Title: Academics: a monthly newsletter for the faculty of the University of Florida
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Title: Academics: a monthly newsletter for the faculty of the University of Florida
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Creator: UF Faculty Senate
Publisher: University of Florida Faculty Senate, University of Florida
Publication Date: 2007
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A Monthly Newsletter for the Faculty of the University of Florida Published by the Faculty Senate
November 2007

Chair's Message:
The Teacher Scholar
By: Rick Yost, Facult Senate Chair

On page four of this issue of
Academics, you will find the call for
nominations for both the Teacher/Schol-
ar of the Year Award and the Academy
of Distinguished Teaching Scholars. Both
of these awards recognize faculty that
are committed to the belief that superior
teaching and research go hand-in-hand.
Indeed, our UF Strategic Work Plan (see
points out that "research and scholarship are integral to
the educational process."
Nevertheless, the phrase "teaching vs. research"
has become a familiar part of the academic vocabulary.
Google the phrase and you'll get two million hits! At its
best, the phrase reflects the tension we all feel balancing
time between our formal teaching assignments and our
scholarly efforts. At its worse, the phrase implies that
teaching and research are in opposition and only one can
win. I would argue that our faculty role is far more effec-
tive (and more n.- '.,ir in.1' when we integrate the teaching
and research aspects of our jobs. One of the most impor-
tant teaching activities in my career has been mentoring
graduate students (and undergraduates as well) in research.
And most of us would argue that performing scholarship
(research) in the field makes us better and more effective
teachers for the students in our classrooms. As my PhD
advisor (Chris Enke at Michigan State) would say, teach-
ing creativity and creatively teaching are synergistic. Let us
embrace "teaching and research", integrated, not in op
see Yost, pg. 2


Student Conduct Code Review
By: Kim Tanzer, Student Conduct Code Review Committee co-chair

In the fall of 2006, Dr. Patricia Telles-
Irvin formed a University Committee to
review the Student Conduct Code at the
University of Florida. The committee's
charge was to address the following
1) The definitions of both academic
and conduct violations
2) The processes by which an academic
misconduct is heard
3) The processes by which a behavioral misconduct is heard
4) The possibility of streamlining these processes
Co-Chaired by Professor Kim Tanzer, Past Chair
of the Faculty Senate and Dr. Gene Zdziarski, Dean of
Students, the committee was comprised of five faculty
members, four students and five staff members. Three
subcommittees were formed consistent with areas outlined
in the committee's charge. The Definitions Subcommit-
tee was chaired by Professor M I.,- --i Temple-Smith, the
Academic Honesty Subcommittee was chaired by Dr.
Sid Dobrin and the Student Conduct Subcommittee was
chaired by Dr. Stephen Hagen. Each of the subcommit-
tee's sought to identify ways to streamline the processes.
The committee sought broad input from through-
out the campus community before formulating its
recommendations. The committee submitted a total of 26
recommendations in six key areas: Code Definitions,
Venues, Adjudicators, Process, Sanctions and Pro-Active
University-wide Communication. A copy of the complete

see Tanzer, pg. 2



Faculty Senate Agenda

Faculty Senate News
Meeting Calendar



A Monthly Newsletter for the Faculty of the University of Florida
November 2007

Yostfrom, pg. 1
I encourage each of you to identify your colleagues
who exemplify the teacher-scholar model, faculty who
clearly demonstrate the synergism between great research
and great teaching. Personally, I hold up Jim Winefordner,
Professor of Chemistry for the past 48 years here at UF, as
my role model for the teacher-scholar. When Jim retires
next month, he will have graduated nearly 170 PhDs and
published over 880 papers, but he still reminds me that his
first love is teaching first-year analytical chemistry (which he
does two semesters every year!). Jim was recognized as UF
Teacher-Scholar of the Year over twenty years ago.
I join the entire UF community in celebrating our
faculty who contribute so much to both teaching and re-
search at UF I welcome your thoughts and comments on
the issue of "teaching vs. research." Feel free to e-mail me
at faultysenatechair@ufl.edu

Go Gators!

Rick Yost is Professor and Head of Analytical Chemistr and Chair

Tan erfrom, pg. 1

report is available at http://www.senate. changes t
ufl.edu/archives/faculty senate/2007/oct/Student%20 the Board
Conduct%20Code%20Re K- -'' ..)Com%20Report-final.
pdf Kim Tanrze
At the October 18th Faculty Senate meeting,
an overview of the committee's recommendations was
presented. Particular attention was directed to the rec-
ommendation that: Adjudication of academic conduct
cases should be limited to Faculty/Student Resolution, the
Student Conduct Committee, the Health Science Center
Student Conduct Committee or the Law School Honor
Currently there are six different venues in which
academic conduct cases can be heard. This recommenda-
tion would remove two of these venues from the process
(administrative hearings and Student Honor Court). There
were several reasons for this recommendation.
First, it streamlined the process by eliminating
options that were not frequently utilized and reducing
confusion associated with the multiple venues available in
the process. University records indicated that in the last
six years an average of only four cases per year were heard
by the Student Honor Court. For a variety of reasons the
Dean of Students Office had already been limiting the

number of cases going to administrative hearings.
Second, the Student Honor Court is an adversarial
process that is negatively perceived by both faculty and
students. The cumbersome court room environment often
focused more on judicial process and formal procedure
than on the substance of the alleged violation. Faculty and
students frequently expressed concerns that they were un-
able to fully tell their side of the story.
Third, neither administrative hearings nor the Stu-
dent Honor Court provide both faculty and student input
into the decision making process. Each of the four remain-
ing venues includes both faculty and student involvement in
the hearing body.
Additional issues concerning the length of the pro-
cess, the security of student records, and reports of missing
hearing recordings led the committee to recommend that
adjudication of academic conduct cases be limited to Fac-
ulty/Student Resolution, the Student Conduct Committee,
the Health Science Center Student Conduct Committee or
the Law School Honor Committee.
Each of the committee's recommendations are
currently being reviewed by the Vice President for Student
Affairs, Dr. Patricia Telles-Irvin. Those recommendations
accepted by Vice President Telles-Irvin will be reflected in

SUniversity Regulations that will be submitted to
of Trustees for approval.

r is a Professor of Architecture


A Monthly Newsletter for the Faculty of the University of Florida
November 2007


"Post-Award Overview at UF" Workshop

Faculty with research administration responsibilities, may be
interested in attending the new "Post-Award Overview at
UF" workshop offered by the University of Florida's three
core contract and grants offices.
Designed to provide an overview of the post-award
area within research administration, this workshop will
explore key areas of responsibility so that faculty, depart-
ment administrators, and other key research personnel will
understand how these offices serve them in managing the
sponsored program portfolio.

Specific learning objectives include:
* What is "post-award" and how does this differ from "pre-
* The post-award life cycle
* How post-award responsibilities are managed at UF
* Common terminology and acronyms
* How the Notice of Award (NOA) information is captured
in PeopleSoft
* PeopleSoft award data including Contract, Project, Chart-
Field, and Commitment Control (KK)
* How to determine your available balance on a project
* The budget transfer process
* Close-out issues in post award

Instructors: Tiffany Schmidt (Engineering Contracts &
Grants); Dr. Brian Sevier (IFAS Sponsored Programs);
Nancy Wilkinson (IFAS Sponsored Programs); and Edythe
Zettler (Main Contracts & Grants).

Special Sessions: Health Science Center (HSC) Only No-
vember 30, 2007 from 10 AM -1:00 PM in room LG-101A
Brain Institute and IFAS Only December 5, 2007from 1:30-
4:30 PM, in room G001 McCarty D. HSC folks can register
online through HR just like they would our regular PR0323
course. IFAS folks can register by contacting LeeEsther
Wallace at ewallace@ufl.edu.

"Post-Award Overview at UF," course number PR0323,
is currently available for registration at my.ufl.edu, My
Self Service, Training and Development, Request Training
Enrollment, for workshops on either February 4, 2008 and

April 22, 2008 from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m., in Room 120 of the
HRS Building. Registration is required.

Please share this information with interested parties in your
work environment. While attendance in this workshop
counts toward the Research Administration elective in the
Pro3 fiscal management certification, participants do not
need to be working toward Pro3 certification to attend.
Questions? Please contact Training and Organizational De-

Call for Nominations: The Academy of Distinguished
Teaching Scholars and Teacher/Scholar of the Year

The Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars

Nominations are due by January 15, 2008.

In Spring 2005, five inaugural fellows were selected. Five
additional members will be appointed each subsequent year,
thereby maintaining a total of 15 active members.

Teacher/Scholar of the Year Award

Nominations are due by no later than February 1, 2008
http: //www.aa.ufl.edu/aa/facdev/career/teacher-scholar.

Originating in 1960, this is the University of Florida's most
prestigious and oldest faculty award. It offers an honorari-
um of $5,000 in addition to other appropriate recognition.
In selecting the recipient, the Committee will be designating
a faculty member who demonstrates distinguished achieve-
ment in both teaching and scholarly activity (manifested by
scholarly research, creative writing, original works of art,
etc.) and visibility within and beyond the university.

If you would like to receive the Deans, Directors, and
Department head memos please visit: http://www.admin.



A Monthly Newsletter for the Faculty of the University of Florida
November 2007

Faculty Senate Agenda

November 15, 2007

3-5 PM

Reitz Union Auditorium
Approval of the minutes of the October 18, 2007 meeting
Chair's Report
President's Report

Rick Yost, Chair
Bernie Machen, President

Information Items
Responding to Campus Crisis Gene Zdziarski, Dean of Students
Constitution Committee Proposed Language for General Education Committee, University Curriculum Committee and student
members on Policy Councils Mary Ann Ferguson, Chair Constitution committee
Proposed regulation (6C1-3.0375) regarding tuition cost Mary Ann Ferguson, Chair Constitution committee

Action items:

Curriculum Committee Daniel Wubah, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Affairs
College of Business
Change in name of the undergraduate major from the Decision and Information Sciences Department to Information
Systems and Operations Management Department.
College of Engineering
Proposed change in degree requirement for Bachelor in Materials Science and Engineering
Proposed change for a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science offered through the College of Engineering
Proposed increase in credits in Nuclear Engineering from 126 to 129
College of Public Health and Health Professions
Proposed revision to the Bachelor of Health Science Program
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Proposed changes to the Agricultural Education and Communication Specializations
Proposed changes to the Soil and Water major and minor
Proposed changes to the Entomology and Nematology minor
School of Business Proposal for Creation

Department Name Change
From Pharmacy Health Care Administration to Department of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy
Bill Millard, Executive Associate Dean
Graduate Council Items Henry Frierson, Dean Graduate School

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Request to Sunset degrees:
Degree Name: Degree Major
Master of Science in Teaching Psychology
Master of Arts in Teaching Psychology, Geography, Philosophy, Political Science, Linguistics

Resolution from the Student Conduct Code Review Committee Kim Tanzer, Student Conduct Code Review Committee co-chair

Open Discussion from Senate Floor

Three minute limit per speaker, floor will be open to Senators first



A Monthly Newsletter for the Faculty of the University of Florida
November 2007

Faculty Senate News: Meeting Outcomes

October 18, 2007
Chair's Report
Dr. Yost reported that the Faculty Senate is working
with administration to form a faculty/student committee
to review the FDLE report regarding the town hall meet-
ing with John Kerry. The committee will also review the
incident and relevant procedures. The committee will be
comprised of 4 faculty members, 4 students and a fac-
ulty chair. Dr. Yost welcomes nominations, suggestions
and concerns. Nominations are being accepted for ap-
pointment to the curriculum committee and the general
education committee. The constitutional language has not
been approved yet but the appointments will help transi-
tion to the approved structure of have elected and half
appointed members. One quarter of the members will be
appointed to serve a one year term, which is: 5 members
to the curriculum committee and 3 members to the general
education committee. The Dean of Students office would
like one faculty member to sit on the common reading pro-
gram selection committee. The Welfare council is reviewing
options for a faculty club at UE Friday appears to be the
best time for most faculty members. In the spring the Fac-
ulty Senate office collected shared governance reports from
each college. The summaries will be posted on the senate
Web site. The budget council has a budget FAQ on their
Web site. If you have questions about the budget process,
please send them to the council.

President's Report and Budget Report
Dr. Machen presented a report on the budget. The Legisla-
ture will meet on Oct. 3-10 to discuss budget cuts.

Information Item
Board of Trustees Meeting Report Rick Yost, Chair
Two new committees were created: the task force on cost
reduction and efficiency and the
BOT Committee on Resources. Rick Yost sits on the Com-
mittee on Resources and Frank Bova sits on the Task Force
on Cost Reduction and Efficiency.
Dr. Machen created goals for next year stemming from
SWP goals: Funds for faculty and staff raises next year,
Develop new support for faculty enhancement for research
leaves, sabbaticals and scholarship.

Action Items

Graduate Council Items
LL.M in Environmental & Land Use Law and eliminate the
graduate degrees in Engineering Mechanics and Engineer-
ing Science. The proposals were approved.

Curriculum Committee
Elimination of BS in Engineering Science. The proposal
was approved.

Faculty Senate Chair Rick Yost wrestles with important UF issues.



A Monthly Newsletter for the Faculty of the University of Florida
November 2007

November 2007 Calendar






Nov. 5 Nov. 6 Nov. 7 Nov. 8 Nov. 9
Academic Policy Council
10AM- 12 PM
471 Grinter

Nov. 12 Nov. 13 Nov. 14 Nov. 15 Nov. 16
Senate Council cn Research Infrastructure Council
and Scholarship Policy Senate meeting 10 AM 283 Reitz Union
9-11 AM 346 Reilz Union 3-5 PM
Ccmmiltee on a Civil, Safe and Reitz Union Auditorium
Open Envircrment 10:30 AM
-12:30 FM 276 Reilz Unicn
Nov. 19 Nov. 20 Nov. 21 Nov. 22
Budget Council Commiltee cn a Civil, Safe and
1-3 PM Open Envircnmcnt 10:30 AM
202 Tigert -12:30 PM 276 Reilz Union

Nov. 26
Constitution Committeel0:30
AM-12 PM 354 Tigert

Nov. 27
cmmiltee on a Civil, Safe and
)pen Environment 10:30 AM
12:30 FM 284 Reitz Union
:uIriculum Ccmmiltee 1:30 PM
226 Tigert
crmmiltee on Commiltees 2-4
M 429 Libraiy West

Nov. 28

Nov. 29
Welfare Council
2-4 PM
226 Tigert

Nov. 30

The most recent version of the calendar can be found at: http://www.senate.ufl.edu/Calendar/

University of Florida Faculty Senate Office

134 Tigert Hall P.O. Box 113185

Gainesville, FL 32611

Office: 352-392-9019 Fax: 352-392-8735


E-mail: facultysenatechair@ufl.edu


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