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Group Title: Charter of the city of St. Petersburg, Florida.
Title: Charter of the city of Saint Petersburg, Florida
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Title: Charter of the city of Saint Petersburg, Florida
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Creator: Saint Petersburg (Fla.) -- Charters
Publisher: The Cashwell-Cooke printers
Place of Publication: St. Petersburg
Publication Date: 1931?]
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of the

City of St. Peters]


C*'C C
**C *.C
0* C*
.0, *.'C
C *


4',, '. ....... .5 ".-'



p .l.

The inhabitants of the City of St. Petersburg, Florida,
the boundaries hereinafter designated, or within such Name of
as may hereafter be established, shall continue to be a body City
and corporate. under the name "CITY OF ST. PETESBU Continued
land as such shall have perpetual succession, may ue a co
S seal, may contract and be contracted with, and may sue
sued and be impleaded in all the courts of this State and i
matters whatsoever.

The boundaries of the City of St. Petersburg shll be as
fxed and established, provided, that said City shall have power
change its boundaries in manner authorized by law. The said
ent boundaries are as follows:
Beginning at a point where the East and West center lin
Section twenty-one (21), Township tlirty (80) South, Territorial
venteen (17) East, if produced easterly, would intersect Boundaries
Main Ship Channel of Tampa Bay; thence West along said of City
duced line and continued along the East and West center line
Sections twenty-one (21), twenty (20) and nineteen (19),
thirty (80) South, Range seventeen (17) East to the N
(NE) corner of the Northwest quarter (NW%) of the N
*est quarter (NW%) of the Southeast quarter (SE%) of
nineteen (19), Township thirty (80) South, Range seventeen
East, thence North (N) on the East (E) line of the West
half (W%) of the West one-half (W%) of the East one-
E%) of Section nineteen (19) and eighteen (18), To
hirty (80) South, Range seventeen (17) East to the North (N)
of Section eighteen (18) Township thirty (80) South,
seventeen (17) East; thence West on the North line of
Eighteen (18), Township thirty (80) South, Range eventeen (
ast and the North (N) line of Section thirteen (18), To
thrty (80) South, Range sixteen (16) East to the Northwest (
corner of said Section thirteen (18), thence South (S) along
*west (W) line of Setion thirteen (18) and Section twenty-
(24), Township thirty (80) South, Range sixteen (16) East to
West one-quarter (WI) corner of said Section twenty-four (
thence East along the East and West one-quarter (E & W%)
i f said Section twenty-four (24) to the Southwest (SW) co
of the Southeast one-quarter (SEI ) of the Southeast o
(SE%) of the Northwest one-quarter (NWt4) of said
twenty-four (24); thence South (S) on the West (W) line of
last one-half (E ) .ao the East one-half (E%) of the West
half (W%) of Section twenty-four (24), twenty-Ave (25),
tir-six (86), Township thirty (80) South, Range sixteen (
st to the South (S) line of said Section thirty-six (86); th
West (W) along the South (S) line of Township thirty (80)
to a point six hundred and sixty (660) feet West (W) of the N
east (NE) corner of Section two (2), Township thirty-one (


South, Range sixteen (16) East; thence Sotth () on a line six
hundred and sixty (660) feet distant fro and pamrllel with
the East (E) line of said Section two (21 to a point six hun-
dred and sixty (660) feet North (N) and x hundred and sixty
(660) feet West (W) of the Southeast (S corner of said See-
tion two (2); thence West (W) on a li parallel with and
six hundred and sixty (660) feet distant om the South (S)
line of Section- two (2), three (8), four ), five (5), and six
(6) of Township.thirty-one (81) South, Ra!e sixteen (16) East
and Section one (1),. Township thirty-oe (81) South, Range
fifteen (15) East to the center of the ael of Cross Bayou;
thence southerly along the center line of e Channel of Cross
Bayou to its intersection with the center ie of the Main Ship
Channel of Boca Ceiga Bay; thence southeasterly along the Main
Ship Channel of Boca Ceiga Bay to a point Irhere the said center
line of Channel of Boca Ceiga Bay would intersect the Souta line
of Section nineteen (19) Township thirty-one (81) South, Range
sixteen (16) East, if produced westerly; tbece East (E) on said
produced line to the intersection of the Sout]i (S) line of said Sec-
tion nineteen (19) and the shore line of .Boct Ceiga Bay and con-
tinue East (E) along the South (S) line of section nineteen (19)
and Section twenty (20) and Section twent-one (21) Township
thirty-one (81) South, Range sixteen (16) E *t to the center line
of Disston Boulevard as laid out and traveled, thence SoiC h (8)
along the center line of Disston Boulevard t- its intersection with
the South (8) line of the North half (NI) of the Northeast
quarter (NE%) of Section thirty-three (88),Township thirty-one
(81) South, Range sixteen (16) East; thence East (E) along the
South (8) line of the North half (N%) of t e Northeast quarter
(NEU) of said Section thirty-three (38), Towlship thirty-one (81)
South, Range sixteen (16) East to the Easte (E) line of Section
thirty-three (88), Township thirty-one (81) $outh, Range sixteen
(16) East and continue East (E) along the South (8) line of the
North half (N%) of the Northwest quarter; (NWl ) of Section
thirty-four (84), Township thirty-one (81) South, Range sixteen
(16) East to the North and South center line' said Section thirty-
four (84);.thence South to the center of sai Section thirty-four
(84); thence South forty-five (45) degrees Wfst (W) to the Main
Ship Channel of Boca Ceiga Bay; thence in a southerly and east-
erly direction along the Main Channel of Boia Ceiga. Bay to the
Main Ship Channel of Tampa Bay; thence northerly along the Main
Ship Channel of Tampa Bay to a point of beginning; al of the
above described, lands being within the County of Pinellas, State
of Florida.

(a) The City of St. Petersburg shall succeed to, own, pos-
Rights sess and hold all property, real, personal o4 mixed, heretofore
owned, possessed or held by the said City; abd shall have, exer-
Liabilities cise and enjoy all the rights, immunities, po ers, benefits, privi-
leges and franchises now possessed, owned o$ held by it, or that
can be conferred by law upon municipal corporations under the
laws of the State of Florida; and the rights, immunities, powers
and privileges hereby conferred are, and shall be, held to be con-

ferred with Hke legal efect as though each rightimma nity,
and privilege and the mode of exercise and enjoyment
specifically enumerated, set forth and defined in this Charter
said City shall b subject to al the duties and obligei new -
taining to, or incumbent upon, said City as a corporation.

Without denial or disparagement o4 other powers now
that may hereafter he held or that may hereafter be given
City under or by the Constitution or Laws of the State of
the City of St. Petersburg shall have power:
(b) To raise annually by taxes and assessments in said
such sums of money as the City Council hereinafter To
shall deem necessary for the purposes of said City, and in Impose
nner as shall be hereinafter provided for, and in Taxes
i the Co Atlttien and Laws of Florida and of the U
tates; provided, however, that it shall imsoee no tax on the
Sthe City, or other evidence of City indebtednes.
(c) To impose license taxes upon privileges, businesses, To
upations and profe1ions carried on and engaged in within License
ity; and the amount of such taxes shall not be dependent Ocupa-
he general State revenue law. on
(d) To impose special or local assessments for local imp Imose
ments as hereinafter provided, and to enforce payment there sessmente
(e) Subject to the provisions of this Charter and of ToBorrow
Constitution of Florida, to contract debts, borrow money and i Money
nd issue evidences of indebtedness.
(f) To expend the money of the City for all municipal To Expend
oses. Money
(g) To issue bonds to carry out the authorized powers or
oses of the City; provided, that in the creation of bonded inde To Issue
ess the procedure therefore shall be in conformity with the Bonds
(titution and Laws of Florida.
(h) To have the right .and power of eminent domain for To have
purposee of condemning lands and their appurtenances in ac Right of
snce with the Laws of Florida, either within or without the Eminent
Iorate limits of the City. o n
(i) To. acquire by purchase, condemnation or otherwise,
hold, lease, sell, grant, convey and encumber such real and To Acquire
sonal or mixed property, or interest tlfrein, whether within and Dispose
withoutt the limits of the city as my be necessary for ay of Property
purposes of the city, and to improve, sell, lease, mortgage, pl
or otherwise dispose of same, or any part thereof, including
etate or any interest therein not necessary or required for p
e or that may have become unsuitable for public use, to the
tent that a natural person may do, either with or without
e im vote as may be provided by ordinance, provided, howe
t t there shall be no sale or lease of any public utility
object to the provisions of this charter hereinafter prescribed.

S(J) To meosve belqepst, gifts ad dod
To eeoeive property, in fee iample or in trust, for pubq
OGiet prpoe, *a4 to do al things and acts neos
purpose of such gift, bequests and donations
age, sell, lease or otherwise handle or dlspo
cordance with the terms of the gifts, bequest

To Acquire
and Oper-
ate Public

To Enforce

To Exercise

To Maintain
a City Jail

To Punish
Gambling, etc.
To Prohibit
Cruelty to

To Prohibit
Sdale of
To Punish
Breaches of
Peace, ete.

To Abate'

ion of al kind. of
, charitable or othur
Iry to carry out the
Switch power to man-
i af the sane fn e-
r donation.

(k) To acquire by purchase, coudemnataon or otherwise, and
to construct, maintain and operate, within aor without its Sor-
porate limits, wharve, warehouses, ship n breakwaters,
jetties, water works, light plants, power plan, telephone systems,
tranportation systems, park, drives, pest s hospitals ad
all other public buildings, structures, places, ks ad institution,
and for the carrying out of such purposes shalthave power to make
the necessary contracts in connection therewit.
(1) To make, ordain, establish and enorce all ordianes,
rules and regulations, not inconsistent with this Charter, the Con-
stitution and Laws of florida and of the Unibd States, which anr
necessary or expedient for the purpose of cat~yng into ffrot the
powers conveyed by this Charter or any general law; and t ian-
pose penalty for breaches of its ordinances y fine or imprise--
ment in the city Jail, with or without hard lalbr on the streets, al-
leys, parkways or other public property in thecity, and to enforce
the same by attachment summarily against te person and prop-
erty of the delinquent; provided, that the penty imposed shall in
no case exceed imprisonment for ninety days or fine of two hun-
dred dollars, or both.
(m) To exercise full police powers, and. o create and estab-
lish municipal courts, and to establish and m tain a department
or division of police, and to erect necessary bdi and purchase
all implements and apparatus therefore.
(n) To establish, maintain and regulate city Jail ad other
means of punishment for All persons convicted inder the ordiances
of the City of St. Petersburg.
(o) To punish gamiling or other disordely conduct.

(p) To prohibit cruelty to animals.

(q) To prohibit the sale, transportation r posseio6n of in-
toxicating liquors, wines and beers within the limits 6' the City.
(r) To provide for the punishment of p ns who may at
any time disturb the peace of the City or viol te any of its ordh-

,(s) To define, prevent or abate nuisan
running at large of cattle, horses, dogs, shee]
city limits; to regulate or prevent slaughter I
some or offense business within said City; to
tion and regulation of the sanitary condition of
pns and slamugher houses within and without
to providepenalties for the violation of soch r
late or prohibit the keeping of a lmals, poultry
in, or the exercise of any dangerous or uawholes

a; to prevent the
aad goats in the
uses or other enolo
provide for inspea:
il datries, bother
be citylimits, aad
pulations; to reg-
r other fowl there-
me business, trade

or u.ple uat theuMaa to regulate th trepMiN tatl of all
elae t"regN the stetal; to acmpi theo Satmint of
dust and pvent mansesary aoia theala; to egulate tha
tion of stbls and the manner in w blh they shalB be ket
struoted; and g erally to deAe, prohibit, uppr hate
vent all thins detr mental to th health, m a.ord comfort,
convenience and welfare of the inhaUtant af the City.

(t) To present the bringing nto and depositing with
limta of the oty mny careassC e or y ofmevhe or unwho
matter, and to compel the reonval or dedtraetid by any
who sall have placed upon or near his prmiew any offeniv
te., aid to proidepenalty for violaln tereaf.

(u) To compel the owners of lad within th City to ee
mame cleared of bauh, weeds or other materl liae to caI
aeste An to adjonain property; and ia ae the owner of ueh
rty fals or nfums to remove the same after having been ao
'to do so by the City Coumcl shall have authority to ha
aae removed and to assess the cot. thereof as a special
agaet said preamie, and same shaB bae a l against said
Si, to be collected ad enforced in the manner provided by la
the collection and ebrcement of general taxes j

(v) To organic and provide for a fire department or
Oca, ad to regulate the sme *so as to protect the City from
dto erect neceear building and provide all implements and
tus the or; to etabllah and de igast from time to time
limits, and to regulate and prohibit the erection or repair
buildings of whaterve character within the said limit eept t
tIn aMcordacn with the building regulations; to
prevent the Importation of gunpowderdry pc, roei
oil,, bensine, napth, gasoline trp ne, hemp, cotton,
cerine or any product thereof, or other comboutible or ex
teorls within the City, and the use thereof, and ihts Ia
d the building of beinfires, and to regulate and prevent the I
akenr, torpedoes, candles, skyarnekts or other fieworka
l te the entrance and construction of entrance to, and
tfit frem, theaters, lecture room, halls chaurkes or other
or public gathering, and to prevent the placing of seats,
Sor otdr objets in hallways, lales or on phlac ten
to regulate the cMteo tion and the materials used in buldta
hinmney, stacks or other structures; to preat the erectiaon
maienee of inimeure or unsafe baildingB, walls, chian
or other structures; to relate the wiring far llght
wer, heati or other purpo and the piping of buildlfi
or gas; and to require and compel the owner or lessee
diop to pl9 s upPon them or in theO are escapes and ap
for the extingubbing and prevntion of flras; to prevent I
on and cauSe th removal of dangerous cWb eys,
tovsw, stovpe$es, ovens, bears, apparatus or maei
ind ay boldlag l1 the City; to fltoete gaaoeWie ataeft
Hinea and to regulate the operation and oatrel of its staras
prevent the dep6siag of ashe, .etamiaiktoa of stshavings,
aor any combustible material.
1 .*


To Compel
Removal of
Weeds, ae.

To Provide
for Fire

To Safe-
guard the

To Regn-
late Ceme-

To Regulate
Charges, etc.

To Control

To Maintain

To Maintain .

To Keep
Out Un-

To Create Le-
gal Aid and
Other Bureaus


(w) To provide for the preservation of Phe general h h of
the inhabitants of the City; to establish ql ratine and enforce
health regulations not inconsistent with tl rules of the State
Board of Health; to make regulations to prrent the introduction
of contagious, malignant, infectious or other diseases in the City;
to make quarantine laws and regulations to egute, control and
prevent the entry into the City of persons, aag, merha e
or other property infected with contagious diases; to provide for
the control and regulation of restaurants, ate, butcher shops,
lodgings, tenement and apartment houses, an4 to provide that they
be kept in a sanitary condition; to regulat the selling of meat,
farm.products, fish, vegetables and fruits all other foodstufs,
and to require the same to be inspected and c d femned if found un-
wholesome, and to provide penalties for violitionuof such regula-
(x) To regulate burial grounds and cemeteries within the
city limits and to prohibit burial within the tity limits if deemed
advisable to protect the public health, and t6 condemn and close
burial grounds and cemeteries within the citytlimits, and when de-
manded by public interest or public health, eause to be removed
bodies interred in such burial grounds and ceeneteries, and to con-
demn lands within or without the corporate limits to be used for
burial grounds and cemetery purposes..
(y) To establish, buy, erect, maintain, dwn, lease, and regu-
late wharves, docks, wharfage charges and 1dockages and ware-
houses, within and without the corporate limits.
(z) To establish, lease, maintain, operate and regulate mar-
kets, market places and abattoirs, and to bui*, own and maintain
buildings therein and to rent and lease the sane.
(aa) To own, organize, support and administer public li-
(bb) To establish and maintain hospitals and to establish
rules and regulations respecting the poor, indigent, infirm and in-
sane not inconsistent with the State laws; to provide for their sup-
port and to fix conditions upon which such persons coming into the
City shall be allowed to remain.
(cc) To prevent persons having no visible means of support,
paupers and persons who may be dangerous to the peace or safety
of the City from coming to said City from without the same; and
for this purpose to require any railroad company, the master of
any ship or vessel, or the owners of any conveyance, bringing such.
persons to the City to take such person back to the place whence
he was brought or enter into bond with satisfactory security that
such person shall not become a charge upon Iaid City within one
year from date of his arrival; and also to expek therefrom any such
(dd) To create, establish, support and m4tain, and regulate
bureaus of legal, dental, medical and health aid.
(ee) To do al things whatsoever necessary or expedient for
promoting or maintaining the general welfarecomfort, education,
morals, peace, government, health, trade, commerce or industries
of the City or its inhabitants.'

(ft) To estabtiah and setPit p in said City -patr i-
dential limits or districts for white and n o reidt to ;o re Ser
nate, establish and set apart the territorial limits or of sBaes
sald City within which white perses may reside, and separS
ritorial limits or districts of said City within which negroes
side; to prohibit any white pema trom taking up or
a place of residence or business within the territorial limits id
City so set apart and established for the residence of d
to prohibit any negro from taking up or establishing a
residence or business within the territorial limits of said City
apart and established for the residence of white persons; to e
the term "resident," "residese," and "plaee of residene,
business and "place of basinesu"

(gg) To establish, support, maintain, regulate and dev a
system public recreation, including parks, playgrounds and r To Estab-
neeesaey facilities and activities thereto, and to provide for lish Parks
conduct; and may dedicate and set asid for such uses any y ro
building, or both, now owned or leased by the City, or which y
be acquired later in accordance with provisions of the
with power to charge and collect reasonable fees and r
access to, or enjoyment of, any such fcilitiesor activities.

(hh) To acquire, lay out, construct, equip, maintain, col
and regulate a municipal.golf course or course and/r a mni l To Acquire
stadium, either within or without the corporate limits of the a; ad Operate
to fix, charge and collect reasonable rates and fees for thol
thereof; to levy and collect taxes for construction, equipment Course
eration and maintenance thereof; and to issue bonds for th -- and Stadium
quirement of such golf.courge or courses and/or stadium when h
issue shall have.etn ratified by the qualified freeholding el
of the City, in accordance with the provisions of the consti
and laws relative to issuance of bonds.

(ii) To provide, erect, construct and maintain a sewerage
item, and to compel owners of improved property to connect To Regu-
with;'to regulate the use of all bridges, viaducts, drains, s late Sew-
*and cess-pools within the City; to prohibit the use and maintain
of cess-pools in such portions of the City as)it may designate, &.
lit may compel the making of sewer connections in such po
and assess the cost thereof against the property so connected
the sewer; to require and compel railroad companies to make
keep open and in repair ditches, drains, sewers and culverts
the railroad tracks within the City; to compel the owner of
rounds, where water collects and becomes stagnant, to fll or
puch low places, and upon his default, to authorize such
r filling at the expense of such owner, and to make the
erof a len upon the property filled or drained, and to mak
basement for the same to be on record.

(jj) To collect and dispose of sewage, offal, ashes,
vegetable, animal and other refuse, and to acquire or construct To Dispose
o operate incberat and other plants for the disposal and of Sewage,
tion of such matter. c.

(kk) o lay out, Abl open cub, pae mregav
Powers repair or otherwise improve City store e, s, Midewalks, parks
to Streets or other public highways, or any part the within the limits
the City, and to hold Hens therefore as hee fts provided; to e
late the ae thereof; to vacate, alter, or sange streets and al
and to grant minor easements under and ver the saNme to osom
pel the removal therefrom of poles e g overhead wia, of
fritstands, showcases and encroachments obstructions of very
nature; to abolish and prevent grade rong over the same by
railroads; to order and compel railroad p to place watch.
men or proper guards at all grade crossng; to levy against abut.
ting properties the costs of special improvement for the opening of
street through such property either by co demnation proceedings
or otherwise, such lens to be based entirely upon the behefts de-
rived by such property by the opening of och street and the crea-
tion of the same; to regulate the speed t whieh hones bicycles,
automobiles and other vehicles may be rdX4n, driven or propelled
through the streets; to regulate the speed a which street car and
other railroad cars, locomotives or motors shall run in the city
(U) To license, optrol, tax and re late trafc and sales
To Regu- upon the streets, sidewalks and public pl within the City, and
late Traffic the use of space in such places, and to au rise the City Council
or the Chief of Roliee to make and prom regulations for traf-
fie on the streets during such hours as mab necessary and con-
venient, and to provide for parking spaces n the streets, and to
regulate, vacate or discontinue the use ofth same.
To Compel (mm) To regulate the numbering of lous and lots and to
Numbering compel the owners of houses or other build s to have the num-
of House bers of such houses and buildings shown conpicously theron.

To Fix (nn) To provide for the control and infection of weights and
Standand measures used in the City, and to compel the se by dealers of
Measures proper weights and measures duly tested 4 sealed.
(oo) To require the placing of all elete, telephone and tee-
To Require graph wires in conduits underground and prrbe rules and regu-
Wires Placed lotions for the construction and use of said conduits, and to enforce
Underground compliance therewith. t

(pp) To purchase, hire, construct, own maintain, operate or
To Own lease local public utilities, including street rilways, electric liht,
Public electric power, telephone and telegraph systems and works for up-
Seyteie plying the City and its inhabitants with water, ice, gas for iu-
minating and heating purposes, and electricenergy for illuminat-
ing, heating or power purposes.
To Grant (qq) Subject to the provisions of the Geleral Statutes and the
Public Constitution of the State of Florida and of *s Charter, to grat
rancie franchises for public utilities.

(rr) To license and regulate air yesess operated over the
T Relate City and stipulate the height t which, and the manner in whi
t ame may be operated above the area included in the city limbs,
and to license and register the pilots thereof.

(as) To aOqare by puhase, lease, .mr.mm.tim or
wir lands withld or without the lity tlAbts for leading
Selbor airport op airports for aizrraft, ad to coamtrut
thereon or.on other property of the City, either within or
th eIty Ilits,~an buildings and/or other improvement -a
deemed necessary for that purpose; to operate and m
airports and to provide rules and regulations goverig
and the use of other property or means of transportatio
Sver the same, and to enter into contracts with or other
operate with the Federal Governmept or other public or
aenAces in matters relating to such airports, and otherwise
e lae such powers s mi be Mequed or convenient for such
lishment, operation and manatenanr ; tasxe may be leviol f
such purpose, and unless such airport shell have been a
lean, aai Cdty may issue bonds in asordance with the pro
of this Charter relating to Itsuance of boads to pay the cost
airports and building and impromets and equipment.

(tt) The rights of the City in and to its waterfront,
property, land under water, public landings, whrve, doch,
highways, parks all other public thotaghbfare and p
oept as otherwise provided in this Charter, are hereby de
be inalienable.

(,u) To tablish, impoe ar enforce water rates an
and charges for gas, electricity and all other public uiti
Other service or co*veniences operated, rendered or furalibed
SCit or by any other person, pesons, firm or corporation,
method and in the manner now peerlbed by state.

(YvO To tals by taEtion .sob aImonIts as may be
i to provide a fond to be used for th following purposes: F
advertisement of the City's commercial, industrial and
1vantags; tfr induing tourist trawl and immigration; for
tamines t of public guests; for assisting public celebatons
the City; and for the encouragement and promotion of the
Trial development of the City and for any and all purpoeee
maner snaneted with any o these objects above e
calealated to advance the best intends of the City. For
purposes the City Comnell is authorized to levy an amount
i exed two and one-half (2%) mils on the total asesed val
of the City.

(ww) To provide for and authoarie city planning and
and to regulate and control the agencies therefore.

S(,) To authorie and provide a fond for the pa
pensions to disabled members of the police and re depart
and their dependents.

Syy) All power of the City, it. administration and
i meant, shall be vested in Its elective offers hereinafter de
"City Councl," subject to distribution and delegation of
as provided in this Charter.
I -

1 or To Acquire
liup and egu-
lout late Airports
I or

bts, Waterfront
ex- and Public
it .o ;be ali

tee Power to
or R te
the Pblic
the Vtltes

the' Special
ad- Fond for
- Advertis
by iag,ce.

To Provide
r for City
and Zoning

To Pension
Police and

(zz) To by ordinance define the business of General Contract-
or and to by ordinance prescribe the qua~lcations of general con-
tractors operating in the City of St. Pet raburg; to by ordinance
create an appropriate Board of Examine for purpose of examina-
ing those desiring to qualify as General tractors for operation
within the City of St. Petersburg and to prescribe by ordinance the
compensation of such Board and fees to be paid for examination

The form of government of the City pf St. Petersburg, Flor.
General ida, provided for under this Charter, shall e known as the "Coun-
Description cil-Manager Plan," and shall consist of seven Councilmen, who
of Form of shall be known as the City Council of the City of St. Petersburg,
all of whom shall be qualified electors of 'the City, and who shall
be elected in the manner hereinafter prescribed. The City Coun-
cil shall constitute the governing body, shall be vested with all ad-
ministrative powers and authority of the City, and shall have and
exercise all powers conferred upon the City, except as herein other-
wise provided.

(a) The City of StA Petersburg shall be divided into six dis-
Districts tricts, to be known and designated as first, second, third, fourth,
Established fifth and sixth districts respectively. The boundaries of said dis-
tricts shall coincide with and be the same as the present six voting
precincts of'the city which are designated as precincts A, B, C, D, E
and F, that is to say said precinct A shall be and constitute the
first district which is described as follows That part of the City
of St. Petersburg bounded on the North and East by the North
line of the City of St. Petersburg and the main line of the Atlantic
Coast Line Railway to Ninth Street South$ on the East by Ninth
Street South; on the South and East by the main line of the Sea-
board Air Line Railway from Ninth Street South to Forty-ninth
Street (Disston Boulevard) and from Forty-ninth Street (Disston-
Boulevard) West by the South line of said (ity of St. Petersburg.
Precinct B shall be and constitute the second district, which is
described as follows: That part of the City of St. Petersburg lying
South of Sixty-second Avenue North; West of Ninth Street; and
North and East of the main line of the Atlantic Coast Line Railway.
Precinct C shall be and constitute the third district, which is
described as follows: That part of the City of St. Petersburg lying
North of Ninth Avenue if extended to the Eastern corporate
limits, and East of Ninth Street North, and also that part of the
City of St. Petersburg lying North of Sixty-second Avenue North
and West of Ninth Street North.
Precinct D shall be an constitute the, fourth district, which is
described as follows: That part of the City of St. Petersburg lying
between Ninth Avenue North and First Avinue South if said ave-
nues were extended to the Eastern corporate limits; and lying East
of Ninth Street.

Preel ut E asall be and constitute the fifth district,. s
described as follows: That part of the City of St
South of First Avenue South if extended to the Eastern te
limits and East of Ninth Street South if extended to the er
corporate limits.
Precinct F shall be and constitute the sixth district, is
described as follows: That part of the City of St Peters
West of Ninth Street South, if extended to the Souther te
limits and South of the main lin of the Seaboard Air -
Provided, that the City Council may from time to by
ordinance, change the boundaries of said districts as it m m
expedient, so that each district may contain as nearly as ible
the. same number of electors. Provided further, that each said
districts as hereby established shall constitute an election nt
of the City, and that the City COuancl may, by ordia de
said districts, or any of them, into two or more election pr
so bounded that the same may contain as nearly as possi the
same number of electors. No changes in districts or
be mide within six months next preceding an election in ty,
and the present districts and election precincts shall re as
herein fixed until, in the judgment of the City Council, a
may be necessary.
(b) The City Council shall be composed of seven (7) un-
cilmen, one to be elected from each of the'six districts of ti ty Terms of
as herein designated and one councilman who shall be at Elective
large, all as hereinafter provided. Councilmen elected from odd Offiers
numbered districts and the councilman at large shall hold o for
a term of four years; councilmen from the even numbered d cts
shall hold office uetil July 1st, 1988, at which time their ua rs,
who have been duly elected at the biennial election under t ar-
ter to be held in the year 1988, shall be chosen. Thereaf all
councilmen shall hold'office for a term of four years. The
of all elective officers shall commence at 12 o'clock noon on t lst
day of July following their election. It is further provided t the
Offices of the present Board of Seven Commissioners h be
deemed and are hereby declared to be vacant and abolish ex-
cepting however, that the present Board of Seven Co ers
shall continue to hold and carry on the functions of their of-
fices under the authority of this Charter, until the first c l-
men designated under the authority of this act shall take o at
12 o'clock noon on the 1st day of July, 1931.
Immediately upon the convening of the first council as
herein designated in this act, it shall be the duty of each c l- '
man to take.the prescribed oath of office before the Municipal
of the City of St. Petersburg or any one of the Judges of
Suit Court in and for Pinellas County. The City Council i '
ately after its organization shall proceed to elect one of i
members as Mayor to serve as such during the term of e
person who shall be elected as the first mayor under this
shill hold office until July 1st, 1988, at which time his a or
shall be chosen and thereafter the term of office of Mayor sh be
for a period of two years.
The City Council immediately water its organization o
proceed to elect one of its members as Vice-Mayor who shall e

tions and
Tenure of


tion of

and Duties
of Mayor

of Council-

Council to
be Judge of
Election, &c.

as Mayor during the temporary absence O< disqualification of the
Mayor. His term of office shall be coincident with the term ofo-
fice of the Mayor as above provided.
(c) No person shall be elected to thd office of councilman in
said City unless he possesses the qualifications of an elector therein,
and for two years immediately prior to his election shall have been,
and during his term of oce shall continue to be, a resident of the
City of St. Petersburg, and at the time of: election is a taxpaying
resident of the City; and no person shall be elected to the office of
district councilman unless in addition to such qualifications, he
shall have been a resident of the district from which he may be
elected, for a period of at least six months prior to the time of
such election; and if a district councilman shall remove from the
district from which he was elected his officeshall be deemed vacant.
(d) Vacancies on the council caused bl death, resignation, re-
fusal of any councilman to serve, removal of any member of the
council, removal from the district from which he is elected, or for
any other reason, shall be filled for the renpinder of the unexpired
term of such councilman by a majority of the remaining members
of the council and such vacancies shall be filed by the council with-
in ten days after such vacancy occurs. If the vacancy be that of a
district councilman the appointee shall be a resident of the district
in which the vacancy occurs. All persons who shall be appointed to
office, as herein provided, shall have and ppssess all the qualifica-
tions hereinbefore described.
(e) All councilmen including the M yor and Vice-Mayor
shall serve without compensation. A fund hall be provided in the
budget annually for the purpose of paying# expenses incurred by
the Mayor and Councilmen in connection with their duties.
(f) The Mayor shall be recognized as the official head of the
City by the Courts for the purpose of serving civil process, and by
the Governor for military purposes. He asall be the official host
and ceremonial head of the City, and as suel shall receive, welcome
and entertain the City's guests, and shall r present the City upon
all ceremonial and public occasions, festival$ and celebrations and
all other occasions where such representation shall be right and
proper. He shall, upon request of the City Oouncil, act as personal
representative of the City and of the City C(uncil, within the City
and abroad. In times of public danger or emergency, he shall,
when requested to do so by the City Counci4 take command of the
police and maintain order and enforce the lAws. The Mayor shall
preside at the meetings of the City Council, #nd shall perform such
other duties, consistent with his office and tis Charter, as may be
imposed by the City Council. He shall have the right to vote upon
all questions and matters coming before'the City Council, but shall
have no veto power.
(g) The City Council shall have power and authority to re-
move any member of the City Council for incompetency, corrup-
tion, misconduct, malfeasance in office, or for other good and suf-
ficient causes, after due notice to said member and an opportunity
to be heard in his defense.
(h) The City Council shall be the judge of the election and
qualification of its own members, subject to review by the courts.

(j) The City pousel all appetnt a city attorney and .1
of the mznieipel qourt, who shall possess the qualiflcatio
powers and pitrorm the duties heenafter pruserlbe Th
Council sha also appoint a City Manager, with powers and
as hereinafter provided An employee or ople of the Depar
So Finance of the City shall be appointed by the City Mana
act as lark of the City Councll. Said Clerk shall keep the
of the City Council and have the care and custody' o the
papers and records of said Coneil..
(k) The City Council may determine its own rules o
cedure. may punish itr own members for misconduct, and may
pel attendane of members. A majority of all the members 4
City Coauc shall constitute a quorum to do business, but a 4
er number may adorn from time to iae No member d
City Counci shall be appointed to any other odtce or employ
of the City.
(1) At twelve o'eloek noon on the day the City Counc i
office, the members thereof shall meet at the City HalL Thern
the City Council shall meet t such time and place as miy bi
scribed by ordinance or resolution. The meetings of the City
ell and all sesions of the committees of said Council shall be
(m) The City Council hall act only by ordinance or 9
resolution; and all ordinances and resolutions, except ordi
making appropriations, shall be confined to one subject which
be clearly expressed in the title. The ordinance making appro
tons shall be confined to the subject of appropriations.
All of the term, conditionss and provision as is herein
provided shall be applicable to the passage and publication
dinance of the City of St. Petersbug, Florida.
(n) No ordinance, except appropriation ordinances, shala
brace more than one subject, and matters properly connected tl
with, which subject shall be briefly expressed in the title; sa
ordinance shall be amended orrevised by reference to its title 4
Sbut in such cases the ordinances as revised, or section as smeu
shall be reenacted.
The enacting clause of all ordinances shll be:
"The City of St. Petersburg does ordain."
.No ordinance shall be passed untilit has been read in 4
Council meeting three (8) times. Between the first and s
readings at'least one week shall elapse. The title of the ordini
shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation public
n the City of St. Petersburg in one issue thereof, after its
reading, at least three (8) days prior to the second reading of
proposed ordinance. At least one eek -shall elapse between
second and third readings, unless two-thirds of the Council
present at the second reading thereof shall deem it expedieni
dispense with this rule.

S trol of Admin-
istrative Ser-

r Appoint-
t ments by


an- Rules of
)he Procedure
l- of City Coun-
he cil,c.

ker Meetings
re. andPro-
in- cedure

ies Passage
Sllof Or-
la- dinances


B- Enacting
ko Clause of

No ordinance except an emergency ordinance hall go into ef-
feet before twenty (20) days from the tie of its final passage.
In case of any epidemic, calamity oq riot the Council may pass
Emergency any ordinance authorized by the Charter of the City of St. Peters-
Ordinance burg, for the purpose of abating, or aiding in the abatement of
such epidemic, or the suppressing, or aiding in the suppression of
such riot, or the relief, or aiding in the relief of such calamity,
without complying with the requirements of the preceding para-
graphs, or any of them, providing that such compliance shall be
waived by a vote of two-thirds of the councilmen present, and in
case of the passage of said ordinance sane shall go into effect im-
mediately, any law or part of law, to the contrary notwithstanding
and same to be known as emergency ordinance.
(o) The vote on the final passage of uny ordinance shall be
by yeas and.nays, to be entered in the minutes of the meeting of
the Council.
(p) All ordinances enacted or ordained under the provisions
of this Charter, shall be published in one issue of a daily news-
paper of general circulation published in the City of St. Petersburg
within ten days after its final passage, by publishing same in syn-
opsis form reciting the title and substance of said ordinance.

(q) It shall be the duty of the Clerk of the Council to record
Record of within ten days after their passage all ordinances adopted by the
Ordinances Council in a book kept for that purpose and properly index said
book. A copy of any ordinance therefrom, certified by the Clerk
of the Council under the seal of the City, shall be. received in evi-
dence in all courts of the State. The City Council may at any
time appoint some person or persons, and authorize him or them,
to arrange and codify the ordinances of said city and to publish
such codification in appropriate volume or volumes which shall
become the laws of said city passed upon its adoption by ordinance
published as herein provided; and provided, further, that in the ex-
ercise of power by' said City Council to adopt said codification,, it
shall not be necessary to publish said codification, but the publica-
tion of the ordinance adopting the same shall be sufficient to make
it binding as the law of the said city.


May In-
and Offices

(r) Certified copies of the records, papers and books of the
City officers shall be admissible in evidence in all courts when
certified to by the custodian of such papers, books, and records,
and attested by him under the seal of the city.

(s) The City Council, or any committee thereof, duly author-
ized so to do, may investigate the financial transactions of any of-
fice or department of the City government and the official acts and
conduct of any City official, and by sim ar investgmtins may se-
cure information upon any matter. I f uc~ting such investiga-
tions, the City Council, or any committee thereof, may require the
attendance of witnesses and the production of books, papers and
other evidence, and for that purpose mry issue subpoenas which
shall be signed by the presiding officer of the City Council or the
chairman of such committee, as the case may be, which may be
served and executed by any policeman. Such investigation shall

be made by ad through the City Maager; ht if the City
shall tail to act, then the City Counil or any athorised
thereof ay act directly.

(a) The CityManageras Suervisor of Registration,
Sthe Clerk of the City Council, shall be theB registration ofi
the City and han register all persons applying for
whose names are not already borne on the registration books
who are qualified electors under the provisions at this charter.
this purpose the City Manager shall prepare and use, in the
tration of electors, as many registration books as there are
precincts in the City, and electors shall register in the
boolk provided for the precinct in which the elector resides.
such registration shall be made at the ofce of the City M
mnd said registration books shall be opened for registration of'
tors at all times during offie hours of the City Manager, pro
that an elector who fails to register prior to ten days prior to
election, held in said city shall not be qualified to vote in said
(b) It shall be the duty of the Registration Officer to reqf
every elector, presenting himself for registration to furnish
of citizenship and all other qualifications, or make oath that
legal requirement, according to the General Statutes of the
ad this Charter and the ordinances of the City of St. Pe
bave been complied with.

(a) No general or special election of the City of St. Pete
burg shall be held on a legal holiday.
(b) In order that the provisions of this Oharter may be
ito full force and effect, a special general municipal election
be held under the provisions of this Charter on the 25th day
June, A. D. 1981, for the purpose of electing six (6) district o
Slmen and one councilman at large. The counnilmen from dit
lumbered 1, 3 and 5, and the councilman at large shall be el
fer a term of four (4) years from July 1st, 1981, and the ou
en from districts numbered 2, 4 and 6, shall be elected for a
of two (2) years from July 1st, 1981. All candidates for com
en, whether district or at large, shall be nominated at a non-
sim white primary election which shall be held on the 16th day
J e, 1981, at whichh said primary there shall be nominated
tes for district councilmen from each district and two
dates for counilmen. at large, whose names shall be prin
0 the ballot for thegeneral election to be held on the 25th day
S 1981, as hereinbefore designated. Notice of said
e on provided in this Section shall be given by running th
p liotlons of said notice in a daily newspaper published in
ty of St. Petersburg, Florida, for three consecutive days, the


No Election
on Leal


publication to be not less than six d ys prior to the date of said
election. Every person who shall be 4 candidate for nomination in
said primary election shall qualify to becomee such candidate by fil-
ing petition with the Director of nance of said City, not less
than five days before the date of sai primary election, upon ex-
amination of the same by the Drect of Finance, if it shall be
found insufficient, the petition shall b returned to the person pre-
senting the same and such petition may be then amended and again
filed, but not later than three days prioa to the date of said primary
election. The Director of Finance shall certify a list of the eandi-
dates so nominated at said primary election for office at said gen-
eral election to be held on the 25th day of June, 1981, whose names
are entitled to appear on the ballot aid the offices for which said
candidates are nominated, and cause to!be published a notice of said
election to be held on the 25th day of une, 1931, which said notice
shall be published in a daily newspa er published in the City of
St. Petersburg for three successive days before the date of said
election, and shall contain the list of Candidates, the offices to be
filled, the time when and the place where said election shall be held.
; Other than as in this section provided, the provisions of this
Charter relative to holding of elections shall apply; It being further
provided that for the said primary election herein designated to be
held on the 16th day of June, 1931, and the general election the 25th
day of June, 1981, the Board of City Coonmissioners.under the pres-
ent government of said City shall perform the functions of the City
Council and the Director of .Finance of the City of St. Petersburg
shall perform the functions of the City Manager, which ofcers so
substituted shall perform whatever duties relative to holding the
elections herein provided are required to be performed by the City
Council and the City Manager respectively, under the provisions
of this Charter.
The first general municipal election thereafter shall be held
General under this Charter on the third Tuesday in May, 1938, for the elec-
and tibn of the councilmen from the even numbered districts, as here-
Sectins inbefore provided, and general municipal elections shall be held on
the third Tuesday in May biennially thereafter, for the purpose of
filling vacancies in the elective officesherein provided. All can-
didates for elective offices shall be nominated at a non-partisan
white primary election preceding such general election. All other
municipal elections that may be held 'shall be known as, special
municipal elections. Special municipal .elections may be called by
the City Council at any time for such purposes as are authorized
by this Charter and the Constitution and/or laws of the State of
Florida. Notice of all special elections Isall be published in a news-
paper published in the City of St. Petetaburg once a week for the
four weeks immediately preceding the election.
(c) Every individual, male or female, over twenty-one years
Qualifica- of age, who shall have been a resident bf the State of Florida for
S ions of one year and of the City of St. Petersb~*g, Florida, for six months
ecors and of the district in which he resides $or three months next pre-
ceding any municipal election and who shall have been registered
in the City registration books, as provided for by law, shall be
S, deemed a legal voter in any and all municipal elections, except
Sbond elections and other elections similarly restricted, held in said

city. .None but quailed voters wh* are froeealds shall
titled to vote at bead eleetieon and oter eleetlons
strieted, as are otherwise provided in this act.
S(d) Every person who shall be a candidate for o
in the primary election hail qualify to become sch candid
filig with the City Mansger,-not les thap ten days e
data of said primary election, his application to have his
printed upon the ballot as a candidate for nomination to the
to which he aspires, i which application he- ball declare
hith district he is a candidate or declare if h e ea andida
Marge. .11 applosations shall be secompanied by an affidavit
eandidate i a qualied elector of the City of St. P
aand has been a resident of aid city for two years
ately prior the date of said application and has been a
f the said district from whichhe declare himself to be a
at, for a period of six months prior to the date of said ap
ion; said aidavit to recite also that the applicant has not
ome and is not a candidate as a nominee or representative of
itial party, or any committee or convm tion representing or
g for any political party. With said application shall be
which shall indicate prominently the district from
he petioner s Ia candidate or if he be a candidate at large;
petition shall be signed by not less than twenty-five nor more
forty qualied electors. In the case of a candidate for dis
ouneilman his petition shall be signed by the electors of the
Irict in which he resides. No elector shall sign more than two
ilons, one of which may be that of a candidate of and from the
trct in which the elector reside and one of which may be that
cndate at large. e City Manager shall prescribe the f
4nd prepare such petiion papers.
(e) When a petition of nomination is presented to the
anage r for fling, he shall forthwith examine the same and
t win whether it conforms to the provisions of this Section.
fund not to conform thereto, he shall then and there, in wit
Said petition state the reason why such petition cannot be
and shall forthwith return the petition to the person presenting
ame, named therein as the person to whom it shall be retu
e petition may then be amended and again, .but not later
t -ee days after said petition shll have been returned, present
tt the City Manager as in the first instance, who shall forth
proceed to examine the amended petition as hereinbefore proved
(f) On the first Tuesday in May preceding ech general
nicipal election, there shall be held a non-partisan white prim
eetion for the nomination of candidates for councilmen in '.
ty which primary shall be cidled by the City Council by prop
solution, notice of which shall be published for ten eonseuti
d2ys in a daily newspaper published in said city and the last
li4tion shall appear at least twenty days prior to the date of h
in said primary .
S(r) The two candidates from each district receiving the hilg
et number of votes cast by the electors of said districts and tI
to ca te at large receiving the highest number of votes cai
b the leetors at targe, shall be declared the primary om
d shall be deemed and held to be entitled to have their nam


tion and
Filing of


Names on

, I I

I printedonthe ballot to be used in the ral election and the names
of such persons, and no others, shall bh certified by the City Man-
ager as candidates duly nominated for 4ffce. A tie between two or
more candidates for the same nominaton shall be decided by lot
under the direction of the Municipal J.dge.
(h) The City Manager shall, on the tenth day before every
Notice of general municipal election, certify a list of the candidates so nor-
General inated at the primary election for office at such general election,
Election whose names are entitled to appear on the ballot, as being the list
of candidates nominated as required by this Charter, together with
the ofes to be filled at such election, designating whether such
election is for full or unexpired term, whether from a district or at
large, and he shall file in his office such certified list of names, and
the offices so to be filled; and shall came a notice to be published
calling such election for three successive days before election in a
daily newspaper published in the City of St. Petersburg, which
shall contain a list of such candidates, the offices to be filled, and
the time when and the place where such election shall be held.
(i) In the general election following the white primary elec-
tion, held under the provisions of this Charter, the duly qualified
electors of the city at large, shall, from among the candidates on
the ballot, vote for one candidate from each district and for one
candidate at large; the candidate from each district receiving the
highest number of votes shall be declared elected as councilman
from said district, and the candidate at large receiving the highest
number of votes at large shall be declared elected as councilman
at large.
(j) In case two persons shall receive an equal and the highest
number of votes for the same office, another election, therefore, shall
be called and held upon the order of the City Council at a special
election within ten days from the date of said election.
Oath of (k) Every person elected or appointed to office in said City
City shall, before entering upon the duties of his office, take and sub-
Officials scribe the official oath prescribed by the State Constitution, and
Bond of shall give such bond and security for the faithful discharge of his
Officials duties as may be required by the ordinances of the City..
(1) The City Manager shall cause ballots for each general,
Form of primary and special election to be printed. Such ballots shall be
Ballot without party mark or designation, and without any insignia or
mark of any association or organization thereon, and shall be sub-
stantially in the same form as the election ballot used in general
state elections.
(m) There shall be one judge and three clerks of election for
Offers of each voting place, who shall be elected by the City Council in open
Election meeting, and. who shall be qualified voters of the City of St. Peters-
burg and of the precinct in which they are to serve. They shall
be sworn, and shall have full charge of the polling places and all
ballots and ballot boxes. Each of sudh election officers shall be
paid for his services five dollars per dAy. All election officer se-
lected by the City Council shall be selected not less than ten days
before the election, and no person shall be selected as an officer of
election who holds any office of trust, or profit, or employment
under the City of St. Petersburg, or any of its departments.

(a) The City Council shall meet as a anvassing Canvaasalag
dul canvas the election return with three days after Boad
hniepal election.
(6) The provisions of the General Law of the State of -
ida, pertaining to state and municipal elections relating to General
cation of eleetors, registrations, transfer of electors from oEetion
triet to another, manner of voting, duties of election ocers, on
passing of returns, and all other particulars in respect to e
management of elections, except as otherwise provided in
Charter, shall so for as the same may be applicable, gove
municipal elections.
(p) No informalities in conducting municipal elections Informal-
invalidate the same, if they have been conducted fairly ities in
substantial conformity to the requirements of this Charter. Election

(a) The people shall have power at their option to pro
ordinances, including ordinances granting franchises and Power to
leges, and to adoet the same at the polls, such power being initiate
as the initiative. A petition, meeting the requirements h -
after provided and requesting the City Council to pass an -
pance, therein set forth or designated, shall be termed an i n
petition and shall be acted upon as hereinafter provided.
(b) Signatures to initiative petitions need not all be on
paper, but the circulator of every such paper shall make an t Form of
that each signature appended to the paper is the genuine Petition
pf the person whose name it purports to b%, which affidavit
substantially in the following form:

County of Pinellas
S--- being duly
leposes and says that he is the circulator of the foregoing peti
paper, containing sign
*nd that the signatures appended thereto were made in his
Ince and are the signatures of the persons whose names they
port to be
(Signed) -------
Subscribed and sworn to before me,
this day of A. D. 19_.

Notary Public.
With each signature shall be stated the place of resi
he signer, giving the street and number or other description
fent to identify the place. All such papers pertaiinng to
ne measure shall have written or printed thereon the named
addresses of at least five registered voters, who shall be

Mining of

Submission of
Petition to
City Council

Alteration in

regarded as fiing the petition, and hql constitute a comnmitte o
the petition for the oppose hereinaer named. All sh pers
hall be fled in the office of the City anaer one instrument.
(c) Within ten (10) days after he filing of the petition the
City Manager shall ascertain by exaintion the number of reg-
istered voters whose signatures are ended thereto and whether
this number is at least ten per cent, (10%) of the total number of
registered voters as shown by the City registration books, and he
shall attach to said petition his certicate showing the result of
said examination. No discrepancy in initials or Christian or smr
name or street or number shall invalidate the signature and place
of residence of any voter signing the petition in person. It by the
City Manager's certificate, of which no ice in writing shall be given
to one or more of the persons designated, the petition is shown to
be nsufficient,. it may be amended wti in ten (10) days from the
date of said certificate by filing suppl ientary petition papers with
additional signatures. The City Ma ager shall, within ten (10)
days after such amendment, make examination of the amended
petition, and if his certificate shall sho the same to be iuouffient,
the City Manager shall file the pettioi in his offie and notify each
member of the committee of that fact. The final finding of the in-
sufciency of a petition shiai not prejudice the filing of a new peti-
tion for the same purpose.
(d) If the petition shall be found to be sufcent, the City
Manager shall so certify and submit the proposed measure to the
City Council at its next meeting. pon receiving the proposed
measure the City Council shall at once proceed to consider it and
shall take final action thereon within thirty (80) days from the
date it is filed with them.
(e). If the City Council shall decide to pass the proposed
measure in an Altered or amended form, they shall, within thirty .
(80) days after its submission as aforesaid, notify the committee in
writing, setting forth the exact form 'in which the City Council
proposes to pass such measure; and if the majority of the commit-
tee, within five (5) days after such notice, shall file with the City
Council their written consent and agreement to the proposed alter-
ation or amendment, then the City Council shall proceed to pass
said ordinance so altered or amended, and the same shall become
effective in the same manner as any ordinance proposed and enacted
by the City Council.
(f) If the City Council shall fail to pass the proposed meas-
ure, or if they shall, without the written consent of a majority of
the committee; pass it in a form different from that set forth in the
petition, then the measure shall be submitted by the City Council
to the vote of the electors, qualified udder this Charter to vote on
said proposition at the next election occurring not less than thirty
(80) days after the date of the final action by the City Council,
and if no election is to be held within three (8) months from such
date, then the City Council shall call a special election t be held
not less than thirty (80) nor more thaw forty-five (45) days from
such date. When submitted the measure shall be in its original

(g) ,ie ballot used when voting upon amy such
measure shall state the substance theeo, and below it

mediately at the right of emah prosition there shal be a
in which by making a ross (X) mark the voter may vote
against the proposed measure. When a measure proposed by
native petition is passed by the City Council, but not in its
farm, and is to be submitted to a vote of the electors, the
as passed by the City Council shall not take effect until
vote, and if the measure so submitted shall be approved by
jority of the electorse voting there, it shall thereupon beco
ordinance of the City, and the measure a- passed by the City
cil shall be deemed repealed. If a majority of the electors
on any such measure shall ote In favor thereofit shall
become an ow4nane of the City.
The following title shall be sbtantially the form of


For the Measure

Against the Measure
S (h) Any number of proposed measures may be voted a
same election in accordance with the provisions of this Ch

(i) An ordinance adopted by vote of the qualified
shall not be repealed or amended exempt by vote'of such elee
S (J) No ordinance except emergency ordinance shall go
effect before twenty (20) days from the times of -its fial
If during the twenty (20) days after fial passage of an ordi
a petition, signed by the qualified electors of the City
number to at least fifteen per cent (15%) of the average vote
at the last preceding general election, protesting against the
sage of such ordinance, be presented to the City Council,
same shall thereupon be suspended from going into operation,
it shall be the duty of the. City Council to reconsider such
chance, and if the same shall not be entirely repealed, the
Council shall submit the ordinance to the qualified electors of
City, either at the next general municipal election oa at a
election to be called for the purpose, and such ordinance shal
,o into effect unless a majority. o the qualified electors voting
he same shall vote in favor thereof. The provisions of this C
r respecting the form and conditions of the petition as in the
bf the initiative petition shall be substantially followed, with
nodiflcations as the nature of the cse may require..
i (k) Any ordinance or measure that the City Council or qj
Ifed electors of the City shall have authority to enact, the t
Council may, of its own motion, submit to the qualified electors
adoption or rejection at a general or asp sal municipal election
the same manner as is provided for in Ohis Charter for ordinas


Number of
Measures to
be Initiated
Repeal Of

Method of

Power of

or measures presented on petition.' At any special election called
under the provisions of this Charteri there shall be no bar as to
the submission of other questions to a vote of the qualifiedelectors,
in addition to the ordinance.or measure herein provided for, if such
other questions are such as may be legally submitted at such elec-
(1) If the provisions of two or more measures approved or
Conflicting adopted at the same election shall conflict, the measure receiving
Provisions the highest vote shall become law, and the others shall fail of


of City

tions, T
City Mi

City Ma

(a) W~ithin ninety (90) days after the City Council takes of-
fice under this Charter, it shall by a majority vote, elect and ap-
point a City Manager, who shall be the-chief executive and adminis-
trative officer of the municipal government.

(b) The City Manager shall be chosen by the City Council
a- solely on the basis of his executive and'administrative qualifications
erm, and need not, when appointed, be a resident of the City of St.
of Petersburg, Florida. The City Manager shall receive such salary
as may be fixed by the City Council. No Councilman shall, during
the term for which he is elected, be chosen as City Manager. The
City Manager shall be appointed for an indefinite term, and shall
be removable for cause by the City Council; and before the City
MaYager may be removed for cause by a majority of the members
of the City Council, if he so demands, he shall be given a written
statement of the reasons for his removal, and the right to be
heard publicly thereon at a meeting of the City Council prior to the
final vote on the question of his removal, but pending and during
such hearing the City Council may suspend him from office. The
action of the City Council in appointing, suspending or removing
the City Manager shall be final, it being the intention of this Char-
ter to vest all authority and fix all responsibility for such appoint-
ment, suspension or removal in the City Council.
(c) In case of temporary absence or disability of the City
of Manager, the Council may designate some qualified person to per-
Inager form the duties of the office during such temporary absence or dis-
ability, and the compensation' paid the City Manager or his sub-
stitute shall be arranged and fixed by and at the option of the
Council during such time.

Powers of
City Manager

(a) The City Manager shall be responsible to the City Coun-
cil for the proper administration of all administrative affairs of the
City, and shall have the power to appoint and remove all officers
and employees and members of boards, including the heads of all
departments and divisions and boards in the administrative serv-
ice of the City; but the City Manages may'authorize the head of
any department or division or board to appoint and remove sub-

ordinates in ach department, division or bod. App
made by oriundr the authority of the City Manager shall be
on the basis of executive and administrative ability i and
and experience of such appointees in the work which they
perform. All such appointments shall be made without
term. All officers and employees or board members appoint
the City Manager or under his authorization may be remo
him or by .the officer by whom appointed, at any time.
ciaion of the City Manager or other authorized officer in s
shall be final, and there shall be no appeal therefrom to an
officer, body or court whatsoever, provided however, that th
visions hereof shall not apply to Civil Service employees.

(b) Neither the City Council nor any of its commit
any of its members, individually or collectively, shall direct
quest the appointment of any person to, or his removal fr
flce by the. City Manager or any of his subordinates, or
manner, directly or indirectly, take part in the appointment
moval of any officers or employees or members of boards i
Administrative service of the City; provided, that written de
against any officer or employee of the City may be filed b
member of the City Council with the City Manager for hi
sideration, and the same shall be filed in the records in th
Manager's office. All inquiry dealing with any portion of t
ministrative service of the City shall be with the City Ma
and neither the City Council nor any member thereof sha
orders to any subordinate or officer of said City, either p4
or privately, directly or indirectly. Any violation of the prove
of this Section by a member of the City Council shall be deea
misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof, shall immediately
felt the office of such' member or members of the City Counc

(e) It shall be the duty of the City Manager to see t
laws and ordinances of the City are enforced; to supervise
tire administrative affairs of the City; to make such recom
tions to the City Council concerning the administrative aff
the City as may seem to him desirable; to keep the City
advised of the financial conditions and future financial needs
City; to prepare and submit to the City Council the annual b
which shall include the budget of each department, division
board; to prepare and submit to the City Council such repo
may be requested by that body; to attend all the meetings
City Council, with the right to take part in all discussion, but
ing no vote; to recommend to the City Council the adoption of
measures pertaining to the administrative affairs of the City
may deem necessary and/or expedient.

(d) The City Manager shall have full and complete pow
create and establish and discontinue any department, divisic
board in the administrative affairs of the City; to determine,
bine and distribute the functions and duties of all depart
divisions and boards in the administrative affairs of the Ci
consolidate and combine any departments, divisions and boa
he may deem necessary and/or expedient. He shall be respo
for the custody and preservation of all books, records, paper
property under the control of the administrative offers of

by City

Duties of
City Manager

Power to
Create and

City; and the directors of departments and heads of divisions o
boards in the administrative affairs the City shall manage and
control such departments, divisions and boards subject to the super-
vision and control of the City Manage.
(e) The administrative departments, divisions and boards
Departments 'existing under the former Charter shill continue to function until
and Divison the City Manager shall otherwise direct. Such departments, di-
Defined visions and boards are as follows:

L Department of Finance.
2. Department of Public Utilities.
8. Department of Public Works.
4. Division of Police.
5. Division of Fire.
6. Division of Taxes.
7. Division of Health.
8. Division of Law.
9. Judicial Division.
10. Division of City and Examining Physicians.
11. Board of Public Parks.
12. LIbrary and City Advertising Board.
18. Hospital Board.
14. City Planning Board.
15. Aviation Board.
16. Board of Plumbing Examineis.
11. Building Advisory Board.
The qame may be altered, changed, combined, distributed, con-
solidated or discontinued entirely at }the discretion of the City
manager; the naming and creation of such departments, divisions
and board under this Charter being only for the guidance of the
first City Manager appointed under this Charter and his successors
in office.
All persons holding office in, or employed by, any department,
division or board of the City at the time this Charter goes into ef-
fect shall continue in office or employment and'in the performance
of their duties until provision shall otherwise have been made.
Immediately upon the appointment of a City Manager mider
this Charter, the said City Manager shall outline all the duties,
rules and regulations for the conduct of the various depart ots
divisions and boards, and deliver to the City Council a written re-
port, enumerating such duties, rules and regulations for each de-
partment, division and board.
The directors of departments and chiefs of divisions, except
Division of Law and Judicial Division, Division of City and Exam-
ining Physicians, and all boards shall devote their entire time to
the duties of the office and shall have entire charge of the depart-
ment or division which they control, subject only to the full and
absolute control of the City Manager.
It is especially provided, however, that the Judicial Depart-
ment and Division of Law as created and established under this
Charter is excepted from all provisions herein relative to super-
vision and control by the City Manage, and shall be response
only to the City Council.

) A41 offlcCs -ad emplqoees Cf the City shah receive p-
uated salary or ages, to be afixd by the City Manager, l no Ca-o o
offieal, officer or employee of the City shall U reOeve any
source any fee, emolument, reward or compensation b
the compensation Axed by the City Manager, eept that ly
advertised rewarded may be received by such qff cer ore
when authorized by resolution of the City Council All col-
lected by any offer, oicial or employee of the City shall d
by him into the City treasury.
(g) The City Manager shall make all purchases for ity
in the manner provided by ordinance and shall, under les Purchasing
and regulations au may be provided by ordinance, sell al nal Agent
property of the City not needed for public use or that ma
become unsuitable for public use. Before making any
or sale, the City Manager shall give opportunity for comp on
under such rules and regulations as may be established b i-

(a) There to hereby created a Judicial Department the
City of St. Petersburg, separate and distinct from all t de- Judicial
apartments and divisions of said City, and the head of such Department
ment shall be known as the Municipl Judge. Such de t
shall prepare and prp ent-its annual budget estimate, throw the
Municipal Judge, at the time prescribed for the preparati d
presntatioa to the City Council of other budget estimates.
(b) There is hereby created under said Judicial De nt
a Municipal Court in and for said City, for the trial of all o Municipal
arising under the Charter and ordinances of the City. Court
(e) There shall be appointed by the City Council a M
Judge and such associate Municipal Judges as they may de Municipal
essary and expedient. The term of said Municipal Judge, be Judge
for two years. Said Judges shall be subject to removal y
time by unanimous vote of the City Council for case, and
of removal the City Council shall make appointments to e
vacancies thereby occasioned for the unexpired term. The
of the Municipal Judge and of any Associate Municipal Judge
be fixed by the City Council. In case of the absence, sickn or
disability of the Munieipal Judge, the Associate Municipal
shall act in his place and possess all the powers and rights e
Municipal Judge. The Municipal Judge or any Associate M
Judge shall be a qualified elector of the City and an a at
law licensed to practice in the State of Florida, and shall e
practiced law for at least five (5) years in the State of
and in the City of St. Petersburg previous to his .ppolntm
(d) The Judge of the Municipal Court shall have the -
sive power to appoint a Clerk for the Municipal Court, who Clerk of
hold office at the pleasure of the said Municipal Judge. Said court
shall keep all records of said Court, docket all cases, have I
charge of the collection of all fines imposed by said Court, e
daily reports to the financial officer appointed by the City M ,

and perform such other duties as are prescribed by the Municipal
Judge. The salary of the Clerk of the Municipal Court shall be
fixed by tle City Council.
(e) The Municipal Judge or any Associate Municipal Judge
Powers and shall have power to try all cases invoving violations of the City
Duties Charter and ordinances, and for such violations to impose such pen-
alties or fines as may be prescribed by ordinance, and shall have
power to try cases upon information filed by the City Attorney or
Associate City Attorney, or upon affidavit filed by the complaining
-witness. The Municipal Judge or any Associate Municipal Judge
shall have the right to administer oaths, and shall have the power
to issue warrants for arrest upon proper information or affidavits,
-and to issue summons to compel the attendance of witnesses, and in
the event any witness so summoned shall fail to appear and at-
tend the Court, said Judge or Associate Judge may compel his at-
tendance by attachment for contempt. All summons to witnesses
shall be attested by the Clerk of the Municipal Court, and may be
served by any police officer of the City.
The Municipal Judge, or any Associate Judge, shall have the
exclusive power to impose fines for the breach of any City ordi-
nance, and shall have the exclusive power to grant pardons, re-
leases, suspensions of judgments or sentences, and to estreat and
reinstate bonds, and to remit fines of persons convicted, and shall
have the right to grant parole to persons confined in the city jail or

Contempt of

Rules of

Costs of

Disposition of
Fines, &c.


Trial Without

The Judge of the Municipal Court or any Associate Judge of
said Court shall have the power to punish any person for any con-
tempt committed in the presence of the Court, but in no case shall
such punishment exceed the imposition of a fine of fifty dollars or
imprisonment in the city jail or stockade for a period not exceeding
fifteen (15) days, or both such fine and imprisonment.
The Municipal Judge is hereby authorized and empowered to
promulgate rules and regulations for the government of such Mu-
nicipal Court, to fix the time at which s*id Court shall convene, and
to prescribe the sessions at which all persons within the jurisdiction
of said Court shall have their cases set for trial.
The costs of all prosecutions in said Court shall be made up py
the Municipal Judge and set forth as a rule or regulation of said
Municipal Court.
All monies collected by the Clerk of the Municipal Court shall
be deposited with the proper finance offer designated by the City
Manager, and upon such deposit the Clerk shall receive a voucher
or receipt for the same which shall be fled with the records of the
Municipal Court; and upon the order a the Municipal Judge, the
finance officer so designated by the City Manager shall pay out
upon such order of Court such sums of money as are required for
the remitting of fines or bonds, as the case may be.
No papers or instruments once filed in the Municipal Court
shall be taken therefrom by any attorney or other person, except
by, permission of the Municipal Judge, and upon giving a receipt to
assure the return of such papers and instruments.
(f) Trials in Municipal Court shall be without jury.


(g) Writs of error lie into the Circuit Court in and fo*
las County, State of Florida, froa all final judgments a
teanes of the Municipal Court: Writs of error shall issue onl
application of the party convicted, and under the restrict
posed by the general law of the State of Florida in such
made and provided.

(a) There shall be appointed by the City Council a City
torney and such assistant city attorneys as they may deem
sary and expedient. The City Council shall also have the po
employ special legal counsel whenever and wherever in the
creation it is necessary or may be deemed advisable for the c'
be so represented for the preservation and protection of its
eats. The City Attorney shall be an attorney at law in good
ing, and shall have been a resident practicing attorney of the
of St. Petersburg for five (5) years immediately prior to
pointment, and shall be the head of the Department of LawL.
shall be the legal advisor of and attorney and counsel for the (
and for all officers and departments thereof in matters relatil
their official duties, giving such advice in form of written opini
and copies of all such written opinions shall be kept .on file ip
office, and duly surrendered to his successor.
He shall prosecute and defend all suits for and in beha*
the City, and shall prepare all contracts bonds and other in$
ments in writing in which the City is concerned, and shall en
on each approval of the form and correctness thereof. Hes
the prosecuting attorney of the Municipal Court, shall pros
all cases brought before such court, and perform the same d4
so far as they are applicable thereto, as are required of the pl
cutting attorney of the County.
He shall have power to file information in all cases inv
ing violation of the City ordinances upon affidavits duly filed. f
The City Council, the City Manager, the director of any dej
ment, or any officer or board not included within a department,
require the opinion of the City Attorney upon any question of
involving their respective powers and duties.
(b) The City Attorney shall pay over to the City Manr
for the City, all fees collected by him as City Attorney, and
receive no other compensation than his stipulated salary for d
ices as such official, to be fixed by the City Council.

(a) Subject to the control and supervision of the City
ager, accounts shall be kept by the Department of Fiance
ing the financial transactions of all departments and offices of
City. The forms of all such accounts, and the financial
rendered to or by the Department of Finance, shall be
and approved by the City Manager. The accounts and aeoun


of City

Accounts of



es- Qualifications,
to Powers and
8s- Duties of City
to Attorney

procedure of the City shall be adequa to record all cash receipts
S and disbursements, all revenue accrued nd liabilities incurred, sad
all transactions affecting the acquisition custody and disposition of
values, and the offer in charge of such counting shall mae such
reports of the financial transactions and conditions of the City as
may be required by law, this Charter, r by ordinance. Finaielal
reports shall be prepared for each quarter and fiscal yea, and for
such other periods as may be required by the City Manager.
(b) 'Thefiscal year.of the City shall begin with the first day
Fiscal Year of. October of each year and end with the 80th day of September
of the following year.
(e) Annually, within the period prescribed by. the City Man-
Budget ager, the directors and chiefs of departments and divisions shall
Provisions prepare and submit to the City Manager, on uniform blanks fur-
nished by him, detailed information and estimates .of theyexpendi-
tures and revenues of their respective departments and~divisions
for the ensuing year.
The City Manager from such information and estimates shall
compile, revise and submit to the City. Council, on or before the
first day of June of each year, a budget estimate of the expendi-
tures and revenues of all City departments, divisions and offices for
the ensuing fiscal year.
The classification of the estimate shall be as nearly uniform as
possible for the main functional divisiosI of such departments, di-
visions and oAces, and shall give in parallel columns the following
(1) A detailed estimate of the expense of conducting each
department, division and office.
(2) Expenditures for corresponding items for the last fiscal
(8) Expenditures for corresponding items for the current fis-
cal year, including adjustment due to transfer between appropria-
tions, plus ]an estimate of the expenditures necessary to complete
the current fiscal year.
(4) Tle value and amount of supplies and material on hand
at the dategpf the preparation of the estimate.
(5) Increases or decreases of requests compared with cor-
responding appropriation for the current year, with reasons for
such increases or decreases.
(6) A statement of the total probable income of the City from
taxes for the periodcovered by the estimate.
(7) An itemization of anticipated revenue from other sources.
(8) The total amount of the outstanding City debt, with a
schedule of maturities of bond issues.
(6) The amount required for interest on the City debt, for
sinking funds and for maturing serial b~nds.
(10) Such other information as may be required by the City
Copies of such estimate shall be fum~ished to the newspapers
of the City and to each public library of the City.

S(d) Upon reedpt of the budget estimate, the City
s all lew the Sam and shal prepare appropritiono
using the Manager% estimate as a basis. The City
have power to tIerase or deresose.the meant reomm de
any department, division or ooe, by items only. Previsio
be made for public hearings at the proposed-appropriation
nance before the City Cunef i sitting a a committee e of the
notice thereo to be given by publication. -Pollowing the p
hearings, and before its final passage, the appropriation odi
shall be published with a parallel comparison with the recom
nations of the City Manager. The ap#popropation ordinance a
passed on or before the first day of August of each year.
(e) Procedure as to preparation, submission and adopt
the budget in 1981 and to October 1t, 1982, shall be aubstan
as herein provided, e pt that it Is especially provided as fll
The preliminary budget estimate prepared by. director and
of divisions and departments shall be submitted to the City C
'and by the City Council submitted to the City Manager, sho
City Manager have been appointed in time to consider the
who shall review the estimate and present it to the City Co
with such amendments or revisions as he may deem advisable
final action thereon; and in the event that the City Manager
not been so appointed, the City Council shall proceed to reve
estimate as- rst submitted, fix the budget and prepare and
the appropriation ordinance in the manner and within the
herein prescribed.
It is further provided that the budget adopted in 1981 and
propriation therefore shall cover a period of fifteen months,
from July Ist, 1981, to October 1st, 1982, and thereafter the bJ
and appropriation therefore shall cover a period of twelve
months, coinciding with the fiscal year.
(f) Before the annual approprr on ordinance has -
passed, the City Council, upon recommendation in writing of
City Manager, may make appropriations for the current
of the City, chargeable to the appropriations of the year
passed, to an amount sunicient to cover the necessary
the various departments, divisions and offices until the annual
propriation ordinance is in. force. No other liabilities shall be
curred by any officer or employee of the City, except in acco
with the provisions of the annual appropriation ordinance.

(g) Upon request of the City Manager the City Council
transfer any part of an unincumlered balance of an appropria
to a purpose or object for which the appropriation for the e
year has proved insufcient, or may authorize a transfer to be
between items appropriated to the same ofie, department or

(h) Any accruing revenue of the City not appropriated
hereinbefore provided, and the balance at any time remaining
the purposes of an appropriation shall have been satisfied
absadoned, may from time to time be appropriated by the
Counal to such e es as will not conflict with any uses for
specifically suchrevenue accrued.

Appp t

Budget for
1981, &c.


Transfer of
ated Balance

Unused or Un-

Only on Ap-

No Liability

Accounts of

(i) No ioney shall be drawn from the treasury of the City,
nor shall any obligation for the expenditure of money be incurred,
except pursuant to appropriations made by the City Council. At
the close of each seal year the unincumbered balance of each ap-
propriation,shall revert to the fund from which it was appropriated
and shall be subject to future appropriation; but appropriations
may be made in furtherance of improvements or other objects or
works of the City which will not be completed within the current

(j) No liability shall be enforceable against the City upon
any contract not supported by the previous appropriation, nor
shall the city be liable for any service, material or supplies fur-
nished to the City, or to any department, office or division thereof,
the financial requirements of which are to be met out of the pro-
ceeds of taxes or any other funds controlled by the City Council,
unless the City Council shall previously have made an appropria-
tion therefore. In the event that contracts are made to extend over
a longer period than one year, and which are to be met from cur-
rent receipts of the City, it shall be lawful for the City Council to
make appropriation sufficient to answer the requirements \of any
such contracts for only one year, and the contract shall be legal
and binding upon the City notwithstanding no appropriation has
been made for the ensuing years over which it is to be operative,
and it shall be the duty of the City Council to make appropriations
from year to year as required for the purposes of such contracts.
The obligations of the City under such contracts shall not be con-
sidered to be a part of the indebtedness of the City.

(k) Accounts shall be kept for each specific item of appro-
priation made by the City Council, and every warrant on the treas-
ury shall state specifically against which of the items the warrant
is drawn. Each account ball show in detail the appropriations
made thereto by the City Council, the amount drawn thereon, the
unpaid obligations charged against it and the unincumbered bal-
ance to the credit thereof.

(1) No claims against the City shall be paid except upon a
Payment of voucher certified by the head of the appropriate department or di-
Claims vision of the City government, and by mean of a warrant on the
the City treasury issued by the Director of Finance, or other of-
ficer designated'by the City Manager, and countersigned by the
City Manager. The Director of Finance, or other officer designated
by the City Manager, shall examine all payrolls, bills, and other
claims and demands against the City, and shall issue noJwarrant
for payment unless he finds the claim is in proper form, correctly
computed and duly certified, and that it is justly and legally due
and payable, that an appropriation has been made therefore which
has not been exhausted, or that the payment has been otherwise
legally authorized; and that there is money in the City treasury
to make payment. He may require any claimant to make oath to
the validity of a claim. He may investigate any claim, and for
that purpose may examine witnesses under oath, and if he fnds
a claim to be fraudulent, erroneous, or otherwise invalid, he shall
not issue a warrant therefore.

- w'" l : ^ T .^ *- p ;: "

R(a) If the Director of Fisance, r other r ignat
the Chy Manager, fiame a warrant on the trE ims for any
for which no appropriation hs been made, or for the paymr
which there is not sufcient money in the proper fund, or
for any other camns should not be approved he and his ax
shall be individually liable to the City for the amount of such
rant, if paid.
(n) All taxes, special assessments, license fees and
moneys accruing to the City shall be collected by the Direc
Finance or other olcer designated by the City Manager.
moneys recefred by any officer or employee of the City for
connection with the business of the City sall be paid promptly
the Cty treasury, and shall be deposited with such epom
banking institutions as may be determined and designated by
City Manager. In making deposits in such institutions the
Manager may contract wit said institutions for a definite rat
Interest to be paid on such pots, and it shall be mandatory
him to take from such institutions as security for sh deo
negotiable interest bearing bonds of the United States go"rrn
Surety Company bond, or Class A bonds listed on the New
Stock Eichange, for the full amount of such deposits and to
quately and completely secre said deposits.

(a) On or before the first day of January in each year
City Manager shall appoint a Tax Assessor, and such assistant
may be noessary, who are qualified to perform the duties of
praising and assessing property in the City of St. Peterbi
florida. Before entering upon auch duties the Assessor and
assistants hall take the prescribed ad customary oath of
"nd shall be employed by ethe City Manager either for the en
year or such portions thereof as their employment is n
and for their servticq shall receive such compensation as the
manager may deem proper. The City Manager shall supply
Tax Assessor with oflee facilities and equipment necessary to
conduct of the business of hi office.
(b) The Tax Asiessor shall have and possess and perform
powers and duties in matters concerning the appraisement of
property and te assessment of property for munielpal pur
not inconsistent with the provisions of this Charter and it shall
his duty to assess all real and personal property within the limits
the City of 86. Peterburg at ts cash value. The Assessor
have the power to administer oaths in connection with the aluat
of property for city taxation and in respect to any assessment he
authorized to make.
(c) TheTh ax Assessor shall, between the first day of Ja
ay and the A4at day of April of each year, with the aid of his
siptants, ascertain by diigent inquiry the names of all persons owl
i1 taxable personal property and taxable real estate located in t
City of St. Petersburg, Florida, and shall view and appraise and a
ses all real and personal property, in the City of St. Petersbr


Liability of
Dirtetor e.



Powers and
Duties of Tax


r A **t''' r "%?;' -*. -* -***
i *' ^ .. : ^ .fc.'*

of Personal

Tax Returns



at a fair cash value, in accordance wi9 the modern method of ap-
praisement, except such property as is exempt from taxation. Said
property shall be assessed in the namcm of the owner as ascertained
on the first day of January preceding toe date of assessment. If such
ownership cannot be ascertained, suc property shall be assessed
as unknown. The valuation placed on; such taxable property, real
and personal, by the said Assessor shall be as of January lst pre-
ceding, and shall not be dependent upoo the valuation placed there-
on by the County of Pinellas and State of Florida; and the Tax As-
sessor shall make out an assessment roll of such taxable property.
(d) "The assessment of personal property shall be made sep-
arate from the assessment of real estate, but personal property
shall be responsible for the taxes on real estate and the real estate
shall be responsible for taxes on personal property, when owned by
the same person.
(e) It is hereby made the duty of every person holding or
having the control, management, custody, direction, supervision or
agency of property of whatsoever character that is subject to tax-
ation hereunder to return the same for taxation to the Tax Assessor
on or before the first day of April of each and every year, giving
the character and the true cash value of the same, and upon fail-
ure to do so the assessment and valuation made by the assessing
officer or officers shall be deemed and held to be binding upon such
owner or other person or corporation interested in said property,
unless complaint is made of such assessment and valuation on the
day set for hearing complaints and receiving testimony as to the
value of any property, real or personal, as fixed by the Tax As-
(f) The City Council of the City of St. Petersburg is hereby
constituted and appointed a Board of Equalization. The Tax As-
sessor shall complete the assessment roll on or before the first day
of June of each year, and the City Council shall thereupon meet in
the city office as a Board of Equalization pursuant to notice pub-
lished by the City Manager in a daily newspaper published
in said City for ten (10) days previous to such meeting for
the purpose of hearing complaints regarding assessments, correct-
ing, modifying, striking out, raising or lowering any assessments
they may find erroneous or inequitable. Should the City Council
increase the value fixed by the Tax Assessor of any real estate or
personal property, due notice thereof shall be given to the owner
or agent of such property by publication in a daily newspaper pub-
lished in the City of St. Petersburg, Florida, for a period of at
least ten (10) days before the council will be in session to hear any
reason that such persons may desire to give why the valuation
fixed by the council shall not be changed. In addition to the no-
tice published by the City Manager, the City Manager shall in all
cases where the assessment is raised notify the said owner or
* owners of the property on which said assessment has been raised,
by causing to be mailed to said owner or owners at their last known
address a notice showing the action of the- Board of Equalization.
For such purpose the council shall contilne in session one or more
days during such homrs as they may determine or as may be fixed
by ordinance. The action of the council sitting as a Board of Equal-
ization in so completing and revising the assessment roll shall be

(g) When th asessauent roe has been completed
Sised and equaliaedby. the Bo ard ofq tion, and the
to e raised for all ity purposes determned, the City Co
'determine the amoit pid fx the rate. f taxation and
annual levy for thecurrpet year. It shall be the duty of
Assessor as soon as the City Conncil has determined and
rate of taxation and made the annual tax levy for the current
to calculate and carsy out the total amount of city taxes so
upon each parcel of property contained in the assessment roll
ting opposite the aggregate sum set down as the valuation of
and personal estate the respective sums assessed as taxes th ,
and said Tax Assessor shall make a copy of the assessment
when completed and shall turn the same over to the City t
the meeting to be held the first Monday in September of each
for that purpose, and shall attach to said assessment roll th -
lowing affidavit:

County of Pinellas
Personally appeared before me
Tax Assessor of the City of St. Petersburg, Florida, who
duly sworn states that the foregoing, assessment roll cona a
true statement and description of all real and personal pro
in the City of St. Petersburg, Florida, subject to taxation or e
to be assessed therein and that the valuations so far as mad
him are just and correct; and the listing and valuation as co
by the Board of Equalization are as approved and adopted by
City Council, and that all requirements of law regulating the
ing of the assessment roll for the City of St. Petersburg have
complied with.

Tax Assessor of the City of
St. Petersburg, Florida.
Sworn to and subscribed before me this .
of._ A. D., -

Notary Public.
My Commission Expires:

(h) The City Council at said meeting to be held on the
Monday in September of each year shall examine the original
the copy of the assessment roll and cause all mistakes to be
erected. The City Council shall thereupon certify upon said
.that the same is the assessment roll for the City of St. Peterab
Florida, for the year, and, shall then direct the City Mana
through his proper employees and officers on the first day of
ber in each year to collect the said taxes on the assessment roll
delivered to the City Manager and the City Council shall cause
be attached to the assessment roll the following warrant:
To ", City Manager of
City of St. Petersburg, Florida: You are hereby commanded

AfMual Tax





collect from each of the persons andtcorporations named in the
assessment roll, and of the owners of ebal estate described therein,
the taxes set down in said roll opposil to their names and to the
several parcels of land therein describe and in case any person or
corporation Ahall refuse or neglect to' pay the same, you are to
collect the same by levy and sale of the property so assessed, or
from the persons and corporations so assessed. You aw further
required to make all collections on op before the first day of.Awril
next, on which day you shall make a final report to the City
Given under our hands and the seal of the City of St. Peters-
burg this day of 19 _.

Clerk of the City Council

Taxes When
Due and

Lien of Taxes

Errors and In-

SCity Council of City of
St. Petersburg, Florida
(i) City taxes shall be due and payable October first of each
year, or as soon thereafter as the assessment roll may come into
the hands of the City Manager. If any taxpayer shall pay his taxes
during -the month of October, he shalk be allowed a discount of
four per cent therefrom. If paid during the month of November, he
Natle allowed a discount of three per cent therefrom. If paid
during) the month of December, he shall be allowed a discount of
two per cent therefrom, and if paid during the month of January
he shall be allowed a discount of one per cent therefrom.
All taxes imposed pursuant to this Charter and the laws of the
State of Florida shall be a first lien superior to all other liens on
any property against which such taxes have been assessed whiqh
shall continue in full force until discharged by payment, and shall '
be a lien of equal dignity with the liens tor state and county taxes.
(j) When the City Manager discovers that any land has been
assessed more than once for the same year's taxes, he shall col-
lect only the tax justly due thereon, and shall make return of the
balance as a double assessment and shall be credited therefore by
the City Council, and he shall notify the party or parties to whom
the property is assessed. He shall also report to the City Coun-
cil the errors, double assessments and insolvencies for which he is
to be credited under different heads, giving in every case the names
of the party or parties on whose account the credit is to be al-

(k) If the taxes on.real property shall not have been paid be-
Delinquent fore the first day of April of any year, the City Manager shall
Taxes advertise and sell the' same in the following manner: He shall
make out a statement of all such real estate, specifying the amount
due on each parcel, together with the cost of advertising and ex-


pease of sa n the same order in wich the land was
such ist shall be published once each week for four
weeks .i some daily newspaper publi*bed in the City of St.
burg. The mewpapeyr charges for advertising shall not
fifteen (15) cents per line for the four insertions, per sil
umn, but there shall not be any charge for the head notice
City Manager is authorized to audit said publisher's hares
pay for the same out f any moneys of the City not o
propriated. The editor, publisher, or owner shall have a
his account an affidavit that he has not directly or directly
or .promised to pay ,ny person any consideration whatever, or
compensation of any description for having said tax notice
listed in his paper.
(I) The publisher, proprietor, or foreman of any news
publishing the notice as above provided for shall forward a
of each number of his paper containing such notice to the
Manager and the Clerk of the Circuit Court by mail, and
the publication of the tax sale notice is completed, as prod
law, the publisher shall make affidavit thereto in the form
scribed by the City Manager and annexed to the City M
report of the tax sale or lists of lands sold for taxes.
The notice of the tax sale shall be in the following fo
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the following
pieces and parcels of land or so much thereof as- will be
to pay the amount due for taxes herein set opposite to the a
gether with the costs of such sale and advertising, will be
public auction on the day of _, i1_
at the City Hall in the City of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Description o Amont
of Land| T
02* Z ot

To be signed:

City Manager of the City of
St. Petersburg, Florida.

(m). On the day designated in the notice of sale at two
o'clock noon, the City Manager through his proper officers a
employees shall commence the sale of those lands on which tu
have not been paid as aforepaid, and shall continue the same ft
day to day until so much of each parcel thereof shall he sold
shall be sufficient to pay the taxes, costs and charges thereon, a
in ease there are no bidders, the whole tract shall be bid of
the City Manager for the City, and the City Manager must ol
all sch lands as assessed.


Notice of
Tax Sale

Tax Wel

The land shall be struck of to thi person who will pay the
tax, qosts and charges for the least portion of the land, the portion
thereof sold shall be taken from the southeast corner of such par-
cel and described in a square form as near as may be.
(n) The City Manager shall reql4re immediate payment by
any person to whom any parcel of such land may be struck off and
in all cases where the payment is not made in twenty-four hours
he may declare the bid cancelled and sell the land again on the fol-
lowing day; and any person so neglecting or refusing to pay any
bid made by him shall not be entitled after such neglect to have
any bid made by him received by the City Manager during such
(o) Immediately after any tax sale the City Manager shall
make out a list in duplicate of all lands sold for taxes, showing the
date of the sales, the number of each certificate, the name of the
owner as returned, description of the land sold, the name of the
purchaser, and the amount for which the sale was made, and the
City Manager shall append to each of said lists a certificate setting
forth the fact that such tax sale was made in accordance with law.
One of such lists shall be retained by the City Manager and the
other of such lists shall be forwarded to the Clerk of the Circuit
Court of Pinellas County, Florida, who shall enter the same in a
book provided for that purpose, and he shall be entitled to receive
the same fees for such record as is paid for other recording of
similar lists for state and county tax sales.
(p) At the. sale aforesaid the City Manager shall give to the:
purchaser a certificate of such sale describing the lands purchased
and the amount bid therefore. The certificate shall be substantially
in the following form:

County of Pinellas

___ A D. --
Office of City Manager
of the City of St. Petersburg,
No _
I, _, City Manager of the
City of St. Petersburg, County of Pinellas, State of Florida, do
hereby certify that I did at public auction, pursuant to notice given
by law and the provisions of the Charter of the City of St. Peters-
burg, on this the day of A. D.
19 sell to the land
here described for the sum of dollars
and cents. Said sum being the amount due
and unpaid for taxes, costs and charges on the described lands for
the year 19- ; that ,, or his
assigns, will therefore be entitled to a deed of conveyance of such
lands in accordance with law unless the same shall be redeemed
within two years by payment of said amount with interest at the
rate of eighteen per cent (18%) per annum for the first year and

Tax Sale
Report Filed
in Clerk's

Form of Tax

eightt per cent (8%) per annum thereafter. Said lands are
cribed as follows, towit:

in the City of St. Petersburg, County of Pinellas and State
Witness my hand at St. Petersburg, this
of A. D. 19--.

City Manager.
(q) All tax certificates hereafter issued, whether to the T
f St. Petersburg or individuals, shall be transferable by endo eate Trans-
ment at any time before they are redeemed or a tax deed iss ferable
(r) All tax' sales certificates hereafter issued to the City
St. Petersburg shall be held by the City Manager, and all reden Redemption of
tions of land hereafter certified or sold for taxes whether cert Tax
of sold to the City of St. Petersburg or sold to individuals, s Certificates
be made through the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Pinellas Coun
(a.) Any person or agent of any person owning or claim
any land sold for taxes, or any part or parcel thereof, or any
terest therein, or the grantor of any such owner or claimant m
redeem the same at any time after such sale and before a tax d
is issued therefore, by paying to the Clerk of the Circuit Court
ae of the certificate of sale or such proportion thereof as the p
interest redeemed shall bear to the whole, and interest there
tthe rate of eighteen per cent (18%) per annum for the first yea
eight per cent (8%) per annum for the time after the
year from the date of sale, together with the fee of fifty (50) cen
for the Clerk for each certificate or part of certificate so redeem
(t) When any. lands shall have been so redeemed the Cl
shall -refund to the holder of the tax certificate the whole amo
received by him for redemption less his fee of fifty (50) cen
and such certificate shall be surrendered to the Clerk andanell
if the whole be redeemed, or if only a portion thereof shall be
deemed such portion and description of land with date of redem
tion shall be endorsed on such certificate by the Clerk and the cer
tificate retained by the owner subject to such endorsement an
such redemption shall be forthwith entered by the Clerk on t
record of tax sales on file in his office.
(u) Whenever any land covered by certificates in the hands
individuals shall be redeemed as provided for, the Clerk shall giv Redemption
to the person making such redemption a receipt showing the amount Receipts
paid for such Ademption, a description of the land redeemed
the date, number, and amount of the certificate, or part of crtif
cate, from which the same is redeemed, and he shall be entitled
the fees as provided by law for issuing such receipts.
The Clerk of the Circuit Court'shall keep a record of
moneys received by him for redemption from sales of real estate
for taxes, which records shall show the names of the persons whoF

purchased the property at said sales, or the assignees of said pur-
chaser if known, and the amount due the lawful holder of the tax
certificate for such redeemed sales.

(v) Any person may purchase any certificate of land sold or
certified to the City for taxes from the Clerk of the Circuit Court
by paying to the Clerk of the Circuit Court the amount of such
certificate and interest thereon from the date of the cer-
tificate at the rate of eighteen per cent (18%) per annum for
the first year, and at the rate of eight per cent (8%) per annum
thereafter. Endorsement by the Clerk of the Circuit Court 'shall
be ~ade on the tax certificate giving the date of transfer with the
amount received therefore.
(w) The holder of any tax certificate at any time after two
Tax Deed years from the date of its issue may obtain a tax deed on the lands
therein described by application to the Clerk of the Circuit Court
and surrender such certificate, and the payment to the Clerk of the
proper amount for the redemption or surrender of all other out-
standing certificates covering said land, and the payment to the
Clerk of a fee of fifty (50) cents for each certificate then redeemed,
and a fee of One Dollar ($1.00) for the issue of.the deed and ten
(10) cents for each additional description of land embraced in any
one deed; which deed shall be prima facip evidence of the regularity
of the proceedings from the valuation of the land by the Assessor
to the deed inclusive. All tax deeds sball be issued by the Clerk
of the Circuit Court and shall be substantially in the form as pro-
vided for tax deeds issued on state and county tax certificates.

(x) No tax deed for land sold for taxes shall issue until.the'
Notice of Clerk of the Circuit Court shall have given at least thirty (80)
Application days' previous notice of the application for a deed by publishing the
for Tax Deed same once a week in some daily newspaper published in the City
of St. Petersburg, and all fees and expenses of notice shall be paid
in advance by applicant for tax deed. 'Such notice shall be sub-
stantially in the form provided by the laws of'the State of Florida
for the application of a tax deed on state and county tax certif-
It shall be the duty of the Clerk issuing such notice to mail a
copy of said notice of application for tax deed to the owner of the
property for which a tax deed is applied if such owner shall be
known to said Clerk, but the failure of the Clerk to mail such no-
tice to the owner of the property involved in said application shall
not affect the validity of the tax deed issued pursuant to such
Proof of the publication of such notice and the cost thereof
shall be filed by the Clerk before any tax deed shall be issued; and
at any time before the execution of such tax deed any person own-
ing or claiming the land therein, or any part or parcel thereof, or
any interest therein, may redeem the saime by paying to the Clerk
the full amount that may be due the applicant for all certificates,
fees and costs of publication, or such portion thereof as the part or
interest redeemed shall bear to the whole together with interest at
rate of eight (8%) per cent per annum thereon.

,~r~: r* \ V :'. *'" *'

The Clerk of the Circuit Court shall render a monthly
to the City of St. Petersbur, giving a detailed report atf
linquent taxes collected by him through te sale of tax
issuance of tax deeds, and/or redemption at taxes or oterw
shall turn over to the City of St. Petersburg all monies
by him less the fees allowed by law; and shall give bond
City of St. Petersburg in such amount as shall be de
the City Council for the faithful performance of his duia pe
in this Charter, the premium on said bond to be paid by thm
of St. Petersburg.

(y) The general laws of the State of Florida shall
plicable to the sale of'certifcates, issuape ao deeds and fore ,
of tax certificates, and/or tax deeds, unless otherwise provide
this Charter.

(s) The len of all taxes imposed by the City of St.
burg shall be on a parity with taxes assessed for State and
purposes, and shall be superior to all other liens on any pro
against which such taxes have been assessed, which said lien
continue in full force and effect until discharged by payment
no act of omission or commission on the part of any Tax Asa
or any assistant Tax Assessor, or any Tax Collector, or any
Council, or any City Manager, or any Clerk of the Circuit C
or any other officer of the City.or State, or any newspaper in 1
advertisements of sale may be published, shall operate to d
the payment of said taxes; but any such acts of omission or
mission may be corrected at any time by the officer or part
sponsible for the same in like manner as is now or may here
be provided by law for performing auch acts in the rst place
wnen so corrected they shall be construed as valid AB INITI
shall in no way affect any process provided by law for the entI
ment of the collection of any such tax. All owners of proj
shall be held to know that taxes are due and payable thereof
nually, and are hereby charged with the duty of aacertainin
amount of such tax and paying the same before the first d
April of each year; all provisions of law now existing or whieh
be hereafter enacted relating to the a mesament and collecti-
municipal taxes (unless otherwise specifically so declared) sha
deemed and held to be directory only, designed for the orderly
rangement of records and procedure of officers in enforcing the
laws of the City of St. Petersburg and not primarily for the pr
tion or benefit of the taxpayer; and no assessment, and no sa
conveyance of real or personal property for nonpayment of t
shall be held invalid except upon proof that the property was
subject to taxation, or that the taxes had been paid previous
sale, or that the property had been redeemed prior to the exect
and delivery of deed based upon certificates issued for nonpayi
of taxes.

(as) Delinquent taxes on personal property shall be colle
substantially in the same manner as provided by general state
for the collection of state and county taxes; provided that the t
on personal property for the preceding year shall become de
quent on April 1st of each year.


Clerk of the
Couit to Make
an Adcountin
and Give Bond

General Tax


Saving Clause
as to Delin-
quent Taxes

General Ex-

(bb) All taxes of the City of Petersburg which wer
levied for the year A. D. 1929 and prior thereto, which are din-
quent and bave not been paid, shall b4 collected and the lien of
said taxes shall be enforced as follows: &
The City Manager, or someone authorized by him, shall ertify
to the City Attorney all such taxes, whid have not already hereto-
fore been certified for collection, and whin making such certificates
he shall show thereon any assessments remaining unpaid, the as-
sessment of said lot, parcel or tract of land as the same then ap-
pears upon the said tax assessment roll, or the delinquent tax toll.
SAll certificates heretofore issued by the Director of Finance of
the City of St. Petersburg, certifying delinquent taxes to the City
Attorney for collection are hereby confirmed, retained, and shall
remain in full force and effect, the same as if certified under the
provisions of this section. All certified copies of assessments shall
be prima facie evidence of the contents of the assessment roll and
of the levies made thereon, in all suits to enforce the payment of
all the liens of such taxes as may appear from said copies. The
City Attorney shall search or cause to be searched the public rec-
ords of Pinellas County, Florida, and of the Circuit Court of Pin-
ellas County, Florida, to ascertain the names of all persons owning,
having interest in, or living upon said lands, and in the suits
brought for enforcement of said liens for taxes, he shall make all
persons appearing upon said records to be owners or interested in
said real estate or liens thereon parties defendant, and whenever
service is sought to be had in such suit upon any defendant by pub-
lication, the notice shall contain a description of the land upon
which tax lien is claimed. The name of ahy person other than the
owner of said real estate may, at the discretion of the City Attor-
ney, be omitted from the list of defendants, but no person having
an interest in said property or lien thereon, apparent upon said
records and not brought into court as a defendant, shall be, until
brought into court, deprived of his interest therein. The interest
of all persons not apparent upon said public records shall be fore.
closed by such suit without their being named or served as defend-
ants; upon the collection of all moneys due the City after the same
shall have been placed in the hands of the City Attorney, the pay-
ment shall be made, first, of all court costs, including clerk's, sher-
iff's, master's and advertising fees, second the amount due the City
for taxes and interest.
All general laws of the State of Florida providing for the col-
lection of delinquent municipal taxes, in so far as the same may be
applicable, are hereby declared to be alternative methods for the
collection of all delinquent taxes.
No suits instituted by the City of St. Petersburg for the col-
lection of taxes shall abate on account of the re-incorporation of
said City under the provisions of this act.

The following property shall be exempt from taxation in the
City of St. Petersburg:
(a) All property exempt under the Constitution and Laws of
the State of Florida.

(b) It is farther provided that there shll be exempt m
taxation real estate td-he value of seven hundred and difty Special E.
in the City to the following persons: To every widow dep t -emptions
upon her own exertions for a livelihood, and to every pso o
has lost a imb or been disabled by war or+misfortune to an
extent that he or she is disqualified from the performance of-
ual labor, provided that he or she is dependent upon his
manual labor for support.
(a) It is further.provided that there shallbe exempt m
taxation property to the value of five hundred dollars, or such Exemptions
amount as may hereafter be established by law, to any be e to Disabled
resident elector of the City of St. Petersburg who served as Veterans
fleer or enlisted man or army nurse in the United States
Navy or Marine Corps during the World War between A 6,
1917, and November 11, 1918, or in the Spanish-American W -
tween April 21, 1898, and July 4, 1902, and who was honorable -
charged fiom the service of the United States and who, at the e
of assessment of property for taxes is disabled to the of
fifty per cent (50%) or more, proof of which disability
made by exhibiting a certificate of Government rated disabili
(d) It is further provided that there shall be exempt
taxation property to the value of five hundred dollars to any Exemptions
ified elector of said City who was in the military service or e to Veterans
Union or of the Southern Confederacy in the War between e
States, 1861-1865, as officer, enlisted man or army nurse, and o
shall have been honorably dischargedJrom such service.

The books, records and reports of the City Manager, e
Finance Department, and of all officers and employees who
or disburse public funds, and the books, records and reports of
other officers as the City Council may direct, shall be examined
audited by a certified public accountant at least once a year,
oftener, if the City Council so desires; and the completed annual
port of such examination and audit shall be published by the
Manager either in detail form or in synopsis form, suppo
such summaries and analytical schedules as to show the full
count of the finances and transactions of the City for each
year and the relation of each department to the city governme

(a) Any public work or improvement may be executed ei
by contract, or by direct labor, as may be determined by the Work by
Manager. Before authorizing the direct execution.of any wo Contract or
improvement, detailed plans and estimates thereof shall be subg Direct Labor
ted to the City Council by the City Manager, and there
separate accounting as to each work or improvement so exeu
All contracts for more than one thousand dollars ($1,000.00)

be awarded to the lowest and best resosible bdder, after pubic
Public Bide advertisement or competition as may e prescribed by ordinance,
but the City Manager shall have pow*r to reject all bids and ad-
vertise again. All advertisements as to contracts shall contain a
reservation of the.foregoing right. Contracts for public work for
more than one thousand dollars ($1,00.00) shall be signed by the
City Manager after approval thereof bI the City Council.

Before entering into any public work or improvement or any
contract in reference thereto, the City Manager shall require, uch
persons who may perform such work, to file with the City a bond
S with good and sufficient sureties t9 guarantee faithful performance
of said work or contract and to completely and fully guarantee the
city against any loss thereon.

Collusion by

Collusion by *

of Contracts

Affidavit as
,to Claim

(b) Any officer of the City or head or employee of any de-
partment thereof who shall aid or assist any bidder in securing a
contract to furnish labor, material or supplies at a higher price
than that proposed by any other bidder, or who shall favor one bid-
der over another by giving or withholding any information,, or who
wilfully misleads any bidder in regard to the character of the ma-
terial or supplies called for, or who knowingly accepts materials
or supplies of any inferior grade to those called for by any con-
tract or specifications, or who knowingly certifies to a greater
amount of labor performed, or the receipt of a greater amount of
different kind of materials or supplies than has been actually re-
ceived, o'r shall defraud the City in any fther manner in relation to
contracts, shall be guilty of misfeasance in office and shall be re-
moved from said office.

(c) If at any time it is found that the person to whom a con-
tract.has been awarded has colluded with any other party for the
purpose of circumventing any other competing bidder, or has en-
tered into any arrangement by which he has made a higher or
lower bid than some other person for the purpose of dividing the
contract or profits therefrom between two or more bidders, then the
contract so awarded shall be null and void

(d) No contract for which a bond is required shall be assigned
or transferred in any manner except as in this section provided;
any assignment or transfer thereof except by operation of the law
or by permit of the City Council expressed by resolution shall fully
end and determine such contract, and shall make the same null and
void as to any further performance thereof by the contractor or his
assigns, without any action on the part of the City; and the City,
through its proper authorities, may proceed to rescind such con-
tract and proceed to complete the same as the agent, and at the ex-
pense of, such contractor and his sureties.

(e) Before any contractor or his representative shall require
a final settlement on any contract on whisc a bond is required, said
contractor or his representative shall make and file with the City
Manager an affidavit that.all claims for m trials and labor to date
of settlement have been paid, and also a statement by all sub-con-
tractors that they have been paid in full.

', 1 -,

(t) Any contract may presde for progreive paym
in the ordhinee or resohltion authod lag the work permtia
given for Iroh a contract; but no progresave payments can b
vided for, or made, at any time wheh, with prior payments,
there have been, *all exceed in amount seventy-fve per ca
the value of the labor done and materials used at the time, a
payment shall be made under such, contract for work or mna
unless the payment has .been, approved by the proper depar
heads or the City Ianager.

(g) All contracts entered into by the City, for its b
prior to the taking effect of this Charter, shall continue in full
and effect. All pubic work begun prior to th taking effect o
Charter shall be nbatinued and perfected hereader. Publ
provements for which legislative steps shall have been taken
laws'in force at the time this Charter takes.effect may be car
completion in accordance with the provisions of such law.


(a) No exclusive franchise or extension or renewal thl
shall ever be granted.
(b) Within six (6) months after this Charter takes
every public utility and every owner of a public utility frai
shall file with the City (as may be prescribed by ordinance)
fled copies of all the franchises owned or claimed,.or under
any such utility s operated. The City shall compile and main
public record of all public utility fixtures-n the streets and
public places of the City.
(c) No person, firm r corporation shall ever exers
franchise or privilege mentioned in this Section, except in
as he or it may be entitled to do by direct authority of the Co
tution of Florida, or the Constitution or Laws of the United S
in, upon, over, under and along any streets, highways or other
lic places in the City, unless he or it shall have obtained a
therefore under the provisions of this Section.
(d) No franchise, permit, privilege or license shall be,
sidered as granted by any ordinance, except when granted in
ordinance in plain and unambiguous terms, and every ambitl
therein shall be construed in favor of the City and against
claimant under such ordinance.
(e) The City Council shall have the right to rafranch
as now provided by the general laws and statutes often Stat
Florida, to persons, Arms or corporations for the establlhmel
maintenance of any public utilities through, in, upon or under
street, avenue and public thoroughfare or parts at the city, by 4
nance first passed and adopted by the City Council, and subsequ
ly approved by a majority of the votes cast by the qualified elc
of the City who are freeholders, at a municipal election, gener
special, at which such question shall have been submitted to

Ils Progi
to- Pay

rce Conti
his of C


*~ *! 4iqli T




Copies of
Present Fra-
chise to be
Filed with

Required for
Streets, &e.


Required to
be Ratified
by, Voters

Franchise to

No Exclusive
Franchise for

(f) The City Council may sell ti0 public utility plants owned
by the City of St. Peterburg, or any ene or all of them, and enter
into contracts with the purchasers or owners of said plants, o any
of them, for service to said City and ill inhabitants, after the City
Council shall have first passed and adopted an ordinance in which is
stated the terms of purchase and the proposed contract for service
or franchise to be entered into on beha* of the City, with such pur-
chaser or owner, and after said ordinance shall have been approved
by a majority of the votes cast by the qualified electors of the City
who are freeholders, at a municipal election, general or special, at
which such question shall have been submitted to said electors.
(g) No exclusive franchise, or right, or privilege shall ever
be granted by the City to any railroad company upon or along the
waterfront; but any franchise, right orpermit for a railroad track
in, over or along the waterfront shall be subject to the rights of
any other railroad or railroads to use the same upon payment of
a reasonable compensation to the City.

(h) The provisions of this Section are subject to the general
Railroad laws affecting the powers and jurisdiction of the Railroad Commis-
Commission sion, and nothing therein contained shall be construed as affecting
the powers and jurisdiction of said Railroad Commission or com-
panies now operating in said City under the jurisdiction of said
Railroad Commission.

(i) When the City shall own any public utility the Director
Accounts of of Finance or other officer designated by the City Manager, shall
Municipally keepithe books of account for such public utility distinct from other
Utilities City accounts, and in such manner as to show the true and com-
plete financial results of such City ownership, or. ownership and op-
eration as the case may be. Such accounts shall be kept so as to
show the actual cost to the, City of the public utility owned; all cost
of maintenance, extensions and improvements; all operating ex-
penses of every description, in case of such City! operation. If
water, light, power or other service shall be furnished for any de-
partment of the City without charge, the accounts shall show the
value of such' service. Such accounts shall also show reasonable
allowance for interest, depreciation and insurance, and also esti-
mates of the amount of taxes or other assessments that would be
chargeable against such property if owned by a private corpora-
tion; and such accounts shall show the net earnings or loss of said
public utility, as the case may be. The Director ofa Finance, or
other officer designated by the City Manager, shall cause to be
printed annually, for distribution, a report showing the financial re-
suits, in form as aforesaid, of such ownership, or ownership and
The accounts of such public utilities, kept as asoresaid, shall be
examined at least once a year by a certified public accountant, who
shall report to the City Council the result of such examination.
Such certified public accountant shall be selected by the City Coun-
cil at such time as it may deem advisable, and he shall receive for
his service such compensation, to be paid out of the income or rev-
enue from such public utility, as the City Council may prescribe.
The officer violating the provisions of this Section shall be re-
moved from office.


nOIN it


(a) The initial proceeding for a local improvement which
be specially assessed against abutting property owners shall
passage, at a regular or special meeting of the City Council
resolution ordering such local improvement to be made und
section, stating the nature of the proposed improvement, d
ing the location of the improvement, what part or portion
expense thereof is to be paid for by special assessment, the
ner in which said assessment shall be made, when said as
are to be paid, what part if any, shall be apportioned to
from the general improvement fund of the city, and said
shall also designate the lands upon which the special a
shall be levied.

SThe resolution may give any short and convenient desi
to each improvement ordered thereby, and the property
which assessments are to be made, for the cost of such im
ment, shall be designated as a district, followed by a letter or
beror anything to distinguish it from other districts, after
it shall be sufficient to refer to such improvement and pro
such designations in all proceedings and assessments exce
hereinafter provided.

(b) Immediately after the passage of said resolution,.
City Manager shall prepare and file in his office plans and spe
tions of each improvement ordered thereby and estimates
cost thereof. There shall be included in the estimates of the
of such improvements the cost thereof and all incidental expe
be assessed against property benefitted thereby. Such plans,
fications and estimates shall be open to the inspection of thep

specifications and estimates, shall publish once in a daily news
of general circulation published in the City, a notice stating th'
a meeting of the City Council on a certain day and hour not ea
than ten (10) days from the date of such publication, the
Council'will hear the objections of all interested persons to the
formation of said resolution. Said notice shall state in brief
general terms a description of the proposed improvement with
location thereof and shall also state that plans, specifications
estimates or cost thereof are on file in the office of the City I

In addition to the notice published by the City Manager, 1
City Manager shall, in all cases where the name of the owne0
owners of the property included in the assessment roll is kni
or can be ascertained, notify the said owner or owners of said p0
erty by written notice addressed to such known address notify
the said owner or owners that the. City Council, on a certain' d
and at a certain hour, will receive written objections to the p
posed improvement.




Plans and

and Notice of


*.. <,- ,.-.^ "Z..1!.^*-.-


and Assess-
ment Book


(d) At the time naned in said notice, or to whih an adjourn-
ment may be taken, the City Council shal receive any objections of
interested persons and may then or thereafter repeal or. confirm
said resolution with such amendments, if ny, as may be desired by
the City Council and which do not change in any way thf location
of the improvement or improvements, provided however that such
resolution shall not then or thereafter b4 confirmed if it dontaks
items which cannot be properly charged to the property, or if it is
for any default or defect in the passage or character of the resolu-
tion or estimate void or voidable in whole or in part, or f it tez-
coeds the power of the City Council.
(e) Within two days after such confirmation, the resolution
conerming the same, together with the estimates submitted shall
be recorded with the City Manager in special book to be kept
for that purpose, which book shall be knqwn as IMPROVEMENT
AND ASSESSMENT BOOK, which book shall give the description
by lot and block number of all property affected thereby, together
with the estimated amount assessable against each lot or portion
thereof, which abuts upon- or is benefited by the improvement or
improvements. Said book shall be ruled In such a way that any
person can readily ascertain the assessment against any plese a
property affected.
(f) After a contract shall have been entered into for n tal-
provement embraced in any resolution or if the City shall do the
work itself, after an improvement autholised by any resolution
shall have been completed, the City Manager shall prepare a pre-
liminary assessment roll and file the same in his office, which roll
shall contain the following:
1. A description of the lots and pa ies of land within the
district, which shall include lots and lands which abut upon the
sides of that part of any highway to be improved or in which a
sanitary sewer, except a curb sewer, is to be laid and the lots and
lands which abut upon that side or sides of any highway ii or along
which side or sides a sidewalk is to be constructed or a sanitary
curb sewer is to be laid. Such property, lots and lands shall include
City property and shall also be given the name of the owner of each
lot or parcel where such can be ascertained, 'a statement of the
number of feet so abutting, which number of feet shall be known
as the frontage.
2. In the case of highway improvements, a description of any
track or tracks of a railroad already laid or for the.laying of which
any franchise shall have been granted within the portion of the
highway or highways to be improved, giving the number of tracks,
the distance between the tracks and the distance between the rails.
3. The total cost of improvement which if made by contract
shall be the price named therein, or the price computed from unit
prices named therein, taking into consideration minor changes and
alterations found necessary, but if the city hall do the work itself
the actual cost of said work, and in all cases the actual amount of
incidental expense.
(g) The preliminary assessment roll shall be advisory only
and shall be subject to the action of the City .Council as hereinafter

(h) Upon the fling in the-offie of the City Manager of
preliminary assessment roll required by this section, the
Manager shall publish once in each of the two successive wee
a daily newspaper of general circulation published in the
notice stating that at a regular meeting of the City Council
held on a certain day and hour not later than twelve (12)
from the date of the first publication, all interested persons may
pear and file written objections to the confirmation of said roll
In addition to the notice published by the City Manager,
City Manager shall also, in all cases where the name of the o
or owners of the property included in the assessment roll is kn
or can be ascertained, notify the said owner or owners of
property by written notice addressed to said owner or owners
such known address, notifying the said owner or owners that
City Council on a certain date and at a certain hour will ree
written objections to the confirmation of said assessment roll.

(i) At the time and place stated in such notice the City Co
cfl shall meet and receive the objections in writing of all intere
persons as stated in said notice. Then or thereafter the City Co
cil shall either annul, or sustain, or modify in whole or in part
prima facie assessment as indicated on said roll according to
special benefits which the City Council decides each lot or
has received or will receive on account of such improvement;
any property which may be chargeable under this section
have been omitted from said preliminary roll, or if the prima t
assessment has not been made against it, the City Council
place on said roll an apportionment of the cost of said improve
against said property. The City Council may thereupon co
said roll but shall not confirm any assessment in excess of the
cial benefits to the property assessed, and the assessment so
firmed shall be in proportion to the special benefits. Forthwi
after such confirmation said assessment roll shall be filed in
office of the City Manager and such confirmation shall be final

(j) The special assessments levied under the provisions
this section shall be and remain liens superior in dignity to
other liens, except for taxes, until paid, from the .date of the a
sessment upon the respective lots and parcels of land assessed.
(k) The amount of special assessment against any lot or p
eel of which may be set aside by the court, unless the assessment
upon the entire district be set aside, or the amount by which suc
assessment is to be reduced may, by resolution of the City Council
be chargeable against the city at large; or in the discretion of th"
Council a new assessment roll may be prepared and confirmed i1
the manner hereinbefore provided for the preparation and con'
formation of the original assessment roll except that no notice o4
hearing upon such roll need be published or given as to ani
property unless the assessment against it is increased. Upon re~
assessing any property the final action of the City Council shall b
noted by the City Manager on said assessment roll unless a new
roll be made and confirmed, in which case the former roll shall b4
a nullity.

Notice of
Filing of or

of Prima
Facie Roll

Lien of

Portion of
Against City

(1) Thirty (80) days after the onfrmaton of the amoess-
When Assess- ments the amounts apportioned and assessed against each ptrce
ments Due of land shall be due and payable at the office of the City Manager.
At the termination of said thirty (80) day period the City Manager
shall issue certificates of indebtedness for the amounts assessed
against each tract of land remaining unpaid and the separate cer-
tificates issued against each tract of land assessed shall contain
a description of the land and the\amonut of the assessment, to-
gether with the general nature of the improvement for which the
assessment is made and the date thereof. The said certificate shall
be payable to owner brhis assignee. Any assignment of said cer-
tificate must appear upon the certificate itself and also upon the
books of the city in order for the assignment to be legal and bind-
Certificates ing. The certificate shall carry interest at a rate not greater than
eight per cent (8%) per annum, said amount to be fixed by the City
Council, and payable annually from the date of the confirmation of
the assessments by the City Council. Said -certificates shall- be
payable in ten (10) equal annual installments or for a shorter
period as may be fxed by the City Council, but any assessment
may be paid at any time when accompanied by the payment of
interest computed to the day of payment.
(m) The certificates when issued shall be turned over to the
Disposal of City Manager 'under whose direction disposal of the certificates
Certificates shall be made, but in no event shall the City be held to have guar-
anteed the payment of said, certificates; provided, however, that the
owner of the property against which the, assessment is made shall
have the option to pay the entire amount of such assessment in
cash upon notice of his intention so to do given before thirty days
after the completion of the work, in which event the certificates to
be issued shall be redeemed and cancelled.
Failure to pay any installment of interest or principal of any
Payment of assessment when such installment shall become due shall, without
Certificates notice or other proceedings, cause all installments of principal re-
maining unpaid to be forthwith due and payable and the city or the
holder of the certificate may proceed to enforce the lien of the as-
sessment and certificate as is hereinafter .provided.

of Liens

I4 all cases where the City of St. Petersburg has acquired or
may hereafter acquire liens for improvements, such liens or any
of them may be enforced in the following manner by the said City,
or in the name of said City by the holders of the certificates, by a
bill in equity. The bill in equity shall state briefly and succinctly
the facts constituting the lien, the amount and the description of
the property on which said lien has been acquired, and shall contain
a prayer that the owner be compelled to pay the amount of said
lien or in default thereof that said property shall be sold to satisfy
the same. But the judgment or decree obtained in said suit shall
not be enforced against or be a lien upon any other property than
that against which the assessment was made; that in the decree or
judgment as the case may be for the enforcement and collection of
the amount for which said lien was gimvn, decree or judgment
shall also be rendered for a reasonable attorney's fee not to ex-
ceed ten per cent on the amount of the recovery, together with the
costs of the proceedings, which attorney's fee and costs shall also

bem. a Ben upe al d lead and shaD be eeucted at the tihm
in the maner povmdd for the eoleestle o the amun for w
the lien was originaei given. But in no event sl the City
liable for the payment of the attorneys fee herein provided for
In the proceedings provided for. in thie section the
owners of the land if they can be ascertained shall be parties
endant. If the owne or 'owner cannot be ascertained after
t inquiry the proceedings shall be against the property
hh the lien is claimed without mentioning any party as
t. In such case service shall be had by a notice of the
on of said suit for the enforcement of such lien by advertise
a newspaper published in the City of St. Petersburg once a w
r four consecutive weeks; provided, that before such service
be had the complainant or plantiff, as the ease may be, his agent
attorney, shall make affidavit and file with the bill in chancery
ting forth the fact that the owner or owners of such. property
unknown to him. In all proceedings to enforce said liens or any
them, save in cases where the owner or owners cannot be
trained, service shall be made on the parties defendant in the sa
manner as is provided by law for service in other cases in e
*ery. In such proceedings appeals and writs of error may be
;o the proper Appellate Courts as in other cases. The Appell
Court may on a motion of either party advance such cause out
their regular order and try and determine the same as early
In all suits brought to foreclose certificates issued for spec
assessments under this section, as many certificates may be
eluded in one suit as the complainant may desire, and as
parties may be made defendant as may be necessary. All
having or claiming any interest in any lands against which
as are being foreclosed may be made parties to such suits;
vided, however, that the owner or any person interested in
land, lot, or parcel thereof, included in a suit shall have the r
to redeem said tracts from the said suit by the payment of
amount of the assessment, including all costs and interest whic
have attached thereto, and any such redemption shall not in an
way affect the validity of said suit.

(a) The City of St. Petersburg shall have the power to isau
nd sell bonds for municipal improvements of every nature an
ki, and to earry out any of the authorized powers or purposes a
;he City, not to exceed in amount twelve and one-half per ceno
(14%%) of the assessed value of all property subject to taxation
within the corporate limits of the City; provided, however, tha
nds for street, sewer, sidewalk and other public improvements
which are paid from special assessments, to the amount for which
the City shall hold liens for uncollected special assessments, shall
not be subject to such limitation of amount, nor be considered
when computing the amount of bonds that may be issued und
this Section; and provided, further, that no bonds shall be issued
r sold until the same shall have been approved by a majority of






Power to
Issue Bonds


Ratificaton by

ment of Issue

Type of

Execution of

the votes east in an election held for stch purpose in which a ma.
jority of the freeholders who are qualied electors residing in the
City of St. Petersburg, Florida, propedy registered for voting in
such an election, shall actually partidpate, such election to be
held in such manner as may be provided by the City Council, and
no bonds shall be issued until such issie shall be advertised once
a week for four consecutive weeks prior to such election, and no
bonds shall be sold until such sale has been advertised not less than
two weeks.
Such bonds shall be negotiable coupon bonds, in such denom-
inations as prescribed by resolution, and shall bear interest not
exceeding six per cent per annum, payable annually, both princi-
pal and interest to be payable in gold coin of the United States
of the present standard of weight and fineness, at such place or
places as the City Council may elect; and said bonds shall not be
sold for less than par.
Such bonds shall be signed by the Mayor, attested by the City
Manager and sealed with the seal of the City. The interest cou-
pons thereto attached shall be signed, by the City Manager, whose
signature may be in fac-simile. Any of such bonds may, by resolu-
tion of the City Council, be registered as to number under such
terms and conditions and at such place or places, within or without
the City of St. Petersburg, as the City Council, in such resolution

The foregoing paragraphs of this section shall not refer to re-
funding bonds which are issued exclusively for the purpose of re-
funding bonds or interest already existing against said City of St.
Petersburg, Florida.
(b) Whenever, for the purpose of extending the time of pay-
Refunding ment of the now existing bonded indebtedness, which from its limit
Bonds of taxation the City may be unable to pay at maturity, or whenever
it appears to the City Council to be for the best interest of the
City to refund any such bonded indebtedness now existing, the City
Council, by ordinance introduced and passed at any regular meet-
ing, is hereby authorized and given full power to compromise, com-
pound, refund and settle any now existing bonded indebtedness law-
fully made and undertaken by the City by authority of law, and
for this purpose and without submitting the same for ratification
by the qualified electors as hereinbefore provided. Provided, how-
ever, that no bonded indebtedness of said City shall be so compro-
mised, refunded or extended unless such indebtedness shall be deter-
mined to -be an existing valid and binding obligation of said City.
The resolution of the City Council authorizing the issue of said ne-
gotiable coupon bonds shall state the amount of existing bonded in-
debtedness to be compromised, refunded or extended, the aggre-
gate amount of bonds to.be issued therefore, their number and
denomination, the date of maturity and the rate of interest they
shall bear, and the place of payment of principal and interest.

Tax for
Payment of

(c) The City Council is further authorized and empowered
to levy a sufficient tax upon all real and personal property within
the corporate limits of the City each year to pay annual interest
and to pay not less than two per centum annually on the principal
of said general and refunding bonds, besides all expenses of as-

sessing and collectli g the same, which said amount of p
so raised by taxation, and the interest accruing thereon, when
elected shall be and remain a siking fund to pay said bonds;
the same, together with interest thereon shall be invested by
City Council in negotiable interest bearing bonds of the U
States Government, or Class "A" Bonds listed on the New
Stock Exchange, or shall be deposited in the depositories where
bonds are payable, which said deposits in said institutions sh
secured by negotiable interest bearing bonds of the United St
Government, Surety Company Bonds, or Class "A" Bonds listed
the New York Stock Exchange, for the full amount of such depo
or shall be used to retire bonds of the same issue for which the
sinking fund is provided, and no other; and when such levy
have been made the same shall continue in force until the w
amount of principal and interest shall have been fully paid;
vided, nothing herein shall authorize the taking up of bonds h
tofore issued or evidence of indebtedness created and issuing
bonds in lieu thereof before the maturity of any such bonds or
dence of indebtedness, unless such new bonds shall bear a less
of interest than the bonds or evidence of indebtedness taken up,
unless the maturity of said bonds be extended.

(d) In case the total or aggregate proposed issue of bon
composed of two or more items for distinct and separate
advertisement of said proposed issue shall state separately
items and several purposes for which the said bonds are to be
sued; and the ballots used at the election to determine issue of
bonds shall have printed thereupon the several separate items
purposes in such a manner as to permit the voter thereof to cast
vote for, o against each or any of the items therein enumerate
Funds derived from the sale of bonds shall be used for no otb
purpose than that for which the same was voted.

That any excess which may remain from the proceeds of
sale of said bonds after the accomplishment of the purpose, f
which the same was issued as aforesaid, shall be added to and b1
come a part of the sinking fund for the retirement of said bonds.f

(e) All obligations and all indebtedness by the sale of bon
or otherwise heretofore legally incurred by the Town or City Go
ernment of the Town or City of St. Petersburg shall be assessed
a valid existing indebtedness against the City created by this
ter; and all laws heretofore passed by the Legislature of Flori
authorizing the issue and sale of bonds, or for any purpose what
ever, not inconsistent with this Charter, shall be and remain
full force and effect, and be applicable and binding upon the muni
ipal government of the City of St. Petersburg, in the same man
ner and to the same 'effect that the same were applicable to satl
Town and City of St. Petersburg.

(f) No commission or brokerage shall be paid, either directly
or indirectly, for the sale of bonds or other evidence of indebtedne
of the City.

Sinking Fad

Items in

Bond Funds
Not to be

No Commii-
sion for Sale
of City Bonds

," .- -,


Supervisor of

Status of

Dedications to
be Accepted
by Ordinance,

Care of
Streets and

(a) Any owner of lots or gro"ns within the City, who subdi-
vides or lays them out for sale, shall cause to be made an accurate
map or plat of such' subdivision, cseribing with certainty all
grounds laid out or granted for streets, alleyways, commons or
other public uses. Lots sold or inten d for sale shall be numbered
by progressive numbers or letters or described by the squares in
which situated, and the precise width and length shall be given
of each lot sold or intended to be sol& Such map or plat shall be
subscribed by the owner and lien holders, acknowledged before an
officer authorized to take acknowledgements of deeds, approved by
the City Manrger and recorded in the office of the'Clerk of the Cir-
cuit Court, of Pinellas County, Florid.
(b) The City Manager shall be the supervisor of plats of the
City. He shall provide regulations governing the platting of all
lands so as to require all streets and alleys to be of the proper
widths and to be coterminous with adjoining streets and alleys, and
otherwise to conform to regulations prescribed by him; When any
person plats any land within the corporate limits of the City, the
supervisor of plats shall, if such plate are in accordance with the
rules prescribed by him, endorse his written approval thereon. No
plat subdividing lands within the corporate limits of the City of
St. Petersburg shall be entitled to record in the recorder's office of
the County without such written approval so endorsed thereon.
(c) No street or alley, except those laid out on such plat and
bearing the approval of the supervisor of plate as hereinbefore
provided, shall subsequently in any way be accepted as public
streets or alleys by the City, nor shall any. public funds be ex-
pended in repair or improvement of streets and alleys subsequently
laid out and not on such plat. This restriction shall not apply to a
street or alley laid out by the City, not to streets alleys or public
grounds laid out on a plat by or with the approval of the supervisor
of plats.
(d) No streets or alleys hereafter dedicated to public use by
the owner of ground in the City shall be deemed a public street or
alley, or under the care and control of the City Council, unless the
dedication be accepted and confirmed by ordinances passed for such
purpose, or unless the provisions of this Charter relating to sub-
divisions shall have been complied with.
(e) The City Council may provide by ordinance for the care,
supervision, control and improvement of public highways, streets,
alleys, sidewalks, public grounds, bridges, aqueducts and viaducts
within the City, and may cause them to be kept open, in repair and
free from nuisance.

All official advertising necessary under the provisions of this
Public Charter, shall be equally divided among the daily newspapers pub-
Advertising listed in the city and of general circulation; provided, that the rate
charged therefore shall not exceed the current rate for legal ad-

All officers and employees of the City of St. Petersburg
be native or naturalized itisen of the United States of Am
or persons who have declared their. intentions.

All officers required by this Charter to give bond, and
ers, clerks and employees of whom bond is required by ori
ha, before entering upon their respective duties, give bond
uretye)be approved by the 9~y Manager, conditioned f
tul performance of the duties of their respective offices,
bond, unless specifically otherwise provided by this Charter,
be payable to t*e City, and in such penalty as the City Coun
by resolution provide. The City Manager shall accept as a
on any such official bond a good, solvent surety .company a
sized to do business In the State of Floida. .The premium o
such bond shall be paid by the City. Unless otherwise
provided in this Charter, all such bonds shall be filed with and
served by the City Manager. *

All books, records and documents used by ay City ofc
his office or pertaining to his duties shall be deemed the proper
the City, and the chief officer in charge of such office shall b
sponsible therefore. Any such officer or person made by this
tion responsible for the keeping of such books, records and
ments shall, within three days after the end of his term of
or within three days after the -date of his resignation or rea
from office, as the Case may be, deliver to the City Man
such books, records and documents. Any such officer or personal
ing to deliver such books, records or documents as required by
Section shall be deemed guilty of an offense against the City,
upon conviction thereof before the City Court shall be fined
more than two hundred dollars or imprisoned not exceeding
days, or be both so fined and imprisoned.

Any City officer or employee who shall violate any of the
visions of this Charter for the violation of which no punishment
been provided shall be subject to removal from office.
No Section of the Charter which provided for the remove
any officer or employee for cause shall be construed as, provi
that the person so 'removed may not be proceeded against
the law and have'additional penalties imposed upon him upon
eviction of violation of the provisions of this Charter or of the
nuances of the City.

The City Council shall determine by ordinance the amount
be credited to prisoners for each days work performed because
the non-payment of fine and costs.

All O-cers
and Em-

Bonds of

Books an8
Records of
Property of

Violation of
Charter by
Officer or

Criminals to
Pay Fine
and Costs

Ordinances to
be Revised

The City Council shall, within th first year after its oranis -
tion under this Charter, cause all Ci ordinances at sach tbme ia
force to be revised, clasied under a ropriate heads ad p perly
indexed and published in book form, together with the Chatter of
the City; and may include in such pub action suchlpviiona of th
Constitution and Laws of Florida as ey deem expedient.

The City Council shall have power to establish a bureau of
Bureaus of legal aid, and also a bureau of dental, medical and health aid with
Legal, Dental, clinics conducted by those licensed u4der the laws of Florida to
Medical ad practice dentistry and/or the healing art; the same to be under
such rules and regulations as the City council shall prescribe, which
bureaus shall be under the direction the'City Manager or such
officer or department as the City Mnager may designate.

All institutions, private or public, dealing with delinquents, or
Superviion of dependents, or sick, shall submit their plans of organisation, per-
Charitable sonnel of controlling board, methods f financing and capacity to
Institutions the City Manager, and such institutions shall at all times be open
for inspection by the authorized officers of the City.

All Property, The title, rights and ownership of property uncollected taxes,
Claims, &c., dues, claims, judgments, decrees and chases in action held or owned
Owned to by the City of St. Petersburg at the tme of the adoption of this
Remain Prop- Charter, shall pass to and be vested id the municipal corporation
erty of City hereby organized to succeed such municipality.

Laws All charters heretofore granted to,,or adopted by, the City of
Repealed St. Petersburg, Florida, shall be, and the same are, hereby repealed.
The following special laws of the State of Florida, to-wit:
Chapter 6771 of the Laws of Florida 1913
Chapter 6772 of the Laws of Florida 1913
Chapter 7288 of the Laws of Florida 1915
Chapter 8855 of the laws of Floriia 1919
Chapter 8857 of the Laws of Florida 1919
Chapter 9071 of the Laws of Florida 1921
Chapter 9073 of the Laws of Florida 1921
Chapter 9074 of the Laws of Florid, 1921
Chapter 11106 of the Laws of Florida 1925
Chapter 18377 of the Laws of Florida 1927
Chapter 18374 of the Laws of Florida 1927
Chapter 18880 of the Laws of Flori4a 1927
Chapter 14400 of the Laws of Flori&d 1929
Chapter 14897 of the Laws of Florida 1929
Chapter 14395 of the Laws of Florida 1929

Chapter 14404 of the Laws of Fliada 1989
Chapter 1488T of the Laws of Florida 129
Chapter 14889 of the Laws of Flold 1989
Chapter 1440 ao the Lawa of Florida 1929
Chapter 14890 of the Laws of Florida 1929
Chapter 14891 of the Laws of Florida 1929
Chapter 14681 of the Laws of Florida 1929
Chapter 14681 of the .Lws of Florida 1929
shall be, and the ame are, hereby repealed.

The enumeration of particular powers in this Charter
be deemed or held to be exclusive, but in addition to the
enumerated herein, implied hereby. or appropriate to the
thereof, which are now, or may hereafter be, possessed or
by cities under th Constitution and general laws of this
and all powers especially granted to said City and now enjoy
it under the Speial Acts of the Legslature, except as in this
ter specifically repealed, shall be and are specifically
binding upon said City, and shall be cumulative and al
powers to those herein granted, and all the powers of the
whether expressed or implied, shall be exercised and embr
the .manner prescribed in this Charter, or when not so
then in such manner as prescribed by ordinance or resolute
the City Council.

If any section or part of a section of this Charter is inva
unconstitutional, the same shall not be held to invalidate or in
the validity, force or effect of any other section of this h
unless it clearly appears that such other section or part of a
tion is wholly or. necessarily dependent upon the section or
a section which is unconstitutional or invalid.

Nothing in this Act shall be so construed as to alter, abo
affect or amend any of the laws of this State now in force, or w
may hereafter be enacted, relative to towns and cities of the Si
nor any of the ordinances of the City of St. Petersburg, ex
much as are in conflict with the provisions of this Act; and all i
laws and ordinances not so in convict are hereby declared to t
Full force and effect.

This act shall become a law immediately upon its passage
approval by the Governor or upon its becoming a law without i
Approved May 0pth, 1981.


of PowerW
Herein ot
Exclusive of
Other Powers




\ .

I, B. A. GRAY, Secretary of Stateof the State of Florida, do
hereby certify that the above and forgoing is a true and correct
copy of House Bill No. 1202, being an a4 entitled "An Act to Abol-
ish the Present Municipality of the Citf of St. Petersburg, in Pin-
ellas County, Florida; to Create and Eablisb a New Municipplity
to be Known as the City of St. PeteSburg, inPinellas Co ty,
Florida, and to Fix the Boundaries and Provide for the Goreaniset,
Powers and Privileges of said City and Means for 1Eeroslhin the
same; and to Authorize the Impositio4 of Penalties for the Vio-
lation of Ordinances; and to Ratify certain Acts and Proeedings
of the Commission and of the Offlera said City; and to Repeal
all laws and ordinances in conflict h rewith," laws of. Florida,
session 1981, as approved by the Governor and filed in this dofe.
Given under my hand and the Great Seal of the
State of Florida at Tallahassee, the Capital
this the thirtieth dao of May A. D. 1981
Secretary of State


''' j-


' ,



TITLE graph
Abatement of nuisances __ s
Abattoirs _z
Accounts of appropriation ___ k
Accounts of finance department a
Accounts of utilities _. ___i
Administrative officer a _
Administrative service of City Manager i
Advertising, fund for ._vv
Advertising, public--- -
Affidavit, assessor's .--- -.
Affidavit, publishers .... _L
Aircraft, regulation of ....___.rr
Airport, Bonds __ _ss
Airports, condemnation of. ___.ss
Airports, regulation of. -.eas
Alleys __--kk
Animals, cruelty to ... _p
Animals, running at large s
Annual installments, assessments IJ.....1
Appointment of employees .. a
Appointments by City Council j
Appointments, interference by council b ..._ b
Appropriation, accounts of _.._ ___ _k
Appropriation, expenditures of .-i-- i
Appropriation ordinance __-_d
Appropriation ordinance, emergency -f
Appropriation, previous, no liability without. .j
Assessment and improvement book .e
Assessments, annual installments 1
Assessment, confirmation of -d-- .. ..- d
Assessments due ----- 1
Assessment lien, superiority of -.- j
Assessment lien, portion chargeable to city k
Assessment of personal property ---_-d
Assessment roll .-------- g
Assessment roll, notice of filing h
Assessment roll, preliminary .f-g
Assessment roll, prima facie, confirmation of ..._i
Assessment roll warrant ___.._ h__h
Assessments, special .d
Assessor's affidavit g
Assignment of certificates -._. 1
Associate Municipal Judge, salary of ---- ---
Attorney, city, appointment of ---j
Attorney, city, compensation of b
Attorney, city, duties of __- a
Attorney, city, powers of a----------
Attorney, city, qualifications of ____ a
Audit _____ ___

tion Page
8 6
8 8
18 82
18 29
18 46
9 24
5 15
3 11
22 54
14 85
14 87
8 10
3 11
3 11
3 11
3 10
8 6
3 6
19 50
10 24
5 15
10 25
13 32
13 82
18 82
13 31
18 81
18 32
13 82
19 48
19 50
19 48
19 50
19 49
19 49
14 34
14 35
19 49
19 48
19 49
14 35
3 5
14 35
19 50
11 27
5 15
12 29
12 29
12 29
12 29
16 43


Brush, rem
Budget esti
Budget for
Budget, pr
Budget pro
Budget pri
Budget, .su
Butcher pei
Butcher she

Calamity, o
Cattle, run


oval of
[mates -___
sparation of
mission of
ps, regulation of

ordinance on -
qualifications of
ling at large
I, public

Certificates, assignment of
Certificates, disposal of
Certificates, payment of .-
Charitable institutions, supervision of
Charter, violation

. ;y -*"

Balance unappropriated, transfer of
Ballot, form of
Ballots, initiative
Ballots,. names om
Bequests received
Bidder, collusion on contract _
Bids, public
Boards, fll 'time
Boards, control oft
Board of Exeamiers, contractors
Bon fresh
Bond, Clerk Cirenit Court
Bond,'for contracts
Bond obligation validity
Bonds, advertisement of issue
Bonds, issue of
Bonds, execution of
Bonds, issuance of
Bonds, for airports
Bond funds not to be diverted
Bond issue, separate items proposed-
Bonds, limitations _-
Bonds, no commission for sale of
Bonds of officers
Bonds, payment of by taxation _____-,
Bonds, power to issue
Bonds, ratification by freeholders
Bonds, refunding
Bonds, sinking fund
Books and records of officers, property of city
Borrow money -
Boundaries i


a- See-
phtion Page
18 81
7 20
8 28
7 19
8 6
17 44
17 44
10 26
410 25
3 12
3 7
14 41
17 44
20 68
20 51
3 5
20 51
20 51
8 11
20 68
20 56
20 51
20 56
24 55
20 62

20 52
20 51
20 62
20 65
25 56
3 5
2 3
3 7
18 830
13 81
10 25
13 30
18 ,80
10 25
8 6
3 '8

5 16
7 18
7 21
8 6
3 11
3 8
19 60
19 60
19 50
0 656
26 65

Pi ra.


Charter, effective date -. -
Chiefs, full time .- e
Circuit Court Clerk, record of moneys received u
City Attorney, appointment of (see Atty.).j-- --
City Manager, appointment of (see Mgr.) _j
City jail n
Civil Service employees i-- ... -- i a
Claims, payment of -.. ---- ------ ..1
Clerk Circit Court, bond of _X. -_---- -- x
Clerk of Circuit Court, record of moneys received .- .--u
S Clerk of City Council, appointment and duties --- j
Clerk of Court --_ _d
Clerk of Court, appointment of ...--.- --d
Clerk of Court, duties of ____ ___-d
Collusion by bidder on contract 4 c--
Collusion in letting contract h_.b--
Commissioners, abolition of .b.-- b
Compensation of elective officers ~.-.... _.e
S Condemnation for street purposes ._-.-_.kk
Condemnation of food staffs -----_w
Confirmation of prima facie assessment roll -'--
S Contempt of Court _...e
Contract, assignment of .- d
Contract, continuance of _-.. __... ___g
Contract, collusion by employees ... .. b
S Contract on direct labor ...-a
Contract, progressive payments .... ..j__f
Contracts, bond for _-a_ __. ...
Contractors, general sz
Costs and fines .. __
Court Appeal .__g
Court, Clerk of --. ---------d
Court Clerk, duties of -_____,--d
Court, cost of ---- -e
Court, contempt of- e----- --.___ .e
Court, fines -----e---- e
Court, Municipal ----_._____ ..b
Court papers recorded .__------.._--.. .e
Court, rules of _-------e
Council, appointments by __._j
Council, canvassing board ---..--___-n
Council, election of from districts ..-.-.b.. __ ___.b
Council, interference by b____----b
Council, investigation of officers ...-...__---s
Council, meetings of -----1__--__-
Council, number of ---
Council, power of --.
Council, powers of -_yy
Council, records of -'ij "
Conel, ecodsof------------------ 3
Council, rules of procedure ._ ..--..__k
Council, vacancies in ._d
Councilman, refusal to serve --
Councilman, resignation of _- d----- d

tion Page
84 67
10 86
le S2
14 89
5 15

10 24
18 82
14 41
14 80
5 15
11 21
11 82
11 27
17 44
17 44
5 18
5 14
8 10
38 8
19 49
11 28
17 44
17 45
17 44
17 48
17 45
17 44
3 12
27 55
11 29
11 27
11 27

11 28
11 28
11 27
11 28
11 28
5 15
7 21'
5 18
10 25
5.. 16
5 15
4 12
4 12
8 11
5 .14
5 14
5 14
5 14
& 14




Dairies -
Dedications accepted by ordinance
Deliquent taxes -
Dental bureau-- -
Departments defied .
Depository, city ...-
Dignity of tax U ln
Direct legislation by the people
Directors, full time
Disabled veterans, exemption of
Diseases, contageous .
Disorderly conduct -..
Disposal plant
Disposition of property -
Disturbance of peace
Division defined
Domain, eminent
Donations received
Drainage, power to provide ..-
Drainage, regulation of
Duties of City Manager

Easements ______- .
Elective officers, compensation of -
Elective officers, qualifications of
Election Board, canvassing
Election, clerk and Judges of _
Election, notice of
Election, officerss
Election, provisions, general
Election, tie
Elections, general
Elections, informalities in
'Election, legal holidays
Elections; primary
Elections, registration of
Elections, special










h tion P0G4
7 #P
5 .38

.5 i
5 UI
5 14 .i
5 8, M
6 11

5 15
6 1 5

5 18
5 14
5 18

Councilmenat-lafle, election of -
Cou~cilta at large, term of ....--
Councilmen, appointment of
Councilmen, attendance by
Councllmen, district election of ..--
Councilman, election of own members --.
Counncllmen even numbered district -----
Councimen, mi-lao _dit of -- .----
Councilmen not to hold city office .__
Councilmen, number of
Councilmen, odd numbered districts .--
Councilmen, recall of
Councilmen, temn of office

. graph


Elections, state law o
Electors, qualifications of -b-c
Electric power pp
Emergency appropriation, ordinances _
Eminent domain, right of h
* Employees and officers to be Americans
Employees, compensation of _
Employees, continuation of a_
Employees, employment of a
Employees violating charter ,
Entertainment of public guests __-.- vw
Epidemics, ordinance on ,
Equalization Board -- ___
Error and insolvency j
Exemption of Disabled Veterans c
Exemptions generally a
Exemptions taxes special __ b
Expenditures i

Fees ___ __f
Finance department, accounts of a
Financial condition .. __ c
Financial Report ---_.a
Fine 1
S Fines and costs
Fines, disposition of e
Fire crackers v-
Fire department v
Fireman, pensions _____
Fire protection v_
Fire regulations v
Fire works ___v
Fiscal year b_
Food stuffs, sale of ___ ____
Franchise be ratified by voters .._ e
Franchise, copy of filed with city bb
Franchise, exclusive for water front prohibited ___ g
Franchise exclusive prohibited a
Franchise, ordinance granting d__
Franchise required for use of streets _c
Franchises ____qq
Franchises and public utilities
Franchise to specify streets _-:
Fund for advertising vv
Funds unappropriated or unused h

Garbage, disposal of
Gas --
General exemptions
General powers
General welfare clause

-------------- j-j

-PP 3
a 15
ee 8
-ee 8









tGift received
Golf conesm maclpal
Government, administration of
Government, form of
Grade crea gs b _

Health aid bureau -
Health, detrimental to
Hotels, regulation of
Houses, numbering of

ece 1
Improvement and assessment books
Imprisonment for violation of ordinance
Improvements public, contract for

Indigent, -
Infirm pen
Insane pei
Issue of bo

Jail, city
Judge, aM
Judge, am
Judge, Mu
Judge, Mu
Judge of
Judge, qua
Judge, rem
Judge, sali
Judges of
Judge. ter

egilations respecting
development, promotion of v
ions, regulations respecting
ons, regulations respecting
of food stuffs
t, annual assessments
s, charitable, supervision
e by City Council
ons by City Council

ociate, powers of
ociate, Wuary, of
Micipal .
nicipal, powers and duties of ____
Kunleipal court, appt. of
lileation of
oval of
election of councilmen
m at

Judicial :department
Judicial department, exempt from Mgr. 4
Judicial department created __

Labor on direct contract
Law, divi~aon of, exmpted from Mgr.
Legal aid, buweau of -

k tion







SLegal bureau ---
Legislation, direct by people A
Legislation, direct, fling of petition c
Legislation, direct, form of petition -- b
Legislation, direct, petition for .- b
Legislation, direct submission to council -d _
Liabilities, powers and rights a
Liability of directors. ,, ..._m
Liability without previous appropriation j
Library, public as
License, traffic 11
Licenses, occupational c
Lien assessment, portion chargeable to city k
Lien of assessment, superiority of-----
Liezi of taxes i
Liens, enforcement of -- m
Lien, taxes, superiority of z
Limit of penal jurisdiction-
Liquor q.
Lodgings, regulation of w

Manager, absence of e
Manager, administrative service i
Manager, application of .,_b
Manager, appointment of a
Manager, city
Manager, city, appointment of --
Manager, duties of--. -c
Manager, investigation by--------
Manager, powers of ---
Manager, power to create and discontinue departments d
Manager, removal of -.-. b
Manager, salary of b
Manager,'term of b
Markets -
Mayor, powers and duties of f
Mayor, term of office b
Maydr-vice, term of office b
Measures and weights nn
Medical bureau
Medical bureau Add
Money, expenditure of f
Morals, detrimental to s

Name of City
Negroes, segregation of _fft
Noise, unnecessary s
Nominating petitions, examination of d
Notice, additional -- -_____----e
Notice of general election h
Notice of resolution, publication of --
Nuisance, power to define, ._ _----_
Nuisances, abatement of, a



















;* .i-


Oath od ,fi0cals
Oecupatiq al aicas
Offensive matter, removal of
Officers, bonds of,
Officers, Rlective
Officer, ,lective, compensation at
Officers, elective, gualifcations of
Officers, employees to be Americana
Officers, oompenstion of
officers, continuation of
Officials, oath of
Ordinance appropriation
Ordinance appropriation emergency
Ordinance eating franchise
Ordinance referendum
Ordinances, certilation of --
Ordinances, codifcation of __ -
Ordinances, emergency
Ordinances, enacting clause
Ordinances, initiative, alterations
Ordinances, initiative by people
Ordinance, initiative, form of.
Ordinances, initiative, vote on .
Ordinances, method of vote on ,
Ordinances, passage of .--
Ordinances, popular, form of
Ordinances, popular, protest againt-
Ordinances, popular, repeal of
Ordinances, publication of ___ _
Ordinances, record of -
Ordinances to be revised
Ordinances, violation of -

Park r
Plans a
Plat, s5
Plate u

establishment of
r spaces, regulation of
It of eertifiates
t of claim
disturbance of
1s, firemen _______
s, police
l property assessment
l property, sale of __-,-------
i, nominating-filing of
g and zoning
Ad specificatons__

apervisor eof__
unds, establishment of





























TITLE graph

Police department m
Police pensions -r
Police powers .
Poor, regulations respecting -bb,
' Poultry
Powers enumerated not exclusive
Powers, fire v
Powers, general
Powers, police -I m
Powers, rights and liabilities a
Precincts (see voting districts) a


tion Pa
8 6
8 11
8 6
8 8
8 8
88 67
8 7
8 5
3 6
8 4
6 12
7 19
8 6
19 47
10 27
14 84
8 11
8 5
22 54
21 54
8 8
8 6
8 11
8 10
8 6
8 10
19 47
14 -87
10 27.
8 5
8\ 8

8 9
8 10
18 46
8 10
8 10
8 11
5 14
5 16
5 16
5 16
25 55
8 28
20 52
8 9
6 17
6 17
6 17
9 24
10 24
.82 56

Primary election --
Prisoners, working of -I
Proceedings initial -a
Property, personal, sale of --
Property, personal, assessment of --
Property, public, inalienable tt
Property, right to acquire i
Public advertising__ .
Public grounds, care of -- __ e
Public library .aa
Public plants -,k
Public property, inalienable ____
Public service systems, power to regulate _pp
Public structures k
Public Utilities, franchise for -qq
Publication of notice for resolution -.. ec
Publishers affidavit 1
Purchasing Agent g
Purchase of property.

Quarantine-- w

Races, segregation of.-- I-ft
Railways, street ,pp
Railroad commission---- --h
Railroad crossings, guards at _--- -- _lkk
Railroad crossings, watchman at- kk
Rates, regulations of. n uu
Recall of councilmen ----g
Record of ordinances _r
Records and proofs r
Records, certified copies of --. r
Records, property of city-
Referendum k-- k
Refunding bonds---- b
Refuse, disposal of --- .Ijj
Registration books-_: a
Registration officer, duties of ---_b
Registration of voters___' a__
Removal of city manager i b
Removal of officers and employees a
Repealing clause- _


Riot, o


mnts a5dvisioBn
ion aasMnesint
mats, regation of_
gEdf OTMunces

dinance- -

t i

a ar V.Y cat ImaI er
Sale of foodstukffsa
Saving clause
Saving camse, deliquent taxes _
Sewage, disposal -
Sewerage, regulation of 4
Sewers, power to provide
Sidewalk, regulation of traffic 1
Sidewalks 1 r,
Sinking fund _
Slaughter houses_ I
Smoke, abatement of ji
Special assessments
Special election ordinance ___
Special exemptions, taxer 1
Special improvements, streets-- k
Specifications and plans -i
Speed of vehicles -
Stadium, munielpal h
Street, franchise required for ___
Streets t(
Streets, care of
Streets, condemnation of Ir k
Streets, obstruction of Irk
Streets, powers as to r L
Streets, sale upon. 1
Streets, vacating o _____
Structures 1
Subdivision requirements. a
Submerged lands tt
Superiority of lien assessment
Supervision of plat b
Supervisor of registration

Tax amess meant "e
Tax asse asorr .

Tax assesors, power and duty of h
Tax certificate, redemption of au
Tax certificate, redgnption of r!
Tax certificate, transferabla q
Tax certificates, fto ofm
Tax deed .
Tax deed notice of application for ___
Tax exemptions, wklows b

tion Paq
18 *8
21 '4
19 0

28 M
10 It
5 16

9 24
8 g
sa a
85 W
14 42
3 9
8 9
8 9
8 10
8 10
20 58
8 6
8 7
8 5
8 24
15 48
8 10
19 47
8 10
8 9
18 45
8 11
21 54
8 10
'8 10
8 10
8 !- O1
8 10
8 4
21 54
8 11
19 49
21 .5
6 17

14 as88
14 88
14 U8
14 1s
14 89
14 89
14 88
14 4-
14 4 ,
15 48

I ~':''i; t ; '~":I': ~i?'~''':

Tax for payment of bonds
Tax for removal of weeds
Tax law, generally applicable.-
Tax lien, dignity of
Tax lien, superiority of___
Tax lien, validity of
Tax levy; annual
Tax redemption receipts
Tax returns-.
Tax sale, bid on-
Tax sale, delinquent
Tax sale, form of--_
Tax sale, notice of--
Tax sale, report-. -
Taxes, delinquent
Taxes, discountL
Taxes, discounted- .....
Taxes due
Taxes, imposition of-
Taxes, lien of----
Taxes, personal property, delinquent
Telegraph systems
Telephone companies
Tourist travel, inducement for_
Traffic license
transfer of unappropriated balance
Trial without jury

Unappropriated balance, ti
Unappropriated or unsued
Unauthorized plata ,
Undesirables, prevention o
Unused or unappropriated
Unwholesome business
Utilities, accounts of
Utilities, rates

Vacancies in council.--
Vacating of streets
Veterans, disabled, exempt
Veterans exemptions
Vice-Mayor, term of office
Violation of charter by em]
Voting districts
Voting precincts
Voters, registration of-


funds --

ion of



Warrant for assessment roll
Watchman at R. R. Crosings



















a _
--- a

---------- --- -i -- -- ------- --- --- n.^










1 '1

Watwf trt,Me tramehise for I d
Water trde, rmaml utt
Water, rtl wet, dr au ,t ii
Wejat, ovaail at '
Weight. aM mumss ...
Welftr eauM, me tl R.

WBAr proptty ,_ -tt
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