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Title: 150 stories about Indians.
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Title: 150 stories about Indians.
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Thr P..t Brame,
i. ni 3. 3b-* IM




,-~c- .- -~ -- -- --


I=r np g o(b ftllowringwok hr dw ?N,
no Mmpoloy Is dsewe ams far IsahTng
u-cmn to the prodclkom of odi aabn Ad
Iaw of ewt m. The comply h r endeaved
to elt dth ne m i nteruedm Ing rom theo large
maI which I fm doe to dt emoI befo
the pabic; d has be kb hi aim so a prue
and loIp ll ulezu aeu to pese
do i e tihmeirmost huimed rs, ,wth
loutl o lto dldanolJbhger I h we
orn uianeo of the uarie.
h he peMnmd tha dl peumo! ofthbI fblr
pM cam sher be around alnraing or un.
i ab, as lhe mlaed will hre be neftshd by
rohrilngto numero htlarical ae; andd many
soene will b brought to view of mret tiri.
ling Itmes: mee, to the ron of which
many wo m ay lunce bopwr dMth Ihle work,
have Inbytor o dayt liead wih the dir
Mclion, *hle dlaig armlo the sdoe &rid .,
and bhering with anlos atteMon a nre ial
the adventure and nrin of otour forefhers.
That tM Ittle work nay pov both lanersf
Md s ihl, I* sl inem elnre of
Conenal, S. N., July, lft.



Smhes llenam iU Cm W rL I *

"im hi.t M l L Im=e aiI I

Mr Wol% 4 lw s ledm 0

.It%- b 1A dg I M
lahium Irt on. M8 r% I
ifit S

flmel d

ylmiiN.h b g, M in4

1CM alad lo.., 1M Cm -i a HeU
Ii.rl Mui fmlm. bk lll yEV

3l. omMd WLl IoiU; U"
3.4.h. BCi, l*iiri.ap, fl I

CF~iwld. aqa~ MIc
Caeaalia Omaha. a ,U

Fit lot;l

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in" m4 a.h
dlt~Lss I tao.. m..
Imp 60 __lamoor .1 sk.
Wk 3awk6 III. Hwy.
hmhm skk%- i TsaseAmmilasbi Is,
look 1.qsa labs Sul an bb I&
3kO145 151
I Spin" of Old Ado to
lbk= e a n Ill". WWhu. IN
Mi",muubtals. meauuib in.
Midamsud oi lW1Cuh804 In

hWbuba Cmlodl M UIU~dm -
O??rl~of*M 0 lo- 6

0 10110 n"ckw
Is"11611, uin u

I34 Ch. IS
?bd', Ion i ab"
ml. on hlls.. a I
W~mhk"Pl I i %=b
mw wbes b4 IM ;r 10
=M71-114~i, m Ilh I il
16%r~~~lh 1,1
r~ Dcrin kohm 177


Biroan proceeding to the rnTauio of Ana
doe, I prpe to gie a brief descripdlon of I
muanner, C mu &, of the ort Amertlo
Indlais.-mrorly o of the sll we now oo
copand who obuind a ubr n princpally
y uing nd Ashing.
They generally livld In village whlh coo.
talmd from 0 to 0S families. Tlr hons,
calld migwaum were usually construud of
poles, on end being drove Into ath roeud, and
the other beu over so u to meet anther Ikised
la lke manner. both beingJoined abgethr a the
top,and covered wkh se bark of troee. Small
bole were left oe r windows, which we
clomedin bad u hrwith* pisobrk. They
made their nre In the can of the wigwam,
lavIng a small hole for a chimney in the top of
the rooC
They had no chain, b t e pt upon sh or
nate Ip d upon the Iround, which alemered
th*m o bde. Their clothe were prIacipally
made ofth skine ofaoolali, which woredre
d, oad In wlontr. ewed togthe with he fer
alde turned Inwards.
The Indiana wen very fod of trintek and
nmu o l and o decoradl their head with
fethers, while polled d*ellsere sepedl.


wriss were ltedftlrngeofbeade. Theyalo
and variou other ornament, both natural and
Their children, loon a born, wneR dipped
incold water, and then ftened to a boar, in
which position they were kept seveMl months.
This wr done lor the purpose of making therm
ralght-a remarkable peculiarity In the of
Their weapons consted ofthe bow and arrow,
the tomahawk and scalping kiroe. In shooting,
they were remarkable for accuracy, and seldom
milsed their aim.
The Indians believed a Supreme Being, the
Immortaly of the soul, and the existence of a
heaven and hel. With regard to their viewed of
a future Mate of existence, there were various
opinions enertained by different nations. or
drbe. Many of them suppoeed Heaven to con-
she ora bealiul country bounding with plenty
of game, where Ipr i reige eternally. Hell
was supposed to be a dmi, Alhy lab, where
friee In the shape ofold women would conunu-
ally haras ad torment them. They uppoed
ei Supreme Being. whom they called tor, to
bea bad being; and to ppeas and make him
kind to them, they offeredacrifces of fruit, ish,
beasts, e. They had priests and conjurora-
believed In dreams, and were very supertitiou.
Their sport conated In music, singing, yet-
11l, dancing, Ac., all of which were far Iom
beoig oe re ined charter, and of which a
meae particular description s given in some of
e articles embodied in the following work.


Such were the cerarl trals of charader
the Abortigml oNorth Aumr ea. But lie the
country bea become, Oled by whites, many o
thendian wo lived near tem hae Ina mas-
we Imbibed their habu; and by se tribe, the
culivation of the sll has been carried on o a
considerable extent.
"Indians, generally, are about the sin of the
whies. The Osses and ome othertribes, who
are of remarkable height, and flne lgure, are ax
ceplons to thi remark. In th remper they
exced any equally large body of wait pe
known among ue. In the he of their
and their erect form, Indian have evidently the
advantage over the whites. Insces of defrb-
mky are rare. In bodily length they ar infe-
rior to the whites; as s true of all eavages
civilized man being always superior In larent
to sarage man. They ae fleet in their moe-
menu. Indian runner are predigles In repet
to their long continued rapidity In conveyig
message to distant tribes. Their Jourales
exceed in length what a whe uaa could per-
form in the same time, and with less weariness.
With wonderful quickness Interesting Informa.
tion l circulated among the tribes friendly In
each other.
"Indins talk but little. Their knowledge Is
limited, and their deas few; and they hare the
wisdom not to talk wenhey have nothing to
sy-ra trait or character worthy the Imdatio oi
many, who claim to be wiser han Indians. In
conversation they do not Interrupt each other,
hot wait respectfully until the speaker has a-
Ibsed. Except when lntoxcatn. they an ut


,edfsroin, noyuae O i D their Oem-
00 "htu om, rbt *lld cd nob-ig.
"*aekbble, vbhiprerl cursing nad wear-
I, s our shame it mom be al viaces ot
erA e but of Cd*lUsd man i The Indian
wh have be conversant with wh men, like
the ancient Cruans, e lirs. Many among
them ar full ofabtilty, decit and arifce, im-
placable unmciul. withoi pity. When en-
mi toward an individual, family, or tribe, freo
whunver eae is imbibed, k remains till death,
unless previously l and removed by tak-
lg rvenge o h enmmy. The most horrk
s oeee of torte and cruely are winesed by
whole tribe oboth sexes old and youn, with-
out say abow of pity. Thouands of lilpls
women and hidren, crying lor mercy, have
been somabawed,ad alpd, and mangled,
without mrcy.
BRoepilalt isa prominent trk in the Indian
character. To the straer, whether white or
red, thda are heapllble and nerous, furnitsh
Ing the bet bod and c odadorm their dwel-
in afford; oAf relinquishlng their own Wod
n lodblng for the refreshment and eomort o
the stranger.
"The women a melave other men, perronr-
g all the labor and drudgery o the house, of
the field, and of rlang their children. Those
women who have famlie, Ien lly toop in
their walk; their heads project forward; they
ra dermed by the burdens which they are c
rnndlo ar. Themanconsldereitadisgrace
a labor, and hille at home Is a men lounrer.
"Idlan Clhc are generally, not always, the

abt am w a men la the nab u ; n 6tr n
=Musua they old ma, u&d w ihk
=oun^ W:h daetmatho snooo wa ke,
digpty, gret order, delberast d u dIam.
They pro sd lowly, but surely. Neing
permtted to rrunpt their great bin..t i
they l it k and when they nave nabh
It, th Coulbrlpksl 8W cl*lun take
to pr'en divlnois n bin r i berdlonM, ud in
ter respctive naios. In convedn wikh
Individual ehie n aad rctiono tri ha my
las tour among them, and ah w wt thei
shourht other propo ofteir G ather,
the rr nt, her reply, na frequalestUasr,
we-" We are but part of the assio-we cna-
not answer. We will deliver your propoJ to
ihe Cbhie In Council, who willdelibera on t,
and decke, and then we will et 7ou knowour
opinion." Their public speaker an geneJraly
their mot eloquent men, and many o them, In
point of neural and fbrdibe geure. graceful
titude, and manly sense, a, indeed, M In lN-
ing and laonfmatlon, would rank auon the Ir
ornaoreinay aee or coa. Ntot o ChM
are the h c e u, a 1pe11i4 of Juguere,
who have usually the dmu Int an a s
"The Indiuans are rewd obeer uA
quick dcrner of character. They have a
high Mne or hoor, Juses, P adl irdeall,
nd great senlbiy,l when advranae take
oftheir weakne ssad inorenc, to dprve th
or their pronty, atd in odt~i w~i tll
n their rllrbu. When their o a,b I A
way, Is oclos, it It dllfcultlon reli hk.


dimtrmt to, I not limited to die man who Injure
them, but Ia extended to all whom he s supposed
STeme as vToble a dierence or character
m hoe diftret tribes, as there Is In our own
poi ; few general observatlona, therefore,
Til apply o them as a body. Whatever may
hae e thelroria, about which there are
many opinlont, and none of which can be relied
on a correct, they are certainly an itellient
and noble part of our race, and capable ofhlgh
moral and melectual improvemenL Whenwe
oider their mode of lire, the few advantale
they hare enod for cultivatig and enlara
tlrmJind*, tht tey have no written Ianua
no books, no education, but In the at o wr,
aunot, and a few other things, and no relion
othr tan that, which, not to nue troager ex-
prelon e very Im fet, and of little moral
ees; we may wll wonder that we fnd them
In the tate we have decried. They are a
rae who n er corret principle ought to
br ed ttincto, iritbe poelble tone
them. They are entled to alll am be done
for tblhe p --JfrN
But h e Ina as a people, ar now
dwindling away; oe to hat remain are reedin
wkhthe setting an; and soon, H Is poeeible,
they may be known only In helory.


bomoo tnalk-bes~sppt ym or Wed IN
m xoY*wm MrlrcL~

SPA* trommallems W ho llr
Thereye In on1. of ise Ib

4Mdwg fm.. U..I 11d of mhi e a
, bibs lowel mbu urn Woo. U.O asimo
m1 &"Nbehiiha Yag hi.. uhuuIrn Lt
They hi f, qi.Iy met, ol pid mos omebu"MuW" A
~rbwr0. brw owYr
adhy Arofh S I dmb dkthemdft wb hhi bed hi.
W %ideem bed ileihiuem uin almov ft..o
P=W In tus own emmum WPMt.e
amms d almlims, TooY~llboemededod hv u

bokma*aflMm =%= pa
herniae bibs ler Wfe&@%
th ib"l be
heP1 4.he imp bub W~r 5. pub b
he5.SU~y~bIt lsi bbeucd. s~t
berellrur~rr.mhd w~gmb mhe m
WO ait uvm eiehbe IS.

VMay.o o ber naUhM OW look mm to pbh#a
aim IS 11 d 141ba~ClrL


b sow beib r pemobissawue4. aemapi

'82 =lid3*Y*li4~
Is"Oello bewullso OW y.

I~~~e no His ~ b Wv a I"I "os
r wmwML om a I
ftalr .72 Fy chb. bNO I m hee
111 l e. Is 1k b sed esbp; y weld bewam

mebm~ja weld bees seblehhs
bb msbetusm vimuke
Ild It ube. I thev Ibe Is Ed ic Ihb hm
estlelse e~rnslm. ~ r wine. vi b s
w.1sm~qmqw" siegI.
Imeel 11f be nlU m, Il Si A by
eL; Id itb s Yhr. Whi. a. Zm

vAim vt owwd *9 bed vw yme d Iealow i
died dvii a bed v.4mb bee Meeb hd ( daiu
dier. b i, ady ieltU ad eI.ie."e
"M be low be u esuardr bieall w" weI
P* l* ie. Is him, beko As wmW bedwa se
I* d *9 bi~ll wb b wWlb wim

NMesow elbhi~s a u SW tbwh dlwalvl&
ade Is fadr 6Wwatle IsiImad w bw him la~soebe
Will" 6 I udd Wih = my ON wb 6

e mdpo wYis mtus 6 mbut hw =

beumi 3m" isw bseelsei" loedaeis lle
i bow well be I is s d Is m

ad l6 allde. ap, ambera"
6130 do WNWI IO'o *a endW
09 wahof berwo ** mw bmWbm Os ppim


TWO o ism em" 1111 is Isl lWieb IN hild ib9
other. Aemog uldfam It I= Is bbdw IN bl
.ime bioilee -f *Am~ 10 6DIN O A= hlwe 1aa Itimem%
ibm wail6DeT be deemed of tmeow head hm e
Tom bae mmdIe a Icemam be.hi b

'.Whm ehldi me MaeP mdi e. mym~
adbemmlm,' qla d be maim.." ee I
balm. bi" Ef metw ehlemhemi to",*m'mlibe
seq..II WTe IheNdWm erni you hm t ieb useg ad *am
movie. Tbey will wood a hlbul am ns a ohueim&
Li" ill They me p.'wm-We-hlee for bleed-ib*. deym
v~mem wwlleamm Upomlhi~behimedmalpombimmuegd

hi pemp*e and mMh hem eCoe.mm Wine. 34be mw ein.
ad !m i.m Tbweeod b rind"Wabbo h adveeeymm
wh rI.i hi e weee giowa. "m A
h.wem~eih; bfmani. Dby bd
abe hAbo ol rthe an. Tim wed sm Mbe mad..
arisebildsmpow. Aib!Mibiddemwem shw eaI
Go by be tie .4mw, Phis bew and ild bin deed
wed hiom Nohbb bih, who mbm be .w J4 be
itwimaskjollabonad y.~

bg e W. "d ltba'do cilm bed"d.m -11111
c(em."mmldha "Teambeekulmdmdr'sidbmmslow
ibeeimean of be bsadywibbd ofamy leather mt"Ieu, e
"lam vmmy.w Wmtdiles medon. "mmd Itbubyes b
rmaee a= "sob irlo brib ieleamm
hm n I ki* m wW amwid~l r dog t floi Men

"CWA&"=W be. I ei Ibolebb
tedela eRlele hehd herl edm~Y Ibem

onoIuaadl MO N*WPG m
And wth aWoo@dwkskW bead iiegjb lb dol
arlr l l~~~~ m~r


A almdur GO *m So oihu Is wd aft lls nowl Sm
Jog Above m MaY ow lb. m eOfd
iuemm ~ ~ o lbgml MW diedmlpdMr.
admm Ike n rof #M lb. mdl, And83

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a.m 7mboolsmiwbomhaim lb o siu led,. lb

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GSWAL AM Old Smaebs ue IN of dompy
mo bm 6in pl~.ib% andbo dhkisou wiftNN
mdM~~oh l ba bm~m =4moh. tmd mpow, bud
p o-lo wb l. c" maild mlim andIs

a old un ofl lb. ham ngm o lbs pmay; Idln
dlbmltm arm aUd.

peinoams m-wll go I~m puvmil bof b b.., mm
a bil. blnm ibm p1.1, evei WWl

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ol ms r orror fkn bumos Do peop

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a. a. I; It buihelf dm
O r dub 6 is mk oav% as do *K
ON- billon *cU lLanmml


No W" q kb bm W&WiWimiToo
a~h mudtinu wib bm i...Igiu
as wm *.~A.ir h au s h
-' bib.. fibs, m mm. be..

wooduimumw I mu hp 'mbmgmu
mumLb. mu is by tM.l~ci

pusbwo o bme I u -l I wi o
*Aliwt slt din si

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aft bo"6% 68 havm MA uim pudmmubs
lbs~on" bb.Uim .m.h;uh mdB.mmi m

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"ofW tnIwokm wwkgbw mi
aimk. wdk a v. hemIs.on

bl auth.l hime bim&d dmgtftam
Mi u~uy midow m I'.hm ft ih mmS
inmw ust ithcrr adRsm mm ph imayhi S
fdt b amw O buhd th n" m ., wbsmmt b t k

mom led t bam *A m dtb bSA #Ai *mgWlh. uft

6mg mA dim md I mFub.
N o hI n m th e d u m ejM w b =-

pin, emyp bms.bi gfarsw, td- a' uta
mqm d mb b haIsisi. hwAdb
..d IM .."W M-waffa Idbas

wsib ebiIm w Ieowwwmqval
Iri *li~ Y.L i-~aqv r
Iri~~u. -''rll~wZI s
*b *Awn*cn~rr~r~


i ea merel meaid lm been gIe lhen by heNllais
sidhe thelrdrdiite him toward ebnwherb. leek =Im
IIf te knr o It ear ow e bno. a
The eLof training"k >h ean homr i. well Imdow
l I elRmnsm rWlaed hby LwIs and Clark. A rimuet
h:d bee w ml fortlw with numlns ef hM, and while
his yeempw lhhe dnl otbbiam. As aenm ath oo
h ereiened ite he I, Uh imelhitel dy m of l pnlil,
and r te o bien wihl almod as muIh I itll li U It r
hud bme di"Meed by ridme. A IeIb l the urgent wa
ebliled td me d two n loo n Ida rhe bltm fa the
^a, bnle they wen able to prl eem.-Gdomn.

A Cew, Iedian, bleT. one fday ele bire to Cl
Slbshir dops lnd sla. one of this unti o, manseee(a at
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Ahot nme who bIre, Cmiem, oa home-
Ip dl em ws wh whw tok I mrhI Uih.

I. 173, the sotlsmal of Gemgt was eaiemal by a
abeir efl ptwh were ~t oerw by pmael
0 I~e. I l a" uamm tS oer iy poY w oM.n
d ey .een johy d resy qohl l
to his-mee, with WeM lhed.u, .h ws gE0ly olamed by
an lmias wommo whom he looed l IHvnamob the mae
of i Ay iMnrove. Sh Ihd tesidod amlog he lh, iU
mtbem p~s of the mlowr, a sd wall ei a wd
tir uao Iwa o( im Vm ulwk or pI Pen
II i iterpret whet he a id to Ut Idiam,. and
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Aaob th who cam over with nuralt Oghre was a
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dthoelblimetlieedleucwome.,M MuNy ope. U.
t oappl'y iortth was Ia lhit a bad me. allhouh by
~e~ ~a he a miBniter a e gavel. He was doe-
iolMd or he ridead lorer ridke anod* lar l n. At the
ami time wa ver roultl. Yet, naeoemt no hi profital
he wm for a fti, Much reqwcled y the ldiste.
Atoneof thea ptl Coe~cto of the lteds. thWe artfl )am
oimed mM o the cheers to now Il ltehm, Ier of the
hti'I :! 'J h 'i ha~m Is aI d th
grtel 4thel d to dclre him prime cfwd of
frIlltltrob Altwrlhi- headlohlowIrllhoenlithe
ldM tlM f Malatchs ad oh MI th lldianl Ithate of
bM qim4hm n o he bar I g ki by he G~o Spirit. oev
lN the C l T7e Idmi bhlr d whke Mary told them
se. elm e. fl othebop had hos a klod to ho,, they hol
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riort-I will bad tIkem Bloo by me. and dko flrng wbli
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beea4haeh, bm. Asiea _e I, Iahkaa.es
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Oe lrbking lbn parade oed. I, thedIrof Nationalists
kLed at tho eao e lad tbou wbet SIgh oIeL.
ianl.lb m lar hautile.ed s Ine le w
he atOh of h laided at ke Coastal, i
Ilivammi Bt.eemwertb wa. required le leave Ike Ileam
whIle lb. president bed a firleedly siak Wilk lb....
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odM ldih Itk Ithe iar bly the hand, dielid hi
hal, ad emderid 0 his wI"lwam, where Ial iwee
had ke him wk the teederomeo a ptent. Ha his ae
easl compeale., ibght him his le sand asde ike e rode
arierkmaestv lmMi m. tell. Tbqedh
wer, ad the tivoq of hoe eeeWyd'ired the si
I"amsih. T'ildU mU woed at i abs h sympM h
and while taeletetiely eradbm, e r mten iM
i the ndra of they erommeeed hostillitiel ad
may aU in appea eidKem. Tbo iM erier, wi tr
wtith t'e e,imemqtledi hi. rbee. The lIlads hav.
er aei abe wewo rindsred milea, hied h anir I eight

of Bill Cavalrymen.

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with his heads, bowed his heid, sed afterremsleiqaime time
In that pere e lk, at the yr.g me., ad .l so him,
l. a Iem tw~h eaidersee a- rW *f t H aatim la.
th erP I w theiviteid the lee ma"whe I left
d ater a meel's seeaeddedi., "Is owel ths that I hawe
beamatherf Ilama ri mc I! law ayl. falell labet.

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tar H0iM li n M lheir a se* nmity. ad hI l
aw d lwle a pimp fteImh bi heast. By dIem be en
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ler 6M tlk mW. PeM, k e r*i- te soim tmeg fn M Ai.
m a Io fbme with It, n his ek. e then
weedtskeeded sadedelmedtlat heacknowledged
bMtf llly od halig, Il la trspt of im, killed em of
dliMld lMlf, nd hd New teme lo deliver bUmtf p
that a y this asblmomes beiounr. sad dI erply o
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Aerlin Ditm,r several m others fhis lrio, we
bte ilner. Th hich hd le p pe oiaed
pn t Amris elli li ht moies of ek moein yr

eO mOd be1 0We. e m yd6 is U e 1=06.5 Meul
moder... AmAd within days be delivred up, Dll beth e
and his t Iompevlose wold be seL.
This Imobi tos dellvred la Ike s =een of Duthksve.
Tibto te e ero, e Maid r m h e e w wis sou do.
Ii abide, t h f e wel lA o ee mir lles q d h isb
ir. ke moed nsot to diL.

ke ri*v sad beaer. He made bis tort ISnellip,
who In reply him I atebe might ; but that his kmor
was at ke. This mwe edeorn he the Wo& mind of Deb.
b elom As be mevenssd be ivet o .o
Tb d ru neUd eLehkl ltedeyarnmetJ tIe leM MIl

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I Pime my? shem om By ILN


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Ilt qiilte d me timn a eriel o tie pori or, w
Ithei ti d I In the mmo nis miea, to aly the
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I rel Tagti lltolmr-d ra L bh d t Pe pL*, eu
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Masled belaed himo mtny tim. The Id iagile
taking the lnor ti bL ow plYm, iwe d, p.itie hk
I t his bhee, "Hele ,Copoh nhad work.-' L
s peW l the gonor, thlat heforpn him the wholetem.

One0 day, s idiimlolteda little tobho of a white m
o l bi lipe u some lao his pcket, toe hi.t
pun imlehdi T M day tbe Indi retlned
i rkof the ma who bd given im Ithe tobacco.
ewiloe to him, mid the India. Whym? eLined
mOs am. Whme lad mner with the tobala Well
wht oft Tt ? it; t wl given to you.
An I mid tihedi shaking bi hiad, me ge o mme
ated Im In painting to his brea. Good ma my,
mny aet years; oyea meet u it: Itad my my, ti Yr;
It wasgiven to yau pod mn emy, lthat set lit; Tba
my not yours bad m mai mr d, a uody
itg hy nr s g um> Ome in I ma ach thing.
I par Indie w not whtiit : te m i doaw lto wan
i ir leep-god ma dl bdl antlk Ill( niht, eid bh
e; maw I bring moneybck; anw, meeldad.

In the year 111, to little boys by the oam of Johnson,
Ithe ml wev the other min yearsof a were o today
Sthe waters bank of a smull creek, some ie from
WH i th sltae abo. At a dilneythetydisomeed
tmo. T whe ladies Iehdl bte, tbytmould toh Indin
Theyweld h h iv but Ham w te lat to mk their.
e. The lade.ims I u fldow, reledl t *es iai


tim the words, where Mty awe a ie. ad a eek up thlie
teipap r the lht. placed their Me t m.
hwksl aol ne a tee, ad thU laid down to Me sMb hdi
with a hby on h mea.
Th children wmr Ire onub rriflW Ito det Thoeldt
beaen to omne Findalg his It dian on d lee dlp( e
he disen l hielf, and woent Io the tle. wl b ld them
ot low. lie stmrrd it, nd Aldinl that this did norl ake Ito
ian, he vetlured to whisper to his hrother. who alei arn
away from the iar of his o plr. The elde boy thlu ok.
arryed it his brother: I think we c kill them ladam, and
et away from then."
The rouosnot used in the rpmenl to i aemp it. The
oldeti tlen look oe of the rilln, and r cing lhto aole e a
mall stick, that le tind for the purple, evnr the head of aee
of le Iloelsos cnmliltkL the rxeculioln Ithis jrt of the
ltmew e to his wothe. telling him to poll th trigger at ItI
tnomee t that he nw him *'nke the other Indian with leeof
Ithe eloNhawk. The oldest cve the sigol, lthe youet
rolled the trilpr. Toh rike bso away the lower pur of lhe
ildie's fce, and left him tesnelem. Thooldwt w aunt d
dirt u succdt ul, givin the blinw witthe wreoa e of the
tomanwk. The lidia started up. The bry iw*lg hib rc-
uhe, ad toning the iirument in his hnd, ao him unoth
*ow, whichbnuhtl him to Ih erund. lethal rpeatd
IdLceie autill hbdi-tlchld him 11, then made thel eo of
hIl way lafr hlis roler, who, when he had diecniH d nr
rilr, ieichd up the other aM rn.
Thle lxt dal the ltowhrlawk Indian wa fosnd ear lhe
place where the Irm lud let him. The olher was nt three,
bht wo tracked through the woods by his blod. Thogb he
warn wekned by the Ire of blood that he could an( res
hb ,Itn t re of his pinsoes, they suffered him to nearpe.
meblty l died o( hia oidl. Thea two Indian hid he.
eal ot to discover the bea place for an altck, which wau to
lkve nera ml e by a body o wariorn waiting I the NLgh

Teon It binralts retain o n Ihe n llor li epaor fnill
*ofldrnm. The ladie lubl t all wh li b alitdd
Ihotlmer the o a l eeumd, m IM wamd of bed.


Tb tleeimd tiemuiba.Nat-a..hgblga pmy
a lghtJIM tohe Gat Ispierit fo ri he. no moemm.
dme r inem Wmt.t -hme.a f Nllwsa- y
IW l* I alewd priald Io i l oet .rd ".mII
tham mm. to Itm a m ti and sama tn mi,'NtO .
Si rr y l mat a ,. Then is I a dip
taMwe ta the path Fma mo to tr4at nlosanew. Mdm in elemh
imntin (which dme wrild t him.) small mail ead
Wh, llh eImMhing like path ileladIn frti II I ll hatH
tir .L a hlwr.' Nw, my am. I w1i.,n, ypn l ti' ti
witmoml ma'imI- le 1sy om what I hamn d ad yn wi
araeealm Ind the Ihbr.
I ife yaM. lw ianm w., a adi fl Omn, oli mt iapt *m
skn*t ati his mathe him. O. enanut Iat l 'I.
he pake aeri tn t tI hr Ildima of thd lam. *'Th
mld woman ma heUll w. am am tolat a her tlday,
bt I do Mr khow who bIn kill I'.
Tho. d w nn iharhl wha hIe sd, mitd him bha a
fpammi i l. bel' ad m prniall lm him tom. and
firthe har. The Idlimn aremmlt all m ed air I4wrud
mh pisa wh it'they .ea eg emnmp mr t.* midgt. Ti eem
wam Hli, an a I r deprolia their legig where theeup
was to be plerd, they win,' **' hnt m tofthe it b'
Mld I lmq tt, malM with Ithe ibwg il the we
m- dald omm mp.
I hd my ra with Ml, "ad I CmaIM din tauk oft mIam
ghnreapamilml her drom. At th I mld wll *Igl
elmae tf lhe pimath hat POrN, or. l h m b tmmg
lar damig ahamymm, I Na my gmas far tm=ar m11
mMta shhrkac. I ow. ma' a aomae wh. had Ahwad
memdtaitMkl ar. I d m, in d t wlhet I wdH
lMlg thn pi.k amd whuatim I Inpild w kill l'ditrn, tlat I
am IhAr with my gp. I made her ns am.., mad lhis
SI was e r frot plr a"l hn re my m-,thr had ei
w.im - ltlly a follow all the diraeMlns sh hld avns.
UA ilth I brd whatr ppeared (orerly In bem bn a
pad. It was a ull emild opaI pae li the *.nek.
p p with aInL ma mn mmll hIl. Thi I thoLht
ambe il mal4wy e~ is W and ope nra, tid wlestam
l a l, Iem mas p latei mm bmt wlit .heaol
ll a small ll bk am fma the mada| I bt Mhe mr
m>ew s esl-pl I aoldd e migq odf L


Mymoin admostefrd lbthatos dmo~ mor doi hi Ise
hwr divsio, amPhad at 110 $am tim u a SOW mao ull1m
Simpliid. I Pwacmmce. Ibisuth-mall aadli A
he m rnmh.; hMt,.P hpL, 6Iod of end-
11.1 wlkella few -,p W hot pprand In be a1
~I v,*zpwd 1.1 up In my iddle in the ~
amp imri wPh .me lflcuhrand walked ma; ha, beL,. a
Iieeha, Pi I had heard Pha ladtie sl ash = 1"
humiasiapho, balim, it ocurerdtmi. .P4rth~atit"bbeah =
bole late .hadn f ll enI On MOWa 'Ibe Phim, dip
eaememd a 'rI,a haf thi. PmPimma of~ thet I ae
Phi a b.i my gu mrty hitwioa ha n.=aht aege
ft. m k uSph a ai d amay, I teek a aPick. med
thoohaluPitqI late Phi mh.e Pshimnmal. 0md 610 e PhiM
SLAWI Idmplf that Ie dd themi 0 pa 11 1111
hlmoiomlifthe bogebhiP being enabe ft dmPPbi. 1wn
bIm. uLb1t.9 Phi frack I hid 0"i0 1m amigt.
Am I&Mefr Phi amp, hWoherePiqimmihadbfPi.this
gio pthe=P.a l ma t..r mine womman. -hm I h In
rho lte mdlmly higu spi is rldiale val.
*.Heveye killed a bm*Pi ear )meeveiihmbakmosmmimmd walk
a bm P' I ord hi Wihaint myhag ay 1m ad WMw
kb7 leo" d. I wani hued am afecually, h
my mther an i lll 1,7 heim4 to "bowh i* or I
"M -1".L 1have killed. h mr.-
Whatdo y mymyso mifsold I up haveMada
Ww.' -A~m iwoems yea how. killed him)" "Whad i6
To%*5 I nplditil. "he hIsqait dmad.0 Dh witaehd my fam #a
A mmmlA. ta m lhaP I umwal A- dIraeg bar, and bihemmagh
mar Inaw won, arn d broad and heated sm, wiho gruol euipht
Tihem beat a -,umfo, aod bhmlag Phi gp 1 had hilldm
coeal~l "mlo, mad thi hubum" f thea wnis hied- lkh.
seab itho, aUiief to he onwoofha badlma

Amidlbr hIshe Amnin army. bitLagl l i
,a L the twnoemmalw at won kd I a
NsAG I Party ma Gay. ag a am if or rw all% pla
"dor y he w downiii4 = 16 skomb off, so

soft Wm.diumithmal imia a
r*vrl( L1*~~r -'l~~r p uek
h ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l leekw~ pm.ktY LI*n


p ho Mtwtmio sparate (mim his eampalo.f I. the
e *sI of his reoaolltrni alnas, i Ithe ople ld, he ap
pioehed a wood, lthe uodbrush of which was vry thick.
Hl waleb" hl eye dicoved wht he suplnaed lo be -an an-
1eal among Ihel boh'ut. He inl.antly ra hrn Dailtk. it was
a ladia. crawliM on his heaod ad (rt, "i'h hi ri i. I. hs
haum, aid watching Ihe soldier evidently with the nrleali.a of
adiaaciae slffienlly near oI make hin a sure ninit.
For the oildier to retnrut was nou i onimible; he thought
be could nnt scafk, and he r.oa hernsd, ton. that his 'it-r
had told him never mt ruurn with a back side wound. le pirr
tendatd not to ee the Indian, and walked slowly lowarld him.
with his c oeted by hi iide, orefully oberring all hbu
movements. They approached nnrer ald anerer; at leirth
heuiw the ltdian brinigth p ln to ,iel ldr, a1 that lstantl he
soldeir fell t the round; lhel hll lwhistill it deadly musi
over his had. Tioe mldier lar mnlinilelm. TIe ladian ut
Mted the dreadll yell, which silifn t hr death of an nmrmy
and drawlag the billy asclpinx-ki ife. (but ,~relttm torelnm4
his piece) adviamnd wilh hea~y tridre, thibring for munrer,
and anticipating the rewacn for Ilr talp. The soldier, o.
tiakml permlttei him to approach within tn pace; 1e Ihen
wih tUhe mamsit cospEwem.pra hileta The Mnn
'nod sbul I The soldier wilh ddiibnaea imn put two bLll
dinmtllythruih hi. tirt. A hobrM ginrn waM s olynomd
whichlnd ual ro fe falra ml a This mn o Ithe forel
war lleat six fret .e inches in height. The nldier took
Ihe latU dle, r, turned to the aup, and ld it for 25 dol.

Among the first selle of Brimwlck, Mala, wt Dhnirl
MtJootm,a mta of undauutd eo rae, and a iaveteOme ne-
my (thel Idlia who g pe him the name or Sluumgroain ;
that li, a en n rr M m
ZUaly is tbhe pri this man nrered lslne ilnI Ihe form'.
r the prpoeof a plitlli rils from the the ipruc, in a'.
imlolaadi uoriyuithmngona. Whileentil inI
his wot, d hai Opead a laboutl hal it. leuill with
musl w1d o h rw iiplhi by Iadlan, iwh catif up aud
assured hi **a shtildi by hr side.


Me"ioMyoo n *ow l tOack uptroam d lto d M
Ibdop, with great cool, "Too have me, it I rll bt
jt hp me Dr thi lor before I Mo.-
all (Tiv ( Io member) agreed. hMleolm prlpnld
l wooden wedge. cdefully drove It, look oit bi Mll
we^dr. and told thI Indisn a to put their A in tito cleft
und p llitopen. The did. He then goddenly rreck omt hi
blit wedg d Uthe elasic wood nsultntly cdomd leot thir
t9i lald herored then all.

A Spaile traveller t a Indla I the demt;i w
both on bonieback. The iemelard, erieg that hi he
whikh wo mne of the hel, would at h ld et to the
i joiayilo. sclked the aliL whom hrm was
eat dto ea age wh him. Tbis the tId.la
ThaSpinrd therieore beps a qrial with him. In
wrdl proceeded loblow. Theer-rberhie wai ar.
ad, ap too powerful for tlhe aale. t Mdi his h
imstad him, aod poreaed hbi joom.y
The Idia ely followed htim t mo the sert
immediately wnl an complained to the e t judge, Th
Spealrd we obliged leppr, ud bring the hom with h
He Iteted tb tdiaM o ma tr ef=irmie tI t thr e he r
wrm hi. p .perty *, the d thwi he mid iei "a peimith
ue llhat haid red him from a colt.
demheeg the lhrc.i., when the Idiah criod t-"The ho
Jheslidlnti irlpmeit!' H Xtoamldll ttoet bhil me.
Sldnelog the J1(e-jkm ttib ius44 *111u -afwm &M
ie, cd with it J-ntecorerd the heed f thI cuheel ilb.
hle Ib rod thi bon from I colt l maMd hiM tllk IO
which ob his two ey hi blindd" The Mspai.od wewlm
Om mwn to beeitlet, Inatly umer .a,W l theSebl l .C
"He. i either blind of the right yen pled the dall, r
of the afr.
Tbhe Ja d beie g lM d byi por m t rmi l d&
Clame wdhi t hee c te Ideao berm tMd|
mmbe bbr.


A1111111311 01 TIM SECNICA INDMAS TO GGVN111li
bbslo-wo had that tbs hand af sat Oad ban tad ha
masoandbn rae shis. For morts, heaa baao
y, M UsM a Is small aWa hesate wIt. tr ar.,M
- bokeais. His Wy.anm porhi hevaLhFr ad
l;un1is, of ass. OGad is lrrib In Judiust. AN
t hom. so fo ttlet p dtal s0 f NJildi va
sad Nomas Walmt him.
Walka-Ak Lard at lbs ."m soft is strag; thi i bar
,a He btalakhaWarts ahal up unwall an topaldown,

*= = that Yr~ klou (adanklestoADan you
own fk pan h rublsao yaw red child,.. Wo Inme
Imal a aa at mad high aimed
so 'lwhimsmaa~y at decr usat cm.. be tat
YC.~rill man vrifideablerl~
on,.. pasuodOdisaatt do- byis orm
Im we di Bon moment lbsm .m .
ZI, 0 p wermhld sad yuillat dow thinr Hall main d
4 brba* balHad, who hs appoved n stragg I
aed wishm whitieaL tfr ihir Ian and o-0
lS. 0 aw fara lhatt 1kwimp Obey have doe s 6
OWadd l Varan ths. home me prarald that We isalki a
pamap is Ithe lr par rad hrctkwaswhe ans hiu r.

X WHnTE, or wHMraaMuoH.
7 i at "am" aaaa CUls, inke &tabor Irasn
a^ ma hiauly aalte1 WhLbsagk, an is tilt. Sisata
bWar adjoining tAm k illaa. The bd wrmm hadmin
one asaMr. While. after wheam Ie pasa
wommu pAst = ol? ne. tailhtk eat..
to pis aaladpme. Eataih 111WIarsularnahad.
1111 liapteli f pa., toIadn teak g1k


shmnm." Aowdhly, am w Mr. WMIA Sit.
ai bo seiMla wown lnia I hites k lO rO Ibm
Io be Slemaidsh, w1o waos Iwso It r o m--s
is a mesre quled. On arvilsg. lbr ddrllm l Ms.
Whim, uad Id, "We tan allied tokf sk ulltdausq
Wr Io btke home wth ls.iuhi.*
Slue a iewos dtirld Mrs. ib.te lts knbw ad w*t a
Iuwr M tir for i w as pImes o Mr. Whis to scomi
ute ldisas aoo by allow l. mer o his power.
To nrfi tbe rwats .e Ml w ex l theml snd i t
oorut' l .M o hpl lisly, if Ml lih oer
eld I Ait Uis riial momnl. su wille t ladlam weo
wiltlil fora eIpl.lrs tteat I. Tb. ia d was-.
owuwbwhld witfh s lpt.. a nd tll horses hal s
hoee d such eIrswmsh ass. B3dish w=as lmi.
The M ile gir lll w bhroult l d lived ove to bth I
dnris, wH livie r tes or t- mike dlinol.
Tbs laistlook Ih dbllb the lbshd, a. led ber away
tahdO isn gh lbse ai g plot.o Ia I olss.

im to|i the hIavns, "we will r tu b. MU Whilse bd
hal that lias were bano mad Ieemoamt, sand ohislrd
her little JautMter as bea giwse o scrilo lt o l
family. Mr. W. plais his nie l or eils opita

wheu thb a aml.itlm dr ila s iuo =sism

weMit!h FMi oe t.l thes ped of ii
fwbM (k ati ed wiutol W t motbool-~
tbs nweP Skmeius met his comJisslme, hiMl ItIs
lwmIa l =o oll v ti o k51o =i iMinp
uldsiiwldr bi wlhe llsisbisds .
*ten sf nrlls,. was wh olt Mmtighth o

trh lbs. lbsalm l lithl hak W bloso ils.


N a M slaJe, a anby t lum orwmo wmoed
wILt ul ly into thl w m ouny, d br a e bte-
of hitoock, ad hr cabin a la o erable dislaaemon
may white ettlement. One day, boinew aolling him ram
hei, belaft onlyba wife, oa daughter abou ten yemrof
Ru a r o man, who wu lame, to gIPd the hoer.
ali te allowing morning, Mnrs Wood.s oing a mho dis
lUe from he hon e,dis vered eenor eight l]diai lyain
i* ambush. OH discoverin Inhem she insltnly led, and while
ttempt to clom Ihe door, oe of tibe savage, who had per-
d in adunce of hi ecanmpuiNor, p'obhe it ope,
rnad i ,Uie taked ,. t ltame uqnro
]ielsm the arinal of the othen, she barred the door. A
me colet now eni d, between the ( 1oo cad the Idi.,
At Ength they tell, b bo Ihelan behaving the ladvanctl, the
aMo al led tohe little girl to lake the ae lid kill the mr-
a l wbeisdl the weapon. erruck him a violent blow on lb.
bc, which wounded him several, and with a meod ros,
lWdat1 hiaheld, t.o lhim liktellothe oeor. Thisdeam
t uo called o hli midrem, lill at the door, to lat them
eam by o~e,iand thlly hold re theme ate. Fortlual
howmnr, aprt of whita fromt tbenelghborig mltlemi
come o their rlire, fired Ipna the lidma killed oeu, u dl-
poarl the -m lr.

Two Orawhaw bro he had lstBoln a qw free an di.
tW lof their Nation, ad were on llher to neek a n
p le the h p illep But they bhadlhe mortmel ,
Sprnir, toImd with a war prly of Siooi, tbeir imp
ablnDl m d. i Tley imm eldy oeaeclled Ihemoeiem I
ravine, coven at he bottom with dry reed rea m.
teLo i aLrmandid thi spoi, &ad net io to hle wiudwlrd
sldeof thleredIaordr todrilv them oul Whon the re
ed ery reached the eoneed plyee o the broItlhe
ImuerHl htl the Waed hJd aernly Mt eaeted him to
be i eda t like l aracem. (TIhe Idiae slote this a-
mlolerfhdlewlh ,ee bykitdlilIgam nt lheo oL) Hoe
"lUel b Imrlw toe Ampt hi cmtpe hin dlretl *wbm


Sh w l atet ltel s iot e laof the eb m by milplseltt
a themI lase, ad eneavor to kill a may of them a
hmor both of as" aid he, "u l aiertainly e tnmrilSedA
HaSe yourlfe If you on. I will be the vici. fm th I
ay be so fortmumt as to receive a deauh blow lia the oad
Rad Ihua rap the dlira of elpt vity He Itham r
forth umoni te Sioux, Slrl one, o id with hi knife wounded
rvenl baee le wua dspa'Lachd. Ti othtr availinag hieelf
ofr he appiulity wlhen lh altenlioe n Ibhre a y w tOur
ed to his brother llctl hI scapel but the iumaw was bur
edto deih.

As u Indios was traylig thnlr h a Tilla ea Is e s Ke
bee, he passd ag Illae.it asding at his lreM door, sna b
gda p oa tofanKo. Th perm illppeld rt, ud ltel
a pamreo piea, tot wiich I m n Oived prof *"a k yoo."
and tIhoaigt orau t oIb. arf i. Three four I a.th. a-
warda hei wMorpreied alu lindi'scnii Lnlmotbaeor.
and prented him with a beautiful minintte birch aowe, piat-
e ud a undfihe with paddei lotcoarrpnd. I asking thb
annig of I, be wu told I, ledia no forge; yu livn me
nac j me uake this faor y This mr gratilund for a
rii| Ivor ad d him to behtow re labor his prentd,
thel woa d ha. purchased hi mauy poesdm of h i favoril

Tom Hiins waN bti In Ktentucky, and was living bet a
shlrttime swau Duhrinllrlstewar, tthe aep of I e .
tered into a caamps of riders ranid to protect the trmtier
mllmenuls f m the .ldias CO the ll o( Asil, 1814. ha
was oe of a party I welve en, under ommaud of liaksn-
ant Journiy, who nweas jallid in a mall fort ibout eht
aitln aoul of the proe iilla. of Greenvill ad ws nmtslA
Iln.re ltn twnp'y illm f o Vaidali. Ta anttlesm
.r m o then iu, ad the surudig country was uly
ota uiibroimn wldw.eM.


Sadm I.hfib fromy the JJlae hd m Ithe onlvm
weeaemiu pl rll l mr th.e A i. hy e m l
me mtW ou with his peI fIy per i. Trhe l Nmt
m dir before Mddelne t ll dl rme frnm a thicket
I whleh th were co ed. Their number wa between*
WOued. nit hey del lfr of the Ar fell dead,
M whm was the le eae l bhieif. OQ Other wa*
The ret led ercelN ii Higglo.
It wa a eltry monlg. The dA wu Jas dawalm A
bieay dow had l lle dan the igh. Th r Ilwas ill and
bemld, Ued Ihmeek* fr them a huel i a hkan aled
*er the spe. Under roernl Imbe clelj the oapeaMr of
HIt had rped. I H ownm l w Im thaee. ns th eh
anthe k d fell Io his k .a, but fmi r. Imlelivig the
u el to be muoilly w ded, he dlmoeed. and wia ablut
leaving him; It l udi the waend on dmp o he detw.
mille l m le g b ii reta. e, beteo lt, ll he wesed l
lmae wpell. ahemld, at heemy. For biper,
looked aen~d for a tre. (ro behild which ho m glt i
afty. Three wee but oeuad tlht was a t elml ut
bhlle he eould rMch tht, ti h ded of emike parily r., and
dieened to him a nmlare ladiu r a o hm thea he
OI e wl lea ding hib sIn. At him HMie ek
ita, lmind ad theI ldl fellt.ilt HiiedilleeatMl
ad by the cace, leded hil cue, mpuunted, ad turned Me Iy
whm low aese le him biled hm with- Tueo, F
wol leane am P
Oflrmwho wasiilag the gramed moinded Hl iesm-
M p I alty, No, Ml INs l 7en I; cme llnd PMl
iemMad1 Iom plme." Hiiglg ampn fp m hsldl., c
b;iel( up bio earmde. wbne ele bon. wr breks hi.l
tmi, I preeded it m oh a hi henr. Idllir bi tn Ay.
nd he wa8d Imake bloow wer pellet. ull the hlmletaklgh
hIeemeadered e1leevicgliggi with hi. wemr
*This ihe d, md pla, ea ner am r. Neew my

hIM tot hi Irkmd 0 (i hlt the hlt = OA craenwl
ad ""a anowbe


bltae mnm i es thasld of w th had msm*ld
Mom was ala q aw.s ma idamid "o tOmp" hib
wa imm. Thb lmi rl has Maln a la*U
of Ism thI b would be ho aIdma hi. wammd bd.
lH mak ao m'ertml sha r i. It wYtlus tbllr Mmd
ald i dl d, m* s aim at fll sped. As he li .raal
hia whiha ,hlad wm d,. he lbelim a ialp mI sm
kbl, ra hm aa tho aiher side. ai tLe h* a
h(. Fora time. he eiely kaev what em to I l
I deh.er *mir o rnpat the, lad k lth|o.m
may, hetfaud wM d hat lima flil hil o amwmm
( Ili trei hr rek fr a .lm, b Unt nt In, ; btlahiu
t irat h.ar hel, In iha Am orwhuih ol
ale he had rl tly ait I .
aThe bed lda. w followh. hil dealy. Hgiam oa.
a lihaa Innd Mt Are, in 'ho iladia wmal half ad dla
b*.t tM pMawa hibm flm akig a*lm aed T-e well khwa
that l I eM'id aSd I b nt rand l. Thier twa tam
draela"o him. ad he fasd Ihe aalea he eeMd dispoowe Mi
irl ho me. beh arp-owebae. He thedeehalaid and ..

bie =lnibmfirpm benfri. Al wl ro lllnrl
nlvai aomo i a he. Th t laili ala f-ew dia ule.
d hi rile. Hl maehad bi .Mrra.Ya nJ It a
haIaMiht. II r rma*d Ie ILh- larad bs
aideslae wda hi. It a prabatte d1s Iha maibt aNId hi.
li. wr II ball ntlmd h thi g, whicht1d oh wib
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ilime. ir iroe se mauol Ihs yo the ertivs s
quwi, m the eoeuge o( d. Now for O t* ntII r, I
qLkloou. Iwih yeoo Iko that I -a Id *of your
liehtl m that i yoi tuouble amo masn bruear it
will k ll the huld of Your lrie.
H th timlft W, and with il tho e(be. except my w
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behtiv me. Am we aiaesd a thlkete ot bhaI t I eu.
timid Myd erMh Mintr Ta l Waw.bu.hb.s.lim aIeM
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only, lw hw lemp m ed Itac m Ithele gdMl t|hu Ai
ro mlict -my& mewm the m an m ascradr. met


ad my el b m tal was thie ter cdpaeihama
with which her mied we .laled ea ct e the .ampe
Allea this tlenI ralag I at was he I a o We
babi-lei top to the Lam f the Woeed TeanmrMd
d i temal wilt his family beiad. He aMnuMl
Iled a plac fr hki ehompmt. and el il
h ,mi m ni lun amin d mIl. On r eiirl-a*l ai
* Ite bu where i had bleld hi frily, Las Mad
hi ehildmea thaI ir gr dmo, er had bem e A
dyi. Ac illbdhim dna, whl. h11 bte Ight, i
e b ale a, ath ir at I I hi wift, the l
WheeI aILed at the Wif e ofy my mtheri law, I lt
my g at theoo rc, al, S tooee a eat be two of
lthe sin of ay e l. whe were the Iven of nao 0 --
They lad young ehildrem, and I wee playg willt tWe of
thMe. willt my lied dowim whoe I heard a Ie o d d i
saem, and lomediatey lha my mawer. Imw a e. m uad
membiar mathing ill boega to iv; ibs I fiuad all I
I wesm holdlg my lead ad arm, and I mw the n.
prei of teor and alarm, i the races of all Amhet
am. I oemdl et apRkd mya) i noknweemimt
lde a lead ad a.dlbll m(l wdhih I kemw m be t
of W-aw.els-.i4.
I aw begap n e bmathig like mrm mter a my
mr, and pel"t my har I my aw., I la my so l as
my embe ehL I a lo hal awa t rm Ib wmma
wald mo vul pe d after Wanr b r ; be I
emaid et etreke Mh, a the lmdiaaaed l. Noa i i lmpI
l eet y mway. Towani eight I etarmie my i
te9 vmt study ammdd and m I believed, wih the
Ieme t my ik, hbme A mry Ite Md bad n dow
my e wmh I was m r wma, bh for a *mildima
tiM mtrmard NO Naw* Mad thaeahI Iard drop
mim inmyhand. I di ms Isle or hit Ihwndamill mlWd
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doeetle tlege omy molhamlaw,aal hI bi aldai
withe. .
TWheM I aluhSO "h ladge of my me M4liaw, I had


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O.d M wt tis whiW pr.nams we hom gaelnig smthe resm
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upleeb towauds ain It li palo tloot hod not my
bed e time eown cod, I he I relieved would shave
posed intanlly fatal So me, as the lore of lat s mamt have em
sMiwkt*ub l by hi thi eovriq leather. mu at
S*I w ll (inlrmen, Ad there is mill a larkie
phaf kt wbm tbeldaof tlr btoawk hlL h
wIm tae I m eot end s Oom this weand, thIouh th
mmdse oomeml which followed it did not lo s lg
as I mlsd it mat.
War-belsmis tl Immediately eor villlag, ud Il
mrea ip mea0ilhainc r boe Ibetpll be.

ie canebM r me,. Alfi the foth dyl boesu. muc
nsd msti mid mn to sitp until l talk, whm I
* Ign neonr. Afr I had gained a little m(th, we left
tbi as ther d boW abaudod by the ledila is llhir
H Igs. il taisdl some of thim Alled with mat,. and olow
OWiUlspoap.ly and sal to pleher r t hvillao. Ou
lad.r Iv at some dlese how 'b. villg and .when we
talirll iaMndMuo hollow ilth, udwba w-
arrivd at the piteo whodt|h re e oedI juiced wlth Om.
olHLeW i tiaw I woM am m sat a a ppesohd ipte n b
eay whieb bemmedsm thiMol wbeib lha neU eou from
tohe. lp. IM ot soLeor4nlyo betnJ bao u beio
lmuawa esomp.
We mat NIn at t hie sad pha w s n, wben Io
bakwd oib z w l toe V h led qseM rweo
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Is he. M rgandilogmob4 i brevusMe theWaw.hsb..
*I*am md t kilm You, Otelou.om.ie hveMre eboo 1 e
vllage bkfo.. am not lca in. onf ile eemales which
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Wle.tP1 1 t a In ot l, md Oc-te.pMi, telt tlb
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    whom ha to whoew w to .4

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    dafty as wmibed 10 imaue,sdi bon1N
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    M aandi bt te w m a.le mu, I ble Bltle All to
    hom a amoIk wia m Wlia lwlib hir, as do AM, 1li
    maom sub amu%0 Ishls" ~lmilaims, inl
    doom hoele lm". The wmsad maa mimiol a We~g of
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    ~'Lasme maswla a MINIM
    A lida bmia doa wlmyls balad a~ Em, h a blwNoIk
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    mll boolloaaap of w.
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    Tkhemhemr of in m memples, Old a meda
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    Ml she spsied tothe b eelno (trui, Mr. T. Ttl
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    "m fth I hm to dim Now, iu n "e 60
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    kM lmalf dowulto his grave, 9c lbW had qenao
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    "n dm netale m -ha m Uto his Id he hm,
    une ble Usee d been fieud that he old be h o ea
    timer. The prepaline and eommrl being now onempleia
    heM I tahe n achi to the ppetta, end the l emits
    of Cihga pe ledt bl his heart. He iluantly f.ll Add
    toie ath. He lad rged hi friend@ to show A Wigr of
    priel, while be livl, le It nhnuld mhke his rsmoloiutt. A
    er they ould, bthe hald obeyed bhi. Their irie wuas.
    straied untll he was dead. It IIm, buhr borth, ad thel
    kmntollnn wrme ld d aadiem u bled.

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    EdwUrdi On theirurrival at te houe, te old hdy wl o
    to her diughtem wme fHod deed the third was mmudl d
    Itmwely a little taw ha MIe. woleh ebMed the
    pty o p iarn with ateit. T had h nem dita
    w*har eeog belh a ieo n rft toh Wprti bki lad me
    femrd, by l brill Idicateld that e ad bd Umwtw.
    The wew hald harud. and amd the yong emU w
    had tn Mp trtn eppalmty epirn. bhe rendc
    IeMatdlrC, bow"m a rt t lo etend w ad bo har
    brother, whe with a fr athnee wa left leotke aweet her.
    Te ot advaeened i perumit of th Indiain, with the a
    pl M ie ezipditM. T =r e oreeok the vlk agm All
    number, ad dcltmaldlme.

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    WooprI Seike "ste Ikeod oe f iWorkthejaai
    an of Yods psdalaf un ilisiorshm by Mke Inietwhie
    A 3kb.. In S. ladle ~ab mad a Ikmasmaund
    bm% Th.Indiak ils on-wed "Frh..ienldua

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    O fts. ai dhiaIurr1 the haim which T O1N b1

    -6 have knernse, hepID all his ;=.ay
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    =d, *S. imalumly Iok ea lamrn as he n
    sa rLa a e bq irern, asdata m ~ UIk
    onr=111w the thiles u Ulg S. Ike I
    either IN he 60 ad rzt1hm; am he ly a

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    hlolbl I bme wigM hiMerheube In am" siwaw" e8
    mass In MIW bell I udolon ima

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    melee l. tMeir ril nigt ml what they deomel
    lb duarmed o, ed mlbra him he ee lU p IIthi
    rer, hieuud team *Ugll.l u i- lhm dt th 1 Al

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    adl trfel of ldhian Their cb was Fmpu. He wm a
    n r*ilw sat( Wal dmrile(lntilt, mew&it
    i. ri. n tomahmw. tral, mepful teyrnl h* m e
    |fM>d th l110l1e,10d th ter alm, w1MOme itt*kr
    elng te from m1d a maw the thable l AIMt i
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    abei was teo on a terid rie eilM ieMee lI
    the dark .o etaem their commele oMerhg the 1.
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    =d solrddierm d peoemtnd ol mhe hoeresolthe Wml
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    Seell aimpeladl thbner mar; thoglh thbey ai t a
    timea hi., b, that hmer the Mh. of is wtgie a dty
    met ieel, md the SemeoI( k eirtng amN h IeeM p
    that weo, tnm abh* he head.
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    petd in. easeaveret 0 ee out the form of haqgn, Uoehe
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    omohawk of this famful warrior. el they meter h-ad dme.
    ad a meet, althkunh P po had lbemd or his tithe tr cer
    uelr uad prnwee o tbhe eetir.
    A "I Nboly of( Idrmi 'Wd -lm old e l Iw0ill
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    t wtim wth h hM at t wllo hi d m pond

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    kM;dhe aMied laid is ridl; t Ltihe alu ga
    was lth. co hnitia with his sane, ad he itoehd
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    U ~ne ait his kWl rits. The ieAll ft thetrii n alr m.
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    ad I tha oly oled to his It while thy ei ohe
    ir f msmthMe -ow dowiya Codithqasi
    d*" thU i ilrehos. and to* the r slot a t I".4rI e
    oTthebasalb. -Now.hPe a sat Cheasotetla,-'lbs"
    9M it lih r111 A. "N h. tate 0anp
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    hea st u ofChlo terla beat qukk, sand e almet mind
    his ea i t h1 @ es st e tn Ito sea. ah y rammed hair
    th.e PTR hsw yo, = sbLiowi4 Cnbhksale, So
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    hat wtthIa letti. Th e tnf ag r aiaUK-m
    marollU h l II twhe atntws. that a tiWba

    Awa re H td ility of the Bli m fsat a tin s, ulr a i
    rhl ampailes t their *daps a alntga npm at
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    a ls Ferlt n a nouti. in a es wer e n, therd
    ear Im at C tie g Itke tori a. aths d alt al

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    hl palue 1st trhat, l tap l e td teak themlaIlpMy
    is lb misla, ,aaila 4aca- dhlls, Ith day. Thy
    we eael1 tIr hep aaiy as inis. cemek
    o e m l t Ut1api. riat masink b the ie M eeate Jae
    elh Yeak, sad waIale amd elom. hmy tdheImdlT
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    MMeu rheWtIs th sea eof Clsks bh, wh*r
    ed 1lmr Inew leam l Cldtmlt o lt ead M ti flt
    Mw. ar ib tl Ordr t dtrod hII
    =W= am athe donamead of 1s1; le& sab.

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    btathk ad e bt n hre liMF, with the ainfgl Idi at
    I al hairadi lt m, d these inr llsut{
    lwtegh k wt ea.iI by rthe mbomem- umehaLy
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    we peseuded ItanrI PeAVE, Ihavtig he rimd a
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    e whh he mariyr aem M st femliss with Irs ast lia

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    w two Irstns w I=.

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    til kin41ud to wasasid wIm oas f uayi Ia m,14.
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    dmlb pleas md- -it* r tomms 1s lb wll pms
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    dmdm amIt m afwwbhk a dbyullim to lists
    Her imisiad dytag. On nomme Is Guam.o wlto sim
    how aasmjls In the pom of Isi4m, abiAdwi
    hi~~S IIllydils.
    42 M2 e birps. On M; auk of(I
    iwiwawltamslsiml~sas. Dy~lis

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    M. No Ib onhliwm, buld urnm, oSlag a a oJUft
    p.4.4sea wa n ofl hwl mIe s's. i.
    vmwwkd%-%wb~kft--=dv Tb wwo


    "' to fie beuS of the .mM Wfin Wile he
    u.0ad nmiw U.- kmo be aim bike jdm.
    imam u Fbiwi of twno a i =
    bus k. I.kern. l. eaU wtedUa. *be "a
    f. So1 IWO, woos% km me... ru m.
    meet ofik M..eiur M u cn..ghr odaehoso
    hilll kyWW nmoW uinbmu

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    ceInw, kolo ft a owM".. so m U. wad
    Pam a Whi l n. emewk wee.. kern IV
    u llkb W rN r1 tb.
    Sel I bortthill helmeO the Ono^ flub-
    ad kv Aw "mle balh. Ift" 11
    Ohkabeer y bat I led km w

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    ____ k=n aeg lik,
    do- di that0 Amid. aed le. but worlm U.

    waeiruaim. Me bad l dumN 110= l ohime

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    or ponvor o bove IBM
    a So thel do" than oi "mek b ua iu

    7imadm kw. mi Wme is lus '. iIU. ik.
    m.U7Ut VmmiUWkm wl iu

    dekg~ UieeteM.

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