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Title: Entomology and nematology newsletter
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Publication Date: September 2005
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September 2005

Student News

Student Paper competition winners from the
2005 Florida Entomological Society meeting
held from 24-27 July were:

Ph.D.: 1st Place Joseph Smith; 2nd Place -
Matt Aubuchon; and 3rd Place Amit Sethi.

M.S.: 1st Place Linda NcHerne; 3rd Place-
Frank Wessels.

As mentioned in last month's issue, graduate
students Jennifer Zaspel, Emily Saarinen et
al. presented a poster at the Annual Meeting
of the Lepidopterists' Society. What is new is
that this poster won the Alexander Klots
Award for Best Student Poster.

Ph.D. student and USDA Entomologist
Julieta Brambila trekked west on a 16 day
trip (12-27 August) where she helped
coordinate and teach a Heteroptera
Identification workshop for the Western
Region port identifiers (USDA-APHIS).
Afterwards, Julieta traveled and collected
Heteroptera in the canyons, meadows, and
mountains of Routt, Roosevelt, and Medicine
Bow National Forests, and in the deserts of
Colorado and Wyoming.

Teresia Nyoike, from Kenya, joined us this
semester as a graduate student. She received
her B.S. in Agriculture from the University

of Nairobi, Kenya. Teresia worked with an
Integrated Pest Management company called
Dudutech (K) Ltd, which mass produces
beneficial insects and microbials. She will be
working on her master's degree with Dr.
Oscar Liburd on cucurbit pests. She will
look at the effect of different mulches on pest
insects on cucurbits and their control.

Staff News

Sharon Hoopaugh reports that Christian
(Chris) Pickles started working in the
department's fiscal office on 26 August.
Chris previously worked in IFAS Personnel
from 1997 until she joined us, and before that
in the Academic Personnel office. In our
department, Chris will handle OPS
Employees, Student Assistant, Student Work
Study, Graduate Assistants and Post Doctoral
personnel appointments and payroll. This
will allow Vassie Pittman to concentrate on
travel and Sharon to deal with budget issues.
Please stop by and welcome her to the
department as you have time.


Dr. Clay Scherer was walking around the
Philadelphia Zoo when... Well, let him tell
it... "My nephews (5 and 7) shouted out,
'Hey, Uncle Clay, that's you!' My wife was
equally surprised and one of my brothers
snapped a photo of me standing next to the

head lice poster which was on display.
Apparently, Penn State extension maintains a
display within the Zoo, providing all kinds of
buggy stuff (the usual extension stuff). One
of the items was the head lice poster Jane
Medley and I worked on years back. They
had one hanging up on the wall. According
to the folks staffing the display that day, they
said it's a pretty popular poster with the
school teachers. Huh, you just never know
where things will turn up. Needless to say,
the display was near the primate exhibit."

You can visit the newsletter Web site to see a
photograph of "The Primate" and the poster.


Turner JC, Buss EA. 2005. Biology and
management of Allokermes kingii
(Hemiptera: Kermesidae) on oak trees
(Quercus spp.). Journal of Arboriculture 31:

Turner JC, Buss EA, Mayfield III, AE.
2005. Kermes scales (Hemiptera:
Kermesidae) on oaks. Entomology Circular
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& Consumer Services, Division of Plant

Frank DL, Liburd OE. 2005. Effects of
living and synthetic mulch on the population
dynamics of whiteflies and aphids, their
associated natural enemies, and
insect-transmitted plant diseases in zucchini.
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Arevalo HA, Frank JH. 2005. Nectar
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northern Florida. Florida Entomologist 88:

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Larson J. 2005. Organic blueberry
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Dernisky AK, Evans RC, Liburd OE,
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early floral damage by cranberry tipworm
(Dasineura ozycoccana Johnson) as a
precursor to reduced fruit set in rabbiteye
blueberry (Vaccinium ashei Reade).
International Journal of Pest Management
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Weihman SW, Liburd OE. 2005. Grape
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Florida. Biological Control 33: 87-95.

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SW Weihman, OE Liburd. (2005). Grape
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Dr. Oscar Liburd and Alejandro Arevalo
received a $10,600 research grant from the
Florida Department of Agriculture and
Consumer Services to work on management
and extension of grape root borer in Florida

Dr. Oscar Liburd received a $10,641 grant
from the Florida Department of Agriculture
and Consumer Services for development of
pheromone for pest management strategies
using participative and classical research to
control grape root borer.

Graduate student Alejando Arevalo and Dr.
Oscar Liburd received a $10,000 grant from
Southern Region, Sustainable Agriculture
Research and Education Program (SARE)
Graduate Student Grant for development of
an IPM strategy for control of flower thrips
in blueberries in the southeastern United

Dr. Oscar Liburd, Alejandro Arevalo, and

Craig Roubos received a $5,500 IR-4 grant
for evaluation of reduced-risk insecticide for
control of blueberry pests.

The August issue of the newsletter did not
include all of our student winners of various
grants from the Florida Entomological
Society (FES) this year. The complete list is:

$500 Scholarship winners: James Dunford,
Cynthia Tucker and Ricky Vazquez.

$100 Mini-Grant winners: Karla Addesso,
James Dunford, Luis Matos, Jason Meyer,
Rui Pereira, Murugesan Rangasamy,
Elena Rhodes, Amit Sethi, Joe Smith and
Ricky Vazquez.

$100 Travel Grant winners: Karla Addesso,
Crystal Kelts, Luis Matos, Murugesan
Rangasamy, Elena Rhodes, Amit Sethi,
Joe Smith, Charles Stuhl, Ricky Vazquez
and Frank Wessels.

Meeting and Presentations

Ph.D. student John Warner presented a talk
about his research on white-footed ant
control at the annual FES meeting.

Dr. Brian Cabrera, Ft. Lauderdale REC, is
coordinating the 25th UF/IFAS School of
Structural Fumigation, 14-18 November
2005. For details, see the 08/18/05 link on
the Pest Alert site at

Dr. John Foltz visited Palm Beach county on
30-31 August to assess the problem of pine
decline and conduct a workshop on pine
beetles with master gardeners and county
employees. Although bark and ambrosia
beetles were prevalent in the dead trees, the
present mortality is due to root breakage and

internal stem damage caused by hurricanes
Francis and Jeanne last September.

Professor Emeritus Dr. Malcolm T. Sanford
participated in the 3rd European Congress on
Social Insects, European Section of IUSSI in
St. Petersburg, Russia, 22-27 August 2005.
He presented papers on the introduction of
the small hive beetle in the U.S. and use of
soft chemicals for Varroa control. One focus
of this meeting was acknowledging the
continuing emergence of Russian scientists
from underneath the Soviet Umbrella;
another was the continuing effort to have
scientists in the European Union
communicate better. For details, see
http://www.iussi.org/. The second
announcement for the 15th IUSSI conference
scheduled for 30 July-5 August 2006 in
Washington, DC, has been published.

Dr. Marjorie Hoy will attend the
International Symposium on Biological
Control of Arthropods 12-17 September in
Davos, Switzerland, where she will present
an invited talk. Former department graduate
student Dr. Juan Manuel Alvarez will be
there, as well as former postdoctoral scientist
Dr. Lucia Zappala.

Elena Rhodes, Dr. Liburd, and Jay Cee
Turner were invited to the Grape Harvest
Festival on 1 September. They displayed a
poster and an insect collection, and answered
questions about pests and beneficial
organisms associated with grapes.

Alejandro Arevalo will present his research
at the VIII International Symposium on
Thysanoptera and Tospoviruses, in Pacific
Grove, CA, on 11-15 September 2005.

Dr. Oscar Liburd will give a presentation at
the 2005 USDA/IR-4 Food Use Workshop,
in San Diego, CA, on 13-15 September 2005.

Entomology Seminars

This semester's coordinators are Seth Bybee,
James Dunford, Luis Matos, Murugesan
Rangasamy and Jennifer Zaspel. Seminars
begin at 3:45 p.m. in room 1031,
Entomology and Nematology (Bldg. 970).

9/1 Dr. Jonathan Day UF/IFAS, "The
importance of wild birds to arboviral
transmission in Florida."

9/ 8 Dr. Verena Blaeske -UF/IFAS, "Switch
to the dark side biology of
entomopathogenic algae."

9/15 Dr. Steven Valles USDA-ARS,
Gainesville, "Utilization of an EST library
created from the red imported fire ant,
Solenopsis invicta, for discovery of new
microbial control pathogens."

9/22 Dr. Kris Braman University of
Georgia, TBA

9/29 Dr. Adam Silagyi FDACS-DPI,
"Early detection of exotic invasive species
and the Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey
(CAPS) Program."

10/6 Dr. Dov Borovsky UF/IFAS,
"TMOF- a journey from physiological to
bioengineering studies."

10/13 Dr. David Grimaldi American
Museum of Natural History, NY, "Why
fossils matter: examples from the insects."

10/20 Dr. Paul Goldstein McGuire Center
for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity,

"Phylogenesis of host plant associations and
larval behaviors in the Apameini
(Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)."

10/27 Dr. Susan Poats Corporaci6n Grupo
Randi Randi, Ecuador, "Using farmer field
schools to learn about Integrated Pest
Management in beans: a case study from the
Chota Valley in northern Ecuador.

11/3 Dr. Lincoln Brower Sweet Briar
College, VA, "The monarch butterfly
migratory and overwintering phenomenon in
North America: can it survive?"

11/17 Dr. Larry Duncan UF/IFAS, TBA

12/1 Dr. Jeff Feder Notre Dame
University, "Host fruit odor discrimination,
habitat specific mating, and sympatric
speciation in Rhagoletis fruit flies."

Reading Room

The Reading Room committee once again
reminds us that no one is allowed to take
materials out of the reading room, and no one
is allowed to take food or drink in. You are
also reminded that Reading Room users are
monitored on closed-circuit TV, so wave and
say hi. In addition, the committee asks that
you tidy up after yourself before leaving the
room. Those who wish to use the in-room
copier should visit the stock room to get a

PIN from Nick Hostettler.

Bug Quote

"What makes things baffling is their degree
of complexity, not their sheer size... a star is
simpler than an insect." Martin Rees,
"Exploring Our Universe and Others,"
Scientific American, December 1999.
Newsletter Minutia

Thomas Fasulo is the newsletter editor, and
you can send news to him at fasulo@ufl.edu.
Issues are published the middle of each
month. Submit items for an issue by the 7th of
that month.

Printed copies are distributed only within
Building 970. UF-Bugnews-l listserv
subscribers receive notices when HTML and
PDF copies are posted on the newsletter Web
site at http://entnews.ifas.ufl.edu/, which
has instructions for subscribing and
unsubscribing. Pam Howell and Nancy
Sanders review the newsletter for errors and
prepare the print version for distribution.

Tom Fasulo wishes to thank Dr. Jim
Maruniak for alerting him to the Dilbert
cartoon displayed below. Beginning
immediately you may now also send news
items to Dr. Maruniak, the new assistant
newsletter editor, atjem@ifas.ufl.edu.

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