, follows:- North- ple, who are wise, and who are rely
!West by a ravine which separates it interested in the welfare of the
from lands of Josephine Magloire; country, it is usod to.bring pro-
,North-East': Lands of Friendly Wal- gress and increased.,prosperity to
laco South-East: Lands of Irish the country. But in the hands of
Thomas and Josephine Magloife;South unwise or dishonest men, it would
est: Lands of.J.M. Bertrsad. Inot be likely to"'(concluded on p6)


Ag. Registrar of Titles

NOTE: iAny person who desires to-object to the issuing of a First Cer-
tificate of Title on the above applications may enter a Caveat in the
above office within six woeek from the date of the first appearance" of
this Schedule in the STAR news paper published in this State or from
the date wi..en the Notice preser-ibed by law was last served on any oc-
cupier of adjoining lands in respect of which this application waas ua.
--- --1 ,Ii V ,

11kh .- A Ad


Page Five


Page Six T H E S T A R Friday,February 4,1977
S:'ARs"S;-PO~R~-R~S--- .Morchriston CIVICS FOR CARIBBEAN (pages 2 )
CRICKET: Interesting Turn to Shell bring much benefit to the citizens.
Shield i~ *- The Combined Islands That is why the duty of wise voting
with 12'points from their first 2 is so important.
matches, completely dominated Jam- A new Constitution, then, is a
aica, beating them by 9 wickets to means and not an end. It is to be
move up. to 24 points, thought of as a tool with which the
The stage was set for an inter- people shape their country s future,
testing final between Barbados and A sharp khife in the hands of a
the Combined Is. when 7?arbadoswas patient and skilful carver is a tool
stopped by Trinidad after she had which helps him, to create a work of
looked like,makisg a clean sweep art, admired by alli but-a careless
with victories over Jamaica and man may only succeed in cutting h-m-
Guyana. Trinidad, having no points self with the knife and spoiling ie
after 2 matches, bundled out B/dos wood by clumsy handling. Thus, the
for 145 and 246:inG.Greenidge 5$6' responsibilities of democratic self-
and David Murray 51; Inshan All 5 government are great both for the
5/44 & 3/80; R.Jamadeen 2/27 &A42 elector and the elected. The closer
and P. Bartholomew 2/40. a country approaches full self-gov-
From 267 for 5 in their st i:-. eminent, the greater the civic res-
ings Trinidad crashed to 271,their ponsibilities become."
last 4 wickets producing no runs We hope that those who are gather
(all bowled by Joel Garner).Larry ing in Guyana to work out new cur-
Gomes 90 & B.Julien 67 were respon ricula for Caribbean Schools will
sible for T/dad's lead. Garner 4 look into this question of civics.
and 3/36. 2nd innings 121/54 *s' The book from which we quoted eman-
At Aros Vale,St.Vincent,Michae] ated from Jamaica. It was first
Findlay won the toss and sent in' published in 1962; could be revised
Jamaica to have first strike atntht and reillustrated.It is really good
Islands in front of his home acow, ..... .....


Jamaica ,cored 204 (Skipper Rster WOMANIS CHALLENGE (from page 1)
topscored, 59),Andy Roberts 5/52 At that stage, I said to myself,
and D.Parry 2/29.* The Islands re- and also to two Officers of the Law
plied with 337 after struggling of whom I anxiously enquired, that
at 18/8: V.Eddy 131 & Hugh Gore Government could have sought I-rELI-
66;.. they put on l14 for the 9th COPTER aid and soldiers from friendly
wicket a new record in Sh.Shield, Guadeloupe and perhaps other places;
*Jamaica's 2nd innings crumbled to since rescue attempts by local De-
the pace of A .Roberts 4/32,Norber fence Force seemed only by trial and
Phillip 3/31 and D.Parry 2/48. Set error. The efforts to save the young.
to score 41 to win, the Islands girls from -what looked like doom uc-,
reached 43 for one(Michael Comacho)were too slow, although sincere,
Barbados and Combined Islands wll And this is where WOMANtS CHALLD
meet in a veritable final April 9- SNG3 comes inr Women's Organisations
12 in Barbados) both on 24 points, should always take up such a chall-
LEAGUE: Celtic vs.League Champs enge, be the bargaining body for
U-0LTcI United, champions of the advising and providing ideas to
-Augustus Gregoire League (108 pts Government when womanhood is atsbake.
of a possible 120) St;Joseph match Recapturing the kidnapped girls
abandoned) inflicted an innings de-a whole month afterwards was a late
feat on runner-up Saints (86 pts)at victory for the State. MAY CHRISTIAN
the Police Grounds,Canefield,Jan. 29'starsports* Scores: Saints 96 & 69;
-30. It was 1976 Season's final Celtic U. 204.* TEST CRICKET:India
match and the 1st for 1977. Thomas won the 4th match,beating England by
Kentish (Capt.) deputising for. 140 runs.But England have won the
Matthew George gave the trophy: series* PAIS/TAN v:s. LEEWAS( -
Frinted & Published by the Proprietor, Robert E.Allfrey of Mill House
Copt Hall at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies,


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