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Title: bear story.
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Title: bear story.
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fi KNOWsome dear little boys
who like Bear Stories, al-
most better than any others; and
the more fierce the bears are, the

4 A armLs MrO .
better they like to hear about
them; so I should not wonder
if there were some little boys
that I do not know, who would
like to hear a Bear Story.
Now, before I begin, I want
you to observe that my story
is quite true: I never like dear
little children to have stories told
to them that are not true: I al-
ways think it hurts their little
minds, just like poison hurts
their little bodies.
I think I shall never forget it,
but it is a great many years ago

A MBA Bo0*t.

since I heard a very good clergy-
man tell this story at a Mission-
ary Meeting. Do you know what
a Missionary Meeting is ? I will
tell you. It is a number of per-
sons gathered togethe; to hear
from good men what God their-
Heavenly Father is doing in
countries a long way off, to teach
poor sinners about His dear Son
Jesus Christ; and I hope, if you
have never been to a Missionary
meeting, you will ask to.te taken
to the first one you hear of, after
you have read my Bear Story:

6 A 1B R OlT.
and then, you will perhaps hear
a Missionary speak.
A Missionary is a minister who
leaves his own country and goes
where poor ignorant, black, wool-
ly-haired people live, to tell them
about Jesus Christ, who came
into the world to save sinners.
And it is often very dangerous to
be a Missionary, for he has to go
into countries where wild beasts
prowl about in the fields, and in
the woods, just like the horses
and dogs do in our country.
Do you know who the very first

Li-- -

A Na= mNo. T
Missionary was ? None other
than Jesus Christ.
He was always happy in hea-
ven, and it was a very far way
off from earth; but when he knew
how unhappy poor sinners were
because they had disobeyed God,
and must go down to a dreadful
hell, his heart was so very full of
love, that he could not stay any
longer in heaven, and so He came
down to earth, to shew them the
only right way to heaven. But
now I must not tell you any more
about this kind Saviour, for fear


8 A mA3 ROT.
you should think I had forgotten
the Bear Story; so now I will be-
There was once a Missionary
who was going out to America,
and the ship, in which he was to
sail, was in the Thames. Before
he went onboard, he called to see
a gentleman whom he knew in
London. He was shewn into a
room where a little boy was at
play: I think the little fellow was
about six years old, and the Mis-
sionary said to him, "Well, my
little man, what can you do to

help the Missionaries?" What
do you think he said ? Why, just
what many little boys, who have
not heard this Bear Story, would
have said-" I can't do anything."
And he thought, I dare say, I
have not enough money to buy
marbles, and tops, and whips,
when I want them, and how can
I give any to the Missionary So-
ciety? Only he did not say thia;
but the Missionary told him he
was sure he could do something;
and the little boy of six year
old was very attentive while

10 A ma10 seor.
the good Missionary told him,
that, in America, that far-off
country, where he was going,
there were such quantities of
great white, fierce bears, and, if
they could get near enough to
people, they would kill them and
eat them up. And now," said
he, I want you to promise me
that you will pray to God every
night and every morning, that He
would keep me safely, and not let
these fierce white bears eat me
Well, the little boy promised;

and very soon after he made the
promise, he said, Good bye" to
the Missionary, who went on
board the ship, and reached Ame-
rica quite safely. And so, after
he had been there a long while,
he had a letter from this little
boy's papa, in which he saidi
" My little boy never forgets to
pray for you, that God would
take care of you, and not let you
be eaten up by the great white
I think this must have pleased
and comforted the Missionary a

great deal, because he knew that
God always hears when we pray
to Him; and he knew, too, that
God answers our prayers; and I
should think he felt glad that the
little boy kept on praying; that he
did not pray for a little while,
and then leave off, as some little
boys, I am afraid, do.
A little time after this, the
Missionary was going to some
place in a boat, and they passed
by some very high and immense
rocks, piled one upon another,
till they seemed just as if they

A =AM 'ort. 1R8.
touched the very clouds, and the
tops of them were all covered
with snow; and they looked so
grand and so beautiful, that the
Missionary seemed as if he could
not turn away his eyes. Whilst
he was gazing upon them, he saw
one of these great fierce bear@
that we have been talking about,
and he was almost as white as the
snow he was lying on.
In one moment the bear sees
the Missionary, and almost as
quick as lightning, he plunges in-
to the sea, and swims faster than

14 A smu Wroa.
you can think, to catch the boat;
and the men who are in it see
their danger. But their guns are
all ready, and taking a good aim,
they fire; and Oh! joyful the
bear will never reach the boat,
for he is killed, and down he
goes. He sinks in the water, but
presently he rises, and the Mis-
sionary says, "Let us get back
dclse to him, and cut of one of
his great big paws." What fort
What will he do with it? He
will send it to that dear little
praying boy in London, to shew

him that God has heard and an-
swered his prayers.
Dear children, remember this
one thing, that God does answer
prayer; and when you prayalways
expect answers.
Why should not your prayers
be answered just as this little
boy's were? But then, when you
pray, mind that you think about
the words you are saying, because
" Words, without thoughts, never
to heaven go."
Well, now I must finish my
story. When the bear's paw ar-

rF 4 A An RoTr.
rived in London, the little boy's
papa said, he would have a glass
case made to put it in; and it
should be placed in his draw-
ing room as a memento (which
means something to remind us)
that our God is a prayer-hearing,
and a prayer-answering God.
So now, dear children, never
forget that you can each do some-
thing for everybody that lives-

Be also Misuionary Narrative, No.. 27, 65,
103, 125, 185, 210, 284, nad 811.

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