Group Title: The Key to the Gulf : : facts about "The Island City", Key West, Florida
Title: The Key to the Gulf
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Title: The Key to the Gulf facts about "The Island City", Key West, Florida
Alternate Title: Facts about the Island City, Key West, Florida
Physical Description: 15 leaves : ; 28 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Key West Realty Co., Inc
Federal Writers' Project of the Work Projects Administration for the State of Florida
Publisher: s.n.
Place of Publication: S.l
Publication Date: 1908]
Subject: History -- Key West (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Description and travel -- Key West (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Statement of Responsibility: compliments of the Key West Realty Company (Incorporated).
General Note: Typescript for the Federal Writers' Project.
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givm ~rim b thaoue nd of workers o are i-Ub If l pal4 4a
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steady to t t t am i ty rul y West mw a ita *l

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WwveRe to *he will show Zla West be the aIret MIf

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less to dwell 'ma the destiailiyt of dirt rdilwy srviseo to thi

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tS rwtaintieo of the near future sad their iafl ua e those gro

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o tW as metmrs whisi atus lly w t~ U I eawte th en ea f

th wity to a poftt berrtrlag ea tMh phinZ/,

With theas Iatroduetory rWers it is derl4 to refer epeetri ally /

o the premant aIdustries, uateprimsm s4 auwroue lal foitures

whte hae already -m et o e w et me of tI feo et ities of tl

01R Nitgrele *maitrtem a te4pre is the prirnetlpt

Itndutry isa n y Wet andtt iE s Iry are hm en d appyr

elated in all potr of t1o w Ald Pt 1o to Wo t little ws dM

her in the mry of MrIrwmklag. he wme Mo sad the a mil dealer

:a WApre. M e mie hii M st* li t it Si late as 1871 a t .

f1lrt fieter s f imprtmoo rrf r^Ud hMrf* QM f tbo l-a*M f
%a arl ithfrlor me orgcmlsid by alTrt mrtarg 4i OftS

ihioem *ipr with W*I. I em&.3 the" t he fEAWtWraW

pe ploMy t t abeut -t0 poo I to U J. J. Philbrlek me
S9I mee f to early Mtri0r6 e lgr se &M I&e law y i

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tq Wsrt Cpr e t f the mrest a i ntenal diss easin la Oua
8eseas of the twrewse prevalet ia that eountry nmay peieo lft
harm and to E oast. Ame *i were ma emeellmet *lgar

oshrs and M dm se ra~dstd that f the Ppo f asking eun
the ellmine f ISy Vest me ftr supeaor to tat of tna 2a gut
it exnle say *e plaee thI e vrld the peualar ed*aret et
the Imte ist. da mot meA to latitude ta tohe womdat
waters d th e dee of the leastia of the Ou lStrn mse tobseeo

lfst ti vwy gsaitive to the rise *nd fll of the b1rmtwr mat
RKy West thrfwoe has a grt advantbg or other pslaes tSa it It
ba very fr 4 dp 4y med it is extramly rare vwha the sotl of

the ai Weph intefetree in any wy with the manuftstr of C1irs .

Ito ensitio seen lwms 3ust right for working the loat Ihe

early inzutaew r ftnd that a prest indaeen t o mapg la the
minufetimr of letp ins E West lay In the ftet that sti thait a
the highb wa4s th par and %at are n w beina pid, ethe eldd

iamprt te r at al matufbtre it tie *igarse ant sell th
preodft la Tw ak m amperp taPm afttr ma .- mft rws mo

plae their pede mo e Vr Troek m* et a m-- -begi-ta

9 .pv~ks| )3 M lsts, ippoalj 19 pthim a ea piMs)

19t we ppa p ** tWe %n. *ipkl tr s frt 1s0 19 eWiw a J

4e6 fa y, im tAr s w- thy are pod at s ,tas t or 9%m

ms Ia r of *IVr *rwage Ibs1ale peri of 1b6 a is abt

0 ar 1,000. The strippers amk 1600 to 7VoO pr wk, IlPekors
are paid ".&00 a eek*. Wrpp *1**et are paid t0.0 to o7.o0
pr week Thr it will be am that abut MOO peo t a 0 Pw
est of the total population are epleyod at gosd wre in the
mautiaoture of oigatrs auoh a eonditdam meo a preserous and happy

8P?~3( IS 1tX8 Ymmrnge flashing s eme t th th iorrmat indastrie

of Key WestU the best i whioh hs craom lato large proporties ha4
its begiantan her my year ago, sad me stktar by early settlwer
.wto we Ove frem the ftlish ColaMIs naQt by. The wtrst reuad
fIy West abeond in spoan, of the bet quality here are now 300
beats and 3,000 na fra this eity .naged Ita peag* fI8hinLg, urduet
$l s to ~ome tw t' odd buyers at astott a for about 1,000000 annually.
The -m ngaled in th busianln ar n6 to t790oo per oiath.e
rad.s fr te bet to peor* t are hepuol, wletl, yellow ~ruas end
gleve pomgeo. LtadSi 4daler in Nw YTk tMdl only Ky Wast p"a=ge
bmse oft its upwleror qilltly

RML U8T.o4t esl **t is e th i a su m m
mdud for pr uor at strdily, adsneoag prlaes. nhm this ther oould
be M b etter Iad to tt solidity f t ky Wet Th ermet be ftm
em Hte gebe fa mrites d iAtul pla of rltl4es and this eblad
wth uptiIally ftins g enal bu aaoarie diLWm mm tby lst m
4l1l oeit floor a ho Rets t e m desta. but rftidt to pey a
rood par 6at the' imrlb t here e a tfmw t eteerein

or resident s o ts d stvestmt in the qrettiAm of others is onsartatly
goingat ed as pnroing profitable te growr of business ito
eroashnlg upa tho resaid trial o*tio. sand b i ildrw are aM
bqginni.a to eeoupy tO herotel re iunued or sub tb parts orf the
island. Re&f R atea interests ar i the bIh de of epabl -am.

nUTU T axY nrlUS..m.0 h nolt orf !a Hery I. nalser
t exaeles of te Fe *e 0o Railway awos" the a-m to K r Wet hl
oatsk4 ie t rAnotra .mdertak -r to be kne eowat tha wvr114
The treat enterprise now : far finished tedt its lotis to
t si eity i one of the *wrtaintese of the sr futftor The "ira
hbre" alre ermyes to within 15 miles of IKey lot. ed mnh of the
gradig ever the Pnterainrr keys heI -e d mo E.xteasive dok
asenmesttlmrg barv boe provided for at the railway tewalft I 1n
O**to Friu this piat train will b ferried heroes to Hrava, 90

U. S. S*AAL Mn?1AE O*be sva f statiem at IK y West, rUe at
prtt ^U r tMW 4 ef 91 (qrpw vo V* fBtLIers a -Ms
preset md, m n of mdero V o. *ee i. as _- .
oMlOem ame ar f Aat aSweW* o he atw e rn% at th w Mt
side or s ilm. tI *asm *o wit u~r i pat ve s p t dof
5,o000 I Sf eeTVwhltk is bei ns ftlarged a4 hse pruammS 4
fiiLe at e eb t the t piers 100 Ms O *se per w w r e s toi
t disatlliag plant nd fir mte eSi tea with a sttrra sp aa
of l0f00 p se t tf fre watW I ao mdtm shesp. wit *an

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mdir t~*-le aimd applUaiees store hueoa-esg 4Ias barrsak.
me Ooe ft the mot ppewful wirl n 6tel*grapL station ma the o Ost.

Mthis irlsro ettiam hM a reliable "mg of vet l000 o iles in
e l itim w lew TI ke w8r-1 PwV orWto bleso alcng the

west east of Cotral AmMrii end a4r q ihe ttew state b

1. It is the mst itortamt mnval sIml eofth of NWrtolk mad

toi bing dIeeloped with Wiames fb a tho rpa etatio and depet
Io all repeete sperior to that wh is to am at ,eorto & 20

This to bingt brilt t Flanint ey 6S ei res jt a ret of the rail
read terminal- b Mo herrbor, plus are iefag l e D for a battl.ehip

mhOr.*o beain ouh of Wa"M Ky whwr t u mvy n la aifle roa ge

Ut km to t w tMee$tOoroft +he *t eAtrl, l boler t4o tho
rwmaMnto and will be sbutliAed for nuasl Ippoaree

g ry Tortuera, amther elatiw te4atena art of this s nWt

statteM 60 il. dtstsn ha f -eoml stog ~ ps it of 195000
trMea Beat hiaatia of t ha)rer at 3w Vet bevn a *hemIl4

9 ** m40 Wd 14,M fet W1, 4 t6 ame0,W te 6 the 0eda,

hmamm bearne betag so% t4 b eviw me1i "aWUM t4 6rms
ter tcrped bats t rdi nh is the IalM maMbe Mea te rmef

ad theo wlm 1e nrieLrt -at*%s tCiie a m %al wes at Eq

lt sfle* .n or thi tm. o ri r .rlM
utkuibm Sea ad He a OSS

; r.

e hail vessels are at the "awvl station at Key West fran

to to three hufndreQ wes ar. ployed, besides fifty strederes
who handling eoal iheb to a garrism of fity mrinae, uhib
will be doubled wh u ba it mevs ated, and fifty sallorre ineludSig

the erwe of the Iwb sI tat tuges MIloit and Osoela. Plans for

see wall* dditi al pier dry do* and marine selling h ber

apprrOvd Thoe dy do* sheuld takh a 2,000 ton battletip andW the
marirn railway w bhih to radT ourse of eonmtruetin will tba

torpedo destroyrs of 800 trs.

AIre-there Ir fw llitary reservatons on the islade

Ym 1WT BA--A-a-M the hdquarters of the artillery district
of KIy West, and the enly garrioed post, ti at the oorner of Whito
and Southard stretM. an the street sr linae Ara about 2S asre

Garriso 4 e rmales et the Coa t Artillery Corps and a bad

Parades daily aept WedIb daysl Saturdays and Sunday at 8 s a m

Paradea eR eaeosdsa, umet samer enths, j0 inuaates betra mset

rBd onearts E iy sad rAidsas at 7130 p. a. Uleeds N

rm a umthse, h~e p4 WP dn idlys in rM 7s30 p. ao A- UI I

tree to ea the ft side tf the pftrae pe.d.. Open to publee
-. .
4 FMT amTLe M m ad aet rd streets ars* aM*t

-63 w l e nwtas mIR ba atteie for deftae etof E Wet IWro

Sbri* rr s r r a t16"45. he fvwmtt s* to ~ t

am of me Mer yIn tIert in msrtruetia of ma alls,'brrabk


tA., and the a prisw m at Ie Woet Bsarr will boe moved her,.

Artllwy drill yily except Wodnesday, Saturdays. ad Sundays. 9s30

f ALdmi sieon by, pass obtained froe any oftfir at Key West

WST I&RTULO wThOn aeuth'wa shwe4 of the island at ond

of Whoe 8stets.

sST MRTELLO TOW Owe-Reehed by esty rte. These are good

alese of the fortifieatia s' of forty yoear agoe ad will repay

visited Ope to the publioe

CUSTSMI BOUTS -It will not be Uaihs, sre though thie pa"

available is limited in this paphlet, to give a brief outline of

the emasn business trtameted at Key lWest

As far n ok as 1822 and but shortly after the aquisitlan of

lorlda by the kited 8tatoes the fture --sirel1 mAportane of

let West wea reesaied by the usthkortAi at ak ington and by
a lodal legislatima trhe Pwreidrt was I _t 4 to estalfbUl a

t On hwas aft their potato A oIlletw id i t wer

latea, mud the tollaV" rTor a nrw wat attehed to

port. It mu noto hWewve l ti m tat a hlletiS

Sdistriet was regularly *stsbli sed t 'uothh lfid# atd SA West

S~stitaf4 tho port of entry It o mW us this day, althou

Sa anbee otf te nborts bhav slae bee oestabliihd to *aon ato



he metmtly aeomreoals dmude of the disir t. hM
first t be s*-thleb t e at Puta Oorda c the oet es t of
Florlidd mde nom 1ry o' the orteniam tthrete of the railtead
#ad the 4i.rlqia of the phobphate interest. Wt t he

port eof nl M thea lii of the Flria Bast 0o srt ltei,
and su this 41ak et f el as xtrlded soth to the lBie o tyr f

Emai mother tbtptrt mw d aed att poiat W11Mh the past

year the furwr tsim m t the rloridr fst Coa.t astilW & s" .
tihe Ilmde rmeth to Ilbt** a by md4 within forty tles of Elq Wet.
mother embyr t hi n bM established at that poait fr whidL

te omrs ledItOA wltM pasagers ply to and fto betea o tem ep a
tkvmume Oubse

It vrtinag spin 4 tho early history of Key Wet slad it

reoograiod emweIal itportaneo vow ftd that shortly aft te

*stabltmmt etf he' pert of entry the authorities at NW-algl

entered ito aesMtatit e with the oris glai aers and pur._ee .

suitable tet et o leaf d lut the watr frt of the islad for t tw.o

Wp S bbs -me.s7 *4 Mildsag w mte s
Sthe t aite a elt ler atei sd tl t ew aty sad eleume at
,.eeoeel fe lat < tme.o and a llRm11 of dfeto Jfll&"mtde
W' t u m tlMsi of the port h mpkt pe with the 'wm a n

ielmid. 1 Iwes gr a Ky 1Iot th usaore U r W re Ma%=y

1t p -at1 t SAlMdi ofa Ot bas nlftg its inhabitat at fqdLa


Om to seak an &1IM in the TbItdt SateS cLue. 1868. has utri-

ally *uoiated in thew deeopuemt at E Vest and has v the was&

of virtuam1y tranatrrling the Cubes eigw lar ueby to this point,

01g fteterfo sprang up all ovw q V4tW the elioriotlmo of
lost tobooo and other eomditties fro ba kept steadily Inoreasl

and f t o ustam hmes efilitis van sea=t*m itaadequate t o me

the vqudrommut of the nowbusine. lie ftad M th mt anppre.

pulaftna for a new publi* bklditn s use a 11 and the preheat

ga~iosmat difties, was *rosots In 189a, n the site of th* old

woods- building# at sacst of .ver PIO.O s.Oes end vanowp Withia

to ty sari from it sftrt o.aepsq the eusi business has outo

vr its eatines s an d a apppriatio or *350%*O has been rues
nueded by Omoee for the toureh of siteth ei and the erettlen

tere.. of a public building osur'ato with the oveamt needs of

the pert.

fhe followi ng otatinstle are b ake mfra the rheeord of the

eu house for i*e year udiat %gOv A s*,19*'?.

%A0 V*Sslte or theS p*?t..........eoe.............. 79
btel WIUBS of 1~i'tg..............*...****,*g**@*,.** ~UCIgI(I3~
%%I v aluof LOW-a .mtev.4. I&33' *ss....w.....3a
ftb..'at Wesolen.tsed- &31twuo3~

WE aw e suflee raft mm

as imw seem on aC61OVTIO3.- t a Peeumtipr riv g Y

jm 30)Mo.1W9.belag qvsVMs~ hS@ fttume

wo not a true indiestien o the *veim eo fMl Utter-handled by teis





offi o, as it umat he rmm ere that thert are= more brasmhes of

tth FPder s Oovwmnmt located in e W t than in an y other et -
of Florldag ll of the official mil of thbes wvrious 4dprIF te,
as is wll bom, (go threuch the lls without the payFm.o e postage
and as fully 1i3 of the ltl depatei d fro* this office is of that
i araotr iif poetae re oollooted thoeroem the inoom of the offir
would be ihnawm ian a.lIt proportione

Dmwin the ye 1907 the ofe'i o ed 12.55 dmost1 5me
ordres aggregati aI ppr~oniatoly 150M0000., sad paild in the

period 10225 *4cm..

B01mie the poes*i ter and assistant lsx elirks and fe

carriers arm eloyed in th office*

IPPtlWeamh eoastwise and foreign tr of Eqy Wto bcsem

of its gcographitl loat1oi is ve ry large. Th* steraski liae
abr a the Iklery Line from ewr Tork to Gelvest thbe & 0
SStuembip lian frt v Xier welt to ea ana d fm 2lat0

E Xr via E W ta w M tNo M3 i b Une fr t? b toe B Ml
m|U LieU fr Wr w to Eq WestW ae nduire ca"uli s imesri
o Wo TOr**k Me1Is we Orado U d forelp eatrieo

SMmrAPWe..q West he the br west otims, ae .matet

att rwsea papV a t Weekly Ad rtiwen r ioiah is elso e a
Weditbe e pewr L Or tGelat printed Ins I.a ~ A e 6i t M

weekly aq@ lp


HTULSs.-atel Jef.rremr s Isla 01V btel and Hotel VTitorias

All ar well iket, -lmtrous boardluOg bisho e

STRtE RAIXAYUr.*Th eleetrie railmy syste is all that

could be desired. os tratmge Oers all qarterst of the island

and the perfect -rice is war d by liberal patroaae .

tAPK1~0 .Key Vast has the Prst Wa*tI l Bas of Kq west

and the IUlad City national bmkL with a capital of $1000000.00

ech Those two bhaks in a ddtSi" to *ritag the ordinary rber1

of the eity oftrfr wry fatlltyu in a ftrnanu al way for asrryin

am the mirumi egar Iunufsturina business of the dity

ELECTRtO LIG~TIGe,~h. -* is lighted by a fir elas

*el.trte lighting plate and the ewri is m- llmat and reas-oabloe

WrIBjS TXLECRk HY.-!n additite tte largeU U... QovermmM

wrelos tolegrtaplr statm 1X West alo d Debroet systm

ComiSe-m 4addi4tim to the eI *wImin-stl th ijudileary

bra me Of" aty rt ., Qf~l td t ef Raerd thoe It

ftreit Cow*rt sad the bkited Sat"% Wm I

UZTAIL CMflr* mun of t laU mp a rolls at o e afmU

aotr thetoriw i .s t to ratr fi r th .rM N ov ad thr

the Spa* and fisMnc inaduatries affle hr sMhpplag ete.G tLhe

is alrw a ~n a danIs l Mr arSa otallatem Baene ia o brlk &wit

tho merew ats at all si am of ath yewo. -I llaos of trade are

weprn teod, a the tose s mrrit by Io mbmt areo w to Me ark

I I --I r ----1- --- -

'` ''


CL ATTBeiho prwlty of the huld Strem mar its smas
to the q tor giwv to rKy West a me t oeqbl* elim=t. eo part
oxtrama in 4mroatur It newer too bht mor te 0oo l a n
pgwtlo refrehing n refusess are oastantly blowing. e lirt

is bofieal It pal y trouble Su*irobk and IaW tw are

TAXZTXW- 3mo are wvry XLW*

dIatgtd 3.uAl ofP thq 'at fire insiaunei @mmepatis ae

repreaooted in KE WUnt% and the business done is considerable A
highly e ttem t fire departoumt is ftetor In a9eumig reasable

obarehf oa polieites

XISRXSe..t iAixg is ersellt.e o)r two hndre vw rietie

of ftih mare aS t IS ey West ta~sw and fine *port is after

|frpe* subr j.t* haMoeeueta. ihhqad sad all of the CW fish
|abo4. tn tal fAlsing in also uan bwtat indastry

Im rlOUI.o'r buport toof a i.rt of all elasT

eidtt~l yeM Iagu 0, 1907* nrurbe 9r7t

d all .. **I- .--- -f f-uitrs4 a"d proe eft all kdslaei me

Storetprere M tllryt w stie

,aOLaLt UnaU mpp t hor sgw he irel rfl *teo S h ee w
savrytin a ger l swply of gbds these firm till al le t ri
e alios dmo time urt ttv4


la 0WJLS T. BV. ri, tis bq*t of Pubir Irntrouatio

nfiv public Mhoos f a y Westm4r tfor *ltes. ae of hih is

ter MMa niedldru M t fr a esroo b t heerse .68

ttMd *ahoOl 9a th*e erry Vias $270?7 Ite 1181 aegroes. 1.958

Sar public ahool Wildrlag 1990 We p MImSo ad privfte .eool

Shtladrm e 657 white beoy sa 601 to girls attad the oublie saioels

I Vmt i be vs and 90 *ito* girl *stte ~tha puwroetl nd primt

s*ools. 215 noeg boyr and 986 are girls attead tLW pareial and

private aho ia utha arLgrevo aalIry is leat d her e and thwr

:1 is oone better anywhere Tho esant of Iry emulate is a largo

attendano largeCI for Wile 4only, Smr iis a ollef for boys*, nd

am elo the Kay West Qimoreial Seheeol

fRu WaEP3mmBT..-Xr west et)ras as imt efficisat fire

t d arit s l 8-t-t fquoi pntr ilth e latbt improved flre,

"p satae ineltudaI OamnI1 alarm system sad ues salt wIrw iidi
-L C the eot .ffe.etH in exUtoukif t fths meeNlc oe.a da--

St IM asa rates I

UR We e the x- al -. -y-g Amin r ae a e -e

Atl lho -d s dlleM bette s.

gMOUE o'w are a idr etf lled"@& inlodita bom l M

G"a Potd l hisghtS 04dIM lt Ko Of N d, VW$ f ete



p. .


Also *. O A* 14 A" 1Wt Omfedirat* vitetsoIf te9 0 1. 0# Elks

have a fls e ledge -dadb.da qukrteriB

Link 1U,.4'fblUe Ifbra 111th 2000 w1L.

PIAORW -p113?-.4r. B a'illam. daS*g swm b-tOWagg

Sm Carlos pwa, bo)mmlbaseball park.

ID'USI. AND V.AIW Impress. Mthm Itpvmss. htivamommi

Telegrah GO$ able$ OS I v Ouba, mad UsMan i 1.U

T31W303.I-6' 841 tWl pbe svise


WubPm2L.4wvAM-t states Mrino Nm~vib1.

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