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Title: Yongester
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~718~j~l ~_LP~~PC~j~~Cj


LW -W -A 1 7'.Wvr L,:


r n C*~4.. ,..




FK Yonge

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H ,^ J^Bpl^L

^^^^^^B cM48?S


;tl i

1 114

C i. 8






'17~ El~i~i


.. ,4a a..

~~ aW~'Si~ ~~n''

--'~ -' "' I -i
..,..,.; b

1 ~7-

4.. "

w K.
~~tr .$r
I' 2 ~ ~01

2? $- k 2K 4

- -, ,~~~- .- "ri

r I

* *-*-*i .' "E - "

--'-~" :.;~. :


.. .. . .. .i

5 7*

I ol -06h
h ~ ~ 4r F~r II~liZ


,our q gee,-

ni$ "'s;I
"K v

q,,qud Jv

2w Z~
0, 21


I t

I -i.



~;~c ; t

':;ei. ~ fr' ~ ~JL9~- A"o






n g ou t


Queen 1ilari'e iailiiptoin l ali

cc IV o II


14 5,!,,h,:,, L{e I
fc. ,

St I lli I C

>en 'Li ,ii t I ,'
I/ -',lli ,ill/

H0 me






i/J~b L iIt,! dl i/ Iles

ICI i\li1 Id m'id
/I/ / %"', I Ii /~I L I

KeP ~i Iq tat i L%
Ifi i A l 1Bbfil

U .4

1e111.1 No /L' fttil,,b aizd Steetlieabt
1/1 LTt t I Ic6 bI, -
-eswid mi iTb~ i 'k~ia JIat tie!

-batid i d veeieat
.r J?..1


id ki



Left: Long time couple
Trey Rapszak and Tess
Palmner show their
affection for each other
during lunch.

d r li 'lenceK h/
wdl n .eh e a deiftl c ut
n w/ich tde bon'njor i Th your se',
srharers, jour chaw partners; ei esi wie your in/e/ e7 confided
7j r t fl & c/ i'e)i f n from secret crushes, to iprIcot ngh1ists, al nd
SI talked dbt -ho wn the last game. These nw the peoplewho
reour te /.fsses and failmes. Mhe ones remembered'fa. !he -st, of/
PeS. ..ese i'. n the special bonds that no one ,could brak and
0oe o/u d ,Ocom t be/t e/,:. These we're i'id/s ,wi N:/ hO t dnd.
The, 'we h/ad th. very iptial/ one1. This was /ore thaijuslt a
tI fnendshipb, /ifh 'as a 7o/nec/i/ so dfta tha! nO o0/e /se ,nd/rsto0od.
u F, ihe if I 't occasional dist '-tw /ents.l, 'is t b / ./i seenied to end
1a si//1 p// ''ig o r eit vi a k i s s. 11 "' h e n ni e t h o h t /th e n oo r ld n a s
oI'ey; they ma/ide 'or' di' that /muc // b/i:. Their prese1e broui. a
smile ni'hen it seemed there was noth'iig to swmi/e qb)o,,t. I .hen
ei'ereythinig seemed to get on ou 0Feri/'SU, 7'f had .s.oeone who
underr/ood our concerns: our of tr:i', flicdp/. -
Fjendships ebb and fo RAitionsh.ts ir nI from a /l/tle
,ru/sh in mdie school to beco iing high school sn'eethearts. The
inseparableroup/ of /Iiends jou'/ held siit/" e c /ceary) s00hool gave
n'a to the e. fiie nd s Jon tade, d'i7g / 'gli school Thesei 'ere the
inJ dibi0, yo 1dhose toyorm n ith people yo A.'ould tr/st your/

Bottom right: Shanica
Crider caught show ing
lo\ e for her co"\ boy
Jamie \\hitehurst

Left: The group known
as the "06 chicks" take
a moment to sho\\ a
little friendship.

1 op ngnr: A group o0
highschool students
chill in between

Friends and Mlore...





We are Family

at P.K. Yonge

P. K. Yonge is a school far different from others.
With our smaller size and wide range of grades, we are
able to develop lifelong friendships. When walking
through the campus, you can't help but know everyone
you pass and smile knowingly at shared memories from
many years past.
To some students, however, the bond is even
deeper: to them, these aren't just fellow students or
friends, they are family.
Whether coping with a bad day or celebrating a
great one, your family is always there to share the times
with you. They are there to give you lunch money when
you need it or let you borrow notes to cram for your next
period test. Family members at school bridge all three
divisions of elementary, middle and high school. They
are romping on the playground and sweating out senior
projects. They need to be picked up and walked to the
student parking lot, and they need to interrupt you with
their tales of joy and woe. Whatever the situation, these
are your friends and your FAMILY.. This is family at P. .
K. Yonge.
Stormie Heindel
Mandy, Victoria and Heather Casey, Kelli and Sean McCrel

Jose and Victor Rosa

18 Student Life

David and Kim Blanch

Rande, Chancey and Kristen

Stephen. Jillian and Philip

Jessica and Chris McCord

Pat, Melissa and Matt McEwen Britton, Evan and Tahlia Pollitt

Savannah and Shannon Matt and Joanna Scian

Lexley and Vernon Shelton

Jessica and Jesse Reddish

Tyler, Leah and Kali TenBieg

family 19

Patricia and Thomas Bumss

Embarrassing Moments

Low Tide I a

Left: Junior Devin Duncan is caught
monkeying around. Hmm... I wonder what
he does in his free time.

They are the few, the proud, the embarrassed. Everyone has
their bad days, but some have more than others. It seems as though
they just can't wake up on the right side of the bed or put their shoes
on the right feet. We love to capture these moments on camera to get
a second to laugh at them. Some students love the attention brought
to them by acting foolish; others would like to forget their misdeeds.
Either way, we are left with a smile on our faces. And for those of
you who are not pictured on this page, don't think we haven't been
watching. Some day we will have picture proof of your moment of
low tide.
-Stormie Heindel

Above: Freshman Goiy
Johnson gives
sophomore DJ Starling
the "I've never met you
before" glare.

Right: Two hard working
freshmen have differing
opinions of weight room

Above: Sophomore
Ana Perez sneaks a
quick chat while
pretending to
complete her

Left: Junior Trey
Rapczak gets in touch
with himself while
making a trip to the

Left: Sophomore Carrick Tuck desperately tries to
avoid the girl cooties of classmate Rande Grant.

Embarrassing Mtl moments 21

20 Student f Ife

Fashion & Trends
Whether students want to adnit it or not, fashion was a very
important part of our student life here at P.1K. Yonge. In the freshman year
of high school, fashion was everything because students were eager to sta\
up on the latest styles. As students reached the sophomore year, fashion
continued to be a top priority in school life. After the first stage of being an
upperclassman, students began to slack off in the "dress to impress" stages
of high school. Once they were finally seniors, fashion was no longer a
priority in school. They began to just wear T-shirts and flip flops, and dtua
was if they were even up to changing out of the clothes they'd slept in die
night before. As a senior, a student started to see the more important tiungs
of being a student, for example: going to college, dealing with financial aid
and scholarships, or making money at a job. So although the upperclassman
slacked in the caring-what-other-people-think department, their sense oft
style just looked a little more toward the future.


off her
sense of
and her
sense of
humor at
the same
for this


W hat's hot
Designer purses
Jersey dresses
Low rise jeans
P.K. apparel


What's hot

Throwback jerseys
Jenesis clothing
P.K. apparel
Air Force Ones


& What'

Peasant top.
Fringe belts,
Platform shoes
Loose jeans;
Lots of makeup


n ol

& What's not
;. 4 ,


Re ela hs
VAk;r~~ .


Top Left:
The Senior boys
pose, showing off
different styles that
are in for everyday
% ear to school.

Bonon left:
Senior Marcie Hampton and Junior
Shannon Stuckman show off their
individual sr les
Right: The sophomores show
off their country st le during
spirit week

22 Siii.t. L'/L


-P ""

Junor-Aeg0Anderson shows
aul Marino shows Ju tAnderson hos
schooll spirit. off his Sean John apparel.
Blue Vave is
in style.

\ Ik Fashion

V-7 1 u

N F~cW j ~ 1 ;-gri -~,~d + ~ '1
I -I ~ -e -= if;hrr'~A RI

Top left: This unique
piece of artwork is just
another addition to our

Right: Ms. Kelley Maier
helps in the early design
of a wall mosaic behind J
and K wings.

Changes on Campus

Rise and Fall of the Tide.

The 2003-2004 school year talent begin to flourish. It was easy to see the
witnessed many changes to our campus, potential for P. K. Yonge to recapture the
The year started out, well, messy. glory days of full-length plays, musicals,
New portables were being hauled in concerts and other activities vital to
and out. Temporary fences the artistic soul of our school
zigzagged across the landscape, and community.
heavy machinery still tolled away Whether it was having
on the new Performing Arts space in new classrooms,
Center. working on new computers
As the year progressed, it or the mobile labs, enjoying
was easy to see that the changes performances in the
on campus were worth it. Our auditorium, hearing
campus proudly built a new tile speeches in the
mosaic, new parking lots, new amphitheater, or simply
classrooms and a new space for walking around and admiring
acting, chorus, band, student and our beautiful Blue Wave
community productions. We got to campus, the changes share one
attend the grand opening of the similarity: they were all worth it.
Performing Arts Center, built for 6.5 million
dollars, and saw a new wave of student Above: The sculpture "Moon Dancer" was installed
into the Performing Arts Center lobby

Above: To the pleasure
of our faculty, a new
parking lot for them has
been opened.

Right: Our new
auditoruim is finally
complete after a $6.5
million price tag.

Left: Art teacher Kelley
Maier demonstrates how
to build the mosaic for
our wall mural.

Above: A new installment
to our campus is a
wonderful playground for
our younger students.

Changes on Campus 25

24 Student Life


Y~Z; i~-

Is campus ever empty?

Our basic school day at P.K. began at 8:30 a.m. and ended at 2:30
p.m. However, for many students, the day started much earlier and ended
much later. But students weren't the only people seen on campus outside of
school hours. Janitors, administrators, coaches, and often visitors were
always present.
Many students endured an extended school day because of their
parents' work schedules. For example, sophomore Angela Scott arrived at
school no later than 7:30 a.m. and left around 4:30 p.m., because of her
father's new position as our Assistant Principal. "I hate it because I am so
tired after school and I have to wait out there for my dad every single day,"
Angela said. Additionally, many students here at PK. participated in sports
and extracurricular activities after school, which usually prolonged their
school day even later into the evening. Junior Shannon Outman added,
"Having soccer practice until 5:30 every night is hard on me because it
makes homework and stuff difficult to get done."
So whether it was because of parent work schedules, sports, or
extracurricular activities students are involved in, it seemed as if campus
was never empty here at PK. Yonge.
Sarah Massey

Center: Senior Stormie
Heindel spends her
Saturday working on

Below: Junior Shayna
Estes visits her locker
on a Saturday.

1 "Left: A group of students
-iii hang out at the gym after
_-. school.

Above: Juan Rivera prepares
for a soccer game on a
Saturday morning.

Right: Students are
always found
wandering the
hallways after
school hours.

Is Clillr,11s Ever Empty ? 27

26 Student fife

FT41 ing L

Skills for Li
0ol be without that friend to
,or the sigmnficantther to
test has gone horribly ivro, g, or
o you go to for advice .. is not
ing out o0 but also ab t
others. Ever ain hfe
act with oth W e have friend
We learn m good friend
bad ones.

all want to know what it is
included. Even intd
people that are close
Some unes "
buddies. Some times
telling your crush 'oi
people are'gossiping
of socialization, it has

W whether it'-I
class bonding,
talking at your
locker, or
together at
socializing is
important to
teenagers. \e
goingg on, and want to be
uls have one or cwo

Just a joke between
comphcated, Like
em, or hearing that
ou. No matter what t.pe
pact on your time here.

We may not always be "best friends forever"
with those we are close to now, but hopefully when
high school is over and you have graduated and
traveled far from the anchor, you will take away
something more important. You will take away
lessons learned, experiences shared, and memories


28 L Stic Lt fe '

Abo\e: A group of middle school students enjios each other's
company at their lockers. Time between classes \as a good tlme to
-catch uip \%ith friends.
- .,-- --.. '


all comes crashing down SeniorLee

With it in some torm or an:L dier. \\hredier it's studies for an
sophomore and stressing about fimng m uinth .Stding andI
and -str" si- b Studying and
j. a junior and stressing about your hardest kno%\ ing \%hat
ei'r b' g a senior and barely stressing unless it's to be prepared
abo e d to high school hke college applications. 'a e for ,\as a great
all d -me, stress is a posinve d-ing. Certain students way to reduce
nee e deadhne, or knowing there is a difficult test
co dietr best. For other-, stress will do nothing
but shut them down,
making things harder to
S handle.
You may be stressing
-. .about the big game, or what
anodler person thinks about Officer
you. You may be stressing StHargrove
about your grades or your or
clothes or your hair. Maybe Causing
it's those dreaded SAT's Stress?
that are doing you in. It NLou
could be your dealing decide.
some real hea\-v si tons .
in \ our home life, your I'
romanuc i'*;, or.your social

With all the stress in
our lives, there are many
:wayvs to cope. Some people
take long drives, some
listen to tdeir music really
loud, some go out and release tension through sports and physical Senior Marcie
activity Some people hang ou ynds or significant others, Hampton
"'. evades stress
and a good laugh \illo wever stress attects ,ou,
Sby th adage "If you
high school is a.; to deal .h it. Som. sa\-
these are d~e oour .liyes,-.s ,tlink about the stress that can't see me,
having a.e' jb .and family will cause. So enloy these years in your you don't
life, and no matter how stressed you get, remember thae it will get exist."
Caroline Chance

Left inset: Evan Moon nmeditates to help deal ean Wiggins wears a look of apprehension as he
with stress. prepares to donate blood. This self-induced stress
as a life saver. .. ,

30 StI ife Stress

L. ~

31 j



4. z



le Division







;.-: ,.-





- 4 pL0


_ _~~___



,4 37





v Lanmpkln a'







I I I v


Mos e Island
L hol

a39 r

So& Tooka &Wills




owlr AP



14 vI


\oo s














r L~



, I I 1- 43


F-- IW
4N- *

,T' *


ir;' 5




J .'I I I L L.


--- I- ~ ' ~~~-~ ------





" -.. ,,

P sm I



I 1, I -.1 'I ..-I 1. ,


b ...,mdm

t and roline

I^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^J rf I ( ("^ Ilfj^

^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^^^^jp ~^^^ .^^^^

- I -- ---- -- ---- --------- --- ----- I



-m r-

47 1



. Senlols \\ ere often gil



~ ~'t~~Ft~--


Seniors Know Best
As the class of 211-04 moves on trom P. K. YonLe to bigger and better
drihbs, new srudent- will invade die hallway. From die best school food to
the hardest classes- "Never take Mrs. W\eber's class!" -warns Marcie
Hampton- die "veterans" of P K. know best. When .n underclassmen need-
advice, the\ turn to the obl(ous- die students dhat know PK hke the back of
rt'cir hands- the seniors. Sophomore Baile- Holbrook remembers her
ei-ihmen \ear and hovi she looked up to hdem. "The seniors seem so
Siporrant, they're older and in power. I 'vant to be a -cruor!" A, the new
.-,ushnicn will file in on the first da\ uo school die class of 2004 can lea" e
ic ldung behind- advice to diese newcomers on how'. t.: survive diciLr lat
*ur \ears of school. Kvle Abernadih, a sophomore, remembers \.Ihen a
nmor gave him advice to succeed in sports. "They told me to never \ivc up
what I \\ anted :to do. Ho\\ much effort I give deternmnes how -Aell I \v-il
.." Noah Daigen turns to one of die more t:dked about senior traditions.
tart planning your senior skip days now,'" he stated. High school is what
u make of it, and if \ou come to school everyday ,widi a posiuve oudook,
.u're bound to enjoy it, and as die final beU rings and the seniors slowly
-appear into die parking lot, beginning newly bies and e\perencing new
ualenges, Eric Rudedge states htu pride and the best advice from his cla-s-
)on't mr\ to be better than die class f 2(004- It won't happen." Enough
,-1d. -A-Vson Pose

.* I-

or the Spring
rt Show.

What was ''in" when we were
Let's take a look at w hat even then freshmen,
no\\ senior, strived to be like, \wear. or listen to
\\ hen they were freshmen.. -IMa a Fonorow

N'Sync 2Pac

Jordans Air Force Ones
BMWs Bentleys


Waiting to get
Your License
Boy Meets World

Wanting to be a


Keeping Your


Wanting to be a

I- l- 49

3* ; ~ na

-----ly Yl ~C~~L3LIIII1IIICL

aoin q=F.,ffi...
ks aT"P K ~~ff; ye aftsi,.,-J :

i. ''": t


Can you find: Ben Kunkle, Tyler Hope. NMark Deford, Caroline
Chance, Kiel Bootle, Alex Feltz and Hannah Smith?

Can \ou find: Lelia Halback, .olby Anglin,
Carla McKnight,.Melissa McEw'en, Lidn
Crockrell, Gentry Se\ ell. Krif~'.ran
Brinan\ Peters?

For thirteen years, P.K. Yonge has been not only a school to the lifers, but also o ..ie e. Fror'
playing on the long-gone structure, to field days, and cooking in Mrs. Wigger's class ~;tary, e
:..Safety Patrol Washington D.C. trip in 5'h grade, to Mr. Steele and the 8'" grade social in 'id' school %'ve
changed from those little kids afraid of cooties to seniors ready to take on the world.
The lifers hold a special place at P.K. Yonge, and P.K. holds a unique place in tle hearts of the lifers.
Carla McKnight said, "Being a lifer is special because I truly believe that these people are like my family..
We've seen each other at our low moments and at our high moments, and have been around each other f
our entire lives."
We've seen each other grow in every way. We look at the young adult standing in jfrnt of us, but s
remember that time they fell in second grade or what they were like in middle school. "It's cool to think that
the person sitting next to you in class used to play with you on the structure," stated Melissa McEwen. .
Some non-lifers don't understand what it is to be a lifer. Jessica Mikell,' ho came 9h grade, said, "I .
can't believe that the lifers have been at P.K. that long and haven't gone crazy." Ashley Gotay who came in 7'
grade said, "It was hard to come into a school where everyone has known each other since they were little."
Most of us are ready to leave and more on with our life. Some students are more ready -t n
others. Ben Kunkle said, "I remember when P.K. looked more like a school and less like a.
As lifers, we thank P.K. Yonge for the 13 years of memories that this place has given to
say good-bye to our second home, but in our hearts we will always remain a family.

50 Veople

From top: \lex Feltz. Ben Kunkle, Carla Mcknighi. Melissa
McEwen. Tamera Crockrell. Caroline Chance I Honorary), Simon
Crider (lonorarvi. E an Walker. Lelia Halback. Shanica Crider
i FHonorar i. and Hannah Srumh.


Mirs k ~igger's Span ish Club


From left: Kiel Bootle. Ale Feltz,Melissa MNcE\ en,Lelia Halback, Carla
NcKnight, Ben Kunkle, E\ an Walker. Caroline Chance I Honorar\ Hannah
Smith, and camera Crockrell.

Fifth Grade Safety Patrol Trip to D C.


- /travel


Mrs Robertson' second grade class' iiss the Gator airplane that Universirt of Florida athletes
tran eld in

Lifers 51
'. .-


- I

ilp Chn tnrp

Nadine Bernier David Blanch Tara Bongiovanni Patricia Burns

Can You Imagine???

Colby Anglin rebelling?... Carolyn Ashline a lifer?...
Jeff Banks dating a girl at PK?... Nadine Bernier being a
chef one day?... David Blanch not having baseball?... Tara
Bongiovanni showing she's a black belt on a classmate?...
Kiel Bootle overweight?... Patricia Burns being tall for her
age? ... Aaron Caines not talking about all things country?...
Chant'e Carter keeping her opinions to herself?... Caroline
Chance not being hyperactively involved with activites?...
Kai Chow not talking about food?...Kenny Clark a kind
dungeon master?... Shanica Crider a rocket scientist?...
Simon Crider driving to school?...Tamera Crockrell being a
punk rocker?... Noah Daigen being the President of
SADD?... Lindsay Dalbec still dating Shea?... Cary David
going by his given name?... Mark Deford as a brunette?...
Andre Faucher being known at P.K.?... Alex Feltz without his
esoteric literature?... Mariana Garcia attending a full day of
school?... Trina Goodman not cracking jokes?...

I* i"


Tamera Crockrell


Cary David

Mariana Garcia

52 P2eople


- / 1^,,,


Ashley Gotay with a blond pixie hair cut?...Kristen Grant dating
someone outside the class of '03?... Brian Gregalot not coming to
the class reunion in a military uniform?... Umar Gullistan without
his Jesus sandals?... Lelia Halback caring?... Marcie Hampton's
"Can you imagine" not being about volleyball?... Travis Hasson
still being white?...Stormie Heindel on the field other than at half-
time?... Kyle Helms being recognized when he walks on
campus?... Chance Hobbs-Spickard a famous rapper?... Philip
Hooghuis being as fat as he used to be?... Andrew Howard without
Canada?... Tyler Hope without his belt buckles?... Alex Huggins in
a short term relationship with a soccer player?... Danielle Hustad
hanging out with seniors?...Lee Roy Johnson with a fade?...
Sherrita Johnson needing to go on Slim fast?... Stephanie Johnson
ungraceful?... Jun Kim actually being a foreign exchange
student?...Ben Kunkle giving a sincere compliment and caring
about someone's feelings?... Sean Lee going through a whole day
without getting a hug?... Chauncey Lampkin not talking during
class?... Brett Land gelling his hair every morning?... Nicole
Langlois being single?...Kathy Larsson fat?... Halley Levin not
living in the sticks?...

Travis Hasson

(aP nYou Imagine?

errita Johnson

Shea Mann

Chris McCord

Stephanie Johnson Ben Kunkle Chauncey Lampkin Nicole Langlois Sean

Can You Imagine???
Heather Lawrence not being obnoxious?...Nick Layon
without Sean?... Dynell Leonard spelling his name
right?... Steven Long without the Lizzie McGuire
backpack, pink flowered shirts, and a huge smile?... Taryn
Lowe failing?... Bethany Lusk with a tan?... Shea Mann
with an edge?... Paul Marino with earlobes?... Chris
McCord being a saint?...Casey McCrery a nun? ... Melissa
McEwen without David?... Carla McKnight losing the
class President election?... Devin McKnight not flirting
with teachers?...Jessica Mikell not being corrupted?...
Robin Myers conforming?... Jules Nesmith on a silent
retreat?... Brenton Nickerson not being the class peanut
gallery?... Erick Ouko with low self esteem?... Tiffany
Owen still at Interlachen?.... Brittany Peters in the
WNBA?... Keith Pitts singing country?... Evan Pollitt
letting someone else win an argument?... Andrew Pruitt
sporting a suit and tie?... Vincent Randi proving he's
related to Al Capone?... Jesse Reddish awake?...

Jessica Mikell Jules Nesmith Brenton Nickerson Erick Ouko Brittany

54 People


Evan Pollitt Victor Rosa

Emily Senesac
W4-'i = F1 rI

Ashley Robinson spending time outside the guidance
office?... Victor Rosa not wearing the Puerto Rican flag?...
Eric Rutledge being on the PKY golf team?... Shannon
Scarborough being mean to someone?... Joanna Scian
without her drama?... Lucas Seidman attending community
college?... Emily Senesac at PK during school hours?...
Gentry Sewell with new shoes?... Vernon Shelton being
shy?... Nick Shupe blending in?... Ebony Smallwood not
having a crush on Travis?... Hannah Smith being politically
correct?... Natalie Starnieri being at PK?... Tyler Tenbieg
writing about politics?... Marilyn Trent not asking
questions in class?... Robert Waelder not being known as
"Bobert"?... Evan Walker going through a whole year
without getting in trouble?... Natasha Webb talking too
much?... Jamie Whitehurst without a dead animal in the
back of his truck?... Michelle Whitney a cheerleader?...
Sean Wiggins not making fun of someone?... Michelle
Williams not laughing in class?... Codeye Woody without
his basketball?... Javell Woods keeping his hands off
earlobes?... James Zeile actually the saint that we think he
is?... e I a s s o f 2 00 4

Gentry Sewell

Hannah Smith

Can You Imagine? 55

Eric Rutledge

Senior autographs


56 Senior Autographs


"1 I


. : .. _. r .. :. .
'. ..,'- -, .. ,-- -.** :- ;. *;'-. ,'- .' ,,; f .:. **'--, ..-

* .. .. : .. .:^
* "<" .:' '". -.:- "-.- ./ -: :

i~l .- I.- *.-..-

Senior autographs

Senior flutographs 57

P'` '"" "

Senior Portraits -

$500.00::, -'

Senior Tees $60.00

Senior Barbeque $6.00

Senior Shirts -


Senior Spring Break

running these days...

However much

8aif is

Parking Decal- $30.00
- I '-- .i -" I"

Prom $250.00

Graduation Announcements -


Cost to be a Senior





58 eost to be a Senior


.'* '-.,

Ii .

f. -

enzr Autographs

', ..

With an SAT book crammed under their arms and last
minute homework bunched up in the other, the Juniors
on campus were often seen holding cups of coffee and
sporting big, black bags under their eyes from late
night's working on school. And they thought that getting
their license was hard.
The rumored "hardest year in high school" proved true
as Juniors had to get used to the increased workload.
Reality hit hard when the Juniors realized that college
was right around the corner, and many started taking
advanced courses to improve their GPA. Still, as
o challenging as it was, Junior year proved to be an
enjoyment as well.
SWith the horrendous FCAT behind them, Juniors
breathed easier and most looked forward to being able
to attend Prom for the first time without an older
student's invite. As the Juniors pushed forward, many
memories of laughter, tears, of hopes and of dreams
were created. Although the struggles were apparent,
one thing kept the class of 2005 focused- being a Senior
the following year.
-Alison Posey

r .

60 People

Erin Armstrong Wesley Asbell

Laronda Becker

Jason Bergmann

Jeffrey Bogle

Lyndel-Lisa Brown

';anittha Chantaramarn

Lashay Clayton

Nicholas Costantino

Camille Crawford Aaron Daigen


Brittany Days

Dominic Digloria

David Dilibero

Brad Drake II

Juniors 61

John Benton

Derek Cason

Sarah Dardis

William Abbitt

Gregory Anderson



" B ki'j1O

Devin Duncan Stephen Durant

Kristofer Eccles

This group of guys took a break to check out a magazine
during English.


Angelica Edwards

Christopher Ellingham

Sara Emmons

Ann-Marie Fernando

Matthew Floyd

Carrie Fraser

Lakotah Friedma

Nicole Garcia

Matthew Glicco

Sonya Graham

Joseph Gravois

Thomas Hahn

62 20eople

Shayna Estes

Amanda Haynes Timothy Hoggard


James Hughes

Shelaine James

Dual Decisions on Dual Enrolling

Dual Enrollment: It's a thought that crosses every Junior's mind. The chance to
leave campus, fewer rules and more freedom, the idea would lure any 16-year-old. But
is the right choice for everyone? Leaving the actual high school means being left out of
certain activities, and for some students that fact alone was enough to discourage them
from dual enrolling. Tasheena Robinson is one such student.
"I didn't want to miss out on the high school experience," she stated.
"I wanted to stay at P. K for all four years of high school." Shayna Estes
"I almost dual enrolled," she said. "I'm glad I didn't. In my opinion, there's more
opportunities here. I can take AP classes at PK, and I don't have to miss out on all the
activities at school." However, some Juniors like dual enrolling.
"I think it's funny that there is 30-year-olds in my classes and I'm smarter than
some of them," Dawn Hager said. "I like the fact that I'm at the head of my class."
Challenging, college level classes lure some students in, while others are tempted
by later class times and earlier dismissal. Some students like the change in atmosphere.
Being in college level classes comes with responsibility, and some students like the
change of pace. With no dress code, students no longer have to worry about belly-
buttons peeking out or fret about how short their shorts are.
Whatever ones opinion may be, dual enrolling is an option that should be
weighed by all students. Whether leaving for the class options, or just to get away, one
things for sure: dual enrollment guarantees more freedom- but comes with the
consequence of being involved with the school.

-Alison Posey

Tamara Jones

Juniors 63

Nirelle Hampton

Ashley Holbrook James Hord III


Shuma Kato Ayumi Kawamurn

Max Hoggard works hard on his classwork. Juniors found that Junior year
came with an increased workload.

Ryan Keohane

Finished Kraft


Steven Kunert

David Lane

Tiahna Luckie

Brianna Lyles

Steven MacKint, s

Robyn Marcus

Kristen McCarter

Chase McDavid

Jessica McDonald

Kenan McGill

64 lPeople

Latalyia McKnight

Nathan McLaughlin

Candace Monroe Raven Monroe Nicholas Mudra

Weston Nuetzi

Amanda Nutt

Corey Osgood

Shannon Outman Tess Palmer

Anthony Porter

Trey Rapczak

Matt Glicco and Tess Palmer brighten everyone's day with their
charismatic sense ofhumor.

Juniors 65

Petar Petrov

Alison Posey

Z '~~F
2, a

,- -

Jessica Reddish

Lynette Rivera

Tasheena Robinson John Rowell

Danielle Warren, Vanessa Sargeant, and Tagg McKnight
take a break between classes and show their friendship.

Jena Rowland

Caitlyn Ruegger

Cren Sanchez

Vanessa Sargent

Ryan Schmidt

v\ I

Constance Scott

Monica Smith

Sean Specie

Shannon Stuckman

66 20eople

Ian Scohier

Summer Taylor

Matthew Thackrey Shane Ward

Bliss Wargovich

Danielle Warren

Eric Williams Demetris Wilson Alex Woodard

Camille Wright

James Wright III

Jong-Hyan Yoon

Bryan Zaunbrecher

Class of 2005

Juniors 67


Devin Suggs

Ed Suggs


I l

/ II

As we turn in our textbooks and throw away our
folders, we can't help but look back on our experiences
and the memories we have made through the past year.
We were no longer the youngest, but with this respect
came harder classes and more responsibilities such as
getting our license, beginning to get our first jobs, and
finally not being the babies of high school. As we
matured we began to have a better understanding of the
world and the difference between right and wrong. This
was a very important aspect to learn considering the
many changes that took place. We began to drive, a
major responsibility that overcame us, and we quickly
learned to value our freedom and not take advantage of
things. We became more independent which built our
character and made us stronger individuals. This year
brought many changes to the sophomore students, but
the class of 2006 was more then capable of dealing with
the many challenges and obstacles.
-Sierra Fonorow

68 P9eo ple

L As'e

Kyle Abemathy

Brittney Adams

Kayla Alford Amanda Andrews Merry Kathryn

Heather Atkinson

N ..a

Kendrick Baker

Ebony Baxter

Amanda Beauregard

Maria Betancourt- Aaron Brame
RecciAaron Brame

Jessica Brown

Latrisha Campbell

Cody Chadwick

Jake Cochran

Joshua Cosenza

loana Craciun

2 i

Rebecca Cumbaa

Elyse Cusack

Deuntray Davis

Andrew Day

Michael Delaney

Danielle Dixon-Brown Elizabeth Dykstra

Candace Estes

Valerie Floumoy

Maya Fonorow

Sierra Fonorow

Soplhow ores 69

Jude Bailey

Laura Croley

*- -.1


Stephanie Foote

Brittany Gordon

Brandon Gilliam Shelby Gillis Michael Glendinning Joseph Goodnigh

Tim Gotay

Norman Gramig III

Donna Grant Samuel Harlan Narayan Heail

~T~I 1
/ 1

Samantha Heflin

James Huff

Bailey Holbrook

Aaron Huggins

Ashley Huff

Abraham Hunt

Sophomores Cody Chadwick and James Hufftake a
break at lunch to express their idea of peace.

Richard Hutson

70 2People

Matthew James

Benjamin Johnson

Jordan Geveshausen

PW % 'P9I

~ 1J

Katherine Junkins Hannah Karably

Daniel Katz Danielle Kitchens

Valerie Landry Michael Lane

Alfred Maxwell and Latricia Campbell
goof around outside of Spanish.

Meghan Langlois

Benjamin Lansford

Alexander Latour

Jessica Locke

Lisa Lucas

Sarah Massey

Alfred Maxwell

Kyle McAnaney

Patrick McEwen

Melvin Miller, Jr.

Raymond Mollison

Andrew Moon


Evan Moon

Jamila Morrison

Nelly Njeru

John Mathis

Andy Olson

Maria Owens

Sophomores 71

Cedric Jones Kristopher Junior

From Controlling the Radio to Controlling the Steering Wheel

Becoming a sophomore means entering into what is viewed by many teens as the ultimate
freedom: driving. Most teens have been waiting anxiously to obtain their much desired driver's
license. Students look at the early-birthday 10th graders with envy as these older classmates get to
pull away in their own car within the first couple months of school.
New drivers often have trouble knowing when they are having too much fun with a car.
Teens often don't realize how much power a car has and can abuse the right to drive at sixteen.
Sophomores take on this whole new responsibility when they begin to drive on their own. They
need to think about their choices more carefully and be aware of things around them. Carrick
Tuck, a sophomore at PK Yonge, said eagerly, "I feel much safer when I'm driving because I am in
control of the vehicle."
For many students, though, it's the freedom that is most appealing. Stephanie Waters
commented, "I can pick which radio station to listen to when I'm driving. I hate listening to what
ever my mom wants to!" This is one thing many drivers look forward to. Being able to have that
space that is completely yours is a comfort to teens. "The real fun is when I will be able to drive
without my mom anymore. I'll be able to do what ever I want, whenever I want to do it." Stephanie
said excitedly.
Though driving is a lot of fun and gives teens a large amount of independence, students
have to keep in mind that this freedom is not something that should be abused by stupid, reckless
acts such as drunk driving or street racing. The quickest way to loose this freedom is to neglect the
responsibility and liability you have when driving. Teens just need to remember to be careful and
drive safely on the road, while still enjoying the privilege.
Maya Fonorow and James "FiSh" Hord

,f Va

James Pagliuca

Ana Perez Shawn Peterson

Raquel Petree

Melissa Puig Kyle Quina

Bree Rapczak

72 P2eople

Joseph Remy Derrick Robinson Miguel Rodriguez Jose Rosa Angela Scott


0 All- 'A

Rocco Sementelli

Marley Sewell Justin Sobie

Douglas Spinney

Dennis Starling
Dennis Starling

Sabra Tanner- .
Sabra Tanner

Joshua Taylor

Kali Tenbieg

Roselyn Todd

Carrick Tuck

Crystal Turner

Tavares Turner

Loreley Vander Laan David Washington

Christina Waters

John Watkins Amanda Waugh

Janine Williams

Mark Williams

Kelsey Winfrey

Matthew Youngblood




Sophomores 7 3


Rachel Zeile

Rachel Zeile

High school at last! This thought went through many
freshman minds as they started back at P.K. Yonge for
their final four years of school. With the memories of
elementary and middle school behind them the class of
2007 entered high school with great anticipation of things
that would come. The freshmen were a tempest of
conflicting concepts as their minds battled old childhood
ideals and new independent opinions, as they thought of
high school parties and their newfound freedom, and
balanced it with the onset of work and responsibility that
inevitably comes with age. With the shadows of the
FCAT, SATs, and the ACT all on a seemingly far away
horizon, the freshmen had little concern on their minds,
except maybe that of just enjoying their carefree youth.
But, freshmen found out that grades actually 'count' now,
and many scrambled to finish homework and study for
classes. If the class of '07 were to take any advice for
high school it should be this:
"The roads and length between failure and success are
only determined by one's determination and desire."
(Christopher M. Williams)
-James "Fih" Hord

74 2People

Brittany Bastien Kimberly Blanch

Felipe Bombonato

Steven Bottcher

Caitlin Brown

Brittany Byrd Giorgio Campanaro

Christopher Caro

Wyatt Carter

Doniqua Christopher

Adam Clark

Miels Clifton

Heather Crocker

Ashley Crump

Chelsea Daniels

Alexandria Days
Alexandria Days

William Derry

Rachel Dillard

Kristen Dixon

Maggie Dodd

Christopher Dolan

Robert Drake

Chloe Dunnell

Evan Easterling

Freshliuai 75

Frank Boe

Kristen Dodd

David Acosta John Ames

Geoffrey Anderson

Michael Anderson


Jakeob Eskew

Shannon Gillis

Derek Estevez

Janna Goachee

James Hager Arnett Hall II

Adio Faucher-Mutima

Jourdan Goetz

Robert Hanley

Joseph Ferreira Kelly Flunker

Bianca Gras Chad Graziano

Sabrina Hayes
Sabrina Hayes

Evan Henderson

Gary Gale-Shelior

Mathew Gustaf >r


Kayla Heror,

Christopher Hilleary

Molly Hoggard

Matthew Honeycutt

Stephen Hooghuis

James Howieson

Jai HutchinsoP

Benjamin Ingle

Janelle Jackson

Kayla James

Sterling Jewell

IlG y Johnsq on

Goiy Johnson

76 people

40L r

o r,

Travis Johnson Kyle Jones

Travis Jones

Kelly Lasley

Amber Liverman Heather Lopez

Patrick MacKin Iv Christopher Mathews

Jessica McCord Ke'Van McGill

Samuel McPherson

Adrian Miller

Stephanie Mollison

Jacob Mitchell

Harold Moody

The Freshmen Experience

Many people see becoming a Freshmen as going
from the top of middle school to the bottom of high
school, which is true, but it is also much more than that.
Being a Freshmen is also a sign of maturity. Many Freshmen
will have to bear much responsibility very soon. Whether it
is facing what social genre to hang out with, making
decisions on health, relationships and safety, or deciding
what to do in life, freshman deal with much more than they
are given credit for. Ninth grade is also when many teens
start dating, which for most youth, is something looked at
with much anticipation. It is also rumored that freshmen are
bullied and insulted by the upperclassmen. This is generally a
lie. In fact, many upperclassmen have friends they hang out
with regularly that are freshmen and would never persecute
them because of their status. The only true bad side to
becoming a freshman is that you are hit by the harsh reality
of your grades counting for your graduation. So, freshmen,
don't despair about being the new blood in high school, just
enjoy it while it lasts.
James "Fih" Hord

Danielle Moreau Mykhael Morris-Brown

Freshman 77

Aaron Lucas

- -~~~ --.(

? -\4A

Danielle Murray

Tikya Nattiel

Dustin Newman

Sam McPherson pulls another antic and gets kicked
out of class, a common experience for him he says.

Alexis Papadi

Moses Parker

Elisa Pelegrin


Courtney Polk

Shannon Pollock

Kyle Pons

Willie Powers

Ashley Prevatt

Juliana Rendc

Katherine Sanchez

Alfredo Savo

Paul Selph

Dwayne Sherman
Dwayne Sherman

A'Metrice Smith

78 P0eople

Sydney Smith

Brendan Smyth

Jeremy Smyth

Joshua Sohn

Loni Spearmon-GrigE

Juan Rivera

Celeste Sims

Gardner Spickard Brannon Sroka

/ ,

Timerial Taylor

Jessie Townsend

David Turull

Bias Vidal-Ruiz

Keenan Walsh


Courtney Warner

Erica Williams

Whitley Washington

Katherine Williams

Brandy Waters

Zachary Williams


Hope Wegener

Michelle Wilson


Ardell Wilcox

Jake Woodmansee


Brandon Young

Preshmanl 79

Angela Starnieri David Stuckman

Andrew Suchman

.. ,
A x '
^ i a A



With the 8th grade social behind them, and memories
of field trips fading fast, many of the Class of 2008 are
ready to leave the past and begin the thrills of High
School. As the 'top dogs' of middle school, the 8th
graders ruled the walkways, feeling superior to their
younger counterparts. With a new sense of leadership,
the year seemed to fly by as these students finally had the
authority they'd been wanting for three grueling years.
With the excited'feelings of being done with the school
year beginning to set in, many 8th graders felt a pang of
nervousness as well. As the new school year begins, so
will the new lives of these young students. Grades will
begin to matter more, and going to school won't be as
easy as it was in the past. Homework will begin to pile
up, but with these challenges comes the most exciting
four years of one's life- High School.
But the Class of 2008 is as ready as any for these
challenges and will surely pass with flying colors all the
while making new memories and creating new
beginnings as the tides come in.
-Alison Posey

~j4 ~~WjgUi'I

80 P2eople

I_______ II _

Richard Alford Stefanie Anderson

Kenneth Armstrong

Carah Ashley Miguel Angel Asse
Carah Ashley Miguel Angel Asse

Rebecca Bates

Katheryn Beauregard

Kyle Bennett

Jason Bloom

Michael Callahan

Michelle Campbell

Tyler Cothran

Coral Denton

Jared Dorsey

Zachary Dorsey

Mark Dugger

Ashley Dykstra

John Ellis III William Estrin


Justin Feagle

Joshua Figueroa

Corey Forehand Courtney Forehand

Raymond Frazier

Andrea Gale

Andrew Garfield

Jessica Gilley

Brittany Green

Victoria Grimes

Eighth trade 81

Skyla Days

William Hampton Iv

Robin Starling enjoyed the new Pizza Hut lunch menu PK adopted this year. S i
as well as others, enjoyed the breadsticks and pizza.

Katherine Harris Mohammad Hasan

~~I- 1

Charles Hogan II Johnmark Honeycutt

Shannon Hope

Rachel Hoyt

Juliana Hughes

Chris Ivery Christopher Johnson

Crystal Johnson

Leslye Johnson

Rhea Jones

Shumaya Jonc;

Trenise Jones

Daniel Keathley

Scott Kelly

Cory Kempton

82 peoplee

Tilman Hun

Casey King

Kelly Landry

Thomas Gross

Marissa Lovvom

Nolan Malone

Danielle Marston

Terence McCarter Kelli McCrery


Matthew McEwen

James McGill

Alan Medrano

Xanthe Morris

Margaret Morse

Kendrick Nelson

Tatum Nichtberger

Kevin Njeru

Dominique Oliver

Grant Patterson

These 8th grade students test out their skills in math

Cighth krade 83

Jesse Morgan

Preetika Pai

Lewis Palmer

:. ** ;/ /

Fidelis Pebenito

Michael Perryjr.

Andrea Potter

Leon Rowe II

Sofia Royce

Dellora Rushing

Dellora Rushing

Eric Rustemier
Eric Rustemier

Matthew Scian

Teresa Sealey

Jarred Shannon


Lexley Shelton

Rebecca Shuping

Ryan Specie

Robon Starling

8th graders Sita Wolf and Mark Dugger show their friendship by stopping for a
quick picture.

James Suggs

Kaitlyn Sullivan

James Ratliff

Tirsa Rogers

Mary Silvers

Colin Spears

84 P3eople

Christopher Sunkett

Jenae Todd Andrew Treweek

Nickolus Turner

Dione Tyson

, These 8th graders take a break to
enjoy their lunch.

Victoria Van Amam

Stephanie-Re Williams

Cody Wilson

Toccoa Walsh

W.- KM

Sita Wolf

Elliott Welker

Lindsey Woodmansee Lanie Wyrosdick


of 2008

&ighti Grade 85

Alexi Wilcox

Eric Williams

Joshua Zeile

Paula Sullivan

Darius Taylor

Austin Thomas

No longer the youngest anymore, the seventh grade came into the
school year with a new attitude. Willing to learn and ready to take on
new challenges, these students already had a year of middle school
under their belts. Already used to the middle school schedules, the Class
of 2009 had confidence within themselves. Being 'stuck in the middle'
came with harder classwork and teachers expected more out of the
As a sixth grader, students were eased into the transition to middle
school, but the students of 2009 quickly learned the rules of seventh
grade. Being drilled for the following year's FCAT test was an
annoyance for most, but these students worked hard to complete their
assignments to the best of their abilities.
In seventh grade, more responsibility was given to the students and
harder classes were expected. Students found themselves spending more
time on homework and less on play, but with all the stress came the
perks. As the seventh graders trudged through the year, one thing kept
most going: keeping their eyes on the 'golden year' of middle school,
being an 8th grader.
-Alison Posey

86 Peoople

Joshua Acevedo Tironica Anderson

Jennifer Aranda

Karli Bailey Rashard Baker

Matthew Bass

1 LL_ ~ P;
-- iT

James Brigman

Ambreshia Brown

Ian Brown

Renard Bryant Aaron Buffenmyer Briana Buie

Kimberly Bullard

Byron Burdette

Jana Button Chelsea Caro


Katherine David

Joseph Dileo

Clay Carodine

Kathleen Cerjan Kandace Clifton


Jarvis Douglas

Thomas Dow II

Kamaria Faucher-
Andrew Emmons Mutima

Keri Frankenberger Samuel Fraser

Eric Goolsby

Daniel Gras Jefferson Griebel Ryan Grimes Vincent Hampton

Alexander Harker Shae Hasson

Arianne Hedley Brandy Henley Alicia Hemandez Cassidy Hinson

Donald Hinton

Seventh Srade 87

Shae Cothran

Kevin Fitz


i, L. -1 ~r

Craig Blansett

I "-

Christa Holloway

Amy Jackson

Michael Johnson

Elizabeth Jordan

This group of friends gathers around to chat after class
lets out.

Benjamin King

Kera King Samantha Kitchens Tiffany Lar

Faith Lansberry

Richard Lasley

Daniel Latour

Julia Leavy Michael Lesousky Courtney Lindsey Crystal Lu,

Errol Lucas Samantha Lussier

Iva Margjoni

Andrew Martin


Chucassia Miller


Chris Myers Jasmine O'Neal

Evan Osgood

Ramon Otero

Amanda Palmer

88 20eople

Krista Kat

Ryan Morg;,


Tyler Petersol

Levell Ivory

Connor Hogan

Justin Ingle

Rachel Piper Charles Poindexter Britton Pollitt Darrell Pons II Jerelyn Register Karina Rivera Bryan Shaara

bc EricSd kyr Adrw SeIdn Ce Shi 1 Alxade S Jh Sno1g i Stuckman
Eric Shade Ja'Kya Sheppard Andrew Sheridan Coleen Sherman Alexander Sims Joshua Snodgrass Erika Stuckman

Cristina Suarez

Erin Voss

Kyle Suggs
wv"- 7^ 7^-

Matthew Wade

Rachel Taylor

Leah Tenbieg

lain Wallace Emily Walsh


Alexandria Kirstie Thomas Alejandro
Kirstie Thomas
Theodore Torroella

Dean Ward, Jr. Cassandra Watkins Ashley Welcome

Daniel Whitehurst
Daniel Whitehurst

Erica Wiggins Jasmine Williams Kelsey Williams

The seventh grade class got loud during a pep rally
before a big football game.

Cody Winfrey

Megan Young

Emily Zinger Marshall Zorros

Seventh Grade 89


As the new sixth graders made the legendary cross over the
creek, they began to see a different side of school. No longer in the
same classroom all day, the Class of 2010 had to adjust to switching
classes and block scheduling. With having six different classes and six
different teachers, students looked forward to experiencing a new
variety in their school days. Although they fell off the top rung of the
fifth grade ladder and landed on the bottom one of middle school, still
there was a feeling of maturity for the class of 2010.
Elementary kids look forward to middle school with anticipation. They
want to walk in the same hallways as high school students.
Far from their memories of elementary school, the sixth graders
adapted well and learned the joys of not being 'elementary' anymore.
Being able to participate more fully in Homecoming Week was a new
and enjoyable experience, and attending pep rallies made the sixth
graders feel included in the 'older kids' activities. As the Class of 2010
grows and matures, they will gain knowledge from their experiences.
They will achieve their goals with hard work and make it to the highest
peak in a middle schoolers life- becoming an 8th grader.
-Sierra Fonorow and Alison Posey

90 ',.,,

Alex Acosta Dylan Allen

Yared Armstrong Jessica Bastien

\;~~ .

Joseph Bolinao Brandon Boothby Kaitlin Brennan Justin Broiles

~~PL~c -.- I~litalllCc

Danielle Brooks

Breniq Brown Britney Brown
Breniq Brown Britney Brown

Ryan Brown Thomas Bums

Clyde Byrd

Megan Calton

Jacob Carroll

Allison Cattafesta

Kaylie Church
Kaylie Church

Colleen Claus

Kathryn Craig Ashlee Crockrell

Ariel Culp Michael Dardis

Om Narayana

Matthew Delker

Tyler Doak

Matthew Dodd

Michael Dolan

.9 s


Cody Dow

Kayleigh Estes Oluwaseun Fayiga Jessica Feagle Gisela Fernandez Daphne Flournoy

r' w

Annamaria Dvorak Chelsie Earhart

Jessica Gale Sean Gannon

Sixth cracde

John Bennett



Justin Bloom
Justin Bloom

Kevin Cerjan

al aL l r r
Hailey Goetz Omarilys Gonzalez Brent Graham

Sixth graders enjoyed the football pep rallies as a time
to show off spirit and interact with the highschoolers.

SYA 1l n l n G
Athena Gravois Kayla Griffin Samuel Gustafson Gregory Hanr

Farris Hasan

Sean Hauzer Benjamin Hawkins

Andrew Ingram Benjamin Jemigan Kendall Jones

*_ "&1YIl^

Megan Hawkins Brittany Hendrix

Megan Jones Troy Keamey

Jillian Hooghuis John Hutchiso
Jillian Hooghuis John Hutchisoi

Christopher Krpan Jacob Laros

Brandon Lovvor Tiara Luckie

William Marquardt

Tiebout McCrea

Cooper McNiel Jeffrey Mervau Harold Mikolail

Emily Milam Benjamin Mullins Sebastian Nassau Emily Newman
Emily Milam Benjamin Mullins Sebastian Nassau Emily Newman

Kelsi Norton

Leigh Olitsky

Austin Owens

92 20eople

Sarah Gerard

Joseph Pauly

Maurice Perry

Bradley Phillips Tahlia Pollitt
Bradley Phillips Tahlia Pollitt

Zachary Poulos

Patrice Powers
Patrice Powers

Steven Prendes

Megan Purves Nicholas Rivera Meghan Roberts Michelle Saddic
Megan Purves Nicholas Rivera Meghan Roberts Michelle Saddic

Timothy Scott

Roxsan Starling

Dylan Sealey

Jordan Shannon Andrew Sherman Edward Simmons

Kailee Stroud Taylor Sullivan
Kailee Stroud Taylor Sullivan

Nakiya Sutton William Tobener

Alexander Slaton

Courtney Treweek

Suzanna Sprague

Irene Villanueva

Bianca Walker

Ladreeka Welch -
Laura Warner Lamont Watson Jiner

k -

Georgette Wells Garth Williams

Danielle Wright

Mr. Hollinger always kept his students entertained by
his crazy, and very random, antics.

Sixth Srade 93

Alyssa Pai

Jarrod Pate

Hillary Scott

When the hallways clear and the students leave P. K. Yonge
for the day, there are those who stay late into the night
making sure our education is top-notch, our athletic
programs succeed, and our school is working properly.
These are the teachers, the administrators, the school
nurses, the maintenance personnel, the cafeteria workers,
the coaches -- this is the faculty of P. K. Yonge. Without
maintenance, trash would overflow the hallways, sending
students flying to their next classes trying to avoid the trash
we leave behind. Without the administrators, who would
set us in line? Students would run rampant in the hallways,
violating rules left and right. Without the coaches, there
would be no more Friday nights screaming for our
favorite athletic teams. If there were no nurses, who would
heal our wounds and take care of us in need? Without our
teachers, students would lay at home everyday, lacking an
education and goals in life. Without the faculty of P. K.
Yonge, we could not function as a student body. Working
late into the night are those who mean most to our future,
who will make sure we are on the right paths in our lives.
Working hard are the faculty -- those who care about us,
their students, the most.
--Alison Posey

94 People


Hulaunda Anderson

Renee Andrews

Annette Armstrong Valerie Austin

I w k

Kathy Bastien

Jim Bice

John Bourn

Lawson Brown

Stephen Burgin

! -

Crystal Camuccio

David Capaz

Gail Carr Katie Carson

Betsy Creveling

Greg Cunningham

Kelly Dolan

Margie Donnelly

Sarah Enright

Lauren Gibbs

Rose Gleichowski

Jayne Baker

- -

Penny Chou

Jill Cox

Jane Gravois

Mark Griseck

Faculty 95

Brandy Hamm Amanda Helberg

Everyone needs a little time to catch a quick bite and read the morning news.
Everyone needs a little time to catch a quick bite and read the morning news.

Amy Hollinger

Randy Hollinge,

Lauren Howard

Delphine Jackson

Susan Jinks

Angie Johnson

Julie Johnson

Renee Leismer

Griff Jones

Jospeh Locke

Jennifer Jones

-Linda KuIVR
Linda Ku

t ,

Brian Marchman Cristina Milroy

Debra Langlois

Amy Murphy

96 People

David Holt

J p


Phillip Porter Coach Powers

Jessica Ruszczyk Thomas Ruszczyk

Shirley Scarabino

Renee Simmons Anna Sperring

Karen Sroka

Annette Villanueva
Annette Villanueva

Amy Stanley

Wendy Warren

Jere Steele

Candice Weaver

Bill Steffens

Kristin Weller

Fran Vandiver

Barbara Williams


Lisa Zaritsky

Andrea Zazo

faculty 97

Janice Nelson Dee Palmer

Kathy Robertson

j A1

D ottf I I'# b a v I 'tr*p * D N

/ I f I I I / D i D i I I' 'I'* *

i I I / # # I I I I

II ID '/ I 'ID

I I / I t I I "I

I / I I I I/ I

Sp or ts Mai D / oh s w to

D I I ' I '' i

I ; ; I' / /I / / '

graer to* *SeIisxrabet lyote awtem.Fiesm vtikti inr
schoo e e were fa and 9l pr If their teams. In the P K community, ah

pav^icp^aled in sporjs /'I/ order to praaice team work% and be co)70e,61i^^
0K- 0*l aer a )vare q1' coqfidence, teanwrork, and deten,,,inadon. S o s
)),!ith 1he ey, e.pectil,o om- /eawsto do wellandsacced Athletes xere e-\ected to hustle an


Shaping P.K. sports
The dictionary defines a rival as someone who attempts to equal or surpass another, or
who pursues the same goal as another, a competitor. At P.K. Yonge, rivalries help shape our i'
sports world. From cross country to baseball to soccer and f,:Lr.rb i, everyone has someone they
love to hate. These games always pack the stands on the field or the bleachers in the gym. The
games are always intense and usually come down to the wire with every fan on the edge of their
seat. "Playing a rival makes the atmosphere that much better, especially if you win," says senior
basketball player Alex Huggins.
Some rivals are long lived, like football rival Florida High. Perhaps it was fate because we
are UF's lab school and they are FSU's lab school. The two teams even have a trophy, the
Director's cup, which has gone to P.K. Yonge for the majority of the past couple of years. "What. ....
makes playing a rival is fun is that you get bragging points. Those games, even if we lose, they are
the best games you'll ever play," stated senior football player Sean Lee.
Many Blue Wave rivals are within the city limits, making the games a territorial issue, and a
fight for coverage in the local paper. One of these rivals for both golf and soccer is Oak Hall.
"Our rival is Oak Hall, and we've always been well-matched against them. For us, they are our in-
city rival. To play them produces more pressure, and there is more hostility. But if we win, we
gain honor and respect," said senior soccer player Lelia Halback.
To win a game or race or match by 50 points, or 10 seconds, or by 5 goals is
encouraging. But a game against a rival, a game certain to
come down to the final seconds, produces an atmosphere
rarely matched. Losing these games is harder than others,
but winning provides respects and a sense of championship.
Without these rivals, even if their presence creates hatred
within you, sports would not be as meaningful to the P.K.
Yonge community and the players that participate in them.

-Tyler Tenbieg and Caroline Chance

Top: Senior kicker Travis Hasson practices his kicks before a
big game with Bradford. .
Bottom: Javell Woods and Noah Daigen get ready to stop
rival Florida Heh. L Above: A P.K. JV boys player tries to get
Right: The P.K. JV girls get set for the inbounds pass against R past a Hawthorne defender.
in-city rival Buchhilz IRight: Freshman Chad Graziano leads off
on first during a important baseball game
against in-town rival Buchholz
Top: The P.K. Yonge girls run together in a
pack at a cross country meet.

100 So ivalries 101
1 O0 Spor-ts

Varsity Football

Making Waves in 2003

The 2003 Varsity football season that began with much
promise ended in bitter defeat at the hands of eventual state
champion, Trinity Christian. The young squad, led by eighteen year
head coach John Clifford, experienced many highs and lows. The
team faced a schedule that included six regular season games
against teams that qualified for the state tournament, including two
that made the state championship. This prepared the team for what
they hoped would be a long playoff run.
P.K. Yonge came into the season with the longest active
state regular season winning streak at 31 games. The team
continued the streak with a two game winning streak to start the
season, which included a 39-36 overtime thriller over Bradford to
tip off the season, and a 41-6 thrashing of Williston. The streak
then ended with a disappointing road loss to rival Florida High in
the Governor's Cup.
After bouncing back and finishing 6-3, the Blue Wave
entered the post season with momentum. However, the season
ended prematurely for the seniors with the second round 19-7 loss
to Trinity Christian. While 12 seniors are leaving, the team shows
much underclassman promise for a successful season next year.
-David Blanch and Tyler TenBieg

Above: Senior Paul Marino and other players talk strategy during a break
in the action.

Left: Senior Dynell Leonard stiff arms a Bradford defender
during a kickoff return in the season opening win.

Below: Senior Steven Long puts a hit on a Union County player
knocking the ball loose.

Above: Sophomore quarterback Derrick Robinson takes the
snap from junior center Aaron Daigen.

Left: The Blue Wave football players pay close attention to
Coach Clifford's instructions during a home football game.

Varsity Football 1 U

102 Sports


JV Football Below: The JV offense lines up for a play. This was an explosive bunch.

Waves of Progress .

Success. Enthusiasm. Excitement. These words
clearly defined the 2003 JV football team.
Coming off an impressive 2002 season where
they posted a 4-2 record, expectations for this season .
were quite high. However, with key losses of
quarterback Derrick Robinson and fullbackJesse
Hughes to the Varsity team, this year's JV was left with a
young, inexperienced squad. Leadership would be 4
crucial for this team to succeed. Freshman Jake Mitchell
was able to step in and fill the hole at quarterback and
lead the young team to a 4-1 mark.
In reference to the year, Mitchell stated, "We 4
had a really successful season. We were able to
overcome odds and progress as the season went on."
As the varsity team loses several key seniors,
many of the JV players will be expected to step up for
next year. These talented players should be up to the
task and keep PK. Yonge football successful for many
years to come.
-David Blanch i k


Top Center: 8th grader Kendrick Nelson prepares to stop Above: The Blue Wave battle for a loose ball.
Above: Freshman quarterback Jake Mitchell prepares to run the the Eastside receiver. There was never a shortage of energy. Above: Quarterback Jake Mitchell and the offensive players line up for a
offense. He was a dependable leader. play against Eastside.

r V, arsi, .... '.0 105

104 Sports

junivi vulot~ly

Varsity Volleyball

Qoing forward in 2003

The 2003 volleyball season was a tremendous success, as ':.
the P.K. Yonge Blue Wave advanced to their second straight state
championship game and their fourth final four in the last fiveMarcieHampton NirelleHampton
years. Led by seniors Marcie Hampton, Jules Nesmith, and .
Michelle Whitney, the team molded into a cohesive unit for new
coach Perry McDonald.
Dealt a series of setbacks when reigning Miss Volleyball
Marcie Hampton tore an ACL and sophomore Elyse Cusack went
down during the season, the team was left with many questions.
Facing a tougher schedule, the team struggled early, but was able .
to pull together in time for the state tournament.
Fueled by Hampton's return., the team became seemingly Elyse Cusack Sarah Massey
impossible to beat. The team, which had experienced many
hardships, began the run through the state play-offs with relative
ease. Facing their arch rival Oak Hall with a berth to the final
four on the line, the Blue Wave were able to overcome a first
game loss to win the match three games to one to advance.
While the season ended with a loss to Tampa Berkeley
Prep in the finals, the season was still considered a success by all.
-David Blanch and Tyler TenBieg
Janine Williams Megan DeLuca

Michelle Whitney Danielle Brown Stephanie Waters Valerie Flourno

Above: Seniors Michelle, Marcie, and Jules stand with coaches Perry McDonald and Nicole McCray
Brandy Waters Jules Nesmith Head Coach Assistant Coach
Perry McDonald Nicole McCray

Varsity Volleyball 107


106 Sports

JV Volleyball
Spiking Forward

^^^^B^^?f e 1^H|

Roselyn Todd Rande Grant

Katherine Junkins

Megan Langlois Rachel Dillard

Kayla Heron Amber Liverman Shannon Gillis

Hope Wegener

Robon Starling

108 Sports

Freshman Volleyball

Paving the way for the future

Bottom: Jerelyn Register, Keri Frankenburger, Elisa Pelegrina, Daphne Flournoy, Alexis Papadi, Jourdan Goetz, Iva Margjoni,
Leah TenBieg Top: Courtney Treweek, Karina Rivera, Tahlia Pollitt, Alex Theodore, Coach Lauren, Jasmine Williams, Jana
Button, Kendall Jones,

The Junior Varsity volleyball team was made up of mostly freshman and sophomores. These experienced
players helped the team to a successful season under new coach Nicole McCray, a former University of Florida
player. The team was led by sisters Shannon and Shelby Gillis as well as freshmen Hope Wegener and Kayla Heron.
The team had a new addition in seventh grader Karli Bailey.
The Freshman volleyball team was a team that got better every game. This was goal for Coach Lauren, as she
tried to get her players to understand that volleyball is not always about hard work, but that it can be fun. This
enthusiasm spread to the whole team as the consistently showed great sportsmanship, as well as displaying a positive
The freshman team was a cohesive unit that stuck together in good and bad times. The team posted wins
against Eastside and Hawthorne. The team also played JV squads at a tournament in Bradford. This experience was
vital, as it was a good indicator of how much the team has to improve and what they have done right to get to this
These two teams have some definite talent and the players on these teams will definitely continue the
volleyball tradition at P.K. Yonge.
Tyler TenBieg

JV and Freshlmani Volleyball 109

Below: Senior Evan Walker pipes the
ball down the fairway. Evan was
known for hitting many fairways.

Below: The team celebrates after beating long time
rival Oak Hall at regionals. This was the team's first
shot at a state title.

Above: Seniors Evan Walker and Jamie Whitehurst
are proud of thier 10-0 start to the season.

2003 Golf Schedule:
Date Opponent
9/2 Trinity Cathloic
9/4 GHS, Eastside
9/9 Oak Hall
9/11 Madison, Taylor,
Suwannee, Bradford
9/16 GHS
9/18 Countryside, Madison
9/22 Citrus County
9/25 Buchholz, Trinity
9/30 Easide, Countryside
10/2 Buchholz, GHS
10/7 Countryside,
10/9 Santa Fe, Oak Hall
10/14 Oak Hall Buchholz

2 Wins

4 Wins
2 Wins
2 Wins
2 Wins
2 Wins
2 Wins
2 Wins

Right: Evan Walker
shows his putting

The 2003 golf team was the strongest team
in our history, and showed a great deal of
improvement from last year. The team was led by
Captain Evan Walker and Co-captain Jamie
Whitehurst. Former P.K. student Jack Creveling
coached the team.
The players called the University Golf
Course home, where they spent numerous hours
tweaking their games. During the season, P. K.
dominated teams such as GHS, Buchholz, Madison
County, and long-time rival Oak Hall, and finished
a respectable third-place at the county tournament.
In the District Championship, the team knew what
it had to do in order to win: stay focused and
relaxed. P.K. won its first district title our history.
Captain Evan Walker said, "I knew we had it in us,
we just had to stay focused at all times, and keep
our eyes on the prize." Winning Districts meant
going to Regionals, in which the squad topped Oak
Hall in a one hole play-off, sending the team to
State. This was the team's first time ever at the
State Tournament in Class A varsity golf. They
ended their season with a tenth place finish there.
Thirty-seven and one on the 2003 season,
the team set the bar for future squads. Key players
were sixth-grade child prodigy Alex Slaton and
seventh grader Haus Whitehurst, Jamie's little
brother. Dual Enrolled student Andrew Howard
produced many low scores and helped the Blue
Wave to a great season. David Delibero also
consistently scored low.
David Dilibero

Far Right, Andrew
"Canada" Howard, Evan
"E-walk" Walker, and
Jamie "Pooney"
Whitehurst, and Coach
Creveling. These three
seniors contributed
immensly this season.



110 Sports

Solf 111

Varsity Cheerleading

Evolving to New Heights
This year's Varsity cheerleading squad has evolved into one of
the best in the school's history. Cheerleaders have come a long way,
going from being booed while performing to bringing home competition e.t e
trophies. Although the squad was young and only had one senior, they as
possessed skill and maturity surpassing previous years.
Cheerleading starts early, beginning at the end of every school
year with tryouts. The girls attended two camps during the summer to
learn their High Tide routine and perfect stunting, cheering, and dancing.
For the first time in many years, the squad traveled out of town for camp
and brought back many trophies and the "Tradition" award which
recognizes the squad that most exemplifies spirit and pride.
Senior Caroline Chance and Junior Tasheena Robinson lead this .
year's squad as Captain and Co-Captain. Tasheena said, "I really enjoyed
cheering this year. I felt like the squad bonded better than in the past We
have improved so much, and I am proud to call myself a P.K Yonge
Varsity cheerleader."
A new tradition of tumbling was started, which makes the squad
much stronger and more competitive. The girls this year are physically
stronger and the stunts are more difficult. These improvements happened because of the new cheerleading coach, Rose
Besides cheering football and basketball teams to successful seasons, the squad competed in an area wide
competition for the first time in five years. The girls labored for months to perfect their routine, and went into the
competition with hopes of just placing. Out of seven talented squads, most of them competing all year long, P.K
Yonge's Varsity Football Cheerleading squad placed second and brought home a beautiful trophy and $150.00 dollars!
Changing tides have brought in new traditions, and the tides have changed for cheerleading at P.K Yonge.
With only one senior graduating, the talented squad will continue to grow and mature together, and create more
reputation and distinction for P.K Yonge cheerleading.
Caroline Chance, Shayna Estes, and Tasheena Robinson

The excitement of winning second place at a competition shows on the faces
of the girls. They hold up their trophy and check for the camera and the
losing squads to take a good look at.

varsity .p: : ,., 113

112 Sports

Junior Varsity Cheerleading

Striving for Excellence

As cheerleaders worked with their
JV teammates, they brought new
enthusiasm and school spirit to the junior
varsity squad. Although the squad had a
new coach this year, they always brought a
good attitude to practice. New coach Lisa
Zaritsky brought to the squad her
excellence in cheerleading and has helped
the team evolve into a cohesive unit.
Coach Zaritsky said, "Coaching has been
great. It's been great to see the girls in
different situations other than the
classroom. I really enjoy the age groups,
and watching them work as a team."
Captains Becky Cumbaa and
Madison Ashley helped lead the squad this
year. The captains felt that it was an honor
to be a captain. Madison Ashley said, I

think we have a really good squad and
have come a long way."
The highlights from the 2003
season included going to Tallahassee for
the game with rival Florida High and High
Tide. The girls also showed their spirit at
the KISS 105.3 cheerleading competition
at Santa Fe Community College. The girls
struggled at times, but were able to put
together a good performance.
The girls on the squad ranged from
grades seventh to tenth. The squad really
evolved this year, with many new faces.
Win or lose they showed the utmost
sportsmanship throughout the football
season. "Let's Go Blue Wave."

-Tyler TenBieg and David Blanch

JV and Varsity Cheerleaders left to right: Danielle Kitchens, Kelsey Winfrey, Bailey Holbrook
Andrea Gale, Kali TenBieg Courtney Lindsay, Shayna Estes, Lashay Clayton, Katelyn Brown,
Madison Ashley,Becky Cumbaa, Amanda Andrews, Leah Johnson, Heather Lopez and Maria
Owen get together before the Homecoming game.

i 6 -

11 *1

:;:: ~ tll ?I

Left: Sophomores Danielle
Kitchens, Amanda Andrews
and eighth grader Leah
Johnson perform their routine
at High Tide.

Above: Sophomore captain
Becky Cumbaa pumps up
the crowd at High Tide.

Above: Freshman Katelyn Brown and
Sophomore Amanda Andrews are ready
perform a stunt at High Tide as their
teammates watch carefully.

Left: Sophomore Amanda
Andrews and freshman
Katelyn Brown show their
spirit at the latest


114 Sports

J1111101,st l 1~~. ~~~11~


ross Country

Running with the Tide

The 03-04 Cross Country teams were led by second year
coaches Randy and Amy Hollinger. The team had an eventful year
this year; with leadership coming from Seniors Simon Crider, Evan
Pollitt and Emily Senesac, the squad was determined for a spot at the
State title.
With many g victories along the way, the
team showed what ir could do, and its
numbers swelled -- as more and more
students began to believe that they could
succeed with effort and practice.
C:os .s Country was a
grueling sport that demanded much
from its athletes. Practices were held
rain or shine, and runs consisted of mile
upon mile of determination. It was
not for the weak or laint of heart. Coaches
and runners continually pushed each other to excel,
both at the personal level and for the good of the team. With such a
philosophy, it was easy to see why the squad became a feared and
growing wave to other area teams.

(F I'
, : * ~ ,*'* .~-

Above: Sophmore Jordan Gevehausen quickly
dashes ahead of his opponent.

Right: Junior Bliss Wargovich sprints towards
the finish line. Bliss was one of the top runners
for the Lady Waves.

Left: The girls team begin the race together, and
quickly establish the pace for the race.

Below: Shuma "The Beast from the East"
Kato, proves to be a tough competitor.

Above: Simon Crider provides strong Senior
leadership and serves as a model for younger

Above: Geoffrey Anderson, only a freshman, contends in yet another

C. Country

116 Sports


Va rsity Boys Bas ket ball Freshmen Myck Morris- Brown battles for a rebound in a
Varsity Boys Basketball recent game. Myck's presence was valuable to the team's
Shooting for the stars
The P.K. Yonge boys basketball team was coming off
one of their most successful seasons in school history.
However, after graduating six major contributing seniors,
many thought that it would be a difficult year. The team
maintained the P. K. Yonge tradition of excellence on the
Coach Mark Griseck's squad got better with every
game. The team would need the experience of the five seniors
to outweigh the youthfulness of this year's squad. When
starting forward Max Hoggard went down with an injury, the
team had to persevere and find a way to overcome this injury.
The team has experienced some tough times on the
court, often having to deal with numerous hardships
throughout the year. Senior Eric Rutledge missed some games
with injuries and his recruiting trips for football, and freshman
Willie Powers was taken out with a broken hand.
With seniors Eric Rutledge, Codeye Woody, Chauncey
Lampkin, Alex Huggins, and Steven Long, the team was
expected to lean on these players heavily. With their leadership,
the team greatly improved as the season progressed. Though a
tough loss ended the season prematurely, the Blue Wave Boys
brought excitement and talent to the court every time they
Tyler TenBieg

Senior Steven Long prepares to pass the
ball. Steven's court vision helped the
team in tough situations.

Left: Senior Codeye Woody watches Senior Alex Huggins puts up a shot in the
his free throw attempt. In an Bobcat Shoot-out. Alex was a main Junior Greg Anderson goes up
increased role, Codeye was a main oun i ,;,,anr r ain, w,, thi ,ar for a shot against Countryside.

Varsity 13oys Basketball 119

118 Sports

contributor in his senior season.

contrioutorI ior tne mue WUV LIIi YUCLI

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