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Title: Yongester
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Title: Yongester
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Creator: P.K. Yonge Laboratory School
Publisher: P.K. Yonge Laboratory School
Publication Date: 1999
Copyright Date: 1952
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: ~ '?-'Y


~'~' U


r r



* 4-


- -4 -

- NI







P.K. Yonge Developmental Research Schoool
1080 SW 11th Street Gainesville, FL
1998*1999 Blue Wave, Volume 64

Opening 1

2 Opening

2 Opening



a *~;~F~F~oi~TI::~"::;
T~ s o:

( Clockwise from upper
Seniors Mose
Campbell and Darrell
Johnson break it down at
the pep rally. These
football players knew
how.to party.
Seniors Ashley
Pennypacker and
Kathryn Prebianca are
seen here Gettin' Jiggy
Wit It. They were known
for taking time out to
celebrate their last year
of high school.
Peggy "Twinkle
Toes" Sedlacek, Greg
"Mashed Potato" Dixon,
and John "Busta Move"
Clifford show their
students how it's done.
Mrs. Sedlaceck is always
willing to show her Latin
Senior Jesse
Rapczak double-steps his
way to class. Jesse's
always full of surprises.
Senior Cedric Booth
raises the roof for his
team. Cedric knew how
to get the party started
Senior Cheerleader
Janivea Lewis is
"popping" to the music.
Her enthusiastic dance
got the crowd partying.

4 Student fe

Party Uke

its 1999
written by
Cassie Preston
Life's a party at P.K. Okay, maybe not
a party, but it's as close as you can get for being
in school.
P.K. Yonge has always been a unique
school. The relaxed atmosphere is what many
students consider the best thing about P.K.
Teachers and Administrators are more than
just authoritarians; they are friends. Classes
are about more than just memorizing facts and
figures; they're about learning the skills you
need to make a difference in the real world.
And School Spirit is about partying.
1998-1999 was no exception. This year
more than ever, the students were excited about
being at P.K.- not just being here, but thriving
here. The Senior class led a charge in school
spirit that gained momentum as the year went
on. No more boring pep rallies, no more
apathy about supporting our teams- P.K.
Yonge fans were out in full force.
However, School Spirit was about more
than just sports this year; it was about unity
and the collective sense of pride the students
had in their school. We loved the fact that there
was no Dean of Students (did we ever really
need one?). We know how to learn and we
know how to have fun. We're a smart bunch
and we can make the distinction between when
it's time to be serious and when we can just be
ourselves. The teachers at P.K. understand
this about their students; so much so that they
usually wind up partying with us (when the
time is right, of course).
So now we've come to the end of the
year and we're all probably a little bit tired
from all that's taken place. But this is P.K.
Yonge, so what's the natural thing to do? Party
- like it's 1999!

Parmng 5

Time After Time

written by
Crystal Gravois, Ashley Pennypacker, and Cassie Preston

A school that has been around as long L
as P.K. Yonge is bound to have developed
some unique traditions. We are a school unlike ,
mostin terms of our studentbody, our campus, '
and our faculty. Learning at P.K. has become '..
more than just going through the motions- we
experience, we live.
Many students begin their journey to
the future with the "peek across the creek".
This is a momentous occasion in the lives of
our soon-to-be middle school students. By
crossing the creek into a world full of
unknowns, these students are symbolically
crossing the bridge to a new level of maturity.
We all come into high school expecting
to walk down the halls into classes that are
filled with unfamiliar faces and "whip-
cracking" teachers. Not only does this prove to
be the product of our overactive imaginations,
but the experience is usually bound to be just
the opposite. The bell rings, roll is called, and
by the end of first period you have at least a
handful of friends. By the end of the week, all
of your teachers know you not only by your
name, but by the way you cross your t's and
dot your i's. P.K. Yonge not only welcomes
you as a student, it welcomes you as part of its
By the time you've reached "senior
status" and heard 10,000 jokes about
Mr. McCall's "girlfriend" or struggled through
one of Mr. Anderson's lectures, you have
become a P.K. tradition yourself. As a senior
you have the privilege of off-campus lunch,
are revered by underclassmen, and befriended
by the faculty. Whether you've been at P.K. for
thirteen years or four years, by the time you
leave, you feel as if you're leaving home- not
just a home built of bricks, but a home built on

6 Student Ute


( Clockwise from upper
Seniors Alex
Zukoski, Travis Carr, and
Josh Robertson show
their love for P.K. Yonge.
P.K. traditionally has a
few students willing to
bare their skin for their
alma mater.
Kwanza Caffie helps
an elementary student
learn to read. P.K. Yonge
offered a unique
opportunity for older and
younger students to learn
form each other.
Mr. McCall poses
with his favorite candy
bar. Students knew that
candy was a good way to
get "sweet" with Mr.
Mrs. Morris and
Kim Sharpe share a hug.
As Principal, Mrs. Morris
went out of her way to
get to know the P.K.
student body on a
personal level.
Seniors Jonas
Rutledge and Brandon
Player leave for off-
campus lunch. It's a
tradition at P.K. for
Seniors to have the
privilege to eat wherever
they choose.


_. -.F .

; Pc er

I/Fw A0E30 4*...

8 Student Life



a s





S ..T Carr
R'R ~T. Carr ^


10 Student lfe


(Clockwise from upper
Alex Zukoski shows
exchange student
Christoph Hanke the P.K.
way to get rowdy. This
made Christoph a
valuable asset to the
Senior class.
Matt Peck gives a
blow on the big blue horn
to show his undying
support for the football
team. This Senior always
helped the crowd get
Senior Sam
Gottschalch stands proud
during a flag corps
performance. Sam was
known for her dedication
and P.K. spirit.
Junior Julie
Eberhard swings her hips
in support of the team.
Cheerleaders added a
boost of spirit to all the
pep rallies.
A rockin' group of
fans take time out from
cheering to pose for the
camera. This bunch knew
how to make some noise.

12 Student Ufe

written by
Brittany Beckwith

With the loss of last year's notably
spirited individual, Stanley Monroe,
underclassmen were forced to step up. And
did they ever! Not only were the elder P.K.
students expressing their love for the mighty
Wave, but the younger classes and even middle
schoolers did their part too.
The home football games were a fine
example of the student body's enthusiasm for
the Blue Wave. Attendance skyrocketed with a
great deal of the stands shoulder to shoulder,
and no, the crowd wasn't all parents. Between
cheering, bean shakers, and Nick Peterson and
Matt Peck's obnoxious blue horn, the
atmosphere made spirit rather contagious.
Other seniors like Alex Zukoski, Travis Carr,
and Josh Robertson even painted their chests
and faces in honor of PKY.
The great cheerleading squad was lead
by head cheerleader Julie Eberhard. The
cheerleaders' candy bags really boosted the
morale of the senior football players. The pep
rallies wouldn't have been so successful
without the squad's cheers, stunts, and dance
A student body is lifeless without spirit.
Andjudging by this year the student body was
surely alive. Even if you're not part of a team
you can make or break a game.

SDirit 13

Blue Suede

written by
Crystal Gravois, Ashley Pennypacker, and Cassie Preston
Reefs, piercings, and tattoos were the
fads of 1999. A fad appears overnight and
spreads like wildfire. Everywhere you turn,
the sound of flip-flops patter through the halls.
You shudder at the sight of metal-studded
holes and ink-stained skin on you friends'
This year the 90's style was influenced
by days long past. We retrofitted ourselves
with pedal pushers, halter tops, cargo pants,
and swing style. "I wish the knee-knockers
would go out of style, Senior Jesse Rapczak
stated with force. Luckily for Jesse, before you
know it, all the fads will die and will be exiled
to the depths of your closet where the cobwebs
begin. What was once all the rage, will never
be seen again...well- maybe in your children'

14 Student Life

( Clockwise from upper
A pierced student
reveals her bellybutton
for the camera. You never
know what's hiding
under students' clothes
these days.
Seniors Anne,
Ashley, Christine, Cassie,
and Anna make a circle
to show of their Reefs.
This toe-baring trend was
all the rage.
Seniors Melissa
Ferguson and Julian
Meyers pose together in
honor of their trendy
threads. It's possible that
Julian may have been
housing two other people
in his pants while Melissa
barely had room for
Sophomores Nikki
Landry and Ryan Major
show off the strongest
muscles in their bodies.
Nikki adorns her tongue
with metal.
Cris Knowles turns
to the side to give us the
best view of his hairstyle.
This Senior spent hours
developing this braided
Junior Art Waters
listens attentively in class
making sure his ears stay
nice and warm. "Be
vewy, vewy quiet. I'm
hunting wabbit!"


( Clockwise from upper
Sophomores Ella
Rukin and Lindsay Amat
share- more than just a
friendship. Here they are
seen bonding over
sandwiches and
Sophomores Starla
McKnight and Crissy
Rose share a friendly
smile during class. These
two always made time for
each other.
Longtime friends
Dean Rose and Crystal
Schuman (Seniors) know
how to make a friendship
last. They always know
how to brighten each
other's day with a quick
hug before class.
Seniors Anne
Rittman and Melissa
Ferguson have been
friends throughout high
school. Here they are
showing off their
affection for one another.
Juniors James
Thomas and Vachon
Bryant have been friends
since their first days at
P.K. They have been
smiling ever since.

16 Student itfe

We Go Together
written by
Crystal Gravois, Ashley Pennypacker, and Cassie Preston
Human nature has taught us that
having friendships is as important to survival
as eating, breathing, and sleeping.
Friendships are our sustenance; what we live
on. Luckily, for students at P.K. Yonge, this
support is easy to come by. Friendship at P.K.
Yonge is different because our interaction is
not limited to the so-called cliques that we
associate with. We are able to leave our "safe-
zones" and experience everyone.
For those who have grown up at P.K. it
seems a bit daunting to try and interact with
the new students you meet in middle and,
especially, high school. We make certain
friends when we are younger and
automatically expect to stay with them and
only them for the rest of our lives. When we
mature and realize that the world of people
exists beyond our arms reach, we slowly start
to venture out and make new friends. Though
the new people we meet may be close at hand,
our old friends are still near to our hearts.
For others of us who don't start out at
P.K., making friends couldn't be easier
anywhere than it is here. We come from so
many diverse backgrounds that there is
always somewhere to fit in; city folk, country
folk, athletes, scholars, or any combination of
these. P.K. is such a small school that when
new students arrive everyone is excited and
goes out of their way to make them feel at
The friends you make at P.K. are
forever friends. When you're in school you
feel like your friends are the largest and most
important part of your lives. But only when
you leave P.K. do you realize just how
influential they have been in shaping the
person you've become.

Friends 17



written by
Cassie Preston
Lunchtime: ironically the only time
during the day when we get fed something
other than knowledge. About 11:30 every-
day your tummy starts rumbling, you can't
sit still, and you feel like you're two seconds
away from gnawing off your own hand. But
alas, seconds slowly tick off the clock and the
glaring red numbers above the teacher's
head seem to stay fixed on the same display
for at least five minutes at a time.
The last second finally comes around
and the bell rings (quite possibly the most
beautiful sound you've ever heard). Class-
room doors swing open and there is a mad
rush to either the cafeteria area, or for all
those lucky Seniors, the parking lot. Though
the lines are long and the food isn't quite up
to par with Mama's home cooking, the
cafeteria serves up a meal to satisfy even the
largest appetite. Many people are still
brown-bagging their lunches to make sure
they get exactly what they want. An added
advantage to bringing your lunch is sneak-
ing in a quick bite here and there during
class. Of course, by the time you actually get
to lunch you might not have any left.
The privilege of off-campus Senior
lunch is given to few and coveted by all. The
one thing that many students look forward
to is finally being allowed to drive out of the
reach of their teachers to grab a bite to eat.
Don't worry underclassmen, your time will

18 Student Life

r "

Lunch 19

( Clockwise from upper
Sophomores Timmy
Grey, Jennifer Thomas,
and Junior Patience
Covell sit and enjoy each
others company during
lunch. Sometimes
socializing was more
appealing than eating.
A group of hungry
Freshman devour their
lunchtime feast. These
kids chose to bring their
own lunches to school.
*Sophomores Rina
Bradley and Shereka
Williams eat their lunches
together. For some lunch
was fun; for others it
seemed to be a drag.
Freshman Adam
Rouse eats a healthy
lunch every day. Instead
of getting his fro-yo from
TCBY, Adam chose to
dine at the Creekside
Lunch pa-Troll
David Holt wanders the
hall waiting to pounce on
unsuspecting students.
He made sure everyone
stayed on their best
behavior during lunch.

( Clockwise from upper
*Junior A.J. Colby
shows his gymnastic
ability during his
adventure to his next
class. It was common to
spot students exibiting
their talents wherever
they got a chance.
Sophomore Jennifer
Thomastakes a quick
break in the grass before
class. School canbe tiring
Senior Karina
Simons poses for the
camera while stopping at
her locker. Managing to
grab the right book is
usually a problem for
most students.
Juniors Matt Fay,
Brittany Beckwith, and
Jared Comstock relax on
the bench before the bell
rings. The gym area was
a great place to meet your
friends during the break.
Senior Toy Baker
sprawls out in the
aerobics room while she
waits for P.E. to start.
Sometimes five minutes
isn't enough time to even
catch your breath.

20 Student Life

Saved By

The Bell

written by
Ashley P., Cassie P., Crystal G., and Sara B.

You are alotted five minutes to grab
your books, get out of class, fight your way
down the hall, climb on somebody's back in
order to reach your locker, remember your
combination, dig the right books out, climb
back down, wait in line for a drink of water,
put your mouth against the germ-infested
water fountain spout to suck out a small trickle
of liquid, don your gas mask to walk into the
bathroom only to find the door locked, take
your gas mask off to walk to the nextbathroom,
don your gas mask again to enter the bogg of
eternal stench, wait in yet another line to use
one of two non-flushed toilets, sit down on a
less than dry seat, yell to the next stall for toilet
paper, hear them yell back they don't have any
N. Favreau either, contemplate on what your next move
will be, suck it up and leave hoping no one will
notice what you've just done, look to the sink
as your last hope for cleanliness, hoping you
won't see it full of used paper towels and
scummy water,you look and it is, reach for the
soap dispenser only to hear the squeak of
emptiness, settle for a quick rinse and a wipe-
dry on your pants, walk into the hall only to
realize your gas mask is still on and the toilet
paper you so desperately needed moments
before is stuck to the bottom of your shoe, you
catch the quick gossip of the hour as you sprint
to class and hear the faint sound of the late bell
ringing only to find your teacher marking
your fourth tardy. And they wonder why five
minutes isn't enough.

Between Classes 21

I'm Too

Zeriah Folston
My dictionary defines fashion as the
current style or mode of dress; a garment in
the current style. Most of the students at P.K.
this year kept up with the latest fashion. There
were an abundance of knee knockers, plaid
shorts, and sandals.
Fashion at P.K. is a very important
thing to most students. Some people try to
connect style and fashion; this you cannot do.
Style is created by an individual. A person
creates their own style to fit their personality.
Style doesn't need tobe liked by others, whereas
fashion does. For it to be fashion, people
would need to actually wear the styles .
I'm impressed by a person's style more
than their fashion because it takes more work
to create your own style. Toy Baker is one
person who, like myself, can work the best of
both worlds. People need to somehow achieve
a balance between both worlds in order to be
There are many diverse styles and
fashions all over our campus. Most people at
P.K. keep up with what's new and trendy. But
for the most part our diverse styles and fashions
are related to our ethnic backgrounds or the
people we hang around. Most people at P.K.
tend to hang around others who have the same
tastes in clothing as they do. Because people
get a certain impression about you from your
outer appearance before they get to know you,
they may classify you into a stereotypical mold
that you probably don't fit. But that doesn't
mean you have to go along with it. Don't let
people dictate the way you dress. This would
allow other people to define your identity, not
you. You make the clothes; the clothes don't
make you.

22 Student Life

(Clockwise from upper
Seniors Carly
Emmerson and Jamie
Davis look nice and dry
in their yellow slickers.
These two cover girls
made even a rainy day a
fashion opportunity.
Precious Brown was
the envy of many in her
stylish clothes. This
freshman knew her way
around the mall.
Senior Travis Carr
goes for the Euro-male
look. Androgyny has
always been Travis'
middle name.
Freshman Erin
Browning-Paine displays
her unique fashion sense.
There was a wide variety
of styles at P.K. this year.
Senior Tamala
Williams strikes a pose
for the camera. Tamala
was famous for her
vanishing hemline.


Fashion 23

"We Are

24 Student Life




Family 25

(Clockwise from upper
Homecoming King
and Queen, Jonas
Rutledge and Tabitha
Butler make their way
across the field during the
halftime show at the
football game. These two
represented our school
with great dignity.
Josh Roberts
displays his "reverse
spirit" for the camera.
Students were well
known for painting their
bodies to show
enthusiasm for spirit
Jennie Doering and
Stephanie Stinson played
their characters well at
High Tide. The crowd's
response proved that this
skit was a hit.
Kyle Monroe and
the old man ride their P.K.
float with pride during
the first annual
Homecoming Parade.
Though this float didn't
take home first place, it
was still a favorite.
Prince and Princess
Johnny Todd and
Courtney Shannon pose
for the camera after High
Tide. These two were well
loved by their Junior
Hula-man Joe
Mercadante gives the
"hang loose" on
Hawaiian day. Seniors
showed great
participation during
Homecoming Week.
Emcee Jamie Davis
makes her entrance to
High Tide out of breath
on her pink Malibu. She
spiced the evening up
with jokes and skits.

26 Student Ute

"No Place Like Home"

written by:
Ashley Pennypacker and Crystal Gravois

Homecoming Week is a time for P.K. Yonge
students and faculty to show their pride and
spirit. This year P.K. Yonge went beyond years
past with Disco/ Mardi Gras day, traditional
Pajama day, Hawaiian day, and finally Spirit
day. The weeks' grand finale consisted of
High Tide, a parade, a barbecue, a dance, and
a victory by the football team.
High Tide, a huge pep-rally, is the highlight
of Homecoming Week. This year P.K.
welcomed the awesome performance of the
new step team, cheerleaders, senior skits, and
the emcees Jamie Davis, Jesse Rapczak, and
Dylan Thue-Jones.
New traditions were born, old traditions
endured, and Homecoming Week 1998 is one
that won't be soon forgotten.

Homecoming 27


28 Student Life

Seniors 29

(Clockwise from upper
Senior Cedric
Delhaye from Belgium
helps Senior Shannon
Mathis with her
homework. On Occasion
we found the exchange
students to be smarter
than their American
Junior Julian
Klauder was a huge
American soccer fan. He
stops in the hallway to
share a tidbit about
Germany with the
yearbook photographer.
Yuri Hatta works
diligently in Mr.
Anderson's History class.
She enjoyed learning
about the history of
another culture.
Senior Christoph
Hanke solves a Calculus
problem for Mr. McCall.
He distracted the
American girls with his
German good looks.
Senior Crystal
Gravois was an exchange
student to Costa Rica for
six weeks this summer.
She learned Spanish as
well as experienced the
"pura vida" of the

30 Student Life


Been Around

the World
written by
Crystal Gravois
Try waking up in the morning where no
one speaks or understands your native tongue,
stumble through a different family's routine
and school day where you are not completely
sure of the cultural norms and customs that
surround you, and don't forget: "This is
supposed to be fun!" It is a wonderful and
scary experience to be an exchange student.
Although it is awkward at first, the
daily routine in foreign country soon becomes
comfortable and fun. You get to know and love
your host-family as well as make friends at
school. You begin to understand the cultural
ideas and values of the people who surround
you. Being an exchange student teaches you
not only about another culture but about
P.K. Yonge had a plethora of exchange
students this year. There were students from
central Europe and Japan that became a part of
the P.K. family and well as those from P.K.
who traveled abroad to study. "Send me back!"
said freshman Kate Acosta of her trip to Costa
Rica where she visited volcanoes, went white
water rafting, saw a banana plantation, and
spoke Spanish with nine other P.K. students
over the summer. "My favorite part about
being an exchange student is learning and
experiencing new things," said Yuri Hatta.
"The memory of experiencing another
culture is one you can never forget," junior
Chaney Harrison commented. Exchange
studentsbreak stereotypes about other cultures.
They promote awareness and knowledge about
the world that surrounds us. By participating
in an exchange program your perspective is
forever changed. You gain understanding of
people as humans and knowledge that despite
differences everyone is shares the common
thread of humanity.

Exchange Students 31


I .- -



! 1





Division 33





32 People


' ili

34 People



1 4.
c; ~'s

* ..4



Seniors 35



36 People


S i 37...

Seniors 37

,,;, !,




38 People



V. r


Seniors 39


40 People

r "r
I ,

'. c7

'' "


'A I





pi -.


Seniors 43

- .'1~
k *

;1E1 '5

,. '


44 People

Seniors 45

ki% -


V~ 'A-

46 People




Seniors 47

Llrers: (aDove)
Front row: (left to right) Crystal Schuman, Clint Shealy, Luke Trimmer- Smith, Dylan Thue-Jones, Travis Carr, Anna Joiner. Second row
Samantha Gottschalch, Cassie Jamison, Shannon Mathis, Rob Franks, J.C. Ganstine, Carly Emmerson, Ashley Pennypacker. Third row
Melissa Ferguson, Kristin Myers, Alyssa Paulter, Sara Brown, Jonathan Helle, Matt Peck. Fourth row: Michael Williams, Jasmine Kendall
Cris Knowles, Cedric Booth, Kwanza Caffie, Micki Knowles, Brandon Player, Janevia Lewis, Dustin Garlitz, Cassie Preston, Grant Clouser
John Mydock.
Clockwise starting top right: Kristin Myers, Crystal Schuman, Sherry Anderson, Shannon Mathis, and Melissa Ferguson pose at a class,
Halloween party. Anna Joiner, Ashley Pennypacker, Bridgett Donnely, and Carly Emmerson smile for the camera on the D.C. trip with Mrs.
Howder's fourth grade in 90-91.

48 Student ite


. i

- -- -. ~- .-'
t -- ..- -:, U=

Par ty like it's...
written by
Ashley Pennypacker, Carly Emmerson and Cassie Preston

Thirteen years of P.K. Yonge and we've
been through it all. From being in Second
Grade Gatorville, to crossing the creek, straight
on to graduation. Being a lifer creates a sense
of attachment and belonging to P.K. and to
each other, that other students could never
grasp. We always have the ability to remind
each other of the embarrassments and the
victories. "Liferhood" wouldn't be the same
without cooking with Mrs. Wigger, Nursing
Home excursions, Space Academy with Mr.
Steele or Washington D.C. Nobody could ever
forget Jonathan Helle earning the title of
"Tooter" or Dylan Thue-Jones's solo at
American Pop. We've seen some of our closest
friends go and have been introduced to new
friends that we treasure. No matter who has
come and gone, we will always be a family and
no matter where we end up going, we'll always
have thirteen years of enduring and timeless

Top to bottom: A group of lifers take a break during class to get a
quick picture. As kindergartners, the class of '99 shows their acting
abilities. The class went crazy during their free time in D.C. The class
takes a group shotbefore starting their day in D.C. Fieldtrips to Putt-
Putt were always a hit with this class

iMfers 49

Can You I;
Wesley Andrews showing? Sara
surviving the
ghetto? Toy Baker
being bullied? *
Glen Banks without
his underwear

Toy Baker

Glen Banks
Miriam Black
Sara Brown
Latonya Bryant

Tabitha Butler
Kwanza Caffie
Mose Cambell
Travis Carr

Catherine Christian
Grant Clouser
Ryan Conway
Jamie Davis

Cedric Delhaye
Ashley Dillon
Jeff Dyson
Mickey Ebert

Baun a speaker for Truth? Jesse Bennett wearing white? Miriam
Black with straight hair? Cedric Booth being cut in tryouts? -
Amanda Brooks on time to first period? Sara Brown without an
excuse? Tonya Bryant without her phat caddy? Tabitha Butle:
with no rhythm? Kwanza Caffie minding her own business'
* Mose Cambell without his world atlas briefcase? Travis Carr
without a crisis? Catherine Christian in a mini-skirt? Arthur

You Must've Been


50 Student Life


Clay without freckles? Grant Clouser working for Microsoft? *
Ryan Conway with a perm? Leah Dalbec sitting the bench? *
Adam Daube throwing a temper tantrum? Jamie Davis not
dramatic? Rosie Delate attending a P.K..function? Cory Devlin
without his drums? Ashley Dillon with a tan? Jeff Dyson not
personally keeping Gator Paging in business? Mickey Ebert a
cross dresser? Carly Emmerson satisfied with the grade she's in?
* Evan Erickson not handing out high fives? Shannon Ewalt not
exaggerating? Paul Farr not whipped? Nicole Favreau not
talking about Connecticut? Melissa Ferguson not correcting the
teacher? Zeriah Folston passing Spanish? Brian Frank a

A Beautihul baby!

Ni U

munchkin? Rob Franks with 100%
attendance? Alison Fulks owning WB? *
J.C. Ganstine a Pike? Dustin Garlitz not
spacing out? Sean Gause with a shaved
head? Alexis Goodman going to fat camp?
* Luke Goolsby a prep? Sam Gottschalch
captain of the football
S Al team? o Audrey
Gratto at P.K.?
Crystal Gravois with

Carly Emmerson

Shannon Ewalt
Paul Farr

Melissa Ferguson
Rob Franks

Q 1 A
1 ..


Alison Fulks
Dustin Garlitz
Sean Gause
Sam Gottschalch

Crystal Gravois
Jonathan Helle

Wayne Hobdy
Monica Hughes

Cassie Jamison
Anna Joiner
Darrell Johnson
Jasmine Kendall

Can You Image... 51

parentalguidence? *
Ben Guyer
* Christoph Hanke
falling into the Gap?
* Christine Harrison
without an opinion?
* Jonathan Helle if
he had never become
Tooter? Wayne
Hobdy still dating

Cris Knowles

Micki Knowles

Janivea Lewis

Martha Lindsey

Jessica Lynch

Shannon Mathis

Joe Mercadante

Drew and Josh


John Mydock

Kristin Myers

Matt Nations

Christine Nycz

Jason Odom

Alyssa Paulter


Erika Perry

Brandon Player

52 Student Life

Carly? Monica
Hughes without an
attitude? Cassie
Jamison in a
sorority? Darrell

Johnson a team player? Anna Joiner not talking back? Jasmine
Kendall not a people person? Cris Knowles spitting out his
words? Micki Knowles without a Derrick ? Jessica Lynch
anything like Meagan? Shannon Mathis dating a guy from P.K.?
* Joe Mercadante making it to the World Series? Drew Murry not
bassing out in the parking lot? Josh Murry not bassing out in the
parking lot? John Mydock respecting a teacher? Kristin Myers
without Paul on a leash? Matt Nations dating Chtistine Nycz? *
Christine Nycz not getting her way? Jason Odom hanging ou
with seniors? Alyssa Paulter a cheerleader? Ashley Pennypackel
not stressing out? Erika Perry on Broadway? * Nick Petersor

You've Come A



thick like Eric? Brandon Player not the player he is? Justin
Pooser graduating high school? Kathryn Prebianca not whining?
* Cassie Preston Class Saint? Sharon Ramos-Ceballos over 100
pounds? Derrick Randle telling his own jokes? Jesse Rapczak
without Mrs. Ruszczyk? Mark Reddish a poster boy for Sonny's?
* AnneRittman on welfare? JoshRobertsonnotinF.C.A.? Dean
Rose without a goat? Ulysees Rushing not a Doberman? Jonas
Rutledge the water boy? Tamara Santos with short hair? *
Crystal Schuman not with Dean? Josiahs Scott a GQ model? *
Clint Shealy not a Backstreet Boy? Karina Simons knowing what
Abercrombie and Fitch is? Simon Sokolof-Kemp lazy? ah, never

Long Way Baby

.^^^Ljk-- B^III

mind. Dylan Thue-Jones not wanting to
be a Bobcat? Luke Trimmer-Smith
galloping down the hall? John Turek
conspicious? Mike Williams with a clean
exaust pipe? Tamala Williams 'bout it,
'bout it? Ellie
Ziegert not running?
Alex Zukoski
staying home for a
P.K. football game?

Kathryn Prebianca

Cassie Preston
Sharon Ramos-
Mark Reddish
Anne Rittman

frj A'. W"

J 1



Josh Robertson
Dean Rose
Jonas Rutledge
Crystal Schuman

Josiash Scott
Karina Simons
Dylan Thue-Jones
Luke Trimmer-Smith

John Turek
Tamala Williams
Ellie Ziegert
Alex Zukoski

Can You Image... 53

^*?p'Z -.
"* *
^DL~ J



Left to right:Jennie Doering and Stephanie
Stinson shine in the spotlight. They
always do their best to keep people


4 `

I. -

Kyle Alford Logan Anglin

A Few of




Songs: Come On Ride That
Train and I Love You Mary


Cops and


Brittany Baker

Tavaris Baker Latonya Banks

Obsession and

Escaping Bike
stalking Eddie

Classes: Trig and History...
when the teachers are

Movies: Half-Baked and

Hangouts: Park Place and

Erica Barber Brittany Beckwith

Jason Booth Alex Boswell-

54 People

Amy Boyd Marshall Brunson

Vachon Bryant


al Burny Martn B

Mychal Burney Martin Bush

Lacey Cantlin

Perry Cockerham

Joe Cohen Adam Colby

Jared Comstock Victoria Corr

Patience Covell

Robert Crawford

Jeff Creveling

Andy Culpepper

Rebecca Damian

Elizabeth Drake

Cedric Delhaye

Rachael Dupre

J.J. Dilibero

Stephen Dyson

Jennie Doering

Julie Eberhard

Blake Dougherty

Jonathan Douglas

Matt Fay Chris Fisher

Juniors 55

Robyn Camil

J Left to right: Jeremiah Jones displays his No
*, -, '' Limit personality. On the other
Si hand Blake Dougherty and Matt
0 Graziano do not.


written by:
Jennie Doering
Now that we have reached the
.end of our junior year, I've realized
how fast our time in high school is
t winding down. We had to start our
S ''preparations for college and begin
4 to make important decisions about
% ".:' /l :-- ,: our futures. I watched my senior
volleyball teammates play in their
.. final games and I knew my last one
S... would be coming soon.
". : 'It seems like it's been ages since I
S '. have had to ask for a ride or been
V* r, F U;'.' intimidated by the upperclassmen.
S' Now we're the upperclassmen.
We're the ones taking the A.P.
k classes and signing up for the SAT.
We're the ones watching our senior
friends leave campus for lunch, just
knowing that our turn is coming
Yourjunior year is full of pressure
about your future. The grades you
get this year determine what choices
you have for college. With teachers
like Mrs. Weber and Mr. Anderson,
this becomes a difficult task. The
:4 opportunities to begin receiving
college credit by dual enrolling was
"': also offered for the first time this
Year. I think this year reallybrought
us back into reality about the limited
time we have left.

Shannon Fraser

Richie Frederick

Brandon Green

Jenny Grill Justin Hancock

Branden Hare

Amber House

Yuri Hatta

Daniel Hughes

56 People

Mandy Irwin

Derrick Johnson

krisnn Jonnson

Jeremian Jones

Julian Klauder

Melissa Labrusca

Sristan Lasley

- m
Jennifer Leed Sabrie

Just Lindsey
Justin Lindsey

Chris Loudermilk

Kristen Lovvorn
Kristen Lovvorn

Miranda Lucas

Jamea McTaw

Roberto Medal

David Mendez

Jessica Merritt

Marie Mollison

KyleMonroe Ashlea Moore Emily Morrison Alex Moskvine Shelby Mountain

Kyle Monroe Ash'lea Moore Emily Morrison Alex Moskvine Shelby Mountain

Nellie Munnis

Juniors 57

Crystal Lowe

Charles Jerkins

Leah Humphrey

Alek Hyer

*^ f"ll

.. T'C
i, to


. /

'* '


. '9

Left to right: Kristin Johnson adds an
interesting twist to her smile.
Julie Eberhard and Latoya
Rutledge agree that it's best
to keep it simple.

You're a

Junior if..

-.. r

'rb ',; '

Andy Nichols John Nilon

Fatrick Opuda-

bebastian Sean Plemons

Ashley Poser

Kelis Randall

...You have to get bums to do your
dirty work..
...You get busted by bike cops.
...This is your hardest year of classes
...You get a brand new car for your
birthday, Christmas, or because
your first car got stolen or wrecked.
...Relationships turn into obsessions..
...The only reason you come to class
Sis to see the good looking substitutes
(Eddie Nunez).
S...The girls in your class would rather
hook up with the foreign exchange
students than the locals.


Class Officers
President Jennie Doering
Vice President Ash'lea Moore
Secretary Kristin Johnson
Treasurer Ashley Poser
Historian Talyah Young
Sponsor-Ms. Mickey Reynolds

58 People

Melissa Rice Matt Riley

Sonja Roth


Margie Sedlacek

Miriam Shapiro

Kim Sharpe Shameka

Kyle Straughn

Daniel Smith

Iv 'Staw
Ivy Strawder

David Strobles

James 'homas

Nikki Thomas

Johnny Todd

Ryosuke Tsuhida

Jenna 'urner

Monique Vinson

Kyle Whitney
Kyle Whitney

Bryan Williams

Joe Williams

Marlon Williams

Nataliya Talyah Young

Juniors 59

Patrick Ruegger
Patrick Ruegger

Grecia Royce
Grecia Royce

v v

ay Singerman

Sara Smaha

Art Waters



0' -.

Left to right:Peter Andrate works on
getting thick for football.
Wantanisha Dawson and
her sister bond .


Your sophomore year isn't a
totally new experience like ninth
grade, nor is it the academic strain of
your junior year. It is a year of
virtual relaxation before you have to
really buckle down and take life
seriously. Everyone is ready to move
on to more important times and
events. The lure of off-campus lunch
and graduation is still too far away
to really look forward to, but you
can see it looming ahead. Prom has
become a realistic option less than a
year away, if you haven't already
been invited by an upperclassmen
this year. As this year comes to a
close for you as a sophomore, know
that things will really start to takeoff
for you soon.


President: Marvin McTaw
Vice-President: Rachel Hutson
Secretary: Wantanisha Dawson
Treasurer: Lizzie Nodell
and Claire Tillman
Sponsors: Ms. Veronica Cruz
and Mr. Greg Dixon

Kathryn Acosta

Lindsay Amat

Meghan Baptiste

Phillip Alexander

Peter Andrade


William Black William Bogle

Bryan Booth

Amanda Bostick

60 People


Rina Bradley Jatwella Bryant

Claire Covaleski

Stacy Crawford

Kristy Davies

Wantanisha Seth Dean

Ross Devlin Shawana Dolder Andrew Dupree

Sara Ebert John Egberts

Graham Ervin

Kristin Floyd


Uriah Gravois

Timothy Grey

Luke Groce Bergan Guerry

Linda Handal

Nicole Happ

Alex Corona




Sophomores 61

Nichole Burleson

Justin Clark Santos Collado



A. C

r ,..

re ct

Rachel Hutson


written by:
Leslie Ryals
This year the sophomore class has really
grown together despite all the new kids from
this year and the previous year. We have had
many memorable events that won't be
forgotten. After many attempts at raiding the
teacher's lounge, skipping classes with boring
agendas and using poor excuses of, "I had to go
to the bathroom and I slipped on some water
from the freshly mopped floor. So I had to go
to the nurse to get a band-aid but she was out.
So I had to go to Eckerd's and the traffic was
terrible. So of course I couldn't make it back in
less than 55 minutes." The problem with this
excuse is that the bathroom floors are never
freshly mopped, not to mention the fact that
half of us we're too young most of the year to
drive to Eckerd's. Some of these excuses
succeeded and some failed miserably. We
truly lived up to the role of being a sophomore
by exhibiting immaturity and lack of
Despite these drawbacks in our personalities,
we had a long list of incredible athletes and
excellent students. Many contributed to some
of the Varsity sports. We survived the PLAN,
Florida Writes, FCAT, and the interdisciplinary
unit, "Food for Thought." That's not even
mentioning the grueling schedule of our regular
classes. As Ms. Gapinski puts it "You're
definitely a better class for it."


Kezia James

Kenay Johnson

Reginald Johnson

62 People

Left to right: Mike Mercadante displays his spirit on
Hawaiian day. Claire Covaleski and Laura
Levin smile for the camera. Shereka Williams
takes a break from chemistry to show her
spirit on pajama day.

Unique Landry James Lane

Laura Levin Fernando Lopez

Wendy Lawrence

Lori Luparello Ryan Major

Leslie Manning

James Martin

Davin McCray

Starla McKnight

Marvin McTaw

Darnell Monroe

Emily Myers

,JuT Ne
Justin Newman

Lizzie Nodell

Freeman Allison Pipkin

Kristie Powers

Cody Rapczak

Thomas Rawls

Joshua Roberts

Sophomores 63


Maria Perez

Louis Kalivoda

Allison Kesl

Michael Lane

Michael Lapinsky




3. .


Christina Rose

You're a


i. ..
...You could never pass a dress code at any
other school.
...You're not allowed into a rated R movie.
...You're not even allowed to park in the real
parking lot.
...Your weekend plans consist of going to the
P.K. Yonge sports events.
...The "Underclassmen" title has gotten real
...You make the J.V cheerleading squad.
...You go out on a date and your parents are
still your chauffeurs.
A. ...You get stopped by Mr. Holt while trying to
^ sneak to the gym to eat with the seniors.
...You haven't yet had the pleasure of sitting in
on one of Mr. Anderson's lectures.
...You beg juniors and seniors to take you to
...When the only reason you come to class is to
see the good looking substitutes (Eddie Nunez).

Destin Swatman

Left to right: Claire Tillman (although not with us anymore)
always showed support at the football games.
Leslie Ryals shows her enthusiasm for science.
Nicole Schuab works on homework before


Nicholas Roden



64 People

Michael Ruegger

Alicia Schaub Elliot Skye

Laconya Small Zachery Smith

bamantna Amber St. Onge

Thomas Stokes

Adam Strong

Violeta Suddaby

Jennifer Thomas

Kelvin Thomas

Grey Thompson Claire Tillman-

Michael Vonlehe

Sage Weierbach

Tyson Willey

Brian Williams

Terry Williams
Terry Williams

Almena Wilson

Sydney Wipke

Robert Young

Sophomores 65

Jason Tinney



Ella Rukin Leslie Ryals

Lydia Sanchez

p... i
~8. ` i.'
,,~ wIj

;p 4.*


S ~

Left to right: Travis Autrey reads a book to
Buddy Mathis. Jason Daniels
catches up on his gossip during

Randall Autrey


Comin' at


Travis Autrey

Travis Babcock Christopher

Ninth grade has

been a new

Starting again,
starting fresh,
new teachers,
new friends,
new classes
and activities.
But starting a new beginning
means we're at the bottom again,
the youngest.


President- Kate Creveling
Vice-president- Marcus Loving
Secretary- Summer Crider
Treasurer- Heather Brown
Sponsor- Ms. Betsy Creveling

Jacob Belgrade

V a i.B
Victoria Bennett

Annalisa Benton Louis Bergman

Michelle Brian Blackmore

66 People

~ ti

Andrew Bliss Jonathan

Amanda Ciotti Terry Clinefelter

l IE

Heather Brown

Laura Cockerham

Precious Brown rm Iorownmg-

Gina Cohen

Terran Combs

Grady Carthon

Alexander Cooks

Kathleen Cook

John Cowart

Kate Creveling
Kate Crevelmng

Summer Crider

Leighann Croley

Jason Daniels

Douglas Davies

Joseph Davis

Ashley Depeiza Brendan

Melissa Edwards

Elizabeth Farmer

Jacquelyn Faupel

. Daniel Fay Bradley Ferguson

Cassandra Fort

Stefan Gainey
Stefan Gainey

Freshmen 67

Jacob Farmer

Left to right: Joseph Lane shows mild
interest in the camera, while
Terran Combs and Jamea
Taylordemand more attention.

/ Jacob Goolsby Marie Gotay

Dominic Gratto Raiford Griffin

...The only reason you go to class is
to see the good looking substitutes
(Eddie Nunez).

...You dream of dating one of the
junior "hearthrobs." James Gruenwald Matthew Guyer

" " ...You never have a ride
anywhere.. .unless you want your
parents to drive.

S... graduation seems like a century

...You were about to pass out from
hunger the first month of school
because lunch was so late. Myres Guzman Thomas Hannah

...You have already picked out a
prom dress, even though you
I. haven't been asked yet.

...you're biggest dilemma is making
sure you don't run into an
upperclassmen in the halls.

Ashley Harden Jennifer Hare

68 People

Jasmyn Hasson Adrian Hayes

Meghan Hedge

Evan Hegarty Kacey Heron

Marco Hessel

Joshua Holbrook
Joshua Holbrook

Kimberly House
Kimberly House

Ralph Jackson

Adrion James
Adrion James

Jeffery Jewett

Randall Johnson

Tamika Johnson

Jennifer Katz Morristine

Melanie King

Christopher Lane

Joseph Lane Sheena Larry

Kathleen Leblanc

Shaun Lovings
Shaun Lovings

Stephanie Lynch

Adam Martinez

Buddy Mathis

Kyle McCreary

Shawn McGuire Michael McMurty

Freshmen 69

Hope Lane

Bryan Lucas

~r: '?"

1 J


Jessica Meldon


Sabrina Miller

Patricia Mills Jacob Milton-


Rivers to

written by:
Jennie Doering
Beginning high school at P.K. was
a lot different than beginning at
another school like G.H.S. or Bucholz.
If you have been at P.K. for a while
already, you're changing to a new
wing, not to a totally different school.
If you did change from a different
middle school, P.K. is like a small
family that you quickly become a part
of. You get to know everybody and
interact with upperclassmen as well
as elementary and middle school
Instead of being at the top of the
heap, you are once again at the bottom.
It is a big shock after 8th grade, where
you received privileges such as
leaving from assemblies and for lunch
early. You find yourself looking up to
the older students and making sure
that you're out of their way in the
The teachers really begin to stress
the importance of the choices you
make now. You have to worry about
that ever important transcript and
getting into college even though it is
three years away.

Jenny Morgan

Kelly Murray

Travis Mydock

Left to right: Precious Brown and Vanequa
Thomas smile while dancing in
the gym. Kyle McCreary shows
he's not entertained by having
his picture taken.


70 People

Daniel Morgan

Jimmie O'Neal

Paul Orfield Katherine Osgard Melissa Perez

Adam Poppell

Patrick Prugh

Dario Ramos

Latoya Reshard Carey Richards

Travis Riley Michael Roberts

Christopher Adam Rouse

Anelkis Royce Stefanie Sargent Brandon Sexton Lori Singerman
Anelkis Royce Stefanie Sargent Brandon Sexton Lori Singerman

Adrian Smadbeck Brenda Smith Michael Sprague Lana Starling Timothy Stevens Minh Stewart

Jemea Taylor Vaneque Thomas


Seth White

April Williams David Willkomm
April Williams David Willkomm

Freshmen 71

Justin Nash

S r,. Left to right: Lauren Bradley listens intently sure not to miss any notes. Eighth grader
SSuzanne Brunson works hard for an excellent English grade. Kelley Floumoy and
S5 Justin Chance take a break from reading their guide for teens.

S"Movin' On Up"
written by:
SJennie Doering
I "Eighth grade is a turninoig point in young peoples lives.
The eighth graders here at P.K. were going through
$,. many things this year. They were preparing or bigger
Sand better things as well as enjoying their last year as
thee "big dawgs" (as Wantanisha so nicely put it last
year). The biggest decision of the year however, was one
that would impact the rest of the student's schooling;
Where would they attend high school.
:' ..... .'' Teachers really began emphasizing study habits and
4-..:.- e "quality work. Learning how to do these important
Elements will prove to be two of the most vital skills in
,.P f i -' the future (believe me). Beginning in just a few months,
",~ the grades that these new freshmen earn will have a
^i lasting impact on their school career.
The hardest part of the eighth grade ear comes near the
end. While some students are deciding they are really a
Blue Wave at heart, others are deciding their place is
elsewhere. For the ones staying here, next year will be a
breeze because they already have friends, know (or have
at least seen) a lot of their teachers and they know the
halls. But for the ones that are moving on, good luck on
What could be one of the hardest times of your life.

72 People

Christopher Lacie Alford

Arin Amat

Marlon Awuma

Michael Bastien

Sophia Binello

Andrew Booth

Suzanne Brunson

Michael Burt

Megan Callahan Damian

Caitlin Coffey

Paul Covaleski Yolani Cruz-

Elizabeth Daube

Jeremy Davis

Leah Deese


Stacy Dyson

Robert Egberts

Andrea Estrada-

Kelley Floumoy Drew

Rafael Garcia

Laura Gaskalla Jennifer

Eighth Grade 73

Ross Clouser

Left to right: Jeremy Martin attempts to use the computer. Jakeshia Robinson
takes time from talking to Maya Palmer for a quick picture. Lelia Halback is
found doing her work in the library. Brittney Peters takes a short break for her
work to fool around.

cf- -' *^
^ *' *?"<-

-, 'e ,
V 1.
/-v ,*

.. ... ,

5, ,?

` 'r
> -

...you're praying Mr. Steele doesn't find his way into high

...you've heard Ms. King say, "Gimme a break guys" at least 100

...you think you're the big dogs now, but next year you'll just be

...you're looking forward to being dropped off at the gym
instead of the front circle.

...you've already started worrying about being on the losing
end of an argument with Mrs. Weber.

...dressing out for P.E. just isn't as cool as it used to be.

...the only reason you go to class is to see the good looking
substitutes (Eddie Nunez).

...you've already started making friends with next years seniors
so they'll hide you in their trunk for off campus lunch.

...you're looking forward to being one of Officer Brinson's
parking lot attendants (because they're REALLY a necessity).

...you're really excited about the eighth grade social because
you'll be able to wear your first pair of grown up shoes.

74 People

You're an eighth

grader if...

".-' '~

Brenton Green Crystal Groce

Shan Huuda


Lisa Hagerty

Marc Jessel

Dylan Hayes- Breton
Morrison Homewood

Eric Jewell Catherine Jones

Erin Hreha

Lauren Lehman

Bryan Liciaga-

Adonis Lindsay

Jenna Lindsay Steven

Jared Lucas Matthew Major

Andrew Marcus

Elliott Martin

Jeremy Martin


Kian McKellar

Luis Medal Michael Merritt

Sara Nobles

Edwin O'Neal

Michelle Osgood

Eighth Grade 75

Ryne Malone


1~' --


A. l&

,. /

* Ia

Left to right: Maxine Williams quickly looks over her shoulder in English class.
Natalie Degenhardt, Kelley Floumoy, and Caitlin Coffey take time out of their busy
middle school schedules to pose for the camera.

TOP 10 Reasons to

be a High Schooler

10. You finally won't be the only middle schooler on a
varsity team.

9. No more science fair projects.

8. New faces and friends.

7. You can make fun of the middle schoolers left behind.

. 6. You're one step closer to graduating.1. Hot Senior
boys and girls!!!

5. You get more than three electives to choose from.

4. Your parents don't have to drop you off at the top
circle anymore.

.j 3. You finally get to sit on the high school side at a pep
2. Mr. Anderson, Mrs. Sedlacek, Mrs. Griffin, need we
say more?
1. Hot Senior boys and girls!!!

76 People


Charlotte Phillips

Nicole Piper

Regina Platt

Alexander Poser

Kimberly Riley

Jakeisha Rashaad
Robinson Robinson

Casey Roden John Rodriguez

Maria Santos

Marie Sedlacek

IF a I 'a
Roy Silvers Christopher

James St. Onge
James St. Onge



Alicia Vonlehe

Kevin Weiss

Natalie Welker Brittany Wilcox

Brittany Williams Carlecia Williams

Josiah Winfrey


Mykhailo Thomas Young

Eighth Grade 77

Maya Palmer

^ i I





I' p2~

~, d

=k- -


'A. ''-.

Left to right: Brittany Peters takes time from her work to smile for the camera.
Justin Hope stands tall during a band performance. Edward Sucos
poses. Lelia Halback finds time to joke around with friends.

Top 10 Reasons

You Know You're

a 7li Grader

10. You're sick and tired of being the red-headed step
child of the middle school.
9. You think you're the first to discover the make-out
spot in the creek.
8. You discover that you can't go to bed without slathering
your face in ClearasilTM.
7. You finally got to try and make the J.V. cheerleading
6. You've finally adjusted to life across the creek.
5. You drown yourself in cologne to try and get a date for
the social next year...or if you're lucky maybe even this
4. Your dream date is any one of the boys from N'Sync.
3. You're still dreaming about Christian Benway.
2. The only reason you go to class is to see the good
looking substitutes (Eddie Nunez).

1. "Backstreet's Back ALRIGHT"

78 People

Colby Anglin Benjiman Bates

Everett Beeghley

Kara Blackmore Tara Bongiovanni

Kiel Bootle Steven Bostick

Tamara Crockrell

Caroline Chance

Lindsay Dalbec Everett Easterling

Kenneth Clark


Shanica Crider

Alexander Feltz

Mariana Garcia

Joshua Gill

Ashley Gotay

Brighton Gotro

Kristen Grant

Lelia Halback

Maurelle Travis Hasson

Jonathan Herd
Jonathan Herd

Kyle Helms

Guerian Fort

Justin Hope

James Hunt

Seventh Grade 79






Sherrita Johnson



written by:
Martin "Bushbaby" Bush
Looking back on it, seventh grade
was a great part of my life (you were
already halfway through middle
school). In seventh grade we got
more freedom and had more
responsibilities. The only bad thing
about it was that we got a lot more
The classes were better because
teachers trusted us a whole lot more.
The eighth graders weren't afraid to
talk to us because we were out of the
"lower class." Also, if we were in a
bad mood, we had someone to boss
around! In seventh grade you had
the ability to take some high school
classes. It was neat to see the high
schoolers in class; perhaps it is an
image of what you have to look
forward to.
I think after sixth grade, my
friends and I had gotten a lot closer.
Also, the dances gave us a chance to
hang out together out of school. Who
knows, you might just meet that
special someone, but that was a little
too much for me when I was in
seventh grade!


Benjamin Kunkle

Chauncey Nicole Langlois

Heather Lawrence Krystle Lawrence

Steven Long

Leysha Lopez-

80 People

Left to right: Ben Kunkle and Travis Hasson
do their socializing on the tennis
courts while Colby Anglin and
Jessica Sharpe spend time
together in the halls.

Colleen Hutchens

Melissa McEwen Carla McKnight

Robin Myers Eric Ouko

Brandon Pate

Lauren Paulter

Brittany Peters

Andrew Pruitt Jessie Reddish

Ashley Robinson Victor Rosa

Erica Sessions

Gentry Sewell

Jessica Sharpe

Hannah Smith

l-i S mm m- 1,r

Edward Suggs

Kendra Walker

William Walker

Natasha Webb

Patrick Welpton Kerron Williams

Seventh Grade 81

Ssali Mukasa

Sherine Scott

Rachel Vacik


James Melgarejo

Kerri Masters
Kerri Masters

I .a~~.i.. ijiii


. . *
-' ''' "


.~ .5

..' S
^ *






Left to right: Candace Monroe and Amanda Lawrence listen intently, something
soon forgotten after 6th rade. Wesley Asbell grins for the camera.
Nick Mudra poses as "Menace of the Middle School." Joe Gravois
flashes his Gravois grin for the camera.

"Across the Great

written by:


Jennifer Nycz

Sixth grade means more teachers, more responsibilities,
and MORE FUN. Days of being in one room with the
same kids are all over. Students gained the freedom to
select the classes of their choice. Every step of the day
isn't planned out for you and enforced as much as in
elementary school.
Middle School alsobrings new school functions; dances
and being a representative for student council, not to
mention the opportunity to participate in athletics. 1998-
99 was the first year that sixth graders were allowed to
try out for the P.K. sports teams. Previously, the students
had to wait until seventh grade This provided our
students with yet another year to play their sport before
high school, when stats really start to matter.
Crossing the creek meant saying goodbye to elementary
days. Some memories are better forgottenbut others will
be cherished forever. The friends and experiences that
P.K. students gain will never be forgotten. The idea of
being a sixth grader meant a lot to the class of 2005. Now
there is only six more years before they finish high
school and come one step closer to the real world.

82 Peoule

Jeffery Bogle Kenneth Brown

Patrick Conway

Michael Dorsey


Henry Drake


Stephen Durant

Sarah Dardis

- UII"

Shayna Estes


David Dilibero

Ann-Marie Joseph Gravois

Dawn Hager Nasyra Handal
Dawn Hager Nasyra Handal

Shalondan Ivan Hoogesteijn

Erin Harrison

Shelaine James

Amanda Haynes Abigail Heit

Austin King

Randy Lambert

Sixth Grade 83



Jason Bergmann

Scott Andrade Wesely Asbell

Ashley Baker




F r'

i .r

Left to right: Corey Osgood tries to be innocent. Are you sure? Erin Harrison is.
Kenneth Brown shows his thoughtful side.



As sixth graders, this is your first year getting the "real" P.K.
experience. If you can answer these simple quiz questions correctly,
you might be able to succeed here.

1.When you get caught skipping by Officer Brinson, you
a. tell him the truth
b. tell him you don't even go to this school
c. tell him you checked out.

2. Mrs. Griffin tells the class to stop talking, you
a. talk, but do it as secretly as possible
b. keep talking just as loud
c. stop talking and listen attentively
d. laugh and talk even louder.

3. You have to sit through another one of Mr. Anderson's
lectures, you
a. take notes on everything he says
b. tune him out; you know nothing he says will be on the test.
c. put your head down and go to sleep.
d. talk to your friends.

4. Mrs. Sedlecek writes you up for being tardy, you:
a. lie and tell her that you were there the whole time.
b. apologize profusely and promise to go to detention.
c. attempt to talk her out of it...in Spanish.
d. mumble, "lo siento," and continue to come in tardy every day.

If you don't know the answers to these questions yet, you're not yet
an official P.K. student. These are simple facts every student should

84 People

Amanda Robyn Marcus

Kristin McCarter


Kenan McGill Nathan

Meggin Meeds Marisa

Candace Monroe

Raven Monroe

Nicholas Mudra

Corey Osgood

Trey Rapczak

Jessica Reddish


Caitlin Ruegger

Sarah Ruegger

Cren Sanchez

Eric Stenberg Joel Stokes

Devin Suggs

Anna Sylvia Emily Sylvia

Willie Vinson

Eric Williams Vanessa

Demetris Wilson

Camille Wright

Sixth Grade 85

Bryan Tyson

Si: "- A Left to right: Sharon Robinson, head of the admissions office, ponders why more
S teachers won't follow the rules of attendance. Shirley Ann Sirmons
,. "tea; ch answers the phone with a smile. Brian Marchman helps students get a grip
on Civics. Mickey Reynolds introduces the emcees at High Tide.

""Stir it Up"

SThe 1998-1999 school year reminded me of a song
.. by Bob Dylan: The times they are a' changing Change was
evident all over the school, from the retirement of P.K.
institution and Assistant Director Fred Lawrence, to the
Ushering in of new Director Fran Vandiver. The campus and
classrooms saw"upgrades" with freshly paintedblue hallway
Spoles and doors, to roomfulls of new PCs and IMacs.
Classroom connectivity gave students and teachers an
opportunity to explore web-based lessons and sift through
screens of endless e-mail. No longer would P.K. be behind
the times.
.-, ." Yet with all this change, some things will always be
S the same. Tardiness will always be a problem as long as
,, students have to drive themselves to school, and students
,.''' will probably always be plagued with "spring fever" just
-- ,,. when they need to be applying themselves most 3rd and 4th
This year, social responsibility took on a new and
more serious tone as 15 students were gunned down
mercilessly in Littleton, Colorado. Many of us learned that
academics was not all that school was about. We began to
"'- look around and ask ourselves "Why can't we be friends?"
If there's one thing I've learned in my two-year
tenure at P.K., it would be change is the one thing you can
.i count on. To the class of 1999, I want to thank you for the
S wonderful memories and learning experiences I have
S.4 gathered over the course of the school year. It was pleasure
doing business and I will miss every last one of you (yes,
even you Matt)! May all of your dreams come true and don't
forget to write. Be sure and look me up. You should be able
to find me down on "J" wing. Cheerio! CDS

86 People

Thom Anderson Valrie Austin

,I-. .-I

Paul Becht Marcus Brinson


Fran Vandiver
This was Dr.Vandiver's first year at
P.K. Yonge. She was previously the
principal of Ft. Lauderdale High School.
She received her PhD from the
University of Miami.

Chris Morris
Secondary Principal
Mrs. Morris has given over 20 years of
service at P.K. Yonge. She has acted in
a variety of positions but primarily as
secondary principal. She was formally a
English and Drama teacher.

David Capaz

Wes Corbett

Nanette Carnes

Betsy Creveling
Betsy Creveling

Penny Chou Eve Cole-Harper

Melni Crosby

Veronica Cruz

Nancy Dean

Kacy Gapinski

Mike DeLucas

Nancy Griffin

Greg Dixon

Mark Grisick

Franz oppin
Franz Doppin

Mona Haggerdy

Sixth Grade 87


Let 5 'r.r

~i~ ri ~a~ 4


Denelle Knowles

! "%1


'; '
h *



Teresa Kraus

Janice Johnson Cynthia King

Fred Lawerence Elaine Litt

Dale Makineni

Peter McCall

Iona Malenchuk Kitty Manusco

Gamett Messer Doug Owens

Brian Marchman

Loretta Robinson

JL \ Ru
Jessica Ruszczyk


Mickey Reynolds Bett y Richardson

88 People

Bob Hawkins

David Holt


4;. '

Herb Schwartz

Peggy Sedlacek

Joanne Pholman
Elementry Principal
Dr. Pholman has worked for over a
decade at P.K. Yonge. This will be her
last year acting as principal. What she
will do next is a mystery.

Pat Barnes
Attendence Secretary.
Mrs. Barnes has worked at P.K. Yonge
for over a decade. Bhe is the overseer of
everything that goes on in guidence and
has a relationship with each on of the
P.K. students.

Shirley Ann Dianne Skye
O-N_ w

Melanie Stanfield Chanda Stebbins

Jerry Steele


Shelley Stalker

Gloria Webber

Sherry Wolf

'Teacher, Teacher, Can

You Teach Me?"

Sixth Grade 89

Bob Senesac


Mike Todd

. .",.




IuI !/"ll


90 Sports


~~1~ 1




Division 91

r~~sl ii-
1\"3 ~TM
i~L~ ~

Top row: Coach Mitchell, J. Booth, D. Randle, M. Ebert, D. Johnson, A. Clay, B.
McCarter, J. Williams, G. Banks, J. Creveling, C. Knowles, J. Rapczak, C. Booth, J.
Rutledge, R. Conway, M. Camble, Coach Brewer, Coach Fisch. Middle row: Coach
Clifford, J. Goolsby, L. Kalavoda, S. Bush, A. Boswell, P. Cockerham, D. Johnson, B.
Williams, J.Todd, P. Rugger, S. Plemmons, Aleksei Moskvine, A. Waters, J. Nilon,
Coach Cox. Bottom row: A. Poppel, P. Gruenwald, T. Clinefelter, P. Orfield, F. Wipke,
Q. Johnson, J. O'Neal, T. Youngblood, E. Skye, M. Monroe, A. Strong, K. Thomas, M.
McTaw, M. Rugger.

"We Will, We Will Rock You"
written by:
Jason Odom
The football team, coming off a District Championship season, were led
this year by twelve year veteran of P.K., John Clifford. The Blue Wave was
off to a great start (ranked number seven in the state), but quickly went
downhill. The team was loaded at the skill position, with a lot of depth at
defensive back and wide receiver. Talent was not a problem for this years
varsity football team. "This is one of the most athletic teams I have ever had
at P.K.," says Coach Clifford. The core of their talent was led by an impressive
group of seniors (Jonas Rutledge, Derrick Randle, Jesse Rapczak, Cedric
Booth, and Ryan Conway). The talent didn't end with the seniors, a rock solid
junior class will give the Blue Wave high hopes for next year and hopefully
return them to their winning ways.

92 Sports

1. Senior captain, Jonas
Rutledge, attempts to turn the
corner and gain a couple more
yards. If Jonas only had speed
he would be really good.

2. Co-captains Jesse Rapczak
and Cedric Booth show off their
fresh head gear. Opposing teams
were also intimidated by their
huge pipes.

3. Junior Bryan Williams
fights for more yards after
catching a pass. Bryan's sticky
fingers were great for first down

4. Junior quarterback, Jeff
Creveling, prepares to release the
ball. When Jeff had time to
throw, his passes were beautiful.

5. Senior wide receiver,
Darrell Johnson, figures outwhat
move to use next as he runs past
defenders. Darrell was always
hard to bring down when he held
on to the ball.

Varsity Football 93

.d *- .-






1. Wide receivers Kyle
McQuery and Peter Andrade run
their routs. The two were
counted on for their speed and
catching ability.

2. Davin McCray avoids
cameras during his private
autograph session. Davin was
quite the stud on the J.V. team
this year.

3. Kyle McQuery, Flint
Wipke and Quarter Johnson
show their devastation after a
great loss. The three were often
seen catching, throwing, and
running for the J.V. squad.

4. Freshman Stephan Gainy
grabs a quick break on the
sidelines during a game. Stephan
played on both Varsity and J.V.

5. Brian Williams smiles for
the camera. He also loved to
smile for all the ladies around
the school.

94 Sports

op row: Coach Gray, D. Yonge, P. Andrade, J. Slilver, T. Riley, K. McQuery, F. Wipke,
. O'neal, J. Goolsby, Coach Byars, D. McCray, L. Kalavoda, T. Clinefelter, E. Skye, B.
'lack, Coach Chicola. Bottom row: T. Autrey, B. Boswell-Ebersole, A. Popell, E. Suggs,
). Johnson, R. Raymond, A. St. Onge, E. O'Neal, J. O'Neal, Kyle, P. Gruenwald, P.
fieldl, J. Farmer, M. Davis.

written by:


Jeff Creveling

The J.V. football team this year, began building some tradition coming off
of a 5-2 record, and was ready to win again. Under their Coach, Micah Byars,
the Blue Wave intended to roll over all their opponents. The team practiced
hard and had hopes that some of their dedication in practicing would show
in the games. The J.V. offense was anchored by sophomores Quarter Johnson
and Flint Wipke, who had receivers like Elliot Skye, Brian Williams, and Peter
Andrade. The team's defense was lethal, and always kept the team in the
game. Middle linebacker, Jimmy O'neal, was counted on to make big hits,
and he stated, "We have a lot of fun and hope for a future position on Varsity."


J.V. Football 95

Top row: Marcie Hampton, Micki Knowles, Sara Smaha, Anna Joiner, and Jenni e
Nycz. Bottomrow: Kathryn Prebianca, Christine Nycz, Ashley Pennypacker, Stepha :i
Stinson, and Jennie Doering.

"Bump n' Grind"
written by:
Stephanie Stinso0
Once again the Varsity volleyball team thrived under the leadership o0
coach Chanda Stebbins and pulled through a tough season. The Waves alsd
beat Williston for the District Title and carried themselves to the Sweel
Sixteen. The team, losing no seniors from the previous year, came ou
experienced from playing with each other for almost two years. Varsity let
by 4 returning seniors and 4 returning juniors, and were joined by Kathryi
Prebianca and Marcie Hampton. The team also gained guidance from thi
new assistant coach, Cindy Dowling, who brought a bit of relief from thb
whip cracking of Coach Stebbins. Coach Stebbins commented, "When wi
concentrate on Rob, I mean fundamentals, it shows why it was no coincidenol
we won districts."

96 Sports

1. Junior Jenny Nycz and 7th
grader Marcie Hampton prove
that their blocking skills are
above the rest. These two,
combined with Sara "Sam"
Smaha, were an intimidation
factor for all opponents.

2. The team gathers for a
picture after winning their first
For the 98' team beating Williston
was almost as good as if they
had won state.

3. Seniors Kathryn Prebianca
and Christine Nycz show the
closeness of the team. This year
it wasn't just the sleep-overs that
brought the team together.

4. Senior Anna Joiner proves
that looking cute was a rather
big part of the game. The whole
team was extremely camera

5. Senior Ashley
Pennypacker digs a ball during
warm-ups. There was no doubt
why Ashley was a big leader for
the team.

Varsity Vollevball

1. Sophomore Shereka
Williams demonstrates her
spiking abilities during practice.
The junior varsity's practices
were always filled with energy
and excitement.

2. Time-outs for the freshmen
team were used to regroup and
strategize. The coach used them
wisely to help her players.

3. The spirited J.V. team did
there best to cheer for the
freshmen. Although the girls
were on separate teams they
became close over the season.

4. Top row: Coach Valendo,
Lana Starling, Kristen Grant,
Lauren Cockerham, Maxine
Williams. Bottom row: Stacy
Dyson, Katie Osgard, Kacy
Herron, Lori Singerman,
Elizabeth Farmer, Marie Goray.

5. Sophomore Linda Handal
serves the ball during the first
day of practice. The
unexperienced player brought
consistency to the team.

98 Sports

Top row: Niki Thomas, Laura Franquemont, Kezia James, Leslie Ryals, and Coach .
Amanda Joiner. Middle row: Linda Handal, Shereka Williams, Lydia Sanchez, and lk /
Lizzie Nodell. Bottom row: Kate Creveling and Samantha Sprague.


"Sugar n' Spikes"
written by:
Linda Handal
The J.V. and Freshmen volleyball girls worked their butt off to make the
team- but the hard work didn't stop there. The J.V. volleyball team consisted
of nine talented girls, two of which had never played volleyball before. With
Head Coach Amanda Joiner, and Assistant Coach Brian Carpenter, the had
the confidence they needed to win. When asked about the J.V. volleyball
team coach Amanda Joiner said, "First we have to work as a team then work
to win!" New to the P.K.Yonge staff is Christina Valendo, the coach for the
Freshman team. Nine young, but skillful girls, made the Freshman team. The
J.V. and Freshman teams should be proud of their determination and devotion
to play hard and win.

J.V. Volleyball 99

During half-time the squad gathers for a goofy shot. This year the girls weren't afrai L
to show their true spirit.

"Material Girls"
written by:
Ashley Poser
Out with the old and in with the new has to be the Varsity cheerleading
squad's motto this year. With a new captain and co-captains, the squad
had to adapt to changes in everything. But with a little hard work the
group was back on top again. With fresh spirit the squad was able to
prove themselves to the spectators. Even with the worst crowds, their
unique way of cheering put smiles on everyone's faces. With this
ability they were able to cheer football and basketball teams on to
victory. The girls made appearances at volleyball games, to prove that
women's sports also deserve support and attention.

100 Sports

1. Juniors Mandy Irwin and
LaToya Rutledge get caught by
Dr. Mead during a pep-rally. All
the girls had become close during
their time together

2. Kristin Myers, Courtney
Shannon, and Toy Baker dance
during High Tide. The three
new girls added fresh faces to
the varsity squad.

3. Clockwise: Mandy Irwin,
Kristin Myers, Talyah Young,
Jenny Leed, Tabitha Butler,
Ashley Poser, LaToya Rutledge,
and Julie Eberhard.

4. Senior Tabitha Butler
rejoices with jubilation during a
touchdown. Tabitha was voted
Most Spirited of the senior class.

5. Senior Janivea Lewis
shows her support for the
football team by wearing the
players numbers. Here, Janivea
breaks to discuss what cheer to
do next.

Varsity Cheerleading

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