Title: News articles on Mr. William A. Smith's settlement in Florida
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Title: News articles on Mr. William A. Smith's settlement in Florida
Physical Description: Book
Creator: Orange Growers' Gazette, Micanopy, Florida, 1883
Publisher: Orange Growers' Gazette
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Micanopy
Coordinates: 29.506389 x -82.281944 ( Place of Publication )
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-Forida.t -...

....... fle'oridn. July 0. 1M3. Maenroy,, *loridn. 6
t SiM SLiE Tc~.i :r. W i. Smith and ',.ier, Miss L4.1,
.. .. .TL ME a.a %ev to.da for New York k u ha 't i.lt ih Irel-
A TACOdS and friends16. They wvill lie Absentf d
C ou ptule of months, and their nri.ny friend'
&: i ~.1ti077 if'hinh i3 on ilih Boo071-
Sectzo hih on thr Boo- The Christening ot the Place Be- i then a pleasant voyage and safe re
Rsrriet ie. lived to be nearest Heaven. trn.
.. t.fl.-cL' Th, lVtd. The r'uie Old Lie.
The pi,,rnih--T -Vir iands,& e. gnod story is t,,lt ofa atraight-
0No s _m Ni u fa ed and modest collegian whoe e!der
o af f .rinwn a- ~ L writer Sine -ix ,. i', M:. W A. S,.oi h I' 1 sister called to see him at his rooms. An
Cd ~h Indbrtn na n" t rt Lo L .r... .. r Ii. i, elderly gentleman called who had oc-
4bas u-. tOil, ur U i T upied the same room tifty years pre -
i ty 1 wir tl. w if 07 ,ilieNr thir.liat.i'it, 11, piously. To avoid any talk among the
Stb t sin,.,Ivi that L ..: iaon h r t l 111111: boys, the young man put his sister in
lIe. | i ti, ,i. :iit l.t., l r a..r i on, i.r the closet to wait the close of the.vifit.
until ever, si.. oii. ItI ittia i iir.I I ato The old man came in saying. after the
: ..m 'fo 44.v ut i r Tb': "a. .t 'ar t usual greeting. "The same old viewv into
.. a-I rI '- e ,1 t 1 .1. th i I ... a.i. so tir :,t ,i .t'*r l iete the ma.ter'S garden. Yes, the same old
d a vnri, I e tl itch tii. id, air it -.1 1i u:I :iii 1 , view. The same old pictures, too," and
Siu W .kin Alo w, :1 J l, ....: 1 i nIr 1i in it. ,. a.r .r.li ,{ a pit ij th khittri l fruit .war '~vt. I wi-.tl..t.in w L I ld b.n t -h: .,Iy 1 I deelarel the same old so)fa Dear
Lri 1 ,r::. [ m *r e i':.-Imnt ,t T ,',, l 4:, 1t1' ..t I I r. il 't mel" N ext he walked around the
r ely+ i3 c' n.I- t [ ,l il'l'l .l',+1 rllt :, i ,,:. .i.n.i.i. Lu~t't' at.L. :, t '
i' l.'m '),u t ,.. nisD.i i a.in 't; '1 .'11 ...ii .i:. -_ ~.~. room stopping at the fireplace. "S am e e
tuee l "i1 t l ndi eaus thr fi l vfl. 1it M old mantelpiece"' 'hen he got to the
hs atrt ul m' .rtlV';,:-r fruit]., eer - 'ilh closet and turned the handle. "Same
i.r had r,', i a uv idfn.: r hhT an d lhorh ol ..:! r 1 t, ol;d-" He had just opened the door
lRr l pr.i.i ivr u and hattei d n buur ir r-v.. "1 in I when he caught the flutter of a petti-
)bin [I, l liasig' .,Ih. .ve t(d fi 1.1it airIt: cu .i ti, I l r t I in h c joat, and sudden uly closed it. hIbl
... I,,, r t,' tMt t.:.,ervd. l .ly -t.iin-n' t: to -a ya he, shbakic.ag his bead, '."Same old
t ,ciitlh -pZ r 'll *1 I;,I.-L A ,: .s s ,. I" fr iif. ci : .. _- ', gIamesl Same old games!" "Sirl"
S ha 'is o't ', hit',' ki ri i o I gasped the young man. "sir, that's m
Li- ., t.-of I d i ntUd '. a i- 1-i-l t,,d b, 6 th ii r s" i er. She that is-" W ell, I declared
ay tat it .f L i thl .di .il .i d c I. kI ,iiit'.L L pL p ut' r pi, ti c i I.ri, Samne oMld lie! Same old liel!"
bS ll hith s teik l hard sit ..,: 114i n iil. .linu il...iL. -i ... II .
h gl .*ie liv.: ,: kr, a r t ..,.- .i lmllpudrlnce Sat Down (Tpon.
SiI ,t: .. t Ii ilt it i Srme tir.i -1r oIl- (.I th.l hright.-it land iitleitet
L". 1t r o a inrnuarri'S girls etr abiradd, and tl n she re-
Si p ....urned Ihome, about the diri periunl.th i conrdalir
pti til, .i it i, it .1 UL .l.iii 0 il:tI her -in hl'r A e rieturnti sr i s Vy tatllPirl iod of d ie
ither [.Lin d ,,"- ad ia, .,' 'i1r .1t l44.- i city what .lolarset ti-ded bti ert-e-in ite ratci of
kind', ,f lhose n itli.. I.i, t lium 'tat:. ark.nut mitti.i. J i one
'. ..ul he neatl illip.l.. " A, MLs S "-, L t eaid. i"perrmil me to reet
'.ynvItw it .Aft r 'II;.,"-til r '-r. 1t,: "." I.. 1"I know youb hi a, d b MU a very pleCarn tri pll
t ni at r t-l -i,,e a',,fllifr ilt- it he'.' at.beantiered.I'verypleasn"t Indeed. I:
r h e L lnl-ll 1.0ll n In ltIn [ m i ll t L i InL.= II L..'. it 1 -t-: o N ," mri and. I l .
bsiand Uw4 he t-gn,:' hI._re. B-t at i t L '.'. ... 113 I' r. A in lIrI.Ind. and did you tes t Blr lar
k tr e r n i. tnl 'a in- r tl t l iw k y A ,' i r i I l tiA e'. il I i A h I
d.el Lit., 'li ght I t. *-E it. It h6
lwe adts i, u .ll, n l d ac ivI -d n-', o -v._ rC c ." .- it '" .. Ir 1,. .-, -i e l .1 i.h ir-k" e u ni irte d ina :
itr s LI.. t.1- 1.1it Ilha.,Deici had ite u pirtimaL.Ily."
i nti, i r, th. i .t i :[, i -, 1 I I k ii..u l I ,v rol, donei s, but ttU hty aboldd -
sinr- br uil i '. ..' -itlf 1 'i I kiti it by pr oy You hae tI en there and
bttn. ti.dii. t u. ,,i-d bi..: ,. kr.: 0t'- I, ~.I- ii..'u kim- d it 'h, dh..al' 1 nrt take the ionluenu e of
SSI ~ [ ~.- i' fe ':! ruin i cl r ti ill ai j- I L't. r ;;*it r. Birnr-y m .I .ur liper -aand th miar Alec.r
.t it in ran ; i -l i t .- I..;I. I tr.r' prosily ll e yon g lady.
~ t . i. It ivnra l d1 I ta.dt s-!ev ll lh- ill i ,. i .ii -. ti t di,', h t lk. and o..okinig at him qulsfrely
Wr f ora.iI ty tMw 11t ro-l d ui t hoic. r '. u n i, Ca ,aid. "I beg ;ar pardon, my dcar Mir.
a r i ,L I ) il I I, i-i l fl I.* B- I ,Iat ru n the Bill ist-.ne I"
-l. usinkt' an t i u r .,,i.rlI h, ,at k ,.,, r L;e a uth a gs. is t e lo%, Mr. Bi ae ak
1 1t hiti -' ii i-,i r,. i. l d .u t'iap. ard hlid't aid I- Ireland "" since,
r it Diii In.cry wrd Bl rndey" ma him duellius. t.

i -Ar. 1 .frkt'.~ ; st ',pie .e ,rd ,-.,III i ,I ..rI,,,,.lhi w."-:id i ill i -t i -t

WEkleu t 1,66 1% .
-" ...3 "I I "eut] httr th a 'I lh. mf ~r.l 'f iT T eor i e br mii F I s adtt Ke lotion b. ,titiarjw
-i.' n -t'.t k', rid hu .hil th Ilert r.- may Ilo rtr, bl. lised a nd ia thbl. e ,y h--r
fee l ni.-fnul fur havln ne'n S c' frtrrlinatV [ .a and 0.I- built. rI 'nid' hue4 uap-on it
in -.' t. riu a j. pli"' Ui, arlyi .n lL 1 i .!oD l t m, oit In orae glove
-r. .trr *bal l -A -e]V -i-- :-----o-- or-
II. i. EaenrIan i' clis'.ir. up ten acre
is name was**11w will plant. ilta ii 'e p)OD it. r3
His name was ivir,aink,he had a home in Tacoma back FIr nh r nd. U i ..itlhec I"rIsi .'I. r'M c .ing--
of my Grandfathers place where he had an orange grove e a Mr n ...
and raised vegetables.bl t on Friday evening he hitched r, ,i--[ndtb yl .. illI.I
up his two oxen and "Geed and hawed"himself in his two "lit a'le'.
wheeled cart. the three miles to Micanopy.On arriving '
he would "Get all the news fit to print".set it up in TL I il hack t
type,sleep a few hours and next At would deliver his L i., nit., t'.inate
sheet to his subscribers. i; iTjui ti il suth f PF'.'. P l .'-
uTn above was told to me by his son Clad w:ho as a La.r
few years older than I,when he was visiting Tacoma on I iiull. I.i:l.l'ionil li. Iu-
a trip from Miehigan w.iere he lived. .. _-c .. on r I, -.
y grandfather was W.A.Smith vho came to Fla,in .i n
was W.A. Smi l tiC ,ai-t h:,u it- -ri
1877 fr-m Cortland,N.Y. He was asked by the newspaper ',n,,,,, .. ,,lr iir. ilr it:
there to write them letter telling them of rhis part ofv I i,,i,., nd ....-, ir I..
Fla,a many were interested then :- coming tu Florida e.dil
and planting oranCe groves.( these letters are in the '' i.iri. l ..
Museum in Gainesville) My grandmothers sister had saved 6r.
them and she had given t.iern 'To me and I was very pleas- I ." ,.1 II te ti n''i
ca. to ive them to the llseum,photostats were made of. u
ihem aduld givenn to ne- Thnky yiu again. s e i m:
-- '/ C"
- --t his s -bs "i be s .. .-,.-l jud) le,w :'P ,,,'i i ,- .i(:.

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