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Title: Gehazi, or, The sinner detected
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Title: Gehazi, or, The sinner detected
Series Title: Gehazi, or, The sinner detected
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*- swu Gym "M WE. En" Wm ow."

INTO=n ff D. I NwI .

PUBIIsHD BY LkNZ & 5037,

30231P LONOKENG, 9818W3N



Iso- 4&V6m *WVow
petrm-~m and~ the ee whos~ we
grown Vp-wvif do -=my Iin Awf
*Oyr. "k *WY we not 'mn, UN&
they would not do if ahyekmww dW
they INeOe obwve&d. Nve you ~*
hnowa .Mdzt wh6 hawe bbm VWt
oIdeily amd wefi y"S avd fr ti a
when Owe masbr vw pvuMMA VIA
hbv b eesR meN# dsmhiy,- -VA
the mliest is,., if mr.
veuimbb m ubmasm' sNays, *
Syou nt fob I -- m
yommyo hvvU lsiW;

to do w

You looked around,
,. and thought. I ma

do it, for nobody sees me." Perhaps,
just at the moment, your quick eye
caught sight of some one. "My fa-
ther is coming;" or, "I see my mo-
ther." You were going to yield to the
temptation, but you were checked;
for you said to youmul "If I de it,
I shalU be seen, and punished."
t ..pw I want you to remember, that
yep are .rom alom: ths is an eye
tta i, ahwpftzed upn you. If you
turn to the thirty-seceAd chapter of
the Book of Numbers, you will $ad
that whoi the Israelites, after loeg
wanderi inthe wildomes, had oome
t the border of Canaan, and were
ab ot to enter on the possession of
t*i Lead of Promise, the tribes of
Aekben alGd Odrequasted to har

. lw e44ql

crowing 0 "Q o M u
iuaght tbh they-and
j* _. .

Lw request irn wroIqgj veq% a
told them so. But they soiepai ned
the matter that he waa satisfied aA
thi he ikewise toi thawi. Autife
doing, he a4danopihd th b te bei
ful to their proisi ; rpmisdisd tQ)p
that if they we Poa, they 4~fl **
escape punislemt His adm ~ itik
is given in vmsy U4,npt, b*. L
new request you to noloBow Y!j
will fd th A in St twa*ty4i#
vae. He tells thbpe posiMwI( B
before his, tha* if they did pMtfuI
their eagagP rWt, the wpaplA ie
only do .,n i t~jPc~ .
but commit a sin against God. He
tells them, too, tai He i. ia
tepy wdou i4.ttiap pw A% L"*pal


moape, be would ear-
lam. NMt his ln-
if ye wfi lot do go,
we i99med a9pmes &W

Lw; ad e we rer y in wAi fMld
ym out* Yee; whoeevr we do
w"og, we Ai against Wed; and,
I em or later, in me way or am-
aer, wariM wTw l r our. There
b pWrdoa wiIwn rpetgnbae; and
SO rmiensw of peitOeMS are pro.
dibed by the semabone of pasl
ILe Ati w wif ant abwr it ta
ft"t ewtin h s morme", it wianj d
- -r ifr puaishubat verr lrkget
-- maBt 0erais tU&dk Whert
rft6 -a 4mtai top *6e b6mie *t
y ter a veTO uayfri to you,-
= a, Toro 83 WUm wJ nue Towg OUT."

.w aospm .s mrdi s s, ms-

fi it in your immo* oul,-l a glm g
to dined year Irmab to a viry W-
BMrkab mtirt, fleo d i (A* Alflt
oaptno dfthe Se oad Book fKEi..
It ls to GOehi, the evrnt of sI
proph" Elbho. You "an MYd thi
whole dhapter. rI the frmer vpt
of it yeo will d dhe wel-known ad
vy inteorting a6oounet of "liMT
iId," l captive om the land of I.
rel, who wre ed on the wife of it
mma, sa ge Im M rad ha~btaMh, W
hig Mawr, fte kin of l ylia. g YTt
know, ik what folows afm t
historyof Neamdi, d how, by oibey
ir de deetitnseDr o do psphot, he
wM owed eski upro .. i$" sont,
OtWW my anything as p eago $.
j-tk h i at A eediA ,teotv i,
s d dh& d in e l is wasm

of the chapter, that I wish you now
to look.
It seems when Naaman came out
of the water, oured, be desired to ex-
prem his gratitude to the prophet by
Making him (as we sometime saly)
a handsome.present. But Elisha re-
fused to accept any recompense what-
ever. He knew that the work' had
been done, not by him, but by G(I;
and he deusied to show this man
(hitherto a heathen, mad only ao-
quaited with earthen priest who
were seldom other them wicked im-
poster) how differntwas -the ohe-
racter of the onlytr.o raiion from
that which prevailed in the countries
ronnd about the land of IsraeL He
desired to show him that he ought
not bi own honor, ij e a #vance-
meant; d th*fes,d r9d

ru,mmma, ne pnm mo."a m

Liu unpr&mn, wuln" m a
ut-madeand to win for Tna :rmst
hioh was now made known to Wh,
he homage of hin feeling, and.jdp
aent, "ad practice.
But now we come to the melton
holy, but very adamoitory, prt of
urratfie. Naaman had left the
ne e of the prophet, ad wasu -
orning, happy im bi resto d o 9e
md double thonghtfhly miitatmi
a the rsbjeoto w"e wert mebish
*fore him by Ahee recet tmm
ions; an his wrdeaful ean; on OIW
pet dotriae, with its vat eobae
laences, of the extence of the enr
mo liing and trne God; adon-thlu
lew wa#st of relimioaa bushme
rhish fidh's disinterotedte had

is viw; whek e was
, the approach of Ge-

hazi to hb chariet
GOhai had head the ofer of gits,
and had very likely see~ that some
ofthe attendants of the Syrian gene-
ral had with them och artitele as it
woud have been proper to give, had
he cfer been a s epted. IL looked,
ad coveted. Whether he desired
the posesion for himself, pemnoaly
awd excluively, for the sake of the
p-s-o, ( many do deire to
-lip what they regard as wealth,
i nme or other of i1 foarm, money,
eia, or horses, articles of trade, just
for the ske of knowia that they
hare them, and that arving them
thy are rich,) or whether he desired
the possesion for his fasn that he
rig* twnmmit wealth to tiem a hb


*r"I01"t frAP
aw ae ahek.

w u Io the d o O d
mxisd is WbINA &K MA Am dto

bal ~mdua ie~i .d iathiw as.C
We aosduA And in dds we ow d
amsm tall pNsdibl iwi a
was tbi*A n mwed the wc
rbe tao pneemed fa fodilm
asr in Sjb~d at almim Be tw

mvded L awe mulW W.
"I wil adi Gevm UA m Ubot
be' I r-ii---149Wb sfhA
dMI" %A-AbA.Wmrw L dm"' ft
ha:i~ uusr em G I f)pl .'*~i)
go mdL h m themn yr.Umbb
j0 ; --N A.L
~ ibnii .Ad

* ..^.

dMo isi

L. Aad .hus does 8t
i, tht "the ooamp~a
mhrlP there "ltroug
krough regular desir.
r 11

wnum e wu arauy guam our aeres
We anm fe. Fixing them on right
objets, amd wintbc awuig them from
wrong ones, no hamn ~an happen
to us. Outward objects eaaot more
ms. The movement mus be from
within. The law, therefore, ays,
i' THav SUALT NOT OOVT." But let
th resitinlbe amorwe frme damie
aa tha ebjest as it we, .talk its
Phne wsi j, Md thoeini amu
ad-'tamiM. beins. eoy m.an
i4mmi d;a when he is dw.me s
of hiWsu n Asmk and Mioar1." Theeb
words: as exmedin* aigmaimUt
(n* ,--rCeiahrman hif -.' .; hLoa

s am.mu- ,Un une, ISm u i0 m=

b bthe f4b t 4&o

.rt' s ids i eutga eitmt'
abw hie p rIe, 4aso. fik hS6

im, lkop st ma i od -.n nwn

w= oftim It i not &* biet
metesdl fflrdy as on dtik MAtff,
; & Aaiti as&f ti mto We

tfer.' Mo; rti i bthe
(totrib^Md prbdtKoebj d'4Y i
sw^eevs nduatempedIe
jY - *i > .i d ~ I ,; '",it ^ *. .'-*.'

I vfln nt oft< 64:k tiw> --44
i"TRi.st .oT;T'ni@ t^.; y .wriw

I a fr )lu memo&
44 Mter.M ,3 ja*

Mha Wha VJ Agrek
ey m.W ai n *8T' 'i ly

h i

4w bvvw% mdoibmog d&. pwus

~L4 ovd o. wibe

4)&.NA-* Good be* Isiw.ld~b
edloprm -be a i lite lumbWAV ko
!IbrO: -~ UO ~bt6ibUSC

i* 4000MOM -Wad wtvank
o a g I h'bo

pMer -uoiw a*Iu A* hiW

ie sin lea&d to, mnqtb. To
I posombps &Wiw wws.AW

Oj49L Not a" 4O"'okw

w atIm t mb oo -y' -' -M*'
- tw yq lah. d *sw

od a* -amshayo AA-mw mjd

b4L~ahfuiin: he -goo W24, thus
* suaushmhea sd. "And
- m 9 ~ainismt; taeb two
n.And- ha upd hadi, aa*
PdAwe ides& of sd~r in two
vi& two chmn d ge. of
Ijd them uon two of bit me-,

Noa wa uw oompbd -and
KU-tb 0 mal maist. :-Wb
-okm.u it'wei

be.. Welus have dy Wlidia
AbL Bub when siaicowpu.
*&llr ruiar thehauer
O-b@ as is Woheg

s -WV bhA%'iueiisipe, h "er took
s &a Ietbs* hmad, jad. erteowe
n i -*e hmmr; sad-he let the
~i~ ad thqy 'depWsd.Y
~rsibr thurbid\wchjtheh hd o,
krv *mr -W& Wbto beht thg .s
Ir4i; and, lo sodusmae be*
q* Ow whl, be would domb
Fr evesaht h rin.f en hs ai*-
i; look' n bMdf as a u&Ob
or Am Oem bhe Wd evo em;
SWrY )&Jlily, eSMsaOr to 'pr-
W IntkIethe-had asi igK.

rer of lockiwg'*A ft jvO in* t*
16 d view in WhIa weivme to
W Geh O mA mdd eein wht
L.A -A m. Uw3 moL&k UAs d

m" wat "-wt*~Yi~Y
doMAC4t6(kiiw* w"

hiW ml He w d atia-va

iver to be -6.d", M' W i
oked at owd 60od~kia ift'00
pc*& It -y b& moo11

kd -y wo we NO3~ lei~dft~9 ,
at-bo -look s fbdio -- VmdMW

ia w o*; b A -s

Irbmboh Ilow of GodV
Hwwt% Gehaui hd Wf.d 'i-;*1

lip, -' mgopdpwio#omb m Us

E ~ w;~Emg wha -.T~. ~ e

lp. "JPe weal i oaM melb

gpp~40m Vwb hop "am s s'

pww I He we*. -Goo 'admt.

-~~ oab *hu 51"i.
Ladams, "gm the BowsoM h
~ gdt ~b yumcibmiks

b. 1-"~ ~Thy Iwhatr;J 'mb i
UsF rcu tnn, C

-.i -m wlr w"Wom I"
le wiim k*wbim d'
&"a& fismus ch.064 lb no"
I .. U4 m~boblie dliltmdw

to.~~~ ~r4.itll

jht of wbat he pigbt Nwolo 10
m&of-60 Pftyl benLu -WAA

mw-,W asid A*, biw Il
* d--'di. pb- dyh. hdiin

wmm -W "a & mWm-
msk at b".. Vriom of beg
..sy *rfam eprad lisf ; biaL
it -the pspt spoket-4imla mie
r thk -bbsbhwus~hawW He
Mksfef frm his hai Tb. "Won.
sd- -awy, and al i 6s pbamwe
A whih boo had oatsalmtd it;
di sothim, usdd but p113 with
I-PinmA~ftd~me. Pra W~ie
WIs man had bow mswt -to bin;
a thsve ssso was now far eer
m,-d abig baite ss-w OSM in

And,soomer, c r,&l ft n m wiE A
-* be.- However esmay we
m, th i.t sV whisk sWi*Y
A"ladn wedo. m may ad
is us, buit~o~im uS. ow
wMfu order of bis ahmighly joii
Dues be aw am t.distmdmrtsl

oe. bohoim VmII do
I buft e goow d AV* 66- *0

mhm w, gih ed wtt Im 6

w ia W wia g c -a ibheh is
,m tabg ph"ae Wa a *
me the *wo) We m1"m tpo V-
I mid the plinsim 4M Ws 11 l4
two take owr uia along WI& us
Ioo n we "we -J Ap
we m, "jmee '-iwJith the
rd :m we dud; b Ar. ma I A N
As, bat befoam EWaGod G. we
mlabefoo ow J*%*; aM we BWA

* r~ uWmi4 WAO tb e,"h
bo wfi Wheawsw bow 4o-d." "lbo
r *mgoLt- Mrswb, *m my
I no 'dk is -*t O in -in
S lbme bhtow i aow: hm l- W

We CfUf II -krl IY
an ask*U mio bmi omily

of. Ghi, ina da. so"l nmow
lta mi du@ 6%4 bis .Oms
sw up, ad A* -eswimp b@W
I Ot. wam t*at mm dbm
;3t'6ees-om jC usr ml Pu,u-
I"s _._L. fcoRWu It: 1A
be" 10 & featfulm "a i1 A of
is pipboft' sadr is b n 1~4.
11w I'bpmsy srek. .1 Ns6~
ol n"Ve mw the.ad aw at
*do:'I .ver Le had scvVM ob
omm No we" ad 40 .4doMhk
s0a60, by e IO

-r! in -vr l i ~ r -fill
~c~Irr~IIhIPI.. 'JI"-
rg the!bvmv* ww AiA ia vv'f& -Nd

IC 68664: tpki! W wbob 4wai
u~b~&eiubmC smsditi
*I~IJLli" u~efd. ib ~L
isa)(/(js~~~~y uhmwrY "kkm4 "
~i:-dr-$ ahb~' -;~"'
r- ~ibO tb bP L~i

........ .6

w the came or nAot most cer-
IgaAiA in t*a waou4to oifn.
Who dimis: W.* shok, aw~ lit
hor D"k s t1 beU, boing, is tm
AL 7 And whm. sAw, Wt day.e~
.aI IM at is afle
Jh, 1*b.r c ~ hm tbdmadJ ui

moIpme. for,. : te RjVI
il~pr.fsuli fp~~ the A.: C

I1*g-c .l wit..r OW waai v

mod goo bo Wb
or Aw Vm- domd aK
oer hot bwsfrowa moWK Mad
Oh"Yg g is gminp 1,114mbib
.s is SA GOW P blWLll'osw
mi retiSa hnd wifl rawdn for

.'TbM Avw t ow ofrn Govi*miii

re am osood~ RAW-^"''-l

V'e M& ftnegfM b S j&WrbVlwjt

ioot -rder(b W e 4He tas&e

BqBl..ms Am~eoit whMiMbiB
Rtita- n dile, am.s d tibm
agayoar a- i .WeaW^ ,hne
wnly: w ,aIeo be i l.y iapp,'.
rmadi we, Iat e do n ome i
y beiemi wo will mt lift p our
. We have ony Aeu tpeai om
iamd w dlinmem A Ad
his is always M tbhaioltru d
f gA -y ky, ya ko ..lr htt

hing ireAs bipWebm thr|
RK ou o* 1o *" -o 'l&NO
.ir oir ? *.. -mis .... < *

Wkinlepgmsboasho we Ieamtol


nappy. God a us bcormeour
her and our Frind. While w
1, he wiB gudle us with his eouor,
and when we die, he will receive
to his glory. Second. Never
Ly with temptation, but at one,
L fully, resist it Look not t he
ait of siker, and the chau of,
meeWs, merely, but at the lpry
D I **a_4' ^rit ~-Ai..

d arti

Lthe, tA

y, Pma uLM J A %


the present be gainful; but is it
nri Depend upon it, ai is always
a loing oeoern, sad sooner or later
you wi find it so. Have nothing to
do with it, therefore. Repel the
temptation as soon as it i presented.
Admit nt the desire of anything that
can only be had by ianing against
God. Let it be a settled principle with
you, "Whether I gain or lose, I must
never in. Whatever I seek' for, I
mant seek for it in the path of right-
eouness. I must not go out of the
wy to hearen, that is, into the way
to ll, to fd it. Talets of silver
a~i changes of garments ay be
wlf, in reference to mere worldly
oomfbt; bet the faror of God is
akwluily snecary, both for my pre-
sent hapinew, and my eternal well-

ember the

inmg IAft i befv
hmpostent is *Ail

I przvvaEwce O oU ,
1 __- A rl


ma jagmen 01 uo1 soe wImpur
ten tries to induce youg people to
gin jfe by looking at the't ents of
ver and change of garments, aad
eig for them by plan whiah
atieally set ides the sathority ad
ims of God. Let those who are
us tempted think of what ray be
b oonsequenoes. Let them iook I
~ .m4*4 L...41m~.1.. amA um*i^ iia. *

I U -I

A16 .EaASI.
it, that the only true wisdom coaists
k obedience to the direction of our
Lord, "Seek fitthe kingdom of God
and his righteousness, and al other
things shall be added unto you." At
all events, come what will come, never
allow yourself even to wish for what
you cannot have consistently with the
will of God. As soon as the tempta-
ion comes, say with the martyr, who
was offered life if he would recant,
"None but Christ! none but Christ!"
The tempter may point to the talents
ilver, and the changes of garments;
but Jook beyond them to the leprosy
whih they occasioned. Yes; if ever
y are tempted to Ar like Gehazi,
let the recollection of Gehazi's pwsi
nr~admonish you. Never forget the

nrum your O&vWu
What Shall ia mnat

eaA. IT
man, if he shall gain the whole
world and lose his own soul?"
To sum up the whole matter in a
)w words:--Gehazi began by ad-
itting the desire of what he could
ot possess in accordance with the
ill of God: this desire, admitted
od cherished, led to the direct and
3peated commission of sin. For a
short time this appeared to have been
accssful, but it was only for a short
me: his sin was detected, and pun-
ihmint -immediately followed. If
tempted to sin, therefore, think on
ekhsi and his leprosy.



mwrin m ma om AM -m or
Oe, Ia HasAnW!

Price liteem coins.

Ol, TI 0rT or nsrkan, IMn6l AZl -il
Price fowrtem cents.

S*inAMO icTlur or A 01aUT aU or alU I 'mW
primc Mm

, a au3r Imuwr wr fw 1w3um6 lp wm W gw.
WAis 6886.
loe e seas.


prim bmoulru ce

& mml Io0r 1T mDmr IImi.
prie rheinm esu.

suems iua sim w cawasrr.
Prioe eighteen eM.
Pries eighteen cents.
Price eighen cents.

Prieo tweay one eets.
fMe Wtr ifStWn oo0ITrox or THAT
woWSIUr ro. OPLR.
Price twomy-m cents.

Price twenty-me eent.

Pride asesm metm.

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