Title: Negro history in Florida
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Title: Negro history in Florida
Physical Description: 15, 1 leaves : ; 28 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Richardson, Martin D
Simms, John A
Federal Writers' Project of the Work Projects Administration for the State of Florida
Publisher: s.n.
Place of Publication: S.l
Publication Date: 1936?]
Subject: African Americans -- History -- Florida -- Pensacola   ( lcsh )
History -- Pensacola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: bibliography   ( marcgt )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Bibliography: Includes bibliographical references (leaf 16).
Statement of Responsibility: Martin Richardson, field worker ; John A. Simms, editor.
General Note: Caption title.
General Note: "Federal Writers' Project, American Guide, (Negro Writers' Unit), Pensacola, Florida."
General Note: "April 24, 1936."
General Note: Typescript for the Federal Writers' Project.
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knrreio Oa tid, (TWo-so Qrittt 9tit)
Psnsaola, 7lorida

fartin Riohardson
Pield lbrker
Co.plo .
2,953 Words
15 Pages

A t
r~ooes, tortunr -,o
n la by vkotor ao
oulturta durlmnc th
intoro -nmo of govw
TeAt oontribution-
tho history of Pons

orf t'o little amrP
in folt; nhito oold
mailt. brea'tworkn;
for t Oanclvoo na b
in a m amr iina num

and their joint des
oonoeded to .be at t
oth 3out .



Norao Hintory
Ait,41 4, 1936
Jobn A. 3i9rns

,ou htfil and ooniadorote nra1V" .'t-*n
banbvoo of th'e bitter otn1lottlion .o

orr-only found in rojAone purely h*riW
oanly Xayn of Flor ida, and t io fryuont
rnmto .ar- ron 'ibJo f' ctor# 1' tVio
!'At tho re-So w 'a b on able to -ake to
the .firt dayn of Amnrloan oc-cuYvicn
rt the !o-ro's influnaoo on its hWntory
Lore fcught "hil. h' oeTO tfwe v .. A aveo
leaves wawod lan.er for th-ir r-stors anr4
ildi4e want on .pnoei fmnilion interri-'nrlod
3r of onras with full bonofit of olrr- .-

ndant built a oo0arnity that Ia freely
is time one of the e0ot progeshIve -in
** ,
4 -

In natrl ution, in w"m "ad datonoe, ir. rin~old..
Amorioan tradition, tho Ponn~oola ?T-ro -has bhd an outstan d
' inr: pSt* Tody7, in tho uiy little c.tropolla that P.neoeaO


Wllwo Uistoqlr ;
Mrt in Ritmraa
Ptseaool ilot 0

bas become, l as of. this faot still etaid out owar- .
I y

strablIalment of one of Ponamoolat
1'r-aont wnzd nmot omrinent f0~ lies.- a fanty with bot"
-hit n n oolored r.nohoo- by t'a Sr10k of alave, is
one of the -mnuUal racts t'xat may Wb enoountorod in Ploriz.t'
w~ontorn otropoli

In obilo, Albnmal in 1864 a trusted slao
named 11.is nt oe lied into ti' offio of ia tndter tJur-
ing Vo early ys nof te Mar botwoen the states. It vs o-A
nlinnd to Wlo1 t- theo Uion soldiers were expectedin
1obl2e alost any y, and t t wiha they arr ived they were
oaetain to poncafls all of tho hro.es, battle, nules and
@olhor ntook\of Wll a' master.

To- 1 I i, thor~ifore, m asolgned t tha task, of
taking t'o hots.s smles, rtiounlrly the either, to
Ponsoola a aster: pame, t oo fto hid*e thi until the SA
ser oa4d oeoi with a tfam ly.

not oal of the t ost, apparently, tt wae 'pat
in W1111 belongd there. WTillin brouWht the males to Pansar.

ool, datit fuly eno ut onoe arrive' lmediately set him.
aolf up in an labor tI hulking busia oss, 'pr tioularly luoat*
tiTe beougae oe the vt npent oonstricotion going on at the
'in ilf oo~dtae rli ruh h oo oPna
ooa, uiul nxh u no&rto'adntl th

egro Ritory
tMrtin id
Ponuaoolas, lor

to the mrining 0
kopt hin from o
himnolf r,-.1isod

lotrnod of "1111
n par ner in -it
bowinano methods

so muoh no that
Sil71111o* d:uirhtor
uWion. Ono :rn.o
merry another va
tho entablisaieon

nolan ons botweo
viahon of tho fa
pri.a, agllpp
br anh havo a b
taroest, noro a
a fsatory in ant

sonoe died, n ha



Ul4 prospered and devoted nuob of his time
f "An fanlly. Laok of business nothod, howevr,
ninra as nuoh as he nirht hwve merned, ao he

Mon an ltInornnt Jov o.mo alonr on'o day Nmnd

* 'ro'rin buninese, and offered to boomo
Kd ontri1uto -ood bookkeeping ard Bno'orn
an his shanr, Witli- rordily oonnintod.
IAtionn botwonm the two 9artners were i dal
ter twhn the Jew expronnod a liking, far
t ':orc n little .pnre-tal objection to a
of tho f'Vrily w.vo t:-uo bom n.
or, however, the Jewrih tprtner dnold d to
n, a hito onep,.nn( .1I dso. This brought
of the other branoh of tie family.
both brandohes no living. in Pnasoorla.
thon are said. to be oordial. Tho w ite di-;
ly Is wpggd. Ia a number of lines of. ltam
tly pparo eapro Tw brothers of the sol2r
none that in one of .he Iarpest, wit ot th-
torprisn in this Motion of t'o statee' with
tion. 1,Wlli and he partner hvoe both lo]ag

the ils. -aoe.

\ CtW
: **i1 :

4 1Cro tory
tUrtin dlecb
Pr or

boforoe to War
"horo woke hundr
a rumbOrt of o ant
Inr conotiiono o
on~ro-nlon of

wioneL ',.::e tlror
Thoel they olaan
invorl and unno
in a fourth.

tho iateast, wi t
tlone wore not v
woro umnally -::o-
tho mentor, with
(2AkIhl latbor,
TLr4' oto.)

hatv lived under
none dftioe doc
to auoe many ti
Rolf haud wLtnea


e 4

Condition of the slavoo during .the days
Poneaoola offor eon, quoor oontraote. ahilo
dno of koaven n the nrtn, they bolonCed to
Ire, and 'tho llven they lod undor Voir vary
F ororrhip inn from to fane of fro r on to
Sr'oot oruel Sort.
r.voea and t:'oir ,lonoondnnts sooan .nrood that
ownare of nlavo t'aor woea four outstandinr..
Lfy as b-lne brutal axd orual in two innrtanooe
n lodu in another, and kindly "nd oonnI riant .

)orath, Simpeon and Hotmn plantations wire
t he Oonsalee olcfhtly waller. These plant.
at. ararn of ftar land under oultivatioih they
r-tharin.n of slavo ht~t around the houe o..

tho alaves enagsed in "ork ot>l than fs lming.
rk on Ports -arroan s ond Piokmne, the r J

o Sapon and orasyt slaves are .q14 to
a roign of brutality and oruolty that in~ o epe
option. One ex-lntve, in tolling, of it had
o in hi emotional rooltt of thinM b he i .*

Norob Bistory Pa
fartin iohd BX i:
Pao~aoola, Flor

and his overosar were kin~dr, tat r e .*
-srrod the rirh to foro any noman slave into 111iot *
relations with it hor -"tetor ovoer'nor. t khIt tho MBpen bld
no 0o"oio In th matter in n'ownr in tlh trenteont of some
of t"cu rwho att bpted reiftml.
hi alo Svon otihavr~ o, howvero Noton v-'.-poe-
"-ily moro oon-- ^'rato ..'n ,ny ot or -o moner of the
poDroid, om a er ll, nnd pormittod nono of hin oelavos
to saw labor f t'eiselves after thoy hbd worid for him
dirngr the day. toh any som a ot lo- a-.nXde* ndrntoo until
It to known that ono alave, Robert 9Slt had a A.r;y b of
Uolt-(oo inr~to t at his nophow hd dlfiaulmty in ozrryinln it
tor hia)- after 'ils mancmoition, thnt 'o *had otVord after .
onprwo ewinC lItn in otentm' miil.

Shrourh th, may f-aily brano"is that nSoton
and hl.i overBser bogan with tstlr Iiving wAit' t:oe Slapo
,-Poon, hero are still nnIy of their vorO desoondonts lnivlng z
in and near onoo 1Co. i i, tw oies ~a ot of th'M
olty, there Isa large ftauly of paepldt*t t iir i .
troa the old mae hime Ltf, with two of tham fowra s'miatres
oa of tho "kindli former slavnWold1or.

qten, before oanoipation, naouraid eoft br
tion twsMp his a weo, an umsual ting at' tht e time. Those
slaves who knew thin, at all about radinMg and mriting were
.\ .I / .' -* '::

Nftro msatory e 8
Ur'tin Rio ar, d *
Penson ola,, oi~i.'lr

namiCned the of owteho.'ine t'olr follows, and in \ ow i:
yots ho had the Eost advmnosd groupp of airvon reanazr y
in ':o whole so m iono.

Ttio norimanlnr populaity of the undergroundd
:rrVAlieo4 rot:,O c. oc:.pingo howevor robzhoc Pdao:'ool and
?!?owit:! 010 olavn 30j- zvu1L'? a3i oa with V^i r-bility to
forcj *9 anae3 9 -r oni Pr:': of tho .ijtn ry to t o Qi Vor for
13o\1inf a3L':vaon. Wlthouh It In not known f'tat vory mtny of
hli own alavoo oaa pel wI th thone for-:d ouaemo, it booe e
nooaai-ry to fortd -4 rltin altorother Oi hie plantatlon,
and t~o penalty, t.o outi n* orf of the firat Joint of
tho indox' tiior I Zany oiave found u.,in, pen or ponoll
to -pepo. Within tow month -any of thl aloAven reoo thM
mautlitedd, but gc rId wlitlng oontinum on the goten

lok lavld W ta fewor slaves than aoo of
tho' oth ownero i the Pauaoola region, but exhibited in-
finitoely mre ba ty for the few be hea. T i ms br
and lonri, ane p"sias riKsO4. vid& lk- e im so.-
eorvad tho right oall upon any woan on his pla~ e v .
his "otpanion when he desirod, and ona Man living in Pe-
snuooa atntbo pro t taLo tolln of halv se aemn hie mother
strnm up by her tl to, a tree lisbs trippedd to bher
1:-rt and beaten u t1l oheo ae uononiou boaeuae she b-

Rof-ro Hstory P.b~ 7 '
UArtin Riohardeoa f
Pensaaola, l mrida

fueed to ana"Wr a meono to ppar *a the hbotu' In her
night olothee, whe arderod.

Ta man saya t at after wittoosing t'hil
nawrvo brutrnity h o'rrled in his mind for. nany yopro a
ftiz dotormination to kili Dnvid, boint dotor ed from 'I"l
purpwno only -~bn lotoun living and dionlxttion onuned
D'vlid' i aoih -hil tVio ex-nli mn till in !in oillho.ood.

In i vrp oontrant to "aok David wmn thc fwntil
of J.CI; 43ount, thc lItor b.cor.'. reopononblo for ruch of
Ponr.acoln'n -rinant 'rorrono w', -o~-o Iroatment of ''oir BaIvoB
lof tO r'o-roon I .lo to' how thorn 4t'at 'i.ey -ero In bond-
ne. Theo DiLomta w rea given, aa a pr nont, t roo elavos on
thny oerr l rarriod. T eao '-r-0o oarod for t'o a lount -o'll1ron
as 66y !"row up, Inin roturn~vre givon t c -ont comfor able
quarters, pi ntlu food, ar i a oar 'ful rld t'ououeh oduatlon.
'Thn finmily fr acd,. t'o olono rl-ationn bot"ron tc tf-iy %- d
thilr fo.Ior olrwvoo was 'opt up, -ith thn result t t ) huew
band of ono of t';o invoe '-n oat up by hin wifo'a forrcr ras-
torw n a buainoeL t at rwa at t at tao probably tho boat 1trO
business In-Ponaeoole a bhrboratop In t'.o white neotioa of
th-iity. RO operate d thin bu inoe~ nrofltably for rhAy yoere,
and bin oildJron et il have nuoh nroposty t' at ho was able to
puro.ae ith hin mi ofita. (4)

i -' : *
.ILL-r.'fc .w*...- .!*


efl so aloory
Martin liobtu*ueo
Peateola, i orid

Tho VoWnoa

Ip m intoly upon
eonw rm p-'otloo
-oFnAthln, :pJd. ovc

The infl
a s
tooture In frefoat
s3tmnl that '*re ji

cft i la on Gov

ing the ssanolpte

retisermu ai
nSoeont fog thr Vs

zeeniotioA, -ltht

itfeatioxe that d

Ps'e 8
PW a

il ft ily too, foil into this connlda-
t roleared thoir ahnl nrbeor of ftlnpoa

6e oonaolluon of ea -o, -it ouh tbe
t tho tmao wa to hold t'one ai lo' an'

to chnrmo tioore wo had vinr."- for


Woe of th" Tyro on PonawocitL o aru hi*
In the olty itself*, oury structuroo.attUl

ilt by elawo labor. One atrikklnr oxainl
2n&ant Stroot, .nhoro mnmvy .1d hounoa

t.oe ^wlL into the pro-rW piorlo. Ibolow.
on of the SIATOa, Vte majority of the oar*

ts, and otha e Artiran were atli foumur
Sof thoe onstruotion .done in t o yaare
between ithe Statef o se done .by 7o-ro




1trtonyI l t.4t Sine g* iet .o1
rise ftr the oGity, mIweiw t1S wt fwi
pronouneo*.. B before t#'.h ar b0opi -

it by thear "nnterscx d m,%a4-ned to Vo3 GOV-

mtrluotio of the 0F17y lard and fvw Ae^ ..

.f.nd th olty and the boy Wo fp tb R


garef Histor 9
uOatin Rolerdson 7a
hPoaoola, loridR

Uniltd Staes be from ahioh to nIavlly patrol t h :
Oulf of !!oexoo.

Tho brioks t't wont Into tho wUll of ss*
fortifloatlonn *ro.- rade by I'nds, by th ninvea; '-lvo brinkoL-
lyoa -' t en L-i tle 6 into hC wa1n, roinf6rood thie wlth
-pIao a*rin- and onCr.o.ry, .'t 'Onora ly mndS thaim no nound
that in moIt oacoo fhoy aro ntill Intnot caf or moro hn t0rhoo
quaJ'tora of a oon try

ITo livo of t'Loo slaven aro Intora.tineu
Thoy oonntituted n aly t0 entire population of 1Wrrinton
at tho'time. Only a ndful of whiteos, umlly thioir over
a-ore and oooaonaUL y their owners, lived in t1rrin.ton with
the1. A tow appear hto a lived inaldo the t vy Thrd as well
but ti s fao, io no proven. (7)

nrubor of alarvo engared in the oonepno.
tion of tho travy Ynd and. forts at tinea m8s o ro0od
?aorai hnmdro.4

amr ot thareM tapert o r
rarto of the n aens obvious, shnoo the area aroui P at.
esbola did not rave very aNIy 1axo plantations. Tho onon
given for thia in t, t ftrmipn hboo woa rnt an luorative a
farther ouat or "ou h.

e of the ox-slAves and their dsoondmitbt

I .

N1OrW Bistory
. Martin R ohardaon
Ponssoola, Florlid

gse 0

stato that slaves wh had boon aw(nd S purely pWermua .
or housahonlA a oloas r prenaed by thoir nretern into
work on t oonotuo on of t'.o forte. lnoiflntally, thear
-*o n*.nry Indian in tie vioinity nt t :.o ti$So, but attOapte
tfo -ko' t m .work aro wil to 'avo always zpultod in fb4i-.
uro- + fy proforrrd inonrooratlon to forced ifo.or. (3)

1io-in- t*hc -ar an' *Vo ftiml Omtnoip
tion of t'o olwo n, roPmio owrmrd for t aol yoear- or work on
fortif~tostions at ru-rln.-ton vWro Rlvo- t' t Tho I ovomrr
nont pomaitted tho er-nalvo and thoir Joeoon antn to settle
in Itrrln~ton and btlid thaooclves, coon outside the !nvy Tard.
Thono honen worota froot nd tO ro wero no- o'rr opn for the
lnd., Tha only d st.aning nsooonmry en that title to it
woull aJwiyn rx~~^i tho pronorty of t2o United States Kovorn-

SF half a doson gonmor tions donoonidWnt of the

old alaoes oooupioi
a fow years (rO whi
tion in other ways

theso homon, the last of t'm loavine only
expansion in Mrrlgtou forced tUhe util-
of theth y ht b oooupied fao a

lone period.
In Otbor parts of the oity,. h"ovor, oan stR
bo found theas p.or e who lived in WurrinFton1 usually workiag
for the govetrml nt in some aino3r opo.w ty or OwpUlOy d ty fto


wmaog History Paweo U
nrtin Riohrdson PRO
Ponaeoolat, Norl

ment amployoas. (7)

S1noo tho d~rn of rooonntruoton In Florldi,
tho Ponsooola re 'o has h4d -. lar-o 'r Tt In itA politionl
pio'uro. !no oorn of thin o1iy havo ocoullid nolitloal of-.
ifooo boonuao of. ho noto"d in ?hloh thay w"ar hoal by
botiV rmona in : c ooon-unlty, rthor thtn through tho ofor6ta
of or'p ttr.tb-or"* oci.1rv0 Influtonooon

Potor R, Dividnon of Poneck0ola ms n r~ r.csor of
tho Stato lla'l1tint an d an sento In 1800,(tho soaolon
thnt hnd nlnotoo- ~qroeo. on itn troll.)Davldon aohlevod
dlatinotlon oa one of t:oe ro~t lovol-ho!oed colored rco.anor
althiu ho was A ,ouIhVy nrTroRnnve; ho sternly o/pponed
any noeourno that niht hnvo brought dindnnntage to his
r.oo. On tho othor !hnd ho oppoaod any unfair i~ta brought
Uo by 'ho *o apotbr 'el'oted fanotion, and 1Im thought to
have boen ono of t. -o lnotrameontal In rotninni~n tho inoun-
lono? of governor R d whon rmioale nought his ir~oaohment.

Davide with Jaotha 0. (ltbbe, coretary of
gtate, fought for otio0ml ftallitle for wetro In the
staso. This fight f nally resulted in.,/th entablistment of
Suniftorm and pror alvsto publ o eduiotlonal ntystae for both
blaoks and Whitae. 1 Florida and a fow y~aro later the State
n ~ .r Sohool for nt roAe (row the norldn Agrloulturl and
hca G- t T lhaMieo ,) was sfta~blihed.

'^I ;t *-r~Pab~~ m *'^. *"* '

ffNro lsttory
Martin Riotardaon
Ponam ooul, 7nor3 i

I%-e 18
&no la

T. D. Tucker of Pmnaaoola me vpolntod by Oovra-
nor PNr y, ino o Penanoola, ao ts firnt pronidont of
tha "errail Sohool
Oeoro .tharapoon, -''o wma olctaod to .x' 3tato
L-,l1-.. 'txre In 18( f:r non ntlcallo, bho-n o a roni.3-lt of
Poan-wool in 187)* Do ri0dn nn oxcoUlant rnoor. aRF n t
bar -f tho stAC-o I '-ln1-t.ivo body.
From 186m to jnor hea qnd of ,e century Oto PNin-
o1 col T.-ro T ro n o vo,.y motive in local polltlos. Dirlin
t 13 time more tha a dofsn 4-rose sirvd nb holloofan
outa.t -. linw -ronrg hlon GTore offlooar Aruhio Crowoil*, I or?
3clp11", Lewlsa Oo, n, John mulires, *Dobw Ghomnard, Pober
T owsBa(-o h*tld poa 0Ion ^*re but *m aolidom native) and
ot':rs. (Cs)


Oooko non-:ly the ont. lo*urntiue of tho
7o-ro ol tlo re. To himn V1U .uh job of .anyin tW alty
prilonerm to ad f their dily job* on the strseete and
ovoreoolu their w h arrt, the dAy. MTi ho i4d with a
nljr of pistol, in a hloator strapped around his wlnut nd ,
a i o ouilf.-barr llod about mun on hiq u nml.or. o wprion-
ar wan over pitto lapBa of "armry nr to owho was the
pr inonor and who a guard. (4)



gorro Hinltory Pe 13
-rltizn PiohrdoAon S
Panaoolmn, Florida

Rilchad GvnAt, a Croole, wAs City Mtr'wIrll
for nevra l yoarn af or ohi.- ~viontaont In 1373; he
wn folo-Td bt John 'Rja x Duttorfi: 1,.

GCorj-c t thorapoem, who i.td norvod a torn in
th:c otnto io1 ,l',tur w'e oi'ty *3ourol .-r. or. n, o.a oro
o3ra.7 FPo.: a 'iuibyr g yoern Aur.ntuii Duiront 'na a-o r"r ow
h Cc inrt ,o.' r. of !h.o.tl In".cictlon. 'uont '.:i. I' job
'ith c(rn.it .i 'i.d r ru..^ Jo *3*0 *o 2:W e O inte-t o'?'; c *;-:"chir
both -I to "J i color. Oneo I-rro'' r --hit'f- fliro I-i
oy.'tccs, 1ia J. "IrIon (nft.C r -.hon .. 1-~oo hor': 9.- -dl)
:r t.c .lrly cr'al.ed -~d .. ro ot.- .ont to Diu?"-t on *"'. r.d pub-
lio oo~wasionn. (1)

?ola3'li jCG)olors .dO-r t r. ;'Trono "SrC fy.
C"'+7.llbJ- h.bi' t nt of "t-"')*:r front 17 o 137 ,
an.l '.; ;c: hi, -ami4nta.Pa..?. aatthe1 Six "m reen iorvod
*n'c tois period :xn I'n.nmotors o ca "tcfri(Aarmn -r -n, John
':".-l, Jcr.oph "ninln-, L.3. Croorm p.-". na inrtono, r iJu.teo
lth Al,) arnd tio or rore no cu"todi% *a f t(o ountorNseou
(JUnos Drown sad Avfafn Edmrda.) .

Outside Of offloe, Poneoolsa -o-_roe -s-oil .,% a
oor-olirablo influono dfLrinr t'.-1 roriod. "hen r ?tr n.Mrttive
joP. Avery, a "hit?. P neaolnn, introJuood1 n bill zn t'he
*tnao lo'inlnture oaU lng for soe"rn tlion on all tr-rn rorte.



Torro 1lstory e Pa 14
Martin RIobrdeon 6
Prmoeool4, 1lorinda

tion sntenan in t' sotAte, ooar'itt.oo to lobby adw protest
t'- n1;1 wn I"rnn tloly olooted froi .aonorC t'e "ocrofe
hor" a-4 tiant to '"o dnitol..The ciorAitoo oo-nlid of
C.J. Call, e Oior; nIxr, T T. T'onw :and Att*ornoy C.H AleP-

tem. ?Ti i 'Urovrui A'for"I" t 1 Uffl nvo oorristeo in
Cv labs mo) '*--> .11 cornstllralo lo'ubyina 10 w"ll$ -ith
tio rom4n t't bl-t4s -m On o over -cilnjly :Af-!twd 70o0
o tnai ?XTnArT. l t wia In lty, 1303. (5)

Ln 1294, a oo-Itto"o of Ponfnoola "e-rono
lineld up i'-h Attornoy Iot. Purooll, J. CroWreB nd C.'.
Al ton -iho' t'.oy -Ad<6 t firat orrmnlnc"d fiSrht fory"oerooe
on Vorin' jurinn; !Iis firht o'nn- ,' ~~iomnt In one -hero nine fc-roon !P4 b.n, tried for
mur Dirn por' ao to t. o n-t. tio rotion ?^d be-n put, the fihht
mn uniuooaonful. (5)
T at bot1 rmooa in Prenoola- were and.
,till aroa content th t part that or ros, -4ayed and.
atull play I" laOOAl goB rpgnnt la eridant that thiA. ity
1' one of -'e few i1 norid where Wonro'e ray vote u-thm.
oerftio tloket in nrimar"? olootlon,.a&thovw'h t.ho DTlted
8tatMo Suprmeo COurt dcoidod noa tlv o aco that no-xoon rAy
be barred from, t1 tloket at the will of tVat 'Mrty. (6) -

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"o!ro nintory ge S15
1'jtin Plo^:*dson n 0
Ponx. o Florida

When atrot oNrm wore abndono4 in PNr..Ioo
Cr vo yo=an trvo nrd uhorklon berrvni toutrint up theo *r.amdk in
tho "ii1- t of to rtreot, old Imlidentn of ho olty 'were
r rin 'od of 'lv-br of introntln tl of tno cor-nnity'.
trm!nt ortIon n n o a rt.

Alo" thoso trmk In Itho W'So r X of ohe
pi.t ootury, 'wont no-Jrawn ni'-ret oanr, JrlvEn yf oon-
rnial ol "o-roi who want about t'eior .)oh. h 'i.ly, hnow*
Ing t'nt 'ho ouotor of t "o town (Ulotato.l tVIt thoy ",Eo to
j o o xolunivo o-oratorn of o oraw.

To uivorn :.re Jonttbura r nd *notorr-o.* as
"rll; t' oanfth trimnafotiopsovo' t that -"arly tiae wnro
hIudled throun h % zrud radptation of t.o pronont, fan box.
They kopt th so Jot nany yooro lator.
SLit. 8 wa eomaotl8a a bit bore exotltin for
t ,o ploturasqmu o ator of the nale cxore whn they Pefe
by a horom-dramn fi e ninei with white fir1mn and Wm ro
drivers 41ttingl on the equlrnment. Ooocasrion y nnothdrepho-
rnomonon mse ernoun ereds t h'n ldra~i fire r-t~~ atu 'Lt
bore tho lasoripttl *aCroole Iro DoxrtmmentN on the eldoe
of t'-o wagon.' (5)



ar tin PRohardon
Field Mrkoa

, (ala(IoQgro VIteras Unit)
*r&MIoola, noTuridh

Ne.ro History
April 140, 19Z6
John A. Sitam

I. Trruditlon r:oun;Ant the Ooldstilokor fwily,
PIrnoola, Plorl

*:. Profosnor C.F. ClI
n. Rtev. .C. W .in.te,
No Alr'nl Stroet,
4. nobert To Thomns,
Poanmoonr., ?lorida

1, WL.O ., F 3troot, Poilsoola

ola resident of city, 16.7
Pon.snoola, FPorlcd
old rnildant, 1618 Alo:rni. Stro':t

5. Dr. C.T. Jnffrsron 4.15 ?. "^n!n! SIcr" FIcrilda
d. Obnemrvtion of fi la 1.orker ln violilty, Ponrecola
7. Twor.a Polk, nobe4 DurMnmp. Colomon Orines a"d Rwev
S .C. e in~rte, form oltavse, atili LUvlo in Pntr W-
ookl, Floridao


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