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Title: Animal science newsletter ; October 2007
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Title: Animal science newsletter ; October 2007
Series Title: Animal science newsletter
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Creator: Department of Animal Sciences, IFAS
Publisher: Florida Cooperative Extension Service, Department of Animal Sciences, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida
Publication Date: October 2007
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In This Issue...

Florida's Little InterniaLional Li'\estock
La Nii' \\achl Isisud for Alabama.
Florida. and Georgia
Nc\\ Tc-stinu Protocol and Nutrient
Recoinimcndations for Ballia Gia/inu
Fuller \\ Ba/er. Inicnialional E\pcrl on
Aiiinial ReproducIiN c Bioloy
ProEiani Tailets Vi lclnarl Studcnl-t \\ ill
Empliasis in Bcl' Prodiuction

r-, Dates to Remember




S Florida's Little
K) Livestock Show
university oflonda The Department ofAnimal Sciences Block and
BLOCKAND BRIDLE Bridle Club will be holding their annual
"Florida's Little International Livestock Show"
on Saturday, November 17 at 5 PM at the Department of Animal
Sciences Horse Teaching Unit. The annual event is organized by
Block and Bridle club members, which are undergraduate students
attending either the University of Florida or Santa Fe Community
College and have an interest in promoting animal agriculture in the
state of Florida. We invite you to join us in meeting and supporting
our agricultural leaders of tomorrow and enjoy their fellowship.
The day's events will consist of the livestock show, a fundraising
auction, and a catered meal. If you would like to attend or have
questions please contact one of the Block and Bridle Club advisors,
Dr. Lori Warren (; 352-392-1957) and Dr. Joel
Yelich (; 352-392-7560).

-I .. i'iI- II[ DI [ lllini hL-d L.L IL I I iNL IL -i.n nllL -, lk .
4-5 [)L L & I l .L '. .1 I ',I -' L -OI,'I I-. I-L
5 MRI BHIaIIL:L & Ol ()l. kinlII Bull Al- .Ar-L.jd. L
11-12 F !,.. J ., .I i .n .11 m ,, .,,l llu t, ,, ).,,I..i .
HK.I Jl 1-L
(.C ILniL I', L, ,I, LC,.
12 PIIL RI ..IL L A.-1 1. HIr 1 .,ll l i. Ai L. i.r i L
2-13 Co.-. C ILcLk RJILi Bull 'aIL -.-ILL' I|CL AL
6-18 'ini lilI A .-'IL.,ll,,l .,l I .'. N I..,illiL CIA
7-1H N .Iliti .ni l -1 1 Nl .t .I i i Olll n!! ("i.lPI 1 l.n!!i llI lljl K S
It) 'IL Ahni.A i- hi il l iI I I lN k .. I,, LL [ L
211 \\ aldLcin F i-m INh Ai1J.u i F ll aI: Biu lL-.

23 ( .,!i l l .I I. L I IIL I. 1L n, t .I -
IRiii. IL I L B ,. I li .II, I
25 Aiikoi Bull Pr. dLut. lion 1 'aL I Pr IILe at. I -
C ItI[,' IlL. iA
26 L IInIlI ll I1 C t.111tL I'.IL11 I1L ,I'- BiHll S.L" I' )l..LLIL hI1 CL'. I L
26 Soda Apple Meeting Bartow, FL
2"' TDL IL I T Ire sLFILi I .iii i AHII' 'r Bull l -l Idliulril.
30 Beef Cattle Nutrition Short Course Interactive
Video/Various Florida Locations

I 'OlhrIL i Call kl I- oilnpl)., fall [aIL- NM i i.f 1 l i. FL
2 Jorgensen Land & Cattle Angus Bull Sale Arcadia, FL
2-4 1 atCll Nalionill 4-11 I Iti RO I ldi.Liii LOLIIN IlL'. k
5 Three Trees Farms Bull Sale Woodbury, GA
III '.'. IlL ILid. L Il' Lh lL .l1ll'L-'. llIL. I L
12-15 National 4-H Livestock Judging Contest Louisville,
17 i i..' Idd'1 itL I lL [i 'lihLl ll lI L P L .. k l, hi '.'. -
(-'.lilne' IlLh. F L
27 Beef Cattle Nutrition Short Course Interactive
Video/Various Florida Locations
311 LLIIIIIIn t LI .-itll 1[i'hL11 ', L1 Ljk L i' I- L
30 All Breed Bull Sale Arcadia, FL

October 2007

The Institute ofFood andAgrcultural Sciences (IFAS) is an Equal Employment Opportunity Affirmatve Acton Employer authorized to provide research educational information, and other
services only to individuals that function with regard to race, color sex, age, handicap, or national origin. For information on obtaining other extension publcations, contact your county
Cooperative Extension Service office.

SLa Nifia Watch
Issued for Alabama,
S ..... Florida, and Georgia

A La Nifia watch has been issued
by the Southeast Climate Consortium
and the state climatologists ofAlabama,
Florida and Georgia. A watch means that conditions are
likely for the development of a full-fledged La Nifia event.
The watch will be followed by an official La Nifia
declaration if development continues in the next one to
three months.
The tropical Pacific Ocean is now poised to slip into
a full-fledged La Nifia. Chances are very good that La
Nifia conditions will develop, strengthen and persist through
the fall and winter months. This follows months of cooler
than normal water temperatures near the coast of South
La Nifia is commonly thought of as the opposite of El
Nifio. Under La Nifia conditions, sea surface temperatures
along the equator in the eastern and central Pacific Ocean
are a few degrees colder than normal for a minimum of
five months. La Nifia typically returns every two to seven
La Nifia conditions usually bring a warmer and drier
cool season (October through March) to Florida, central
and lower Alabama, and central and south Georgia.
With the arrival of La Nifia, there is a good chance
that drought conditions, currently ranging from exceptional
across much ofAlabama and Georgia to moderate in south
Florida, will continue and possibly worsen throughout the
winter and into next spring.
If below normal rainfall occurs during the cool season,
moisture recharge of groundwater, soils, ponds and
reservoirs will be limited. Southeastern states depend on
water recharge during the cool season.
Farmers who plan to plant winter forage and do not
have irrigation capability have high risk of being seriously
impacted by the winter drought.
In addition the risk of increased wildfires should be
expected during the winter and spring wildfire season in
Florida, south Georgia, and lower Alabama.
The Southeast Climate Consortium has estimated the
impacts on climate based on past La Nifia events. For
central Florida, the probability of normal or above rainfall

for January 2008 is only 8 percent. The chance of
moderately dry (rainfall amounts from just below normal
to half of normal) is 20 percent, and for very dry
conditions (less than half ofnormal rainfall) is 72 percent.
For the Panhandle of Florida, south Georgia, and lower
Alabama the probability of normal or above rainfall in
January 2008 is 20 percent, for moderately dry 50
percent, and for very dry 30 percent.
More information on the developing La Nifia and
its potential impacts can be found at
The Southeast Climate Consortium is a research
group aimed at aiding the use of climate forecasts in
agriculture, forestry, and water resources. The
consortium is a partnership of six universities, The Florida
State University, University of Florida, University of
Miami, The University of Georgia, Auburn University,
and University of Alabama Huntsville.

David Emory Stooksbury is the state climatologist
of Georgia, John Christy is the state climatologist of
Alabama, David Zierden is the state climatologist of
Florida and Jim O'Brien is professor emeritus at Florida
State University.


David Emory Stooksbury (Georgia)
Phone: (706) 583-0156
John Christy (Alabama)
Phone: (256) 961-7752
David Zierden (Florida)
Phone: (850) 644-3417
Jim O'Brien (Florida)
Phone: (850)459-1938
Release September 11, 2007

New Testing Protocol
and Nutrient

Recommendations for
Bahia Grazing Pastures

Based on the recommendations of the IFAS Pasture
Fertilization Committee and approval by the IFAS Plant

Nutrient Oversight Committee, the ESTL has created and
implemented the following new protocol for Bahiagrass
pastures starting today for testing and nutrient
recommendations, throughout the state.
There will be four possible tests available for Bahia
pastures through out the state. The north-south line has
been removed. The new crop code for Bahiagrass
established pastures is 36.
Available Tests for Bahiagrass pastures:
# 2 Soil pH and Lime Requirement $3.00
# 3 Soil Micronutrients (pH, Cu, Mn and Zn) $5.00
#13 Bahia Standard Soil Fertility Test (pH, Lime
Requirement, K, Ca, and Mg with recommendations;
and P soil test value only but no recommendation) -
#B 1 Bahia P Test requires both soil and tissue
samples submitted together (pH, Lime Requirement, P,
K, Ca, and Mg with recommendations) $15.00
(If phosphorus recommendation is required, please
choose the test # B1)
The new sample submission forms are available on
the ESTL web site (
Please discard the old Producer Sample submission
forms that you may have. Faculty are encouraged to check
the web site for all the latest forms.
Please email for further information -

SOURCE: UF/IFAS Extension Soil Testing
PO Box 110740
Wallace Building 631
Gainesville, FL 32611-0740
Phone: (352) 392-1950, Ext. 221
Release September 11, 2007


IFAS Extension
IFAS Extension

Fuller W. Bazer,
International Expert
on Animal
Featured speaker at UF York
Distinguished Lecturer Series

Fuller W. Bazer, a distinguished professor and
associate vice president for research at Texas A&M
University in College Station, will be the featured speaker
Oct. 4 for the 2007 York Distinguished Lecturer Series at
the University of Florida.
The title ofBazer's lecture will be "Animal Sciences
in the Era of Systems Biology," which will be presented
at 1:30 p.m. in the President's Room at Emerson Alumni
Hall in Gainesville. The event is free and open to the public.
Free parking will be available in the northeast comer of
the O'Connell Center parking lot located at the intersection
of West University Avenue and Gale Lemerand Drive.
As associate vice president for research at Texas
A&M University, Bazer oversees and provides direction
for biotechnology, bioinformatics and life sciences
programs, research compliance and homeland security.
He is also a Regents Fellow and the O.D. Butler Chair of
the Department of Animal Science.
Bazer, whose research on reproductive biology
focuses on uterine biology and pregnancy, joined the faculty
at Texas A&M University in 1992. He is a former director
of the Texas A&M University System Health Science
Center Institute of Biosciences and Technology and
director of the Center for Animal Biotechnology and
Between 1994 and 2001, Bazer was a member of
the organizing committee and vice president for research
and interim dean, graduate school of biomedical sciences
of the Texas A&M University System Health Science
Center. He also served as associate vice chancellor for
agriculture and life sciences, executive associate dean of
the College ofAgriculture and Life Sciences, and associate
director of the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station.
Prior to joining Texas A&M University, Bazer was
a faculty member at UF's Institute of Food and
Agricultural Sciences where he held a dual appointment
as graduate research professor in the Department of
Animal Sciences and Department of Pediatrics.

Bazer is a Fellow in the American Association for
the Advancement of Science, and he is the recipient of
numerous awards, including the American Society of
Animal Science Physiology and Endocrinology Award, the
Society for the Study of Reproduction Research Award,
the Distinguished Service Award and Carl Hartman Award,
the Biotechnology 94 Award, the American Society of
Animal Science L.E. Casida Award for Graduate
Education, the Gamma Sigma Delta International
Distinguished Achievement Award in Agriculture, the
Texas A&M University and the Association of Former
Students Distinguished Achievement Award in Research,
the Alexander von Humboldt Research Award in
Agriculture, the Vice Chancellor for Agriculture Award
in Excellence for Research, the Wolf Prize in Agriculture,
the Vice Chancellor for Agriculture Award for Team
Research in Uterine Biology and Pregnancy, and the
Society for Reproduction and Fertility Distinguished
Research Award.
Bazer received a B.S. degree in biology from
Centenary College of Louisiana in 1960, an M.S. degree
in animal science from Louisiana State University in 1963
and a Ph.D. in animal science at North Carolina State
University in 1969.
The York Distinguished Lecturer Series was
established in 1984 through an endowment from E.T. York
and VamYork. As provost for agriculture and vice president
for agriculture and natural resources at UF from 1963 to
1973, E.T. York brought together the College of
Agricultural and Life Sciences, the Florida Cooperative
Extension Service and the FloridaAgricultural Experiment
Station under a single administrative umbrella of the
Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS). For
more information, go to

SOURCE: Fuller Bazer
Phone: (979) 845-5929
Don Poucher
Phone: (352) 392-0407
By: ChuckWoods
Phone: (352) 392-0400, Ext. 240
Release September 10, 2007

Program Targets Veterinary
Students with Emphasis in Beef

NCF, Fort Dodge Animal Health unite to
offer scholarships

The National Cattlemen's Foundation (NCF) and
Fort Dodge Animal Health are proud to announce a new
scholarship program the Fort Dodge Animal Health
Legacy Scholarship. Through producer participation, Fort
Dodge Animal Health will sponsor five scholarships of
$5,000 each. Three scholarships will be directed to
veterinary school students that have designated an
emphasis in beef production. Two scholarships will be
directed to undergraduate students enrolled in an animal
science program.
Cattle producers can use their Fort Dodge Animal
Health invoices to help support this scholarship program
- in turn, helping cattle production and cattle-producing
families for the next generation. Contributing to the Legacy
Scholarship is as simple as purchasing qualifying Fort
Dodge Animal Health products from September 1 through
November 30, 2007. Producers then simply fax in their
invoices, and a contribution of 3 percent of each qualifying
invoice (with an overall total of $25,000) will be made to
the scholarship fund. For more information about the
program and how to turn your purchase into an investment,
The National Cattlemen's Foundation will begin
accepting applications in February 2008 for the 2009-2010
academic year. Winners will be announced at the Cattle
Industry Summer Conference in Denver, CO, July 15 -
19, 2008. In addition to the scholarship, all five recipients
will receive an expense-paid trip to attend the 2008 Cattle
Industry Summer Conference. More information about
scholarship criteria and how to apply will be posted soon


Joe Schuele
National Cattlemen's Foundation
Kari Carrillo
National Cattlemen's Foundation
Kelly Goss
Fort Dodge Animal Health
Release September 5, 2007

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