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Title: Lessons in geography for little learners
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Title: Lessons in geography for little learners
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',.S,, 'Th e Baldwin Librairy





THE phenomenal success of the First Steps in Geography," during a pe-
riod of more than thirty years, and its present popularity and wide circulation
among the teachers of Primary Classes, have induced the publishers to present
this new and attractive little work, in which is retained the original system of
imparting geographical knowledge to the young, while the plan is practical
and modern. It is designed as an introductory book to any Series, and is con-
fined to subjects which the beginner can readily master. The most general
features only are treated, and these are impressed on the learner's mind by
appropriate object-lessons. The style is catechetical ; the answers to the
questions are brief, pointed, and expressed in language exceedingly simple and
easily committed. Clear and beautiful maps in color, unencumbered with
names not referred to in the text, are introduced, not as mere illustrations,
but to be memorized, in their few conspicuous features, as carefully as the
answers in the several lessons. Fresh and instructive designs, by leading artists,
further serve to fix the pupil's attention; and his memory is assisted by fre-
quent reviews
Step by step, the little learner, having acquired the idea of direction and
formed definite conceptions of the Natural Divisions of land and water through
the aid of pictures and diagrams, is led out from his own State and country,
and made acquainted briefly but interestingly with foreign lands and strange
peoples. Thus, while the successive lessons are mastered with surprising
facility, a taste for geographical investigation is at the same time formed and

1. THE WORLD, showing the Land andWater 5 11. THE CENTRAL AND NORTH CENTRAL
2. THE WORLD, showing the Continents 6 STATES .40
3. THE WORLD, showing the Grand Divisions 7 12. THE PACIFIC AND ROCKY MOUNTAIN
6. NORTH AMERICA 22 14. DOMINION OF CANADA, eastern part 51
19. OCEANIA 68

W. P. 22

1 IIt i. rp raly. Bua. lace, Plaots.
Eartle, l. I njals., Fib es.

What does Geography tell us about? It is called the Earth's surface.
Geography tells us about the How is the Earth's surface made up ?
Earth on which we live. The Earth's surface is made up
What is the shape of the Earth? of Land and Water.
The Earth is round like a Ball. Of what else does Geography tell us?
Of what part of the Earth does Geography Geography tells us of the Plants
tell us? and Animals that are found on the
Of the outside of the Earth. Land, and the Fishes that live in
What is the outside of the Earth called i the Water.
NoTm.-The teacher should further explain, and as far as possible illustrate objectively, the definitions
presented in these introductory Lessons.


Point to where the Sun rises. What name
is given to that direction
Point to where the Sun sets. What name
is given to that direction
Which way on a Map is East?
Toward the right is East.
Which way on a Map is West ?
Toward the left is West.

Spell and pronounce these words:
North-east, South-west,
North-west, Bot'tom,
South-east, Or'der.
This is a picture of the Round Earth. What other directions are there?
North and South.
LESSON II. Which way on a Map is North?
Spell and pronounce these words: Toward the top is North.
Globe, Di-rec'tion, Which way on a Map is South ?
Teacher, Ri'ses, Toward the bottom is South.
Draw'ings, To'ward.
What do we call the direction between
What does a Globe show? North and East I
The whole of the Earth's surface, Northeast.
in its round form. Between North and West?
(Perhaps your teacher will let you look at Northwest.
a Globe.)
Between South and East
How does your Book show the Earth's Southeast.
surac Between South and West?
By means of drawings called Southwest.
MAaps. Southwest.
as. Look at the map on the next page. Name
What is a Map? the directions in order, beginning with the
A Map is a drawing of the whole North and going East. Name them, begin-
or a part of the Earth's surface, ning with the North and going West.

NOTE.-The teacher should explain, and illustrate on a globe, that parallels all run due east and west,
and meridians exactly north and south, however curved they may appear to the pupil.



LESSON IV. Look at the Map and tell me the names of
Spell and pronounce these words: the two parts into which the Earth is divided.
The Earth is divided into the
World, Hem'i-sphere,
Di-vid'ed, Some'times, Eastern and the Western Hemi-
Bod'y, Sphere. Sphere.
What is the Drawing above called? What does the word Hemisphere meant
It is called a Map of the World. It means half a Sphere.
What does a Map of the World show ? And what is a sphere
It shows all the Land and Water A Sphere is a round tel dy, like a
on the Earth's surface. Ball.
How are you to know the Land from the Is the Earth a Sphere
Water? The Earth is nearly a Sphere.
The Land is dark, the Water is By what other name is it sometimes called?
white. It is sometimes called a (e obse.
Is there more Water than Land Is a Globe round like a Sphere
Yes, there is three times as much Yes, a Globe is round like a
Water as Land. Sphere.


What is the Eastern half of the Earth What is the Western half of the Earth
called ? called?


'H -.., )' \

LESSON V. Tell me what a Continent is?
Spell and pronounce these words: A Continent is a very large body
Con'ti-nent, Aus-tra'li-an, of Land.,

Eastern, ue-mere'er,

The Water is blue., wil you read their name -'
There are names on the Land. What is the Which of the Continents are in the Eastern
Land in the Western Hemisphere called ? Hemisphere ?
It is called the Western Conti- The Eastern and the Australian
nent. Continent.
What is the Land in the Eastern Hemi- Which is in the Western Hemisphere?
sphere called? The Western Continent.
It is called the Efi-t, and the
It is called the E:,.-t.'r,. and the Do you remember what you learned about
Australian Continent. direction? Tell me, then, in what part of


the Eastern Hemisphere is the Eastern Con- In what part of the Western Hemisphere
tinent ? is the Western Continent?
It is in the northern and the In what direction is the Western from the
western part. Eastern Continent
In what part is the Australian Continent The Eastern from the Western Continent


f 4 SyL "; l \
I _-, '. ,',x -'! -" A. , l: .-

.. ..ou~.......~. 11 N

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A -mri- Asi -, -'\'

LESS ON VI. Name the Grand Divisions of the Western
Spell and pronounce these words: Continent.
-vsions r North America and South Amer-
DI-vis'lons, Af'ri-ca,
A-mer'i-ca, A'si-a, ica.
Eu'rope, Aus-tra'lli. Name the Grand Divisions of the Eastern
* Look at the third Map of the World, shown Cn'ntin-nt.
above. Can you find on it the three Cuoti- Europe, Asia. Africa, and Aus-
nentst What are the new names which you t.ralia.
see on the Land ?
The names of the parts, or divis- Which is the smallest of the Grand Di-
ions, of the Continents. visions
What are -hese parts called How many Grand Divisions are there?
The Grand Divisions of the Earth. Six.


Give their names again. Where is the Pacific Ocean ?
In what direction is South America from Where is the Indian Ocean?
North America? The Indian Ocean is in the middle
Point toward South America. of the Eastern Hemisphere.
In what direction is Asia from Europe ? Look at the Map, and tell me where is the
It is east. Arctic Ocean.
In what direction is Australia from Asia ? Where is the Antarctic Ocean ?

Spell and pronounce these words: REVIEW.
O'cean, Arctic, What have you learned so far'in Geog-
Stud'y-ing, At-lan'tic, raphy
Sar-round', Pa-cific,
Srd'nde, IP'di-an. I have learned that the Earth is
What else is shown on the Map you have round.
just been studying? The Earth's surface is made up
The Ocean, and its Five Parts. of Land and Water.
What is the Ocean? There is three times as much
A large body of salt water, which Water as Land.
surrounds (lies round) the Conti- The chief directions on the
nents. Earth are North, East, South, and
By what other name is the Ocean some- West.
times known? The Earth is divided into the
The Sea. Eastern and the Western Hemi-
Into how many parts is it divided ? sphere.
Five. North and South America are in
And what are these parts called ? the Western Hemisphere.
They are called Oceans. Europe, Asia, Africa, and Aus-
Name the five Oceans. tralia, are in the Eastern Hemi-
The Atlantic, the Pacific, the In- sphere.
* dian, the Arctic, and the Antarctic. North and South America, Eu-
Where is the Atlantic Ocean ? rope, Asia, Africa, and Australia,
The Atlantic Ocean is in the east- are Continents.
ern part of the Western Hemi- There are five Oceans -the At-
sphere, and the western part of the lantic, the Pacific, the Indian, the
Eastern Hemisphere. Arctic, and the Antarctic.


=_--=- ....F. ..-. .

-- -. -. - --

Here is a picture of a little piece of land surrounded by water. It is called an Island.

LESSON IX. What does the word Peninsula meant
It means almost an Island.
Spell and pronounce these words:
What is a Peninsula?
Picture, Small'er, A Peninsula is a body of land al-
Isl'and, Pen-in'su-la,
Dif'fer-ent, Isth'mus. most surrounded by water.

Look at.the Picture and tell me what an What is the strip of land called which
Island is ? joins a Peninsula to the main-land
An Island is a body of land sur- It is called an Isthmus.
rounded by water. How is a Peninsula different from an Isl-
How is.it different from a Continent What is an Isthmus Look at the Picture
It is much smaller. at the top of the next page.


Ths a map of an Island. This a map of a Peninsula and an Isthmu

This is a map of an Island. This is a map of a Peninsula and an IsthmuiL. *

ST Is a M -untain the same as a
Spell and pronounce No, a Mountain is
these words: higher than a
Mountain, Vol-ca'no, Hill.
Valley, Ash'es,
To-geth'er, La'va. What is a Mount-
ain Chain or
What is shown Range.
in the Picture at A Mountain
the bottom of the Chain is alin
page? Chain is a line
A Cape. of Mountains
What is a Cape oin together
A Cape is a i t r chain.
of land which 31. t S
into the water. What is a Mountain called which
Look at the Picture at the bottom of the sends forth smoke, fire, ashes, and melted
next page. What does it show? rock known as lava I
What is a Mountain I It is called a Volcano.
A Mountain is land higher than (The ashes and lava sometimes cover up
the country around it. towns and cities.)

aere is a picture of a Cape.



What is land lying between Hills or Continents, Islands, Peninsulas,
Mountains calledI Isthmuses, Capes, Hills, Mount-
A Valley. ains, and Valleys, are the Natural
Now, will you give the names of the Nat. Divisions of Land.
ural Divisions of Land t Tell me again what a Continent is.

NOTE.-The teacher may find school-house. Or the pupils may
interesting means of illus- be provided with clay, and
trading the Natural called upon to mold
Divisions of Land hills, mountain-
intheimmediate __ _____ chains, islands,
,vicinity of the peninsulas, etc.

Here is a picture of some Mountains.


This is a scene on the Sea-Shore.

pretty picture of the sea-shore and tell me
again what the Ocean is.
Spell and pronounce these words: The Ocean is a large body of salt
Sea, Strait, water.
Gulf, Nar'row, Is the Ocean the largest Natural Divisiol
Bay, Chan'nel.
of water?
We shall now learn something about the It is.
Natural Divisions of Water. Look at this
What is a Seat
A Sea is a large arm of the Ocean.
-z-- What other body of water is also an arm of
5 / o the Ocean
A A Gulf.

NOTE.-Let the teacher illustrate, as in the
case of the Natural Divisions of Land. A
neighboring stream and,pond may serve as the
basis for developing the ideas of lake and riv-
er. Source and Mouth, Banks (right and left)
..... .. pand Branch, inay thus be explained ,t.ectcve-
Here is a map of a Sea. ly; perhaps, also, Bay, Strait, and Channel.


^ ^ s r---t

Here is a map of a Bay. Here is a map of a Strait.
What is a Bay ? water joining two larger bodies of
A Bay is an arm of some larger water.
body of water stretching into the Between what does a Strait lie?
land. Is a Strait ever called by any other
Look at the Map above, and tell me what is name I
a Strait? Yes, it is sometimes called a
A Strait is a narrow piece of Channel.

This is a picture of a Bay.

What is the Source of a River?
LESSON XII The Source of a River is where it
Spell and pronounce these words: rises, or begins to flow.
Sound, Riv'er, What is the Mouth of a River?
Shal, sou, The Mouth of a River is where
Lake, Mouth,
Branch. it flows into some other body of
What Natural Divisions of Water have we water.
found? Into what other bodies of water may a
Oceans, Seas, Gulfs, Bays, Straits, River flow ?
and Channels. A River may flow into the Ocean,
What other Divisions are there? or into a Lake, or into another
Sounds, Lakes, and Rivers. River.
What is a Sound? What is a Lake?
A Sound is a shallow Channel or What is a River?
Bay. What is a River called which flows into
What is a Lake another River?
A Lake is a body of water almost It is called a Branch.
orfquite surrounded by land. What are the Banks of a River I
The Banks of a River are tne
(A Lake is larger than a Pond.)
(A Lake is larger than a Pond.) strips of land on each side of, the
What is a River River.
A River is a large stream of water
Now will you give the names of the Natu-
flowing through the land. ral Divisions of Water
What are little Streams called ? Oceans, Seas, Gulfs, Bays, Straits,
Brooks, Rills, and Creeks. Channels,Sounds,Lakes, and Rivers.

,s IR Le.

This a map of two Lakes, Tb-i, is a map ,:.rF iw. Rve-rs an.l a Lake.


This is a picture of a stream of water called a

What have you learned since our last Re-
view I
I have learned about the Grand
Divisions of Land and the Grand -
Divisions of Water. This is a picture of a Mountain Lake.
Name the Grand Divisions of Land and tell
me what each is. A Cape is a point of land which
A Continent is a large body of juts into the water.
land. A Hill is land higher than the
An Island is a body of land sur- country around it.
rounded by water. A Mountain is land higher than
A Peninsula is a body of land al- a Hill.
most surrounded by water. A Mountain Chain or Range is a
An Isthmus is a strip of land line of Mountains joined together
which joins a Peninsula to the like links in a chain.
main-land. A Volcano is a Mountain which


sends forth smoke, fire, ashes, and row piece of water joining -two
melted rock called lava. larger bodies of water.
A Valley is land lying between A Strait is sometimes called a
Hills or Mountains. Channel.
A Sound is a shallow Channel or
REVIEW. A Lake is a body of water almost
Name the Grand Divisions of Water, and or quite surrounded by land.
tell me what each is. A River is a stream of water
The Ocean is a large body of salt flowing through the land.
water. The Source of a River is where it
A Sea is a large arm of the Ocean. rises.
A Gulf is also a large arm of the The Mouth of a River is where
Ocean. it flows into some other body of
A Bay is an arm of some water.
Larger body of wa- A Branch is a Stream
ter, stretching or River which
into the land. flows into
A Strait - -another
is a nar- River

Here you nave pictures of two noted Polcanoes,
or Smoking Mountains, of Europe.


Which way on a Map is East
LESSON XV. Which way on a Map is West?
QUESTIONS IN REVIEW. Which way on a Map is North
Spell and pronounce these words: Which way on a Map is South
Nat-ral, What other directions are there
Nat'u-ral, Coun'try,
Po-lit'i-cal, State, Name the eight directions in order, begin-
Com'pass, Citly. ning with the north and going east.
What have you been studying in this little Tell me the meaning of the word Sphere.
Book ? What Continents are in the Eastern Hemi-
What is Geography sphere
What does it tell you about ? How is the Eastern Continent divided T
Do you remember the Snape of the Earth i Into Europe, Asia, and Africa.
How much of the Earth's -
surface is water? I 2
Nearly three-fourths. -i ,.
Tell me again the names of
the Natural Divisions of Land. --
Why are these divisions
called Natural?
Because made by Na,
What are the Divisions called
that are made by Man t
Political Divisions.
Give the names of some Po-
litical Divisions.
Countries, States, Cities. How is the Western Continent divided ?
Where does the Sun riseI Into North and South America.
In the East. Name the five Oceans.
Look at the boy in the Picture.. He is point- What is the difference between a Conti-
ing with his right hana toward the rising Sun. nent and an Island ?
Can you tell me in what direction his left Between an Island and a Peninsula ?
hand is pointing He is facing the North. What is the difference between a Por4
What is behind him? East, West, North, and a Lake
and South, are called Points of the Compass. Between a River and a Brook ?
Have you ever seen a Compass? Between a Gulf and a Bay?

// ^* ^^^^ \ < "
if1^"-^ / ^^^^'y^ ^

II c'/ ^ i ~ '^ ., 0 tr \
,* E I 1j^ ?011j

l -/
*~ ~ ~~~.' /.,'p"" 4,t..A/
,, / 'I ,



Spell and pronounce these words: Spell and pronounce these words:
Ice-land, Ha-wal'ian (yan), Be'ring, Hud'son,
Green'land, So-cile-ty, Baffin, An'des.
New'found-land, Fi'ji. Rock'y, Am'a-zon,
West In'dies, New\ Zea'land. Mis-sou'ri-Mis-sis-sip'pi, Pan-a-ma'.
Here we have a Map of the Western Hemi- What Ocean is in the eastern part of the
sphere. Do you remember what a Map of the Western Hemisphere ?
Western Hemisphere is ? The Atlantic Ocean.
A Map of the Western Hemi- What Ocean is in the western part or the
sphere is a Map of the western half Western Hemisphere I
of the Earth. The Pacific Ocean.
What two Grand Divisions lie in the West- Where is the Arctic Ocean
ern Hemisphere Where is the Antarctic Ocean ?
North America and South Amer-
What Strait joins the Arctic with the
ica. Pacific Ocean ?
What Continent do North and South Bering Strait.
America form?
What Bay is west of Greenland ?
See if you can find any Islands on the Map. Baffi Bay.
Name the Islands that you find in the At-
lantic Ocean. Name a Mountain Chain in North America.
Iceland, Newfoundland, and the The Rocky Mountains.
West Indies. Can you find a large River in North Amer-
What Islands are in the Pacific Ocean ? ica
The Hawaiian, Society, and Fiji Yes; the Missouri-Mississippi.
Islands, and New Zealand. What Bay is in the northern part of this
What large Island is northeast of North Grand Division ?
America Hudson Bay.
Greenland. What Mountains are in the western part of
.Are there other Islands in the Western South America?
SHemisphere ? The Andes Mountains.
Yes, there are Islands in the What large River is in South America?
Arctic Ocean. The Amazon.
What Cape do you find at the south of By what Isthmus is North America joined
South America ? to South America?
Cape Horn. The Isthmus of Panama.

..-- -- '.- "'," 'p' --" ;-
4 i ^ '-3- -o'--; f -- .
/^s^^y '^ ("

/^ -.^ '.. -' -
A ^^' '? i -J x 1 I' J v'^ *^ ': ^"^

',1^ ,-- ,'" ." I' ","-. / "^ /
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,f.. "
" ." -; 4... .: "

., b%"


Spell and pronounce these words: Spell and pronounce these words:
Brit'ish, Cel'e-bes, Med-i-ter-ra'ne-an, Kon'go,
Mad-a-gas'car, New Guin'ea, Chi'na, Ni'ger,
Ja-pan', Ja'va. U'ral, Nile,
Phil'ip-pine, Su-ma'tra, Al'tai, Le'na,
Bor'ne-o, Tas-ma'ni-a. Him-a-la'ya, Vol'ga.
Next we have a Map of the Eastern Hemi- What Oceans are shown on this Map?
sphere. Can you tell me what four Grand What Sea lies between Europe and Africa?
Divisions are in this Hemisphere? The Mediterranean Sea
Europe, Asia, Africa, and Aus-
tralia. What Sea is between Africa and Asia?
The Red Sea.
What Continents do these Grand Divisions The Red Sea.
form? Between Asia and the Philippine Islands?
See if you can tell which is farthest east. The China Sea.
Which is farthest west ? What Mountains are between Europe and
Now look for the Islands. What Islands Asia?
lie west of Europe? The Ural Mountains.
The British Isles and, Iceland. Name two Mountain Ranges in Asia.
What Island is east of Africa The Altai and the Himalaya
Madagascar. Mountains.
Name two groups east of Asia. Are there Mountains in the north of Africa?
The Japan and the Philippine Yes; the Atlas Mountains are in
Islands. the north of Africa.
What large Island lies southwest of the What great Rivers are in Africa?
Philippine Islands ? The Nile, Kongo, and Niger.
Borneo. What River is in Asia?
What Island is east of Borneo 9 The Lena River.
What Island is east of CelebesT What River is in Europe
Where is Java ? The Volga River.
Where is Sumatra ?
What Grand Division lies partly in the
WhatIsland is south of Australia? Eastern and partly in the Western Hemi-
Tasmania. sphere ?
What Cape do you find on this Map? Asia.
Where is the Cape of Good Hope? Which hemisphere contains the most land?

7 I .... :- .- t )-e '-. "
"'-."'"-- 1 / /- *\ '- \ -' ..i ..

-, ,, ,. -': -. "
S-,' "w ; : -. 7'- ,-.\ '.. '- _.1 ;' /
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I., *',.-." N :,"-- \?- ,'"
L-/ I--
..... '. -. i .

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." .....
... -,_.. ... :--... ` ,.,.-1 1 ,, -

JZR,, 4' I Z \
" -.. \

,* ,, .


They are political divisions.
Did you not learn that Cities also are politi-
Spell and pronounce these words: cal divisions Are any Cities shown on the
U-nit'ed States, A-las'ka, Map of North America ?
Do-min'ion of Can'a-da, Cap'i-tal, Three Capital Cities are shown.
Mex'i-co, Peo'ple,
Be-long'. P What is a Capital City I

Did you not learn in Lesson I. that you A City where the laws of a State
live on the Earth I or Country are made.
In what Hemisphere do you live ? (Look on the Map and learn what mark
The Western Hemisphere. stands for a capital city. On all the Maps,
capitals will be marked with a star, thus *;
In which Grand Division of the Western other cities, with a mark, thus e).
In North America. LESSON XXI.
And in what country of North America do Spell and pronounce these words:
you live ?
you live Wash'ing-ton, Hat'te-ras,
I live in the United States. Ot'ta-wa, Men-do-ci'no,
Find the United States on the Map. In van-cou'ver, Cal-i-forni-a,
Ap-pa-la'chi-an, Yu-ca-tan'.
what part of North America is this country? ppaa an, ucatan
SWhat other countries are there in North What is the Capital of the United States?
America besides the United States? Washington.
The Dominion of Canada, Mexico, Of what is Ottawa the Capital
and Central America. The Dominion of Canada.
In what part of North America is Alaska I Of what is the city of Mexico the Capital?
To what country does it belong? Mexico.
To the United States. Now look for the natural divisions of the
Now, will you bound North America ? land. Some of these you have found on the
North America is bounded on the Map of the Western Hemisphere.
north by the Arctic Ocean, on the What Islands lie east of North America?
east by the Atlantic, and on the What Island is west?
south and west by the Pacific. Vancouver Island.
S. What Mountain Chain is in the east?
In what part of North America is the Do-in is in te
minion of Canada ? The Appalachian.
Where are Mexico and Central America)? A:td what one in the west?
Are these countries natural or political. Are there any Capes
divisions? 4 A Yes, Cape Hatteras is on the east



coast, and Cape Mendocino on the What Gulf is south of the United States I
west. The Gulf of Mexico.
Where is Cape Farewell ? And what Sea lies between the West Indies
At the south of Greenland. and South America ?
The Caribbean Sea.
Is there an Isthmus shown on the Map The Caribbean Sea.
Between what Grand Divisions is it? W hat Lakes are in the northern part of the
Dominion of Canada?
Where is the peninsula of Lower California Great Bear and Grea Slave Lake.
The peninsula of Yucatan ?
To wt country do te bn What River carries the water from these
To what country do these elonglakes into the Arctic Ocean ?
To Mexico. The Mackenzie River.

Can you find Lake Winnipeg ?
SName four great Lakes that lie between the
Spell and pronounce these words: United States and the Dominion of Canada.
Da'vis, Su-p'-or, Superior, Huron, Erie, and On-
Car-ib-be'an, Hu'r, tario:
Mac-ken(zie, Ont-o,
Win'ni-peg, SaintLaw'rence. What River flows from these lakes into the_
Gulf of Saint Lawrence ?
Next let us study the natural divisions of Gulf of Saint Lwrence
water. Find Alaska. What Ocean is north The Saint Lawrence River.
of Alaska?
What Ocean is south ? LESSON XXIII.
What Strait joins these two oceans? Spell and pronounce these words:
Bering Strait. Yu'kon, Col-o-ra'do (col-o-rah'do),
Ri-o Gran-de (re'o grahn'da), Co-lum'bi-a,
Find Greenland. What Bay is between o-hi'o, In'di-ans,
Greenland and the Dominion of Canada? Ar'kan-sas (ar'kan-saw), Es'ki-mos.
Baffin Bay. What large River is in Alaska?
And what Strait joins Baffin Bay with the The Yukon River.
Atlantic Ocean? Name two great Rivers that flow into the
Davis Strait. Gulf of Mexico.
Name a large Bay in the Dominion of The Rio Grande and the Missouri-
Canada. Mississippi.
Hudson Bay. What are the branches of the Missouri-
Tell me what Strait leads from Hudson Mississippi?
Bay into the Ocean. The Ohio, the Arkansas, and the
Hudson Strait. Red River.


f rn[aI

Wha t RI i^r ti1.1.w1 int.:, the Gul f of 'ali-

Wh.it Ri-er r- in the R.icky Mountaim
orha t tlr:eis ;lo:t th e PEisu lt: t
The (_,:lu mia.
In wl-t rart :. N:rtrh Ar:,rica i it warm
all th; year r
In the s')tuth iof thie TUnitedl Statte..
in Mexico:. anl in Central America.
1h it c,. M i, th,- n,:,th .-
Yes, it is v,.: r -I :.:.11.
What wild p,.,rpie live in the tar north I
Inliazn an.l Eskimos.
Hcow do tbty live?
By fisingu' nii hunting. ,,
For what is Alaska noted I This picture shows how the Eskimos live. It is from
For its trees, fur-seals, gold, and a photograph taken in Alaska. Above is the vil-
lage, and in the foreground is an Eskimo child,
food-fishes. with its father and mother, dressed in warm furs.


Zo~~ ~ ~ -'F: ki-E, o


Of what is the United States made Delaware, Pennsylvania, Ma-
N I. up? ryland, West Virginia, and
REVIEW. Of forty-six States, four Virginia.
What have you learn I1 since our Territories, one District, and LESSON XXVI.
hst ve learned th.,t I live possessions in the West Indies Spell and pronounce these words:
in the United States 6f Amer- and the Pacific Ocean. crQ[e a, s
ica. How is the main part divided ? Flor'I g ', ore-gan,
m --4*'04 (ba6hina), Ne-lg'da (vah'dat)
That Washington is the Into five groups. L-i-i-a'a (ahl'na), "'ta,
capital of the United States. Name these five groups? *k-la-h.'ma.
The Dominion of Canada is The New England States. Name the Southern States.
north of the United States, The Middle Atlantic States. North Carolina, South Car-
and Mexico is south. The Southern States. qlina, Georgia, Florida, Ala-
The Missouri-Mississippi is The Central and North Cen- bama, Mississippi, Louisiana,
the largest river o{ the United tral States. Tennessee, Arkansas @Okla-
States. The Pacific and Rocky hnma and Texas.
The Rocky and Appala- Mountain States and Terri- Name the Central and North Cen-
chian Mountains are the chief stories. trial States
ranges. On the Map, the New England States hio Indiara, Kentucky,
The Great Lakes are Su- are colored brown: the Middle Atlan- Michigan, Wisconsin, llli-ois,
prior, Michigan, Huron;Erie, l.: t_. s, [.ri,1.1 ii ,= southern States, /Mifniesota, Iqwa, Missouri,
and Ontario. yellow; the Central and North Central North Dakota, Sofith Dakota,
and Otari. States, red; the Pacific and Rocky Nebraska, and Kansas.
MLountain States and Territories, green. N t R M
LESSON XXV. Name the Rocky Mountain and
Name the New England States. -Pacific States and Territories.
Spell and pronounce these words: Vermont, New Hampshire, Washington, Oregon, Cali-
er'ri-to-ries, Con-net'i-cu, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode fornia, Nevada, Idaho, Mon-
New Eng'land, New Jer'sey,
ver-mont', Del'a-ware, Island, and Connecticut. tana, Wyoming, Utah and
New Hamp'shire, enn-sy-va'ni-a, Name the Middle Atlantic States. .Colorado, and the territories
as-sa-husettsand, i'ry-gind,ia. New York New Jersey, of Arizona and New Mexico.
Rhode Isl'and, Vfr-gin'i-a. New York, New Jersey, ofArinona and NewMexico.

S- ii-

I /I I
/,../ N, 1.1-

I-ri.gt.1;. L.- r I
I f, P' ..r -E El I X,.L -A
p ..- E '"
... I.. "

c 0 V
w -R.R' F- I O ,S .. I-. - -'' A
,,- ... .'" -"
!. !, .,- }
,*.. ~'.,. ',*-. .. f -"

'... A ..*'-- ^^ /'-
... .. i ,.

t- f I '- I \ '
'--.- =;*' ,t',.,
S",. E., *.-" ~; ,'

lrr 'i *I I


In what direction is New England from the
LESSON XXV II. Mississippi River
Spell and pronounce these words:. What large Island lies south of the New
Visit, Cham-plain!, England States ?
Long Isl'and, Cape Cod. r Long Island.
We shall first visit the New England States. Is it a part of New England 9
Name them again. Do you live in one of the To, it is a part of New York.
New England States ?
What body of water is between it and New
Look at the Map, and tell me which is the England
largest. Long Island Sound.
Maine is the largest.
What large Lake lies between Vermont and
Bound Maine. New York I
Maine is bounded on the north Lake Champlain.
and east by the Dominion of Cana-
da, on the south by the Atlantic What Bay is east of Masschuetts
Ocean, and on the west by New Do you see on the coast of Massachusetts a
ampshire and the Dominion of lon strip of land What is such a strip of
Campsnire land called
Canada. It is called a Peninsula.
Which is the smallest of the New England What Cape is at the north end of the penin-
States I sula
Rhode Island is the smallest. Cape Cod.
Bound Rhode Island.
Bound New Hampshire. LESSON XXVIII.
Bound Vermont. Spell and pronounce these words:
Bound Massachusetts. Moose'head Cas'co,
Ken-ne-bec', Mer'ri-mac,
Bound Connecticut. Pe-nob'scot, Con'cord,
Port'land, Man'ches-ter.
Which of the New England States is far- Now look at Maine. Whatlarge Lake is
test east I in the north
Which is farthest west and south I Moosehead Lake.
Connecticut. What River flows from this Lake to the
In what dirgetion is New Hampshire from Atlantic Ocean 7
Vermont The Kennebec River.
In what direction is Massachusetts from What other large River is in Maine ?
Rhode Island ~ The Penobscot.



Name the Capital of Maine. For what are the Green and the White
Augusta, on the Kennebec River. Mountains noted?
Name the largest city. For their grand scenery.
Portland, on Casco Bay. Name the Capital of Vermont.
What State is west of Maine Montpelier, on the Winooski.
New Hampshire. What is the largest city
Name the great River of New Hampshire. Burlington, on Lake Champlain.
The Merrimac. What State is south of Vermont and New
Hampshire ?
What Cities are on the Merrimac Massachusetts.
Concord, the Capital.
Manchester, the largest city. What is the Capital of Massachusetts, and
the largest city in New England ?
Are there Mountains in New Hampshire Boston, on Massachusetts Bay.
Yes, the White Mountains are in
e H hie What cities are next to Boston in size ?
New Hampshire. Worcester and Fall River.
On the next page you will see a picture of
the highest peak of the White Mountains. On what river is Lowel? ,
Can you read its name ? Where is Cape Cod?

Spell and pronounce these words: Spell and pronoum'e these words:
Scen'er-y, Bur'ling-ton, Hart'ford, Sum'mer,
Mont-pe'lier, Bos'ton, New Ha'ven, Win'ter,
Wi-noos ki, Low'ell, Prov'i-dence, Po-ta'toes,
Worces'ter (wooster). Use'ful.
What State lies west of New Hampshire What two States lIe south of Massa-
Vermont. chusettst - a
Bound Vermont. Bound Connecticut.
Name the Capital of Connecticut.
What River flows between New Hampshire Name the Capital of Connecticut.
and Vermont Hartford, on the Connecticut
The Connecticut River. River.
Into what body of water does this River And what is the largest city?
find its way New Haven, on New Haven Bay.
Into Long Island Sound. What River crosses Conne icut ?CA'U
What Mountaili ive in Vermont? Name the Capital of Rhode Island.
The Green Mountains. Providence.

A '


LIII% IslSnd.

:New Enn States. ginnin

Whth of the New England
States touch the Atlantic Ocean t
nJ- Island.

WName tle upit you remember about the
New Enland. Stat. ing

withe winters cold.
That hy, and potatoes, and corn,
and oats, are raised t here. Alni _

Whaeht bonle on Canada

New England Stat-. en

the Minters cold.

That the people till farms, cut
lumber, fish in the sea, and make cloth, shoes, and other useful things,

-. '- I. -

S I -f ._E -u r
S*- .4 I .


T F L-L I "-.

-. -' "
h ,V "I .. .I i
d ^ / _"'.-_ ,. '
j i .-

1" ". ,* '-- ',- ..-: I, ,
A. .. : .

I" "-
N I .1I. orf Ik


N X Name the chief River of New York.
LESSON xx I. The Hudson River.
Spell and pronounce these words: What River is a branch of the Hudson?
Op'po-site, Cats'kil, The Mohawk.
Border, Mo'hawk,
Ni-ag'a-ra. Gen-e-see', What River in the western part of the
Ad-i-ron'dack, Alba-ny, State ?
The Genesee.
Turn back to page 26, and tell me in what
direction from the New England States are Now find the Capital. What isit?
the Middle Atlantic States. Albany, on the Hudson.
In what part of the United States are the What is the largest city of the United States
Middle Atlantic States? k-YeJ sa- and the second largest in the world ?
New York City.
Name from the opposite Map the seven New York City.
Middle Atlantic States. Name the second city of New York.
Which is the largest ? Buffalo, on Lake Erig.
New York. Name the third.
Bound New York. Rochester, on the Genesee.
On which two of the Great Lakes does New LESSON XXXII.
York border ?
Lakes Erie and Ontario. Spell and pronounce these words:
Sus-que-han'na, MIo-non-ga-hela,
What River flows from Lake Erie to Lake hessa-peake, Pitts'burg,
Ontario ? Al-le-gha'ny, Har'ris-burg,
The Niagara River. Phil-a-del'phi-a.
What States are south of New YorkT
And what River flows from Lake Ontario, What States are south of New York
between New Yotk and the Dominion of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
Canada ? Bound Pennsylvania.
The S k(aint) Lawrence River. Name the longest River of Pennsylvania.
Into h it luei t~Ce S La nce fow The Susquehanna.
Find L. '^ T .- ~. n-'ermont Into what Bay does the Susquehanna flow?
and New York. What Mountains are near Into Chesapeake Bay.
Lake Champlain? Through what three States ?
The Adirondack Mountains. From what States does the Delaware River
And what Mountains are in the southern separate Pennsylvania? I;.
part of New York ? Into what Bay does the Delaware flow
The Catskill Mountains. Into Delaware Bay.

A A -


What two Rivers are in the western part of Harrisburg, on the Susquehanna.
The Alleghany and the Monon- And the largest city
gahela. Philadelphia.
(Remember that Philadelphia is the third
In what direction does the Alleghany city of the United States in size.)

In what direction does he Monongahela LESSON XXXIII.
flow At wla City do they Spell and pronounce these words:
Come together? Tren'ton, Wil'ming-ton, n"
Pittsburg. New'ark, An-nap'o-lis,
Do'ver, Bal'ti-more,
And what River do Po-to'mac.
i they form I What State is east of Pennsylvania?'
The Ohio. "7_
Bound New Jersey.
Are there any What is the Capital of New Jersey ?
Mountains in Penn-
sylvania? Z-) Trenton, on the Delaware.
What is the Cap- Name the largest city.
ital of Pennsyl- Newark.
Taulia? What large city of New Jersey is opposite
New York?
I Jersey City.
What River sepaates Jersey City from
New York ?I rb
What Bay at the mouth of the Hudson t
Sew York Bay.
Name the Capital of Delaware.
Name the largest city.
What Bay is east of Delaware ?
-. Delaware Bay.
.- What State bounds Delaware on
St. Patriqk's Cathedral, New York City, one of the finest church- two sides?
buildings in the United States. Maryland.


Bound Maryland. Is Charleston the largest city of West Vir-
What Mountains cross the western part of ginia ?
Maryland? No, Wheeling is.
The Alleghany Mountains. Bound Virginia.
What Bay almost divides Maryland into What River bor rs Virginia on the north-
two parts? east? q W aA
Chesapeake Bay. Into what does the Potomac flow
Of what is Chesapeake Bay an arm ? Name another River in Virginia.
It is an arm of the Atlantic The James River.
Ocean. Where are the Blue Ridge Mountains?
Name the Capital of Maryland. What is the Capital of Virginia?
Annapolis. Richmond, on the James.
*Tame the largest city. Is Richmond the largest city ?
Baltimore. It is.
Do you see Washington, the Capital of the What is Norfolk?
United States? Is it in Maryland? The chief Sea-port.
No, Washington is in the District What is a Sea-port?
of Columbia. A town on the Sea-shore.
On what River is Washington? What other things are to be remembered
Washington is on the Potomac. about the Middle Atlantic Group
That it is cold in the north, and
LESSON XXXIV. mild in the southern part.
That the Adirondack, Catskill,
Spell and pronounce these words: and Alleghany Mountains are noted
Charles'ton, Nor'folk, for their scenery and pure air.
Wheeling, James, -
Rich'mond, Blue Ridge. Deer, bears, and other wild animals
What State lies on the western slope of the live in their forests.
Alleghany Mountains? That coal and iron are found in
West Virginia. some of the States, and oil from
Into what other States do these Mountains which kerosene is made.
run? .--' ".' New York has more people than
What River rises in the Alleghany Mount- any other State.
ains and flows north ? The largest cities in the Middle
What is the Capital of West Virginia? Atlantic States are New York,
Charleston. Philadelphia, and Baltimore,

N ,

N, F l .-^ "1" )-

/ *..S' ,

i.- ,

.. -,, -------------_---.-' -.-.... '
_1 I r "-' -.
- .j- -,,% I ,

________ _._, I--^- I.-,.. .
x L -" ', :';L: -...-_ ;
".. i, n .,


- "" LESSON XXXV. What State does the Red River LESSON XXXVI.
SSpell and pronounce these words: border on the north? Spell and pronounce these words:
Guth'rie, Aus'tiu, Texas, the largest of the Bat'on Rouge (roozh), Tom-big'bee,
Col-o-ra'do (rah'), Gal'ves-ton. group. New Or'leans, Mont-gom'er-y,
group. Jack'son, Mo-bile',
Leaving the Middle Atlantic States, w l e i T', a-vn'ah,
e u go rheo. We How large is Texasa Vicks'burg, Sa-van'nah,
let us go farther south. We may O -co'nee, St. Au'gus-tine,
cross from Virginia into North Caro- Texas is four times the size Al-ta-ma-ha' (hao''), Tal-la-bas'see.
lina. North Carolina is one of -the of the New England States. What State contains the mouths of
eleven Southern States. The eleven It is the largest State in the the Missouri-Mississippi?
Southern States are shown on the map. Union. Louisiana.
Name the Southern States.
Bound Texas. In what directon from Texas is
Which four of the Southern States Louisiana? AL -
border on the Atlantic Ocean? Name the Capital of Texas.
Which five border on the Gulf of Austin on the Colorado What is the Capital of Louisiana?
Mexico? River. Baton Rouge.
Which is farthest north?A s- The largest seaport is on an island Name the largest city.
Which is farthest south? of the same name as itself. What is New Orleans.
Which is a its name? On what River are these two cities? 2 f
Which one is a peninsula. Galveston.
m G alveston.
Florida. (Remember that Louisiana is the
Which is the largest? What is the great crop of Texas? sugar State.)
Texas. Cotton, of which Texas Going east, we come to Mississippi.
raises more than any other Bound Mississippi.
In which of the Southern States are
there Mountains ? State. Name the Capital.
What River separates Mississippi What State north of Texas? Jackson.
from Arkansas and Louisiana? Oklahoma. Name the largest city.
The Missouri-Mississippi. For what is Oklahoma noted? Vicksburg.
What branch has the Missouri- It is noted for cotton, grain, On what River is Jackson?
Mississippi on the West? and cattle raising. Many In- Jackson is on the Pearl
The Red River. dians live in this state. River.


On what River is Vicksburg I What is the Sea-port I
' What State is east of Mississippi Savannah.
Alabama. On what River is Savannah
What two Rivers are in Alabamat Name the CapitaL
The Tombigbee Atlanta is the Capital.
and the Ala- Whb; t w,: Rivers are in, Georgial
bama.. The Oconee and:l Altamainha.
What State lkis -o-uth of Geo:,rgia'
Find C'ape Sable. Where is it I
What River is in Florida?
ThLe St. Johns.
j(Lo,:,k at thli pr,tty pl, tur3
of the St. ojbo River.

Or, [b- St. L.-hLaI, F Iori._.
I .--

Mlontz-oLmuer i! on the
Alab-am i(.
Into wihat By doth-Se rir-

What place is on this Bay I
Iobile, the lrge=t- -
n iccity. i Mot
Bound Georgia GLahering Flurida Oranges.[
Montgmeryi-: n th


What is the largest city in Florida? On what River is Wilmington?
Jacksonville. The Cape Fear River.
What city is on an island at the entrance What Mountains are in the western part of
to the Gulf of Mexico ? North Carolina?
Key West If you should cross these mountains, what
What is the oldest city in the United State would you enter?
States? Tennessee.
St. Augustine. Name the Capital of Tennessee.
Name the Capital of Florida.
Tallahassee. In what part of Tennessee is Memphis, the
largest city ?
LESSON XXXVII. Memphis is in the southwestern
part of Tennessee, on the Missouri-
Spell and pronounce these words: Mississippi.
Pe-dee', Con-ga-ree', Wilming-ton,
San-tee', Ra'leigh, Nash'vie. Bound Arkansas.
What River separates Georgia from South What is the Capital and chief city
Carolina? Little Rock.
What two Rivers flow through South Caro- Bound Oklahoma.
lina into the Atlantic Ocean ? What are raised in the Southern States ?
The Great Pedeo and the Santee. Cotton, rice, sugar, corn, and to-
Name the Capital of the State. bacco.
Columbia. In what does Texas lead all the States?
On what River is Columbia? In cotton and the number of its
On the Congaree, a branch of the cattle.
Santee. In what does Georgia rank high among the
Southern States?
Name the largest city. In the number and value of its
Charleston is the largest city. manufactures.
Bound North Carolina.
SN For what is Florida noted?
What Cape is on the coast? For its orange-groves and health-
Cape Hatteras.
Name the Capital Are the winters in the Southern States
Raleigh. warm?
What is the largest city They are, and many sick persons
Wilmington. go south to enjoy them.


S-' ,

i '-. -. L1 h
_______j ____j

r -

..' r ., .1 r ,
"*- -'-- -Y L.COL -----\, ---- *' 0 M, ~ -
---------- ---- -----

-, -- -- -.1 ;-
5 ; -3

What Rivers border Missouri on the Missouri, for its zinc and
LESSON XXXVXII, east? lead.
Spall and pronounce these words: The Des Moines, the Mis- Kentucky, for its tobacco,
To-pe'ka, St. Lou'is, sissippi, and the Missouri- .
ich'i-ta, Jefefer-son Cit'y, Mississippi. LE S o0 Xx XXI.
Frankffort, Cum'ber-land,
Des Moines (mnom'), Lou'is-viile. Name the Capital of Missouri. Spell and pronounce these words:
North of the Southern States lie Jefferson City. 0 Cleve'land, Ev'ans-ville,
the thirteen Central and North Cen- On what River is Jefferson City Cin-cin-na'ti, In.di-an-ap'o-lis,
Name them from the Sci-o'to, Du-buque' (buke'),
trial States. Name them from the p- Which are the largest cities of Mis- Wa'bash (waw'), O'ma-ha,
posite Map. souri Chi-ca'go, Lin'coln.
Which are known as the Central St. Louis and Kansas Cit Name the ten North Central States.
States ? On what River is St. Louis Which three lie north of Ken-
Kansas, Missouri, and Ken- tucky?
tucky. Bound KKentcky. Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.
What River borders Kentucky on What River borde three
Why the north What River borders these three
y the north States on the south( _'.\
Because they are nearly in The Ohio. states on the sCouth
the middle of the United Bonbo.
e m e of te U Name two rivers that flow through Bounk
States. Kentucky into the Ohio. Which of the Great aes does it
Bound Kansas. The Kentucky and the touch?
Cumbbrland. What is the largest city of Ohio ?
What is the Capital of Kansas? W i t C Cleveland, on Lake Erie.
Topeka, on the Kansas What is the Capital
River. Frankfort. Name the second city of Ohio.
River. Cincinnati, which is on the
Name two other cities in Kansas. What is the largest city Ohi i h i o
Kansas City and Wichita. Louisville, on the Ohio.io river.
SFor what are the Central States What is the Capital?
Bound Missourji noted q Columbus.
What River crosses this State Kansas is noted for its corn, On what River is Columbus
The Missouri River. wheat, and stock-farms. On the Scioto River.



;I" ___ '.' "- :; =
This is a scene in a tobacco factory. This picture shows the hands picking from growing
tobacco the worms that eat the leaves.
Which is farther north, Columbus or For what must Chicago be remembered?
1'opekal C',ws^MO It is the great city of the West,
Find two-other Capitals that are just as and the first city of the Union in its
far north as Columbus. /:",- ^ grain, pork, and cattle trade.
What State is west of Ohio
a a What city is the Capital of Illinois?
Indiana. Springfield.
Bound Indiana. What River is in Illinois? XJ9
What River forms part of the western W S i
boundary of Indiana ? What State is north of Missouri
boundary of Indiana?
The Wabash. Iowa.
BN e te Cpitl a l ci. between what two Rivers does Iowa mostly
Name the Capital and largest city.
Indianapolis. The Mississippi and the Missouri.
What city is in the southwestern part of What Rver sses oa i
the State q What River crosses Iowa? 4 ir -'
the State ?
Evansville. What city is on this River?
Des Moines, the Capital.
If we should cross the Wabash River, we
would be in Illinois. Bound Illinois. Name two other cities in Iowa.
Name the largest city of Illinois. Dubuque and Davenport.
Chicago, on Lake Michigan. On what River are these cities? w4 ''


What State is north of Kansas? v In what part of Wisconsin is Madison?
What River bounds Nebraska on the east? East of Madison, on Lake Michigan, is
Name the Capital of Nebraska. the largest city of Wisconsin. What is its
Lincoln. name?
Name the largest city.
Omaha. What State is west of Wisconsin ?
On what River is Omaha t,7r/ warZ Name the Capital and largest city of Min-
St. Paul is the Capital, Minneapo-
lis is the largest city.
Spell and pronounce these words:
Do you see a Lake in the northern part of
St. Clair', Mad'i-son, I-tas'ca, Minnesota?
De-troit', Mil-wau'kee, Bis'marck,
Lan'sing, Min-ne-ap'o-lis, Pierre (peer). YeS, Itasca Lake.
Name the five northern States of this What great River flows from Itasca Lake ?
group. The Mississippi River.
Which of these border on the Dominion of West of Minnesota are North and South
Canada? Dakota.
Which is divided into two parts by Lake BoundNorthDakota. Bound South Dakota.
Michigan and the Strait that joins this lake W Capitl of N h
wit Lak HuWhat is the Capital of North Dakota ?
with Lake Huron t
Michigan. Bismarck.
Bod Mi And the largest city.
Bound Michigan.
What five Lakes does it touch Fargo.
On what River is Bismarck?
Between which of the two Great Lakes is On what River is Bismarck
Lake St. Clair? What city is the Capital of South Dakota?
What city is at the foot of Lake St. Clair Pierre.
Detroit, the chief city of Michi- Which of the North Central States lie west
gan. of the Mississippi? Which lies on both sides
of the Mississippi?
What is the Capital of Michigan ? of t Mississippi I
What is the Capital of Michigan? What else must you learn about the North
Lansing. Central States?
On what River is Lansing? That they are the great grain-
Bound Wisconsin. growing States.
What Lake is east of Wisconsin? That they carry on a vast trade.
What is the Capital of Wisconsin? That they raise large numbers of
Madison. horses, cattle, and hogs.


--I- I-[ L 0 *.eiM ^ ^ j J -- --

' D , ,I i j I N
j L ... i r .

_ V ..fcN -." ,'-. + ",
S -441% T T -V N A

r- I 1

.fL > .. -
i -= -y',:----.---
., ,. '-,

-- ------- --.... .--- .
t I,

'i"i .; ,, .



SBound California.
N What State lies to the north
Spell and pronounce these words:
Name the Capital of Oregon.
I'da-ho, Sae-ra-men'to,
Wy-o'wing. Los An'ge-les, alem.
Ar-i-zo'na, Si-er'ra Ne-va'da,
San Fran-cis'co. Wil-la'mette (lah), And the largest city.
O-lym'pi-a. Portland.
West of the Central and North Central w R
States are the Pacific and Rocky Mountain th te
States and Territories, from which our gold On the Willamette.
and silver come. Bound Oregon.
Name the States. What State is north of Oregon t,^ 4 '1"*
The States are Washington, Ore-
The S s ae O What River flows between these States
gon, California, Nevada, Idaho, The Columbia River.
Utah, Montana, Wyoming, and Col-
orado. Name the two branches of the Columbia.
Name the Territories. For what is the Columbia noted ?
The Territories are Arizona and For its salmon.
New Mexico. Name the Capital of Washington.
Of the States, which is the largest and the Olympia.
most important I Name tho largest city in the State of Wash-
California. ington.
For what is California noted Seattle.
For its fruits, gold, wheat, barley,
and wines. LESSON XLI!.
Name the largest city of California and the Spell and pronounce these words:
chief city of the Pacific coast.
San Francisco. Car'son, Lead'vIle,
Tellow-stone, Boi's6
What is the Capital? Htee-na, Ohey-enne' (shA
Sacramento. Den'ver. Na'tion-al.
On what River is Sacramento Where is Nevada i t --
What noted health-resort is in the southern Name the Capital of Nevada.
part of the State Carson City.
Los Angeles. The States of Montana, Wyoming, and
There Mountains in California? Colorado are known as the Rocky Mountain
I&H ^e Sierra Nevada. States. Whyt


Bound Montana. What State is west of Montana
What two Rivers cross Montana Idaho.
The Missouri and the Y1alow- What State south?
stone. Wyoming.
Name the Capital of Montana. In the northwestern corner of Wyoming lies

ta.l and iarg.t

the N:tionnl Park.
For wbit is it n.:-trd
For its natural
(uri osities.
What Lake it in
the National Park i
Yel lowstone
Anil what River
rises ;n this Lake r !/..
Salmon-catching and Salmon-canning on the Columbia River, Oregon. Name the Capital
of Idaho.
What mining town in. the Mountains ? Boisd.
Leadville. Name the Capital of Wyoming.
What place, noted for its rings, lies south Cheyenne. '
of Denver? "o NA What Moun ins cross Wyoming? 1 "
For what are Montana and Colorado What Mou gains are in Idaho ?
noted? In what directionn is the National Park [ iu
For their gold and silver. Boston A'Wrom San Francisco. .


What River crosses the Territory, and
LESSON XLIII. forms part of the western boundary
Spell and pronounce these words: The Colorado River.
Salt Lake City, San'ta F6 (fay), Name the Capital.
Phoe'nix, AImonds, Phcenix.
Pres'cott, Ranch'es,
Rio Gran'de (day). What city north of Phoenix was once the
What States south of Idaho and Wyoming I Capital
Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. Prescott.
Bound Utah. The last Territory is New Mexico. Bound
New Mexico.
Two Rivers come together in Utah to form
the Colorado. Name them. What River crosses New Mexico.
The Green and the Grand. The Rio Grande.
In what Mountains do these rivers rise Are there Mountains in New Mexico?
In the Rocky Mountains. Yes, the Rocky Mountains are in
New Mexico.
In what part of the State of Wyoming does
the Green River rise I Name the Capital
In what State does the Grand River rise ? ata F
Into what Gulf does the Colorado River For what are the two Southern Territories
flow ? noted
Into the Gulf of California. Arizona and New Mexico are
Where is the Gufof California? noted for their mineral wealth.
Arizona raises oranges, almonds,
What large Lake is in the northern part eah, gs, ad daes
of Utah? peaches, figs, and dates.
Great Salt Lake. New Mexico has many cattle and
Sheep ranches.
Most Lakes are fresh. Why is this one ep ranches.
called Salt For what is the Pacific and Rocky Mount-
Because its waters are very salt ain Group to be remembered ?
and bitter. For its gold, silver, and copper,
for its grain and fruits, and for its
What is the Capital of Utah grazing lands.
Salt Lake City.
What wild animals are found in the Mount-
What Territory lies south of Utah? ains?
Arizona. Deer, the panther or California
Bound Arizona. lion, and the fierce grizzly bear.


Are all the people whites t The three largest cities in the Middle t-
No, there are many Indians and lantic taes. Name them. t
some Chinese. Ad tIn a
largest is the smallest f'Whch has
LESSON XLIV. the most people ~f'-tl _-tc-l
QUESTIONS IN REVIEW. What do the people of New England do for
Name the New England States. a living
Which is the largest ? What, the people of the Middle Atlantic
Which is the smallest I States?
Which is the smallest The people of the Middle Atlan-
Name the Capital of each of the New Eng- tic States raise crops, make useful
land States. things to sell, and trade with other
What is the largest city in New England ? States and Countries.
Where is Lake Champlain? P I;- -" I LESSON XLV.
What River rises in Lake Champlain? QUESTIONS IN REVIEW.
What River flows between Vermont and N
Name the ten
New Hampshire, and crosses Iassahustts Southern States.
*/*'7 , Southern States.
and Connecticut? I - t'.~i- P* 1 / q
What is the great
What Mountains are in the New England crop of these
States? SIar. st
What Mountains are in the Midd le AthaIt i.: n-i- ,. (]'.t ton.
---'States? / A 'x. L 1 Which of
Name the Rivers of the Middle Atr!nti: the South-
States that flow into the Ocean, begin in i r i1 ern States
the Hudson and going south. is noted
for its
What City in this group is the lare.it ,nity I% oranges
in America, and the second larg.et in the '.'' Wh
world ? r h
New York. raie the
New most rice ?
What Rivers form the Ohio at Pit-tl..br Louisiana,
What is the chief city of New Jersvy 1 'T e x a s,
Newark. :Ind South
t... .C'arolina.
In what part of Maryland is Baltimore n American Indian Chief



L,?ad;r_,- c,:.t.:., fr...,i a-a!Me. a OH=_--.

Which is the Sugar State ? Taking bale cotton to market.
Louisiana. /f /.
LOn what Lake is Ch icago1
What great River flows through Louisiana
into the Gulf of Mexico I For what are the North Central States
noted ?
Name the Capitals of the Southern States.
What do you remember about California I
Name each of the Central States with its About the Great Salt Lake?
Where are many salmon canned?
Name each of the North Central States with
its Capital. Where do our gold and silver come from
What is the chief city of the Central What large Island is northwest of Wash.
States ? ington I
St. Louis. Vancouver Island.
In what State do you live?
Name the great tobacco-market.
Louisville, in Kentucky. What trees grow in this State
What wild animals are found?
Name the chief city-of the North Central
States. What fishes do they catch in the waters?
Chicago. What do the people busy themselves about$


LE {j ON'L iViI *i Na' m thJ ou P'ovinee i t e
-'.. .
i V. '

i .- I

You :.h le re ,,_--,.. o t. Uni -ed o its -old a g

t eth Do .:t.on, C d." The. ,.Mp 1' ,

,t e te.p.... .-, t' h -_ --.,--. O w Id Vi .to ... t .e ... *
-. ".-h o .. *-'of- .-." / L Bti o
\ .r q-Z" -, .' W -.*' .- -- '- _
1 -- r an / I I .I .f
/< ao x /

Le SSo Xv i Name the four Provinces in the west

=,.-io ba; van-cou'vor, katehewan, and Manitoba.
Al-ber't Ah ca. o r what is British Columbia noted

at LESSO XLVI Name the four Provines in the western
How is the Doinon of Cnada made up sh Columbia, Alberta, Sas-
MaOf n-i-neto baProvi Van-coues, beside, kathewan, and Manitoba.
Vic-to'ri-a, Sas-katch'e-wan,
A-berta, Ath-a-basa. For what is British olumoia notednoted
You have learned that north of the United For its gold, furs, and great trees.s.
States lies the Dominion of Canada. The Map
shows the western part of the Dominion. On what Island is Victoria, the Capitalnnipeg.
How is the Dominion of Canada made up? What Mountains arc in British Colurubia 7V
Of nine Provinces, besides a vast For what are Manitoba and Saskatchewan
region in northern Canada not yet noted?
N divided into Provinces. For their wheat-lands.
What is the Capital ? Name the Capital of Manitoba.
Ottawa, on the Ottawa River. Winnipeg.


B _

-_OI..On ---,, L.- -
VdTI~s:I? \ v: j

i r ', L, 3iTj I
o- o ~ ri .: .-. -, ,-i ,/ .- .' .. ;- .
0 i

wa e-brd c Il .. n. t he is tla o ew and.mot im io
0.'v : '- Ha o ( oi

-.\ I.

Spe and prono nce thesetwordsn Name the Capital of Quebec. runiwickho/.-'
Nu va Sco-t-a, W tH Iil r', ,

Ontario, Quebec, New Bruns- Of what Province is Halifax the Capital9
wick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Ed- Of Nova Scotia.
ward Island. Find the Island of Newfoundland. Is it in
Which of. these borders on 'the Great the Dominion of Canada ?
Lakes? :" '. N' No, it is not a part of the Domin.
What is the Capit'ad of Ontariol. ion but a British Colony. ,
Toronto. What is the capital of Nef'oundlaad ? !p' L
ward Island. F,*ind the Isandof Newfoundland. Isitin

Toronto. What is the capital of Newrfotnd land ? .~' Ir

A,~, DDE L- u i ^ M I}-
<-^ '/;.DBE- A Sp

'"^--s: ^ '^


E' 1 A 1J r*. 1
^ ""% ^ .^ .) U N II 'g'y \ ^ F.,
'~-~i IP-E
'^*.<-x fi --1 A

1 r,i J ^ 'ar /^
{9 s^' 1

^i e 6 1 -./
i 1^ rl^^ ;

\\ :\i ^-^j Yl
\ \C ~ A^^r
E T ,

\ ', 'au
\, ;'

'.. "' ^ ^ ''
______ i ___ri: ;s" ____________



Spell and pronounce these words: Spell and pronounce these words:
Ven-ez-ne'la, Chil'e, Par-a-gnay', Bo-go-ta' (tah), A-sun-ci-on' (own),
Ec-ua-dor', Ar'gen-tine, Bra-zil', Ca-ra'cas (rah), Mon-te-vid'e-o,
Bo-liv'i-a, U-ru-guay', Gui-a'na (ah). Ma-dei'ra (de), Pa-ra-na' (nah),
Ri'o Ja-nei'ro, Ii'o de la Pla'ta,
We have now visited the cold North. Let Bae'nos Ay'res (bway'nus).
us next go to the warmer lands. Turn back What two countries lie south of the Carib-
to the Map of North America, on page 22, and bean Sea
tell me what country lies south of ours. a ad C bia ar
Venezuela and Colombia are
Is Mexico a hot country? ; south of the Caribbean Sea.
Yes, it is very hot. For what are they noted
What country is southeast of Mexico \I For their coffee-plantations and
And what country lies to the south of Cen- herds of cattle.
trial America? What is the Capital of Colombia?
South America. Bogota.
On the opposite page you have a Name the Capital of Venezuela.
Map of South America. Re:u,:m- CiS racas.
her that North and Sourh b
er that North and So th Name the largest River of
America, connected by the ^ South America.
Isthmus of Panama, form South Ame
the Western Continent. The Amazon.
Now name the countries What is the chief branch
of South America from the of the Amazon ?
Map. The Madeira.
The countries of What country doe.1the '
South America are ii Amazon cross L;, .- f'1
Venezuela, Colom- Bound the United StateS
bia, Ecuador, Peru, 'f Brazil.
Bolivia, Chile, the Name the Capital.
Argentine Republic, Rio Janeiro.
Uruguay, Pai aguay, What Mountains are in .
the United States of the east? 5 \l ,
,Brazil, and Guiana. -_ --What is the great crop of
To which of these does the United States of Brazill
To which of these does an Indian- Cffee.-
,Patagonia belong ? a Ptagonian Indian. Coffee.
} sag -t*


Has Brazil any mines ? What Cape juts,from an Island south of
Yes, it has mines of gold and dia- Tierra del Fuego? ( i- '-uJ
monds. To what two countries does Tierra del
Name two small countries that lie south of Fuego belong? '
the United States of Brazil. To the Argentine Republic and
Paraguay and Uruguay. Chile. 2
What is the Capital of Paraguay? Is it warm or cold in the southern part of
Asuncion. South America ?
What is the Capital of Uruguay? It is very cold.
Montevideo. What Mountains flow the western coast
Where is the Rio de la Platat I:-\., of lhis Grand Division, from the Isthmus to
What Rive flows into it? .4 Cape Horn?
The Parana.The Andes Mountains.
The Parana. ,
Through what large country does the Para- Are there Volcanoes among the Andes ?
na flow? Yes, there are many Volcanoes.
Through the Argentine Republic. Through what countries does this Moat-
What is the Capital of the Argentine Re- ain-cha S.1
public, and the largest city in South America? What is the CapTa'o-hile ?
Buenos Ayres, on the Rio de la Santiago.
Plata. What two countries of South Aneria have
What city is next to Buenos Ayres in size? no sea-coast? LaAv
Rio Janeiro. Bound Bolivia.
For what is the Argentine Republic noted? I v -
For its great herds of sheep and What large River rises in Bolivia? '.
For its great herds of sheep and
cattle. What City is on a branch of this River?
Sucre, the Capital of Bolivia.
Spell and pronounce these words: LESSON LI.
Ma-gel'lan, San-ti-a'go (ah),
Ti-erra delFue'go (fway), Su'cre (ray), Spell and pronounce these words:
What Strait is south of Patagonia? L'ma (le), Prod'ucts,
I Qui'to (ke), C'coa,
The Strait of Magellan. Negroes, Ma-cog'a-ny.
What Oceans does this Strait connect ? What country of South America lies westI
What Island does it partly surround ? of Bolivia and north of Chile i
The Island of Tierra del Fuego. Peru. I


Name the Capital of Peru. Are there Indians, as well as white people,
Lima. in South America?
What great River rises among the mount- There are, and also Negroes who
gains of Peru n? are the descendants of former slaves.
Bound Ecuador. Are there wild animals?
n E Yes, fierce beasts and serpents live
Name the Capital of Ecuador.
e ito. in the thick forests, and there are
i ot mny birds of bright color.

cold in this Now tell me what are the chief products
part of of South America.
South Coffee and cocoa, sugar,
Amer- ruits, rose- wood and
ica mahogany, rubber,
wheat, and cattle.
What metals are found
in the mountains?
Gold, silver, and
Which countries of
South America border
on the Atlantic Ocean ?
Which on the Pacific ?
What Capital city is an
Atlantic port 2

It is
very hot. o
avery lot.i a River Sces
What country
is bordered on the
west by the Isth-
mus of Panama. -
Which is the
large country of,
Sout inerica ? )
Which is the This is dpiIcture of a coffee-harvest on a South American plantation.
smallest country l? The ripe berries are being picked.
1/- j ~ -

I" I' I ---
I W.. .' -- ,, --, -.* .*
2 '* L '. I, ,' .- 1' "
-*.4 .. '".1*r ,. f, |J J i ,' .. ", .. "_
-.. ... s '' B I .. -
,WI ", -, x._AC"'!LF 'rr* '1"
C 2. ..._ '-, ,-,' '. J."" ", ,. '*. s,, t^@: ,' -"' -" *- f '
O,, ,.. *-C ',.',rt) "'' :-j'-' t, '. --- -"'
... s. A *^:-^ ,^ /-. t... n -^ R -

I' .z.'u ^ *- .
l :-.- ^ A --it .'' *- l 1 ^ 'V
^ -: 4..T1 T^1 ^ i---'2---~ \ -~--

", -< "" c i^ ^ .-.J .c--,r,, ,' ,,i vr ^ .--.""".' ''',
," ." " : '" A ^ ",= ,, -,1A ^.i, ,,' ,> I *." 2" '- '" /
,- .. 4. ,',-,.,,-"^,- ,. , ,-.. '-, + a ^ .'"- ,;' 1 ^ -^ r-.^ ;; '
l ,,z -:=.-. ,.., "' .. -.. .. i:, -.. . ,.-, *--,' -

j~ ^ '-- ~ ~" 5 '. '-- ^ '* 't. : ^ -':': ". ;- ',/ *
" -' F / ,.- .d 7 -- '. +,, ._*- ; }/ \
_______ "- ".'-________. _'_ 4 I ,
T~ 4' \E

LESSON LII. What River and Sea are also be- LESSON LIII.
Spell and pronounce these words: tween Europe and Asia on the east ? I Spell and pronounce these words:
The Ural River and the
Steam'er, Cau'ca-su, e U Lon'don, Hol'land,
Ad-ri-at'ic, Gi-bral'tar, Caspian Sea. I Ed'in-burgh (bur-ruh), Bel'gi-um,
Cas'pi-an, Bis'cay. And what Sea on the south i Dub'lin, Den'mark,
And what Sea on tDover, Switz'er-land,
You have learned a great deal about Name the bodies of water that lie Par'i, Ber'lin,
the Western world. Let us now cross Nameuthe bodes of ter that e Co-pen-aen
the Atlantic and visit the Eastern betw en Europe and Africa
West of the Continent lie the Brit-
we have to sailn wat d tn i-h Isles. Find them on the Map. By
-hat other name are they known ?
A steamer from New York or Bo,.- Great Britain and Ireland,
ton would land us somewhere on
the shore of Europe in about six: Name the two chief countries of
days. Great Britain.
In what Iart of the Eastern England and Scotland.
Continent is Europe bI F What is the Capital of Great Brit-
In the northwestern ain and Ireland ?
part. London, the largest city
Bound Europe. in the world.
What Ocean is north of Europe _: .__ Name the chief city of Scotland.
Ov 7 Glasgow.
What Seas are south Glasgow.
The Mediterranean, Adri- 1 .. Name the chief city of Ireland.
atic, Black, and Caspian. olfsourge Dublin.
What Mountains are between Eu- For what is Great Britain noted?
rope and Asia on the east ? The Mediterranean Sea and For its vast trade, and for
The Ural Mountains. the Strait of Gibraltar. the cottons, woolens, and
What Mountains, on the south ? What bodies of water dops the *rait many other useful things
The Caucasus Mountains. of Gibraltar connect t~W g o made by its people.
Where is the Bay of Biscay It )


This is a picture of the New Opera House in Paris, the Capital of France.

To what country of the Continent is Eng- A ray and beautiful city, the third
land nearest target in the world. E
To France.
Tell me the chief products of France.
What waters are between them ? Wines, silk, and laces.
The Strait of Dover and the Eng- Bound ;he German Empire.
lish Channel.
Name th.e Capital.
Name the countries which, with France, Berlin.
form Central Europe.
Holland, Belgium, Denmark, the What are the principal products ?
German Empire, and Switzerland. Iron ware.. cottons, ,woolens, and
Bound France.
What grand Mountains are in Switzerland I
Name the Capital. The Alps.
Paris, on the Seine. -
Paris, on the Seie. Name the Capital 6. Denmark.
What is Paris I Copenhagen.


Spell and pronounce these words: Spell and pronounce these words:
Swe'den, Stock'holm, Fin/land, Pyr'e-nees, Ta'gus, Mad-rid',
Nor'way, Both'ni-a, Dwi'Da, Lis'bon, Mes-si'na (se), Sic'i-ly,
Rus'sia, Lad'o-ga, 'St. Pe'ters-burg, Cor'si-ca, Sar-din'i-a. Car-pa'thi-an,
Port'u-gal, It'a-ly, Aus'tri-a, Dan'ube, Con-stan-ti-no'ple, Ath'ens,
Rou-ma'ni-a, Bul-ga'ri-a, Mon-te-ne'gro (nay). Vi-en'na, Mat-a-pan', I-o'ni-an.
What countries make up Northern Europe ? What Mountains are between France and
Sweden and Norway, and Russia. Spain
The Pyrenees Mountains.
What is the C'y,,ilal of Sweden 3
What is the C al of Sweden What River flows through Spain and Port-
Stockholm ugal into the Atlantic Ocean i a
What is the capital of Norway ? Name the Capital of Spain. 2aa
Christia;ni. Name the Capital of Portugal.tA-v,
Bound Russia. What city is the Capital of Italy ? -j1
What Sealiesbetween Sr-de.u ,,ld _ru., ? Bound Italy. What Sea is east of Italy
The Baltic S4ea.
e B What Stkait is south I
Name two 1'-s, t hiS -
Name two Rts L t1i- ; a ?The Stfait of Messina.
The Gulf- e'l JO othnia and Finland. The S ait of Messina.
Name he Capital of R ia Between Italy and what Island is this Strait I
Name the Uapifal of Russia F
St. Petersburg. Name two other Islands in the western
t part of the Mediterranean.
Between what Gulf and Lake is ts ty, ,(orsica and Sardinia.
The longest River in Europe is if Russia; Bod
what is its name ? Austria
The Volga. t ,; What Mountains are in Austria?
fa^ \ The Carpathian Mountains.
Into what Sea does the Volga flow The Carpathian Mountains.
What is the great river of Austria q Wu tl
What largeIsland lies northwest f And the Capital
cne f jLtN( And the Capital ?
Name the other countries of Europe? Vienna, on the Danub.
Spain and Portugal, Italy, Aus- Name the countries that are between Aus-
tria, Roumania, Bulgaria, Servia, tria and Turkey.
Montenegro, Turkey, and Greece. What is the Capital of Turkey?
What do these countries form? Constantinople.
They form Southern Europe. What is the Capital of Greece?
Will you mention the chief products of What Islands are west of Greece
Southern Europe ? What Cape is at the south of Greece ?
Wines, olive-oil, fruits, and silk. Cape Matapan.

~ -_ I --.-, /2 1- .-*f1 \ -- ..
.._, .** ^ ^ 4 \.1 v ^ *"."

: /D E -4 N "

S"L : "'
.,c : rj Y.T' _' .. i...
- ,,. 'I ,-Iy i ,:'
I-. ,i E *, . ;, -*".. '-

" .--: -.i- r "- /."/ r'" "
r ,"

, ."... .'" .... '- .I '-, N .r "
A. -- I0,.'

I ; _. I i- ,
., / / IA 0 -- *'d" "C ,\.

LESSON LVI, What Mountains are in the southern LESSON LVIIo
Spell and pronounce these words: part of Siberia? Spell and pronounce these words:
L/bi-be'ri-a, i-am, A-ra'bi-a, The Altai Mountains. hinese Em'pire, Ho-ang o',
-Tur-kes-tan, Bur'ma, Obi, For what is Siberia noted -hia-man, Yang'tze Ki-ang' (ke),
Bo-kha'ra (kah Hin-do-stan, LLe'na, or a i iria d A-moor' (ah), \ Pe-kin'.
&pan', > Af-ghan-is-tan', Al-tai, F01o gold, grain, and furs. -
pa pant, Af-ghan-is-tan', Al-tai', What Empire is south of Siberiat
A-nam', Ba-n-chis-tan', LAr'al. What other country, southwest of The Chinese Empire.
What Grand Division of the Eastern Siberia, belongs to the Russian Em-
Continent lies east of Europe.? 24ce pire What Mountains and River lie on
Is Asia the largest of the six Grand Russian Turkestan. the boundary between these two coun-
Is Asia the largest of the six rand tries
Divisions iThe Altai Mountains and
Yes, and it has also the R the Amoor River.
most people.
mName the two great Rivers of China
What Mounaeins, River, and Sea a The Hoang Ho and the
are between Asia and Europe? _- Yangtze Kiang.
What Ocean is north of Asia ~ What is the Capital?
What Ocean and Seas are east? Pekin, one of the largest
cities of Asia;/
What Ocean, Bay, and Sea are
south? In what direction is Pekin from
the Capital of the State you live in t
Name from the Map the Politi- Have you ever seen a Chinaman?
cal Divisions of Asia, beginning in H
the north with Siberia. What Islands are east of the Chi-
nese Empire
Of what is Siberia a part? The Japan Islands, forming
It is a part of the Russian 0of1an of A tsie the Island Empire."
Empire./ Name the great products of China
What two Rivers of Siberia flow into Can you find a Sea in Russian Tur- and Japan.
the Arctic Ocean I kestan Rice, the food of the people,
The Obi and the Lena. Yes, the Sea of Aral tea, and silk.


LESSON LVI I h ttw countries a e Xst f stan
Spell and pronounce these words: a a a n engg Afghan-
istan and Baluchistan engaged ?
Me-kong', Cal-cut'ta, In the raising of horses and cattle,
Gan'ges, Com'o-rin,
In'dus, Cey-lon'(se). and in the caravan-trade.
What is a caravan ?
What three countries are south of China? A company of persons traveling
Anam, Siam, and Burma. together.
Are the people like the Chinese I
Yes, they belong to the same race. LESSON LIX.
What River flows between Anam and Siam ? Spell and pronounce Lhese words:
The Mekong. 'Je-ru'sa-lem, Des'erts, Co'coa-nuts,
Bound Hindostan. Sav'iour, -' Cam'el, -Ti'ger,
BoCar'pts, Ban-an'as, Hea'then.
What high Mountains are in the north ? Te-heran' (teh-h'rahn).
The Himalaya Mountains. Bound Persia.
Name the two Rivers of Hindostan. Name the Capital of Persia.
The Ganges and the Indus. Teheran is the Capital.
Into what Bay does the Ganges flow What Gulf liesibetween Persia and Arabia?
The Persian Gulf.
Into what Sea does the Indus flow?
SWhat are found in the Persian Gulf ?
Where is Cacutta, the Capital,.of IFndo- White pearls.
stan AMA- White pearls.
What Cape is t the southern point of West of Persia lies Turkey in Asia. What
What Cape is at the southern point of
Hindostanis the Capital?
Cape Comorin. Constantinople.
C '. What Sea lies north of Turkey TS'
And what Islani is off the coast I
Ceyln. What Sea, south and west?
The Mediterranean Sea.
What crops do the people of Hindostan, or Where is Jerusale the, cene of our Say-
the Hindoos, raise ? our's death A
They raise rice, cotton, and jute. For what are both Turkey and Persia noted ?
What do they make? For their carpets, shawls, and
Fine shawls and muslins. silks.
Of what Empire are Hindostan, Ceylon, Can you find a Sea lying between southern
and Burma a part ? Turkey and Africa ?
Of the British Empire, Yes, the Red Sea.

-ASIA. 63

What country is south and east of Turkey I Where is Sumatia Wt1<4 '
*Arabia. Name the chief products of these islands.
What are found in Arabia Coffee, spices, camphor, and to-
Sandy deserts. bacco.
And what animal is used oy the Arabs Where are the highest Mountains on the
as a beast of burden? earth?
The camel. -, In the Himalaya Chain.
For what else is Arabia See whether you can find any Peninsulas
known f on the Map of Asia.
For its fine hor es Mention three arms of the Indian Ocean.
and its cof- What are most of the people of Asiaf
fee. They are Heathen; that is,
What fruits they do not believe in the true
grow in Asia I God, but worship idols,
figs, dates,
and cocoa-nuts.
What fierce ani-
mal is found only in
this Grand Division?
The tiger.
Name the longest
River of Asia.
The Yang-
tze Kiang.
is the China
What Islands ,
lie east of the China
The Philippine Isl- 4
What large Island lies south of the China
Sea'? 4 s t.
Borneo. wih teir

S.. '-

L-f .- ,
/ .... --'-"-"--"-"---- \ -'- 't'- '"-)-- -- ---. n --.t ----------.- --- -----

/ .... ... .- .

/' *" A A 'B A \ N* \.

. G r E sE ~LR T L

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1 .. ( -1~ AJ
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,7 77 7 f G ,1.
\ '- .-.' -- /
\ a-- \ : "... .

57\ 7 ,117 I 01.


Spell and pronounce these words: Spell and pronounce these words:
Mo-roc'co, .E'gypt, Cai'ro, Sqe -dan',
Al-ge'ri-a, Al-giers', Ab-ys-sin'i-a, Li-be'ri-a,
Tu'nis, At'las, Mon-ro'vi-a, Guin'ea,
Trip'o-li, So-ma'li-land, Nu'bi-a, Ca-me-roon'.
Sen-e-gal', Sa-ha'ra (hah). Bod
We have now visited four of the six Grandd
Divisions. What are their names What In what part of Egypt is Egypt Proper .
two remain In what part is Nubia? \
If we should cross the Isthmus of Suez, Name the Capital of Egypt.
what Grand Division would we enter ? Cairo.
Africa. On what River is Cairo .lc
Bound Africa. .:, P n,. Abyssinia. Is it mount.
What countries are in the ia's -
northern part of Africa \ hat is the Capital of
Morocco, Alge- Abyssinia?
ria, Tunis, Tripo- Addis Abeba.
i, and Egypt. What countries are
Name the two' south of the Desert
Capitals of Morocco. ,. -. of Sahara
Morocco and ,. Senegal and the
Fez. Soudan.
Name the Capital of f What Mountains in the
Algeria. west of Africa, near the
'Algiers. Gulf of Guinea?
The Cameroon Mount-
What Mountains are in ?
Morocco and Algeria? 4-1 Lio, king o- -"e- i
The Atlas Mountains. Where is Liberia? /
What is the Capital of Tunis Name the Capital of Liberia.
Tunis. Monrovia.
Name the Capital of Tripoli. In what part of Africa is Guiinea i '
Tripoli. What Gulf is west of Guineat? A1,4 A
What great Desert is in the north of
Africa What country is southeast of Abyssinia ?
The Desert of Sahara. Somaliland.


Are there any Lakes in Africa?
LESSON LXII. Yes, Lakes Albert Edward, Al-
Spell and pronounce these words: bert, Victoria, and Tchad are near
Chris'tian, Trans-vaal' A1lbert, the central part of Africa.
Zan'zi-bar, Na-tal', Vic-to'ri-a, Wa i o Ar
Mo-zam-bique', ho-dea -de'ra (de), What Sea is orh f Africa
Cape Col'o ny, Or'ange, Ca-na'ry. What Strait connects this Sea with the At-
Bound the Kongo State. lantic Ocean
From what River is the Kongo State What Sea is east of Egypt ?
named? .-i' 'i Name two groups of Islands that lie west
What are the white people of the Kongo of Morocco, in the Atlantic.
State engaged in? The Madeira and the Canary
In trading with the natives and Islands.
spreading the Christian religion
among them. LESSON LXIII.
What Mountains are in Eastern Africa t Spell and pronounce these words:
The East African Mountains. Zam-be'zi (bay), I'yo-ry, GI-raffe',
Mad-a-gas'car, Os'trich, Hip-po-pot'a-mus,
Through what countries do they extend Di'a-monds, El'e-phant, Rhi-noc'e-ros.
British and German East Africa. Name the four great Rivers of Africa.
What lies south of German East Africa ? The Nile, the Kongo, the Niger,
Portuguese East Africa. p and the Zambezi.
Name two important cities onthe eastcoast. Of these, which is the longest? L
Zanzibar and Mozambique. v Where does the Nile rise t
What countries make up South Africa In Lakes Albert Edward and
Cape Colony, Natal, Rhodesia, Victoria.
Transvaal Colony, Orange River Into what does it flow? 4 & .0-
Colony, and German Southwest Africa. Into what Gulf does the Niger flow t ? 1I
Are there Mountains in Southern Africa T Tell me about the course of the Kongo.
Yes, the Snow Mountains, whiah are Into what Channel does the Zambezi flow
in Cape Colony. Into Mozambique Channel.
Name the Capital of Cape Colony. What large Island lies east of Mozambique
Cape Town. Channel?
What is the chief pursuit of the people ? Madagascar.
Sheep-raising to obtain wool. Now will you name the different countries
Where is the Cape of Good Hope ? of Africa? I


1Nati' .fran 1
What are te :hit gira:e,- -.f the Gran-o

LI oii i I .
it e ,r 1, 1 1-. ,: J

,Theli the th -giraffe, r tIi if time of te p e
t_,.i t ier iiil:,L_ l i _. I '

Frn:,-ik the tusks .:,f the ,alirhaiit. .,

What r(tber lar,- arn mah are th,:re in
The lion, he giraffe, he hippo- What can you tell me of the people of
potamus, and the rhinoceros. Africa

(Have you ever seen any of these animals in They belong to the black type,
a menagerie) and are mostly heathen.


1 -T( 8 L ,

1."W E K"', .

I: I. .

LESSON LXIV. For what are Australia and New Zealand

did we sail? As we passed through Europe
Wha Grand Division remains for us to and Asia, in what direction did we travel '1'.-
visit ?O ,hat Continent is a part of Oceani ?
,- If we should now sail east across the Pa.
Name the Islands that lie north and north- cific, we would reach what Gra Division?
west of Australia. What Island is south?
By keeping the same direction, then, we
Name the largest city of Australia. can go round the Earth. What shape is the
Melbourne. iEarth (Illustrate with a globe.)
Melbourne. Earth ? (Ihustrate with a globe.)
6pe;~~~~~~~ /\.rnonetes ods td



.' !



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