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Title: Charles's journey to France, and other tales
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Title: Charles's journey to France, and other tales
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Umia ~3 rhia hays~L d

__ ______





.~h4 4F --l


TaE deftigup SBde Ofp
tandieg tfitt ke Z iu to st "&
YaORM lnfumA600, joined wit* S-
They a prepared for yong FW ;
sad if fiom the edln oft donm~ii~e
they acquire a love fr good boob, t d
ampiler'. object will be acapbi.

~aiu'S Jouumw To Pkmmc,
Tim Ma hI.ysim . . .. .

M* Uvo* .. . .. .41
0 an w Does, ... ... If
A igisv ... . 5*

Tm ftiir us . . . s
rtmw mo =a Lax . . . .
f~~~i ~ lu . ....

zoom tt hkA?, n

Chaul, Billy .nd Hary.

-- ,,


try of a Jerny to Fruaes

3W PELL, Charles, we wil tae a
S journey. We will go to Fim.
We will se se of th wod besides

FaBriw erllps .7 t d y
body. W ,.m 6 a t way oE
And we mI go dowa the luae, d.
thrlgh tblher hyudm4 id by thee a
nerlhoue, d over tde dsle, til w
ae got quite into the fields. How
Cy the flds will look! for it wiR be
' !*


summer days againbefore we go. And
There will be yellow owe, and white
flower, and gras~ md tunei mad & e;
and the grasshoppers will chirp, chir
umder our feet. Do not try to catch.
them; it will only hinder u, and we
haera great way to g(

Pray *e abm pety crm u..
dt- hto swk A k amod -ma ed,
and have v^t, thick, whie wool upm
S their back, like a great et, sad mi

CEAULUS u J0U3RIg3 To nunct. 11

a noise like the little baby when it cries ?
Thse are heep and lambs. And what
ar those creators wit horns, that are
r than dte sheep ? Some of them
ge black, and some red: they make a
lod noise, but they do not look as if
they would hurt ay body. Those are
cow, that give milk. Stroke thm. Pgr
cows! stand still ad look back. Now
we cannot see o hoi at all; and
we can ee oly the top da, t chuch
teepe. Let m op a little fthrr.


Now look back. Now we cannot me
the church at all. Farewell! We ae
going a great way. Shall we ever com
back again ? Yes, we shall come be
again; but we must go on now. ,Comep
make haste.
What is that tall thing that has four
pweat arum which move very fast ? I be-
lieve, if I was near it, they would strike
me down. It is a wind-mill Taho
arms are the sa&s. Th' wid tar
thm round. And lhat is a'windill
for ? It is to griad cg. You cold
have no hb if t *cor were not
ground. W Imt rh e is a fiw r; how
Shall we db Over it ? Why, do
you not see how e ducks do ? tbey
swim over. But I solm. The

OC1AML's9 JOUlTlll TO FRaIC. 13
you mast learn to swim, I belief: it is
too wide to jump over. here is a

bridge! Somebody has made a bridge *
fr s quite over he rier. That ome-
edy wausevry goods for I do know
what we should leloae wimnt it;
aad be wa J t er too I winder
how bi eSde IP a j J could not

twe* : am O oR; and we
one m en mM ore s
mowaWgger 4 o wwn a gles


14 caILES'S JoIunrI TO rSAMCs.
deal, -large towns, and fie cdlmu ,
streets, and people,-mare than theme i
at the fair. And we shall have a great
many high hills to climb. I bievs I
must get soI dy & eaaryh the little boy
vprs.e highl 'hd sometimes we
dall go through da ty, smdy roads; and
sometime throat gpeen lanes, where we
shall hear the birds ing.
Sometimes we shall go Over wi
commoms, where nwe shll sm a t- ,
nor anplbomuse d large l ath, whmse
there is hadly wi ly--
purple AowWm a ,M9e Wml-,m d
little sheep. -Ha&! MdWI POYh| st
hIees aan 'at- at4 wi akiu s?

other; tm|- ,giH m- .

cuJ5I5'. Ionumr "o rams. 15

asrabbits. They live her. &ud make
taIV" bhume in the pand& IW

NOw we an me amasgt a grewt
Wamy ae*-prs treu thm there am
ist-tipembWu lb .ea mmy.amd Solm
Uq' Tbwe io ovk~ &* Amd
Ilbk ic a m& L- ~t rgmt boo&,
the thay b 3. Sodahk am& TW
qm *a Icalm IP.V b-ds, tos
qt~'I~qhIgIis aeqh
I lqtbMqhe Nrh
j~rpir~orr~e~ak~kc li*
.na &Y IIrlt~rrgrl~r

16 cxusazl's souaamv ic vaozscz.

Well, when we have gone on a g it
many days,4arough a great many Sidd
and towns, we shall come to a great,
deep water, bigger a great mpy times
than the river, for you can see over the
river ytu o w-yo can see fields on
the other side; but this is s large, and
so wide, you can p ae Mhing but water,
water, as far as ver you can carry your
eyes. And it i not oot, like the
rier; it is all rougi the great pot
i~ thes hen ws t bis -i i; ad it
i io deep, k would dm ya ou, if yeu
were as tal as twe lch smte es I
wonder what they cal ti -gst water.
ThIn is aa oid ,ishme ihaMiiqhgi a
5"kdrsyi msmH&L; h o Ik-y we&
I dMak wwia ak h, e IbI.

oBal.u'ls JOOm rF AUM. 17

ban wht bi thi great water? It is
: sw: Aid you never hea of the ma ?
i great water the same s
tat otr map at hoba ? Yk, it
WeA didis very sageW! we are
Stbe se dMt is ia our apF Buit ius

n 6yA ln the map 44
haroJlwr i. -Ys, it is li* in thi
pbm ewu eeisny king is Hlta the
thei t w sm ltAl, and dtie bous



theother side of this sea? Yes, fid,
and towns, and people. Will you d
and see them ? I should like t go 4wy
ll: but how must we do to get *Ar
fCr there is no ridge here. De Aot ye
ee those great wooden boxes tdt suri
rpon the water? yey are Ifr than

in, aM Is will Tbs whait, iMba an
T rey alikwings. Thes

Yes. and I wil tol yes what, lEab U I
S thay are made om purpose to p er mth
ma; avd thd wind oIew ihmm al
1 -1 M I horne amO MMl *

_>-.A tr

CGUa'f amwuy L 20*MOM

You aoe mom a abip in iapm.
BWL we get in ? What bave thon mue
im dodo It n? They hate jarket
md s- o -,aaud chhadbbdM. Ti"
we umiiw I think we will Skgte yo
a sobi; w ibo, bmted of boom&

Do yin. dot btfi*w be -= %,A
dos r I~ms ? He a aB moff
mm he iis at doup of wo POL I&*
No b bw butWm: lo
b hu wMet -mc Youl
op- wib We-nr ow-g.ot -as



kg, because the ahip is af ti.? emgh
Now we are in.
kow we afe upon the gst "ea
jPw, blow, wiad! Sal awayj ip
Tl~er p. little room, in td dip,
IY'q little room we cdWd csihu
% n walk about, pd kIo&us shp.
q y" caums OIL NAY;'I s1N
WWW you an ti*! I...... wbe
wisraboet. But the hi m can
Wsm p The um ism* Ik .leulq.r;
omW. t be6 ~ - 11
vw be "" N et O-
w sr-- fe; but you waul d
w hLk it. It iska widbit.r. Y
jhw MR 6 atk

..&I.t fw~wp
4tsi~Y r~ ~a

Al, wr my bsme ow amy tbiag W46
Peat dwep watr. It is watw, a ud
1 0 AW eOVe We CM on. Ys, md
~~Vemmwethe sky ow ANli
- hu md., ad duWag
whre .mi urnW Do not befdo" *6
boy! But Nowt, wid! em wamy, S '
= 1 M OPP is do a at a put
boust 'M ae .;w

pw 4# h vtdo A
bweg #Dsof.t& i lug in as

M oAD&arDe Jomatr no rT aNM.
idmd. But we are not going there; we
me going to the great land. Now we
an at the lad.- Get out of te dip
Pray, what country is this? 71A
France France why, France is in tb

And pay unst in As sibe'a A

*WAMI~uasl num imen3
cmmatry we cume from, whore we By%
aud wher papa lives?. It is Esgimmi
And t1 deep mats is to m e seand
PYoe yal kno it ish so in

0 lu powty P"J it is
Snmtry : am kn re
Pretty- samb md Am Aetu oi bIop
bgnem ArV ropm
in an IM66~ t~;l~gr in
the hek; they 4 not pow agpIn
WAN 4t S mo, 4 d a" e4j

it. I Str* wowE Sohbre, sadqo
5'r m4s soAMm. -,.LSo so*
WWA t" POW -M y"we pU

9 ..amalu isrnmuu o rauaf.

Lliftt *bflt *ifi';P* ii M6

)%w do p mik lawi ar a

xamuJu1 1rms j og"'" PI,. a
d.6 wa. ,A7wWftvrv:Abmiem-, Whk
virti Me,
~iI Aff~iiw, -t&-, IPOF

ai,4 blyid! .% bit fiwl A- bbohe
3sarwi4i msS.F)LC:' hm~YL-

"rr in urn, awl- by3 ~w. aat

-E iu bepm-1- itbtw 1rm W J10,i
Rmae is WkliAW@ by c a~un
way "or do=ar, hs~st mlw do
-*mly bod y iS FWM.6
rrrl bod~"-~I R% b% beldO

Htbu)ha! U.,h.,rItF
Usaha biiLli1 bal ap q
mr a L lw l~--ro 3r ~

M oAULrI's JOUmar TO iraADS.
ay over the sea, and does not iow
that every body speaks French in Frame.
Ha, ha a! He, be, he! Ho, bI ho!-
What hall we do, btle boy? er
b he at u, aMd all is =
twitter d birp at.,. We will go
bem apain. Fareow Frano! We
wR ae go o Frme again dt paa ha
' ght am to talk Frem Let m go
stoith sip a a. Blow, wind, sail
away, ship! Now we re got back again.
Pasy, papa, toahe liu boy Fmem
be be goea ageat way aerod ag-.

T21 mi p Carles inme home. I.-p. S


* e4

UpsM ap
; 5.


Down it comels-e- e t imenb th
Catch theim 1 o1 firm and rn d.

An up and down, that is the wry,
With good round bal, that you must
Up, high as you cm, the again,
Five and Jfe, ami a dl tW .

Ami WI
AThes Arh ee

Eve and ever, yeine'er are t!

*p.~wth bell! O.I4b b reA af

AA. Jig f* I


1. r q

A sumdi *down;&tAkis *u,'9 m *
Wth a od P 4 emba, t hat =a

pp, bigb as yom p and d"VP Api%
Tom m toym, aa W wr h, i

Fam to Aehde, sad back totha

Smd Up yo &mlh &'ons ie

p '-~t
I .

?- Ic,


up and a down, that is the way,
&a good roomd ball, that you nuet
play; I
p, hikh as ya can, and down again,
o comte ten times ten.

f '

Im Iup, 4* v. a

k -4


was oce little boy, who
a ad ward. H was afraid of
hg okk vHe was afraid of
a nd abiol, when
lI p % t t'esr Boe= through
lofl court; and he would mo
Ny beard. What a iffly
S what was his ame ?
fMt tel you his mih*o
dt bim. Weln, he mi
*a dgtoo: he always cried

so iTN AOWAU5.
if a dog barked, an ran away, and took
hold of his mamma's apom like a baby.
WMat a fooljh fellow b- was! for the
degi do not hurt, yo,) ; they love
liftie boys and play. ith*.., yWr ~
ever see a dog eat up litlim- ..o,
never, I dare say. Well~ 4
little bId was walking by m W,
day, and a pretW ipck d -r -I oIa
house, and said, Bo1 wo, bo M wow;
and cane to the little .i
upon him, aA wanted M,
but the little boy ran awe. ' 4*g
ran after him, and cried lou B Dwbit
wow; but he only meet o say, Goo.
morrow: how do you dal C little
boy was sadly frighteai awy
as fast as ever he could, A .lookh.1

TaZ cwwd. 87
before him, and hAimbled into a very
dirty ditch, anfuta mL4m crying at the
bottom of the r i not ft
out; al I he wd bhaV k
do&* t, dag wa so good-
|tM kt;the house where
6n purpose to tell
thIaB Sv e was. So, when be came
*o 6 b iea, he scrpehed at the door,
Sand n.4 ", B wq ; for he could not
s kal. y tbar. So the opened the
door. WW I o want, you black dog?
We do iot oiw you. Then the dog
e*mat to Ralph the.servant, and pulled
him-by the codpand pulled him till be
brought im to it ; and the dog
and Rlh li litelbey b
of the t- w 1ads -over ,
o 4 .J

T3 MoWA3D.

and quite wet, and every 'b*edy 4
at him because hewas a coward.
Now, Charles, pea ib tire; I '
not write any more at ; but if
S you re a good boy, pedi I ay wi
ou some more itoiei another tida


now buff I do b

~I --"t'

,~r~i~i~LI~ut-iic iiS

3W MOtW18

It seem like two;
I never knew
So log a week ts.

My tangled hair
She uAu hIth em,
With water bathed my brow,
And dl with b ch
A gmpple U"m
There's use. eso (
I eg t g a .

Aad m& dI ~s
Th .. hs-

* he ........*.. .
*K~~sB T Mm^ 4 MB^?



Whu up ao ind
I'm Nmamwing kii
bwagr = ie uSaiU4
I ie and weep;
I cammol iAmp;
I -ar cr m my Fayffu

Do doaha

Ia MIWan

To-monro* might, &d thea
I bhe&a tube
WE ibfts bis
So long away apt.


.- 4 . .e ..

'I.e a s at S a'
Ae agILw

-umm TWO i a h
tp lfllt u
*iiinThe alip hw H
C'dfe IM ! ^ta~L^ tell&~iM

The house ispld a convent. Thus
aonks h a very fe breed of dogs,
called the 9f St. They
are a very bhle, 4 dog, very
-adl kind;
ot acr, likt i misc r amwe
ee every day. Thwe l ai snd
Sgo *down tk. geiri 43.vd

' nipto
Tw~wm~v^^9 .YlS"ww^

mm w bmn

mok~i- fli

'Mb .t d ~k~YYJ


oMau r I oro. DGS..
ice, in the streets of New Yat. A
hose belogiag to a poor draya., got
fee I fp6 e baier with which he was
I~- Astarted for bome. The
&dyi a- w "i a he found the hone
Igme, wo t plnit, and called upon he
"peopbh Ma tolop his hone. A

b4 alo, taking the ala, purd the

mtm poor Epll ap. The

rpm, S s M hI"to
- m n1',


B $Towns or oee.
his lip. At length a crowd collecting pm-
rented his further program; and to eap
being caught, sad frantic with pa md
fear, he ruhed into a budwmsbsep, md
thence into the parlor whom a the fual
were at tea. After tursin over th owai
amd table, they were drimv bok leo the
shop, when every eery rs was mae ia
vain by the owner of the da.d sev-
eral others, to mleM i -M fromu the
gripeat e f.,t,.,. theo
ccp __i* fi p r to tohe
dog's ezieme, -erlasiag the poor*
hMe. *

Bar bo.; a

W-AmE lblw I~C bOJ itoi
buy Ch~pf:ri ~ Cl~

lot Wei~ Ambe#s
*am roan hamw hiwom bet
wrrr~liral irmm- Fla- "0'
mmamiag haw ws -u Noa
dooL Amd eenodldh ima-tlksl"
Ibis cnuymb of id do WaNuli ,:

qi is died. istle whe aa,, do
s~d it died. S lt Li rtc


mighty boy's papa and- muma went
aay and left i, and then he could got
Do ,vctkUmi at 4ll, for you knok Vld
not take am. d himmifelL i; Went
about womu bsy: Praygieis msoe-
thingto eat, I averyhungry. And
emy body unid, No, we "biD gme you
am% fr we do me h awuml, y
Osp.6 80 hWSW ASO GM pb
wammobE A at im be pt loba ek
wsn 41 uisrmfor beM m mw bow
a la bb way my wkus; mdhmds ki
View hrk qdw a drksigb.. &enbut
dma md ade a*il; amd be odd det
gtoatof dothw.od; mmd I be do
hurera mm mmd~ qi t r
fmI BMW uhd amy41a iq m as
in 0WL

try of the y La.

SWILL tU yem a story about alamb.
l TL W mre a shphrd, who had
a grsea y seep and rl s. He took a
grst dal of care df d ad gave them
sweet fsb great to eat, uad-dwar water
todrk; ad if they wers ddt e was
ery good tothem, and when they climbed
ups aep hill, ad the lamb were tired,
he ed to carry them in bi arm; ad
w b they were al eating their app
b the he eed to it upo a aie,
at play teho tue, ad sitg sthe ;


and so they were the happiest sheep and
lambs in the whole world. But every
night this shepherd used to pen them up
in a fld. Do yem kaow wht a sheep-
fold is? Well, I will tell you. It is a
place like the court; but instead of pales
there re hdles, which are imb daf m
that wil Ibed, sEch a- it-ta ; mad
they are twisted sad mMde very ft -
that modi. can creep in, ad m eA
ing can ft out. Wel, and every
nigt, whm i gpew duk md m, the
shepherd called all his bGoc, smep ad
lab, together, aad drove thda in
the fold, and opened them up, salthem
they lay, a mang and wamm a sn b*.
foraae as could be, nd m -0'~ 1s
gste Sa m h tthe., am-ft t


round on the outside to guard them, and
to bark if any body came near; and in
the morning the shepherd unpenned the
fold, and let them all out again.
Now they werl all very happy, as I
tld ^, d'loved the shepherd deady
tht waer MD d to them- all4xcept om


foolish little lamb. And this amb did
not like to be oimt up Ie-l the
fod; and she tam to wtMl Wo
wa a wi o eep ad shp, td hwr,I
wonder why we an shut up o every
night! The dogs as not sut up, aad
why shWa ie be dmt up? I tMakita
very hard, and I wil get away if I en,
I am resolved, for I like to nm about
where I pleme, ad I think it i vmy
Atmu- in the woodI by mi
Ibt thSe ld eep 0s"p to Afi t
very *iy, Tye ttlde lamb; ye bJ Hli


ay is the fad. The shepherd is o good
to u, dat h we soud always doas u e bids
us; adif youw -r ap by yourself,
I dae my yom w coa to amme harm.
I dasm ay oi, mid s i lamb: and
o whbm the e vig eamu d the shep-
heWad a m dl.te m iMao Je laid,
dse wod matme, bt mspt ly moder
a hedge ad hid herself; and-when the
rest of the lambs were all in the fd and
fit asleep, re came out, ad jumped,
and frisked, a4 dq a-pt; and he
got a of the WI jgot into a fret
full of trfe l i-, ep wolf cme
Sru mig sBm lad. Then the ill lamb wishd sh
hb hbeesa st s in the fid; but th
M was a eat way of Mad the wf


saw her, and seized her, asd ccanid hb
away to a diural dark deal covered
with bone. pd bld; sad there the
wolf had twocAt, *at*d wor said to
them, Here, I have k 1 yea a young
fat lamb; and so tde mok her, aad
growled over e a adb i amd dth
toe her o pieces, and as her p.

&1lwiamr b Sal&

- Tf T-r -3 I ~~Jbll;i4
as~- lubu im:

Helwedh bar to ho owl&by,
That was agiai thu tale;
It Mad. the c~.3IhImd play,
To sew

And o ths out;
But .ti h

TIE Lucy did appos.
And tle Ism x rn
lugr bud up= rr,-
AUif he INK hm -A"
You'll ahim slelmai

UWht -ww106 oi



es Ad ym fwA gm& airr

Am d Aunmk .m

A f 4^*.

.i 4.

r? j

'.p .

As Z em 'm
As O ulh~Y)~W amsw bs
lb WSW ie mo 6 "ng VA a
lowsw k -~ ~~ ~ dL

YUE 3hL. y 1

Yit i. this world were only he,

Aid bb be

~a gLa

Blot Ind




~ Kin~ lllyam p a wildog wo

like to tp bot I =a


Amd dmmwc~r,~

They went, and he *y there upon the
Looking after with eyes f of kid-
new p-id,
Then for bd an hor W derd, i trust
to tal,
The hose, ad the yard, ad the pre
ies mood;
And when they retired, with what joy
did e greet them
Wg isd hi tani, agd -lwm f id is
lmmsue t =et dl
a A ^

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