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Dolls housekeeping
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 Material Information
Title: Dolls housekeeping
Series Title: Verse books for children, 2nd series
Physical Description: 32 p. : col. ill. ; 16 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Ewing, Juliana Horatia Gatty, 1841-1885
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (Great Britain) ( Publisher )
E. & J.B. Young & Co ( Publisher )
Emrik & Binger ( Lithographer )
Publisher: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
E. & J.B. Young & Co.
Place of Publication: London
New York
Publication Date: [1886?]
Subjects / Keywords: Children -- Conduct of life -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Conduct of life -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Dolls -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Housekeeping -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Bldn -- 1886
Genre: poetry   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: England -- London
United States -- New York -- New York
General Note: Date of publication from inscription.
General Note: Chromolithographed by Emrik & Binger.
Funding: Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).
Statement of Responsibility: written by Juliana Horatia Ewing ; depicted by Richard André.
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature in the Department of Special Collections and Area Studies, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved, Board of Trustees of the University of Florida.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002225928
notis - ALG6210
oclc - 67839223
System ID: UF00055006:00001

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:~ ,Z

i., ~' i
*; i-i~
I ,
''' I
~ r; .-


I-r. nE~1 .-. ~; i
:? .r. *'i- '*L':
:'- -?.'*1
B":f~ ~'~ ~~ Ir' !r
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V ,liariaTj ora~t~h ~1

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~s~l~ ~--~'J~r~F~

The Baldwin Library
Sm'B f
Rm n ,, !" z 5 r

Jltfnxlj. -i,^

AtA~l4i_ t~LC~

-- -DOLL S

or /ra u. -

-, 0 l 2.Fo in a, i 5 1 -n i
/*/',...' %' ... (l a T' P-.--- I- ',,
,. -. -- 1" | .

',- '

-urd c cTLorarCYx iiui
:1^etY9 1^'.'^T6

J l

_0r DO, uliana loratta CvinL
o ro mot her W riti n
hi n c." hard Andre
E, 0 euSCl Ehs Drawtn6s

S ro n'olLfho' i-.- -L I

15 -' O I /'

6 \ I

'_ ---" -"

I.I1 1 nI q

I2 1T'. iT s LI

I -.
,; ... .

.-- -- -
F;jr is W1ulunI4
R PW a- L otI O L, 19Ct' I' IJ

oETo -dt- 0- to E or rxb oCu-T
uF -olo lo s, aI k: s
c11 0a, btl. so)^ YoS j [
ro 0box_1 TOO- FU I T ElaS fr n n r L e)
paEr0 L ale -frloDrcr ;

-fh. JcLal --pol uJ)cTr I'
-uksx Eniat' ii' TcttjEr'
S 1 ur I 's tc crml
pot -U@C7a. f xir
-a l -_J al _

o \\ i iou.

U aI Ia l irra, rr 30ll. (Fo i a ,oll ',ou r
.ouA ;orr: ,t.i,, ae aPc aliKce qut Ma-ct,
lb_"_ c u:oo @ c pt tsat ra_9 i a ou3D.


.: : .
..A; ,,\\ .:t



curba. OuTc a o aUth

Butonrt vc r car tlri u1 at -comeFg efar thi enb o has broe1I

rlcT-LT iS TqIT-acn arrtaler flacq ITr caT ,bc-l
n-Lx oJf -000, sThE is ftir
L "to -up rtoo -rnu7el Toor-I -id -T s eoa
lic out4 i on ft oof Txl a o 1 iYq .

J-r\ E OL -Z-in-POOTT)

N-_ -
t6 -PUia [o 1,31 ec

I 1Trce to 1 }\lcxA ft cTEr -adlIc|
oul'sl aLS il iS5,)out Pfestre-ax-
r Tqor TL i OIE oo00 Ea\T for ir,
*:y L cir L T'l9o^) ea loo1 .

lr 's to Tfronr C t000 to fTe
hou:s c cxu llUco5 jfje' T1Qo f)o

Ij f ET's IOT'EZ Ieouvii t plocL

L oti ~0ou t cf i e.

Li" /o to$~1~i~

..... I

Scar,@ e a
o~usc uditle o0 & ae roorh.n :T TY:
obbler', ai iS uDa 'a ,To
I orq't quitc ou9 uKil ot bu.
it i~T a, oi- r pi, ur nouT it irc 1' all
r~n/cr- ci T-sC

Fatcr saciyotat hiLt
Tj a ull h At- IaI E:)l c ra aC a i q

o r i

chcsr ,a r cTr a

-t OT,c rr a lm n
t L 09 ---

. .___. ___.. la _2_._.

S-.._,_ .-. ....-
- -- -
af" "- ou.s i o0tfirirss rui vE 31Ni
_-,for "OV 1 L v -v irn

,.( 'i -W.-ri .. F + ,., "no--lmmi--+-:+!'' A,,., II ,

r@ M OTLE T$ -T E OF 1 O TIHfO O Ba i
0 p .i.. rn --l- Co o f 's i- -
M I L L I i IF- *

-".'j-IY *. l....- .j-i' coa....
. . I I 1
a ol TO.T y=-,+ ru flra r -r, orar 1of ,-+- L a. t -rq e hi. ,-,

-Po f- ? O-OTI -botx .
Tq s -or m
,.+'++ .9 P91 .1. "Ui ":I~ 0 "

f1srTE'$ a ax Vok. in-OtFe fIoor burfi1l acF z'Fe udoo)
i$ ou rottIr a rFo'~teqr can b :
WjIichLOas uiD he Tc a $uct a -rrE of tE pioE uliff

indh ij3r1o0U'., Thy'ou,'Fh
*T-y T'iur-rY pu-ir c)ao Ia$
-:" *- .OhichIoE ca E

.Ae borTef- planR uDoul) be -o mQk. e rICU) 3o,11'-
ou uOif "-properr'oo rL, iT-r r'fr ular' uDa)


1U b Ih i PDaP ,L j ,:s t' --h
I buIc
.t o ror -an .
1 4c a ,)I ,o ,

I 010- o material$
u Te re o poo&To u,,

'-L.,Xp&r,,,: oJ-
rt ik .' ,


_rt-I/ "
. I ol'T o ,

abl jto pla. ,

9oUF O Q) fL .

, r. c, rf~ tr .

mrp cda b

_______________ ____16_____________
I alm ost uiS I a ep-it e j ouSC ag~.siua, before.
0Ls -Mancage )p VFe uoell LOArt ax pVai-qes iTuOi u) a.q)
Loitfou 0 a f-rbqrf 0ooP.
I )ornt ioO lD OaFra-tFrer n E a {Rs 0 o utwi tl Tis Fou
butij ever'wine is friis&s, I'if ii Irs'piaVs iif
al-fer'se) ary rTor E1

'. f o

S..- --. s
",.. -, .l~i , -- -


rOTO1y 0 p13a Tea -par

-- ------ -

r I o T -ra iD -tq li-tt
i ^'', e c o.rt Ei ehrof Jt\Em th je, but-t er'c'p
oon or oJfm-,
ILhic&\ MrnaKi rrnot 0o Ea$q to haFVc' a anc' tRa-paFt
SifTlie.r e LOcre -twuo or -tfr'ce.
I kaG' a -tea-par or\ ny birpiTho a buLt JoC rmii
i~sa i-t can't hMv beenc a rcluTar or E.j
ccaouLe arTo a -rea-par'tV @it-\a or\l orc -tea- cup
art) rlo-eapot, lu ar'-basin, cream ju.,
orv' ilop-*oa i r he r\uv-er' hFcar0) of uch a
ulin6 un)F Tr e -sun

But it uWac ao Very bictea- cup, arn quit- Jull of
,dM ill aqQ 1ua-ter, an@, you 4Ee ,
E ,r'& OQa r an bo:
sP 'F-arqt C nb r4"0 '. 3
bsr" irs O ,, could .,:,,i, ,i, :
r a''' e aT


.. .. = .
.j, ,! ,.,-' ,-._ .. .. ... ..,
,,, ... .,-' ,i. :,...

e 9oo11 car0 orl p
arI tcrt ifuiOa l 4 c palir '
i ', I o Ior lip,
,, h ,':;," a CL "_ a r l E ',
"",::.,, ca rFo.. crir 1 i1n'f u ort-
S' I in a 6 of for E, toksp

1- ;uc. r_ I--a l l Ip ..

.. .

JorT a cV c
t-hE: i- cha ir' 1,sqT C tdblf.;
Rrh6huo it-f iha
iv 9 5-rfourlE
ar n a top,
$o iuiOoul
o 1Sif iLebackS
u~~j TI~ 'e

or' Charlc~
: to p cr or,
CL C @a' -to
ari g Ivnce
uta faitirblec
f lElos F-E -toI joi-q0
-to rorl a c.aQir2

L ____ _._ .___.~ __.~

' a t's t e small 'oll. I

of u5)aJeS1oecause Ffe 3I
f F1 @-' so0
ou" $P- F'
For I'c/F- 'ta en him fo1
rn brorlF.r, aT 'TIc DF-LOcs
moltrS $ oll bEforc I
u)a.D bo rr, 'o of co urs'. \

"T o1'pr' i-faRp rnI

live, b ofr but^ .1 .*,t i
i~r iq h t& aS ol0 acs rE ,-
Pri rEcc o-f l alcs'
Ol*l*-r -L C S..-* ^ ^.

K. R
: ,"T '
I, ,P', :1 o,. q
'i ;, "

"z'i, ''
-I.: 'ljL;

rF' ,, q E)T1 i ,-1 @oqv[,roL0 L 'atAw os o if Lo c. all ..;
ta I Ii _
?1 '1 ,

''" !, i I' "'2'' '

IH'& I' "r' t '

hoir urt,, 1 E. 1ir1T 1 r o t,
L C '',, c ror~,gO orKliltc. ha -t Ir,' r
b, P r but 1.o I PELCC' i, Jr Trf, .
/' -r-t. h o; c. of ,,:,o ;
,; ,i r1 9c tG roa lr, ]- li~E a r-a
j. b uI -ro r l cO
r)it C -O
ui, i r,

I o Ie.

r ;a ;-I
*- ": 4 I-4?
-- ..n ; .a ,
" : '-, ,,-t, .... .],-,_.. ,..] . ._... .." ,, ": :._

Fi as Tj -ti a out of F ft Saucsr ftr, IV Tjaa o trle ou of
t&c Cup;
\ou sze I aTI Sure ro lraLc sorme for irn\ ou- iI I le-
Irni be i firstr'E u-ou1) o nl it all up.

S:a-' t rte HFis
7 i.., / , *; ,' .--.j c a,, \ .. .t: c, airsF ,
10,t~ an 11j
S-gar lo &ore.

.-r kI t oera,aZo oF
*. i ^i~ayll 6~T9F,
..... "" t r ant
SouVE rto i)ea D -atf a lbeauTiful oll shc is, an) Ohert
I pirch.. her' ait a. igple, tie can c squXeiak.
IT quirts s ittne ou)sT for'F,_ pq'krtovOitia`an ofn
uq but h& ar ) al a Chai'wl VierE apl ro peaKo.

I'FTE tJrL-q lhe&r for Tq orq7l- iSter, fo of coruL^cs I Tq cc'
t'acE a -l9ou'o I e11oose.
_I'"F eollg lv. &d (l f ella, IF-eocut Fc I'rr S0 fo n of
the fotby,aT oe lzaacue c's E of foeal AT'oeS.
IT oTn'f fteTl .o on\t TIOD fh[areaTE
s0o Inu oUf uas, Sfor. ouolricn

r 1r E -Tj

$htE, C< Iuln 'foulsce, aoCr e'aouile,
ar)^ T fe Ti;tne of 10ales q fbEs of us aoE eCIa alUte;

SfTour o us eaf r spIoL ocq I'rT surIFle i TIi{ qe ojf
i UDL5 s -LS c0 T0 r ful fo-r' Tis si ;
For 1 i1' 5 (C l a I S'' S oq, or 0 OE qftlQ ) 1, Off' a0. o'-,
caTq fol o -n 'S -' -oftp t Int UooQ,^E 's orT7al |>oL .

-5 -- -, -- --- ________'--,

4, ..,

".;1 k 1 c 'f '- 'r. c.

.. L q .i-Th o ff z -M liE Cio """ S0

S .1Ias ol@ Oas po1,.

ofq -, irs so
lo, -fo a'c- ,
..!rF r a- I l

.,, L s : INf- i
aD cu TcoaT'E

.. Is o r~ir.

fo r Tu sR' i-Lf
;07 ZLls ah ir ru

*ing ,nY oulS i. TrE Tqiee
i f tUDOU 6Ee VT4f alieoulE

.- o io 0 's got nod o -n'TH '
;, nS ,Ule1 cr s ICLLFs coulqtY 6

_..'..; Cro, ..ne) --- r F-11 a -TS?
C) C "- i5 'o 0
L -L' r _- ) Of

v i
r_ _____.__ :


c Po o \

-..-" -.---__---7.. -- I SoTn Yr 1ic L ri
.._ --- &-- ir arrcsf Jfor~' m brofjeri
S3urYIotn T hF u 1 TcaidLl
,OL-q tfrl '^ 10T0o) h0o 7n ueb'ToU)? rr E

--,a 10,, u L f.T or.E t T...- cu '..ur, I
tor,- 0u eo a) w v't our DuLOT -Uja

r T S t Ti l s- ou e.i-possb1' u---LT i u four
i -pole r E iq oi e to -p et at i t a 1 c* ;

1 u,Ljhot'vh a~o ~Ion'1t aL TI shaILL e cr cT jo
Ia I-pCoa' TnoTE 1Faocq fhe o)ne fCLf -uL a otl fa

S ,; \.-- .

-754 '

.. 9-,- -. ;-

)~~~~'- 9----- 9' 9-

49~- /.