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Group Title: Flora's feast : a masque of flowers
Title: Flora's feast
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Title: Flora's feast a masque of flowers
Physical Description: 40 p. : col. ill. (lithographs) ; 26 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Crane, Walter, 1845-1915
Cassell & Company ( Publisher )
Publisher: Cassell & Company Limited
Place of Publication: London ;
Paris ;
New York ;
Publication Date: Melbourne :|1889
Subject: Flowers -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Children's poetry   ( lcsh )
Children's poetry -- 1889   ( lcsh )
Bldn -- 1889
Genre: poetry   ( marcgt )
Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Children's poetry   ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage: England -- London
France -- Paris
United States -- New York -- New York
Australia -- Melbourne
Statement of Responsibility: penned and pictured by Walter Crane.
Citation/Reference: Spencer, I. Walter Crane,
Citation/Reference: Massé, G.C.E. Walter Crane,
General Note: "Cassell & Company, Limited, Lith. London." -- p. 1, 40, and back cover.
General Note: Printed on double leaves with fold at fore-edge.
Funding: Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00065438
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature in the Department of Special Collections and Area Studies, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved, Board of Trustees of the University of Florida.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002223329
notis - ALG3578
oclc - 36218650

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'.. '.. -. ;,

4.. .

L e l


.- .
.1.A -2, , L " '-:" '" I"

~" '% 7?

.r A'I j..


p IS.


' '" "" ":' ''a" "' '" ""/" s'2' ""' \ lit" '2 2 'a

wI' .^ ^ 1111- ,1'^ *r lli *,^ .* ,.*.

I I I o
1 IIf. I I I I "-. I, "I" "IL AI

oiltst ;N %I,- I f I
r,:.:: ., r a a' a a a.a

OF 7). ... 2%;,,- <,,,I/ " r w
r i I s9.,,

I.:, I -en/1, 1 \ '
-t ... ,, .V .( *, ,.V *,'"'4,''. .. ", -,_

f f i. I I I I., ., I
____________ ~ ,.*

11" 1 o ., ..... 1,r : I ,/ ,
I 7' I OV Ai II II

SI '..I t B

I j nt r 71 a
o/4 ,A\l/ \
14. 1-. Fi
,, ,, ,

tjr- L DR .. IrilK AS '1L' jL T)


, .--.- /-< \Y rU- N -

-o I
.I ) x \ ' .- .. :- /

Z^"he su5 licin r^ neay s5PCpe

G en ]or&a To heegardcn

Se lowers

i:.; I *fo! m rTeir 10

S' i\ Sleep,

S' ~,' year, ad

*' }7 *.esvals

I, ,r To .eep:

2 '- ->

.1 i l ^ K ssII j


,\ ^6 / lJ one y one each
l making bold
7, ^1 eir silken vesture
ko un old,
1d \\ pieepi of-ril) To meeT

S/ Pe recession is le) un:-

!j' j~-~I/,/' C?

,ll.., 4 !l'Il --

3 Showdrops frsZlpor
the sce-ne,
B^ife-crcesteej braved K,

Y~rosls dcmesne:

S4/ % \,

\" *\-;
-;~ pfj.~

he limlc Crocus
reaches up

,.o catch a sunbeam
i" bis cup.

'I i- 5
/ (

:_ K ... ... ,


be fOaffodil is fbumpetblows,
J1 a er Spr a

-- "r JLp-

I .i


3nemoves rode ouT'The rale,

rrail red y 'pale:

; '-

~ .7

the Viole-f and be -PriTnroase dam e,
i'ith modesT mien buT hearrs
a lame ,


C1 ~~~'~R~ c~~ cl Z`C

2ar old ,
Screen -kirtled from t ,e brookl,-
. ((,,Yrbe -rustic maid Qarsh b-


.?L .,

e ady 'smocks all silver whIi"

the milkrmaids ofthe meadows

/ I


E ere shTinr IuiTercups abound
SLno n e (towslip o the


C '_"
b1/- I/'\

/ 1
G fj ~ 9uz A

~ n rf

ere rds a's d j adies ofithe wood,

ith shak spear and ridc




lack kg-bt -- arms ,hbe white-
o -e Crow n pl um ed h'orn;
^^vn PCO thecrowt6 '
S0 T eria1 borne.


yw^ }, h1


bile (ulips 1i't 1te banner redl,
or fill I e cups wi$
fire instead.


^svweeT 1iyaciTn5 Ctbcr bells did rig,

(j&o swell iie Tnu5ic otfe 3pi


I -


N o )

hil blazoned pennons flom
Search spcar



wecT )natkigg ffay, in whiie or

er nowj cloud of 1los05n

"" p---read.



C Chaucer'5 Daijy snall 6weeT
$i douce e t la ]ja a'e1


n -. .. C /

_, ml ..--...,, .' I


os l e lirlle ,I ies of 1-e Vale,
Zqhjite ladies delica'ke 6 paled

^/f A j*Kl1 r 9 A
\ vwl nv'. 9

V 'x x \ "



g reaT .peonies in crimson pride,

C AtRnd budd1 ones
0reen Tha


air %olumbinesThat drew The car

om her d ista nt

S4' ar 1:


.LCIL C~,,~3

[ d joveh own flower Cthe blush-

h e ueern alls 'nearden tse,
v^^ c^>^ cose: v


"A li

~~k~ <- ^c^ .

/ A


2. a ...


3 ses Pfom the 6herow wild,





ol from the cressy brooks een

5s" 11 de,
Se m n o ac r i e d .


-2, ----

n vesture pure as summer cloud;



r, urn ke an orange flamen,

?tib Torcbhe 7a borne alofg



t^ bhe JSlonk barT wears The hood of
be Bells or Lie,
] (Can erbury,


e Oxeyes in the meads
'ib ^at d aze





scarlet poppy- heads a-blae;

T ,




re veni arimro-
\\\ber lamp,
beacon to \ e arden camp:

30 ,

Se il ies of e day are done,
k e olden westeri ,un.



reh Pink5 catf incense on the air,
n ~futernarmens Frned s rare.



Sleir cousin from Ihe corn in lue;
Corn War o1ld a olden hue.

:,.-/~ -33 i -

IJ '( W
c ,


I ^ --^.." A *--- \ ; y1

f^^^^lt e foo Convolvle 5plcl

^c~~ ^^?e lic Iieysuckl )Jpread^ Ri

"T- -, i.

,' / ,'

..1 /. .'

.- . ..

Ix ...I R84


.. ',bea u tumn

/ I lf


he blaIZ i Sunflower, black and

mu t itoir b win

Ste Sun,-Se

L i


6 /
*/ J r/ 1,,

"* -, ... *iL^.^^ ^ ^ ^I


^I IhaT redden on the zriTobn
C': _spear,
oreTe5lls he wang ot'lbeyear.


b, en liies,Turned to ei^ C /isc


Tagled mnate

... ...

7 P ,

.. --

I- Wi~nl I- I

2^ here ^1 4il ntiumphTsrifrwitigol1d
,, \.e rich h .ry5anl-emuny u.nf old.

f 1

^^p''^ ^^^ ,i '

,) k .t

I i: I$ r39

ire doTh The floral paeanT close
_ _ith one las fower -
a (ClrisTmas ope.

..-. .-,*, 16,


v 11*--*BL~?:'`?o\-


Legends for Lionel,

In Pen, and Pencil.

Price 5s.
LEGENDS FOR LIONEL is full of fresh fun and crammed with
delightful sketches in colour. To say that this is the funniest book
we have seen for some time would be no compliment either to
Mr. Crane or his son. It is simply worthy of both of them. Can
we say more ?"-The Athenceum.
"Quaintly and delicately illustrated."-The Graphic.
"In conception, in drawing, in colour, this is one of the most
delightful children's books we have ever met with. We hardly know
which to admire most-the quaint humour of the designs or the real
beauty of such pictures."-John Bull.
"Mr. Walter Crane's pen and pencil display all their wonted grace
Daily News.
Happy is the child who comes into possession of this quaint,
artistic, and most lovely book."-Sheffield Independent.
"Lionel's adventures, which are of the extravagant and incon-
sequent kind so dear to the young imagination, are depicted in a
series of grotesque and amusing full-page colour drawings. In one
part the legend drifts into a parody upon a well-known nursery tale
-showing how Lionel is invited by Jack Horner to share the famous
Christmas pie; how when the pie was opened it stood and flapped its
wings, and flying off, became a pretty dish to set before two hungry
things; how King Frost was in his freezing-house, nipping toes and
noses, and Queen Spring was in her sleeping car, tying up her posies.
The pair of pictures representing King Frost, equally with the pair
representing Queen Spring, are really beautiful artistic productions.
By-and-by Lionel sets off with a tinker's barrow, and we have a
succession of pictures in which pots, kettles, fire-irons, knives, forks,
spoons, &c., are all personified, and present themselves for repairs.
Altogether it is the funniest nursery book we have seen this season."
-Liverpool Mercury.

g < ^ ^'^



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14 G--1.88

2 Cassell 8 Company's Classified Price List.

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S By Emily Lord. With Full-page Pictures and accompanying Stories, or Poetry.
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Each containing Sixty Pages of Pictures, Stories, &c. Drawing Copies, Cassel's Modern School Freehand.
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The Smuggler's Cave. Little Lizzie. Little Bird. Luke Edition. (See aaso s. 6d.)
Barniott.-Little Pickles.-The Elehester College Boys.- Cassell's Miniature Shakespeare. Illustrated. Complete
-The Dlft Jug.-My First Cruise.-The Little Peace- in r2 Vols. Each. See also 12oo and 2rs.)
Isn cloth. Each.
SArithmetical Test Cards, The Modern School. By History of the Free Trade Our Colonial Empire.
G. Ricks. B.Sc. Land. or all the Standards. Seven Sets of 40 Cards, movement in England. E ish Journal and the
each set. (Sa .) Boswell and Johnson. eon who have Made it.
10d. storcal Readers, specially prepared to meet the Rev. Rowland Hill e ous Rev ti in the
Stories for Children from English History. Standard 3, ,od. John Wesley. Toting Man in the Battle of
The Simple Outline of English History. Standard 4, is. Russian Empire, The Life, The. (See also2s. 6d.)
The History of England for Elementary Schools. Standards
5,6, 7, s.(Seealsos.ands. For UPPIR STANDARDS.) CASSELL'S RED LIBRARY.
art I. rom the Earliest Times to Elizabeth. is. Stiff covers. Each. (See also s.)
Part II. From Elizabeth to Moern Times. Is. Charles O'Malley. Thackeray's Yellowplush
Barnaby Rudge. Papers.
1/. THE WORLD'S WORKERS. Cakes and Ale. Deerslayer.
New and Original Volumes by Popular Authors. With Portraits. Each. The Kin 's Own. Washington Irving's Sketch
The Earl of Shaftesbury. Dr. Guthrie, Father Mathew People Ihave Met. Book.
Sarah Robinson, Agnes Elihu Burritt, Joseph The Pathfinder. Last Days of Palmyra.
Weston, & Mrs. Meredith. Livesey. Evelina. Tales of the Borders.
Mary Carpenter and Mrs. Abraham Lincoln. Scott's Poems. Pride and Prejudice.
Somerville. Sir Henry Haveloek and Last of the Barons. Last of the Mohicans.
Thomas A. Edison & Samuel Colin Campbell, Lord Adventures ot Mr. Ledbury. The Old Curiosity Shop.
F. B. Morse. By Dr. Denslow Clyde. Ivanhoe. Rienzi.
and J. Marsh Parker. David Livingstone. Oliver Twist. The Talisman.
General Gordon. George Mniler and drew Selections from Thomas Toe Heart of Midlothian.
Charles Dickens. Reed. Hood's Works. The Last Days of Pompeii.
Sir Titus Salt and George Richard Cobden. Longfellow's Prose Works. Sketohes byBoz.
Moore. Handel. Sense and Sensibility. American Humour.
Florence Nightingale, Ca- Turner the Artist. Lord Lytton's Plays. Maeaulay's Lays and Se-
therine Marsh, Frances George and Robert tephen- Bret Harte-Tales, Poems, and laoted Essays.
Ridley Havergal, Mrs. son. Sketches. Harry Lorrequer.
Ranyard (" L.N.R."). Benjamin Fr Martin Chuzzlewit. (a Vols.) The Pickwick Papers (2 Vols.)
HELPS TO BELIEF. The Prince of the House of Scarlet Letter.
Edited by the Rev. T. TeignmouthI Shore, M.A. David. Handy Andy.
tio d by the R T. Teign oulth ore, M.A. Sheridan's Plays. The our and the Man.
Creation. By the Lord Bishop of Carlisle. Uncle's Tom's Cabin. Old Mortality.
Prayer. By the Rev. T. Teignmouth Shore, M.A. E Buene Aram. Iman. Edgar Allan Poe. (Prose and
The Divinity of Our Lord. By the Lord Bishop Derry. Jack Hinton, the Guards- Poetry, Selections from.)
Miracles. By the Rev. Brownlow Maitland, M.A. Rome and the Early Chris- Margaret Lyndsay.
The Atonement. By the Lord Bishop of Peterboroug tians.
The Morality of the Old Testament. By the R v. Newman MISCELLANEOUS
Smyth, D.D. Summer Tide 1 "Little Folks" Holiday Number.
SIIILLIN STORY BOOKS. All Illustrated, cloth lit. Each. Yule Tide Cassell'sChristmas Annual.
Bunty and the Boys. Diamonds in the 8 d. Pre-Raphaelites, The Italian, in the National
The Heir ofElmdale. Surly Bob. Gallery. By Cosmo Monkhouse. illustrated. With tz Full-page
The Mystery of Shoncliff The Giant's Cradle. and numerous other Eng ravings.
School. Shag and Doll, another Stories. Local Government n England and Germany. By the
Claimed at Last, and Roy's Aunt Lucia's Locket. Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Morier, G.C.B., &c.
Reward. Among the Redskins. How to Avoid Law. By A. J. Williams.
Thorns and Tangles. The Ferryman of Bril. Town Holdings.
The Cuckoo in the Robin's Harry Maxwell. The Post Ofice of Fifty Years Ago.
Nest. Magic Mirror, The. Practical KennelGuide. By Dr. Gordon Stables. (Seealsor s.6d.)
John's Mistake. The Cost of Revenge. Cookery Cassell's Shilling.
The History of Five Little Clever Frank. Choice Dishes at Small Cost. By A. G. Payne.
Pitchers who had very A Banished Monarch. Cassel's National Library. First Sixty-four Vols. Roxburgh.
Large Ears. Seventeen Cats. Each. (For List, see 3d.
"LITTLE FOLKS" PAINTING BOOKS. Irish Parliament, The. What it Was, and What it Did.
Each ontaing Outline Illstraions for Painti nea every pae. Female Employment in Government Omces,Guide to.
Each cBntain tsing Outline Illustratios I ag Colonies and India, Our. luow we Got Them, and Why we
SBook of Fruits ad e lmia ting Keep Them. By Prof. Cyril Ransome, M.A. Oxon.
sors for 'Little Fols to Book. Crown Colonies. (" Cobden Club Pamphlet.)
Paint. The "Little Folks" Proverb Distribution Reform. By Thomas Illiagworth.
Pictures to Paint. Painting Book. (Also at-s.) Dante Alighieri. By the Very Rev. Dean Plumptre. D.D.
BOOKS FOR THE LITTLE ONES. Etiquette of Good Society. (Cloth, Is. 6d.)
Containing interesting Stories, with Full-page Illustrations. In handsome Five Pound Note, The, and other Stories.
Picture Boards. Each. Co-operators, Working Men : What they have Done
Up and Down the Garden. Our Sunday Stories. and What they are Doing.
At Sorts of Adventures. Our Holiday Hours. Photography for Amateurs. By T. C. Hepworth. With
Indoors and Out. Little Mothers and their llu ti onds. (S a ior id r odu.
Some Farm Friends. Children. My Diary With C i .i i Woodcts.
Those Golden Sands. Our Schoolday Hours. The Old Fairy Tales. .. Illustrations. Boards.
Our Pretty Pets. Creatures Tame. (See also is. 6d.)
THE LIBRARY OF WONDERS. In Paper. (See also us.)
T, E lIRARY OF WONDERS, London, Brighlton, and South Coast Railway Guide.
Illustrated Gift Books for Boys. Crown 8vo, cloth. (See also is. 6d.) London and South Western Railway Guide.
Wonderful Adventures. I Wonderful Balloon Ascents. Great Northern Railway Guide.
Wonders of Animal In- I Wonders of Bodily Strength Midland Railway Guide.
stinct. and Skill. London and North Western Railway Guide.
Wonderful Escapes. Great Western Railway Guide.

Cassell f Company's Classified Price List. 3

1 RELIGIOUS. Police Code, and Manual of the Criminal Law. By
/ "HEART CHORDS." Bound in cloth; red edges. Each. C. E. Howard Vincent, M.P. Pocket Edition. Abridged. 2/
tfd. My Work for God. My Hereafter. Skin and Hair, The Management of the. By Malcolm c
My Object in Life. My Walk with God. Morris, F.R.C.S. con/t
My Aspirations. My Aids to the Divine Life. 0. MANVILLE FENN'S NOVELS.
M Emotional Life. My Sources of Strength. Cheap Edition. In paper boards, 2s. each; also dloth boards, as. 6d. each.
M Body. i aher. Dutch the Diver; or, A Man's My Patients. Being the Notes
My growth in Divine Life. Bible. DMistake.I | of a Navy Surgeon.
mI Mus.The Parson Br DuSMford. Poverty Corner.
S"IMunt. By Sophia M. Ngent. Cloth, gilt ees. (Seealso 6d.) he Parson Dumfory of Fiio. E (ForLir t of Vo.,
Sent Back by the Angels, and other Ballads. By the American Library of Fiction. Each. (For Lis of Vol.,
Rev. F. Langbridge, M.A. (See also 4s. td.) see 3s. 6d.)
Shortened Church Services and Hymns. Compiled by The Red Library of English and American Authors.
the Rev. T. Teignmouth Shore, M.A. Cloth. Each. (ForListof Volumes, see is.)
Shall we Know One Another By the Rt. Rev. J. C. Ryle, Illustrated Official Railway Guides. In Cloth. (For List,
M.A., Bishop of l.iverpool. see Is. edition. in paper covers., age 2.)
Voice of Time, The. By John Stroud. Paris, Illustrated Guide to. Cloth.
Simple Scripture Lessons for School and Home. By "Little Folks" Proverb Painting Book. (See also is.)
Each Book containing 208 pages, with Four full-page Original Illustra-
1/4 School Registers, Cassell's. i. Attendance Register, 4d. ti.a. Cown 8. cloth git Each.
2. Admission Register, ios. 3. Summary Register, xos. "Nil Desperandum." By the Honour is my Guide." By
1/ Twilight of Life, The. Words of Counsel and Com. Rev. F. Langbridge, M.A. Jeanie Hering (Mrs. Adams-
fort for the Aged. By John Ellerton, M.A. I Acton).
Ge of o B e ann. "Bear and Forbear." By Aim at the Sure End." By
Citizen Reader. By H 0. Arnold-Forster. Sarah Pitt. Emily Searchfield.
(Seels. 6d.) foremostt if I Can." By By the Author of "May Cunning-
2.Re ao Eveiry-Day Life= By H. O. Arnold-Forster. Cloth. .Foremost if I Can." By t."Auh ofMa nn
Marlborough Arithmetic Rules. Helen Attridge. ham's Trial," &c.
Little Folks' History of England. By Isa Craig-Knox. NEW ILLUSTRATED BOOKS for CHILDREN.
With 30 Illustrations. Cloth. In Handsome Illumnuated Boards.
French, Key to Cassell's Lessons In. Cloth. Happy Go Lucky. I Daisy Blue Eyes.
Khiva, Burnaby's Ride to. Cloth. TWO-SHILLING STORY BOOKS.
Photography for Amateurs. Cloth. (ee alro is.) All Illustrated throughout, and containing Stories for Young People.
Experimental Geometry, First Elements of. By Paul Crown 8vo, handsomely bound in cloth gilt.
Bert. Illustrated.
Principles of Perspective as Applied to Model The Top oftheLaddLer: How Marion's Two Homes.
Drawing and Sketching from Nature, The. By to each it. Little Flotsam.
George Tob rad CSkotch from Stories of the Tower. Madge and her Friends.
The Makin o the Home. By Mrs. S. A. Barnett. A Moonbeam Tangle. Through Peril to Fortune.
Energy and Motion : A Text Book of Elementary Ira. Burke's Nleces. Aunt Tabitha's Waifs.
Mechanics. By W. Paice, M.A. tay Cunninghams Trial. In Misonief Again.
Etiquette of Good Society. Cloth. ( sti ffcovers, is.) TPegg g had other als. Two Fourpenuy Bits.
"Little k'olks" Sunday Book. Tom Heriot.
ILLUSTRATED BOOKS FOR CHILDREN. The Children of the Cour. Maid Marjory.
The Text by favourite Authors, and Illustrated throughout. Four Cats of the Tippertons. School Girls.
Playful Hours. Jolly Little Stories.
Joyful Dan s. Our Little Friends.
Pleasure for All. aisy Dell's Stories. CASSELL'S MINIATURE LIBRARY OF THE 2/
Good Times. Little Toddlers. POETS. (See also is.)
SUNDAY SCHOOL REWARD BOOKS. Milton u Vols. Burns Vols.
By Popular Authors. Cloth gilt. Each. Wordsworth a Vols, Byron Vols.
Lonellow Vels. Sueridan and Vols.
Seeking a City. By Maggie Rags and Rainbo ws: a Story Scotflow 2 Vols. Goldmith Vols.
SSymgton. of Thanksgiving. Hoo i Goldsmith v.
Rhoda's Reward; or "If Uncle William's Charge; or, N.B-Anytwoofd. ". i
Wishes were Horses." The Broken Trust. N.-An two of the '' 1 had in cloth box (4 Vols.), .;
rank's ife-Battle; or, The Pretty Pink' Purse any three i 6 s. 6d. ; or any three in 6 Vols.,
Three Friends. The Little Street Mer- in cloth box, lettered, 9s.; any four in 8 Vols., in cloth box, lettered.
Jack Marston's Anchor. chants. .os.; or any six in 12 Vols., in cloth box, lettered, t5s.
THE "PROVERBS" SERIES. Shakespeare's Plays. The Seven Plays produced at the
Stories by Popular Authors, founded on and illustrating well-known Lyceum, i paper box.
Proverbs. With FourIllustrations in each, printed on a tint. Each. THE DESERTED VILLAGE SERIES.
Fritters; or," It's a LongLane Trixy; or, "Those who Live Consisting of Aditions de luxe of the most favourite Poems of Standard
that has no Turning." in Glass Houses shouldn't Authors.
Major Monk's Motto; or, Throw Stones." Songs from Shakespeare.
Look before you Leap." The Two Hardeastles; or, Goldsmith's Deserted Village.
Ursula's Stumbling Block; "A Friend in Need is a Milton's L'Allegro and I1 Penseroso. [Abbey
or, "Priae comes before a Friend Indeed." Wordsworth's Ode on Immortality, and Lines on Tintern
Fall." Tim Thomson's Trial; or THE "CROSS AND CROWN" SERIES.
Ruth's Life Work; or, "No "All is not Gold tha With r Illstratios in each B printed on a Tit.
Pains, no Gains." Glitters." In Letters of Flame: A Story Stroen to Suffer: A Story of
EIGHTEENPENNY STORY BOOKS. of the Waldenses. the Lews.
All illustrated throughout, and bound in cloth gilt. By Fire and Sword: A Story
Wee Willie Winkie. Girl with the Golden Looks. Through Trial to Triumph. of the Huuenots.
Ups and Downs of a Don- The Chip Boy; and other H o Adam Hepo urn's Vow : A
key's Life. Stories. Heroes of the Indian Em- Tale of Kirk and Covenant.
Three Wee Ulster Lassies. Roses from Thorns. pire: or, Stories of Valour No. XIII.; or, the Story Of
Up the Ladder. Haggles, Baggles, and the and Victory. the Lost Vestal.
Faith's Father. Emperor.. THE "BOY PIONEER" SERIES.
SLand and Sea. Stories ofthe Olden Time. By Edward S. Ellis. With Full-page Illustrations in each.
Toe Young Berringtons. Dick's Hero; and other Ned in the Woods. A Tale of Ned on the River. A Tale of
Tom Morms's Error. Stories. Early Days in the West. Indian River Warfare.
Worth More than Gold. The Old Fairy Tales. With Ned in the Block House. A Story of Pioneer Life in Kentucky.
JeThrough Flood [ Throuh (al lstr ls.)o THE "LOG CABIN" SERIES.
Through Flood Through (See aloe is.) By Edward S. Ellis. With Full- page Illustrations in each.
The Library of Wonders Illustrated Gift Books for Boys. The Lost Trail. I tm -.Fre and Wigwam.
Crown 8vo, cloth. (For List a, Vole.' s' es.) Foot-prints in the Forest.
By Edward S. Ellis. Illustrated.
2/- Historicl Cartoons, Cassell's Coloured. (Size 45 in. Down the Mississipi. E E ost in the Wilds.
35 in.) (See also 5s.) Up issipppa I L itn
Higher Class Readers, Cassell's. Illustrated. Each. (ee Up the Tapajos; or Adventures in Brazil.
also 2s. 6d ) THE WORLD IN PICTURES.
Geometrical Drawing for Army Candidates. By H. T. Handsomely Illustrated, and elegantly bound. (Also bound in morco,
Lilley, M.A. clot/ sides, 4s. each.)
Practical Solid Geometry, A Manual of. By William A Ramble Round France. The Land of the Pyramids
Gordon Ross, Major R.E. All the Russias. (Egypt).
Applied Mechanics. By Sir R. Stawell Ball, LL.D. D.Chats about Germany. Glimpse of South America.
linear Drawing. By E. A. Davidson. The Eastern Wonderland. Round Africa.
Drawing Copies, Cassell's Modern School. Second Pee s into China or, The The Land of Temples.
Grade-Freehand. (See lso xs.) ssionary's Children. The Isles of the Pacific.
Orthoraphic and Isometrical Projection. PICTURE TEACHING SERIES.
uildng onstrucion, T Elements of. cap. 4to, cloth. Illustrated throughout.
systematic Drawing and Shading. By Charles Ryan.
Handbook of Nw Code Regulations, 1887. By John F. Through Picture Land. Woodland Romances.
Moss. Cloth (papNer covers, is.) Picture Teaching for Young Stories of Girlhood.
Jones's Book-keeping. By Theodore Jones. For Schools, as.; and Old. Frisk and his Flock.
for the Million, as.; Ruled Books, 2s. (Seealso 3s.) Picture Natural History. Pussy Tip-toes' Family.
History of England for Elementary Schools. Illus- Scraps of Knowledge for The Boy Joiner and Model
treated. (.See also tod., is., ard as.-6d.) the Little Ones. Maker.
Reading Sheets, Modern. 3 Series. Each. (See also Ss.) Great Lessons from Little The Children of Holy Scrip-
Drawing Copies, Freehand, Cassell's Modern School. Things. ture.
Second Grade. 24 Examples printed on Card. HALF-CROWN GIFT BOOKS.
Illustrated. Crown 8vo, cloth gilt.
How Dante Climbed the Mountain. By Rose Emily Selfe. Pen's Perplexities. older and Patriot.
Illustrated. Margaret's Enemy. Pictures of School Life and
The Republic of the Future. By Anna Bowman Dodd. Golden Days. Boyhood. [of Life.
Nursing for the Home and for the Hospital, A NotableShipwrecks. The Young Man in the Battle
Handbook of. By C. J. Wood (See also is. 6d.) Wonders of CommonThing, The True Glory of Woman.,
Health, The Influence of Clothing on. By F. Treves, The. The Wise Woman.
Surgeon to, and Lecturer on Anatomy at, the London Hospital. Little Hinges. Truth will Out.

4 Cassell 8 Company's Classified Price List.

2/6 Manville Fenn's Novels. (As per List at as.; also The Decisive Events In History. With Sixteen Original Illus-
Vicar's Pople and sw-r Maoe. trations. Seveth addition. (See also 5s.) 3/6
Mat ed. EDUCATIONAL. Arithmetic. Galbraith and Haughton's Manual.
d. iEher Class Readers, Cassell's. Illustrated. Each. (See Hydrostatics. By Galbraith and Haughton. Cloth. COnfl
also 2s.) Steam Engine. By Galbraith and Haughton. Cloth.
Numerical Examples la Practical Mechanics and Mathematical Tables. By Galbraith and Haughton.
Machine Design. By R. G. Blaine, M.E. With Diagrams. Mechanics. By Galbraith and Haughton. Cloth.
Cloth. [crown 8vo. Linear Drawing and Projection. Two Vols. in One.
Latin Primer The New. By Pro PPostgate. 1s2 pages, French-Enlish and Eng sh-French Dictionary. Re-
Ohemistry, The Public School. By T. H. Anderson, M.A. vised Edition, with 3,0oo new words. (See also 4s. 6d.)
Oil Paintl g A Manual o. By the Hon. John Collier. Cloth. German-English and English-German Pronouncing
Frnch Reader, Cassell's Public School. By Guillaume cti New aN d Revised Edition. 864 pages.
S. Conrad. Latin.English and English-Latin Dictionary. New
French Grammar, Marlborough. Arranged and Compiled Edition.
by Rev. J. F. Bright M.A. (See -Eeirc seo,"3s. 6d.) Drawing for Carpenters and Joiners. By E. A.
Pr1. Davidson. With53 engravings.
Algebra, Manual of. By Galbraith and Haughton. Part I. Davldson. With 53 Engravings. Haughton.
Cloth. (Complete, 7s. 6d.) Natural Philosophy. By Prof. Hanghton.
Optics. By Galbraith and Haughton. Alphabet Cassells Pictorial, and Object Lesson
Euclid. Books I., II., III. By Galbraith and Haughton. Sheet for Infant Schools.
Books IV., V., VI. By Galbraith and Haughton. THE FIUIER SERIES.
Plane Trionometry. By Galbraith and Hauglston. Cloth. CheapEditons. IlGUIstra edthroIEghS.
French, asselL's Lessons In. Parts I. and II. Clqth, each. The Human Race. I he e World.
(Complete, s. 6d.) -' The Human aoe. The Insect World.
N natural HistorS Wall Sheets (Cassell's). Ten Subjects. Mammalia The Ocean Wond.
prteSheets s. c Uon t a 'he World before the Reptiles nd Birds.
e pa r at; h ee ts d e a c h U t eot d s e a c h T h ato
Natural History COLOURED Wall Sheets, Casseli's. Deluge. Vegetable World.
Mounted, st. d. echO D eetse Cmanyq Wllum of. A succinct Biography of William I.,
GIFT BOOKS FOR CHILDREN. German Emperor and King of Prussia. By Archibald Forbes.
GIFT BOOKS FOR OBZLDIRN, Crown 8vo, cloth.
SandfordandMerton. In Words of One Syllable. NeIVEdition. Shakipere, The Leopold. With about 4oo Illustrations.
The Story of Robin Hood. | The Pilgram a Progresn. Cloth. (See also 7. 6d., os. 6d., and rs.)
Imperial White Books. FourVo's. Each. (See also los. 6d.)
MISCELLANEOUS. After London; or, Wild England. By the late Richard Jefferies.
Heroes of Every-ay Life. By Laura Lane. Illustrated. Cloth. The Eye, Ear, and Throat R-THE EYE AND SIGHT. B
Short studies from Nature. H. Power, M.B.. F.R.C.S. THE EAR AND HEARING. By G.
short Studies from Nature Illustrated. Cheap Editwon. Field. THE THROAT, VOICE, AND SPEECH. By J. S. Bristowe.
Browning, An Introduction to the Study of. By M.D., F.R.S.
Behin.rim. By George Entering on Life. By Cunningham Geikie, D.D.
Behind By George Parsons Lathrop. Vicar of Walefleld, The, and other Works by Goldsmith.
Children of the Cold. By Lieut. Schwatka. Illustrated.
John Parmelee's Curse. By Julian Hawthorne. Glstone Life of. By G. Barnett Smith. With Portrait. Cheap
At the Soth Pole. By W. H. G. Kingston. New Eaitson. Illus- lmhireFol. By the Author of "John Orlebar,' &c.
Civil Service, Guide to Em ployment in the. With an
.mdus Sailors of Former Times. By Clements Markham. Intrdction by J. D. Morelln theL.ith
Illustrated. Steam Enie The Theor and Action of the. FOR
Ulcode. The Universal Telegraphic Phrase Book. Desk and Pocket PA A MEN. ey W. H. Nor d cton f tthe FOR
Editions. Each. RACTICAL MEN. By W. H. Northcott, C.E.
What Girls Can Do. By Phyllis Browne. Land Question. By Thomas T. Elliot, M.R.A.C.
WBson the Euator. ByH. DeW. Illustrated.
World's Lumber Room, The. By Selina Gaye. Illustrated. On the Equtor. By H. De W. illustrate.
Twilight Fancies. Full of Pictures. A Yiear's Cookery. By Phyllis Browne.
Peep. A Tresur for theLittle Ones. (Fordescr horse and ble Dictonar of. By Rev. E. C. Brewer
lion, see 3s. 6d.) LL.D. Tenteth Editionr, Enrlarged. iSe also 4s. 6d.)
Irish Union, The Before and After. ByA. K. Connell, M.A. Sports and Pastimes, Cassel's Complete Book of.
LaLY Tets for the Young. By Mrs. Ricard Scrachey Cheap Edition. With over goo Illustrations. Cloth.
Pictures for the aonde, By Mrs. Richard Strachey. In-door Amusements, Card Games, and Fireside
Pictures to Paint and Texts to Iluminate. Cloth. Fun, Cssel's Bool of. Iltnstraced.
DO, The. By Idstone. With Tw fu Istaton s ) PoulgtrKeeparl The Practical. By Lewis Wright. With
Commentary on Numbers. (See also 30. nrd 3s. a6.) Pigeon Keeper, The Practical. By Lewis Wright.
ommentry on Deuteronomy. (Se also s ad s. 6d.) Rabbt Keeper, The Practic Bl. Cuniculus.
Nommenterw on Romans. (See ao 03s. ard 3s. 6d.) Bunran's Pl~rimt's Progress, Cassel's. With zoo
Neo Testament, An Introductloni to the. Original Illustrations. 4to. (Also dot/h gilt, 5s.)
Precious Promises, The. By Cunningham Geikie, D.D. New Gospel of Grace, The. By a Lindesie. Cloth.
Glories of the Man of Sorrows The. Sermons by the Rev. AMERICAN LIBRARY OF FICTION. (See also as.)
H. G. Bonavia Hunt, Mus.D., F.R.S. din. The Yoke of the Thorah. By Sidney Luska.
Who is John NomanP By Charles Henry Beckett.
TECHNICAL MANULS (Illstrated.) The Tragedy of Brinkwater. By Martha I. Moodey.
STEC'NIC ANU LLS (Illustrated.) An American Penman. By Julian Hawthorne.
The Elements of Prtical D wingfor Cabinetmakers. Section 558 or, The Fatal Letter. By Julian Hawthorne.
perspective. Drawing for Brioklayers. Another's Crime. By Julian Hawthorne.
Model splawin. wing for Metal- Plate The Veiled Beyond. ByS. B. Aleander.
Drawing for Sonemasons. workers. Orion the Gold Beater. By Sylvanus Cobb, Junr. /At 3s.6d.
Gothic Stonew rk. 89e By Edgar Henry. only. /
Karmel the Scout. By Sylvanus Cobb, Junr.
Elementary Flower Painting. With Eight Coloured Plates The Gunmaker of Moscow. By SvlanusCobbJunr.
and Wood Engravings The Brown Stone Boy. By W. H. Bishop. (At s.
Sep PaintinE A Course of. w Vols. Each. (See also 5s.) A Tragi Mystery. By Julian Hawthorne. \ only.
MarlborouKh Arithmetic E les. The Great Bank R robbery. By Julian Hawthorne. )
keeping for the Mnllion (Setalh.oSs.)
Boo-keepng fr ho illio. lotnes. (Seealro s.) THREE.AND-SIXPENNY SERIES OF STANDARD
Tides andTidal Currents. By G braith and Haughton. TALES FOR FAMILY READING.
SCHOOL COMMENTARIES. cited by Bishop Ellicott. All Illustrated and bound in cloth gilt. Crown 8vo.
Genesis. C(s. 6R.) E.Jane Austen and her Works. The Half Sisters.
os. s. Corintan ds and M) mission Life in Greece and PeggOgvie' Inheritanoe.
E vodus. rand ii. (3s.) Palestine. The gamiy Honour.
Leviticus. (3.) Galati Ephesians, nd TheRomanc of Trade. sther Westn.
Numbers. (s. 6d. Ph'lipians. (3s.) The Three Homes. Working to Win.
Deuteronomy. (as. 6d.) Colossas Thessalonias, Deepdale Vicarae. rilo and his able. By
thew. (3s. 6d.)d Timothy. (3s.) In Duty Bound. W. R. S. Ralston, M.A.
St. Mathk. (3s) Titus. Pilemon, Hebrews, Fairy Tales. By Prof. Morley.
Snd Jes. ) The first two of the above ca aso be obtained bound in morocco
St. Luke. (3s. 6d.) Peter Jude, and oh (s.) cloth sides, full gilt, 6s. each.
St. John. (3s. 6d.) The Revelation. (ts.)
The Acts f the Apostles. An Introduction to the New BOOMS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE.
(3s. 6d.) Testament. (2s. 6d.) Esop's Fables. Illustrated throughout by Ernest Grnset. Cheap
Edition. Cloth. (See also 5s.)
British Empire, The. By Sir George Campbell. The Cost Of a Mistake. By Sarah Pitt. Illustrated.
Bible Work at Home and Abroad. Yearly Volume. Rhymes for the Young Folk. By William Allingham. With
Beautiful Pictures in Colour. Illuminated boards.
E A World of Girls: A Story of a School. By L. T. Meade.
3/6 EUCATIONAL. Lost among White Africans. A Boy's Adventures
/6 Technolo Manuals of. Edited by Prof. Ayrton F.R.S., and onthe Congo. B DavidKer. Adventures
Richard ormell, D.Sc., M.A. Illustrated throughout with original Perils Afloat and Brigan a Ashore. By Alfred Elwes.
and practical illustrations. Freedom's Sword A Story of the Days of Wallace
DYEING OF TEXTILE FABRICS. s. and Bruce. By Annie S. Swan.
PRACTICAL MECHANICS. By Prof. Perry, M.E. On Board the Esmeralda or Martin Leigh's Leg.
CUTTING TOOLS WORKED BY HAND AND MACHINE. By Prof. Smith. By John C. Hutcheson. With Full.page Tinted Illustrations.
DESIGN IN TEXTILE FABRICS. 4S. 6d. Queen and King, For; or, the Loyal 'Prentice. By
STEEL AND IRON. 5s. Henry Frith. With Full-page Tinted Illustrations.
SPINNING WOOLLEN AND WORSTED. 4s. 6d. In ues of Gold By Alfred St. Johnston. With Full-page tinted
WATCH AND CLOCK MAKING. 4S. 6d. illustration
laws of Every.Day Life. By H. O. Arnold.Forster. Present. The New Children's Album.
tion Edition. Half Persian calf, gilt top. (See also s. 6d.) My Own Album of Animals.
Miniature Cyclopaedia, Casseel's.Containing 3ooo Subjects. Album for Home, School, and Play. Containing Four
Colour. By Prof. A. H. Church. New andEnlaraed Edtion. Stories by popular Authors.
English Literature, The Story of. By Anna Buckland. Bo-Peep. A Treasury for the Little Ones. With
Guide to Employment in the Civil Service. Cloth. Original Stories and Verses by the best Authors. Illustrated through-
Sha"kpere Reading Book, The. By H. Courthope Bowen, out. Cloth gilt. (See aso 2S. 6d.)
M.A. Illustrated. (See also is.) Little Folks' Holiday Album. Illustrated.
German Grammar, The Marlborough. Compiled and Little People's Album, The. With Illustrations.
Arranged by the Rev. J. F. Bright, M.A. Cloth. Robinson Crusoe Cassell's. Profusely Illustrated.
French Exercisest Marlborough. By th Rev. G. W. De Swiss Faily Robinson, Cassell's. Illustrated.
Lisle, M.A., French aster in Marlborough Colleg Fvorite Album of Fun and Fancy, The. Illustrated
Handrailine and Statrcasing. By Frank 0. Cresswell. throughout by Ernest Griset.

Cassell 4- Company's Classified Price List. 5

3/6 Little Folks (ENLARGED SERIES). TT i1V -1 Vols. with Marine Painting. By Walter W. May, R.I. With Sixteen ,
nearly 500 Illustrations in each. Boards.. Coloured Plates. 51
COlltd. "Little Folks" Album of Music, The. Illustrated. Animal Painting In Water-Colours. With Eighteen CO j3.
Cheerful Clatter. Illustrated. Coloured Plates by Frederick Tayler.
Home Chat Series, The. Bound in Picture Boards, 3s. 6d. each. Tree Painting in Water-Colours. By W. H. J. Boot. With
{Far lst, see ss.) Water-Colour Painting Book. By R. P. Leitch. With
Coloured Plates.
4/- Catherine Owen's New Cook Book. Sepia Painting, A Course of. With Twenty-four Plates from
Designs by R. P. Leitch. (See also 3s.)
Neutral Tint, A Course of Painting in. With Twenty-
4/6 Sent Back by the Angels. And other Ballads, by the Rev. four Plates by R. P. Leitch.
F. Langbridge, M.A. (Se also s.) China Painting. By Florence Lewis. With Sixteen Original
Watch and Clock Making. By D. Glasgow. Coloured Plates.
Design in Textile Fabrics. By T. R. Ashenhurst. With Flowers, and How to Paint them. By Maud Naftel. With
Coloured and numerous other Illustrations. Ten Coloured Plates.
Spinning Woollen and Worsted. By W. S. B.McLaren, M.P. Technical Educator, Cassell's. Four Vols. Each. (See also
Phrase and Fable, Dictionary of. New and Enlared i6., 24s., and 3is. 6d.)
Edriton. By the Rev. Dr. Brewer. Superior binding. (See also s. 6d.) Flower Painting in Water Colours. With Twenty Fac-
French-English and English -French Dictionary. simile Coloured Plates. First and Second Series. By F. E. Hulme,
Superior binding with leather back. (See also 3s. 6d.) F.L.S. Each.
French, Cassell's Lessons in. New and Revised Edition. Popular Educator, Cassell's Ane and Thaorouly Revised
Complete in One VoL (See also 2s. 6d.) Editton. Illustrated. Complete in Six Vols. Each.
Drawing for Machinists and Engineers. By Ellis Decisive Events in History. By Thomas Archer. With
A. Davidson. With over 2oo Illustrations. Original Illustrations. (See also 3s. 6d.)
Geometry, Cassell's Course of Practical. Consisting of
ADVENTURE BOOKS. Sixty-four Cards. By Ellis A. Davidson.
/ The Astonishing History of Troy Town. By Q, Author Astronomy, Manual of. By Galbraith and Haughton.
of" Dead Man's Rock." Reading Sheets, The Modern. In Three Series. Mounted
The Black Arrow. A Tale of the Two Roses. By R. L. Stevenson. on linen, with rollers. Each. (See also 2s.)
Commodore Junk By G. Mntille Fenn. THE FINE ART LIBRARY. Edited by John Sparkes,
Dad Mean'. Ta o Bya -. Principal of the South Kensington Art Schools, with about 1oo Illus-
Captain Trafalgar. ByWestall and Laurie. Illustrated. trations in each:-
King Solomon's Mines. By H. Rider Haggard. Illustrated. The Education of the Artist. Greek Archeolog A Man-
Kidnapped. By R. L. Stevenson. Illustrated. By Ernest Chesneau. ual of. By Maime Clligno.
Treasure Island. By R. I :, Illustrated. Tapestry, A Short History The English School of Paint-
Phantom City, The. Byy Eugene Mlintz. ing. By Ernest Chesneau.
Engraving, Its Origin, Pro- Introduction by Prof. Ruskn.
ILLUSTRATED BOOKS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE. cesses, and History. By The Flemish School of Paint-
Flora's Feast. A Masque of Flowers. By Walter Crane. With Le Vicomte Henri Thn uteDahSchoolofPainting
40 pages in Colours. Artistic Anatomy. Th .ut c chShoof painting
40 pages in Colours.
Legends for Lionel. Walter Crane's New Picture Book. With RELIGIOUS.
Coloured Illustrations. RELIGIOUS
Bible Talks about Bible Pictures. Illustrated by Gustave St. George for England i and other Sermons preached to
Dord and others. Children. By the Rev. T. Teignmouth Shore, M.A.
Ships, Sailors, and the Sea. By R. J. Cornewall-Jones. Life of the World to Come, The, and other Subjects.
The Palace Beautiful. By L. T. Meade. By the Rev. T. Teignmouth Shore, M.A.
JEsop's Fables. Illustrated throughout by Ernest Griset. Cheap Secular Life, The Gospel of the. Sermons preached at
a/itiars. Cloth, glt edges '.See al/a 3. 6d.) Oxford. By the Hen. Canon Fremantle.
The Tales of the Sixty Mandarins. By P. V. Ramaswamn
Raju. Family PrayerB0ook, The. Edited by Rev. Canon Garhett,
Follow my Leader; or, the Boys of Templeton. By M.A., and Rev. S. Martin. (See also is.)
TFor Tbo Bnes Reed ry With Tited Illustration e English Reformation, The. By Cunningham Geikie, D.D.
For Fortune and Glory: a Story of the Soudan War.
By Lewis Hough. With Tinted Illustrations. Bible, The Pew. Cloth, red edges, 5s.; French morocco, red
Under Bayard's Banner. By Hcnry Frith i I nch morocco, gilt edges, 7s.; Persian calf, gilt edges,
The King's Command. A Story for Girls. '" ; ,- Yapp," gilt edges, 8s. : morocco, gilt edges, 8s. 6d.
By Maggie Symingtoi.
The Romnce of Invention. By James Burnley. Reconciliation. By a Lindesie.
Champion of Odinp The; or, Viking Life in the Days
f Old. By Frederic Hodgetts. Wit Tinted llustrations. Modern Shot Guns. By W. W. Greener. Illustrated.
Bound by a Spell; or, The Hunted Witch of the Gum Boughs and Wattle Bloom. By D. Macdonald.
Forest. By the Hon. Mrs. Greene. Witi C ma ,
The History Scrap Book. With .. ,., Sonnets and Quatorzains. By Chrys, M.A. (Oxon.).
(Cloth, 7s. 6d.) English Writers. By Prof. H. Morley. Vols. I., II., III., and IV.
The Merry-go-Round. Poems for Children. Each.
The Sunday Scrap Book. Being Scripture Stories in Pictures. Free Trade versus Fair Trade. By Sir T. H. Farrer, Bt.
With about iooo Illustrations. (See al/o 7s. 6d.t
Daisy Dimple's Scrap Book. (See als 7 s. 6d.) Cannibals and Convicts. By Julian Thomas (" The Vaga-
Myself and my Friends. By Olive Patch. Illustrated. bond "). Chea/rCI Ediztio.
A arcel of Children. By Ove I Vaccination Vindicated. By John C. McVail, M.D., D.P.H.
Modern Explorers. i, Canlh.
Living Pages from Many Ages. .. Year-Book of Treatment, The. A Critical Review for Prac-
Hapy Little People. titioners of Medicine. Fifth Year of Issue.
Little Folks Out and About Book, The. By Chatty Medical and Clinical Manuals, for Practitioners and Stu-
Cheerful. dents of Medicine. / List post free on application. (See also
Wild Adventures in Wild Places: a Book for Boys. By 6s., 7s. 6d., 8s. 6d., and 9s.)
Dr. Gordon Stables, R.N. Illustrated.
O'er Many Lands, on Many Seas. By Gordon Stables Gardening, Cassell's Popular. Illustrated. Complete in
R.N. Illustrated. Four Vols Each.
Little Doings of some Little Folks, The. By Chatty Technical Educator, Cassell's. Complete n Four Vols.
Cheerful. Illustrated throughout. .wc /idston. Each.
Heroes of Britain in Peace and War. Two Vols. With Forging of the Anchor. The. By Sir Samuel Ferguson, LL.D.
Gulliver's Travels. .' E'ighty-eight En- Russia. By Sir Donald Mackenzie Wallace, M.A.
amllt3r fmrlnds. .. Local Government and Taxation in the United
Little Folks' Picture Album. ing i68 Large Pictures, Kingdom. Edited by I
.. ,l ,,. I r Field Naturalis's Handbook, The. By the Rev. J. G.
Fairy Talis Told Again. '. i i Gustave Dor. Wooc .
Sunny Spain. Brahma Fowl, The. By Lewis Wright. With Chromo Plates.
Little Folks. Half-Yearly Vols. Each containing nearly 500 Horses, The Simple Ailments of. Their Nature and Treat-
P'ictures. Cloth, gilt edges. IBoar/s, 3s. 6d.) let y v, ,
Little Folks' Picture Gallery. olt. By W.
A Dozen and One ; or, Tho Boys and Girls of Polly's
Ring. By Mary D. Brile. St. Paul, The Life and Work of. By the Ven. Archdeacon
"HOME CHAT" SERIES. Frr, I, Dl., F.R.S. Po'tDear idatzon. Cloth. (See also 7s. 6d., /-
"HOME CHAT" SERIES. los. 6d., 15s, ats, nda, d/. 2s.)
Illustrated throughout. Ex. fcap. 4to, cloth gilt, gilt edges. Early Days of Christianity. The. By the Ven. Archdeacon
Home Chat with Our Young Tiny Houses and their Farrar, D.D., F.R.S. Popular Edition. Cloth. (See also 7s. 6d.,
Folks. Builders ros. 6d., 5s., 24s., and r2 zs.)
Peeps Abroad for Folks at Jungle. Peak, and Plain.
Home. Field Friends and Forrst Life of Christ, The. By the Ven. Archdeacon Farrar, D.D.,
Around and About Old Eng- Foes. F.R.SS.Pouaor l/d ton. Cloth. (See also 7s. 6d., ros. 6d., i5s.,
land. Odd Folks at Home. 0ts., 245., and 42s.)
Decisive Events inHlistory. Tim Trumble's Little Hours with the Bible. By Dr. Geikie. Six Vols. Each.
Half-Hours with Early .lx- Mother." Old Testament Characters. By Dr. Geikie.
plorers. Children of all Nations. Bible Educator, The. Edited by the Very iT .. i
Paws and Claws. Rambles Round London 1.D. Illustrated. Complete in Four Vols. (C ,
Stories about Birds. Town. crs. and 24s.)
*,* The first six of the above books call also be had in boards, Moses and Geology; or, The Harmony of the Bible
price 3s. 6d. each. with Science. By the Rev. Salulel Kiuns, Ph.D., F.R.A.S.
ED. With no Illustrations.
EDUCATIONAL. ,,Ae Newly Married and for
Historical Cartoons, Cassell's Coloured. Mounted on Marriage Ring, The. A L els. arrD and Wor
those Conteinlaliting Marl-rioc. Loede, G.E. White
canvas and varnished, with rollers. (See also 2s.) leatherette. (Aloroc'io, 8s. e6d.
Dyeing of Textile Fabrics, The. By Prof Hummell. American yach t and Yachting. With over ito Illustra-
Steel and Iron. By Prof. W. H. Greenwood, F.C.S., &c. tioll. I.' ,

6 Cassell 3 Company's Classified Price List.

6/ Cassell's Pocket Guide to Europe. (Size 5 by 3, inches.) Bible, The Crown. With about I,oo Original Illustrations. Cloth. 7/6
Leather. (See also gos. and i2s. 6d.) 7
wtd. Choice Poems by H. W. Longfellow. Illustrated from Child's Bible. Cheap Edition. Illustrated. CO/l'd.
Paintings by his Son, Ernest W. Longfe low. Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. Illustrated.
Dog Stories and Dog Lore. By Col. Thomas W. Knox.
Bimetallism The Theory of. By D. Barbour, FinancialMedical and Clinical Manuals. A Litpostree on a .
.ca/on. (,uee a/so go., 5.. 30. Oct., and go.)
Technical Educator, Cassell's. Complete in Four Vols. s.d., 9s
Each. (See also 5s., 24s., and 31s. 6d,) Queen Victoria, The Life and Times of. Complete in fl-
Cobden, Richard, The Political Writings of. To Vols. Illustrated. Each.
Co-operation in Land Tillage. By M. A. Our Earth and its Story. By Dr. Robert Brown, F L.S.
Ostrich Farming in South Africa. Vols. I. and II. With Coloured Plates and numerous Wood Engravings.
LadiesP Physician, The. By at London Physician. GEach.
Ladies' Physician, The. By a London Physicia. Gleanings from Popular Authors. Complete in Two Vols.
Medical and Clinical Manuals. A List ost free on aplt- .. '" -, Each.
caton. (See also 5s., 7s. 6d., 8s. 6d., and 9s.) Natural History Cassell's New. Edited by Prof. P.
Martin Duncan, M.D., F.R.S. Complete in Six Vols. Illustrated
/6 EDUCATIONAL, throughout. Extra crown 40to. Each.
6 Medical and Clinical Manuals. A List ost free on appli- Universal History, Cassell's.Illustrated. -- i .
calion. (See also 5s., 6s., 8s. 6d., and 9s.) and Greek History. Vol. II., The Roman I
Practical Electricity. By Prof. W. E. Ayrton. Illustrated. Middle Ages. Vol. IV., Modern History. ..11
Electricity, The Age of. From Amber Soul to Telephone. By England, Cassell's Illustrated History of. With about
Park Benjamin, Ph.D. ,ooo Illustrations. Complete in Ten Vols. esew and Revised Edtsonr
Shorter English Poems. By Prof. Henry Morley. Popular Vols. I. and II. Each.
I -,Id eIs. 6d.) Protestantism, The History of. By the Rev. J. A. Wylie,
Figure Painting In Water-Colours, WithSixteenColoured LL.D. Three Vols. With 600 lllustrations. Each.
En ish Literature, A First Sketch of. By Prof. Henry Bible, The Crown. Persan morocco antique, red and gold edges.
En i Lierature A First Skech of. By (See also 7s. 6d. assd s2s. 6d.)
orley United States, History of the (Cassell's). Complete in
Algebra, Manual of. By Galbraith and Haughton. Three Vos. tAbout 60o Illustrations. Eaclh.
English Literature, Library of. By Professor Henry Family Magazine Volume, Cassell's. With upwards of
Morley. With Illustrations taken from Originlal MSS. Popular 250 Original Contributions, and about 300 Illustrations.
Editiosn. Vol. I. : SHORTER ENGLISH POEMS. Vol 2.: ILLUS-
TRATIONS OF ENGLISH RELIGION. Vol. III.: ENGLISH PLAYS British Battles on Land and Sea. Three Vols. With
Vol. IV.: SHORTER WORKS ON ENGLISH PROSE. Vol. V.: about 600 Engravings. Each. (See also 30.)
SKETCHES OF LONGER WORKS IN ENGLISH VERSE AND Battles, Recent British. Illustrated. (See also ios.)
PROSE. Each. (See also is. 6d. and ts. 6d.) Franco-German War, Casell's History of the. Com-
plete in Two Vols. r ''. Each.
Shaftesbury, the Seventh Earl of, K.G., The Life RssoTurldsh War, Cassel's history of. With about
andWork f. By Edwin Hodder. In One Volume, cloth. sWth R ur sh W r Cassell's History of. With about
8 Illustrations. (See also 36s.) 5 Illustrations. Two Vols. Each. (Se alto g,.)
Fresh-water Fishes of Europe, The. By Prof. H. G. London, Old and New. Complete in Six Vols. Each containing
Seeley, F.R.S. With 214 Illustrations. about 2oo Illustrations. Each. (.See also 3.)
France as It Is. By Andre Lebon and Paul Pelet. With Three Edinburgh, Cassell's Old and New. Complete in Three
Maps. Crown8vo, cloth. i I I 11 .. Each.
Health at School. By Clement Dukes, M.D., B.S. London, Greater. r---- Two Volt. By Edward Walford.
The Chess Problem: Text-Book with Illustrations. Containing o atr Tw ols. By Edward Walford.
400 Positions selected from the Works of C. Planck and others.
Christmas in the Olden Time. By Sir Walter Scott. With Science for All. r--r-i: in Five Vols. Each containing about
Illustrations exquisitely reproduced. I Each.
Cookery, Cassell's Dictionary of. With Coloured Plates Medical and Clinical Manuals. A. istpostfree on appli-
and numerous Engravings. Containing about 9,oo0 Recipes. (See cation. (See also 5s., s., 7s. d., an.d 8s. 6d.)
also los. 6d.)
Domestic Dictionary, Cassell's. Illustrated. i,280 pages. School Registers. (For descripi,, a see s. 4d.) -
Royal 8vo, cloth. (See also ros. 6d.) 10/-
From Gold to Grey. Being Poems and Pictures of Life and Battles, Recent British. Library Edition. (See also 9s.)
Nature. By Mary D. Brine. Illustrated.
Christopher Columbus The Life and Voyages of. Russia, The Truth about. By W. T. Stead. Demy 8vo, cloth. 10/6
By Washington Irving. Three Volumes. The set. 10/6
Sunlight and Shade. With Exquisite Engravings. Farrar's Life of Christ. Popular Edilion. Persian morocco.
Changing ear, The. Being Poems and Pictures of Life and (See also 6s., 7. 6d., i5s., 2s., 2, 24, atd 42s.)
Nature. With numerous Illustrations. Farrar's Life and Work of St. Paul. Postlar EdiHion.
Ballads, Illustrated British. With Original Illustrations. Persian morocco. (See also 6s., 3s. 6d., i5s., 2is., and 42s.)
TwoVols. Each. (Seealso 5s.) Farrar's Early Days of Christianily. popular Edition.
Nimrod in the North; or Hunting and Fishing Ad- Persian morocco. (See lso 6s 42.)
ventures in the Arctic Regions. By F. Schwatka. Imperial White Books. FourVols. (Seealso 3s. d.)
Illustrated. Domestic Dictionary. The. Roxburgh. (See alo 7. 6d.)
Saturday Journal, Cassell's. Yearly Volume. Cookery, Cassell's Dictionary of. Illustrated throughout.
Cities of the World. Illustrated throughout with fine Illustrations Roxburgh. (See also 7s. 6d.)
and Portraits. Complete in Three Vols. Each. Bible Dictionary, Cassell's. Cheap Edition. One VoL
Peoples of the World, The. By Dr. Robert Brown. Illus- Roxburgh. (See also 7s. 6d.)
treated. Six Vols. Each. Architectural Drawing. By Phend Spiers. Illustrated.
Countries of the World, The. By Robert Brown, MA., Ph.D., ncrclondic Dictionar The i
F.L.S. F.R.G.S. Complete in Six Vols., with 750 Illustrations. C Refirence to all theWords i the E .
Each. (See also 37. 6d.) in Fourteen Divisional Vols. Each. (Sec also 2is.)
Horse Keeper, Practical. By Geore Fleming, LL.D., Bismarck: an Historical Biography. By Charles Lowe, M.A. Cheap
P F.R.C.V.S.
Sunday Scrap Book. Cloth, gilt edges. ee also s.) English Literature, Dictionary of. Roxburgh.
History Scrap Book. Cloth gilt. (See a so5.) Shakspere, The Leopold. Half-morocco. (See also 3s. 6d.,
Daisy Dimple's Scrap Book. Cloth ilt. (See also s.) 7s. 60., a-7 rs.)
Our Own Country. Complete in Si Vols. With 200 Original World of Wit and Humour, The. With about 400 Illustra-
Illustrations in each Vol. Each. / tions. Cloth, gilt edges. (See also 7s. 6d.)
Great Industries of Great tain. Complete in Three Arabian Nights Entertainments, The. With Illustrations
Vols. Each. (See also 15s.) /by Gustave Dore, and other well-known Artists. New EdztIt.
Enlish Literature1 D"ict nary of. By W. Davenport Cannibals and Convicts. ByJulianThomas("TheVagabond").
dams. Cloth. (See also 5os. (See also 5s.s
Shakspere, The Leopo, Cloth gilt. (Seealso3s. 6d., ios. 6d., Natura History, Cassell's Concise. By Prof. E. Perceval
Sea, The: Its Stir ng Story of Adventure, Peril, Wright,M.A. Illustrated. Roxburgh. (Seealso 7S6d.)
and Heroism. F. Whympr. Four Vols., Poultry, The Illustrated Book of. By Lewis Wright. With
Illustrations. 7s. 6d. each. (See also 25s.) i" .I i t T Popular Edztion. With Illustrations on Wood.
Brave Lives and Noble. Illustrated. Gilt edges. -)
World Of Wonders, The. Two Vols. Illustrated. Each. Gun and its Development, The. With Notes on Shooting.
By W. W. Greener. With Illustrations.
World of Wit and Humour, The. With about 400 Illustra- Heroes of Britain in Peace and War. With 300 Illustra-
tions. (See also aos. d. ) tions. Library binding, Two Vols. in One.
Natural History, Cassell's Concise. By Prof. E. Perceval India: the Land and the People. By Sir James Caird,
Wright, M.A. Illustrated. (Roxburtgh, los. 6d.) .C.B., FRS. Eeeised rJimesss.
Insect Variety. By A. H. Swinton. Cheap Edition. ...______ _______
Quiver Volume. The. C- upwards of 250 Original Con- English Literature, Library of. By Prof. 14 11/6
tributions. ,. Vol. II.-Illustrations of ,. .. II .-...
,ribu s ,* i.. .ts oh i e. Vol. IV.-Shorter Works i- .. V.- .
Life and Words of Christ, The. By Cunningham Geikie, D.D. in Prose and Verse. Ea 6d., -ad 5 5ss.)
Cheap Edition in i Vol.
Farrar's Life of Christ. Popular Edition. Cloth, gilt edges.
(See also 6s., os. 6d., s., is., 24s., and 42s.) Parliaments, A Diary of Two. By Henry W. Lucy. Two 1
Farrar's Early Days of Christianity. Ptpular Edilion. Vols. Vol. I., The Disraeli Parlianent, 1874-1880. Vol. II., The /-
Cloth, gilt edges. (See also 6s., los. 6d., 155., 04s., and 42S.) Gladstone Parliament, x880--885. Each.
Farrar's Life and Work of St. Paul. Popular Edition. Modern Europe, A History of. By C. A. Fyffe, M.A,
Cloth, gilt edges. (See also 69., los. 6d., i5s., 2is., and 42s.) I College, Oxford. Vol. I. and II., each.
Bible Dictionary, Cassell's. With nearly 60o Illustrations. Cassell's Miniature Shakespeare. Complete in 12 Vols.
(See also los. 6d.) In Box. (See also is. and 2is.)

Cassell 8f Company's Classified Price List. 7

12/6 Great Painters of Christendom, The, from Cimabue Dante's Purgatorio and Paradiso. With magnificent Illus- 21/-
to Willie. By J. Forbes-Robertson. Illustrated.. trations by Gustave Dord.
Along Alaska's Great River. By Lieut. Schwatka. Illustrated. Dante's Inferno. With I ,,, I i d
Bible, The Crown. With about I,0oo Original Illustrations. tiSon, see 3s. 6d. Leop I "
Familiar oroees. Cnt ph. Coloured Shakespeare, Cassell's Miniature. Complete in r2 Vols.
amiiaes.r Treesach. Comp Colored In box with spring catch. .
Ga ten Fls. wers, Fmiliar. Complete inEach. Five Series Forty Mechanics, The Practical Dictionary of. Containing
Coloured Plates il I r, t in cardboard box, or morocco,
cloth sides. Each. RELIGIOUS WOI'S.
Wild Birds, Familiar. ,'' Series. By W. EIGIOUS WORKS.
Wi i d iired illustrations. Dictionary of Religion, The. By the Rev. William Benham,
(i I .1 I ; ., Each. B.D. Cloth. (See also 2s.)
Wild Flowers, Familiar. Complete in Five Series. B F. arrar' Life of Christ, The. ILLUSTRATED EDITION with
Hulme, FLS., FSlA. With Forty Fall-page Colored Plates i about 300 Original Illustrations. Cloth, gilt edges. (See also 6s.,
eaHulme, F.nd L.escript TetFSA. Each. Forty Fullpage Coloured Pates s. 6d., os. 6., s., 4s., and 42s.)
each, and Decrptve Tet. Each. arrar's Life and Work of St. Paul. ILLUSTRATED
Poems, Shorter Enslish. By Professor Henry Morley. With EDITION. (See also 6s., 7. 6d., ros. 6d., 5s., and 42.)
.' l -" 1 Old Testament Commentary for English Readers,
Stock Exchange Year-Book, The. By Thomas Shinner. The. Edited by the Rev. C. J. Elhcott, D.., Lord Bishop of
Gloucester and Bristol. Five Vols. Each.
New Testament Commentary. Edited by C. J. I ".
15/- Principles of the Economic Philosophy of Society, D.D., Lord Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol Three Vols.
1/ Government, and Industry. By Van Buren Denslow, t See also 4 145. 6d.)
LL.D. With Diagrads. Child's Life of Christ, The. --th about moo Original Illus-
Representative Poems of Living Poets. rations. Demy i i.-.
Farrar's Life of Christ, The. Popular Edition. Tree-calf. Bible Educator, The. i i i Oean Plumptre, D.D. Com-
(See also 6s., 7s. 6d., los. 6d., 2Xs., 24s., and 42s.) plete in Two Vols. (See also 24s. and 6s.)
Farrar's Life and Work of St. Paul. Popular Edition.
Tree-calf. (See alsn 6s., 7s. 6d., ros. 6d., ns., arid 42a.)
Farrar's Early Days of Christianity. g ordlar Edition. Holy Land and the Bible, The. By the Rev. Cunningham A/-
Tree-calf. (See al/o 6s., I 425.) GCikie, D.D. With Map. Second Editior. In Two Vols.
Magazine of Art, The. "' Each. (Se also Luther Martin: His Life and Times. By Peter Bayne,
r6s. and 2s.) LL.D. Two Vols.
Our Homes, and How to Make them Healthy. With Early Days of Christianity, The. By the Ven. Archdeacon
Illustrations. (See also 8s.) Farrar, D.D., R.S. Two Vols., demy 8vo. (See also 6s., 7s. 6d.,
Cassell's Concise Cyclopmadia. With 600 Illustrations. A ros. 6d., igs., and u2 zs.)
Cyc0o1gcdia in One Volume. (See a/so ets.)
Sk chi ronNaure in Water Colours. By Aaron Life f Christ The. By the Ven. Archdeacon Farrar, D.D.
Peniley. 11 1, C,' 'i F.R.S. Two Vols., cloth. Morocco, 2zs. (See also 6s., ys. 6d.,
Shakspere, The Royal. .. Vols. With Steel nos. 6d., 5s-. 2., ad 42s.)
Plates o -- i"- T -vings. Each. Bible Educator, The. i I d by Dean Plumptre. Complete in
British Ballads. Vith Illustrations. Complete in Two Vols. : i ; .
ClothIndustries Great Britain. With about 4oo us- Technical Educator, Cassell's. Complete in Four Vols., cloth.
Great Industries o Great Britain. with about 400 Illus- (eee 5 t 6s., arid 3Ir. 6d.)
Ti r, i: Three Vols. in One.
India. Cassell's History of. By the late James Grant. With
u o-Tur h War, Vols in One. Celebrities of the Century. T 0 ctionary ofthe Men and 25/
lusso-Turkish War, Cassell's History of the. Ilus- Womn of te Nineteentl( I by Lloyd C. Sanders. 25/-
S One Vol. (See also s.) Roxburgh. (Seen also s.).
Dictionary of Religion, The. By the Rev. William Benham,
1 g f T-W B.D. Roxburgh. (Ser also es.)
SMagazine of Art, The. Yerly Vol. With A course of Lessons in Landscape Painting in Oils.
gravures, -. Several Hundred Engravings By A. F. Grace. With Nine Reproductions in Colour, and numerous
edges. examples engraved on Wood.
Corn and Cattle Producing DIEtrlcts or France, The. Family Physician, The. New and Revised Edttion. Half-
By George '"''' morocco. (See ao 2xs.)
Life and Words of Christ. i ., :, D.D. Sea, The: Its Stirring Story of Adventure, Peril,
Students' -and Heroism. i LIrae Siordrg. Csmplnte
Longfellow's Poetical Works. ,'. (Also in Two V ols. Lab. complete
!3 3S-) Health, The Book of. Roxburgh. (See also 2is.)
Natural History Wall Sheets. Ten Subjects. Size 26 by
1o The Woman's World. Edited by Oscar Wilde. Yearly Volume. 20 inches. Mounted. (See also s. 6d.)
1 Illustrated throughout with high-class Wood Engravings.
Cassell's Concise Cyclopedia. Roxburgh. (Fordescrptioin Protestantism, The History of. ,, i A. Wylic, 7
see 35s.) LL.D. Containing upwards of 6oo0 II .. Three Vols. I
Picturesque Europe. Popular Edi/n'tio. Complete in Five Vols. (Se nalso s.)
With Thirteen exquisite Steel Plates, and nunlerous original Wood British Battles on Land and Sea. Three Vols. Cloth.
Engravings. Each. (See a/so 3is. 6d., ro los., arid 6 5s.) (See also 9s. arid 3os.)
Family Prayer Book, The. Edited by Rev. Canon Garbett, United States, History of the. By the late Edmund Oilier.
M.A., and Rev. S. Martin. Morocco. (Se also 5s.) Containing 6o0 Illustrations and Maps. (See also gs.)
Our Homes, and How to Make Them Healthy. Rox- Edinburgh, Old and New. Complete in Three Vols. (See also
burgh. (See also r5s.) 9s. aid 3s.)

20/- Cassell's Household Guide. With numerous Illustrations aind Life and Words of Christ. By Cunningham Geikie, D.D. 30/-
2 Coloured Plates. New aid C/eap Edition, complete in Four Vols Presentation Edition. Two Vols. (See also i6s.)
cloth, r the set. (See also r us. 6d.) Edinburgh, Old and New, Complete in Three Vols., library
Natural History Wall Sheets. Set of Ten Plates. Un- binding. (See also s and s.)
ioounted. Protestantism, The History of. Library Edition. (For
Ss___________________________________ S.)
British Battles on Landand Sea. With about 600 Illustra-
21-/ Celebrities of the Century. sT .. i i..reeVols. (See asogs.)
- Women of the Nineteenth ( i L United States, Hstory of the. By the late Edmund Oilier.
Cloth. (See also 25s.) 1 i' is. (See also 9s.)
Thackeray, Character Sketches from. Six New and
Original Drawings by Frederick Barnard, reproduced in Photo- y The Admirable. By ra Barrett
.....re. Lady Biddy F.ane The Admirable. By Frank Barrett-. 31/6
Shakespearean Scenes and Characters. By A. Brereton. Three Vols., cloth.
With Engravings. Music, Illustrated History of. By Emil Naumann. Edited
Modern Printing Machinery and Letterpress by the Rev. Sir F. A. Gore Ouseley, Bart. Illustrated. Two Vols.
Printing. By F. J. F. Wilson and Douglas Grey. Illustrated. Heavens, The Story of the. By Sir R. Stawell Ball, LLD.,
Memorials of the Craft of Surgery in England. F.R.S., F.R.A.S. Royal Astronomer of Ireland. With Sixteen
Illustrated. By John Flint South. separate Plates, printed by Chromo-lithography, and Ninety Wood
Electricity in the Service of Man. With nearly 850 Illus- Engravings. Demy 8vo, 544 pages.
trations. Picturesque Europe. Polodar EditFion. Two Vols. in One.
English History, The Dictionary of. Royal 8vo, cloth. F --r:l.- the British Isles. (See also l8s., io os., _5 x5s., aid
Dickens. Character Sketches from. First, Second, and Poultry, The Book of. By LewisWright. WithFiftyColoured
I i i i I or l containing Six Plates Plates. Cloth gilt. (See also sos. 6d. and 42s.)
ys Pigeonsp The Book or. ,. I.
.bbeys and Churches of England and Wales, The. Pigeons, ghe Bok o. '. .'
by Lewis Wright. 0
The Magazne o Art. VIII and IX. Technical Educator, Cassell's.
1 51. aid, n? irhalf-calf. (See also s., 6s., aId a4s.)
Encyclopedic Dictionary, The. Seven Double Divisional Household Guide, The. In Two Vols., half-calf. (See also
Vols., hialf-morocco. Each. (See also os. 3s. 6d.)
Dairy Farming. By Prof. Sheldon. i Twenty-five Coloured Bible, Cassell's Illustrated. Leather, with corners.
Plates. Demy 4to.
Flower Garden, Paxton's. Complete in Three Vols. With Horse, The Book of the. By SillIuIl Sidney. With Twenty- 351
Thirty-six Coloured Plates. Cloth. Eac. ., iii, Ily 4to. '
Trinidad. By L. A.A. I)e Verteuil, M.D.P. Butterflies and Moths. European. B: With
Ferns, European: their Form, Habit, and Culture. By James .
Britten, FrL.S. With Thirty Coloured Plates. Dog Illustrated Bool of the By \ \. Cantab.
Health, The Book of. (See also ns.) ., 4to, cloth
Family Physician, The. A Modern Manual of Domestic Canaries and Cage-Birds. The Illustrated Book of.
Medicine. Ne and Revised ditio. (See also 35s.) I [,,i 1 i ,n, ii F i r -fty-six
Milton's Paradise Lost. Illustrated with Full-page Drawings Fac-simile Coloured I I (See
by Gustave Dord. also 45s.)

8 Cassell Company's Classified Price List.

/- Shaftesbury, the Seventh Earl of, .., The Life Longfellow's Poetical Works. Firr Art Edition. Magnfi- 63/-
SandWorkofi By Edwin Hodder. WithPortraits. ThreeVols. ce r. r, ,.. engravings. Handsomely
(Seealso s. 6d.) b .... r i i
southvs Hstory of the United States, The. From the Shakespeare, Royal Quarto. Edited by Charles and Mary
Discovery of America by the Northmen to the Present Time. By CowdeClare, ad containing about 00 lustrations by H. C.
Edward S. Ellis. With Several Hundred Ilustrations. Four Vols. Sou Tree Vols., cloth gilt. (See also 6s.)
Picturesque Canada. A Delineation by Pen and Pencil of all
37/6 the Features of Interest in the Dominion of Canada, from its
37/6 ounres of the World The. By Rob Bro MA. Discovery t e Preset Day. th about 6 Original Illustrations
Ph.D., F.L.S., F.R.G.S. Three Vols. Library Binrdir&g. (Fov Complete in Two Volumres. Each.
dodcrifiorr, -ee 7s. 6d.) iTwVoue.Ec
Our Own Country. Three Vols. Library Bindnrg. (For de-
scrrition,see7s.6d.) Bible, Cassell's Illustrated Family, Morocco antique. 70/-
(Also 5os. in leather, and 75s. best morocco.)
42/- Cathedral Churches of England and Wales. Edition The International Shakespeare. Edition de luxe. (See
de Luxe. Descriptive, Historical, Pictorial. Roxburgh, also 5s.)
Ros e" Krng Henry IV." Illustrated by Herr Eduard Griitzner.
Royal River, The : The Thames from Source to Sea. As You Like It." Illustrated by Mons. E9mile Bayard.
With Descriptive lext T 1 &c., and a Series of
beautiful Engravings f- r. .. With Etching for Volumes inpreparation:
Frontispiece. "'Othello." Illustrated by Frank Dicksee, A.R.A.
Dore Gallery, The. Popular Edition. With 250 Illustrations by "King Henry VIII." Illustrated by Sir James Linton, P.R.I.
Gustave Dor. Cloth gilt, bevelledboards. Twelfth Night." Illustrated by G. H. Boughton, A.R.A.
Egypt i Descriptive, Historical, and Picturesque.
Popular Edtiorn. By Prf. G. Ebers. Translated by Clara Bell.
with Notes bySamuel Birch, LL.D., .C.L., SA. ols. With Etching: Its Technical Processes with Remarks on 4
aboutSoOriginal Engravings. (See alo s.) Collections and Collecting. 1By S. K. Koehler. With 84/-
about 8 Original Engraving. Thirty Full-page Plates by Old and Modern Etchers, and numerous
Picturesque America. Complete in Four Vols., with Forty- reproductions in the Text.
eight Exquisite Steel Plates and about 800 Original Wood Engravings.
Each. New Testament Commentary, The. Edited by Bishop Q94/
The Life of Christ. By the Ven. Archdeacon Farrar, D.D. Two Ellicott. Three Vols. in half-morocco. kSee also a2s.)/
Vols. morocco. (See also 6s., 7s. 6d., los. 6d., 55s., 2is., and 24s.)
St. Paul, The Life and Work of. By the Ven. Archdeacon Enland CasselTls History of. With 2,0o Illustrations. p
Farrar. Illustrated Edition, morocco. (See also 6s., 7s. 6d., los. 6d., library adton. Ten Vols. (See also 9s.)
5Ss., and 2rs.)
Farrar's Early Days of Christianity, Library odlsr. English Literature, Library of The Set of Five Vol., 5/5
Two Vols. Morocco. (See als 0s., 70. 6d., ros. 6(. rSS., artd 04s,) half-mnoroco. (See alao 7s. 6d., tos. 6d., anrd rus. 6d.)
Poultry The Booc of. By L -., Wit ifty Coloured "1Romeo and Juliet." Illustrated by Frank Dicksee. A.R.A.
Portraits, Talmoroco. B (Se al With Fifty Coloured Fortning a Volume of The International Shakespeare." This Vol.
.Portraits, half-morocco. ( o x 3 i'i 1-1 I ut on account of the growing
Pigeons. The Book of. By R. Fulton. With Twenty Coloured- (See f
Plates, half-morocco. (See also los. 6d. and 3is. 6d.) s. (See also 7os.i
Popular Educator, The. In Three Double Vols.. half-calf. Shakespeare, Cassell's Quarto. Morocco. (For desri. 66
(Sec as s.) tion. see 3 3s.) /
45/- Eg t Descriptive, Historical, and Picturesque. Old Testament Commentary, The. Edited by Bishop 27/17/6
Vo1. By Prof. G. Ebers. Translated by i i with Notes by Ellicott. Five Vols. in half-itorocco. (See also 2ts.)
Samel Birch, LL.D. With the Original : Illustrations.
Cloth ilt. (Vol. II., 2Zs. 6d.) Or the i in cardboard Picturesque Euroe. -. er Editin. Complte in Five 10
bo., Seealso 4s.) Volumes. E ach exquisite Steel ates, fr 1om 0/
Horse, The Book of the. By Samuel Sidney. With Twenty- o""es. Each nearly e"x.isi Sev Pates, fro. -
eight Fac-simile Coloured Plates. Enlarged Edition. Half-morocco. Royal 4to I
(Cloth 35s.) ,s. 6d., a'nd 26 5s.)
Canaries and Cage-Birds, The Illustrated Book of.
Half-morocco. (For description see 35s.) British Fossil Reptiles, A History of. By Sir 1
Dog, Illustrated Book of the, By Vero Shaw, B.A. With Owen, K.C.B., F.R.S., &c. With 268 Plates. Complete r 12/1
Twenty-eight Coloured Plates. (See also 35s.) Volumes.
0/_ lBible,Cassesllustrated Family. Toned aper Edition. ly Bile The. ii i yGustavo Dord. Two Vols., best 15
Leather, gilt edges. (See also 7os. and 75s.) polished morocco. ___
SPicturesque Europe. Large Paper Edition. With Sixty-five 26/5
60/- London, Old and New. Complete in Six Vols. With about Steel Plates, and i,ooo Original Wood Engravings. Five Vols. in
,2oo Illustrations. Library Edtson. (See also 9s.) morocco.


Adventure, The World of. 7d. Little Folks. 6d. Protestantism, History of. 7d.
Art, Magazine of. Is. London, Old and New. 7d. Quiver, The. 6d.
Bible Work at Home and Abroad. music, History of. 7d. Red Library, Cassell's.* Is. and 2s.
2d. M
Bunyan, Cassell's Illustrated. 6d. National Library, Cassell's SaturdayJournal, Cassell's.
Butterflies and Moths, European. Weekly.* 3d. and 6d. 6d. (And Weekly, Id.)
6d. ./
Cas6sel's Magazine, 7d. Natural History, Cassell's. 7d. Sea, The. 7d
Cathedrals and Abbeys. 7d. Old Testament Commentary, The.* Shakespeare, Cassell's Illustrated.
cities of the World. 7d. / Edited by BISHOP ELLICOTT. 7d. 7d.
Cities of te World Odr Edt Ty IH E ior 7 Technical Educator, Cassell's. 6d.
Cookery, Dictionary of. Our Earth and Its Story. 7d. Technical Educator, Cassells. 6d.
Countries of the Worl 7d. Our Own Country. 7d. Universal History, Cassell's. 7d.
Crown Bible. 6d. Paradise Lost. Illustrated by DORI. Wild Birds, Familiar. 6d.
Dor6 Bible. 3d. (And Weekly, id.) Pictorial Scrap Book, Cassell's. 6d. Wild Flowers, Familiar. 6d.
Encyclopmdic Dictionary. is. Picturesque America. 2s. 6d. Wit and Humour. 6d.
England, History of. 7d. Picturesque Australasia. 7d. Woman's World. Is.
English History, Dictionary of.* 6d. Pigeons, Illustrated Book of. 6d.
Farrar's Life of Christ. 7d. Popular Educator, Cassell's NEW. Cassell's Railway Time Tables and
Franco-German War. 7d. 6d. Through-Route Glance Guide.*
Gardening, Cassell's Popular. 7d. Poultry, Illustrated Book of. 6d. Price 4d.
All are Illustrated except those indicated by an asterisk.

Letts's Diaries and other Time-Saving Publications are now published by CASSELL
& COMPANY, and particulars will be forwarded post free on application to the Publishers,
CASSELL & COMPANY, Limited, Ludgate Hill. London; Paris, New York and Melbourne.

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