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Title: Yongester
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Title: Yongester
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Language: English
Creator: P.K. Yonge Laboratory School
Publisher: P.K. Yonge Laboratory School
Publication Date: 1992
Copyright Date: 1952
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' i;~i*.h. :
'' '
'' I
:i 1-2 .L;li i -I i~-- ; ;I
"- 1 ~ .
. C L. I
I; I--..-.-:.

:- ---_r`.1




'2u r"

C.ls 1
Seniors D8

SSpor. 68

k -.Student Life 15 4
S .. --nior Directory "172 .

.r y 1.72.

d Med lrary

: :

'- 1

I *S-
,01 ;51 F n V11 M

Below: Sophomore Terry Jackson shows sports aren't the only thing he

Above: Kelly Samms takes time to
do her work outdoors.

Above right: "Huh?" Leigh Scott
answers the call of a cameraman
in search of candids. Right: "All
the ladies!" says Chike Williams
before going to class.




As the school year ap-
proached, the thought of early
Monday mornings and late
Friday nights lingered in the
..... ; ". *'..'':
heads of many students. All at
Once it became a reality that it
.1 was time for the summer games
to end and the football games,:.
to begin.
For students, the beginning
of the year brought excite- .,:
ment. For the incoming fresh-
man, it was the thought of re-
ally starting high school, and
for the seniors, there was a lit-;
Ile sadness in knowing that 180
days from now, they would:
have to start all over again, and
Their "game would be over!"
This yearbook is different
from all the P.K. yearbooks of: .' .:
Sthe past. We worked hard and :
had a very dedicated staff. We
hope you will enjoy it as much :, ":'
as we do. Now in the infamous'.-
words of Dominique Wilkins.
i "It's TIME to PLA'Y!" :.
Dara Bernard Editor
Jamie Franks Editor .
Susan Bredahl Advisor,::"-.
Left A group of high school students poe ::. :';
for a photo Above lefl Paul Cleveland -
stares ol, as .e capture he moment

^g^N?^^'r o N ^ i h inao

Bott,.rm r.ght LatoIa.. Manning jnd Belo, Sophomore \ rnesa Benn pauie,
Tara Young s "he\" B,.onm le t for a moment during: Sprrijcu% ,.eek
SiteL Lip':,.ski and MehIcia Cofiee
are surprised b\ the camera



.\b,:,. le l -illjr,, D ,l..j, arid j trend .;.1-p I ? rw.s iie ,-,"
before school. Below: Drumline member Michael Holt
shows his drum isn't the only loud thing in the bleachers.

Above Left: Junior Dara Bernard grins before the
homecoming game. Below Left: Cam Erney and
Adam Dolsak show us their Senior smiles.



Right: Junior Mike Cruce tries on a new
hat, just for size.


Below: Shawn Jenkins poses, with Righ Fresh'man Jamika
a wonderful face. Young and Juni&rIsreal
Wilcox have a great time at
/ lunch.

Above ,h' .Stv R

Sum erGoo ma. .

".,. .... __ ... j -
n I

Aboe:FrehmnSevRhde .s

his great strength by carrying .
Summer Goodman.

Class o 1992





r' 7

Righl Senior Greg Farmer .Aboe Okaj. '
sj.d. "i [,me for j fun enlor plClure jrind
here jrc the result


Class of '92 rules. Those words have rolled off your
tongue more times than you can count. You've always
looked forward to the day you would be free to make
your own rules for your game and pick your own play-
ers, but as that day gets closer, the memories of this
game begin to grow stronger and so does the antici-
pation for the next stage of the game. You have already
won this game and we know you will win the next too.

Left: Glenn Brown has his Below: Best Friends (1-r) Erin
moment in the sun. Knabb, Amie McLean, Tiffany
Hall and Jaelyn Crews.


Above: Best Smile: Cet Harvey and Anetrice Strobles
Below: Best Dressed: Anthony Sadler and Tasha Brinson

Above: Best All-Around: Brian Konik and Michelle Velez

NO Lj5

Right: Biggest Ego: T.L. Latson and Tiffany Hall

SSenior Superlatives


Above: Best Body: Carl Brown Below: Sinners: David Arnold and Erin

Below: Most Fun on a Deserted Island: Robert
Conning and Amber Patterson-Webb

Below: Most School Spirit: Glenn Brown and Tahra

Below: Best Personality: Jon Colon and Kimber

Above: Best Eyes: Jon Reckenwald and Amy Bell

Below: Biggest Flirt: Percy King and Genna Boyd

Above: Most Likely to Succeed: Brian Konik and Adrianne

Right: Best Legs: Micha Gustafson and Michelle Velez

Senior Superlatives

Above: Most Athletic: T.L. Latson and Amy Mickle

Above: Best Looking: Adam Dolsak and Tammy Whitt

Above: Class Chats: Robert Wingard and Amie

Senior Superlatives

Above: Most Intellectual: Chirag Patel and Keesha Johnson

Above: Saints: Edward Lavingino and Wendy

Not Pictured: Most Likely to get out of Trouble: Cam
Erney and Tricia Shields

) Senior Superlatives

Above: Class Jokers: Eric Hammock and Katandra


C; P.

1i O

4 ..a







~~ ~?-~Lc~-~1~
C. '

L ..


4c '


I "*w.


'- -





. .


* gT


I w
< Adr

1 ^





C. ~ w~F

-~ "a;b~-






lp1 AP



IP -
.A,( '-
~:F ~*~'~
Z~. *;" L~s



i 4

,B i
- if1~"0.


~T-: k*
21 "



b. Pa bE~C ~'i
i~t ~i~

L"- p



tllA7 //
P 1,zw

SiBPiP^" ,^A
^^P^" ^^H
igll,' ^^H
Sljjjsy _^^^^^H
^^^ ^^^^^1



-a Kf




' ,;

f -9

Sc ~s~


6 r


~ ~g4 Ix
x Vj

.i: ~cof

?1 -IMP

, ** *-24.

sister K.E. all my love and the knowledge that I will always
be there for you.

I, Greg Farmer, being of sound mind and body, have nothing;
therefore, leave nothing to no one.

I, Katrina Gaddy, being of fine body and intellectual mind
leave to the Junior Varsity cheerleading squad all the best of
luck and success. To the Varsity cheerleading squad I leave
my outrageous voice and enthusiasm. May God Bless You All.
And to Jeremy Stedman I leave all those pink slips and the
friendship that came with them! I'll miss ya!

I, Chris Gamm, being of weary mind and wrecked body, do
leave my insanity to all upcoming Seniors. Good luck and I
pity you.

I, Brian Hall, being of sound mind and huge body leave to
my brother Kevin an hour car ride and my driving technique.
To the baseball team cold winter practices, and to Courtney
I leave my undying love. To the CMB's, As-alaan. Alaikian.
Peace. It's been real.

I, Tiffany Hall, being of tired mind and energetic body, leave
to Julie and Lorraine our memories. To Courtney, I leave the
best of luck in high school and my parking space. To Emily
and Jenny, I leave you both the strength to remain best friends
throughout high school. I love you all!

I, Eric Hammock, being the last Redneck at P.K., leave: 1)
Flor all the redneck wisdom, 2) Mrs. Parker all my moldy
spit cups, 3)Mrs. Bredahl my brains 4) Mrs. Dean an empty
pot of coffee, 5) Paul an empty six pack of Budwizer, 6) Joey
Canto a free one month trial at Nutra System, 7) and the rest
of y'all a 10 pound bag of cow -it.

I, Adrienne Hines, leave LaTara Young my good taste in men
and some of my knowledge. I would also like to leave Chike
Williams all of my knowledge about science. I leave Stacy
Cauldwell some self-respect, and last, to all of my fellow sisters
and brothers the ability to graduate.

I, Raquel Jackson, being of intelligent mind and fine body,
leave everything to all the underclassmen except my sugar
putting' Robert E. Sheppard Jr., BKA my baby. To Juanita, I
leave "a note" just in case you need one. To the Varsity cheer-
leading squad, I leave absolutely nothing. See ya ... and I
wouldn't wanna be ya!

I, Victoria L.T.D. Jenkins leave "Tuff Image" the best of luck
in the future and the memories we had in that one year "Al-
ways and Forever." Shenika "Side" King all the free-throws
in the world plus D.A.K. and T., Mr. Wentz 1st period English
an old saying "Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but
in rising up every time we fall." To all my teachers alot of
thanks and love. And to the 14K Posse "smiles" and "Doin'
it", Peace 4 life, love 4 ever, and the best 4 the future.

1, Erin Knabb, of confused mind and lazy body, leave to my
sister all the memories. To Scott (my little brother), good luck
in the future. To Courtney, I leave all the good times I had.
I love you all and thanks, it's been great!

I, Suzanne Marie Legare, leave to all my friends here; many
memories and the best of luck. I give Johnny Ray a bag of
cheeto muscles. "It doesn't fit!" Slap OWWW!! to Rhee, our
memories of KT and fun throughout the years. To Amber,
I'm waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting. To "Big K" I give an
orangejumpsuit, Arthur 2-sheds Jackson, a box of raisins, and
a rainbow with many clouds to sit under. Finally, to Mom and
Dad, thanks for everything. I Love You.

I, Ted Lincoln leave Shum my spot on the bike rack. I leave
my spot in the art room to Arnay. And leave this school to
all the poor underclassmen.

I, Katandra Littles, leave my love, good luck in football, kisses
and hugs. To my brother Tony, good grades, all da chicks (my
friends) and Sports Skills. To Tara Y., my big mouth. Latoya
M. (my cuz), defense & love. Fellisha & Camille, love and
luck. D.J. I love you always and forever.

I, Amie McLean, leave Tasha and Jameka Young a box of

Jello; to Paul Cleveland a pair of Garth tickets; to Chris Spikes
some mosquito repellent; to Steven I leave you all my sisterly
love and all our hours of driving; to Mom and Dad, all my
thanks and love.

I, Amy G. Mickle, leave Latoya Manning my trick-ma abil-
ities and my body so that you can pull S.J. and J.M. I also
leave you my basketball skills so that you can carry on the
legend. I also leave Shenika a few fine guys and some pull.
And Stephen all my love.

I, Krista Oehl, of exhausted body and fried mind, hearby leave
Jamie Franks the ability to deal with Mrs. Bredahl (Agh),
the idiot driver award and memories of the LEEL SHEETS!
I leave to Kelly Whitt the love of the beach and faith in Jesus.
Then I leave P.K. forever. "Imagine" ... Peace.

1, Maria Oldacre, being of outrageous mind and body, leave
Gabe Tyner a life, Suzanne P. and Beau all the rights of a
senior and our wonderful memories of Chemistry and friend-
ship. I leave the Peer Counseling class my love, thanks, ac-
ceptance, and understanding. To Suz, I leave our memories
of friendship, and the promise of more to come.

I, Radha Suki-Sky Pacini-Hernandez, being of semi-sound
mind and body leave Kelley Sams my love, support, a bottle
of tequila, hot box, a "Crazy" song, a kiss on the cheek and
a huge hug. And to my brother Tai, I leave a pack of big red
and lime-aid for Cotton mouth. I love you both.

I, Jon Reckenwald, being outta P.K. forever, hereby leave to
Jamie Frank a ticket to the Alachua County Fair ... have
fun! To my younger brothers my parking place, to "the group"
another year of this place, to all my friends the best of luck.

I, Rachel Rothman, being of a tad too much body and a tad
too little mind, leave Jessica Parlapiano my bangs and fin-
gernails (yes, I know she doesn't go to school here anymore,
but I promised!) To Tai I leave enough toilet paper rolls to
last us a lifetime, and, of course, a whole lot of luck to get
through and finally out of this place!! Ha, ha, ha!!!

I, Patricia A. Shields, being of hella mind & fauchy body,
bequeath the following to: Tara more markers, Wendy -
worms (Wiggle It!), Josh Saran-Wrap and shaving cream,
Brown Turtles with Green Legs happiness and stable fam-
ilies, Marcie refills for your key chain and true love, Anne
- FEA and many more names for stuffed animals, and to
Andie a ceiling full of roses form lovers and friends.

I, Sheree Stalnaker, leave Minna and Tarja Vuorenmaa a one
way ticket back to the United States; all the great memories
of friendships to Kelly S., Radha, Patricia, Margie, Barbara
W., Kathleen M., and Linda; to the freshmen I leave my
ability to drive Ms. Parker CRAZY!; to my sister Kristy I
leave my innate ability to get away with "car trouble."

I, Anetrice Strobles, leave Wayne and Shenika my beautiful
smile, Kim Williams my 20/20 vision, Kea my pretty brown
eyes, Sadia my track speed, Keeshia Strawder my patience,
Courtney my ability to express myself verbally, Latrice my
hour-glass shape and thick legs. To my brother Ennis, I leave
all my love and my ability to excel in sports and academics.

I, Barbara Walker, being of sound mind, leave the following:
To Angie and Melissa, don't do too much horsing around; to
Kelsey, good luck with Joey; and last and definitely least, to
Big Bird (A.R.), "Can you tell me how to get; how to get to
Sesame Street?!" No thanks for the memories, P.K.!

I, Linda Westbrook, leave Silas the ability to be secure in the
fact of his own identity, thanks for all the talks, the rides and
laughs. To Susan I wish you self-confidence, thanks for eve-
rything. I love you. To my brother, my writing ability. Maria,
Anne, and all my friends, I love you all!!

1, Elaine Whiting, being of deranged mind and body, leave
Mrs. Bredahl a map to find her glasses, the wonders of being
a senior to Grace & Isobel, and to Tara & Laura, the memories
of NK's, Mark, & all the guys, but remember "Try it, you
might like it."

I, Tammy Whitt, possessing the mind of Christ, hereby leave

to my sister Kelley, my love, the love of Jesus, strength to
keep things running smoothly, and the courage to stay on the
straight and narrow path. To one of my best friends, Kimber
Wilbar, I leave my friendship for the years to come. To Gabe
Tyner, I leave a high self-esteem, and to my very best friend,
Randy Wiebe, I leave my heart and lover forever and ever in
the precious name of Jesus who has given us strength to endure
until His perfect timing.

Jon Colon





Jon Reckenwald

Tricia Shields

Suzanne Legare

Niles and Adrian Garrettson

Josh Anderson

Maria Oldacre


Amie McLean

Wendy Abbott

Amy Bell

Richard Davis

Tiffany Hall

Tiffany Hall

David Arnold

Jonathan Colon

Tara Dawson

Adrienne Hines

Rutvic Amin


Robert Conning


Raquel Jackson

Laura Becht

re I--J^^ _:~__i>^_>^ii
.HrL w^l!"'1'^^


Kim Crosby

Greg Farmer

Vickie Jenkins

28 Baby Pictures


Percy King

Percy King

Erin Knabb

Suzanne Legare

Amie McLean

I '1 '.5

La -I-

Patricia Shields

Maria Oldacre

Sheree Stalnaker

Lna es---- b ro
inda Westbrook
Linda Westbrook

Amber Patterson-Webb

Anetrice Strobles

Tammy Whitt

Jon Reckenwald

Barbara Walker

Kimber Wilbar
Kimber Wilbar

Baby Pictures 29


Jo Lindsey

Richard Davis

Amy Bell

Robert Coning

~ CrlS~p ..' ~r 'w

Kimber Wilber

Tara Dawson

Greg Farmer

Adrienne Hines

Tiffany Hall

Latasha Brinson and Aneatrice Strobles





Can U Imagine?

Wendy Abbott a fly girl dancer?
Levi Akers computer illiterate?
Rick Amin graduating as a legal adult?
Josh Anderson with only one girlfriend at a time?
David Arnold being tall?
Laura Becht failing chemistry?
Amy Bell 5'11"?
Tasha Brinson feeling inferior to anyone?
Ariel Brown as any other Disney character?
Carl Brown staying awake through Anderson's class?
Bret Bohannon a convict?
G.B. Bowes working at McDonald's?
Jeremy Coffey in remedial classes?
Jonathan Cohen a heavy metal head banger?
Jon Colon being eye level with Coach Leath?
Robert Coning taking the vows of a priest?
Todd Cooper an only child?
Carson Courage on time?
Jaelyn Crews without a tan?
Kim Crosby refusing hair spray?
Aurymir Davila with straight hair?
Richard Davis without Amanda?
Tara G. Dawson without the lipstick on her teeth?
Sean Devlin with Nathan's hair?
Adam Dolsak with a button nose?
Margie Eno with nothing to do?
Cam Erney confessing?
Tahra Edwards sitting around not doing anything?
Katrina Gaddy and Genna Boyd as traffic safety officers?
Greg Farmer talking your ear off?
Chris Gamm failing P.E.?
Adrian Garretson without his lumberjack hat?
Niles Garretson with hairy legs?
Micah Gustafson a professional driver?
Brian Hall in a truck five feet off the ground?
Tiffany Hall not kissing up to her coaches?
Eric Hammock a Yale yuppie?
Andie Harrell a cheerleader?
Cet Harvey finishing a sentence without a gold smile?
Michael Hine loud?

Adrienne Hines not active?
Vickie Jenkins a midget?
Keesha Johnson exploding in a wild outburst of cursing?
Percy King working for Pearl Vision center?
Erin Knabb a rocket scientist?
Brian Konik as God? NOT!
T.L. Latson acting his age?
Edward Lavagnino a metal head with long blond hair and a nose ring?
Suzanne Legare keeping a secret?
Juanita Lewis a mute?
Katandra Littles without DJ?
Amie McLean driving a sports car?
Amy Mickle being uncoordinated and lazy?
Alex Nelson not asking for someone's homework?
Novida Shaukat in a miniskirt?
Rahda Pacini a nuclear arms dealer for Saddam Hussein?
Chirag Patel as fat as Dom Deluise?
Krista Oehl with 100% attendance?
Maria Oldacre thinking she's wrong?
Jon Reckenwald not being so-o-o nice?
Ronnie Reed not insulting someone?
Dawn Richardson with a perfect car?
Rachel Rothman a Catholic?
Anthony Sadler waiting till 2:45 to leave school?
Raj Shields being Irish?
Tricia Shields being as innocent as she looks?
Steve Siedzik sewing?
Sheree Stalnaker being loud?
John Strickland as Jim Morrison?
Anetrice Stobles toothless?
Gabe Valla with plain brown eyes?
Michelle Velez not having an attitude?
Barbara Walker without Eddie?
Linda Westbrook showing her wild side at school?
Elaine Whiting with a picture book?
Tammy Whitt with short hair?
Kimber Wilbar overweight?
Carter Wilson on campus?
Robert Wingard not giving his opinion, even when you don't ask?


Modeling the latest second grade fashion,
David Arnold poses during the Hat


0 eing a Lifer is more than just ships that have lasted since elementary
being here since kindergarten, school, and the momentous events of
It means that you have a fam- crossing the creek and 8th grade grad-
ily within the P.K. family. "I know most uation. These past 13 years have been
of the students and I'm friends with a a time for growing, and even though
lot of the faculty and I account that to it may seem like we have been here
the fact that I've been here almost 13 forever, the closeness that has come as
years." said Katrina Gaddy. Lifers can a result has made it all worthwhile.
look back and remember the friend-

Look for: Latasha Brinson, Percy King,
Johnathan Cohen, Erin Knabb, Laura Becht,

Amy Mickle, and G.B. Bowes. The rest of the
Lifers were in the other 1st grade class.

Dianne Walsh
First Grade


1980 1981

Gainesville. Florida

Dr. J. B. Hodges Director
.___Dr. Rick Fey Asst. Director

----- --_----------- - s.m

Now and then Jaelyn Crews and Erin Knabb
"Best Friends Forever."


From left to right: top row; David Arnold, Becht. Bottom row; Percy King, Erin Knabb,
Dawn Richardson, Jaelyn Crews, Laura Anetrice Strobles, Katrina Gaddy, Amy

Mickle, Adrienne Hines, Jonathan Cohen,
Vickie Jenkins.



**, -. e. At

p m
1^ r

g a e ++i!] i + ++ii~i l

The players -of thee games have : .*
::bright future.to look forward to. Only.
.-*a. .': : a few more years before they haye .con- :: *:
.. uered the games:. It will soon be theit..:
S:turn to make their own rules and have..
* the true: satisfa-ction of. knowing. you have :fi-
nally won; this stage of the game .:

: : .441

Christian Alexander
Peter Bennett
Dara Bernard
Jackie Bohannon
Dusten Bruens

Heather Calderwood
Jason Canard
Joey Canto
Paul Cleveland
Jennifer Callopy

Beth Crocker
Lisa Crown
Mike Cruce
Reynaldo Davila
Dinah Davis

Joel Davis
James Davison
Annie DeVane
Chris Dunmore
Chad Emmons

Aramis Figueroa
Jamie Franks
Kia Gardner
Karre Gindy
Elizabeth Giesel

Frank Gravine
Beau Heyman
Carrie Hoyle
Shawn Jenkins
Julie Johnson


Left: James Davison takes a
break to smile for the

Below: Anne Kinton, the foremost
lady-lifter, shows off her talent.

Above: Buddies, Suzanne Prugh and Shana Marcus pose for the camera.

Juniors 3



Amanda Joiner
George Jones
Michelle Kelly
Anne Kinton
Brian Kinton

Molly Kline
Amy Klopfenstein
Denelle Knowles
Fellisha Leath
Melissa Lewis

Steve Lipowski
Eric Lock
LaToya Manning
Shana Marcus
Julio Marquez

Traci Martin
Silas McCollum
Brandon McLeod
Ralph McNish
Grace Melgarejo

Isobel Melgarejo
Aidines Munoz Reyes
April Nobles
Jay Outcalt
Rob Parham

Jason Parker
Kelsey Poe
Suzanne Prugh
Patrick Reynolds
Alison Richardson

Below: Chad Williams, Raquel Jiminez, and Melissa Lewis at the class trip to the Reitz

r 4it i~az~n
b ~-~; Ir p tin






Above: Patrick Reynolds spies the camera catching him red-handed with
a candy cane.
Left: Betsy Giesel serves to a teammate during a practice.


Kelissa Rivera
Nikki Roche
Marcie Rowe
Rainy Rucker
Elizabeth Rutkin

Kelly Sams
Wei Shen
Cris Spikes
Adam Stone
Eric Thomas

Mark Vickers
Anson Wait
Eric Weiss
Scott Wentzlaff
Angela Weston

Israel Wilcox
Ken Willis
Camille Williams
Kim Williams
Cennethia Wingard

Tasha Young
Chris Youngblood

Below: Carrie Hoyle visits Dusten Bruens during an "easy class."

Below: Beau Heyman and Wei Shen watch intently as teammates
play the field.

.^,. ,t

Right: Aiming at the side pocket is Peter

Above: Jason Canard shares his piano talent for all to hear.


( D,


Hannah Barrett
Nicole Bastien
Vanessa Benn
Malia Billman
John Bohannon

Zac Bordes
Craig Bost
Julie Brandenburg
Donald Brown
Petrina Bryant

Micah Byars
Ramon Cabezes
Stacy Caulwell
Sarah Coe
Jonathan Colon

Kristin Corr
Michael Cox
Jenny Crane
Chad Darwin
Tiffany Dillow

Brian Doherty
Cornelius Dunmore
Timothy Elverston
Allison Farrow
Aruni Fernando

Wayne Fields
Scott Fogarty
Greg Goldfaden
Danny Greene
Jennifer Gresh

~a%~' ~


, -tE

Left: Jaime Worth is 'swinging' in the rain. Below: The original 'Tim
Elverston' pose used to impress Ms. Stepp and her class. Far Below:
Brian Doherty hasn't learned that when you skip class, you're not sup-
posed to read!


l-e `I





Sarah Griffin
Shandon Hales
Kevin Hall
Tai Hernandez
Adam Hodges

Mariah Howe
Caitlin Hughes
Renee Jackson-
Terry Jackson
Steve Johnson

Marcus Khuri
Shenika King
Matthew Knudssen
Shannan Kurtz
Xavier Lopez

Lance Mathis
Leannis Maxwell
Kristen McCallum
Alvin McDonald
Steven McLean

Stephan Mickle
Mary Middleton
Scott Mills
Monica Mims
Chet Moody

Matthew Naylor
Brian Nilon
Lisa Orton
Brandon Overstreet
Elizabeth Page



1 "E I, I

rl ~LI~Y~

Left: Stephan Mickle blows 'em away on his tuba. Below: Renee Jackson
heads for her car after school.


T. ;k -
^ .. .. -- --^ |, \7 ;1

Left: Shantana Young knows she's the "Beauty,"
but who's that "Beast"? Above: Nicole Bastien
struts her stuff on and off the softball field.


Kimberly Patterson
Denika Player
Mandy Pruitt
Barbara Reed
Dearrah Sadler

Chris Salvano
April Schille
Leigh Scott
Stoney Sharp
Nadia Shields

Jacob Springfield
Adam Trynoski
Kalissa Vinson
Holly Webster

Diana Whitmer
Bryan Wilkinson
Chike Williams
Niesa Wilson

Jaime Worth
Shantana Young

Tara Young
Heath Zuckerberg


Right: Cornelius Dunmore jams to the sound of his sax. Below: Chris
Salvano and Leigh Scott take advantage of the fresh air during English.

'- ,-"

Left: Renee Jackson asks, "What?!" Above: Tara Young says, "Those
guys are so silly!" as, Right: Wayne Fields and Terry Jackson sing and
dance in the lunchroom.


Dhruva Adams
Jessica Alexander
Phillip Allen
Clayton Anderson
Robert Baker

Carlarta Baskin
Zachary Bass
Lauren Bishop
Bobby Beland
Greg Brooker

Stephen Broom
Jessica Bruno
Austin Carr
Dean Chance
Melissa Coffey

Scott Crews
John Cromwell
Carrie Darbyshire
Coleen Delate
Tracy Doering

Trevor Duncan
Brandie Durie
Todd Eberst
Kristin Emmons
Katie Eno

Holly Florence
Laura Gamm
Justin Gonzalez
Summer Goodman
Alexandra Gowan



Left: Sunning on a bench are Traci Doering and J.J. Sirmons

Below: Lifting weights is Matt Rascovisch

L -



Above: Posing on the new Art Room patio are
Freshmen Terry O'Connell and Shad Latson
Right: Taking it easy on the grass are Freshman
Steve Logan, Junior Eric Thomas and Freshman
Erin Shell.

~J.. i


Anthony Gratto
Evelyn Harrell
Ola Hatchett
Shannon Helle
Wes Hetrick

Jasmine Hoobler
Niyome Horton
Joseph Hughes
Blue Hulbert
Keesha Johnson

Lorraine Johnson
Shaneka Johnson
Courtnee Jurnigan
David Konik
Shad Latson

Rob Lawson
Erika Leone
Javonte Lewis
Tony Littles
Melissa McCulloch

Danny McDowell
Lekisie McIntyre
Leah McTigue
Devin Meyers
Sarah Montilla

Marcia Morgan
James Nash
Steve Logan
Terry O'Connell
Jason Palmer


~ / LI

i, i.

:~4 r~n iil I
- 2,A-,

Below: Enjoying lunches from home and school are Joe Hughes, Leah McTigue,
and Mara Welker.

Above: Inspecting a microscope are Freshmen Darrell Pattio and
Jackie Strappy.

Above: Freshman Keesha Johnson, Sophomore Kalissa Vinson, and Freshman Carlarta Baskin
enjoy sitting with their friends during lunch.

Above: Hanging out in the parking lot is Freshman
David Konik.

Freshmen 51


Pam Parham
Erich Parker
Robin Parker
Rodrigo Pastrana
Darrell Pattio

Joe Pierce
Michael Pregony
Kristen Rabell
Stephen Rhodes
Andrew Robertson

Shum Rojas
Matthew Rascovich
Timothy Schille
Florian Schreier
Erin Shell

J.J. Sirmons
Kristy Stalnaker
Jackie Strappy
Latrice Strappy
Wallace Taylor

Erica Thomas
Quilla Trimmer-Smith
Gabe Tyner
Elizabeth Von Gunten
Lindsey Watson

Mara Welker
Matt Westbrook
Johnny Westland
Skye White
Julia-Susan Withers

. 1

Ashley Wood
Jamika Young

Above: Rushing to class are Freshmen Matt Westbrook, Matthew Rascovich, Ola Hatchett, and Steve Logan.

." i *
rh !

Above: Lekisie McIntyre, Erica Thomas, Ola Hatchett, Javonte Lewis, Shannon Helle, Justin Gon-
zales, and Gabe Tyner relax and smile for a picture.

Above: Caught off guard is Freshman Clayton An-



Right: 8th grader Darsha Gorman gets ready to kick the ball.

Below: Jonathan Nichols and David Houder lounge while studying.

I I'. 4,

Above: Jonathan Hoobler, Alex Then, and Jody Cilmi smile at the camera.

4 Middle School

Left: 6th graders Ryan Marcus
and Justin Brooten enjoying the

Below Left: John Walker helps
teach his class.

Below: Members of the Reality
101 class, Dana Hawkins and
Amy-Beth Tillman, show off their

8th Grade

Jason Anthony
Carly Asse
Ajax Atzinger
Roderick Avery
Robert Bennett j

Walter Booth
Kelli Boyd
Tom Briegel
Grant Cooper

John Crocker
Daniel Cunningham
Levon Davis
April Davison
Alana Dennard j

Will Donnelly
Michael Douglas
Darsha Gorman
Melissa Gratto
Angela Harris

Michael Holt
David Houder
Sean Kearns
Demetra Kendal
Omar Khan

Roxanne Khuri
Kelly Kingsley
Susanna Knight
Cedar Lane
Charlie Leath &k

Ed Adams
Wendy Alford
Cheryl Angell

4;1 %





Eighth Grade


Pi~( 1


sf~i P,

C Qrl`


1P' '%$B;gi~ki

Tony Leath
..".Steve Lewis
Claire Lindberg
S" ", Jennifer Lovvorn
Danny Mathia

William Maurer
Sean McCoy
SBrian Moody

Johnathan Nichols

SEvan Paulter
Sara Peck
1 Tori Player
i. Sarah Pohlman
-* E Katie Pokorney

Katie Preston
SKevin Regan
SKTrevor Richter
L l Kelley Riley
S .Khalilah Sadler

Julie Sension
S4' c Cendra Simmons
S-. Elisabeth Stahmann
Deva Webb
James Weny

S1Kelly Whitt
Alyssa Williams
Carla Williams
l Kiara Wihans


Eighth Grade

7th Grade

Davey Crane
Iris Coe
Case Calkins
Heather Browning
Saudia Bradley

Jacqueline Fernando
Martina Emmerson
Justin Echeverry
Wendy Day
Bevin Cromartie

Matthew Greenstein
Melissa Gottschalch
Jarrett Gonzalez
Keith Goldfaden
Shaun Gaffney

Bethany Jerman
Jake Hugus
Mary Hammond
Simon Groce
Glenn Griggs

Kassie Knabb
Mark Vanderhoek
Damian Jones
Beverly Johnson
Vanessa Jewett

Joey Maligno
Vanessa Lesneski
Justin Langer
Stacy Laine
Heather Knopfle

pr -~

Seventh Grade

B1 Ih_


Nicci McClain
Larry McDaniel
Laurel Mixson
Heath Morrison
Melissa Mottschalch

Jennifer Mydock
Whantavia Nelson
Elia Ottenberg
Carl Owens
Saul Ploch

Rex Robertson
Michael Roche
Jake Rucker
Amita Sarthakumar
Wes Sapp

Ben Sharp
Tracy Spies
Keshia Strawder
Shelton Swilley
Jonette Taylor

Laura Thompson
Are Thue-Jones
Sara Kate Tillman
John Walker
Johnny Walker

Jenny Watts
Kameron Wilson
Kyle Wilson
Jeff Youngblood

Seventh Grade

, ,

6th Grade
Tasha Bensamin
Emily Arnold
Sloan Anderson

Telisha Brown
Justin Brooten
Marianne Brunson
Adia Bivens
Megan Bettinghaus

Lana Cooper
Jody Climi .
Chris Chestnut
Sam Chappell
Jason Bootle

Stacy Fisherton -
Udeni F uernando
Josh Farmer
Jack Creveling
Elizabeth Corrtman'

Curtis Gaskalla ZIA
Shawn Gaffney ?
Sabrina Gaddy
Amy Fullerton f'
Ben Fuller

Jonathan Hoobler
David Hawkins
Danna Hawkins
Leah Hartman
Jesse Gustafson If '" "

Laura Kurtz
Ryan Knopfle "
Meredith Knight
Ameena Khan
Eddie Jewett

Sixth Grade


AM -

Mike Langieri
Tajar Leath
Matthew Lindberg
Lynnae Mathia
Ryan Marcus

Jazzlyn Maxwell
Michelle McDaniel
Ajsha Mims
Alexis Moran
Badger Moring

Kenneth Mukasa
Jennifer Nichols
Eli Ott
Amy Owens
Nikole Peters

Jesse Rhoads
Kelley Richards
Jessica Riley
Jason Saunders
Kelly Scott

Alan Simons
Erin Slott
Genny Spies
Ennis Strobles
Alex Then

Anthony Thomas
LaLonia Thomas
Shavonne Thomas
Amy Beth Tillman
Tasha Turner

Ben Tyner
Mika Valisalo
MaryAnne VanTyne
Curtis VanGunton
Reggie Williams

b -- --- .


Sixth Grade



Top Sophomores Kristie Corr and Shandon Hales model
the little black dress on Vogue Day. Above Miami
Hurricanes fans, juniors Karre Gindy, Dara Bernard, and
sophomore Brian Nilon on Favorite College Team Day.

Top For junior Eric Thomas, everyday is Vogue Day. Above Sophomores
Steve McLean and Micha Byers support their favorite college teams.

Spirit Week

Right Junior Carrie Hoyle and sophomore Wayne Fields sport
the matching Cross Colors outfits on Twin Day. Right Brothers,
but not quite twins, sophomore Donald Brown and senior Carl Brown
on Twin Day.



Above Freshman Clash Day victim Robin Parker.

Above Juniors Suzanne Prugh, Heather Calderwood, Dusten Bruens,
and Betsy Giesel all send a subtle but important message on Twin Day.

Spirit Week

Below The Prince, Shawn Jenkins and Princess LaToya Manning of
the Junior Class.


Above The 1991 Homecoming King and Queen, Brian Konik and
Tarah Edwards.

Above The 1991 Homecoming Court "Strictly Macking".

Below The 1991 Homecoming Court:
12th David Arnold & Michelle Velez,
Eric Hammock, Kimber Wilbar, 11th -
Aramis Figueroa & Karre Gindy, Chad

Vr?. ^

Emmons & Dara Bernard, 10th Arnie
Knudsen & Denika Player, 9th Anthony
Gratto & Elizabeth Von Gunten.

-r ,. '" -J '
. .. ', *, -- "1 -. -
-'. --- -, .
,-. .. _, . -' . . .
-~~ ;t.

Above The 1991 Sweethearts and
Heartthrobs: Band Chet Moody &
Amber Patterson-Webb, Escort Eric Thomas
with 12th grade Genna Boyd, Escort Jay

Outcalt with 11th grade Alison Richardson,
escort Jonathan Colon with 10th grade
Shannon Hales, 9th Shad Latson &
Javonte Lewis. Not pictured due to football

- 12th grade Cam Erney, 11th grade Israel
Wilcox, and 10th grade Alvin McDonald.



; .c: I"C~ ~~

very year, when fall rolls
around, the students begin to
look forward to the excite-
ment of homecoming: the homecom-
ing court, the heartthrobs and sweet-
hearts, and, of course, Hi-Tide.
This year, hosted by seniors Brian
Konik, T.L. Latson, and Adam Dol-
sack, Hi-Tide featured student ver-
sions of such famous acts as Men on
Film, Homey the clown, and the En-
ergizer bunny. Produced and pre-
sented by the students of P.K. Hi-
Tide comes along not only to enter-
tain the school body, but to boost spirit
for the upcoming homecoming game.

Along with such annual activities
like the homecoming court, drum line,
and Varsity and J.V. cheerleading
squads, this year's show stopping acts
included: the Bayo dance act, made
up of Wayne Fields, Jamie Worth,
Maggi Towers, and Bayo Cary; the
antics of Wilcox and company, head-
ed by junior Israel Wilcox; and the
P.K. female high school teachers in
a hilarious dance routine.

Below The female faculty members show
their students a different side of their, uh,
personalities before being broken up by the
Energizer Bunny (bottom) a.k.a. freshman
Austin Carr.



Above Finding the top ten babes of P.K.
wasn't easy, and being worthy and
uncensored was even harder for Wayne's
World actors sophomores Leigh Scott and
Stoney Sharp.

Left Sophomore Wayne Fields gives the
two snaps on the side for one of the many
men of P.K.

Above Freshman Robert Baker raps it up
with help from backup dancer senior Cet

Top Junior Israel Wilcox impresses the
guys and makes the girls jealous flaunting
his stuff before reviewing the "Men of P.K."
Above Senior M. C.'s T.L. Latson, Brian
Konik, and Adam Dolsak introduce the next

Top Whitey the Clown (senior Brian Konik)
tries to find the lightest of all (seniors Erin
Knabb, Percy King, and Cet Harvey).


Left Senior Glenn Brown, junior Israel
Wilcox, and senior Percy King of the Cet It
Off Posse open up the show. Above The
Great Cliffnack makes his annual
predictions with a little help from sophomore
TLeigh Scott.

IWI - --- -I --c__-L-----L_---~-- --- -- -

:' " '.:'' ". " '' '-' '

.-. . '
..~~~~~~ ':.". .. ,.

.. .- . . -


Friday. nights brought us out for
football games,. as other nights we.
Same to-the gymi forvolleyball and.
. basketball games. On cold winter .
days we sat-.on the sidelines of the soccer
field. Weekends ..ere:.spent working dili-
gently. on the'abaall andsoftb ll fields.All
:this because everyone participated .in P.K.'s
;* :;.^;:;^.:*:~ ~ ~~ l.:^! :*;.:;:!;'t;.^ :^ -*'* **' ^ T

1991 Varsity Football Team (1-r) Front row
Israel Wilcox, Robert Baker, Darrell
Pattio, Josh Anderson, Craig Bost, Cam
Erney, Dhruva Adams, Ashley Woods. 2nd
row Mike Cruce, DJ Mitchum, Todd
Eberst, Steve Lipowski, Chris Youngblood,
Greg Farmer, Carson Courage, Steve
Rhodes, Bryan Wilkerson. Back row -
Coach Duiguid, Coach Guttenger, Terry
Jackson, Leigh Scott, Brian Nylon, Percy
King, Adam Dolsak, T.L. Latson, Ralph
McNish, James Davison, Mica Byers, Zack
Borders, John Reckenwald, Glen Brown,
Head Coach John Clifford.






Left: Saftey DJ Mitchum shows his
defensive side as Robert Baker waits for
the leftovers. Below: Fullback Israel
Wilcox scampers into the open field
while Robert Baker blocks.

[ his year's P.K. Yonge foot-
[-lball team played with more
spirit and togetherness than ever
before. They started off the sea-
son with big wins over Dixie
County, Keystone, and the most
stunning of all, over #3 ranked
Williston. The Blue Wave
snapped Williston's 4 year, 27
game district winning streak by
the close score of 16-13.
The team had a tremendous
running attack led by sopho-
mores D.J. Mitchum and Terry

Jackson. In mid-season Mitchum
was put out with torn ligaments
in his left knee. Jackson stepped
in to lead the offense, and went
on to score 3 touchdowns in a 42-
6 win over Jacksonville Episco-
pal. The defense was led by jun-
ior Israel Wilcox, who accumu-
lated over 136 tackles, and senior
T.L. Latson who played a crucial
role on both offense and defense.
With the whole team having
such talent, they went on to have
a great season. Jamie Franks

V70 Varsity Football

Varsity Football


--E- L

Right: Coach Mitchum (DJ) and Coach
Clifford confer about the next play.

Above: Quarterback Steve Lipowski
warms up his gun for the big game.

Left: Senior Greg Farmer cools
down before re-entering the
heated match against University




I ,

Right: Senior Adrienne Hines makes a
running save to keep the Waves in the point.

Opponent Outcome

Santa Fe Loss
Oak Hall Win
Dixie County Loss
Interlachen Loss
Newberry Loss
Eastside Win
Dixie County Loss
Newberry Loss
Chiefland Loss
Oak Hall Win
Eastside Win
Santa Fe Loss
Chiefland Win
Interlachen Loss
Hawthorne Win

The 1991 Varsity Volleyball team; (1-r):
Back Row: Julie Johnson, Anetrice Strobles,
Michelle Velez, Tiffany Hall. Middle Row:
Maria Oldacre, Courtney Jurnigen, Alison
Richardson, Shenika King. Bottom Row:
Traci Martin, Margie Eno. Not pictured:
Adrienne Hines.

V. Volleyball


Far Right: Junior Traci Martin gets
on her knees to make a great save.
Right: Senior Annetrice Strobles
makes a running save to bring the
ball back in play.




---arsity Volleyball was not
having a great season. Their
record was 6-12 and Coach Orr
was not happy. There was a lot
of team work. Michelle Velez put
it best, "There is not just one good
person on the team, because it
takes a whole team to win." In

Coach Orr's opinion the three
main players for her team were
Adreinne Hines, Michelle Velez
and Tiffany Hall. Overall the
team played like pros though they
didn't win state.
Joey Canto

Right: Tiffany Hall practices bumping
before the game against Newberry.

Varsity Volleyball


Above: Freshman Leah McTigue powers the
ball infield.

Right: Senior Amy Mickel looks for the
basket at the end of a drive.

76 Sports

Left: Senior Brian Konik goes over the
top of Miami Lakes for another two.

Below: Sophomore Stephan Mickel
dribbles through Santa Fe.

- 0

Right: From top T. L. Latson, Brian
Konik, Carl Brown, Ed Lavagnino, Jay
Outcalt, Percy King, Terry Jackson, Cris
Spikes, Israel Wilcox, Shawn Jenkins,
Glenn Brown, and Jonathan Colon. "

Dedication '

and \


trying to follow up last year's state
championship season may have
seemed like a tremendous pres-
sure, but the team overall was hardly con-
cerned with everyone else's high expecta-
tions. "P.K won the State Championship
title last year. We are not here to defend
it; we are here to win another one," said
senior Glenn Brown. Long grueling prac-
tice before and during the season went
without question and resulted in the team's
improving skills and building dependabili-
ty, trust, and leadership.
One and two point victories, overtimes,
and big comebacks kept the fans on the
edge of their seats. Game highs: T.L. Lat-
son, the Wave's leading rebounder, 34 points
over Chiefland; Israel Wilcox 21 points at
Taylor County; and Brian Konik, 18 points
against Hamilton County. In two over-


times, Terry Jackson's 22 points combined
with Jay Outcalt's 15 to beat Santa Fe by
3. During the same game, Jon Colon hit
four 3 pointers to add to the Wave's win.
Perhaps the most exciting games of the year
were ended by Carl Brown, who scored in
the last seconds of the Dunedin and Jack-
sonville Jackson games to lift the Wave to
a win and total for 54 points.
Despite occasional losses, the Wave nev-
er lost sight of the title. Strong offense and
pressing defenses left the Wave in the top
seed of the district tournament at the end
of the season. "Our depth on the bench
made us very versatile. We have a lot of
able people," said Junior Jay Outcalt. Sen-
ior Adam Dolsak confidently added, "Ex-
perience is our biggest advantage. We al-
ready know what is at the end of the road."

Trinity Christian
Taylor Co.
Mt. St. Mary
Hamilton Co.
Jax. Jackson
Santa Fe
Miami Lakes
Miami Hialeah
Bishop Kenny
Santa Fe
Hamilton Co.

Above: Senior Percy King grips down an "easy"

Right: Senior Carl Brown outbounds Miami Lakes
and slaps down another rebound.


SVarsity Boys Basketball

64 OT
79 20T
81 40T
63 OT

Right Fans always had senior dunkster T.L. Latson
to look to for an exciting game, as here he overpowers
a Panthers player. Below Senior Adam Dolsak slaps
the backboard for another two.

S -
.* .

. : .'4

Left Senior Glenn Brown looks for a pass
as he pulls down another rebound.

Above Unstoppable Amy Mickle
outreaches opponent and teammate

Aneatrice Strobles in getting the ball.

Varsity Girls Basketball




d ''

The Varsity Girls Basketball team: Alex
Nelson, Amy Mickle, Anetrice Strobles,
Adrienne Hines, Tara Young, LaToya
Manning, Courtnee Jurnigan, Hannah
Barrett, Renee Jackson, Sherika King.



S he Girls Varsity Basket-
ball team put up a good
fight this year. With a
strong team of veterans and a de-
sire to be the best they could, the
team pushed its way towards a
great season. "We ended the sea-
son with a 9-13 record," said
team leader Senior Amy Mickle,
"and we won more games than
last year. Overall, I think we had
a fairly successful season."
A great deal of praise went to
Coach Clifford, who stepped in

during the absence of Coach
Marylin Orr. "He came in and
helped us," said Mickle," and
taught the newer members the
fundamentals." Senior Anetrice
Strobles concurred with this when
she said he was "there for us."
The team is already looking
toward the future, which in-
cludes graduating three starters,
but they plan to rebuild with the
same strength they have in the



Left: Junior LaToya Manning sets up for a shot. Above: Senior Anetrice Strobles works her way
down the court.

2 Girls Varsity Basketball


Girls Varsity Basketball

Below: J.V. Basketball team:
(Kneeling) Patrick Reynolds,
Frank Gravine, Eric Weiss,
Brandon Overstreet; (Sitting)
Brian Doherty, Mica Byers,
Zach Borders, Chike Williams,

Donald Brown, Ken Willis,
and John Bohannon. Not
pictured: Greg Goldfaden, Jon
Colon, Stephan Mickle, and
Julio Marquez.

Hus tlers^GI -ii A

usHers tier

oys basketball at this
S school is traditionally a
great program, on the
varsity and junior varsity levels.
Even though their record didn't
show, they finished with a lot
of effort and gained experience.
The JV ball players were ex-
cited about their season. Head
coach Eric Ringdahl said that
"this team was overflowing with
talented players who were anx-
ious to hit the court."

Key players this year includ-
ed second year JV players Chike
Williams and Donald Brown.
Brian Doherty and Greg Gold-
faden, who played Freshman
ball last year, also had an im-
pact on this year's team.
"I believe that our team had
a wealth of talent and that tal-
ent grew and developed as the
season progressed," said Gold-


~T~ p
(4 ?(

: '~' I '

Above: Sophomore Mica Byers takes
the ball hard to the glass for two

D84 J.V. Boys Basketball

Right: Sophomore Alvin
McDonald skies for a rebound
over his opponent from
Jacksonville Jackson.





Below: Coach Powers urges his
team on during a tough game.


- he JV Girls Basketball
=I team gave their all this
season. With a rather
new team and a tough schedule
to face them down, they gave
all their opponents a good run
for their money. "It was a hard
season," said Ericka Thomas,
"but I think we did the best we
Coach Powers was behind his
girls one-hundred percent, and
they stayed consistent through-

out their season. "The coach
was the best he could be," said
player Nadia Shields.
The strongest players evident
throughout the season were Er-
icka Thomas, Calissa Vinson
and Dearrah Sadler.
All in all, the year was best
summed up by Thomas when
she said, "We had a strong team
and gave it our all, and we did
our best, which is all we can

Left: Calissa Vinson goes up to keep Above: Dearrah Sadler works her
the ball from her opponent. way down the court to score.

J.V. Girls Basketball

Adrienne Hines cheers the team on
with her custom-made Cheering Jug.

P.K's Cheerleading squad lines up:
(from left to right) Camille Williams,
Felisha Leath, Raquel Jackson,
Genna Boyd, Adrienne Hines, Tiffany
Dillow, Karre Gindy, Katandra
Littles, Katrina Caddy, Tahra
Edwards, and Shandon Hales.



-- sked what comes to mind
with the word "cheer-
leader" and most people
instantly think football, hu-
man pyramids, short skirts. This
year though, Varsity Cheerlead-
ing was more than that.
The squad wanted to get away
from the stereotypical views of
cheerleading and get back to the
basis of the sport supporting
the team members.
At first is was difficult. P.K.
Yonge wasn't known for its school
spirit and most of the audiences
just weren't enthusiastic enough
to stand up and yell.
The squad wasn't discouraged
though. They used audience par-
ticipation cheers to get things
riled up. Katrina Gaddy, a Sen-
ior member of the squad, remem-
bers, "We'd count '1-2-3' and
everyone was supposed to yell
'Blue!' but they never did. We'd
stand out there shouting '1-2-3'
and all there was was this ...

rl -- --
.. -'---- ---, ---- .. .
- --.

,--. _5

.,_. _ ._---- __ ^ t-y
-- -

Katandra Littles does the splits for the camera.

Shandon Hales imitates T.L. Latson during
'91's Hi-Tide.

Things improved with time,
patience and persistence. Even-
tually, the crowds got bigger,
people cheered more with the
cheerleaders and some even sup-
ported the team without the
Gaddy feels the cheerleaders
were successful in their goal of
support. "There's a lot of pres-
sure on those guys to do well. In
basketball, if a guy has to make
a foul shot, everyone is pressur-
ing him to make it. So we cheer
for the player by name. We hope
it makes them more relaxed,
knowing we're behind him win
or lose."
Being there, win or lose, was
the goal of the cheerleaders ...
and with all the wins this year
from every team, P.K. Yonge
knows its squad is one of the best
parts of the game.
Go Blue Wave! Tricia
Genna Boyd gets "checked out" by the
CET if off Posse.

6 Varsity Cheerleading



Right: Sophomores Shandon Hales does -
a jump for the football team.

Below: Varsity cheerleaders say they are a
number 1.

8 Varsity Cheerleaders

Below: Freshmen Niyome
Horton and Carlata Baskin

strut their stuff in the J.V.



h-he J.V. cheerleaders
worked very hard over the
past summer and through the
second year, under the super-
vision of Ms. Latson. They came
together over the summer and
conditioned for the upcoming
year. During the school year the
J.V. squad met on Mondays and

Tuesday, after school. They
ran about 2 miles and then went
over all their cheers.
Monica Mims, one of the
cheerleaders said, "I like being
a J.V. cheerleader because we
are all like sisters as well as best



Left: Niyome Horton standing
high for J.V. cheerleading with
Mary Middleton, Lorraine
Johnson, and Maggi Towers.

Above: Latrice Strappy,
Monica Mims and Pam
Parham holding Lauren Bishop
on top of the world.

J.V. Cheerleaders





Far Right Freshman Michael Cox
fakes out an opponent.


in the


Below Left Junior Jason Canard kicks the ball
down field. Below Senior Levi Akers chases the ball
towards the goal.

early in the season a big
win over St. Augustine St.
Joe boosted the spirits of
P.K. Yonge's boys soccer team.
Senior Richard Davis said, "It was
a very physical season, a lot of
tackling that helped us out defen-
sively." The team had a few key
returning players such as seniors
Levi Akers and G.B. Bowes, soph-
omore Steve McLean and eighth

grade sensation Walter Booth.
New players made up the rest of
the team. Matthew Naylor stepped
in to be a leader at goalie, but was
injured mid-season. Junior Peter
Bennett was also a helpful addi-
tion. With such a young team now,
you can expect P.K. to be a soccer
powerhouse in the years to come.
- Jamie Franks


Boys Soccer



.. n,


Boys Soccer 9

Right Senior Amie McLean throws
the ball in.


'a A

Left 7th grader Kameron Wilson gives
her counterpart a shove, so she can get to
the ball.
Bottom Freshman Lauren Bishop sends
another one off. Below Junior Beth
Crocker shows she's really QUEEN of the




he 1991 girls varsity soc-
cer team began the season
with great expectations
and exceptionally good playing.
New coaches Shelly Hanes and
Janet Bishop, both P.K. graduates
themselves, brought the skills
needed to get the team organized
and help them to prepare for the
teams they would face throughout
the season. The team was pre-
pared for the new coaches as well
as the new attitude they brought
with them. Freshman Melissa
Coffey said, "We work as a team,
whereas, last year, we worked as
individuals." Seniors Tiffany Hall
and Amie McLean were the team
leaders. Other returning players
were juniors Beth Crocker, Carrie
Hoyle, Julie Johnson and fresh-

men Melissa Coffey and Lorraine
Johnson. Other players were: jun-
iors Grace and Isobel Melgarejo,
freshmen Lauren Bishop, Holly
Florence, Leah McTigue and Skye
White. Middle schoolers also
played a leading role in the crea-
tion of this team: eighth graders
April Davison, Darcia Gorman,
Sara Peck, Sarah Pohlman, Deva
Webb; and seventh graders Bevin
Cromartie, Wendy Day, and Ka-
meron Wilson.
In the future be sure to watch
for all of these young players to
mature in ability and for our team
to emerge on the top. Jamie
Right Freshman Holly Florence out-
plays her GHS opponent.

Girls Soccer



i-. "; "
---7~;; ^^"





I- "A)

( D

S.-- -I a 7

Right: Junior Paul Cleveland, Coach
Bost and Freshman Rob Lawson talk
before practice.


to the

his year's Blue Wave
baseball team is young
and relies on its only re-
turning starter, D.J. Mitchum.
Mitchum, who hit .312 last year,
was a team leader, both on and off
the field. Coach Bob Hawkins says
the team is "young and looking
forward to the future."
This year the team depended on
their good defense and top- notch
pitching. This year's philosophy


was working together to help each
other get a lot better. Steve Li-
powski said, "We will make a
strong showing in district compe-
tition because we have such good
coaching and unbelievable talent."
With the talent, the coaching
and all the cooperation of the
young players on the baseball team
we have a lot to look forward to
in the near future.

Above: Senior Brian Hall practices his throw in
an attempt to make it perfect.

"94 Varsity Baseball


Left: (kneeling) Brian Moody,
Chet Moody, Craig Bost,
Brian Hall, D.J. Mitchum;
(middle row) Geoff Wilkes,
Jason Palmer, Chris
Youngblood, Steve Lipowski,
Lance Mathis, Kevin Hall;
(back row) Brian Lancaster,
Scott Schille, James Davison,
Paul Cleveland, Rob Lawson,
Carson Courage.

Below: Junior Steve Lipowski
works hard at practice.

rrsrr~' r
~a~..''''hJ -' '~i.9~'


-~, ~~*' Zr
!f~ :~6~~rdi-vYAi~41.j

Top left: Sophomore Kevin Hall and Freshman Rob Lawson hit balls to
improve fielding. Left: Senior catcher Carson Courage works with Coach
Bost on making the play at home.

Varsity Baseball

. r'


~iai~ -

; :'" 1

.. .,l-.wl~R~aaC~djibi




From top: Chris Youngblood works on his arm; Right: Freshman
Geoff Wilkes shows what they really do in practice; Above: Kevin
Hall clowns around.

96 Varsity Baseball


u lh, 7i~

~C ayli~it~i~


~ Ir




I ) -,
6 'i
*'f ..

( ''

" *;~r-

he 1991-1992 softball
team started the season
with seven veteran play-
ers who challenged the newcomers
to a tough job of keeping up. But
keep up they did. It was evident
on and off the field that the "rook-
ies" were good. With the veterans'
experience and the talent of the
new players, the team came to-
gether. Junior Jamie Franks said,
"This year's team is good and our
work will pay off in the end."
The team met after school every
day to practice batting, catching,
running, and working as a team.

Left: Senior Michelle Velez takes a little
time to sit down and relax before batting



Newcomer Laura Gamm said,
"Softball is a fun and exciting
sport. It is a good feeling to be part
of a team." Teamwork is what the
individuals on the P.K. softball
team strove for. It was evident to
all that this year's softball players
formed a team and not just in
The coaches had high expecta-
tions that this would be one of the
best teams that P.K. has had in
recent years.
The P.K. Yonge softball team
worked together and their work did
pay off.

Above: Coaches Duiguid and Guttenger arrive at
practice again.

Softball 97

.-: .
..;. o. .

- .i
.. .' **^ *** *' -"B

R ,T


Far Right: Jamika Young makes the
hit with great form.

Right: Kelly Riley catches the ball
with ease as she warms up before

Below: The 1991-1992 softball team.


*-*-i ,.


Left: Jamie Franks catches a few
moments of rest after a hard

Below: A group of enthusiastic team
members gather at the start of another

~aa~ ~- ~s~r~U "
~i~P ,,,.

a' -' .

as e,

Above: Kristen Rabell looks into the sun to spot
her ball.

Above: Margie Eno eyes the ball as it comes to
her at a great speed.


Right: D.J. Mitchum grounds one of Dixie
County's players. Go P.K.!
Below: Margie Eno sets the ball.


S .'

Left: Beth Crocker and Steven McLean sit Above: Levi Akers pushes ahead to steal the
and watch the P.K. Soccer team go for the ball and the game.

Below: Josh Anderson spotted
by Ramon Cabezas prays that
he does not drop the bar.

W weightlifting

Shis season started out with the
weightlifting team practicing
every day after school under the
watchful eye of Coach Silvers and the
team captains, Josh Anderson and Eric
Hammock. The team competed in nine
high school meets and a few powerlifting
meets throughout the season. In the first
powerlifting meet Josh Anderson placed
first and Ramon Cabezas placed second,
both breaking school records. Josh An-
derson said, "It was the best meet of my
S It was a great year for the young men
and women on the weightlifting team.
S They competed with other teams from
Hawthorne, Oak Hall, Bell, Cross City
and Wildwood. Member of the team,
Ashley Wood said, "This was a great
time to make friends and to have fun.'
Dusten Bruens said, "I have a new re-
spect for weightlifting now that I joined
the team. People should realize that
weightlifting is a lot more mental than
k physical."



Above: The 1991-92 weightlifting team, top
row: Coach Silvers, Ashley Wood, Wallace
Taylor, Jason Parker, Brandon McLeod,
Dusten Bruens, Zach Bass, front: Anne
Kinton, L.C. Long, Scott Crews, Josh
Anderson and Matt Rascovich.

Right: Newcomer to the team Matt
Rascovich shows his strength and endurance
on his final lift of the day.

VYc~ -

Right: The Varsity Boys Tennis Team:
Bobby Beland, Carlie Asse, Marcos Asse,
Marcus Khuri, Adam Trynoski, Steven




he 1992 boys tennis team Tennis is both a team event and t r '
their ages did not hinder vidually or shares the effort with
hi was a young group, but a personal gain. One strives mdi-
heir spirit. They worked hard to a partner in a doubles match.
I- A-----.-W.

SAcceedU in Lheir season, and WILtL
returning Coach Betsy Creveling
leading them they were confident
that they would achieve personal
goals. Returning from last season
was Freshman sensation Marcus
Curry who completed his '91 sea-
son virtually undefeated.

Howcve t Llth galllc 1e played 1L S
sure to be competitive. The ad-
vantage of having a young team is
that many of the players will re-
turn next year creating a strong
team for seasons to come. This
year's new stylish uniforms added
to the tennis team's vibrant image.

Above: Michael Roche serves the ball to his


"*-e," -^.

sr *.S


Below: Varsity Girls Tennis Team: Betsy Giesel, Bevin Cromartie, Sarah Griffin, Roxanne Khuri,
Kameron Wilson, Stacy Laine, Jenny Watts.

"~-t 'S

Lni. MEW


& N7
^j ^-,
r '*;_;

*^ A ^jn

I'lyt .tf^

^| -'*S

Above: Depressed Cedar Lane misses the shot.

Left: Tennis Coach Betsy Creveling watches
from the side.

I- L

I;, I'


Below: Senior Adam Dolsak fights with a
GHS player for the ball.

Right: The football team gets hyped up
before the big game.

Right: Some of the girls basketba
players take a break to smile. Lato)
Manning, Tara Young, Adrienne Hine
Amy Mickle, Courtney Jernigen, an
Anetrice Strobl

Sports Candids

( D


'''' '4' "N-

,, -rI

'1 -
* *.
* o -i

i -tm

m oves carefully. When y

you graduate only to begin
higher level mind games. -
S :..-: .a e :to ap.. isy. a n .T: .-
.- :. :~ ..succe ed '..u ... I
-m es. .,care.. enyouw.m..

.- . - -- -gradu t. . on y: o.. beg n..n: .
g a m esel m...d...mes:


" '



: : :-

7- -


The Patio

he patio was a new 0 -
addition to the art
rooms this year. It was -
built as a courtyard for
artists to draw in natural
settings. The airy atmos-
phere inspired budding
artists to produce their
most original masterpiec-
es. Students liked to sit at
the picnic tables which loit,
were designed as flatter ,-fi
surfaces to draw on. The -
patio also provided the
students "elbow room"
unlike the crowded class-

Above: The new art patio. Top: Ms. Latson sorts through some art


en with the budget cuts,
anew class, AP Portfolio,
was added to the Art Depart-
ment for the students who
wanted to pursue a career in art.
This class allowed the students
to make a portfolio of about 46
pieces of original work.
In order to get a college cred-
it as well as high school credit,
a group of artists and teachers
evaluated the work for students
to get scholarships.
In all of the art classes, the
curriculum included art histo-
ry, aesthetics, analysis and crit-
icism, and also the process and
production of art.

"The AP
Portfolio class
gives a great
opportunity to
get a college
credit as well
as a high
school cred-
it." Junior

In ceramics students learned
how to throw pots and fire them
in a kiln. In 3-D art they made
interesting and unusual sculp-
ture. In drawing and painting
they learned the basics of art
and art forms. Creative art work
was showcased in a spring arts
show and also in community
gallery space.
"Discovery of inner creative
spirit, pride in communicating
personal feelings and emotions
through visual symbols of art is
part of the philosophy of art."
Ms. Latson, art teacher.
Shana Marcus

Above: Junior Paul Cleveland,
freshman Todd Eberst, and seniors
Greg Farmer and Anthony Sadler
piece together their imagination.

making an imagination

Right: The officers of the band:
Monica Mims, Beth Crocker, Chet
Moody, Amber Patterson-Webb, Joe
Hughes, Lindsey Watson. The band is
under the direction of Mr. Holt.

Below: Beth Crocker, Erin Shell and
the rest of the band cheer on the
football team after a touch-down.

Congret PJ


Top: The 1991-92 Symphonic Above: The 1991-92 Concert Band.

The P.K. Yonge
Blue Wave Marching
Band had a great time this year.
They marched at all the home
football games and in the U.F.
Homecoming Parade. The
highlight of the season was win-
ning a superior in the District
Marching Festival held in Oc-
The band felt pride. All of
the hard work and after school
rehearsal paid off. Joe Hughes,
a sophomore baritone player,
said, "I knew we could do it with
hard work." Erin Shell, a fresh-
man flutist, said, "It was a great
experience to be in the march-
ing band and to receive a su-
perior rating my first year

The band at P.K. has been
growing steadily for the past
couple of years. This year the
band took a big step and sep-
arated into three classes: a per-
cussion class, a concert class,
and a symphonic class.
The three bands combined
forces and performed together
for the band holiday concert be-
fore the break. Then the bands
played concerts once a month.
The highlight was the District
Concert Festival held in March.
The band this year had some
outstanding members: Beth
Crocker, Lindsey Watson, Chet
Moody, Joe Hughes, and Mi-
chael Holt.

Above: The 1991-92 DRUM LINE.




Pt T 1! iri

Below: George Jones looks through
Journalism files for a paper.

Below: Jaelyn Crews and Amie McLean act
up for the camera. Bottom: Mr. Wentzlaff
helps out Anthony Gratto with his English

Above: Jay Outcalt gets ready to make a
speedy exit in his sweet ride.


Left: Annie DeVane asks guest Don Grooms
about American Indian culture while Silas
McCollum and Christian Alexandar look on.

Below: Jamie Franks, Beth Crocker, and
Dinah Davis snuggle up.


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