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Title: Alachua, the garden county of Florida, its resources and advantages
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Title: Alachua, the garden county of Florida, its resources and advantages
Physical Description: 56 p. (p. 45-56 advertising) : ill., fold. map ; 20 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Ashby, John W
Alachua County Immigration Association (Gainesville, Fla.)
Publisher: Alachua County Immigration Association
Place of Publication: Gainesville Fla
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Subject: Description and travel -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Description and travel -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Statement of Responsibility: <J.W. Ashby>
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L. X. IAWLINS, kantury. *

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W.G. O. mImON, ,W

THOs. 1. KIxM. W. e. ROBINsON. a' bIf. Dr.
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TH'oMA F. Krxo, O neevrlle, Fla.
W. G. BoUnmon, GaOnesille, Fla.
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DB. G. D. WABoa, S wf.. orla. L ** *.*
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J. J. cA* eanopy3, 7 la. *
J 0. .uii, Archer, Fla.
J. A. WiuAIM, NIewaSMMvYll l.
W. F. liaO, Arrbaed 1l.
A. Zwraoura, Boobele, FI.
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fip&Fbiatual esgagemet I have prcluded me from devoung
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L. W. Amso .

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Although it bha been more
than three hundred years ainoe
that portion of the new world
known as Florida was first et-
tied by civilized man, untilwith-
in a comparatively reoet period
It has been almost an unknown
country even to the Amearian
people, but during the pst two
decades the state has made
rapid progree In wealth and
population,. "She is no loer .
S unknownn" but in all the ele-
ments requisite and necesary
for the establishment of happy
'ad prosperous homes, she stands to-day the peer of
ay country on earth.
SThe State s the largest east of the Missiusspp
r river, having an area of 59,968 square miles. Of this
the ooest waters, bs, gulfs, sounds and harbor
are put down at 1,800 gure miles, rivers and smaller
Streams at 890, and lakes and ponds at 2,250, making
the whole water surfe 4,440 square miles, leaving
5r, s a leP of land surface.
Pihsa Is pdaelpiy a peninsula, shaped very much like the boot of
S$B It iq often and apty compared by writers. Bounded by the
Son ~Be South and West, and the Atlaati Ooeao on the East,
S*.tramP pours it. mysteous volumes of heated water
shoes, ieqallr tn a wonderful degree the temperature
across I The Ste tles aearer the equator than say
i bs Dvted UatW or thn the most outherly purt of
oflatMissAd the great desert of Sahara in
Sportsps oa Pidesd a La
f sI a s is moe at the gre "emri.ell of
Iliqora lls below 0So or d degrees, rises
of the tate b at our varied, a It eztends through

w, ^. ^ S 4

six degree aof latttd. The grstest hests In summer ar ot
kespeamed In New York and Beete. One witter, who is
autodtiy, aOW that during his eighteen year of I toh
pamtes hat wa 98 degres in the shde. Th whole fis,
tll JuneI has b l ebhaamteisd a one eoatinuow p faig I The
ever the.ehiaoter of the days preceding them we oool ad
the winter and summer wether ae delighttL The medley ll
Army show that the oUmate of the Sta as a who t, ranks pi
point of salubrity.
The atmosphee of Florida is a medlOetb at has ourel
patients. For conosmption and all pulmonary disea whs i
os disorders and for the aged, whose ritl obpe blc to |
matedttes' of Northern weather, thfbe diate of iorit b I
Ing and n ew lf.
8eattered all over Florida are m adn
who, in years gone by, ame to Floidad as
ae may other, active business men soaq
strong, yet reconi the fot that their lease I
pending simply upon their remaining In Ftl.ide. mT Ip
their old homes, where the enemy st ll La M In r atI -
The adrvie of Horace rely to yo~ug ''a.o ** r itl iS p
with the country was appropriate whi amtbiI um
sinoe brought about a changed condltion of alaslt: VE
the wet wre themholdintgin their fertile rll hrikb
And the rapidly lowig tide of lmmgdl tion turgi ad aple
tte markets for al they could produce Now the order .
T body there re large posibiltties for young me, sad jr toe,
Florlds. The lands may be les productive than those l i h
respond oordally to kind treatment, and are cheaper. sI a the
Booth are the better opportunitis for mea than Ina~ mIlTa
mall meaa, energy and economy, Investmenti may be Amde l ,
proper attetioa, will In few years become veay proAtihibl
The folowil artl ie s taken from an editorial in the New Od-s ats.
Dmne toar 18B :-.
SThe State of Podid Is boasting of the great p rjpM It
every bmw of ladestry, in wealth, popaelata, i see k
it h W od grIn s tor it bots. Its program i
as y portion of the Unton aad *ehaieuo MAiArA 16R8
peroe tatee of the Northwet, while ItO retreimesi
e *to Show that it oe forward n ae ta- i
*sl ethel m peeletas ea the sate rM "
s' U tr aei s... o.. f:. f a r ". '
, t -. t a'sm -, e-, 3aWa.; .p to .- .

has ametituie o e Un seems aing VoqcPr

nl of MWer east, mare thea doubting I lx year. No other State in
laiY t wel a this I the mdet of busins dqparion3 The
i eeood seblvely as tin the agrgate the valuatio per espits
alflta lMan l Md S.O ia tIsM. I tbhis abort period the aroage
l d w k f of eey ma sad woman In Florida has almost doubled.
S'Om~lsagto thewalb ie wer the same Improvement keeping march
with ,th awneM of tib ta. Ia lM>, lorda had but =a8 miles; to-day she
has l,1M, a lagesMe t l,0 oer U per e
ThBe mber o pbe sdoOls ito IM was 1,11, with a attendance of
39,s, against 1.7M t-d4ay, with IW 7 In attendance.
Ti bed.d debt of the State to Su,07,40, the greater portion of whloh
is held to the aseount of various aduatonal and obhartble tunds, leading
only lT held by otsbtders, w lch uanm s steady diminishing. The State
boads are ia demand at $1.12 to 1.M.
IBeatlagIg, It it found that Florida has advanoed-
In populatlo, S poeot.
In esed wealh,. 117 per oent.
In unread ie 18 per ent.
I sbools, 4per ent.
*In school *atedaues, per cent.
SThis Is as good a howlang as any State In the Union oan make. and full
of promise tr the future. It t not to be wodered at that lands should be in
demadeIn MaIde, and tat immigration hold be pouring into the State
from a*lpar od the Union."
truc alation of the tate of Florida provides tof a liberal homestead
a 11tii r90-- lansee relating thereto being as follows--
A hanelmad to the extent of oe hundred and sixty sres of land, or
the half of one sare within the limit of an incorporated eity or town, owned
bytMbedhetoateally residlng in this State, together with one thousand dollars
worth I pspial property. And the Improvemets onthe real estate shall be
essmt Iom tread tale under process of aym (Obrt. And the real estate
shall ant be ltbbt without the jonlt oormet of husband and wife, when that
rehltmes etozi. But no property shall be eompt from ale for taxes or as-
*l mMt orfo r the pelyest of obligaoas eontraeted for the puarhase of
eatM gqp or far the eretion or repair of Improvements on the real estate
s di-atr fer hom~SuJld or other labor performed on the same. The ex-
WO l 9m. provided 8or in a elW or ton shall not extend to more Im-
dIrl blid e than the rtaldeee and buinees hone of the owner;
ii'eor dlsers or eeanUmla hall bea ien upon exempted property
*ikf f~v Iad this ardele."
i- l s bve to th widow and heir of the party entitled
to all 4*Ms -eJs those speosed in the preeedinf

iel hs beta satribted by the lev. George D. Watson

SI. .

Having traveled through Southern California qutte tlMo
very largely through the State of Florida, It may oat be*pAoet sNt
as briefly as possible a few points of honest usmpealaaM. b atwe
Nothing Is to be gained by bearing bame witm Biemt eithe
localities. ome few persons to Forida have made Vry IgOmlem i d
statements about California, while ad agents and anewpapapm l lMt
have published the grossest landers and falseoods about Florld. db
things each State ha superior advantages over the other. Strifzlr 9
Florida is the Japan, while Southet Oalifornia is the Spain of thel~att
StStee. But to speety a few oompareaom:--
1.-In South California there are no toresto ; the whole lani uam Ilap
to view, and all the improvements put upon the all in the way of biddls
gardens and fruit trees show to the very best advantage. In Floriled th1q
are great forests which oonoeal from the eye of theralve U ar xa tkh
ohoioest improvements in the State. If the vast impiovemenatsn in l
could be laid out in unobstruoted viason It would be an ~a ant s et ti
2.-While California Is a very large country, the reatperto the -
portion is an uninhabitable desert The improvable portion s i-
hence the improvement are more compact and inteanled, while,
the improvable property extends over a st traoi, and the towb
aod Arms are soattered here and there over hundreds of nIe i t
do amt present that oonoentrated form whieh they do in somneo het
3.--The temperature of Sopthen Oallfornia i less varliaMth ln
in the latter State it has more eilItydb, owing to the htrquaro
though it has no extremes of temperature.
4.-In Southern California you buy the water; i toF yOlrld
fertiller, with this difference, however, that the war m ply
Oalifornia is absolutely limited, and beyond oeitate e fr 8
possible to supply the demand, while the manure mpply of e
lnexhautible in the shape of muck and peat beds, whtah Mminat
being used as the natural frtlt er f that o*. -
5.-The nights in Southera OalltornIaandelatoiu i
warn you against being out at aight, beoasealrtagigh'tilr*f
the now-eapped mountains, Mad nothAn Ih imte
*hait r fof mni mi.. In .1INw dbf
cased by tha dagagerous night MNtookl 1
ingly lovely, and healthy as well.
.-Owiaq to the absenoe of fsreat, rlualr
Galditar wile for the opoite reaMe it is
o twoor thmre time s mu eh to bl.d la te
V.-H.xa wil rear to the vast Mo or
M*ba of swamea everglades, and-trets, et. b i

lfiif,, n"" 8. '"" '



- {,..-l -

&IwoI In ts1W lIasss MWJov Desert.s
Oft* st ,rs of wealth mwra saw of tih
of wkiek berm 0he terltory o t, )rGM
&-oh0M 3 momwrote Last et
ftmae VOL" EaXowt~~~qS'
analysis has proved his poetry tpbjg!
.zWbded to ailmats. Tb 410
thatof Florldslstemlnbae.
tale on more Vesdliy, whles *t O*
Prbspe rheumades may fid W taI

O"suAM find satire fW In flddIds d
in Idnde re I uk
for neo* fuel. MiA4 oC *
Wbfs if AtditftIo tias

*we -lou th Ishd r MPt "i
hiA VAG n~l~irrdl~drSr7
an spend thowussds ding .. iitlIsW
OWter sPqply. Py*po*- oi Very h
rnely buy tboeva a hest. h
tiesfor the Use of to 177
Lng M"thI'm teSta
forabuse a ad bioas iiiIsr
Machm Oont~. ouof te Obul I e ~I"~w
Ababa& kcmL0 rty Omer 'am" j-L'-s
no ons eiving o pebja buPO &.ft
1--Souther ONOm"d bapst 6 w
4mm.. to me 4ooPsl
a great mnW of IW GewsIm.pit the.
ooua~s is Almhu the ein ii
IL-(0ll1fomnh is owahPdfrm
Flods I within wa. 4. kqup
Hemisphere and the pesw a

-wLLPr I"~ i,~)
ir S~i oALACIIIL ~r J4~
4b"ii ~ -*4 P~iir;b ~

*"~ ,. -a '

rr ;- ~-,~p-~~*m*~F*IUlpInr~7~prpi~~i~a~c ~r.;- .:*



~~ S0

ayette, from which it ie separated by the Sawa nee r. Its
by the oeosw of June, 1885, was 968,26, a mgS of 89,S.i 6
A larger increase and a rger population theman any =loU aOOtt
t has an area of 1,960 square miles or 806,400 a s. '
The Oounty Ie 150 feet above the ooean's hIel, Wur 0lM.g *i*kl
fre from the loe and snow and chilling w* of the, ]es~a i h
entle breoes which oome wafted from the of Medzi ad t
Oseea, the dstanoe to either being about fort* mUNl. AsI
low the mythical frost line, the winters are iatitbr coiM ior
generally oool and bracing, cloudy and disN israble d ia t beai
tion, fair and sunny ones being the rule, the I merbdla ofl
but the heat not so oppressive as midsmmea t tNh Nl 1WI
beauties, fertility of soil, perfect drainage, _a_
mosphere, good water, good soelety, h*ealthlleM m li
tages the County is not excelled by any potbonl.t lth *W4g l l
The great naturafertilty and beauty of i thi -mteof
rical. In the latter days of parish doalioma bF lorlda, ia
KMasa rra ida wealthy merchant of arv ui ba hI" I i
the eastern part of the province, numermo ...th inn
tored savage exchanged his splendidly ta for th
devices and seductive w"&o-nw (frewater) of tbheld b ses.
were brtered in the remotest villages of the wed aai'tmthe baOlO
agents and factors found out the secret ways of the iAdmil -aE I
Into the St. Johns river.
To these men the Indians imparted the iSgaoon o(t
Interior, lled with grand forest, high-rollWg idnl,
lakes and abundant streams whose ne d a xma ourtma Sll m
wonderful chasm in the earth. A-4dtW-e, these red sal led 0WIts I
blg.jog, a jug without a bottom; it Is from this that the Gemauiji m tht
now pronounced Ah-lach-u4a. '
With admirable enterprise and spleadtl eotwar 3li
the Saxon agents of the Spanish Arredondo, pe-te itfUIt W
established near the wonderful big-jug"
In those days. One had only to ind where
little trouble In getting a royal patent. um Ia
utility of this se"c, oaodo a ilBo l > i n*
0,64B english aores of land ilUnEhe 11t i1i i w|*I

Alashr Oounty is believed to be as
ates. Patal bilousm ve Is rar except
of low bIamook, rivers, et., chills and
l detad most me y managed types.
r leM stabra in Porid saad l fe Hatew
ame ind t disease to hiher latitudes.
tr is eteeedlagly small. T' ptae IMlaas


early everywhere studded at Intervals of a few miles with rich hammock
land varying in extent from twenty to forty thousand sores. Besidenmes only
half a mile from ueltivatd hammocks in any put of Florid are notably fre.
from malarial diseases, while residences on even the high bammock lands in
AlJachu County are generally found to be healthy.
"Oarl" Webber, In his euellent work, entitled The Eden of the South"
divides the lands of Al hbus County Into six classes, as follows: First; sec-
ond and third lass, pine lands, high and low hammock lands and swamp
lands. The fertility and durability of even third class pine lands has been
amply proven, and It has been established that pine swampy lands are not
without great value. That which appears to consist of a white sand soil on
/ third-las pine land is not all sand, which is seen by the eye. There is a mix-
ture.ot fine oomlninted bits of shells, or carbonate of lime, which furnishes
the plants of suoh region with an important elementof plant food. All seoond-
Glass pine lands are productive. Underlying the surface is clay, marl, lime
rook and mad. These lands are easily aooessible, prodmotive, cheaply fetil-
lad by cattle, and, by reason of their supposed healthfulness above hammook
lands, are most readily settled upon. The fertlliy of rstclass pine lands is
indeed wonderful, while the limit of their durability s still unknown. The
surfoe for several Inohes is covered with a dark vegetable mold, beneath
whoih to a depth of several feet is a chocolate sand loam, mixed for the most
part with limestone pebbles, and resting on a sub-strauz of marl, lay or
limestone. The hammock lands are the most productive. Both the high
and the low hammocks are generally admixed with lime, and the streams
running through them are impregnated with It more or less. High ham-
mook do4 t require ditching or draining. Low hammock generally require
ditehtO to relieve them of a superabundance of water, especially during the
raiPeason. They have a deeper soil and are generally regarded as more
lasMng than high hammocks. Low hammocks are especially fitted for the
nmtth of sugar-cane, as are also the swamp lands, which are held to be the
most dhble dAl lands in Florida. In Alaohua County hammock lands pre-
doimtea, Mpoet ~ peolsl In the belt of land running through the o water of
the eo femi the northwest to the southeast portion. The open hammock
landa ae haly and pebbly; the soil is a dark loam, underlaid with a chooo-
late colored, riable day. On the high mixed pine and hammock lands most
of t oldest, largest and most productive plant ions ar situated, although
a #lhae old platers preferred the firsolaes pine land for general rop-
pt, letor foerUlier cotton seed and pea-vines, by which means annual
ap.e dgw enerllylesared.
I AlrB'AlaseQa.iu ty, like all places of mixed people, represent-
w sia tt a Oaistian religion, and It the larger places a
!P-f65e hursebs, however. are principally Bp
j|d Presbyteas, all of which are well supported

Ssupmerant every State tn the tnlon,from asine

; .

%. 9 ~

w7FSx .I--

to Calforal, and re n ther anor sd bnd t omtul tt- of tlp
el.sm f era the old Mbate. Itulnmce plomtis5 U In l.
aweuue of business, and I thep Pmloa p oo000wpaMcs P ofif.
peope have oaaght the spirit of advaiwed 11gCtsm mt apd cat
pr&all, and show remarkable trtae of ohanqter, keepbl up
and being good cltiSns There ar to aslghtdree di lt iint
the same o found elsewhere, but therelsr 4m r ,n m oft
ploes, as the county s now largly ooppo f def people wha,
twety year, have themselves setted here from other Staol. 5w'tfirt
growth and prospst depend upoaan 1apetnM of eh settLer br i lg,
ith new Ideas, a new spirit of lmpr eent aid ins m d W.
worthy new oomer are hearty welcomed sad will meet with well
every hand. The only division of the people is pollUtit the anme w
but the usme candid expresson and the same heedom of spe sh
her as In New England.
Any man can esoeed in this county by Indutry, eeopomy,
oatin to bdlnees. Whatever subtense e needs he (m pIodq
mad whi doing this, he an care for hIs or Mgp pre, Oci I
Tth a small sm of money, enough to pmreth his l a ie
put up his bauldlags od tide him over the flir yesrwtthut
his rpid prosperity wll be assured. The are thomaids of
over crowded tes of the North now ekin out a miseeble
Intrets might be promoted by omoaig to na. To h*s swh@
a few hundred dollar to commence with, uEa"e 4ini tina ,
couIty slarda inf ting eld. .vermwa, s a ow oU,
eiandtodaustrious can secure lfor himself M1'i0 ATi k
thiIs the ea now, itr Ieas moab rtl 4r i a 'tr y~i
real estte wl place it beyond the reseh of the who -age
Every taier made elhances the loe of adi ettl l toi
will eoMaone. No bettOr opportuanly wl aw ooeoWr Mtha is
the procuremet of a homa
*a wIntert Aeha Ooaun tyf is a aaldtalaw for li
spaensem e tsea ure.eesee. Te atr is dy,
satlrl War sheds preserve the iiiul1 W*Hi
the sady soil absorb It like a spoBge ad it I eI rsi
rl under drans. over the eoanlty nilk'ue ambeb '
eM tres that hbae Tever bf S -eee ma
shor that countless sit Ied south of laehir ql
over this eaom to the smoceefal coLvtdoaen i*
.labesvanisge over moetLQ of thee Is

S- iwib 1 -, : -"
1 t.- lip"

..." J'os". o :i .S ....; -' ,
'+,++ + +++++ + ++. + + + + .,.+ ..+ + .7

* T whose o *b ply pem through on the railroad aee but Itti of what
Alhac 0sMWt mreat I. The r oad hv bea built aIlou the lowland
ma1B, wh URtnUr ajle wU Mrn. 4h mR4ly Isuas M* ae affoed4 of hill
uad vmieysbad O ehsa readily drtmadwhythetouQrsAmtowho viewathe
ooumty ham, the widowm of a Puman, a lbould sport orids a liaa of m4d,
but takeo a tmm ad drve througboam the oouy and the ome ohwage. If
oae ooUld gt a brde view of ary oti the land would appear like an
ocesa ot iorset and trm, rollag to allows. North and west of Ga0lstrlle,

B.1. DaEOIU -Ia--.oR, eAImUL3.

tbe etCJ isL umadtLg co mbiualag- many hils sad valk. The ftrtUty
at thA of Alaba was weS-kamw In sato-bellm daysu a the sd re-
wd psl... tesftiy.
buvwsm auj mrW agn asiet surrounded by his drLky
wile domehl iikga bespoltsgilsy with a lish bad mad
M pasnd S thim rmain. so lower

*i ii adapb to pmal *zabg. All
%%mo, ftr So senad m ba& bus eMvbsiv with

suooees. Oranges, paeshes, pears, plums, apes, strawberries, l slens
and vegetables of every kind grow luxuriantly. By using impra~binaalshd
of cultivation an abundant support for a family can be obtaine@&ro *we
acres of land, in growing early fruts and vegetables for the Eastse mmreets.
It has been often said that battle raising and dairy farming cannot be prolts-
bly conducted in Florida. The statement is certainly untrue, asuv Ala-
ohus County is concerned; many of the planters have fine blooded&took and
plenty of them, with an abundance of milk and butter.
The magn tloent Lakes and many natural curiosities of AlifAha COonty
deserve special ment en.
ALAOTUA Lax, about one and one half miles south of
the county seat, is oew a beautiful sheet of water ooering
Not many years age lb was a large and beautiful praiie
Payne's prairie. It took its name from King Payne, at
chief of an early day.. This prairie wa a grat
for the Indans' eattfle and in later yeas, ws devote~ d t
and for tillage by the whites. In thoa days thouniid of
sheep could be seea at any time enjoying the ri6h1 1 I
earth supplies.. The overflow of -ewnans lake whl ties to
of it, formed a stmua which wended (ts way thgzh the
emptied itself into ome of the ouriosltles of the Stateki I '"
There the waters fiod their way into some subt
mystery has not yet baen solved. ome yesti ag t4 d
and the waters were fored to reusia a9 thuei
prairie, pOvlog rod., cultivated eld aTi
adlttonal lake In the county, which s now one iof iozi -t
locality where the waters became clogged is still known a
Is one of the most r onatle pleale ground ad pds at and p
About this ptrairie among the lakes in this rlle, ir
ts flhig anid huit~fngroud wrem t hey lniil
TiMAwn~rt LAKi abot one mile square, is qitoted
Micanopy, and was maned tor the daughter of the ndima t
town was named. Thil lake, like Alachua lake, was created the
a sink, with the following differences. The sink was smaller, so that ia
weather a lake was creted which would gradually disappear n a '
Desiring to prevent a temporary logging of tht siak the Waer iftb.a
erty some years ago oudeavored to open this eavern keep MI Si4n 4
barriers. During tiU operation his logs caved Ih sad the M
mnaant oaloged, ana the lake eonsequently petrumjaf WiLL.
BAUrTA P LAi hi a delightal body "c WaAter, and i b k of
a nnee deaee upoB tMt border, wella d- IMbn
It at is S ne a mlsoM long and tour ail
Lazs Aldo dtS a oaweds' eisv a9
halet Ing by ue .Bk ide. SdiJ i 1lis IAil

^?-ts ''r -'. .'.--.'. ^**.^ i -.f'..^S A-".4 _

;-r~:;2~c ---n~-- ----~P~a~6.11&~F6~C~~

-. ..



~iiio iads~ur olu i SushI.' Ir

tun la WN' ]al-
*64 e140 WINs osn ~

AZ ws "O b *DW"
CNh k m6'tW ~h lrwo



- '


;i'rr urto be

'S.' -,~ ~ r ~ .~'~. '~r ; I :

124es11 1 eig aboIt tbri MeM481 dvO a be#m'~4.#
WI ah &4sr iag like s b. *bl, 'ialirn *VpW1ii~ wtbIomd
ferns of dfifrnt varistis some o wl* me nat ti bO imzt i
pint at tht Oat, mapet the buif wt h tIMMIr i* M oW t
Iap else, the thrUft H olive d Uls 0o0mMs.Ukauna OW
owread We of tbsas of bud wid,* OiWN bobis t'bb* at
and the mocking bird imnehba 'ykm kI *ptwe k by hsm
Ing by an esy Inaline through the b~%li, mem6.lS Ammaind 4
ml freak of nature, and wonders It smoi m-i hem.I WoskD
around him and .opened the Sat t soe Nam21( sceme or
Numerous streask some fiftembt lsWshAMO.-Atsrhe froft
lboklng like ribboms of sIver, dhAner,
background of grew, twmbliag ovwr9'. p
and pools and formlnf at th4 W06m of a,
there is no visible odtet"; &an -o wien
pouring down the mossy and *p
Itt lak, with Its finny bftaaL
ramed Lt,does not raleo or' *
where no man knows.
NAWVAL WZuPw M51L NMI,4 kayi
ai~mia w ai~v qrftt wondemI Th . .
lared Te bg9 out

giu~i~Mp on eone up out at

"Nesee q~mr am~ wel SUSNIa
R A Sl 4, ,i' -
Bs)Lo esed r~rb~t G da; ,ppw ~ ~ '~Y T~jdle,- P~

**' t~t*It I~ a~ib


S~*4eS of #Ad~aq wiviim or
ul + *err rlbikoleuls of 001164. andk~, natreto

Lj taiS to t6ae pa.0 du",ot Ift. The
I Ali` 9t Qfita am uuulnet in All por-

It miChty mystam IW mmod.ied aftr that of West Point and has been
i fbtr e OU (ear m"is, lbs A b MiA of m dfeie of the U~ftsa States
Ammy SAiled by thBe seumy of War for Mwy at sbocl.
Vdf frm NO OWWVA&Wsikfhwt~ taas, unabb to Wad sabool
In their o3awn sti on aio=a ofgo psedlmpoeltion to &ome*, have found at
tze Neat aloli Sn seombbhrii of clstlO eondionas md of *duae&
lAS( 31436 UaIW~jdbpuIfd to their onstituoaI Mads;
~ uwllds Oa~yi~ivh miebly.tutd to their


6plqnb the
IImsl of
U, &AmeWdwoalsmd

29'lb -an4e*a
Thebl b ah~r~ fedlqpiiom
:~~~~ C~p~;~y~,~a ~ Ja~ oouu~n~i schol end~Y;
sjiairl''~(.~~Lr--r j

&go3L*b 6 Gumf

w --W., ~hv aildl rob




*4 M

toall pd df1.Nw* W 4
fir"+IL rfl
2ais% @e~b~et e~r i~
firn, ud *b p~iobarsib' rq ir -.b

04m OSOwdn* *svh6
to of poha )To#h nEC

fbon ci t~. docuaty. ~X.ql~m~Im:

ly;( ~'

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~ i


-d.s4 yray.

r;thU~dL C.*Ab~um I. n.t uere: I. ~bll ~~umty04 I the
aba,. asmvetsme ~a. xdrclhmids at Imimm i rlt ~am4rb wet. w


Iffe md4"mdr the04ut dm& q*SSY isr oonfMdon be

ed os .be 9rodms; 4orm, oato
eb~ u~i iia thues tbe
I be VowedM Ib gm mwmvb4iiM mV do.
eat.. mye. epr, gQrp~tqbsoeo lad
~pteiUm~i k iaurir eimt aS mAny odr fin Wsd JaNd

qpraffinds 6o breed.
his AM '01074M amr IU th

onah W eed. n l be w&b ioll be pvmper3
ma. cidyyb4 Qmpa- .3 mU t
14 de oet ofi fruim'4. veyhr mresdv6 Gap-

Ala laied.v t
few ioe saas ban-

imO#i idmie aI amwi tmam~a .otru~e ~at~rd eq ~Imi
pe~~air 4001W rres& As mm-edo~ t o~
~4r "As lopim*MM ==4 pab~ a~ dtm a~rg t O h

Ilk*0'1010i.A;AJ4 'WPPOP
bwoin opmespnor
-~~~s 044 ad L*.. ult Ithon.

r' 1.J. 1:


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"~~rl~FII~SZr VP II~ lIPLI

*- -v' o ,I- *

MAi[am a" oc thpe gaple asm p

o t ,rmy per mor,+elaynso oCP
* In U* eady MW atabe Use toq swmt 6*U i
in frr i iifle ressbx aanM lf .i
proAts. The yield k from oneb to e --- -
aore, and the price reald Is ~om tko to a4n '' : '
OuoanMsI have paid largely t the 4dy 4 r07 w 4W 4 TL
profitable crop, the prie rullag belg an a&vrmg t two 4qI
laE PWoATom hae takf a very promaemtp(*se saem Uish
early rops n Florida. On the beat ls of lead about thrVt brlw E
class shpp potatoes per Mem are n d, I hte w gttglo he the t balta
marktft about the time tIh old arop Is hau.d, have bea ssmWI oqa oMu
of shipping and Matflg, about oar dollar per brel these fgarts ave
been very much exoeeded In DmaU loe ities.
Swurm Pora oome anrwr belag a u nasel qmapl o 1bMotridtl
other the ail prodsuow. Wy arme ealy xp'ro 1, q0pd"e te
or vine, and somenies the spa, togk f o th
Prom Its easy p morop tsia a ea lMivatlo.. t- la.
exoslenoe of the d s prpted rom1ttom it ar 6 4oi l.
asse~, anna, ,ee iU e, -onasons ,mus t
all profitable erops ma grown o veryl'rge t&I lIiW
Northern ueakstb.
Thome wbo have naeri nvs rs va sdes h4 Yps
of the opt sed orit t e Ipr tab s o
of Florida. any poaBm re aU ity
iag rich from rilnd( vqeimblor ferta-

It was frst An Md but compaMvtl y a lefy4) S -
has become lg.agJladusry. Or age pHi
lead with vq *U 8a6eurlag tor a m 4 ci
oc Inaspuaea sooMSaIt while .01-
It toas adauty whatep Is tarMem to the sta st
latelligtae and laa-j is tmpidloyeouahUMag the ,
xlttin nato nMt "lWe "e0l s tae addlang C i
partlyadp r lbofML f. '*.;
Nto oie" at 1)X'&L of v olord oges fts
tabe rowI e tFoO4.t0ot Aoaahu a
~sag VIso, thebodmess.aft

4d **, AW*d --4i 0
'ooS'b A sq4.t o

*We~I Wmu~e mil Suk #avU toalpw
Sb&Ufht bewU'em pon for
emg t tis st~p~elin wllIiallp~~hlS be W C~aaell p.34 forr th lr

e.mi ab4 abmugi An&, md to i of, WI*Ar qusl, bfth for
brud ad skoek MeebA Qu*an* eamM prodow Wall w aor eded -tfo the

1w '1011k

in f t
*"1. -g

;r~a 4*'\ m-; 14
~~~~~f,"ti~S~!!2I~. Pem"b~ ed6bemmeObu

;ar~i~ock r~~o

i d .01 w soItems WO Jat LA 4's
bt as other eroG, wte bting bten gaO M M r
pay lor earn. may perapo dai *U MWel ltlg flL,, fl

planted is Febrary or erly in M3ak, wabtipum Agp a i.pt #(
May, if seasem are o fvb .. .-
OorTTo.-The long .ootUo of 1lorida hM. so to l* a Imn i4" .a "
quality with the cotton gros aa thOe O ftbe I ofpt*i OAil 4wI
Georgia, whlo htate for a hundred jms hIaMoewm teW flth
the world. Then is no ooptry so well -adated to the growth d.41 .fpV
tioular staple a Florida, ad the ammeogrowmer of 1aetm all o 9hrH
County have shown themelves adopts In lts a t wUil noMt ir, oa
the uplumnd of Ge Ongi aod South Carolina itut loa Ito iT.ife I H
quality and beeoaag short nd re, The psalter i"ap sMienap
of Florida, lying. as it does, the Atabtie sad Gulf, i bor s wm.m w.
by the Gutlf SIlrem, produces *an~ SM of~vilii t
the lgth, stregth o.atm dne a ths ad t lB*h t fhao4.
Hecoe FlorMid, by astwre, is hvned ab al oI popdoMI g
this batthl stael that is ipan olteto hiBlA i. hfi
No. 8 to No. 00, Inteo ort beautitul 1 ib,
and eslrga of thMr 4drm, ad o e
$silk, sati and e eo tbte y t oIs bat
detectives e dteik Lovely aovlikr 4
dreises, do 9 ge hMet tsma* te Mih
S makes thea bseUveUete to .
Mppe NOaWras aaa of
but .bout pLoWnd VOQJA btll.
The priel e' g teia to
OeA" is 4 and maotnt sml
properly pMls, orn ffttat teMMbrty
BXOa i naut uat to ommOe p .e lar ka
scale as it wae *ooMd jutty. The
and yields fl twety to on" bhS$ed
ties for 6lei ba oesto held ail of
.' trice m sIn to it a "sw lmon 11
crop than S*0(
If oi1* ae- dw..


-.7 J i '1 O ki m ed iout I Oato-
Asr, oy twbaaof Itseaf equal tam~b
s~di7l *mar asylug Id vvl
~i .~rp u.,qw li as generally made, Do
4*0*4 ils bir qiao t f A *o oom*%O& a good pdosI
Pn~~r-: :~iayberql~s~rpp;~w 4uaqd fl~gun on~r.
y*M-$poLnr-P: Ai nhoilm 4 Moi! omWb but the rwwt~
ip A.ba tALa:- In UAeku Ooluty can be
to tta~ hurd mb. elgar leat. TxW Grovs d uring
1 ,us thiid psopls ad many bIaws Re~ pravepng to
~fomW t~bto eqamedlogly wenlwbore latenPgsnt omm


BelW 1 ur'lven buid what
may gfemeeUy be adopted for this

pas., a~ iod"""ra'at~a
~~~ys kt -. J ta5XP itl polbp t~ o~es
teoo Pon* 0 m&MuI

iP ekv~r.aIl pla*. ef tst

*P a 9 sumsimm ta as i anuary.
Plant fes of ell kinds. shrubbery
Mad ft tess Of an kinds, espedi-
ally otthealtus family. sap-bMan,
for daws aMa slips Oas may a&s be stlll sown,

bi m4p pkiotg of Februry wa" be Dotned. Tram.-
mai, bams and vhin of all khs. Mulberrism

3kmi 9~64N Trib pobbnvs, kohl obIK and tw
i W.lintas; sow mllet1 ocr.,
t l~nd~pea; dig 11kb petatas,;

0 *#,~ e '
C.- ii; :** -
d a'

:mm-fte beGAvyllat#v. Of es wdie;
Irish pattf tom a" and a gzo* vrir* ft nsh spbli ~ *gr
ready, as sto plu~Pa, esCtlj peachas and gft~i5.~
ULY-S-Bwea potatep sad & ow.e a
being favrale;- paa1 p eehee and
be set outIt the s@&soa- ilswet.
Aveww.--tInah up uim"Ang set m ld UVW
caulilower, Wtiips for is
plant mmuigs t~e and %mm lM 6 6is, piu -4a2
and basc
BMW .-Now is Imii t ome ebmx fo sf wa
the ge&M W" IN OOMMUMM In the Nat in Ap! s"aad'
whole mugs of vqbblek SDspt swet pOWatOe; set og -mu
oets and etmwbmy planfta.
OoYOM-phat Uname toi;at month; put in garde peas; set out 4mw-
bervies and imbbege Plants; dfWet potatoes; sow oatq, ry, at&
NOvOunu-A good monoh far mprd.. OiMaUeO to p~mlma d *sow

plant, sMWe aS fi Ostb*r; sow oats, barl an rye h.;utbr padi Mr
crops; dig swOeetPOt"s; horue or bank tem; gof 0"
War im p generally; fumle, do*
hardy vugeb n; pmta set out orang *4ess,
Keep a s04*1o6k. out for an ooeasoaal tzqs9 A s Igbt
vest 'intiP.
fzekam g wi ,sab. esa e bhon farOi
taeIy.Id s Itutai La r Umk .'e Of Ohm,

r -r


is.. ,,$

VAW ,~pw13 S~VV53 UUU.

.' I

v.-.~~~:. K-t I*-

'' 44 "

frosm the seW"g out, ripe Alp bmoqq.a "MS1 I bV
yer, pea*m the ead sad tA OW Ism; "s" bow-**
to Ai"e yo At a litt seat, 0a W*0I6M.4 !!! ASM*l
vim wd fig ree ad enjoy f .m4w iI x

One of the undeveloped indql
new. All over the oountj w
hw had its home obopped dewf
left to hift or. tbhemasu l. "
suit for eapitl invested, If proit
0is pglitd bondo aI

bu, M

t~i o i 1' 14i

tai ads, ;b~
8u~P* *alq s relLfd mis aWl p wm4q~ a
qurnd evOM I. V'sJw. 4 It u1wy SsM W*

Igo" an- musw Isi ad ot elk

am* -Oew &mey ftafms maisk.
doao..jl-kd Ln *:

.~41~ ~~:3~r ~1Dl~i

~t ^~~icl 1.
-;i a. 3

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tLb brpl#qb ~~f~

~~Y~L*g~r)lL~l~fi ~e~
~a, wlr.Cr~ia s~i~

5-1 _' '. t,, I

TO ..lr~S-wD-~b1ioh Ohe (bi at'Abohm
-A&l Alo Ot it~mmd to jk* etedmbo of
irno aft pWest mpp
:WNWbm the o tb matoni.

for m sfrn the abeesi at" 4 eo*d
i 7 son w fooffil fib1 l1 a so attmi fuit MNkIA Ci tia*
int~l Whciebinm ~s b Ymei~lypowath rOin AhedOmn mforrl.

loniW: Yl 1im,' h~br gu. bIllklh, attimr, ~dl, prm. pines-fel
guar4~aYi *biIrpa~ hwebs, ha~Wm'ks, ti6 pr lapink plumP,
ne~iiA-il' ;OII~f ~p PaO, poers 16 amqums
m haiL_ viossb, a m
CJ3Pihe pO rns~~~~~r ~11bN~r lmr in Fldda. thin
In I~SWP Im, 13th tLt d~~ i~iS LiL ~bta.emgu ulib rai Stt on.
joys bi'6t adW*% aonld mas .6m, It is mar. thri
that W lam..peei b a iu om w .w ose9 at osmy is
~~SS~~b* Asuft hiii ml* sme mpvilt.
i~~ill~W~~iJCid ~sC4p~a.~a wl~iwciuo p o,'m, mr r a hlaiy
hwr b-dyoms 11 116i1 ck l*e th oney
ta4hlbsuu l ~ teomyu
lrnd IbsiW 1kb '~e se of the A yew or t".
W ON'"m" uto VoOOK, so mu&k toimic of mhd ated.
16 ~~LIN; -kiirivw, e --- s myo. Ttw am is am &*ar~
to toi us groqm 1h es t a to Nm oeam

g il 116ims mar w an won". is~pr
Ir~dLIC Otto d tg doiar- WW bow 111&83~l
tAs so wsof doblbI asulb dor-alt sup m4 aaft
savtiys of ustowfdt"Ohsdo of lOMs 1 006i c110

0 Part bu as twUo ad 1a bem resi.
bsY' d- -3w PU h bee bftn-b'
PIWItIue, whim tso Ima t

VOW a"


4; 4


MfOrida onge Is now do genesaly knows tt many othw or"ag we Meld
nder that aae." .,
Aa gnansweqble taiuPat "V@ at&
rom arangesl iture ti fo b to f
now in the .eqjoymnt of aopatlme a
condlsoton to ods. 144L trpyt toptu&esr^ oo
to be maejy *6 J4ltgd9"ou l 4 p d tfae1
Was, as in all other vocatlasMof uetf O*Sgps to bii
getlo efrot. .
PhaOK eBowmo li becoming one of the most lmp6rtest 1ap $
Alachus, aid J4estinAd to be one o(tteag prootqe Wl*f care
and oiltivtioni qvite. rrna bemr, t letyoitl fruit a Ulr), a ilo
ally. It is the early ov f ot p Mh 1 .eti ie st be
grown ao.w to lel the 1pir YgA m a rkt0) ttbpnht
most fabulous priced. Ane flirt of theeM erlty tarN^4l tb '
Odhineee fruit, whoh ~ eabsut the tas week in ijq. It 1asnd
dFpid grower and is A trultf 4i*dous *sv. TheA is fpUlow rtt iqay
pfb, ambut three weeks tw o. the Flori at d tothRyaj md of
Puas Mve been found to nd wel6. f tb. So
heailoin0 L molt ta 61 Ot thP*i.i 'w the
LeOnate is one .of the most poplur It beaig igqroo grg
Uarge sle. osalqg .eedy Into beedai et blq saidk Io l
proot. Very maoy.entertain the odilpaI t'm a nor nlic
prouteblep s or amevrov., and mansy qra of thie qS Woe tS
;%A mm b" pla=tsd.
0 3 both of the rative haveivdlli
nsM hamd>mefp pBrns1t to tIow &saipd Jth t i
atrtsd tit wings of the hneTis ase.b ^ap amrieC
grown ia niotit ts not oly
er has bei loqadA payrb beulean but grEW #lyed te Ei he
market bdWg Jemadeoe returns.
Psarsihr. iterinal vrseates e grownava. Of 'the i as
tele's li ph dOrve or peatial -i fte6s41 It two or tnae p, aitn prodyetwes .r
large Pn .la seven 1i4 -. I
hk A3 Pras eaw as w's bss

-~~ .-..' r~ V

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9 ,:LI

i.-~. -. .. ~ .
-YI~C.- -L(_LYYly~~Lh-L;;-irrr

op~sst of a& bouuby has bus

shtit o l wp0.
lploeds strulbsefrirl"

shumenrt Of FOR
proviuom by The I II-1
their preeimSrfl i w ri

___ i-
cn' S, t :

AL&cuUA, a 3tlmk ii" 4'S
rma Rulroad., SiftammWw
okow 610Gle. Lwo 0. 4 '
order, ad ant Mue 4.ind hUi 1
a -aa"Mo WOOL

the Nov~~g ft. ap.

mizeiwit &uy .hd I Pi

nib usa ~me I ualoll'eu m~

two Oksb- 8.4 i~ia

'Ofe DR* d~% A09o 7


-b ~kkorb 4dCrl, I 1~~il


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;il ~1~.

'1C r
i 1. ~; -i`L
-J, :--
I ,.
ii n

'U Y r~

~'a -~~

., BAXAXU is leted nl the high pine lands In the southbwetern part of
the OatyW To e aie ntlroad qtaton Is Bron on. oa the h oda Ball-
way anY irationW .wpany' Iina.
1.Qaui is situated on the Florida V1rsy ad Navigatia Oom-
pay's Uon, ,A ailos from HBawtorne, and ine miles from Waldo, oa that
highs roMll A* ge of l lying- between Newnansvlle and Santa Fe lke.
The peposJMle Irabou two buadml sad fifty. It has one church, three
storWS a laM isolrty, a good sbhol, a saw mill, sad brick yard with a
daily j ealty of 80,000 briok. Where seven years ago, nothing but plne tree
and wire gras grew, now there are over one hundred and ifty acres covered
with beemtifu otr e, pea ppeohb and other frait trees. The land o' highly
adapted to tnhrmng purposes, such as growing sugar cane, ooro, eats, ea
Island cotton and ll kinds of vegetables, and Is capable of being brought to
a high states esltivation, as it Is of suoh a nature as to retain all msaures
not required to grow the erops, belg. what Is known a light gray oll,
underlaid with a yellow suboil to the depth of about two feet and then good
solid lay. The best of qR that is claimed for this seation I its hqathtalpess.
EAAzra x is beautltlly located on the west shore of lake Sants Pe.
Being uatttd on a high ridge soae two hundred feet above aelevel, it is
faveid witha good breeze from the ocean, which not only makes It a healthy
plaow but also esbes the pselle to pas the summer months without saaer-
ing mush trm the beat It has a daily mall, also dally communication with
Waldo pd Malrce# by steamer. Visitors will find this ploe provided with a
goa 9t4l, gftsal store, aoetl and church. Sportmen find a good op-
portPty t enjoybl black b i saing and duok ahoBsg. Quall d tber
game ae ato platitll Sam of the finet tnd larpea orange, peach and Le
Oontep ea rtaW esbea lrad around the plain There also large bual-
neos done In an early vegetables and strawberries for the Northern mar-
ket. WUI;M at few year the raising of grapes, both native and lorgn
vadriIaes, h ijvtry sa no ly tried Not only have grapes brought good
pries sA the ki t but ala. the wnlae ade froma them is of an excellent
quality. Baieton Is about our iles southeast of Waldo, and within six

Stirmm Uaal bcerpmartedtown oah FloridaWoutlhe Balway. It ha
one a~e r.6 pe eR. t dl te l ph ooe. e.pram oioe, two churlhe, a
.noaiia4p~1 sad private boarding houes. The surrounding country ts
r Vegetables of every variety and general field rope a grown
ina 4 O~ga. peae. rapes,. pears ad plums are suoees

is e.ws taso located hobusm les north-
ulitagt qtef ^lid Balwlay mad INavigMto Pom-
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log bolh Methodit aod Pmrd b yteIrl Chmu 1W e*MIwAt0n Ah
eAool uaio louiuehhe In this plee., the temduier at ilmg'H6.
Poen ParNra is located "*way down 1 ^oIM11 1*00 the
western atremty of the county. The ca i *an i.riatiiJ. is
abbudant, sad some of the Best tfabeai ldi mmius if b e
foaud In this localty.
PaXIAID,, n the wetem put ofthb. o ~ty, is lMth mUiEtLdptdld
yellowpne timber. The lands e well admptdto thegfrth of One, tou,
pea. grw ae, ete. Oran i pebba;e, Ip p~rlamcmsa dtbhe ruita
eooeel weU. The sage for stetoxi eeaentiWtW bid~,er;aMi e of
the fet Rine ro e to found in thitlocalit. Theb AuaIPrrabladtpoet-
oaoe, store, mw and grist-mnd and ootimgism. '
GAzsuMrU, the COonty eat of AMabah OOtl sad eme of i6 t4et
liporttnterlor tow of the State, has a populstba at abot fthaouland
peesom, whose bespitaBty and moda qualitmes aBl tat could devised.
oI pitt of be aM It Ihas no upeaior i the te. On sr.y he ac iei
unqMonrrable eviTeaMe of the rpMl dielagmes Sf tbre AarMlbth
of Stil, tyoi ti center of which stands the Court oe, wi ma 11e h'rt
A lbnedommst In the SBtte. The 0hurchb healstb6s- seu L ant ithe
e ,oclta ideM o. e ua g rela~aio d rs~t m pagis1h.
lhbouh li te luatsey, showa unmistakable eie of thlb beitthats
Ubey tf oew pe*diyr ato lrga proprttro e. Lse sttrmiem osef^ab-
mas as d- iommi1l oentr, eammrInr rmmrlr. Mledid LmStir adMis a
pin of tiMoas, hIm and w t eouat e to atismt atoenton. Ompaed
ith a bw y7ri aip ft fian r a A. A anority of the bulae hes are
seuatml, t tlbudags and man of the pdrat. sIelm Ui sempsp.
lawonbly wa~ tW asl ot p st ot ab B th. T .itf fis dedy am
the enmae heo uii ftaM d Md T eiwpetub
*.taeip tst i tle aMre wetent. pJle 3 ean sarAI, ae
a NO 41- bs dea. WOs am l MAN"
aLed CipIlor edehaitml a4astage. T]ha tdeb IlT asosiC.
loesi I dto er. The laidis around WeONMMfl. k i
nag to a inthStet. .
*ooaaosr tis d *te lite Ito the MeasItI ui|

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y~~~k* X~~~s 3ww Ws 8 fad below US amuilos Tbb

4101ikikomp 4h sivivabs, ind"s -d Velma
iirOf G~,ub mmd Eve I uol~ of
M &GooeM A". =ON~ 111th Of
mn cool*. u sookd

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S21, 601iiWWL a"

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pasask Peam plum", ohadse, grwpa, minbigtei and 1sri'i 5foW
in "aO quality waid q..nthq. Vegetable Me IiNSare ps ~ e.jl
tbw 101111416112 ~lC wJ~?Iiii m "- '..
an .~pIatIP bet~tmsn~d Oniv14&C a ~piibt
"qiib do. *0l the yer ryou:
great m~d~ej4 flue qualt. li t-46aM
of 0 hla.rn Mai -fonud repreviosd c *
An* baimas Aa a&buadmo ol -immd. InW
thi4 wask t" Istbaw a wbkb 4 be

the Florsda "Wlay #q1 (.3 yhwv
to bewboi~i7 tbb na powla the 8in ma i ,1j*#
froli Vi. am*. ame ot land. and afts Plaiii-n mawi asm Mans'
diaslait. I1h. people aridustrtm and Wai hed buila s of
ble xrwwi"tbe % p V%17 e
'I 0114 stdw~eM e Jused"o of j te ?lSiiz" u Ud
Fise Raiway ad igta4 p 7ompi. Rallroadg abeam ph a" a of
Gebusvhlie aid foa'--Y~. ..i~** Vlo. .. i~BLuL .il6 1frh
feet above the -t. *qisriver gLA'slath sf4w ntIt a"oat&. i h
OrWrO ibl Aataaae south Wlthiq a it l lie
numbitooas lj'O.'Lp povei, sohdi4 aa4L a Slow
*thr e q~i Vita.t~lir' lret be kalP e

t ~lfp is nalmumbatar of pu
ho siouJ. 4V 94aome hadrmuW Iewalh eduss nlldt nlla Of The
Ba4Lst, vib~aa ead PsrebytoCa are tlhe leading urlguII.ma 4a~~ion5.
Iio j*048. V4boam Ai fiifth bdYikc Th
oft~i ha i*1~u` 1lpgai ong the *uinr at~'th m~d Ibeu. earna t hand.
On the are ~ lwe d morez flr.e buat ardSim' alisS a, may
goo4'b~mah a~bi Urn e~raisgroe. liguia 3ptI3~ emweairt, ~pOrla'gs
Spdzigu, on the idotth, ae accessible frba~ this poh10 are~ p~~.w~~h for
their hetila ,rbt~a T'Phe ~alll sherbhe* C~~~k bus~m It by .
six watr miii. mow~-ha aesrtioa cad oh*MU~rCel~sI
NeYpIkal OomJiamfbl bU~Iuei'O sht el
omt). Is as two dImaes oAd as. aavs;. W b OR va N gs
sef gmis .a %n w e -s h

bus -1 aasbeu* ha e mSOta@4e .htw
On 6b4 sewe' wes Iowahpa. mWA W u'Mfgdm1
goodA1& ISi'm 'Maso 1 ove

tbeir hdft ibboaL T rolt ling j-
SIX water af now '." 1 n W o i
ISL"D Glovs lh~ Is a shCm &ad

wa uagbbub Otil mee
7' ....

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Seavaea flor~ia and Westm and the Jlod&,Bl*M 3WN *rvluOtL B
pmmrs Dlrld.. The Golnesvll* md Tagobem.. wd .b3
oonstqd through the plow TMe )ad4 w n. hER. ~
jojaojo, A # a-&&~Slll
growfla A"~ sedlomf be 0."i~l ~ ~ tcd
to,* uf tPbs. umbw eyt In )w
haijj dmeboot so pral me ah Pao*
a;4slp~rebkb ~s r m4 4muatrIotr, mia nbl p0 Idper.
WohXAA3, ~skltmad andteiPS
&ad P rqipadf-m
tio* ompor r4A woo at L~

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-nrs %r a; 4a 113n ON-
Isekb"b 7o mA% mUoqam ot *W. 10
Unaams Is pl*W Ioo13d ID. 141" lob

hj.wb aqhg Sehag md berlg mae~' -I~r .esav4.j *ri- kue
&04 mSain Wolum, Wm. QbwA Bog$. O6 .
twr~ pdlMeCbip and evral b zemriuqes. ~
eIml for ornw w

Olk a" t4is dolat for the Pi =^N. .
otlW b 13a s bY an la oorpp A
MusA.ez 13 altamtd meet *
Oogs, gs ohW VMS d& of

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11, dt a"o ts th)e
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th lW* e-Ch. clme m -~ ,th.e r te wevUm lb- l tonad tv .
8se0 4Oba eaN l Mc a* drIsbms swmp #iwe.g wme ha si in an
a1111 ae i t1eMt whi*! MWdft. BDpt"i ad Pse.
bytmit, 4lhitlxMd ha.fll- A phtir: inam9a0 d Mr thmtImld
sHllHebh Alf b uibol s toe *a SMemrim eaduMu .
hrtMirAitix abet b e ado fte AUhat station, on atbe ambih,
Florida ald W~tn Bailway, and Is te oldwb town t Almehbu OOuB.
TbrWesB emtry ir en o -omnd tnowm In the tate a &d in wl adapted to
the =wn at aerly all te oaeealso ad fruits of a eemtrIopeal casate.
The b iuttr OSlhtftl r tas mrar pwl to ebey etblar-wtlc sel, under-
itainy a l~k zk l 'seM. 'Ti aMu is rsomd dwit a hesy pow of
ptam b lhSve erO, .gite( 1k a miussa t oL tha tres, am it woe wa-
taed by iHiism dl r HeibllMel. Thit to eas e th moets eareq
po is l t S Adera. TlsruCn*geed. Meae are etpe and
ohbmeisa wd Iehes et eeaml t Newast Iaw wa the sooay seot of Al-
ashes Omdty smn lNM wh the COourt oun was mowAd to GC(avllse by
a vots tof pNle.
rar amaVmrma. ite addMs of an4 adjoue d e ty at odgeievle
on *Miit. Mbres on MOgh p1U land, overlooklag th boulaes permoo of
th*- Qvi~hwvmf t watI, bsed aW e, goa sa0l ort ardf ld bvs
toai e)U1il ty to eharhes sad ools, eat os the line of ie GOiem-
fn ( M0 4'kt tma b mi nIy, It is ntaded a mskt eusell bm hasu
ti i .WbxtMaI M Is Bthe bter tt teo plot o parkMa whIblahtt ft pro
posed to eet a ftg beteL A4ddab tbe town are lot. of lesl pe lmid
WNleMiksama ar is a sburb of te city at Galneevlle, extending
oae4a si ldl *s bOth of the aly l mts. The ottisens ae pripoous
track ic b4 de are quantties t strawberrk and vegitblb for
market. fhe eI s* ot a more plemt settrmet or a better elsa of dlMes
to be and where. they are bhone, e terpriing and indutrios, and
tutr blaI.tee aduiatiese of itboms I
Osa~s ft m, on the iorls dt lwR y and Navi tio Oo.'s rad,
fte"Pel-llstIIS Ie yomWeulf t uo ely located on getly rolling land.
Th towei els ite two yea old, has about 900 InhabtatAs thres store,
er beteK, e s M eso photographer, s uor#aol hoe, bo I~t blakmM
show p miru iello weatke uaw ead pamtagn al. The population em-
i f J'tbmeee fm samqrsTla telthe Union, and are a Inatl-
I S i tteoe peo ple. Tie ol it a dark pine with a qe per
St^.woli r euAds bo th smeasural growlng of niitS, smpr-

S, Mid31 rb Bmu allwy .tw~ety-thee aies

h a.e.,rches, p bu, ssahma
*i...gh.. -pl ..l te mber good. A p e

many hard stone e to be nd f hto I this moi nad it almiWt W* db1
have bea and ee aew belm, eaurie fro. a*t potaite bt~li b e *Au
Jetl at thq'mouth of the tb. Johans lwr. heM so" a thisa. lM is
called SCatefy, from the name of ta rverwleih flow nerI it.
PA-xma, formerly known as BeamvAle, libe mtddwabetie Asadondo
and Archer, on the Florida Bslkrd mad Navigalon Ooapean U's-bad Is
aurounded by a high, dry pine country.
Pa.ALDa tI a new town four nmle north of Geine rtlle on the Blm h,
Florida and Werstn Ralway. A brds-U view of this town woald how
high rolling plae ltad. with three eoeuWl AAom of water mMeanil
from north to south s a sotheastedly eoa te mar'gi of smab tei
betng lied with oe hiebory, k mapankan ay, ash ad eterdy; awopy -
aamem tees and wild grape vines In abmslm .T eLvaeme t el
edmaomateredlnh their Arrmeddo Grank over ens ago, wheo pope had
the aboit of all the lands in thio vleftsy, Mshoin ooMalvely that.theg
oomeldeMed nothing better. A.portion of this sedMol o-som 0 a e, ha
been oader onltlation the pest thirty or fory year, and about thatite on0
of the baoutful blds was called Paadise, habeo the amen of ParadMie Slaon.
Pesons desring to make a home, ad wtsbtag to raise divwds of
crop and fruoE, will certmanly be hftly M mad by oomai to Paudi 4a0
ha bee daMstrated that nobettr lands a be lod AI the Statoe fSt
production of ubererrlw, oamwes, peachk, peas, ats. Although. tbN
towr s iM than thrseeyear old it has twentyy reldenes already iqpt.
There is also a staltUo house on the -alhmo poat ofae and publ,a laool
howe. A 4atelligeat physihsan who lose 4m d .lathe v Anafts ve
esU that he can obeertlly recommend the ple as bei hfreetro mMl a
and chllls ad fver than any plaee he kBorm et o the oatlh.
RBoOmxUa a the jusnti a of the main knareh wiMh ie tee
eaon of the Florida Southern Balway, is a thriving Utte tow of Abat "e
hundred and seventy-fve inhabitant ten mile from GanMsvlle; hbs hotel,
two schools, two churches. two general store, edtton a ,pist. ltUK It I
surrounded by many profitable vegetes e farms; wewbr-tur t~a oa M
lorida Fouthern hallway pe ths point da y.
BuTaDoe.-Tha ism a new town five alltwet of Ga Ull efthelleet
the Gamieslle, Tallshasae aad Wetern Balroad, and thi as mlOekhnarI
dtie station on the tSvanunh Florida and WAeeten Malwy. -hnW ak *
poe-office, a large boadtIng-houe a tew eomartabl dweoIgi- d&ae a
more bumidlg altogether, as yet coastit t th tow. TdbowlMs M l umttig
land and rob hammook soil, omblaed with .Um--1 h"-Ni am .. I thLy
eomam ded this eeMtio to all who have eama 44L -,Asy I"PeisY M
Ia water or as a permanent resdense It eoasft~ edAl
Nlthem or Wesfter former, f bee s otI a gU
general Smug a w ll as sar Moes
beet tohas"e raw baw, pmt 1 11 hn6

.b *,** -* -" f i,

h^^,^*.^*^u^.,-A*^*ai~~i.JfcB*>'>^^ '*.'. ** tff

tab qa ae imei abundance. Both ateul and cultivated grasaes do well
ad ardIj p od ied the yer roud for took. Probably som of the best
grad~4 _ael Ia to eouat will be oad p thi neighborhood.
g~A P .ill a UatM' o on the Florida Baiway and NaTigation Blrolod
betrm ArmMamdo and Archer, is smrom ded by a good high pine country.
TAoout.-Lying between Alehua lake on,the north, aftording excellent
water protetol anad Levy lake on the South, is aituated a cluster of small
faar of frpma te to orty or more anre, locally Inown as Tsooma. Several

A ~rMZ MA LA& 0nML
he ,gds da A e e groes flouriahag and elUl-eared for ae situated
in th loality1~. LTrge qumattls at vegetables are shpped from this mttle-
met vt eioM opy the poat-olee town, distant from three to six miles.
TaMlOo, formerly Kamm as Joppeq Is about twenty-five miles west
Ci GObseleh B B aieh country of beastul rolling pine land, some of it the
beat IlS-te sa y tr the prodmeion of See-Island ootton.
WhAIgN taheamdw town i nmportanm in the ooimD, oeouples an im-
p-rt-al. the jam oo E the. Boathern with the Ontral Division of
thbrStldi ,arWmd INavgai~ttiaataload, and is destined to be a plaee of
iaMpt- WS. A thkb the place loq at mad level t is oe hundred and
alapm.~ t- teAsa leave by akta aemurement. fst bof the town ies
aem bimt Jlabsi, lao w dsa ma wvhah gtes tow thenuatyroaund
sahMe o~~S .e o u ,,am Le tL- as o o4 the State. os1i
lilI~~-'M m th e eat l Ilake Seata Ph the lea st, acd between

, I
S v

... .,v<

tt sad W"d to Lake Alt, Goue4WvW .
Warlo btao sad sfes Ube. AtOW mLd"'
bt samams olia-Afme th 0ad Of "'Obwo*M
naetfs wfth m dm6 t the am"% 4ki to
Grim Ooe BpSln^s on the SLt. Job* rivr, i 0001 Ufa of
cowkauttom. I btr is. h~a rioI~i~lu im
the oGra grovs In the 1010bft Of WoiMS bV00 .yuuwuuiwiith
edr o m the tseve cold spels k bA &tiaVf lbsf tbua!w "a
low yein' %t~ WpUt heuetf tS bS o' 6010%
tifbtsd to the pruscef of pitpmappu~m a #a* as bos of wu

ala wriuarp b~h thutL us.4.u Ulwbu SmrA th e

Ste wcl vididl obetter Orne pov blin ~m t o abe ad
Waltdo. Japan plums JaPsa puuhbmoae a$ pipe of bY~I apma C
wan aidim ael as ell sodf

sarmu morlb sd~re .1M.,bala
he.~the lac is pmg~Uua

m&1o. apa 31. GMliemPs hwur imm
w1T4k Alter W
vaw sadm.~ zmm V01

in th lalw4r (osre oet btW, Wlt ha ofti> s ow eh bMhebae.
whraA iwtorl thus iMb1 Iast OQe paMtoh sehooL A W iteoM
warqom ti amer behl 4g04s*W4 t eqit oa about W 000 h no nUs-
roa d- b* .I *o**triste- I am sx. OeKulk to Ras irlvt ps
through WOlW, bltg to thown twod Ovitay ompeln tIMsportetn

Wxxaoa is hsotued o t*he emS bmk o Lake Newans, a ebanous lae,
twmrlty4v maes i n .eLpmmesn arousaded loy smni-tropie smomrmy and
abo titaseb. ti st.ao Mes eMLt GkOlaUiUlesnd Les betweoan thr aa-


.sa. 200 ON A YiLOESA L&13.

Ilsounurg ye Neaylfmu BRo three m3M eit Another
Lug. sta- of* e O Jtekeonllel and Gulf Air ian" goes
ti.m> ls Iesnq the kob, commuanbtio m be bad
Smses, i haaboutviruoidnoes,
c ele*me easibbag eshels wl& two Ismbs, e.
od um Ml b tabd pua bs-

1775" wtha-t*n mod mio flxswtynr
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? :

to greet Provrtl'ns and beauiful grasy aiwnsr %n be gw,, of eI*mauak
gram. Ito tow' hab beutifuWl oek-heded Mw smus, v4s wM aft eiICI*
106 for quie restful hocwo with orftla "d s udgmr
.YurA In a ats1.~on iad post&offau the ?I1dd sliwayend Navigation
Railroad, between 0sloonvilli. sad Waldo, te mides south,-wesatof tM Istier

After a thorough Investlfcipto o h uittb~ iI~ itroutoset teif h:id
Florlda, sad particular o 0te o1uny of M the ausertiom ,is nMe
uQaout the*" ao ed.azsiUa 04gist be 'thdn )2o
1tsbi th Vaton where aun pa4rIom m JIM.
Moreasil acur 0-mpe~h
umam, or where hospital may ledid wfi Z1
in Uae Stateo lorid;. andi~il not dwhiietti dRWlIAii d
tdniff btween aLb..w sad other goamoilm.s ,im.,$I tuited ti t
R1O ;Potber locaity o1trs gretSifd in very~ iom wIii4ow quo I~
Th~e otsUo.s show git m aq per seres mid hIsaliod 1i
I6 ~ropa froia Ii oujtintai'arey(S~ tbaa fnosaaaf htheulr'kb4;ltl0
~ath ooumey. Th so~i~l of llquicd. bemea Ibeabdiibld 9b6I' iibet ir~
tlom 0is #A Ash is ic be louid deisewoe s thepporlaa poor l raw% 4Nd

IL --.
hr Nei"'~
quiieigt, is 4wmYew 1

farmer Ms... bWambsmof we *Wp*& M
he *4o "b.*aItp who & earns o uw 3 ioithaut
adstij -soopqea of tae pgm*ussrj0u oe so 40
"-- md of Jiwmm" th-a there Is hardly eouh C a to keep tem aways
employed. heame t*e -laws had gloomy 3er tatr I"b td ** wq- Ito
Nortern papers. Tons looking. for "8jateeI" poepKm ehekahips de,
will be liable to disappointment in this or any thr new oomb", but pros-
perity awaits the awergeti sad capable tiller of the fU or isadeubma.
To the young, Justu sisalg upos the voip of Wl to, ** the -Lk4W4Qdm
to th old, who may desire a home Is a sammy m clme, wkoere & h eu d V pr
W be raised, where the yeung belrev the nadh *Ufe seep Im
ione of a Ubne, where the m*diWeaegd mW mheook j I Is Ma k-
solf ad book as to f* tha his dwooft yew "hasi$ be. wh
tbo m MW on as ew lawe stu ails w oI sop~pwlon 1


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MW . wo. 20 M Xr
W. a.16son a essoalnn oen.
easuloft, SL 4Coa.O



Trkanit ea GSM Banking Baiwne., ) bpoelt resolved OoUesllo
Made And Prooseed Promptly fitted.
Co Mino ~mra.-NtioMml Oltol' Bank, New York; Merobhats'
Natonal Bank, SaIvanah; Pirst National Bank of Florida, aoksoonvlle.

Baglish sad Amero Sa la Island Ootion Begging, Beady Made Bags,
Oruhed Cotton Bed FoerUlir,
Ameriota and alsi Cotton Glas, Ginners' Soppliee, etc.

hasB- befgsp.penam largewa bng r promptly oBpaotea with
diG sievea I teaie whi o et sf mes or
A r- eqe IT i, awe have employed aa Aaorney partIolartIy or t is bu -
*iloYirLh ti s s *o eI belaseelso both n Loa. l ad Oer Lead
8o. bieea*hS"1" hO meaitl fatebirvlon of Mr. L 3 bbm*
,s u.he e s permaso a Mse L laa4
ol ta a ie a aewlod of the S. La id as.

bay ueoeiSAM ut fiantd a oIU*yj. nalatni--- mohsrd

*'i *'*<.' ''. *
* l ,., : ,' ,; ..,._ ;; ,.- .* .* *.. ) t

In nMud to Axr PAW of lo]ac ttM~b M l.m, HIAxu, Bco.,
by addra .
BGattt AgL tth IriIi) tr te tirdiil
ARCHER, Alaohua County, Florida.


FOE ; 888, FREE
to a1 who w"ot tor s ,I &em& oa pom p or tb moat
complete Ostalolgu puaNhed, to
W. ATLEE BURPEE & CO., Philadelphia. Pa.
iteo a M- ali Or wpM, w elIsses o uell-
tsUOea, two OoLsm rAM1w toI. *3'U Aa"M
nlbPlk j. a ^es r 3mr-gf Ude toVoe ab T AM_ Ite i
of rea l Talu, hlteh earse t6obetaed
NA" Jll d d ftleswhe T blre t =

s~E -S E ED S.o~ u

Iron Fencing for Coret.ries, Columns, Mantls and all kinbd
of Casting made to G-Osdee-
BBPAIRWmO MgKrt : mlo lrA';'^I Alw,
*orreOTN os f, a. .^ ^ .
SW. D: ROBERT0$, n. S-,1

** ,- *





The Shortest, Quickest and Best Route
bfr PmmWmp.t sad rWh to a"d ftem kaohamlt 6mletU sad points


0, r. l t iDa WaSs.m. t. Oad Peft. Ag..
r* WWA mwiom ?a *" A10 aw ia66

Florida Fertilizer fg Co.,
MANrouonrum or
The Florida Fertilier Manufacturing Company will pay In cash the high-
eet market price for all
delivered at their works In Galnesville, Florida. No gpen bones vatd.

---- W "OJALs AJD rwAML DUAL. ni-


.'EED AbT:D --


SGa. .es... 1
7 ,"


.L .. .mMT. X A. LWAML.

Ittmreys a usasmrsatCJa,

OoP. W.et Main and MUohanio 8te.


wE. WAB xnsuowm. aA 0o. NAUMKOM.
PFnot~ in tate and Tderl Corts.

i.NG. Km.
KiNG &yta

Aoo. L. KIn0,
Jao kaova~u FIl


3. vwaMns TATiOL. n o LO. OT
WiWiame Blook, Qainesville, Fla.
aOmfIp Ia Isw m ideaIt OMts and in V. Land OGWo.

MM. W TOMP s, Prprfitre
w04"l rmAW@ gI houset 2o pals aprep to msake mWom

0AC1nn *a.wL, WLOR ,.
*Y' tA* A. WUaLrAMs, Proprlear.e
I*eeni -n m wek. n



7-"- -*i'- ^.^..^".w -a r :
-; .

H. ZL Ba

Meos. Lous T. Bomx. N. X
Blacksmiths and TagoI Iakers.




JA.A. x oBR. A. 0O. STZarmUe.
Mill SuppliesPalnts and Oils, Glass and Fishing Tackle, also Sportng Goods of lU kinds.

Shoe and 0 Leather Store. *
Boots and Shoes In ial Styles and Grades. Findings and Tools for Shoe Makers, Lather
and Bubber Beltng, Oall Skins. Trunks, Ha8, Umbrellas and
Hosiery, arness and Saddles.



W. H. H. FOLK.

0. 1. Ymiso.

lakt luit.
We ae prepare to fll orders and deliver meas In ay~ r. & tll stai o
fresh mosa alwa on hnd. A ta Is llta e k.
Post Ofloe Blook, GAnEm VILLE, FLORDA.

Ord prom.pm ." Ma 046.witW -A"dd >.
. Fatory lO. 118, OATUBjlt PLO

', k-.*.. r -. *. -


$5.00 PER ANNUM.

The Leading Weekly of Alachua County.
*1.00 PER ANNUM.
Sff buteiirItakf allies. eik &tes for reaching the people of Central Florida, the gar-
debn pot of the State. Alive, progresive, soundly democratic and up with the times,
their eir lation exceeds that of all other county papers combined.
With the finest ooe in Florida, the only steam power press in the county, and one
of the best in the tate and with a Job offoe stocked and equipped bountifully and with
thebest of material, we are prepared to meet all demands.
ample copies free. Address


All leading varietle of fruit trees suitable to Florida oil and climate, in took.
NXW IPUIT A BPBOIALTY. Prices reasonable. Circulars tree on application.
Ad4sege. *
PORTER & CESSNA. Managers, Gainesville, Fla.


GEO. I. CELLOI, manager,
f9 99 n f sd Persimoene (J'apn) in quanttee to suit puroha.ers, at
ella Tvarietes, of strawberry Plta~Pso ji sto k.





Offc, Court Socus,


8 000 NOM of rl" Pt". a"e d immeals ladsf itual taik bet faiortlug A"
&nit -i'uwlag aego* of ike 3mm. oouhfswisS Safl farws etur Gulty"U. aw
aome of Ike e"k a" ab" 1111b=. d a nms Ilk AD Irlal In and atmud
NowsIlanavlle. arteg mil*h off mlvtlW in Alosba efluwuV. 14W pasulla4
adapted to Me vegeable and frult saltnu and will be *o* We @Wa rn OW samEno
bargain. hor furtherl foimation call oaor nddwees.
Newnanseills, Fla. GainssvMe, Msi.

I SPLID INrITITY T8 Stm AI 31" Raw an
at a low pil It parebead ai aweG. Ie tfa OrMm 3. Sd OIWl&Ak ft0nn. 1 b.
Rooms b"a etreb luwis airy mreo wl Lar PDs sNaM a 4mue vffaA4 wXI0d'R.
tlunly aunud Ik borne One bkomi' r nieet an tlellIALOW-- Mmum UJImSm.
Title. Wine acr^% got Isad with nsra. awo sonm awd OIn 11uuing. will be msid
te property. Pvw farthr infohemato sall en Ci

VALUABLE. Po~ftiM, l
hor affish. aft r of u erws, gifs"la She otfht
mile from 3sUedrw 51mb km~wc e*~c
hbrrwai d, adc~s,

...... .....
:p ;;~~U

.* -v1

M I im ll I nalai BUSBl TO m11


Vwy bthy. Butltlly atuated on Lake Nwnm. O toie lot, Q lt
sad TiVgI>6 lads amabp.
Strnrms vbatita Windsor must not oonfound the town proper, whee
pot oestmd pubBe obool an, with may auburbsn ddl a olamin the
Pir tll pmtieaU addt* either,


CAPITAL, $100.000.
DIL A. lMONALD, Pre.m, BoMto, XMa.
Ono. L. SUTBBLAND See., 0., Gae~ ria
8. TBOWBIDG1, Tre., 8 Oourt t., Boston, .Ma.
s i fwwtmey rr Trms f..or sCfrouar.

................. ........... ... ... ...


* Florida Southern Railway Lands, *


St. Johns and Lake r Eustis Railroad Lands,


3,000,000 3,000;000


Which will be sold In traot of from one sof to 30000 acres, and raLnag ta pries
from 0 an ace upwards.
The lapds ae located In early every oouLy In the State, and will fll I"reqal-
ment-arlicaulture, graung, groves, homes, et. *Pim, Cypres, Oedar nd other b-
ber, etc.
and with acceptable security.
rWe eam or Syndo naes extranoenuay Uadanetos or Ifnetment
S. I. aIU, MImap, V. LI UMB1 iag ; ?ar,


AP c

SEl PAR!( rLA .
}AL(r so 5- To ou~r 'OKA

fth at J#oAdksvflls or Windisor.

Is one of the prettat
and heoathtoe plaoa In
the Stte, with a popu-
lation of about four
undred. and contain-
nla edghty houses, four
two aw- mills,
S panu Imtills. a
large tab and pall tao-
itory the only one lathe
tate, two pubto halls.
one church. Broad
streets, at with shedo
tmes, add woderfally
to its natural bea y.
It is located In Aaebua
ooaaty one of the beet
Tnooate (1U not the bt)
in theltae. It Is M-
markably healthy, has
good water, and the
land is superior to most
in the State, well adap-
ted to the growth of the
orange, each, quince,
plan, fand other
mall truits; veget-
bles of most kinds do
remarkably well here
and are raised largely
for shipment and local
market. The beauti-
afl Lake Newnan, some
thirty miles In oltrum.
ferenoe, affrds a great
abundance of ane fih,
and an excellent oppor-
tunity for boating,
hunting, eto.
If yo want a home In
lorida, where you can
have health and ratis
something to live on,
we would invite you to
visit Windsor. To do so,
call our office In Hub-
bard Blok, Pine street,
aoksonville, and agt a
ticket either to Bo.
ohelle, on the Florida
Southern Balway or to
Oampville, on the Flor-
ida alUwayad Navl-
gation Oo's line, either
running some three
mile distant
Land, either cleared
or timbered,oan be had
In lare or small tracts
at modratepries, and
ine large lote in the
village for buildin.
We will make this re-
markabl oAer: To any
eme who will build a
house to cost not lee
than 1,000, we will do-
nate a fan lot of about
one oar, worth 0o0.
We think It y will
take themeaseto one
ad se ua y will be
plas- with WLinsor.
r ey fthtaer tar-

Ah~ -

LuD mnuT; =l ATX iD s.inl& Air
For the ymar Pftnt "nd osmeopeding OMet h e Uo.. <> Lnd oi .A
Na a onalete lit of .l the weeaa, atU
"tNeta toak h at awlthe Uim uSe slo tes "I
pors. ~dmle as d a u pou at Of
stat e i .a Malea e@"t asan
are weath orns O toS per aero esa ate
meo O ovrnasm=n leads that arn tol
aaston prsoalsa"a to leae ds
setson s..oa nuss. Apply t or ao -.,
L. X. HODGEINS, Galasvltt, Florid






a. '

J -



... .' o
", '* It' / -.;

... : "
i ~ ~ ~ *- .y ** i -* .*"'*

S..6. .. .- .
*.. . .( ,- ,-.. : ._ : ,:.i.',., s^
.. J ,W *. '.:- "**-,.L ... _far
.* .. ,' '." '*- *: .- ,': : -y ,'.'^ ",.
5 i ''.,
"e "A '


;? 3i

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