.A. Sw Plri >JiePBrO RATED TAGS.V The 8t*
= ':!u!' !ttl R1Ntn CINCINNATI. Sk"'. tIi WO k5CaU. e.., .I ., a. Address,WMST Qvlmej,nu- :


... : '.
... .. ,
," .. ",:<. ., '
tr "-
.. ,
_. .
: '
: : : :

\ _






a S60. $60. PLA.NTBED- CLOTH. The New Tomato I- '

Cheap Substitute for glass on hot beds, From Canada OUGHT to be extra early,and,

THE BEST, IRRESPECTIVE OF PRINCE cold frames, etc. Threes] grades Light, Medium ai such, is sent out. The reports of the experimental -

,Heavy. stations speak highly of it, and
JKCAWaC THKV ARC numbers testify to its earliness productiveness -

THE BEST. For Florists, Gardaners>> Tobacco large size, roundness rich color and'

D. M. Faalr&: Co's freedom from rot. Per packae, IScts; five" -

IBostrated, Descriptive and Priced: Growers, etc. for 60 eta. Yon will find it only in my seed>

'.SEED ANNUAL] Protects from frost, promote hardy vigor- catalogue,which will be sent FREE to any

For 1891 will be mailed FREE ous growth. Will not shrink or mildew. body.

to aH applicants,and to last season'scustomen. 1 J, J. H. GREGORY&SON,

| It is better than ever. Marblehead, Mass.
Every person using GardtntFltwtr
.. or Field Seed,
should send for it. Address

D.DETROIT.M. FERRY MICH.& CO. Day Line--St. Johns River ,

I Largest Seedsmen in the waddSTRAWBERRIES.] For sale by leading dry goods houses,seeds Except'Sunday .
men, florists, etc. For circulars and samples
apply, 8';'& ELIZA HANCOCK leaves,Jacksonville! ,

NATIONAL WATERPROOF FIBRE CO., foot Main 8t,at 2 p.m.for Hlbernla,Magnolia,

Green Cove Spring Picolata Federal Point
27 South St.,New York. N. Y. !, ..
Orange Mills and Palatka. Leaves Palatka
Agents wanted.
7 a.m., connects at Green Cove Spring for
F the Also waterproof covers from 2"cents per
original Virginia
square foot. Melrose and Santa Fe.Arrives at Jack sonville

ventilated Fruit Carriers for J. J. CALHOUN &, CO., 12:30p. m.,assuring early connections forth ,
North and West. E.V.H. POST Gen.
Strawberries and Tomatoes. If T. V. MUNSON, 4
On Board ,
I .
I you want fancy prices for your NURSERYMAN 100 W Bay St. '

i Tomatoes, ship them in a No. NATIONAL TYPEWRITERAND The Introducer the great and good

i 41 or a No. 42 Ventilated Carrier: Brilliant Parker ale? rarvoerry.GRAPES., :HORTICULTURALSUPPLIES.. __; ,

Strawberries in No. SUPPIilKQ. Campbell WeJLaju-'
Early a 34 Jaeger .

or 36 CrCte Catalogues, prices 52* West Bay Street RommelWill mall his valuable catalogue of tried HORTICULTURAL' TOOLS ItWEST and otoar AID Hit sap-

Southern fruits free. Address,' plies Oar Sped l 6Yrcrlor deIIcribe.them a1L sea '
and'samples free on application. A.CXSONVILLJ:. FLORIDAs [or""'... Bend also for oar Sendlfla.Stxciat ....
T. V. MUNSON Denlson,Texas. Poultry Supply ebeolar'FREE. for most
Southside Mfg. 'Co., Please mention this paper 1141-4 complete SEED CATAJLOGCE published.
z ml.O" ::"I.4w i ,
Petersburg,:Va.. ,\ ES m"\ JOHNSON ,& STOKES,
= ; SI rand 819 Marked SU PtHiiddafcto,PaVFAVORITE
... .r.'f't
s: oor HA"WGRUB
: =
"AdAO. wMJo .....,
Important. to Melon Growers, .MACHINE. .
: A .Q.a:1Ie: '8tJeushownfnentwlthtuUset

:.. t 3 f .a. ... attachments.self-settlngnee.
c ado. die and threading shuttle.
a PLANT ONLY PURE' SEED. Eoti.'E'o Works 'on
\ m I).. :;. >> J You can get lOW u.at"hlnes01lt.T

I can supply, Melon Growers ,,with I ..=.tii'C4)'tS":rn" either STANDING lof manufacturers. save Canvas.secs' .
TIMBER on Commissions of$25. Sent on
pure stock Waterme'on! Seed, rf all =e :i5 ceaJ::: STUMPS.Will trial. Warranted 5 years.
j'.o....'-AyOaa pull an or CO-OPERATIVE SEWING lACHtitE CO.,
standard varieties, my own growth, at !II P. Grub .
J.ig: g.- Q- We Freight. Philadelphia
lo market, prices. .. -. ,, __ J m Q 0 be :..< In l S IdlNU1E8

To' those_ purchasing .seed of;'me, I agAao,1.1ttOoa.... .' MAKES A
4 ,0a4M.AtsJ ; :
will furnish fu.1_' particulars as to.plantii 1 yaoo __ ___ ________ .
aaogp: .Ftw*Ae1'M.t a lttlas Att..,a boy aad ahorMeaaoparaMit.
i gfertllizing, cultivation, etc. -2.d r.tibaNmaOyro"ea No Less Chains r rod to taa "- : : .. urn th.flnt year will pay for th. aehlaa" It will wily ClOd
Address-,'" "'"f tf"iY9 you a portal card to tend for aa lUutrated Catalont lMSpric
., and Uitimoitiali. AddreM, tile Manufacturer.
.' W.. M. GIBARDE; .!:I'OOi" m t
,,::14t: t _-, '.' ; Moatleello, FlaNEW 'tie"r,,='f. oat" :f"ta

...m..o..S( 3iA
: J : .F : : eNmbFgasrMroe; { GEO. S. HACKER & SONXANUPACTUEEB9 !

KODAKS.: c 'tS:!:,:(=. ... t 1IS .

I.8" 5[is cJ: 5 M :- : -

.. ,51o C..f t'tS.d S CIoc.a w

: ., ca og: se ..c2:. o:" ..:;;'t1 .c =: .
U .. :: .m>>tog c:
S t.me -.c ZcO I a

.Ep .... Wrn
You press: the.; ,- ) _... .m-.... ....s.....!
tr .r C""",, '" 2 2 ..... .c...o.0 '3"CI to ffi tiffiIit

button : .- ca- d3. .w 5i a, ': S = c
sr .;: .... .t _oo :! '
,}. : ;, 0Actj .';; h 1" : a
ut.do.thi 0:
; .; .r. 1'i s.:, relflSJlilggBisISCONSUMPTION. =

SenD Sew Styles aad Sixes .. C It C .5..s.s......, "' .,.,, "&->CIII1M ......:!:- :, CaL E
.. 'tS -' E'j- t'10 :! oo -
' 'ALLLOAUKD WITH Transparent Films.' = ,
vC' 00: 5 i t= 8 OStCp -- '
1 For sale by&U.Phot :Stock Dealers.. .2:: : so 4) m.c> tit t-4 ,OQ .
w .." :
1- o N.d c.lJ L
oS en a
> 'tS. '
-> : .1IE 'C"' '' ..
$, 7 THE EASTMAN COMPANY :: 0 dS g tj:2J 9 J t
a. bo .S=' _.. .il ta. '
| Send for Catalogue.. CHESTER, N.'YI'DEA'FNESS". : .,a. ran a. eo<'mpgc a C] o o: And Building Material. 1. ._ !and_ or.era 1

E i'.i 'E".r m E...oa; eNBw akness of Body aarrorsor >ihad,'
: wg cat.a I:' CHARLESTON, S. (VP blt&hHOO EioetW lfl Old or OUSLiM.
/ SSA9Sii.gorsib :9 i i. B '
etrcgta.aWLAL VJDUIWyPIDORli4 $*r&aforaeer.,
&hld.t.t' .Bfaiilaff Itch 'f SL&TagBmat.. ta a i ira ds ,
A TCWTQTHOMA8 P.SIMPSON,Wash tidily trtm to BtaUc sad T.r lfm vmlrlM..1TrlU fiiai.f ..'
rA I tin I O ington, D: C. No atty's fee >M rl,Ur. B*. aa4 prwolk mifW(i *U4)m*.
I I ITS CAUSES AND CURE until Patent obtained Write for Inventor Mss ERIE MEDICAL CO., BUFFALO,N.Y
Guide ,/ -) I
remedy for the abow disease;by Its
I haft a podtb
Beteatffleally treated by"an anrlst of world one thousands of eases of the wont kind and of lone The Garrett Picket&Wire Fence Machine1WMTM PEOANS.'targe .
wide reputation Peafiww: "( eradicated and 'gtamdin hate beam cured. Indeed so strong Is ny faith

eatlrrty cured,or from 20 to 3"'yesrs'etand og, Jn Ita efficacy that I will send TWO BOTTLIS TBxr.with 11111-lu favorite.to the poets Tfcoaiaad.A universal nuts Tor .p.4. ,Afco, pecan tree*

after nil other t'eat meats have failed. How VALUABLE TREATISE on this disease to any sufr In use.0auaat..d Freight ready for the grove* J-iw
who wfll send me their Express aadP.O. IIIIIIIIUI paid. Agents are report
the diflleulty reached' .and f h-> cause' re* IT. A.. M. C., 181 Pearl St, N. Y. InS. big sales. Machines Large: JPaper-heU pecans. my J'
111,111I .Wire' etc. at wholesale : # s
moved,.full explained In' circular, With'af- direct'from* factory to ;Specialty'' "
,fidavit and testimonials of cures from prorai- 1111111111 Farmers where 1 have no '
)seer people, mailed free I, ,. agent. Catalejm*freeA dress themaaulacturer.i
Dr. A. FONT IIY B, 19 East 14th St., N.Y I ,'W.-B. STUART
Ii S. H. GARRETT. MANSFIELD!! OHIO.SOflGRTTM. 12- 6-2t Ocean Springs KIM. u.,.

'Six days rarllei than : O. PER..R'IEHAvE'NS' ;.-.,,". fi
.. .
'soyvarleivte ted' at the : l '. ,, -- ,
o ; I .. .. k'" ', .. .. ': '1'r'
t Agritu'tl: Ex.. 'OnraiidsatOtnevaN J. -'An. 't'" : .3' OJ!
Y. CSolorureeatehmhite HARNESS afiPRfCE r' )
'' ,. pmlpieu >> ; A urn book that every former ought to'haTe : Leading! ( :

llrlotta.ler,, sweet Tbe oily, and) de-,,Bv Direct tr.. FACTORY ..d save MIDDH.I'SPrel& Is the,80-lIbum'JHa Book'which,mar 1 bet .II" 0 \ "'...... ..... *- tIt
,, that ranks sot both rrpe m; A$ 0.00 LEATHER W TOP BUGGY 8".so.Steel had free,by addresBlng! The Blymyer Iron Works Of the State.Fraton "

rarHoew' and qualKj.taeto ..6.Axle Pass JL Tire Waoa.Htek.rr, $51.*a.laWiarnuite4.* Man Open Bm fy. fj.:WX .' co..of Cincinnati 0. Sorghum it a1'ery fodder valuable and. ;JC liGi.: .-
: s vine sealed withtnr Yea Cart.11.10. A(o 4 f 10 Bmsxy Haraaas f i.... crop foriyrop-maklntf,feed.and .. 'vrE. iJlJ 1rtr.'f cOpto1x
= ,, ; rnrUteied 1ra4eaark -' this pamphlet gives.full lafomatkHi about.thtdlffereat I'? I cr
Ibrl. Send : BUG' Y J ND C,R'T CwM .c )''u.. "
fer'cSfc.u. tI- species, best modes ol cultiTatiOB,etc.., \ ;:;' '
.. Rp4r
......l-.. :t-.r rtt- etaformwlan. Agents wanted: I sad read u. '" glTea oa r A.
Cincinnati, Ohio: 6 getltsM t "
Ads IIfllniU JIOyn.--. Berg Canaan;..ceo d ,
.; ;:: ":.
....... '
'.. .
-i '
.: : ":,,' .
4' ... ''>'-;

: F

i tl'l(::
IF" .. :--: ';

f'\ J ..;..J if/IT. .....iIE.. 1:..',;.:-..-'>?...... .. .. '.. .

.... <" >fI '" .-; '
. : : "
1. : :1 :; > -:"'." .. : i



A .' '
: r
1, ". teeA z:: L. O' : '. Latest Designs in Parlor and .:Bedroom Suites i !in Antique. Oak
;: OIt
.SOl1eltefl., \.J S Bed'Jounges', Willow, Reed. and Rattan
., Goods, Desks of all Kinds'and

:Sf WE: SELL: t 4.AIVO Styles.
W f
1:>\1 .' _
'. ; _
: f
.' '.'Carpets, Mattings, Curtains, Window''Shades, Hanging Lamps, China and LA ,

w \ Crockery Sets, Tin Toilet Sets, Mirrors, Curtain Poles and Brackets. .,' >.
.. ;: Hotels Boarding, Houses, Shius,'Steamers, Offices and Private Residences Furnished from Top to Bottom. .
When writing;pleas mention :r


,Jacksonville Florida. :
-; : ,

J Dealers) in 'and Manufacturers of High Grade Fertilizers.' .'q,,.. .'

:IiOrange: Tree,,and Truck Fertilizers. Cotton and Corn Fertilizers.

:_ '. _..;. -' AJ1 Grades of* Fertilizer Materials on Hand at Lower Market Prices. .,..

'; ,'_",:;tf : : '. .: ,. '- ", '(t.A;..
',- '. ?We" manufacture.:all'our own;goods at South Jacksonville. Our fertilizers are made from-the'best materials. '

,t: -'vWe'have recently' 'purchased':the factory and goodwill: of the South Florida Fertilizer Co., at Orlando, Fla.

*.! : :;;. J. ALEX. LITTLE, Secretary and. Treasurer. ,


VEGEtABbES.:: ((3RANGES. ','

..dridle's Y #t 1Illt'BrieiOrange z r, Tree, Fertilizer, / .

PishudPoU'slL- : .; 'Bone and Potash.., sIi4i

Pore..Fine GrouDd lone;
: : ; .
Dry GraidyBiia,. "' EEDS for your Garden. PLANTS.'for:.your'Lawn.. {
,. :" : ., .1-: .. SUlphate of Potash. i WHERE to get the best Seeds and fresh ones? WHERE
1 to get the new Plants and good ones? This must be decided., ,'Whfch'
:Tobacco "Fertilizer! Sea,_Fowl l Guano; Patent Superphosphate of COL r4 of the new.and famous'are worthy,and which of the,old are better! ,you' ,
,. 'should! know. We print an Illustrated Catalogue with hot -Engravl (S,
Lime, ;.Muriate of- :.Potash, Nitrate( of Soda, Kainit, &c.: : : FfsT Goo Colored; Plates, and REASONABLE descriptions. As tofts' 'comptetenei"! : }
u, twt Say IT TBLL8 THE WHOLE STORY,for,the.GARDBr, ;'LAI. .
-3C13 J< ?ARM Free..'Wi tier three nOectieu TlltE. U SHW,38.kM*:to$U
BRADLEY( FERTILIZER CO. '.hhTs G+t *,9 rmt Speckltlef,$1.00; FIOWIH SEEM,20 tat for 60 m.l tto, tkm fir $2
-:.' .", _.':';' : . ', ", VAU ;S SEED..STORE.. 88 Stait St.". Box 688, CHICAGO.] Y

'EP. .L Qrq.1: 'J'a"" ., .

.:Branch'ofi1c. -' .; -. '-' j.. .UGUSTA.'GA" -. FAd Y CURRANT

: ;W."l. POLLARD, 'Q( &L YIugsr:. OSa4R'E.,SOLAN,:Fla.Sollelted. .$1 l lean; HEADQUARTERS. G'PES

-':.OopreeDondenoe,' BEST.A CHEA f
NEW CiRAPES.bi.ewFre.. a nH 111 0. grvrBMUieMirwrM)4QM..J t6YN. 0A Smm- .
:, TREES !I ,TREES ..' 'TREES !!
GLENSt.MARV NURSERIES If yeti suffer with any form of this terrible
"" '- :: .: ,. loathsome disease and deHlre to get eared
I G. L.-TABKB- Proprietor, Glen St. Mary, Fls.- promptly, permanently and' cheaply, use,
Turkish Electric Olatment. Immediate
.' ... 250,000, Trees,, .200'Varieties. All (!hale l grown.., It will :pay'':you.to lief Action,cool and soothing. It Is the only
write to'us before,purchasing: elsewhere.. Send for catalogue and'price list remedy In thewoild.and.cntai tbe wont ease*,
Special prices an'large lots. In existence.. Sent,by mall on receipt of,one
dollar-no free sample We mean business.
Don't hesitate,but nmlt at ,and address
PEARS FO r: $ PROFIT 1 IN 'THE SMTH.ILLUSTRATED .' HO O.O '- plainly,. TuitKisif,.PHARMACY once. ., AlWoa,
Jea>ellegi''Nurserp. .0..,"'Tk.r&. ... NIAGARA 3-BUD: CUTTINGSrOBSJAUC. .

'- ;vf11e, .- .. -.61e.r:1a.SCALES. :: 65000 Very c!:oice Niagara grape roots. !

These eotUsc are all from bearing vines. DIRECT BALKS., I ara'
"IiSC81II" All orders meat be :la 'by'December"I,1880., Ar! moN,P gmT' JJCO Vmniau Gaowu.s IOO,000. Plve-bud'crape for cutMeg sale:oheap.of.:NIs: ."_. 55'; '
... 8.56 per 1,006. Orders of 10,060 and up The No.S Gateway,- eet wide,at'$13J6 cub with I I
..........' ; :Both'from w.H
J v. )1 wards.26 per cent.dteeooat.> order.. Full week in wartfeotue. Send for circulars. oW'bearing tlaee. estered'w
State. agenti;for,'the, iaIe.'ot'' .,NIAGARAand E. ..HUBBARU.f.d State.ral Point Aredt.Fla.Y,,wool' and warranted true to aae.; : .
,-............:............ QBKXK'. .A11fgrape Tinea.HAYNH8 heads'I can Its ioc Boot& h Florida few'very:: deek..we herne '
= .. '
filw aad For 11 I'd catalogue
:! Wr young boyg. C
I. PACK> ,
Pteaeen of,Grape c Caltwe In Sostti+ Florida, address,Stu tea UlHury Academy, Ita..- .. C.
_:' I ..J, X191' '"' ,Flak t-oa.' Va.. .*. 1. ".-_:- Aeberadale" ,Pelk'ea.,7ia.
7; ,; :S :: ., ): I
.. .' rl"
.: ? : ::: : ::1;
> ...
.. r : ; "

V S .- ... ....... :._,,; Cy l ,


::31 FS



SJVANNAS LINE. -'A' :t.t t.-

The Co. .. t .
Clyde Steamship : \ v

,! : Time 53 to 55 hours between Savannah, New York and Philadelphia \ )0

:,. ;: ..: : ...' "" _;: <. .$ and between Boston and'Savannah 65 to 70 hours -.

'- ":'. ;" .
-' -
,. .v'r',. : : "
Ocean Steamship Comp8'nv: J:
>;'it ;:"
1 : .
: ': (Central or 90 Meridian Time)
: y" IPassage
i v : ..
; jrNew Rates ,
'.' .

-. '. Between. Jacksonville and New York: 1st class, 825.60; intermediate,$19.00; Excursion tOJSQ

Jacksonville and Boston: Cabin!$27.00:.Intermediate,121.00; Excurslon.W7.3Q; 8teerag ,*IU5' ,
York Charleston and Florida Lines. THE MwTJiflcent Steamships of this liOmpan)" are appointed to sail as follows:


; The Steamships of this Line are appointed [Central or 903 Meridian Time.]
.. NACOOCHEE. Capt Smith ..__...... .........._.*. .-Monday. Mar. 29.30 a m
.j to 'sail as follows.: CITY OF BIRMINGHAM, Capt. Burg........ .... .. ....Wednesday, 11.3)p m 7
I .. (STANDARD TIMK.) CITY OF AUGUST \.. Caot Catbarlne ..... .t.......... ....... ....Friday 200p m
New York, from Jacksonville TALLAHASSEE, Capt. Fisher ..... ... . .... :;..... ." .-.Saturday, U 07- 3.00 p m
From B.B. STEAMER Florida KANSAS CITY, Cant Kern ... .... ..........:_............Monday, 9- 6.00p m
lPler ) OllATrA OOC lEE. Capt.Daggett.-.................... ......Wednesday, 1163)
t Monday Feb. 23d,. at3 r. )[. ..'OHEROKEE".. Sunday Mar 1st, at 8:00A. v. NACOOCHEE.rapt. Smith. ............_ ... ...... .......... ....Frtd..y, 137.3I.a( pm
WedDe8QayFeb. '25th, at 3 P.x."YEMASSEE". .. AUCOUOJ. Mar. 3d, at 10 A. H. CITY OF BIRMINGHAM, Capt.Burg.......... ...... .:........ Saturday, H- 7.00pm
y, Xeb 17tn,'at 3 P. x... .SEMINOLE."... Thu sday, Mar. 5tb, at 11:30A.M. CITY OF AUGUSTA, apt.Catharine:: .......... ....... ...... .Monday l/J-/
onday. Mar. 2d, at 3 P. "IROqi7OItt" Sunday. Mar. 8th, at 200 P. x.edne.dayMar. Capt Fisher. ..._...._.._ _....... ...Wednesday, 13-
4th, atl: P. x....."ALGONOUIN" Tuesday, Mar. mh, lit 4:00 A M. KANSAS CITY Capt. Kempton...........:; ...,.._. :...... ......Friday 20-
rlday.; Mark 6th, atl: P. H. .."CIIBROK EE.".. Thursday Mar. 12th, at 6:00 A. M. CHAZTAHOOC'IIEE.Capt. Daggett....... ...H.....?..... ..Saturday 212t- Io.ooai'TALLA.HASSEE.
>nday Mar. Stl, at3P.M"YEMA8SEE"..,Sunday. mar. 15th, at 8.U A.M.edneada ,. NACOOCHEE, Capt.Smltb .. ........................... ...... .Monday, : -
)". Mar Jlta";;at 3 P. .M8EMINOLE"... Tuesday Mar. 17th, at OOO A. H.t ,. CITY OF BIRMINGHAM, Capt. Burst.............................Wednesday, .. 2S- : :
Friday, Mar. l3th'at 3 P. M. :1KO(1UOI8" Thursday Mar. 19th, at Noon. CITY OF AUGUSTA. Capt. Catherine............._.. ......... .Friday, 27-
Monday, Mar. 1Mb, at 3 P.')f.. ."ALOONqUIN".Hunday Mar. 22d, at 2:00p.M. TALLAHASSEE Capt. Fisher...................... ........__......Saturday, 5S- 7.30: p >t.
Wednesday, Mar. 18thfatJJ P.u. ...CnERO EE".. Tuesday, Mar. 24th, at 4:0)A.M. KANSAS CITY, Capt. Kempton......... ..'.......... ...... .....Monday 3'- 8.OJp r
t Friday 'Mar.SOtb) at3P.M."YEMAR8EE"! Thursday, Mar. 26tb, at 5:00A.M. :. .
Meeday. Mar, '2&Vat3p.M. .SEMINOLE". Sunday, Mar. 29th, at 6:00A H.WedBefoay FOR BOSTON. .
:36th at'3 .. 'JROQUOIS".. Tuesday, Mar. 31st, at 8:80A.M.
Mar P. .................. ..... : ........ ..
Friday. .Maiv27lh: at 8 P.M.. ."ALrCJONOUIN'' Thursday, Apr. 2d, at 10:30A.M. GATE CITY Capt. Doane. ; ;::. Tuesday, Mar. 3- 1000 a 1
Monday, 'Mer30th. at3p.x."ClIEROKEIC.'p. Sunday, Apr. 5tb, at 1:30P.M. CITY OF SAVANNAH Capt. Googlns.:............................Saturday .. 1SOOp
"' '> CITY OF MACON, Capt. Lewis.. _.,.............__.. ...Wednesday, 11- OOOp
W : GATE CITY,Capt. Doane.. ...... ................:.............__.....Sunday, 15- 0,00 a
::>' CITY QW SAVANNAH Capt. Googlns ...................... ....Thursday, 19-
# : : .J St: Johns River Line: CITY OF MACON Cap Lewis ... .................. .......... .....Monday, '. 23- 430 Imp p,{
GATE CITY, Capt. Doane....?....._..._...................... ?....Friday, 27- 630: p;
CITY OF SAVANNAH, Capt. Googlns......:................ ._Tuesday, .. 31- O.COa,

.r ror:'Sanford, Enterprise and Intermediate:: Points. 'on.,:the ;St. 'FOB. pmT.A1\ELPBIA. 1

..fr; p .J Johns, giver :
This does
i ; .( Ship NOT Carry Passengers )

;s < DESSOUG,Capt.Asking .............___......__......Wednesday, Mar. 61.30
..; -.: '..' ...: The Elegant Iron Side-Wheel SteamersT .' h DESSOUG,Capt. Asklns.........__.................................Monday, 16- 1001
:,T a, 60<'' IT.Y 'oP ;: ...A:. C.E: : S OiI.iT: : : E," DESSOUG Capt.Akin ...... ......___... .....................Thursday, .t :6s.

o" ., Capt. W. A. SHAW, ; .. THESE PALACE STEAMERS, :
.i .: 1 FEED'X. :DEE.A.ezj' Connecting. with the Savannah,Florida and Western Railway ( 9 aycross Short Line;
to the Traveling Public and Shippers advantages equalled by no other line.
: -- .' Capt.,T. W. LUND, Jr... .. Through Tickets and Bills of Lading.Issued to principal points North, East! and Non'
via For Information and
Savannah. rooms apply to
Are appointed to sail from Jacksonville, daily except Saturday, at 3:30 p. m and from J. P. BECKWITH General Agent, H. R. CHRISTIAN, SolleUlng Age
Sanford,dally except Sunday at 9 a. m. 71 Weft Bay Street,Jacksonville. 71 West Bay Street,Jar sot:
R. L. WALKER Agent C. G. ANDERSON Agen';
", New Pier No.85, North River New York. City Exchange Building Savanna
Read Down. Read Up. W.. L. JAMES Agent. 13 S.Third Street, Philadelphia.
.......,.. .... .. ...Jacksonville ....i..ArrlvellfS'p. .
Leave 3:IOp. M .vui. q M.' J. D. HA8HAGEN, Eastern Agent. Sav. Fla.: Western Ry. Ca,261 Broadway+
II 8;rOp. M. ...........Si..:.. ?.:.......:Pal tka .v..Leave: ; 7:00. p. H.' G. M. SORREL. Gen. Manager. W. E. ARNOLD, Gen.Trav. Agt,,Jackson
44 1:30A.M..t. ; ..,........ .,A..stnr .. .........I..r.."......, II 2:00P M.' For Tickets apply to S., F. & W. Railway office.
44 2:46A.M...:;............:....... .... .. St.,.Francis ...... ........ :......,. 12:45p.H.
4 44 6OOA.M;.:;.......'-;....;: :.,:.......... Beresford...... ......*.'.... :.:*.... I' ll:45A. X.II .
6.-tOA.M.....?... ,............. Blue Springs. .. ..................... 4' 11:00A. K. ESTABLISHED 1875
Arr1ve8:00A.K..i. ..Sanford. .. .. .............. .. '. 9:00A.X. .
I 44 9:15A.M.: .jI..u.,.....,:.v...... Enterprise.......... .<......... ..... II 9:30A. M. ,
.. Also Steamer EVE ( only) from Jacksonville for Astor Mondays,Wednesdays T:13t.taJ'
I and Fridays at 6 P. M.. Returning, leave Astor Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays -W XT T -Z.A.1.A..... :J3C>.
at 100 A.H.
1 I
General Passenger and.Ticket Office, 88 West Bay Street. WHOLESALE

'. F. M. IRONJHONGEK ;Jr., Fla. Pars. Agent,SS West Bay Jacksonville, Fla .
., W. F. OO FN \.Y..T veUn6tPl.8senger.Agent.88West. Bay St.'Jacksonville', Fla. Grain Garden Seeds arid Fertilizi

O.:PELOT, !Frt.;.Agt, on wharf,foot Hogan St.,Jacksonvllt!J a.. ''", ,
: L.. HO WARD, Fla. Frt. :Agent, foot Laura St.,Jac \,..a. .

I tjr. A. LESLIE, Supt.,'foot Laura St.,Jacksonville,Fla .. 20 \VEST BAY STREET, JACKSONVILLE, FLA.
CLYDE, Asst.Traffic Manager 5 Bowling B? York -

G. EGEH Traffic Manager,6 Bowling Green,If. Y. .
WM... P. CLYDE, & CO., Gen'A'oJ !.

IB..South. Wharves, Fhllndclptilu. A Bowls PfKou, N T. Hay Corn Oats Flour BranWheat Grits -
!E ,

1 t Williams & Clark Fertilizer :Co. COTTON SEED MEAL. Both Bright and Dark.

.. -YORK. r
; J. E. Tygert fc Co.'s
Branch Office No. Reynolds St. Augusta Ga NITRATESTATE ,
729 r ,. Star Brand FertilizersGUARANTEED .

C. .D. DUNCAN, Florida Salesman.:":, .:'. .- ANALYSIS. MURIATE OF .
.:- .
: .- .'y: '' Comprising BAR SULPHATE PO

.Americus ,Orange Tree Fertilizer, .' Orange Tree and Vegetable KAINIT

'. Americus Orange'Tree No. FERTILIZER. r
.. ;. :>. Thesei.Fertilizers have no superior in the market and a trial will convince.,
\ Americus .Ammoniated Bone Superphosphate! ,. .-i .

Amencus Pure Bone. Meal Americus\ Bone_ ..aMlP6tashMAmericus t t ...' },'j. ISrTJBSBHIES

Strawberry ,Fertilizer, v' '?. '::: ,

'oJ. Americus SuJnh te. of .Potash, 0 :;i: -OJ" TH -

.... Florida Vefretabl{ .. Brtilizer.9 -9 .'. Milwaukee-Florida Orange Comp;

r li *aft Ice:: C.'F..Winton, Mandarin, Fla.: Dr. H.Xnl.wr:ittjlBew., Fta.| M. E.Wsea pHOIOEST' Strains of Distinctive,Varieties of Citrus Fruit Trees a specialty.'
Cleraaofit! ; Fla.;.M. P.Godfrey. Minneolft, I1la.i1Adtlrees .' P <"" r -'.. 51i; V-> large and complete. Prompt attention to correspondence For catalogue aId|
oen'espo4eaoe f :WILLIAMS_ i.'t i. address < A. L. DUNCAN,'Manager, Dt

.. .-..... t ;.--o .'. .""" '..' ,"'-.>.,.: .1. 1 '.- '...: ..,.. '. .: ; ; "or : :
: '' : <
.. -' ,' ; '.{JrJ : a' .. :
:::. .
< -

,1 :,gt g-{' .,; ? .

'. : >< ::: .'
;.... ,,.. .w'';"
.',-t-> : .-.'.;'--. .: "..-.
pi ..
: 1: _
.. . ,." ,, ---. .. .
i .., '" -v.t.. ,. :. ; -''.'' 01': ";, ,m > or '. -



'. tJ
;" ,., $.44
/ItI1 __ >>

(_ .:-' :--/1/ 10', :-,. THE !FLOKTOAXDIS P TCH, FARMER,AND FRUIT-GROWER. f rMA.R 5,1891


_- _
; ; .
; ; '

." '-:' .Blpod? and., Bone, ... -. : .Dark and. Bright Cotton Seed Meal, '\. Y

.r 7 ;_;- Pure Fine Ground, Bone .;t Linseed Meal
: : .: ,.. t. _. ,
t _
.It.: ,.'*. vAnimal :Bone and Potash : Tobacco Stems : -'
; ,:}:',. :iWo
'. c' 1:' r" .; ; Blood; ;Bone, and, Potash,. t:: \,** ,," Canada Hardwood Ashes, 'fi<, ..
: : +: .- Chicago Bone Meal, a vj*c.: Sulphate of [Potash, '&c, .
i .
: _
;':- ,'Nc r an.ile' tree Food" ::Bearl.n.g: : Trees., .vLW '

.:. O ran.g: free Foo ., c)C-a.n.g: Tree.. ",,-. r 7 :; ,'" .

-\/egeTAK- ? >JLeXDLCI.. Po-tato G-rq-pver. w' : k

?V / c cEo,. E. WILSON Gen'l .A-o-t., 22 W. Bav St., Jacksonville, ,Fla. F'}I '


.. -, .Made Expressly for the FRUIT AND TRUCK GROWERS OF FLORIDA. .' % s
:' < :: Manufactured by the- tL. i 4.
.. :: ,:: MISTAKES, .:; B. Darling Fertilizer Company, Pawtucket, R. .I.

Southern Offices and Warehouses, JACKSONVILLE. LA. *1 ..
W. MACOrHBER, General Sales Agent Bostw Building.".
and th lr,verdict is worth
that of hundred laboratories and
have Universal Send
Oar Fertilizers given Satisfaction the past season. fur Catalogue
all the rude imitations of nature,:which the combined chemical trine prices,and testimonials from some of the leading growers.
'. c-skill of the world can supply'says Norman Robinson, Florida
i :
; .. State Chemist. THE DINGEE & CONARD CO'S'

Prof. 8. \V\ Johnson, of the Conn. Experiment Station, aA
g; Yes our Seeds are THE there is,that's ail-.SEEDS
..says : "The fact is,a manufacturer can compound a fertilizer! none can be better,and if them once,you will .I

,. that will'value'well,and yet give a very poor substitute for want eeZt5: :: DUll SEEDS ROSES,_ ,
really high class manure. Many 'bone manures/ 'ground
t. especially Roses,Bulbs,Hardy Plants,etc.,are known everywhere and sent everywhere/ .bonesetc.! .,have been'largely"adulterated with Inferior,cheap If you don't know a better place,send your orders to as,but first Write for our NEW GUIDE I a
forms of nitrogen, 'wool,. horn, eheap vegetable matter,and Book i>4 pp.FREE,and see how much a little money will do. THE DINGEE&CONARD CO.WEST GROVE,PA.

phosphoric. acid as In rock, petrified bone-, phosphates of Inferior .I'.

kinds;:'and.yet the deception has not been exposed by ;..: "- JOIN THE .. Y

s station anal'y"ot valuation. On the contrary the,figured :E3C: : :L\lIE:: ; .:J:1'T-V-EJSTL\lIENT-: : :: "a

valuations have aided,the unscrupulous manufacturer In cutting ,

.: under the pure and superior- article." r.- Building and Loan Association e ..

The :Bowker'Bpec1al Manure,. made for different crops '. .:- :; '-" ,

supply to_ the growing'crop at the proper time,in the proper : And Own a Home. .
-' form;and In.the.proper proportions,the elements they need for .:, .

;r. perfect maturity. :Send to-day.tor ourfFlortda pamphlet con- -:: The lerxns of this Association have never been equalled, In Florida. It offers terms that
.,S" taming much useful Information. 0 .'t-" should enable every man to,Instead of paying rent to a landlord, have same sum pay. for
tame property, In a few years It offers best terms to
: ; .' '

T:* ,' BOWKER FERTILIZER CO., _s: t. Write,for particulars,to the above named AssociationS

--- -- .- r Everett Block, Jacksonville, Fla. .

\!' ; : :A. Ilf. BOND, {ie.eralgent, ; 1 ; S

1Ir -- 5O West Bay Street, Jacksonville, Fla. .'T":
_- 'BAlE
.. },
-' '

"' \.
,; ...,

} do PIANOS..r. _
Mlwauk'ee-FloridaOrange y 1 ,U LED. IN
,t r '
Selected** strains of Choicest Varieties of Citrus. Fruit Trees a Specialty .,* ; hip d 5D rability -1 11t
t Baltimore Street.
: Budding-Wood, for sale at all times. w_ Ave
; I bt at ket Space.
Oar steek ta large and complete. PROMPT ATTENTION TO CORRESPONDENCE*ort .

'\ Catalogue and Price List, address, .' .;j'A PIANOSORGANS I'a.;
44 ::0 :41:}:

." L.. DUNCAN; Manager, Dunedin, Fla.FLORIDA .*' -,' ,,_ r f
Placed fa Sootft_; t v" .i.fax. 1870-Twenty,....' '
*aco U :NlxMllllon DoJlanand
FARMERS. ic flooded 7earlr' : .'- r BecsuM Instrument the Country, built isInferior AMSDEN ,

\...".:t' and Gardeners.' ",:: and tM pablo Me found oat that EAST COAST POULTRY I ARDS.Fourteen .

For the past twenty.two years we ,have improved the "Pride of America" ,Oar WE Instrrnnonte DON'T lead SELL the 1NifIIt':THAT-:Oar Price"KIND.T.ESS varieties of land and.water fowls.

Corn. It is the most prolific. prettiest and,best corn in the world. It is very than factories, greatest Terms,,-'l and Meet.we,Method pay .flrei Fatreet."Itttaoemeatfl ht.. Indian Games, Imperial Pckio ,
early and pure white. :Makes a third more per acre on same land than! .Write for Free Catalogues and Circular'eiplalninffuHy .
: -an in plain print. Eaoy to boy from ns.I Ducks, Bronze "
planted in any other seed. We have often shelled a pound of corn froma "
times made bushels land I : Poultry supplies of all kinds. Send a postal
single ear, and have many sixty to eighty per acre onJ "LUDDEN.BATES
< card for Illustrated
-' my catalogue and
that will produce three fourths of. a bale of cotton, and over one hundred lists.
._ AII 9I -' price
bushels where land is rich. The"Department of Agriculture declares this to: '

be the best,corn in the United States'and having no equal. Why plant poor Effffs to Hatch.,
seed, work hard and make about*half what you should? Don't miss this chanceof ; :O OL"PUt I:. W. AMSDEN Ormo d.Fla.W .

:best..corn.gr wn..\\Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded.: .
,:tX1CK: : Samplepacket, ')5 c.;; )4. lb.-, 3oc.: i lb., soc.; 4 lbs.," $ ..SOjJd. >Ye duties of life: 5EL FRESTOBEBto

pit! j4 peck, $I'iS'.1! ,; peck,,$2.25 ; 34 bushel, $4 j i bushel,' $6; over t ClIMB !latf or re Commerce.of Virginia Council, and.

one,,bushd,.;$S per bushel. .Don't,send stamps. Address at once, 'and cAhen.of the city where located. .' s- -=- every nan,JOBS*,middle-aged,
Porea dfcalars and teatlmoniala,address fa and old .
PRIDE OF AMERICA. SEED CORN-CO.',t':Fruitland! Fla. 1.GD .... t Olt$,.'d SUunton,Va. -n a oa ..2cmDtss. dddra.va.Bwtss.IGa1.",
3-5-ft. ar
; ,
:' < i -4' -; ;,j : "!. >-'. ol': :. "-' .'

; i- .4'
.i ':
". .._,. -_.rM" '
., '' ;; ; : : .
< :t ''' :r" t. '
r: .
5i- : =1-: "' :' -' ...' :. '' .- .- -l.'" ,- \ '; "
-' : : :. "' .:7 :; ,/! ,,1"
: JSt';' _: ) { ; : *
: ,
., -
'", '" ..


Florida farmer & fruit grower
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.. Vt

+4 s a+

;.ww_ .' 0<7: "."":. .fi.n, t ..q. ,. x.:-. ..-.. '. .: -<._. .... ,:_,>: ',.:.". .;. '. .. '- .. .- <:::...... .:-: .:..:.. .... ..


,, : : yr. :



','' .
4 "'
L 1 86'\ 9' "f:




\, DAOOSTA & POWERS.Proprietors.. Jacksonville Flu., Thursday, MaiV 5, ISM. Whole 'No. 1153. 4u1 III X o.<
.. -
-- --------- - -------- -



One aDd one-half miles from Peru,Fla.,one Cha.s.las Luttichau, best, and by>> Reed
'ba-lf mile from Alma river. 110 bearing trees
the earliest market Florida.Write .
to art -olaae condition, 15 to 18 yean old. are the best. They are grown for use ,in the South. grape

S Stood water,healthy locality. Tract containing ,They are adapted to our Florida soil and climate. Give them a for Catalogue.
TO acres. Address P. M.,Pern, Fla. H. VON LUTTIOHATT,
trial; ,'Our new catalogue for 1890-91 will be sent on application. 124.4t Earleton,J'1a.>


Seedsmen and .Florists. Intrelachen, Fla. ELLERSLIE ORANGB
Moon's Patent P1ow-Colter and Gauge beats Y.--.
the world.. Adjustable to any Plow, one or Only 300 yards from depot.)
two hors.. Saves 20 per cent in labor forman Thousands of rwtet seedllogs, two to An yearn'
and ba&s|,and enables you to turn'any old from seed directly from ToekergroTc.
's kind of fiwMprlaes or weeds completely out SAVE TIME AND MONEY.! Splendid electton of budded _
4 ot sight. GUARANTEED, fiend for circular- less and otherwUe. Maltese Oral:Had.Sweet.
MOON COLTER MRG.CO. Washington Navel Tangerine.. Peerlew.. BaTmom
Ageata wanted.Hantsvllle,Ala. Sweet and othen. The jut named H a new sad
splendid variety, early and sweet. Our prices an
START RIGHT AND KEEP RIGHT by buying your vinesof
the lowest. Try us and IOU will pnrcaaM.; ,
BLAKE'&RIPL EY, those who have had experience and have MADE A SUCCESSOF Address'E.J..7AKB1 J.C.EUenlle SU)1N>$,R Pasoo,MsnasrCare Co,,Tla


FLORIDA FRUIT ,EXCHANGE, and of vines. JIS1'A.M.Dm1m
give full instruction as planting; care


en Priee application.Catalogues' of weekly 'sale furnished- State,Agents for the ,Niagara White Grape Companies' Superior Vines, i AGENTS ,_
and Green Mountain,

AS.. SAITTA, SON ,&*CO., NIAGARA. VILLA. Wholesale J ommis .iol, Fruits and YigtitUsf..

I FRUIT IMPORTERS AND COMMISSION Prompt retorns. ,Stencils on appHc oo. -
Box Orlando Fla.
492, 159 South W .terStnet,c ice O.
Agents for Georgia,'Carolina and Missouri FALL AND::WINTKB:: SEASON 1890 AND 1891 BST.ABLJBHED w 1mR

'raetoa'. 860 ears received yearly.' Leaden 2.T.'PAINE. J. OVJCBTON PAINS M. BURROWS, & CO.,
Flollda.Oran .'
la Bananas and g Coaslgnfiajets -
: Whole fruit trade, Masonic .
Bask and Co. exchange Bank f \ For the sale of Oranges,Lemons and Ban an as,

.Pittsburgh, Pa.,9W to 984 Liberty avenue. JACKSONVILLE, .- FLORIDA. 64 AND 66 PROSPECT ST., CLEVELAND O.
New York,N. ,Y., 88 Park"Place and 268 I
Washififfton street.Philadelphia Office 60 West Bay Street, Warehouses and Wharves! at the terminus of the F. O.A P. R. R., i Ample storage and refrigerators. Correspondence
,- Pa.Jas. Saitta, U and 1S St.Johns River, East Jacksonville. solicited. Stencils furnished.
Refenncelerea.nWe National Bft&k Wra. MA-
Doekstreet. wards ft:Co..Wholesale Grocers; CbHd,GroS Jt OOL,
:Manufacturers of Commercial Fertilizers. Wholesale Boots and Shoes; Braditreets' and a.Gj +
NUR- Dun A:Co.'s Mercantile Agencies; "Ohio rarmsrClereland. /
. Wholesale dealers and importers of all kinds of Agricultural Chemicals.

.MACCLENNY, BAKER CO., FLA., Send us your name and we will mall you from time to time much general information M., BOEHMER & CO.,
regarding successful orange and vegetable culture in Florida. w
# to of a general line of fruit'trees adapted No.685 Liberty Ave.,
The Finest Recommendation to be Obtained tithe State.-Florida Experiment Station. Jas. P.
M4 the Gulf States. Florida peach -
to k grown PITTSBURGH, PA.
H4 tl plum specialties. Fifty varieties DePass, Director.
peaeh a6 fifteen of plum. Peach on both peach LAKE CITY,FLA.,Oct.29.1890. Commission Merchants, Dealers in Forelgliand
and Marjanna plum roots Apricots. nectarines MESSRS. E.T. PAIN Sox. Dear Sirs-I have used your"Orange Tree Food"on my Domestic Fruits. .Oranges' ,in oar lots a
almond,peB*. Jennings Florldv apple'etc. No : finely. It Is an excellent fertilizer and I specialty. .
for two year and my trees are growing very
ageass IipIoJe <1; Gorreftpondenoe soucKed..DATENT can recommend It mott highly. Yours truly, JAS. P.Die PASS. Consignments Reference.German and correspondence National Bank.solicited' ,

MESSRS.E T.PAINE SON. Gentlemen am so far satisfied with the results obtainedby W. SHERMAN & CO.
the use of your "Orange Food"Fertilizer, of which I used over 60 tons the past season. L ,
Allows stock of all'kinds to'graze and pre- My fruit is very firm and heavy. Five years continuous use of this brand shows that it pro BOSTON,
'r veats browslBg. Trees..:and shrubs, fully pro duces ft'thln tough'Sklnned fruit which carries to market under,average conditions In excellent -
t.eetM. .- : shape Not'one'bad order"report did I receive the past season. The wood growth RECEIVERS OF FLORIDA FRUITS.
Refereaees,' 8;B.Hubbard A Co.Jackson obtained by the use of your fertilizer is not as great as by some others, but la HEALTHY.and References: Dr.Henry'Foster,OvIedo,Fla.:
ville. CERTAIN. Yours truly, J. M. WATaoUs.BTEl Capt..B. F. Whitner Fort Reed, Fla.; Firm ,, '
_ *.t ". National Bank, Sanford Fla.; 8.P.81i h,
Priee,11.26 each at factory Lake, Fla. J. Wt Robert,' Orange
Lady ;;
MoR>SMwll44aaeerllaad ., -y C> ca.: :all: C> :JSr :ElY Bend, Fla.; Dr. L. L.Newsom Crescent City: ,
Fla.A ,' :Ii Fla.: Fourth National Bank, Boston; H.IIaris .
&Co., Boston.

,.' J, .BEA NURSERYMEN H.', & SON., ,, Bytoyliglier.Liriecott&Go.'s 1 )! 1 1 'ii }} "CULTURATOR""VEGETATOR" G, S. PALMER 1 66 READE, ''ST., NEW YORK. V .

PALATKA FLA. Complete Fertilizers for Vegetables and Fruit Trees. Analysis and prices upon application. SOUTHERN PRODUCE A SPECIALTY.
BAKER BROS., State Agents.GKO. .
Trees and Plants of all kind suited to this W. BAKER'S ROTTED BONE MANURE,'Decomposed with Poiash.. <96 per : Oranges,Lemons, Pineapples, and all other "*
climate. Camphor trees a' specialty. Also ton delivered. Guaranteed Analysis. Send for Fruits and early truck, also, .dried traits,
SpecialAgents nuts,furs,etc.
: BROS. Palm Springs, Fla.
Japan Chestnuts,Pecans and Japan _- All consignments promptly remit. for.
Q moBL LOW PRICES ON TOBACCO BTBHS IN CAB LOTS Stencil and market.-reports furnished tNe.
--- --- ----- establish
.... -- References: Bradstreels, and
F. HOBSON ,&. CO.:, merchants and banks of the Boata.
J I *, 'Mo.368 South Front Street 'ORA GES. LEMONS. t


GRArB8PEARB, Tropical and.Subtropical.Lsrp8te .. AVOCADO PEARS e
/_litem Fruits : LOQUATS, OLIVES, GUAVAS. .Receivers of Florida Orange!.Lemons,Bra J .
"Er.1t1tiO I '"ORIENTAL k! CksiMTaritieal 1 TmNwaiag! ANONAS, Fruit and Tafiaplne' *. '

srA Mekfeed -21t ; AND PACKING O1TB HOBBY.
Ji r 11,V-t ,081. J..De HII&I'd NUT TREES,, W.. G. TOU8EY, ..Prop'r.Y CACTI.VINES, BteaeU*famished free.Rtfereace lJ
; NaU 1"'kN.Y.t
IlozfeB4Q0.l BAMBOOS,ETC.PALMS. .Chatham &
,BILL8BOROUGH CO.,FLA. ....A.Harris CHra,.ma. '
when re@aestsd. BehIrBI made retara a8 eeaslgnment*. ",
Send for Catalogue. Prompt... op." ...
M 7 iri. .' 'r

.. .t ... r
: :I

;; : ': ,... ;,_o'>.t;r ,::,.t !f -:(. .: < :,Lf)," :- ,-:. .::. s-". '-'.",*-.,'""- ',.'-tlor- ..- ., ,. _if"..:. :;,.'.":i : P.;

: .
.. 'h'" .. :
; ;' !. ; ', ,. 'f'
; ; .. : ,
,- < .. "
'.' ,, -, a : .
-'- ,
> < -
: YfSS ;: ; :: : -: : ,' : :' ..
: :
; :
.;. .:4 : ; .( t : ,J" 'J. ;
.. : !''J.o( .II
:.. ; \ ..
A- ., .
: "'.J 0>; :.O .

M1 + ..' ...... '


.. l

: ir------1 THE'. .

: ,
\ 1;'

Death to all Insects.. ,. .

:" :'

: :
.R ,
:,, ,l-: : .'

:';/C Berry: Crates and Baskets. Orange Growers' Supplies. t tJ

r. _
Send for Circular E B E AN \
;, t a s g f' ', ; :> ,

Waycross: Railroad 'Wharf, ."S JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA) {;;

-. ..-. ,- "., :.....:

':: / :" ; ; ,S ':.


: Is the !most effective .compound yet discovered, for destroying the insects infesting the orange tree, andisa

: sovereign. remedy for the various forms_ of fungi on trees and plants., Being free from all ,substancesof

.a caustic ; corrosive or poisonous nature, it can be ,handled with perfect safety to the person, and appliedto (

the trees at of .
any stage growth without injury. '

\:' :This insecticide, has, been used by some, of .the .the largest orange growers in the State during thept ..

year, and has given, perfect satisfaction. References furnished on application. _


::5: / .For Red Spider and Scale, use one gallon to 'fifty gallons of water. General directions for using sent on application.


":.;'. barrels and half-barrels.. If there is no agent in:your vicinity, write for price delivered.Y v.
Manufactured by ;' McMA-STER & MILLER '%:
.,* : :: ? "
'.' \. San Mateo and itra9.; ,. ,. Fla.'- :.:, ,:.',.


.. .. '
., AND '*
: : s..
s; :: ,,' '" ,
r'T: '3a e.. Ft1 C'r 1: d 11: P at 0 h. :31'* :1:0.0: --=-'. .:>.. "

f' :.':-;. ,:' -I. With the Magnificent Conn'ectlona. ., .- '",.' 'T.. .,

The Great Fast Express Freight System: of the o uth/ .

The attention of.shippers'IS directed to the Plant 8. 8. Line between Havana,Key West and Tampa,and South Florida Railway between Tampa and Sanford,S.,F.&W.. By.between -
Jacksonville,Gainesville,Bainbridge, River Junction and Savannah,Savannah and Charleston,and Ocean Steamship Line between'Savannah,Philadelphia,Boat on and New
York,and Merchants and Miners Transportation Company between; Savannah and Baltimore The best equipped,fastest and most prompt lines between all points J'lorldaand all
r'? 'points North: and Northwest.: Re eelvers and Shippers will profit by the following unparalleled connections: :
Doable dally fast:freight service for all points West. via Albany,-Jesup, Bainbridge and, Double dally fast freight service from all points North and West via Albany,Balnbrld e,
Savannah. Jesup and Savannah to all points In Florida;fast freight trains both via Gainesville,Jack-
Dally fast freight all: rail connection :Ma the Atlantic Coast.Line to all Eastern,Interior sonville,Callahan and Live Oak.
.atlJJoMt points, Including .New York,Boston, Philadelphia,Baltimore,Washington and Four ships a week by the fleet steamships of the Ocean Steamsbtp Company,-sailing from ,
New York(New Pier 35,North River,)direct for Savannah Monday,Wednesday,Friday and
Four eonneettoni a week farNew.York via Ocean'SteamshlpCompanyleaving; Savannah Saturday.. .
:Mondays, Wednesdays,Fridays and Saturdays. The Boston and Savannah Steamship Company's steamers will leave Boston Mar 5,9.
Two. onnectlons a week for Baltimore,via Merchants I and Miners'.Transportation Com13,17.21125 and 28 for Savannah direct,making connection on the dock-at Savannah with fast
,ieav-lng Savannah everyVednesaay: and Saturday. for all points In Florida.
j pany Connections for Boston via Boston Savannah Steamship Company,leaving Savannah From ,Philadelphia via Ocean Steamship Co., leaving Philadelphia Mar.,11,21 and 31,
x"" .3,7,11,16,19 23 Z1 and 81 every five days from regular sailing day via New York to Savannah. ;
Oooeeetions tOr Philadelphia every ten days via Ocean Steamship Company,leaving From Baltimore via Merchants and Miners Transportation Co., every Tuesday and.
Savannah Mar.0, &and 39. Friday, making close connection. with 8.,F.A W.By.for all points in Florida
1 Sailing days for Steamships are subject to.change without notice.,
The Florida Dispatch Line Is the,quickest and best freight route from all points North,East and West to Florida. For full particular,rates,stencils and shipping receipts apply to
say agents of the above lines or to WM.P.HARDEE,Oen'l Freight Agent,Savannah;Ua. PC. .:,
.D.OWENS,Traffic,Manager,Savannah,Ga. F.B. PAPY,Asst..Traffic Manager,Savannah,Qa. W. M.DAVIDSON, Gen'l Traffic Agent, Jacksonville,Fla.
.....,J.A.SPOTTSWOOD,Trav.Agt.,Gainesville_ Fla. J.P.JORDAN,Tr v.Agent,Quln y. "* J.-E.DBATTON,Trav. Agent, Jacksonville. J.H.STEPHENS,Agent,Jacksonville.

p+ t -. : SUNSET k .;-

Eustis, Lake County, Fla., .. .' .
',,e. -h. .? .
,, '' :* ''
I Offer for sole for Immediate planting '
wHhpraeUeftl* hints to,beginners,Iaworth sending for. It contains valuable information to .;.: .r | r

aft.' With a UflC..,'pf'... all the' choicest- ,, varieties of the citrus family. grown.. Peaches. A' FINE STOCK OF ORANGE AND LEMON' TREES
Pears, Plums;: Apricots, 'Persimmons, Grapes ,and other fruit adapted. to the .,
):: "
j. ,.,
climate of Yler4iOur" stock i Is grown' on high pine land,and is pne of the finest and largest One ana Wo year bud;choicest varieties,all grown on pine land *.'<''-'

in fee'BtoteJ IT IS,GROWN TO.SELL.."IF ANYONE CAN SUIT YOU,.WE CAN. My Nurseries were entirely uninjured by*| ie. March freeze.. .Plant BOW dart l the a4sy t
slsoaldyave ear season. Write for'speda prices. -, tZ:1G :: : : -"
Every s catalogue. Free: on application. ,Just. seed you name for cn) ''. ... :
'. .'- 8. .w.IEBCE.lacl1a.: Sprla '_. Lake C01lD.. T.. ;' ,. )- l., .', .. .;;.H..SNORTONa.gp .. :; "
... ..
.. :. ..;"..... : 1 _:
.... : ,., <.,.--4. .:. ...:. ,-/'
; -t
l. ': '*f.*' \ '- "- .< "' ,., ;;. ..' ,.'" :.-r. ; '- ,: ';'iY-if: '
.t '
k. '
JI" r
: .: ::; '. :". 'j<' 1" :': ,,:,; t 1 : : -
"' .. ;: ::.:' "
..11 _
'of.."'; .... 'J.. -"."
.-, I

:. ., i", : If' } .,,. 4
': .
-' .. ,.:-- .'." ,. : .. ., ..,?; -"-.:' !:. .:: "':t''. 'Ifo \- ... ..
: '
: P" : ; 'f .J Ii t
.;: i > : '
:;:: :: :: .: :- .' "'. '
4 .


.' .,:;. ., I
'. : : ;'Z4 -" ': '" .

,, iJif,
: :- '"'
.- ,J.. ..
1'" j
: : : .:- : :.':... ::;:... .- -' -

: D > ,, ; ; ; ;. ; : '-
<>, ..." ..,, n ; ; tJ D : ,
; "
: ; :;, fl ; .





i ._ .. __

I the largest pear, I believe, that I have food. Prof.. Pratt, who has analyzed ]I of the best fertilizers without the addition ..
:folle.and OlfCI1 azr.d. ever seen anywhere. Has anyone several samples of their 'soft phosphate of anything else.. When mixed

.. .. -.- :- ':'" raised a ,larger one in this State If in speaking of its value, says with water over 70 per cent.. becomesas
; A Florida Pear so, who and where is he ? We wouldbe that trees will receive more benefit soft as mud, the balance being

-In Northern Florida, except' 'where. glad, to hear from him through THE. from its use the second and third year composed of'soft white pebbles which

it: is protected by 'water, the orange FARMER AND FRUIT GROWER. than they will the first ; and this, in crumble under:' slight pressure, and

belt is slowly giving way before the JOHN B. GARRIN. connection with Prof. Malyvan's which is very rich, containing over 70
Taylor county, Fla' statement that such a large cent. of bone (
advance of the pear. This is more -'- -.... *' I. percentageis per pure phosphate
particularly the. case in Bradford Soft Phosphate in Marion County.. available at once; shows this special lime. These pebbles are soluble in
phosphate to be of great value. earth water, and dissolving
county, ,to which our personal observations Editor Farmer and Fruitgrower. very
are mostly confine: A fertilizer that is immediately The percentage of iron and, alum- slowly will yield rich returns for years.

:The cut herewith presented thispage 'available as a plant food without the i nia is less than 3. per. : cent, and a Such a manurial substance can not be
l this 'is that otherwise than valuable, not only to
use of sulphuric acid or other chemi- peculiarity of phosphate
is that of Kiefler
a pear,:, grown : our Florida lands, (taut to the worn-
last.seaSon. by Mr. George V.. Ott, of ,
and wheat fields of the North
: out corn,
Ilif :
..:(4i,.. fi. .
and of which ." \ :
Lawtey a 'draWing was .." '\ .t '
...(''\"'/" I ,.' '.I..4" !'t and to the cotton fields of the South.
1;' ..;
made, natural size, by our: artiste Di<. "+. .' .. ,.I.. .. '),"i. '''
"Jt.. ., .. -... <:
( ;. _
.s:...' .r I -1'.. Prof. O. M. Crosby is authority for
when first ; .
A. T. Cuzner. Its weight .I.\; r rr..1 '; ':!': :i" '
.r. .tJ :: '' .. .
'' and fourteen ,', ,,.tI'' :'' ;1f. :.f;" the statement that a chemist of Massachusetts
picked pound '
was one
ounces.! When it had become thor I i ", .l'.fI. .... !".'': ,, ........ .:",.. :.t\;. .1 ,tJ'4 f.;'.... ." after a thorou&h'anallsis of
;"' ,
h. :
oughly ripe about the first of November .; .;..;; 1,.;,.,. : .I "I ::.;\) 'l, ,.;' 'i{: .. a similar phosphate, not so rich in
;. ,. ..;...... ." ) bone said that it
it was cooked and furnished the ; .1.10 h..,..", ..\ ....!/. ,:;".l'$.,;*J.,'ft..;1it... t.I''JI '" phosphate, was
fruit : J:.$ .i '.- *t.ri. worth, as it was, without further
editorial family of sir',as much as : .!'\ :
was required for one'meal. The fruit l'I': r:; ;:( !' 1.:1': -t-: manipulation, $26.00 per ton,, as com-
.f ; {: !;: : : r' with the fertilizers
t. pared high grade ,
was produced on a young tree just .,).,!...;. .i\. '!i. .,.:}:l.r.iJfC;i. :.";, ."tJ... r';r e'';. i iIoI"; 4lt' :: t\i...:.__ such the and others and
coming: into bearing( circumstance ,J. i:!' ; f :" ; ;. .tr: i.. 't. :r.f r-- : as Mapes ;
': ,;: ''''.;l' .,i :(.' ;" ."'':: ..':!'' :-i:, ,:f ''':;;:,:,.:) \ when it 'is considered how much
which generally produces coarse fruit), J'!:" "'.'J1..< .. 1B.H9'"; "''.:; .!#;.: A,, ''!',:; :o.ot'it' ':- ...'''; :' .
: j: ;10 "s', '!".o::: ::.: ."''; :''. ;'' \ ,. '\' ,"! ,. .
: ', ; t : "';' .'.;. '. .. ...'' ;p.:. /- ;; ; r cheaper this can be sold and that thereis
and this fact together with Its greats r':: "'i ) '-:; :f ; ; .(' :f.; : t .\.i\.

might have been expected to give .f.!.i. .'6 Ff ... ...;.r.;'r.{,... ;t:. :.,1'. ...f,, : ,. ..}..i,..r.. .: Ji ...( 'I '';!ii} no danger of over-stimulating the

a coarse1 inferior product. There was :' it.10:rn;; ":i4't.mtJr: ;,. 'l'i;; ,:';..t'':,..:...,".: ,1Vf....\ ..."": f. ..:;\:::':fj':'Sy;.x\;:;,... (! .ZC.\.;..sl':+.;..'".. ..,. \ :.;,}.'":Yt'::f1'J".J.. '1t:!\t crops, it must surely consideration commend itselfto
the careful of the
some; grain present, ands 'of course', Jflitt :: { fg ;)* 1 J = farmer and
Iil]! '...... .r ,4. .' ... orange grower. ,
the flavor was not' equal to the incomparable ,.'.,'';.;\.f.J.I'UI\.t't.: *",'(.tr'H': "'';#..1":'.'' ,,i ;':.I.' .: 'w. ...' '!J...r.j ':.."' ,.:....f: ::.;... :-.';!.';.-:;:''',;;.;,,,'/;.;'''.I1.'U1...::, ..,.\-I'..)....,: ?; this be
buttery) richness of the Seckelto .ft;f.. .1 : iM'l- t...:::' ;f ,;:. i....:..:.,:.. ".i..., :.:,.\'..': ...i.A. ; ::.-. :..: .#. i1i. : ..(' ...;'..i\ At present phosphate /.can

it eat out of 'the hand; but, cooked, ;t..(.....'!";:,...Y...I i :-".,t9'J..c,t:.'}!.a...,.{"!I""';':'..V"iut...""".,'-..;t.-..:.,...j';,.a:.,,.,;.,'\.,..',,,..;-V','.'::.-' "....',..:.,.",;r',",-}:{:.tiiK':"Pp_iJ't'5': ..'[;\"'.t'.:;..".11;."!.":.Oj.:.;,..i'!:,.f.i.!. .jf'.1. :I.iJ "".:',.,.i''j'l"i ;t,-;.a.. sold by in Jacksonville the car load at in$8.00 bulk,per,delivered ton,'
was 'a satisfactory 'r %.rl I. +! ; ;: t ;
very pear. c; .r'ti....;.}.t.. :.. .tiJ, ..'.\ ,::..SfiY....,:',. .:,'Jf...1.'.;;.".;::J. .:'.:'. :.. ,'. ::t'!..'.;::;.,(........'j,'.'. ( ." ;),: fll" .r:'$ A\,;. ..\,. or sacked at $10.00. At the' mines,.
The'Kieffer qualities is ;a: fruit it requires'of}slow, almost monumental ..t.f. ) $a1rN. }11:1ff fIri !!(!if.3...?:..t., ';,f.i.(: :.':.'..,\. .:i!/;.tf.. .(.:. :+,f1.? .::.:.{.. ftf f-....... i Z \f.\ $5.00 per ton, f. o. b. in bulk. These*

the nine-months* season of an. orangeto'perfect' 1 t'. ': ft : y 2fj''r ;CS.ti, mines are situated at Belleview, on the
its 'growth. and'rounQ outits"solid'value. ti.1t f.ll1% -,i' .:i : r' i f} 'F 'F. C. '& P. RJ: R., the road running
; Anyone who denies it '1,"" (,. ;, 'I Y 2:_: ......>.,..I.. ../ ; ,,.r ...;;.. .. .,..... .. directly through the tract owned by
51l' .-:
t :tl
substantial excellence as a kitchen ..t''$;.l. .lf.....:1....{.2' { ::1..{ w'nr i.1t'.T l'1 *+' r ;" 17'.1., I.1.{!1.. ,.;'fi'i! .'.;'";ri :' $ : i1 ;J; ?.1 tJti !rJ'l : { ).. ., the company. '
; : ; t. '.7".11':''' rf t The analysis of their soft phosphates -
fruit for autumn'use shows : '
thereby that he has not, had the patience lf.Ii\\i I .lf l D'i i !}.f 1' is follows : <

,to await its (fulness of' time, or 'of .. ... ;:.,.,.... .. .. ... ,... 'r.1IliI1 Insoluble Silicate and Band..............18.78
"rj ; \ : / \o" ,0( ; = 'P''" Carbonate of Lime. ........................ 4.66
that he has encountered' only such ;} :lr"tJ.f ",'.Lr)RO} : 7irft:; :tjih:],!i.rt1! ;1.it; f; : >; 4 i,' *
: ... ..... ..........."..
specimens of it as were grown under 1 I;,::: !: .:. .'Siw"fn.3M': (airsr.l.' ;J: t'ft, ; ;;! : : Phosphoric Acid..,. 27.68
:. ft .: ; 1f. .:." i.<: ittrt. lt. : Equivalent to Bone Phosphate of Lime..60.73
peculiarly unfavorable ircuJnsf n es. .. '"'-':J.!.:":....!' .:...,:t\.,,.; .'1 lkl.'.-,':..j.t.Sri-tr; .;,:r"..,'..,.:;.;). '. ,;",,T., .. ..;;':1.. ', .....'. .'r'I..o Oxide of Iron............... ..... ......*.. ,.74
Tq show: that the Kiefler{ is, giving ,.f.! .. ..'l... '. :."''" '''HJ": ,;,;-r..r'.f.:! :.fl. .. > :\ ..."." ;"I..,, Aluminum..*....... ...., ......1......;.... fl.60 .
promise''Of'doing' well, i in other parts of ". ..' \"...Joa.1il.:! jI'; '".''j. ; '''''XJLi'WiO:::'\ '. ''1:.. ..,.l.:.,!'?*:'''' ;{ Moisture .......... ..... ........... /:.......6.66 ...
I( .-l', ))1.' ...:..';J1.. .j ,
Florida we append the following note .w' !! !i ...... .. '.
\ :! f ;' '}: .1..:':. \ /.tt1.iUS 1.'. There seems ''to be no doubt' but
from. the' 'Sanford Journal, published. .. t : i ;.1t i t .\; ;W r.tJ! .i {t1f.tw ,' ''. that this soft phosphate rock is ;

last'' September: "rJ"Li I r.trI.g7i' ..' 8lit" !.1..,.trl&1f. {. t.!;!..:;o..,.lfii.. .,y.!f.1 .JijWfft J.f..':,./. J" .: \.: '. destined to work' a revolution in thefertiliier .
"Mr. Alderman .who lives.on .Miss : -. :Hf.l ?t(4 1 "1 :t;f! ,"T} ..(;. :;." 'Jr....; iiz.. :t: ;,"i.tI ; / ;':- interests of the State and be "
J" '/ .'' '' '''.';/Jo\, .. ..h... ... ,.. .1..'.. .? .., .. .. =!........:.(..... : ; .
J J:>J'f..:.:'!:; ....' ..:'tilJ.. ..t...r1;;;; :"; (:; ':" c"x. : ...: .,,';, :' ,.. I '
Gibbon's beautiful! place on the east f:-"",rf.. y. .. ... ":t. ; fJa.y! 4's ''. the means of retaining a' large amount
: ; ,
'; .
,'.jJ.r'Y! -.f.. ..::;-. .vI...,'<.,.:." '.I"O';; ;" rrjwi., :'';!YJt'altfr; :r.t.i..r". .'
sided us.on. Monday last ;some '. \'...'.!.:?...1J.9't::.S:,:.."!"._":';r::"";"P";iO.....&i. ""'" 'rNt.\4':"'\O"'. ,..,. '::(. >.''.'".'.'.!..''..;."'.'fl"i-IJ.-r..r.,-:.."H specimens ,of the Kieffer :variety of .. ';,, ) We hear of several I other deposits of

pear AVe ':were.amazed at their;. ize-'J.1 A FLORIDA KIEFFER. : soft phosphate in the State which are'
The largest measured 'fifteen ,and. ..one-.; being tested or already being worked.
half'inches one way and fourteen: and I .Gals and ara. cost of less than one no insects are found where'has 1. 'been i It seems as if the stone :which the : F

one-half the, other and weighed a ; third of tHe cost of the average 'commercial : builders rejected is.about' to become,a

a pound and fifteen ounces 1.'Wecall : fertilizer, and containing overfourtimes used.Many testimonials < have been received -- comer stone. At first soft phosphatewas .
'' this the, champion. Who ; the amount of plant food, :from.those who have Used thrown aside 'as being of little

cMrbeatit? and that can be used. in unlimited this phosphate fertilizer, and Mr. value, '''but now it, is coming to the;:
Akb' this'f II wing letter r R .quantities without, the:slightest dangerof Damon Greenleaf, one of the largest front, especially for home! use.-ED.

E44.erl&rmer. and Fruitgrower. ..- harming the .most delicate plant or 'growers in the State, has discarded all .
Although I am'far'' behind with' 'mywritiogs vegetable, would be a boon to. the other fertilizers 'and will use three '
Where are.the Best Buggies Made?
,on account of sickness,.. I take 'orange.grower .and trucker. hundred tons of this phosphate this
time to write you that. the, postmaster Prof.: Serge Malyvan, of Ocala, season alone. If ,desired other, manures The Pioneer, .BtfggyCo.. Cplumb' ,
'of this, 'place has raised ,this year: ;a whose analysis we append, says that and chemicals can be' mixed Ohio, on receipt of-teb'cents, will! seid '

Kieflfer pear which weighs one pound 'over '70 per cent. of the Bellevieww. with this phosphate) but 'it is 'not you their treatise on the horse, 'whicli't, :'

aad:, nine and three-fourths ounces ;if soft. phosphate' is available as. .plant' .necessary to' do so, as it furnishes"one ,also answers the above'questio&i: ;, ; a

t :
:" .. ,' \: : ,,; 'i,,' : .., .'. < .. .
: < .
: "
: :." '.. ..- : .. ..- ... r ,



t .p Sw r >


\ .7,} .' ,
'.':- .,

Orange Marketing Machinery., I Ft. Ogden from which 33,000 fruits i with 'debts, even those who, to the Figs Plums. Pineapples, Lemons,
Editor Firmer and Fruit Grower or apples'were gathered' in; one year. world at large appear otherwise., etc
If the commission man'charged 10 He did not say what it sold for,'butat "Believe me sincerely yours, Editor Farmer JTrutt-Grower.
per cent or say 25 cents,on a' box of half a cent, each, if I make no mis- "GUILLERMO P. GONZALES." ((1)) I send you by mail today a
oranges which sells for$2.50, and the take, the profits would be $rio for This gentleman has been a contrib- specimen of fig root which seems to be
freight is 65 cents and the cost of"put one tree.. But one-four th of this from uter to the Louisiana Sugar Planter for infested with root knot, which you
,ting to the depot-Is:45'' -cents,- what; is 1,000 trees annually, would help 'a years, and is one of its ablest, having will please examine and inform me
left for; the grower? ,$1.15.: Well, poor man in a few years. Mr. a wide experience in sugar.S. whether or not it is the genuine root
that is a fair and living, price, (seven Craus,is a gentleman whose veracityyou W. CARSON., knot and if so give treatment The II.
plus thIS cents. Now..$ .so is fullyup would not doubt for a moment did fig tree was set out about a year ago
to an ,average' for the entire crop you know him as I do. I also met ,Questions in Pineapple Culture.Editor on fresh cleared land. Cow peas were < ,
just gone forward, and this is one of the Mr. George Rogers, of,Lake Buffum, Yarmer.and Frult-Orowen planted within five feet of it last sum-*- to.

befit seasons we.have ever had. who informed me that he had four In, your next issue, or at his earliest mer.
The question up now ''is-, will the small lime bushes not over five years convenience, would Mr. T. E. ((2)) My Kelsey plums which were -
buyers come ,here and buy on this old from which he had sold $30 of Richards, Indian River, answer for the set out last spring have made a very
box margin ? If as a,commission rapid growth. ,Should they be cut
t 25-cent per fruit in the past year. "Will limes benefit of many the following ques
man simply advertising and pay under these conditions?" You tions. I am sure that others like my- back, and could the cuttings be suc-
sending'out stencils, he could ,not, or will answer, I am sure. self would thank him : cessfully grown on their own roots?
would"not business 'where we furnished 1. Is it best to plant the pineappleslips ((3)) Would it injure a young grove ....
the capital\ for less than I'per LEMONS.Ple'ase or suckers as deep in the groundas to plant it in sweet potatoes? '
cent. i in' "season, will\ he be able or let me inquire of your readersif possible, and keep the sand from ((4)) Is shell lime, a good fertilizer
willing to send out buyers and employhis the Villa Franca and the Messinaare filling into or over them ? for sweet potatoes? If so how much '
capital'on this '10 per, cent. ? Can satisfactory fruit? Will some who .2. Is potash a good fertilizer combined per acre should be used,and should it.
we then 'pay. more than this?, ,I, ,think have experience answer me, for I with cottonseed meal, or do they be slaked with brine?
f not. Can .we, .t then: for ,this '10 :percent feel concerned as mine are not bloom- require potash? ((5) I have pineapples planted in 'a .
: operate a 'selling machinery; 41 ing yet on Lake Clinch, while, just by 3. Is frequent raking about them,as young'lemon grove. The grove was
say we can. We want to:sell oranges them the Belair'Premium is, while,the beneficial it is to most other plants? set out last spring with two-year-old
cheap because we. want to sell )lots 'of trees are old enough and have a most 4. Is mulching better than frequent budded trees, and the pines are now \\1
them, and' anything' over $z:so per luxuriant growth on them.A hoeing ? F. W. INMAN. commencing to fruit Would it injurethe
box is ,not 'cheap.: Anything: der grove to fertilize the pines with.
that will not pay for production witha LETTER FROM CUBA.. [ANSWER BY THOS. E. RICHARDS.] salt? How much salt should be applied -: ,

living, profit. Having just received a very interest- In answer to enclosed would say if at all, and should it be workedin
For the last'six 'weeks the 'sales reported ing letter from Mr. Guillermo ,P. Gon- ((1)) if slips are large it is best to with scuffle hoe or left on surface?
by:the Exchange:rn New York zales, in Cuba, I doubt not but some plant deep, but not so deep as to allow JAS. A. GROVES. ,
and Boston have been :far less than of your many readers would be interested sand ,to get in bud. It is best Sebastian Fla.
that. So if we take the''big prices for In its contents. I send a dupli-i not to put on potash on young plants; ((1) We have forwarded the specimen "
the first and,last of the season, I don't cate for publication, minus head notes: it is always best to put a little cotton- to the State Entomologist for examination ,
think we can average'more,than'$2.50on 14Your very esteemed' letter of the seed meal in the bud or heart of the .and will publish 'his' report..

common grades, or the,bulk'of the 23rd of January last came duly to hand, plant, as the starchy matter keeps out when received. Meantime, for full ,.,
crop. So it behooves us to figure that also the clippings. from the newspa. sand and carries it out of the plant. information on root,knot, addressee
in the'future we must 'not depend 'on I i pers., Please accept my most sincere ((2)) There is enough potash on all Director,of the Experiment Station,
the buyer to come. to' the groves, 'but thanks for your generous and kind information new ground for the plant until timeto Lake City, Fla., for a: copy of Dr.
fo llhetriany' reasons often given be- regarding that portion of form fruit. (3)) Yes, rake and hoe Neal's Report on that subject.
fore we must prepare to,put our fruit Florida."I about the plants often, being carefulnot : ((2)) All deciduous fruit trees in this
into the'hands of the'trade'or'into the to get dirt in the "buds. (4)) No, climate should be headed low in order
market. I think we want, a' ''revised have not given up the idea of run- do not mulch them ; use the hoe or that they may shade their 'trunks.
method of doing,this. ning oyer to see you and I will let you rake ;,' don't wait for weeds; it is work against the hot sun. Read carefully
know before hand.
The present programme, of the -Exchange that makes fruit. the article on pruning deciduous trees
is, not,popular with the people "Under a separate envelope I send I in the issue of February 19.
and though I have tried hard to accept you a few,seed of the Naranja-lime(literal Notes on Budding. ((3)) We should, advise against it. ,
itt I can't quite "see it1'' I think translation "orange lime"), whichI (See Dr. Neal's Report). ,
iCdltor Farmer and Frult-Growtr
there is a "better'way,to sell our I do not believe,you have in Florida. In Mollie J. DePew's article on ((4)) Shell lime would have a certain a
dozen of the The juice is sweet and refreshing; it is : in ,:
fruit than in only half a of issue of Feb. value in this case, but principally :
great cities, at ,auction, and a,:plan much liked here and often sells dearer page 143 of your 19th she, combination with other elements, :ai.,
speaking budding trees :;
which will command the confidence than the oranges. In eating the fruit "If his stock is five old cottonseed meal, compost, etc Do, :
and-the,support,of;our:' people.; only the pulp is taken, as the thin says he might, do well to bud in the years limbs, not slake it with brine. A good? f formula -
white skin in which the is
WM. F. NEELD." latter en main will for sweet potatoes would be, ,two ,
as the bark on the stock be
closed is slightly bitter. shell lime six cottonseed '
.'- *r-- much thicker than it is on the limbs, parts parts
." Folk" County ,Fruit Notes.. "I expect to go down to Havana and above." To this advice I beg leaveto meal, two parts sulphate of potash or ,
Bdfter,Firmer and FruJt-Orower: while there .I will inquire if there is 'dorit. Furthermore don't saw cottonseed hull ashes. :'
'LIMES.: any way of sending you the Malanga the say stocks off in order to get young ((5)) In, your l location,, between two.
'seed. Any I will be sure to take bodies of salt water (Indian River,and
:.Having j just returned from,a, trip;to way sprouts to bud into.. In a back num
some with moon leaving the island. the Atlantic) pineapples do .riot; ,
Arcadia, I. was much, interested\ ber. I gave instructions how to bud your ; .
some items about this (fruit I picked up, Things do not seem to improve here., large trees, but for the benefit of new need any application of salt; there: .i is,
on"toeyvisit.. My,brother, S. B. Carson I really believe that if Spain closed a subscribers I will tell it again. enough in the atmosphere and the; <

showed: :!IIa lime tree: .in"his garden ;treaty with the United States to admit With a sharp knife pare away the dew. .
which was. cut',to the, ground, by? the free sugar under No. 16 Dutch Stand- outer bark about two inches long by
freeze''I in,"S36; from which he has soldin"oeyear ard, this clause will only benefit this one-fourth inch wide insert in the Dozens of immense wagon loads of';'
:$30 worthof, fruitjvandlnoted : ; ; islanduntil the States produce enough inner: bark in the usual way and no oranges in bulk daily pass, our 'door..
.!the,tree careful: .enough to:'learn, sugar to equal the quantity they now matter how large the stock bud low They are sold to Major McCulIoch
that it 'was:about twelve, feet'!sigh and. get from here, whether beet, sorghumor down. The bud will then start with who'packs and ships them for the- ,-
fifteen in circumference and had cane and thereafter what will most part in carload lots to northernmarkets .
., : : ;t on sugar; all the vigor of the watersprout Not '
''I forinsrforblooms--agabundance; becomeoTtheCubansugars.; ,And, as less ,than two buds should be put into : Commenting upon this an'told :
of: blooms fully :blown and at leasteight : far ,as I can judge from the American each stock. ,In about two weeks, if resident of Eustis said to us to-t' ',
different:ages of fruit,some fully newspapers; l receive.the United States the buds are alive, saw'in on one side day : When I first came to this section :
n ''aad than smallbuck are, ina fair road to manufacture' all and saw ,these pine woods being
ripe : :some, no larger ; of the stock and bend it over, lettingthe
) ihotswit; at 'least: six sizes In-: the sugar: they_need for home consumption lie on the ground. Do not converted uto orange groves, I,hop d'
'tervenhjg.'This place'is,:about- three,' ,.within! 'a few years,',and,may,sopn cut the top top entirely off the.. first year, to live to see the day when I would
miles east of'Arcadia. ''But; Sir, if your have:. a respectable: ,surplus for exportation and it is better to leave it two years, if see wagon loads of them brought into
wtah 'the highest pefsimmon from the ; ,:while here, ,it the government the stock is large. town in bulk the same as apples''are'
taltest tree'in:the grove dislodged, you' continues in, the line .of policy that: it CHAS. F. MAY. in the North. And now that time-'
must call J on Col._ CNMIS, of Arcadia; has*;followed so faithfully ,uJ.>':to thepresentbthecrop Eu+!t t.., FAa has come, and my wish is fully real: : :
\ .partirerOflands,, i inGreve ,City, ,on the )! of,sugar:is likely to ized. I suppose I must now farea': i,
decrease with ,_ new one for the future."=:i&tf/-;: = !
informed knewa
Gulf., :He 1BeJ'thitt the ; ? o'mlpgj'years. BEA'tT I 0? PlAIDS atll.Free.! : d- ', : t.atJ
,'large 'tteejiet far;' I believe, ;from, -"iVs'it is the planters are overwhelmed dreM DAZIIXI.F BCATXY, Washington,N.J. gion. t.

z ." '.t:;!,f ; ",;

w ,
,';., ",T::"" .." ",' ''',1' ;

1. #



e ,'7 "" :{'_ ...
< ;;:;" {;; ..... '
;"'d': : J ., "
;5;' lJ : -" .....: .nolA.D1B1' :FARMER. 'AND. i FBUTtORWER.Vineyard. ; ..;' 18i t.
''' '

I of the..ground. Tie several times?until ] riot the best in quality, is fairly good I The Seeds of Grapes Indigestible.,,-

'TIt these shoots,reach; the top, when they I when ripe, and a very early, healthyand The person who eats all of the grape '.".
,. -'- should"be let. alone for, the rest of the prolific kind. For an early red except the skin should be careful and" .
season.- the is hard to beat in '
grape 'Brighton not eat too many. In every grape
Tweuty-Pive Years' Experience. the clean until September quality while the little Delaware
Keep ground there are two or three hard and good-
B4tor Farmer tad TniK-Qrowen running a cultivator or double ripens shortly' after and always sells.I sized seeds, 'and by the time one has
As far works adapted to, Florida, sweep each way between the rows. would strongly recommend the Pren eaten seventy-five or a hundred
you will find none. At. one time ]I The fall growth of grass and weeds tiss for trial; ,it is a delicate pink grape, -which. ,is very frequently done-he .
almost knew by heart Fuller, Hu& will furnish enough vegetable matter as large in bunch and berry as Niagara has a load of indigestible matter for ..
nan, Strong, Flagg, and a half-dozen with ;he addition of annual dressingsof just as early, better in quality and his stomach to take care of. The'
others,w and tried:faithfully' to carry bone ,and potash to produce a succeeds perfectly here. By all means ,seeds.are apt to ''form themselves intoa
4 out thor instructions. I soon foundit Plow the vineyardin the It is said to
healthy growth. try new "Mover. hard ball, which crowds its way into -
would'not do. Their conditions January! very shallow, one year be larger and similar'to Delaware, but the intestines, cutting them and producing '
soil and'climate are entirely differenlfrom throwing the dirt from,the.vines, the two weeks earlier. For a late grape death. It is a wonder so many
ours. next to them, and after that the very the Triumph is very fine, large, goldenand escape, it is such a common thing to
Their summers are short, often cool best tool for spring and summer use is of superior quality. The aboveare eat grapes recklessly; but the human
and generally wet, consequently they the double sweep, running alternatelyeach all American varieties and will frame seems to have been made witha
recommend planting on the highest way. until the vines cover the make a good market,list. Of course view ,to the imprudence of its.occupant
.. ground, pruning, training, ,and running -, ground.After. many others will succeed as well. and for so complex a machine it
and summer pinching of laterals plowing, the second season, Of the foreign grapes,.the Chasselas will stand a good deal of bad manage- .
so as to give the fullest sunshine to,the cut all the vines back to a single, cane family are the only ones that have ment before it breaks down.-Doctor. .
fruit. Our summers being long, often four feet high. Tie securely to the proven healthy and productive here. Rogers. .
dry and very hot require that vines beset stakes and allow three or four of the I have'tested over forty varieties and I .. (
.on lower and moist land Jar the, upper buds to grow, rubbing off all, can recommend no others. The I I Grapes'vs. Wheat. ,
best results, and abundance. e 'oi below. Keep clean and let them alone Golden 'and Muscat Chasselas are the : :. i>TAt
leaves allowed to grow: to protect'the allowing all growth to droop down to earliest and best. I I the meeting of the Allegan
fruit from the scorching rays, of the the ground at will. If a strong growth : In shipping, always allow the grapesto County Pomological Society, Mich.J i ;
sua. When.vines grow as luxuriantlyas .was made the previous season, four or lie a day to wilt slightly, as the it was stated that grapes at two cents. ,r;
ours do, to carry out.their instructions five bunches may be left, taking off .bunches pack much better. ;i.a pound were more profitable than;,,,.
in' regard to:,summer pinching the rest. At the end of the season Now as to enemies. The birds are wheat at a dollar a b.ushel.-Popu/ar
alone would take five men to'an acre cut back the three or four canes that. bad, but by planting row of fig' trees Gal'tning. ;. .
and.;then'.the job would not ,be half were,left to about three eyes each.. 'around ,the vineyard and exposing b.4 ,';
done, for no end of tying up has to be Plow. manure and cultivate, as be- shallow pans of water here and there,' HORSFORD'S ;ACID PHOSPHATE
done alone also. fore. This season (the fourth summer your loss will ,amount to nothing I Health Tonic. .r:;?
With your permission I,,will give the ) ;twenty bunches may be safely They :will eat the figs and drink the Used rn place of lemons or lime juicer:
cream of over:' twenty-five years' ex-, left to each vine. Repeat these ope water instead of getting it from the .,harmonize- with such stimulants asij
perience in grape growing in latitude rations, leaving three or four eyes ad berries, which is really all they are are necessary tt take. :'II.
28 and ,will warrant successif the in- ditional to each cane and several new after.. The l leaf-roller is about the only ,....
structions are carried out. While the canes each until your vines resemblean insect pest and the birds keep him in :
grapevine will'grow.almost anywhere, open umbrella and about that size check until the grapes are 'gone.In AMI Y Jl BEE MAN!:: I
it is a mistake to suppose that it, suc- when pruned in the winter. It is not conclusion.:: Manure well every ,
ceeds best.on the highest ground. It necessary to keep the same old canes I fall or winter with bone and potash. A Postal Will Get You
loves moisture as ,anyone can'see from each:season. Replace by new ones if Mapes fruit and l vine manure is one of
the.health and vigor of tbe'wileJ vines desirable, trying always to keep the the very best fertilizers for the vine. 1 Bee Keeping in Dixie.
that line,our streams and 'abound in canes evenly distributed around the Cultivate until September, plow shal- 60 Pages or Pictures' and Printing and Prices.:.-
the bottoms. No longer l than ten stem. low in winter, don't let the vines over- JENKINS & PARKER,'Wetumpka, Ala.,
months ago .I saw Niagara, Premiss! The greatest danger is from over bear and lots'of money can be madeat 3 6-9t ,;
Delaware and other vines growing bearing. It is a good plan to leaveonly five cents per pound for grapes.H. { $5 '.
luxuriantly in the garden of Mrs. N. one bunch to a shoot: selectingthe M. STRINOFELLOW. Dim 111'PIANOS D .unBL(new F.)EKATTY au:;. ORGANS, Washing-,
N. Johns, on Galveston Island. These finest., In four or five years the Hitchcock, Texas. t'D, N..J, iB1CYCL..E.Si ,
vines were loaded with splendid fruit,; vines will be very stout and 'by the
when ripe and l free,from rot or,mildew, time the stakes decay will be able to "
while not fifty feet away in the street support. themselves. Now, I know t
the waterworks: company were laying, that some of the scientific vinevardists I .';.' : '": .,.1,
:their pipe and the open ditches, will "get on their ears" when they ; I : :i :' .
showed standing wat within two feet read this and insist on a wire trellis h '1: ;
of the top. :select therefore, if pramticable and more room and lots of pinchingand "
.well drained but moist land. but I vineyard ".,
,tying, can point to a -
Now for planting and training. of forty acres treated thus thatis '
Don't waste labor in subsoiling but and the tffKnard. ,
a magnificent success grapesare
plow moderately deep and harrow 'grown so cheaply that the'owneris : E. POORMAN Agent", ;:>
well. Lay off' the rows' eight feet getting rich,at five cents per pound. : -'' tf .
apart eaCh way, and where each grape You',have got to 'make up your mindsto Cincinnati Ohio. 'j V
vine, is to stand bore a hole with a posthole grow.cheap grapes or you had better -
augur not less than,two feet deep.In *let the business alone. I once got 3-5-3ra: Catalogue Free. Agents. Wanted. ..'
these holes set stout stakes that,will seventy-five'cents per pound and I am of
last four or five years. Ram well( as glad now to get ten. 'Ev.iy FARMER Royi
you fill the hole and when within on.? By training on slakes the whole cultivation wm haS with eta lIP wow
4.U KeIoa.Cttyof wffl be Ia4 to
foot of the top throw in a pint Of b me can be done by 'horse as .IID4 1ae..b al*!* f from wliWa( to ..
dust. Work the sides.of the holes inwith cheaply as corn or cotton ; while if .9*! .row FARM'BOO treat,gkrtcna.SEEDS.early maloiUL x
the manure, mixing thoroughlyso trained on trellis eachrjow under the (How woaJ4 JM**** to(my Boa&ua
as to leave them ,about six inches wire must ,be hand hoed ; the vines y c luau.of took. OO_ n""ia icr th.l ..
deep and large enough to accommodate must be;tied up at least twice, and l I o ba ( acs., .::t
b to 600 ba. a&...... .
the roots which should be pruned when you come to prune vines on,a. 'th '
GGrown4eedsy eaBra ,
to five ot:six inches. Coverand firm wire trellis and have to tear loose the r 0 ..",. H--
well with the.foot. A good dressingof dried tendrils thatcling; ,with the greatest 60,000 Bushtls. "
wood or cottonseed hull ashes tenacityyou will find that you.have Seal Potatoes Ch..... ,;
around the vines ,will add to, their a big labor bill to lace, and if-you < r

health and growth though ,not absolutely haven't got the patience of Job, a good '0 I&3-EarlS--. ti
necessary until they begin to many cuss words to repent of. {plates patxitdfrei* aitrrt....wbea c
framed, would mak* fine parlor ornament .
Now as to varieties. Florida seems f3 *. Send 6e.oraama.or w.wffl atnd ,, '"
bear.About fc 's 1,O&talope&Dd aaaptMapon ,
recaipiof :
a mouth after the vines have to have gone crazy over the Niagara; 8e or CatalofM sad paekan dI fJ.' _
started.to growrub off ,all shoots, but land': it is a good earls gra -e. but don'tplant I City, of Jlezle MeUaoTlSet a.r ; 'i! .

the strongest one and tie this to;,the<< ;,. too many of one kind. For a ( SSb"Jj' f.i
Stake, which 'should be four feet,.out black! ,,. .,grape the Ives seedling,:; ,.while t; ii k 4 .
.. ..." .
;; ,.
". :i3 :.

"""" o""
# '-1't. 't'. .... :'- .
It ."


r n

.' t

1j 1

< > ... ,, '
: "C : :. "
: ; : :
"', : ., ., c.

..< : 1-- ; IBS<,:FtOEIDA DlSPATfcfi,'f ARMER AND FRUIT-GROWER: MARCH'' 5,1891
> <
Ji'i When, Where and How to Plant Grapes do well, and the most profitable rience, in this matter is 'the master of
Jt 14 ] 'CJeI\E\ .
Cassava. is the Champion. It is very early, science. Proceed, then, to select, if

',. ... Editor,Farmer and Frult-Qrowcr: productive and ripens all over at once; available, a piece of virgin soil, damp,
7.(. The Conch Pea From the number of I
questions wet and mellow with the
"" does not drop from the branch like yet not accumulated -

?' f, :DR. JOHN B. CARRIN.: have received about when, how and many others. Quality is poor but humus of ages. If this be

j"' The Southern,field pea ,is certainlya where to plant cassava, etc., I should nevertheless brings the highest market not available, select a piece of land as

:;: ,,:. great,blessing to the Southern farmer. judge the circulation of the .FARMERAND prices.It nearly aproximating to these condi-
': FRUIT GROWER was increasing at as' Let the bed have
: is claimed that the Green Moun possible. a
It will 't1 land
< grow on poorest: a tremendious rate, for 3t has not been and after
< and southern clearingoff'
tain is'as early as the. Champion exposure,
and as'a fertilizer it cannot ,be 'overestimated since directions given in
long were
the trash and rubbish it
,-. of better quality. But I do not think, cover
being nearly, (not quite, your columns how to produce the ,cas- even if it is all true, it will be a profitable thickly with brush and dry wood, lay-

; : ,equal.te clover; and it.will grow and sava.However : 'grape to grow for market. The ing first a few poles over the groundto

,make; 'a ,fair 'crop where'clover would if eye editor will insert color is against it. We have found permit of the access of air from be-

; .he: following general directions your that black sell the best and low. Take care to have abundanceof
(: not' at all: Even when'the.vines grapes
grow humble servant will be relieved of asomewhat
material burn the is
bring the most money. The Waltersis to as
are simply left ,to rot on the,ground laborious task
all and weed seeds
? a fine grape, as early as Hartford, to destroy grass ,
aDd'are' plowed under the next'spring When do plant cassava;? and insects' irt the
very productive, but, owing to its grubs or near surface -

..- they prove very beneficial. 'They.can From, December to the first of May greenish color, a poor grape to sell. ; and to accomplish this, the fire

';, also be;planted,in'corn without,'injury and even later if the stalks are large ; Those expecting to plant for market should be a fierce one and be lasting.
in fact since the roots will remain in
should examine the claims of the ''Let-the hot ashes remain: on the bed
to the'corn, as they draw'tlieiI' nutrition the: ground for and continue to
years Champion or Talman, as it is some for some time after the fire has burned
; largely from the air, ,and'then;get increase in size, it matters but little times called. It is being planted more down, and then rake off the unburnt

'two from the 'land Field when it is planted in South Florida. surface with
crops same and more every year, all over the wood and break the finely
peas are splendid 'for'fattening hogs The.above specified time is, ,the best country. JULIUS SCHNADELBACH. a hoe. Do not'stir it too deeply, as

., and other stock (the,usual"way 6f feeding where the frost kills the, tops. Grand Bay *'eb. 23,1831.:} the plants are not intended to.stay

LL ." 'them to hogs is to turn the:hogs on How do I plant it? there so long as to require deep root
;. the'peas); 'and 'some varieties of ,the Thoroughly: pulverize the ,soil not Two Pole Beans for Florida. ing. Rake the surface fine and m
Editor farmer and Fruit Grower:
:: field peas,'are Very good fof,the table more than four inches deep ; plant i in wish noticeis corporate the burnt ashes well with it.If .-
The first we to bring to
also and they are very prolific;, squares four and a half feet ,apart. "Florida It [ the land' is not virgin soil, it will
the old Butter Bean..
After having'raised the conch pea'sor If[ the soil is rich, five feet; if poor, very likely require the application of
has been as far back as the
( some years I find,them to'be'the only four, feet apart each way. grown some good :stimulating fertilizers to
of the oldest inhabitant
:J' best of.all,the Southern field':peas, ;and, What kind of fertilizer and. how memory by encourage quick growth. 'There are
the natives, and it is one of the most
not only,the best,but far superior. 'to much ? special preparations of fertilizers put
prolific beans that has come to our
the best of all others.. They are so The following formula,will be found vines up for this purpose, .some of whichare
notice. the
When bearing are
wherever good for pine land : ,Ammonia, 4 to 5
much,appreciated they are covered with short wide advertised, in our columns. Speaking -
fairly podsof
known,to be,.the genuine( say the genuine per'' cent.; potash, 2 to. 4 percent good flavor when cooked, each. pod generally, this special fertilizer

because, much ,as it is to,be, ,regretted I ; phosphoric acid, 12 to 15 per: containing three or four good sized should be? rich in potash,and ammo.

a great majority,of the farmers I cent. From two to four- hundred nia. Kainit and sulphate of ammonia,
flat beans.
..."< that obtained some of' them planted pounds per acre,.according The second
a comparatively new
them right with their .other:peas,until will keep,the fertility of the soil up. bean for the South it has stances to use to secure the best re
\ ,
,, their stock has become'mixed'with 'all Where ,do I plant ? suits. The fertilizer should be well

sorts of peas)., ., Anywhere that is not too wet, been, grown North for of several years.'Vife'sPole worked into the surface soil and
It bears the name "Lazy
They ,are the best for feeding because white.sand scrub excepted. but,is of bet- the bed' be ;raked fine and 'level.:
Bean, deserving a
: :they are, the most prolific: ;' they When do I harvest it? ter The originator namedit The seed should be at once sown,

: 'are,the best for fertilizing purposes, not ,Just when wanted to feed or eat or cognomen. of its immense and be rolled or 'trodden into the
thus on account
only because they are the most'prolific, not more than forty-eight hours before it pro ground. This will be all the covering -
ductiveness making an matterto
but also because they distribute their, ; the roots will not keep out of the easy needed to secure germination.In .
gather sufficient for a meal, and the
vines more evenly over, the whole: gro nd. If buried immediately they ease with which it is cooked. Podsare ,sowing the seed, it should be
; send'them in 'direction will.keep longer.Is mixed with ashes and be
ground< as they: very I of a medium dark-green color and dry sown
like watermelon vines.' For'the.samerea5on. it profitable to raise ? both ways to ensure equal distribution.A .
six inches in
they-are,the':best for Yes, decidedly. I.,have been feeding I are from four to length, heaped tablespoonful of 'seed will
and to the time they are fully ripe
from one-fourth whole rations up
: planting in corn, as they do not breakit to their rich tender sow twenty square yards. After the
retain stringless
down by climbing the cornlike, the product of nine months'.growth: of also make excel, bed has been rolled, cover with brush
They an
t 'the other'vines do, as,very few of them one acre, to fifteen hogs, filty hens lent hell _bean for winter use, each. : plant-bed) muslin, to remain until

ever climb on anything.. ., (including\ the "big red rooster"), six the plants are large enough to be safe
pod containing or eight
.' For ,,the .table .they.are without ,,a two mules, 'six ordinary ,mortals and Both varieties of these beans have from the fly.-Southern Planter.

peer. They are even preferred to two Yankees for four months. On the' land where the plants are
that mike them
one good quality ,
Do I it for sale?
beans by some, even by some Northern keep valuable for Florida. It is set out our Florida authorities recommend *
especially .
people; and they"are good used as No, not the roots. As for the seed well known that, although most of the only barnyard manure, compostand
beans while l stalks--well, thank you, I don't care cottonseed meal. ED. '
and < -
they .
: snap ; :young varieties of Lima and other pole 1 beans;>> .
shelled after :they'. get ripe: .. and /tai to.have'the valuable: information given 'make vines and bloom .
good profusely
:" are white 'their color is not ob above go into the waste basket, so I will New
.:, they they do not set well until very late in, Melons-Old Friends Under
ask to wait turn and I will
;; jected by/anyone: you your these Naives
the season. With it is different
:; The only objection to the conch send you a postal card as soon as Uncle Comparison varieties discovers ;
the the
tests past year showing that
,: : peas is their lateness. They must"be : Sam' has";time to-print some more. bloom sets at the beginning of the many old acquaintances )under new, '

10planted early, as it takes 'about;the CHAS. F. MAY; These valuable varietiesfor names. The "sugar loaf*melon has
Bois Euttls Lake season. are
_County ,Fla
same-length: 1 'of timerto"rowrlind, mature t < home use and near by market,only, been growing in Georgia and Alabamafor

,a crop of them as' it'takespto'grow.i ,Berries,and Truck .in ''South Ala- as they come in too late for shipment.H. nearly half a century, and has continuously

.i: 'mature:a: crop",of Scorn: ? ;;:;vbut) they -.v.. bama.. #0 G. HASTINGS. sustained a high characterfor

"', should' :not: be:; planted: n rer4'thari" 'Editor' Farmer and FruitGrower.The Interlachen, Fla. productiveness and excellent

.. ':. every other. :kill,.in ,:every.'other:;row, 'e prospect for a fruit crop is goodso > quality. It came''to us from a seeds.

y' that,-is, one:'hil1\of f,peas:to .four hillsof; .far., No strawberries,snipped 'yet. Tobacco Beds. man three years ago, as 'Jordan's

.' :, corn,:if planted for.vines mostly. But :I other.than I have been;able to pick Those intending to raise tobacco Gray Monarch." Last year 'it was'

i if;.planted/or the, pea" JnlYJ1eJ!: some nice, ripe Stevens that escaped should at once prepare and sow the extensively advertised' under the attractive -

,, wa to sixteen kind'one the;frost& The steady'cold'of December plant-bed. Amidst all ,the various name of "Seminole," whiCh'

hg-! : ;and, .January has had a,bad effect .changes,effected and proposed in the was, not' only identical, in every 'respect -

hil I per:acre;,)and.to*?thin(Jo one 'vine on:fall-set. ,cabbage. The heads, now methods of raising crops through the with the old sugar loaf,:'britproduced >-

' teeach. Kill.' ,,' .. t as;the"''weather is:\warm and moist;; are application the teachings of science the same sporr-a melon 01 the

-' ','To :the above I will: add.that:know; loosening l up and bursting, miking and experiments to agriculture, this same form,.but of a darker gray, In

Q that,mine are the genuine conch, .P ear ,' many unfit to ship.: Tie spring,planting preparing of the plant-bed for tobacco 1888 the Kolb Gem came 'to 'us as

.. for I am the one:that introduced them .is growing off nicely.; raising stands almost alone in its old-, "New Round Excelsior." The same

2.. in this district; and' I.'haye never .Acreage: in, fruit ison: the, 'i increase; fashioned method, the results of experiments year almost a lac-simile' of the, 'rattlesnake

mixed ,them, in':the', sane, field'with'' strawberries nearly double.. New having shown that in no other came under' the name of "Mam

.. i others peas, except :such' as,JL wanted kinds of :fruit are being tried. Even; I than the old method can tobacco moth Ironclad.; This year the oki ;I

fwreed-: ...... .:.. '". : '. ,.,. .",.. wofiderfulwinebcrry is being tried. plants be successfully raised. Expe- ,rattlesnake comes'as, "The Wild.1! !

.. :t'.;. ",,
'iL. <.: -H"....A. '" -

"" ,.. -' ,. -"... . < ., .? r $' ',". .'*
.' ; -;-' <#

..., F

3 ,




fact.Ve believe the bone is of ad Webster, J. D. Wilson, Sandacrefarm
.For shipping, no other variety compares -
o with the,Kolb: 'Gem.. Forborne Poultry vantage to broilers, having given it to ,and a few others was' simply su-

'use,',there:are several varieties superior .....,... '"': -.... ..- a pen ten weeks old, instead ,o(the Derb, and it was no :discredit to be" 'a
Kotos. usual amount of bone meal which: is loser in_.such company." We 'are
finer flavor and
,io it, being of J
mote tender flesh.. ,Among ,these are Editor Farmer and Fruit-Grower. too often miserably offensive( promised.a further report'on this class

the Cuba Sugarloaf, Florida Favorite The.dry weather for the past month stuff. Mr. Mann is the only'maker of next' week.

and Pride, of Georgia the Cuba"is has been a good time for young'chickens the machine that will grind green bone, The Indian Game has come to stay,

ktiown, in Georgia under the local in Florida, and, no doubt. many and we predict great things for it in and there are good reasons for its being

natties of '"Tinker,1' ,"Simpson" and"fcirkpatrick have improved it. No time should'be the near future." popular.. First i its the best fowl we
in *' have 'for broilers either a cross or
."' It is the sweetest lost in getting eggs under or : pure

melon own ,but, is too small, for 'an incubator, if you have one. < Any If you are hatching the young of.the (when they are'more common). Theyare

market.g The, Georgia rattlesnake of the smaller varieties, if hatched in feathered tribe you want to study howto handsome in plumage, hardy, very

'fine qualities'when: fully developed March will commence to lay when prevent the l least possible mortality, early to mature, and peculiarly adapted '

possesses : ,to your year old fowls will be moulting; for some will die in spite of all you can to our own sunny'clime, because
but has atendency
in irregular, shades., The'sUgdr loaf grow is their eggs will bring a good price, and do. I once hatched sixty-two chicks of their being so closely and sparsely

the proceeds will the feed, for the !at one'time and raised every one to feathered When pullets, without
, probably the ttiost prolific* varietyyet '
readilythat.a.tch whole Hock until bUr begin again, and maturity, but only once. The old extra feed, ''will weigh six pounds at
tested. Watermelons cross so, .
of thoroughbreds is rarely then you can count on a surplus over practice of feeding corn meal and, hard six months old it shows they are extra

This station will and above. feed. boiled eggs has been discarded long I for market, and, their flesh is said to
seen on our few ago. One of the first requisites'is 'to i be the best. From their laying qualities --

distribute, during the winter melon, a !, When your hens are laying'well then have your food well cooked, ,all but we have no particular record.
loaf seed
Cuba and : ;
pure sUgar feed ,for they will the if feed themin Our pens.are keeping well up with
.' and Nixon cantaloUge seed, for is the time to strong, eggs you eggs give
some use the feed in producing eggs and a raw state. I am using Spratts our Leghorns, Langshans, etc. Noneare
trial in different of the State.- up
Bulletin., not fat. A correspondent in the Fan- prepared f6od'or crisiel, ,as it is called.It quite equal to our duck brigadeand
Ex. Station
Ala. >- S4 aer jlurnaJ says he feeds three quartsof is a prepared meat biscuit well we do not expect'it. Forty Pekin

Fodder Pulling ,and, Cutting Tops.A grain a day to twelve fowls and cooked, and will keep for years,: I ducks average thirty-three eggs per

number experiments with fod. admits it, is a large allowance; 'but says should say. This is too large {for very day and are as regular as clock work._ .

der pulling ,and cutting the tops were i the number of eggs laid .is responsible young chickens, so I grind it i quite We' don't see why they should not

conducted to see the effect on ,the I for'it. Prior to their laying he feeds fine. This ,cracked wheat and oatmeal be the most sought after of any fowl
feed until old to eat in this State .for Florida is noted for
yield in grain. There was no perceptible but one and a half quarts per day. (all dry) I enough ,

increase or decrease in a field The rations were as follows: One quartof whole wheat. Once a day break, two its water supply. While this is not

where the were xut. Four'one- brand one pint of corn meal, one eggs in a pint of Spratt's food ground necessary only as labor-saving device,

tenth acre plots tops were. topped at differ- pint ground oats and one quart :of fine and stir all well together. ThisI for if they have no place where they can

ent stages'of the growth of the ear, wheat or corn additional., Averageper give to 100 chicks under'three weeks help themselves,they must be supplied,

as soon as the ear was week, four and one-quarter eggs old. Raw eggs will correct bowel trou- and they want it often and plenty
commencing if fed will of it. Being free from vermin' and
the hen. ble in chicks, and daily usually
when grains ,
fertilized and ending : per
*; prevent it. Animal food and bone almost entirely free from disease, it isa
were in ,the ,dough'state. was
an increase in yield where no fodder Miss Helen 'V.iIITams, editor of the meal and ground ,shell.should be given large item to consider and often

was. pulled averaging about four Ladies' Department, of the Poultry- occasionally; and always\ plenty of determines the percentage of profit.

bushels acre on four one-tenth Keeper, gives her experience in feeding fresh clean water; just as soon as you and loss. E.V.. AMSDEN. '
per Ormond-on-the-Hallfax, Feb. 18,1891.
acre plots, taken in different parts of green bone as prepared by the commence to feed chicks they should .-

the field and on different characters Mann Mills,'which does not grind,but, have, water, many writers to the contrary Yellow Legs.

of? land. When Jabor is hired to pull with numerous knives, chisel shaped, ; notwithstanding. have tried We firmly believe, and that belief is

the fodder there is a loss of $1.50 per shaves the bone. When green bone both ways; but now give water as. soon confirmed by
acre'and often more.-Fla. Ex. Sta. can be had cheaply and one keeps as they learn to eat. has an immense influence on retaining
'' stock E. W. AMSDEN.
fowls Or' other meat-eating ,
Bulletin. many the yellow color of the legs or in
,. a mill will soon pay for itself. I.con- Ormond,Fla.,Feb 24, 1891. '
-_ bleaching them. Grass'will grow on
The farmers and market gardenersof three cents pound. r
sider it cheap at per
South Carolina should bear in'mind After being prepared it makes good The New York Show. anysoil, clay, loam, chalk, peatgravel,

that the tariff duties on onions and dog and cat food: t dltor Farmer and ruit-G rower. sand etc., yet the quality of the grass

Irish potatoes, have been 'increaSed to "The value of green bone is not The great New York Poultry Showis will be very different on each, and
and the Fanciers' Journal is naturally on a light or sandy, gravellyor
a point that will practically shut out sufficiently estimated among poultry over
soil the verdure becomesmore
importations of these vegetables hereafter raisers. Our egg record shows the fol- before us with a full description 'and a chalky

and so far: increase the demandof lowing increase after using green bone list of the winning birds. Over 20,000 quickly dried up in hot summer
weather and consequently the mois-
the home products. There is no in Mr. Mann's mill: Before visitors were in attendance.' Fifteen
ground thousand dollars' worth of stock ture (which is the sine qua non, in our
good reason why South Carolina farms using the, bone, 54 eggs were laid. the brightness of
should not furnish the,main supply for After two weeks use, 183 eggs from changed hands up to Tuesday morning opinion, '
least andit ,, and single specimens sold for$150. the color) is wanting; whereas on a
South Carolina markets at the same flock, and, after three weeksuse retains it.
soil the
is very probable that the first ship- 220 were laid in fourteen One man purchased over$ ,zoo worthof stiff or heavy, grass
it is well-
To bear out our argument,
The in the evening
the North ,next will stock. sight
ments to season days by the same flock. They are a
I the electric .known that ,on heavy soils the grass
command unusually high prices. Try mixed lot of hens, the various crosses was described as grand, much after rain
of and, onions much lights adding brilliancy to the occasion.A remains wet longer
small ,
'a crop potatoes of breeds, and we are
pure soils.
than it does on light Again, 'as
fair for band afternoon and evening,
for once. The prospect is a pleased to notice the fertility of the played
the a rule the.grasses that grow on sandyor
Chas. News. and the fowls did not interrupt
profitable venture.- having ample opportunity to test
eggs, chalky,soils are generally of a very
I them in incubators. We feed middlings, harmony in the least. The Vyandottesmade
Here'is a Chance to Make Money.. steamed clover and bran alternating a truly magnificent display and poor quality, totally different from thaton

I bought machine: for plating gold, I this with cooked oat meal and'an early the Goldens took the lead. The prize stiff ground. and we are bound to

silver and nickel, and, it works ration of bonesand believewe bird was of the open centered or'light say that 'we attach as much importanceto

,splendid., When people heard,about' noon have {found green, perfect eggproducingand : type, just the reverse to the Charleston the quality subsoil.of the grass Pastures as to, :that the
; the
it they brought more spoons, forks and inexpensive leed. The hens have show. This,is as it should be and nature
and the bottom
,jewelry than,I could plate. In a weekI access, to flint and oyster shell, but will go a.good ways towards making' have been well close manured willretain
thick and : a great
made $33.25 and in, a month seem to require but little 'of' it and, a them popular. ,
is the
$172.50., My daughter made .$3 I, in soft-shelled egg is unseen. The in.. Leghorns, were there in immense amount of, moisture, and juet

.five: ,days. You can get ,a Plater for tense red,combs and bright eyes indicate numbers, and the Langshan has not thing for yellow.legged to that run on.
Griffith,& Co. Zane its Last, but not least, We are somewhat: surprised none
,$3,from W. H. the health of the flock. We never lost popularity. have
and will trust be.benefited the grand display of IndianGames.It of our correspondents 'spoken
vine Ohio, we fed a flock so inexpensive or: had so was
of the
as much as I have been. We shall try the-.experi.. was,the feature of the show. Many about the richness pasture as
many eggs. affecting'the color, and we firmly be-
R M. GRAY. ment of feeding the ground bone heavily imported birds of well known reputation where the land has been
lieve that
It the other side came to compete
and on '
to one flock LighfBrahmas tended in
and well
CATARRH CURED., abstaining from the use of it in another for first honors and not a few went heavily manured'
A. ,after years of *uflerlng1fromthat but the such a manner as a'fanner does to the
etwsymaD of aiay' with disappointment,
tesAhsotee disease Catarrh>and vainly and shall then, test: the fertility fields from which ,he gets his prime r
tai every known remedy,at last found, aprewtotkm the We know the,cranks,will honor :was divided. The correspondent -
cured and eggs. is in
wbleh completely of this class : meadow hay, there: no difficulty
MS***. lira from death.Any sufferer from this say, feed has nothing to, do with the speaking says the the most brilliant yellow. -
sending a eeif-addreaaed the class whole the exhibit keeping legs ,
dteease of the Excuse me, it has, "Take as a .
L earetope Prof.J. A. Lawrence W fertility egg. A. .-Ex. ., .. .
& Co. P. ,
..!if street" New York will receive we. have. thoroughly. demonstrated, this of c. A. Sharp ,,, : : '.I

'.' l.... <" ,- -.- '. -.

,...... : ,.; .,
:; : \
; ;
: .. '; '-' Aq
c'i. = : : r :
: :: :.; : : < :

.,,,,, '-;',".. -. .... ,
\' :', .' ',;'t., :'- 'J';; ,....: ,- 'f--:..' -. ;f ", .

:. .




> .. .. ,. .
11188. ". THEFLORD::: ;>A. D r&T E,,:: lKMEB..AKD ,FKUTT-GBWER." .fMABCB, 5,1891

,. 7 -

;" o rRCII. side of the State before 'it.i appears in dry place, will keep very well ,throughthe and therefore very few are planted for

any Florida JOu _al. We); attach a summer and save the expense of buy- shelling purposes. With a little care,
> rr ;, r ing for the. however, they'can be kept, but they
'RJM.nE--lfoIJI' Rsuwscc high value to_thesestatistics when table. If i planted an inch "
... nI N w carefully ought not to be planted 1 before; the 1ft of x
e JO +AA"l.IMM '' deep on mellow land then covered six'
wM ,
collected, and we'hope the Stateauthorities' August,so that they' may ripen after the
inches deep with mulching, they will rainy season. When the season is favorable -
,Y s ;VllCH 6, 1L, as well asjhe;; County As- leave them
,_ ". keep cool in the hot days of April and out until dry; gather
:} -- sessors will use every exertion to make make a fair though not heavy the pods and expose them a few days to
crop, so as
STEPHEN.POWERS .- -, -' Editor. the sun. It is best to shell them at
'P. 6. :Address, Liwtey. Fla.' them more and more ,searching and when cultivated. once, and after they are shelled put them
,>; ,t. ; :' accurate every year. SWEET, POTA.TOES.-There is nothinglike I to air and sun again for a few days longer.

;>!. t-) having plenty of early plants for Sacks are said to be better to keep them;
-; : ,Publications.Received. in than boxes or barrels.: Beans raised
.;; Our personal obseryations ,of the setting;; we have less confidence' the
in spring are hard to keep if intended
(U. 8 of ;
.. ,'numbers out yet for seed they should be put up in bottlesor

aad February,1801.: : Bradford county. No fruit tree the seed potatoes should be bedded at tin boxes and a little camphor sprinkled
:'S.-*' Review'of' the Situation.oh the "Gulf Coast j\ once. See last month's directions as to between them. JJ.
".;1 h Res peetiBg the Matter of,a Oov&rnme-nt'Dry blossoms were injured: afall. About: :varieties. String hAans. Asnocmllv of the war

Dock ,with a 'presentation' of Peniacola'c twenty-five per,cent ,of the blossoms. CORN.. The delicate 'sweet varietiesare varieties, roperly harvested and shippedare J
.d&Irao. ;D.Chlpley. ', rather treacherous in the Florida one or the prime articles of demand
and small berries were,blasted on the in the North. They little hard
Canebrake Ex. Station, Unlontown, Ala- sand but sweet corn can be raised here. are a to
"'. baaa,'B l1eUn No. 10. W.. H."ewmaa," ,, Dl- strawberry plants, with ,many local and no good gardener should allow himself ship, and we believe the man who has a
::' rector: i iv'j to be contented with the inferior Ad thoroughly good lot of beans will never

}'";, ".', ..... ....,-.. variations caused by slope'of ground, ams' Early or the common field corn. regret the extra expense of a good refrig-

: .'*-J" There'are" letters'a this office for dampness, forest protection? or ,the Purchase seed of an honest dealer which erator car.
is fresh and sound, (there are such-deal- Cowpw.-See article on the Conch
: \/l%.," and "Nicol:"' care 'FARMER opposites. Peas were thrown down ers in Florida), plant two or three timesas pea on another page). This variety pos- '

':' AND FRUIT,GROWER. ', by'the hard winds,.and the bloom and much seed as each ,hill requires. sesses the advantage of growing all sum-
i Wait until the mer and keeping the ground cool and
t.t.: ground well!
.,.. *-.-. small pods on top were blasted, but warmed, run a furrow six inches deep, moist. Neither this nor any other kind

,: : The pressure upon the editorial columns underneath there was Jittle or,no injury drop the kernels in it before it dries out, should be planted in an orange grove or
cover two or three inches deep and an orchard of deciduous trees; they will
: .: this week compels us ,to omit a done. A few Irish potatoes were up on the hill or pack it hard with the hoe breed the root knot.

';.y good deal of the market.report. and,> being very tender, they were cut or run a roller over it. Apply the com 'I RICE.-The Yengen variety which was

':, '-- ., down the post, or cottonseed, or commercial fertilIzer imported'from China into Florida some
to ground, but will come liberally in the furrow the whole years ago, was found to be an excellent
'' : We would call the.attention of our right on again. The loss of strawberries length before planting and stir it in; do variety for upland culture. It was tested

'readers desiring to'purchase'pianos or is not place it'all in a pinch at the hill, for in Mississippi and we believe also in
since i
trifling, many plants were then the roots will soon grow out beyond this State; and in Mississippi it was
; ;;organs to the advertisement the well overloaded} and the fruit remainingwill it, the plant will consume it all for foliage found that on good corn land it would
known and l esfablished and about the produce sixty or seventy bushels
long- house, make the time' it is needed per
loss in
good increasedsize. acre. It was in hills like
most for the formation of the ear the planted corn,
Ludden & Bates sup-
,.Savannah. .. Ga. An immediate application of a ply.will be exhausted.! ten or twelve inches apart and the rows
V EGETABLES.OOW growing two and a half or three feet apart, and
1:., Heayy hang the'965 on the growers' pinch of quick-acting fertilizer to each of beets and radishes Q.U1CK: the French Varieties cultivated several times. Rice may be
plant thrown the Breakfast the latter planted from the middle to the last-of
necks: will sink of right on mulching, ; the Early Egyp-
they them if
; this month and in June.
would be beneficial. tian and early Blood, of the former.. The again Floridians
they are not careful., They are a one thing demanded in a market beet is ought to give ,the same careful
.. .. that it shall be of a deep brilliant red culture and manuring to their upland
drug in all markets fast, now. In a .Appro-a1. and round or roundish,other qualities are', rice that the people of the Northwest do

few weeks-the knowing ones say- Editor Farmer and Frult-Grower secondary. The Egyptian is coarse but to corn. It is the wheat of Florida, but

." there will be of Your editorial, "Picking1: Ship- early and sells wel farmers ought to disabuse themselves of
a scarcity oranges, ping Strawberries," in your issue of the Sow celery for cutting;; the Boston the idea that rice will do well as wheat

then they maybe in demand. If they 19th, just received, contains such Market or the Mexican Solid. (See' does without cultivation. If cultivatedand
practical directions for manured as well asf corn is.it will
sowing by B. H. Alden in
are getting "airy" so fast that and
they advice that we number of February 12). It can be yield twice as much per acre iniFlorlda
will not keep two or three weeks commend it to every grower and shipper brought on rapid y with liquid manure, as corn does, and It is worth more,

longer on the trees it is quite in your State, and wish or soap suds with a little nitrate of soda bushel for bushel, than that grain, even
possible\ every
berry in Florida dissolved in it, and be blanched ready if there is no mill at hand to clean it.
that the ,owner would, save money by grower would read it for the table before the rainy season SUGAR CANE.-This may be planted
burying them under the and be governed by it in the future.It begins.! yet also,cassava.. If they have sprouted,
trees instead
is the best column and a half we Lettuce may be grown all the year handle carefully.
of shipping them. ever read on the subject, and we hope I round though it is some trouble in the PEARL MILLET.-This is a valuable

'.; it has not appeared for the last time.It summer. Make the soil very rich and forage plant. Sow in drills three or four

From, all directions n accounts is brief, practical, and to the point mellow; sow broadcast and transplant feet apart, manure heavily and cultivate
large enough to ten inches in
v ,of the most remarkable bloom that and we cannot permit it to pass with- the row, rows a foot apart. Hastings i

i}/, the State has witnessed for some years, out a, few words of approval.P. recommends the Improved Hanson; Assessment and Tax Laws.

s' especially of deciduous fruit M. KIELY & Co. Frotscher, the Cabbage. Editor Fanner and Frnlt-Growen,
trees. St. Louis, Mo. Plant pole beans late this month; Lima The State Legislature meets in a few
The steady cold of last winter was .*.* beans'are extremely likely to rot when weeks and there should be a general
Work for March. the ground is damp and cold. Beans will
",, favorable l to this, class of trees by producing IRISH come upsooner placed with the pressure brought to bear upon our
POTA.TOEs.-May still be eye
; defoliation and a hybernation planted downward. The Southern'' Prolific produces lawmakers to secure a revision of our
with profit for the Northern market(unless in clusters excellent beans assessment and tax laws. In time
or resting '01 me irees. If no, ___ I. .. __ snap, .. _in east
more the season ,should be '
uncommonly. CHI uays alter planting The lazy wiie writers for your paper, who had given
severe frost occurs, we shall have early and warm), and especially to pole bean" is a very prolific variety, and much intelligent study to the matter
:'Peentb peaches, almonds) and apricots keep for home ',use through the ,sum Bush an Lima Southern is a stand-by.novelty Henderson's very highly have contributed stirring articles on

,only to ,deceive the hopeful and, mer. Floridians ought to get rid of the' spoken of.. Our readers should try it in the subject. I have forgotten who

'; t: delude: .them into a still further trial.ot l Idea that potatoes for seed must be a small way.,as the Lima and other pole they are and the dates of their writ
; : brought down from the North, beans.are one of the very few things that ings and the
hope same others
every ones or
these treacherous fruits can be through the
most varieties grown rainy season.
year; when 'grown with plenty of'the who can show in
: Squash, cucumbers, melons and okra up a true light our
of which unsuited
are to regions right kind of manure there is no reason can be planted; though for okra the same present absurd, not to say disgraceful,

't of pronounced frost danger,- especially! for their,"running out." 'Where peas or advice as given for Lima beans will laws will do so without further delay,

..T In,.North Florida. other crops have frosted, potatoes 'panted Early and varieties succeed of well peas may still be and, as before, suggest the proper

.- 1' may still be planted instead;'use Mapes planted at least six inches ,dupe if people changes. No doubt county officers

In another column will bet found the Potato Manure or a rich compost or cot- not accustomed ,to Florida, sand seldom have a difficult task to perform their

crop statistics of Florida for the past tonseed meal containing ten per' cent. get,their,peas deep enough to'keep them duties'under present laws, but it seems

," year. ,H.n. L. B.-WomHwell, Commissioner hardwood ashes or 1 five percent' sulphateof from An experienced"finn ." that that besides that trouble there is a
potash. Plant gardener says the deal of indolence and
of Agriculture kindly at least six inches deep, cabbage fly will not attack cabbage or great dispositionto
sent or so that they will be six, inches deep cauliflower plants which are in boxes do as little as possible while draw-

its advance oft these statistics, ,but (with the' ground not 'ridged) when the two feet above the ground. ing the salaries, fees, etc. So, taken

': the',,next, morning, we found them.in I covering is all on. Potatoes 'must. be Tomatoes, egg plants and peppers can altogether, there is a state of affairs
the Savannah made to produce be set out in the open ground, and seed existing that I 'prefer to leave to others
:l; JVfattf. It;is.a little humiliatJBg tops enough to shade sown for a later crop. Set'' out a row of
: :to newspaper man of the ground completely when the'weather tomatoes along the north side of a board better able to characterize it as it

.: *' ,to any gets hot; an'Irish potato growing",In hot fence, keep the land well drained and should be done. We must sot allow
spirit find an important item'of gov. 's n-is almost certain to have the rot. shade,them a little with brash; the rainy the present stupid system of taxadO.nto
eminent information in"a out-' season will not kill them down so quickly. continue. W. E. DRie
paper Potatoes *
.. spread a thin lay riria cool Beans oLL.
; hard '
are to in this
keep climate
: :.. ; R Manatee,PI*. .' < '
.' ,>., \

: ; \ {: :. ..r:wtr; 1, ','
< :t :' : -
: ,4 :
.' .; ::; a '" ..-::

.)-' '''
It < '
\ : 7r '''

,' w




'r -

Agricultural Statistics.Betow --Jacks and Jennets: Number- ,'32; value, South Florida Railway Land Department Just| as the Investors! Florida. orange .be-

: :'will be found'an-abstractof, the $3.059.00., is well qualified to select the gariJo;sfetheirw.iy clear on their late purchase -
ceaselidated tables of agricultural statis- Stock Cattle: Number, 238,024() ; value, here! comes the California stock to
lands best the wants.of the I '
adapted to
ties collected :for',the :year' 1889, by the $1,868,243.00. [ blast their 'h!>r.es. Some .f the California
'Bureau of' Agriculture: showing the Sheep: Number, 75,721; value. $116- intending buyer and settler. His honor fruit i is alt cady on the street and ft great numher -

..acreage!, product and value of each crop 047.00. .. and honesty'are-beyond. question, and of CAN are headed this way, one' firm
for the entire State. The tables themselves Goats:' Number15,775 t ; value, $11- he has always acted for the best inter- alone! Jiavlng a string of four cars nearly due.
,give the'results by counties,''and 878.00.)() estsor.buyers.Ve publish elsewherea The product ,of the Golden State, although ( '
'.": ll biennial Hogs Number, 222,832; value, $354- not sweet the
ill appear as an appendix the !- as as Florida. orange,makes a
card from Mr. Cannon
giving our
report of the Commissioner of Agri- 377.00. decidedly handsome appearance,,its bright
Total value of live stock 483983900. readers valuable advice, about
culture: some clean color catching the eye of'the buyer at
FIELD CROPS NO. !. POULTRY NO. 5. Florida lands. To this card the once,and *s It can be sold a little lower than

'Cotton(upland):. Acres, 135,991; bales, Chickens: Number, 758,810; value, FARMER AND FRUIT-GROWER can give Florida receipts, it will go to the trade quite
. '41,379; value, $1,728,409.41. $227,035.00. its hearty support and commendation, freely. It, ,is singular how the California or-
. h Cotton (Sea Island): Acres '101,292; Ducks:Number,9,993; value,$4,541.00. though we do not advise, and never ange i*being lost sight while, figuring on the
:or. bags,.88,898; value, $1,191,966.71. Geese: Number, 30,430; value, $17-. Florida output,and especially so by the organizations -
have advised of our readers "
Corn Acres any to who are controlling the shipment
: ,> 375,869;; bushels, 3,809-, 116.00. -
110; value. $2,216,525.31. Turkeys:'Number, 23,627; value, $21- purchase a foot of Florida land before who counsel growers and advise themto
:Oats: Acres, 61,926: bushels,. 563,706; 558.00. they see it themselves. /This is the hold on f-r higher prices as the visible sup
value, ,$840,778.66.<} Eggs sold and used: Number 'dozen, o.nlyabsolutely safe rule in all land ply Is light etc. Californians will makea
Sweet potatoes: '. cre15,284; bushels, 2,154,793; value; $326,335.00.Total purchases.But big Impression' on every market at once,
1,667,767; value, $693,638.65., ,value of poultry and poultry having yet about 3,000 cars to forward, now as
Sugar Cane,: Acres, 7,472; barrels syr- products, $596,585.00. we believe we can do our agri- our market is not figured on at all-P. M.
cultural readers no better service thanto KIKI.T in 8L Lout t-Dipatch
up, 50,879;, value $503,559.31; pounds DAIRY PRODUCTS-NO. 6.
1,891,693 value $121,544.80.' Total them make visit the
;; Milch Cows Number value urge to a .to
'value : 49,752; ,
$625,104.11.' / $553,966.00. Kissimmee valley rice and sugar lands QUESTIONS AND REPLIES.
Rice:' Acres, 1,642; bushels, 27,179; ....
value, $27,970.45.Field Milk: Gallons, 3,264,074; value. $953- Their productive capacity is something
596.00. All reasonable questions,coming from a subscriber
Peas Acres, 18,989 bushels remarkable. have seen corn grownon
: ; ,will be answered :
Pounds value as promptly possible and
Butter 657,779 $162-
: ; ,
132,805 value $153,948.05.Hay them which so heavy that the
; 130.00. without charge,if addressed to the editor at Lawtey.
: Acres, 3.124; tons, 4,944;' value', Cheese: Pounds, 305; value, $62.00. ears would sink in water; rice whichwas Replies can not be glen by mail 2 i\
$75,924.35. ,
Total value of dairy stock and prod- almost equally solid, being heavy A
: value
Millet Acres 73 tons 213
$1,984.70.: ; ;, ucts, $1,669.7M.00.mscELLANEOUS. in the hand like the best old wheat; 61. JAPAN CLOVER., R. E. Dilday,

Peanuts: Acres, 39.284; bushels, 549- PRODUCTS.NO. 7. oats very plump and heavy; and sugar Orango Bend.Interlachen Address a he letter to furnish H. G.

719; value, $591,365.45. Wool: Fleeces, 60,183; pounds, 179- cane weighing thirteen pounds to the Hastings with,seed and give; full can information
Tobacco: Acres, 764; pounds, 275,204; 662; value, $42,557.38. stalk. This cane yielded nineteen percent you as to culture, etc. you
value, $58.343.55.Total ;. Honey: Stands of bees, 13,682; poundsof
value of field crops, $7,700,959.30.NOTE honey, 375,212; value, 3073379. of sugar according to the analysis ]- 62. CASSAVA. Geo. H. Appel, Jack-
: The Commissioner remarks, in Grape Vines: Acres, 1,987; value, $51- of Mr. D. C. Sutton the chemist sonville. Cassava will undoubtedly do
connection with the above returns'on tobacco 766.00. of the St. Cloud sugar plantation. It well with Seed culture in Central Mis

that the total product reported by Wine: Gallons, 23,195; value, $31- is difficult to account for such heavy, sissippi. advertised by two differ-
the assessors is far below the carefully 005.00. ent parties in our cent-a-wbrd column.
firm grain and seeds on these black
prepared reports of experts, which showa Plums:Bushels, 18.423;value$5,767.00.Figs 63. NUT CULTURE. Will you please
total product of 1,777,000 pounds, valued -. : Bushels, 4,645; value, $6,026.00. muck lands except on the supposition ask for information in regard to the
at $444,250.VEGETABLE Total value of miscellaneous products, that they carry a high percentage of cultivation of the almond, butter nut
$167.855.17. phosphate, which element, it is well and English walnut, from your corres-
2. TOTAL VALUE OF ALL PRODUCTS. known, is of special value in the formation pondents. As these nuts ,are universally
popular-every: corner store having them
Irish Potatoes: Acres, 1,618. ; _bushels, Table No. 1. . ... ... $7,700,959,30 of seed. for sale-and I can conceive of no reason
40,583value, $53,936.90. 2; .,. .. .; ... 871,391.82 Again, we have'seen cauliflowers, why they should not do well here I for
u 3... .. ... ... .. 3,094,015.44 information
Cabbages: Acres, 2,238; barrels, 147- grown on this class of lands which one would be obliged for in
319, value $245,732.97.Tomatoes 4..J .. .. .9. 4,839,839.00 regard to ,them. WM. B. SCHRADEH,
Acres boxes 5. ... ... .. 596585.00 were so large that only one head was Tallahassee, Fla.
value, $814,879.98.: 4,309; ,501,524; u. 6. .. .. ... 1,669,754.00 put in each end of an orange box for We-hope some of our readers with ex-

'Squashes: Acres, 207;, barrels, 7,380; U'r" 7. .. ... .. 167,855.17 shipment. This goes to show their perience will reply to Mr. Schrader's

value, $9,861.50. adaptability for the production of vege query. .
Egg Plants: Acres, 110; barrels, 4,329; $18,940,399.73 tables. i
value, $12,525.50. GENERAL NOTES. Doubtless most of our readers have Water Bouquets.
Cucumbers: Acres, 765; crates, 65,341; The law establishing the Bureau of,Agriculture statements to the Procure a glass shade or globe, anda
under which the statistics seen newspaper as
value, $60,382.05.Watermelons foregoing -
dish which the shade will
collected and failed recent purchase by the Kelly Brothersof glass on
: Acres, 2,590; car loads, were published,
1,430; value, $92,915.30. to provide for the collection of industrialand several hundred acres of these lands stand evenly. A stand on a short

.English Peas Acres, 94; crates, 4,530; manufacturing statistics. Under for the growing of rice. They have pedestal so as to lift the ornament
value, $6,884.75.'BeetB this head the value of the following laid the foundations for a large rice somewhat up from the table is best.
Acres 91 'crates 2,825 value named products not included in the fore-
: ; ; Then proceed to the flowers
$9,967.30.Beans going tables, although known to be pro- mill, though recent information from arrange
: Acres,798;crates, 83,965; value, duced or manufactured in the State, the Kissimmee Leader is to the effect and foliage in boquet form,. the stems
$72,765.48. would add to the total aggregate as above. that they are so busy in planting their being shortened and tied securely to

Total value of vegetable and garden stated, for the year 1889, upon a careful crop that the completion of the mill something heavy, which will serve to
products, $871,391.82 estimate,a sum not less than.$122,000,000, I keep.the flowers erect, yet fixed to the
matting tne total value 01 au products for has been postponed until after the seed _
FRUIT CROPS:-'NO. 3. that year fully $140,000,000.Manufactured is in the ground. stand. Next get a large bath or tub,

Oranges: Bearing trees, 1,849,951; nonbearing Tobacco, Hides, Alligator fill it full of clear water, and> high
trees 4,886,701;numberof boxes, Hides Lime, Ice, Nursery Stock Markets enough to ,not only fully immerse the
2.W6,748; value, $2,624,905.19. Ced rBeeswar,Moss,Turpentine, Rosin, Orange flowers, but to cover the shade when
Leona: Bearing trees, 16,927; non-, Sponge, Fish, Oysters, Hewn Timber, r placed over the,bouquet .
beArieg,trees, 74,690; number of boxes, Sawed TimberLumber,Shingles, Staves, FLORIDA ,FRUIT EXCHANGE BULLETIN.
,12fc7S; value, $19,885.45. Brick and Tile, Furniture, Wagons and JACKSONVILLE March 4 1891. Place the dish or stand at the bottom -
Limes: Trees, 13,000;, boxes, 6,454; Carriages, Railroad Cars, Stockings, Cottonseed Six auction saves: Mace report of :26th int; of the tub, put the flowers into it,
vatee, $9,605.38.Grape Oil, Cottonseed Meal, Palmetto show following average: $2.09, $1.07 $..')', in erect form, then take the shade and
Fruit: Trees,9,477' ; barrels,5,034; Brushes and other products, Canned ..U),$2,81,$2.40. Total average $2 17 per b>x., lay It sideways in, the water, the bottom -
value $0,586.06. __ Goods, Fertilizers,Phosphates and others. Character of fruit In these sales! poor And touching the of the dish
edge edge
Piaeapples: Number, 1,715,630; value, .-.-* coarse, principally largo, ranging 96, 112,126 ,
$117ia.10. The Reclaimed Lands of the Kis- and '128. All sound trult superior grade. or stand on which the flowers are .

Baaaaas: Bunches, 28,503; value, $15-. simmee Region.No counting 176 to 200, ranged $35), |3 75 and placed. The shade must then be

196.60.( section of the State, considered $4.CO per box. gradually and very carefully brought
Citeoas: Trees, 24; boxes 18; value,. agriculturally, is attracting more or Latent Bales show steady advance in price over the flowers so that no air is re-
".50. and look for higher from this
we averages
CoewwHte t : Trees, 368,448;nuts, 29,650; keener attention than the rich farm and date forward. retained. It is important that this act
vatee, $1,064.00.Stawberries'Acres,602. truck lands about Kissimmee and along should be performed quite beneath the

; quarts,'1,087' ,- the, shores of Lakes Tohopekaliga and urday.; water, as if air bubbles are admittedthe

808; value, $96,009.89. Okeechobee. Osceola county is the ton, 17,23) packages. ; Philadelphia, 15,614 attempt must be repeated until the
Pears: Trees, 130,322; barrels, ,20,838; packages.
is successful. Small bou-
branchesof experiment ,
center two most important
value, $67, 60.90. ,
Much fruit is reaching destination In bid '
Peaches:, Trees, 340,608; bushels, 245- agriculture-rice and sugar cane shape showing considerable rot This with quets and flowers, of but two or three

966; value; $180,164.05. _- culture. The one man who has been the large sizes and coarse fruit, is cause of low pleasing colors are best Novices saay

Total value of,fruit crops,'$,094,015.44. most:prominently identified with the ,averages reported.We well try ,their hands, first with a tiny

LIVE-O.4.: development of these lands is Mr. recommend steady shipments,as we bouquet beneath a glass tumbler and r

Horses: Number. 64,166;value, $1,,876-, \yiri. Cannon, of Kissimmee. Mr. feel confident that the trait will not improve on a small plate. Such bouquets are
so far as Its keeping qualities go, if held much
Mules his of with appropriate subjects for exhibition at
from service
Number ; Cannon, years longer besides prices are .and to. rise steadIly -
; 8,114 value, $609
.r:::: ; ,the Disston Land Companies and the on all grades--H I all flower'shows.-Fefular Gardening,
,', '
.( .:':': : : < << ,.-

';,' -, ..'.." :; 'r. '. {'" '., :#-t:, > 'yJ..' a:> -
': ;
.; ',,' '.

>. ( jxidv};
.. ""'-' '
,8: :; ., .
.t. : '. :....: 'I"

j x

... .., .'-

+* ? _..- .


-, ..
and 'Lawn. the start. Where a,professional seeds- the upper warming oven of my range. three are annuals and are introducedfrom
-llapdell man advises against the sowing of seeds, For want of this place a shelf above Tropical America. So far as I
.....'.. the store will be nice. Leave it have observed them in this section
-""'- -- it may :well, be assumed that his adviceis very
... Sowing Flower,Seeds.: To it all in word there, only ,watering enough to keep they'do not appear to be so'noxious as
good sum, a our
The sowing of flower seeds,in the the soil moderately moist, for ,if kept they were in Illinois, ,where they oftenor
hands of the inexperienced in many advice to the novice as to the best way wet before the plants are well up and ( at least the, last two) almost took
cases results in complete failure, the o'sow flower seeds in Florida would growing fast the, bulbs will be in possession of cultivated and waste
complaint being made,that the seeds be-don't do itBut' those who insist danger of rotting. When the leaves grounds. They are not very commonin
,were not good. The same.seeds having on'trying it would get many helpful have pushed up from three to four this section and that is the reason
been tested by the seedsmen before '. from the .article culture inches,"remove the boxes to a light, they are no more of a pest here than
points> on celery -
offering them, proves their grow- sunny :place' during the day, being they are. I presume in some parts of
ing or' germinating qualities. With, by an experienced gardener and careful that the plants_ do not becomethe the State they are as troublesome as theyare
care in planting to the required depth florist, Mr. B. ,H. Alden, ,which was 'least chilled. I always put them in the Northern States. As theyare
and soil,suitable, failure is' almost im published February 12. The samethoroughness back in their warm quarters at night all annuals, thorough cultivation
possible with seeds that have been successfully ; and painstaking which until the middle of April or first of should be adopted to keep them destroyed -
tested. By strictly observingthe secured such gratifying success with May, and until well grown, so that while crops are growing.
following rules for sowing flower hose seeds, (so difficult to make germinate :- they may not be chiljed at night, for After,crops are harvested they shouldbe
seeds, success is certain. in this climate), would :be of that would injure the bulb, sometimes kept well mowed till the land ,is
THE SOIL.-A mellow loam, whichis the highest value in the case of small blasting the bloom germ. I start my plowed for another crop. ,
a medium earth between the' extremes flower seeds.-ED., bulbs in this way from the first of .
of clay and,sand, enriched witha The.Tuberose.. March to the first of May,, planting The Calochortus or Mariposa Lily.
compost of rotten .manure and leaf them, one box at a time, {from two Some species of this beautiful
mold, is adapted to generality of This, extremely fragrant and exqui to three weeks apart, so as to have a "lily" are particularly difficult of cultivation l-
flowering plants. Previous,to planting site flower is a native, of the East succession bloom. By the middleof hence a general impressionhas
Indies, and was introduced into culti been, created that as, a class theyare
flower beds or borders, care must betaken May, on warm, sunny days, place
I{ that they are so arranged that vation about 1630. During the term the boxes out of doors in the sun, only fit for greenhouse culture.
the ground may be a little elevated' in of three hundred years,it has been in removing them back into the house I notice that the present season;
the middle, that the' water may run quite general cultivation in all warm again by sundown. After the first of however, two or three dealers are cataloguing
off, and that the ,plants may show:to climates as an out-door plant in June they may be left out of doors the calochortus, but not under -
better advantage.Do large numbers. Owing to its ex altogether; but I never remove the its true name. Mariposa tulips
not plant any of the seeds,when treme sensitiveness to cold it is not bulbs from the boxes and plant out and California tulips are among the
the ground is wet. Make the surface cultivated as it should be, as many in the flower beds I find they can fictitious titles which in the end are
4 as fine and smooth as possible. Cover people will ,not 'attempt to give it a be so,much better cared for in 'the sure to prove confusing and harmful.
each sort of seed to a depth proportionate trial for fear of failure. However, 'boxes, for when the weather is dry One firm whose catalogue is beforeme
to its sizes; the, finest, like Por- when the nature of the bulb and its and hot they can easily be suppliedwith speak of "California tulips (Calo-
tulacca, Campanula, ,Digitalis, etc., requirements are better understood, all the moisture they need, and chortus)" as being new and ashardy
,should be merely sprinkled on ,the it will be found to be very easily cul they like a good deal, they can be as common tulips. Without knowing
tivated, very few failures resulting, protected from the high winds, can positively whether the particular
covered. and it is in the power of any one to have the; location a sunny one, the species offered is really new, I of
soil; press,the soil down( firmly over possess these lovely flowers. best suited to them. I usually keep my course cannot assert that this state
,the seed with,.a brick or'short piece of As, each bulb blooms but, once it boxes on the bacK piazza steps, where ment is ,untrue, but certainly no calpchortiis -
board. For larger seeds the depth is well to be careful to get good, they get the sun all day, until they that I am familiar with will
should be regulated according to the extra strong flowering bulbs to commence are ready to bloom, when I remove bear out this assertion of extreme'
size of the seed, those of the size' of ,a with. Then take .a good them to the side piazza where it is hardiness. '
pin head, one-half inch deep, and those sized wooden box, anything from .a more shaded, in order to preserve Brought to more general attentionon
the size of a pea, three-fourths of an starch box to a soap box will do for the delicacy of the flowers.-VuKs their merits, there are several
inch. size, it being from eight to ten Magazine. charming species, not commonly
Procure m a, bit of lath, (it would be inches deep. Good sized plant pots grown which would surely become: favorites -
better if planed'smooth) about two feet may be used which will hold two or Some Troublesome Florida Weeds.No. when known. ,
long, press the edge down into the soil three bulbs, or even tin cans can be 12. The illustration herewith shows at
evenly, so as to make a groove as deepas utilized for the purpose, each holding least one "new" species, C. Afadrcnsis,
the seed is to be planted; scatter the one'bulb. Be sure to have holes in [j. H. SIMPSONbANATEE.1] found in Mexico some three years ago
seed along this, 'allowing four or five the bottom of the boxes, or in the tin Amarantus abusVhite( Pig Weed, by C. G. Pringle. The plant figuredis
of the'larger to fifteen or twenty of the cans, if used, to provide for proper Tumble Weed). This plant is foundin an average one, about one foot, in
i smaller seeds to the space one plant is drainage. Fill these boxes with rich cultivated and waste grounds. It is height; flowers about one inch in ,di-
'to occupy when grown. Cover the soil and some well rotted manure. smooth and pale green with alternate, ameter, slightly drooping and of the
seed by pressing the earth togetherover But before putting in the soil first put oblong, obovate, long-petioled, small, clearest possible yellow. It is well
it, then turn your lath flatwaysand in a layer of potsherds, coals, shellsor obtuse leaves. It is a foot or two high, worth attention. The fact that some ef
press the soil down firmly and anything that will keep the holes branching from the base. After it the known species are so rare and diffi-
from becoming plugged up by the' goes to seed the stem breaks off at the cult of cultivation renders it difficult to
evenly. _
IMPORTANT.-As the sowing of; dirt, thus allowing all excess of mois- ground, the upper part of the branches determine positively that the accom-
flower seeds in Florida is very apt to ture to pass off. curves inward and the whole plant panying figure of C.flavus also rep;
be followed by failure we do not recommend When planting the bulbs be sure forms a ball which is rolled along on resents a new species. F. H. Hors- '
sowing them, although the to pack the soil firmly around each the ground by the wind and lodged ford, late associate of Mr Pringle,
seed be of the highest grades. Our one, letting it cover the tops from against fences apd ditches, hence the thinks not. It is a' charming flower
; experience has shown that most seedsof about one inch to' one.half inch in name Tumble weed. in either event, the bloom being a
flowers should be sown between October depth, first removing all the small Amarantus. chlorostachys (Careless trifle larger than C. Madrensis, more
i st'andFebruary ist-Hasting?- bulblets or offsets. The bulbs may weed). This plant grows in cultivatedand drooping in habit, the outer edge of
'Catalogue. be placed from two to four inches waste grounds, and is three or four the same bright yellow, while the'cen
The of the above advice apart A six pound starch box will feet high, with alternate, ovate leaves ter is a deep purple and covered with
upshot hold about eight good large bulbs very and petioles two or three inches minute_hairy growth which renders it
from an experienced grower is,; that nicely, still six would be a better long. The leaves and flowers are particularly striking. These, as wellas
persons without experience in Florida number for a beginning. I use these very green. The flowers are incon- the more common species, may be
had better not spend much time and boxes in all sizes, and in my soap spicuous surrounded. by awnpointedbracts. easily grown in pots using equal
trouble on annuals. This accords boxes I usually have, two dozen or proportions of leaf ,soil and sand.
more bulbs in each, but these be- Amarantus hybridus (Green Ama They may be planted in the open
with our own_belief. Newcomers who ing so large and heavy: are not so ranth Pig Weed). This plant is also ground also and will withstand an'average -
are anxious to surround themselves, easily moved around as the smallerones. called Careless weed and is so similarto winter'in this locality if planted
with flowers had better consult their As for having just one bulb the last that separate- description three inches deep, each bulb being!
neighbors and learn'out of their fund in a pot, when with only the same is unnecessary. They are both annuals surrounded with' a handful of clear
of experience what will succeed 'in amount of care I can have a half ; both grow in cultivated and,waste sand and then on the approach of
dozen, I never think it best. grounds;both have awned floral bracts, severe weather carefully mulch-ed to
Florida, then procure' from'them slips, When my receptacle is ready ]I rendering them disagreeable to :walk the depth of fQZ; or five inches. 'The

cuttings; roots or bushes-something place it in a very warm, but not a hot among; both have,inconspicuous flow- soil must be well_drafaed,.-Am" 'Gar*.,
that.is almost certain to succeed from place. I put mine upon .the top, ers and seed enormously. The last '#I. : ;; ;: '- ; '"
.. .
., '
: ,.J' .:,' ': :- tf /
.... ",,',,-M''." ,:.-. .:......: ;.,-,;- f if' .
V Lr

;'- .", J., '- -



_._, :


UPalrlbfue. The food of the nursery. is the best in sharp stroke., This apparent: crueltyof

? !\ old age. Bread and milk and honeyis nature is thus a merciful provisionfor DON'TDELAY TO

.a capital diet. Milk agrees with those beings who know not the
Mike's Choice.Bedadf i.i': nearly all. 'Hot :milk with a little meaning sympathy. In early ages ,Stop that cough! Else the bronchial
Mellin's food forms an admirable and in savage life i it was the same jrith tubes will be enlarged and the delicate
., it's a flower>s they iv'ry are icbtate wantln'AiTimbHmJtoiatlHiit ;-, .:;-. drink at night, and can be kept' warm man. The skulls found in'the"gravel No tissues other of medicine the,1 exposed is .to;in J.aD"

,A flower that 1.common but scbpritely' in a' hot water jug covered with a cozy beds are, all full of teeth, as of those tive in throat and lung so speedily troubles opera-'as

Aad wan that it sclnted up ewate; Fruit is wholesome if ripe or well! who died early. Now, in advanced Ayer's Cherry Pectoral., A few: :doses
A tree-1I loomln',.bright little crathur cooked. Fat 'is good, as cream or civilization, love and care prolong life have been known to break up an ob-
Al home on,each bUueci'aquare mile,
,Where, the Goddess of Liberty swately; fresh butter. Warm food is very to"a, great age. :This is not an un- stinate and distressing cough. Sufferers
Woald afther.be toasin a B hmlle.No'woaderwbID'namln' suitable. Soup enriched with creamor mixed, good. Almost the very exist- from asthma, bronchitis, croup, consumption
marrow is light and. nourishing. ence of ,slow decay and long disease sore throat, and whooping
thlm over cough find a sure relief I in the use of this
All meals should be and all has been the love
,They can't quite entoiiely arree, I regular brought'about by .;It soothes the;inflamed -
.For none of the frail orathures mentioned excesses avoided. Of 800 persons and care that distinguish humanity., membrane, pro-
Come np to the standard,yes see.. over eighty, sixty per cent. were Hence it is a peculiarly noble and ,motes expectoration: : and in
Bo'I'll puke of just to ai shtat thlm *. moderate eaters, thirty per cent.. small Christian work to lessen the sufferingsthat duces .repose Don't be with.
Before the grand ballot! shall close, out it in the house. Sallie E. Stone,
and If in has made
,only ten per cent large. weight a.sense ,our own care
That a ram.blossomseems the complatestOf Hurt's store,'Va. writes "I have found
: ,
any one,blouom thatgrows.poud. i being gained the diet should be de possible; and, as far as we are able, to in my family,that Ayers Cherry Pecto-
.Housekeeping.The creased. In addition to the after.dinner make old age a period of serene sun- ral was always a certain cure for colds
t 4 nap as years creep on, a doze after shine and an unmixed blessing.- and coughs."
Science of Old, Aje.; breakfast and before dinner is often Leisure Hour. "Five years ago I had a constant

Old age has its special dangers,and helpful. As to clothing, it should be cough, night sweats, was greatly reduced -
its special l safety with ,regard to dis- both warm and light. Fur is an ad- Bonnets and Birds. in flesh,and had been given up by
For instance whereas in child mirable material. The in the my physicians. I began to take Ayertf
ease. : a underclothingshould Olive Thorne Miller asks New Cherry Pectoral and was completely;
the temperature; goes up on the slightest be of wool. A sealskin waist York Hetaldt ,how can woman recon cured.-Anga A.Lewis,El card,N.Y.Ayers .
provocation/in old age it can hardlybe coat is useful, and the feet and hands cile her concience, to the constant ob-

moved at all. The 'aged body is should be well and warmly ,clothed. ject lessons in cruelty, which the Cherr/PectoraJ

not, as a rule, prone to any acute disease An eider down quilt on the bed, which wearing of murdered birds holds. up.
A &;Co.,Lowell,If a**.
.If ,a person passes eighty, it is should be'warmed in winter, is a good Putting entirely aside the responsibilities Sold byafDruggista. Price yer $1; six bottles,15.preparation. .
rare for him to be seized with any covering. No: aged person should be of people and the rights of animals,

special malady. In injuries, such as suffered to get cold in bed. Two a. it is a simple, bare alternative, she

,fractures, though from the lightnessand m. is the hour when most deaths take said, that is 'presented to us: Shall,the

brittleness of the bones they are place, when the temperature of the birds be allowed to live, or shall the THEHLQRYOFMANSTRENGmVITALITY
easily met with, they are repaired solidly body is lowest and its powers feeblest. earth be reduced to a barren wilderness

and quickly, even in centenarians. All habits of old people should be respected ? One of the two is certain to be !

. Slight shocks cause severe depression, and not lightlyaltered. Whatever for the bird is almost our only protector How Lost! How Regained, .
but greater injuries are surmountedand excites exhaustion should be for- from insects. To one who has not

surprising recoveries made from bidden. Early rising is therefore bad. informed herself it may seem like' a STN 3flElti'LEOF

severe maladies. Wounds and ulcers Drinking hard water is not good, as wild statement, but nevertheless it is I r
often,heal quicker than in the young; it tends to hasten the calcareous i true that the insect is one of the most

the, aged" recover from attacks of con- changes in the body. Certain com powerful forces on earth, and one

gestion, paralysis, apoplexy,. pneumonia mon errors in the care of the aged against which man, with all his boast-

erysipelas and ,other,affections ina may be here pointed, out; some we ed ability, is helpless. It comes in KNOWTHYM E

surprising way. .Diseases, as we have already touched on: inumerable armies, too minute to be THE SCIENCE OF LIFEA
have said, often pass them by.. A man I. That the aged require rich and handled; nothing can discourage, noth- Scientific and Standard Popular Medical Treat! ,

may live to one hundred in house in very nourishing diet. ing can eradicate it. It multiplies by OQ and the Physical Errors of Debility Yoath,,Prematara Impurities Decline of the,Blood.Nerron*,

which} he had typhoid fever himself, 2. That early rising is good for millions; it preys upon every vegeta-
,and in which many of his children and them. ble and animal substance under heav EXHAUSTEDYlTALITYUNTOLD

grandchildren have since'died from it. 3. That cold baths invigorate them; en. In a world abandoned to the

It is, probable these favorable, results whereas they are fraught with immi-- insect not a green thing could, grow, MISERIESResulting

are due to the long time the organs nent danger, and are often fatal. and without vegetation neither man
have worked and each beast could exist. The birds and from Pony,Vice,Ignorance,Excesses or'
unitedly helped, 4. That continual medicines and ,nor Yertaxatlon[ Enervating and unfitting the victim
other, like:old soldiers who pull well dinner pills are needed to digest the ,the birds only, can cope with these for Avoid Work tuukillfol, Easiness,brttenders.the Married Possess Social this Relation.

together and bear reverses, under which food; whereas, instead, less should be fearful hosts of our most fatal foe, andIt work. It contains$00 pages,royal firo. Beautiful great
troops would succumb. There takes unceasing labor on their partto binding,embossed,full gilt. Price only $1.00 by
younger eaten.
mail,postpaid,concealed In plain wrapper. Dte# -
is, on the other hand, a tendency in That the rooms should be hot do it. No creatures have such ap tratire Prospectus Free,if you apply now. The
5. ; .
distin;nished author Wm. IL 'Parker: M.D., receded -'
old age for slight diseases to become whereas they should be cool, but not petites-"incarnate voracity" Ruskin the GOLD JEWELLED! MEDAL

chronic. Now, as to, the,care,of old cold-65 degrees to 70 degrees.: calls them-none require such con this from PRIZE the National ESSAY! Medical on NCIIVOC8 Association and for'
age, the chief points are moderate and 6. That a fixed diet should be rig- stant supplies. Woman, the tenderhearted PHYSICAL DEnILITY.Dr.Partered aeorps
digestible food sufficient warmth and the lover of beauty and of Assistant Physicians may be consulted confldentially -
: idly adhered to; whereas variety is song, by mail at the office of
even, quiet life.' The chief of the threeis often essential. has really cast the great weight of her 'THE PEABODY MEDICAL INSTITUTE

'the f food, or fuel for the lamp of life.' Old age is of two sorts; that whichis influence against the tribes of the air, orders o..f BulflnchSt.for books or.letters DotoiiIlIaAtowhomaQ,for advice should be

While all fixed dieting ,is bad, where natural, and that which is prematurely and the birds fall at her behest by directed as above.

it:;can 'possibly be avoided, a few hints acquired youth; and it need millions. .
can be, given that may prove of :value.\ hardly be observed that it is only of rConsumption-_-

The older a ,person is after: fifty the the; former variety we now speak. Cured.An For a DISORDERED LIVER
food old physician retired from practice,had
less he requires. Luigi Cornaro, Self-denialoften requires to be -
: practiced placed In his hands by an hart India missionary '
who lived ,to one hundred, ,though of. by the aged in many ways, the formula of a simple vegetable Try BEECHIi'S PILL$.
the permaneDt.cureotConlampUon
a .feeble constitution, took_ twelve : though not arbitrarily. All known remedy for Bronchitis.speedy Catarrh. Asthma
ounces of solid food ,and 'fourteen' weak points in the constitution shouldbe and all throat and lung affections,alA a positive 25cts. a Box.
and .
ounces of fluid daily during the .latter and radical care for nervous debility 02r ALL :D VGG1r8 :
jealously watched. No are as a' all nervous complaints. Having tested its
of his life and his most wonderful curative powers in thousands of
part ; severe rule surrounds the aged such as guards cases,and desiring to relieve human suffer-
i illness was caused by his .increasinghis the young, because they are not in ng.I will send free of charge to all who wish
in German, }French English,
t. this recipe
allowance, through, the continual many ways the same objects of in- with full directions for preparing and using. 0CES
entreaties of his. friends., Very little, terest. But this is not as it should be, Sent by mall, by addre8f W.A.NOTES,82)Powers'Block lag. with stamp Send for Circular
namlngtbUpaper. tetUsg
-proteid or animal food i is required, nor is it consistent with the Christian ,Rochester,N.Y. When to Spray

and, though .in many respects false profession. In animals, death whenit How to Spray,,

teeth are: a great boon to the aged, ,comes is, as a rule, swift. Thereis NEWSPAPERS FREE and what Pumps to ue.

they may,lead to too great a consump- with the vast majority, no old age FLORIDA you the"South Florida Home" Agents Wanted.'
tion of animal food. It is not, themount and debility suffered among them. six weeks on trial for 10 cents and insert TOOT THE GOULDS MFC.CO.
In our"Mailing List"free of charge,which '
of coals we put in,a grate that No long wasting or disease or slow will name bring you hundreds of sample copies of Flor- -. ,. Seneca Falls,N. Y,
the but the amount that Ida newspapers,maps circulars,etc.:,and if yon "
warms ,room, ; tumors embitter their lives; they are want to visit or locate in Florida,you can very
can be burnt; and the great point is killed ,by their fellows when their easily decide where to go and how to get there, ANSY PILLS:

to.avoid,choking the; digestive.and excretory powers fail, and,, are thus delivered and men you of 10 will ets.be Stamps;p'eased taken.with the Address small SOUTH invest* s

,organs with excess, of foo4.f' from .all these slow tortures by one. LOEIDA HOME,>St. Petersburg,Fla. I T ar J Jd
f't ,

'::....... I '.;-:, ;j',<.,
/ ; '
:: r .: : a :', : .. < .. ,," .: ..
= .
'i .
> .
; : .. "
2 '
< : < '" :
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r :' ; ( ',' #:. : ) '. : .>"" ;: ,.':,"
r ,

:.. '
; s

"- Y _..... .": _-"

"" ,--,- ,. ..
# : > # .
.... ",, .. p. .v. <
:;,< > .

_: : i :The Farmers Alliance.' i :: .

;.. '\. :\n.... .... 1& "' ___. .

: r. : : : ,
; : '
/ vti t It
: : : i : .f _, .

'.y a.-
f"1 -.t.I; "
'.l ::f. i" ;

r r.OL.iIV.:1.,......f.?*.: ." :.r(T'' ,*;,. J,.'. ": ':t!,"!"'1."'ft., _.... Agriculture' the Basis of Wealth." '. No. 10.

.: .J _U' .. ..' __- ,' ,_ .. H v..,.... .,' .. "
TOM.SAW.YBR: ,' 1.1'3' :: iS4ffContributorvTHe'people i .
bility. "The member', who goes to Tallahassee'this So; brother Alliancemen of the 'tractions of home. Fathers and

:/ : t Gov year with expectation Florida Legislature, study your duty. mothers, let us make home pleasant
; ; jsupgp.fti: ,, e:, of having a picnic will wish that he Get '
'you together agree. Map and beautiful that 'in all the coming
.eminent, and-;,the Govcrnmen, t was back at, home fighting sandspurs. out a line of action and then stand years the' dear feet will
OI/T /: ;:* i- "< ':: ; i The'indications'
can. ..nptk. ,,support {Ithe. people.? ; session point to a busines shoulder to shoulder. The Alliance always turn towards 'the old place,

r. ."ii 'r J ", : ....1 I\!.. :' t .,q. and" the people expect' it. This man who is not willing to meet his and fired hearts will rest in its mem-
question of
'r finance'must"be settled so brother' on common ground and wprl
c'. AUlancemeh* * at.. -Tallahassee.-,. i -, ., ... _...: that 'we can adopt that''''payas: you in unison, if he will in this crisis pour .

:If the:Alliance .of the: ,Leg- go policy," either greater-and: more order's life allow pe/sonal preju- The Sub-Treasury Bill.

islatUre will stop 16 considerihat'+ they. searching taxationby cutting off-some dice or preference to control him, i it At the unanimous of the

will| be,held responsible .at,'tile//bar: of of the leaks that so constantly drain will be well for him to thoughtfully Rochelle Sub-Alliance request(Madison

public! ,9pipio'n'.(or: .'the. :legislation ofthecgmmg the treasury, or by, issuing bonds and consider if he is an Allianceman.at county), we 'publish the following-

session,),they,will'certainly calling on posterity to help pay for heart. TOM SAWYER. ticle by Dr. J.A.. Reid which
be- present expenses.Ve all know was
equal to.the occasion. There that
are, read before the last meeting by the
aBout"sixty. ;-- Alliance..' .. members- .:-a good with a debt bad business to'burden'an estate Article vm. author:
!forkIng' majority-ana 'if and most persons believethat.the The eighth article of
''f1c puonc Declaration I have been requested to a
interest, ers weimay, expect-to;hear same rule applies to the State.. 'of Purposes reads this way : paper to be read before' this prepare SubAlliance -

from* 'outsider wlio ca'tf'wield a in There surely must be much wisdom "We labor to adorn and beautify giving my views on what is

pen.or: lift a'voi e. It will/be exceedinglyjunforfunate legislative body, but there must our homes, and render farm life more known as the Sub Treasury plan if
for'the Farmers Alliance also be some plan to, concentrate it, attractive." ,
else it, is effect, as a means of affording :
if our members fail in scattered and thrown I wonder if
duty; in directed away we do? How many o f permanent relief to the greatly
and we may not reasonably,expect top efforts. Again, let me us spend a thought, or a dollar, or an depressed condition of agriculture
that ,
central'another say the Alliance majority will be hour's
legislature should we labor to beautify our' homes ? and 'consequently to all who dependon
prove\ unequal to.' the work;before us held responsible l for legislation this Is it not a fact that we sadly neglectour it for a living.
UHS'time. We are:on.trial year.. Then let them take counsel together duty in this
politically matter? It takes It is known that, while I have never
, &'we must do our best. and together'agree. So'much little well
.1 very directed effort to raisea favored the Sub-Treasury plan
-- for legislation.I yet
me nrst great step...lor 'the.Alliance yard full of beautiful flowers. but it that I have held that it was a move

,I.. members to take is to "get together." stood believe, that it is generally under- will not do to allow any undue familiarity tending specially to direct the atten-
that there will be
,If tliey'goto work with no .unity of a United States i on the part of the calves and

action 'and no definite plans for',the Senator to' elect; and there. may be pigs. insufficiency

" performance of their' duties they'' will ; that some is'.of the our main Alliancemen who think The calves soon get outside of the the,demands of commerce and to han

labor in vain, and will ,become i i play elected reason why they were flowers, and the pigs being of inquisitive dIe the produce and do the businessof
and that I
" for this
things in the hands of.a shrewd well- will purpose they disposition quickly get at the root, the country on a safe and satisfac-

I': drilled minority.. ,After'' they: get together one assemble of the ; but really that is only of the whole business.A tory basis, ,that being the chief cause
albeit '
they must to stick reasons, a very important A little paint and whitewash of low
arrange or, one. If the farmers of prop- prices, and consequent depression -
iakotherwords Amer- erly administered
the Alliancemen must help in
; wonderfully in all business, which is now so
i; settle :all their '.own differences,, sfnk&eir ca.ever that: expect relief they must workon making home attractive. Nice clean rapidly reducing the wealth producersto

: ::personal preferences,, and, :after States Senate.body known Our as the United walks about the yard and garden are poverty; and that if not found

. irug put ,,t.he win or 't1i ,majority the Alliancemen in very attractive also. Pretty shade practicable in itself it shrmM! lead tn
It" abifie.ks decision. present Florida Legislature owe a rees: in front and the
They mustbe't : 'a along avenue such thought and discussion as would
duty to State
If. 'Ufttt.th. y will I"'J IJ. It is presumed where the our. and to all other States help out the looks of a place. Yes, devise some practicable plan of bringing -
that: our Alliancemen.. masses are struggling in the there are so little that
I are well posted toils many things cane into circulation a sufficient volumeof

I as,to the needs of the masses and, they will of.monopolistic tyrants, and they ) easily done at odd hours to make currency to enable the people to
It know in be'recreant to a great trust if they home
:a' your look like
general what the somebody lived in their
country several
way do engage callings,. witha
i ; wisely,use the have
; needs but power they
they are, mostly inexperienced reasonable of
and prospect some profit
*Iii ,in'legislation, and if they. are ,Allianceman give to us'a ,Senator, either an An attractive home has a tendency for their toil.I .
wise, ''they will take'' in fact or in principle. to keep the children from '
counsel together 'will straying off. do not favor the Sub-Treasury
They forget their if
amd"agree. Doubtless some will'go'to not sternly and duty they do : Many "wandering boy" owes his plan because, among other reasons,'

Tallahassee', with an :entire. code.. of blandishments unflinchingly resist all fall to the unpleasant surroundings of it seems to me that it would give us
f of
tI laws, all written but,,but it will be well sweet tongued what he was wont to call home. an unstable currency, limited in

for.them: to,recpllecUhat;ih legislator I Qf lobbyist) and select, without', particle Now come inside the house and let us amount only by the wheat, cotton,
personal favoritism
who introduces man who will, see what we can do. A .
' a multitude of bills beyond all good musical tobacco, etc., produced in the country,
soon loses the bulk of his influence question, fight the good in"strument-anything from a that might be warehoused
' fight.for the causing atone
; people arid resist the
and) sometimes becomes nuisance I piano to a mouth-,harp-is never extravagance season of the year a possible

that should be abated. gerous encroachment of the money and will do much towards great inflation, thus unfixing all values

It When.. we consider::the: condition of power rnir'cwil'lihPrty upon our republican. Such principlesand a keeping the boy at home ,in the eve- and at another season a,corresponding -'
man ic
niners. Then think
I our.::state finances, how a lot of roodbooks contraction. A
., we are named orwe not difficult to find in Florida. He will talk him. 'O--- : paper currency .
are sorry; so' it will becqme our may not be a brilliant to A good without fixed volume or standard -
I legislators be very man magazine and a pure newspaper will of value
to just"as'carefuland'acuire !,; he have fluctuating from seasonto
may never held an office in do
wonders in
I: ,all the, wisdom possible 'to solve) his life but if he is honest if the way of education. season, would necessarily demoralize' -
It ; he is ,
If Nicely
, feis arranged sitting rooms with the business of the
revenue problem. There are going patriotic if he has country and
t' .be: ,no entangling alliances neat, cosy bed rooms are pleasant to l ead ruin.
to some;big fights over 'this 'question with those whose interests us to And again, I thinkn
'in its details and con- all the family. You chuck a boy away experiment seemingly so' impracticable .
; every man diet with if he is
ours '
;,. sfeetikl be ready to vote, 'intelligently. i has a will of his, own-in intelligent short, if and he soon into any looks sort of outside a hole for to sleep and he so uncertain in its effects, and

; Isfeall:: not'presume to offer any advice is-a man fresh from something necessarily so costly as would be the
, ,
:. oa this people and more agreeable. Arrange a nice of
subject, for every member one whose life is building warehouses all over the
an embodiment
of clean
kaows how ; table with something more than with the .
force of
important it is to the'wel- our Alliance '' country, great em-
fare ,' {,our purest principles, then the eternal corn bread and fry of our ployees receive
0 State, and he is supposed in.tbej; name,of, the of necessary to inspect;
tfbe: tudying..i.it carefully, but I 'may i h.the,interests o'tne Florida,' country homes and I 'assure you the care for, and handle the produce: ,
struggling children
masses will
: i impress 'Allianceraen'that not run off. There are when received at the warehouses
we allover fair ,
our land take
I : I : hold of him
have so manyways to woo the tired children should
be considered
,. complained, more perhaps 'than and elect, 'him whether he will very great
any one 'else, and, since we have.a' The office is seeking j just: that' kind or,not back to their old home, while a: care, and directly weighed in all of its

Majority, thefbufden is'upon.us.We, ; ; will be prostituted if ofnianand,4t patient> mamma and a,cheerful papa are bearings giving it our sanction. ,
givento items of interest
snot I,be- i awe.. ,J. !to-eyade:- :'thcresppnsi- one.less) worthy : 'that count when we Another reason why I cannot favor it

:' :. .::\.J- :: ,t ::.:J I ... '," ',; .,:'J.,'". .,: :'.< : are summing up the beauties and at- if. found' practicable is fiat it would" .' 'A..t,bC. Lr

: .

..taj ..

: .

.i-.3rtn ,
"'" *.....:7 "




,class .legislation,'and as such inconsistent better, determine to learn ,the reason increasing demands of the commerceof RICH FLORIDA LANDS.
,with the declaration of principlesof the country.
the Fanners' Alliance. why.Though only a plain farmer,and live The constitution was ordained and
But, although. I ,cannot, favor; the stock breeder, with no aspirations for established in "order to form' a more
Sub-Treasury plan, 'I recognize,fully, public life, and very little versed in perfect union, establish justice insure
.that'whilst the volume o/ 'money ,has financial matters, as this paper may domestic tranquility, provide for the
been stationary for, ,twenty: years, the abundantly show, I will venture to common defence, promote the general
volume of commercial transactionshas suggest what I think would be a safe, welfare, and secure the blessings of
more than, doubled, and just(; in 'practicable, inexpensive and constitutional liberty to ourselves and our posterity.And .
:'proportion as commercial, transactions plan for getting any determined in Article i, the States grantedto
t have increased,.so'has' the relative demand amount, of money in circulation, and the United States the power to coin
,,. ,for money grown: with jL.And equitably distributed immediatelyamong money and regulate the power thereof, ,
the deficiency of money to meet this the whole people, free from all and Section 10, same article, reads:
increased volume of business has en. cost (except a nominal charge by the 'No State shall coin money, emit bills
njrEanced the 'value of money and Government for making treasury of credit, or make anything but gold
greatly decreased the prices of' prod notes), ,and which will give immediateand and silver a tender ,of debts." It is
: ucts. No one is 'more in sympathy greatly needed relief'to the tax. certain that the States did'not intendto
"y with the suffering sses' of the pea payers,and to the whole country, all deprive themselves of the necessary
pie than I ,am, or feels more ,deeply labor feeling at once its reviving ef medium of trade, when they granted Farmers Stop 'an(Think.
the serious 'depression in agricultureand fects.It. to the United States the sole power to WHY Spend the best years of your
< of those engaged i in and dependent ,is this: Let the National Government coin money, and, at the same time, life cultivating the soils of the frozen
on it for 'a living, caused by the 'issue treasary notes to the States, denied to themselves the privilege even North and West raising crops,on,which
l low prices forced upon them by the on a per capita basis to the amount of to emit bills of credit, or make any- the freight is often not realized, when
!. great contraction in money during the $- per capita annually, as it may thing but gold and silver coins a .ten- you can buy land from the undersigned,
:'last l twenty years, from $43 per capita be absorbed into the circulation (but der-of debts. rich and fertile as any known lands, !
then, down to $i7 jiow, and the, con- no issue of treasury notes to a State at But.for promoting the general welfare and where you can raise a crop that the
= sequent great contraction'' of''all values one time to exceed the amount of its whatever necessary for the gen- United ,States Government will pay a
except debts and taxes, 'or' will State taxes), until the per capita CIrculation eral good of the people of the several BOUNTY of$too on each acre.
strive more earnestly to devise'some of the country shall reach $40, States, and not reserved: by the States, HOLD On, this isn't all. You can sell
safe, constitutional plan by which the which would seem to me a sufficient should be, exercised, by the general the said crop right there in your home
volume of money in circulation shall amount to meet all the demands of Government; and being empoweredwith market for $250 per acre. You ask for
' ,be made sufficient' 'enable the peo trade, when the issue should cease, the sole privilege to coin money the "How" and the "Wherefore."
pIe with reasonable diligence and in- and this relative amount at no time be makes it its duty to do so, at the cost Quite right-facts and figures count best.
telligent labor, to provide for their exceeded.The of making it, for the States, and in Plant the Land with Sugar Cane.
just; wants and leave them,an encouraging treasury notes issued to ,the sufficient quantity to meet the needsof
profit at the,close of the year. States shall be made redeemable in trade, and a refusal or failure to do TO OLD Farmers and careful perus-
E But,what is money ? Johnson and coin, and be a legal tender for all so would be one of the greatest crimesa ers of papers, the fact that there is now
Walker define it "metal corned for debts. The States, in their contract Government could commit againstits established near Kissimmee, Fla., the
the use of commerce j" Webster defines with the National Government for the citizens. The sole power to coin St. Cloud Sugar Refinery, is stale
r 'it "coin for current use,'or a sub notes, shall be required to set apart a money must necessarily carry: with it news.Ve are talking to all our
stitute for it." This'substitute (paper certain per centum of their'State taxes its equitable distribution among the friends. Sugar cane can be raised as
money) is something put'in 'the placeof annually, say one tenth or onetwentieth States.-Southern Planter. cheaply corn, and Uncle Sam will
the coin for the convenience of the part, which shall .be collected in I pay you a bounty of two cents per .JUnd
people .by' the country issuing it, and coin, for the purpose of redeemingthese First Report of the National Executive on the manufactured sugar. The St.
should be of equal value, by its, con- notes whenever presented at the Silver: Committee, Appointedat Cloud plantation in Osceola Co., Fla.,
trovertibility into coin at the will of State treasury by ,the holder for that the St. Louis Convention, averaged 4,500 pounds of sugar to the
,the holder. Therefore the paper cur- purpose. NOTember.lS90. acre last year, and it will go 5,000
rency of a country should be as,stable Notes thus redeemed shall be can The National Silver Convention, pounds this ,year.METHODS .
and circulate as freely everywhere as celled at the time, and transmitted held at St. Louis November 26, 27, ? This isn't the only big
the coin which gives it its value as semiannually to the National treasury and 28, 1889, adopted the following chance of your life, however. The
money. There should be no 'uncertain by the respective States,* to be put to resolution : cultivation of rice lands about Kissimmee -
t fluctuations in a currency. It their credit and destroyed. The States "Resolved, That the Fifty-first Con- is to become an assured, profitablefact.
t should represent actual values eitherin ;shall also be subject to the order of the gress be requested by this Convention There is no richer or better
coin or government credit, foundedon National Government for their just to provide, at its first session, for truck and market-garden lands in the
taxation, and while the volume in proportion of coin, after deducting the opening the Mints of the United world than the land on the rich overflow .
1 circulation should be sufficient always amount already used to cancel notes States to the free and unlimited,coin or bottom lands about Kissimmee.
p to meet the wants, of trade, it should _!o enable it to redeem promptly all age of standard silver ,dollars, of the Write, for confirmation, to Col.
be limited to a per: capita sum, 'and in notes presented there for conversion.A present weight and fineness, to be a A. K. McClure, editor Philadelphia
such uniform volume as would sustain law of this sort, would give us the legal tender for all debts, public Times, who has personal knowledge.Then .
its standard of value without inflationor best and most convenient currency in and private, equally with gold, and in lands for orange, groves or
contraction.But the world, convertible at the will of that, until such provision is made, the groves already cultivated or, bearing,
one great trouble, with.our lawmakers the.holder, not only at the National Secretary of the Treasury be required I I[ can satisfy you that your best interestslie
I seems to be to find a way how, treasury, but' in every State in the I to coin'the maximum of $4,000,000worth in seeing me before any one else.
I to get this required volume of money Union. of silver per month, as now BEAUTIFUL 'HOMES. The health.
I into circulation among ,the people. It might be asked if we are in a po authorized by law." fulness and beauty of Kissimmee
They say that the government collects sition to sustain the coin standard of And appointed a National Com- have never been questioned. No
enough money for'-all of its uses, and the notes. I think there could be no mittee,' consisting of a member from no
diphtheria, no consumption, pneumonia
can pay out no money but what it trouble about this, especially with the each State and Territory, from whichan -in fact, read our medical
collects, and that the only; present free and unlimited coinage of silver, Executive Committee of nine was report. Beautiful cottages, villas or
means of any increase of ,currency as demanded by the Farmers Alliance appointed to promote the purposesof lots suitable for residences. Write.
,the is the issue Industrial Unions and Convention.The '
among people through and by the the for terms and particulars
of treasury notes on silver 'bullion whole people, except the moneyed Executive Committee met at
COME SOUTH And untold
bought by the government under the classes. Washington,.D. C., January 14, 1890. get
silver bill passed at the.'last'session' of By requiring the people,who have An address was issued,to Congressand quantities of the grandest climate in
Congress,. or through the'more costly the silver coined to take it the same as the country and steps taken' to the world free with each where acre of ground till
method of the National banks. The gold, would advance silver to a parity arouse and direct public sentimentto purchased. Come you can
silver bill has'been.in :operation long with gold in the markets of the world, the importance of the full restoration the soil twelve. months in the year.
enough to,show its entire insufficiencyto and place our export agricultural prod- of silver to its place as a money At least write,to me for full particulars
give the_ needed aid to the country. ucts on an equality with those of other metal, equally with gold, as it i was before WM. CAiorojr,
And we have been taught: that ours countries. the unfortunate act,of 1873. KlMKM-MH, Fle.
Agent for the land.ot the Dtectoa Cosapal,
was intended' to be'a ;government' by To my mind there can be no doubt To this.end a thorough discussionof For the AMOclated. Railway land,and the
for the and the of the the, and.carried land*of Kissimmee Land Co.
the people, people, we as to constitutionality general question was begun
fully believe it;' then let us,, devise Government furnishing money to the on through the press, by public meetings f'ruit.Phosphate grazing, ,,sugar timber cane general, rice, trucking farming.,
Same practicable plan for our relief; States free of interest, at the cost of and the publication and distribu- and home lands. Send for map sfeewteg
and if we can't'get. that ,something making it, when needed to meet-the tion of literature, .., '.. ... lands. '

j .
) I.. ::. ,, .; -; 1 ,
; ,: :" ;
"?i .,; >/) :.< 'i-> "' :

1 1.\: .
.. .
:, "' ," ., '
:.""", i"1" :., -';' '

1 n }: .
a ,,,,,,.' t{, ,,, f

-- .'". "-' ,
.. .,t;;" .... . fJ"


'" i_.......__._ .H ._ '._... .THE._ ., FLORIDA DISPATCH, FARMER. AND FRUIT-GROWEEL [MARCH 5, 1891.

r meetings 'were: held sey- Senator Jones, Nevada, early'introduced mainly his work, down to his last Letter to the Officers :and Male

era!:p-f; the .large:. cities i _which. were a bill in ,the Senate :requiring great speech.in the Senate this session, Members:of'the Farmers,Alliance
,*addressed.by the. Hon..:Thomas, Fitch, 'the"monthly purchase of 4,500,000 which is in itself an exhaustive treatiseon and'In4Ustrlal'Unlon: .

an eloquent'brator'and vice-chairman ounces,, and' the issue of certificates the money question.Nor .
BROTHERS:-The standing committee *
of the ,Committee, Meetings, Werealso'held redeemable: in coin, which it has Senator Stewart been be- on legislation is instructed to frame '.
: in many places throughout was believed would fully absorb the hind in; his efforts in behalf of silver. ,
bills on demands ta, ic, 2, 4,, 5, 6, of
the attended other of the United States and Ever he
; by : production ady"and always agressive, the Council. Demand begins
5 -
*keys. free coinage it would has in the Senate !
Q come as near: as kept up agitation ; thus "Seiieyingin the doctrineofequal
The,diccussionAof the 'silver question : possible to get this Congress. when without him the silver question I rights: all,and spefcial:i privileges
., through,the press ,of.the .country' 'Various Free Coinage Bills were might have been allowed to sleep. The
'never before extensive able also introduced' in both Houses. The to none. demand'prefacedby
was' < so or ; Senator Teller of Colorado whoalwa.s'
the announcement of this broad
'Petitions in, large numbers and contention at first was over the .,
proposal has the courage of his' convictions has reference only to questions -
signed.'by all'classes, were presentedto. of the Secretary to be allowed stood,as a bulwark against bul- principle of trading and taxing.
Congress. As indicating; the jr: redeem, Treasury notes, issued for lion redemption, and has always and ,
fluence and extent, of the silver the purchase of silver,' in bullion at its consistently advocated free coinage. How can you, my brothers, .consistently
market the time of _and honestly declare your beliefin
''Movement, it is worthy of note price at redemp
all industrial organizations throughout tion. Senator Wolcott.: also distinguishedhimself the, principle, announced and base

thejcountry; .including; :the Farmers On this"plan silver bullion was to in ,his first speech in 'the'Senate your demands upon it, while .you.persistently -
by a bold and eloquent plea for
Alliance have be:treated retain special privileges to
and Granges, ..every'wnere'resolved merely as a commodity, silver.
for free coinage. held 'as a commodity to secure notes your own sex and.deny equal rights to
.. Except in the Eastern cities, ,and' issued for,it,- and in the discretion of Themanagement of the Free Coin- women? In an article in the Arena
where public opinion is ,dominated''by the Secretary to be paid out, not as age Bill on the floor of the, Senate, by by Hamlin Garland, on "A new declaration fit
Senator Plumb skillful and able
the Eastern press, public sentiment money, but as a' commodity in the was of rights," he speaks of the
and his speech was one of the strongest old declaration,"blotched, with lies"
everywhere is and has been in favor redemption of notes and to go on the .
for made i in
b of the remonetization of silver, and it market again as so much silver metal.It pleas free'coinage because "one entire sex was ignored
i is believed that if the will of the people was rightly contended by the silver this' Congress.The by government and two or three mil-
senior Senator from Kansas, lions of people,had rights.at all."
could have been enacted into law men that although silver might be
who most of the time occupied the
the silver question would have been utilized as money at its market price, The two or ,three millions of colored
chair of the Vice-President also
settled long aizb.; The aim .of the when once converted into.money it was men have now their rights and also'thespe.cial
unwavering in his of free
Committee, has been, therefore, to should remain money. Otherwise noone'could support privileges which ,governmentstill .
arouse and give expression to public tell what the real and prmanent coinage. denies to one "entire sex."
Senator Mitchell of has
sentiment on this the most important'' .addition to'the'money 'volume Oregon Any, platform or' declaration, old or
been assiduous in his labors in the interest

of:all economic subjects.anThecontributions would be. The point' that whatever new, affirming the principle of "equal
of the State he so worthily
: ) ; to the Committee silver was converted to. use as moneywas resents while the other Senator from rep- rights to all and special privileges ,to

have been, expended exclusively in monetized-should stay money, Oregon'advocated, the gold standard.Of none," and denying it to women con-
this:direction', and money, in a public was on its face so' sound and was so tinues to be "blotched with lies." Letus
: .cause, was never more legitimately well sustained that it could not be the Senators from the new see how other modern organizationsare

used.. A.l large part of the work done' ,overthrown, notwithstanding the States, who were present, all but working for the truth of this prin-

has{',been gratuitous service. The Hoiise,. under party pressure and Casey, of-South Dakota, and Allen, ciple. The 'single.tax party or the'Individualist -
'members of the Committee 'have under rules that prevented ,amend of Washington, voted for free coin- advocate equal rights to all,

"served without compensation, and ments,'passed a bill containing the" age. regardless of color, creed or sex.
!tiaye"' mainly borne. their.. own 'ex- bullion redemption feature. ((1'0 BE CONTINUED.) Says the writer before named "It is

penses.' The first victory the silver' men : now more than a century since that
.:Mr. Pixley crossed the continent.to" in''Congress was the overthrow of the AND immortal Declaration was read and
this for the free
attend. the .m etJpgs'of Committee, vicious principle of bullion redemption. of silver movement with the to-day, with rare misgivings, woman
and his well-known, pen has been coinage pro is allowed to vote on the school (Juesiiou -
'the silver dollar' shall be
e1r ctively'used, both in the East' and Special credit' is due to Senator viso a I Man, his head yet filled with the
dollar in fact and lie thit it
the' West in the cause of silver. 'Mr. Teller, of'Colorado, for his unyielding not a ; survivalsof the middle ages with; .its

Newlands, of Nevada, ;:also; took ,a opposition,. in caucus and out, to shall contain enough silver by weight measureless lust and cruelty, arro-
leading part:in. the direction of the this principle.As to'wheat.-ED.be worth a dollar in gold or in.. old I gates to himself the right to say, what

work of Committee, and throughthe is well known to the whole woman shall, do; and this in the face

press ,and by :public addresses country; after a very able'discussion' of the sentence which he applauds, ,all

effectively opposed bullion redemption --;the ablest probably in the.history of Third Party. men are created free and equal-ap

and forcibly and clearly .pre the{American Congress-the Senate The Galveston News, speaking of plauds because, it never occurs to himto

sented the arguments: in favor 'of 'silver -> substituted, by a majority, of 17, a the Alliance, says: mean woman too:" J
: ... Mr Rumsey attended most of Free Coinage Bill for the House bill "The Farmers' Alliance will proba With the Nationalist party the full

the meetings of the Committee, and 'which permitted the redemption of bly do more for 'itself by bushwha&:: and free equality of the: two: sexes is a

took:upon himselfan important part Treasury note in silver bullion. No ing than by entering the political field cardinal doctrine. '

of-the work: Others of the .Committee more important vote it is believed, as a regular standing army. If thereis The Knights of Labor demand'equal

rendered service, in ,person or was ever recorded In the Senate of a country on earth whose controlling suffrage for men and women. .
by proxy. the,United States than the vote to re political parties need a dangerously The Citizens' Industrial Alliancehas
The silver question was brought up sto silver to its, constitutional placeas uncertain element to keep them given the best practical endorse-

in.both, Houses of Congress early in money metal on equal terms in straight this is the country just now. ment of the principle of equal rights

,tle.session: The;:present[administration all respects with gold. It is a country in which both partiesseem by electing two :women to hold important -

.t .,.came, in pledged,to'.,the, use, of This vote as well as the whole dis. to have forgotten the people in offices in their order, Mrs. M.

',both gold and silver as money, which; cussion of the silver question in the their intense struggle for party'advantage E. Lease, National 'Organizer, and

fairly, interpreted,, means. 'their-equal. Senate showed this body, in-,this case .and spoils. Bushwhacking will Mrs. Anna E. Diggs, Chairman of .
use as money. .. least,'to.be nearer to the people and cure them of sucking eggs. They must judiciary and arbitration. I copy the
The Secretary of'the Treasury,',foreseeing -. in closer'sympathy with their interests.than be given a good scare. Music!" following from their platform : "We

.; ,the necessity.of some,action on the''House. It is an incontrovertible fact that believe women have the same right as
'* the silver tjuestipn, devoted'1a. larges "While it is not proposed here ,to go the leaders of both political parties their husbands, to hold property and

c: in }his:report. to its d scus i9n. into.the,details the discussion of have disregarded the welfare of the we are in sympathy with any law that

Heproposed to. increase the .purchaseof the votes in the Senate or House people in their struggle for party su will give our wiyes, sisters land

-silver:-bullion to the product 5theUnited ; (which'will, be given elsewhere), it premacy. The people are individually daughters full representation ,at'the
States. ; and to issue therefor would be unjust not ,to speak of the dissatisfied and have declared by individual polls."
Treasury notes redeemable 'in silver unremitting labors of the Senators action that they will no longer The National Farmers Alliance

bullion. at,ifs! 'market'price at the ''time which'resulted in the passage of the submit to such wrongs They will proclaims: 'Believing in equal rightsto

of red mption, or'inigotd, ,at the op* Free Coinage Bill. depose the leaders and substitute good all and especial privileges',to nope,
..two of'the Government; or in silver Probably no,one on either side of and true,men. Should this plan fail, we demand' the entire enfranchisement -
do-Wars. !if''demanded by the holder., the ocean has.done more to.enlighten their future action will be determined of the women of America."

The views of the ':Secretary "were and direct'public opinion on the 'sil by'calm consideration, and the dec s-. What are you,the members of the F.A.

embodied in the. bill introduced in the ver question than Senator Jones, of ion will be carried into effect- like the &1. U.,,doing, or what have you de e

''Hoiweby; ,:Mr.. 'Conger, Chairman of Nevada, beginning with,his first silver lightning stroke. The necessity of to carry put your own,declarations .of
tfee Committee 'oa 'Coinage, 'Weights speech.in Congress, and the report of the peoplebrooks no delay,-&ut Frs the principles,of equal rights to aX in

,and Measures .r' the Silver Commission, which was "Mercury. deed and in .truth? Are wow ,.adt .

,. .: o. :" "" .
.' :<- o..yr :: :..' .:'

.. ,. .
;- _' 5 -*'*wC ;-, 'Ijr:it' ... .. -: :, .01'L
1 .. ,
f j,
:.. I{\ i

"%c' It ... -_ .

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: <, : ; '" "

) ... : ,. ': ." <
'. '
Y11l K'5,-18ttr) ; THE ;FLORIDA: DISPATCH: ,.,FARMER AND FRUIT-GROWER.: : ,195 -
a .r

milled into the order as equals?' Js pulling in of said vault at the county's Go where you will, you Trill'find people P*Cassava inu'" seed two,two dollars dollars a a,bushel.barrel; Spanish, D..? .G.ANDRISS .

any and.every'position and office'open expense. mine its praise.I Dr. Ball's. Coach Syrup,and unanimousin Maeclenny. 2-26-% '

to them as well as to men, by selections The following committees were appointed Buffered most severely from rheumatism 'McCartney J"'IIes make bflant ltu'.evergreen',.
tocko.pJ'Ot)l h lgt>+. Plant a"d cuttings forsale.
according capacity, ::and:; not, : during wintr. After using Salvation O'l: two il.OsEiio,, Fatrbauk.Fla 12-_ -,1't.,:

by sex? If not- your assertion of finance-N. D. Eiland,' B. L. Ray days the pain entirely subsided'and now I The Florida' Real' E-tat* Journal Arcadia.'

belief in "equal rights to, all" is, a and R. M. Wilson. am a well man. Florida! -wltn State Map can be hail foron'y
; ten cents. Sou h Florida 1 nd"cn ap. .2 19-12
falsehood. "Gsod of the Order"-C. F. De-
Only few of those nn" year pecan trees left
", What have you, the men,'of, the F. LaMater: J. F. Latham, N. D. Eiland, Order now. AI,o choice r >se. larjcsize\
r A. & 1. ,will do N. P. Bishoff and G. W. Bearden. BARTER COLUMN. ramelins, all colors Flex Persimmons,
i U., done. or what ,you Souprernong. tc. Prices low D I.. IMKBSOM -
'to further the demand for the entire A motion to table the LegislativeCommittee's Montirello la. 2-2.2t
resolutions Parties wanting three and four year-old
enfranchisement of ? prevailed.The .
women Definite exchange offers inserted free. State what LeO nte<< penrtrres. porp e-se-ded omegran
,-If you do nothing to extend this,. following was unanimously you hart and what you want. ate, figs, nu'nces Mar+Anna plum st eke,or
Open to subscribers only. umbre ChinK U HS, would s'+vn mone by
which is now your special! privilege. ,adopted: bUJI"1 :rum fli>t bans. Add,eM. J.' 'n.OJRARDJCAtT. .
to women your assertions of belief in Resolved, That. we most heartily ,Monti,* ..h', Fla. 219t.:
Will exchange Reed of HlM.cns cocdnns' Orlando Nursery 0 TardlfT: 4N Mt.dlt r.
:' "special privileges ,to, none" is, a thank the Pasadena Alliance for the and white hybrid Hiblscos, dlsbcloth-gturd I. t'AJJean sweet 2)0) Rtver, ..l ide Nave', 200
falsehood. And remember,, my brothers hospitality tendered us during our and balsam apple, and others for feeds or Dommlt,40. IIomosa 490 Maltese Blood,
plants. MRS. M. L. BIOEWTW, Lake Mary 1<*0 Sweet UrRpFmlt, \ lila Franca
:with what'measure, ye mete, it session; also, for the special kindnessof Fla. Lemo"N,.R*eves' Mammoth and other reach

shall be. measured to you again.." .the,l lady members for the handsome Murianna. plu-i Thwe are not cheap
tree!.. are" as flue as possible to grow th"m.
E. M. KING., cake,.presented to us. JAMES MOTT 2-19-61
w -
Banana,,Putnam Co., Fla. Resolved, That a synopsis of our "CENT-A-WORD" COLUMN.,, Boy a home cheap I A plessant home' can
be secured on the installment p an.- N ce
1 We, the undersigned women, pay- minutes be presented to the Pasco house' and two lots*o one of the most pieaant+
4 Democrat and THE FARMERAND locat'ons tn tbp city. Address, CUAH. W.
members of Alliance County
ing the Banana To Insure Insertion In this column adTertlse- DA17OSTA, Jack son vil:e, Fla. *
fully endorse the foregoing l letter of FRUIT GROWER for publication. menu must be accompanied by the money For n ale.-Good .one_ and two-jesr old
Advertisements must not exceed nfty words. lemon buds on our stock, zbo f. tub W B.
Sister .
S King : Postage Stamp received in payment WALKKR: Manager Lake Ma.tie Nursery
;/ ? Charlotte H. Baldwin, M. S. M.Caldwell The mule is stronger than the man. Count ererr word.Including name and address Auburodale., rm 2l4t'
l Wiestgard Sarah Band ns.your cnlers for note paper, pens,
Sophia the mule is than the
; Though stronger lhk and all supplies We \\1:1: trcui' you

.':-.,. E;.,Morris,ami Nellie',Glen.; man, the man manages the mule for Wanted, Immediate'Somebody to tend right. DaCosta Pnntlng aud Pub I.htne* ,
', House Jat ksonvllle,
It.. land to t'Rrly sweet potatoes or other vege- ,
He bridleon
own, purposes., puts a tables on the shares. Bull,choice black loam Send f,>r my circa'ars ,on coring ,salt stele
Alliance MeetlI 2'- him and a saddle and rides on his with clay subsoil} on bank of navigable. cattle,or los of appetite. Ou r8nt..ed. Prt-e.
stre'i, I. M. DKPBVT Manatee, Fla. Ita. of nv Heine,thirty-five cents, by mall'11m,
Editor Alliance Department. back. He puts harness made of condltlins: re c'm piled) wub+ I wM+ cure or
JI\"k, "'s New Bush Lima Beans, sevenco par for tnem. It has cured -ome bad case of
The Pasco Farmers Alliancemet leather on the mule and by speaking {
County its pot hundred. G. BILLIKGHUBST. hog cholera. W. G. TILOHMAN, Pt atka,
,in regular session at Pasadena on to tim and giving him plenty of licks, Oran,;. Heights, Fla. It Fla. 2-6-10t. '

February 23rd and 24th. Fifty-four induces him to walk and pull a wagon, 8 sv er.il grade Jersey cows fresh with calf by Send us your orders for notepaper,pens..
registered Jersey ,male and a few Pol delegates;, representing fourteen out,of while the man gets into the wagon and China/ pigs. WM. K. SCHBADEK 'Waverly DaCosta l Printing and Publishing
lock Farm<< Tallahassee Fla.. First prize House Jacksonville, *la. *
the seventeen .Sub-Alliances in the rides. The mule does much hard ,
Oca"a. 0 B ft-2t Do you need t>r:ntlngof an klnd? Send to
county, were present.v work, but all the money"gained,by the Roses-5,000, one year old, frm cutting DaCcsta Printing and. Publishing- House* ,

The following' officers 'were electedfor mule's hard work the ,man appropriates beds> ,all good varieties assorted, not labeled,' Jacksonville, Fla.
$-3 per 10),133 per 1000.' Fine two-yea transplanted All kinds of books bound and made as rood
the ensuing year : E. G.; :Liles, to himself. The mule lives ls.be'ed true to,name, at.25c. ea.b sinew. Send to Da ;x>+ta Printing and Pub-
President A. F. Hill Vice-President roughly, is fed in a trough and sleeps I J'per dozen,$i5 per IcO. W. I>. BALL, Orange ll'binjc House,Jacksonville Fl.' *
; ; Park, Fla. It Bergar Weed seed, i';re and free from chaff J
A. T. Cop fia ;,Secretary; W.. C on the-ground: or',a little 'straw. The Make them QnanIlly.required per Al'r.*, 4 totf b.; tree
old Bibles.
a't table and in Repair your family ponnd.2oc.; pounds for '2. \ddlu rents
man eats a sleeps a per
,- Sumner, Treasurer, and. H. Malone, good ,>8 new. DaCosta Printing 'and Pub-* per pound ex ra, H order is hippd: by n:all.
.. Lecturer. warm bed. The mule is a useful' lishing House, Jacksonville, Fla. Place orders at once with EXCKLSI.B H'ED

The special committee on road laws animal to the man. Nothing excels! the umbrella China ss a "ABM. Jno. A. Germoud Mauag.r euka,
: rapid owing+ and ornamental shade tree. FJa. 125
reported as follows: The, farmer is stronger than the monopolist *..0 per 100. J. H. GIBABDCAU:. Moutlcello, Do you need printing of Send to
I. We recommend the abolishment t .- Though the farmer is much Fla. -S-b2t Jacksonville DaCo..ta Printing, io'ia'aLd Publishing House,

of'present road laws, as; it ,relates to stronger than the monopolist, the mo- good Repair as new.your old Da family"osla Bibles.Piloting Make and them Pub- Wanted, the content of 10 roo) smokers to

Pasco, county.: nopolist manages him for his own pur- lishing House, Jacksonville, Fla., send each, a simple 'ot of 150 !'>1UKEL
Cigars and a 20 year god filled Watch by Ex-
To' the ,Com pose. He puts bridle, called loyalty Wanted-A live newspaper man to canvass MVSS O O. U. 525 and How examination.
2. empower County to in, his mouth and a saddleon the State for two lending publications. Apply HAVANA CIGAR Co., Winston, N.C,' .1-29-91
missioners to use the road taxes under' party, toV.. ,,DACOSTA, DaCosta' PrintingHouse Do you need printing of any kind 'Hendto
his back and rides him where he Jacksonville
its own laws I for road DaCos a Prlntng and Publishing House,
purposes. wills. He puts harness made of pre- Repair your old family) Bibles., Make them Jacksonville 1 la. *
.r 3. The roads to 1;>worked exclusively good as new: DaCo-ta Printing and 1'ub- Btrawbeni**:-Bessie' Alabama., Stevens.
the farmer and
by taxation. judice on by making llchlng House Jacksonville, Fla Ibe kinds to plant for profit In the South.
speeches to him, and giving him plenty Rend tor prices. JULIUS SGUKADI.ERACH. ,
The to.work all able-bodied Sweet* cassava sPed stalks for vale. J7 per Grand,Bay, Ala. 2-o-St <*
4. power of-taffy, induces him to walk an'd'draw IOOOCeeton board thecals. CU.AS. F.,MAY., '
'.' convicts on the,public\ roads. I a monopolist.rrkge. The farmer Js-ustls: ,Fla., '&5-It D->you.ink need? stationyotaaklndiperpenexn SendtoDaCostaPrlntingandPublishing :

,r Report-received and committee,dis does much but'the 0.000 tobacco plants for sale; choice Havanaseed. House Jacksonville, Fla. *
harjiiprdrk, money Vuelta Abajj,'Aroma de Cuba T.*n PEAR: rRI<:", .-FOR LECONTB GAR-
charged., gained by the.hf rmer's, work the mo- dollar a thousand. E. A. LINDSLEY' Forth RER'8 'HYBRID, .\'1J' OTHERS. \PPLY
The following resolutions were.read nopolist appropriates to himself. The Jacksonville. 3-5-ot TO B. W PARTRIDGE. Mo nil cello._ .Fla.lw2 .
Wanted Villa Franca Lemon. trees and -
and adopted : -
farmer has become poor, and lives White Niagara Vines. Mast be bent stock Do you need stationery of any kindpaper.pens .
' *x.' WHEREAS,.The i unigriitiontaxof roughly ,on a mortgaged farm, and and cheap. Address, NICOL; care FABJIEBAJTD and ink? Send to DaCost PHntlngand. .
,. *
.FKUIT-GROWEK 2-28- Publishing House, iack onviile.) Fl
'. the tatCjOf Florida is;now. one.eighthof eats plain food from delf and tinplates

.: a mill, ,therefore be it and sleeps on a straw bed. -

..,:Rtwhcd- by:,the asco"C un.tylli- The farmer is very useful to the mo. .tJ'" '

4 'aBce, That we are opposed to the in- nopolist. .

3 creasing of said tax;: and thinkthat: Moral: Those who do. not use their : '

the, State Legislature should- tonfine.itefr brains for themselves must use their g' D II 'D ,

to, a more 'economic:system of muscles for somebody else.-Indiana 1._ J, ..,.'.
legislation. .J ssencer.orOlaanaYo .

2., That we desire the County, Commissioners :Brilliant .< of-

of Pasco instruct
county f'Economical" '

the: County Assessor. levy an ,ad Durable,!1" ___ ,!.'':'
valorem tax on all lands; that cleared
let;'.14 Ft...act kiadij. tae ,
and .:wild lands be rated the'satinaccordance felltf,the r delicate r female MI .r infirm.Ms :. !I

.': with their,value. Houses, sI....as epeat tlko'vlseroa.....

barns;= and: (such 'like :improvementsonly Diamond Dyes excel all:others in Strength, Purity, and i Ftstoess.. None otter Ire "

:to be charged for. just as'good. Beware of iaa&ttibas, because they are made of cheap aad l inferior,aa emk

3. That as Dade'City now proposes Pills and give poor;freak, crocky cc:;>Ion. To be sare of success, use, only the DIAMOND,PTIS

;'I, to\ build't* e court-htfuse<< \! jn accordancewitlrhcf > for coloring Dresses, Stockings ms, Carpets, Feathers:: ,Ribbons, & ,,'arc- We,_ws t

bond, end wishes: to: have; them to color more goods,package,for;package, than any,other'dyes'ever',sadc;,"s'4.to here;;

P3.icoccuntv ,put therein a nrej:roof srlT tees ie the weak-Btenaefc,'towel mere brilliant and durable colors.. Ask,for the DIAMOND'and take no other., **.' t :
vault (i fa r. ind awojaen: ruciure) : '
: ; l .rsraiM tfeeir KtreagttieBiM 4lUIe Send postal for Dye Book Sample Card,dfcecdons for cotorteg: 'Photos.';.maJdag tu.fiaesf, Isi;...-.ci-'
whereas, we flare- thre:,: good .sn'e' ?,t (to cents Ii quart), etc. Sold by Dro,gbu.. Aderen : *,H
sufficient td'hold alfthe county records! "
RICHARDSON & CO.-.Burlington'IVt.
.;. therefore:be':it ..:*' ,41. 1 Sold Everywhere.. s I
:: For Gflding or Bronzing. ':) 'IN''S' tl.....-Braise> ,
ParJi'p1 Il'Y. -
RsM3; -Tha\ wewiii re SUt the O ce$9 &41 : ce. Fancy Articles, US: DIAMOND' -. A- CorpCr-ChIf'',l8 Cent R'

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Fast Trains Every Day to the
u DESTROYER will kill the cut worm, destroy the grasshopper -

Nerth, West, and Ea&t. exterminate, the caterpillar and all other insects that

CHAS. W.. DACOSTA, Publisher. CoaucnD: 1'0 Ohio Daylight feed on and destroy the young vegetables and plants. Vege-

November 18,'90 no t7'I'L Spec1aL, EXpress. table and truck growers should investigate the merits of this

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of. the'time:paid for.. &C O 3 418am am 3330am 301 850pm pmArLex1ngton JOHN CLARK, SON & CO., .

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It makes: the, best farm fence that Sleepers Louisville Chattanooga and Knoxville to Memphis to Asherllle.Chattanooga Connects at to priug Valley__........... _.._ 2.50 Old Kourbon________ 5.0O
Manufactured Rome with Pullman Sleeper. arriving Philadelphia North Caro fDa Corn...... M__ 2 fiO Kentucky Semr Mash ......_ A.OO
can be made by 8.H.: Garret, 1055: p.m.via Harrisburg. and at Cleveland with Clifton Club ............. Old Ba.ke. ...__.:....__ 6,00
Mansfield There 'are' thousands" of them Sleeper arriving Washington 230p. m.,via Lynch- Jlontrose TelvetJis ___.___' .

iaase throughout the United States and in burg.DAYLIGHT- EXPRESS carries Sleepers Macon to ; extra: 1 gallon' 25c, 2 gallon 50c.t 3 gallon 75c. Remit by post office

Z&a7or the foreign countries. It takes the Chattanooga Chattanooga to Memphis Chattanooga money order, check or registered letter. We cannot ship C. O. D. to dry towns.A .

lead,-wherever It Is introduced. to Hot Cincinnati Springs.,Connects Atlanta to at Knozrllle Knoxrllle and with Knoxrllle Pullman to complete price list of Groceries, and Wine list, sent free on application. ,

Sleepers,arriving New York 1:20 p.nu,via Harr burg. John Plnrk Ron & Co. :
RATES TO THE EAST are as low as by any all rail
route,and the scenery is unexcelled.
Apply to Ticket Agents of connecting lines,or to
Dlst.Pass.Agent, Tray Pass.Agent,
.a'cPFOfflhI1ffl' 75 W,Bay St,Jacksonville Fla. 13 Hardwood AshesRank
Gen Pass.and Tkt.A.gt.. Asst.Gen Pass.AgU
Knoxville enn. .Atlanta,Ga.
at the head of the list for quality

Offer! POULTRY"- FOOD,! And Take the Lead Everywhere.They .

are obtained from mills manufacturing car and wagon timber, and where no other

t fuel IB used than the best of hard woods. No other brand Is obtained from sources that insure .

.. :: so uniform a quality. A Dollar Invested In Diamond"D" Hardwood Ashes will buy ,

;. '. more actual plant food than,In any other fertilizer on the market.

THK.: Trade MarL
',CANNED MEAT FOR POULTRY That are the outgrowth of experience are more convincing than mere theory based upon

: ,1 chemical analysis or a printed formula, hence the grower who has proven to his own satisfaction *
'FLOR'ID.ADitch : Will Make Hens Lay I ,
Will Make Chickens Growl that pure unleached hardwood aahes will make a thrifty and productive grove 01 ."
orchard on the lightest soil,and that,too,for less money than by any ether means,will testify
Farmer and, ...lruitGrowerFor This food is strictly fresh meat,'carefully to the merits of this brand,for he will at once recognize in them the 'strongest"usher
he ever used. For prices,terms and other particulars,address,
cooked fine seasoned and hermetically
one year,and copy of sealed in 8-lb cans. Being ground fine,it .
can be readily mixed with soft food,and fed ItMkln1 ., Mfehlgaa. :

so as to give each fowl an equal share. Pric

IMtner's! Gardening! in Florida 30 eta per can$8; per doz. Address HOLLI8 AGItICULTUBALTOTVN OF s
DRF 8ED :MEAT &WOOL CO., 20) North

Boston,Mass. [Mention paper.I McINTJjgH, Marion County, Florida. *

ALL 'FOR $2Ma! Located on Orange Lake, the home of the native orange. Rich high hammock lands,

PALE SkLYEcmteu rising fifaventy-five feet above the lake, level. Flourishing orange grovts. Prominent vegetable 1

shipping point. Well watered. Natural drainage. Railroad, telegraph, poet office -

and school facilities. Universally pronounced one of the very best locations in the State.
Whitner8, Gardening In Florida 1 : is ,a _lltlIIG -An inspection will satisfy the most critical. Inquiries may be addressed to

handsomely printed and bound book of, S. 'H. GMTSKILL. -
abject to SPASMS I are most likely"-troubled with
350 pages,being a comprehensive treatise .r The beat remdL for his U the celebratedUB.A.FAHNESTOcIc'8
Oble IF art&! Established 1856. 200 Acres in Fruit Nursery. i
on the vegetable and tropical products of laity teal tU*Initials are d.'il'taus'aTOidlna'iTnUsWgtfI '

Flori<**rby'.:Pref.. J.'N. Whitner, A. 'M.' I ONE, ACRE UNDER GLASS.

This book-4W'\I kt 'much- sought: after for its' ::1 I CURE FITS FRUITLAND' NURSERIES *

p raetlcal.lnformation'. When I Bay cure I.do not mean merely to stop them ; :
fair a time sad then bare them return acam. means
$2.OO buys the book, and our radical cure. I haT made the disease of FITS. EPILBPSY A.8gwut&Ge.rgl... I '
or FALLING SICKNESS a life-Ion etudy. I / '
paper for one year. wnrantmyremed/to cure the worst cases.' Because ;i
others haft failed is no reason for not noon receiring> ..We offer for Fall and winter delivery an Immense stock of Fruit and Ornamental tree.*:;
This is certainly a grand offer. Send eon. Bead at once for a treatise sad a Free Bottle of Rosa, PaJm suited to Florida..,AU...the new Peaches lateyorllnated) In Florida. ,'-,.
mfallftle remedy. Gift Express and Post Office.H. Also a superb'tocL of Evergreens,Camellias..,Greenhouse plants,etc. *,. "
in orders at eaee.-; .- : my. G. ROOT, M C., 183 Pearl 8t, N. T (9';Our products have been tested in Florida for thirty-three years past. Catalogues free '
t ..... '
w ". v 'C.- W. :DACOSTA N91 Agents. : -Ai. : '
.: ..' ,Jacksonville;'Fla. ;

-. .-.'. .- err yrlttxidn( ( "'" Augusta Ga. .
tae liqitd aatotnalieallf{ and .
'wiU ipray 10O tree per boar. W* 4.
*pUo ea the sense tai{*Manoa three :SPRAY "
-aew and improved machlBM,lachadint a a wCaapaMk
Sprayer for TIaerardi and Narverlta.
AIM an Im road Honep *.r A Wormy Fruit and Lear Blight ot APPle Ch Plum C .
ten rKKJTlRLB FOR OF IMTl CO.ln.rk'ertN.Yj| Bales resented bY',.pmylng with t be f '. ,
"GRAPE and POTATO ROT prevented y{dui
."- also Injurious lneeets .
'' Currants and Strawben1eL ;