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Group Title: Circular - Florida Cooperative Extension Service - 499
Title: Selected shrubs for central Florida
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Title: Selected shrubs for central Florida
Series Title: Circular Florida Cooperative Extension Service
Physical Description: 7 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Ingram, Dewayne L ( Dewayne Lebron ), 1952-
Midcap, J. T
Barrick, William Edgar, 1946-
Publisher: Florida Cooperative Extension Service, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida
Place of Publication: Gainesville
Publication Date: 1981?
Subject: Ornamental shrubs -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Genre: government publication (state, provincial, terriorial, dependent)   ( marcgt )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Statement of Responsibility: D.L. Ingram, J.T. Midcap and W.E. Barrick.
General Note: Cover title.
Funding: Circular (Florida Cooperative Extension Service) ;
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Agricultural Sciences and should be
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the Institute and its staff. Current IFAS
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of Florida

Circular 499

Selected Shrubs for

Central Florida

D. L. Ingram, J. T. Midcap and W. E. Barrick

Florida Cooperative Extension Service, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences
University of Florida, Gainesville, John T. Woeste, Dean for Extension

D. L. Ingram, J. T. Midcap and W. E. Barrick*

Ornamental shrubs are an important part of the
home landscape. Florida homeowners can select
from a large variety of available plants. Home-
owners and landscape designers must be aware of
basic shrub characteristics to make wise selections.
Each plant or plant group must serve a useful pur-
pose to achieve a well designed landscape.
Homeowners often select plants with bright
flowers or unusual foliage. Only a limited number of
unusual or accent plants can be used effectively in
the landscape and their location must be skillfully
planned. A complete landscape plan should be
developed before the plants are purchased.
Shrubs are selected on the basis of height, plant
form, foliage characteristics, flower color, season of
bloom and adaptation to the planting site.
Knowledge of these characteristics allows the
designer or homeowner to choose proper plant
materials to create the desired landscape. Shrub
growth habit is quite variable and can be cate-
gorized as broad spreading, spreading, globose,
upright spreading, upright or columnar (Figure 1.).
Foliage characteristics and branching habit deter-
mine shrub texture. Flowering shrubs can be
selected to provide color during all seasons in
specific areas of the landscape. Knowledge of flower
color and season of bloom helps eliminate incompati-
ble color combinations.
Shrubs are evaluated by their adaptability to en-
vironmental conditions of the landscape site. En-
vironmental conditions include the amount of
sunlight (full sun, partial shade or shade) and
tolerance to salt spray, particularly in coastal areas.
Soil characteristics of the site may restrict shrub
selection. Some shrubs are tolerant of poorly
drained soils while others grow best in dry sandy
Plants in retail outlets may be rated according to
grades and standards as established by the Florida
Department of Plant Industries. Ranked from best
to poorest quality, these classifications are: Florida
Fancy, Florida No. 1, Florida No. 2 and Florida No.
3. The lower the grade, the less likely plants will be

Figure 1. Shrub growth habit characteristics [

Broad Spreading Spreading Globose

Because most plants are not rated as to grade,
they should be inspected closely before purchase.
Shrubs with an unhealthy appearance or with weak
or poorly formed branches should not be purchased,
because they usually develop into "leggy" plants.
Each plant should be examined for insects, diseases,
and mechanical damage such as scarred, cracked or
peeling trunks and branches. Abnormally small or
yellow leaves are an indication of either nutritional
disorder, weak root systems, or improper produc-
tion or shipping procedures.
The root system of container grown plants should
be well established but not root-bound. Roots
should be distributed throughout the soil medium
and not protruding outside the container or
penetrating into the ground. The soil ball of balled
and burlapped (B & B) plants should be intact and
Central Florida, as discussed in this publication,
includes the area from Leesburg south to Punta
Gorda and Fort Pierce. These are general guidelines
and microclimatic factors of given locations may
The following table lists selected shrubs for Cen-
tral Florida. Space does not allow including all
shrubs that could be grown in Central Florida. The
scientific name, common name, growth habit,
estimate of common height, flower color and season,
light requirements, soil type preference, degree of
salt tolerance and other comments of interest are in-
cluded. Cultivars of some plant species listed here
may differ in growth habit, flower color, foliage
characteristics and/or size. This information should
help homeowners and landscape horticulturists
select appropriate shrubs for specific purposes and
locations in their landscapes.

Upright Columnar

*Authors are Assistant Professors, Ornamental Horticulture, IFAS, University of Florida, Gainesville










Ardisia crenata Upright, 3-4' Incon.1 Shade Fertile, No Coral red berries in
Coral Ardisia multi-stems acid winter; 'Alba' white
fruited cultivar
Brassaia arboricola Spreading, 2-4' Incon. Partial Fertile Mod.2 Sensitive to cold
Dwarf Schefflera compact shade
Buxus microphylla Globose, 3-4' Incon. Partial Fertile, No Tolerates shearing;
Japanese Boxwood compact shade, acid nematodes, mites and
shade leaf miners are problems
Carissa grandiflora 'Nana' Spreading 3-4' White, Full sun Sandy Yes Attractive scarlet fruit;
Dwarf Natal-Plum warm season other dwarf cultivars -
'Emerald Blanket' and
'Boxwood Beauty'
Cuphea hyssopifolia Spreading, 3-4' Red to white, Full sun Fertile No Susceptible to frost
Cuphea compact summer
Euphorbia milii Spreading 3' Incon.; showy Full sun Very well- Yes Showy red, pink, or
Crown-of-Thorns bracts drained cream bracts; susceptible
to frost
Gardenia jasminoides Spreading, 1-2' White, Partial Fertile No Sensitive to nematodes,
'Prostrata' compact spring shade white fly and sooty mold
Prostrate Gardenia
Ilex cornuta 'Rotunda' Spreading 3-4' Incon. Full sun, Well-drained, No Multi-spined leaves, best
Dwarf Chinese Holly partial acid in groups
Ilex vomitoria 'Nana' Spreading 3-4' Incon. Full sun, Variety Yes Other cultivars include
Dwarf Yaupon Holly shade 'Stokes Dwarf' and

Juniperus chinensis Broad 2-3' Incon. Full sun Fertile, Mod. Cultivars include
Chinese Juniper Spreading well-drained 'Parsonii' and 'Parsonii
Juniperus conferta Broad 1-2' Incon. Full sun Fertile, Mod. Superior cultivars,
Shore Juniper Spreading well-drained include 'Blue Pacific'
and 'Compacta'
Mahonia fortune Upright, 3-4' Yellow, Partial Well-drained No Thick mounded shrub;
Fortune's Mahonia multi-stems early spring shade good as specimen plant
Nandina domestic Spreading, 2-3' Incon. Full sun, Fertile No Cultivars include
compact compact partial 'Purpurea Dwarf' and
Dwarf Nandina shade 'Harbour Dwarf'
Rhododendron obtusum Spreading 4' Variable, Partial Acidic No Variety of colors and
Kurume Hybrid Azaleas spring shade growth habits
Serissa foetida Spreading 2' White, Partial Fertile, No Used as edging and
Serissa warm season shade moist foundation plant
'Incon. is abbreviation for inconspicuous.
'Mod. is abbreviation for moderate.






Agave americana Globose 5-6' Flowers Full sun Well-drained Yes Tolerates poor sandy
Century Plant only once soil; 'Marginata' has
yellow-white marginal
Allamanda cathartica Broad 8-10' Yellow, Full sun Variety No Trained to shrub or
Golden Trumpet Spreading, warm season vine; poisonous
Aucuba japonica Upright 5-6' Incon. Shade Fertile, No Multi-stems; variegated
Aucuba organic cultivars common
Breynia disticha Spreading, 5-6' Incon. Full sun Light, No Brightly variegated
Snow-Bush open sandy foliage in several
colors; susceptible to
Callicarpa americana Spreading, 5-6' Lilac, Partial shade Fertile, No Showy magenta fruit
Beauty Berry compact spring moist in autumn; white
fruited selection
Carissa grandiflora Spreading, 5-6' White, Full sun Sandy Yes Attractive scarlet
Natal-Plum compact warm season fruit; milky sap
Cassia alata Spreading 8' Yellow, Full sun Variety Mod. Susceptible to freeze
Candle Bush fall injury
Codiaeum variegatum Spreading, 5-6' Incon. Full sun, Variety Mod. Multi-colored leaves,
Croton open partial shade color differs with
variety; cold sensitive
Erythrina herbacea Upright 5-6' Red, Partial shade Fertile No Deciduous; showy
Cherokee-Bean spring flowers; bright scarlet
Euphorbia pulcherrima Upright, 8' Incon. Full sun Well-drained No Showy red bracts at
Poinsettia multi-stems Christmas
Fatsia japonica Upright 5-6' Incon. Partial shade Fertile, Mod. Does well in land-
Fatsia acid scape containers
Gardenia jasminoides Spreading, 5-6' White, Partial shade Fertile, No Susceptible to nema-
Gardenia compact spring acid todes, white fly and
sooty mold; showy
spring color
Galphimia glauca Spreading, 8' Yellow, Full sun, Variety No Plant injured by 280F
(Thryallis glauca) compact warm season partial shade (-20C)
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Upright, 6-8' Variable, Full sun, Moist, No Many selections and
Chinese Hibiscus multi-stems warm season partial shade fertile hybrids available
Hydrangea macrophylla Spreading 5-6' Blue to pink to Shade Fertile, No Flower color varies
Hydrangea white, late spring well-drained with soil pH
Ilex cornuta Spreading 5-6' Incon. Full sun, Well-drained, No Not readily infested
'Burfordii Compacta' partial shade acid by scale insects
Dwarf Burford Holly
asminum mesn'yt B road 5-6' Yelfow, ^Fulrlun r iaiety No 1 M dundin- -rowth'



- z.asminum inultifjrum
Downy Jasmine


S 5-6' White,
warm season

,Ful. sun,
partial shade

S -Ariety No

, Downy leaf surface -
often used as clipped

Jasminum nitidum Spreading, 5-6' White, Full sun, Variety No Shiny leaf surface;
Shining Jasmine sprawling warm season partial shade often used as clipped
Juniperus chinensis Spreading 6-8' Incon. Full sun Fertile, Mod. Varieties include
Chinese Juniper well-drained 'Mint Julep', 'Hetzii'
and 'Blue Vase'
Lantana camera Upright, 5-6' Red, pink, orange Full sun Variety Yes Susceptible to frost
Lantana multi-stems or yellow, summer
Leucophyllum frutescens Spreading, 5-6' Lavender, Full sun Well-drained, Mod. Good for hot, dry
Texas Sage compact summer sandy locations

Loropetalum chinense Spreading, 6-8' Cream to yellow, Partial shade Fertile, No Horizontal branching;
Loropetalum compact early spring well-drained needs frequent
Mahonia lomarifolia Upright, 6-8' Yellow, Partial shade Fertile, No Good as border plant
Chinese Holly-Grape multi-stems early spring well-drained in formal garden;
interesting grape-like
Malvaviscus arboreus Spreading 6-8' Red to white, Full sun Variety No Susceptible to freeze
Turks-Cap warm season
Myrtus communis Spreading, 5-6' White, Partial shade Fertile, No 'Microphylla' and
Myrtle open spring well-drained 'Variegata' are supe-
rior selections
Nandina domestic Upright, 5-6' White, Partial shade Fertile No Red fruit in winter
Nandina multi-stems, spring
Rhododendron simsii Spreading 5-6' Variable, Partial shade Fertile, acid, No Evergreen
Indian Hybrid Azaleas spring well-drained
Russelia equisetiformis Spreading, 5-6' Red, Full sun Variety No Also called Coral
Fire Cracker Plant weeping summer Plant
Severina buxifolia Spreading, 5-6' White, Full sun, Well-drained No Black berries
Boxthorn compact spring partial shade
Tabernaemontana Spreading, 6-8' White, Full sun, Variety No Fragrant waxy
divaricata symmetrical warm season partial shade flowers; susceptible to
(Ervatamia coronaria) hard freezes
Tetrapanax papyriferus Upright 8' Yellow to Full sun, Variety No Produces suckers;
Rice-Paper Plant white, warm partial shade susceptible to freezing
season temperatures
Viburnum suspensum Spreading 6-8' White, Full sun, Fertile No Easily maintained at
Sandankwa Viburnum spring shade smaller size
Yucca gloriosa Upright 6-8' White, Full sun Well-drained Mod. Good for hot, dry
Spanish Dagger summer locations


Bouganvillea spp. Spreading 10-12' Red to white Full sun Variety, No Aggressive grower;
Bouganvillea showy bracts, non-alkaline informal character
warm season







Buddleia officinalis Spreading 12-15' Lilac, Full sun Light, Mod. Fragrant flowers,
Butterfly-Bush mid-winter sandy good border plant;
susceptible to frost
Calliandra haematocephala Spreading, 12-15' Red to white, Full sun Variety No Vigorous; popular
Powderpuff open summer flowering shrub
Callistemon citrinus Upright 12-15' Red, late Full sun Well-drained Mod. Good specimen or
Lemon Bottle-Brush Spreading spring accent plant
Callistemon rigidus Upright 8-10' Red, late Full sun Well-drained Mod. Leaves are quite stiff
Bottle-Brush spring
Camellia japonica Upright, 10-12' Variable, Full sun, Well-drained, No Many cultivars avail-
Camellia dense winter partial shade acid able
Camellia sasanqua Upright 10-12' Variable, Full sun, Well-drained, No Many cultivars avail-
Sasanqua winter broken shade acid able
Cassia bicapsularis Upright, 10-12' Bright yellow, Full sun Variety Mod. Specimen shrub
Butterfly Bush spreading fall
Cocculus laurifolius Spreading, 12-15' Incon. Full sun, Variety No May be injured by
Cocculus weeping partial shade cold; coarse texture
Datura arborea Upright 12-15' White, Full sun, Variety No Large fragrant
Angel's Trumpet summer partial shade flowers; poisonous
Duranta repens Spreading 12-15' Blue, Full sun Variety No Yellow fruit is
Golden-Dewdrop warm season poisonous
Elaeagnus pungens Spreading 12-15' Incon. Full sun Variety Yes Vigorous growth; long
Silverthorn sweeping shoots
Eugenia uniflora Spreading, 12-15' White Full sun Variety No Edible ribbed black or
Surinam-Cherry compact red berry; good
clipped hedge
Feijoa sellowiana Spreading, 8-10' White with Full sun, Variety Mod. Edible fruit; good
Feijoa compact red stamens, partial shade clipped hedge
Fortunella japonica Spreading 12-15' White, Full sun Variety Yes Attractive, fragrant
Kumquat spring edible fruit
Ilex cornuta Spreading 12-15' Incon. Full sun, Well-drained, No Scarlet or red berries;
Chinese Holly partial shade acid good cut foliage; 'Bur-
fordii' is popular cul-
Ilex vomitoria Spreading 12-15' Incon. Full sun, Variety Yes Excellent large shrub
Yaupon Holly shade
Illicium anisatum Spreading 8-10' Incon. Full sun, Variety No Easily maintained at
Anise shade smaller size; fragrant
foliage when crushed
Ixora coccinea Spreading, 8-10' Red, yellow or Full sun Fertile, Mod. Many hybrids; sensi-
Ixora compact orange, warm slightly tive to cold
season acidic,
Junperus chinensis Upright, 12-15' Incon. Full sun Fertile, well- Mod. Cultivar include

Chinese Juniper

^ i


'Sylvestris' and
T' orulosa'' -



A. "k

A -


J*agerstroemja irkd4ca Upright 12-15' White, pink, Full-sun v Variety No Deciduous; susceptible
Crape-Myrtle red or purple, to powdery mildew; often
summer used as small tree
Ligustrum japonicum Upright 12-15' White, Full sun, Variety No Fragrant flowers; excel-
Japanese Privet Spreading spring partial shade lent screen or barrier
Ligustrum sinense Spreading 8-10' White, Full sun, Variety No Variegated form; often
Chinese Privet spring partial shade used as clipped hedge
Murraya paniculata Upright 8-10' White, Full sun, Well-drained No Fragrant "Citrus" like
Orange-Jasmine spring partial shade flowers; red attractive
Myrica cerifera Upright 12-15' Incon. Full sun, Variety Yes Excellent, vigorous
Southern Wax-Myrtle Spreading, partial shade growing plant; often
clumping used as small tree
Nerium oleander Upright 12-15' Red, pink, cream Full sun Variety Yes Showy flowers; excel-
Oleander or white, summer lent seaside species
Pittosporum tobira Spreading, 8-10' White, spring Full sun, Fertile, Yes Easily maintained at
Pittosporum compact shade acid smaller sizes; variegated
selections available
Platycladus orientalis Globose, 15-20' Incon. Full sun Variety No Often misused; not a
(Thuja orientalis) densely foundation plant
Oriental Arborvitae foliated
Podocarpus gracilior Spreading 20-30' Incon. Full sun, Variety None Susceptible to hard
Weeping Podocarpus shade freezes
Podocarpus macrophyllus Upright, 20-25' Incon. Full sun, Variety Mod. Easily maintained at
Yew Podocarpus compact shade smaller size
Podocarpus nagi Upright 20-25' Incon. Full sun, Variety Mod. Strong accent plant;
Nagi Podocarpus shade good cut foliage
Prunus caroliniana Spreading 20-25' White, Full sun, Fertile No Easily trained to small
Cherry-Laurel spring shade tree or clipped hedge;
messy fruit
Psidium littorale Spreading, 15-20' White, Full sun Variety No Red or yellow edible
(P. cattleianum) compact spring fruit in summer; inter-
Cattleya Guava testing trunk character
Pyracantha coccinea Spreading 15-20' White, Full sun Variety No Often trained as espalier;
Firethorn spring bright fruit in fall
Ternstroemia gymnanthera Upright 12-15' White Partial shade, Fertile, No Reddish midribs in
Japanese Cleyera shade well-drained leaves
Thevetia peruviana Upright, 12-15' Yellow to peach, Full sun Variety No Susceptible to frost;
Lucky Nut compact warm season angular fruit; poisonous
Tibouchina urvilleana Spreading, 12-15' Purple, Full sun Well-drained No Flowers showy; good
(T. semidecandra) open warm season border shrub
Viburnum odoratissimum Spreading, 15-20' White, Full sun Variety No Not a foundation plant;
Sweet Viburnum dense spring regular pruning required
Vitex trifolia Spreading 10-12' Lavender Full sun Sandy Mod. Vigorous shrub; varie-
Chaste Tree to blue, summer gated cultivar most
Yucca aloifolia Upright, 12-15' White, Full sun, Well-drained Yes Excellent seaside plant;
Spanish Bayonet clumping summer shade accent plant
Yucca elephantipes Upright, 15-20' White, Full sun, Well-drained Yes Harmless leaf-tips; some
Spineless Yucca clumping summer shade selections with striped


Illustrations by Yaeko Duran

This publication printed at a cost of $1,075.00, or 7.17 cents per copy to inform Floridians about or-
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SCIENCES, K. R. Tefertlller, director, in cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture, publishes this Infor-
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