ti ':' success must be based on Ohio. ,Speaking of the use of money: it
rally also desire an increase of ship- the issues of the day. His arraign- ,--
r : ,,.5 Pennsylvania is conceded to the is said that:Mr. Bisbee has given the
I ping facilities by the support of a ment of Mr.\ ,Blaine was, clear, logical
: 1 candidate. i THE STEAMER
Republican National Republican Committee rea-
r 1 ... ,, seme-weekly line from our own ports and conclusive, and his endorsement 0 I
to believe that could be
I ; .' 5I 1 1 CAMPAIGN MACJIIXERY. i to the North, and eventually to foreign of Gov. Cleveland was full, hearty son
used to advantage in Florida, and
t ,,, L r 5 S There is always some new scheme ports. and thorough.The .
: has obtained
some help. .. .
I A ; ;:": ". for getting up machine enthusiasm. A Card.To Republican orators address ..... uuu._ I.,
'S r ,f:." The latest Republican device is the FdiwT.of the Florida Mirror: themselves entirely the tariff, and is, from all present appearances _. ._"..,-._-_-'__...-.<..r..:_ ?
S and
to turn out
train-bands with a kind of military Learning that the present incumbent will I harp upon protection to the laborer. ST NIOHOLAS
not be candidate for the office of Superin- vote, and Mr. Cleveland's majority
of the two,
The WS'
ni : drill and and torches. A platforms parties on FERNANDINA EVERY
< caps regular
tendent of Public Instruction, we would ought to be'from 7,000 to 10,000 on
the tariff similar I J day and Friday 'momin
of that kind is question are very of
ft., r a,_ '; organization being present the claims of one eminently quali- a full Democratic vote. There .is Returning, leaves SAVANNAH foot
i 't'lt z' made\ in all the cities and towns-a. fied to fill the place. Mr. John Owens' deep and the Democratic. speeches devote Lincoln street every Sunday and Thursday

HIt f'> .kind of spasmodic attempt to form c: zeal, ever manifested in the cause of educa- but little attention to the subject, very- little visible enthusiasm forBlaine mornings,at 8:30. o'clock, standard time.

A large share of tion, his broad and liberal views, his exten- but,take their position upon the record anywhere. The crowd in For Regular' and' Special E:: rsioa Ti3
> ; _, Republican army. sive experience, his thorough knowledge of New York, though apparently wel-

1 ..t ,, a r these veterans are under age and and acquaintanc with the people of the of Mr. Blaine, ,and the, necessityof coming him, cheered for Cleveland.F. -TO- '

274"I4 : r can make no show as voters, and it county, his educational qualifications, all reform, purity in the administration Points in Florida, Cuba: Mesie

', ;f :N .is therefore considered a clear,device seem to point to him as the most suitableman. of public affairs and economy I apply to LEVE & ALDEN, corner of Bull

U, ti.fr "We feel safe in asserting that no one broad and Bryan! streets, Savannah. be
r 'to show strength of heads if not of would do to elevate the public schools in the public? expenditures-a FLORIDA IIAY. Brunswick passengers either way willIluby,
'more which affects citizen. A of the Times-Union transferred at St. Simons by Steamer
platform .
deal of every
+ :;votes. There is a good clap- than he. MAIN LASD. Freight! .not signed for 24 hours after arrival

- ,-trap and silliness in these demon Mr. Blaine does not command the calls attention to the value of crab will be at risk of consignee.

Postmaster-General Gresham has been appointedasSecretar.oftheTreasurj of the people. They admit as a hay We recollect F. '. SIMMONS, Agent,
.- V strations.: Some of the boys have ,to fill the respect grass crop. Fernandina.
his ability always heretofore di- well''when it was said that the C. WILLIAMS Gen.AgX
..1 'procured plumes to wear, and perhaps vacancy occasioned by the death of Secretary -' very SavannahUs.
rected to his interests. Gov. Irish could not be cultivated
;; will put on tin armor: to repre- Fol"'cr' own potato J. N. HAUnnIAX.anager..


I .. "," ..: ;'

y f I .

1 8

'{ 'f4.v i- 1

; t


.. ... .. .,.. __ .. ., ..
: '. :... j. .o. -" j. . .. !. .
: : "
.. : .. .
--- --- ---
--- -
,. .CJ'pFIXE ,, ........- 1 J .
-- -- :: ;
:::: = -- ---- -- --- ---- -- ---- _. ....
: --
:::::::: :::::--- 1 ) : ...' ---- -- --- ---- ----- -r:

re re not all ..{.....................-..........................,, :r.. .. .. ,'" .. .J'. : & ni_ :B"Y'DJ.:> .


cur- ........................-AT-i ..,
couldexile. j +_+'!+II-II-It+I+(++++-++-f.+-++-++(+f-lilr 1 11 It+I+++ it it i+-+.(-:4.4-4++++++++
] ];i2
I r.L: : C.A.1\ILE3A.Jc.1'T: i' "


r the x t :;: *
HATS, BONNETS, ++++++++++++i++i-1+i+! i ii i i t i i ++++++ ++ ++ -*+H M t ,

It in Full Line: of Elegant Lace and Mull Picks, : .-* *
I ;
Collars ami Kid Gloves,
Latest Styles in We have received our stock r 'GENTLEMEN'S'

ha.cperi All of the Latent! Styles. Dress Goods Silks Satines Fall Dress Goods, FALL CLOTHING, i f-! Furnishing Goodin .

SILKS, CASHMERES,. I Men's.{ Boys Youth's.An 'f,,I
Is of FANS, in all I the
FANG GOODS: WHITE GOODS, etc. Brocades, Alpacas Velvets 1 elegant line. Also the j i ,

our lIocp Kirts and Ladies' Underwear 'Velveteens, etc. Latest Styles in Hat j]i LATEST NOVELTIES. ,
; I .

's 40a to SILK PARASOLS AND LACE: GOODS. ,, Great BargainsIN A fine assortment of We are Special Agents for

'+;-+ti i t )'"
tockTto New Cloths and.Cassirneres :BROWNING, SING & CC.K f
- of New York.
Linen Towels, Toweling, [
f.i I -1-H--I I 4-M I -ii.I I I I I II ICroquet I- I t I. BOOTS, SHOES
11 to 4' Gloves and ']Mitts.ALSO i I
Hamburg Edgings, And all House-Keeping Dry LEADING CLOTHIERS:
Sets and Base-Ball Bats, Goods. Suits made to order and sr
Mattings. Rugs, Oil Cloths, Fit Guaranteed. .
A line of
KITES, ETC. large rSPECI.L --
hayKatie MARBLES Fancy Goods and Notions, 3
-ALSO- Furnishing Goods pUnderwear.from ,- ORDERS 1
Hosiery and Gloves,
Filled in New
Low-Priced to Fine
Large Grass Hammocks and Express Wagons.IrING'S ..
CLOTHING: : :: : .
[ *. do T- I r:IJ:),
say Cor.(Jcntre and Fourth Sts., Fernandina. BOOTS, SHOES, HATS CAPS,
Northeast corner Centre and Third Sts.,
try FO:& RENT. t it

LAnnk :<) ,&)-.1' -, 4 9
extensive and
yard-room gardens
.\', :l.ttachedl.on Alachua: street; suitable for a =: SOLD AT IMMENSE BARGA.INSE RIVER AND OCEAN STEAMERS
. large family or:boarding-house. Possessioncan i :
) be given about August 1st. -i..

facing the bay; has eight rooms, large halls, itFLORIDA
piazzas, excellent well, etc. i
., STORE AND DWELLING formerly occupied -1 ,
h by Mrs. Fletcher, on Third street. I

For terms, etc., apply to .
: G. STARK. mss= = :.
- Fernandina, ,.May 2, 1884.

-___-,1\,\ i ,\ '! -

:ad.ty.. ACaINERY:

= OF. ALL KINDS, MODE:: : : :BEt.CJS: :

"( ,

et. Go to F. M. Robinson, CENTRE STREET, NEAR THE ,DEPOT j'\ ,

to .
Have just received an entire new Stock in every department, from the THE FINE STEAMSHIPS

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA. .Northern and Eastern :Markets and of cash
taking advantage
8 pur- CITY OF SAN ANTONIO J. 1,080 T<"NS.
--,--. chases, enables us to offer our entire stock.at 'such low STATE OF TEXAS, 1,54,2: TONSS.
In the Circuit' Court Fourth Judicial ; CARONDELET, t1,i08 TOoVfei.

Circuit, Nassau CountFlo : WESTERN TEXAS 1,210 TONS.


BERN MOORE. have endeavored to select the
led :
e resides_ that Uerniah the Moore,the defendant, Latest and Most Stylish Designs to Ibe Found, 1 ONE THURSDAY AFTERNOON on arrival of afternoon trains from Jacksonville -
beyond limits of the State of Cedar Key,and Peninsular Railroad.
Florid. so that ordinary process cannot be
served,upon him; now; therefore, it is ordered and all we ask is to give us a call and price for yourselves,and see the This Line, having no Transfers between Fernandina<< and New
that a hearing be had upon the facts York, offers the BEST AND QUICKEST TRANSPORTATION TO SHIPPERS OF.
cha ,c11111 complainant's bill of complaint, H-" FRUITS, VEGETABLES and others.
. tiled in above;stated cause,on the first:?Mon The traveling public are offered the advantages of a DIRECT LINE and UNSURPASSED
June 20th, 1884. 31-3m for JACKSONVILLE, and thence by Steamers to all points on the ST.
In Circuit be had in Fernandina at the establishment of ; the
Court Fourth Judicial
Circuit,Nassau County, Fla. for LAKE WEIR.

l >'S. Notice of For freight, passage rates, and schedules, or further information,apply to
Jo.III1.1I.Boy';1 ton,doing bUS- attachment.Amount ,
i mess under the name and R. W. SOUTHWICK, Agent,
t\'lc' of John Boynton's!sworn to$-100 -IN- FERNANDINA, FLORIDA.
Spin.r ) .: C. H. MALLORY & CO.,

lil} abovp named defendant, John II. DRY GOODS FANCY GOODS Pier 20 East River.New York.. 51-

lUtyntou, of the City of New York, doing
business:under the name and style of '
enter his appearance in and to the aboveentitltrl -+-
attachment suit commenced against
him Ly Lettie Miller, plaintiff, on or before Boots Shoes Curtains Rugs Floor Oil Cloths.WE E. DOTTERER
the first Monday in January, 1S85, and to .
pleader demur to the declaration filed in ,
said cause oil or before the first Monday in INVITES ATTENTION TO'HIS LARGE AND VARIED ASSORTMENT OF
February; 18S5. or judgment by default will
be' entered against you. !ti t\\ .
: II. J. BAKER 100 :JJECES: :: :r.vJ.A.: .ar'r:1'T: : c-s., -+ +-
Attorney for Plaintiff in above suit.
Forn;indinn, Fla.,September G, 18S4. WHCH WE OFFER AT IMMENSE BARGAINS.
----. I :f1:
In the Circuit Court, Fourth Judicial -

Coif ny of Nassau Florida ,

I vs. 1 notice of
John ]{.Boynton doing bus: { Attachment.
style of John Boynton's f Sworn to
Son. : j $1,000. The Uptown Clothing House
rPHE :above named defendant, John II. ..'
.J. W yntop, of the City of New York, doing -

John HJoynton's! Son, is hereby notified to .,
enter. his above LARGE STOCK -----+ .-.
appearance in and to the entitled A I FALL GOODS
''attachment suit comjuwcoxl against [I FINE TEAS AND COFFEESpfr i 'Ii. "
hint, in said court by Josiah 11. Prescott -CONSISTING OF A :FULL LINE OF-
__ ._._.. _.
Plaintiff, on) or before the first Monday in -+-- i ill"H"- *"*' "-t: '" ,
January, l$5, and to plead or demur to the MEN'S BOYS' AND CHILDREN'S CLOTHING ." I
Declaration filed therein on or before the THE BEST -GOODS OF THIS DESCRIPTION THAT CAN BE PROCVBED.Every .
first Monday in February 1885,judgment
wiu be entered against liiu; by default. Gents' Furnishing Goods, Umbrellas, etc.,

Attorney for Plaintiff' above suit. CITY. Give me a call before purchasing elsewhere. Don't forget the place: i
JA.; -
Clerk Circuit Court.
l crnandiaa, Fla.,September G), iaM-3m e THE UPTOWN CLOTHING HOUSE.- W. J. LOHMAN.; Cor. Second and Centre Sts.. i FERXAXDIXA, FZ.t.
I I .

!: ;,., "'.,, .' ,"_.I ._..._, ."_ .........; :_.1. ',: .:.<:-:,,>.} ,'':i-J;,.."" :- '::.':.< ,._:. '''.r--
1 .. ,- .- ..



,Ul 'J .. .. .
-- -- ---
-- ..., _._
-------- -- .
I 7a :i ''', --::::
#, .,:; TIlE JfOC1iL1 G.BIRDS;,. ..:; woman, and her niece, a girl of 16.1 ran in a wide strip along that side of which the bedroom opened was lightedat might put .in an appearance at anv

j1 : Oh!' nil day I long 'the flood with i, song, John's horse and gig were the honse, and was shut in by a wall the opposite end by a high, narrow moment; so I stationed Bessie at the"
:The f.,rest shades, the fields of light; after by a young man named Reuben some seven or eight, feet high, beyond window which looked into the garden.To window to keep a lookout for him
:' Heaven's heart is ,stilled and strangely Gates, who did not, however, sleep on which there were three or four mead- this window I now made my way, and be in readiness to raise an alarm' :::.:=

4 :'\3 y thrilled ec-'ta-sies! of.I lyric might; the premises. An important part of ows, and then the boundary wall of and there, with one ear pressed to the the moment she heard the !tramp Of nl1l1
;' n ? : : From flower-crowned nooks of splendid John's duties was to receive and pay Dorringtoh Park; cold glass, I stood and listened. Pres- his horse hoofs. For once in a way Sue:
4. .w '," ;, dn's.. into the Levensfield bank the rents It was close on one o.clock-as I ently I heard the. faint sound of foot- the lightning was something to be the
,; ;Lone dells a shadowy quiet girds, due from the farmers and other tenants found out afterward-when I awoke: steps, and then subdued voices of two thankful for each flash lighted
: Fiir echoes wakening,gently rise. up
td j And o'er woodland. track send back of property held under Lord Dor suddenly from ,a sound sleep. The people talkingto; each other. Directly the high road for a considerable_ dis a ofme
: !. *Soft' answers to the mocking;birds! rington. One such tenant was a instant .I opened my eyes. the room under the place where I was standingwas tance on both sides of the house. foil
*-. '. certain :Mr. Shillito and seed illuminated vivid flash of the back drawing-room which When this done r
; The winds in awe, no gusty flaw a corn was by a was it seemed as if
t : .. Dare breathe rhythmic Beauty's face; merchant, who was noted for his lightning, and it w'as'in'all probabilitya opened on the garden by means of a, everything possible had been d one- btl
", Nearer the pale-gold cloudlets drawAbove eccentricities: It was only in keeping peal of thunder that had broken my French window; and, although this and .yet it was next to nothing. With tol

+ ; Entranced charmed Nature listening, melodious knowsNo place; with Mr. Shillito's aggravating way slumbers. Another flash followed window was secured at night by shut-. both hands pressed to my eyes, I stood wame
ht I music set to mortal words., of doing business that he should never after a brief interval, succeeded again ters, Ihad, an idea that the security' thinking as I ;seemed never to have
+ x 1 nor nightingales that woo the rose pay his rent at the time other people by the deafening accompaniment. :My in question was more fancied than thought before. Then it was that- ha
s, I t .C m vie with these deep harmonies paid theirs that he should alwayspay broken. I real and of kind that would be sudden swift and :
'1 :1.un-d from the minstrel mocking-birds! ; sleep was effectually arose, was a as startling as one br
., $ it in .gold and notes, instead of flung a shawl over'my shoulders, and laughed to scorn byany: burglar who of those flashes; which were moment)Y loi
d 1, >r, '.' "Exit vaguely: .seen through gulfs of reen"egJimpse giving a check for the amount, as he crossing to the window, drew back was acquainted, with 'his business. If illuminating the outer world-an idea: '
\\ the and choral ,
1. '.:. Sole poets born whose plumed instincts scorn throng was 'quite' in a position to have done, the blind and peered out. As long the men had made up their minds.to shot through my brain, which for an rowi
:t ,; To do song's lowliest utterance It wrong and that he should make a point of ago as I can remember lightning has break into the house-and with what instant or two seemed to cause mv th 1 1I
Whatever they sing, a sylvan art, bringing it himself instead of naminga always had a singular fascination for other object could they be there- heart to stand still. And yet at the
: On each wild wood born note conferred
:i' : ; :, I : Guides the hot brain and hurtling heart; time when my brother might have me. As a child I loved to gaze upon the probability was that they would first blush it \yas an idea that had tl
h r 1 ; This"passion; of the mocking bird? seldom arrived with the money till least years have left me unchanged.: French window. 'Even while this ludicrous even, that had the need hI

Aye t!.pause and hark !.....be still and mark after banking hours. A board creaked as I crossed the thought was passing through my mind been at all less imminent I should
,.: What countless: grades of voice and tone "We come'now to a certain autumn floor. the voices of the men sank to a whis- have discarded it at once as little bet- Cl>
i Prom bosk and tree from strand and sea, had in "Is that Barbara asked and low sound ter than the
t These small, make their evening. Kitty just brought you, my per, a peculiar grating inspiration of a mad woman
"f''t' .'"t. own ; winged. ,genii the tea-tray. It was growing' dusk, sister from the other room. made itself heard. Evidently they But, preposterous as the idea s.
t',1:"'l "Fine lyric memories live again almost too dusk to see clearly withouta Yes, dear. I am going to look out had already begun to force the fasten- might seem, for the life of me I could

r ...:.. .; ,; To From magnify tuneful the fiery burial strain disinterred. ; lamp, but Bessie and I liked to for a few minutes. Is not the light- ings of the window. I crept back to think of no other and every minute
j ';. '":, ; "\"Which quivering trills. and smites the hills economize the daylight, as much as ning beautiful?" my room, 'feeling utterly dazed and now was invaluable. There was no on
i"i 1 : ..it ; With rapture of the mocking-bird!. possible, especially now that the long "Very beautiful : only I wish it helpless."Is time for hesitation. I must discard it

'{p t:., Aye!....pause and hark!.....be still and mark winter nig ts.were so close upon us. were anywhere rather than here," that you Barbara? Where have or adopt it, and that without a mo
{.,.f '1" <"t' ; .How downward borne from Song's high John had come in for a cup of tea. answered Bessie, who at such times you been?" asked my sister. ment's delay., "I will try it: it can I(:''
:.. .,.: clime This evening l he was going,to drive was just as nervous as I was the Going'into'Jher room, I sat down on but fail," I,, said myself, with an in-
,',1"i\ .. ;: {No loftier haunts the English lark-) over to Nethercroft, some" ten miles .reverse.. the side of the.. bed and told:her eve- ward groan. t
I! :. They revel-each jocund mime- tc
: ( :
,4.'I! '.;, \ Their glad sides shake in bush and brake, away, dine there with some friends, The flashes followed each other at rything in as few words as possible.She On the toilet table was a jar of :
:;1' ':,' \ And farm-girls, bowed o'er cream and and stay all night. After dinner intervals of about a minute. I had was of a somewhat timid and white tooth-powder, which had been
',:r; +t'"... :; ; curd, there was to be a dance, and I wa.1)not witnessed three or four, when sud- nervous disposition, and my news visibly replenished the previous day. I r'i
; : ; Glance to smile and think the while
0 .1' up
,iit t .': : Of all blithe things that flit on wings, without my suspicions as to the denly I gave a start, and an exclama- affected her. She 'sat up it bed, shook out a quantity of this powder, r't
>t +.',.);;' Xone match the jovial mockingbird! nature of the attraction which was tion broke involuntarily: from my'lips. trembling and clinging to my arm. shut my eyes, and.proceeded to rub it

:.. .;;: ;: '< : AVhen fun protrudes gay interludes, taking him so far from home, althoughhe The last flash had revealed to me the "Perhaps," she whispered, "if we ,thickly.'over. my face, arms and hands.
t; t :j.:t t' I Of blissful, glorious unrestraint laughingly pooh-poohed the soft figures of two men in the act of climb- lock our bedroom doors and keep .That done, r drew the white coverlet ,
'.. "4 : ::1' i > They run all wild with motley moods. impeachment when I challenged him ing over the garden wall. One of the very quiet, they; will go away:?! withoutcoming off the bed, and draped myself with it
:H j : 'V, )'.hro' :Mirtl 's gay gamut, sly and quaint; John in the but in the us." #
; with act'of
r' ., I f t was; putting men was a stranger.to; me; near loosely ,head to foot; then I unbound -
";1, I,, 1' linmors grotesque and arabesque, ,
,:'".. > : r!: Flash up from spirits brightly stirred; ,down, his, cup and saucer when we other, instantaneous as was'' the .reve- "Why, you goose, it's not us they my hair, which in those days
; r;t' 1 And even the pedant; at his desk: heard 'a noise of wheels outside which lation, I recognized the somewhat pe- have come after but Mr. Shillito's was ebon black and reached below nn
: ,. i t a', 'f i I Feeling in turn his spirit burn, presently came to .a stand opposite the culiar face and figure of a man. named ninety pounds," I answered. waist, and shook it round my face and
with the loudest !
:: ; .rt. ; Laughs mockingbird house. He crossed the room and Dethel, whom my. brother had em- v "And there's 'poor' mamma's silver over my shoulders in most-- admired

'f.', 'k.: .l. '} ; Oh !'all day long the world with song peered through the window. ployed temporarily during the 'last service'down stairs; I hope they won't disorder." I was now ready for the
/ \:,! { :i \.. :; What Is flooded'time its till whole the twilight mysterious dim soul; It's old.Shillito, come to pay his week or' two in the garden, our regu- find, that," said Bessie.I role I had made up my mind to enact.

k .: !1> Seems rippling to the conscious brim; rent," he remarked a moment later. lar man being laid up with the rheuma- hoped so too; but there was no Bessie has told me since that she
'51':+ : l L>,I',. : Arcadian Eve through tranquil skies Two hours after banking time, as tism. There was something in the judging how much Dethel had con- thought I had taken leave of my senses.
;; :: !I Pastures her stars in radiant herds; usual. What a nuisance he is !" He looks of the man in question which, trived to ascertain respecting us and Just at the moment my toilet was
'i And still the unwearied echoes rise
; t'r 1 t ';,, 1 And down a silvery track send back went down stairs, and about ten had set me against him from the first; our affairs I went' to the corridor completed, and as I turned and
;,, t,+\ ;'1'-a'. :.'. \. Fond greeting to the mocking-birds!1i minutes later we..heard, :Mr. Shillito's but if we were all to be judged by our window again and listened. The advanced toward her, another longquivering

1 :i At last-fair boon !tile-summer moon trap start off. Presently, John came looks alone, what would become of us? noise made by the men was now flash lighted up the room.
'' .' Beyond the hazed horizon shines; back. "Ninety pounds, all in gold For aught ''I know to the contrary plainly distinguishable. It seemed as A low shriek burst involuntarily from
"w i'i': '. \ Ah !( soon through night they wing their- and notes," he.said rye had to Dethel might be an honest, hardworking if they were trying to file or cut their my sister's lips, and she shrank away

,!"'' ,: flightTo coverts JEolian, pines; lock it up in my desk till morning." fellow, with a. wife and children way through some obstruction. After from me as though I was something
'I ,!I- 1 i 'f{ A tremulous hush !-then sweet and grand I may here :remark that iron safes dependent on him; but for all that, on listening for a few moments, I went altogether uncanny.
.' ., i (From; depths the dense, fair foliage girds) for. the'custody of. money and other the days when he;!was working for us back to my room and began almost 0, Barbara, dear what is the mat-
'I,1' t.
: : .< : Their Through love-notes leaf-wrought, the bars enchanted they storm land;the' valuables were by no means so common, I carefully refrained. l., from going into mechanically to put on a few articlesof ter?'' she cried. 'Why do" you'frighten
,, .- i; stars, in those days, especially in out-of-the the garden.And clothing, asking myself again and me so?"
.:i._/,"'N' 1 These love-songs of the mocking-birds! way country places, as they appear to now, here ,was this man, and again as I did so whether it was not It is not you I want to frighten,

,I J..,, ;, .ill,,;'.I:;;'."'. .. Paid_.11 Ifa i fie. have,since become. another with him, effecting a surreptitious possible to do something-though what but the men down stairs.;" I replied.
.',. \ '' ';'.'.'\4-'"'' i I' --- -- But the- money will--- -be quite- safe- entry of the premises at one that something ought to be I knew no Then, in a few hurried words, t told
:" .'" ..1: : j." i! i in your desk, won't it, John: ?" asked o'clock in the morning! Such a pro- more than the man in the moon. The her my plan.

r ; J r,t:.:' :, j "When first I 'l remembered my Aunt 'Bessie. i ceeding' could have but one end in nearest house was a quarter of a mile She would have tried to dissuademe
,.. \ .; :"J.y:": l'"Barbara she was 'over forty years of Safe enough without a doubt, see- view. Two questions at once put away; and even if I could have stolen ; but there was no time to listen.
: I' .; 'hlge.; but she could never have: been ing that no one but ourselves knowsof themselves to me: Firstly, were these out unnoticed by way of the front Leaving her there watching by the
"YJ' !i iccounted a handsome woman. She its presence there. Only, as a men aware that my brother was from door, before I could have reached the window, ready to raise an alarm in

'!'. } .. ;-\vas very:: tall and very angular, with matter of business, I should prefer to home for the night, and that only farm and brought back help the bur- case the mounted constable should
:\ 'j:; h$ : :' 'a. long thin face the most remarkable have had it in the coffers of the bank." three helpless women and a girl were glars would have effected their pur- pass on his round, I stole swiftly and
\- \. }) ; I feature of which was -a Roman nose of Presently he added : The old fellowwas left in the house? Secondly, had they pose and decamped. Our pecuniarymeans noiselessly down the carpeted stair

) j.t.:1 '. :'. ]1 commanding proportions. But as she half-seas over as he generally is ; by some means become, cognizant of at that time were very straightened case, and only paused when I reached
J. .,.< :T o(' iliad one of the kindest hearts in the and I have no doubt, with so many the fact that a few' hours previouslyMr. For some time back John had the corridor below. I could hear a
'i. : j I I\yorld, her paucity of good looks I houses of call by the way, that he will : Shillito had paid my brother a been paying off some old family debts ;; subdued murmur of voices, and a moment -
':)' lrH q.s med a matter of trifling moment to be soaked through and through before considerable sum of money, which 'and the loss: of the 90-which, as a later I was startled by a noise

ii '' "t!,1, ,I' !,, [those who had the privilege of knowing he reaches home. I wonder whether must necessarily jtilbe\ .somewhere matter of course he would feel boundto of falling glass. The burglars had
j I't.\ :i\:10" !''.' her well. It was at my request he goes to bed sober a night in his on the premises? In: my mind there make good-would be a great blowto succeeded in effecting an entrance.

''f ...[ .; jt :that, some two or three years before life ?" was little doubt that both these facts him. If I could only have got at They and I were separated only by
i ,: ).; tf:: ;ilier death, she wrote out the following A few minutes later John kissed us were fully known tp the men. :My the money, and have hidden it where the drawing-room door, which, although -

+. ."t tf'! IiI" lnarraUve of an actual occurrence in and bade us good night. Bessie andI brother's movements were as open as the burglars would not be likely to locked, was! an obstacle that a
I ,.. ..". : & I!her ejirly life. I put the manuscriptiaway went to the window to see him the day, and Bethel had doubtless as- find it, I felt that 'I should have accomplished very few minutes would suffice to

.,,\ ,.ti; ;'. :: at the time, and did not come' start ; but by this time it was nearly certained from Reuben, the groom, something. But the bag overcome. With an indrawin of my
1 ; .; ,. t''.' !acros4::t it again till the other day. On i dark. He waved his whip at us as that his master would be from homeon was locked up in John's strong breath I sped quickly past the door
'; ) ti": ',:"':'::;il :&'h 'looking' over it once more, it seemed, soon as he had settled himself in his this particular night ; while as for mahogany desk, and was as utterly along the length of the corridor untilI
: ,',1' :hl !t., {ito.m not ul1\orthy.to: being trans- seat, then he gave the reins a little :Mr. Shillito, everybody knew how he beyond my reach as if it had been in reached the opposite end, where
':+; .. .I;'! Scribed for a wider circle of readers shalce. Black Beryl's heels struck fire talked in his loud-voiced way about the coffers of the Bank of England, there were two more doors, one of

"4;+! ".' '!1 ,. I', 'than that comprised! by the. writer'simmediate from the_ stones as she sprang forward, his most private affairs when he had while yet it could hardly have been them being that of my brother's office,

',: .' .:::1\1\ 1 friends and acquaintances. the gravel scrunched beneath the taken more drink than was good for placed more' conveniently ready to the which was also locked, and from the
,t. t'=\ .f-i You ask me to go back in memory wheels, and a moment later the himAt the bar of more than one hands of the thieves. To them the lock of which I drew the key. I have
c 1. ;;: '{begil,s my aunt) to what seems to me shadows of evening had swallowed up I tavern that evening every one who strong mahogany desk would seem a omitted to state that the window of
', ,:,I, now like! a period of remote antiquity horse and gig and driver. My sister might chance to be within hearing trifling obstacle indeed. John's office was secured by two stout

i 11 : ::: When': I, Barbara Waldron, was and I pulled down the blinds and would not fail,to be informed that :Mr. All this time, metaphorically speak- bars, which was probably one reason
.' :,"i .. twent .-four years of age, and my drew the curtains and rang for Kittyto Shillito had just paid John "Waldron ing, I was wringing my hands, Know- why the thieves had chosen to effectan
: :, Sister 1Bessie five years younger,: and bring in the lamp. his half-year's rent. ing full well how precious were the entrance at a point more readily
t I. ; Lidea or to put down, in writing the The evening passed after our usual ,. These thoughts flashed through my fast-fleeting moments, but only feelingmy adapted for their purpose. The second -
+! )little :toy 1.. told :you by word ofmautli quiet_ fashion.:.. .We worked: a little mind almost as quickly as that flash helplessness the more I strove to door at the end of the corridor
a few days ago. and read a little and played some which revealed so much. Breathlessly discern some loophole of escape. Oh, shut off a short passage leading to the
J { r Yo4 must know, then, that in those half-dozen duets, and chatted between I waited for the next flash. It came, the wretchedness of such a feeling! I kitchen. This door I succeeded in
t far-off I :; days my' sister and I were times, till the clock pointed to 10:30: shattering .the darkness for an instant, hope never to experience it again in opening without noise. I had decidedto

1 h seeping house for our' brother John, at which hour we generally retired for and then it, too, was swallowed up. the same degree as I experienced it take. my stand a little way on the
F 'a.:,,1's' "ix-ho: a$ that time filled the position of the night. :My last duty every eve- The men were no longer'visible. Be- that night.The inner side of it, and there await the
i' steward and land agent to Lord Dor- ning was to go the round of the house tween the two flashes they had had lightning, if 'not quite so vividas I course of events. By this time the
t 1' q+ 'rlnetoi;!. The house we lived in was and satisfy myself that all the lightswere time to drop on the inner side of the it had been a little while previ- men were busily at work ,forcing the

>r 1 \ ant but somewhat lonely resi- out, that the fires were safe, and wall, where the thick clumps of ever- ously, still came in as frequent flashes, lock of the drawing-room door. A
afence,:; about half a mile from the that all the doors and windows were greens which clothed that part of the and by its light my sister and I madea thin thread of light which shone from
4; little Country town of Levensfield. properly secured. When this duty grounds would effectually screen them hurried toilet. Our house stood a under showed that although the light-

The house suited us for several reasons. had been duly accomplished tonightthe from view. At that very moment little way back from the high road, ning was still as frequent as before,
yt, 4 t In the:first place, the rent was low; in drawing room lamp was extin- they were doubtless making their way from which it was divided by a tiny they did not find it sufficient for their
the next. a large walled garden was guished, and then BessIeand I took stealthily toward the' house. What lawn and a low screen of evergreens. purpose.Scarcely. ,
;ff'5 r ttachdid to it, in which Bessie and I 'our bed candles and marched up was to be done? Never had I real- Once or 'twice in the course of the breathing, I waited. I

spent many happy hours; and in the stairs, leaving darkness and solitude ized so fully as at that moment, how night one of the'mounted constabularywould was too excited, too wrought up, the
third place, there was a side entrance behind us. Mary Gibbs and Kitty helpless a creature woman is. Draw- ride slowly past as he went his tension of my nerves was too extremeto

l L ? tb Dorrington Park, by which my had retired long ago. ing my shawl more closely around me, rounds; but I was without any knowledge allow of any personal fear. It was
Brother could take a short cut to the :My sister's room and mine 'adjoinedeach and putting on a. pair of list- slippers as to the particular time when all terribly real,. yet with a strange,
Hall whenever he had business with his other, with a door'of communication which I wore about the house in cold he might be expected, or whether,.in vague sense of unreality underlying
'lordship or his lordship had business between, which generally stood weather. r crept noiselessly out of the fact, the time at which he, might be it. I felt as if I should not have been
f'; p X41' with him. Our household was a small partly open at night for the sake of room. At the top of the stairs I halted looked for at any specified point did surprised had I woke up and found

',i\t, one, mid besides ourselves comprised companionship. The windows of both and listened; but all was silence the not vary from night to night. Still, the 'whole affair resolve itself into a

:1 only. Mary Gibbs, a middle-aged rooms looked into the garden, which most profound. The corridor out of there was just a possibility that he dream, while yet fully assured in my


7 f j

a' ,. '_. "'. ,, 1 ,"',, ''" A 1'....:'":a.., _.v. :.:,:,:.., ,<.', 'v:" ..........::''::::., '' r- '>" '. .;, '. : ;" '._ ..... ::." ......",,;. ''-
{ .
I ._.
1 + ,
4F +


t .

: ..
:; .. ,
: -- -
'. ";: ; <: : '; u ; ", ,
. i; ; }:: : -X ",', ;:" 'r, ;" ,;:;" <:-';;"4" :, '7, ::-- ,:'1 ;.". .t :.- :' ;
i .' -C':
j j
.' '" ,
-' r _u_ "
::-- I -

: that it wAs nothing of the kind. Finley, Benjamin x Fuller, Butler x Francis j I Application for License.To I Wilson, William"Wilson; George E W.dfe, George x Sopson, Henry x'Scott Henry :tV.
lddeJllr noise at the ceased Butler x Francis, Jr, Robert Fitzgerald, I Wlliam; Wood. Jr., Benjamin '
tcu the ; George :-- x Wright x Smith.: George W. Spt"u'er.Y.
x Fogarty John Felder. M Ferriera
1ockhid been forced. The thread John Freeman, Paul, Funke: J W the Board, of Cnnnly'Commixslniters of JVasnu *- Charles Wright.; Stephen) Wright:; Adam x P. Streety. n. x Smith May x .'
the 1 ; ; Flynn, Young Levi x Young, July Young; Obt-d Small. Sandy :Sye:: John W. x Smith.. Sr..
of light disappeared ; for a few mom F U Ferriera, David x Freeman, Lemon x County, State : silence the most Fuster: K O Friend, Israel x Grant, Frederick ask to be granted a tow Roberts.. Henry x Commodore 0 B Doc
tr all was ; pro- I ; x Scott, Jacob x Stokes. H. M. ::;Smith., '
8 x Gibson, Stephen x Green, Charles x license fur the sale of Ales Wines and Murray Edward )McRae, John Amen: Daniel James x Stewart, G. Stark H. O. x Smith, .
foandl : : Grant, Adam x Gibbs. Benjamin x Ger Liquors in the City of: Fernandinu. and enclose Mitchell. William Sharp, Abraham x Tremmins.
Then a faint creaking 1 which a. anytbcr main. ,Albert Glaiber, Juan Gardner, herewith signatures.of a majority Jesse Tynes-, William x Taylor, liomatv: x

time would' have been inaudible, Joseph x' Gibbs, Henry Gage, William of the legally; registered: l, voters of this pre ,Yt. the Traeye, Lymus xThomas, Lehman xThojii-
E Gray Jefferson undersigned hereby certify that
x Ju-cph x cinct, as required u'lnw.
linson. Talbot. Jeremiah
told me that tfie drawing-room doorbein Hunter, Henry x Hart, Thomas x Holsen- J..FRED LOHMAN. the persons whose names appear in the foregoing Benjamin x -'
and that the crucialfoment dorf William K: Hannahan Shade petition signed the same or attached x Thomas, William .x Thomas, Abraham -
g opened x Fernandina, Fla., Sept. 18, 1884. x Thomas H. M. x Tyson, Reuben x.
: their
marks thereto
Hayes Moses Hunter Frank in our and
I x x presence
hail come. pressed onehand Thomas, William Thomas John L. Taylor
:: x -
that neither fraud
Green Henderson bribery deception
Hughes x Hoidorr was
Henry x !
heart and for few Sam:; ,x Vickery, Simon x Valentine,.
used in
over my: ; Jr, Henry x Harker, Willis Hall, Hy We, the undersigned, voters of Election J1rucurlllmd signatures or marks. John x Wells, Benjamin x Wright, Curtis
brief wconis an almost overpowering x Hooper, Matthew x Hawkins, Thomas x Precinct No.1, in Nassau county, State of W. MASON W. x Williams Charles x Williams. Danielx

seized me to get back to myroom Haden, James Hazeltine, Jake x Harris, Florida, respectfully request that the above JOHN GARDNER, Will hlll IS, Louis x ".ut on"illi x
j lonmn" George x Hill, Allen x Harker It W C L. LOHMAN f '
be ,
cost and lock myself petition yaters, Laurance x Wilson, Muck x Williams -
1t any Hummings, Thomas A Hardy, Thomas x P. "". KING, Charles
Thomas Wilkerson
rrithtntime But it: was too late ; by this Hubbard, Moses x Hooper, C II Huot Cupid x Armstrong, John x Alberti, Mer C. BAKER Hogarth x Wright Williams, Dudley x Williams -

the men were in the corridor. John x Hurget, Henry x' Harley Frankx rick x Alberti, Dempsey x Alexander, A. W. LOHfAX.GEO. Henry x Wells, George x"Wilson
Holsendorf Squire x Allen, George x Anderson
; Alfred x Hampton, Henry Mingox E. WOLFF.
I could not Sandy x Williams, Jr Sam x Wight.
I knew it, :although, see Thomas.Heidt, Robert Hanley,Joseph Hig- Anderson, Jam s Annette, Moses Arm- Thomas L. Wilson, John x Washington.
Marshall Irons Edward strong, ,Amos x Atkinson Richard Austin -
gins ,
x x Johnson.
they Charles West berg. B. F. 1V aas. Julius x.
-Where's the 1 door we want?" I Stepney x Johnson, Sol x Jackson, Paris x George x Avery, James x Avery, Henry x STATE OF FLORIDA, ) Williams, Primu* x Wells Alfred H. ""aa ..
Johnson, Louis x Joseph Rufus Johnson, Baird. Caesar x Baker, Charles x Baker, t t1Voltf
to the other.On A. G. Wilson. lonzo Warren George E.
heard one whisper Allen x Johnson, Jake ,x Jenkins, Marshallx Frederick x B.tker Heliry x Baker, Jack x On this 'dar personally beforeme :
appeared John I.. '''hale\'. Charles x.""illiam:*::..
the right-the first door we : Jenkins. Edgar x Johnson, Henry Johnson Baker, Joseph x Baker, Roderick Baker J. Fred Lohman to me well known, who, Wabby Washington Obed x Young, 'Levi

to.. ; I Edward x Johnson, Robert x Junes, Henry Barker Daniel R Baxter, Henrv being duly sworn, deposeth. and says that Young; Adam x Young Joseph Ligonr.
come I billion x Johnson, Daniel x Johnson, Johnx Bell, James llell.'m.W Bell, T B Bellows, each and mark affixed the
advanced a I did the' every name or to Joseph Mode, Dan x Johnson Frank x: V
Vs they : step Jackson, Louis x Jenkins, Alonzo x Bristo x Benjamin' John x Benjamin, above petition was the act and deed of the Emerson, Henry Gage. H. C. Johnson, Dan

!:8rne: Jones, Scippio Johnson, John x Jones, It Charles H Berg, W "E Berry, Abner x party purporting to have signed the same, x Smith, George Bell. '
11 hat noise;was that ?" asked 1 one I Jackson, Lemon Junes, Edward Johnson, Blake, Joseph x Blake, Thomas x Blake. and that said signatures were signed in the
David Joseph, Charles Jones, Harry x Thos E Bliss Peter x Blue, William x presence of at least two credible witnesses,
of them quickly. Joseph, Peter x Johnson.. Douglas King; Blue, William x Blue, Jr, April x Bonapart, and that there was no fraud, bribery or de- We the undersigned, hereby certify, that! ?
"Don't. be a;; fool. There was nonoise. Daniel x King. John x King, Plato x King, Peter Bonaud, Joseph x Bowls II C .Bradford ception in procuring said signatures or the persons whose names appear in the foregoing

."t i 1' William x Knabb Sable x Keyser, F R :Newton x Bradley, A J Braswell, marks of snid persons ,whose names appear petition signed the same or attached
!:* |l there. was.Vhere's the Kruse, Julius Klutz, William x King, P W Alexander Brinson, V.R Bristol, Prince x signed to the above petition.J. their marks thereto in our presence anti:
"I tell you' : King, Joseph x King, William x Lizzimore, Brooks, Andrew x. Brown, John H FRED LOHMAN. that neither fraud, bribery or deception was.
<)" x Brown, Samuel x Brown, George used in said marks.- i
glim James Love, Myers x Lizzimore James x Subscribed and to before this procuring signatures or
But the lightning was quicker than Lang, Levi x Leggins, Talbot Little, James Bryant, Jetty x Burrows. C S Busbee, 18th:! day of September.sworn 1884. me, i. GUSTAV MINKLEY,
R 'W x Caldwell Samuel x Connell JohnS FREDERIC KRUSE
the x Lawson, Alfred Lucas, Owen x Love,
the bull's-eye. ; It came, smiting: Samuel x Lizzimore, Joseph x Longwood, J Clark, John Clatiser, Geo II x Clay, CHAS. H. BERG JULIUS KLOTZ
darkness and flooding the corridor S Lee; Ephraim Latham, J W Latham, G A Henry x Clay, Alfred x Collins,. Warren Notary THOMAS: WILKERSON,

with the blindirjg intensity of its glare. Latham, F B Lewis Lawrence Lang, J B Commodore Joseph x Cook. Charles x I'. W. KING.
and Lee, Samuel Love, James L Long, Tom Cooper, Lewis Cooper, Summersault x Application for License.To ROBERT BROWN. .
Then I saw th.e men they saw Lung, Louis Lang J F Lohman} F C Cooper, William x Cooper, Freeman Copeland -

me but darkness had hidden us fromeach Latham, Joseph Ligeour, Isaac x Lewis, JF Ephraim x Colman,,Lee x Cothran, the Board of County Commissioners, of Nassau STATE OF FLORIDA, )
other again before they had time x Mitchell, Jonas McCall, Isaac x Mc- W F Courier, William x Cox, John x Crandall COUNTY NASSAU
County, State of Florida.RESPECTFULLY OF jOn
their had Call, C W x Williams, Obed x McDonald, Romain x Cribb, James x Culpepper, .
t to) make sure that eyes not Peter x Miller, Steve x McCann, Peter x Robert x Cunningham Lewis x Deas, ask to be granted a this day: personally appeared bef n.-

deceived them. : McCall, Henry x Martin, Daniel x Mitchell, George x DeMotte, Romeo x Denegal, I license for the sale of Ales, Wines and me Albert Glaiber to me well known;who

One of them 1:gave a gasp and whispered Robert x Miller, Jake x Miller, James x Cornelius Donovan, George x Dorsey, Jr., Liquors in the City of Ferandina, and enclose being duly sworn, deposeth and says that.
his mate "What that Morris, July Mitchell, Gustave Minkley, Gilbert x Dorsey; John Douglas, Mathew herewith the signatures of a majorityof each and every name* or mark affixed to the-
to : was Downey, James x Drumming John A. above petition was the act and deed of the-
1 John E Madden, Aaron x McCall, Edwardx the legally registered voters of this pre-
tall, white thing at the end of the passage McRae, Seek Mitchell, James Mooney, Ellerman, Van x Ellison, G H.Elvin. Frankx cinct, as required by law. party purporting to have signed the same.
? Seemed: me like a ghost.'' Joseph :Mode, S A Mode, C W Morgan, Emmerson, Julius, x Evans; John x ALBERT GLAIBER. and that signatures were signedin

"Ghost be dashed! There aint George L Martin, Charles Muller, J II Felder, Frank CFerreira.ManningFerreira, Fernandina, Fla., Sept. 16th, 1884. the presence of at least two-
)Mooney W Marshall, Charles G Mann, Freeman x Ferrell, John x Finley, Thomas credible witnesses, and that there-
such things. Here's the glim ; we'llwon William Martin, Conner McQuinn, A R Fitzpatrick, Michael Fitzpatrick Robertx %:i was no fraud, bribery or deception in procuring -

see what it is." As he spoke the Manucy, James Mackey, Rinaldo McDonald Fitzgerald, Henry x Fletcher: Boston x We, the undersigned voters of Election said signatures or marks of said per-
Prince J W Flinn Precinct No. 1 in Nassau State of sons whose names signed to the-
lantern Frank McDonald, Samuel x Major, Floyd, x Floyd, Butlerx county, appear
light of his bjill's-eye was Burrill McNeil, John McDermott, Steve x Francis, Francis Frank, Henry x Franklin Florida, respectfully request that the same above petition.

turned full upoi| me.I Morris, 0 B Murray, D W McClellan, David David x Freeman, John x Freeman, be granted. ALBERT GLAIBER.

advanced ;Sa couple of paces, and Moody, It A McBean, Allen Mitchell, E 0 Friend, Lyman x Foster, Benjaminx Cupid x Armstrong Sr.,Merrick x Alberti Subscribed and sworn to before me, this-

the men fell back in speechless sur- George x Norman, Richard x Nelson, Fuller, Paul Funke, Henry Gage, John George x Anderson, James x Annette, Johnx 16th day of September, 1884. t
'Joseph H Newton, Samuel x Owen, J T Gardner, Benjamine x Germain, Adam Alberti, Demsey x Alexander, Mingo x CHAS. H. BERG.
jirife and terror. I have often tried O'Neil, Isaac x Pino, Emanuel x Peppina, Gibbs, Joseph x Gibbs, Fred x Gibson, Anderson John Amen,Moses x Armstrong, Notary Public

since to picture;; myself the appearance Samuel x Pinkney, Peter x Peterson, An- Albert Glaiber, John x Glizer, W J Godfrey, James x Avery. Joseph P. x Adams, Alfredx

I must have presented when seen drew x Perry, David Proctor, Joseph x Israel x Grant, Stepney x Green, Willis x Alberti, Adam x Albert, R Austin, Antonio -
Proctor, Michael Fitzpatrick, Henry Peter Hall, Alfred x Hampton, Robert Hanley, Armentero, Bradford Hill, Thomas x R.: AUSTINMANUFACTURER
at such a moment and by that uncertain son, George x Perry, Walter Roberts, Win J Hanley, W H Hannehan, John Blake. William x Blue, Jr., A. J. Braswell,

light, with my ghastly, death- Toney x Riley,Pablo x Rogers, Edward x Harget Allen x Harker, Henry x Harker, Henry x Bell, George Bryant, William x OF .
Bristo Roberts Henry x Harley, Jacob x Harris Jeffersonx Blue:Sr. John Jeta Burrows
like face dilated black Rogers, ,Ambrose x Robinson Benjamin, x ,
eyes my
my Richard x Robinson, Louis x Robinson Harris,Shades x Hayes, Mathew Hawkins, Harry Barker, April .x Bonapart, Jack x
Hiake-like lock, my tall figure all in Eddie x Reynolds, J Rikart, George Thomas x Headen, Thomas A Heidt, Baker, C. S. Busby, Joseph x Baker, Princex Tin Sheet-Iron Ware.

white, and with' one extended arm and Robinson, Jos W Robinson, J C Rutishau- George x Henderson,.Jack .x. Hibbard, Brooks, Alexender x Brenson, Roderickx

finger pointed direct at the men. I serAlbert, Reynolds, B F Rich,Jno Smith, Joseph King, George x Hill, Henry Hobein, Baker, Frederick x Baker Newton x AND DEALER IN
wonder their 'I Louis x Spalding, Jerry x Smith, Samuel x Henry x Holzendorf, Thomas x Holzen- Bradley, Cornelius Bell Caesar x Baker,
cannot ;: fright.At .
Savage, Henry x Scott, Doc x Scott, James dorf, Henry Hooper, Thomas x Hubbard, Alfred x Baker, Samuel x Brown, WilliamB.
this juncture came another flash. Stewart, Henry x Samuel, Isaac x Shark- Joseph Hunter Cleophas H Huot, Jamesx Bell, Henry Beard, Peter Bonaud, ARLJ R rrI E 1gti x T VE
and a terrible peal of thunder start- ley, May x Small, Thomas x Simms, H M Hutcherson, Marshall x Irons, Henry James Bell, T B Bellows, Joseph ;
led the air and shook the house. At x Smith, Stephen x Stewart, Henry x Simp- Jackson, John Jackson, R Jackson, Solomon Blake, Thomas E. Bliss, Samuel x Brown,
kins:, George x Sopsion, Arthur Steil, W F x Jackson, Louis x Jenkins, Marshall Edward Bailey, Daniel R Baxter, Warren x
the very instant, impelled thereto by V Scott, C H Sanders, G Stark, Jacob x Jenkins, Allen x Johnson, Daniel x Johnson Commodore, Ephraim Coleman, Summer- ,

something within me that I was pow- Stokes, George W Spencer, Henry W Smith, Edgar x Johnson, H C Johnson,Henryx sault x Cooper, Samuel x Cammel, Williamx

erless to control I burst into a wild Henry W Sneed Benjamin Thomas, Co- Johnson, Hardy Johnson, Jake x Johnson Cooper, Freeman x Copeland, James x
lumbus x Thomas, Abram x Trimmins, Parish x Johnson, Rufus Johnson, Culpepper, Robert x Cunningham, John
peal of maniacal, blood curdling laughter. Richard x Thomas, Jesse x Tynes, Benjamin Simon x Johnson,Stepney Johnson, Alonzox Crandall Henry x Commodore, Lewis x r ,,
One step nearer I advanced; but x Talbot, Sherman Turner, H M Tyson Jones Charles x Jones, Harry x Jones, Cooper, R.W.Co wellJoseph Cook, S.Carrio, f A .pw'l rAIMIIHmII'AMIMAIVmI'

that was enough. With a loud yellof N Tostevin, Robert Tucker, Roman x Robert x Jones, William x Jones, W J x John S. Clark, Henry Clay, Roman Cribb, i ..
Traeye, Jeremiah x Thomas, William x Jones, Wiley x Jones, David x Joseph, Chatham x Clinch D. S. Delany, Gil r"d +VtF
terror, the men turned and fled by Thomas, Lemon Tomlinson, Limus Thomas, Lewis x Joseph, 'William x Joseph, Hanselx Dorsey, John Douglass James x Drum-

the way they came. I heard a crash William Taylor, C J Van Nostrand Simonx Keath, Henry x Keizer, Thomas x Kei- mond, Louis x Deas, M. Downey, Romeo :

of shattered glass and after that I remember Valentine, Hogarth x Williams, William zer, Joseph x Keizer, Sable xKeizer, Danielx Denegal, C. Donovan George x DeMott, I I
; Wilson, Doc x Warren, Willis Walters, King, John x King, Joseph x King, Plato Julius Evans, Van x Ellison, John x El- hp
nothing more till I came to Steve x Washington, Tom x Wilkinson, x King, Port W King, William x King, bert, J A Ellerman, John x Felder, Henryx

my senses, to find Bessie supporting John> x Wylie, Louis x Watson, Merrick Jacob Klarer, Julius Klotz Henry x Knabb Franklin, John x Finley, Michael Fitzpatrick tM .

my head on her lap and her Williams, Sandy x Williams, Charley x Charles J Koester, ,Frederick Kruse, CarlL Stephen x Finlay, John x Freeman ,
pressing Lange, Ephraim x'Latham, F C Latham David x' Freeman Fuller
Williams, Rufus Walker, Isaac x White, Benjamin x
smelling-salts to my nose. Benjamin x Wideawake, Frank' x Webber George A Latham, J S Lee. Jasper W La M. Ferrira, Butler Francis Jr., C. E.

But Johns: ninety pounds were John L Whaley, John x Wells, Henryx tham, Henry S Laurence, James Lawson, Freeman, Boston x Floyd, John A Ferreira, Of the Latest and :Most Approved Patterns-.
saved, and it IS hardly to Walker, James x William, George x Wilson William H LeCain, John B x Lee, Tolbert Robert x Fitzgerald, Paul Funke, F. C. Ferreira -

add that necessary Dudley x William, Samuel x White, Little, Samuel x Lizzemore, A W Lohman, Butler x Francis, Sr., J. W. Flinn, COOKING UTENSILS OF ALL KINDS.
Dethel the ex-gardener, was John x Washington, Toby x Williams, ; Joseph Ligeour: John F Lohman, James Lemon Foster, Emil O. Friend. Robert
never seen in those parts again. Abraham Walker, Dan Williams, Curtisx I Long, Jr., James L Long, Lawrence x Long, Fitzgerald, Fred x Gibson, Joseph x
Williams, Benjamin x Wright, Steve x Thomas x Long, Joseph x Longwood, Gibbs, Benjamin x Germain, John Gard- LIFT AND FORCE PUMPS,
Wright, Prince x Wilkinson, Waby x James x Love, Owen x Love, Samuel Love, ner, Adam Gibbs, Israel x Grant, Albert
Application for License. Washington, Thomas x Wilson, Thomas L Renaldo McDonald: Samuel x Major, A R Glaiber, Alfred x Hampton, Thomas A. WROUGHT-IRON PIPES

Wilson, Scippio x Williams, Lawrence x Manucy, George L Martin, R A McBean, Heidt, Henry Hawley, Jefferson x Harris,
Tu the Aaron McCall, Isaac x McCall, Jonas x )Ic- Joseph x Hunter Thomas x Hubbard,
Board of County Commissioners, NaS" Wilson, B F Waas, A G Wilson, Charles J
Call Peter x McCall, Stephen x McCann Thomas Matthew Haw
Primus .
Alfred Waas Wells
Westburg, x SPECIALTY
tau County, State, of Florida: George E Wolf, William Sharp, Levi Young, John McDermott, Frank McDonald Obedx kins, Shade x Hayes. W. H. Hannahan,

T RESPECTFULLY: ask to be granted a July x Young, Adam x Young, Obed x McDonald Robert McDonald, D W Mc- John x Harget, Henry x Hooper, Henry ,
JL license for the::sale of Ales, Wines and Holzendorf, Henry Knabb, Lelland, W B McLelland, Burrel McNeal, Hobein, Joseph Higgins, Robert Hanley, .
Liquors in the City of Fernandina, and enclose Henry Young, Hobem Henry W B McClellen, Newton Charles McRory, Thomas Medden, Peter William J. Hanley, C. H. Huot, Jacob x TIN AND IRON ROOFS PUT' ON. .
for Tin Gutters filled.
herewith the,signatures of majority Bradley, Frank Emerson W H Pope, Daniel Miller, Robert Miller, Gustave Minkley, Harris Marshall x Irons Edgar x Johnson, promptly
of, the legally registered voters of this precinct R Baxter James Bell, H C Johnson, Michael x Dan J T x Mitchell, William x Jones, Parish Johnson. Ste- Wind Mills for pumping water or running
as required by law. July x Michael, Allen x Mitchell, pheney x Johnson, Jerry x Jones, Charles x light machinery promptly erected on order.
D Smith Moses
Joseph x Arget H J Taylor
Bell for
and School
C J Mann Elias McFarland Church, Factory
FRANK C. LATHAM. Sam x Vickery, Ben Redding,Jerry x Jones. Joseph Jones, Henry Johnson Harry x Joseph,
tcrnandina, Fla., Sept. 19, 1884. S A Mode, David x Moody, James Mooney Louis x Joseph, Marshall x Jenkins. Peterx a bargain.
J H Mooney, John W Mooney, Edward Johnson, William x Joseph, Jr., Louis x jIiiJStoves at Wholesale Prices.
We Mordecai, C W Morgan James x Morris, Jenkins, Ned x Jones, Simon x Johnson, All goods delivered at the various transportation '
Precinct, the undersigned, voters of Election We, the undersigned, hereby certify that Stephen x :Morris, Isaiah: x Morrison, Augustus Sr., Thomas x Keyzer, Frederick Kruse, stations within the city free of.
No. 1 Nassau State of the whose names in the fore- All sales for cash.
Florida county. persons appear D x Myers-l\Ianuelx Nattiel,Joseph Henry Knabb Plato x King, Daniel x King, charge. <_,
respectfully request that the above going petition, signed the same or attached H Newton Zacharia Nicola Nor- Daniel Port W
1'ctitioii George x John x King, Kelly, King, "
be granted. their marks thereto in CORNER BROOME AND'SECOND STS: i' ?
man, 0 S Oakes, Andrew Perry, Georgex Henry Keyser, Sable x Keyzer, P. W. O. .

John Dempsey x Alexander, Meric x Alberti, used neither in fraud,said bribery or deception marks.G. was. Perry, Henry Peterson Peter x Peterson, Koerner, Joseph x King, Samuel x King, Fernandina, Fla., July 12., 1884.CURTIS .
Alberti, George, Anderson, Antonio procuring signatures or Samuel x Pinkney, Isaac x Pino, "V H Julius, Klotz, James L. Long, Thomas x __--j -T _.
vrnienters.. James x Albert, Joseph P A. LATHAM, Pope, Ben Redding, Albert Reynolds, Eddie Lang, Washington x Little, Samuel x Liz d CO. :.
;-Wains, Cupid Armstrong, :Moses Arm THOMAS WILKERSON, Reynolds, B F Rich, John Rikart; Toney x zimore, Ephraim x Latham, James x Law- ; '.
wrong, John x Amen, Amos x Atkinson, CA SAR BAKER, Riley, Ambrose x Roberson, Richard son, James x Love, Joseph x Longwood AGENTS ::'
Jamw,, Annett :Mingo x Anderson, R RENALDO MCDONALD. Roberts, Edward x Rodgers, Pablo x Rod- Jasper W Latham, Henry x LeCount, REAL ESTATE ,

R'tlliai'x Austin George x Bryant, Dred x Benton, gers, George Robinson, Joseph Robinson, Samuel x Lee, Samuel x Love. John S Lee, ST. MARY'S, GEORGIA ,
vii Rent, ;Andrew x Brown, Peter John C Rutishauser,' Nelson A,x Round- I i F C Latham. Louis Lange, G. A. Latham,
John lue, Samuel x Brown Charles x Baker, STATE OF FLORIDA, j tree, E T Roux, Charles II Saunders, Sam- James Lang, Jr., J. Fred Lohman, Loans procured,Mortgages negotiated,Exchanges -
x BenjaminiWilliam x Blue, Jeta x COUNTY OF NASSAU.On / uel x Savage, Henry x Scott. Doc x Scott, Jonas x McCall. J. H. Mooney, effected.
Burrows, Peter Bonaud John x Baker, Jos William F V Scott Isaac x Sharkley, William George L Martin, Edward Mordecai Mill Sites, Town Lots from 25 feet to 4
sisowls,Roderick1' Baker, Henry x Baker, this day personally appeared beforeme Sharp, W H Sneid, May x Small,'II 0 Daniel x Mitchell, Conner x McQueen, Jor acres, Lands and Plantations from 5 to 5, QJ( >
i.Abnor x Blake, Alfred x Baker, Jos x Frank C. Latham, to me well known, Smith, H M: Smith,' Henry W x Smith, dan'x Morris, Glasgow x Middleton Stephen acres, for sale.

{:lake, Thomas x Blake,Thomas B Bellows, ,that who,each being and duly sworn name, deposeth or mark and affixedto says John W Smith, Sr., Jordan x Smith, Georgex : x Morris, John McDermott, C. W. N. B._"St. Mary's having been selected
Butler Frederick x Baker C S every Sopsion, Louis x Spaulding W R. A. McBean James O.
& \ the above petition was the act and deed George, Morgan, Mooney as the terminus of the Atlantic&Mississippi
1, :A J. Bra s\Yell, Henry' Barker, Spencer Gustave Stark, Arthur Steil, D W B. Murray, D. W. McClellan, W. B. McCIel- Canal (under the survey made for Govern-
to have
l|,Wore x Brooks, r Jack x Baker, April x of the and party that purporting said signed the Alvenion, James x Stewart' Stephen x Stewart len, J. W. Mooney, J. F., Mitchell, Isaac x ment by General Gillmore), charters for the-

l Bonaparte*: Bristol x Benjamin, William B in same the, of .at signatures least two were credible signed William P Streety, William x Swann, McCall, Peter Miller, S. A. Mode, Stephenx' construction of which having been granted, f
1 U\'sar: x'Balser, Henry Bell David x presence Benjamin Talbot Moses J Taylor, William ) Edward x McRae, Samuel x by the United States Government and the-
and that there
'onson. Thomas! E Bliss Henry Beard witnesses, was no fraud .x Taylor Jeremiah, Thomas William Elias McFarland.. David
,warren deception used in said x Major Moody, Legislatures of Georgia and Florida a large
x CoU1m ore, Somersault x CooPer bribery Thomas, Lehman {Tomlison, H M Isaiah x Morrison, Seck x Mitchell. Allen x increase in the value adjacent lands may
marks of said "
;lr la111: x !teopdia. William, x Cooper, signatures or to the persons above whose x Tison, Isaac x: Tison', Ronian x Traeye, ,Mitchell, Charles G. Mann, July x Mitchell, be confidently looked for." (See NeW York.
,) x Commodore; Robert x Cunningham names appear signed FRANK' LATHAM.petition. I Abraham x Tremmins. Jesse Tynes, Samx Robert x Miller, A. R. Manucy, James x Sun 27-3-83.) -, .
henry Ephrainl Qoleman. Lee x Cathron, Vickery! Alfred H Waasf, Benj F Waas, McDuffy, James McWaters, George x Norman -
x Coo x Clay Freeman x Copeland, Louis Subscribed and sworn to before me, this Reuben x Walters, George W .x Washington Richard x Nelson, Joseph H. Newton, W. BAU.KXIGIIT, ,
.. per, It !iW' Caldwell I' Jos x Cook, Roan 19th day of September, 1884. John x Washington, Louis .x Watson, O. S. Oakes, Samuel x Pinkney, Louis x AGENT, ,
x Cribb, Samuel x Cribb James x Cul- CHAS. II. BERG Henry Wells, John x Wells, Charles West- Paplio, Isaac x Pino, Ilodwell ,x Palmer.
CrandalltharlCooper lePher; ; Notary Public. berg, John L Whally, Benjamin x Wide George x Perry, Emanuel x Pappina, Peter WHOLESALE AND EETAI1 ','

: \ awake, Charles x Williams, Curtis x Williams x Peterson, W. H. Pope, Henry Peter- AND STOCK DEALER ;
Denegal Allen Davis t John Drunun, 'I.D own cy:' Gilbert Dorsev, James Warranty and Mortgage Deeds.LINEN' Hogarth x Williams, James it x"Williams Cam x Robinson, Bristo x Roberts Toney in Ice -.:
lA rnelnisnEdden Louis Deas S L tfennette, PAPER-GO CTS. PER DOZEN Julius x Williams Morris x Williams x Riley, J. C. Rutishauser, J. Rikart, '
t Donovan! George Dem o tt, John sent upon receipt of 2-cent Ned x Williams, Sandy x Williams, Nelson Rountree Amos x Robinson, 'TENNESSEE BEEF A SPE'CIALTYr. ;;:
'an Elhson'1' Julius Evans, Thomas stamp. AddressFLORIDA W H x Williams, Prince x Wilkerson, A Richard x Redmond George x Riley
l';reeman' J viLlleimann'; Howard x Foster MIRROR, G Willson George x Wilson. Laurence x Edward x Rodgers Albert Reynolds Eddie BROOM STREET WHARF,

;rees, Boston x Floyd, John 'a 26 Fernandina, Fla. Wilson, Thomas x Wilson, Thomas L x Reynolds, B. F. Rich, Louis x Spaulding, 19-tf 'FERNANDINA, FLAt -


.' .( -- -' <
-- -' .
; "' '. ,
.. ; :_ '' '''; !.l { .{', _' "i.. ;'.:" '::,- :: ,. .:: ';'

1 THE FLORIDA MIRROR, SEPTEMBER 27 1884. -.: :, : "" :: : :::.r : ..: ,...../l.;

_______ i. ,
t -:;; .
---- -
> .,... -
f1tftt; THE FLORIDA MIRROR The Boston Line a Fact. .1LtnI..'E. For Tux Assessor. I ."1' -

t -- The friends of Mr. T. G. P. Thompsoninun.auice ,
r Port of Fernandina., him for the position of Assrssorirf :: I
9'ti a 1:.IiIJ.l YEAH; $1.00 FOR SIX MONTHS HIGH WATER. Taxi- fur Nassau county., )fr. Thump-!I

w NANDINA AND BALTIMORE.Mr. Saturday, Sept.27.;.... 1:02 A.M. 1:34 P.M. is a first-class: business man and if elected
i, ; Seavern and Boardman.of the firm ofSeavern will give the office that careful attention
Reflections. Sunday, ;&;*,. 1:50 2:28" ,
& Co., of Boston, according to -I on.. 'u which it demands.
previous Monday'I ";,...t';?.53 ., 3:24: : .
.. ,
# The public schools of the county. will appointment arrived in this:: city last Tuesday, S0.>"o"S" .". ':Vi V "
.. ., Fehmndina.! PIr,., September 7, 1884.I Two Millionsof
Oct. 4:50
Wednesday, J. .. : ,5:17
,y' next Wednesday. week and with Mr. F. B. Papy, General ..
.n ; open h
f. : Thursday, 2...... 5:47 .0:12: I
a t wM Col. S. B. Thompson of Lake City, i is vis- Freight Agent of the Florida'Railway & Friday, '" .3...<..' 6:41:: 7:02 For Superintendent of Public Instruction. -

II ;., JUng relatives in this city.f .-- Navigation Co., completed the establishmentof ENTERED. I acres of Farming, Orange
: the line. The first steamer will arrive in Sept. 20-S. P. St. Nicholas, Usina, Savannah Yielding to the solicitations of many Timber and Grazing Lands'
t ; The Cleveland and Perry Club of Hart's with F. W.
J this city about the 10th or '15th of October ; passengers,.to friends. I announce myself a candidate for
fi j, Road now has 52 members. Simmons, agent. the office of Superintendent of Public In- situated in 29 counties and
t .. next,and thereafter one of the steamers of the 20-Sch. Isaac Carleton, Drisco Philadelphia struction, and respectfully ask the supportof
3 .i.it 1V,11'. Moore, Esq.. editor of the Starke company will arrive and depart every week.In iron to F. R. & N. Co. the Democratic voters Nassau county. comprising the lands boughtby

1 t Telegraph, made us a flying visit ","ednes1 addition to the Boston Line, Messrs. Sea 21-S. S. City of Palatka, Vogel, from Jonx OWE S. Sir Edward J. Reed, from

-Jay.Mr. N vern & Co. .will run the steamship Jessie 21-S. Charleston.P. Rosa, Coxetter, Savannah ; Evergreen Fla., Sept 24, 1S84.. the State of Florida in 1881

Wm. Lawtey returned from his trip Freeman to Baltimore. The latter boat will freight and passengers, to F. W. For Superintendent of Public In- offered ,

( forth on Monday evening, looking hale carry freight exclusively, while the Boston Simmons, agent.: struction.The are now at graded

?iud harty as ever. line will carry both passengers and freight. 41 22-S. S.Charleston.City .Palatka, Vogel l, from friends of Mr. Lewis W. Higgin-: I prices. These lands were se-

Mrs. J. Fred Lohman, who has been vis- The Boston ships will arrive here Fridaysand 22-Sch. Louisa A. Frazier, Virgen: botham election hereby by the present Democratic his name voters for of this the !r lected by I-Ion., Hugh'' A. Cor-

: ti, jiting friends at Charleston for some weeks, depart Mondays.Rattroad ." Chester, ballast to master. county to"the office of Superintendent of I ley, late Commissioner of the
: 22-S. b. City''of Palatka. Vogel, from
.returned Public Instruction. f
Wednesday. Mr.
Accident at Gainesville.The Jacksonville and Palatka. Higginbotham State Land Office and 11 Ir.
has ,
.l. served term of two and has
a years, :::
4 One thousand and fifteen bales of cotton 22-S. P. St. Nicholas. Usina, Savan-
south-bound night passenger train, proved a faithful and efficient officer. M. A. Williams late f for
-were shipped via the Sea Island route to.Savauuah nah ; with passengers, to F. W. : agent
which left here
on Sunday evening, met Simmons, I
:: this week. Gainesville. Superintendent of Public Just rnte- sale of State lands, which fact
w with an accident at A fire had 23 Bk Riga.Npr.( ) Jorgensen, Ionte-

s We are sorry to ]learn that our fellow occurred in that city the night previous, video-.to; ; C.'Read. tion. .. is a'guaranty of their high
24-S. S. Carondelet Daniels New The undersigned himself
announces as a
townsman. W. 0. Jeffreys and his amiable and of the stables there in ,
one livery being the quality. The purchase knownas
York, R. W. Southwick. candidate for office of Superintendent of
;i wife arc both prostrated with fever. danger, the horses were taken out. In'the 24 S. S. City of Palatka, Vogel, Public Instruction for Nassau county. If the Reed Purchase was

1 r Mr. McGiffiu, the contractor has moved confusion several of them got away and wenton Charleston. elected by the Democratic voters of the only
the house the railroad track. The night train 25-S. S. City of Palatka. Vogel from county for the position I promise to admin- opened for sale this year, and
occupied as a residence by Mr. E.
ister the office and
Jacksonville and Palatka. faithfully, with equal
't t, J!. Sqye?, from Centre street to Sixth. passed Gainesville between two and three 1'G-S. P. St. Nicholas, Usina, Savannah fairness to all sections of the county.J the lands have not been culled

o'clock, just after the fire had occurred. ; freight and passengers, to T. HlGGIXBOTIIAM. No has
t 'Gov.'W.. D. Bloxham arrived by the bight or picked over. part
The engineer reversed his:: engine and blew F. W. Simmons, agent. King's Ferry, Fla., Sept. 17, 1884.
;,?! ; passenger train yesterday, morning and the whistle to frighten the horses off the 25-Bk Samuel 1 B. Vrooman. Smith, been reserved in any manner,
joined )Irs.. Bloxham at the Strathmore. Phil., ballast, to L. A. Davis.
track, but they kept right on. Before the 2 -Lois'' V. Chapter, Weaver, Bell, -GO TO- and the whole is open for sale.

understand that two of the most prominent engine could be got fairly under control, Jacksonville. Special ,prices on large tracts.
''F ; candidates for the office of Sheriff
are it struck the horses, killing three of them. CLEARED. Timber lands
going to make joint canvass of the 21 S. S. of Palatka to virgin forests in
-1's county. The engine, No. 21 jumped the track'and Sept. City Vogel, ,

-.'? On the 20th the schooner Isaac Carleton off the high trestle, breaking loose from the 22--S. Jacksonville P. Rosa, Coxetter and Palatka., Savannah : PRESGOTTSESTABLISHED bodies of 50,000 acres and up

::4 arrived from Philadelphia with a cargo of train. Fortunately, beyond several contusions freight and passengers, by F.\V. wards. Lands sold for cash,

,, 500 tons steel 1 rails for the Florida Railway: and bruises received by the engineer, Simmons, agent. or on long time.
'I 22-S. S. City of Palatka Vogel to
.t; Navigation Company. ,
Wimberly no'one Mr.
was injured.
Charleston. The Florida Land and
s>{ t,, Mr. Henry T. Calder, formerly of this I Dohoney, the master of machinery, went '. 23-S. P, St. Nicholas, Usina Savannah Mortgage

;, + : .. .city, but now of Savannah, by the death of.u down to the scene of the accident Monday, ;/ wjth.passengers. by F.W.Simmons' HOUSE (LIMITED) JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA.

5; f relative has just fallen heir to a landed and Wednesday had succeeded in raisingthe agent. ..
24-S. S. City of Paiatka, Vogel, to FORSHOES.
: i .estate in Scotland: valued at !13,000. locomotive, which arrived here Wednesday Palatka and Jacksonville.

'The schooner Lois T'. Chnples, Captain night. The engine is not. badly 23S. S. City of PTlatka, Vogel to .-". .. ,.'.:. ;. ;.,-.. ","-.'

s "Weaver, arrived here last, night from Jack damaged. Only one train was delayed by .4 Charleston. : ::' ; J"- ,
25-S. P. St. Nicholas Usina, Savannah .
; .
this accident. .' .J #
q '
Z' ; .t .. ,'
sonville.: She will be loaded with lumber, ; with passengers, by F. W. ; '1 "

r ;1 .by Payne, Cook & Co., Georgetown, for D.C. Thieves. Caught. Simmons,agent. t.:'* :it"j-:
25-S. S. Carondelet, Daniels 1.508
I t'' .{ ,,, ', 'There was a brilliant musical party at the For some time depredations have been tons, New York ; freight and .

31ansiou last e'ening-instrumcntal music. made upon property carried as freight by passengers by R. W. Southwick,

,?. .1i. I- JMifS Whittington and Mr. Coburn, with the railroad, and although several par Agent.' .
18-S. P. 'Rosa. Coxetter. Savannah
i. S tome other performers on piano, guitar and ties have ben arrested, no convictions could ; freight and passengers, by

.zither. be. reached. Lately it was noticed particularly F. W. Simmons, agent.

4 Mlie Board of County Commissioners will that packages of unclaimed! freight, '
stored in the warehouse the Centre street Clam Chowder "
: on ,
meet on Wednesdal1e.xt.. The Board will
it dock, had been broken and pilfered This evening, at ;: W33 OFFER TO TIIJE TRADE
open .
r"t a large amount of work before it, especially tf J. FRED LoIDJ.\. 'S. -,
from,and some of the more trusted employe'swere AND A.T RETA.IL: .
'ta? >> the revision of the registration .'. '. .
,, .list of the ordered to keep strict watch. On A 'Card. .
?rt: county. of the latter :My name Raving been mentioned frequently -
Thursday noon one ; CORN OATS HAY BRAN
: "4' Sheriff in connection with the position of ;
< Moseley, of the Supreme Court at while f .,. ,
Fletcher, eating his dinner, noticed
-: .
Tallahassee, has Sheriff Eller- Sheriff::; of Nassau'ount ', I beg to state thus -
;. appointed some colored truckmen of the' steamer publicly that, while''.I appreciate the good -

','t4;. 8ii ami as Deputy Sheriff of, the Supreme St. Nicholas entering a closet in the offices of my friends, for various reasons, S, FLOUR GRITS AND MEAL
? .a Court for this county, for the serving and warehouse under suspicious circumstances personal to myself, I cannot accept the posi ,. 1.,,
tion. In thus the honor I beg to -
: execution of in that court. declining .
and upon investigation a few minutes friends that in the incumbent ...
to present
say my ..: Brick Lime 1 Cement Plaster.
inT1'q- t''llafreight trains are now arriving later he found that they were dividing of the office they have a man' be er ;,

t+ J'. here from the West. The east-bound trains the contents of a trunk which had been suited for the position than any other man ,
in the county, and 1 ask them to support .,.: J ,
;;j r ;I, .In the Western Division frequently take on broken open. He immediately notified Mr. him at the election I'"' c .. .
; i'' ; it River Junction, from the Pensacola & At- Finn-theagent* and three of the men were H. C. PICKETT. : 1 ((! A stock: of CHOICE FAMILY

k' #' ;: '.tmticJhilroad, from twenty thirty loadedI arrested, one making his escape. Wm. Callahan, Fla., August 27 1834. .J.. ;- GROCERIES always on hand.

.1T5. Sauls, the ringleader, was brought before For Sheriff.The ::. Met our prices before buying.

.; Among age prominent arrivals at the.3lansion Justice Schuyler Thursday afternoon and undersigned announces himself as a "'

:; House are Mrs. C. K. Hawkins fined $5.00 and costs, and in default of payment candidate for Sheriff of Nassau County:, and ,:: .. :.. FRED W. HOYT & CO.
asks the support of the Democratic voters of : ',.
: :-stid Jtev. Mrs. was locked in the county jail. .
Clayton, Orange Heights; up -:
; the county at the coming election.J. SECOND ST., ABOVE CENTRE,
-..c..rrtA'J. ott. U. S. A.; Col. II. G. Ross, Wil- Two of the others plead not guilty and were A. ELLERMANX. .',. ,

t it uington, X. C., and Thos. V. Bailey, Cap- tried before a jury Friday morning. Lewis Fernandina! .Fla..,August. 291884., : FERNANlJlNA, FLORIDA.

;- 'f vain U. S. E. Alexander was found guilty and sentencedto Fiw." .
.11ertf }'. .
t ; Public School No. 1 will be under the immediate thirty days' imprisonment in the county I announce niysejf,,a'candidate for Sheriffof "-

t 't' } charge of HeE.. G. Chandler, pastor jail and a tine of 1000. The other Nelson Nassau County, and,'ask for-the votes of

kt!. '; of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. Hardman, was acquitted, there not being all the Democrats.. BDRT G. DYAL.

i : ;,r I.. Chandler will be assisted by Miss Helen sufficient proof to convict him. Neither of Callahan. Fla., August 26, 1884.

'>' ,. ; Dozier, who has held the same position' for the men belong to this city.
"ifl : Although the law admits of"the imposi- For Sheriff.I .
,i', p i'' :-c'.eralJ"ears. hereby present myself to thin Democrats
w I sition of a fine, great surprise is expressedat ---- -
,, :. v cpta1n James Bell, on behalf of six of as a candidate for Sheriff and respectfullysolicit
the small penalty imposed by the Justice their support.
"'our pilots, a telegraphic inquiry from
t' upon upon Sauls, who confessed his guilt. The CHAS. W. COXE. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL.
r 4 ;; n s '< : the-owners of the Boston Line, has agreed law. in cases of petit larceny reads: "Whoever
G.,,:, :*o pilot their steamships at half the rates is convicted of stealing property not For Cleric of the Circuit Court.
in value dollars shall be We respectfully present to the Democratic
obtained exceeding twenty ,
: now guaranteeing to pilot the vessels -
guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction voters of Nassau county the name of JohnA.
't; t at a draught of IGi feet Edwards for re-election to the office of -
thereof shall be sentenced to pay a fine of = -. = = = s=ue
;*ri$ i! $100 to be in Clerk of the Circuit Court. For the past =
: not than
The steamship Carondelet. which left for more or imprisoned
eight Mr. Edwards has filled the
the jail not than years posi-
county more sixty days or
New "York Thursday evening carried the
by both fin and imprisonment, the fine not tion. first as Deputy then as Clerk with
following cargo: 50 bales cotton, 311 bbls. to exceed one hundred dollars and imprisonment credit to himself and the county, and in

+ t aKi :eosin, 23 bbls. spirits, 192 logs cedar, ICO bxs not to exceed sixty days, at the our opinion no better man could be found ..
s ; 103 merchandise 21 discretion of the court." for the position., => = =
I ,, oC tlar. packages cans MANY
ry' VOTERS, OF TIlE COC TY. R = s, :..
r '' : -shrimp, 53 boxes lemons, 5 boxes oranges, Stock'of Fine '
I i : For Collector, Revenue.
30.000 feet lumber.
1 j received at J. & T. KYDD'S.Family .
d The friends'>:Mr. WARREN F. Scop.begto E
a 1- ; Wildwood train Wednesday inori : present his name' for the consideration' of

i ming ran into the shop switch, which had Portraits the Democratic voters of Nassau-county for
Enlarged from small Photographs Tintypes re-election. Mr. Scott is well known '
as ,
j; ; f ; i! eeti carelessly left open by the fireman of> Ambrotypes, or Daguereotypes of any has been a good!: and faithful officer and if ;;

1 :'wile switching engine, and before the train ,description, in the following styles: Crayon, elected will serve with the same fidelity to ;

t 4.t' ti .could; be completely stopped ran into a loco- India Ink, "ater-Colors, Silvertvpe. Satisfaction the people that he has done heretofore.For .

v ; # j motive and some cars at the shops, doing guaranted. ,. -'= __ ,
L GEO. C. HAMM, Starke, Fla. Collector of Revenue. : ____
.',,: I. ;some trifling injury. !:ST*Can be found at Tourist House for a Yielding to the urgent solicitations of the

t +i I Turser J. J. Witt, of the steamship Caron- few days only, where samples will be shown. Democratic voters of Precinct No.8, I hereby
t M1.1 announce myself as a candidate' for the
t \.dlold, brought out some handsomely Ijthoraphed Xo Special y for BargainsAt office of Collector of Revenue of Nassau

c, .1' ; advertising cards, of the Mallory J. & T. KYDD'S, but you can get them County, and ask the suffrages of the Demo- '"'
'" i w The verdure of,the day. cratic voters of the county. ..... .... .....,.- .
:itean1hilLine. every -
I" a ; scene i .._ ... --=.....,- '""I-
sib 'ray t. J. E. DAVIS.King' ..-,..-.,... -- -- '- -- -
I is representative of Florida, one of theLine's A Correction.The i. : =:,- .. ---.- =:r---. ,
Fla. 17
Ferry, Sept 1884. -
'" ,.
fine steamers is steaming ".IPUPI/B.CO N "
seen up name of Alfred Baker appears by

a : .. I.he placid waters of Cumberland Sound. mistake in my petition. For Tax ...Assessor..
The time the artist has chosen has A. GLAIBER. Believing that I have proven myself a
Fernandina Fla., Sept 26, 1884. faithful servant of the people of Nassau A. B. NOYES
-i"; dneen in the evening} for the sky in-the background county. and considering myself by reason ,

I is a beautiful sunset red. Evidently Range of ThermometerFOR of past experience fully competent to per- DEALER IN

i 1 Hob Southwick has left some of the red THE WEEK ENDING FRIDAY,SEPTEMBER 26, form the difficult'duties of this importantoffice I
tt ,'and pledging; myself to a faithful discharge -:
;alt paint: of which he made a corner in New of the duties devolving upon me. ,

I York with the artist. Judging from the if elected, I hereby place myself before youas

r l + picture, the Mallory Line is going to paint I'I 19 a I C'1 N I .M I ::. I rind a candidate for Tax Assessor of Nassau Hay and Grain, Ship Stores,
and solicit suf--
county, respectfully
a-lie Fkred in the transportation of freights I It- -4 e c .

.and passengers to Florida this season. SaturdaySept.t() 78 8318'2 '811 N.E. frages. Respectfully. "". H. GARLAXD.Xbffce. FURNITURE, STOVES, PAINTS,

t Sunday ..._.........21. 79 81 N.E. -- -- CROCKERY HARDWARE WILLOW-WARE.
Call and'See the Great Bargains Monday _...........22 80 st 83 82 N.E.
I am a candidate for the office of Assessorof
I In Blankets, at J. & T. KYDD'S. Tuesday..23 81 85 85 S."'. -- -----
831 Revenue, respectfully,solicit the sup-
I Wednesday..24 80 8G 85 S.\V. of Conservative Democrats of the ., Prices Low the Lowest.N.
port .. coun- as .
Bargains in Dress: Goods Thursday ..........25 8G 85 8-1 W. /
Friday.............26 791 &i S8.1 I S.E. ty. -
- 'i.t$ .At_\i c' J. & T. KYDD'S. Evergreen Fla., Sept 24 188.$. : E. corner Centre and Second Hs" Fernandina, Fla.

t l? 4



Florida mirror
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Title: Florida mirror
Uniform Title: Florida mirror (Fernandina, Fla.)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: A.B. Campbell, Geo. Burnside
Place of Publication: Fernandina Fla
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Publication Date: 1878-
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..r -,- J _" '. ',,' .,; .;';;':' .... ;


"-,VOL.; VI. l FERNANDINA- FLA., SATU t"AY, SEPTEMBER 27, 188,1'. ; -


nisnop IIVSTINGTON. Alabama,, ; Arkansas, 7; Delaware, 3; Flor- A FRESH BATCH OF TATTOOS.Lest and, that you had in some way obtained Notes from Brandy firanch.BTHNING .

ida, 4; Georgia, 12; Kentucky, 13; Louisiana, the nation at large !,might lose sightof them as a gratuity. 0'

WIIf lIE rEEFERS GROVEB CLEVELAND TO JAMES 12; Maryland, 8; Mississippi, 9; Missouri, 16; the artistic and elaborate tattoos which The enterprise of building the Little Rock OF BRYCE'S STORE HOUSE-THE COOK ._
'r BLAINE.t adorn Mr. Elaine's public character and and Fort Smith Railroad was 'undertaken
O. North Carolina 11;' South Carolina, 9; Tennessee AND VAN,NOSTRAND MILL TO.BE STARTED
of the record and on which such a vast amount of in I860 by a company of Boston gentlemen
'e' *\nlongtheprominent men country 12; Texas, 13; Virginia, 12; West Vir- whitewashing has been expended, Messrs. of whom I was myself] one. The bonds of AGAIN, ETC.

.1 .10 spend their summers in the delightful ginia, 6. Warren Fisher and James Mulligan have the road were put upon the market in this SEPTEMBER 25,1884.To .

e county of Hampshire 1 is, Bishop 1 Hunt- The certain Republican States are : Connecticut contributed a fresh batch of these undesirable city on what was deemed very advantageousterms the Editor of the Mirror: .
ornaments more vivid in color and to the purchaser. They were sold]
Y. who for
Lton of Syracuse N. G; Colorado 3 Illinois, 22 Iowa The store house of Mr. Geo.
:, ; ; more lasting than those which have already largely through myself. You became the W. Bryce
the summer in an old-fashioned farmhousemncwbat 13, Kansas, 9; Maine 6; Massachusetts, 14; been exhibited to the public. The new purchaser of about$30,000 of the bonds on together with upwards of a thousand

- modernised, }in the 1 quaint andhistorical Minnesota, 7; Nebraska 5; New Hampshire Mulligan letters are more'damning to the precisely the same terms that every other dollars in family groceries, were destroyedby
old* town of Hadley. Your 4 3 character of Mr. Blaine than even those buyer received'paying for them in install fire last
; Oregon, ; Pennsylvania,30; Rhodelsland, Monday night, about ten o'clock.]
which excited the running consederable
disgust, of his fellow over a period,
porter had a very pleasant chat the 4, Vermont, 4. countrymen heretofore. If anything were just as others did.. When the original The origin ,of the fire is not known, but

jay with this well-known theologian on Of these, Connecticut, 'Colorado, Illinois, necessary at this stage.of the campaign to enterprise failed I knew with what severity judging from previous facts, and, its having

political\ aspects of the da);. While, theihoP'S Kansas and Oregon are claimed to be doubt- convince'every respectable 'man that JamesG. the pecuniary fell upon you and with what been, first noticed in the rear of building,
tbe and 'work- do lead him Blaine is an eminently unfit person to what: integrity and nerve you met it. Years .....'<'".'
not leads ..
tastes: ful by sanguine Democrats.- ,Massachusetts since it to the belief that it may have been .
bra entrust with any office m the gift of the elapsed, seems rather hard at
into poetics, yet he is a keen observer of I but for Butlers: candidacy would probably people, these letters amply] supply all. The this late day to be compelled to meet a the act of an incindiary. 4Mr. ","' ,'.. '

that is going on in the 1 political world 0' and be Democratic, but we' have put them following are the most salje! ',t points : slander in a matter where your conduct was Bryce had just replenished his .stock : ..

deductions are made after mature reflection all down Republican. 1 note, what sa about the im- in the highest degree honorable and straight of groceries, and its total destruction is not..

J his; and careful: investigation. As to his The States generally conceded to be doubt- fully portance appreciate of my kce1inaFall your wisdom: quiet and here.your, I forward.You may use this letter in any way that felt by himself ,alone, but by many who

offn position the Bishop said: "I class!:! myself ful are: California, 8;'Indiana, 15; Michigan, kindness, and shall endeavor to do just as will be of service:; to you. were dependent npon him for supplies.

with the Independents, for I am in the 13; Nevada, 3; New Jersey, 9; New York, 36; you desire in the premises. The letter en-, *Very sincerely* e yours. W. F., Jr. There was no insurance upon the property
voting according to the character Ohio 23 Wisconsin 11 total 118. closing the Globe by same, mail with this 9 his policy having only :
of recently expired.
habit: ; ; can be read by you to Mr."CadweU; if you :BOSTON; April 16, 1872.
of the wen placed in nomination. In reply Of the vote of Michigan the Democrats think it expedient. I have endeavored MY DEAR BLAINE:'Your favor of the 14th The genuine s'rupatltyofhis neighbors and

to a query as 'to his opinion of Mr. would get not more than seven under the writing it not to be indelicate. 'inst. reached me this morning. liam surprised the laborers in his employment may be

Blanche said: ,, \\ ell I have no desire to fusion agreement. The strong probabilitiesare !/! .. e .ft e s at its contents. I have loaned you at o better understood when it is known that '
in is various times, when were
My object writing to ask in season if you comparativelypoor
publish my opinions to the world, nor do I that Indiana and New, Jersey will be your friends would] desire to establish a' very large sums of money, ,and never they propose to erect for him a commodious

care to hold them back. I have never beenin Democratic, but we have classed them as Bank at Little Rock? It will be to" some have you paid me one dollar from your own store house in its stead free of carpenters

favor of Blaine whom I recognize as a doubtful. These figures show that the Democrats extent a matter of favoritism as to who gets pocket, either principle, or interest. I,have charge for building.
the banks in the several localities and it paid sundry amounts to others to whom "
trafficker in official influence, and I am have, to start, with, a certainty of will be in my power to cast an Anchor, to you were i.ldebtedand these debts you After considerable experimenting, the

very much pained to see so many of my New 153 votes out of the 201 necessary to elect. the Windward" in your behalf] if you desire have allowed to stand unpaid like the notes steam tram road of :Mr. Bryce's has been .

England friends yielding up the high stand For the other 48 votes they must look to it. Please think over the,matter and con- which I hold. I have placed you in made a complete success, notwithstandingmany f

ard of morals so requisite to the Presidential the States classed doubtful.] fer with Mr. Caldwell-;;and let me know positions whereby of you have, received very previous; speculations to the contrary.
large without
candidate in the past. Nothing has New York, 36, :and Indiana. 15, would your clusion.desire There as, .soon IS, as of 'qu'rcach course no any special con- expense sums to you money, and you ought one not dollar to forget of- He is now fully prepared to haul in any

been said in this miserable attempt,which ,give 51, or three more than necessary. hurry ; but-I thought ,would suggest the ,the act on my part. Of all the' parties quantity of logs, at comparatively little cost ,

can bring him into the society of the pure New York, 36 and.p Ohio 23, would give 59, matter in,order that yon/nlght !mature your connected' with the- Little Rock and Fort to his mill 'enabling him to cut. future i
thoughts in good tIme. f i.- Smith Railroad, no one has been so fortunate "
would indeed be orders with dispatch.It .
of the It more'thaJi needed.
statesmen past. or eo, *..# r..* as yourself in obtaining money out of
deplorable if the young men of this nation New York, 36; California, 8, and Michigan MY DEAR MR. FISHER :'.I am in hopes it. :You obtained subscriptions from your is understood that the old Cook & Van

should be informed by this election that the 7, would give 51, or three ,more than now that I shall secure $25,000, or nearly friends in Maine for the building of the Nostrand mill, near' here, will soon be put
people of the United States condone the needed that. I find money' very tight and rates Little'Rock and Fort SmithRailroad. Out in motion again, by Mr. Benjamin Eager.
well to 9 cent:-stiffat that. of their subscriptions you obtained a large
offenses proved against James G. Blaine. California, 8; New'York, 36 and New Jersey The most of it will, be for 5 orG months. amount both of bonds'and, money free of .This gentleman has recently purchased a

The moral effect would be very depressing 9, would give, 53, or five ,more than If-I had had more time and earlier notice I cost to you. ,I have your own figures, and machine for the manufacture of fruit and

should they/be/ told by his election that theycan needed could have raised more: and at easier rates.I know the amount. Owing to your political vegetable crates, which will be attached to
have seen most of the parties to' whom position you were able to work off all your Clark
the mill. Messrs. &
same have
]lie, defraud, become demagogues, bribe New York, 36; New Jersey 9, and Wisconsin bonds are due. I do not have much trouble bonds at a very high price, and the fact is just received their crating machine also, and

Drivers and fakers, and still not forfeit the 11, would give ,56,, or eight more than about the January Coupon jf the 1st Mortgage well known to others as well as myself. will have it in operation in a short while.

public confidence. It is a humiliating spectacle needed. Bonds-but they of course growl some Would your friends in Maine ,be satisfied if The Sheriff:) of Duval made a raid upon ;
-on six of the bonds. I would be glad to ,they knew the facts? AreJ my' associates of colored citizens here last
to eco many men like Hoar, Dawes If we should lose both Newt' York and satisfied have obtain some our week
have the Coupon. I, promised them to. you $25,000 for and lodged two of them in jail. One of
and others ,twisting his dishonored recordin Ohio, Indiana, 15; California, 8; New Jersey, 1Iulit.iduallIto'm, kc it,right 'in the future. Northern Pacific Railroad, and you not them, Mose Long, ]has since been bailed

such a way, as to become a deliberate attempt 9; Michigan, 7, and Wisconsin, 11, would I did not in any way use $he,name of the make the investment as per agreement? out. They 'were charged with having been

to make his conduct reputable. Tome give 50, or two more than needed.On Company nor commit yot to anything- The course you have thought proper to aiders in the assault upon Mr. W. W. Coleman -
take in regard to my'request is rather
the action of those who sneer at the at- the other hand the Republican total only myself. -" poor of Baldwin last Saturday week.
$ !/! e' o iii' e iit one, taking your relations with me, and I The winter gardening in this section is
tempt to purify the political atmosphere is of certain States is 130, or 71 less that a ma I think you will not deem me unreason- 'again ask-you reconsider it and' ,grant it. rather backward in consequence of late
contemptible" jority. They must carry 71 out of the 118 able when I again and persistently urge thatI You will find it much easier,to >UY by;obtaining heavy rains. ,

As the Bishop: spends most of !his time) doubtful electoral votes. If they get all of ought to have'good notes: for pe. $25,000. } the Credit and I selected that co'tirse There ore, a few cases of' fever in this '
it to be the best. If
:andthat'I 'ought also, t fi je the' $82,000 thinking you again the health .
: : county, though moderately .
CentvaVSsM?"YorkIris t>p\n\on of Cleveland 'them but''New' Y rk. '36. "and'Indian ;-i5. ,' bonds, which, were made by. yourself and, : ;, I shall be obliged t6 raise'the notes-or good. 0 "* ." TOM:J-"..:, .,

has weight. In answer to his views of Mr. total, 51, they will have 118 less 51, or 67, Mr. Caldwell the express basis of the $25,000 sell themto outside purchasers.! N'ecessity'knows "- ,
"His life loan. I do not believe hasa na law.'Vhntever A U Ullll 1CA XJL .17' SEA.A .
Cleveland, lie remarked: public four less than needed.If your company
Bonds still due to will be
you --
has been trustworthy, upright and manly. all but New York 30. California stronger or, more equitable and legal
they -
carry claim than mine-while its personal hardships delivered as the road progresses. The other: SCHOONER WRECKED AND ONE SEAMAN
lIe is a man of honor, and there is much in 8, and New Jersey 9,. total 53, they to me are bitter, and burning, and portions of your letter I>uake no reply to. WASHED OVERBOARD.

his public career to admire.. -Northampton will have 118 less 53, or Go-6 less than humiliating to the ]last degree. You know the facts ; it is sufficient that I The northern bound vessels have met
e e i. e it! know them, and it is useless to mention with some pretty heavy weather during the
Letter to Springfield Republican. needed. I drew on Mr. Fisher for the amount, but them at this time. Please answer this at past ten days and it is the opinion of the
-- ',-- If they carry all but New York 36, Michigan he declined to notice the draft. The note once. I remain, respectfully yours, steamship men who have just made the

BlS/fOP SPALDIXG OX MORAL 13, total 49, they will have 118 less 49, which falls due on the 29th inst. is for WARREN FISHER, JR.. northern voyage that there will be many
Can anything be conceived more damn- wrecks reported from the severe hurricane
3-500.: It hard and
POLITICS."The G9, or two less than needed.If $2,578 seems extremely
that I should be to ing to the character of any man than'the which took place in the southern waters,
Basis of Popular Government" is they carry New York Ohio, California this unjust money. It is no more compelled my debt than pay letters of which the above are merely extracts especially among the smaller sailing vessels.

flic subject of a timely, instructive and log. and Nevada, and lose Indiana, 15; Michigan, the debt of President Grant or Queen Vic- ? No wonder that the writer grovelledin The steamship Cienfuegos, which sailed

ical article from the pen of the Most Rev. 13; New Jersey, 9 and Wisconsin 11, total], toria, and I cannot believe that you and Mr. the dust before Mulligan, who held the from Cienfuegos September 10 for this port
letters, and implored him to snare him.- fell in with the wrecked schooner J. J.
John Lancaster Spalding, Bishop of Peoria, 48; they will have 118 less 48, or 70. one less burden Fisher, both or either, intend to leave this New" York Evening Telegram. Taylor about six o'clock in the evening, .
on me.
Illinois in the Xorth American Review for than needed. If you do, it will crush me. I have no September 18, in latitude 30 deg. 11 min.
September, which can be read with 'profitby From these figures it is evident that the possible means wherewith to meet these Appointments for the Public Schools. north, longitude 75 deg. 40 min. west.' She-

every, American citizen. He considers it Democratic chances of success are very en notes, and I beg of you and Mr. Fisher, Mr. L. W. Higginbotham, Superintendentof was lumber loaded dismasted and water-
either or both, to come to relief. ;Public Instruction for Nassau County, logged. The crew of the Taylor were in a
the my
disgrace of the nation that its chief
con- start for the doubtful
They been without
couraging. destitute condition, having
e ill. has made the following assignments of
cern !should J be a question of money, and :States with a certain electoral vote of 23 It is very }impor ant'rtollne that I have schools in this county for the ensuing scholastic food or fresh water for several days. They

that the significance of political contests more than their opponents. They have some bonds next week. If you don't accept ] term, commencing October 1st : abandoned their vessel, and were taken on

should] lie in the emoluments of office; and only to gain 48 votes to win, while the Republicans this propositionI have made, suppose yon No. 1, Fernandina-Rev. E. G. Chandler, board. the Cienfuegos and brought to this
Miss Helen Dozier. assistant.No. port.Captain
consider this-Let me retain the Land principal ;
declares that so long as this state of affairs The all Thomas Munford of the wrecked
must have 71. figures are Bonds now in possession as satisfaction for 2, Fernandina-Floyd Wright.No. ,
continues the best men will remain aloof in favor of the Democrats, and when it is' loaned money, and you pay me the $70.000 3, Fernandina-John H.: Stays, prin- schooner,said that the storm was the fiercest

from the struggle and leave the direction of remembered that the State pride of New Land Bonds and $32,000 1st Mortgage due cipal ; Miss Louisa Wright, assistant.No. that he had,ever seen in all his experienceat '
4 Old TOvnliss1ary: Longworth.No. sea, and they had about given up all hope
to under the contract. I do not make ,
public affairs in the hands of the baser me '
sort. York is enlisted in behalf of the Governorshe Callahan-Miss: L. P. of ever reaching i shore alive, when it seemedas
this proposition to be bound by it: I merely :
We quote one very significant sentence; giv- indorsed two years ago by a majority of suggest it. But I must ha'c' the matter 6, King's Ferry-R. E. Blair. though by a miracle the Cienfuegos hovein

ing this prelate's views of the Republican 198.000 and that of Indiana in behalf of her settled in some way quickly.] No. 7, King's Ferry-Miss Katie J. Kim- sight. They had sailed from Fernandina
e e e e !If e Thursday September 11, for Laguayra.
party-not through partisan motives, but favorite son, who was defrauded of the Vice ball.No. had good sea and fair sailing until
from Now, if you will take up these $10,000 of 8, Vaughn's-George J. E. B. W'ash- They
an independent and ideal citizen's'stmdpoint. while Ohio Saturday 13 when they were
Presidency eight years ago, can Coupons, paying me the Cash therefor, and. ington., September
: He writes ; no longer be appealed to in behalf of an give me the $45,000 of Bonds, I will let all No. 9, Crandall-Miss Clara C. Crandall.No. struck by a hurricane. By lashing a man to
"Our hope now seems to lie in the defeatof Ohio man, it would seem to the calm observer the remainder of our matters stand until .10, Brandy Branch-Thos.Peterson. the wheel and the balance of the crew to the !

the Republican party in November. This that the prospects of a Democratic vic you are perfectly at ease and ready,to open No. 11, Evergreen-Philip Goodbread.No. pumps they managed and to keep her free steerage until way twoa.
the schooner
tory arc altogether bright., correspondence on the subject yourself. In 12, Coneville-Miss E. R. Goodbread. on keep
party originated in a righteous indignation INDEPENDENT. other words, I will leave the matter in your No.13, Double Branch-Miss Julia Hardee. m. Monday, September 15, when, while

against: slavery, which it abolished, and at lVashington, September 17, 188.$. hands until the Fort Smith enterprise is out No. 14; Dutton's-J. M. Hodges.No. laying to under close reefed foresail, they

the same time strengthened the bonds ofnational of the woods, and its tangled affairs well 15. Hickory,Bluff-Simon Litsay.No. were run into by a three-masted schooner
16 Callahan-Miss Katie Howard.No. scudding under bare poles. .
smoothed out.I ,
: unity. Ithas done its work, and ,The Mallory. Line. Creek-Alfred J. Bull.] The Taylor was struck amidships and the
in consideration of Pigeon;
trust our ; :
now bars The Mallory Steamship Line has issued a many years vessel rebounded three times. cutting -
the way to other conquests. Multitudes of friendship as well as in 'view of the No. 18, Oak Grove-Miss Ina Cone., strange
of its adherents perceive; this, and ,circular, in which it is stated that if the peculiar relations I have held in this matter, No. 19, Dyal Station-Miss Ella Upchurch.No. the Taylor down below the water line The
and she filled in less than two
and is the citi- will make effort to do this. 20, Bakerville-William Swearingen.
they are waiting for its death-knell as proper encouragement given by YOU an uncommonly heavy and dashed
9 No. 21 Mill Creek-Miss Freeman. sea was
the signal of hope." zens of this State the line will be increased over the vessel so rapidly at times that it :
Julia Crandall.No. .
I No. 22 Vanzant's-Miss
will sacrifice a great deal to get a tettlement. ,
-- _- from weekly] semi-weekly. It appeals to I feel assured of your friendly disposition 23, Reedy Branch-Jacob"Goodbread. was with great difficulty the men managedto

TIlE PRESIDENTIAL CONTEST. citizens of Florida, and justly, too, for a towards me and therefore I do not wish to No. 24, Hodges'-G. W. McNeill.No. draw their breath. and
liberal support on the grounds that it is the' seem importunate and troublesome] ; but if 25, Big Creek-Not supplied.No. The sea abated slightly after to daylight the
ALL REASONABLE knew the I have suffered in 26 Old Town-Miss Morrison.No. the masts were cut away prevent
direct line to the State that'on while the
only, steamship ; : Nora Owens. schooner from turning over,
this matter during the past six months you 27 Moore's Still-Miss
ELECTION,OF CLEVELAND.To account of the class of its steamers anchor and chains were thrown overboard
high Branch-MIss Frances
will I and make No. 28 Brandy
pity me, am sure, :great; ,
the Editor the Post The whole forward. Philip Graham, a seaman was
of : num-
the insurance is only one-quarter of one efforts to'relieve me. Pray let me know Gillen. and
ber of votes in the Electoral College, under what lam to expect. No. 29, Mount Pleasant-Mrs. A. C. Star- washed overboard about ten a. m. was ,
per cent. ; that it throws its influence lost. Greater precautions were taken after
the iit e 'r iit a
new apportionment, is 401, as follows: strictly in the interest of Florida that its the terrible fate of their comrade. and each
; 30 Hart's Road Miss Jennie C. Max
BUTES. l\y'DE.\R MR. FISHER: You can do me a No. to the
STATES. 1884. lashed more securely ,
18811 rates for freights and passengers are low, very great favor, and I know it will give well. man was
.Alabama A .............. 10 Missouri .............. 16 while its risks of delay are less than by you pleasure to do so just as I would for No. 31, Dunn's Creek-E. H. Sutton. schooner. They lay in this condition witha for 'i
r k"ansas ............ 7 .I.e T b ras k a.............. 5 any under similar circumstances. Certain No. 32 Deep Creek-John H. Reilly. very heavy sea passing over them
l'alifornia ............ 8 Nevada.................. 3 other line, and that it should be patronizedby you persons and papers are trying to throw mudat No. 33, Amelia-Miss Texie Lipscomb.No. about fortv-eight hours, without food or
Colorado ........ 3 New H amps Ire.... 4 all public spirited citizens of Florida] who me to injure my candidacy before the 34, Hilliard's-Miss Delia M. Myers.No. fresh water; in fact, they had been without

Conneeticut.D ........ &New Jersey........... 9 have the interests of the State at heart.Tirnes .- Cincinnati Convention, and you may observe 35. Brick Yard-Not supplied either from the time they were struck inst.by
e 1 aWare............. 3 I.New york............ 36 they are trying it in connection with No. 36, 'Brick Yard-iss' Sylvania Col- the hurricane on Saturday, the 13th .
1lorrda: ............... 4 North Carolina...... ,11 -Union. the Little Rock and Fort Smith matter.I The wind moderated and the sea went, :

(Georgia ............... 1' 01 110.. .................... 23 want to'send mea letter such as the ston.No.. 37, Glenwood-Rev. ''James Russell.No. ]. down Wednesday, September 17, and the
I Ill'InoIS................ 22-I Oregon................. 3 Scandinavian Immigration Move- enclosed you draft. You will receive this tomorrow 38, Orange:; Bluff.:-Mrs. Rachel Bucks. crew, who were almost exhausted got the
Iowa-Hdiana................ 15,Pen nsy'Ivania........ 30 ment. (Monday) evening; and it will be a No. 39. Port Henry-Wm. D. Rice. cargo gaff up and set a signal of distress 18.,they and
13 Rhode Island....... 4 Any desirous of obtaining agri- Creek Not; supplied. on Thursday evening, September
persons favor shall if' will at once No.40, Brushy -
; never forget you to
: and
:::::: the wreck brought
::::::: taken off
t..e3.11Itsask. 9Sonth Carolina..... 9 cultural or domestic help or having lands write me the letter and mail the same eve- No. 41, Hilliard's-Not supplied. '-
'I' ............ 13'Tennessee' ............. 1' ning. No. 42, Oak Grove-Mrs. E. N. Stewart.No. this port yesterday morning. .
I suitable for settlement would to well to I terms of
Louisiana.." ........ B T.cxas................... 13 put The following is the enclosure referred to 43, Plnmraer-A. Clark. Captain Munford speaks in high ,
tail1e rar..l... ............. 6 I\.ernlont............... 4 themselves in communication with the in the preceding letter: No. 44,' Brick Yard-MIss Anna E. Mc- the kind treatment he and his men receivedat and -

} .1. ......... 8 Virginia................ 1' agent for the above. If "helf" is desired, BOSTON April, 1876. Kinnon. the hands of Captain Faircloth ,
Iassaclmusct: I ts....... 14 West Vi inia....... 6 Crawford. officers while on board of the Cienfuegos. .
: 45-Wm. R
.liclmi'] state the nature, and rate of wages proposed.If Hon James G. Blaine Washington D. C. No. the Taylor down is
.r."l"t'\an: ............. 13 Wisconsini." ........... 11 DEAR SIR : I observe that certain newspapers y0 46-Miss Lizzie.Wilkerson.No. The schooner that ran
settlers for land state and most white and was
prices unknown. It was painted ,
.... _
7 Edwards.No. .
,Iis: are making or rather insinuating the 41 :\1rs: L. M. or,
is ip P r.........' 9, Total..................401 favorable] terms. Address: The Manager absurd charge that you owned $150.000 of 48-Miss lIattie1eadows.. apparently New a light York Herald.vessel or was lightly '-

Of these the certain Democratic States are: Immigration Agency, Fernandina, Fla. Little Rock and.Fort Smith Railroad Bonds, 'No. 46-Mrs. Texie Lipscomb. loaded.- ,. ">,,



vif '
ni F

pit .

Q .. > ,

.- .;'.':;;,;.'," :. ;...... ,.-. .-.- '." ,' ",:'H" ., ,,,<,'''' r,.
- 4U .' .' ;'V: t" : :: : :::: ',

il'hmi ,(\- :' t. ::. :. ;. ,'
: :
\ ; 18ti0' : ; .
__._ -- -In. ,.'.. "
'r .
1 -.--
- 1i f GENERAL DIRECTORY. BAKER COUNTY. \ Assesstor of 7((.r s--J. C. Matthews. LIBERTY. J HO1MKS.County k

r County Judge-R. D. Davis, Sanderson. Collecor of Revenue-W. F. Trantham, Gntnty Judge-M. Solomons. Judge-A. II.
"llfH United States Officers. Ocala. Brownell.
: Clerk-F. J. Pons, Sanderson. Clerk-\\' W. Jeter. Clerk-T. H. Pitman.
t LAND OFFICE, GAINESVILLE. Sheriff II. C. Herndon, Sanderson. Superintendenti; of Schools M. L. Paine, Sheriff R. F. Hosford. Sheriff Thomas N. Ellis.
Assessor of Taxes-A.. J. W. Cobb, San- Fort McCoy.: ,*
Register-L. A. Barnes, Gainesville.'. Treasurer-J. E. Roberts. I Treasurer-Daniel D. Gillis.
c? .w Receiver-John F. llollinSj Gainesville. derson. MONROE COUNTY. Collector of Ret'ClLue-Thos. P. Shuler. I Collector of Revenue William Tucker
'1 (,,urveyor-General-\1alachl\ Tallahassee. I Collector of Revenue-J. R. Herndon, San County Judge Chas. S. Baron, Key West. A'sasorof Taxes-Win. E. Shuler. I Assessor of Taxes-J; J. Newton

.t i derson. Clerk-Peter T. Knight Key West.Sheriff.George'A Superintendent ofSchofjls-Dr.T.H.Jackson. I Superintendent of Schools Whitnell(
Superintendent of Schools-Jas. D. Chalker Curry,
i i DISTRICT COURT.. < Demerritt, Key"West. ESCAMBIA. !
Crr ; Sanderson. Assessor of Taxes-Walter C. Maloney, Jr.. WASHINGTON.County .
: 1' .- Judge Thomas Settle, Jacksonville. BRADFORD COUNTY. Key Wcit. County Judge-N. C. Shackelford. r Judge-Wm. B. Jones
Jf rslwl-J. H. Durkee, Jacksonville. Clerk-F. E. de la Rua. Clerk-J. E.
..1i County Julge-J. R. Richard, Providence. Collector of Ret'enueIason S. Moreno, I Skipper. -
.r Clerk-Philip Walter, Jacksonville. Clerk-Henry F. York, Lake, Butler. Key West., : : Sheriff W. H. Hutciinon.Trensurer Sheriff-V. P. )'Ielvin.I' .

J, ;: INTERNAL REVENUE.a : Sh.eriff-'V. W. Tumblin, Starke. Superintendent of Schools--J. V. Harris,Key -J. Leonard.. Treasurer-Thomas J. Miller.

t Collector-Dennis Eagan, Jacksonville. Assessor of Taxes-N. C. Wainwright, Lake West. Collector of Revenue Manuel Palm s. I' C'ollector'of Retenue-John Roche.
rr Assessor of Taxes-George Reese. Assessor
Butler. NASSAU COUNTY. ; of -Georpe W. Cook.
+. : COLLECTORS OF CUSTOMS.r r Superintendent Schools-N. M. Scarritt. f
Superintendent of Schools D.
: /ohn W. Howell, Fernandina. Santa Collector Fe.Suptrirtterident. of Revenue-Bunberry Haynes, dina.County Judge-.Hinton' J. Baker, Fernan- WALTON. CALHOUN.: Horn

Edwin Higgins, Jacksonville. of Schools-L. B. Rhodes, Clerk-J. Daniel McLeod Sr. i r i
County Judge
q't'' John F. House, St. Augustine. A. Edwards, Fernandina. County Judge William Clark.
Starke. Sheriff John A. Ellermann. Fernandina. Clerk-D. McLvod. Clerk-James S. Fannin.
f'f f BREVARD COUNTY. Assessor of Ta.TfII-'Y1l1. H. Garland, Fer Sheriff-J. W. Campbell. Sheriff Joseph S. Stone.

State Oflicers.'t' County Judge-James A. McCrory, City nan ina. Treasurer-James fs. Bowers. t r'caSllrei'-J. P. Richards.

Point. Collector of Revenue-Warren F. Scott.. Fer- Collector of RevenueV B. McLeod. Collector of ReL'eulle-Joel P. Atkins.
a e. EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT. Clerk-A. A. Stewart, Titusville. nandina. Assessor of Taxes-D. L. Campbell. Assessor of Taxes-John M. Bush.

;'' ; :,I Governor-Win. D.. Bloxham, Tallahassee. Sheriff-John H. Laws, City Point. Superintendent of Schools-L. W. Higgin- Superintendent of Schools-Jno. C. Douglas. Superintendent of Schools".. G.CELJEBR.A.TED Coax el,T.
'i Li utcnant-Gover11Or-Livingstoll W. Bethel .Assessor of. Taxes Wallace R. Moses, Geor- botliam. Callahan.
Key West. gian na. County Treasuree-Gustav Stark, Fcrnan-
dina. THE : :
t y Secretary of State-John L. Crawford, Tal- Collector of Rct'enue-D.\\T. McQuaig Bre-
,, 'r lahassee. vard County. ORANGE COUNTY.
; Comptroller-" D. Barnes, Tallahassee. Superintendent of Set.Jo)1. E. English, County Judge-J.M.* Beggs, Orlando. WOOTOIsT
Treasurer-Henry A. L'En le,Tallahassee. Titusville. Clerk-Thos. J. Shine Orlando. DESKS.

f AttorILcy-GeneraJ-George P. Raney, Talla- CLAY COUNT Sheriff-Thomas W. Shine Orlando.
hassee. County Judge-J. T. Copeland, Orange Assessor of Taxes-Jameb M. Owens, Fort
t Commissioner of Lands-P. W. White. Park. Reid, Fla.Collector. SOLID COMFORT OFFICE APPLIANCES

1 .'; i.n Tallahassee. Clerk-J. T. Weston, Green Cove Spring. of Ret'e1tue-A. M. Hyer, Sanford.
Superintendent of Public Instruction-E. K. Sheriff-James W. DeWitt, Green Cove Sanford.

,"' Foster, Tallahassee. Springs. Superintendent of Schools-John. T. Leeks
,/ t a Adjutant-General Yonge, Tallahassee Assessor of Taxes-T. J. Branning. Fort Reid. EVERYBODY DELIGHTED

.' t'': ,"I, BUREAU, OF IMMIGRATION. Collector of Revenue-A. S Chalker. .. PUTNAM COUNTY. a
I Superintendent of Schools-R.. Davis WITH THEM.
ommissioncrA. A. Robinson, Tallahas- Judge of Probate-B. Harrison, Palatka.
; ', .t see. Middleburg. Clerk-W.' F. Forward, Palatka.

:4 Clerk-R. C. Long, Tallahassee. COLUMBIA COUNTY. Sheriff Thomas Shally.
., 11 Columbus Drew Astor County Judge-W. M. Ives, Jr., Lake City. Assessor-A. J. Woods.
Special Agent- ,
: Clerk-John Vinzant, Jr., Lake City. Collector of Ret'e1me-Joseph Price. No. S, Flat Top.
.. ,I '.. Building, Jacksonville. Why use Desks of ordinary
Sheriff J. W. Perry, Lake City. Superintendent of Public Schools -J. W.
SUPREME COURT. Assessor of Taxes-A. D. Brown, Lake City. Strickland. construction when, for slight

;,, 0 .' Chic.f Justice-E. M. Randall, Jacksonville. Collector of Taxes-J. L. Parish, Lake City. TAYLOR COUNTY. additional cost you can have

; ',' Associate Justice-J. Westcott,jr.,Tallahassee. Superintendent of Schools-JuliusPotsdamer, County Judge-TV. H. Parker, Perry. --- 'L- the benefit of our improTe-

I" 1'' Lake City. Sheriff Green B. Weaver, Perry. ments? Awkward closets
,, 't I r't 1 Associate Justice-R. B. Van Valkenburgh, DUVAL COUNTY.County Clerk-John C. Calhoun, Perry. w =-- side and
Flani drawers
., t l' Jacksonville. Judge William A. McLean, Jack- Superintendent of Schools-T. J. Faulkner tl dvlfllfSlnPT''N'-'nIPYP' "Y'ni't away with.
Clerk C. H. Foster, Tallahassee. i We substitute revolving
!f i I r sonville. Perry.County cases,
!t' "r' CIRCUIT JUDGES. Clerk-Thomas E. Buckman, Jacksonville. Treasurer-D..S. Sutton, Perry. /- ,. which swing' with a slight

.,4.. .., First Circuit-Augustus Maxwell, Pen- Sheriff Uriah Bowden, Jacksonville. County SurL'cyor-D. N. Cox, Perry. e touch of the hand and are
't I sacola.Second. Assessor of Taxes-Daniel P. Smith, Jack- Collector of Revenue-J. B. Hardee, Perry thus enabled furnish
o :", :.':!; !.::4 Circuit-David S. Walker, Tallahas- sonville. Assessor of ,Taxes-R. L. Henderson.ST. fem. to double
;If' see. Collector of Revenue-Moses J. Brown, JOHN'S c -_-_ the space generally given on
.', r. r Third Circuit-E. J. Vann, Madison. Jacksonville. COUNTY. each side; and when cases areopen

:. ;; ,," i: Fourth Circuit-James M. Baker, Jackson- Superintendent of Scwols-Albert J. Rus- County Judge-M. R. Cooper, St. Augus- -' the whole interior is
+ tine. _
t ville. sell Jacksonville. .... -
-- -
i.i."t. I Fifth Circuit Thomas P. King, Gaines- HAMILTON COUNTY. Clerk-Bartolo F. Oliveros, St. Augustine. flooded with light and all
,;'j Sheriff Ramon Hernandez St. Low .
: tj ville. Augustine No. 14 Down Roll Top. portions readily reached without

". 1 Sixth Circuit-H. L. Mitchell, Tampa. County Clerk-J.Judge-Henry M. Caldwell, J.Jasper.Stewart, Jasper. Assessor of Taxes A. D. Rogero, St. change of position. A variety of rotary cases are offered for selection, and applied to
;. .t j4 ll /, ', : Seventh Circuit-W. Archer Cock Sanford Sheriff-Sampson Altman, Jasper. Collector of Revenue-Joseph F. Llambias,' the Desk as wanted. We apply this principle to a great variety of desks.

'" I. i Assessor of Taxes-J. M. Duncan, Jasper. St. Augustine.

) );.! Court Calendar. Collector of Revenue-W., H. H. McLeod. Superintendent of Schools-C. F. Perpall, 4t k THE 'WOOTONCabinet
Columbia County.Superintendent St. Augustine. 1I
i FIRST CIRCUIT. of Schools-J. W. Reed,
Fall Term- SUMTER COUNTY. Office
; Jasper. Secretary.
I ;, Santa Rosa, 2d Monday in October. HERNANDO COUNTY. County Judge-J. R. Steele, Leesburg,
s Walton 4th Monday in October. Clerk-Thomas J.
Ivey, Leesburg.
W. L. Frierson Brooks-
Holmes, 2d Wednesday after 4th Mondayin ville.County Judge- Sheriff J. S. Dyches, Leesburg.

October.Washington Clerk-J. C. Law. Brooksville. Assessor of Taxes-A. B. Goodwin. [ [ The most spacious and elegant desk ever pre-
2d Monday after 4th Mondayin Collector Revenue
October. Sheriff J. B. Mickler, Brooksville. Sumterville.of -Joseph Hutchinson, a aa 'sented to the business public. One hundred and

Jackson, 3d Monday after 4th Monday in Assessor of laxes-R. J. Bradley, Brooks-, Superintendent of Schools-A. H. Helven- t6 's +. ten compartments, as shown in cut, all under

.s-' October. ville.Collector of Revenue-F.M.Hedich, Brooks-- ston, Sumtervillfy Qom .one lock and key. Especially adapted for )Ier-
; ; Escambia, 1st Monday in December.
u'; ville. SUWANEE COUNTY. D chants. 'Manufacturers, Bankers, Railroad Officials -
This act amended section 2 of act of February -
.,i.;4 '''i 1 10, 1879, and does not change the Fort Superintendent Dade. of Schools-A. M.C.. Russell, Oak.County Judge M. M. Blackburn, Live Q D a T f and Professional generally.

4 pr Clerk-Robert A. Reid Live Oak.
.' : Spring .Term- County Judge-H. L. Crane, Tampa. Sheriff-John R. Sessions, Live Oak.
i'y'' Taylor, 1st Tuesday after 1st Monday in Clerk-Wm. C. Brown, Tampa. Assessor of Taxes-G.W.Umsted,Welborn. Wootoii Cabinet Office Secretary ADDRESS :
{ Collector of Ret'enue-'Vilson H. Sessions,
; April.Madison Sheriff D. Isaac Craft, Tampa.
F 2d Monday in April. Assessor of Taxes-Hugh GallagherTampa. Welborn. WOOTON DESK MANUFACTURING CO.,
1' i Hamilton, 4th Monday in April. Collector of Revenue-Warren A. Givens, Superintendent of Schools-J. 0. C. Jones

-1 +1 Suwanee, 1st :Monday after 4th Monday Tampa. Live Oak. RICHMOND, IND., U. S. A.
[ : }u 1 VOLUSIA
in April. Superintendent of Schools-W.P. Henderson
+, i Columbia, 3d Monday after 4th Monday Tampa. County Judge-James H. Chandler, Enter-

'' Lafayette, 6th Tuesday after 4th Mondayin County Judge-W. B. Lamar, Monticello. Clerk-John W. Dickins, Enterprise.

1, April. T. B. Simkins Monticello. Sheriff W. A. Cone, Enterprise. '
Sheriff ; ':.; :; i ':-) .
;, ,, Fall Term- Clerk-W. C. Bird Monticeilo. Assessor of Taxes-S. D. Hodges, Glen "
q ;,, Taylor, 1st Tuesday after 1st Monday in Superintendent of Schools--\V. R. Taylor, Cove. T k: 'c, f: THc1 RUNj
y ,','; October. Monticello. Collector of Retenue-P. N. Bryan, Glen "

"i I Madison, 2d Monday in October. County Treasurer-W. M. Girardeau, Mon- Cove. ,: ." :. .:,.:Lt,.
,I' ;v Hamilton, 4th Monday in October. ticello. Superintendent of Schools-L. D. Huston, ,'.', .
: sh Suwannee, 1st Monday after 4th Monday Collector of Revenue-J. H. Tucker, Mon Enterprise.' f .' '"...i'.>o..',
\. : t :; in October. ticello. WAKULLA COUNTY. ,. '

+ .... ;L Columbia, 3d Monday after 4th Monday in Assessor of Taxes-J. P. Grantham, Wau- Count,Judge-W. A. Giles, Crawfordville. ;
October. keenah. Sheriff Charles Alligood. Crawfordville.

+ ',*' < Lafayette, 6th Tuesday after 4th Mondayin LAFAYETTE COUNTY. Clerk-Nat. R. Walker, Crawfordville. THE FLORIDA

I, t i ''r 3" October. FOURTII CIRCUIT County Judge-W. J. Dixon, New Troy. Superintendent of Schools-E. Y. Watts,
sheriff-J. J. Johnson, Old Town. ,,
t: Spring Term- County Treasurer W. W. Walker IMPROVEMENT COMPANY.
Clerk-Neal McAlpin New Craw- rpOWN
'l ; s St. Johns 2d Tuesday in March. Troy. fordville.

+* t ; Clay, 4th Tuesday in March. Superintendent. of Schools-J.C.RamseyNewTroy. Collector of Ret'enue-R. McMillan,Craw-
', l I; ; Bradford, 1st Tuesday in April. fordville. Fernandina,
t County Treasurer-J: M. N. Peacock, New
Jiakcr 2d in
} ; l' Tuesday April.
''r. Assessor of. Taxes-R. H. Walker, Craw-
rl Nassau, 3d Tuesday in April. fordville. Towns on R. R. Line
i' t Duval, 1st Tuesday in May. Collector of Revenue-Adelbert S. Ackley,
Old Town.
,' i I Fall Term
And Cedar
t ; ?: : i ; St. John's 2d Tuesday in September. Assessor of Taxes-David R. Townsend, County Judge-John Chain. Key.
4th in New Troy. Clerk-R. R. Shepard.TreasurerRobert .
1 Clay, Tuesday September.
Bradford, 1st Tuesday in October. LEON COUNTY. Robinson.
i, Baker, 2d Tuesday in October. County Judge-Wm. P. Byrd, Tallahassee. Collector of RevenueV.. J. Williams. w
Z 1 Nassau, 3d Tuesday in October. Sheriff A.. Moseley, Tallahassee. Assessor of Taxes-W. J. Stephens. | (Offers to Lessees and Purchasers a large 4.a1 .
,' Duval, 1st Tuesday in November. Clerk-C. A. Bryan, Tallahassee. Superintendent of Schools-David Tinner. f

.. FIFTII CIRCUIT. Superintendent of Schools-Henry N.Felkel, POLK. .number of the most eligible and desirable F M

t' Spring Term- Tallahassee. County Judge-J. A. Fortner.
o i 1 Sumter, 3d Monday in March. .. Treasurer-J. L. Demilly Tallahassee. Clerk-S. J. Pearce. Lots, suitable for Business Purposes, or for 3sI
4 .r-1 : Marion, 4th Monday in March. Collector of Revenue-C. C. Pearce, Talla Sheriff W.M.Bowen. c3 .
;; Putnam, 3d Tuesday after 4th Monday in hassee. Treasurer-F. F. Beville. City or Suburban Residences, --- -- ,
s. Assessor of Taxes-G. A. Croome, Tallahassee. Z. t
:. March. Collector of Rc'/enue-J./ D. Filles. ;
i Levy, 4th Tuesday after 4th Monday in Assessor of Taxes-W. Johnson. UPON EASY TERMS. ; Gllsiig

t }. March. LEVY COUNTY. Superintendent of Schools-P. McCrary.: .'
' Alachua, 4th Monday after 4th Monday i inMarch. Clerk-J. M. Barco, Bronson.
r Liberal Discounts Values allowed
i \ i S. 'DADE. on to
Sheriff-J. Parker, Bronson. -
t Fall Term- Assessor of Taxes-Louis Appell, Bronson. County Judge-Allen E. Heyser. I U
i I Sumter 1st Monday in October. Collector of Retcnue-D. B. Barco Cedar Clerk-P. W. Faulkner. parties engaged in manufacturing or indus-
r'' r Marion, 3d Monday in October. Key. Sheriff-"m.l\f.1\Iattaur.
Schools Treasurer-J. Wm. Ewan. rial enterprises, who will erect on the prop-
Putnam 3d Tuesday in November. Superintendent of -J. B. Menden-
( E Levy, 4th Tuesday in November. hall Bronson. Collector of Ret'enue-'Vrn. H. Ben est.
,t,+'' Alachua, 1st Monday after 4th Tuesday in MADISON COUNTY. Assessor of Taxes-Wm. H. Benest: erty purchased; substantial improvementsfor
? 1 November.
SEVENTH CIRCUIT. County Judge-R. Ml\ : Witherspoon, Madi JACKSON. residence, or in which ,to conduct these

I i'a' Spring Term- son. County Judge-George F. Baltzell. '
Orange 4th Monday in Sheriff S. A. Parrimore, Madison. Clerk-Frank Philips. business. RTIGULAfi.P .
4 January. rECT
Clerk-John: Madison
Volusia, 3d Monday in February. Beggs, ,Sheriff Andrew Scott. p/\/
Brevard, 1st Monday in March. Superintendent of Schools-Samuel J. Perry, Treasurer-James E. Heam. INDUCEMENTS TO MANUFACTURERS IN EVEp.( NEVER

Dade, 3d Monday in April. Madison. Collector of Ret'enue-John B. Anderson. OUT or ORDER.NO .
r +. fall Term- County Treasurer-S. S. Smith, Madison. Assessor of Taxes'-W. B. Wynn. by exemption for a term of years from EQUA

t' 7 Orange, 2d :Monday in August. Collector of Retenui-, D. Wadsworth, Superintendent of Schools-Samuel J. Erwin..+. ,
Volusia 2d Monday in September. Madison. taxation, offered by the several cities and NtYlHWfJiHGlUooHrG
Assessor of Taxes-W. P. Thompson Mad FRANKLIN.Countg : .
Brea'aid, 4th Monday in September. ,
ison. Judge-Robert G. Baker. towns. Apply to .
Dade 2d in ,
c a I Monday November. ,

County Judge-Z. T. Crawford, Manatee. Sheriff S. A. Floyd. Fernandina. \CAG'o oANF (\.A/v'14
County Officers. Clerk-Robert S. Griffith, Manatee. Treasurer-R. H. Porter. ,23 Office, cor. Beach &7th sts 0 IUMASS.. P GA.
ALACHUA. Sheriff A. S. Watson, Pine Level. Collector of Revenne-George A. .Patton. FOR SALE BY

,1 County Judge-Junius C. Gardner, Gaines Assessor of Taxes,V'. F. Parrish, Braden- Assessor of Taxes-F. J. Egbert. ., "
Superintendent of Schools C. Hicks. ': :
town. -Henry '
.4 "ill c. :: : : > ,: Wood, Wood.
i Clerk-J. A. Carlisle, Gainesville. Collector of Revenue-Marion G. Carlton, GADSDEN. : .;. WoodYardnear
C. Tucker Popash. ,, '. Having recently established a
S- Sh.eriff-8. Arredondo. ,
; :
Countg J. R. Hams. DuryeVs mill all the
Judge- with
'. provided
Assessor. of Taxes-S. II. Wienges. Gaines- Superintendent of Schools-Felix J. Seward, Clerk-Henry S. Reeves. ;."... "
for and splitting
:,: ville. Pine Level. necessary machinery sawing
I Sheriff Thomas Mitchell ".;2j t- ,. FIRE-WOOD
1 CoU.ectoroJ Revenue-II.C. Denton, Gaines MARION COUNTY. : ,

}'tt ville.1 County Judge-Samuel F. Marshall, Ocala. Collector Treasurer of-A.Ret'enue-R.M. Smith.M. Morgan. ::.:4p:t .:' I am now prepared to furnish Oak Wood

Superintendent of Schools-W. N. Sheats, Clerk-Robert Bullock, Ocala. Assessor of Taxes-Hamilton McPhaul. I. .", sawed to any lengths,for either stove or fireplace -
Gainesville. B. t at ONE DOLLAR'PER LOAD.J. .
Sheriff-A. Crutchfield, Ocala. Superintendent of Schools-G. E. L. Allison. .
4 1't '


i """i""" ." 'j' ...." t' .


,". ,.,:

for or against a Convention and did therein Joseph H Newton, C W Morgan. George .

OFJLECTION.and provide and direct ,that the Secretary of Martin, W P Streety, Gustave Stark. Wil- GOING NOKTH.Day Pas.. Kt Pas. ST. MARK'S BR ANCIi.

State should incorporate with the notice of liam Sharp. WilliamB Bell. J .II MoOney, (TALLAHASSEE TO ST. MARK'S.)

Singular the Sheriffs oft/Ie the General Election be held in the 'year Joseph Mode, F A Latham, John Douglass, ,Leave Cedar Key.................... A.M.7.35 P.M.7.50 :Leave Tallahassee....................'... 8.00 a m

Todto Florida : 1884 with a notice of such recommendation, Cornelius Donovan Henry Hobein Alfred Leave Rosewood.................... 8.07 8.30 Arrive Wakulla-........................... 9.05am
f : proper instructions as to the mode of H Waas. James Bellj George A Latham. Leave Otter Creek.................. 8.38 9.12 Arrive St. :Mark's-.............:.......... 9.30 a Dl

.SlacOIV YE, that I. JOHN L. CRAWFORD, compliance Now with such recommendation ; Carl L Lange Henry Peterson Thomas B Leave Bronson-.....................' 9.15 '10.00 :Leave St. Mark's-.......................10.00 a. m

Secretary of State, of the State of,Flor4VH THEREFORE, notice of such recommendation Bellows Robert Hanley-John Rikart A J Leave Archer....................... 9.45 10.35 Arrive Wakulla-.................'..........10.25 a m

> herebv notify all al angular the is hereby given, and the follow-, Braswell, Julius Klotz:J W Flynn, S Car- Leave Palmer ....................:..10.01 10.54 Arrive Tallahassee, ...........'.........11.30 am
ieiffs:: of the several Counties of the StateS ing instructions:! are hereby given as to the rio, Thomas Heidt; Tolberfc Little Ned x Leave Arredondo.................10.15 11.11

Florida thatGENERAL mode of compliance with'such recommendation Jones Parish Simmons John 8 Lee, New- Leave Gainesville..........'........10.40 11.36
of ELECTION : ton Bradley, Henry x Knabb, John L Tay- A.M. CONNECTIONS.. ,

A ", First, Any elector desiring to vote at such lor, Elias McFarland, Wabby x Washington .Arrive "Waldo....... .. ............11.23, 12.30 At Jacksonville, with Waycross Line for

be held in each County in Florida on election in favor of such Convention, shall Henry Hawley Joseph ,x Blake, Eph- Leave Waldo.........................11.35 2.00 all points Korth and East With the Fernan- ; ,
11d next succeeding the first Monday have written or printed on the same balloton raim Coleman, Daniel x, King Henry Leave Thurston...................11.56 2.30P. dina & Jacksonville Short Line for Fernan- !
lso\'ember, A. D. 1884, the said Tuesday which the'names of the person or Holzendorf' John L Whaley, George Bell dina and with .
M. Steamers
for all
i :! points on
voted for for
being the said persons any office or offices at Marshall Irons Freeman x Ferrell William Leave Starke-.......................12.30 2.47 the St. Johns River, St. Augustine, etc. I

fourth day of November, the election are written or printed, and on F'Wood, Jr, L Beugnet, Walter Roberts Leave Temple's ....................12.37 2.57 At Baldwin'with Florida Transit & Pen-

and Lieutenant-Governor same side thereof as such names are Samuel x Savage Dread Benton Paul x Leave Lawtey--....................12.58 3.23 insular Division for Gainesville Ocala, Fer- .
written ,
For a Governor of Florida, and for four Electors side the or words printed FOR and A not CONVENTION on the other*' Copelia. Joseph Blake, Allen x Harker Leave Highland..................... 1.14 3.45 nandina. Cedar Key, and all Gulf Ports. :

$ j&dent and Vice-president of the United and elector ; Chas A Newman William Wilson Council Leave Maxville..................... 1.34 4.15 At Live Oak, with the Savannah, Florida
any desiring to voteagainst sucha Williams 'R H Jackson, Willis Hall, Jack Arrive Baldwin ................;.... 2.00 4.50 Western: Railroad. .

States; Representative of the 1 First Con- Convention shall have written or printed Warren Toney x Wyllie, Andrew x Brown, Leave BaldWIn...................... 2.05 5.40 At Tallahassee with St. Marks Branch ;
such ballot the
on tide thereof above
For one District of Florida in the Forty. prescribed the,words on AGAINST A CON- Frank Foster, Henry x Holzendorf Sr., Leave Brandy Branch........... 2.25 6.00 Railroad on Tuesdays. Thursdays and Sat-

g-:cs ional TC.of the United States; Henry x Walker Ephraim x Coleman, Leave Dutton......................... 2.40 6.15 urdays.At .
Itll; lone" of the SecondConl.rcsional VENTION. Joseph x King\ Chas II Berg. Geo x.'Hills, Arrive Callahan.................... 3.10 6.50 Chattahoochee River, with the Pensa-
IUror representative
District of Florida in the For- shall Second be, canvassed The votes cast and on declaration this question and G W Robinson Samuel x Young, J .W x Leave Callahan...................... 3.18 7.10 cola & Atlantic Railroad for'Marianna. Pen- I
Smith. M R x Redmond. Henry x Simp- Leave Hart's Road Junction... 4.08 8.06 sacola Mobile : to
of the United States. Montgomery, New Orleans
return thereof shall be made ,
Congress the
\. lnthAiid by Inspectors kins Henry x Smith,-Hansell H Keith,Jasper Arrive Fernandina................. 4.38 8.40 Louisville, and all points West, Southwest,
General Election and by County \'assing'Boards.,and
Williams Jonah Jones
the same day a x Jeffrey x and
on held the State Canvassing Board in the same Armstrong. Henry Beard. John A Eller- 35" Day Passenger daily except Sunday; Northwest and with all boats for Apalachicola .
will be Columbus
and Eufaula.
manner and at the same time as votes cast niann. William x Birt Rufus x Walker Night Passenger daily.PENINSULAR._ -
The .
In the County of Escambia for a Senator. for persons' for offices at said l) election are Warren Mason, R .II. Lee, Peter x Blue all points Shortest.West.Through .Quickest and Best Route to '

onm the First Senatorial District; required by law to be canvassed, declared Henry Allen. Alex x Foreman Isaac x DIVISION. Tickets and
County of Jackson for a Senator and returned. Sharkley A Steil. Sleeping Car Berths ,.
the WAtDO
In ( TO AND LEESBURG.) secured at Company's Depot Ticket Office
the Third Senatorial District; The attention of the Sheriffs is called to
from and at office southwest Bayand
GOING SOUTH. new corner of ..
the (Counties of Calhoun and Franklin the law requiring them to cause a notice of '
for In a Senator from the Fifth Senatorial District said election to be published in a newspaper We the undersigned i hereby certify that Day Pas. Nt Pas. Hogan, Jacksonville A. MAcDONELL Fla.

printed in theCounty.and if there be no the persons whose names appear in the foregoing .. P.M. A.M. ,
Counties of Liberty and Waukulla published in the County, they shall cause paper at petition signed the same or attached Leave ,\ altlo......................... 3.00 12.40 Gen'l Ticket and Pass.Agent, i

Infora the Senator from the Seventh Senatorial least five copies of this notice to be postedin their marks thereto in our presence, and Leave Dixie........................... 3.21 1.10 Fernandina, Fla. ,

the most public places in the County.IN that neither frandbriberynordeception was Leave Hawthorne........... ..... 3.37 1.33 C. W. MAXWELL, f

Dhtr jet the; County of Jefferson for a Senatorfrom TESTIMONY WHEREOF I have here- used in procuring said signatures or marks.F. Leave Lochloosa.................... 3.57 2.03 Master of Transportation .

In Ninth Senatorial District unto set hand and affixed theL. Leave Orange Lake................ 4.21 2.33 Baldwin Fla. ,
the the County of Hamilton for'a Senatorfrom [ s.] Great Seal my of the State of Florida at R. KRUSE. Leave Sparr's.................... .... 4.36 2.52 D. E. MAXWELL
the Eleventh Senatorial District; Tallahassee the Capital this the Leave Anthony Place............ 4.51 3.08 General Superintendent, .;
the County of Alachua for a Senatorfrom twentieth day of August A. D.1884. WARREN :MASON, Leave Silver Spring............... 5.31 3.35 Fernandina. Fla. '

In Senatorial District JOHN L. CRAWFORD P. W. KING Leave Ocala............................ 5.45 4.00
Thirteenth ,
the ;
CAESAR BAKER.HOGARTH'VILLILMS, Leave Lake Weir Station........ 6.25 4.50 Savannah .i
the County of Bradford for a Senator Secretary of State.J. Florida and WesternRAILWAY. .
In Senatorial District A. ELLERMANN Sheriff Nassau Arrive Oxford........................ 6.42 5.09 :
:Fifteenth County.
from the of Putnam for Senatorfrom ; Fernandina Fla. HENRY HAWLEY. Leave Wild wood.................... 7.00 5.30 i ;,
the County a August 29188440td.
In Arrive ..... .... i
Senatorial District Leesburg. .... ... 7.33 6.10 1
the Seventeenth ;
of Marion for Senatorfrom GOING NORTH .
the County
Application for License.To OF FLORIDA
the Nineteenth Senatorial District; A.M. P. )(.
COUNTY NASSAU. trains of this road Central ,
In the Counties of Dade and Brevard fora OF JOn Leave Leesburg..................... 6.50 6.00 are run by '
:Meridian time which
((90th) is 33 minutes
Senator from the 'rwenty.first Senatorial the Board of County Commissioners, Nassau this day personally appeared before Leave Wildwood.... .............. 7.22 7.00 slower than Jacksonville, time.
District i me Arthur Steil to me well known, who Leave Oxford........................ '7.33 7.17
)In the; County of Sumter for a Senator County, Slate of Florida : being duly sworn deposeth and says that Leave Lake Weir Station...,.... 7.49 '7.40 ':.

from the Twenty-third Senatorial District ; IRESPECTFULLY-ask to be granted a each and every name or mark affixed to the Leave Ocala.. .......................... 8.30. 8.42 N and after Sunday, July 13, 1884, Passenger'TraJns t

In the County of Walton for a Senatorfrom Ales, Wines and above petition was the l Set and deed of the Leave Silver Spring!;............... 8.47Leave follows. will leave and 'a'rive as '

Twenty-fifth Senatorial District; Liquors in the City of Fernandina and en- party purporting to have'signed the same, Anthony Place............ 9.15 9.28 :

In the Counties of Polk and Manatee for close herewith the signatures of a majorityof and that said signatures 'were signed in the Leave Sparr's......................... 9.25; 9.45 NEW ORLEANS EXPRESS.:

uSenatnrfrom the Twenty-seventh Senatorial the legally registered voters of this pre- presence of at least two credible witnesses, ,Leave Orange Lake................. 9.40 10.08 Leave Jacksonville daily at-......... 7:25; a m

District cinct, as required by law. and that there was no fraud, bribery or deception Leave Lochloosa.............. ....10.02 10.45 Arrive at Jacksonville daily at...... 8:00: pm"
In the County of Volusia for a Senator ARTHUR STEIL. in procuring said signatures or Leave Hawthorne................10.23 11.15 Arrive at Callaahn daily at............ 8:03 a m

from the Twenty-ninth Senatorial District; Fernandina Fla., Sept. 19, 1884. marks of said persons whose names appear Leave Dixie........::....:...........10.40 11.35 Arrive at Waycross daily at........... 9:45 a m
In the County'. of St. John's for a Senator signed to the above petition. A.M. Arrive at Thomasville daily at...... 1:30( p m

from the Thirty-first Senatorial District; We, the undersigned, voters of Election ARTHUR STEIL. Arrive Waldo... .... ............11.05 12.15 Arrive at Bainbridge daily at........ 3:25 p m
On the same day an election will be held Precinct No 1, in Nassau county, State of Subscribed and sworn to before me, this pr-Day Passenger daily except Sunday; Arrive at Chattahoochee daily at... 3:52 p m

in the County of Madison for a Senator Florida respectfully request that the above i 19th day of September.. 1884.CHAS. Night Passenger daily. Arrive at Pensacola daily at..11:45 a m

from the Tenth Senatorial District, to fill petition be granted. H. BERG Arrive at Mobile daily at.............. 4:10 a m
the occasioned by the resignation Notary Public. Arrive at New Orleans daily at..... 9:45 a m r
vacancy Hogarth Williams, Joseph Longwood, It F. & J. SHORT :LINE; DIVISION. 1
of FrankV.. Pope, who was elected Senatorfor Connecting at Chattahoochee with Pensa-
A McBean, John Crandall, George x De
the term of four years, at the General Motte, P W King Henry Scott, Eddie Reynolds DRUGS, MEDICINES, ETC ( GOING TO SOUTH.JACKSONVILLE.) cola and Atlantic Railroad daily for Pensa

first Election Monday held November on the first Tuesday A. D.:1882 after the Stepheny x Johnson, Warren x Commodore Leave Fernandina....................... 7.30 a. in. cola ::Mobile New Orleans. Texas, all trans-
: ;
In the County of Duval for a Senator Somersault x Cooper Henry Clay, EST A.]LISI-IED 187(;. Leave Hart's Road..................... 8.05m.. Mississippi points. Possengers for Brunswick -
take this train
from the Eighteenth Senatorial District to Lewis x Spaulding Benjamin Wright Arrive Jacksonville............. ...... 9.10 a. JU. arriving at Brunswick
Charles x Williams John x Benjamin, -- via.B. &: W. R. R. at 12.45 p. m.
fill: the vacancy: occasioned by the resignation I Owen x Love, Isaac McCall, Henry Commodore GOING NOi.TII. Pullman Buffet and Sleeping Cars on this
of Jonathan C. Grceley, who was elect- Samuel Leave Jacksonville...................... 5.00p.m. train, Jacksonville to Pensacola Mobile
x Wight George x Clinch. ,
Senator for the term of four years, at the Louis x Joseph Stephen ,x Morris Edward DRUGS and MEDICINES Leave Hart's Road....................? 6.04p.m. and New Orleans. .

tieneral Election held on the first Tuesday Arrive Fernandina..................... 6.40p.m. '
jfrer the first Monday: of November, A. D, x McCall.Johnson Cupid Thomas Armstrong.x Wilkerson. Henry Jonas x Keyser x- CJ'' .:. jZa?" Trains daily except Sunday. FAST MAIL. ",

J S2; S A Mode Charles x Jones Alfred x SUNDAY EXCURSION. Leave Jacksonville daily at-......... 2:30 p m :

In the County of Monroe for a Senator Hampton, Plato x King, George 'x Anderson HORSEY &. CO. A.M. P. M. Arrive at Jacksonville daily at..12:00 p m

from: the Twenty-fourth, Senatorial Districtto Peter x Miller, Jesse x Tynes, Parish Leave Jacksonville... ............ 9.10 6.55 Arrive at Callahan daily at............ 3:10 p m

fill a vacancy occasioned: by the resignation Johnson Peter'x'Peterson, Louis x Watson Arrive Fernandina................10.30 S.O Arrive at Waycross daily at........... 5:05 pm.

of George W. Allen, who was elected Fred x Gibson. James x Love Israel x Leave Fernandina................. 7.00 5.00 Arrive at Jesup daily at................ 6:35 p m

Senator for the term of four years at the Grant. Sandy x Williams. Charles, x Cooper.lIerrick =1 PHARMACISTS 1= Arrive Jacksonville................ 8.25 6.25 Arrive at Savannah daily at......... 8:17 p m
General election held on the first Tuesdayafter Arrive at Charleston daily at......... 1:45 a m
Alberti.! :McCann
x Stephen x
the first Monday of November, A. D. Arrive at Washington. D.C.daily atll:00 p m ,
Samuel John Wells
x x Edgar
1","-). x CONNECTIONS.AT Arrive at New York daily at......... 6:30: a m
Johnson R J Albert
And in each of the respective Counties x Williams Reynolds Centre Street
Thomas L Wilson Frederick Kruse, W H Connecting at Savannah with Through
(if the State a General; Election for its con'nmional FERNANDINA, FLA.,
Snead Alexander John Al- Pullman Palace Buffet and Room
't mi liber of Members of the General x With New York and Fernandina Steam- Drawing
\ berti, Amos x Atkinson Joseph x Hunter, FERNAXDIXA, FLORIDA, Sleeping Cars, Savannah to New York with- .
.eziibiy towitEscauiha Line from New York and .
ship on Tuesday, !
Abraham x Trenmiins, George x Riley, out change. '
for New York
: County three; Isaac x Pino, Curtis x Williams, Levi EEP constantly on hand a fine assort- on Thursday. '
K With Sea Island Route from and to Savannah JACKSONVILLE EXPRESS.
Santa; Rosa -
County two
; Young, William x Blue. Toney x Riley. ment of FRESH and PURE FOREIGN
Walton County two; Julius Evans Butler x Francis, Jr Danielx and DOMESTIC and Brunswick, daily except Sunday.AT Leave Jacksonuille! daily at.......... 5:20 p m ,
Holmes Arrive at Jacksonville ..... 7:32 '
County one; CALLAHAN.To daily at. a In
)Mitchell James Long, James x Stewart
Arrive at Callahan ........... 6:15
Washington: County one; and from Savannah and Charleston daily at. p m
Edward x Rodgers, Doc x Scott John x ,
and Chemicals I Arrive at ........._ 9:00
Franklin County one, Washington/ Robert x Miller, Benjamin x Drugs and all points North and West, daily. Waycross daily at. pm"
Calhoun County one Arrive at Brunswick daily at........ 6:15 a m
; Fuller Frank Emerson Robert Cunningham
x x AT BALDWIN FLA., Leave Gainesville at............. 5.40
Jackson CUlUtthrec'; ; and daily p m
W II Hannahan Emanuel x Homoeopathic Patent :Medicines To and from Jacksonville Tallahassee
Leave Newnansville daily at......... 6:2U m
Liberty County\ one p
; ,Pappena W J x Jones. John Baker Obed and all points South, West, and Northwest,
Wakulla Cutuitn Leave New Branford daily at........ 7:50 p m
; McDonald. Willis Waters Van Ellison Proprietary and Fancy Goods
Gadsdcn County three x x daily. Leave Live Oak daily at .............. 9.15 p m
Leon County four ; Peter Bonaud Boston x Floyd. Jeff x AT HAWTHORNE, Arrive at DuPont daily at...........11:30 a m

Jefferson County four; Harris Daniel x Williams, Joseph x Bowls, FINE TOILET ARTICLES, To and from Palatka daily except Sunday. Arrive at Albany daily at.............. 2:25 a m

Madison County three; Harry x Joseph, John Harget. July x AT WILDWOOD. Arrive at Jesup daily at................11:05 p m ,
Taylor County one ; Mitchel, John x Felder Jacob x Harris, PERFUMERY SOAPS ETC. With Stage Line to and from Brooksvilleand Arrive .Macon: daily at.-............ 7:00 a 111

Hamilton County two Joseph x Gibbs, George x Norman. Josephx Tampa daily except Sunday.AT Arrive at Atlanta daily at.............12:35; p m
; Baker Alexander
Suwannee Cooper Joseph x x Arrive at Chattanooga daily at...... 8:00 m
County two CEDAR FLA.,
; Johnson Thomas
Lafayette County one Brinson Peter x John x Lang IN GREAT VARIETY.Physicians' .! With Morgan's Line Steamships for Key Arrive at Nashville daily at-......... 1:25 a m
E Freeman. Freeman. Edward
Columbia County three' ; Mordccai Carey West and Havana every Saturday ; for New Arrive at Louisville daily at..;...... 7:10 a m
A G Wilson Thomas
Alachua County four Lymus+ Orleans every Friday ; from Key West and Arrive at Cincinnatti! daily at-...... 7:00 a m
Levy County two; Joseph Higgins, Joseph Li eour, Caesar jZSf Prescriptions Havana every Friday : from New Orleans Arrive Chicago daily at............. 6:10 p m
x Baker John McDermott, Henry Johnson ...........
Bradford County two carefully with at Saturday. Arrive at St.Louis daily at. 6:20 p 111
: compounded Drugs
Manning Ferreira Charles Saunders D W pure ,
Clay County one With Tampa Steamship Company's Steamers Arrive at Savannah dailvat.. 6:15 a m

Baker Countone'; ; McClelland, Charles, J W Kimball B McClelland B F, Rich Gilbert, Lemon Dor- reasonable prices. for and from Key West, Monday and Arrive at Augusta daily at............12:20 p m
Nassau sey for and Manatee Mon- Arrive at Charleston daily at..12:40 p m.
County two ; Thursday; Tampa ,
Duval County four! Foster Henry Barker, Dudley.x Williams, RAILROADS. day and Friday. Arrive at Washington daily at.......10:25 a m
St. John's ; Charles Wright, James Long Jr., WilliamJ Arrive at New York daily at......... 5:30 p m
County two
; Hanley, J L Horsey, Sam x Vickery. For information respecting routes rates, '
Volusia Arrive at Thomasville daily at...... 6:45 a m
Orange County two one ; Henry x ,Wells Laurence x Wilson Obed x CARD etc., apply to General Ticket Office, Fernan- Arrive at Albany daily at..............11:30 a m '.
County William Cam Robinson TIME dina to the Company's offices in Jack-
Young, x Taylor or
..... 7:57
Putnam County two OF THE Arrive at Montgomery daily} at. a m ;
Marion two; Nelson A Roundtrec, William x Wright, sonville. Arrive at New Orleans daily at...... 9:45 a in -

:Sumter: County County two, Richard x Nelson Samuel x Pinkney, FLORIDA RAILWAY NAVIGATION COMPANY. Arrive at Nashville daily at-.......... 8:10 a m

Hernando Isaiah x Morrison. Allen x Mitchell Benja- FLORAL CITY ROUTE. Arrive at Louisville daily at.......... 3:00 p m
Hillsborough County two ; min x Germain, Thomas x Hubbard, Shadex In Effect July ISth, 1884. Arrive at Cincinnati daily at......... 7:25 p m

1\oik County two' Hayes Henry W x Smith, George x Wilson CENTRAL & WESTERN DIVISION. Arrive at St. Louis daily at............ 7:50 a m

Manatee: County County one Adam xYoun Lehman xTomlinson, TRANSIT & PENINSULAR DIVISION. (JACKSONVILLE TO CHATTAHOOCHEE RIVER.) Atrive at Chicago daily at............. 7:00 a m
one; Louis x Paplio. J T x Mitchell Matthew x (FERNANDINA CEDAR KEY.)
{Dade County one .. Hawkins. James x Lawson David x Freeman WESTWARD.No. Pullman Hotel and Sleeping Cars on this :
Urevard County o'ne ; Freeman x Copeland James .x Cul- (Central, or Ninetieth Meridian, Time.) Accom.. No.Mail.3. Train to Cincinnati via Waycross.

Monroe Countv two. pepper, Louis x Deas. April Bonaparte GOING Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars on this
Leave Jacksonville......, 8.30 a m 5.55 m
And on the there will be held Marshal Jenkins Roderick Baker Jamesx SOUTH.Day Pas. Nt Pas. p Train to Chattanooga via Jesup. ;
same day x x ,
in!'h Arrive Baldwin ............ 9.11 am 8.03 p m
County of the State election Annette. Allen Samuel Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars Gainesville
: a general x Johnson x A.M. P.M. ,
Leave Baldwin............ 9.15am
fur Constables, CllCh County being allowed KingSam'l; Lizzemore.. Ambrose x Robinson Leave Fernandina.................10.05 4.38 7.45pm to Savannah. <
l Lake City.........10.43am 11.04pm
and entitled Constable for Seek Mitchell. Edward McRae Leave Hart's Road Junction..10.35 5.12 Pullman Palace Buffet and Drawingroom
o one x x "
LiveOak............11.35am 1.30pm
every two hundred registered voters in the Thomas x Holzendorf, Ephraim x Latham, Arrive Callahan....................11.20 6.14 Sleeping Cars on this Train Washington. ;:
Madison ............ m 3.45am (
County; J wtdaZ however that no County Stephen x Finlay Henry x Franklin William Leave Callahan.....................11.30 6.30 1.07p Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars Jacksonville .'::
shall Monticello ......... 1.40pm 5.30am
have more than twelve Constables; x Cooper James x Drummond Jack x Leave Dutton................. ....11.57 7.05 to Savannah.A .
"ct Arrive Tallahassee...... 3.26 m 8.14 a m
Least that each County shall be entitled to at Baker Sandy x Sye Prince x Brooks, Jetax P.M. p Restaurant has been opened Way-
Leave Tallahassee....... 3.33 m 8.40 a m
two of.the Burrows Louis x Jenkins. Leave Brandy Branch12.12 7.22 p cross and abundant time will be allowedfor ,
Constables regardless Henry x 11 ,
..... ...... 4.35 m 10.30 am
number of registered voters. Hooper Samuel x Cammel Joseph x Baker, Arrive Baldwin.....................12.30 7.45 Quincy p meals by all passenger trains. :
W Arrive Chatta. River.... 5.45 12.23
Florida ERE.\S. the Legislature of the State of Sable x Kevser, Henry x Bell. Moses x Leave Baldwin.....................12.35 8.30 p m am Connects at Jesup with E. T., Va. &. Ga. ,.r.

tot of A. D. 1881 did determine by a Armstrong, William x Joseph, John King, Leave Maxville.................... 1.02 9.02 EASTWARD.No. for Brunswick. ,
to e Of a majority of all the members elected George x Bryant Frederick x Baker. R. W. Leave Highland..................... 1.22 9.27 No. 4. Connecting at Savannah with steamers for

each of the Houses thereof, that it isConti Colwell, Mingo x Anderson. John x Finlay Leave Lawtey.....................;.. 1.37 9.47 Accom. Mail. New York, Philadelphia, Boston and DaltiI ;

r y.to. cause a revision of the entire Simon x Johnson, Sr., Bristo x Roberts, Leave Temple's..................... 1.55 10.16 Leave Chatt'chee ver.10.30 a m 1.30 p m I, more. }

"ucl" ; Su tlon of said state, and did enter George x Sopsion, John W x Smith Sr, Leave Starke........................; 2.20 10.25 Quincy -...........11.52 a m, 3.15 p m Connecting at Charleston with steamersfor ,

determination;! upon their respective James x Avery, May x Small Julius x Williams Leave Thurston..................._ 2.32 10.44 Arrive Tallahassee12.55 p m 4.50 p m New York Philadelphia and Baltimore. \. ;

Journals: with the yeas and nays thereon, George x Terry Augustus D x Myers, Arrive Waldo....................... 2.52 11.16 Leave Tallahassee ......- 1.05 p In 5.20 p m Through Tickets sold to all points by Rail /:
and did refer the same to the Legislature Adam x Gibbs, Thomas E Bliss Wyley x A.M. Monticello-........ 1.40pm 6.30pm and Steamship connections, and Baggage ',,'-

then Leis next to b a chosen ; and, whereas, the Jones, Daniel R Baxter Samuel x Brown, Leave Waldo........................ 3.00 '1.00 Madison ............ 3.43pm 9.55pm Checked through. Also Sleeping Car berths
i lature of said State then next chosen, Green x Henderson John S Clark, Henry Leave Gainesville................. 3.45 2.10 LiveOak....::....... 5.02pm .12.10am and sections secured at Company's office in '

to-nit. I: Legislature of A. D. 1883 did, Knabb, R Austin, Lewis x Cooper. George Leave Arredondo................... 4.03 2.36. Lake City......... 6.04 p m 2.30 a m Astor's Building, 84 Bay street, and at Depot _

t.Lf1Jllalr>ty of the members elected to Robinson John C Rutishauser, J Fred Lehman Leave Palmer........ .....;......... 4.16 2.45 Arrive Baldwin............ 7.39pm 5.38am Ticket Office, and on board People's ,:

Io.e: thereof, a 'ice to such proposed Albert Glaiber Henry Gage, John Leave Archer........................ 4.30 3.17 Leave Baldwin............ 7.43 p m ,6.20 a m Line Steamers H. B. PLANT, CHATTAHOOCHEE- _,. '

retisiou: ;
T did' b-v resolution duly passed re- John x Elbert 0 B Murray, C R Leave Otter Creek...............;. 5.37 4.45 Trains 1 and 2 daily ; Trains 3 '-and 4 will JAS. L. TAYLOR, .:.

or 11, to the electors of the next election Manucy, James :Mooney W II Pope JasperW Leave Rosewood..._.............. 6.10 5.30 not run west of Tallahassee Sundays, but General Passenger Agent.A. .- '

. c members of ute Legislature to vote Latham, B F Waas.C H Huot Z Nichola Arrive Cedar.Key................:. 6.40 6.10 will run Mondays. M. IVES, Agent. .. .


j : ,.. '. -. ,_ '''-' c ,;.(..,:. ': .... _' .- ., <.... d.. '... t ., ,.

1 I .



".... ,
... .:. ;
.1'> >, ;. ;' ,. :-' i ".;

.., ., THE :FLORIDA MIRROR : SEPTEMBER: 27, 1884. .
;_.. .- --

TlIE FLORIDA 1\lI] nO It.I:". sent plumed knights. EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE., Cleveland stands well ; he is evidently in Florida and strawberries were

t The amount of expendedin T clear-headed, honcst-r"inded unattainable luxury and an l
r I money THE \.IGX-rIlEPOSITIO: OF THE w : we are
in the North : and firm man. All his public at
v a, single campaign CANDIDATES-CLEVELAND POPULAR surprised our friend being toM bv

4- ., .' Subscription, S3 per year; six: months, $1.I for banners, flags, uniforms, torches, THE MULLIGAN LETTERS-THE TAMMANY utterances are indicative of a well- those who had never tried cuing ;-

I music and rental of halls and headquarters : balanced and correct judgment of in Florida that
Office corner Centre and First streets,second floor. could
t+t o is enormous. The large TION-CLEVE1 fAND's :CHARACTER.WATEBiopr public affairs. He has never acted not be made. We have some

; RATES OF ADVERTISING. campaign banners which are suspended > ... "', ,"N.Y:/.S' ept. 24. :, '84.: the part of a demagogue.nor pandered ourselves in the matter experience and
: Ten cents a line for the first, and five cents. for ; ) of self interest
; each subsequent Insertion. across the streets cost, some of The real'work of the political campaign suggestions ; or pop- have fed four head of horses almost t

.l Special local notices, 15 cents a line. them, as high as $150 each. Badges, is just fairly beginning. The ularity. On the contrary, he has exclusively on Florida hay for the

,l i c.. s Special Reading rate notices for time, 25 cents advertisements a line. upon appli pictures, etc., form profitable articleof work is too intense and absorbing to done many rigbt but unpopular last year. The crab grass is cut the

{lb cation at the office.Communications. trade. allow a longer period to be devoted- things. His appointments to important latter part of August and cured and

,l'; ; upon all matters(local inter- This kind of machinery is princi- to it than the, six weeks precedingthe positions have always been unexceptionable stacked like Northern hay. It keeps

; est solicited from all parts of the county and from pally relied on by the Republicans, November election. :Both parties and the general' feel- well and our stock have kept in

; ,I along All the communications lines of Florida Intended railways.for publication and there is very little real value in are wide awake, but there seems :ing is that he is a safe man for the good order upon it, relishing it apparently -

should be addressed to the Editor; all business this kind of expenditure., The whole to me, to be a more confident and country. The Democrats claim New quite as well as any i imported

: letters simply to .THE FLORIDA MIRROK. burden of Republican battle now is satisfied feeling on the part 'of the York by from 50,000 to 75,000. :The baled hay.

Y Il the tariff and, protection to the Republicans give no figures. F.
: 0 SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER 27, 1S84. Democrats than among the Repub- We advise our readers who have

I laborer. licans in this State. This is very the opportunity, to try the experiment
r, THE ORANGE CROP.; naturally the case. Gov. Clevelandwas for themselves. Thousands of
The orange crop the present sea- elected in 1882 by a popular tons of hay are imported into our
... .. FOR PRESIDENT Sept. 25, 1884.
A,4 son promises to be very. large. We o majority. .of 192000. It was said State and sold at from 830 to $40 a
r T' CLEVELAND Washington is comparatively dull
+ ,:; ,;r '... ".DROVER, y.* believe Col. Elliott estimates it at that he owed his election to the ton, while we allow our grasses t to
;r'i at this of the the
OF NEW YORK. season year, yet
'.: ,:......' 0 one million boxes-an over-estimate, staying from the polls of the Half- rot in the field or turn in poor stock
hotels seem to have a considerable
think but it will doubt be breed of Mr. Conkling. to it down. It is better
t ;, I x ,";I- FOR VICE-PRESIDENT: we ; no opponents number of arrivals. The political trample t to(

',">:',:" :THOMAS' A. HENDRICKS, very large. The question of transportation In 1883 a general election was held committees send out their campaign build a shelter for the hay than to

i; r 1.: OF INDIANA. grows.in importance. We for State officers, and it was impor- leave it in the weather when stacked.
ammunition from here, but other-
.'.' have fair arrangements for reachingthe tant for the Republican party to The fact is, we can have in Florida
wise this have
non-voting population
r i 3 FOR GOVERNOR. large cities of New York, Boston, know that_.it' held the political ma- but little to do with the campaign.Of both'' good pasturage and. good hay

,, i -: EDWARD A. PERRY, Baltimore and Philadelphia, but jority in the State. They made if we will take the trouble to have
? :, ,. -."' course opinions as to the result
OF ESC AMBIA. there for mov- effort to this majority them.
y ;f. are no arrangements every secure ;
with the predilections of the
ing fruit into the.interior from those the Democratic majority was about vary
FOR LIEUTENANT-GOVERNOR: speaker. A Democrat is confidenton List of Letters

', .+ :. ; MILTON H. MABRY, cities except at express rates, conse* 19,000. The parties now go into the the figures. Republicans do not Remaining in the Post-Office at Fernan-:

1 i o' sequently we can ship to Chicago, present ,canvass with the advantageon diva: Nassau county Florida,Sept.27,isa
r OF SUMTER. like to go into details but "Oh Persons calling for these letters must say
say, ,
St. Louis and other Western cities, the part of the Democracy of haying advertised :
k .' : FOR CONGRESS, SECOND DISTRICT: Blaine will be elected; but they are '
but we cannot reach the numerous a New York candidate in the Anglin, Miss Ellen, Moclary. Miss Mary
*' : CHARLES DOUGHERTY trembling about Ohio,and their only Allen, Cape, Owens. Charlotte,
..! 'r ,, interior'cities and towns in the North field not.only popular with: the'bulk Balev, R Onions, River Aner
of New York be the
OF VOLUSIA. hope seems to Baker Miss Martha, Pate, R B
should be at but with ,
j' and East. There once of his own arty a very
1 'e : Irish defection which they over- Cavidy, Mrs Edw'd Roberts. Miss Oily
11'4 ; ,
A I. !1 '4tj : inaugurated a general system of considerabfe 'support from the Re- Coppe, Win, Rogers Arthur
t 1
,,.. +. + :,' "",4: FRED '\ HOYT, ,transportation for the fruit,of Flor- publican party. Mr. Blaine labors Independent Republican movement. Grant, GBRGnants Roberts, Miss!Alley
markets of the C I Troflow, E
ida which will extend our the disadvantage being can-
f t OF FERNANDINA. Money\ is to be used to any extent Holder, Hon Ch D Sancel, G H
:: : : 'I,' W. A. MAHONEY\ and prevent a glut in the seaboard didate of the Half-breeds, who Jackson Plenty, Young,Lewis,
w that it can be obtained. It will be
Jones, Mrs Sallie Wright,Jennie,
is the defeat of
it claimed
i ,. OF CALLAIIAN.CLEVELAND'S cities. caused largely used no doubt in Ohio Jones, Thomas I, Walker,Maria
The present rates on shipments of Folger in 1882. His reputation was Howell Susan, Willis,Benjamin E,
and is always a potent factor in Lerry Frank Watson, Henry
f } t FAIRLY oranges from Florida are much already unsavory,. and he is placedon Williams, Lizebeth.S. .
,_ CERTAIN. close State. In New York the
t lower it is true, than express rates, the defensive by the publicationof T. RIDDELL,P.M.[
The election is so near at hand job is rather a large,, one and it is
but they are far higher than freight the Mulligan letters, which exhibit -
: that there is little.use in conjecturing more difficult to apply the money FIRE WOOD AND LUMBER!
rates. A barrel of flour comes from him in the light of a greedy
.; the result. The chances are deemed : where it will do the most good. The
New York to Florida at half the rate speculator, an associate of operatorsin FOR SALE CHEAP :
i' decidedly favorable to the Demo- Republican speakers present no issue
a barrel of.oranges,is carried back. stocks, and using his'position and AND SLABS,
'' cratic candidate. There is a general but the tariff, and fight vigorouslyan EDGINGS 10 cents per load.
If our on increasing influenced Speaker and party leaderto
y agreement that Gov. Cleveland is crop imaginary Free-trade party. It ROUGH LUMBER
.it.-is sure to'do, the prices will natu- e 1riclt I1jmself.1 think one of From $5 to $IG per M ft.,
!; sure of .153 votes and 'requires only makes no.difference lo'them: that the
rally fall, and we must have reduced the worst features developed in 'the according to quality.
S'S 48 more to insure his election. The Democratic platform, like their own, DRESSED LUMBER,
freight rates in order to place our letters is the fact 'that he traded off
$12 to$20 31.feet.
; Republican candidate is credited is for revenue reform and not free- per
l fruit in market more generally thanwe stock to his friends, pocketing money Orders by Telephone promptly attended to
with 130 votes as reasonably certain. trade. It helped them in 1880 andit
now do. The amount of sales given from; their confidence, thus
New York and Indiana, which are is their only issue now. Steam Saw and Planing Mill.
apples, peaches and grapes is immense proving a treacherous friend as well Office foot Centre Street. 3
'ii: claimed with much certainty for On the other hand the Democratic
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