A Working bibliography on farming systems research

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A Working bibliography on farming systems research
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Michigan State University -- Farming Systems Research Group
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Farming Systems
Research Group
The Farming Systems Research Group at Michigan State University Is drawn from the departments of Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Engineering, Animal Science, Crop and Soil Science, Food Science and Human Nutrition, Sociology, Veterinary Medicine, and supported by the International Agriculture Institute of M.S.U. and the U.S. Agency for International Development through a matching strengthening grant under the Title XII program.

Farming Systems Research Group
Michigan State University
The Farming Systems Research Group at Michigan State University, supported by Title XII Strengthening Grant Funds from the U.S. Agency for International Development, and administered by the Institute of International Agriculture, has included Dr. Jay Artis, Department of Sociology; Dr. Robert J. Deans, Department of Animal Science; Dr. Merle Esmay (and Dr. Robert Wilkinson), Department of Agricultural Engineering; Dr. Eric Crawford, Department of Agricultural Economics; Dr. Russell Freed, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences (also representing Horticulture); Dr. Al Pearson, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition; Dr. Tjaart Schillhorn van Veen, Department of Veterinary Medicine; with Dr. George Axinn, International Studies and Programs and Agricultural Economics, Chair, and Beverly Fleisher and Walter Randolph Adams, graduate research assistants.
Working Paper No. 12
August, 1981

Paper No. Title Author
1. Farming Systems Research and Agricul- Eric Crawford
tural Economics
2. Farming Systems Position Paper Al Pearson
3. Livestock Systems and Animal Health Tjaart Schillhorn van Veen
4. Issues in Farming Systems Research -- Russell Freed
an Agronomist's Perspective
5. Farming Systems Research As It Relates
To The Animal Sciences Robert J. Deans
6. Farming Systems Research Position Paper Jay Artis
7. The Farming Systems Research Approach in Merle L. Esmay
the Agricultural Engineering Field
8. Issues in Farming Systems Research -- George H. Axinn
a Multidisciplinary Behavioral Science Perspective
9. Farming Systems Research and Robert H. Wilkinson
Agricultural Engineering
10. An M.S.U. Approach to Farming Systems Beverly Fleisher and
Research George H. Axinn
11. The M.S.U. Farming Systems Research
Group Perspective
12. A Working Bibliography on Farming
Systems Research August, 1981 13. Social Impact, Economic Change, and George H. Axinn and
Development -- with illustrations Nancy W. Axinn
from Nepal

Farming Systems Research Group WORKING PA.PERS
The papers in this series were prepared during the 1980 1981
academic year by members of the Michigan State University Farming Systems Research Group. Papers one through nine were prepared by individual members of the group, after much discussion, and were reviewed by members of the group prior to final revision by the authors. However, each of the papers represents the author's personal perspectives on Farming Systems Research. Each paper is different from the others. All papers are an attempt to answer the following questions:
From the perspective of my discipline what is Farming Systems Research?
What research has been done in my discipline which relates directly to Farming Systems Research?
What opportunities are there for further research from the perspective of'my discipline?
What assistance would scholars from my discipline need from other disciplines in order to carry out Farming Systems Research?
Each individual responded to these questions in his own way. Paper number ten is an attempt to summarize the perspectives of the various discipli nes represented, identifying commonalities and differences. Paper eleven sets forth the recommendations of the group for further work in this field at IMichigan State University.
George H. Axinn, Chair
Farming Systems Research Group
and Professor, Agricultural Economics and Assistant Dean, International Studies and Programs
June, 1981

This bibliography represents the collection of miscellaneous papers assembled by the Michigan State University Farming Systems Research Group during the Academic Year 1980 1981.
The members of this Group each contributed articles, copies of talks, chapters from books, working papers, and other fugitive materials which, in their individual judgements, might be useful to other members of the Group in their efforts to understand farming systems and farming systems research.
This is by no means an exhaustive summary of the literature relating to the topic. Some of the materials cited are bibliographies. And there is a vast body of literature which typically bears a broad spectrum of other classifications, which might be included in a current category defined as "farming systems research." Since individual scholars from different disciplines include different parameters in their definitions of the field, no attempt has been made here to be comprehensive.
This list of citations was assembled primarily for the use of members
of the MSU Farming Systems Research Group. It has been duplicated and added to the Working Paper series in response to numerous requests, and is made available in hopes that it will be useful to others who share similar research interests.
George H. Axinn
29 August 1981

ADC Agricultural Development Council
ASA American Society of Agronomy
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ASEAN Association of South East Asian Nations
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CGIAR-TAC Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
Technical Advisory Committee
CIAT Centro de Internacional de Agricultura Tropical
CIMMYT Centro de Investigaciones Mexicano de Maiz y Trigo
CITA Centro Investigaciones Tecnologicas Agriculturales
ECA/FAO European Commission on Agriculture/Food and Agriculture Organization
of the United Nations
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
FSR Farming Systems Research
IADS International Agricultural Development Service
ICP Integrated Cereals Project
ICRISAT International Crops Research Institute for the Semi Arid Tropics
ICTA Instituto de Ciencia y Tencologia Agricolas
IDS Institute of Development Studies
IITA International Institute of Tropical Agriculture
ILCA International Livestock Center for Africa
INIAP Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agropecuarias
IRRI International Rice Research Institute
MSU Michigan State University
ODI Overseas Development Institute
PASITAM Program of Advanced Study in Institutional Development and
Technical Assistance Methodology TAC Technical Advisory Committee
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USDA United States Department of Agriculture
USDAARS United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research
USDA/OIDC United States Department of Agriculture/Office of International
Cooperation and Development

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