<%BANNER%> 1 Fractional township thirty, thirty-one, thirty- '* '** iiMriM- M i C. 'HI''-* tff (% -'. '* '
Section 3. Township 12, Rnn e 11 about! Complainant; ; 4-, < ** i. l f.N.h : ;i1..oII4Y' $j ;itt;
1 acres-Levied upon n the of I. D. Hut 40Q two,and thirty-f'iur, nf range s"eventeenl i- 'Ins OnnxRxp That the' snicl :D.M.' 'VnnA .'AmP.Shntms'scst..t..sli.. ,: -4 .T"ssrv. l.fllJJp- i-
; or Ji-D.'ffott. satisfy the taxes due tb ireori far Townships twenty-four' twVhtyifive' of range. ,Wezel,, ;n n Jiioe, juniorf; Waller 14w-pIty, Uuii rebiiioc nii'I tall's: thf affWIuvit! >f....t ,<>fC'tiplainanl 'miz1sToI1; 4t3iENMZ
4 theyearl3lG. twenty-one. /' qsiilhisMsiey.James H. rirrr.Siepbe i f'oLiis iii, .'lii lJi: *n.V.
: >ii: : TT3.'FITzPATRrcr Townships seventeen and. twenty-one-. f'rangetwenty' L. Levy!, Bttn3athrnteeit 'niu f | AVIII* !ti;*faction iff lw Q-M.J.i'n Tlint > *?**! >*II.' jini|.b
two. .- "Itohlt? do>'appeariftnd; 'hnswer*thnt'CMiiptariat. Defendants' resiile; |hIJ..t.il*' et.! jmiZi'> 'tuHi v
1 A1jatorOct.23.L$45.|? V.ColHrabla 1L nds. appropriated by: law for the Bill hfComnhamntwiIhin frutmonttt from tlmte Stare: *r it naflhi. $3.

use of schools military or other of h t.publication ff.thj)* ivder, ,pr Uie sumo IT IJ HlCRBT'OR3! KKrn.I'lluf ii 'ti'f llli* : .. : DANiiKi,4 ALJL; I'iJlLJr.
: County Sheriff's Sated purposes will be taken a e.nnfe'ssed again $:tli'etii.. tuJer d il'Aiibirj crrtiiiitl 11:1111: 11.! GL.t l ,'(thj4; C..fll.iPpQhl 7 }, .- b .ir.'t.rw'
0;JOY Virtue of a writ alias execution. Issued will be excluded from sale. -' IT'IS WrtTHkn'ORnittcD, Thiir the tnl.l Martir, !ibcl jn tiihsii. ihi. Fi. I lrIZaS j -

:3 J'Jt> from tie Circuit Court of Duyal oWn'ty,, ts Thsa1es-w11Iteach"b-kept'open for- L.BKkerMtVhlt 'sftiaJi>%lMi\Vhprsron..l r i i1. nr ctit. II sl;.' !Ibnre, r i.... Iss.i1ts4. .I- -

: the ShetifT of the State of Florid* jiirerteci 'and two weeks, (unless the lands are .sooner and'nnswer the Compliinant.sad;J3i11wjIbznfw.{ ruitTijK'U ''flicrnEDYTls1V ilu. 4 :44 oUcv. -

"td'medelivered? I have/levied upon hnd"will s II 'disposed of ) and nokjigei' and pri-i :jnontht ;Crquvihe: Jstp <>f ,thf ip.ifbUcyiioii! 'JihJ; < Herman Hooker. Clritt* itjiVijti: ii* ll< krrByiniiMi -& 'S reft: r 1h (silt.
tat rwHlie' sole, to the highest'kiidiler, in front;of no Order, or :hQI.snrno will He taken ns couff.*.d ; I* iHr N. Ji-l.. .'William :AT. Hilton.Charle jPL& l j ()4X.-W.Jsi e6Ihe'r.dlPt
: ihe-Court Home in the Town'ofAUigttio'r, vate entries of land, in the ..townshipsso -v g fniIt '- m. - h :- .- '} *- !% Lre
: n ihe first r/M6nday in Novetnter rjext. i etveral ofFered, will be admitted until after ,- AND* ITt FURTHKR ORDKRRO; That acpT.of '; 1)).,''G. 0* :!'?*fw-'v i Jj iiM?*,p. ..Murxun.HenryB traior, ; ii'ttl'C(flr*'*'f{ P-rait ri 'j, $::4ePvc.k4d:

: +Sl hours'of saloon ttiat'day; the followfhg <]e.- '.thee expiration 'of t\yb weeks from the, this..Order duly rortjnejl Ky th' Ctfrk iCjItiCo r '
i .. rtribed prnperty, to wit:' Tlw1 North West half of commencement of said sales. rt,. itt:iP'l1le4! in, some vewspaic$ A"L''k! : n> CT. CU'M-r & C<> A'I'HK JVSniJrfjWo'y <| >W.. SI'lCF.Il 1 sintnrltYtr.
S I the SoutU West quarter of section 21. Townshtf2rRangel4j ,.within'il 'th V hmtern Circuit' of Hornlu onceu we k. nnd 't ithievo! IH*' $*Vjiiir tE 1 'r'. nwVrtli ', : -' .', ,

!- : South' anil EU,. ALSO, one hun Given under ray hand, at. the city of consecutively fota'tour.J months.1' fi''- -S' V .aidBulTrifCttnplah.r4! rn itis.1iIr4'M..uls.) ,,,, ,) .. 4\'IThI4 -II..ie. -(

1; Sifred4heazloraack rattle. Levied upon as ihVproperty Washington,, this fourteenth day of : t J UI; -. Th1OS. DOUGtAS'Ju4g! 4UII will bo taken nt f/< (%4.; | n aiprr,ili n*. \T i'ity., t i.pi .l'It, 1 5A __ _

I "* of John C. Pelor,at the suit of HooksrSi August, 'Anno Dpmini one tfiou and 3 nil OSCAR HART,.Clerk! of said.po! jrt b.certify hi'ry .4 ,. -TI-los. PQUCiI.\S. .JtuI4I.. -a- j '
'Byingtori vs. said Pelor.iS hundred an'd *" the.above t<>, be.ai'trte."copy.of an-OnUr f, OSCAR HART. CWk .ti.iJ C-urr. J.'I>rely jinuiMrator's !Notice
o eight forty-six. ,-. j *"- i > i /t : .AJONTH-Mr,. I *Mli
. 4 Tm B. FITZPATRICK, Sherilf., y made end entered, in the abmi.entst1ed cau.ttu- rartifV. she above in lie'ii tnn ripy tJTnn' itli-r sic ..
4 *- f[ *S jrtember25tb, 1846.. By the President: theUtltdayorAugCsr.AUT/ ? *1 r > mad ami entered in the Rejonf of.taM Ctxirf.in .Atichia ,, in tin- |1l"n"n'lr'| *JiMe| |kf I'rhltP 01
11 "t t JAMES K. FOLK Hinlt. f'r tfUrt* Tisrntsi'i.r !a1Ia
Qt / sail
METTh aBeve safe IN'WITNESS!WH KRKOFv her& nt* o'trtltHlcauicVcfh the jihtICslnr,4'Orek.A:
.S is pestponr.d cnasest ef JAMES- H. PIPEIU Acting. uf Kplirwni 1uii'.. I'nif tifiwisl urr
: parties frtim the first.Monday io Novembtr to Mowjlay Commissioner ofjno General Land'Office. :t.1 rt iy1 hsnd ;no4 .ti tl Ijj.l D.4840. '- ,st .1 ; -' *.0J ; 4ft Lisvi. il, nias4'tI".j n
'% l"fl"
the sevaath f '. Vi-N NYWHKRKOf: f
day. December
: '
next. U'- -- TV-* ;$1t C
NpI6tb. ;!,- -.5 J L.SS hereunto set'rnVhan.anU'ufiriVl b'-r.y *! Ju pfritsL4P1ur
CLAIMANTS.! .ttfeme.ii. ,
-* ,
I 1$46 4n .*V # -/seal of said C"Mrt. -
'N1'aa Wskej's SaI Every person entitled lo the'right of pre-emption' -- -- ---i-; OSCAtt-IIAIiT'Ci4k. c -brlEs 4vn

;. .'- a., fLL be sold tiN. MOfllI1y, tH.4sl Jt usry to anylnl within the dmiuiofi ha townships and; .. J ForSiI"1: ;JackanvfleOcp,, IbMSJOV Am ,, )
-- A TALDABLE 1ec'Jt&1 nsfnt *
.13:17: ; ietwen thE, o tenanj, two parti'of(township*above roumf rated, u required 1TH- : "
establish the toihojatisfactioa of 42 icrri, .Uibty.it'iO:w ; Notice
'co! ; to same 'theille* : 1uIiii'c4nirt '
(aua certis tract or inh.c.unhyofNp.of land (isieram) Receiver of the proper fund.office, and, !..' '!t 'iPm! Jhn! (tflciItJna t OFTHK, EASTERN CIRCUFTOF, ON: tIiefirH .Ii ifJHfluit y. 1847. wfl'r"

,-, i ?/'eIai.e' --I'll 4''<>f Waterman>pirce, decea l eJ. Said.wiBwn75V Jand i make payment ihereforM.f 00*- *J' Hft'ii; C>Jrt- id P.'s4iateP "'
,- lncjulr. ofO. A1 S. isulwtnIcgsnuvlir'uro( LaTVIDUTtS.j County TAfiirlinn, li.r settUmeoa"s4sft) *
*} notice xoA before be, -
i iWK on ? n ""c conuinin | - ,
.. !hoaod four?nUIMM f aces, less sixteen for th commencement of.the,public jaleof t h .'iW&ibr U Wae's. Lake::Mspioi 'c tity, I1ICHAttD$ Ct ) % Aump.it.In itth..i1 anr.'my 4rcab1tsi7plunwbep,, *str
or be .
moje to ;- ti Af ihe Estai.a n/Jame .
7Iorila.t r Martn04
Wild tojatisfy tb taxes due thereon the.lands embracing th?.ii act claimed;otherms ; ( HtflaWlfl7'1I *
t da,' and all'' legmj cosiraqd'charees tojhe S in ate.of and uchclatw will be forfeited. Octob.rd, 184g. tfNegro : :P'- i J iJ ot Miii C5.oiiy'a
botttUio advertisenieniaDaMl thereof. 'JAMiE'PIPEft,1Atin RnRiay CaHjfHti AI tat the.mineii-neifrvl -Wf EMil'C4i11t,
I d- 44tze Balance Cmiisner of the GeneralXand.Offico iii: above nnriird .ilefenilnntii' ami all *IIUI Et'JOSlLIL
; handrod and two dollars ninejtbrrecp *> TAKEN flP and 9 {niniuedru| JqUa -' other
f I A 3. BRARPCICK.JBberlffand. Au12 312i' .'. ,4. .; P zegr r-maa j* j fife.t : JiPrsflfljnpjtpj artf.lierftbySnri efl i(iti* JN1aIIAd' !
d October* 16,184k : i Tax: Collector; x IIC1'eI 'hi InMtui Ion ul the aJHtvetiuimeci suit by tairbroeni, fl.nH1.; !' IG
.* f -t HOLMES$. & cOY c BSSSBBV. xieiatlced* givt IS nit rr ISAAC ; tnireniHre( io .ppeo iiB It rh1 !ph.. IV/M"- A4NhLISratey' :
,- v-NissaRCouRty Sbcrifl's Sale. .Iw shirt'and .lion fited- ih|!| s ul Pu4r' _at tije) next Trrm tV sauf $
tUne LTsjitresTt
on a tne
*. Ca ,
'- : tfrtwi f tb fWteiT In MESsRS. .HOLMES, ,>?vo, moved Cturtm default wriereb vlONTfJS, .f' r itMt I ..htIittcuuala
BY will expose for power sale at tlte Court me House by law,oftho f .LV.I. tbeir stock of ) ef handize to, die lor'f e! jwwf says that)iebeoni| to ,Pr9' JwIgineni* -wVlibapriii;:*U 4asfor'walitiifst'preai alul ,p.icLv-s, as

County Nassan; oh Mdn'diiy building formerly occupiedby| iwy United States, ott7 -v !' R. a. 'ho } uit Joith RirWula 4'4 _
iJ *sw*' -- *=*-v --thfirourthlay. known as the Govern meat. Building,, Tbey. iavot rented( to come rorward, hrov* Pru1ri pa, ,_- LIVINGSTON .PuvnIy, dt-aisel-t she IljJe;
added to-their she late arrivals'. 'charges, abd takia him away '* 1; -- f Ai'y fu 'JitJni., 5aj4
from )r
stpckr-by fur ..
1I ,f'e4ock onthat, day, tie laads of Susaa Ne1flHvUe; th county
i Ortoyr I 846. / .
siumrd: saj Nassau Murphy New York, a full'aisomnfenruf Dry Goods( GnWcerieSi'1 iIc1tr.cft! i-L J .JOHN iPAHKER. I, -';-s.-- 4 -I--- ._f t_ 3mLfl -- ; .

*hotuandnn, < hitklred couatjt and plnm 1conshtlngo.ub.picht,acres.Wt flaE-d wap* Provisions tc. &cti I Iwhich tw14 ..tJIIJLE ij AdmIR1Mr1it )? Sale4- a&.uel, ndmsniiiiruiir, : ..

l jKirttoiUberouCJo satisfy the taws due they are prepared to sell t redocrd prictSi .j ->t %4f&tLi> Mnoday .|o D ; I tdrCi4IIff '1flahJI.tr. -
p ,1htettbStat. of jPJerida. with They are now -prepareil to purchase;-;Cou.ns- ., will *XI OSA lor nlA .> *t!.' f! n.tiep.L. & JASiiRj&JIJ
.togtthor .ib.
of Hidesnd; other prod ce bfth o irjd tbo : i' i--1 ;;
: rg s tb sale aid ibe costs of this ad.A *
behest Market rateit ind make cash advances on] "tth.EiatetOfttiarn.MJCulh j,I *, i41 In1jsi.kflfl.ftN1
vjftDen; mount,of doe
taxes three .
twenty ; cunitni4nk totht4friends! in Savaiaa and i_ esgnspd; Ad)H I411'RtiiX
Ch rtitcmbrNew! Y6rk."l TtTulice bre zitru f ttUfi't !1"Ji
hereby cited and ndm.nIt.j4a 4LJU1h1lOflPl;
: RDgeWe9b,
-',- A.3BRADflOCK1-- They batf> sTniv 'VrticlV of Wroojbt iron at and befocajdtJiojuuaU o rj;j (121 Cflntain12gl acrti.4 Said hand sort p., or, 5i\*,'niId jqds

.tob.r&b..J$46.- .baie.fof-NaMtacoBoty, at4a..Court of Frohaiti 'a /deeriueJ.ni1Ithaf
.b ths auantion afFWtj'' 'ft himtlheCo'tirf Ko nAWf3Jtbei< iir and ,rnMhw>Tth f siaJefof( JofenASj ( ______

.. _.*_ -,. _- i &_ -rIt 't"- I .' -.h,4 l I347 4heu&fy .'t 4t mmt1i Sfr
YHrtttoTAe.powerirested !n roe by Taw. Iwifl '- ;bybuewhys L.hc tkIQ1 i & R. ROBIRTSQN,
.L) eipx iio for .*!eatibe'dwof'th.'Coirt1o(4fe ., I } iTaI .4,?: : 'frtm,* fth.r o( ; ;
Cowity of Nassao.'on tfeefoorth Moo- Ntb0kM0SDOCItbOFt3eU1tb.ra"will 'said. ifliiemJ4eCuiley,1n f eLap.; 'fl'J t _!' 14.i 4 t 4 $:s' -- Eq44grJitf1hute.sDd

: ; i y of ifamtary 1847, between th* boars of Wntndwo bethciEfof oStred.for sale at public auction-at iT ib, J purseancapr,, I, ;

< ocJoele M that day, the lands fCaEtt Robert'D St.'A wmiw;to-satisfy saodderawd -'o I I ;MdOM -

*n4inatd W sild Conj of Nsss aVoo iMskif>g agaiiMK lre *tste ofGabrii1Werpal) Wo.ditoekUilhiSep.Jj-4. .,L y4t* ttt. E51410 of sar1 (.Alott Isg.

jnfi&ve hundred*eres, mort or Jess, lytog-on'O'Nerr'sVpeV -the following propflrfy of&o itsttowJuTh. I h4j 4 .

tttfitfNrt portion thereWt satU- and admonshedvto be and appear at I

4ieh.v.n to the Sst irf FbrWs,; said city with all iho'JIQand improvementatbereon 1ttt tLhft op.:thrJ vFrrpbat..uiis.su cnunt 1 It
--- Xether mth heleg iBharfes efthe sale,and the ;-Aleo si- ractofLntLon1G aa Cfeek; sturJsr _i.1,4.l
4kdUits1 ,. AJRDDOCX SIvU,!I. iis; Paddy, and. bU -wife, (Mi ;*47end altew csiwe, ii any ii.y hi.jSust.4
1 ; t4'beHfsftd: rc.ieo :A4 IkiIJi (nkLadrsiJul11 $

;: :Ni'smbee611s44; tj 4 D ? oJi1 ; ; r a r ,
; !sactw.iIco and their child Iik': oiehe1kt.t 4'--1tii I-, Ei4j bh1 !
3O3PtIWTIN* biJlr4 : _
: E _to ieade '- -: mM:4 :
:- WLLLI4MkULL, 4 k ____ -
; : : vjiXATLT UieVTia AT TJUtf WTZU. April 2 1th,1846. -
S :wn4 is.'
:: ;1_

___ i -4

4 S

: ',

:- : ,-. ::- -s-- -. -
*t, '
.1 S .. S

4 .
: .-- 1i.i
-- -.- w '- 4 -- ;_:'- - e -

The Florida news
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 Material Information
Title: The Florida news
Uniform Title: Florida news (Jacksonville, Fla. 1852)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 62 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: George C. Powers & Co.
Place of Publication: Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date: November 20, 1846
Publication Date: 1852-1859
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Fernandina (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Nassau County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
Coordinates: 30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1852.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 14, no. 26 (May 15, 1852)- ; -v. 5, no. 44 (May 19, 1859).
Numbering Peculiarities: Suspended in 1853?; numbering later resumed.
General Note: Publishers: J.F. Rogero, <1855-1858>; E.A. Papy, 1859.
General Note: Editor: Charles Byrne, 1852-1853.
General Note: Published at Fernandina, Fla., 1858-1859.
General Note: Democratic campaign paper for the election of 1852.
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002057493
oclc - 02705858
notis - AKP5519
lccn - sn 83016250
System ID: UF00054483:00224
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Preceded by: News (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Succeeded by: East Floridian (Fernandina, Fla.)

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: -- '. .
d --

1- 1i- i-I-i i -S -I----I 4.

1iEWS'' $. ; ;ti iir I

i & : ] ::r :

aniwt paid IIa .4 :
DDLLJR3 pet ,
lTml'UUE Weod--- .
jr.z eo giz.yure -ealda.
iuzj.uu. -
FoUr .
I ( Uow..i:7il *
,,s .Adv Tti5eIent$ UI be InUTt4 mjaernOm.ihe. '
: 1
u. oftWfIfl1e .
rst uRseltion.per.qUYe.io475 CenI$ ir each subieL I QUCQNTRY. un ,, MiWoeJ, T S
iberi1 di.' : ;
Iefaon. Toeul$sdvefliiet t : 6Vfwrssj fl your el"1 The

i:1bevude.rtfl for before.iulsTcastomer. O do We T >:
tjvrrtIeuents must be paid ;
:InqBle by a By referring vot. 11.1 JACKSONVILLE. UTORlOlf G. E ; doaWeL ; denbietT ,

!. the reufte sum.,ua3be, ascertained.arertisement. uleQjJ." -whieh -
"4 Upee I1f&eaMe.
ti .
the *marked with tbe nnnbeiPeqnireI. thallbe UmJed oat of the juntdiction.ofih"Untied forty:two degree; and'thirty minules north,isis.tiade lawgiver kd dewH Ms :
rTAavrrdIetTIePu will DO& be cozititiued until forbid! State. In tbV manner now* required y"exl. crosses ihirsame; iheace, roiuiuig with the it was the pea, Y 't,, c
ting law* relating exportation for the benefit ofdrawback. -boundary line of tho State if Micaigany through mott extraordinary me '

"fTFivV cbrge3 d Tor.H*r$ will** charged for all announcef she\ collector and naval officer, if any, .LakeMichigan, Green Bsy, to the mpuih.of the ) had' ever met with ia bit Iifemd 'I

eZi:: candidate*for elhce. IMS ao entfy to reexport the ame,;thull,upon pay "Menotnonle merf thence up ihe channel' of said two or three aKropfsv declared -
One sqUUf. fOTStl Months. : t" 00 mcnt of tbe appropriate cxpeiw *. permit ilif ud. river"xo thule river; thence up saigl JaisV l men : was uteblc recerdrit. Thft 44urt
ripewD btor nl Creditor*. : : 10 00jLlkttHW gno i under tl e ih.pectioto of.thc proper ofBcei,. tioned river to Lake Brule| Ibence, 1110112 the convulsed with : p
; for Letters Administration 3 OP to beahippedwitbnut the pymintoi'iflj dirtieiibereon. seuihem shore of Lake Hrule ns diiectllna tu laughter.97- >r -'

U'] All relgioui notices will be inserted fratut'' Am! iflC4 a any good+. ware*,or 'mer? the'Centre ;of the channel between fiddle and The Portland -

t!. cornmuthcatiaus will cbamlUe,deputed "$ aforeiaid, aball ,remin .South islands, in tbe Lake of the.Desert; thence ArgUs M yv, that an -
::r.J1 amiua'Me s1verthement perinnt. public tore Iwyond ne year without payment of in a direct line to the bead-waters of tbe Montreal t:Has been-into tke county Frank .

be jT.AU hipl bills** for Jf6 Priotiog. mart be paid on the the dutie* and charges thereon, then aaid-good .river, atmarked npon I JB survey jcade by Captain ; Maine, u dramming upn pirls to go .-

aeivP1y of the work. waei, or roeichaodiw. ililt be appraised Cranjm; tbeace down the main channel of the work in,the Lowell FacUhries 'Thi
::7'All nMimamnrtVtM mast be addressed to by Ibe appfki.er of Ltlie United .Siatei, ifihrre Montreal1 fiver to ihe middle of'Lake Superior; 'has'$1 a head : 'S
GIU.KTT l& IliZhARD. postage paiL beaiiy atnucb port and if none, th a by.two hencethrough .bscntr1of Lake Superior to sends forever'y gtrl that 5
-- met cHant.' Iii b* designated and swain by the collector the mouth of St. Loots river: th.nce'.up the main $ on. There seems to be great

Er AUTHORITY. fur that'piirpHi nud*old by lbs col lector" channel of' said rtvef to the jrst rapids of the in the factories at present, a -

VflAe1J nt Lb.Fir't public auction,tin due public notice ibereof being same, :abttre: tbeIndian; village;-according to.Nicollet'j : created by a press of work be
Laiv of Sh Jaiird Mtntmthe Trn8IilUth C Ugre firrtjlten, in the man:$'r'.aod for-the tinw'to bprf map; thence due Sqwh-uthesnain branch the ability of the
$criled by a general ''regulation the Treasury of the river'St. Croix;thence down iheraatn thannel -; : operatives en .
$. Department; anditiisi'1 public aledUtinct prii- l of sakl river to the Mississippi; thence d?wn to perform-a distress for girls '

u.XF. Si-An Act M Define iheJxMiiularies nf te<| catnlojudescriptive of said goods, with'the the centre of the main chancel of that river to the for female power-and not froa fail --:

iSuie *.'T t'ti*. aiI to repeal I to much of appraised value affixed thereto, slinll be dutribut nortb-west comer of tbr State of ;Illinois; thence,
itt' net l a ftiI l I'mtv' bve. a4 .relates In tbe bourtf a n> oiitxble opportuolrjr shall be given before such of Illinois the place ..rb.ginnlngas rsabl'mhed* ; Some more Curiosities for tie- 'V* ws

4ar14 IIIMIUj ftle. to person destrpu* of purcbisi g,'to inspect 'by uAn; act enable tliepeople thv Illinois; | of .Antiquities. new
.; 1. K" it rnacttil iyr tin; Senilw nn.l Unue ihM I quality of uch-ginM) ; and the prbceedsvfvaidaiiM Territory t'o forth a constitution ansl State Government small" phi "f
f'I ltqii w. >WHiaiif M *if ib.' UnittsI States uf Amei- after deiluctiitg tho usual rate of storage ati and for the admission tf such Siatetnto the of cream, skimmed from the "milk .-4

ica i 1. Tlmt tlif n.liowinj4irdecaietl he nort in nu-6ton.with all other charges atd *xp Union on $ equal toot'sugwith theoriginal States,*' huraaa kindneas.." and a 8Dccim nf '_*$ ,

,hi! b.*' zh.yn.' ] tt I.e.blij4I1 *, e including duties, shall be paid over to the approved April eighteen, eighteen hundred, and butter.- *
l't tb. StMir nf Iowa in li.*u 'if sluwt, iiwwr, importer.consignee, or agent, and proper eighteen (see volume 6, page 292.) teaspoon full of Attic salt J

,T .. liy ih" Min ifl jcti -hrJ of""March eighteen InJt.'J| nml f,ny fly,\ U.trltI.. if any there be. tif thn proceeds of such vent ftlhIriiutsin! | reference to the jurisdicion of notes" to ? the music oi .he.-

,jtiileJ AH HCt r 10'- ul tl- main chiii.iM-1 4.f i! o Ais! u- claimed for the ften dbys after such sales' .
LItb# < pace < lion of Michigan all tlie islands' in the Bn e and iu the Scriptures. -
''i' river, at n p. int .lIIt'I *a l <>f llr i iniiiillc <>lof skull In paid Iyt1aec.U.tfl1 into the- Treasury of Menumonie rivers, {to the extent in *whic said
-. 1 .ii1LI ill1 Kiain rlHimel nf ike DI** \lnlnr* lln United Stat<**; and the said collector shall, rivers ateadopted;**a boundary,) down,,t#, and impression'from the'sixth set
rrr.thel't', Uj) th. sni.LiLAeI ih.' nMin rIiniwldCLhe tU4fl1l in the Treasury Department.'with .the inclunive of, tbejQuinnesec falls of the Menc nonie; shadow of a coming event w -' .
.'Il i).. ..irsei zi.'r, Ii. s.iisi iHt ..iatlver ; aid rplucopy uf the inventory,appraisements* and from thence the line a1Ibss santa a4| to include u I 'i *&
$ l 'I *1i ,.* ., Iautjabsrv lie.,. .4 tliStait. nnd account uf sate, eettying the mark, rium- within the jurisdiction of -Wisconsin, lithe. *. Taylor a LL. D.-Since the bat
II 31'I.. :t- .! tliI4si.% by i..' .*..fniituiuin iii1k. l Iiisnn4 <1ooiciptiirnif the pucVages sold, their island in the .Mennmonie river, from the falls n- of the Sth and 9th of May Qen

., a" ... *q44.l .1 it'.' t iilIi h. .ilst.i, buti. r. nt.;itin, and ,Mprttiseil !aliie, the name uf the- ft'if.aid down' to t hi* junction; nf said rm whhent has-had LL. L) ,
!.i4 p,. ,4t. (4I .d.. *iic. .s1 kjl.lJ,. ..( Ih4! 1 1iziJrM'l vis-cl and rr.hMT in wbidi, and of the, port er Green Buy: PrnviuVil, That the' adjustr) of attached to his '
I :i.. ,:ijiJ 13.4 'l 'i' iit $; ili'iei. phcu wbn l!hi y were imported, nnd the) time boundary as'lixwl by this net. between Wj connin ; by:one of the .Southern, colleges.

., ;.nIt1 lipS .; l i rh'r! I..ziisliryv M|,.II, -ami Ili4! tKitno nf the perron or persons to and Michigan, shall suit be' binding on Cfngresii :: (J Va.) jYew Era.
.p.i 4.. :a 4 :ii> t tM4 i lfit tin* WIAI -Ellil MxN ui're r.P1gflel in tin manifest, unless the some shall be ratified by the State of degree \vould have been tnore ff t
'' I. is. ,. if ijra' l-i- I tin Iiii.-o iittlhar .. which. the ..eeraII !
Ii.* I ;.ft e to. Michigan on or before the first day of June, one coaferredon-the
I.-.. i ...,- i.a a r1is '4 a: '\l i. I I'afl i.oie.iiiiit' wrn- 'IH ctiM-iy subjrct; and'the re.dlii't thousand eight hundred and forty eight.Sec he Mexican
.- t: 'I l4- t1ra. rcciiiHriii->rt1i>t c.,.ifciur hall exonerate was Licked Lfiktlht fmL'
3., And be, it further enacted, Tt the
.." .kt .i-l I.. .1 :M4IItt 4.I. 1 th" ittn.'iri or |'rr*.t i Iinvifsj rfiarge .r command said State of'Wtsconsin shall have concuirentjuritdictimi Paper. .
..ip.k | H.. Mltir e I ;;jg I Idt .l"un\ Iitj iir -Vraa'l, iu ujudi KMut- goods, wart'st on the*Mississippi, nod all olhcV livers __ -- i f.

i. Sss' I:. :' *. .' tlIj *li.t.rs. >f -irli.ir-4isif!; II fn' iiujAfiiNl, frum II claim oft ajul waters boidering on the faid State d-'jscun- ; $ .-The admirable skill with
4* .1 1IM E-l.:is-i .4 r. bts'<'!'. wtinhalt, tif fcrrthol .
{ n 'iifir own 'i> sin, no far as the same shall form a cmmutibOuu. the Mexican artillery was serv
-4.-i '1-e.. i Il; lsi I l> ii*..et i ii|.< piuuf i>f cifir i'linrrft IHJ .iitulfd toT.IV. '
said slnd other State orfStatesnu
,.. .4 .. -. .. :1iti ,uI:. .. f dary to State ntiy has beenY subject of'comment.' It
;' I-i ,; Ira"se tii > Hxs.--'j ih'' amount <* any >vir*
hereafter farmed ibis
v or to or boundedjby
I.' :', ii.tr. ; '1 U sIal I .ir of'tis that two.in en distinguished
; titid
L,'- 4 41 ;: I !f.I' i:4E1' : 'v .ivu i jii r'v lit.1; .. I II > .*.-t : l'iovu! ' ..,( '*$43,. : 4t.t' 'i- II. *| and(foreverfree wcjl the inhabit.
highways, as to u as. were dtsert
i qs Isz.r..4. t-hi. ( .. hundred liitd
UI. j j ; i.i.I id tiii ihiijy'a.tl slits of said State, as to all oth.r citizens of she I / our arttfttry. I deserted
..J i,, .4 I -S d.. ale .'.. t r4J1 .lt 4P* J J.I ,- .jnl ihirtutlr -t'. iiii hf 'the art -of hugiu.tl. They
.4s11.4' lIar' 3 .4 1. iza.i1 .'f.t'is", iftu 4 sJtg.ulrrJ tint!fjny tMr*!,In mil tiwefur.Sxc. Brown.* Qae of them is named
I Iqtw4Il1i
: rc .t..4 t li nl r -.U'SS.!. JhoT ih4 I vuL* M>ti.i;,>4riH4i lfjii.ll*, mid to chuu'etuid :- 4. Awl IM it further enacted, -Thut- hum- ; e
,. ,: s..i:..,. Ij4 t 1-4- duti >* on ris' *- .' -."
shM4J b. i".SJ ;.1JI :l. "4 l.fy 'tt fti< icjj-viu; iinp ( and ttfierthe-adminsion of the State of Wisconsin' ,-nf
.: d.41' i4 IJZ'.S $ I- TtI4* Ih ?ml f.r"ilw. |l.'irJ.ia. *. ,-.;i>llicJ& with the 1.rij. into ihe Union, in pursuance uf this net., the juwsuf Fact. jft.ls. a fact not- gen -
Ii.'j si' 1 .* T.t .1 (.,.iq, r.*- 'iwt.d t-f tiif! iu't .. M.J le. MtV-l U hereby. n>|taleiiin %h Unitei1 Stittes, which are wot locally inappJicabJe I nown, **wev presume thatiio. -
.f I'M'' itMnlitTii tuui .. it.a u..tLo rttaiW'tl' tliis acthaUow '
iiii1sUI : '
rer1t : P'J.ItC.P shall.have the same force 'sndefira of the UitdStatetvhdfhd ..
41r 1SU 4 Sixl* 4.f .1I443JI. JM*. slii. | E1.1141VUVJ l4irta1aJjI4Li&it pri.irribed byay.
tt* j'jiull
pithist *bt,Sttuiof, .*. () stt4.rs*.Ises i. is it *
.,. h' a.i.1, si4 s.4 io Ui.' f..rj1ii'.u't; Jin.-'i .J#: f'rst$4e4 slits, II,.. UrUtrPtuZrs, '* -r.es.pigzig.a'lil' -' ado

(;llLrL 4 inl..'.ti... _i ...r 1..j1l_.ial O :.il ..ia j.dS t.t.Wf' si.ltlI'. aIMl ( aiiiir.i. i.xul -s-ulk.I-di..' Ii.tu-ii1 \% sicmi.. Madison, Monroe, and Jackson,

,.l4i.ii .i'. < Mlil Z..' aet .4 ll*>* J,4'. ; I.j4l..r. iir.* rsiieke, gml .s14sivesub4uiO5, *ii ; Jii"l Ji di-tiin nMul UHII id -tlH-i.-m. .I.. no sons and were re-elected. John -
s4* JlJiyn.. ;H *. -I< 3I 1:.i'h X intv 4J.i..lt.I llirr.Mj.U' j J4.* *el'1 l fi rthwiih.it .' r'&iaiI.'I '. %%liO tisJl-r-4J..LaIiP.II John Quincy Adams VitBu.
1'e. ri1&-4 h4 .li.--I tt..I l.-n iii1.-. -.t..i iuf *' ? EC. jo.I ha. '**tjHc -.-i a tid ilbdiE. I I.It5rJ, ,tsMI J..ea1totl.* 4.s .iJ euIr.. j lt'ij.iL11uJ Harrison and T.Ter had,
ii-.iss.s4 lb* C.: HriI s..t.i l1.ia..' .1. It ;... a.i;. '.4 ..J.. I' b u i-.. j4 Ik .&i'r. Ii.. ii *. M X1i .i'M2 -..4's.sri.aze.&i S It-.' r''a sonsrond,.
Lgi cri .4ij* y .4' :j>:;. ..j..r.I Jnnai\ .u euti. insivi.l.4 :__ .,: ,. Itit) '3..IOtii'f..ai.l cs.sis uuni.ullv. i'ii t) .. t.r.t ''.Ia'u- not re-elected. ThenT were -Mr.

.ihte.. i ,... .- .IN2 SbI 'I%. I.t l.a' ik.'sr'. Itiny'li.r Juv in January and Juty,omi lie cliail infill things -to be a candidate, of course, \\e
;e.!u 13. sI rurij ii. .JtitIC- l
441 1 vlflCth4bndsrIJ1tlPJ
; .t .sr eniry *.tw&.r41.a' r haveiuul exercie tiu uie jurisdiction arul power* be re-elected. -
*'i-t j.ri i I.. Ii $i. .ud thliI. whtcli the ui thti Kentucky
IJMin ii** n 411 ib" M-* ** wcie by.law IVPU to Judge -
.. Ma.e..i.i3 I.* .. j..i) ,.i.s ii..' hMinlif.1 awl .iiHly nii; in r-4jwrt fit the trwnMiiiuiuu *- b1NtestItflbW1 si *Ii. 4i.iz. i .ii-m .i.i tm.' | id .it il. I4Ikl'$ v .4 shot StsiL.';" 4.44 r4>il: < t-aj.rn li4tr; :.J 1gw' .iJ I. "r4' ,. .", .. -tb.id!li tli. \\fin-lit s f
.ith ti. i.4 sqiIa.ai'% % 14S III.l1IIwh44.Iet. -A-ii MMj* .M in IK wiih-liawn fur traup irtallontM iht* ph.c uf holding the sainr; and nhall receive -
.4 i1..'4lii%*jJ4.d _-al I.t I314 4 ..C114et1.Z&r. :l 2iv4I..j* 1MSMI| |, witii ui5ri *nt sureties, in for tls.i.r'tsc.spirfnitheil by him the sane fee I ," added the lady, 'with* a f -

: j ;... i.e.ikir lu.1. siusilid' .l..l4.! ] tl<** MM 44iint i4f lUt* .luiirii chargeable on to which the clerk :tirihg r Kenturky district is by look at the other end of
,, .4 imN itisiurtrin th<* jnv rntitled fur simitar service There shall be
.i Cria-4a.M'.4 i stI.ii :-1.I; 1w.fS' I'. LiMb fur l.i' 4l -jM yi/ -uj- ; <
SM,. is.; (ji, 41Ja 4'i.i *i l. 'I t ".' fl. 1.,. 1" 14 t'ta itiv. Mliirji liny rliHllb** *l*> tiuedt such I Allowed tutl e JudffM tf aid district court the au- ,- "because tre. can't he trvithoct -

'M1tt., *13 il.. ;..tD4. "1 iLij.it.e &!L.i 1.1 tIM'tNu. |4* IK ,rj,..rl:4l! | MU u the o i1ii shall b; riIUI I II rompenHtiou$ uf iifiwn hundred dtillars, to !'
.J ir.Aec. ,. | NI : tu* iu i|!<*r >utfkiti ilnnrirlin which coui tnriicr from the date of his tpjivititmVnt. to be -

4. Awl If* li iisle.r- ..u.s1.l. fl14t. ... 41i.i.! .li&lI J If trui>| 4 Trrasury uf the United .-Multiply 'the figure SKby .

1w..:1.l ii ift M!' jjw* iiu..l icr \\iMirJi is. r..siiiii.'i ii; ilii.-.riio i.lall b.s cot.irued in. Stale, other single figure, and, the two (fi
l Ms r.4 J h.. ..ts1i l.l "An ucll (... il.. % .'tkl (Ito' ; .* dmli:; u-l-irh f ond may Jbe kept $hc. 5., And W it: further enacted; That there"fhsJj the 1
1'.i"j* .4 ;!;et.d .4 Ifl; %iisi4 I'ierisIzs'i.i.i in .5 in i Si Li'-r I heir..YsiIi'I: atuI nry, IM* ap|d in said di t net u |wroa learned comprising product, : -
1,... s'lssM: 1.s Za. .i.I Sti.' fa. !l-.u..l| ihtt term i'f 4.i4.4r.. in the luw iisncia.mlturs.'y of ihe. United States;, I will make 9. Thus 9 rruTu-

.. t 4T t4.j.I.l4t U, Is l4H44vUi'Ml4 4.f till* j,, .i.1 :... dii' *iii.-i.4.y ii1.t.k.2.| t'LIIvbf..o4'.I "teil' I.itl tM' Ir.iuIlill.'l8tly cncet.1o4lie she sum s4wu 'hundred dollars,annually,hy the together, make 91 **a +
.'ri'r.ei4. ; i. 1S lij.Cllll United Sutes; as u full coro enation for Jill caLls Mk I
lu$ <.i 4em.ivsl friiiu ui4V 1ebbr air|'rivnt wnr.'li.ue WB HM BW M B IMV>4B M l HBBI K* *
list* *nu (-.Khali I Ie rlViicd iu L'uiti-dSiatc >;and M rilcr,; the suul payme'ttt 'to be made.quarterly Colonel, how have the norms-

*. SJ-; Act t4, .'-ultlUli a rr *}n i| tr.j* Mu pvr.si. > ciiuvicml (if.frMU luletillyc > .jria. nw l .iniiit'j tisic.h: hall nl.obe mMintedn-nu>r hal fur said dutrict.liu --.M
j < IK anieuu au act "An MCI wh.SIMM!., or <'f ailing orabeuifi.g;;
4iitll wrfurm the same duties he *uhject to not so .bad -ns migjit. .
L MIAIL. tn.&ti iIUjuid. IUM| $ 'J i Hi isisredlIjesi sr t'intivaI, #hi.1I b..1jibkiii tbeaitsthe { ,you sup
ii.4 su..4fy : i9Jli4bfiaI 5 lu.ie tin peiaIt'4 % IsrIi flr.'uow irnjui'e'4 nr ilie fraudulent the Hituf re ulutuut*autl pejiBtties.and be rntilledtutltc I hear a great many complaints

liu2iIartI., aiiI hat .aiht.. j.igr1.u#. sutris1itjat sfiKMIAjIiI4t! ih U.sItrdSitv"; owl if ,ume fees, soars prescribed nut! allowed to JmMTubaU Their ravages, but I don't't'hink
Sir:. 1.I;..at s.I'l I.y Ike.S.-assd.ustl I1iiIii.r silty iIiijHIrI..r a'r 'r iessuris4auy svarritnIs4d gOIMISa. oilier di*trict<: and <(iail, moreover, have been half BO bad as some f I
ChIlt41* .Stair wf.% ., he allowed tbe sum of two hundred Collars annually .
: 'JW.riIii ii..4 tL vn. 1- .' iiliy, has tinpitsy. .IuslI 1i nay inflrl : "
c 4 tl s'-iutW.J, :riJ ai..ti&.4i i, .t1Z4.I. vJlIHt; fri4uify! lwu tlin warVlftMiM1; *, .%4Ikt,. Szc,6 AiMI he Itfurltier rtiBCteiJ, Tlwt.utitil notehVel! ] I'm
uhlli.I .fi.VJt' ,
'Aii 'ti L Let rrirn'u'Itwzi ::*;;. rc* zs. tin' :(**w'xc pt 'in tli ui.I Li cktzt. fliMi Il14df r.iisj **fil Ie. pr*jM>rufficr of ih" ru l.,m., '*r.ljng'm the *liall L*%Jukrn, .and ,' |>portiunro .ni to hear itl' .
14 4, Iei'4 i.1itI.srj fuc..ib.r ur- made, the Slate if iVi coufn shall IM rnlitled'to : ?
$1 hi .
j .srcsiIils.i' uliiiy.ttiicli iwjuiier cst ; t hey jar e.not so Sao ,
p.. .. NZalitin.,4I eii:ihirairili sI.iy ..fAitu.t...,tthMs.4M.l hull f'Mf Jt uu!l pay. br .very, .such i fence one 'iwg RepresenUttiveaiu the Cungiessiif tbelliutedSinte 1, went into ,
rigid 1.4tuJIeJ4aI4Gtfl! IMH/U lwnl>y ih'Miarul ilutlarn An a..ie.1 J j. h'rsiaIirr is.iruj H* f<>!Utn- :-StC. *sIi'tin I *. lpfacin or nhliiiraiing- tnnrk)or *tS/.c.7. ; wttm.k further, enacted,, That; the wlcn; they were at about .their* _
12. Aw
Le4iiygl! i act -.. jo:" ..j.r.i..u, lb. .luijmi isltIie1.,1j(1J rr\rn-on any -pAckfge or packag'*of.Mrarehqusrd conventiort which shall assemble the purpose ; on a shirt all) cotton. Mine'\vi
."J.; r'i, ti,nerrliiunJiie ,lsi.tll.e ( MH| liall forfeit swL pay /or every such offetire of formfng HcoASUtutlon'fur the State nf Wiscun
: l'r..vi.trt.| Tlut in nil ca e of fail five humlrrd dollars.KC. sin, for acceptance *or rejection; and accepted : part They -ate .off all the -boys

j,uy tinilutici* withiit lit* I.eluil! 4. And lie it fnrddrr enacted,Tlwt the col4f bj saU convention, and ratifietf by an' Article in but they4id'titeathhnandthey
U1 .J iy Iw |.,' iIit( .. make said consiituuon lltey shall obligatory 04 the collar
iin| rtiT- iw entry 1"r.r. the| m v.ral {Mirts iif the United States my shirt hosian andjvrist-
t*>Jttf Wfnpvcrthe .iwurrimpiissrr. air cuo- shall make quarterly rrjmrtl .*bSI.CreIIIyU( United States: They hav'nt been batf with
Sltie. otMill sixteen,
mii 'iii .First". That section numbered in
t"IM.Wliti4uiIll.ing the sit me. the Trvtuury, accoidb tu ,#ucb gearral iostructi every all. rt*
**.ueli furw mU uj>{H teUby wch tim .hafl < ti4> as tbe s'oil S cn-iwy may give, of all goods township of the publidlals In l said ""State end -
i'epr1.li (aLN.4 by see $.eir Ji1iTrii ry. which TeMiiin in llu warebmiscs of their respec;' where BchVaectiun"luu been sold, or atherwise
iciiliLIguDIi, wtit. ..r.nevrti..ichiii ..liz4Ii'N tivr jmrt*, ap'ci1ii.g1bqumfttitg and description disposed of-other lands equivatect'hereto, mcd as Liar'* JNB/C.. ..A mofal-feerpre..

.tii4ii $ 4 lav I'fb4' (.tOufIItS4 tie jsltifle.I ii, 44 ilie saiine; lucb ceturiwi. r4tAhle .formed tjiere* contiguous" as .ay be, shall bert Ersnte.d to said ; ; on boaid;a shiateend.s.. _
IP-pb1id.ttJte.; fI1 1uiuiLir ti.tu be'ajreedfijft S&ntijoc the,jjsu f schooU.
wyilM.Secieury of the Treaiury tball forthwith .apBDinted ta throiy, the bodies
,* cflecwr ,r rLwIirci'aia* r ii f ill** cau4 *0, be' pibjshod n II1'prinaI 'vsii Q1thirby ""Second. !fhat the seventy two section or two ] **** who died from time* *to" -j'-
i'ur* lbaLl tlw and Reserved tune,
lfltJu.iIr,4iWJb.3 tsr ( Hsigtle,7 e1Wantua. t entire iuwnships of land, set apart
'kl.lanui CUs-rtI iu lit* maniwr prtnik.l i l Sec.5. And bir further nactd. That the Sei for tbe ue.austuppunufa*univeisiry by i an.act' One day when the captain --
(.t ih. fjj sjti ..4'sb ic (' ib., .0di4ayitt1 crrTr, tifbereasisryba'i4)j liereby a* of Cangreas- approved vn tbe twelfth day otJefghkn ode kthe saw''the neirro'drai?*

_, tis* .aisil h'iislrrJ .,p.4e4Li111..4 honzed to n>ttkev frurr, titnn t,, time, ; hundred- Tind.- I43ihyelbt, entitled. >tfAn. oat of the fore castle a tick rnaaf
-An .ro idius ftirjltfd'f"** csjhcerniMt a seminary of learoisg tn toe, 1 erri-
| S'SIK l,,t8t inconutent with the laws of the Unltsd act as struggliBg violently-
? xtri-
Wjlai' ,iiI lUtilletl! jHnU iN.pyLlie ware- State at may'be rie r.rj ta. give fall effect to tory -l 'Wiicunsin,"-mreli'ereby jpanied 4 cpntjedtoflh : lo.
". "$, Ior s4Lwr lwrrus" ttiere tub krj tor' the pr
wu roib&e carp, a ihttare *IMIfl'kb(4Le under the sam AndJf.sbaiybe tbe.duty utprt,41c4I.uBJrersity| in, uchmaneeV : remonstrating bitterly against, the
.iii.er ifUjNiflif,c u .itsee a gent, jbTthsi Secretary toepr1Iicb rrrulations to AS'tim Leguiliaur may prescribe.g -of being buried alive.y } ****'
a4| ) thse-te tWir < '- .-- i +'' Jf7 S ot Jand, to b
a pi At|ij ,order, upon payhe each cucceuing sessmn efCoisessAfpiuedsigukG,184G. -. Thind lTlMCiM tiwe are -fviAtKat
& |troi* r Duties *ndfIpI'pai.bi be.i. 4* selected *ud Joeate .under the 4 r ectinn of .;beLegi'tiltt you goTsg'to
? 1U on 4u i t rjr i tWe. (for warelnMisutg,sod ',in |egaV4iwsiWor.a4: t ies tbanoneoarter you black rascal V said the cap
ii. I citr.1 h ,e sectiau fromuipftbs i ppror4 '* s-tb S
CH A I' 89.-An.act to ensMe ibe people of,WUrmtsia -
Ii riili surety or cMsrtiiW t 'tb die *aUifacciUtWtur. Territury ,lo rm a constitution and ana* belonging to tbe IJniurf'Sj< tef within the to throif him.orerte d,.ii ; :
,iJ ib. in iloubbj tb* amnunt tir tbi Stale "GoinrnroenCand for tta > < '.M S *; 6 reby5ra ed t the : 'cause
*4114 lZk,1l .ai4 a4m u'l' lunsoch ; he d Mt' .._
.res the State bit o the Union.' ,' < IICbP *" *"*" i* S 't

': & Sec: 4,...Be it enacted by:tKe Senate and House efih said State, of for tbs\ereeiiun eT.othert.kt > you,.scowsdrel.; :u :. .V. -*said" t .,cap- :
4.C.flJaiIjibU; be srL.uaela ,*f KepretfeBtadvesjof;the4Uniud States of;Amere> gIi thi&IecIIO1Ift : Coon7t yoa'te I OYe'iRd ri- .
sik .
it riiiiy Js 4 a l U ( *flt jra -> "' '- : -r"
j it1 i : I -
t. ui Cwagress .a,.m4 that< the people ef efr :
i saT4
a v:1Ige.k ra rbuziTuebdi.q,1l1U 1i. art hVrftb onh.'Tlist *11 1t.pnnrs v4sblst State, : mas1a1k8oWbe '
says ;
srthtnds. OiWjtI1 ik tralk'yfjW oteIinE ftiti* tt; i feor7 t**

4.Lekj. rjteejH in-7 fcbe* ** -t*Jf v qw" my of eacii 4iMa ilmttted sV ifilFId .1.touti45us-uutibp LcbsIl ,but bealwaf keaee4''er

feet'v .111 .SWMIIW ,iiutxkM dun .netoa jo the 3 oa ..n 4! fistIwhhj1a ersid t 1* .-. ; J 4
C IfL0f
vn" 4 .4 4PI1kIUV
*Ststi.i tpsIi in; all rfh.pi.ct. ctb bIl$ -... b 4 13 admsii4 it J suuStte. -.<*lA f
k( 4.1PacAil14beep' *tlllMt-fctt&esi* r4e ;iT rtI I peekeM4ti. j
lFi* HlWM9 99 ijiBe
4MW.jiv.sDilS nf tbeSuteci IMtnals-thst is 1* t-h
-- ltlit k:
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--. 4'3_ _,, -'- -- -. -f_ .- ----'- -' 4- 4 ;: -. ,
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; ; I--
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I : ... -. : 5- S I 4.

''., ., '..!.,:./.:(.:..r'' ".. -...:'T-, .q-r..- ; .
,. ,. ''!1 f' ; 1'f'-v. 11' 4 : ''f'. V-
.. ,. '. ', -e..m."t1" 'f..t''r.ptrc '_--s.-3'f 1" :o'l'' ; "' ; 'q' ro.t" '
: '--" "" '" -'.", :" ''' :';.'.:;1- } 'Jt"" r''i. "' oK. 'If .

ft 'I -
4 ., 4li _, .... . .. ,... ..
.I .. . ;. .'. . -k' "'. ."ffAVK .p. -:U"h'l t 1 --rr' n.1 '
' : : il-E l fT"ndi I fririipi --
-r. I IPj l'IJ .
1 .
iidf.o/ ___i Tl -** j fgranted *- *
J1 t"l- > ';'VU6TH f ii8it'
1 ",: :-f 1 lM t, l. .) W?.; .' 'Wb1"'. t 'C; it f
\'ii 'i ; k1'f7i '- ." .... Ji _i : \-al t \' r..ncl Cly.ncconpt ( \fili, i i'rad UIfn.. history. One. of r 1 1SI )l *!M'Hll% U"fs.
I It ( 1'' "
c held "
.: ( t } l f..n I. : aniiie,4t" .
} ; 1t 1' l'bai ,
: f /
& '
f < .t ax.-1'-.u.: J1 tht'
; "
,. .,.., ,. .I 4 .: :>' R "v.
lii 4 -,
: .f ,. .-' .-._. "" --- '- 4" c :' :ity : .only iBfilainrVul '
,, I 4 '4'"- r". -0 Cj"i.Y'. pastedcf hIihyu1i1i! ;J.h ept4hiipreor ; keofrontifiectptUCC are'ample' ctmi, :tieflRI5Hnhi'lexk'fut"1 '
'J1' .
rlIr.J .., DAM&IT/WBBsifiBKiJand'proposiiigM ; all -over* the ,continent ol I'I ptil; ':1titU* .for | crinii! '"3 t.eu rssuii touortcdv.riici'tfif nbulhaarr!
,. ..' :. '. ; 'intelligence $ '. ,. of R... _'r- '_. ._
1ttii' with
tiuropv 'I together rJU the Jailer "
'. ... : l 'tht,pCOpkthTOUghbuttheVflh0t1fl3: : : ; ; Jn1'I, WI4C Or In ..trll.Ni.;
,".' i"f6. ''' 1 f ,of 'ri. 'in' evince a delernitna ion to die rather 'St1 ..
a e tp'ricu'or cotton I Lr ,
c the of the 11j"e ,
catididote for: Presidency "AU
.a" : n_ _, ; 't'ouldJ..t..
1. :.). __,. :: : ,-P :;; UnitedStatc8.in' !" ,bid fair toaikegreztti'peculatimiiii tliuii: .CC ptJes# ("viirab!. terras. I It I*,, our bniyo,, ;roops .11' 5CTtei,4
: E FnIDA.TbecoUTt, 'always, better therefor. to, gra anfibnoiable \wise: underthene, '
: J l : j| .the, WlijgtgainsanoUicr8Uch;! ; ':avictory's life pr.iii and cotton market. _; : ?" capitulation& iiT'ri garrison/ elr ul'tI" '
mnt '
; ii the various. -counties.of Bart :Florida"this : :that;in i'New4"prk} .or iri Penn Ii' 'Hotveetmuch- tlie'-Wtiiied.-St-' te>. tvTiich"hasrwisieU ;i ig ru'4iTJ" ;" hau toiuVi iied: with ,iId. ter m% aficf f t
: 'fiev' win'be.held I ;: .fall l'aC the :following! ItHviH) be to' ,' '.I have'rcbon to.' 'rejoice "ailhc greaf the;risk '1 I kf1'. Jm'4tQwL" ." "t
L4 sylmnin, cqulvaleiit njiljt: i may: ,, : ; of an uUe.iipUo! storm.., ;' -- "

': :times. ,. and p'aces. nitrous. d (eat. Not one: half of.Hresi. luarket. fur their .stnple proJuc'iitiim, ] wl f he, teriiist of'lutuluIIUII'l granted. to 'LATE'L'. ,non J EXICO .
4 I' .
FrIaDt7vALCounty; titJac1cpnvIl6t on tfe.ritj oL t'8 tertn has 'cxpiied, 'n"d't: y. now'pfftired' ,to them!,.yet \the latnentablrsuQerijig ( the Spanish! forces or thel'rn: )'"nr' llai eFm'o the 'icayune ofvcobtairj 1)w&h)

:" the third day of No- of : i"vah.faiid its depeudehcics, 'L byf 4lie E ulof \ laf i'
F-f' /3rMjfldty twenty ,have already.. three candidates' in the caused by tiewarst prpristons 'j'I Albeiuarlc, ,- coimiiand.'iig! the r land ci ttewt from ttb.1;

:.. : 'Member, field, for'. the, ; next term' HBNB :e'I..4Y, : ninong the poorer classes J In ,Europe I I( force?-',nnd >*ir < Jeorge,Pocock, the naf- SuntaAnntfirrirrd! at San t ,f p

1 :)a NASSAU County, at the, Court '(fen.. TAYLOa' and, ;DAMRL, WRBSTEE o. !". : ,-cannot' but, 'l awaken",. 'their,. :deepestympnthy. aloiMhe I3ti) 'day"o''Augujt' 1762 are "'si a on tlse8th> !I Oetotier.govenI4ti In ba,I....

: :'. .' ko se'< .n Wednesday the eighteenth u All the thieht'nr1ijI.tIlepatriotisIn"areoutfor > ., 'Similar\ many respects "to '.those conceded ut nlUlouhci111 Ius ; l.' .

V: '' .' .i d- :of: November.InSt.JpR2i n share of'the spoils,'each onhi In, liclnnd' destitution: ( of'the 'people ., m, ,tlic .Uexkoi' troop* at. Moateicy. ''relmlrk' that ho \.welcomed! *i .

: t at St. Align* The first article of the cnp luta. Ilsusiatu by ll-o inhabitant
t : > CoUnty hook.) almost belief. Fntnine Clr1
c. .4 ) -.* .own. -. ., surpasses ; lion, &tys -4* Ilic' gitrisii'cititsiitiz; : _

"h.:.tine, Tuesday the second day',or No I- WHIG rABOLiTjoNisM. ix, 'VEUMOXT.That .- and,'beggary has reduced them to a of the 'intantry. 'arlillcrjmeu,. and dragoon ernhissiiusutv'ns.Ou.: of thr first. acuoTttiein \tiJ,

Ctember. she might not be _behind hand ,stale Icxpernlton., .Country; gentle. .I ,*, tne. dieieuttui1iisi. solute, "n\r*> fund,. 'HibhcdiJmyeT l supply "'uinistfEt. *

4 ; "1n COLUMBIA Coun'y, Alligator with her sister i Staterbf: New. England! men have'been compelled. :lo, send )ihcir jn. this 'Ulund, (<,*uba) mfiall march out 'eiz;.$ upon co(cftfcfiofapceJeJL: "*
of '
the land
< onMonday the, twenty eighth day 'of : plate nn\LvaJuuble '.into the' large gate on ihe 30th ia .Jllt. by jri-itn.gh.ildof tt-
::" 5. in hoisting the flng orV'lig' Abolition papers provided( in I tnut 'nine ,no rch.er iirrivo*. iivi mihb'i rl'tr.

/t'ci Jr. ; :,ece'11bt-rj, ism.; the 'State.'of Vermont' has arrayed towns for imrity.o t ta'denviih. 'j u.ns' to,raise,'ihesiegi*, with nil the military I 'ri, (1111'1 l'fltC.XI"ns. that u''.."

k In ALACHUA County. at NewnanM'illcMonday herself boldly in the_ranks of the disutiionists. torn have been stopped. on then pal, iionurs, arms I'huuldt.rcl'drilUls' I Ibc.ithig I,,8 fe: tp to furiufrd the, this, faruc Atliuocy \ or

: .;?n the twenty' first day, of le- ,i, .. The_ Legislature' of.this' .Stale, s.igc: ) to. market., fit D')91J .*, eight n.: .colors, .flv lug, nix field l pieces iatc of nllair' *.tlca!lie roii \Iii tie prlltl1

i = ';eember.i '. a few- days since, passed resolutions, ,it i ere, or, turnips rc dug up'nnd, likenaway to with each! it'clvcwznb4,soldier, and each likewise, nndnj; the many I he.money, and hj,* individaalitsrexji gn e.rtittpt t1tf.or* IQr

,: ,:_> In MARION County, at, Orhla on TuesT is paid without a dissenting .'otce- con J by" she country people.' 'lihrce hhall hike; ,out ,with them their regiincut ) .r..tioti; It ttJUjij, ],e ,
; day the fifteenth day;of ,December.ELECTION dcmnatory,of.thexvnr 'Me.xico, on toe fdred.sn sucks, :of corn.were'tiff' 'tied olTby "..ilililry chests, and! the. t :ovcrno shall that |"!M* mode (;f I supplying) \ n5n
I < w inl :{ uttire
1 RE'1't1RNs.-\-e have received ground':' "' that thet territory which, has thfm at Bird Hill. A correspondent tube have six covered wjigons, .which tire lIut crf t hi:'for a loan! exjjitj and Ibi..

no returns sufficient to alter ourI "already been 'occupied,,and ;'vhi'm y of the London Morning Chronicleay: ': over.. cxaniincd\ upon, any pretence what ole to the iieoplc ,at Lirge mo.e tlaaai ftfr|

table of Inst week, and wo' have no hereafter be conquered, will become "the,condition) of Ireland i is in the lait The :jrrison f loan from lilt de.gy. .lIlc| | a '
I g consisting .0ftl.Je

i doubt biit that Mr.I (A Ei.LS; ,majority:, | :slave) ,. territory; and, as such apply,: for:', decree perilous nnd wholly. unprecedentec troops, tiie dragoons, dismounted regular I f tvcrire do ot" ilit! !rest; mnincwl "sta4 ,'

when officially declared will be'between admission to the Confederacy" It was, I .*. The.failure' of.last year ,was n:tri' (leaving their i.osrx 'for his BritaimirAlajeaiy'v I :V'L' not derive from Mexirau JIIf
{ ,
::. I '90 and 100 The time prescribed b)' also, resolved. that h Vermont will.not flea'mere shadow the.terribly tea lit) service), in' consideration; of' Jutc\ : |Pr.st .,,JI;eiiinc'Y uiil be into tI.e Lc
: < aui.furIOfJIG
Jaw for receiving the 'returns at the gtv its countenance, ,support aid, or "fwhich now. .exists.. : ; 'On 'the cor- thtpooitoe 'their vVgorou ,uud gallair .defence of Hit* -.uighisitnerrls.isst! *, and bein '
:: AJoro. l 11;.;, uua tht-ilav.niiJ hall m.irrfj nrctpl u
:irpifice of the Secretary of State-45' .:,$sent- to ,the admission- i into. the Fedcru harvest f"nt the beginiiing of tin' out ,of lie; I'uriiii gale wuh"oipic, > 'earest ,ilicw-ciiriiy ur Ih v JQtI

: I ,'da's, expired on Wednesday the 18th Union, ;, :.r ,any now State whose Coiistitution year,. morejhan two' thirds: l of'that! croi) cannon: mid NIX round for each eo'of I'cy' loaned AJexicoon 'hl, 11lOlp'ro
S 'The fOliultVHI., then be officially. dcchred. -' tolerates 'slavery, ,and 1 thnt the, nrej the m the
fafe .
. Senators and Kcpresentaiives t i .of Vcr-- foot to the value of lets millions slurling. -, drums. b!. Hug, colors :U.flU'II'. ubtue )t. 'ioc ,is 'AVe t 04.e
? ,
I. r:X -- l _--JT- "- -_ r-- ;(montvill lI be heartily.'sustained :by ,their I I. honoi'. >,.! '.%%a.' Tne milit.iry; chei jie* give us no regret clue to $;flILat
papers to
busp .
ASSEMBLY of I'Ehc : refused. The Governor shall allowed .a.dr
'.; : roust itaents in curs tlysllpportillg'IIIc.a'
: scarcity of grain i in France is 'u= busts : ilVCf,1.iufl2I.

L '-Ibis State 'convenes at Tallahassee, : on above principles, and in 'using' all other 'all,' d great.. Fearful of the immediate )transport many loTs baggage a.I"n.e;and iiccesa/y eilcuis on to -l Htt xvhile! Santa Anna wa OtI.i,

'. Monday next, the twenty third. of No just,.constitutional and eflecti ,boar ihe >v.iy lu .San LUIF, he wrote bark, fi aq
c meansto .consequences of a scarcity, .the I ,French 1 hip destined for him.,
Qiieretarri 0'11 the
.. "eIflber.I avert the'tremendous evils of -*. ARTICLE :!. That the 3rd v( October, u
r slavery: government has, emptied all ,the military 5tidginif.oish'tll :oilo\vj* : i'lie dkiaster which

I ; .ELECTION, i.t: new :TonK-, and ,resist its alarming encroach. men is' magozineM md, thrown ;their contents be allowed to'tsk'oit .oftis ciiy, eouutcrfd at .\Monterey is not rofratas we' en.

; "4 : .- From: the latest. returns it appears upon the.rights.nnd: interests:ofthe non ,'grain nnd flour., into. the, markets.., ,' In. I and all their transport cfJeciy themselves, equipage, and with money it! id, ; I ni. .lirst thought. Our 't.roupi .bit

: that&. have succeeded. "They slaveholding States." Paris the of bread I LM :o.* .sulaUu.and! h.1ulready[ etc*
: Whigs I- price was high amiprd another :J iirt 'or tliisJslaad ; for '%%'hki'

haveelected t a Governor and a majorityof Encroachments, indeed! !'>ccaue a nises to incicase dunirihe ,winter purpose( hnll, be 'allowed and pennittfd t I t S pied. f.the f/itiii principal the points of the err*,

the Members of Cpngiess. YOUKG, the_ J onth will no ,longer be i imposed: A large:supply will be ,\wanted for Al J.g.iers to come .rre Jy into the said chy,' all 1 am troops asaureJ having inate..ihu berueknoilrzeJ .

:(Whig) is elected Governor by about upon by their plundering.:.Tariff*, they .'\\'h. rc the intense.. heat .iia. completely beists*: AHTlcLis of burden 4ti.! .and hat('arl all life. artilJerstore iasiii prevajs atnpiig ,them.riieir .-

ten thousand majority, but (;IABWKEB, talk about encroachments; and a :dissolution burnt up ,the crops.. It is said 1 ) vnceesa has cost the. cieia.ie.
I ?, nid| ,; lIlI ltllii:,iu i, 111l provision : ** --

'II (Dem.) is elected Lieutenant Governor. ofthe.-",Union thnt the quantity .of. ,foreign( \Vll. ttt ;ne-: belonging .I''MtJ1'3' Catholic, l\Jaj sty, nu liiiin COatll liltcen! to fiicpnieaiiblc hundred evidence; Jurartillery mart,

:Of' the ,members of Congress eleven THE; SENTINEL is laboring to ces, iry to provide- for the deficiency. exact inventory shall, be made thereof, men. .
.! was .vel( managed, and ,it u jail
:, Democrats ana twenty three arc which by lli 'lsS 8tnlt''oJ" fonr1 subjccYs .
are provethat the Northern Whigs have. on no former occasion hud.qxreeded persons ihal the enemy bcie e i U was send

; / Whigs.t In' this election. ,the scale has ,not come out under abolition robrp. :22 davs consumption: ;will; this yea. .tioterno',of)the. shall, King itppoinf of Spain i) i and:, which, four the by Fiencli officer*. '
,been turned by the anti-renters, which' .Surely] We dp '.,understand. .* the 'Sent, ir i- probably I amount 'to upwards of ,4-0.- oihcr'subjerls to ius Britannic Majesty, : i :111'lOW about to unfold allmjiha

party has been made use of ,by the ncl},.to subscribe, ? :* to 'the. *principles of the Germ thy i is also! siittering-from 'a'scarcity. ., who 'are' to be elected by h .E u.t'lJca\r habitual rat.irr(,,> 'me with, ;antl.hcnaeric.au,1r11 the energy which, is

T nWhigs to produce. the above reult.- late.. Massachusetts'1) Whig' Convcntioiu Bat'sniaYoroelnb2rg, Baden,. }the Earl 1. Alberinarle, who shall! t keeppossession I very soon succumb, or 1 sl.oll ceaje'o

Immense sum of money were appropriated It nttempts 'to"show th at the .*YV' Iligs arc and the 'States of the Zullverein ha of all nil botlaSa.c1"t"Jgu:>'. "X". 't.'J Jpau copying this etTuaioucfx.iuia

\ by the New England manufacturers too' fortunate in (h aid of 33 I came. anothei olete.uriiipn.: I I11 Aiieia, the bsaciu.breaks (.
1_ only. having been able an .export diiiy per cent, ; ot, *.\ the artillery, atid :nil kinds of rlh:
f for he carrying of the State of gof: form coalition with the .' what Portugal and-Switzer I '.Usiy. Heaven .crwwn with ihe iwst,
Aboluiqii ,. ,: Sicily, arms'. ; u hll }itiuu; and Naval; Mores, .rihai
New YorE by the \\ higs. A .State en. i.itf; and that the Democrats arc:disposed land, 'arc ;also threatened' 't.'.,a scarcity ,without i Js' 'r.co shall be delivered 1 upofiiiih 'I: : t results the patriotism of this
iltuVtrious child '
thirty four ; .shall be 1 I|t. 4)1" IMS country, whoa
titled to Representatives,, to do the:same if they cun. ; f. person* as appointed to
.. : ". we: ardently desire to see rctujru,toll*
.. and' divided up into an infinite. number Look on this Picture. : It i is.C6timitcd;; that l ]heisilisce.. in -the, receive':E.irl them ifA"lbi by.nnaile.ir I i urge" 1'ucockauUihe '. ,1J"icI'-\.erctJ with glory.! "

:' of party cliques, _afiorded' them. nt richfield ,H SOJ\: lrt That .Whigs of&* ., ';potato''crops' of :AVcs'tern, ''Europe '"will! L The, : .ciiy'of
for the investment of their saebuetiswiL1. continue. to usenlL '. j ..f .\]1"utf.ttUIC mote nuinerutwtUahare
high, constitutional amount to.two thirds) ,-that; of the oat the 7ihday, of June, J7J2, 'to t.-.t- ,
TariS money'rhe Democrats of .and proper means to,.restrain I Itil if I t bjeu? JlUh'l' h. din'ih ifuitrJ6rhej
and! rve crops will he one third.. The" < August ; s xiy-rjye tIsy. t'kujass'ihjti
*. ta:;
the, of
Kew York have, in ,this wuy been ,ba }l- already I1repond r.lIillg' 'uisinvehoiding .Haltrc: which ,hu* hitherto J" England party' I lost toriy-iwo iinms-| I mailer iwexttytbflfpfuixe
stipplicJ '
( iutereuts in the national : very highly Ihe.n! )r of wfruops
,,stoned :officers; and eleven I
'. : ly beaten, but they will show as lie:,do- ,lrgslat! ionto defeat nil I I measaics catf- with' three fouribsoflier, ) fd/ei-jn:! ; rmk; and file 'fhJ'oo'u amitwentyseven I i : anti the) iiisisi, ujnm ilieoitiiua51fy ,
: fore that they can rise above every disaster Ciliated! to. uphold slu\'crr, and .j-nmiou- 'supplies in" years .of'deficiency; i*, tiis! .Ca.-t.e' Uf'I'cntr t..J by sionii! On the 3Jr.) !! and gjllauiry of the defence IhessstatestuI1

: : ';J.I, and that defeat, only u.gc, them. nil throw)} conMitutiuiial inettbtued for its o\.'r. year ,yielding! luihe, ,' The. Bfack r J s4, ;a, air Jul).. ,.Many incidents occurred daisie : s ol( t :n. \\ qvtli oa the west
& ide'uli; ,
: ? ihe juwif are described n s '
'on to greater victories. ( ,''unndaaud ,ttle UniieJ S ntc can nloc I nig .flU: ,!.e calc.thitc'd) to-ulve the '(-,J'c'L. ,- i
:: V.H e roh'ed, ''hat Ihcf\rhigs lot Masryachiifetts ariiliaui. Lao Tort inljfii by CitIL
4 .slln' r :be rcliei:! on ;fo' fli.ni"l'Ili ? i itijincac a "saiigtiiuary; rhiracier.:i LoU A'uriii said tf"aJJd
MICHIGAN.-In this sturdy state both regard ry' l1t t a greatmoralpolirical Aibttmirlein inu iJin is to have been $
: : the been and fun-ial evil,and they quantity of 'gr:1 1i needed,' in 'Europe, aid c'c -August. tlcHci.lcd'nu ** i'e-iaKeii three eveial iiiijesoncewen. .1
Houses of Legislature c. ,); 'camp' %Yt.t a flair oliniue I I1tJ
b- thercfoie pledge thc'inselves to ", : .UVjja.at' .the ,. ( the &iuM'i't1Pt11n1114
this b'lt .
; carried by the Democrats, and they present year. Th.ijl nol ; .bqInutYecot1" the aailiohtie.*' of the :city I oft po u
as firm ,a front of opposi'ion to the ill .aLlhttrume 3JJ Auttoau -
: ; lime
the three Con intelligence;. to'our farmers.- Huvai t inroriiiiti.them! ". of tte"i!: .. Ulut1iji' ,
also elected two of ,
have .tftitittiou of slavery, us is( on stcnt'wiIIJ "- -: 0', %: > full eijrhl piece* threatened. them
2 : : gressmeniifflOt all 'This Legislature j l our allegiance. the constitution. 'and, :The vast .valley of the .Mississ.ipf' will:: :Iowa 10 c.rpMHlate., and The Mimmonedthe :ome of I fifiif ljSII fuvuuut* .Urfw eJ

.our. duties.us:members of the confrderr be fully 'c ItnI1cj the emergchpy an I liovernor ,1 that tJtIJ., U'oni. 1fcIFl..
it,,to choos.anU.. S: Senator place of ;, *iiter"1 Jcepuir: tiie fl.ig 's.iiiie. 'hoilr>, until! ivu
Massachusetts Whig Statt aiUQ! I.;: '.
ncy Con the farmersMof : Alnph" hi.it'
the West II. h.u&t-Iu
A Democrat will \\illcmpt near 'im liie ;
.Wbodbridge, Whig. vtn.lion."J ." ) eit sei.H! ; fearer. baejc with .urJoC
be elected 'their. 'granaries for the! co'rf&itaptibn uu iiittolem .r.-ply, 'nml 'ttefure ihy uid de ttUlIICII'j de'jMjt.iiui/'uu Inftsti
of ** .
I course 'li- is ? .
., preposterous folly for Northern: s. .f"fI. f-f ins CQ.iduci, 11_ bo.li- hef.iie .and'ulicr lJe1!
> ,
4fsAcnvidrs.In'thiB- % camp lo his'
men to ,talk:ofthe vafuu"Ufthe: 'Union ; : -" ; \vnyt cnmj'-hc; : 1 '
i )
\\ ;a} fcf1p.esejitdl\ (himsejr .\&outftt10fc. (
$ subjected
Aba fi
: Whig i ; : a 'siiarp e. A t day
1 hey inuiu make lp' their mind, to one TIIK 'breaj -ihe cuuns.,wrrulmy, ,uiU.; itij isat'1$
lition i :' 'State,. the whole delegation* ,top of t'APSVU3tTiOYOUON.. : lQ 'I'jtii,, L.Ir, Albcruiarjeoj J J J"iI
p*-\ ** uvo things-they must submit' to be 'e '" iht. "'
; : ,Congress, ,elected, :is Whig.. UKIGGS, 'governed by' slave owners, fir 'break! tip 'As ;sundry;captionjournals{ 1 : rqurc.onntr : .three piece: *of camAuij" comprbiiig, ''iipt>it ttia.Jurty-town ,-.oiustry'ae i Ie!, only elements uf to*
(Whig) is ire-elected (Jovcrnor 'by. 125jOOO ,- this:Union, which (operuieVsi nnequhlly f 'und Its cxn :. nre,Jiis, minU; cannot ,be WWQ&iheSecrelafy
iiajaccnt works. his
rsi"thefr find fault broa..
) anxiety' to hi.
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political equality -BooLouri'r n Hth ,everything re- while t .': and the Rejiut>lie are.$ tawith -
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'tbt nn"swcfed
: Congress.. *' Then onithis.KteUeil "I cd, ,:(;JenrfiTLQE, ,.- 'for ,nssentingrtotfiestipulations 1 : ".IiITIUI. *a1.uf1 't"/tFii u 'J 8s1'tt,u '1ti:, humb.e ,k1IC,1,

4 "', ; Tl I )weliolf.tA 1 t tV::Jra.t'eg.rity.f J l i unort'wh'ch-I : xvbJiiiCTeed ;irfUMgc: tiie terms of : : 'ptiiuitJto I I'e'y iioL .wive him from nm J lirtier mers.
4owt.-'Th& first election in this capuuhumn,
:_the( : Union, as estoblishcd. by .ihati.ilmiterey.-f :: -"t : who, iii tcr. freqi'ieut conferennu: l I r :They::dr.rge him wnii the'geaii
VPS ,ta bewirreouercd Wiiiun '
: rL new State was held on the 26th Octo-' the corisiitution and h coUErdiceriuu I''
_ 'eorc'de: : 'latI'd \\i, tln ': liono/ublc I iutompcieucy ,
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I !* -t r. It', i ii'piobabie' :tfiSt( McKwGHTi 1)'ett : as:disunion.- i' *-in' 'Its worst. : form-lt ":it may. l '< be imagirjed. ''by, ome\.wboare t.., pf/stkh't'd; : the piijM,. A': AVUIyy Hn lii uouiJ* werb we h.,.S htU,.Ct .turtle is.t >pa c.&u-4tl
/Whig) is'_elated. Governor.., > One', the tempts s of any( ,p4rty 'or .class l ,of ignorant, of::the military,.art,th\t the;hero o eratioli birtUeiVvi ;oruub nt4aIIiit! ..de.rerfc 'io enter further .mtu the., AJdJt aC-
It .. i- 'j- -' t'l, "-* ; < > men 'to stigmatize a'ii denounce f Paid rAltb couiits )(
'J thiJ
1 and one > : and lstt'd&Ia. Paihria ; ; '. lhev'bltic.! One
Congressan '
Whig -
)ope portion i of.: 'liic ,Union for'its" ;- ::- J' "' : +-f' '> 4, a' must l
domojtfticlitsti.uiions allil
: .has.been, .guilty ,of ; iicgIecitothe: "!A1trict 1st'('the termsofapitu1a.: iioic, J.U\\ (-'er. Aluit*l )tI5iE
beeR n. In the gross
Jiave '
: ; : Legis \villi 'wliicjv the lJtUlion UJ".t :
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? re.lt\8ppta"r ;that there will be a does hot :jntcrferef.' randtoXlilie: | ppriety -" : inlafe until we areed td salute| ".t..Utligfludtjiess' .
** 'K :;!'Iefrgitii)3LefesuluJ :
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L fwlncb each'6tate'is. thing to talknbqu t figluing nnd another ..L.JIcol..er.Qtio"s1bt"u"'lh 1
its I
_ ':>niall ,Wiig ).TOajprit on joint. ballot, ; .pwn i independerit .I.lnc so ad.the ttc'otegitaLiouit! !
iudtie.*' >Massachusetts"' 'Vimo. ithngo! fight; aiYd we.rf6r bfiet UfQaU ondhi ; presenj \ut! (I dAhlcfri 'tJltJ' 1II L ftheif.
__: cansequently the two. (u. &'::$ejiators -, : "*'V '!* ," "'. < .f ym ;Jf.1 -,|-: iOs1ditie contending url1.lIt.-rir'i u in

.to,be,chosen;will) ba Whigs; crqticState Convention..Does .. ? 'ways ;ready -to concede to theijudgmi'iit ,.atgr eJ ilta' 'the'. t lJ"" the'. JiJt e \! II .flag., ,lielureitlia; two WOfttb'. ,art.'inl .
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L' : -r.> 1. -_ -- _".-.- ->.: f the,Sentinel j .suppose'.ihp, people t .of \ibofo,who. pjjifCi ci. kuotbe' !, : iopt- cannon, Ute 'iiuiijijuj{r\O] t,>aHi( nil slice cxl.iut"' tr.e ..Mexic aV ,
; ANTi.'* k"tjlXA.> a proof of :iheirfufbce'of of;Flo ri da flre)idiots i 'when:'it har"orto:1ehid".tb about' military affair" .1 I ti, with-: other 'public property, ti ith, the undet-r 't''tuItidteatll.:: tUnU! :: tiita Autmlunher \ I_;. "
\ lie 'uieiit liiiiey. ; eiceti ieis't 5.115: I iA,) untpid:,: 4vbct.s_ a1pnf
: nrillruo rendered
ifli' :
'.', : -* .* Rent'voJLe. *j upon' I ,4 -','' j *- ,grcaic", ,pfeasur, ,. 'ilt fef'n.b af ;>ve ,to,tfic: ;tti1stauu. .,UuuOtat dfthe ; Alloy advance o', lieu. IsyI'
: 'b::: tie kie electiort iir New York, .Col m. Northbrn'h1igs,'are* n91'aunn! % atth 'j)ti1ishihefthIOW'Zflg'( ,imiuuicmion 'wd 'StaV IU\it ). uJ.. '
L1 '. co tV tA .
: : l f. ) I\fJf .. i"lJltrrb ab.H
-e:: 0 ''flcS l.f'-whicbl>)- '1 _.. .p- ib J b. itt.' hi. '_iti'", n.i',. ,'t;revival 7 4t14 otiiie L- .Wffc:high :'TLuutFsjdtem' I. ; :1 j! 'lrdmttio! |! %pen.pf.Qnp- ?,.; AGtl\'i'frl UA *i'<'A""*.i '.' H.\icr':!Ie 'l'saoa 'iho" .\h"i 'h jorccs. .XeiIre. h'.i"l, IClt'flbOti1Lt.c l.r t1tJ.Jitk t '.

I $; a1d1ttb ,Ati. n.e.aierl,gave 8O&wUovernr, .uiiiuisj.tnernsclvcs .with Iist t,1\, wherein it, will be"* i'.tfu\tt paf Getjer'f 1 ',L I }\\t ",ut iHti''ht,6; f'J8"'iCt\ uii'; 'X. \:: i ( u to' V iett, '?

; ; j" ,. iyf"kY- RgW.biJ: ..r; :( .1. II" -, ". "" 41'L'' ". :. 44 .,.D :al< ."; at:?,-u Juon in 'a.terey l4' g}.> .
-4 ': : Tj a4 2100 ttRJerity:for (:a.diner, {Dem.) .N ,w, J h--Jet\;! \ Ia y ..,1 1cti9t "m.J !'lrTbderiitidn shown*bytneiti! tbv::the I ?Haa'accouircmeiii41ttU; MIB jiiiiimrj:. t iuejr" ''arm* ,: "alLih.4iat6iiiMreed11. 11..r'P', It
tivV I't\l :' ;/ : .II: v*.JVter > -, -,- aaIr\vthei ; "'therate5 .1t
\. Jk* ,Lwat.6ev0f ii rv_ jtSQjVJiJg "thu, *State. JJ *< -*four+ -" Whig J eprcsfntativea. ;t o I;.Wexicanp. !-end. tlwr 1.he., circurajtanccs* hriiTs_ aiid1:accbuirciHfCiitg. J'Hhe,lirtlllerO : ; h, 8rJM.
if ?> j 1!. Jle".' ,.Yer. t. .W,.,Vlug., ",. Congrew; }were"'chosen, nnd.),one' Dei.b.> l'ld 4":1 i&\a f: .vJ.*" ,'anti- ,k ,.I"i, ""*.de." itY ffoT. 'dd.'. .' .4'L-onu:tIj> v *faom'vvM;bftliiry, l- >*v*i.d*!io"cxeeecl- '-F*ilJ a year" .'lo'.1 .r'!....YJi t ki.4'.,ukd''j_"rn..tt. r'ida, 1 .L.J J."

:": S QI P ti \! 1' cer 1keY1UgI3)RjOflt7: 'jonDI. 1IJ' : 0" l" ".;w'W XW MV SJlxTpunda; of ; -
:: : On }h \ ft ::1ol.a;. ntfuJly j ;'II1' tbesffc tI'. .$. 'f : j1,
: ilw'.HJ. .ratiC.; lot ia the fieistore is! : > -:,". : tI an s tiofl. :- *< ; *? 3N3 n!.a"d",.t .
27: iibIep.ii&
t vi .1 tL' iD" ..t irJ iijr" :f ; etkkhip $ 'PP.--
.' J :. ,- k"- -, ';..''',': '; '.. '.d ....1- .. .. : :;vr ; I. t ih/Tfe3i; |he Mic'pt0peF 7 '.IX.: Bltetily! hJieJ4att'L: "
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;..._. '. "'_ '''. 'J'_. ._ ; .'I').J"',; --4' ..; ,: :<,J";, '.. ., .: :1' .:-'. ''' I' .'J',-,, ',," .,:_ 1III.JOIo'':'-'..-; .J.!. ,, .' ..oit; < 1"t' ." "r' ....,,_.,....';;.. -ltI,Ii'W b : u" ;\ ,., ...._.'.....<<',_.' .,-' '..,4i".,, .":. ,'.. ..J' ;.>"" '- i r.;

I .- ,_ I Z-7vjSKWFX5$- S .. .
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:ceerew3 fortunate a* I JIe'rivedIIarJic1 JuwIHg rfU Npf&W.kigY ct'i. M :- r1 '
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the iaIjzidt iih.11141 YI1u, ) --
of I ? : .. W WhIsrrEIIII.1i1iA. c:1:
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1Iet the ann*. On, Mccou1It:3yt1itIIuiut ,--_______ 4 ; !
III ? attack ._ 4t-14-_.. :: S __ te&$ f.se.r?.,., S
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jc08eqieiice of the grounding of one I "("i 411 .tu ;jthrndisco.or i'he -, S. i'.ip.nssIi.n'ainiw.um. JS : 4. ,. $- $- -. ,. ,I ,I1i., t ItI'sIl---- ----1t.j----..eolaIhHI.s"sly tst' !;IIt 1.L1.rcIm J i.r. Uci: -

Iibe wliidi hi J three oilers in4ommilirc prviicist crS lIla-tdt.ud .1Iienete S (- '*;. t ;!i1s.1int Iii ,. .4 lIp. rji.. ar$4 S'ih
foiu.l himself for is calcHlated. UdZIiI mui ehlhliI 4lJ'Ufl Oi4flAEMI ,- th. ,k'zI.
ilie ueoiatid predirpe, to iasriL'h a ,
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Veluciantly compelled ma'' andon, niake use Mtuse.ftliTet1perTeCity ea y.Hie __5 S '
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I qa1e a:io of therildrncIt disapol ofgrauu.ii i1.; .barrel of; flourtlijuer !- '1't!"( .. ;. i41.1i"k kiti.k ail
and officers e'.rsge4 .trket high !.4 J ,.fi "p.rlwDrutJPjfyaIi4 IN i4wiics'IIW', tasiIw, Iii
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They suite cJ no prires, wJHeuriclr i : Ite' sizity- beyond, Wit1.TuIi. s -. '
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bit ff mi mtax'o d.ilde accident**, from cafriilLL1LEI.: ]rjstcad oj any) drain for# 'pr' 'w is 5shfi.$ 1,1 110 f* k"X li 'i'i iiM Vkilp( -ioNanr U**!.. Aeiu.rrnrah' i.rr.ui.t ,, i*> > *

beforc* of circumstance* bcyroudilieir I upc't'ie, if the Hipmei ts coiitintiei large'ts tt ._ 0 tI1. ; ., .H4IMN ii j iaHrfo a* uwf <; 'Is.i' i'V iIi. ji.cIi4. ti.t atiss. ,,.,( ts, J1.p.u( ala1u.ii.iii S. \' :

pacer to control, they rwuM )4)tgCI in- a1iIIiI must 110W' iiilovtbebutitry-!! tQ--. 5 o.ril.-h4Ir1s.4 nt ij IM* Mrt, ii4 irisniti2sI It.ssbcuiist mill siIb..J9; rw $c u : --
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action Avith then enemy M close th G9a4I f -.- 4
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of nil. He look the O. Picayune of the Sin inst. sAys : -1u ., jL A. vLtu.i.. Si'1e14"u1! .4Me f,.atIkIIIJ csnmIN'Ki.Wl.44. .5.- $ ee -

'most rommaiidof chagrmcJ the cipe.lition in person oar Alexicair papers \\'k finu accounts 'N.ib- thrv; .- _, y.I. tn7, D (,..,n 81 CIas'iJ.ie' Ibl.s., K.Il.I. 1iSjns4O..kCf. iIie4i.1,,* .. .7f'.- 1d j. -
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within fewmile .4.taitig 015mm1 $ *.s. sl 4 mfrliU. F.rbrlz -
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in gclliii'across the bar and o ifciri Bin', 'to thcSili 'pf pleriittfr.-- ; r. is. .thIiIIwIi iiirib*; fi in tW ltVt tii f.-ittH-ilf>i YU4| l !h I)!., An 1Ujefl41tt1u1.aeS- l'r"'tt.&i..J S -.

g3C'IsIR the Jeiureil portion" where) Aler amu> iirctii r tohi. Stocklou's tie VfhjN" '4fthI lJtS.4..ftjJrfl); -, I t..tI.L; 4 h.rrV !r : f'jm g ii4ja.j rest .4 ?ti.. PIrrJ4 '*'. E.r.i.ii.iLic ib.. e, '

ibejlojd the brunt of the -fire i.fbaiieryof'ItSjjmJVt'l1 I clnratiot, ) of bl.ickide, it..3tntc5'that dieJ'111e Thi.ti n : ( '- ft! -S "rI" 4.di..0i. i i ib.r.4v'l..s.4I raisirijisi iri'Imi: i. .1.0 .i 'iqiji.,:,) Gs'-.ib., -- p
the the of Sari h.ii..P; : : : .. $ 1* *:'SirtwaiI..s.I.. 1U'PI.t rsi, t'fshitii. i.i.;
jJseMeX1'at1 xvis tlocka sing putt :* -T 1'I.iit.t.I All iIjN tRl : ., alPtIu iitiies elh.' .- f. -

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jbeen footli-mlme to |ircyi t' in the eu- small Alexicjifi: national vesself both ::. : ( % ., 4iarkusiitk. ,,*04LI II .wk.i5IF..Iii.lg %.iIfir'llI.t'r'iVa. (fun lrnriUvkmfr.ii -,.. rq iLis j..q.O ri.ii. t. .is1 -

ia'prhic. ,Com. Connor *tp d allMheirhileiip froai Ltizt11aui, one palled the Jolita, 10. 4.,. 1 ItA, K. .,ti.,*' In INIr i't,ituEn; ; $kc itust Ii vs risn uli..: 'rii ||N. &$i.t p.'j.r .tisluii.n iu1 b.mask. .
-* ,6, 'u1ssi'ing eI..idnr ,', .
<)n the wheel house of the Vixen: anti ilie! oilier the Sasana., Two; boats 5 S I uiisrfl'. .ipe rreilig.r.. *. '- ,
J niiruffl il waile the shut fleiv h.i.| liore froiri the and 4naDdHeroDeirteJ.-t mmdorei rbit4Irrn4 l..iti. &r, I'i.lrew'a H rTrii.,1 fioio tMW ', *)U UW nohi .
calm an : gjna a< ; Cyane .,* wnftiIIiti.I r..titI4rr,. ihi a1.iI sJ4ttr.
$.NunJ him. O.iebill! strikm !hortch'ttuer. : spiked se-crul pieces* artillery in the John Nicholson, LI. S. Navy, -d1e-rnid sr1uiiith' .q'.st'r, ibt tp. hrn ftun, Ii. n.sI i'% HI : Iiie ,, -

I1 the d.isheJther.iicf over io,vn.. .They o Jcre.l iii ofTrnce to the derily \Ynshiigtori| (>iiy oh Mi ndayiijqriiing .. )!.. I D nSisi in SIN! iy .4 .w tIi. 1wM i h..eI.4 j Irn in fl..fLI4hf rInIuli2.; &., -

))ipesII, filling hts lace and eye*.- I inhabitants bitt warned thein against fast, of oplcsy, in t14 6i3J| fIIr-r.lit.Ifl 'I'll ki..iaiis. tlil iunqttt. fa 4.ea.) it-us.- siriwiw ri.1'41"r.$ irhI" a laug.a .tcit, r.nIflNI4isI.FrnaJa $IhS( .4'a .:' -

FtIflIVrd, lie. ivipVl tie| wafer from s.jsfir.nud | I any iiilermedJliiig or hostile proceed* year of' his ,nret lu ,183J., lie 'aa a j fkswtiIk N..tO! 1. 184G. 5 1.5(1: t.u- r.TH .. $ 5. I ;.: :.,S.-. :

solicit*t ions oulv forothe/s.. ) I i iT. It was believed at Tcpic that printer by profession; In 1804, |i J entered 1Th-I.'j..., i. (Si.. ts( .rIr k, .. .a. !* ;.; *

rtdins'y one tvat'hnrttf Mis b *artlecnbe1 t tpui. Stuckiu1t li-id de41s.ttc1settrvez'eI the Nuvy.: :as Midshipman! \\t NOTICE, H .*uj4'sier..,.. 1t. til n.i, 1'.411a1M11 arssi'n'.II' ,- S -
t\Wli iifi.% iiiir, | -litlni! pUt |l. II.p. in i. .riaIeI fsniflsr. ,
each of of .AJa the of the Macedonian late SIX j. '
ini us as c' crytljiuirtli.ite to iie poris Acapjilco, ?: capture tile'
I lj **4 I'p1.1is '* Of tinC""inr .4 f |Iifi.- F.
t"dd harevhcJ.. ''erfe.'tly un- zitliti and Gayiiina*. Commodore perreJ as, fourth lieutenant IN.S..ssgIs r.. 14-iirv 4% l,nsi.iij,isli..u ma iI4lila' t81&q1

fifl., he would not expose to useless of the Unite States, and wi the "l Ut41'I*' Itt..l .11'L .l. .iruI. tat.' i.( isI Cotton 4Rt. -

JtairJ in-* iuiuiin: I, nitor il became THE piCAYtr.NE in alluding the late tirst lieutemint of the Peacock a.Iuf. ..$N.My. THOMAS KENNEDY* Slht..rrII.u.in .4'b .

that from nrcidunt r4..1.... C UaI.,14L,. "!".' .si .,., l. 4.i.rmi.i.4. -
friatiit! the enterpricmist iiewd received through the Mexican ter l her brilliant fight with theEp rvier, ,
1. .
: faii.! His officers :iiid men, papers, remarks :- lie commander of the prize ship, Ivbithi PUOCLAIIIATION, |-r eCer.sr.lrjis} v.:* 1 1 ,: ,. Hill ifti.j1.!kr.wI.rfkli.wI r.41..p Ii rr.l.,4(i |fprrrfurjcf. ; ; S :

itftreriT, were rend I half frantic by "lip the first place we injrcneraVierm.s he brought >afely into the port p1 8 *. 87 w,,B. oii G ,r wi.ua. r"" Mr .uii. I'rui..ste & Ii'J'j! iri,. ..

lie o.'Jjf >o wiiiiilnuv. Tiiere was miy siy van nan.Commodore..- I sill i'"ItsWe cn..ii 4 ii, Ispi ill J4rLikr... f40HN -
iaIi I that, in no paper which r h.uasTfli1ti1 I.k4-In4 eb h.i5f, ill |ir flIh.ul t** lln-w at tUt 5-
joihing so iu< .desperate! that they N. wa'a native otRuch.. T
we Iiave opened do we find any token, > l f v IH- $ *). ,($$,) $ ),$ MIfi"in'fir j..ri.| usIws.e *\i* ft9H |p IM. owiK-r. th.s.jt., .
eDdl'i nut perform it, raiher ili.ni to of submission on the pait of the Mex- inond, Va. and distinguished in his career ii' I s5Nii:i.i..jslluue ftiq i time. | u. ..*, Ii. iM"| rctf iIJt" *1uW$,, d. .: -:

JarecbeycJ the summons to desist. for professional usefulness ancl .. "" iiw..s. | .
I iran their conflict with this private : th.i r nrln pull'TV S -5 S.- S. SAM.tIS.
10 worth. I J Iss.. i.. Ifr GIvEsc..1 45.1. (;oiigi.; tiLe ,a.JlhrfrE Jirk....fiK: Orf 23. 184(L ti -
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M1V.L THE CKIT1NMA. veqje.inc Their l.isse* are ,en :
1IueaItJ J in detail to ftiun.I thereupon follOkViiig' the Neiy-York .!...? ,. icr .Iiuiseie. .4 1ij. '*irI. | iil fi r 'ift% |WIt r* !{. tiar4 f.r ib.-,
S7ia.-fse mirna.jc of tne Q icen Journal of Coiimerc) shows that the |.. nil uur.! I .- I..1PII.Ma'iist Irlt, -
r iirj* in ifi-nifIi- s.ii4 sI.er.Mu11J u.r.| | f%|*'|MIf NT tb.. :
1 paiui to her cousin, Psizict D. uFraucisco more urgwMit appeal)* to the pitriotisii; Whigf.cannot b ast inich, a* Tarns % ski. (1., s.s.r .4' !111SIti' .11.11, h> ii1n.iplw. Jnil. '( p. nl Vr. *ii4f,n'j Vf 10 Uy. :--;

d'Abassis, and ffher sifter oft'neir citizens to ijlve ererythins the election o'old members who voteJ i t Th'v.aJ.ay.ihe 2lil & iaqr.i. t. Ii.. e.Iuiiusi.l.a zI. I't13L'g1L; !IPfti.ii.\ fioilurk n1qS *%v*? .

the Infanta Louisa Fernanda to the for the support of the u'4r. it i is ir,tio ; l iln Mili>(iit $$j.d Si HIliv |j.r.iiM>r r* n M.u CZrrSI0a. '! "! $aet, fq. j ( ,4i..si fi u ttt S
for and against the New Turing is.involved. l. 4 ;4b ljlwhr4'it ts4ht. Iis .
Dale) de iMonipfnsicr of :> inupli losny (hat there is the warmest a .4 N lay (l' l.lJrTlmi.k : maik* w t.i.r.q.i.Lu.a4; .
younge-t LRa I. .rirrI I lit1 kirk
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the King of the French, totix plapc ac enthusiasm .ippnrunt in all! that Tht MM Tqrsff.-"We.l3ve :Wn ,r..i1i.si.I, usual 11w| fifAl til seth| 'Sllir.N-fl''d I1th IrIIrkt.4wN' irars ..14.u-'u.4 ,, iarkae4

cording appointment on the lJzl I nit. tve re.i'4 whether in editorial jrem-irk asked Whether iheie is ,in the I 'I ii,.'C.1uii.J ihik M i .i.iyi-r. FRANCIS HUUW ALL. S
-die treaty of Utrecht niid'llic |)micst 1U. the military nJ.lrcsnes with which: rcrciit election wit irli indicates any! a dissatisraciion .i)..,1.1-lu. r .. JarkMIftti141.. .! Q'It" 16 J'. 1847.saerlfPs ., iI. S

of the Hritish) ili are crowded. The of 13! ""ftJ. W, D.ilOSKLEY. .
to papeis spirit Sale
noverinneut! ti.e contrary S
on the part ;pf 'th'/peopc! ,. t.ucui. S.-pStsas... -. ; _
notvithstauudiu-the: nil is -*' vVar lo the usre.: Ihit this .. lIrtftir; rni4i .4 6. r ., i. .
ceremony at, the adoption of the new Tari'lT.Ve X .c.I3.l84J.4',, : BT is < *o>H t'f ibe. s ;
took i lace at Iait1jzi ]9 nVlock! in the iliou-s the surface of affairs onlyv \Ve an follows Omii; C-H.n rtlir>! .irm Crmit f KW.:. 5 -f.
reply .
hi ll IPIVC oocayioa incidents : NEWGOOD .J.U. .f.ei. |t r t..sIul..I_ !I's&,J ill i>xM4 > pub- VH -
IflDthin!. The I Iritis Ainb.issador,> ?* to no e the ** iy *"Sf
)f the isbrsof the'Netr York
n : ih itlr'.ni.hr.C..nI
lpck rrr a44ia U2t, ik. JI..u4. Is sh n*
Jlr. Bulsrer, has not withdrawi) fro iiiljJnJ which lead us to suspect the delegaticHi'\vho' yiitel i for the iiew Ta'f-, il K> ..t.J;I1s.niIfr.: : .h. ('IwiId .'! iii. .t MI.yN

as ivus reported. A myul decree c,, intry j is by ni me nj;* s,, tuiiteJ as the ill, only two were i rrrn ii.. t..i.t i..r. 'itnrus. .

was issued on the day'of the in irragc crisis in her alfairs xvoalJ xeem lo tieninnd V- iou .Viz: AJocla\% of ihts ciiv,-and, :., .- ...I $.. .} .l$ 5niI V'ensri Sf tk iifQ*.*!*. nn<| 5 male .krr.raIkirL --;-
the Qoeeirs V 'i- : :bisith.-y. *!!': fe.4 4iu-i..4i.,, I)1I4) rnurk..'. *'wII. JOHN : t$'kfti in a4 thu. rwwt.rtv .1. -
conferring on c iti- S' : \V< Jil of Alb.iil&; riie former i'.u' I Icjecie'd ., 5.rlrs.4 llinfC r..nn..i s.. .utt pssrcIo.. ri.C.dk .-. Cf*|
)ort the liutnirary titlii of King and l.c I Iou The citizens tifJeltTo\f: cuturpv; Kentucky py .a ,ImpJt>omc timjdrity hotivithttiaadmj --, ..n.4 y.s.r..4br.., AH! ki 4 U'nuB. 8.'i CTHOS. S S-
fr iior of Majesty. Mr. Ualwer was lie was .opptiscd .by u. vol- CI.4lfr J'r.1.....'. will !*. utfti in |. in*>|tfMCrr. LBDWITIf. S rr ifTO. C. '.
w.iere iJ $I. I'ayljr w is rehreJi.id .. .. | > .X.HT,. 13 l.. ,. .- '.
not presiMit at the iri-irfia icercniuny, 'udiifated causcJ uuteer randdato of Itis ovva party; aniltlic I .I... N|- *1.. al. ;.11 .4. ._.!:!Ls.1puIr._ tg,4g. ;
have a niassu'e :
{ ttf.i,
but e.viticnrr.111r' .
lie in* present at a brilliant levctv be miJe tatter,, ,Ur'! Wood, is defeated inii, .4 k. .V ; Levy Csnqly Sheriff's Sale.WILLI .
iilver'PicI1et Iii as a presentto w- IX I.Hfl. ..
which ira* on thC.tt,119tV115g day Is .ii 'I.l| ?s.-*b.c fi's rM.ti !i> in J mtnry. ;
given him.; A letter will be forwarded tuUrn. ,4iirut (Albaiiyj yjich. luhejentlyvThi -- S .,.--. 'vly .) 1MtoilH- l u.wf JOfc :
ttliepalari.. T zi.sv.sijij liitii that the pitcher nnd! nim.nl always gives .1 whig sE.% IL4a- .: '. tQr.raivs.ir.tTzu 2 .elewti in. ilsis it*\.ii,.. ..'iiti %V.st Qi.a,, ..( .-

lie tiMiner (treat lUitJnn stills raiucd will bc'deivelto; his laJy.T.e.JJsmp.It iiiajoriiy} nnd where ulso he had to content wo45.tiE, .* tV.&si q..i..r .4'i'.ii.'n 7. Tuam.hip

a rouiiij$ in D.III rum i333WItJi whit ihe torrpijt nijti-reijt sin.Ve .- ..7 :i VT__ WH!| ku lrirL.'I Lsuwt.e fl.'J fl..J.o iii.. I5! an..l cli.' NI .V..s Q.itrt ..(uI.. .

10 wr li fw l u-ater in her liolil" $iw s'ate.Iiu the \ learn from use Albany that t ..; (..,. ,,, ,,, ii'iIsiie 7IW ..n..1"s.i.tIM Q.iiriri. $ J 8. Tneuslaij JfIUM -
I* Spri Argus .
1'.IiiiI44'ul a..et
nil .flfltj.i4.I
bd I. '- | HIH K,4l,5.-uuIjsehjgo nrrt.,iir.
the m iretJ -abu.it I'JJ yird nearer to uld:1 ( $las ) Iepublic.iiii! that Cnpt. although, he was put its nomination hn.I.J.ftA, 4 iii. ...ijuI.Ihg III, : .' ** inU.'ll .m -ill tU.r1 1... ii.r4..na. ib.'pamu. : [, -

sboe. I IhijH I were slilf I eaiert'aiied) '2 linv<*.% who has been statoned at Tniyn carc0y! h week before the election, he .441 ,ijt H crni l'irin., Thiiiim Itac.. $4 .1t SINS! |*ri *1it t ir. ( IJI Ifi.) *iili nil cents stat .

( g'it / her oif. I his ira* h-iped iii Kevc.-al ye.ir. as ai i l to (feu. \Yool, has1, a niajority iii'that city of 123}while t 4r'ilN..* iiMtuili .e CSi> J.etssi Rivet. Vl 'ri, N-tPst'b *C..p1ai ,* fur *.Urii.iit: i IN*, cam* ''Tb
tb fi, iiJe-bst ii.. ;' ririrkaIvli) *!iiitiy. nl' 1sI4 i-it il 'S1I! in.F N1' '. ; *'. .. (
) tcprni; Iisvsui on bfinir ()red! icijojn the: army iiii; for (abveVu jr there Is a-whig in ijoritv of ;..1..itsi.I fu..* rUIi4jII.4 44fC!'. ..Iw.4Iiti.ksNI.l.l' I!?! Withlac'weirl.i'.s..k..rt 4i.iisnr. .h.e. .ssasy..s ih..14 -

hLe4, puep.ur.I&sLJiIs wciC in.ikiii rfortjitflbrttu the fl'iti tJaus.le. lhre v up hi. commissioji 25 ; lor:Ncnnlor, 490,, for Sheriff 116; Lik4,;..,,.t'hsrr .;titl I.tLU' 1t't'1Id,4. J.I.| iff ,llnl K.MJ! (.TliNrli. mini ntaa4, -. -

icitiui'e lies, which would nut and has retire Jui tie| : walks ofprivaie -: for Clerk, (>5J. This Joes not look 4&C.. !it'y;' 20Q i.irm.4 biIi asuI Ifl'% II1SUI.I 1'!' li* J<*IIH* ,Lviirli.,,., I
c matured under athj< t six neekn .. iilV. like left ni home iurk vfi M r-iir. K 'r irnn, 11rfIQ liDLM ES&COl.J IM.1q14.1Hh.ssh .$ ,* :-
in '
I'.e deplorable! con.luitin of lifland : 'his Tree trade cqnscqaenceof rl iVilIri "i'! Tb'. SSINSVIPS |HIM| .. will I* ..l.I SIhd
prfncipjp Ji.rk.iU.>. Li". 13. 3t ( adit 1I.s.e seE I.lryeasusth. (1 D1th14 s11 .
t1gnD4..ef jiublicuttcntion in lheHiiisiij c'LV.Jpb of the rcgwJiir offers -
aripy, MO/'tlieiNew: York jiteraberAwho vo- W. II. AU1F. 'S.hiSfif., ., .

I ne lantttie roiituu.es tu hi< services to the Government 4ts, I led.agninst the new Tariff bilf,'eight, 1'r Sjii.n ', arw'T CilWt M"f fur' La's, cuuary.; .::5 '

'pi'raJ over that iiiifttrtijnale Ociietal-of volurteer, S Oiti.Vrg3.f8jf; ;. -
country.i Bngadipr were n pun .candidates; and of these, S S. .- -
biii'4tirs ,, 1Irt4 I.e ih rjiiyj...,
a us'ai'vi.iuit t> peare tif&t thfeo have been superseded. by free wJki'iHk i.iA IN'it1 f5Pi(1.i.i.'wwm'i.t TAX COLLECTOR' SALK.By -

LJtui the: itiirnnx of trie tirene.com Fata FigAr betwtt* two trade men, viz; Sc-imtju jn the second JIr.W... Is tt.h'I, Ii. Jschi.iinifl.. tjiiiir i i -"M I.liiwrzir.s.Jfw -

IaIiais; ti.ii ndraure.l ruu>iJer.ir I F T wo bntthe'rs uI J.uck i'.EflgI4tIJ,. *pjiha .districl); Miller in- (be &hird-nnd Ctjipp- h..v..Is..i4jscrpar..4 'I, .,r..matt. tics fr.s4 s.i.t.4erpu1q.CeI'NI JJuism -
u.1 $. ) coiiplpuf compmiiojiP; .were drinking !,k msm..r, all !s" 4rIdPq4 4t1w'TIIiu t'rrlsvasn: .ir. inhn s..rry ruwuv..1'iia1, ;
1iIJLJI q lijiiiy u? bell irtheih. Four of the
rcmtitiiugfive 5 I .Mifnilt ; l
hi h. si.qi. 'ii'I.u.t hi.-'e'ic.',, tin* w % ti Aj iM>(t. T'. u..IJaiwjag J
per q4rIr, tie u an aJvuncj ol laic i>up# iiight at ij pubicho| a and! are \fhi i t nn J f hrce of them reside 1ji$ u'e.-1v pit. ;.r.sn3iei t5i'ii5.Ii.IV.rt4bsg** 'imji.'rir, tr ...IIMK|I i!* r f. a. mljl) pa> ,ih) .Slat* -

11ute t Oct.FLjiiv q :arreled .aUout pome gin. A jight enrf.ie.lbtflnree.il -- ,11- slrong.AVJjig su '; /* -- dttrict.r -.I.he eighth* .111 ff.emins j.$4 miij.-. Illicit'r1sItiP. $111 .rsr, Tiff: I85: n ).l -SI'I' aixl CU.INI* Taz ff taW .

his alsj .adv.mce.1 the brothersand fl1ifl't. All trarTaV .. 100TKn-< ..i$ .tup'L n a us! A1I..lIs$ -
bonded they ii..n iv.sn C $
xJemocrnl .ha been -left borne ..tnJaiigObt'itutetIi ; flpftZieIQfl -
at .
(a )
fJar bernr .. TnuIt Cr.k. kts.uws. Ni lb. $.u.Lr.t Tra.tj i1 e.
at ; !IiJisg pcr fought fof aiiout one Hour and n, half, : in his *' IOeISSI. -- .
place. .
a rise uf ,ou- s.uliiug; ..on -Lsc1L1Iet aiuf alxKil .7J niufijls. In thehsi romil Jlrk4a.iltq. thi.IG.: tijnI I".nseist,z; ?t sq. ti.. Si, .J.Jsa. --.-..- :-.- :

<1 loUiiou | e. ;Jat ie.mter. John, Mie youii er.. brother, sli.uck J3mtricin< ,Elpuwuid Indian tpsera N tI j : Rr a1 i.. TCI rjIS.Ml Sr J.u.SI'f4P1 as..J :!taP'4 :
1 Ottuj I. .1L).' EII? 4' t'.L'r apple. I1I.I It.-.irWatrrm; Sieih, ii... -a ,
IMS :iii.iucjj f.iily threj Thomas nidki ntkedjin!}| cTownjlie; |ayiosnisiblt'J CforaVThere" were TmpdrteJ into : L" -
tt;;' I I1flIf'ShSI' s.f I'9'fIsw.CvT.u1,441u. ;; .. ;' '
cs euI.N : ; :
p Ui* of a penny jerjuJuitI, LIII $i sv. 01 loukiJ.-J.ii ,' from' America, 8T7- tsii' IhIL 11'V H" J $ trtrn4'ut a.thlIt.IL; I,,.,, aJ..,. *

'; e. t Ii. L.vtf.iitMulali11 -iii;., ; -' Ua 'his beiiiziaken tp-iiis faihr 65; %b irreu of, i lur, and:cam Can4da' f1tI 54111$" .4 myassr IIt4 ; ; NS ( l.uii,. *qt!

upward r*' deiuiy 0 lean* i ife pjlfagejie; : th4fti1fld .16 w dtad 245in! *llJ*t 12933-..brrds.iiJi4oEiiIifln The. I.ri.iPvu1. II"T' W'J'' 'i t; p iNiI Ls'mz..ti'r! ". & .' %. VhI ki..

6 1..; ttnti suia,4 the father 'liail only Iepi1 iip corn re-mrkable.. .4'u.1Jp.w.i. uirdirtis.- : Tu1s.LIutvlrug..iL. a C:: f '
the :. *' .- 'fl! 1t.W CU1ItJc. aswiO f; ,.'
zsI exiieie qotauuiis lot ordinary fiflBfrf e importvas37.00b q aner I wii.t.M| WIc.tTtv:. J.k.irviU". Ut! I.r1Z4i 4t, -
fan qualities. .. -. 'oe&I3 oftfe lanjjf.-.-The 19zOYJ -6's -- --
cditorj Ip JS4 q'ir: jhe.stpc 5ew.13. 141T. .5 : : --- : ;:

4' ?Ulljar haj been prevalent duriiigra $f Uie-J-iimi( ) i rejiy-Mi! 8omepUper v at:prese triri Ltverpojl is 3 VO)4bar.: L IV3TICE 4| *6f i 3vtf.T i tninr *ifi< S '

&1cek, u"d $teU! :(icr to' -gain \rhich'liiive[ BititeJAant ihe 'new: tariff fel *;ef$ ur, free andln ond, *nd alioutl THICma rt-4I ..w4'V.u fi ir? will qlrr frtf -%*'& al lln pWut

Peti4tt&4n uUlettt-tt ,\Vonl3 cripple thcfr'ermurres ri4 MI LLIK& U A R1111 is4iuhJ3 .Zsi4iijati Kh'.sa; ,. jir'uicra1 C..dJ.tv. 44'. .
1ii % Usst the c I wiij* cnj>p1iVsr| ; ( 200,033. qtwriertlaTS-, fre. ; inj )$ i4rsf ,_ ru.tus-.4.Li4n j '. sillellet.li.4
guTerttiieut ii' L he : H : 1 I Itte !.iut44ISl Ci.* vttt v
1,44 | giiverninenViMyi } e' bnd betirna.
Jl.CIHltVltlluiiuitJar : : ,4e.ottsetAgTaI&1fHv lsa. '! -. wi IU. .o m IHR| } r, St.J. l.ta.ttif

'iII tOUA iC $ *M*wdtiiiiibu ol stat e, upy,authority j whlch CaI1iO1 e; ; ,-- tJ "$1W! .5- p iwl.rIe1rIy. t4III.el. i. iw ii.r.aw'l'i
L1ud. ( ft em n tensiveTvetigii tdethtCOtLtrade uLiver.. 1tr4.- ,: it.'.' lii te. 4.t.eiit..n.SI.ir.,
grain Utiu fell?. diicputc wbat a% tr t* _) -aiuIwID; -
IIt liiouey uiaifcdf; 'ti ickpreuc4 J,.gii info ibe recript8"ndpio f di : Ihbp. 1' Ju'k $*
ft ..' :I4e.Is4 SjI. .
pitt)1) ir : .f' ? int. A4un. Iitssn, iwv.
$ )!tbcqueilc, uct1sc.KC -(evwue2sniide je,1ge; cipoi'u.uis -nK.y4Veat --!:-- I k*.* J..*.. 'AnwJU.;; TI !H; IVi.ry r.weL,1ii:4:

tiiI k A14I. )(;ctsHLe: : )*, $ $ NeacE; : D.ek: A' .. all ill* fl4ILS'S, NusS eiI.;

ThcJurni ii&t'ttit'Nhc,1 p.jnts - 1fj it i, ( & 1ttkII.Ize 5'iI..tIMI.j..rn'.Ls'. UIIisV ,- ..- &.$ $,5- ,- -. .1..ii S tJeet I 1J.4 e.'n ,
.1. 'E- : :d'A-it ;Miiii;kiij1I% : M 1? I %!X J&1iyelj ($, iii j&' j'sTflIl4- isihuti&Ii ;!. .*: 11) 1
tiritI'of i d
a k I$4u4ts M11h1 ;' 4 : j'-4I &fr4
Joini&t Ailiii ior Mit' to iuii : jJj, r,4I,4. *.!ih., ILI'r .4g
'. ., t i< a' ti< Jf.itmv .
uiufdr1411.Mtg \ .i < MGMTak aia -' '!. ( ''H
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Ui .3c1cLs ; -' ( I : .4Ar N. 1) tJ'lie.f. t1ar.irmi.is.itL.c.ielie4'4 ;

: ..i"2 4. _S 4. :1r 4I4M
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be. %
LMiHd1QrMk j:4: S
.i- .. ri.1Zr
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-.P.trj j i wa Wiwl'jMltLe gO.4q4)kjM(4't, k.1 .. ,u. S -, ; : 114.Tuu!

; ? fM *f ** : t _, !u' % ., -

Igjfe ygf% t *iE i";>"rt *_ : --, S (ui i.sr.'m-- --- I! "1 .b *ii *sa4 'st'ni *( tl -
_. I"It&
_._ ,. 44" ip4 ,
A B *i k* ?* -: slaT >5r fc > jM- ?TL"i ?* BB S f ?IP* *! Jhul.I1w44 S.
'k. .* at- ; iw -
... Mz4 1 t.aat.ie. : :
5- -
'.rriuI 4AUI4' ( S : *v. 1B. ;. )

fs -: ., ;, S iprA444't.t*.. :y ,
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't' u.I ::' U' .t- *;*:ri' ,.
2 .. ,.. .
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5; ;
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'- -; :. %S .. 4.
S E1Y : 1 .,. ; : : ;: -S -- w .. ;'

: / ;- S
I %. -.- :-- '. *S *.' ,fi i :- ,. .. 5_. -' .- : : ..- -- S S .5_. S S -'* S *, 1.-'- 4S

-- .; : 4 ,* __ .:i.-S .-:- p. ( S5f : X
: I aeiv -
4. -y : :
:; c'\ '1T** z. % -:- : *>
- ''i f i -r ; *"tiS* wt"ri! *il-Vk /T* **
MJLJZ. -r--<. 5--- -i_ -':"*:**.vT* -" r yv ,.: ; w .. - ? : *- -5 -
i.* r ; ; v>sS v liSB&A S jgyi >J Jr K.--5sfeM -

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cult ornoriJv fs tWcowty of Batal.l will txpose : DXAIKRS intbe foUowMf;artlcJe wb'ich wiflbe; h.lth Jf 4 itelWs.f S1MeH t4tI. _

I' 4 ; i old on as reasonable t oas, aaaay other.MM?! ,rjOfiiW.;.sOfiCH*j dpsPqS0( tb.puI4c Thretilir pe 1fjLYtgr.

I '. i. tho ,4 L jr. V i F** *' Hshment In the Sowthero couatry. w ;!ing that no e, wU may(aerIwl4l .'
4' COMPLETE assortment ofAgnealrormlInv.plemenu faA aaythinjr reqalsHe jo their oinurt-EegT. I.1.
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: 1ctJ &u4ore4:: *y truE PRESIDENT # patters of Ploogh r.Uoetv (varioos kinds) Axes.-' :front the harsh ** breeds tad ha'esaee of ac fahermuds
lain tract of taadra1mT ,lyiii| aaa beinf flCtSi 'VMTEDSTATZS.S : :
; Trace aad,Ox Cbains, Shoyjp and Spades; flay ored ib.reputation I.pred. As 1v
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RvchanlVMill Grant bounded'aslaSbwsi :' P&KPresident.. of "tte'TJiita-. Leap Hooks. Grala CraHfcsCorn Shelln, Ccrn In East Florida, for the reioHJ6fi2nVmH4s derinir'the Thi. boTburi4f
M sies '4 -w and Cob Crysh rs,,.Portable! .Ifrench Burn GristMills Wfcier sVnson; To'sccb persons. IMS <*> a icothTOorffltfoBS .morfll!;. )o1th.
stakefmarked Amr ;
: commencihg" 'post *
Hand Corn Straw Cutters Ox Yoke line '
-' will MU/f *. which b*.hopes wiH prove aceeptUcMd.M dali7 steim.
.. cr6 the .NortbWeL otsI4 1es
wrth a : I Tract'rand running from thence 'Eastward ly sixty- t Patent Churns foot Cotlon Gins, Saw Gins, Pat ,medical.advl Vof the. cVH*.brt .r..can erPenfta*. -- ,
adStete'of S
be held at the znderrnent1onea out Fan Mills and NftiK' -. <** ALs
seven chains to a water 0k,*marked,with a crJ* Acomwaiid fcd> fn the Jon, 1teJ! may .T'j pa
itie FLORID4 at Full assortment of Whlto -Lead, Colored Paints atteiiudii. *' "
smlhe baak of aforosaid Creek from.thenceSfothwarVlly pfflces in uponjbema4: careful barque !, .$
by the Creek sixty chains; pine, the;pctiodrhcreinafter Stdv : and PalnWs articles,,Sperm, WhaJe'.Linsoed and; 'As5 vist rf from the Notti haw sKeJlaiowsBy Htlayed -! Thursday and 'Siunl (a 'sw y,, ,,, "i-
Castor Oil Spirits Turpentihe Varnlibes,Window arvi-i1 f thoSC
that the.bouse !
ther! under the impression, !
ti marke : filled, the subscriber thi.oppoftunity
qi loa pine/narked with s cross aforesaid? from- on "Monday, tho tentyjhl.d rday: 'of Gun'Powder, Shot Bar Lead, Percussion Cops, to was sist3r.ucb,1o; fulore, thai, in that case, toerdeittw! lane, il;r1Qird.*$ .
ihetic* Kprth'S'ardly sity* chains, to, the of th* lands 'c;
; drsposal! public
November next,Tqr4bo Foolscap, Letter Wrapping and .PANTING heTcan always prnvkle;him temporanfy with com* Tb. al.Kivs bout will tv, (
M oiow
a>*iinriiag: post or jitalce. Saifrtractor.Land'coniiminglhree / within'' the uadirnendoait1tonsbIp& and TriO ; ;
PAPER, PRINTING and Writing INK. Leave Pifstk.
fortable accommodations in'the town. every t .day.A.
hand red and andS-IOthsAcres,
,1 seventy W. 'hohal townships, to wit: 't ; Carpenters.and Coopers EdgeTo4;GARDEN '? OLIVERWOOD.- FicolatmBUrVCreekt 4. I.M.t. -

: onycrtiF4rtune1tkhftrd.ami by deed James Bryant*ate Sfiitk *ftk* la *faeadEatt of principal, SEEDS warranted as good( as any to be found. Jacksonville, Dec.ID, 1845.., ly', PM.
R. J
: Harrison Blanchard.,by ,bearing < **- "" ***" 4 Orders thankfully rewired and ronqtiyattend. Jacksonville; 3
DMet.26tt A. P. IS4!. Psvied on mnd will -- '" at1hit, .
p 12' % .
edto. -
and of .j-
l *,: mentioned Township* |wonty-threq jsrcmy-fonr, FORWARD k For freight or passage,.sppt
a4to: satisfy the above two execofisras rssg.tWefltl-Dlne.'I Savannah Ga*-Junt ISih, 1846. AJJDRICH, gon'bo.rdorto
; one in ftvor John Broward, the otherla ? -
twenty- -
twenty WOOD
t favor of James nsrMij.f State efFI rIdft. .. t CLACIlO
one, twenty-twe, and' ttveDty-tbreea.nd fractional 03T Will practice in the several Coons of Law I -; ,
township twtnty-six, of range'thirty,; and Eqnity in Eastern Circuit EEILNANDEZ
Tewnships vnnd iwenty.tfjree,, of WM..A. FORWAUD, St. Augustine.
JarJuwQviUe; October Sndt 1846.CJ thirty-one.Xwejttx-oot WHEREAS, Philip R. Yonge,. survlviog Loois ALORICU, Newnansville. A.'CdL
The above sale Is vtponstl by coaseat of range Fractional of 'thirtyitwo. of the Last Will and Testament? -. .
1'srties from the first M.nday in Moveraber to townshjp twenty range of John Fraser-deceasedjdl&unh. third thy of
Townships twenty-lbreo twenty-four, ::7'Tb.
steamer SARAH
r Mondaythe seventh day of December next. July, A. D., 1846;. ia, obedience to an order at
'No 6th. range thirtythree.Tbwnshln .. ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELLORS AT LAW. in ccinnectiot With tbU boar ti. fLnke .
-S. tir.ntv.nne.tha west half of townshiotwentyf Chambers tho Judge of this Court, made the -
23th day March,A. D., 1846 1 file in this Court D3'llprscdce in thit.rIC urt&jithu1 Monrco one ..Inindrettto'vPiI <)
t Sheriffs .Sale.v ur,and townships twenty ve, twenty-six, ; ,tU fip the .
t ) an account of his Administration as such Executor and Equity! in the Eastern Circuit uSR. Fbns4s. St. Joba's nrrr
1 $th.ModsTr,5AOc1oer. and twenty-sqven nf range thirty'fourl of said Last Will and Testament of said John ; G, LtriRasToK, Newnansj Sept. 12, 134 : BT virtue of an Execution, issuing out of the ; FractiunaJ! townshipf twenty-one and twenty Fras deceased. : CiW"! Ddivniitp, Fort King. I .

Circuit Court .f the Eastern Circuit affhf three, township twenty-four: .(except sections rf therefore C'ITC and JFlerlfa a*d .4aVaHak
rids; ,*! shall oflXr for ale at public audio in front twenty-nine, .thirty, thirty-one, and thirty-two.) and These a/e 'the to* f kin AUMOKISM' all ; : JAMES; vy BRYANT, Pack t -
next fegaiMs, whether 4
t .f the Court HOUM>di* r, inlhe Town Alligator, and sections twenty-four and twenty-fife, tntownshjp 7W 1- 1'fi F "narSiei.n) '
1 .twr.en the usual hours ;of sale on the first MT tAW, 1.1-tL1E' flASTUNC.pc F.'Pt?sr1,1
!; ';.h October (5th all the tide and. :and,etsrjr person or persons! interested the premises i Jacksonville, FJa. -_ ,
) next right,
Fractional .
y townships twenty-five, twenty-six, ; to be and appear, before the said Judge fsaid. ; L 1V at ,, Fr4dsj1ij)
interest wbich'Antnni Alvarez. Administrator of and twenty-seven, township! .twenty..eight, (except -- _ing ar 3,A. M.oq each week, aaH
Court, at a Term of said Court, to bo heW, : AUGUSTUS iU
the estate of Joseph M. Arredondo,deceased, had suction six,) and seclVms! one, two, three, four, at theCoQit House!n Jacksonville1 in Da cmmfy, C. G1LLETT, p. M. 1.r .S.vanfth! via- Mz4arip. JsckaiL
'J which said estate hod on the .second .dnyof and twelve iu township twenty-nine,. of rangethirtysix. vU ATTOBNEY AND COUNSELLOR ATJacksonville. / 1.Aw, Sr; ainryu, nn.l.lf othertmmi'djus} Um
on > eighsh(28) dypfNn.
Saturday twenty. ; -. -
1839, in and tw the following described arrive in Sn"uinnbrarJ
April pre- Fla.: on Suit1asenp.rst.i.r
r vemb .. Fractional township fractienal ; .. *_ ; Clmrki.g
; twenty-sew if hey Have,or can bave,wtiy the said Acrnuntof -
: .Thlrtyeight thousand acres ef (and situated township twenty-eight, (except section one,) and* the aid Philip TL'Yonge, as Executor,a. sfur'r.saidshetild Wiifytlm (Srotfjr in *be errning in the daily line o ;
1>"th'margins of a creek which unites itself with the The Ctutlon
townships run m
twenty-nieand thirty.of
,range,iblily.ae'en. bo allowed this Court. cennerlio wi
not by' -
River Suwannee called Alligator Creek, commen'aingafcoot .- *. > .Watchmaker And Jeweller. &; tdof.r'. ItV Lh.e
; ;; ; seven miles West of an Indian Town. Fractional townsKp.tw nt/-ei ht.twent.flinf4 WitDfsr. my ,name"ap? seal of Court nt No. 5 MjUJf-STIlKXT.; NewV. rt,- tj which

;r ailed! AlitatorTottrn! ,which i Uin.the North West Jacksonville,State and county D fun-said. the rilins
and fle.frcifuflvnerns mortihig.
thirty, and thirty-one, wnhips tbirjylweami ; t*
:'; .rcil.n.about. Amy; miles tlutont from Paynes .[L.. this Fifieenth'l5y A\y o( Qrt ber, in )
thirty-three, of range jhirty-eight. ff; the tf Lord thousand nfJ acki svIh..iitl ii vt itsitydaz.tI Tlristun gluts not return; t:> BlTJ
.i Town and about eighty miles distant from BonaAvista Fracti6nnl% ami and year otir one eight fie has removed !. tli. h immedittely1 I
townships thirty thirty-two, hb'ndred *; and ( -
forty'six1. < .
Which parts rknown under the denomina* and f the ;
townships thirty-three thirty-four, <> range S. luljofriing oi.e re.
L t ion .f Alachua; arid which tract was granted ..toJT. -- .WM.jF. (CRABTREE., cerflfv"4Mrriiiietl.. the ,,
, thirty-nine. u Judge of Probate of DuvaL.iLLtixX a it LiP %tIi
.. M. Arredondo, g.n or before the 24th dny oft Fractional township thirty-four, townships I k FORWARD, E county. 7 office r '-ortfif'"Fr" ridn"4St.j.-4fYaIt.X ** nhsl 1. i.;T, vr* *- ,,! .: $ ; !I--r.I :,rjt ,ti'v, ILit;

'March, 1817. to satNfy jodement in favor ofs thirty-eight, thirty-nine,and forty-one, and sections q. .. .
ps1edto iecnte. wiili nJ
Pfcctor to Philip R. Yonge,rExV: J 1'r.'u.1'ttiu'k..l1 Ti o.-
p Messs, i:. Levy. T. B. FITZPATRICK, on*, two,eleven,twelve J hirteen,fourteen,twenty Octc|>er16th. 1846 7t iioitpil) with thenbovi Iifl4. 1lii ,t1'tsrt; t. % .

: Sheriff Columbia Co. three,, twenty-four,twent ; tventy'si ,.twenIy- 1 Mr. Grnthe wnuM siji.! <,iv. ilmf h>' |it- -il-. -i-r.. '-* '
Alligator, August 28, 1846.'B3The seven, thlrty-fr>nrthirtjfiv. and thiiij.ix'rn 4 1 In Circuit COUrt. mined tocvnBnebis ai.sj"is..pisn.-r.., XriiI! *1g1 V K:r C Sd.V.iJin ii ,
; above sale! is postponed from the Jat township fifty-four, of range forty. '. EASTERN CIRCUIT OF FLORIDA. ly, u..wk. in titesi* I fj ii'-Ii f*. Ho rrtMl.fr.Lu, {*A>*ANX.\1 AIff I lrr.t! .

- Monday in October to the 1st Monday In December -, Fractional township thirty-six, townships forty, CODXTT OF OCTAL: INTlXOTHT thnnlts to the: many liir-inU M Im !lmvi' given hint.tlioj'rfvntronage V. ,EXACT. JL J i}. .Ibls.rf.JlyjLg -

!1846: Sept 25 forty-one, forty-t wo, 'forty-three, ond< fifty-three, %WtOHTMAK, AHminis-' nml iif, 'i* ifi>i> 1.4 i rkftlioiiSs iWie-c "x; JXL.L i.'l.. 5".ftsL

Columbia County SherifTs Sale. and fractional township/ifty-fqur,,(except sections trator/of/ all and singular the Bill for Prerata'distribution _after will b sUclia-'.'>*i>iif' f. ; > = Tt' ,,,,. thsr..rh.v; ,,4iili

virtue of my office and power of law invest one, twelve, thirteen,, |wenty-thre*, twenty-four, Cobd4 and Chattels, Rights'andCredit's of :Fromlusg Jractri t4 4'44tP'44 h.'frrl.ti' ill jj4.J-,. iy4 rr3ij,1 J4j;
..BY twenty-five, tweniyTsjx, tliiriy-four of JAMKS B. MASOU, auetfEitiE'. I'n..ip. r.Jflf.I. t.l.fr
as i
e l in-me. I have levied upon and will offer .inse.rjimpeient iw i Mci '
for sale beJsre tho C i&flouijr tht tcwn of AN thirty-five"and.thirty six.o/range fortyone.TownsKips sleceafea. r*. -- 8cc.. &c.. and chargtswilt Hwm > ( 'i .! "unir a* ru* nn"ihW \>i p Jl *v Hillonit l /iiM imlK4-- ./ gpes.cs

'flgtor. on the first Monday of May 'nif, Wneen ,(ury-* e, forty-six, ami fortyey>nand ,-- FatDXRtcK BAaTHKLow-and, iznc nfth'e) North. s. !.' '.IllU.Ii4-I, 1 S.r'u.4..sr.

? the usual hours of sate on that dn v. tht (Mlo.wing fractional township fifty-three range forty Aqa1LLAML5sETet.al..Cred .tw a., r 1 N.-'U.'.Clicks an J \VniW re airi
4 described prupen i>nz: Seeilon 2p.TownshV 1, two.At itors, &c. Ac.'TThavinj -manner,:a,H nt the,sJiMf r< h..lfrt t ,. ., %i ': Ar'i. Jark i
> Range 11, containing 80"acres. Section Nor2, the land office aiNEVyNANSVlLLE.com.mencing ; ; been made''te' appeor-by'dRJavif to J.sek-MwUle.. Pec. *#. 84.1. /. : .; .5 I-.rlhs' rist -nei i Wf i A"tNsplktiIIIvtH '
'$3 acres .Section 23. Township 1. Range 1!. on Alonday, tliof seventh day of December JL'th* ,satisfaction of ofihe'Court'tlitD.M t n. i:. (4ltlL & Cu,

; 'Levied upon as the property of Richard Walker next, for the disposal) of the public .!lands within Wftel,, Aaron 'Jones/juniof, Walieg In Circuit. oin-t* .. -.. ; J'h15, J4b. -' .

j pay the Stat and County taxes due thereon for .the undermentioned townshtis and fractional l Aquilla M'ass.yJame U. Morgan,Sfeplien lsl.ly, I.. EASTERN CWICOIT *>y > : ;%. 4adrof .. -' .- -

: % $ the 1846. \ townships.: *. Levin I*. Levy,jBenjfimJn Leeds, ,ind Andrew Cnis1gvfLsi.es!; fuj4linC. '
I. year' ALSO rRb; Defendaat 'in the abov? ehnil d ciiee, resfHaout ; Pet.'; & 1 1. P.ut, 4 .- - T -- -- :- .
I. Svtk 0fthe beat line and Last *fthe principal James D.: rel.i i.krisisf- i yi '. .TI? ,
; of the.,) Slnte of FIurida.f od beynnd-the -
Section 35, Totvnihip 1; Ruhgo 1 1, containicg meridian. ..
SO- cres--.Levied.upoti as th* of .Jitri dictiontofrtiji: | Court;, And, that Martin! .L vs. ( .. UBASUItt OF J

r; Woods to satisfy; the taxes due property thereon Demptf fur th. Fractional township eight, of range fourteen. .Baker. another of the Dpfenftunt- .. in'llm snuj t tIerinan; !I M fc T. C"l; 4.ihi\ :ti'n. { .t Dr. $ :r.ir.-rIl. iIwl! .
:: :
'iear1846. % Fractional township e,en township eight, (
ALO.1k -, cept section twenty-one /township nitit, ;aha in -tim Middle Circuit Klorwlx:1 An.l, thnt liUlon1.'William M.rKii"r..t.! : C'fi I( '. rV -"- i.Y'rk tsi 4. t.a. $ lhiLs.fr. r-iif

Section 35; Towhthip, I, Rang ll-- ntered (except section thirty-silt,) of range fifteen. John Watefston, another offhe? Urf'tslsiiia ii, 'F' I..elcJnni U. f ,; cisii..n V .i .imj. tIip ".

James Livingston, supposed be'Demp Woods y Township nine, (except section thirty-one,) and, :i'Hjpnu*e'alo reside* out fif t! -! Ciw.4q, &;!)< H. ( .Ol.w, -M-L.J ui.tAlitl'ity. .., fill. ;.'..i Pi'. f p4 fli .,.aP.b19.,.,

*to satisfy the taxes due thereon for the vear'1846 fractional townships'thirty'thirty-one and, thirty-; and in the Southern Circuit of Khindu : OnVilHam .. Ils Ia.'au. IIri.rt JLi. ..s&j J..lu, .. ; if v s.A t\it; K i., M 4 n.4\ iig. ,
... ALSO -, two, of range sixteen. "' a' .f\ ; F. CraUlree, niq..' oricitnr'Crt lbs' 4J. .. i"lN v