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Group Title: The advantages and resources of Orange County, Florida : home of the orange, and center of semi-tropical fruit culture in America
Title: The advantages and resources of Orange County, Florida
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Title: The advantages and resources of Orange County, Florida home of the orange, and center of semi-tropical fruit culture in America
Alternate Title: Orange County, Florida
Physical Description: 16 p. : map ; 16 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Marks, M. R
Publisher: Printed at the Office of the Orange County Reporter
Place of Publication: Orlando Fla
Publication Date: <1879?>
Subject: Description and travel -- Orange County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Economic conditions -- Orange County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Social conditions -- Orange County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Statement of Responsibility: <M. R. Marks>
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Bibliographic ID: UF00055186
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
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Resource Identifier: aleph - 000138061
oclc - 01816082
notis - AAQ4141

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* \ '.-.

~w or 4~

y g
VN ..*



~R' '. A



The Advatgu sad hinmr*
-.OF- -'



p- -

WoW" of tle Octarr

tji W oal'awmrmcAI nmrn cavz'us

z pwlu. liW mlolltbwvim wUaWU OoWYrT wag --

I ...


I .3t



~"- CIL~Ar



Iit presentif this circular to the public. I am
thoroutigly convinced that It will be severely criticased
by those who have been unfortunate In their selection
of a home wbereo to cultiatM the Orange. And
although I wald not detract from wZy advantage held
over us by Qther portions of our beautiful State. I wonM
express a few plain, practial thought for the tonsider-
ation of those who come to Florida seekingg a-Winter or
permanent home, and whose Intention It iA to cultivate
the uses4rpical fruit*, which grow and flourish In
oeai avoreed localities.
I Itve been an actual semil-rident of Florida for
en yet. Beore I came and made settlement. I was
f6r tree yers on scont ritty In the Penin&la o
FtoId' d have a right to kwno al I state. Then 1
you aft Why I have selected Orange County as my
home, and why I would advisl you who are looking fOr'
homn Iha Boath Florida to locate In Orangt onnt, my
bet reason Is: Its the highest _ewntyt the:Pwnlfta.
ooeqli ntly theheaiteheet. 'Tke year map of Floi da.
fiatOranne Couaty; yo will lhd"t th 'the 'eonloe-
hMehM~r Howell er,e: 0ee oree*, and oWldler c~k,
rimtr t renter of Oringe County, and nn Eart,
and o.th Zat atnd form the 3S Johns. The Wf~lv
rises mear Orlando, add runs Iosthi Into the 8L John@.

The Ocklawaha rie near the center of Orange County,
and runs North, and then East, Into the St. Johns; the
St. Johns running Into the Atlantic, at Fernandlna. 812
miles from Its sonnm. The Wthlsoochee rises near the
center of Orange County, and ru In a general North
Westerly direction Into the Gnf. The Lockeepopka,
Alada and Hllsboro rise In the Western portion of
Orange Connty, and find their way into the Gulf of
Mexico. The great Kimsmmee ries hear the center of
Orange County, and runs almost due South Into the
great lake Okeechobee, and find ts way through the
everilades and the Caloossbatchee, Iarney's river,
slatostler-4ruethJs, Chltlfttrqb '
chee,a1.co4L a, Fah-kla uBsgi ILuDthpV.
Thus you will find the little town of Orlando, the
county eat of Orange Coty one of the highest points
on the eninsula of Florida, with every portent rier
rising around it and runnli to. neIa a point of
the compass, and 800 feet mltttuiea-s. the month of
the St. Johns and about 40 above i, anoath of the
Calooehatchee. .
The Iateror of Orag Coou* -tha m adeteoity
explain ed, M to a nbool boy's n.S, d Deuiowtag
that it It t-md i .--the wates : bed, 1t oneludve
that we ba less misuma than. the lowe dtrit All
warm maotries are more or em-eaong the low Ifod
--mlasmale: probably as a whole trh Peabula of
Florida ca show a better health record than aay warm
olhnate In the United States; oertanly the higi rolling
pine lands, free from the rieh hammock, swamp and
nmars Influences, does show such woord. and Oenesl
L. wton, ex-Surgeon Geneml of the United QaF
Army, says In hum ~ial report tht the P in of
lorida i decidedly the healthiesrt portion of the United

Our oountye Illed with the maot dellbiifl, deep.
dwlr water labea: evtldnti the rprIa
thatW ife and vim to the beatleltr e thab Sow
from them. And upon thee lakes natD has modeled
the lands m as to make tho iost beautIM buMlkltng
on earth. Absolutely free i sall malkara, aed an ted
by the resident a spring. bothwame,and mnoke-tohee
-for they are alive with bhes and bepm.

.- ------ --- ----- .-

fibwi rl a

SMy second reason tor ttling In Orange County,
and the reason why I would advise ou to do no, Is that
we have as good trmqupotatkln as we want: 'he St.
Johns River, &lways naiTxhble for flnte&ai steames,
kaI our eastern hore for 115 male. The Wekiva
springing aralm t fron the very center of the aonOty,
lamd her rtemers Into the very ;n ay SpriWn-
that .giv her her navigation. T a,
In the great lake Apepka--or AL popk n throiwh
the grand chain, Dora, Enstls andU H, ivtg onple
navigation Into the St. Johns. And now, this week, ts
launched the frst stenmer in the Klminumee, with a view
of opening our. avigaton Into theO Glf at Key West,
No single cipat oq. earth.---t herd foi-h4m. so
"and a elita of unatu l gai o as Orange Connty,
,lo. ridaei t Ar.
For three yem a a s cout, and ten years of actual
residence, I have been looking for a healthy country,
with tranportaton, where I would tise al the seml-
tmpeal rtta, without fear of frost. I have fonnd snch
sa location here In the Interior of Orange County, and
nowhere else. An orange grove properly located on
the Obeth or Sonth East of one of these diep, lear lakel
Is tree from dntmaging front as any portion of the
continent whsre there s a late belt of country that can
be i tiieed, and where yon can have soeltty and trums
perUmn. I nm amned and urprised at the many
attlle I have vvad elamting chat there s "o frort Kf
IH Ftorida." 'Tlnat th nearer yon cn grow the orange
t the .f Ast Me, tU better." Ac. As well 'uy thels
gentlemen attempt to per ade a school boy that It as
cold at the Equator a It is at the North Pole. There
we locations In the same degree of latlttde, even lii the
asmo distet, bteter located a agidnt frost, where yon
nd a deep lear lake, or a deneey wooded Nrtl pto-
totte. you are the m rsoiJeet to have yoUr sender
fite ~lAtgi d by frost, bNit I be not Imo'nftk tfrcn
aile' foinud In Omrage Count below Ilke Mooroe fit
nti' se ai I I ve enltvated. the orange In this oountv:
I iw. a nmfllons of them frozen north of Lake
Motel. -

BOMs uw TwU O(mIO.L
I fnd the high, sodn og IpneIma-ds-mo the iand
his.-procu the thbet bria erand bet' hlipt dg oramng
of al other lands. And I chlmwead the ut~ snt
and future ex-pu3em of anm awe s *eI bI 'te
sugmston--tht a belt ot country Somlui of iJAs
Monroe, and through a belt of dountdry minls Sonlt
from pid Lake Maeuro. 80 miles wide tromt Lake liir-
ney and extedlArig bto Simtur Comntry o the Wet.
and Into Vdloius omCudy on tim ]Uat t the Atlahtk
and to Jmadian R thee bet mWentoplsl ritr
country on the A rln C otinenteen
The dmawbieth to p~ortor df tsbb deserilbd country
are, lrmt, the Mlod roa and th paithb toIluroy;
eonad, th e moeradties, land S lU ad b jn W ThW
fin a preidl bretn o ti b d n; the
insects do not predominate In many oelties, and there
are many districts that e ahmt entirely exempt from
them. I will here state that there has beep no need of
a moasqdto bar In my bouse t1ie bwBier.>P b r. Jaeob
4ommerln, of e rdo Bo.~ er I tt e twm
ten cents eh ftr all bi lultowc de in his
starbT AND P*OGcMRM.
ts L e Coauny ten, years ag.o Wr wbht is knew
a a cu p's country. Tbe wee little attemionu
pud to the cadultu o the different fridt. The county
-roted 18 votes d two poet o4gee, one tner
wk, .and one old og school bonwe, wed on Sabbath as
a church. Qrauge Geitny hde4 bar trials, as all msa
counties baw and the genenl opp im* to-n.em-
Sexibited brthe ptocketi llp be Mnd lor se m
ySns, atd hr enemal. settlmeoatbpgao In 1874, is
year ago.
Our population heg iooried witlan the ten years
to. 8OOO, weroe 3,aO. WaebM. the tes eor.t howu

- 1-

(the St. Johns Rver) to Fort Mason. amtd i charter for a
railroad, from Sanqtrd to Orlando, with a fair prospect
of having them all omplted within two years, and a
canal charter opening the beautiful chain of lakes
through which Rowell ereek Aidds her way Into the St.
Our laids wilempwr fIvorably with ay .county
in Florida. There I a very large proportion of worth-
le- laJ npe ot av. abe for anything exuept a. the
haunts of the deer. wild turkey. ad lmasw r gaie. We
have blask, rey, a and pIpet bammeak. 1I S3d,
3d. th andi raot e land, tbe last three predoni-
uatl~. WeiM aK, sproae sad myrtle morub, worth-
leW z asm a&ehbloien range. We have bay, swamp
and pIJarie ladsi ehe are becoming urem valuable as
the oantry becomes settled.
There about ont acre of every 150 that is desirable
as a home and farm. For this reason, and became theae
few landrare desirable for all the foregoing reasons, and
for no other, lauds are higher in OrangeCounty than In
other counties. And lastly, we ar a white ina's
oouaty; what we rake, we are not compelled to put
under a look and key. The records of our county show
less petit larceny than anly county In Florida that haa
one-half our population. Our people are cosmopolitan,
coMnf from every State In this Unlo, and from every
B ompl on the Globe. Politlealy we are almoets ank;
the Coniervative e ent predoddnast, and no man b
ostrbMeed on accoont ad his poitld a or relgti opinion.
We wll bshp this year betwequ &000,000 and .000.000
orappe. and sre an now planted and frowiag 1,0.-
000 orange tras, from ope to 80 yam old. No oou$ty
praeote a better rpet foe the fture. Our eary
vqgtabe Ip&erMt is tao p and as train rto"
Iso4adMdqd tbe ariy ITegu pable pients"f alone
ipot the populio. Unt reetenU& w have had no
n d1impAr wted lumber; now we seven steam
w l .iM water mills, and will sfa export n1.
ben nea loatoer Is bIsWing lafabied, and in fve

year we will export enough st ah pade front arrow
root, easava and oomptl root to support tbh people.
There are fine opening for.C ,, ja l for lumbe
mills, for cypress shingle and orange box mill furnril$u
mills, mo rs matter mauufact Ce, loll for manipa-
lating ish and Iek .Ito iak rea, alo for convening
palmetto leaves Into nba, papUera matreeam and the
seems Into bugy wMlps. '
There in more produeo nlMe In Orange County.
Florida, for the lomont of work done, than any two
ooantes in New YTrk. No ma aeed wmt f he hae
ea rsad mecle. No fo tue Is more eartal tmha one
dfrom an orange gro. It eaM te Mand Ylelds
more than any ludntry mknon iotothlapebe It re-
qoiris a Ig tea year to et a poybl3 grraebat gItPAsy
as lofn as twenty generatToil Want -tI Poultry doee s
well here as in any country on eafb. Cattle do well.
Sdo well on the proper kind of lands. All this
needs to become the pgatlen 64 Of Amirt is
caplal and muasle, and I am offen to setter the
aest chain of lands, and some of b finest ornge
groa ever ofbred, or that ever will be off4ed; ior
when the prove s am now offering are sold to men who
are fnanally trong enough to bold them, they Wi.
hold them.
Many men bare been badly dealt with, badly lo-
cated, bd have made farllm I was driven Into the
land bumlome for a pport, and have oM oiemaotly
attempted to ttle each msa as I was diane repon-
ible for hb maooem; and I will now grre 1,000 to mny
man whom I have settled-and I have settled 70-who
wl dbhaie mbe, aid stain the charge, lat'I have mis-
led hile it aythafn. I intend to Ull lands as le a I
a "teto work ehlatn "thal I kbA ed- IbAat
ad I do kbow-wd I want you rto apoe and look at
what I am oAerig. I hav teb largess ampomar bra n
whek you am islet, and mWore moevO an my beoks
than any tweaty agent tIn t Pounty.
When you eiame yoU will ftpd Ale every man yoo
mt N omt e I nla-i hl W14 or Wabisoe e~ or
knawe of a mn whno bas a totg Jst to yor tase;

will constitute himself at once a land aent; will carry
you to see sob ppertyas I will not handle; tire yon
o dellth; diust you; depress you with an idea of th

I* EBI fl at S 9b'et oer wild or lst^i v fr
40 acres to 40,000 ain; from a 6u Me'sa to em adl
grove, I can enj Ill el yrI lands as f I
were ele r them far m and wi buy you
v ManbI'ola, ;r o ,eW the owdtlon,
she staysLJ > 'oro deale; l"a'Idd F SUM -ab
plaees as speclmens of what Ihaee to sn yett; atl
would advise no man to come and attempt to raise an
oanM jrove, unless he 6a by all be wants, bmlAndI
turnbihd IA sad have left a00 for hinuel and I"O
for each member of hs family, unless he ooams #a
laborer at $15 per month or to work part on bhi own
place and part for wage. There is no such opening In
the South for capital. Iands are glIng up all the time.
I would like to elect O,000 crs for some company at
'1\6 per aere; land which in 10 years will be woth
,AO per are.
We can grow smoesfully In the county i cotton, sea
sand and short; corn, sugar cane, rice, rye, oat,
tobacco, indigo, ;sa) hemp, ramie, ute, arrow root,
eaav, coontee, all the vegetables known, and to a
better advantage than almost any portion of the United
-tates, for we can have fresh vegetables every mouth In
the year.* Melons do better here than any county I
have ien. I have et at my place this season water-
upeloa evry day inee the Sle of lfay, many of them
WetVing over 0 se., and one as muph as 4 Ib.; and
today Aqugt Slt, there are hundreds fresh aid
4wianla my Sold.
hrawberries do as well here as any pot on thw
obe. 'ast ftar i tr Jah w avll Jun The igtpe b at
hnb~ Wtre. bThe Japan pm dad Jgpn persmon are
'htirite, a a grow to perlbai~ on PHeL es, pldr,
namgtmis, pean. mud qultres ai db weO, AblmOan a
S ED. UU as *aMt to perltieon. Bareah aIpO

Znt d mI vem & vct-lu nMXtr k# ir d)n.

pioe-apples a being klady and Mmnneratively ouli-
vased. And the wuile COir f abo Ufare od ioer vari-
de,' do better, and sul4oc baoS .oraen ey 44U dr I
thee favored localities tIha ai. uru on the MlulteLM

.. .e ....o.*.. e.. .... U..s a .. .

S...l l ll,........ ...

f- 5-* .1
................ ...... .............. l ..... .. ....... ._.

.................. ........ ......-....... ...
..... .. ......" .*... .. ........ ...l.. n *. ... .. F..-.'.

........ .. ........................O. ....O.T ..... *.................IOK
J ========J====.==* .*-_...- --. :*...-..

Ia yewa, b$bg fier oner
We loallepe any county of the UnIted Statto
'go hh1, .. t, td t Oo, e b Our
i.ToO ea, ve4l tw.
fq ,red "MI for .O(M
Pow IBMNw4am4 1u1k


I have eon y Ie 6ok a 40 sere traet:
W00 being trees; gd bone, S1 rooms.
I aMla ONto of V e Mlonr"e.
Worth 000 ean be had Lor (W,000.
"'S. ush, balance eqnl payments fe years,
8 per cent.

40a er at tay Spring: .
3900 e tree in rove, soq.ail.qQM .
A eryde ble Price, ch.

A place on Lake Conway, 3 miles from Orlando :
340 acres, qptAad land;
800 orange tree, 100 full bearing;
1500 nursery trees. Pree, $8,000.

A place of 70 asres, 15 cleared:
680 orange trees In grove, J3 lemon
Sd9ltons. Good house. 6 rooms.
1| miles of Maitland P. O.

A place of 38 acres:
612 nine yer old trees.
8 miles from steamboat landing.
7 miles from Sanford.

tues, s2 a,
Price, *7,000.

Price, 17,000.

00 acres, an gsod onume luadn
SO."$ 7 T Od, M :L a year lK.?5O 9reft
4 yeaft um149.cly 100tre e
I j miles frok navat(lon,
4 nmles, saoth o Sanford. POMs "Obo.

A plame of 0seres, 2 cleared:
20 you e4 r ears o9
2j no",""41= nl~d P. 6

?aice, #,,000.

440ee It mile of Orlando: .
U acres In high cultivation.
3rB Inpvgwe; 400 I b-elrto a ,A 0.ve
yaw,0M4 *ood low, 9rt RAO1,000.


A place of 5 t s ,; t- ,
2200 trees bheim. bt th~e.'. Prn lae troet.
S iiles from St. Johan It pfsl frolm San-
ford. As fine a pla.daba y locate. d as
y In South I fs1,,J o. Ili '. 1: 1. *
, A p Aud6 begdp.: p-, >.:. PreIm, N0,000.
10 res. Pretty lake. T7 amreared.

A pl6e dteWi t' *
00 Yfmu' trweea, 12 hinfto beA in i 1881.
1) miles of Longwood P. 0. P 800.
A place 8 miles south of J qu p;~.adinr
160 acres. u60 ubewritres;
000 tee 7 years old. Price, *,000.
A place well improved; 10 ams:
400 fve year old tre e, teaes th beaitg.
A kIu* Varity of frttiprk etty d irsubstatal
cottua bhoue. and an ucll srr out btfldtaeg.
Pr(tiW on a pretty lake.
8 miles southwest of Sanford. Price, $8,500.
A place of 40 acre:
900 trees In grove, 40'eaiti .
1 ml. from Orindo. Prile, 0,000.
A place of i1 amre, 1 milO north of Matland
115 tree1 ; :be"arih
Ptyi' eB nt. Pi, 1,o00.

lA Ut 18 .. ,. ,m old.
2 miles of Orlando. rice ,700.
t, ', ,

A emD Att e4.dpfrt a iea* ed:
aU0O cc treeIs, 6 soIe dft eIeiM.

+A p WNt iW 1!of0 t n&e r 1onmwood:
WWsf W'U9t6'xMvim. Lo4* cabft..
A good place. Price, S1.0(.
;' ,-- i *i : I r"
A,-'T rtm .,^'^ lS l++. ..,* ,.. : .* *;. .
"'lo -lM trees, 0yo0 a00. PrYi' 2,00o.
A plae oa 70 acres, 40 lrc1 M d: .
.o 0 to in ro" form, ITs trea .t'*i* ;.,
C =OIlgEr U U, 15 bearing lemroim, 80taring
limes. A good house.
f tlea-tn OrklaMdo. P Rae, l He,00.
noutr, de'te hoMe, ,oWdprt yotflg row.:
4 acres In Apopia City. Price, 800.

A twe 0'be8rt 0 Id tr 6 1erittg w sr tree*;
870 trees 4 years old. A full arety f all sorts.
Good land. 1 a. tr Or tdo.-Pcc, IMO.
A pla*e o 15 acres, an clesaet. Pretty lake font.
i mfi of Orlando. Pre;, o50.
ApMl'd40 "i. 800 r* year oldtei '
1 mdle front Orlando. Prlce. l1,800.
A ae.f r40 aese:
SOO eltyear old trees.
ohof; beautiful elatk f.rmt..:
I. f. Pr, o,800.

paep 6fIt l.tI,' frtinton 'lthi Gttla'in, Bmies
f& 'Orliando.
Good boeis; 1I acres cleared. Priee, 91,800.

tA to build a large house. Prime. 0,000.
WO Waoe ea-pi wMit*h a Seih oti Ot hado In the
"'- Amom" but good and pretty:' Pries, Per mcre.

One-hlf Intere,. a n o rty w 0,1000 the
present ew pertoJoiJ 44lAtos1a&-
A place near ake Apopl:
1o0 ac r, is i O (10 pigO4 m ).
00 tsm, In11 ,i', ,. ;" .
,r 42,0 0" 0 ..... ,, ,. 41,000.

> f ( ,

lWeIgMIoM front Lake oiwan 4 mI tof Orlando:
45 acres in coltaton 00 bin trees;
0 goams J*&.I,00 aa. Priwe, Now.
161 acre uear a :itland:
13 t ree In Iuroe 1Isabms

400 tree in groYe, years ed.

A place* mrU. e e
10 yoau te to place, In od .edmu
comorutae bone. Prie 00.
40 acre new Qtandwo:
Agood orty. i1fP *,oo.

A place, iacdacresahl4'e~iifygon: .

a ii4f am.A Uolm a : l .

*.N. a s 4 .. ;i.h (s! .. 'PIf ,000.
- ,M~ n~(WwftA&4w ~,tt..~:~

-u-, ~----

8,100 beaaiaw sU.
A godIanlg .vewygblg eomPISNs
ee4.aWt auh. and bahatos mI atd 2 Yas.

A#kW4W 4O ares, 4.0wles ham Orlndo:
IM fta bwso. PrGY Iske.
A Omp plafst plums, Ms.
o In~*4 Insa- smlffrowIMAM jwil o
Ckbillnt oh hr w% aw Ito"-ar 0000

am OrsQ erp. r m Ie 10* Ohm% s in-bloom;i
~e bkrt~q~ir k I" 4dot gem o~rr ld;i
11heapu bead. 6 bearingS,80
ju jim fto as'do. RWW

800 Wont ;sss prettylc..) nUbloom;
14M) Wtsu~wq9S tip de lOB t iw o

A pre~Ly niU*% ppim A a" Ah~miiko if mike
12 ~uaiaa barrng. 6 batng Ubes
*~~~? KjW~O ~lao

A pbm U M anraS da A9 boa*
*oq 2. iO.O

1,Pbr tyeqoauo


A n Cai"kfy ft"n:
A% 1 15 per amt.

A pbas a 117am. at IGooIfm k's
Terry: 100 fuH barbIDo. '.u

U'c.! Iit! I ii Ig'lilmd isjrl a-W, "J a LIE
A eal. r muI W ipm5MS~msg-m
00 Sent d lawa-i A dink

40 aum v&w 'Muibg' imi 4s Oqkbhwa Ner, at

*r asYnuwlwt wil'aldI

I an o
;1111 so Illil lit 1*1 1
4; touLto dw-zG;twyu~m.
]law ow Aw~ww-owmatabolat,





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