Title: Academics: a monthly newsletter for the faculty of the University of Florida
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Title: Academics: a monthly newsletter for the faculty of the University of Florida
Series Title: Academics: a monthly newsletter for the faculty of the University of Florida
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Creator: UF Faculty Senate
Publisher: University of Florida Faculty Senate, University of Florida
Publication Date: 2007
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A Monthly Newsletter for the Faculty of the University of Florida Published by the Faculty Senate
Snrinx 2007

Chair's Message:

By: Danaya Wright, Faculty Senate Chair
As outgoing chair of the Faculty Sen-
ate, I have many items to report. It was a
very successful year in terms of shared
governance and improving faculty input
on academic matters. As you may have
heard, the President approved the Senate's
recommendation to adopt a new grading
Danqya Wrght policy that will include plus and minus
grades. The Provost will keep us in-
formed as to when the computer programming changes
have been successfully made so we can implement the new
Nearly every college and academic unit has completed
its shared governance task force report which, we hope,
was more than an academic exercise. The reason for
having the faculty in each unit go through the exercise was
to foster a culture in which faculty participate in important
governance decisions. As a result of the Senate's initiative
this year, a number of colleges have drafted new constitu-
tions and others have significantly revised theirs. The
Senate has pushed faculty in many units to get more
involved in service in their own colleges and departments
and in university governance. The Senate also adopted a
resolution at its April meeting that would encourage
faculty to get involved in setting budget priorities at their
unit level and expect greater budget transparency. A link
to that resolution is available on the Senate Web site,
through the April, 2007 agenda.

The Academic Policy Council worked closely with the
president on revisions to the University Strategic Work
Plan and on policies to periodically update and revise the
plan. The Board of Trustees is expected to adopt the Plan
at its June, 2007 meeting. We have also revised our
constitution to include greater student participation on the
University committees and councils which should help us
better understand the wide panoply of concerns and
perspectives represented here at UF
The Senate office successfully oversaw all the elections
for Senators within the academic units and though we did
not have overwhelming voter turnout, we are able to
better plan for next year now that we know who the
incoming Senators are. With this newsletter we are pub-
lishing the names of the new members to university
councils and committees (see page 2).
The Senate and administration has collaborated on a
proposal for the hiring of a dispute resolution officer, who
should be in place by fall. That issue took three years to
finally resolve. The Faculty Senate resolution last fall
requesting greater faculty involvement in the drafting of a
strategic plan for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
resulted in the formation of a number of faculty advisory
committees who have worked very diligently to produce a
number of important reports that have just been com-
pleted. Those reports are available on the CLAS Web site
at http://www.clas.ufl.edu/gov/comm/finance.html.

see Wright, pg. 2




Council in Review

Election Results

3 Faculty Senate News


A Monthly Newsletter for the Faculty of the University of Florida

Wright from, pg. 1
There are some who are skeptical about the state of
shared governance at UF I believe we had make tremen-
dous progress this year. Important things have been
accomplished and the faculty is coming to expect that it
will be consulted on major new issues and that its opinion
will carry weight. While I have often felt like a lone voice
crying in the wilderness, I have had incredible support
from the faculty, and for that I want to personally express
my thanks to all of you. It has been a crazy year, but one
that could not have been so successful without the dedica-
tion of all the faculty to our collective academic mission.
Finally, we are pleased to announce that Dr. Frank
Bova, neurosurgery, has been elected the new chair-elect
for the 2007-2008 academic year. He will serve as chair
of the senate in 2008-2009. And congratulations go to
Amelia Hugus, the Senate Secretary, who will be married
Saturday, May 12th.


The following are highlights of some of the recent
changes to UF policies that may affect you.

Non-Discrimination Policy:
Sexual orientation was added to the ND policy two
years ago.
The students, by referendum, overwhelmingly adopted
a prohibition of discrimination on the basis of gender
identity and gender expression. Adding these to the
university policy is a matter to be dsicusssed in the next
couple of years.

Tenure changes:
The tenure clock-stopping policy was adopted to give
faculty a RIGHT to have their tenure clock stopped if
they become new parents or acquire significant care
responsibilities for dependant relatives.
A mandatory Mentoring policy was adopted to require
that each unit develop a mentoring policy for untenured
faculty to assist them in the tenure process

A mandatory third-year review was instituted to assist
faculty in assessing their progress toward tenure. There
are some indications that this review is being used to force
faculty out who are perceived not to be making adequate
progress toward tenure. This policy must be reviewed
carefully to make sure that it is not being used to punish
faculty unfairly.
Each unit was required to have written guidelines and
criteria for tenure and promotion and to adhere to those
guidelines. The T&P survey indicates that this has not
been adequately accomplished in every unit so further
attention is needed here.
Accidental changes were made to UF regulations to
require that all college P&T committees consist of tenured
full professors back in 2006. Regulation changes are
expected to be adopted by the BOT at its June 2007
meeting to go back to the original rule that anyone with
tenure can serve, but members could only vote on candi-
dates who are at rank or below.

Leave Policies:
As a result of the non-discrimination policies noted
above, University regulations have been modified to
include domestic partners for all family and medical
leaves, tenure clock-stopping policies, and the like.

Insurance Benefits:
Domestic Partner health insurance has been added,
though the pre-tax and-post tax consequences mean there
are additional costs for faculty choosing to cover their
domestic partners under the university policy.

Retirement Benefits:
Last year community college faculty were allowed a
one-time opportunity to buy back into the state retirement
plan. The legislature is considering granting this option to
SUS faculty as well. The Board of Governors has re-
quested this item but we do not know yet whether it has
been passed.



A Monthly Newsletter for the Faculty of the University of Florida

Council Election Results

Budget Council

Kathie Price 2010
Christy Lemak Harris 2010
Regina Bussing 2009

Academic Policy Council

Danaya Wright
David Quillen
Saeed Khan


Research Council

Scott Nygren
Jacob Chung


Infrastructure Council

Jane Brockmann
Marjorie Hoy

Welfare Council

Mary Ann Ferguson
Rebecca Jordi



Committee Election Results

Academic, Freedom, Tenure, Professional Rela-
tions and Standards Committee
Regina Bussing 2010
John Haydu 2010
Jorge Rey 2010
Thomas Vickroy 2010
John Henretta 2010

Committee on Committees
Mark Bishop 2010
Blake Landor 2010

University Constitution
Cathleen Martyniak
Victoria Pagan

Curriculum Committee

James McLeskey



General Education Committee
Melissa Johnson 2010

Honorary Degrees, Distinguished Alumnus,
Awards and Memorials Committee
Kenneth Berns 2010
Hartmuth Derendorf 2010
Michael Seigel 2010

Land Use and Facilities Planning Committee
Saundra TenBroeck 2010
Robert MacLeod 2010

Jacqueline Miller 2010

Lakes, Vegetation and Landscaping Committee
David Hickey 2010

Preservation of Historic Buildings and Sites Com-
Mary Adkins 2010
Tom Caswell 2010

Research Policy Committee
Paul Mueller 2010
Jorge Rey 2009
Ruth Steinner 2008



A Monthly Newsletter for the Faculty of the University of Florida

Senate Nominating Committee
Florin Curta 2008
Michael Katovich 2009

PK Nair

Jackie Ayers


Student Petitions Committee

Mark Brennen


Senate Steering Committee

Ellis Greiner


Sustainability committee
Ruth Steinner
Mickie Swisher


Transportation and Parking Advisory Committee

Ronald Siders


Michael Katovich 2010

Sharon Rush


University Libraries Committee
Linda Bartoshuk 2010

Rae Jesano
Leah Rosenberg


Academic Personnel Board
These candidates were forwarded to the President for
Douglas Cenzer
PK Nair
William Page

Spring Announcements:

Associate Provost for Undergraduate Affairs
Dr. Daniel Wubah, special assistant to the president at
James Madison University, has been appointed to serve as
Associate Provost for Undergraduate Affairs effective July
1, 2007.

Dean, College of Medicine
Bruce C. Kone, M.D., will be the next dean of the
College of Medicine. His first day in the position will be
May 15th.

Dean, Graduate School
Dr. Henry Frierson, Professor of Educational Psychol-
ogy, Measurement, and Evaluation and Director of the
Research Education Support Program at the University of
North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has been appointed to serve
as Dean of the Graduate School effective May 1, 2007.

Senior Vice President for Administration

On April 1, 2007 Kyle Cavanaugh assumed the role of
Senior Vice President for Administration. Reporting
directly to the Senior Vice President for Administration
will be the newly established Vice President and Chief
Financial Officer (CFO), the Vice President for Business
Affairs, the Vice President for Human Resources, the
Chief Information Officer (CIO), and the Chief Audit
Executive. In addition to having these responsibilities for
the above areas, Kyle will also interface with all other Vice
Presidents on strategic issues.

For the immediate future Kyle will continue to operate as
Chief Human Resource Officer and oversee the physical
move of our Human Resource operation to University
Avenue. In addition, he will be working over the next
several months on establishing and recruiting the CFO and
assist in bringing direction to our Student Information



A Monthly Newsletter for the Faculty of the University of Florida

Council in Review: Faculty Welfare

The Faculty Welfare Council is tasked with making
policies regarding "matters that support, encourage, define,
and evaluate the quality of the faculty and retention of
faculty members, including faculty rights and academic
freedom; faculty support programs, such as fringe benefit
packages; faculty diversity; and programs that improve the
quality of faculty life."
Probably the three most important tasks of the welfare
council this years were:
Administer a survey to P&T candidates regarding
the P&T process to ensure that we are complying with the
changes to the policies that were adopted two years ago
Evaluate and improve the faculty climate survey,
and then make recommendations for improvements based
on the results
Evaluate the quality of faculty life around issues as
widespread as diversity and child-care and make recom-
mendations for new policies.
With regard to the first item, the Council found that
many faculty candidates going up for tenure and promo-
tion were unclear about the procedures, had been given
conflicting information, felt that the criteria changed mid-
stream, and that they were not always judged based on
written and well-understood criteria. Those findings
troubled the Council and they have been working with the
Provost's office to address as many of them as they could.
They are also planning on sending out another survey this
year to see if things are getting better.
With regard to the second item, they will meet first thing
in the fall to discuss recommendations resulting from the
results of the climate survey that are due out this month.
With regard to the third item, they had Pam Pallas, the
director of Baby Gator explain to the faculty senate the
state of child-care on this campus (excellent in quality but
insufficient in ability to satisfy the needs of all students,
staff, and faculty). They are also working with the HR
office as the child care operations move from under the
umbrella of the College of Education to the Department
of Human Resources. They also worked closely with
Associate Provost

Debra Walker King regarding implementation of the
plan for which we received the $250,000 Sloan Award on
career flexibility.
Despite important changes having been made over the
past few years in regard to all of these matters, faculty
remain ignorant of their rights and of the new benefits
that are available to them. For your information, we are
highlighting a number of them on page 2 of this newslet-
Finally, if you have ideas about ways to improve quality
of life here at UF, please send them to Amelia Hugus, the
senate secretary, or the chair of the Faculty Welfare
And keep a lookout for the results of the 2007 faculty
climate survey. They should be available in late May.
Contributing Committees:
The chair of each of these committees (or an elected
faculty member) is a member of the Welfare Council
Academic Freedom, Tenure, Professional Relations
and Standards Committee
Conduct hearings on charges involving tenure, aca-
demic freedom, or matters involving University practice
bearing on professional ethics and the general welfare of
the faculty as provided in Article V. Standing committee
of the University Senate as set forth in the University
Constitution, Article III, 6 (B).
Academic Personel Board
Advise the President with respect to promotion and tenure
nominations, serving in a fact-finding and consultative

Compensation Committee
Monitor the compensation of UF Faculty relative to
that of its peer institutions,
Monitor procedures by which faculty raises are
distributed at UF,
Monitor the impact of raises on improving the salary
profile of UF Faculty.



A Monthly Newsletter for the Faculty of the University of Florida

Faculty Senate News: Meeting Outcomes


Chair's Report:
Dr. Wright announced that the Board of Governors and
the Board of Trustees will be meeting in Gainesville next
week. Shared Governance Task Force reports are due to
the Senate office on April 30. Nominations for councils
are still open. The minus grades resolution was approved
by the President. Nominees for Senators are due to the
Senate office on March 23. March 28 will be a take back
the night event organized by the students. Dr. Wright
recommended that the Senate work to create a process for
recognizing student events.

Provost's Report:

Dr. Fouke reported that the Hub was recently reopened.
The renovated building now houses the International
Center, Academic technologies, conference rooms and
training rooms. The University has hired a new Dean of
the Graduate School, Associate Provost for Undergraduate
Affairs, Dean of the Libraries and is still searching for a
Dean of the College of Medicine. A announcement for
applications was recently sent for Dean of the College of
Journalism. UF will be accepting 6, 600 freshmen this year.
The administration is considering accepting applications
based on one deadline. The video boards that are used in
the O'Connell center for basketball games will be available
for college ceremonies taking place in the O'Connell
center. The Academic Enhancement Program made it
though one committee. There are 4 more committees to go

Information Items:
County Extension Faculty
The Senate discussed the County Extension Faculty
Graduate council items
o PhD in Biostatistics
o Graduate School of Business
The PhD in Biostatistics will be an action item in April.
The Graduate School of Business naming was presented
as an information item.
Intercollegiate Athletics Update Jill Varnes, Faculty
Athletics Representative presented a report on the state of
student athletics at UF.
University Curriculum Committee Sheila Dickison,
presented a proposal for the discontinuation of the CIS
Major within the BSBA Program, College of Business
Baby Gator Pam Pallas, Director Baby Gator presented
information on the Baby Gator program.
Faculty Budget Resolution Frank Bova, Budget
Council Chair presented a faculty budget resolution which
will be an action item in April.
Committee on Committees Recommendations
John Leavey, COC chair presented the following
Student Memberships and University Curriculum Com-
mittee and General Education Committee

Action Items:
Sustainability Focus the Nation Resolution
Eva Czarnecka-Verner, Chair Sustainability
The Sustainability Focus the Nation Resolution was
approved with a vote of 36-34.

Honorary Degrees Committee Recommendations
Saeed Khan, Honorary Degrees Committee Chair
The Honorary Degree candidates Hines and Barish were
approved. The Honorary Degree candidate Bush was not
approved with a vote of 38-28.



A Monthly Newsletter for the Faculty of the University of Florida

Faculty Senate News: Meeting Outcomes


Chair's Report
Danaya Wright reported that the Honorary Degrees
Committee met with the President, Provost, General
Counsel and the Chair of the Committee on Committees
to look at ways to maintain faculty participation, improve
the process and maintain confidentiality. No decisions
have been made yet. The Senate will be consulted once a
proposal has been finalized. The Steering Committee is
working with the general counsel and discussing ways to
allow for better communication of ideas between meet-
ings. The Student Senate passed a referendum favoring a
fifty cent per credit hour energy efficiency fee. The Senate
was asked to endorse this fee, but the Steering Committee
felt that this issue was not up to the Senate to decide.
There is language in the current proposed regulations to
change the college promotion and tenure. The current
language states that the committees must be composed of
tenured full professors.
President's Report
Dr. Machen reported that the University will look for a
way to recognize Lt. Dahlem's service. Dr. Machen also
reported on various legislative issues. He also noted that
concerns about the textbook bill should be sent to
president@ufl.edu or Jane Adams.

Chair Elect Elections

Frank Bova was elected the Senate chair elect.

Informaiton Items:
Regulations Report Tim Taylor, Constitution Commit-
tee Chair presented the constitution committees
recommendations on the proposed regulations.
Nominating Committee Report Carol Kem, Nomi-
nating Committee Chair presented the slate of candidtaes
for the available council and committee positions.
Announcement of New Senators Danaya Wright,
announced the recently elected Senators.
Strategic Work Plan Anita Spring, Chair Academic
Policy Council updated the Senate on the state of the
Strategic Work Plan.
Graduate council item Laurence Alexander, Interim
Associate Dean Graduate School presented the following
information item.
PhD in Epidemiology, College of Public Health and
Health Professions
This item was moved to an action item and approved.

Action Items:
Graduate council item Laurence Alexander, Interim
Associate Dean Graduate School presented the following
action item. The item was approved.
PhD in Biostatistics
University Curriculum Committee Danaya Wright
presented the following action item. The item was ap-
Discontinuation of the CIS Major within the BSBA
Program, College of Business
Faculty Budget Resolution Frank Bova, Budget
Council Chair presented the budget resolution. The resolu-
tion was approved.
Committee on Committees Recommendations
John Leavey, COC chair presented recommendations
on the membership of the University Curriculum Commit-
tee and General Educaiton Committee. There was also a
recommendation to add student members to the policy
councils. The recommendations were approved.


A C A D E M/I I C S A Monthly Newsletter for the Faculty of the University of Florida

JF Faculty Senate

University of Florida
Faculty Senate Office
134 Tigert Hall
P.O. Box 113185
Gainesville, FL 32611
Office: 352-392-9019
Fax: 352-392-8735
E-mail: facultysenatechair@ufl.edu


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