1100 is the time for owe me
-- aol .Ague u., 1. co.e ., nno. ) II u., .. 100APPROXIMATION' i ;epNow . N. B. Flowers. Seeds. Rose Trees and Came- WORKS.-All the late 2ditieaa af
vf the alorc Mcdiune on hand, and c Imperial.Young ) PRIZES. store accounts to come lorwara business ana seme, SOtS It lisa ef choice kinds, expected by first arrival from tbe works oCcur popular Southern novelist Will
Hyson I Fine Young Uy son. \ enable me to commence once more.
Philadelphia. Gilmon Sisnms
by 1,25 vol aeh
'I. 4 BOr;n and B1SBEE i Imperial, Ijnnpowdcr, 4 Prizes of$250 appror. to. $60,000 are $1,000 depend on collecting what U due me on this oc' Landredtbs Almanacks with direction for plan- KAJSrs ARCTIC per EXPEDITION.A sew
Drug .- / 200 25,000 are 600 casion. I bop no further appeal. iSII.eeaa.rl"Yery te to be had gntu, by calling at Apotao- of the
-. Jaa 700
EESSEXT, St.Maryr. Oeo. jnl7-Gxs. 4. 173 10,000sre 1836.Respectfully THOMAS McMILLAN. earl Hall THOMAS McMILLAN, expected-several copies upon special order,*tae
--- II 12S" 5,000ar. 1,000 Nor.,22, Jan. 24 I857-3t. Jacksonville.
BLACK TEAS. 8 balance for sale,price $.0O. With other aaieeel
E:. P. \\ 8" 100" :* 2,000are 600 laneoua late work :
ew Arrivals Olong Plantation Ol.ng, 8 II 75"" 'lOOOsro COO FOR FLORIDA DRE ,1'. and Lots for Sale.VILL .! Stationery and Writing Materials of.good

e ) Pon thong,at 10 cts. jr packipc. 40". 6.'j. 250 are.600 25 to 30 Hours. 1iHouses enalitr always on hunt -

Jti I jan7-3t! THUS 31cMILLAX. 3. ;. ." 60 are. h 000 Through. : \, be sold at Public Auction in front of 'g HARPERS MAGAZINX for JaauarywAHether
received at the store of THE C'. S. MAIL Court House, at 12 o'clock M., on tbe Magazines ordered by the year. .

lla1b I J.LI.IS F. C.ltAUKElT. 3,295 Priz'es amounting to.........$326,000 first day January next, (if not previously di..- .. .. (
A\IUJ.I. Quarters of at private sale,) two valuable HOUSES Jaa 2. IE37. Ocean st
iaGroccrie Whole Tickets SIC ; Halves S3 ; poNd ,near Bay.
and Retail Dealer
VTTOULD TTholeiale
York CAR1f .
V Brig JUAN from New : 2. and LOTS m tbe town Jacksonville. contains
1\ Jaikkuui i S* Eighth N A
tatt .Flour. 4u a ka G.Iee, Provisions Tobacco decided in the usual twelve, and the other seven Room, with a'lnecesss :
they Butiwlicht Flour.10 rkit. prime Batter, The first 219 Prizes are ry out-buildings and desirably situated is ii_ :

Hay anU Ocean 10 buses Cheese Segars Liquors Nails &c. manner, THOMAS SU1tTIS, Commander. residences, or the burger one as a Boarding House. '
in lirje stuck of ileu Pork new The 3,000 Prizes of $50,win be determined by WANT E D.-
D u<;t, }It-dicu 30 bases Cresh J'igtt. 'At the corner Store the last \gure of the Number that draws the WILL leave Southern wharf Charleston, S C. All Bccesisary information ,can C.be DaWELL obtained by >."
REED'S EXCHANGE Prize. For example if tbe Number : every Tuesday at o'c/ock p. nv,fur JaekaoDwil1.I ., application TWO HUNDRED
Fine Tuilct S $60,000 NEGROES
Store cor.of Adams t Hogan sta.TERMS.
Tooth per iir? EAbTERN STATE/rom JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA drawing the $60,000 Prize ends with No 1, then I Pico/ita Pilotka, and the usual Landicgs' oa th.SLJobD'a At hi.\Grocery One-third cash, balance at sixty and ,
BoSton : all the Tickets where tbe number ends in 1 will Hirer. to work on the

Surgical t.Batter: 33 nn ljteal, constantly on hand full supplies of be entitled to $60. If the Number ends with"No. Freight for Black Creek taken also. ninety djy approved Dee.paper 13 36.-3t

liicnts.: : Lsrd 12 Cott do, KEEP ., in*bis line which. he'is always 2, then alt the Tickets where the Number r ends in Stages connect.at the place a named with ADi- Jacksonville, FJ*, jItniba: Uaitroab

Ar Cbewe, 17 Ta 1ell, o und idling' the',kwef t market rates. His 2 will entitled, to$60, and s>>on to 0. gator Madison Taltabaase.St.Augttin.OrOgl OF COPASTNEESHH ;.

Po p, 5bles Bro ShirtiopA terms are exclusively.CASH. AprillS Certificates of Packages wil1 be sold at the following Springs OcaU Micanopy, and Trmpa Bay. DISSOLUTION -. ': -. fer whom the highest wage. *win h. paid. *"
Pi/atka at
t Fig?, Hb eting L rates, which is the risk: Returning the Carolina will leave to .
iclatis r *Injh,I'olato. 43 p*. LIa..he.lSheetinj For PIiiIadclphiaNcvrCharleston York&e.; CertiOcate of Package of 10 Whole Tickets, $100 Eight o'clock Thursday morning Pico/ata at Eleven milE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore exiutingJL JOSEPH Apply IINIQAN A CO
Ib3" at under the firm aDd ,
the Subscribers
do An1'4-' and hirtinp, ," lUhIs.lt 50 oVoek and Friday morning between
j French. Krpltfh: do Button Crackers, 22 1'". Oin;iams- ."' .5 Qnarter u 25 Three o'e/eck, arriving at Char/estoa sews' iv.sing. .- style of Wilson t Wintenuta, is ttus day dissolved Dee.1st. 1356. l
I fcurgictl.: lj) de I'ceaaut.., 13 DeLaine, und, Savannah. 'I., Eighths II 1250 by mutual consent
., II I ru.t ; Hams, 8 Silk hilts, Address order for Tickets or Certificates either 17 This boat connects, going and'returning. 1 _The business of the firm will be settled by SEFUS MEED3I OF 18&.4 '
pin; In ; Lrinon.' 48 boxen black and drab STEAMSHIP LIXES. .S.S\\, Al\ A CO. Atlanta Ga. with the Daily: Railroad Trains, with the New i George S. Wiliun and wilt be continued by himI JUST received Landrelh Garden Seed e?.
Patent Thread Ala. York steamers oa Toadal..nd Saturdays, and on his own account at the old stand. Therefore crop of 1855,consisting of the foOewiag
White Lead and 58- .. 8.'SWAN, Montgomery, '
r 11 lll '. i Cabin Passage $20 Steerage 01' I .
with this varieties warranted renaiiM and(mIL tr
; 1 ea<., 100 dot. J.P __' 1 '. 'v I w Rr..no. 1.Inhilll At. .lth th. Phila.d.lnhiaStumar"State.rG"r-- _.il nr. ,on> havics! unsettled accounts ------- -*
Zinc, VI' C7. 5T flS LaVa -VU S5VUS 5- a- -
i II __ ether and Saturday, firm, wdipIeaac call immediately. saApoth.es.rylhllr .
>V Paint Oil CwU's Spool Cvttoo well known first class .r, THOMAS McMILLAN, Agent every Tuesday
i do 5 pellro Cotton Flannel l. TIIE J.cUuDyUle"FJa.I'LAS Freight re-shipped free of ew,.. WILSON WUTER. T, Long Blood Red Beet Zitraearfytaraiprea* eVSeTiciaa
Putty KEYSTONE STATE Cant R. Freight roceived on Monday, the 6th last November,15. 133SFor- Sugar Beet, Mangt Wootsei -.. -"de
9lMTtlUnsRaz-. '
z Paints, Oil*. i do Glue, GTuliws IU DIK; STATE OF GEOUUIA.1 CapL J. J. WM.U. LAWTON A CO. Agent.Ne Early York Callge, Landretb'a Large Xarly

/ 'Seeds. do Garden Gla. Seeds, 4 case men's, and boy's QABVII, will hereafter form a WEEKLY LINE OF SWAN i CO.'S LOTTERIES; ,.13 Southern Wharf, Sale Large Late Drumhead York, .a*
to PHILADELPHIA,( soiling EVERY SATUR Nev. 1. Large Drumhead Savoy,FJat Dutch >'
: Country Hardware, Numbers corresponding with those on ,
DAY. alternately, from SAVANNAH and 30,000 Large GloM do Greea Carted Savey a*
do Drugs 12oridoEbo. ,' CHARLESTON as follows the Tickets are placed in on* Wheel. The Pri. known Burly Cabbage lattice Green Csa Imperial 4.
well Plantation
Ladiet do TilE
144 rpUAT
Olin Oil ,
: The Ktisrosa SUITK wiIissil.. from SAVANNAH gel are placed in another WheeL A number is STEAMERMA13LSQN Cress; Mustard
. Drugs ancJ '" 2C4: f* Miwes do.; the following Saturdays February Hth drawn from the number Wheel, and at the same TJ.t.HAIL. ejg Z& JL wed by R HABBISOS,Sr. and situated en Plain Parsley Curled da, '11/
Gnat care DOlin 7 CMtei Stovo Pipe. Prize drawn from the other Wheel.The : AMELIA ISLAND. FLA ,
and 28th; Mtrch 14th and 26th; April llth and time a Sugar Parsnip,
Etery arlitle ,' 11 Uliudl, 4 Crockery\V 25tb; Way 9ih and 23d; Jane 6th and 20th, 1.; Prize drawn is placed against the Number drawn. / Six miles from the Rail Road Depot containing Long Scarlet radish, Long Balmesi

rename. '1 GUs- *1 e., leaving Paiiadelpbi the alternate Saturdays. T Thin operation u repeated until all the Prizes are ,. BOO Acres of Land,230 of which are uncut Hammock Rbcabard (for Tarts) Long area. Bq*I
Jmlt'1lrlni 31 IS37 .
. 1 cMnpouaJed f Jan The .,STAtS 'Sr' OKOKCIA will, ail from drawn out. CAPT.. ..JAMES, TUCKER, the remaining 530 acres are under cultivation Large Bed Toms to, '

; any hour of the CHARLESTON the following Saturdays : January IS ORDERING TICKETS newt: making semi-monthly trips between producing Colt w, Corn te, Ae, as may Ve Xarly Flat Dutch. Turnip, Bed Top 4*.'

[; EOil SALE 24lb; February 7th and 21st; March 7th to address for the Tickets IB BAY-POET and COLUMBUS Florid a- seen by tbt. present crop. :On it axe all necessary Rata lIsp Large Glob T :
tbe oar
Enclose money for particulars apply to me at New- Red Cramberybush bean. RedrpeckTd Tal :
and !
and 18tbIa2ol.16Lh each Buildings.
J and 21st t AprU'4tb oa the 3d and 19th of month;
which leaves Bay-Port
HOUSE anL iwo nOD'. on'receipt of they will be forwarded .
U 1IE "LATA ordered .ir, residing oa the
,, respectfully i 30th; June 13th and 27th t leaving Philadelphiathe Columbus,on-the 12ta and 26th ef each nansville. or ta it. Han China Bed-eye do,Mohawk .-
leaves "
U dred'Aercs'tof Land with a luuft substan Ant.waiL HARRISON Jr.
noil Cboit ROBT. Newiagtoa doOn.thoaasdt..d.tBaIts
wkh .the New ,
alternate Saturdays., atCe&ir, Key. premues
Wharf Tbu Land is as of Brawn.Numbers'and Piises will be month connecting =, .
' Steam Boai; as g.lol The list 23-tf Aged SarI Pe Marrowfat ,, '- "
\ French Gt Kew West.learners. [dec.lJ-l, Auguat a. **, .
' in St-John County. Dwelling Tlaoie Kitch In strength speed and accommodations;these sent to purchasers immediately! after the drawing. Orleans and Flower Jtoo&a-T1I1ipa. Uyaciata, ,. -
LuUn'c, Pcn Store-bows, VTaib-honM and & rranu IIoo- ships are fully equal to stay running on the coast r Bemember that every Prize Is drawn and XA OB.EJB.s WkiU Onion Seta T..Me3IJLL47

4Lotrrr are all frame Lailjlugi, tttilt of the beet ma Jj la id navignaUoo, 100 miles on Delaware River payable. in full without deduction.1ST LamerMillsatGO,00. WANTED! October 29. 1854, "W
.FloIerir situated MI the bank of the rir.r, within aid JJay twotghUa.tiu." AU Prizes ot *l.000 aDd under, paid Immediately 1 ..d
,.Gr four acres,' large Live 0k ,-witl oc.t It Niagara .s.ihei : Canada after the drawing-.-other Prizes at tbe undersigned nave a lot of the above Mills WE wii: pay seventy-five (75) cents per day !
) 1 r
." aruand having a Cno yiew"cot the river, su0itVsD JiXD CHEAPEST ,ROUTE.Tbcce i nnual time of thirty days. i I TUB hand which they will sell at the above aol board,or one dollar per day without BanaW.Tl f
JI fyer P wA.-r A 4d Garden.ndjohuo;ef half an acre lines,both connect at- Philadelphia :drawn numbers will be forw fded ,ta purchasers 75 to: 80 bushels per day, driven by steam power ATLANT and GULF CE.Yr1tALRAlLROAD.
the Great North Western Railroad. Route tor* be made at the end of every thirty N the 20th September, a negro man eaSIMON
to ,
after the driven horse Payment
for J Water ,'',f'Atbl.haUoe.!' The travelers immediately drawing. and from 40_to 50 bushels by power I O
ana Buffalo in 16 the tnt ef SIMO.V HE5RI black ahoat
Fells 'boors from day
Niagara or OB er
D Work ta commence
West mnrt this Tickets seabed er renewed ether Tick and as there Is one put up dbJl.
Bout or Prize
Oil. pas
if put
the north properly
rs.rj Philadelphia. .ThrvBgh tickets, with 'the'pri' auL' : lye feet tea iaehea higa, hat a dowa look wbesi
Court to an4 from St,AuJ being immedi.te eta at either office.. ..' &. shop, any' pereon wishing to purchase. may, March firom .
on his
it legs of stopping at Philadelphia and intermediate ; dl be sent'in earl fact. AnnlvMktflt* I I A"J.MILLER A CO. spoken to, sear eye acnsa snaeC a.4)
aid J-Jtka, make a for.nt.eulboz ; convinced of the
ieea Jacksonville prders hi
Tooth I bet I ICltarlutun. maahed'scmr across hie right ahoy
tho W&lltcumfOl1abl"JaLi& points, for sale by th. agenu to: Savannah and B.W.liLtlOSL.CO. < .. I1JacbomiDeEu'I'loritlaJu. Dos arm Just *
Uuiaoso.'Fnr -
r> valuUcjplaoe for Fare to Niagara .' Bulale, 123 0. T.m" JacknonvOIefrX JTU- ..y2,: 1836tfCALL the rist joiat, I wiU pay S23 for his deUvery a&
56-tf. .
actcnaiaodaJiOtti at Flata, Elmira, $26 to Canandaigaa,tZJf S July 19.. k. if D any sate place where 1 esa get ..
: t cf the FaaMnjcn by the Boats have U re> PHILIP DILL"

D oe LoanL'EO la P Ulka, and ret-ttnl"1o Pi- Agents at HUJapelphU HERON A MARTIN. % PROCLAMATIOV.TITHEREAS & FLEMING, 5ewaaasvina Oct. 13, 1856-t( -.-" JL
a& 5san a .,..C.A..GIU IUa.AleDla : -
ArDt .
I witt a rutof.Aup&1iM,.bere. *
I'tt-W before the can Jooraal will
Fleodiaa A
; % plaaaaaT ntil ,
at Charleston.7.8. T. Q. BCDD.J : eryl &ta.I31CrrnE : vacancy has oceured i fa the of- ,7.
cuatervus te active who waiiis tit make money, .rt.icl -
erson -
J an | .
sasob for, U the,chance, this being Vu right place and aonary 31,1857., -- m Sibsetlbev'kavinp takes\;(tbe :old'and .W ice- solicitor of tbe Eastern Judicial noTuiys at Jafu :. ."'t
wants the right pcrlfm' take poucntua.- I favorable knewn) stand of' the I "nDtl Dlt01a Circuit of tab State, by the resignation James ,
11 price vCl be made touch below the. original V11L.UADL.B PROPERTY lf BT.AUCUSTIN1S Hoiwe'Lhf ry S&l..r"&ab.pleasure iq asa M. Baker, it is hereby ordered that aa election Christmas & New Year'a GiUii*'

.' I offer ',and:arty unuiber years'credittho purcha "FCR BALK. %, telcj ti thettIzesaoJaAaonvM.aadth., traveling to supply the vacancy ia said oEce be bell at Jacksonville, Florid. ia search of Chrtet as 'aad:'liritft

Itey tract er desire,"by giving jood secnrity for th. 4ft' THAT FINE RESIDENCE opposite theSlMAU "i potti, that leis prepared to furnish: at.anj: the various precincts of tbe.Counties composing :Way 24.1855.. : lykSmlth PERSO5S Gifts wiTh indattW .eaberflMr'a II
lneT ,
\o"'e formerly : way TSo place VUod more la ,need *f a >OLlA UOCSC. Also that v JoabUUUIKL our.-noraerw'Carna jea, doable or saigle, the Eastern Circuit; *n Monday 6th-day ef Urge sad aeaatifal variety afXLZOAST Y&3% !

Mar tbe ntoath lloos. t5f' worthy cf that oame. Uua property known as the' FLORIDA.JIOL'SE and aa good Saddle Hones ae can,be,obtained in October pros_; 'The returns .
Jfer terms apply" U 'Having an'esperienced and at- be made In the manner preacribecU.TibMu ib '
Dee. ,
waed by Car*. at the :nrewut Cwe. taecommuuily "'State t. 1956 GEfi 7LA.
aott the eU of O -
A-.H. OOLI ,. be feels in, myhan4 TATLAWriLLatt
The Tract .t'teaUn apply t.ILA. FtrriAifPtoolaia. tenU Ostler, confidence assuringttoe .a
pood klanUag : For 6L..a'utiM.1Io further fu.l1po..r tcun.pIN vvgnst.Ifr-t Orange UUla Ha. *ef his friends who may wish to board theijlIunesthM i Florida done at the Capital in the eUjf*of TaUJ l FOR S.\w.-, :.. .. .
1 day.c.S.teiuber- D. -
Sad snueh :aeeoinmoda: J lahasseethiaI3tb. .. CIAICISY".Atl
foot. furee or I a.ptaoe. A, AISON.' '. theywill as --- ,IILICIT03-1H ,
DOLLAR CWCS.a.1. = t.iaat die"BetBngloa Houa.'Stabl.s' as at 'any I85S.. -7.uusE.lIROOlE.. A pairofnortbernBayHorse5T
wbkhisa :
CIa ll..1:4 d NN7t nil 1
tmrrwiais FEMKOg .tlallar4 ettabrunnient' In, :East; Florida-Price.taoderate ,-- '- ..- :: G9t' olThrid, 6 .(CIw..lcll.t.\a .l41J.w..I
.. tE..b.crib.r'hUDn"ct Ow" 1 'It'1.. >pUyt.anbusiaeeseatr steJto & : .
R,oMs* -. "HERiB, IVENVTHAT 'APUs : sDOLLAR CLOCKS I TeimaC..Ja.. :: : i 1 ID'Jth.uO'ftrDOr !e "
ry p lot vu.t.nI
5jfl." ts.JI Ie tJa..lWInI La.ibIy g uqw "D t t t'A.lV:1).COSTA.l Y.J UE &. .Apply, ..
rru1goLeLer. ptkJ&tJ i.it Esritoti bQrp 'L xaito4 to kaaa *latt, together. a" -.I j, 'ftJ.ce L4auit'. : scp20 .. .S.etar1.dSt&te; 3 ...n.1Xt7W I J 1&Droz;4 : Jrt1QT .
._ $ : fIl.rld.c YIStJ*4 si&aca af faara ajtaoaiva ty. 41a kjI T' .. Ctreuit:m: ttm. I .Oficti at liP1lUlJ .. Uo.t.L.JacboriI
.AppI 6. &cTtt744T.5vv1I CeiwpP.wy1i ,. I.ibl. for v..eJ'l'k. 4 U th. .. i.., '"' _u J7 U1-atjJ1Ipw. 'J..l LO$1r .
r ,
: OJQ.1U9o"III' *
1 ftt -
Ef.i tb.Zutor3'i 1-1
: 1If--:2dI8&f ; 1 Ia1nsTW. onD 15' 1$5 : p .
JI.Af&t1e: :! _t ----. -.- ,--,- "-- ------ _! .,'.." --- ,= -.e---- '- '. ", t W1 -

-'- -- .-. 5,

t-0 oJ'_ _
_. _._ .. 7-T-- -
"-'- -- -

'XWtVELLOUSBEMEDY'.: FOR A M.\l: VELLOl S AUK !!! I llh1iiCiia n'w li @ DSj ; .BOOE8 T GftlliRUIfJ1 JackgonvjfleMje_ \-'j. 10. and.5.' ,Female S

< S.
-b. : I. o Ii.E. _t.: ..; U .r* _, / ,' :: ) .si C .,-. 1IkTIONEft TO THE CHEAPEST < ; IiI

b5 r .Klpodgood 4* Boose : I lf/lfIIHI': .

J .1 GEO. S. WILSON J.o'C, ,: : t.! tUtappht! lQRpC) $. Clothing StoreYet PLAN. .

f' j .., .u:. infonrs his Ladiei ani Gentlemen 18A'r JG, : FANCY .8i. TOILET
Recpectfully ;, Tnt hoo1 will comprise totfc, U\I
: in A. Yo Reed ft
1J 1'J 1\ of J a.kPoniIIe and surrounding country that he Building\vest !
'j.i .. bag now- opened brs new and beautiful .stock JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA.Crood ':.:i A J}'i Ul ISi "of Bloodgood and Bouse. S '. ROm.( cpnrtmenU.each,having haappropriate
\ .
cf Fill .nJTinl' r Good, confuting partly o . .
Jtl It wilt be divided into
: DRY 00011.CaUco o undersigned bee 1 Jean tn inform thre* Grades
'. NEW BOOKS. THE The first a" w n llowa's Ointment. ; .1. friend'. and citizens "f Jackson Spelling *
!', f-1 U'n and i:'J D.'l..in8! >; Clk t C Id Linen tIlE DAISY JU(2rcls..4..1 SO vi'.U and Counties that he leg Writing tad the flrst principle?of AriiaaL
surrounding tio and
Alpacas and Marinoe, finer Ruben,plain It fijj'd generally Gtogtsphj; -
TUB HILLS OF TilE SHATEMCC..I 2*. received with the last Steamers direct from New The Second
THE GRAND EXTERNAL REMEDY. Ginghams, fclk and Col'd Silks. Silk and' cloth (Grad will Inelnde th* principles
By the aid cf a miscroeeope, w r millions of 1 1liUI. |i I Talmas, Nejrro Clo'.h, F.UnVels' of all deicription ,Irisri Linens. heavy Towelling, I Rmsfa Diaper I.: ,. THE PRINCE. OF THE HOUSE OF. York a splendid asxortment ef left nit L'oyi AriLbl1lal";G'nntpby. History batt.* {Gn.*
Ire SHACKERArS vault
'Lin! I I DAVID. ...,. .......;-.'.. *.,.1 Clofbing particularly f.,r this Market to m.n Z\.lan\.Phll"1'hy ant Comporitio
white and oul'd flannel. Bleached and unbtellche,1nnntJlr.un
EyeDapr PamasV
openings on the earf e flf our bndte, : Heavy: : Crash and Hack'Diaper.Shirtings BALLADS..1 00 oimr.rder. Mr.Morrl. Ehrlich, who is the proprietor Tb. Third Grade will include
Through them this Ointment *ben rubheJ vn the 1 -. Kentucky J OallP,83tcnltl and Broad of the Store living in New York he has Algebra.Ccen*.
.kin, is mrricd to any organ or inward part Di-- Cloth; Damask table( antN.pkin. B. E. Di Calicoes &c. TUB RIFLE, AXE, ,SADDLEBAGS I OO the advantiit over any other Merchant In ic- try, French Latin and Grt1u

oasescf thc Kidnfjr, disorders of the Liter, sffactions .. C. llaukerchiefs. Silk an J straw Donne t>. KNIGHTS ASOTnim DAYS,by.DrDoran. 1.2S' lecting t&e test cheapest and nw t fjdhfunablgoodi. i DIVISION OF TUB YEAH
of the heart, lijflmam*tlo. cf tbe Long Plain and fig'd rlhlls, 8ilk and velvet Trimming ; 3 Brown In his Store ber found Talma .'the win b..
I Hoary Shirting, I Ilcarj Shirting, Good! Style Calicoes. THE TWO GUARDIA;(anthorof Heir can Cloaks year divided into Quarters
*. Muilin N. W. tad
s Edgings .Co'-
Astnmas, Coughs and Colds are by iti meins *ffbctnally l Ian', Chiino elt ad. (: lbri. Bobenet, and sitk !.4" 4s I 14-4 Super Family Long ,I 1 Fast.Culoretf .w cf Redclyffe.) ......,.100 *, Sack Coats and Over Coat,, Dress Coa'j, consutinguf 11 weeks.DIVISION.
cdre-1. biinnofe knows that' salt flt'.s. Frock
Every CoatI in
fact kind of
Coat from the
41 any ,
8 nJ'ac1I1J PER CENT ;
passes fceely Jbnugh l>onc or meat of any thick'ness hIlnaiot..white and Crapes, Silk Rush Artificial Cloth, I SupcrGingbam OK THE best to tie cheapest. Fancy and bUck Casaimer OF THE DAY.
Taiji> and ,,PR1L* OF FAST ... .,1 .OOYASCONSELOS
Urabre/inftG/ures LIVISO
/ This LeiTmg Ointraoct fur more readily "wrJ. gauntlets v. and Sattinetts Thr will t two
.Pants Vests of all Session
of til kinds fur Ladies an-1 But- Silks Plaids a Romance of the Con pemDay, th.In'
penetrates' !through Ally bone or eely part of the Ions, Wha/oboncs, DelIs and :a Jpullellh. Cloths, questotFiorida.l 2: a fine: J lot 'of Shirt, Hosiery, .. Shoe and beginning at 9 A.M. and continuing till 12, u"
Jiving body ear'ng tbe mwt dangerous inward Uo.iel Boots no, Coat anil Jacket'sDoys Pants and second Beginning at 3 Pit lad eonUaoUg till j.
complaint, hat cannot be readied brother tnena.W1S11'ELAS. etc. tte. Beat make flick Silk.! I Merinos.: I Heavy Twre '. A Satinets, A WINTER ''IN MADEIRA AND ASUMMERINSPAINbyJohnA.Iix many othor articles too numerous to meDl I n.. Rate of Tnltlsa tobe paid

SAIL HIIEl'M: & SCO 11- lohinG(' > Now stikVhaiJ: } Silk, I Super French Merinos I 'Super'Broail Cloths 1 25 "Never mind the woodon Building it bold: as Cnlotf Quarterly.!

)JrTlC'; unions.So )! frtJ Bjninem, aid Overcoat' l'an1 Vest*, L. Heavy Plaid: Cashmer's, Black Alpacca, I Xe\r Si;le Cassimeres, AT HOME AND ABROAD,by Margaret UP Good as any Brick Store in Town. All The FirstOrad*....,..5.OO p.roairt r,
remedy! everdme > much forth* cure !h1', Meiiiio Shirts! and Drn"en Cravat, Vesting Cravats. | Fuller Oisoli.-. 2< those which are d.'S:rous of procuring a cum.nt.m3 TheSecontLOrads.M.OO; .

of diseases uf the Skin, T.Lit ever form they may Hat* and Cup T.'uk Vulices ani Clpe Bags, J I. VICTORIA, OK THE WOULD OTERCOHK..,.! 25 Jo of good material sal I substantially ansi The ThirJOr.d..10.OO .

nsuni*,' Si this Oiutiucnt. No caestfSalt, llhtum together with & large l
Scurvy Sore nude, fcrofula, or UrjsipUs, can c. ,..,...4...1 00 going any where else. Crad of studies wilt be mad in favor
long withitaad ils influence. The i in\entorh stravelled Boots ;ub 51oc9.A The underpinned has been i ia the State for tao *f tk*>*
oxermnny parts of the globe, visiting } ITeaY Hosiery; Glows & Miths: Silks and I Lace Goods A Embroideries! THE PIAZZA TALESby Herman Melville 00 last four yea rs.' who Int tim.u., .beginning th* Will LUlU* fir tw.

the principal hopjiitals! dirpentiog this Ointment ,00 assortment of Super Fn:lish, I I Worsted( I I Combs Brushes & Sosps.Buttons. IK. MARVELS'P.Willis' Work,In part. FOR MY MOTTO IS The !;nol, will the
advice to it anI has thus Uunder Vest & 'MCRRA 1"8 LETTERS :-'with' Quick Sale and small Profit.,-Terns invariably open on lit. Monday is
riving aa application, GROCERT E= Drawers, Ribbons & Trimmings, Pins, Needles !e., MISS her Cwfc. PHILIP DZIALYNSK January 1857,La th. Old Aeali.llty.
keen the means of rcsUnin;countluis numbers toealth. CROCKERY ANT Florida deicriptInu..I 00 ,
Jacksonville. Dec.20, 1956 0. \.STUCKET. PrIL
Ajf n-
) HARDWARE. Shawls and Mantillas. TIlE TANGLETOWN LETTERS ,....1 24 Xta J. C. T110JIPSOSAs t.HEFERENCZS. .
is constantly Leit, I hand,also o variety of clocks HERTIIA,the late work of Miss Bremer,.. 1 00 COTTON

4 ULCERS.Pom ; 11rCblJerl wiil find it to their interest to cal Plaitf r.ong& Square Shawls I tthito and 1 Black Crape I Silk & Cloth )Mantillas TilE SONG OF HIAWATHA. Longfellow 00 Gins. :K.v.JL S
tithe Bioi-tuciCDtiSc now relyaoli'y I I D.
surgeons D.LL. D.
the Carolina l'omer Misses Shawls | Shawls | Moire ,
Stock at
: ,) Antique
oh tile Ufe of(this wonderful Ointment, wb.uha my THE LEGENDS OF IlIA fIlTIIAbeiD rof.'TheoL.Dsnvilhe S.miD.r14 Ky..
bcf.'re elsewhere. As I shall take '
v.cg to coj' n it h th*worst case tiUores, wounds great !pnrcbuiinJ i trying to all those who Plantation the original legends of the Indians THE SUBSCRIBER beg leave to inform the Rer. JC. P.UCMniRET, D. J). Prof .f
vlo TI,glandular aw eiiirgs, nnl tumors Profe-sor favor pleasure with a rail. please AH orders from thecountry GOOdS as narrated orally to II.R.Schoolcraft, I Planters of LONG STAPLE COTTONS, Biblical and IccIesia;ticJ History,Daarill 3saft
Ho'lowsy bait, by command (If the Allied Oovrn- may us during his official service *f twenty that he still continues the manufaetoring of ROLLER aary, Ky.. .
.."tl,dispaU-fiad to the horj.itaU of the I:>st,large Jacksonville, shall he FU.promptly October/attended 1856. to. Real Georgfa PTaihs; I I Woman's Wear I Heavy all Wool Blankets, years among the Western tribes- HORSE GINS at his usual rate, anti* January 118S7tf..GEORGIA

shlpmtnts tifthl Unit meat,to be used unJe'rth* heavy Kerseys, | Good 9 4 Blankets. I Plaid Linsers, These, with the characters are faith now ready to fill all orders that he way be favwred .
direction of tbe Medical f Uff, In the wont cites OSVABURGS IIOMESI'UXS. f(7.( fully introduced into Professor Long with At the shortest notice.
wounds.,. It will ulcer fellow's poem, ani are valuable com Persons GINS ,
cure any gltntIulauw.l. State Alutual JFirc wanting or Gins repaired, extra
lh j, .tiffnps or cunlractiun of the Joint., even uf Groceries and Provisions p.nionstotbe Hiawatha....... 1 OO Boxes, Roller and Brushes, can be bad of th. .inililor
201 ears,standing. THE CONFIDENTIAL CORRESPONDENCE following Agents: : Snstifnft
4 1. PILLS AND FISTULAS. AND of Napoleon .with his brother AG ENTS. ,
.'Tbeee'end oilier timi!.r distressing cnmplaintran Marine Insurance HARDWARE, CUTTLERY. BOOTS and SHOES, HATS and CAPS, WOOD. Joseph roTs, superior binding...2 00 D. C. ACOSTA A CO., Centrevillage.GIIO. MARIETTA'GEO.Till .

be effectually cuiedtftlie Ointmeut be wel OF rCKNSVLVAKIA. WARE and IIOL'SE IIlmPI ARTICLES.. TIN-WARE, DRUGS and MEDI SIMMS' WORKS-comprising all of Red.field' Gen. THOMAS HILLEARD, do. do. '
rubbed'in over tho |Parts efeclcd, nnd ty otherwise Fourth and CINES. WINES, LIQUORS SEGARS, Ac! edition of Revolutionary Tales COOPER: It GELLELAND, Savannah, Geo. FIRST TIRM OF THE ACADT-
following the j.rinted directions Broun 1 each Curler o Jfarkt-S1.. l1arriburg; and the Border Romances of the South 1 25SPARROWORASS CIIAS. H. CAMPFIELD d*. d.', year at thi* Institntfon eommen-
pot. JFH.ULVAJU.aptn1 Our Stock is very larzc and selected with!:care. Orders will hare the most careful BISBEE A CANOVA, Jacksonville, Fla tel OB the 20tb JULY, and etxb en the 20tk
....... .. 1 00
Both, the Oinemtnl and Pills should! be S3BOOOO attention, and any article not pleasing will Ke rewired again at our eziense.- PAPERS S. L.L.NIBLACK Alligator, Fla.CaptBKBYTUEWOOD of DECSMB8R.: The Second Term eomm.1IftI

used in the folhviny cases: C-lI.\r.TCR m GGit i m'l8 E BOOKS FOR TRAVEL ANI>ADVENTUKC Beauford.S C. on the 20ta,of F Bl'AB7,aa-1 ends on the 20thef
1'lmPETUAL -New. DtVEAUX IlEYU'ARU, Charleston, S. C. JULY.

Burns Bunions Sore sure Irea Levi! tsChappei _=5tRJ: nnLDlXCS. l'crp.lualy. .IERl in- Dec. 6. 1856-1> BAY STREET. JACKSONVILLE. FLA. CUMMIXG'S HUNTER'S LIFE among S. L. ntP. s. The amount appr priat'J: to the S InstitnteVr

Hands for Heads ( Lions, Elephants and other' wild animals St. M' rys. Ceo, Aug.23-Cm. the Legblatare Georji'a, *, at ita last itMioo, aM
Port their CARGOES, and other
Property, with an introduction Bayard been expended iii.rectiiig additional InliJdio .
Chilblains Sore Tbroa'i
against luis ur damage by fire.DIRECTORS. 'WATCHES colored illustrations.1 CO LIVERY STAULC. There will therefore be a
Fistulas Lure of all kinds S. CLOCKS JEWELBY Taylor, mDlIbtion. at the
beginning of the out term fur fifty Cadets ia additieo .
Frrains : subscriber will keep con- to one fcandiei and thirty, the
Lumbago Fcalds John P. Robert Klott TIlE GOLDEN DAOONon cr A.ID DOW THE reteaiwater.
Mercurial Eruplioas Swelled Glands I'hiloC. futbnfurd.eJI"ick, Alonso A. Carrier SILVER: 'ARE\ Tug IRAWADDI-.-..1 OO and ,on hand a supply of good HORSE The coarse ef ati jie*. and lyttemj cf IDt ft.L .

Piles v Ft iff Joints Albert J.Gilet I John D. Rutherford, ORIENTAL ACQUAINTANCE..... 1 00 BUGGIES to Id. Conveyance famished to oa and ditcrptc .noJelletl after the West
of tbe Horses bearded lie
Xbeumalhm I'lrtrs lIven WiliT, Samuel Jones. AND OSBORNE'S POLAR REGIONS.... T&BURTON'S any ingle part feed, day country.week or month. By moderav by Point plan-U> purpose hung toimnre to a young
Salt Ilhcum Vincrcal SoresSkin
Samuel T Junes,
scan a
PILGRIMAGE TO MECCA thoroughly scientific ami praelieal education
DiRCitsos Wounds uf all kinds charges and personal attention be.hoi ei to pine
JOHN P. Rt"UERFORD. Pret'ulent. AND MEDINA..1 5O to develop hit physical atrinfth, and U
... Sold at the Manuf.ctor.es: of Professor Hot. A. J. GILLETT. Secretary.L. Fancy Goods. libera share of patrciwifte. Stable on Adanii iit teach him to b.
IXJWAT, 60 Maiden Lane, N w York and 244Strand .. MORGAN, General.Agent BAYARD TAYLOR'S Works at the regular in the west part of the town. lie also baa lots for cooomical in punctual his babita.syttemalie, indmistn'siand ,

*ni Dealers, London of Me ani.lidnes br all tlnuiighuut rejjieftable the Drufrguts United J. II )1c OIY. Jgtnt.AT Jacksonville,:Fla. -,_ '1 Layard's prices.Nineveh Stephens' Central America., norl7-the accommodation;m of MEREDITH Wagner and PEARSON Drove them The Southern Fa--ulty eora.itt: of six Professors (aj) ef

J.CI8t"LLI men.) The S ope rial end tot sad
Stales and the uvilirsJ world,in Pots, atS tents, .l J. S Sammis j Capt. Charles Withy, GEORGE] FLAGG Arabia. .te.WLhe abort all illustrated works. Commondaot are graduate of the U.S Military
621.2 centa, and SI e.a-h John Itrtirard 1 I Saui'IK. Williams, Esq I G. C. Academy, at West Point.

M1elargelll&ell.15 There is Ji considerat'e: saving by taking Col-Henry----liiuanun-- j [March 7-tfJ] Jacb.soD.-v.t.llo ]Eaa1 F"'l.or:1.d.n. STANDARDS.Appleton's Gibbs, : Expenses for Board, Tuition, Tee t, Tights

2C li. Itirectins fur the guidance of patient inrery ..lafksouvillcouiidyAKI! j'cp TTAVING just returned from New York! respectfully Intites the attention of the Encyclopedia ef Biography ; The Jacksonville Fla. : and Washing;,per Terra,in actiane...$112.10

diaordorare r Cite I to each PutJacksonville dt ..1:1.Public: to his Stock of Japan A xpedition-edited by Dr. Hawks; Private 5iirg.on's1e.p.rannun,.........._ 500

; Correspondence Henry Clay; Poo's Works C03IHISS10Ml] OF DEEDS For farther part oulan! or for a copy ef the Rr
'Jjricks Yard. MACHINE WAWiiiE sswsastvsr new edition coiDplet in4-n>Is., *5; lIun '.Lives Xutatcons of the Insf.lute, apply! to A. V. Bicff-

r 1'lIE undc ignd i if now taakisg snjrJ. WORKS UbV n VA iJ of American Merchants; Burton's Anatomy FOR Till STATES orMAINE ir.Suferinttndtnt.br to
ior article of Crtk, at the lard ussr tll* THE Su>jrUj.rs, lining iniJe sxtensite ana AND Melancholy; Goldsmith's Animated Nature; VIRGINIA, A... n.\ SELL
Brick.Church, Vfkicb Lc will sell at U* foll."i., \iluible iuiprovementi in their ostabliiUinent FA.lSIO :* GOODS, Lempriere's Classical Dictionary; Sprngue's Florida MASSACHUSETTS, NORTH CAROLINA, IfoTJ29-tf S.c'll1t Board of Trustee
toiurniih! War Irvin's. Life of Washington in Sheep,
are now prepared ,
prices FIRST? QIUUTTOOOpcrtkeosaai Steam IZnsiues, of any required power, from Being the largest and richest asswtmeut ever brought to this Market, consisting o Beoton's Thirty Years,and many other valuable NEW RHODE YORK ISLAND, SOUTH ALAVAUA.PENNSYLVANIA CAROLINA. Orange Springs Male; & Female

Sccoyn 7 00 1 to 100' hordes; Fine Gold Magic-cnsed Watches, with Charles II II Sugar Standards Work for sale.RELIGIOUS. MISSISSIPPI
TitleD :500 .. Saw .Mill! ; Taylor & Son's celebrated London movmns.!. I' Salt MARYLAND, LOUISIANA tiD
WaLL Bitics, - 10 00 Sua Mills; Fine Gold Hunting Cased-Skeleton Levers. Mustard" BOOKS. apti26 TEXAS.

He will charge fur delivery: in tewn and wka Horse Power: II full. jeweled! pnlent Soup La lies, rie Knives, Cake Jo, Butter do, Church Prayer and Hynm Book.t, .r the various -
within the I'lankroad. ono duliar I'er *b.u. Bii- Grist Mllli, u u u ii 5 4 i Anchor Fi nit do., Children's setU of Knives, Fork, and denominations, plain an J ornamental I ; with Condition Powders for Horses. f ttlt. RI
nod one greater distance. Ihp Urick are made of excellent Iron and Brass Castings. U Hunting Cased Lapines, (Card Coses, and Portmonies. ard by th. best authors. THESE CONDITION POWERS are unsnr- -
initerial. are. Jried under cover, and sic [y Steaiuljoat, Saw illll, and other repairing, U 14 Walchts-small site for L.dielI PLATEDVARE.. passed in the cure or mod diseases that TIlE situation of this Institntion is at
stock of Silver Patent L.-
heavier and of better C1ua.1itythan any that are 1 at tli'Tt notiie together with a large HOOKS 01' PRACTICAL USE. Horses are abject to. It would be useless tt of tile finest Sulplier' Springs in
I E-r All from us be Anchors and Lapines-all warranted good BeautifuhhatterncofSiiverblateclCastors, Cake
maihineiy purchased
Veins: imported.r' wi enumerate the many cKjiaacs'; that thew noble the and I b
country, for health. It
put in oirati<>n in any part of the Ly time keepers. I3.uL.eU, Candle Sticks,Card Receivers and Vases. Agriculture ; Mechanics ; Engineering; Surveying unsurpassed
All erdera left with MCSJM HartriJge iTirunouj creatures olten suffers under,wbil few ssodkines is easy cf access by steam boat and a few hour's
who arc 1 y Agcuts, will I* pmwptlyttenled competent reasonable terml.lrywgs mathmicts. "hen desired, and upon Among my assortment ofJEWELRY ULERY. : the Dog; ;Ready the Horse Reckoners; Look-Keeping; Cookery; ij Farriery, ie. ; in general nso give relief.These! Cojufi>k>a'.,1e'. .tag'ng.To .

to. need no rcconimendution, iWy ace ireil known in Principal, with the experience of
end Estimates furnismed without Of the celebrated Geo. 'Wostenholma A Son, I tweet/
JOS. LACOURSE.Jackson be etts of Florentine ) Carolina ami Georgia aDd nec>lbat a fuilliful rears, and aided by a of assistant
elegant s Iou.% corps competent
:X. L. brand
of Pocket
consisting Knives
vj''e.: Ar-ril ?6 Cameos, Lavas and Gold Stone' with with application to see the- >e< "u'.t.PIRECTrONSr. *, will devote tho whoii uf his time to th. intptovcment -
8-tf Founders and bandies of exerci 'for Youth with
uly Machinij read, Ivory A Shell Scissors Shear, manly cuts ;
natch. Fine Gold Fob --J this pnpib.
Felix UracelftU to. Chains Razors, Table & Dessert Knivei,of inperior EnUrtainment and moral Instruction for Boys
Livingston, NOTICIeA Guard do, Vest do.. Ladies' Chaplains, riih expressly for Silver Forks.FANCY and Oiib. Books of Fun. Nursery Bock Rates or Tuition by the Session of Fire
.'ATTOHIIEY AT LAW, LI4 ptnons are hereby w"mecag"inst trad- styles,' Gold Guard 'ob and Bad je Keys. Seals, One taWcp oi>ful twice n week in- a wash ol Months always advance:

ing for a Note given\ we one James Buckles Slides, Pencils, Eraceletts with Go'd! GOODS Bran anl Corn Meal, continued for two or Ihree Studies... .. .
{Office in HroirarJ' I'rick Huilduig] of Primary .. .... SIS 00
W. MiH.ie. dated Sept 1tn. 165C, payable in and Hair bands; Lockets" Charm*, Gold Thimbles Papler-Machcs and ROI'e.Wood Stationery Every Description. weeks is in general!sufficient the cure of HideBound
Jack-vinv'iie! K.; F., three and .See Hutlons,Stud, Ear Drop, Writing Desks YelowVater I Higher branches of English,Classics,Mathematics
sixty days, for twenty ,Spectacles : ve Writing and Note and Materials plain >otb, n"bnViod, and
40lar antll.eUcntes. MorrOC ''lJRgII, Fort-Folios/ Pearl papers .
retired frnm tie 1'rnbste ofl> I liav and ...... ....2000
HAVING c, and ninely-fcix' cents, the same was ( un Brooches, B.vlge Pins with Diamond Ruby 0paJ and Shell Jewel and t"DWlUTING all diseases of the Stomach sal UowcU. Frnthf- !
ho ].rnct'!t e cf Law, in al!1 tbe der fiil-e pretense, and when I was unconscious and Pearl Silts Plain and Chased Kings, hold and Gent's Cases Cues, Wax FruitLadies' Prepared only by Advanced Classics, Mathematics, ;,.. ...30 00

Courts of tbe Knsteni: Circuit nr.J in the Supreme of what I was doing nud .I do not jWUloe Tooth Pichs Pens Ac., Ac.My Chin Dressing Poft Cases, Perfumery PAPER. ASSORTED SIZES. THOMAS MCMILLAN, Contingent charges ............'..... 50
Cwes .
District Court .t Court Jaek?\jib also in the United States tbe sid James W. Moore a dollar, I am determined asaertuMnt of ,Fancy Brushes Soap Thermometers, ,Telescopes, ,Cigar Mucroacopcs Stan! ,, PERFUMERY AND TO1LECARTICLES. jan7-3t At Apothecary haIl Jacksonville Music.. ....:. ....L......_...2500Fs
nt t. Atijttinc. Having
during .
the above unless
"occupancy of lie Probate office acquired considerable to by law not pay note S..DLACKWOOD.compelled ILVER 'V ARE. .Coral*, l'e.rland' Shell Card Cases together with A few choice Present Books, and other articles, NOTICE Initrnmcct ....................... S 00

Camlilll'ityTith! nil matters elating to .TackpnviIle. Nov.12d, 1956-51 iI near complete I comprisingPlain a> variety of LeTCASlI goods in my. line, all of which will be selected as present for the Holidays. ALL persons having: demands against the Es- Drawing and r iDtiD ,.u\b..h......1000
i"ld low for
the Oktates of ruic/rc und dec-cawd f,srtons, and and Threaded Table Spoons, Jg\ For sale at of Francis Gaines. deceueit, are hereby '- Young Ladies will be taken into the Principal's
the settlement Guardian Bad Ad. NOTICC.;;. 'I I N. B. CLOCKS WATCHES notified ta them
account by Fork, ,and JEWELRY present duly authenticated and for
mu.!trator., I Under uy scrikcs pbrticulaily te \ PPLICATION will be made to his Honor the II l, TeA thoroughly repaired and irur anted, at the thort- : DDhst1Jce. within the time prescribed by law, or this' notice Board, Lodging family '%T'ashinFueI.charged .Tuition Lights

persons having bninc8.in that line. I will also JJuJpeoftLe Circuit Court fur the Eastern u II II Spoons, ett notice. |3* TERMS CAS1I. [d.c.l3D1mW i.t will be plead in bar of their recovery,and all persons oil __._ ...... _.-_-_. .-._ ._,'...... ....._ienr/1:_
attend to Tensiccs, Duunty Land and to all other Circuit r-f Florida, after the usual time of not be indebted to sid Estate are hereby are here -- n. n.. .w wv
aimig inkt the rederalGoremment l entrusted according to law, for permission to tell certain = -C. DREW. by notified to taako immediate payment to the Boys ... .... ....n. ......_..n_.12300
Ume.with r.ov.l7-lv Undx, situated in and Ft Johns Countio', For address,
proiuptcets. RPIU un particulars
: K''v. 8. Ocean .
i near Bay, Jacksonville. icnlgno'l.REDDIXG
I belonging to the Estate: of Peter Puns, deceased, j@DS W. BlOCS.Nov. K. ANDEP'ON, Prineip.*;

J. Holmes, for the UK Ifhis heirs ntid creditors of said estate' For Sale, 15-St Executor. Orarg Spring, Fla-, Nor. 15, 1E56L (nZJ-ly
100 114.7 Street, N. T. may 10-t THdSE well improved premises on Monroe NOT1 'P.
.0 AdinioUtratjr 1 (
: "TTTILL l11lutlUllt! attentitn to pales o Yel- Jachof\'ie. April 'l6. FOR FALL 1856.00 tiStre t! between Market and Liberty Streets. months (tech e appSVkn will be maed FOE SALE

,\ V low IMt.e'; Ijumber Lire ')ak, and.. Rare Chance i is Offered to A long ereuit will be gives, or County, Town,.and SIX the llon.'::1J udge of Tffiwo of Diva! ,
t otbr SOUTHEUX TIMBER and PliODUCE and n Railroad Bonds taken in payment at par. County,for a final.charge as AdminMiQrijufthe q IIB "PICO ."l' IIOC3E," aad'Two HunJL -
t to order for purchoiirT.MERCHANDISE. Blacksmith \Vheelwright.. Apply to L.I. FLEMING. EjUte of William S.Donal&on,Ute If ffh dred Acres of Land, with a most nbstav
n"f 7-tr E JacksonvIlle Jan. 17, 1357-tf dsccauil till Steam Boat \Vb.irf. The Land U a*g4 as
eubciribcr offers for sale, Lis shops and G. BAN OR OFT county,
TIE MILY L. DONALDSON any in St Johns County: Duelling House, Kitchen
I'El'L'EltS ANii Piil'I'Elt :. .UCES. ,
"' HOLMES & STONEY, Lt 105 feet square convcniency situated to Store-house, \Tasb-hoiue,and SerfanU' Hoses *-
the and business Can be ; Sale by the doien or Single bottle, DAL July 3,1 J 3> Administratrix.
generally .
COMMISSION ME KCIIAKT dept pur FOR are aU frame buildings built of tie best..
or without tool, on terms PEPPERS delightful'article:: for GEN EItAL IlKOKLIItAGIw terias, situated the bank of the rirer withina
DorCE L GO'S WHAPP, P. S. liar on hand 1 Bugpy g.l:oo. 1 Cart, 253 & 255 KING ST. "OLD SAND. table use. B E. CARR. 'undersigned is now prepared to serve the' Grove of four acre, huge Lire Oaks, with aufpnilin.s
"Ohar1c tcD..S. O and 4 Pair wheel complete, also a lot of waggon Augustine. at largo in his line of btuinexi.He around, having- fine view of the river,
t and Kcggy tprings also a quantity of ready made CharlestOn S. C.. W Persons wishing supplies of the Dallas will attend to the sale of Negroe', ,Lands, er renders it One of th( handsomest places in the
Will attend to tho cal. of wor):; suitaMe\ fur Farmer" and Timber getters, Peppers in Jacksonville can ebtain. some of Mr any other effects placed in''his char:.. -Letter State. A good Garden adjoining ef half an aero

Cotton, Grain, & other Produce, .nil of"Iiel ran Le bought very low, call and, tee.May C Dnrw. B. E.C. addressed for information, will be promptly-re- good Water and healthy situation. The traveler

'. '"**' AGENTS 24-l .JAS. A. FARMER Cash & Oble Price HOlllse Dec, 20. H56. plied to. ilLs general acquaintance in this State. from the North, South or West mutt pass thi-
: EARLY MAGAZINES. and e\htn. render it unnoe arT to append rtfereace way,to and from Augustine, being immediately -'
PAlmetto Line N. Y. Packets, $J.OOO A.AB I shall bare Magatine for the *. l N'J. MIN HOPKINS 1 between Jacksonville ard Palatka, makes it .
AX1'JW-Jn enMmz; yearas JacftsonrilT;Sept. 22tb. 1835-tf. most valuable for business. For the waaC
i \\r every JSXOQFKtILineii place
Steam Line. soon as they can be received,from th'cj'f.'ublijbrs
Philadelphia Ship -
I V V Slates active industrious comfortable
and enterprU by Mail. Among them HARPER KNICK- I'KOCI.AJIATION.WHEREAS' public accommodations; at Pic.lata.most
(STEAMER HENRY 13. 1JEAC1I.) iag nen as Agents for the pale! by subscription, Gods ERBOCKER, GODEY,GRAHAM, and HOUSEHOLD vacancy has occured in the ..r.I of Passengers by the Boats have to remain .'
Produce con ipied to the Agett.will be forwarded taluable. and interesting Books; allot them WORDS. Other Magazines ordered for I eitbt' of- the Eastern Judicial on board go to Palatka an-1 return t.Pi'*
to Philadelphia and New'Tork by eith being cxpretsly/ adapted to (be wants of every he year,upon 19 adai!order. Circuit of this State by the resignation f Jam* eolata before they can go to St.Augustine, .-'
of tb. aboLinec frrtif C.mni.iiion.. family and containing nothing of a pernicious or Irish Linens. - 25a37 1-2 ,Heavy Table Damask, 62 l-2a 5 GODEY FOR JANUARY 185T M. Baker, it is hereby ordered that an electionto aj, an active person who wants to make .money;

S.ptemb.t 24i5G-4ui usurious tendency. Super Fronting Linen50a62, 1-2 Russia Diaper. received and foe .Sal HARPER expected to! supply the vacancy in laid-oiIie. be bell at now is the ch ince, this being fie rtglit plate, anA'
Our j.ublic.ilioiu arc among the but in the country Bitds' Eve Diaper, - 18 3-4 25 Crash & Hack Diaper, morrow. C. DREW. the various precincts of the Counties' eempciiag only wants the right person to take possestMUThe -

J\ACOS--COHEN\ $3 and good Agents can realise a profit of from Heat j Towelling, - 12 1.2 Ltncy Lavrrm..Napkins Dec. 20. Ocean it.,'near Bay,Jacksonville. the Eastern Circuit, on Monday the 6th diy ef price'will be made much below the ori;
to S3 A day by engaging the busioen. A cost, aad anj number of yesre'c.sdiI I2 e>psnvi
The of said
returns election!
i28 UltO.U'S'l'JtI'T.J' email of i50 8100 is Brown Tabling,. - 25 and DoyJies.Shirtings FOR THF proximo. *
: : capital only to required For : to be made in the manner prescribed by law. ser may de'jJnr by giving gsod'sccnrity for th*

.JIAflLEPTON. s. tAnoL.i>A,| further and fulll3J'tiolllara. address Calicoes BALM :OF A1rIJOUSn1tb Witness my hand and the teal of the State of I payment. No place' staniU more"in" neei'ef a
GETZ, Pnslishers c I Public House3f worthy of that'name, thai
Florida, done at the Capital the city of TaU
to1r irdionecr. .No 133 Forth Steond Street, Philadelphia .JYlowtts 'lalusea, this 13th day of September A. D. Picolatft at the present time.

; 7.8 heavy Drown Shining, G 1-5 Good Style Calicoes, - 61-4 135S. JAMES E. BROOME, For further particulars appl U B: A:Ptmriy
A CHANCE TO MAKE MONEY 4-4" .. 5' 8 I Fast Colored -' 10 : apply'it' Covet florid. Esq St.Augustine,wtA til fall power itf'dwpeie

4"I' > Profitable Honorable' Emplopment! 7-8 Bleached 6 Super English - 121-2 By the Governor Attest:- : of the nIne.. A: WATSON S

.11:OJMi&3ff.ll: : : ..kCE:= : :11'T THE subscriber desirous of having an agentin 4-4 Heavy U . 10 I Super Ginghams, - 121-2 ;he 38D.OrtStD.r AA F.L.VILLIPIGni. PicoIaU, !., Jan. 17.Jewelrjr la.7-4w

'J each county and town of the Union. A 4.4 Super Family Long Cloth, 12 1.2 Ret! French do. -. ,- -. 25 ftp :j\j\ eecreuiry 01 :ule ILwif.
:, lUll AMD SELLS OK COMMItSIOS, raf>it.l of from 5 to S10 only will be required, and ''; Papeiaof 11.XMUrn Circuit c." I time Jewelry

Lands; Negroes, Stocks, Bonds anything like an efficient,energetic man can make Silks Plaids: & JlotllS.Best [To Manners and forward.bill.- 000-
; from three to five dollars per day. Every infor. .. ; GROTHE
; .I. &c., &c., &c. mation will Le given by addressing, with a stamp T 1 Charts for Sale,.,of the iollotvfnr DIvlSlODfc. i11. ouses and Lots for Sale. ,
rz- Liberal a raaces jsade to return letter. WM A. KINSLER Make Black Silk, 87 l2al.OONew Canton Cloth, ". 3712a75. .' W' A T Cl:U ffl 1KERJeweller '
.1. IS56-I1' 'rtp.rtl. roy.2'O..Eo 12281'hilad.ll'hi.a. PA. P. Gtvle Plaid Silkr. 75 1 Black Alpacca, 25 From New York to Cape'Cans, 'VILL Le sold at 'Pallio Auction, !m tlOD' of
l.OOal.20 '. Jrou New York to Florida, Court House, at l otcloek U,. o.,the s ;
.Heavy Super 37 l2a50Hosiery
Charts of the Bahama (tret day January next (if not previously disposed
.atJ'rase&" fl'hornpsont NOTICE.IN Banks
75 Tweeds and ,
Plaid Raw Silk. -, Heavy Satenets. .
pursuance cf an order made by the lion. B. I TremSt.Marks to New OrI.am.1l'rom ) of at private sale,) two valuable HOUSED S '
FACTORS AND Plaid Cashmere 621-Z. Soper-Broad Cloths CiIEXT' P\oJi TO'THE: POSTrTAS'on -"J'JC: .
Hopkins, Judge of Probate for the of Heavy r 5Merint'a. / N.w Orleans to Galveston, and LOTS ia the town Jacksonville-, &B era* )
county :
COMMISSION MEEUANT I'uvall, f w II ofi'er at public auction on tbe 20th '.' 37 l-2aG2 r.21, New Style Cassimeres, : Charts of the West Indies,' taint twelve, and the other seven Rooms, with all GL nand. a spcnded! assortment of 'MCJU'.

4 Adger't' North Wharf.CUwlertoi.S day of October next, at the usual hour of tale, in Super.French. Merinos 1.00 worth. jYctings and Cravats.: X Nautical 1f'DIt&1857. necessity out-buildings. and desirably situated as styles fat and and-faiKions unique such'JE\fELRY. of too latest
C.n"i front cf the Court flouts in Jacksonville the ful ; November IKh 1836 C.EBE' residences, or the larger one as a Boarding House. ;C M

.. .ullta 1 NC'L inlJirol-'Ortl belonging. to the Estate of Jacob Ribbons &c : All necesssary information can be obtained. by GOLD GUARDS, FOU'Dl CHAIHS-
nO.Krlon Forman deceased. Cash Paidfor. CleanRags application to.. C.DcWXLL EAE-BLSe?, FINGER-RINGS

'lot No 7. in square No, 31 In the town of Jarktonville J. ..5J At his Grocery Store, cor. of Adam & nor its. BREAST-PINS, Jta.'; .
""f iL5oiuit SiflPainting. with the improvements consisting of a H.avy Hosiery. 12 1-2 Kit/oVm/ end Triminings, iltml lI' .cCl i'&li TERMS-One-third cash, balance. at. sixty .and I all ofwLicb will bo offered at h.S lowest .priest.
,t : commodious and well furnished dwelling house Super English -' -' '- 25 Lace Goods and Embroideries, ., ninety days approved paper. : or CASH

'5'J, : tPPtiOniaincnta1 and kitchen &'. Gloves' and Mitt ; Silk and Worsted. Combs. Brushiii.'andSoaps; SUnder J. JacktonvilJe, 116. lI.o..U, U3S.-3t I "WATCHES, Jte., re'pairodMdvomuitfedV

4 : :Also the following named slaves, Mary about Vests'and. Drawers. nations, Pins, Needles.1 ie., Ac._ Mr. G,.with,his i experUace ft r the lad twenty
; r- trI 35 years old, a good house servant, cook, seamstress ALSO i DISSOLUTION OP' COPAU7NEE-. eight years ara"(rachctlTVATCUMAKER, flat#
: t iber.beUtccowpertDAnntJlloeatdp' washer and ironer Joe* 26 years 'old, a Shawls 'and Mantillas. ;: :NEW PICTURE PItA MES,'{III and with glass SHIP. ten himself that he is CuI!]competent to give entire
eiibiai.enlos. 10th. citizen otjacksuv. rood mill h Ad-Jim 22'years old" prime able- to suit various size,. For sal. *mITE COPARTNKRS1IIP ura &t. cxiuting ifttufimttajvtotliosa who desire t* hftvc their'vatcbesyAe. !'

YiIl .1D i tb* S.UT* branches and *oUcit. a ..bata..c..trona.p. bodied laid hand-Jeaeee 18.yean old,' good Fluid Long and Square Shawls. Silk and'Cloth Mantillas. '.' AT TUE BOOKSTORE .5'.. beXirefa the Subscribers,,under the firm and ., repaired a workmanlike manner.
,JAMES HARKNESS. Lou,. eerrA t aDd gardotr 'Terms cash. style orWilaon.t Wint.rnit_ "tbi dUolv- Ail persona having good watches .which.how
; N., 22. Ocean day
14' N B> -Gil&ing, Graining Erousiog, &*,' Fur further particulars, enquire of J. P.'San Plain Mode, and Black do. 'I Super Moire Antiguedo.' street near Bay I edbymuLua.lconsent. r ever, donne perform well, and are'nowj one el

n1'ratcd wUiussUieM and dispa&ci.4c.ot & derton. ELIZABCTH FORMAN, Misses' Shawls and Scarf Talmas for Children.: MAGAZINES FOR- -- 1857 ftOL AUO_ L VUMUV5V__'____ U&_. .L IOU_ iiriu.__ _WUI". L OV_ VVtbiVU__U... L PT_ order, will do well to. call on Mr. Groihe.S,. VOOM
TWeAprd S4yR Aduiiniitratnx (f the FUt of,Jacob Form White and Black Crapo Shawls.' terms ace "no lIre to pay.ilrGv ."
. ..- _.an. 0lunttS taken for ANOF'Th1EMAoA; ] George 5.Wilson aD4wilbe'cotIti m by BIm avails himself
d. i-. Dp 1IJA Ul", published in the tVon for the on bis own account at the old ItalldThetafor.. tikis-opportunity-, r*few
.QRjN .N IC N1; X, JR. "* 20-Ira iltr Ally..in fact. Plantation Goods. : ',' ntiB{year,at lhi regular advertised prices, uppa1m.M en- all parson hticg unsettled account with this der his sincere thanks to the ciutens of this nlac*
and .
-1' .ita vicinity fat the lLb *l.patronage hitfeert*
firm .
tLAYrtno ow of th price of smbscription at his will please calL iinmoiliately.WILSON
.' m-cKsty to..], '
: bestowed
NOTICE on and W hopes* &B,ty *dvtsf
;iF'A Real Georgia Plains ,. .' I Good Blankets .. .- -' ..: -' 1.00 Store -th pvbluhtr't receipt gfvrnuhtdoT for \VINTERNItL'. minatioo to *
he merfi
of weoutinuanc.
C O RCOMMISSION : IN'rununoo an order from the Judge' "L u.Jleary 23'J' ; the same' with the first No. received after order.Sabsoriptioos Kovember, 15.1836.For. pUua ef
. up Alacbua county, I will tell on the I"' -, _-- ) Ifcar.all Vfjpol do.' .' 125PJaid taken ft, heir confidence and patronaje. [July H-ly

second ,Monday in' December next before the Kerseys, ,- 118a. Linsey .. .. '. '18a25 HARPER .
MERQIUNT, Cool Homo door in GODEY: SA T.'YiI
..1{ ri4 COVi1fl.eaCia2IVijrf tercrtof fire hundred msrei ia U>. Sanchesgnurt ,
OUR and eelectc .
STOCK is, very large with care. Orders will hare the m-st ORAIIAir!
..23' The said contains four -
CharcsQn.8 grant thousand
t : c; acres and
: lies ghtinilei< orh( fCewnsrmrilje. pn the careful attention,'and any article. not pleating'iwillbo! received again at ou .upenH.. ,HOUSEHOLD WORDS, fJ1HA.T wetl- known Plantation .UiI.k

'rirntal 'Koilcr.t < 'IKSR SajiUCoe jirer" litetaVidanilhided interest of ; : W.GBANOROFT .. .. 'KNICKERBOCKER, -, i 'owned by R.lUsmsosr, Sr., and situated ;i.ai7or Su.bi s..
\y.s.noSV 1'1\would: *ettaI.l7tetrrntb.etzdnaofJacksonbW.ndt. b':. hundred cret belong to. tho estate ol Francis S AMELIA INLAND FLA
aad the lame furnished .
at the old
eonnter,at the Subscriber the and
:253 regular having taken (
ft. Sanoh4t decit* d, -nd" will'frr uU : '., db'2aD : 1'rtB S'tree't:
its rid to:satisfy S : rates,or'at reduced pikes for parties dubill Fix miles from tho Sail Road Depot, containing L favorable knJTwn stand of the .BdU.,
pity, that,having opened an office in the Daguarian debts jigaloatiai latt3._ ..' : WOLD ,STAND" SECOND;, DOOR ..BELOW' WENTWORTIl' :. BQOKBINDINO. : 800 Acres of Land, ZSCTof which art incut Auao.mock Hbtts StobCw)'UkfS la announcing
'GEORGE.VT.. v Livery pleasure
GUnrTm Fortjtb treet, it ill. attend>o all btuneks S1NCAEZ remaining/ 550 acres are under euUiva-' ,
to aeDt Jacksonville and tht traveUin
taJun th.elt
: foe Bookbladlng.wbi.* shall W
carffWl(4JJIMU1RY manner in th* most approved'and rov. 15. :1656. Administrator. .:' CHAELESTON S. 0. .QDXI\S. f well &Dd.UptdttioUlly" and at tics* producing Cotton Corn Aa, Ae, as may bo ; publiCythat h. 4s prcprndtafarnhah% ai .any
:9 :rajonablt>]rates. I, haveample seen by th.present crop. .Oa U are all necessary hoot*' JBorsec aM..Crru.ge doable or.CM l
f.JiT.nuptabJng teeth 4estroyo4 withoul Stop the Runaway. this :1Jail t For particulars apply! to.m.e'aUr..- and as good Sddl Hones a. can be &iAe4.
".. .. dee2-2. : DOLLARS Bradford '& McLin.ATTORNEYS ; ; rHfr>: purposePICTURES.. nansvlUe, or toK.. Harrison, Sr, residing oa th.' community. Uavuijpsa txperieoced and fttUutive -.
rnzN REWARD for my negro man .Pje S .aDd Tonlesv'ACniTLOR'S. -
FROST & BOULTER. JL ECTER, who has mysteriously" disappeared .AT, LAW. r : ._. Orders',1akta far 'purchasing pictures,. lad premises, W-tf. EOBT.HARRISON. ,Arnef Jr. Cello Bt :feels cwUence. !IA aseurina
From Jacksonville,JuT the lat.two, sresks. H* Newnansvllle., Florida.. B' GI1tD&D'. and ,J.P JJ..i4 fralmln j tarns. I, -August, __ those of his friends who may wish to board thea
General] CommissiQoMerch:1ant$ : ban been cither stolen, or may hav goo off inooe October.. .11 JS5Hy.ATTENTION.' Hair Dilll, PJ'jr.lIOr.\Y. UairJButln* DRET7V, k>'UU' UAm, Horses, that they wilt find as. much accommodation .

lOtate Street,Boston Mcuen months of tbs sloe Boats in Cbarlentonv, as I purchased.him sots* three pomade tlvp;, MeMQUn's-. '.OIIO'aStra.berr1Tootb..Waab.Dala Hair.:Tonic, with a' variety.of ". KOT. %9._. 'Oeea .., near Bay.TUAT.AP. Av of'n'Oii1iem Bay Horses,- similar at the aUbliahmeat"BttffiBgtou'IA iloiue East Stable'Jlorida as-at Pric any

I TlfTCC ly of.U'nay strict BKK and, l'prompt AlBER.attention to sxl 1]. Hotter ts 35 or, forty/ears old bUckellow' a 'rpnt subscriber- having just returned from New OA Thousand Flowers, Toot]) Soap'- .Also,&, TVTpTJCB HKRBB7 OIVBJf Jli ,(aeoUmaledtaUMSwi/ibylWoytarfJmn) 'd.rat-'Inu- S S Cw.1' .
Ur onthern' 'rodnc*. 'COTTON an Tailor l>y trade, quIteafftcUd in Jits deportment 1 Yort..ltha.larpl&'and richest stock of ."rS..l ttmtn&. of,.Tooth, Brushes of th* best1'I iV 'plicttoinriir btnada to'the General. ..brut to siagl. os doobU Uaiasjas'Apply I 5A.,5W.JUCOSTJL Aged.S

edtl! OLIVER Tie[ for erly.b loDg.d to the Charleston St *mVB.I ; Ws4cb sd'J: wryj.ever Irourbt to1hillIRarlIaJitl, Apothccarr';' Ball i'eornraDQTir sab1y ofBlorida.atits-D. t SeIli ntoIneor; : t > -", rrlrj.1.A large sad coutmodiou*lutiolk. .
fffi T : I FROST Coropanyi., B..KQPKIKS.r r Iwrl tes the pnb/Mj In.an eXII '. the'Bnfflngton HatolTPf> M* rt.Tit .ttir t T ( 'J. -.Jl YD. OLL fD, r.-r l t.a, d

r i1:

The Florida news
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 Material Information
Title: The Florida news
Uniform Title: Florida news (Jacksonville, Fla. 1852)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 62 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: George C. Powers & Co.
Place of Publication: Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date: February 7, 1857
Publication Date: 1852-1859
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Fernandina (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Nassau County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
Coordinates: 30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1852.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 14, no. 26 (May 15, 1852)- ; -v. 5, no. 44 (May 19, 1859).
Numbering Peculiarities: Suspended in 1853?; numbering later resumed.
General Note: Publishers: J.F. Rogero, <1855-1858>; E.A. Papy, 1859.
General Note: Editor: Charles Byrne, 1852-1853.
General Note: Published at Fernandina, Fla., 1858-1859.
General Note: Democratic campaign paper for the election of 1852.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002057493
oclc - 02705858
notis - AKP5519
lccn - sn 83016250
System ID: UF00054483:00124
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Succeeded by: East Floridian (Fernandina, Fla.)

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L --.. S
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__ _
-- ; '
-'J- : J_ I.l .. m-w.r___. _. .-_'__E 1.- ..,.- :J-J r'.-'l .& C; ;_ ,._ .' 7
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I :. tUB'. :v4OVi&r/ S I ." .-.-, '
*- .> tI .r-.x -- J.. _. .. -i ._." J --.5. .1 .
{" t ; '. rr.r .
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"jI: Dn1Ja*' gtjllM/a f irtift/ 1 1.j. .. .. .. .. I "...,;J '-. ''1.:.'t... t 04. ". j'C'_ _.' .I. ;. Th_ ;,.;', -r'. .. _) .. _. ', 'I' .. _..... ', "?i j 6lJt.tt: &5tllir "
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"" Ia' : T-- .! Ii", ..': ",. '... '... : .,,. : :.

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l"nuu.a k1'UT.1Yn'1II.'r. IJe&53flTilleDU1aI 3 :'L&. ". ) ,' -
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-.' r ; 1 r 5- ._. e. ( One JQrtoU'J pet't"of Iwelse IbM
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,. ; A--. .. _ ..
3F Roccro.m. | L1-Il .E- tT sIels In44O'1I lcsoet oes. t.
'. S ._ .. .-.w..nt'iiIeoa.
: nr Ji.n.1'fT .fa' : 1 ILt !''tll. j w.!& -. 1IISW .. _.

Ifis, i1viae, j. t -.5 It. 'i--. .tn IIcttr.t ttrIIt'tfU1UC! .pat"

.._x.paper dkcvntinneJ MIS aU arrear __ 1 ... |1. fur bet/re incest*. &ku"I aenitiar. npIu

f .t pgrt paid, ute, aL U-e iticflb. t \ t 1 1'.rrier t* oar tara
Uir-t.n. I.I.f the nqaitait.7 b. aceetaiIs

Zdityrfal ,Akfu r private bcntf.t ,t .-. aoI Zautt't with ts sdvetmiee.ta

total eUi;eJ 4 vertkrag. i iJT ,\ } tb IlalaLu e C iMlrtioGs njuisd$

AH rer5oo* notice 1Iill le Ineerted U axilkBMd untilfjrbid.aa Iu rv
pr lnito*',. >';t = tV Fne& iJir*_mb,tkary,d"
AU a4tni *aUe rwrsannl comm.maBS itt f 'oia&haaee '

will I* c1iarp M adtertvements. j I LYVS One *q jare for six nocUM, | tt9C8.
VA1 W:1': 0 Jub PrInting: ,tutu* If ,I Lejal rr otinr Baalaeis Cairds'
ytKJon ttic delivery of tic work. ptr'anaatsvr : ir r. ? 'r alGa)
.. I olee to Debtora.l Creditors 7 M
l :
rjJfAU: Icttrn on Lusiiws*, eommnctcatkcit .
I Appticatioa lit Letiin Ad- ,
be/ auto .
mart /> re- j 1! -- -- .

Ire ttntinn i-: --. ---. --::- U 1 .._-__-- -=. .- -'--- -- .. S.r S '. ________.____.-.-.._....---- zI1-% I, A pplwatioa soini.st.nLton.sxL'Zs,3I fur diiuiw.U u Admlni _
_._ !
-- ---- -'--' ,' tntor. 1. : : : : sa zs10Q3
. --
S -- -
-- -
VOL. m. I -


_._ .

LOOK AT THIS! I I 'S ,. miss : but the country is m tlanger. : her heart, as she 'wa 'already summoned i iI I nose,scratched his ears.scratched his whole :

drd' JMf1' I .' said the youn; man, who had already to the burning pilo when I '
a scout the
j hurt
gate finally cried out "Success
: tu131aster Wi5tdan[ For Sale
Half! I began to admire the fair Henrietta.
Kedurcd to alarm F
Fare one ( cry. Then by the tight of the torch- f SHinak {I" The tiw-jailor shadJcrud S i _
it is a grate question" remarked Mr. re, she plainly witnessed the at: I
fray, tmpl ring this pubF-c: demonsntiun.! What
"tnUeTsiareT" 17 \Tebtte T at mora than Jd 'I Baron 'and 1 uiuai ponder over it ; mean- bvr knees before mDA well known Plantation
( on. per cfhi i upon tLe wiinlow { could Matter blimak be but some l.w -I LOVE.YOU:" I J. ,
I life dallied with tho muses In 1325 he Lad i nlnle.nij sisU-r; will escort you lo the falls. that a heavenly ann would sustain' those'whom plodding: ftlloirtT1thout on the St. JoKo Siter, &led Ship Yard, I IeUntatnha
Cine I|I the mUfertcne j and! t lo the rock wli;.re l'ucabontauned the she loved well. any_further Who do you suppose sad: it ? S ; '(oar lawiml san! ttiy acres,'nonr *T
Ittail Stage to loss a eon, three year of age ; : eo | ado. he soized the n ilsmith by the cullar le *. Oa the
life of Captain Slailiu Al dinner time 1 No. SUo WAS very betulifut!, with her preiauc here U a fine ace dweUfef
j nwtwd Charier represented to bate povesjed a will give an ansW'u. j i ifurning dawned, and a boml le aecne'I and, escorting him\o the t towu-balldra: ; cheek of rose hue, and the curling auburn h l1M, with: every iwcesnry oat knuldia*; fr *

nnnnPICOLATA I< finjnUr attractireaefi of mini and character I I Rupert you Wyihley was a plenlcr'i' pI't'Sentctlltllelf around the house. There ged him into'a rro'w o'&ino ..lutking I tresses that the, wind sport with so gsllantly 1- !,I, large CioiiJy.J Tee Leads are mt rate baameck, _
young where St. John1 eleareJ about
: now stands- Uf luing1 chamber-before: scout ore JaIl evu, tat "1ace.I ,
even at that red-faced
I early age. On ,that occasion IIr.Vebiter near Janicetown, who, with a 1\.t'lll'rupor- 1 lud corpses in, the still attitud tiC death. gentk-i[ ; but she did nut **y u. Nut that OBkUaieJ: hammock for p
\ endued the fullowinj elation in a let. honed pvrsori.taud a manley countenance, j and tits,atrvxm man.kThis I bright creature,by 'wh. se .side, stands a I I ..flOILAeet.S
nearby was with : is su
tcr to kU wife :- |>of;essed a noll heart and a cultivated in. j blood tinged ,man A pScioni- chanctrr. be : lover, looking su tenderly those gturioual J ly,12tK 1356-tf. Jfki31vIt14T1, *.
j claimed. 'In the I first place, he has.,the ; Nor yet the ,
trllect. His
iJra yes. with
of femal dimpled
excellence I'I'i ,
, AND My ion, then wait my heart'* delight, had been formea upon an ideal nutdel of I The wounded wire cared fur,. the lr*'l audacity to. fear war j.i in the. next he sat ctmr b face, lifted to thrtnore mature. bat I SEA ISLAND
Thy rarrn of life was and : interred, .n" by dinner time the horror from till :
jay t-lierry ; seven half-past nine-twu wholo
vrfcction, in which he had blended the I innocently sweet features with
That mom Las rushed to rnddon of 'grin tinged war.' no Imigtr met the hours and) half without (
] a his
Augustine.Till night accomplishments of all the heroines of!I j I opening lips; the holy light of mother glryiag every ttonGin's;
Iby fatlirr' house if gad ant dreary. poetry and romance. Vain had been his eie. The last council tire t.f the Ind'an: and, finally be was impious enough to givea smile. .

PUBLIC U hereby infonntd that thL L search hitherto but ere h had been race at James River Fall was extinguished, j r public toast to acertam Master Sliuiak Then who da yon suppose said ft? subscriber :thankful for
hu. snEcieet cumber of nod lisht I 'ld thee on my lue, tny ron \ long I j I' and the few urviving descendants of that'terrible who in probably quite as suspicions 'character Wrong Nut THE .
with Henrietta again.
Drivers And kifi'd thee he imagined if her qualities tribe of I'acahontas tbat'Iy' wedded pat i iafernu Vis ptroas sal
tanlialCARBlAGE.S, rw d, cartful langhicg Liss'd the weeping; I began their .as himself. nii _
fmly\ resolved tu pife satisfaction, otherwise no Dut ab! thy little day it done, I of mind corresponded with her perI,j I funeral march towards the setting sun 'Wh* is this Sliinak 7" aikedtlio red months husband he whose has home for a few fleeting of fri ItO LLX1t that 1a.J GINS still carries on the maaaf. .
at the
sonal charms aptly called heaven lull usual
rtt onal Attention and Le Lad at length Jouud the ol pric Xxtra
will l eipected. Thou r't with i j I Success insure success. Had Bacon faced Boxes
thy luter gentleman. Brsahos
pay ic.
angel S ,
eer smiles and funtuUeJ when
tenderness and oft
tie Mail? Carriers will be paid to ciuureqiick : beau ideal of female perfection. repeatedvows required.
tare .r i i 1 b. defeated lie would "
eu have been P.epubr dune .
*hol as Nobody i indeed still the oo thoDOti. gad
a trmn-portaU-m "f Par'ng n and tbeir Tic ttaff, on wL'cb: or yean ibcold lean, : Mvannhilc! her brother had been !i I. traitor his king but the Viennese *' trembling flitting like birds of paradise in rainbow ,. TH02AS TA5CI.ntmiaUe
Alro of aU sorelyt ; no.r haughty (JUt former muter hori-
5L Atgnetine. an
from my
B to and troubled plumage where
I at heart the ; a white-tubed
;g'C I. by inviiatioa l i> pretty '
broken :
parlies directed to the Lin The ikk will be ere those yean come o'er me ; Governor rewarded 'him, and he was eat naiLmith, whom I served fuuryear.andwould being with AGENTS. S "I _

attentively cared f.,r. Ify funeral rites thou flionld'tt Late seen his ftllow-c'itizena. Like every truu \"Ir-I hailed by the Virginians as thrir defender.! be serjinj still, had hu wife iijt bunt the, girlish matronly air, glides a- FRASER TOOMSON; ch$' nton, s. c.
Cut thoa in jinian, he felt that his country wa in I neat kitchen making with her N. A. HARDES t CO.., Savannah. O.
r_n r. with lisjCT1 w ill' I" Jrgd.lt.60 art the tomli before me. I Marching to Jamestown, he forced the beaten me.
: .. 1.00 ger for death wa ravaging the lan-J under -!' Governor own hands the snowy brea'!. Wherewhenthe WALKER DA VIS, Cetterrillt, Os.
do without da to adopt new laws which .
colewas ImpossiUe ejaculated the fat red facedpvrsjnjpe.
nit LID. as a matter"f ercr e, nonests with Thou re a n't to me no Hc.I ttoif, tic hdeoiu lonn ol aavage cnit-lt}'.- '! completed! Jul, 4 1f.6-ome hundred ''It odious:shop is closed! h. can come i TUEO, IMRTKIDOS Jacksonville/IT:,

an the Mail B ; years tu a day beforethe. of .1' D. DKXTER '. -' '
congress the public toasts to Ouch people.! with Min-ral <
nnd rnd>>*. AUu with I Juhn her hand in his with Ssrinri
Wednesdays Washington had rove a pair of
Thou art my &ncesto-, my eon! proved cnt.rly *- United States. "AJO the hut I SOUS LKE White .
tht steamier AflLIMiTOX unLer upward and i I lb Declaration dou't know. what the customsare brovn over his -Dail Springs, '
And st.ind' in Heaven" accoutt the clJcit. insufficient, yet the Governor instead j jof I fiarned tLe eyes !, every httlo St. Mary*, Oct. 11, 1858.
tlewnard trijj from Lake Monroe. Will a'ro! cf.n- I by sate! meii of Virginia, bej lie:re. while stooping to snatch-a ,kis from the ]JIm J .
it i
adding 10 hid rebuked them fur kil- -
Met with nhaterer liuattcay I'I ly on the Liner St.J.kni j gan A ncn era in the history of u.cn'. The "If wished to TIIEO
1 yon give a toast why did red ,
On earth lot lips s close tu hid cheek. *.11ARTJIEDGC '
my was soonest ca t, ling t j>arty of chief, because it injured I Although t _

A liberal tuar uf pnUie patronaj;* u rcpe>.*.- Thy generation after wino the bcartr trade, of which he 'hud a mono | chill'itLeath of Hie century seventeenth in Virginia an I Bacon's was the you the Upper not drink a.id to Lo.ver cjiulitutiunal Danube liberty to he whimpers masiy times of love, yet this Commission and FcnrarJ5a
; rej : ana.ei cr kl love
vnHctlcd.Office Thou That you" was: not whispered then and
llv hut poly. an armed resistance i
thy predecessor tu the "
it. the Post OSieo. past| j k-rllio.i: with the corns Of1Jin; scene in to freedom of the pr j. ? there. TVi J-4: t-f C..l1ANT
''f1;H) Earlier if thine.I Indians was necessary, he did nut doubt j _
eternity 31ar
St Acgiirtiue, No :23, 1836-tf but the thought uf In laud and Carolina aud New E-igland: MAh' sir.. I cuuld nut learn all that in a A tired woman sits hashinj to sleep her .A1f
thon'.J hare it Wfvre thine eyes will of the l iug'rising* Governor arms againstthe rather i was the rally harbinger of American In- month." nestling babe. Beauty oucu made that face \VTiolesale and'Retail Dealers

ST. AUGUSTINE The rod tu Hearen, and ibowed it clean staggered him. I'j dependence.! But in three months daresay you radiant perhaps, but all that beauty has IS I-
j Ant 1 where was UcnnefU that mil be able tu I learn it well!!
AM I 1) But thou untAught rpring'st to the skies, At any way,' said h( to AVythley. as I{f !l.,} Ml.stf Not in the stately,ruoms of sturdy the Jauos. take'that man into enough. Master gone ed-the now. The blue eyes U dim and fad Groceries and Provisions, Domestic aad _

P.JCCT.AT.A.ii And lear'st thy leather I.ngerlng: here they cat cnjoung! their wine after duinvr |j uovernur but with the sisters of her'afnance Muster Janus again seized the custody.delinquent the whole eruW' covered expression U sorrowful Staple' Dry Good, Hardware. Crock- .
pale uitu
*l will to Jamestown and how lines of care- Saddlery Boots '
err and
gc see Shoes
I.e HB Sweet Scrajh, I: would learn of thee, ter stand. Let the news reach rue anat.1 ; of place tu such
I appropriated malefactor
And hasten to partake thy blias! sIngle white man ha been harmed by the sees three littLe gravesgre with as many Courpn..i matt article necessary for PIta .
horse in And oh! to thy world welcome royal protection ami a liable husband list I where hit had ample time tu consider why summers. Herbome w humble-ail 'use, and Mia and Lumber ,
ThnWEh (with change f ) me, J\lge!, and I will lead you n to \etige- I aui3t.ed very purpose
Three and a-ha'f llnurt. At Crtt 1 welcomed thee to tb:>. atCe. commission or no miui'lIIllolJ.' she dunng her terrible captivity, anSI i he was pat there. day she,has toiled, and the fainting spirit :?'" Ordar jrr.rmpt'y attended te, ml 3ttreaiditt -
now bvvved iu homage befurriherheari's The three months passed slowly enoughto almost! surrenders told ai price Mat
wiZ .
fatigue dovrncut .,
A Ion alonu, at the conclusion: of which compart *
Dear Aege!, thou art snfa in Heaven the fords;; I| loid. Soon they were married, aurf returned the nailsTcith. It was now the middle eyes trembled in tears-she it so bly itUh.Uiate ofSattvtiuA ChxrUsitm* .
FARE $2.00. were impassaLI.,ddaiwd }uj> rtVjtheya I to tIe: plantation which March. weary .1lavIngfitteI tbe half of UM _
Nathaniel Matter Jam up Brick
No prayers fur thee need more "Le made| > week with the liacons. lie I. BaI released his pruuer .*- And every nerve tingle when the boys Cay street, known Block ow
a the
Oh! let tby prayera for thoe be given well the I, cua gave his sister as a u\\'cr. Sum ; and the honest man determined tu come hungry from school,some with with extensive Vffiirf TTa&utgbn Stort*,
time for aaj
improved be !left. weeping W..IIotU.
&o not reduce thrrt we rfe in- ; eru clouds darke. ed their of the reform in his &oua _
I ) life
TnorGn. Who hare patiway at prove sentiments and and tera of datfoovi In
oft UcsteJ thy infant Lead. Henrietta acknowledged that she I sorrow that a mother must connection with his ot.
Omfort rMbrllg.n
anfi was now t agency
Fptul _
I tirst. (but lived
thry many yeats in a* i hei tby raise,in Master JanoN's opinion. hear.
fl mj f..u.r.borMecu.l rl toarlic: ..' the bat of difiiKcl.ncd to trcaiute the rich harvest per- FLORIDA, SiVAN'XAH AND
I oj CHAR-
My Father! I beheld tlieo lorn iVct hij' ; a* mortaU "Success to
patrsj cau and the
enjiy nor liberty Hungarian Anti after _
lisrqji rixl dn>f'. vnil tIe f-rtonul nttrntion ot of ailection which he laid at her fret. ; they are hushed with kisses LESION STEAM PACKET CO '
And led thy tottering wiUi Nay did ate ever lorgd, ill after ears in arms !r' cried he. Master Janus _
tlM< pn-prictur trill! tegiir: the line The public steps ra re ; she was rather to become > naritting'to stumbled or chiding, it u time_ tu get sapper furseven he will have '
murenpubhcan pecvltar dcOities
need not apprehend any delay ..f either pereun or nrvre mo risen to Ileiveo'.l.rl.bt morn, I htrgrAiid-chtlJreu the scentS of against the wall in pcechl.a. horror ; and hungry mouths and then tt for Ztetl-r'atf aad
her o accustomed Forwarding
tlsr1yp. Tb. inbucriber% (rccrntlr from Macon in feelings, and to admit j Her re. cue, to aid: For all,that dear at he recovered his equilibrium he Merchaadue and the shipment .f
Mr IOU my father! guide me tbcro.tlcet that Virginians be I my never-ending.,routine.of putting away -I Cotton: to which buiuesy partieolar atteatJoa
might capable j will
C.enrgia) having bad ride y ar eTperirnce in the I I your ciantL'atnt-r did not holJ the kinz'sCuWUlISiOtl tho astonished iiaiUmith. who when h>> and clearing] till the bd paid the shippers having: the choie .
". OIiD with cotiS JeBi.o aisurt the puUie, 'lI. Virgiuiau would act fur jthemselves. j had regained his terrified I Or CliftrlMton'Mark.LLthERALAUVANcp3-
tf.ct eatirractmc I passed and in vain did Nathaniel I senses, found at are wonders witu a.sign, if them .will .
We shall be "un hanT1 on lie arriral of every ( ([a Irs BJCOII Gu'cmur Berkley to abandon hiuiselt again in the narrow, ominous looking evercome all eternal rest for her.At .,- J ',

Beat. XKSON i DIDDLE. I i las scheme urge of detached forts and I Year* rolled on. The Old Dominion became chamber ; but now, instead ot toe red last she can .scat her weary limbs..in wilt 1>. mad on Cotton, 'and to lho who wuh (.

etA r!e Dee 1, ISWULI'LUOCE. ,I volunteer force organizea ( the leader in a brut movement, and faced. t.entUmaii ,stood before a lean the old ,corner rocking ,chair. The babe seU her v t higheis Market Pric will L*JaiL
of riti.wen.t last he The
: : j while the name of the Wyihlojs is re- black one who whrnhe understood the whose close new str-iow Estrgladt L.Jst Coxettor
I ,
.. Ifter( of erery Uuat oo the Hirer, and all KIO LOYALTY LOVC. I Kft Jau.estowu in despair and, ere going I tnambered by wany who visit the beauti-. charge against the prisoner without lies Li.eye fitfully to lullaby .dar{ will eomtnence. hr trips from this)
hu father
He U
ban tried dec C-2a home visit permitting Up. a plain wan wharf to Ssfacusb and Ctorlertoa!
a f I A TALK Or viaGixia.in paid a to where the j ( at J7oVvb:
Iit locality .of their i holies ,(.net; the_ condemned
Ke].ablican "y. rHbwter5 scene any explanation him that good father;with an honest face and brie: been built expressly for JIw Trade, staiar
were encamped ivf
( unapplied JJeai;
I the Autumn r JG74 : by'tLv edicts of Governor couirnttul-1 jV i ly Idaaghterj history 'sounds the to three months, imprisonment, informing great heart, that wouIJ, if it could take in be penotJaIallpenWa of Cipt. Cbxetteack ..
of .
i1ej recent : S
i hahlelnd .
| pra.ee rnseribes h.ra that b.:ic.furtli uuleu he wrshcJ to all the care and sorrow of his household. S! iviU$, mharlJ-5
'fo'Lc.\\'c Palatka i ai'.e: of IlscLinond was: dnided Intu two ing them to disperse The men .o went i fii* name inghlen lcttcrs'high the fare !
3. upon worse, he must exclaim "Success tu The babe With
I sleeps. a cud. geutle- MUTJCK.TTTHEKEA3 .
Ertry Mondny at 1 o'clock, A J/. and plantations belonging to Colonel UjplandNatban'a uu 11Aralkunder the command of (Rupert'Wythley architecture of or National l'a 1eon. tbe imperial armies, the great constitution ness he his mother
Liysit bojui
but he had learaed the on anda. oa the ant day
Itacun. the msn'lfj"ofth latter ; etc re- I j -, ,- and otg &of u.-
Jacksonville at 12 o'clock MeINLAND the one and powerful Austria And UM ruddy n.-!iltbt her VV pTasatjsai'theSaw Mil
plays over !
I careworn and
of the hoHema.t timber
standi'i; ; tiou what is now called Shoek4.C'O |tors sergeants a apI TIIC UNLUCKY NAILS JIITII the land
.llmlth of tbe
lJa having made three bey .ud late Beleehasse- Fuii
IIill. It of thun fine i jTuachrd at full gallop. Hiding ( I stepa eyes >iciily_ gro.vn lustrous and an, aiUaUd
was one oJ! I up In rout .ud his oa the St.John' .ad Xusaa
1': AS prison door was brought back t-j beaatifuL lie lifts his great. hand rivers ia the State
ROUTE: FORCHARLESTON mansion* patterned after the baronial halls I of the line hu checked his foaming steed. 1 JI-JD-HX jus CAST. softly of Poridawere tail ar public
i oofary
i 1 {I renew Ins captivity, anti la ponder over his till it rests u.i her shoulders he to Uw liIt.n
of U'd ElIgauJI.nd since unequalled and abound : I In Hungary towards the close of 1848 j as saysI : bidder for the parpen of elating said .
upon : fat up eoa
this continent. A *pciuti! hail! decorated .The .ata;es are at the falls of James I war was the, only theme, in vogue ; ill strange lure you, dear Mary 11'< cern, after due and le"-aivortiMsaent tWrteC
ANDSAVANNAH I [l'eat! tire word ** 'llje.thrce, months again pancd, and it Uow the poor heart leaps into iorclight And whereas alan at the said sale the
River anti undersigned-
with portraits. large |>arl nt, with furniture j k.llmg 4tmjering. Turn out, l..ace"fa." quite out of the
was some time in J unit that Master Janus anJ ret How vanish the > servicing partner, became the
I fuiiiion. porcbuer
The hottl filled cares mat of
[ GEO. carved oak, a dnng: : hall where a '>alta- turnout were with guests said MIT mill and
: I released hi. captive. Tbo. luau trod her soul timber Itn-J, ai a Hum coimderabfy
poor even upon very -
J !licn could banquet, and a I Inry wh a j Where are they ? asked Bacon, pale wuo fertile. I'Urposc ducusjing ute ti- his ri no wore below the Cnt cost pf tb.nua.this I
at olH1oor began LaI aotie1
Via ftmnndinn. Fla. ; tu oat remember ihe loiU wuhiu .
St. redeeming She
Mary _' reflects is to
bow wiidow: coinnun.iiig a J>it) jcct (.C with apprehension. orite tUll -uimial music was hcani from ; require the eieea'ora of the said John D.
Jlruntvictc aril Daricn. Gto, I : till : the words, 'Long Jive Prince Win i. not that the pretty babe, with itA CeUechaiw ,bls heirs
hid Lutuque niapiificeucc; t."fl[xc:ally when They tirst kil'cJ all at the mills, and iiiorn.ug n.jht- Eurjpean war waaprejannj. Icyilee*, widow, sad cay'
TIlE NEW AND SCFLRIUll STEAMEREvergiade then Tw. chgrau Success to glorious Austria !?' pink- a.sh.-d ,check agauist her breast, baa and aJl other persons interested the .
Autumn had touched tl.e C..ltae, with his camped; anrjnJ JUour* li>)jsc on the personage were sitting tugelUer ejtai ef
f cned he. Master Janos laid his hand worn her thread-bare said Jobs D. EeEecboije,. or the Ute
magic pencil. '1 he bright ICU let of the hill 'iller say it is IVnvhaun1 council b.'foiea small uble at the hotel upon patience Witu! iUemstant CeIIeehaM Jk Fiae fri.c
h his s'urJ a if tu himself ;, to cern forward
t > protect from tears and uarest.. 3ho within
nisj.Ie the trrp! crimson of the dowod. I grutin'I.: and no white man shall possess ,1 XayPipi One keeps s.Icnce the other 1: this incorrigible man. that the broth forgets i ninety day fron.the 4U of th *. praseot* aad

the lively jclloir of the! chesnnt, co.itrasted I it.1 listens tu him ; for one of these two personages "WWt !" wai burnt-that the caii-' I redeem the said mEl! anti LID s, by btxaasg tk-
demanded he
'was it dews teamed
not her that the line
strikingly with the deep e\crgrccn of And Miss Bacon!' eagerly inquired! !I seemed atteutivetcou..dvriiig the en broo and.i anha..r thereof' the same price cal oa ,th*
ough to imprison twice ? Have that limb her frame same term offered
you iu ached and bid
you every, with therefor
the cedar, pine and hemlock fcattcreJ W, thU-y. j probable or possble! taaso of his( cwpaniLul's t by tb*> us-
I. ?d. COXElTEl Urtnaundcr, ) Late of not yet'learned what tu say 1 Step in fatigue. dersigned at the time ciaZe, and in d.t an .t
the furest lielnw. the river I hear .they'd got a whitgal prisoner i bilencu, casting (comm time to time a :
through such
R. II. STEW UT. Mate, I the 'I her i" and fur the third time there was What any redemption by the- flat of February A.'
, L F. ROUX PuMtr. ) Carolina fuau.eJ over it* rocky bed to spread into a : aad meant to torture Lei in a lew day at scrutiii.zing look on his .countenance, intended the narrow chamber but instead of the were these in comparison with the P.1857, the undersigned wilt treat the said safe S S

lake like eiit-et, and w as dotted with small i a grand war tlanct.. to penetrate whatever dark project black ; steadfast love that had bunted tot eiguteen sa eoairmed by all parties in interest,

c The Ev-crglnClo island, whose shadows reached far down 'Bacon,' exclaimed Wythlej, 'Jo yon might be parsing within. The observant meagre red-faced individual gentleman before, .i.iYU again the years in the sun-light iiappinesjjthruu JOSEPH J'IY GA1f. S

k Wen VniUt hesitate ?' individual was .ua.derJanl whom our victim the cloud despair, .woeu beauty made ? nrvivin-r Partner.
%* under rpcctal superintendence into the earth-tinted tide.] now s, a police S

ber(Accrete xprculy for Uiii ruute, havicfelminy Nathaniel Bacon, the master of" he establishment .No no !11 Then raising his voice untilit c rp>ril and rice jailor of P\sth i and when crimes.-appeared- to answer. for hu. repeated her winning.. anti when the caarin of loveliness NOT BELLICHAS3B Fl. c.L\.

.pat__ __and__., _imprnred, .. pa ecnger, acrotnmoda-_. hale hunUome in trumpet tones over the CcU hutiua. we iafunu our nadcrs Ujathe ) ; had gone, and the freshness of .hervoutb 2nproposals _
was a and man rung occupied
.u '
Obstinate traitor1'! exclaimed! ,
".PO'CUVDIo .ill SiIIt. \n'rlmoa 1 ___.:_.., "":_-_,_._ r. _'__ ___ L _,._ "are dtrDjrttnl. iaraverVuaE caroJ stus -
thick black clear I ttns pjsuion uunng J1citem ch's
with moustache blackejta. la'IUUU.j. ne.u timcand
a "IIIII&.a aOlbly WI
and Earinnoh wIth the New York and aware ol tne extent oX
yon otyour nee ; fur otitsij her
Xertkern Steamen. Fre
ckarre.. For farther partica'ar apply to in England during the contuls'.vc; struggles can I ask you to fullow me tu the rescue he still retained his 'poition-un- do tu of many sorrows, whik suds words thnl- GR.lDISa'iD _
now, aa imprisonment tnree FCILVISHIXO
Ltd her whole: bowm. CSCM
JAMEJO'DEVALL, 1'aUtU. between the throne and the parlia- uf a bred sister ?' like the usual fate of the adherents a fallen munth.1 FOR on that of _

TI1KO IIARTRHMiE, Jackioorffle.COUFER luent, he believed that popular rights were A loud shout of 'Lead on !1' made the "y.tem-the will surely admit that be on' my own responsibility, you -1 love you, dear Mary !i" Road extending (rom portion SaataJfe tha RiTer'll rida to Cedar JUU
must to justice would
. A FKAfcER Sarannah. hearts of Bacon and beat the fas-uritcoffortune could be better up Ah you IlJlJ -marrieJ husband who Key-corns miles .
equal at least tu rojal un I. Not su with Wythley high not into seventy -are invited. Persia
g be cut
.n. WILLIAM probably
:: U 'T 1\\. Charleiton than wurqaar, as you exact every attention as a duty-how much d'po *d to contract eaa examine
it hursere the force- nitied the Master Jan- profile
Ins sister Henrietta who had passed a again ; nor was many ptis by same deserve /'' The aol ape-
I ;; unhappy man could
Nor j i' not would it coat yuu to make buute thus eiflcatioD at oar office at F.-' ., s. Ii
FOal'LOflhlADRCCT. winter with the Governor's family at was in motion. A braver set of men never 0$ can ,be denied that. the individual du than your -
S when she had learned hastened to the fray. The sun had set in opposite was as much persecuted by rejoice, in his extreme beautiful with all iu cares ? 1 tell >you I JOSJCPH FIXEtflJT CO.
Jamestnicn to rvnrcnce I F.maa.lIn Dee.
Through in 25to 30Hours. terror, at the mildii ja of the sentence. .Fb 9.1356. Jrfe.J 3sfS
1 one word of love wit loosed _
clouds behind! the and wo-xls the tickle goddess tbe "ther favored. great burdensfront
the uright divin1 of her *uv r- Ridge, grew aa. was What should have said 7

TUB 1.. S,)AIL eign. Her age at this time was about dim, as the Virginians, approached the This was obviuut. not only (rum the success to'.the republic you L soccer tUI'ITuIJl-: Why the :shoulders ul the toiling woman SAVAJTHAH- UEDICA1V .COLLEGErPHE *

eighteen, and although her form was not house of.their generaL. Scouts who, bad fact that he was'at. that moment the'oojecl tion !t' The pojr fellow promised faithfully you call wife For one little 'moment i regular coarse of Lectures to this last4

j what the y01upturyauld Lame\ called perfect been lent in advance to reconnoiter reported of Master Janos's .suspiaous 'glance these think how great trials aba took into ber I J. tuition will eotamence oath*first MONO AT
oA1th to remember and
A or her,face one that a sculptor would that there was aa citrenchmuit around but that he was in thatlucality All-that himself. things, resigned heart when aha married you. Then tenderly 1 in November next, and b*> eoa nnci .faettmt
patiently to the lease Month .
the within il'lDlth Vienna V.Dt.d clasp her baud, and as she looks with -rj aufcrs .
have chosen/or a model!,Jct'there was a house a huge council tire had a U apprentice from tad him of his dark abode. E. D. AKXOLD. 31. D.

THOMAS > SUKTIS Commander. winning exproston iu her eyes, and a gracein been .lighted exactly sunrise. It was wanJered into Hungary; of all places on During the ensuing'three months wonder-opened eyes say tuber in a low Praetie* TXedietaa.: -ProC Theory._ aM' ,

" WILL leavE Sentfcem wharf Charlettoa S.C. her movements, that enabled her 'tu evident no time'waa to be 10IIt. The mounted earth-a country where:the.craft u .carried had changed the good fortune everything and steady voice, not carelessly nor sportively P.U. KOLLOCK M. D.-Prof.OW-trice. '

; -reft 'J'na, at o'clock p. m.for JackeoovUle, charm aU who knew her. cavaliers, under. the command ofWythley. on whosesale at thii corner of every ufllasierJanus neither except time but earnestly' Diseases of Women and Children ,. :.
chance 5
JSce/ala Pilatfca, and ib* etual Landings the c ; nor lore 1" W.O.BULLOCH M. '
on ordered the you D.-Prof
to around village by Pnnfple sal
Wallschiaugipoies.' S
. 81 JoWi Hirer. At the time our story commence the sweep could succeed in him .
displacing Practice ,
as they f
Trust,me it will be to her ,and Sarjreryj )
to {.co
while Bacon Master Janos .
Gen bulk
' to thought led the Lad nut studied Levater joa, :
Freight for lUttk Creek taken ha"jUSt opened a letter from which a others. J
; aw.Blaf had su many lIe was still vice- "better than diamonds." O BOWLED 3L D.-Pr f.ef.& ....'
cater Madison Tsthhuee,St A_ m'tine,Oranj Here, brother Nat,' said she, is one of frowning silent brestwurk.Ottjthej !led him to conclude, after minute examination uow September ; the cailsmith's' penaltywas The. ,Tirentj-TalrJl. Rale oa Austrian -*<-.*, S

fcprtnj .Oca/a, Nieaaopy, end Trotp PUT.Beuniag His };scelleilc."J'. Icttcrituthe. privy council moved, with a cautious tread of the man's countenance, that some out and Master Janus called him Railroad, J.B RSAD.MJ).-Prof.iIaiiTd'aadlIa. l. *

:.' XicM v'elockTbvreday tke CanWma mornm/t wilt/ ,/.a.Pico/at IVafka at Elera at. tent Lack in good London print. unccrtaiu known as the to entrenchedfoe.whether. their coming But when was ounler hi bis head- TolutWn.rJ' scCtine was his turning chair forth. The pl .' countenance expressed Within all the Austrian. 'railway cars are Jnrifpradance.JOSEPH :, 3!. DPro of Md1.sI--:

eVock, and JacifuovUe .inday mmii>s a' Bacon"look the document, but as be tu ; con3equentlybedrw something unusually important; and displayed little red flags, which have beets Chemistry. .

Thee o'thekrrIvthg'at (taveston feme .y,. read a flush cam over his check. At they were within about twenty paces of nearer. and" broke the silence* no sooner did the jailor ''approach, than invented by tha truly paternal prudence of JOS. J.WE3T.1f.D-DelDODltla&or"iA- : -tds1.:

, .ig. lei-gth het2clainediflIfl angry toiu- the brcastwokhere,., came along from its Where do you coma from, sir, if I may cuing his hand, ho burst into tears.fcU the directors of the roads. A notice tony Hfe .
u Taw' Ixiatcoenettp, going sad returning. Hear how Governor Berkley closes hi.accounts whole tit a cloud of arrows, naking many presume to a7"! be inquired with a Master JU J. 0. HOWARD.JLDDeaa of ta. Faeolty.pt .
.' I. laid he sobbing up in the cars explains the DIrt .or' them .
with the Dai/y R&ilroad'TraiuI ; .
6th. 1S36-
with theOik '
1\sw a brave WaLl bite the dust. The scene glance-his companion.. ...
teaman on ,Tne dayi and Satordayt, and of us: I tell the gentleman that I humbly kiu his they are to be displayed by traveler .incase 5-
i Vn .i rtUadriptiaSt "'UtcerUecrji*" 41 thank God there are no free achoolioor I which followed is described uncut' deadly 'From Vienna _sighed the stranger, hand and wish from'tbe bottom of mj of any accident. The train ,will stop THE .

,r ry(rt>*r Tuesday and Saturday, piintinj:and 1 hope xte'shall not hare warfare, fur DQ.IOOn.rh&d the Virginians lr'oting to.hc. bottom jof his glass. heart success to the republic!" in eonsequence.'and help will be rendered. 'HIT-P

rreicatuMhipMdfree cf charge.rreirht __ any thcs hundred yean ; fur learning has reached the breastwork, than ,a jell 'And& what news from that city 7" As the hungry wolf! pounces on the Iamb Whoever, add, displays them unnecessarily BT SS55ET'TS ':

roo.n.4 00 JJonday, the 6tJa iaatva and was given aud the rude terrace swarmed Nothing-go- .
brought disobedience and herearj sets did Janus '
shall be
seize the
su once more nailsmith punubed according 10 Leprelcript.iou BOW for
open the accommodation TraraQtn '
*L'LAMTTOK co.,.Areot with warriors each bearing in his Nothing good J What bad then 3"'Was
into the world ard printing has divulged painted by the mowed collar;and indeed so shock of the twenty-third article of JL partie.!"Invalids w6owiUIndk a4n
13 enthsrucy. Wtarf
.;1. zoI them, and libels against ;the, best gcvernmeat. I!left baud bUzing: .lurch. and. .in .hisright, i i. feared.1 _- art w.I ttim'irnrthv. _iittnr__ : (hat,__ _mf'r__, V?!.<... regulations.! the comfort that W. country afford Tu Table
& & -- --- -- -- n. u -'-
| God keep us from votn i nina a war.ciuo.- springing mow ioof Wlt L 'IeirttIt.uliat: .audacity jiotr aaroIbcyfcarl" ging the prisoner into the" narrow ominous u II,nat. ,. ,M_ .L'uu_ _uuiiiauiucnt__!-t-----l i _n L isab" an___ .IUB" wilt I* f.naiahecl! With UJochokatd.r... "'lb .

t re" aid the fair their assailants,the dealt their acaaoB,whilst unremitting *L-Win lie; "
THK zcel1cut, 1 decl IOlaliet. looking room it was some time ere he provisions of twenty-third article 7-.
1T BTEA3ICBMADISON I I murderous blunt oiiallid, often thrust- "1 do not fear sir,'at thirty leagues' distance could cxplalm the circumstance to the IUD The notice does not tell, and this question topleaec, that sacee, might croWD my '
tt r.wG" .
: .
: 1 ExcrU"Dt !1Ao you tall tUt excellent, ting their burning* torches into the faces of : but once I heard from tbe cellar black gentleman who o ce'mur occupiedthe puzzled two Englishmen who badjust been swderai ISAAC G.tUAS03'_ .' .1 .

girl: I1 Vfny, have half a tnind to s4iutatIon !! mf the whites, who could nut use their firs how they were bombarding thcstreets.and" place of the fat red-faced one; and reading i it."Parbleu. Bay-Pert, IInun4 Co Pr

aDd remote to 'the Korth.Ab .' arms. co close was the eu<,untcr.' fuund nothing agreeable iu it. great was his surprise wbentbu individual! ," said one of them,.'there is a South Ftenda.llKCHKTT. ''clecl-UJ

CAn 'iflgs TCCKCJl brother'Nat, you would bare your 'OvUCd__a retrvat 1 I' shouted Gen.Bacon ; Master, Jauos', Tound, increased to reason instead of aeuUuong.the delinquent to be very simple way of finding out." ruc.'a' .f caAL 11'. jmowju,,,*
the brazen for heruijlved wake th'cman
aow'tnaVhiiiml Ulweea.BATrOUT If' only and in obcditaco to tru pethis suspicion; broken on the wheel merely awarded him What is that T' D1R
18 &osUily trip note frozen off, eten jou 50, among drink to this uET1d, ; DUsvl5c3'ATTORNEYS _
I and COLCiiBCS. FUiri 4&- the Manhattan Dutchmen, and-' men fell back. expecting come bjr three mouths more incarceration Let us display the flag at a venture and

leatet Hay-Purl the 3d and 19th Ceadu.OQtlai Here the laughing was Interrupted by .At that. moment, the 'cavaliers, under means ttpou the traces;of some dangerous On the 3rd of .November all who stop the tram." AT LAW, -." .

I.eejea Culnabiu: on the J2th and 26th ueachisthcuan.cUogsLC.4ar the entranced a stranger, who presented Wj tLley, charged through the savages. plot. .. i : had be:imprisoned 'for political 'offences No sooner said than done. Oar English Lw. S V t .,

Crtoaa and Ke* Wee*$teaimen.Key with[dec.I3lyrrBX Ute New a 'letter to Mr. ilacon. :Glancing at. the when they had paued, the infantry nastily At the second' pfcierjr! l head souk with were released from: confinement j among men put out, and laughed as they did it, I .Ageats.for-CIaIms'' :'

exterior introduced the newcomer: tobis formed into line, and poured fn m urderoasvolleys. .lo\I"y.b. and hi*_ tonguejtaored' others, tho t.lbiltu! Master" Janos the signal distress. The train was stopped 490,.SCVETTH.sTarxT, 54VASUINGTOi ,1.

aitsras Mr. lUiperl Wytbley.of Acco- lApin ecavalierwept through difficulty "NorlJr t, though" Master. opened tbe door the tra&rtiroata man stopped the people came running aDd'an ?

L:1nicr )lil1sntSGOJOO. ana breaking the teal,' ,read the con- their'painted rank,and'lI"'D.with' a cheer, .J 1001. falling'hnfgla'ts.filjcn .' hu.tnoath with hii handkerchief giv- ly. asked t ',&\Yhar&cc1dent ha*happened 7" ClrY .

awkteJ e4 kar a.lot of Ike above Mill iliac tclmt*. I the entrenchment was'stormed. JU ,the eo !-libertjr,!? ,he.eiclaimeJ t ,:.walj. iug the.humane jailor to -know by thispammtowimcthat.Jie "Ob.nothing the matter," said .theEnghiiftnan : TTTILI.|ifse&j War tV.CotniV aahiaC '
1 head'of.those'who first en tared the breastwork .. ing fur tbe naiUmilh.to-strike. gwsua.'rbe .- WV prowcBto, C1A1ma before
M hand whieh they will AU at tbc above .'! am bappj to see yOU,: said he, when I : would henceforth keep *w. wanted to know what several aa.l'
.pire irCA lL The Milk will grind IIosa bad the *t'1Idc..t&ud regret fighting-like demon, was' ,Rupert latter was,not Jong i itkresppjidiog- demoniftrsiions'to= himselfof the twenty-third article is"- 1.putmeida. ?"

7t; a.8Q to***)* per day 4nrea by Jteaa power be rersurd Wy tliley and (the'door uf the old mansion !line i invit&tiunati4 ;echoed tho 'word.; fjenl" ; 0b 'well shall be'satisfied.Intheflratpaeebe '- .
extraordinary coarse S -
touch to teruf ,wy you .
ar.4 treat 40 U 50 bushels driren by bona power be'rode toll with heavy heart '' as well as bi'thckediDz: tongue periBtttedY Cazrsth&-Saw tbu left S xtrcatjiczs, S *. .
M specie
up !
tfpfOMrtyfHUBptaBdMthcrekiMtpitBp Utkl ef, the Governor in dUbandiugrtlw Totiwteers. ,, ', '. good aa each of yon nOL J.Ktfsror U. S. 8. .
besawhisown marietta.Sneu wbeit tailor makes up hU mind. ,
Thai this time a to ten thakrs fine."
atop, wi to
sat fwreM { porchaae, Can it be possible : pay uA.LMaTTuLcI
be __4 tit tke fact .Awl'wLaIL aaj when the veils of ib* savages,nMoaud the; safe !, bank God she U tafe f be Jo.Nt1n'iitijo1: 'ii rn tq Ta toaitr i ;A T_af from ail aloianae shoeing.thejTol/ "Here it la," said EngUabraaa, .with Bo.L MaLLet, U-S. Snon. ....

W.lGGS A CO.. oust retire to their exclaimed aDd in an instant be bad reached :said the yice-JaUdr r t f ;".h :ii i--, i and c&angt of>thrf hooey-moon. the mist perfect stoicism. .E. C. CIBU&,ITeriSNotice. '

JalyU 56-tr. JacksoaTiue.L: Fla.. pliuntatkma woods) Virginians, there tu_ remain until they are. her side. and (he was clasped to- his lndUtI,J JaJD" WoJ*' to give. toaats. ,Ai>eii-made from a quill! that ,was:taken I .W.D, now get out of the car." Xirs., Diz. a Pzmz.LJ.N.A.Csjtr Yost .Irl-t Sn.J.

heart. ,J.f Inlydrnk'heiii. : 'Irons the wing:of a flying report S'Herewe anon,the ground." ,3"diakyD5

Smith &' Bradford.OLICITOB scalped'Jkbl P.Imfla4 lo'bear jroo4alk 6,' replied Par .Jimits! V n"not: permit as'to-portraythe Cauvj be social ;',drintjto a ybodyjoa" i I' Borne' of the timber' *'taken from-a- wreck S"All right. Noy stay,there till we. have -aI7.S-IZ'---- ,, ..

story uf her laipnsuniuVnu as alma parr consider the reatvst. man in:.the world. of fortune.A the of : -.f
pleasure meeting again. .
An'Onl' .AT IAWt Rupert Wythley/forJ); coma I whole world r1 'iaiJlniJth..feBf S ; .
the .
) .to. 'soar.aeeeptanco.CIl red1t Limit" night around the family heart 'j jstone. Mil repledthe hair from thedotad1sconse. : i Aud the train went off full steam:in the U"moM etalne ...
: expressly reqnest ., fr that, tie world was jerjr :j\'pillow; fur'the*bed*.of a;rites. :> A aaviat ast&st IU LtM
: IK C31XC717 1bta omnaf-GencrL Hers it' Is," face of the sheepish Enjlihn>en.< TnU 'tf of PeUr Puss, l .jtQ abr_ ttttnaatt&t fU.ym iri dJ :fir* juuMttcdf bmv* oeo'M Destined for(.,'sacrifice. ahe had'been'carefully large;and:thatbeluiew: J.5.Kut :erP 1ltU *abuutft. !1'tr 1 I 1IuIwbat 'Would'bo:. of most interest-tous '. th.twcnty.hivd artic1e..Wotzt.dei EtatsUpia. t.pmwit then rf ly, ..cr..an"1'i1e'

aUa 4_. U ag Uttoass swtnutaJautrests jr abet continent.' r"r.rr,1ImW" there aNon Bat .that a i 1hi.6 t worlrIurla fIe after .I. rd .
.. brotherto ] ItnfoCJ own room. of a'urge estate the'owner! : has been tIM/IIIV7 allmi.b&M .
t I x. *Ywo aarHy are not asking my 'night was'& bafe-witneasdd bert immolatiuni -' ;' 3 ia.'on'Sde 5-- 5 :. engaged m an iy'i1& t lor'* few cT.Lt3.: dLJ.trm an thalflliM'.oft to said at.&s Will,-auk* "isjjai. ..
Ovrernor Berkley
I & unarms against PrdTidtse lfeaJ.7Der .'l I 'f"sJuamit .. t _tao ilia**d.r1asf. 101Cnc,POU%
C.siitI3gst Oficf at ... A PiTlBQ hltr} ." J -- viiJty of Ji&.n..i 1. It. .
mle.! L c. ev.elNt
with (
ricU ft \ .
IyY-l wfll T,.*lie g.** $, ? 'tl -' ,;:. .olr 'S ; Al 'flt'
.;. .. '- -,".' ,. .
-S 'IIf 1 -'-'.'" ..-.--- == _' -za.-j.U.'" r =ii.-_ -S. S Wi -

LI __-

I Y ) -

.. .
( --4 -

1I1cr1cIft: Xt-m s. Xtei. z- Tlio Columbia South Carolinian; Antt-hviryP'hLianthropy. hcljxjd ninch to s-vi-H the crowami.gave! FINAL.,NOTICE.P1IE .

1t 1CtUSII ; culne&to us drapcd/in mourning. From The following from the last arrival from, to the extended'pisin! { of the harbor,covered -* subscriber having relinqaUboa the Metfe

-j A trail supjiosed lo have been JEST The Steamer Texas wl.lh Failed Jamlaca, .. A Vith people, quite a gals day sipearanee. | JL of MedWnfl respeetfaliy Under*bb tfawkt
Its isaraphic"a1iJ comment >
editorial columns.we extract the foliosvi pregnant fur theyean iftanUeUlwii
mule mnay. ef ,hi .f/Ma4fur
by Some eight or ten !Indians, wa* from New Orleans on the 28lh ulL lookout Person were cn 'in every Uircc-,
liscove'red, by Lt. Mnody of Capt. W. H. g cloi'ient and .touching eulo ium upmo. upon the results of Abolitionism, : tim> wending their way over tie icej many those pastT who amIn'lbI

JACKSONVILLE : Ccndrick's Company, one day this week 400 men and a large amount of, arms e whose character'and memory will be with-all the efTorts'in( its ftvor'of the with the idea cxtendhTSjthelr ti it epett account, btr woaM reipeetfaUy to hun, Vy not or

near Fort Arbuckle. Lt. Mcwdy was pn a and ammunition: the:assistance" of' 'Gen..Walker. fondly chcnshed by every Ate Southern pseudo-philanthropists, in one of the* mestt to lie Castle, or some other: propiinenlp tottleuient bj thejlr/ Monday Lt Afarc&er request suit a.

scout, with*a small detachment; and itunudittely "'. hearts :' fertile-an.1 [prosporoi3 ur'theIriLish Colitonies. int for the satiiTactron of ikjing they will be' commented .indi<*nmra Uly j after thIs
SATOHtAY, FED; 7, 1857.r. [ sttrted'in )>iiruit._Capt. Ken- Vis had accomplice-i the fear. Almost all day bid Book. ?, A*. wit bo ia the faaais(,aAttorney.
drick. with l him. Slmucf Death IIon Preston S. Drookj.Thij Wfl copy frotn the Falmoath (Jam*
tentuen.jijrtcrwansjoine< Ticci ,F oiuoi. _Capaif] > cLisseyereatti'mctm), to the* *c ?nc. and During the sbtisvot- bdin.evibereira

rp. AKPKKV E. Lorn If and it i!* probable hat. erp this the "rcd- Somers .recenik,killed ear.hus residence noble sptrifeJ ,and gallant son of aica) Jl'ust ot JaiiuiVy 10 ; i. rf&fjies'ventured to aatlsff their cnriositbyV weeks) Jir*. Holland wit rcrrfct for mimics( i Mil.ft w.
our uthrrI.efAgent fk'iii" hart. teen chastised for their temery. ..Five luve resided far wait element." 1JKNBT I .
genilememvwbu >
forobUining SnV cripTl B$ami' AdrertiiutMf oh the"river St. John 'an old tigres and South Carolina is.nm more The aria that over lire frozen HOLLAND,M/D.
of*, *n] collecting an wonies doe this oEce ia .-Peninsular 31i J &V&flb&b c1oor two half-grown tigers. Ho also came] insight State, ia rigid, in death-!the voice in its social and jiotitical conditioir, luve ; THE CAMELS; AT WoRK..--T] e San AntonWJime -
Indian ?(ErITl.' of the old male several times ad.lrossoti Mr: : A tarn of money, wMcti tin
: Mr )f. It..ftt : Tocto i oir ft'UtbDrlzeif agent __ tiger that spoke the |patriotic I impulses of his a letter n\brjahjre; the. ; pay:' 'FOUND by proymj property and owner

Orange Sprinji, FU. The last news from thc.uppjrStJohns .but! was afraid to shoot at him., The tigress true and generous nature is still-and the Secretary of State for,the Colonies, tlirvct? I Tli/i carnfU, r'wentjr-tw\Jln nnth rj-haTr fur this advertbuMut.Apply ua board Steaiaer pijin;

i i' to the effect that Indiana are suppose Jto raeasured eleven feet sir: inches from the pulsations of hiS manly9 heart have ccasod. ing his atteiUkia lo cortaitr st? ;e&tiais fjustpassetl through our city, lofttfed with Carolina. P.1 l>7-3t
be concentrated in coii'iderablc force.; lie lies in- the cil! J embrace of the.greatftonqucrcr which they offer- with.the object ,inr tiew"
about 600 lbs. eachrclnrning to thtlrplacc"of
Fl n c. tip of his no. e t in the Swamps about New Smyrna. Capt. tint of arrtstinsf'tlie wide spread and annutil- New York
of ;all is human. In the rftidezv1oin' wiich i is *orne8v* nty mile Agency Hoard.'ofUnderwriters.
About 10 < fcf.! ckoit Ta't Thtirsilaj- night Bullock's Company has moved a pos'utiori it i id supposed would .have, weighed three vi;orofripo maahood- tho midst of increasing; distress which oviiP shadow from herek There.are, driiiet.ulinie"* a.L4c -

the cry ul! fare was heard In our mi.ltand, to interrupt the Indiana, while Slidtlou or four hundred pounds. \ > usefulness, an 1 i-njoying the high hon. rY the entire populations, and bat sunk a lar eportiouof with them and seated orr thetop of these .
'to tho consternation of llic Inhabitants It ,"with a Company is tt k make a demonstration to which bin .pofition entitled him, ho has thuinbibiUnts into actual, d stitution. camels and i1romet1ariea/ are Arabs and pAPTAINS other, are' yicleU U PILOTS all Maria, aniW

fua$ siKin tJcertameil that the dwelling in the nar. where the Indians r' Mathias Andrew has been ap fallen in lie services of his State and coaii- .-'. Trie gcntlemoii vrlimo names Turk drcsse4 iii. -theittown -Custumcs, voftheifown .D15251c74 i ( tth 'undersigned epor **

(house of f Mr. Holmes arc* supposed- be located.-JVaionalDemocrat. pointed by the.President collector of the try.. are attache i to.the letter are, Mr: Cliitty. count ry. Texas is a great country Septl.I, I&S-tf 0. C. GIBBS;- _
Henry situated on By an inscrutable Providence the fiat one of.ihc Iatcclmlrinei of Quarter S'-s- Agent NY.EoarJ'of Underwrite
and San Antonia is city.
customs at St. Augustine-, Flu'rida/tice __, .
the \TPI end of the town, was in flames had gone forth, that the hand of disease sions who has retim-etlon a pens-i >;> MrPmhock < Republican copy. : /..

Ej4 notwithstanding exert-on was made U|' River News. Paul Arnaa.TesigneJ. should cltitcli liinvilh: his rising honor.-, a Kingston merchant-Mr. Phi- SPECIAL SOT ICE.OPfSIGN'S ROYAh HAVANA: .LorrERy.NOTLCg .

a by the firemen and citizens We learned by the arrival of the sfenm. anti the grasp of death has snatched him neat Abrahau, the senior pirtner in tie! I -
generaly to er Darlington l lat night, that Capt. But; 5 7 The LonJoit Times estimate the suddenly from the councils of tho confederacy. firm of I'. Abraham and Co., of Fal mouth Ol' TIlE PRESS. :

Dceie the house from the devourin" flames locks' Company had returned fr .m a scout total p 'pulatid'i of the Br tish il inds on But a few short days, and his handsoine -Mr. Hodgson, the chaplain of the General Wo take pleasure referria; to tb? Tirtue of YOUR: attention is called to the eh-i <; whieb"

J it was entirely consumed. The fire is attributed without finding Indians or any late signs the 1st of Jan.-1357, at3O.OO)3. form was seen in its place, expounding Penitentiary-and -Jlr. %'ail py. a sdfcilor Davis- Pain KilTer,. TVe liavc m4 the article of.Hav. place i iewrue'InrtSo ScbeiutfUTtb! Boy.
Lottery ***, | 4 to be the work of an incendiary.! of them.-Il>. the principles of the goxennnent. and and nephew of our late Chief Justice, and focal :it valuable The sale of this article in fur Ticket*,hnvuig sxcaioJo'i tbeiquanlUy iaU-

,; Great are the mysteries of the lucidly explaining the views of his party Sir Joshua, It-,we. They state that the tha Unrted State fa bejonj allj precciUat as the To remedy Ibis, to* Ticket*have been iacreoMj.fr

: STEAM MAIL SRRVICI2 IV TUG J&3S": Gen..Harney was at Fort Myers ocean. It cost more now to send an oiincoof and section on a point of ditBculty-and condition of the colony U at the lowest books of'the office will how.-[Cincinnati Com iu''21oOO to 75.000; ood th amoanl oC Prhts

GUM'. on the 29th ult. paper to Europe than it docs to send a with such truthful clearness as to extort possible point, short universal bankruptcy mercial. from 1235,000 to 3300,000.tn the present Schem*
We barrel of flour. and ruin that real estate has -, there will be DO wniSter Prize than 410J.
hare been kindly permitted to from thoso opposed to him the admiration no mar '
pubPsb Davis' Vegetable Pain Killer.-'We first heard The next dnnrirgj will (ike1place on the 14ta'
the following letter from the Hon. MriJfalee 2J Cnpt Carter's Company of due to true principle. Now he rests lit ket value-that dwelling houses are gradually February' los particulars ..odTcitUnienC'in
3They have been expoitinsc the and with difficulty of this medicine daring ft yisit to the New England set
j the silent decaying, money can -, lt&S
: anther column
Miti3tC4I'o1tntecrM arrived this grave.
to a gentleman in this town, by'which last. will at be place, present year at the rate of 35.000.COO feet An attack of acute inflammation of the be raised, even in return for personal State*, and being struck with the noveltj Charleston, Fcb.J, 1356/ "
on Thursday They soon received __
it will bo that the from Savannah Ga. of the title were induced to make some Inquiry --.'_J *
wen steam mail into the United States service.Peninsular. .- of lumber windpipe, (laryngitis.) most dangerous property-the most of the necessary ai- 1- L L !
line from New Orleans to Key West will d.sea, had for several days been present tides for consumption are imported from about it; and we were turpriiied to learn that it Paper Hangings"

be shortly renewed. This will be gratifying DEATH or AN Ex.SEAToa.-hInn. Samuel with him, but the criais had seemed past, limo United States, while the natural products was kept constantly in the house.* of raosl of the QfY 1 ROLLS of Pa.r Ugings.Inefg

the i- I" of the unsettled Prentiss, Judge of the United States and his anxious fiiendi were just congratulating are neglected-aud that the money innabitants uf the cities and villages "whero we OyU 1111 ittykf, Oak; Grain,, common and'

intelligence to inhabitants of the state of the consequence the Commissioners District Court of Vermont and for him on his relief, when in"a moment capital of the country is drained, in the itoppo, to be oial ia cue of lad Jen attacks of Satin Koom' Paper,'Window Paper,*le., la.feb7 .
whole Gulf coast of Florida and it is country, Cinnty many for sale ly SAMU .L LLT3.'i .
of absence of of trade.
for Hillsboniuxh Co., have determined of that State in the in the twinkling of an eye, the last any exchange They pain, bum, scald, .%e., and we heard it spoken
much importance to the whole! State : years a representative was sounded which caused his gallant add, that the industrial condition of the inhabitants both
to have no nulilic Kohoola for the trump of in terms of high commaai by druggist 'i Blankets. .
Senate of the United States, died at Montpelicr is at the lowest ebb, and that .
spirit to leave its earthly tenement '
%'AsuIycroN fiscal ending the 1st March next. 16. and pbysicianj.-[Philadelphia Eftgto.
Jan. 23d 1857. year FINE assortmcnt.of
on Thursday last. and before his God their moral and social condition is not a A WhiteBIanket., (br Ie'cheap
appear D-ITU' 'Pain Killer. It is real -
lIr DEAR Perry a piQas fur c.ish By'j -
SIR : Yon wi'l be gratified to whit elevated. Ful mouth. Post.
bud the mournful event which has de- more -
learn that the Postmaster General z-: Company 1. 4th. Arl'y. will be u are to us to speck favorably of thU article known '* T SAMCKL ELLI3,
FATHER MATHCW'S FUXF.RAT. The pmed time State and the South of such a _
ico-eJ! for received on the 1st prox., from Alafia to np almost universally be a goal an] safe remedy
a contract the renewal of the Dispersion of the Prrscut Administration.
terrible the blow that strikes
further south in funeral of Father Mathew in Cork was champion- Rubber
int fifty miles compliance Belting;
steamer( scrrice between New Orleans and for burns and other piaa of the body. II U valuable
the idol of his that
Key West, touching at the usual intcrmc with an order from Gen'l. lIarney.-/6. attended by fifty thousand people and the down wail of anguish fatuity from -the widowed bringsIho A Washington letter says : not only for coldj in the winter, but for FOR Saw rse Power MIls,and Sugar Stationary Mills, Cotton Gin*.

diate points. bishop and seventy priests officiated in various summer complaint?, and should be in Easiness* ilj
Arrested. heart-that tears from the declining \ears "[he members of tho present adminij- Rubber. Pocking,for sale by-
Tljo service will commence as soon as church of a fond mother the stiff upon which bile every family. The casualty which demand it, SAMUEL EtLI.
Sheriff Micklcr arrested, on the2! inst., t rat ion are making their arrangements for
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practicable. unawares.-Cmristian Advoeite. Agent ft-r the Bos en
Iean"d. and makes his children orphans.The may come Belting Co.
withdrawal after the 4th of March. is
n man supposed to be the same It i
Yours young -
Rtsp'ly, YORK Jan. 30th. -The steamer of all who Molicine.-The sales thatremara-
NEW revere Valuable
sincere sympathy
that the President
who is advertisvd in the Sentinal as have- probable will remain Carpeting.
D. L. YULEE. ing stolen a mule in Henry County, Ala Tennessee sailed yesterday with 250 recruits what i is elevated an I pure in principle, is here until toe middle of March, and then ble and truly valuable preparation, Perry Davu' ,LL- Wotl, Half Wool and llenmp Sarpetlar'

Brig. General Harney, command bama. His appearance correspond* pre in fine spirit, en-route to join Gen. with them in their irreparable bereave visit Cuba for a month or more. Mr?. P-iin Killer, ia constantly and rapidly increasing .6 remnants of Three Ply'aua !..- iatWetluj

ing the U. S. forces in Florida has issued cisely wilh the description ; and. which.C' Walker's army and fortunes. ment. Pierce's health has always been feeble and During the post year the demand fur this gieit I'laitt, Velrot and Tapestry; Rap, White sn4
>upcd! with the circumstances of his com- The same paper says : her physicians advice against the sudded remedy has been altogether unprecedented. Mattings, Drujget,' Floor and euir O I

a requisition far three companies of foot lug am. ; us. would seem to make out z- The explanation of the engagement Upon iho reception of the melancholy intelligence change from this climate to that of New Scarcely a week passes by, during which we do Cloths turoRjoimor, Door Mitts(fet7).Ao. Fer SAMCEL a te tt the ELLIS.FurnU

volunteers. These will be received Into quite a clear case. His name.as registered of American forces in the renewed hos- by telegraph, of the death tat l the England in the priu owing to a pulmonary not bear of sums roinirktbto! CUM having been

the service for a terra of six months, unlctstxxjer a the hotel, i is different from the one on the late Preston S. Brooks, time Mayor of the tendency. Thr family are much urged perf-jrinflJ. winhin the ctnle of our acqnanUiue, Books and Valentines for 1857i

discharged. way bill ; and, upon being interrogated ho Pities' at Canton, is that the Chinese hay city immediately ordered the great bell to to make a tour of the Southern States by the usa of"Perry DavU' Paiu KUler."-[Prov.Oen. .

confessed that his real name WAS not Brown. ing offered a prize for the heads of the be tolled, in respect to h s memory.We but Mrs. Pierce has invariably shrunk AdvertUer. milE fotlowin; Btsks cxn be hal by Madtnj la
but Whcelwr. He was committed to jiilby learn also that the exercises of the from the demonstrationi that would necessarily i. the old established Bx>!4 anic! Pwtnre pub
.DEDUCTION OP POSTAGE English some of the American heads were Sold by all Dealers In Medicines.COMMERCIAL. usher, and 1 wdald invite actentinu
TO SPAIN.We the Sheriff, until the question of identity sent in by mistake. South Carolina College were suspended, attend such movements and thce very large and peculiar a s your rtineat, oTVALE.N-U my

arc requested to state says the Wash is determined.-Advertiser, and the chapel bell give forth the mournful invitations will hardly bu accepteJ."Mr. : RECORD. TINES for 1537, of every h.ipe .uid cIot-jcrioas -

tone which signified the dejarltiro t-f Marcy is established so comfortably lotiri merry qtizstaf,or tcmptiu,;,ajjoa
ingttm Union that in of J z- Lieut. hlarttcin. and the officer
consequence a reduction Tfeathcr-Health. ; one whose memory the whole Stale will in the west end that he will probably may w .t--from 'I't coaU upwafli Da.scnb
In the French transit rate let and crew of the Resolute, arrived at New CHARLESTON, Jan. 31. what wish, ant eaclorc the
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We have hsd no coM weather here of reverence memory quarter
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ters forarcd from the United Kingdom after the 4th of March especially as his In LONG COTIOXS we have no mate? *! go give you worth uf y nr mon
siiice the 18th and 19lh nIt I have them
cnnscqucnec Lieut. II. reports immediately for duty at ey. -it Si euIm. .Miulal to
through France, t< Spain, the pjstago between which were days long to bo remembered. the Navy lard.T The Death of JuJc Aiidersou.On former residence at Albany has been recently change to report; the traiuae'.IoEshavo: b.-tn-o a address oa receipt of amount any'

the United States and Spain vi iaI The thermometer stood at different places 18th the sold. Mr Guthrio's establishment moderate extent onTy, on account of the jjcteral Book Courting, SO 12

I and in town at 10 and 12 degrees ibove The Alms house for the insane, at Sunday morning. inst., in Louisville has been kept oren during firm and full price kcdby holders. The mar Valentine Letter Writer, 12c to 5Q
England France, will bo hereafter as zero-the coldest weather ever experienced Danvers. Mas was burnt on Sunday community was shocked by the announcement his stay here, and will bo ventilated early ket is otherwise well supplied, esei't with Mid Fortune Telling- Books, 0 1'i

follows-prepay mrnt compulsory : in Tallahassee. We fee by the Patriot that 'a-t. Two female, pati.-nts were burnt of iho death of HON-. WALKER ANDsltsoN in March for his reception. Mr. McClel dling qualities, which are more scarce that other Work* of Paul Je Kx-k's:
who confined the Gustarinj, the Dun Juan of Fr 0
though long to >n-e 2S
On a letter not exceeding the of cold Marianna W. land like a sensible of business will <
a quarter degree at Fla., to death. hcu and illness man mdes. We quote Common to Gool Flur'd is at Love among Rusts, or Mcltia, Moaients, 0 23
of e by lingering painful; expired
.1 *4 abeve an ounce 37 eect was about the sauie, accompanied with without the go at once back to his profession. Mr. 20u33o.; Common Fine and Fine 32a33 and tip- Venus' Album, with several colored! pUtei, 0 75

balfan a quarter ounce and not exceeJing -43 slight snow. But with us the weather docs F; The sentence of the Court Mar suddenly acute disolu-symp- Davis alter attending the executive session warts ; Gcolilaiccs and Santees from 40a50; fanny Grcely, the Freeluve Sister, 0 2>
to be fettled. The turns premonitory approaching of the Senate to which he is elected And thirty other varieties of this spicy irriter
** not early -
.l-ove appear part tial the Commander of
)Lalf in of Rowan
an ounce and not excce ca< tion. A native Virginia but for Middling Fine lo Fine Sea I''amli 45 63; and works. .
of last week was as mild but many will visit Mississippi and settle down into
Ing of as spring, on ,
SO has
three-quarters anounac the Naval Asylum near Philadelphia resident of this state ADEKM We estimate sales of the week abou? Playing curls, ___
a years a Judge \- upwards.
alore three quarters of an ounce Friday afternoon the wind suddenly shifted been the Department. a hacknicd member ot Congress. Mr.
anl approved by Navy >\ was ever one outs most prominent 400 b'e -received i is same time 1,343 bales and Flashy Songster, 1 OO
not exceeding an ounce 66 round to the N. E. and blew up a cold Dobby entertains the purpose of seeking a
and he has been officially notified that he Cousin Cicily, rich iJ.ite., 1 2S
an.i! shed citizens
and heavy rain. The result is, that these is cashiered. dUtingu -for a time genial climate to recruit his health, which exported G15 bal ex; remaIning on ship not clear- Lady in Flesh Colored Tights, ,0 2i'

AcICNOWLtDG} M EXT.-We are indtbted sudden changes, or some other cause, have tilling time office of (Chief Justice of the Supreme has sufl'ered: seriously by his labors here. 761 bales. And some rare Hooka at J J. i I, ant J5. '

to the kindness of the Purser of steamer gentrattd a good deal of sickness in our 5JT We see it stated that the cost of Court. A Chii.-tian gentleman, a Mr. Campbell will return imaiudiutely to GRAIN-\Ve were,during the past week with Ready Reckoner, a cumpluto Arithiu-Uic, 0 2i
lawyer eminent, ability, and ever foremost Coxing Explained and Taught, 0 IX
community and some of it. we regret to Philadelphia. out any arrivals of Corn or.OaU by water; but
Carolina for favor the right of way of the Charleston and in the advocacy of measures of gen Speaker aal Stump Sponter's Book, a True
learn, of -evere and protracted character.As by railroad about,6000 bushels! of the former, of Guide to Elocution and Public
Savannah railroad for ten miles out from eral weal, his mem-.ry demands no eulogy Bound Spe.vkinj, } 00Tbu
If of to the nu-ar-lrs. they have literally Starry Somebody.A Western and mixed quality, were received and Art of Acting, with full directions about
readers desire
J 2 our tta&c
the hands of the for
any taken poseMon of the town. The weather Charleston has been 3.740 per mile, or at piblic journalist, young couple! from Southern Illinois, stored. The article i is of very slow sale, at 87 12cnU Stage Dress, 0 20

a good liteary paper we would advise charged with so many of the ills tw which more than 30,000 ; near as much as -has his IV. name r\ Times.and character lannliir to all. or Egypt, came to the city the other d>iy per bushel, weight of bags included, being Genentive Organs, with colored plat us,, 1 00
them to subscribe to the have thi. for the avowed hitched Warriaje Guide, do, 1 JO
"Message flesh is heir to. not produced purpose petting
been paid for the entire right of way on the asking price of holders, And 50 varieties of Ilig'airaj- Catalogue",
Bird,*' published monthly at Waynesrillc. nalady, but its severity has no doubt *cioutly road in the State. together in the traces matrimony. The FLOUR. The general tone of ths market is of Pirate. Song, Medical and Picture Btokt.

Warren Co., Ohio, by J. W. Roberts, at tended to nggrevate and protract any TELEGRAPHIC J'IJUS. bride was a full-grown, red-cheeked san- it dull and depr ssel character. The soc&is accumulating My Picture Gallery U replete with Li!I the usual
the disease. There is a tendency in all dyhaired! nui 'e with a well develop d variety. .
50 cts. per annuuij prospectus of which we df; A meeting of the Louisiana sugar Ashore. whilo the principal daman u confined fur Bath colors
he Cases to pine and linger, und sonic of : Steamer bust, and a foot like the Cincinnati platform Lady Preparing 0 23
publish in another column. planters took place at Baton Rogue recently to bakers and the city trade, who buy bujS Almanacks, Pocket iariej. --
hem among grown persons, have been severe. NEW Yont, Jan. 29.-The steamer -board enough to cover the whole rrA
at v hich resolutions were pased depreca'tinjj aringly. IIulJe oevortLIess, continue to ask large assortment of Letter,and Tota.Pjper,,
Her six feet and
We lia\c suffered same in this of- ashore at Nantucket has silo wheels. She country. gallant was an (
A NEW GVAXO ISLAND.-The, Washington ice-our foreman prcftsniaii. roller boy, all the reduction of the sugar du appears| to be about 2.000 tons burthen Inch, with a fist like a sledge hammer and firm p L-cs-which, incur last, we quoted 94a418fr Envelopes,desiring at low prkctPersons answers should enclose two 3

.correspondent n *. of the New York Herald hands of u\ indeed-except ourself, have ties. and is apparently a foreign vessel. a shock of hair like the remains of a small! sacks and tS 1-Sail 1-4 for barrels super cent stainpr. Address,

sayi ; been 1)rtracted with this or some other hurricane. Ho wa* rather verdant to be gi>od and extra brand. a3 WATSON,
Mr; Gowcn called Marcy lifcasc since: the commencement of the JJ37" Mr. P. T. Bsruum is said to be further by the Illinois-Walker's Condilioii 8. far from home ; but as love can tnnsmiprify HAMS-Are onchtngei, and may be quoted Of 76 Camp Street' ErooklynT'X.Yie
upon in London from
dangerously ill a severe in
new 1'eru--IJuslncsslu an oyster into a Avrurdffch, it was at from 11 l-2a5.
to day, and deposited the necessary attack of plnrisy. t'atllorula.Tli FROSPECTCS FOR 1337 OF TIIE '
bonds and authenticated documrnt in accordance But our misfortun- not come singly working wonders in the enamored Sucker LARD.-We have been aqprfead of any wholesale
others have aufiered and -) steamer Thames which arrived at lie with his intended
are suffering at a
"put ,
with the law past last session Two hundred and thirty-five officer transactions. For small lot,prices ef Tennessee
complaint *ccins to be common to all famiies )C.C Aspimvall iroiu Grey town, previous to the boarding house up town, and immediately TOE MESSACK: BIRD is a nonthly periodical of
Guano Island
having a have within the range from 12I-2al'barrsjand keg*,
-the nit asles especially is no respecter of the army resigned ailin<; cf the Illinois brought thirty five started to get a shave, anil! justice of the eight large three-column pages to the number
Sutnburo, containing over nix million ton of persons-old and young are alike its last ten years, to seek civil employment. of Walker's men. They were immediate peace. The barber took oft his wiry beard MOLASSES.-Cuba Clayed, of the new crop,, aud is devoted: to Pure and,Elegant Litera-i'
within eight days sad of New York. The continues firm, at 47a43-the retailing price of ture, Letters, llintoricaland Biographical: 6'ietoht& -
transferred to the Granada which left
'ictiins. Nor in disease local to our own ly in short order and gently hinted that he
informed him that the Stories of tLe Frontires
flovcrnment Life of
Secretary ,
six in Louisville.
z. There arc women jobbexs. New Orleans is field firm at 77a73with
for town to to New Orleane ,
would protect him in its occupation Community. We feee in many of our exchanges of Grey convey wanted shampooning. Indian Legends and Wars; XAralive oC.. Jyen-
with its excuses for their fchurt-coruings on Kentucky, under sentence imprisonment the filibusters brought by the Texas and! Sham what?" said the Illinoisan-never very sluw"sales.. tures. Miscellaneous and liumorons Articles'

strong arm. account of sickness. in the penitentiary. James Adser. bavin* heard the term used before. On SALT.-A-cargo of 6,603 sac5. Liverpool -It- Will.--. Kdt AtAVfliAlI--- }.-fk a-MJt.-lV. tflflA' -n<..I AinlA.VaShflM _

Tin CABINET.-The Mississippian of The weather has moderated since Fri Walker had evacuated Rims and was at being told what shampooning meant he Coarse arrived since our last, sold at 70c. We ly adamtVd to thei.omecirclc -

January 22. published the fullowingextract day, and we hope for better times, thought zJacob 1.Ittleof, New York city St. George surrounded by the allies. Hid consented to under* the operation. His quote re-sales from on board, auj store lot, at and'Family Flrt-SUe.

still looks precarious and unsettled. has sullied with his creditors at thirly folb)%trs were hourly expected to surrender. head was thoroughly scoured a id scrubbed 7530c. During.the past year, it brta met with fcsBocattr.Tt -'
from ft letter from Mr. Buchanan to a gentleman Sentinel. days, six, twelve and eighteen months lathered and rubbed, washed and FAVOK, and articles from its p tge* h\re beeaeitecuively
in calculating interest from the day of his It that the copied by the press w alt direction
Washington: Sierra
was reported steamer squeezed, awl he felt like & new man.- SAVANNAH, Jan.31. The contents 'are always r.anJLof .
"It is well that the newspapers should SIXCCLAR PHEXOMKXOX. The Key failure, Dec. C 2-radct had been captured by the Costa; But the fthanipooning had so bewildered SEA ISLANDS-The enquiry for this article tho first order of merit.TZHM3 EntirelyOrigia -

be employed in making Cabinets. It can West Key of the Gulf of the 3d instant the last the British ltiCall4. Th U. S. war vessel St. Mary's his brain that when he.left the barber's ho has been 'g o'J, resulting ia files of 530 bates at ,. IX ADVANCE": .

do n harm. It is ccrtat.i, however, that if : zDuring: year thousand was going immediately to Putna Arenas was pertatly oblivious as to the course he prices ranging from 22 J-2a52, the latter being an One copy one year, S3 30v
says ten
I have made up my own mind upon any ol government expended pounds to inquire into the matter. should steer to return to his bride. He extreme price for an extra luf. The rcreipU hare Four copies, and one to agent, 2 00
the neither he *- Our harbor f.r the past week has presented on account of Arctic discoveries. Tho revolution in Peru had become ,25 ". .4 10 00
number nor any other person gen wandered about the city in perfect .bewil
been 703 bales and the 139 bales r '
knows the fact. When I visit Washington a must singular and unaccountable eral. Yivanco, the leader of the insurgents derment and has not been seen since. exports i> 50 6- 1 ". II ,16 00
ihniiomcnon, in the brackislmi-ss of the SINGULAR FREAK OF NATCRF..-A child had obtained ol which 4 3 were shipped to Liverpool, 67 to New For Six Month, half the above rates.
I shall have the possession point
suggestions of all every on The lady, in the meantirce had awaited
water ant the great quantities of dead lUh, was born in this place last week which had the coast. York, and 24 to Charleston L ? Specimen.Numbers sent rsir.-
friends who detire it the and for the
on subject ; in great anxiety return of her swain Address
afterwards promptly determine." ic., floating on the t.urfgce. The water ia but one leg and one arm. The hand contains The news from California by the Illinois and finding ho did not coma concluded RICE-The demand has been jpol, but with a Weynesvill J.W., Warren ROBERTS Co,,Ohiivv

fresh, in currents throughout lh entire four well developed fingers-no is unimportant. Business was dull. Rates he had incontinently absquatulated. She light stojk the sales har j been bui 270 casks,, at

Reduction r Postage to the Mediterranean bay j and in some places is highly discolored thumb-and the fool but two toes. There unchanged. The arrival"of gold dust at declared, however, that she would never 3 l-2ul 7-3 cU. The exports hive been 83 casks

ludla, and Cnliia. and muddy. Uottoiu and shoal water are no bones in the neck or head save a Sail Fnncisco was increasinz. Coo'c.,Ful- go back to Egypt without -'feller" of to New York '. WI S. Lawton '

We are requested to give public notice, ish and snakes alike are floating in the small! part of the cranium. No eyes, mouth gcr & Co.. and A. J. Downer bare foiled.' some sort, and hinted thntsha wasn't over FLOUa-The demon. continues gad,, and >,
This baa U risible._[Somerset (Ky) Dctn.
urbor in decomposed state. nose
what she'went sales have been made within the of
particular hereat- > ranged our
ei\ S the Washington Union, that the sin name by (Formerly-LnwtonviHe, S. C)
never been known to occur in the history In Paris. NEW YORK, February 2,1857.-It is rumored ter. A good-looking young boatman who quotations. We quote SuporfiaeJ 50a9; Extra
of Grand Marriage Sea IslaiirL and
gte rate letters addressed IJplan4 .Cottooj
postage upon of the keys and the only reason wo can that a steamer boarded the Tennessee was stopping at the house hearing of the 39 50a1O. }

to the following; places, via England, and assign for it is, thai the frequent' rains on The Paris correspondent of the Philaadclphia outside of Sandy Hook and trans young lady's distress concluded to buck COIIN There is but 'little in m.irket and AND .

intended to be fornarded by British packet the main land during the past season have American writing of the marri ferred from lier three hundred men, cannon up" himself. He was hot long in nuking have- advanced ,Si bush }. The; :Etloo F'c ; i'E%,
recoipts -
via Marseilles, will hereafter be as follows overcharged the Evergla'k-8. and" the water gcs in "high lifo" soou to take place in and a large quantity of small arms known his intention, and his advances were prices for the. paat week hare per been light. NO. 3S .EAST BAY, CHARLESTON, S.cC..
has now forced a passage out. and munitions of war.' received in about the that ? '
-prepayment required: that city, says: same'spirit; a OATS- Have also advanced.. The,, stock, i* 82ObOOO or over. Cash advances onj!
Gov. King of New York has sent a cat submits to the of Soft "
"Among the number is that of Mada- message pat caresses a .; .coTo.AND RICE.. :
Egypt (eip'pt Alexandria) 39 cent U. S. aianual' Sale. ligbt on J sales have been made ot SOa.
moievlle de .Rothschild pf London, to her to Lez'iolature respecting two colored hand. When the boatman put the impor .
Cina (except Hong-Kong) 39 On.Wednesday the 21st Inst.. were sold cousin Mr Lionel Rothschild, of Paris citizens of New York, held in slavery ant question,,the girl replied t .UAV-There hare been no receipts during the HE has beea- felling .Upland and Sea I lend'

Java 49 U by the U. S. Marshal, at public' auction, This union is styled le marriage milliard. at the South. One;named Henry Dickson. *Well, I don't care ef I do. I was focht week, and the stajk! on hand has become mush reduced. :Cotta and Rico ever twenty years,hoping

Borncy 4.) 49 155 bales of cotton saved by the wreckers The extraordinary beauty of the Jewish has been sold to Mr. Deanof, Macon, Ga! over here to git married-, and' I'm bonnd'to We quote from itiro. SI 37 1-2 if or Northern solicits by experience patronage to bo from able his to friends give satisfaction and the publio.--aud.

Lxbuart 49 front'the British ship Kelvin, Capt. Hat- bride, the immensity of the fortune, and marry somebody'afore I gd back. The and SL 75 for Eastern: lie will mAke liberal rash advances os Cottooaa.uj-
field, on her voyage from New Orleans to tho magnificence of the corbcille, render ArousTA, F b,2.-The United States gals in thy bottom'would never git''donc SALT 'There have beeatwu arrivals since Rice in hand to the amount of 1200,000 or over

Sumatra 49 *' Liverpool. 'This vessel ran ashore on the,.celebration of the nuptials quite an schooner Viunna has been lost at sea. The laughing at ma ef I went home without bus list; which are"hold at 60 cents. ''TSfcWnartelconirnnci 'January 31, 1857rly .1

Moluccas 49 ** Pickles Reef and was relieved by the event in Parisian society. Fabulous accounts officers and crew have arrived atSavan- feller.- dulL t -. '

rhillipine Islands 49 wreckers after taking out 155 bales cctton. are given of the extraordinary rich- nah. The couple 'were accordingly united }ri ;LlME--The8tock'li mcnlorats, nhiJi after 'denwndAt For Invalids. ,

On letters addressed tor Alexandria.HongKong The master abandoned1 the cotton, taken niss snd extra vsganco.of the corbielle.. due form,- and when last heard from 'were SI 25. LONDON PORTER, Brown'and Stout in piAt*,-

nut to the salvors and proceeded on, his >Tbe brocade", laces cashmeres, and embroideries NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 30.rb..,United t e happeet pair this side of Salt Lake.. iBACON-T demand U improving and LONDON ALE, ".. ? ;
and the British ptwesmon"in voyage.Tin all that the manufactories States mail steamship Empire City is om. St. Louis Herald. LONDON DOCCOLD' PORT ,W1NE,35,jn..l lMADERIA
India the United surpass the river; She the''Califor- -. r .- 4-_ tendency, Lat without any quotable advance. 'e WINE4 very- old, -' -
Slates postage onlyo sales of the.cargo and materials of of I ho continent have ever produced. ing up brings "
the late Isaac Allei ton have been closed nia mails.- THE FINANCES or CUBA.-In the Prensaof continue enr last week's quotations, ,; BRANDY, a pore ankle, .
21 orj> cents, according as they are des- chip The bridegoom is said to have found even I SCHEDAM SCaNAtf WolT nmk,
The Granada touched the 21st- will find an estimate! of : 'SUQ All-Prices remain high, ,an.tlransactioni; genuine .,
United by the U. S. Marslil, aud show thvgrcr the chief tArurre of ,the lace, rooms of steamship at Gr.y.towim you
patched by States British
or packet4 a amount of 90,309) 72.-Key' .of the BniM-cls and Ale.ncons to moderate' inprice. and brought off fifty.of Walker5 recruits. the expenses of the 'government of this are limited.: ,; "- ; of The Invalids above.have and medical beta expressly, and for Use eon we b ?'

be prepaid in this country. (iut[ .- that he proposed as a substitute islaiidJureswnted' to! the Cortes bv Gen. COFFEE-The stock -ef Rio ia firsthands; is warranted. To bo had at purpose Apothecary .I3124

44 silk General Walker had not been'' heard Concha. I believe this is' the first tide- till large. Sales have:been,ma Jo at 11 I-2a fur corner aborvBufinztonHonseJan -
SAI1K FLCKT ORDERIDTOTHC Mtxi.AO4.1T.Tt for the bridal costume, a robe, embroidered .
: Wreck of the nritisu.Shlp Crowii. in... pearls with flounces formed of from in three weeks. that it has been done,and gives a pretty a prime artkle. : 3I-3t JMO.". McMILLAN.-
U stated by the Havan"crrrtundent Costa Ricins held full correct idea of the which Spain is -
The expenses -
possession of
The British ship Crown, Capt. Carry, 1,000 franco bank..notes. At,the marriage -
of under "the faithful island." rMrA.1i 04ZL-
the to
New keep
York Granada. ever
from New.Orleans) .. for< Liverpool with a banquet will displayed the, massive and
.- squadron has again been orer cargo conniftting of 3,491 bales of cotton. .colossal nervico of( silver, far.furp.tssing; in All the expenses, including 81225,000 to -C- orFsS:1At'Aouch:

cf edtG %' Cruz The Teasels hare 3483 bags of corn and CCG of wheat ran inaKiiiticrncc that possessed by any crowned NEW OR LEAKS, Jan. 31...-The schooner bo sent to Spain and $8,575 of Regalia TORT OF'JACKSON VlttE., -

J provisions for a four months cr us ashore on I'aciQc.llei'f last Monday reported bilgvd. The tttatuvr Isabel .on China; \vhich belonged to Mario Antoinette dates from Tauiplco to.the 16th iiut. .rev-
pp- 'Tb.yDnet all go to Vera Crtiz bot di- her way from Charleston jo thix port, stopped and for which, besides a very large amount An invasion of that place by Garza was canes of all kinds are estimated, during Jan 31-Brijf Altavels,\,CaverN! Y, m.rhami- Z'Residenceoppostte Catholic Cbdrcf.viU '
ride the:same period, at&9.5.212 87.1-2.: This I dice lo Bisbee A C anots A g,Moore,, J '
the :
theinselvesaiuong tfirnt oft\ tie bourlf looked for. -
M. Jackson
at the chip and tried to get her oil,but ready money; Rothschild pays a ; -Jan-; 1, :1857-at'OIFICB
;iP Sanderson
JCBriwnWihiamna JL
estimates but idea .of Co '- -
; imperfect
gives an
_ Gain 'The Captain General has been induced without success. ..Wr ckcrs have gone to yearly sum of 10,000 francs." The Houfttpf British Consular AgentatTampici the wealth of the island,, asall.lhe items t lt rtridg Judsoif House.eb.2iBriglfifalBoV .. .
to take tola step at the IiHtance of .assistance.. The underwriter'. Agent } had been entered by:'order oftho IngaAn. Jf Yt bal.f .
,furnished by, the custom
tit several immediately,cliarlf red vessel, to take up NgwZ'LFZaThLLL-TbG, heeling Intelligencer llevolniionary 'Chiefs; and robbed ol anx *-2-fSchr Fr'ed! Dyer/Parker, ..PortlsJmech'toPMoodye ;
SpanHU Consuls in Mexico la'rgQ margin isleft for smuggling considerable PrA Or CENTRAL RAIL ROAD
-which had been there for \\f \
the steam pfimp.Ye .very justly comments' News $240,000, placed
who represent lh. p.41.! and (the authorities ipne of the safety'-by) merchants.A {.amount of which is done here ." 3Schc Rosa, \Vl ite, St Georges, e.baL, Janaorvuic,.FUV Jn31.1857, ; V'PHE
t rday w.recklng ycssels Stockholders the' Jlorido
When Atlaatw
Credits. one has both burns .... ,
paper Information has been received 6 Brig E A Reed, Reed
yearly. *
to be extremely incetittd kgainst the Jlclainpago returned from the Several Oghts'have occurred. Hamilton.BeNbal. 1 Gulf Central RaURoad an oereky BoUSedn
thf ship I .
of the dilemma the'cap fits better: here that the Captain General,will.receive ,B- -Brig Victory of the Wave, Nelson, Cba. '
uloient of tea thJ
who it alleged Capu Carry and 230 bales of that the lOta per cent upon
Spaniards, have benij. bringing col i* ti .'leston,mech to T E Backmani
'NewsPiPF.a CRF.DITS.-IL Jsa but $20,000 annum instead of$0000. Stock of said hoi beeesUedJsiiob.paktoaorbiforsth.thstMosy
notorl-. New York'Markets. per Capital Company
ton. The hiX has and Jn this
bilged twelve P'ebr4th-Brig.wiih
'a1 of lee for
| ,
in several ,wncia znem'os. ( has* demonstrated, cargo March.
gaged that tl
pro feejwate.n. .. IfrpVably two-lbirds'; thecctuin bus fact that_ doctorVbiHsjuiJ...newspaper NEW YORK, Jan, SO.-.-The cotton market Experience Port,J ashore oa the Northern Breakers,, at St.
V bills theJast accounts in the filmosteveryman's is no use in increasing the..compensation Johns BIT,. Nome knowCLEARED. text a
i The Corruption juyetigstjn will to saved in a datnagedslate.-. arc sura js buoyant"with sales'toniay'! of 7.000 some people to induce them to.be' h est. not *-; -. ) .By erderefth*Beard
76. indeptcdness,which bethinks bales' Orleans! l is qtoteda.t 131-3. ; ''Un- .O.C.-OIBB3, '5;
Cwtjiinittee of tlie House seem to bo at a salaries becurt.amlcd
,o(pay ing. Whatever may. be ide laldsr127.S to.13. largo wijlalio Feb. 2--ScbT Coitllian, Lord. Point'Petre, Qualaloor 1 Sco'y 4 Treanret F A.A G..C.LLCss tt
_ jUndtUH All,.the witness thus far refuse The Tloridtan 4; Journal the ability to pay, bo differenco |(his chest be Flour is steadyState1 brands are 'selling and a new custom house regulation ..introduced ;< 105,000 feet.Lumber, 13,000 JacksontUle$. 31r 1357 -tdRepttUieatt

'to atwwcr the question! propou dod: 21 tb inst contradicts the assertion made' filled ;with old rusty, dollars,. he thinks at $6 30 toj40.( Wheat is steady; Co'rr. to prevent smuggling' .grand Efmingtes.. ? ). : kiwi Advertiser. copy.
indefinite, time will do settle sicate. ." 2.Schr:Ruben Carver, Barrien -
some to the
Qit '" -- -- dropping; Mixed js quoted at'69 td73,cts. ; SL4'ere( ,
_ X Q'ut.:._An eminent modern* wrUerleiuiirullj by .Sentinel. relative U) the division ofSladioii Iro Aforesaid Iit1.6t.! ;,People aomuhovr; Orleans Molasses t is s-llipg at.75 t'oi.80 eta'. The Ice iu Boston Harbor/ ": 3-Schr:Martineqne, )16,000 feet Lumber, NOT1CX.pilE .

) sayTi Tbeloun&Uon! :: of dotuectic ''County, and,say 'the bill did no( have a traditionary"notton that trip pnuxtico Oth'vr; articles are' nchaed. Th 'Bosn Journal MoiibVyj feet Lumber.Constant, Hammond,'. N"T- 75oOO'' Copt5ersUP .bretafbr. h LIST
says i and cf E. RA
1 tht name
.. .hsppipess if laith in th virtueof kll to become a !law.i The act was ippror>, a physic pubjuhing.of.fes ( newt? ..!'The harbor wasTisited jesteroay by ""6-Schr Northern Light, Crir .&iti CO. eosdneting lbs MilfatnOwim U

_I trmnan( tbjuurit1aLionofat1politicaI hip- ed >.by the Governor be'rethe adjourn* lowed pspersare for arauseraent'aMVe mere uwJeu'rjpif and oTiSi for, ''Mi(lie. :& Ii'tvIj )))u thvURand ,attracted thitler. y tho.trjOT--' _\\\t : : 'AUilMLL8.wu 'dsole4Ce TkftnJs she leab.

_1 I j. *as. is ;icunftfcnctf Jn .the \\ni rltjf of, msEg4bt tIi.s&ttu-.d riotic of t1e4ipiui1 coslTbf.which Iittleprtoihing; I Is ''expected.Yei.'there jut ocen. expelled for going"at a faster gait eltyvpf Jhe .iight-thufrvzng;;;appf| the bylUowDtoitatattaa.th1eflJLbeWS'flT GUc Jfaafresi

-' .. conjnnrnicated.in tWusual'way. isnot.li\ Awhftle round of,biislnessj -. .tan ; *lkfn.ThO( irecuwnt..otfoied, iotnitigatiuh" hart yj; being an efent.sovrartjlyfwunesej, i ii : who wilt coutine tawrjr ca U i bgshaosi LJ esituke

bo I3 'Joo gtjoj4Uie it as far as. we know, a more, expep/ of wntbnce, thVfacCtljat; t .i V could jwl faijjtft jroj.q: ,$A,aUr*Qtioo, pfno A PL) !0k I 14 bs tt 5
ppB cm j ,
; jtiu'tiXd! ,4)
-L $ tU1 -- !- _? __: ::1. .aitiimynien: ibanjhitottherurliitiiisi aftcr.limr! suciety was > ordinary fiaiporUace-f Tbe- weather p---- GltCH




... -., .. -_. .,' ..-_-,> .'- .,---. -- "__.. ----- I -.--.-1 ... .'-"'- "- .. ,_ w '_. _, -- '-1 fl'. -', ,.", ".. "- .. -, .-' '.a-- "_'.'"-'- -- .
-- -- .. ... .. _
:0.--- 1- __ -a-a.
-- --e- w --r'-----s- vo.---- .P 4I' C. -
--- .
--:- ; .. :; ---- '- -" -- .. .'
t ,''If'Y'f. i"c.: I a! 7.T-7! ? > : : 'TllK :"FLO1tIDASr" J'
!: 11- .Si '
;; uVaiilajiH.iXOTTERY.

r Samuel Ellis, : sfN1 Tft) YJ; *t .qtcpts1% te> lteWe-s, :! .. 7. :nk. an'fr:' ) JlrintinjjOffice..!,:.. &' '

I 44' --CORBIN l.t.CO.,(Agents.f t' .- : .lA
UloU0aic .Retail The seat ordiary,4rawmjr f the R yal Uav }

) ) 'A11CTjNE fP U r i f Southern i1ihitriAccademyLu1Ern tus.LoUer/ 'conducted
under supervision of the CapUim OCB- COUNTING ,HOUSE ALYA.\\C.- .
, .AKD "bere' a tiJe 18 tM of. ., eral of Cuba'wiH take place at Havana 1! .
'U"lirb; itL9e."t the flt4,1eh rortias;." I 1857.1S57. j "
rolssQN'EduIT; : ,; I. CLASS M. 14 1857 .
i 6x"E ifeiAL MAT .afAKE TO'BICh1'ron Saturday February ,

Street, rear the Market.11OULD % WF.Jfet To fce dre1tofMiMtgomeri,AlaVama.In >

; Bay respectfully incite the altentimi of Splendid* *-a Scheme* Dravtite Daily.SEXD yublic.ca7 Saturday'January 10, 1S37" 50 : '*. .A2SJT .eoI"=!15 R -. .' 3lIS J lit t2r .- '

\,\ the FuUu to Ii1' elnsi'kJt well selee- YOU: ORDERS'TO oa tbe Pisa citboSINGLE $300,0'00.) :. : I.I(<. Si5. -; s f ?. fit "" "
J xraOtASWZE, in-lading. :1."t. c:oniiix co. HAIVKQ, ravle 1"51.'I.: = 'I
I Jo I .
SgTSSiert FANCY STAPLE The Old Eftahibbed Aathoriteil Agentt wba .
of McOuire .
J.jin Ihll1el aDd W. W. Eq. ; f J ic : W.an.
tL'I" w -
I rtpaicdtAezceaic.'at
bare sold Prises Ihaa utheroce in Sorteo Nunsero '60rdIAarlo. = 'II
mars any
tbe State of Maryland. Prizes tensive arrange u'r.1 1 % 3 IJ r;: f:11 t if'3 f 4'' ;;. '
: Dry Goods ALL PRIZES GrARANTCTD BY THE 30,000 Tickets-3,280 CAt I TAL riiizu100,000, 4 5 6 7 8 9 10, Kil I 1 89, JO[IiOtIAtlfOrtbIezeeu [ .* *"

STA1E. JlaTt"han Ont Prize to etery ten Tidsrtt. 1112113 14 Ii 16 "i 14 15'16 17 If r --i c ,'"

Tickett I t.\I.l00.00a 4 Prises l ..tOOO Ig 19.21 tl 23''24 I uE.O2I 22.23: ;2423| |[tut shortest .
Single : SCHEME J.
Oara. ;, '
, MPb eting*, Suirttnps Drilliags, .pCf.EL every decrip- 23 2S 21? 30!.zI 3IO 31'- -.
b .
[.U, ', .. Str.pes. a cks. Deiim, Prtnts Wholes! f 1 -HaJves! 50 cts.-Qnarters'25 cts., I Prize ot140OOO 1 Pril or1 OO -.1 ._- 5' 4 "..>.-.1,000 - -1-, _J 1 I .

Ma, Lin" ys. Kc.r-ey., Plain, nRbauis. DeLi -1 Certificate 'of Packages 1'" .... 12.000 10 ...* 200 I 'i.: ;.p5Q'OOOI: 52 "Ir M......_ 500 oaol Fta'rMAU'H 1 2 3. ..6 rtAvsr.r t r : 4f 5: & ;1 8, a 11-liDdI. -<".
1'I. 143 400Prise
I .' 16CO2G 5.000 100" ... 100 P
0 1 .,
nts lpa ciLi-d s So .lnieican .26 TThole Tuiets I u'. 1 12 13 .IGlJ't2'1! : 14,155I1C11 1 ;"
en ouJIo, StILl, Half Tfckcts -:. 800 1 ," .... .2,000I100 ... TO ... 2O.tpTvoimtisos 8,900 Job Priaiiu., I" 16 16 19 20 1 2l lt 16117 15 19I2C!Z1: ramphJct- .
. -ISO .... 4 Apprxnimations to the $100,000 of$500 eaeh ., .
I" :
2223j2423262329 I24Z5224
26 Qnarter Tielete | : J ; ;
Al"0 a 4 of$400 10 of 400 ta 4 or.
I & ; I aw Dhat.
AgueREMEDY NOTHING) VENTrr.E.' XOTHIXO GAIN. APPROXIMATIONS.Approximation The attentioaofthoeewUZuagPrlallag ) Uj3I -i- ( > ,

TkVts bought by tbe PactaeaTe, always the 4 Prize*of 8150 are. .:.600 UOOtoSIO,0004of-tOQt$3,00tJ.Rains j.'holcTldets 1 H----- SSF'T, 71 1 2,3 4 5 ._ _..
: : S2O ; 01O; !
Boots S 6L E 12
Kott trcStable to the l'mthasers.TRYPACKAGFS. 4 u I' ijsve ; tOO ? !
1 J 4.' '4 ; e V ". 100 are 400 dnartcra S.;. ::15 1617 IS 192021: 1" 16:1: 'I! 19 J .." 1 JTWUK.liatdBlilaC .

For *2S rend Wholes Halves and 4 75 are ._ 300S ,Prizes cajhe.l at sight at 5 per eent dIscount' done b particularlyinvited 22 nll26 2 2\i 21122 : 25 .ldtfJt'a"; .
I Infants. Miff Cheap Safe and PermanentCure we package Bills all solvent U.nlltaken at 29 I -
fur BO ere . .fro on par. -1 .ilIt
fine. rncd:nm For$10 Quarter we send package Halves and two Whole 40 "' 45 are 1.800 A drawing will be forwarded as sooa. as the result "-.. to this office] Araii.- fj 1 2 3 it Ocr'J lllJt3 I 3 clZUI3Jl: .
II becomes known. 5 6 9 10 I '
I'a5r .. Ticket 3.000 40..f. 120,000 : J.- ..
ao aPrrTentatlve oftb various Qnorteri'and one Whole -- \3JT Couimnnicitioos a
AIPn t general .' ( forms of For.55 we tend Look paikojce at the following 3,250 prizes! amoantJns to: -,-- .- 9004,000 RIUI'EZ, (care of City Post, Charleston S. C,) i19 20;21 22 ZJ 2-1 25! IS n, .' -$ .
JU .\ and latermittent FCTCTS. : antil Felruary llth;win be attended to CASIi.2G 2728 29 JO i "ot Zi S :9 DiJ i ':
SPLENDID ,CIIEMES.e Ticket*. Sffj-,IIatTe 3 Quarters, $2.50 .iir \
: I 2
PER -f-I- .
BOTTLE. each
12 o'clock day
< tf-wbkh are drawn at the I 4 5 617 8 9 NOT'E.Drc'u. 1 2 .: .-
'? .. contain iro A r"etilc or Mer- uf the wek.CAPITAL. Tbe *rst 216 Prizes are decided in usual Cheapest Establishment Orders from the"Conn 11112 : S lU l1l2: BIlIs.rLadIigJTUST ) !

and will not,, ltl. the many ('omJf'uItf''. PRIZE 8OOO IIL.AUS. i mnMr.I f l3 9 "ill
Prizes of 940 will be determineJ by 13J1925i26 : IS 16 17 18'1923i26 tO
The 30,000
iuucnilo l for lill.lOtS 1301-115116:1 fltfls'.f4
*> < or other FE- PATAPSCO INSTITUTE -LOTTERY. I try trill be : iN"I
Jfamlcr that draws tbe 11 23,24, 27
:: leave the '!tcm in a condition more to tbe at figure of the .... 1 .
Gentlemen's 102. r I, tt: .101I V
Class For lithe number drawing \ m;
Ihun tie disease I J-40,000 Priie. example, I
lint it
merit .
Of U)>. latent 1 l CrRATIVE. PRCVCXTIVE; great anl RES COKBI3T A CO- AGENTS.Scncvc. the $40.000 Priie ends with No. 1, then all Promptlyexecute1. Jexc.. t- I 2 -r 4 5 & / 1 "f 5, Late!.;

TI\'E Tt1'lrti. and U to all It, : the titket. where tbe number ends in 1 will be JOI. I 7 9 9 11 i | 1I3I..1'3116! UI -' .
aJa.ted .Iwf
.- ends with No. 2. 14 I 16 IS 17 4c. Le.
cmiiiiiciistf Jt.c "tlelo. I Prize oC ,O 63 Prizes of 110 entitled 940. If the Number F.Roano1 ; ,Z
Hone and Int! ( aU the articlca wbith enter into U* 10 do. 500 \ 63 do. 8 ; then all the Tickets where the No. ends in 2 will t221-.0'[* 23 efi I.-,! 1 |!i I'of"( [ -
: 0. JO .. ? I
Jiangs for the fore if BILIOI'S aDd INTEE- 8 du 3013.906 do. 2 C.rtif tales of Package will be sold at the fol SOUTH." _._ -a .. -
Carpet FEVERS. 200 do. 20 23,436 do. 1 lowing rates,which is tbe rink s II _

AGE this McJifinr slioaU be Certificate of Package of 10 Whole Tkketr, SGO! ,manufic. -ztrao. seeCls. '
prrTcotire tiled .. HEcubftcribcri- prepared .la ST. AUGUSTINE; *
( aleecnt Trare'cir Enugrnnts, ami oth %7S14, Priies amounting to 847,267 "" .S4. 10 10 Half Quarter '1. 15AdlreiS lure on an extensive scale retelY.j'by tbe Steamer St.Marys.fresh
Boston : the Summer au.l Fall mouths, when Shutters J : of Landretha'Carden AND "
Sashes Uoor. Blind and complete"assnrtmeat
either !
FAIORITE.CLAs Orders for Tickets or Certificates 7 ,
du-cafts Tile USn"CU8A1. ,
are most jirevnlrot ,Seeds, 'all fresh and warranted, end PIOQT..A..A.
.\1I.i.tLIr. I. >yfl. A LEONARD, New York 255COREIN to** t. ?>.''.f* fct V j s\TATA. '. .CO Atlanta, Os.' M l11diI gs,Jcc;, ,I. r' $ for sale at "APOTHECARY HALL," second ;,

IUatly! tit bitcd. d dU-pa'f with Totjuiotiinlf anj Certificate 4 CO, AGENTS. I..I p. S.F.SWAN, Monte, mery Ala. All of which are made from best..usone.lthite corner above BnCogton House New nan street, i i'Aem isi :.
LIGHT : poifectcil cnn te ulUineJ ratuiloulv; f CHE VI. SWAN, Boi 2uO. Jlobilr[ Ala, Vine, and at prices lower than have ever Leen of- Jacksonville, Fla.
,i.wt'! where Ac inedicite U iuM.CERTIFICATES. 1 I Prize of 3.000 211 Prlzesof 25I ,I ,or end before tbe South:: Iii Sashes are all Green TAre *
66 'do. 10 or THOMAS MCMILLAN, Agent in Asparagus{ Large Purple Tup. : (cilia change of horses) t;
I do. 1,5C.6 I Jaokioaulle, 11*. glazed with French Glaff,and In tbe very neatest Six Weeks '
1 I do. 1.000 66 do. 4 sty I.. 6-10 Smhes are farnubed at 9 cents, per f Eariy Three anda.af lloun. ':*w

followinr statrnient of the Rev M.PcAsr, 2' dn.Ido.. ThO .cZ4; do.do. 2 1 *. -: li;bt, and 8-10 Blinds, twelve lights at 9150 per. ,j t Early.Speckled Thousand Valentine to One.I or :,
2 300 I 25.40 Fort Guines Academy. pair and all other rises Sashes ami'Blind at FARE-$2.OO.'
Files Axe. of the Fire Points 1uoe of Industry m ; Cranbury Bush.
il.ll 2 100 .
low Having -
., it one that ,,ub volumes a! to the ---u. corresponding prices. Bean Cuih.< China Red Eye. -
i B.'E'
Sluivils sn L O.T E I will als" fur sale low, -'
ouee- keep very
prupcrticgof remedy: .' to SJ, 1 Red Cranberry, we do not reduce thefare we d ia-
( 30,316 Priie* amounting TITocon *
cts. G.A. LFOXAUP 5ir:-I take j.lcafnre in Paints Oils i l Glass l Cement! I Early Yellow Six Weeks the and
: Tickets 51-.clures in proportion.0 _.. ,.CL.tSS.2. ,. ,,, Spenl Comfort ef "'' ,..
Ei.lts. : to you the following fiU', in reb. l PotawaUmie le. Good four-bone Concord Coaches/* the 6. aC

tatna \ : & cure perfected Ly the lite of jour :. A -. To be drawn in the City of Atlanta, Georgia, in Plaster, &c. r Early Eitrt Turnip Booted Bed, hersoe and drivers and the personal atteatioa e|

}' and Ague Remedy urM>nonei>r the inmates BRILLIANT.45G15G public Tuesd iy, January 20, 1S3I., Alwavs on hand a Urge 'assortment' ot'the above I Early Turnip Rooted Red the proprietor will be giving the line. The pahlia

House vf laJustry. Jotn l"4JunJlI.who hat Dull are.MARYLAND I on the articles. My terms are CASII'ON DELI VEIIr.w. Long Blood Red, Dee apprehend any delay of either penoa erggge.

CAGES.; from the chit! and fe er daring CONSODIDATED LOTTERY. PLAN OF SINGLE NUMBERS! B NORTON. {Silesian.ot Sugar Beet "* The eabecnber (recently from Maeesi

BIRD file iQiDthr, .AII iu Xovetuter lat at- CLASS C6.CCRBINi I Cor. Calhoun & Washington streets. I Mangel Wurtxell, : Georgia) having bad ai n.y.ars eaperieace)ia tk.

11X<;. viuN'J I ; nod the paruzjt were as renl'e as any : CO AGENTS. : Prizes.AAr.Ll" Dec 6-4w Charleston; S. C. Half Round Toruip Rooted Red. eusiaesa san with eoa&Meace assure the putiie ef
; satisfaction.We .
1'AI'Ei Luew; alutobt inMant relief was experien- perfect '

sn'ts; ( gibing (bo Cr>t Jose; UD the cs|:cted day TRY PACKAGES IN TillS i ONE PRIZE TO EVERY NINE Those Goods have: Arrived Carrots. l Long Early Orange Horn., shall be Moa hand"on the arrival of rv. /

it wiw adminiMircd, and it bad the CERTIFICATES PACKAGES, i TICKETS !_ Beat MASON A DIBBUL" /
A cocEiant ] effect of interrupting the parbsyeraii. Since I S EarlyBeets. Asiatic, imIJ"rl.d. SL Augustine Dee.. 1,1656. -
26 Wholes, - - - $100,00 I Cauliflower
\eLie or tilt disease haj left him, .30,00 BRILLLL\T SChEME! BURTON &1 GRAVES, l La Dutch hopcrteiCelery. RJkFEHENCZ: ,
25 halves. - --- A -- e 4,
G l 0 hu rccc\ired t1:* foraitr woutcd appear- Cti (ulrter'J, 1 Prize cf. 25.000 U *25,00() '(No. 3, Sammis Building,) < White Solid Master of every Boston the River, and all was)
0000 is . 10,000 have tried us. ... '
he&lih.Ti 1 d ': -
13,00ScuMs. Sugar Corn
:6 Eights. - -- -- -- TT AVE rtl'tindew nnd Complete AssortJTi Evergreen .
I lily your Ae. L. M. TEASE. 1 d.. 10.000 is . 10.COO Merchandize fur the I Sweet Sugar a 0 Republican :py. ';}
]i..':Irnliti* T!.-ur. I I Yoi &|Jl.D. 28, 15.6. I d". 10,000 it .10,000do Kent 1', Early Canad, .4

and! Shoul),lrr<. i 15 Prizes in cachraaeof 2G TilI.eb.I I 4,000, 4 000 Fall and Winier Trade, (Coapers Prolific.

:. lea. Irir.e lC $26.000 aGOOOI I do ,OO is .' 1.000 To Leave Palatka '.
Ixci E Drtti SIR". .
Lro\AiU, !Q- -Hiring Grass.
the attention of Cress. or Pepper
to which invite pnrrhrser < J
1 do HOIl lIDH d... 1Cia: 1,000 Every Monday at 1 o'd T
); A. Jantf
from revere attacks of Fcter nnJ Apue. < ,
ynll' Their Stock is fell and miscellaneous, enupruieg Frame for table
I do 6,000 6rOO 200 2.000 S Early ,
(..'t t'lt'T1i 'I ITt realty I aucd cf fn,iir: any relief,other 1 tW 3,000 3,000 90 10 Jo.. 100 are are 9.000 mot articles required for Family and Plantatk-a Cucumber.Cabbage.. ( Long Green fur table. Jacksonville, at 12 o'clock, Mi"

acro, S-pius, | tcmrary attack| it cue aueste.1 Bat while: !laboring to nnder I do 1,500 1,300I 100 d.. .-. ? 70 ar1,000 rae, also for Mill and Lumber purposes, via: .' Early Drumhead
Fruits. : and, unlike other remedies: I try had your ujed, it do 750 1.500 100 .?do. :;;- ;_ ,50 are ." 5.COO DRY GOODS. I Late Drumhead INLAND ROUTE FOR :' .
I lb 500 fiOOO 3,000 do. . 40 are . 120,000 J Drumhead Savoy, large
Paints a jiruuipt f ermircct cure, as I
,' t<(ure goLe a., kng without bivujg a I d$ 400 4,000 ?- Curled Savoy Cl'"DwI CHARLESTON S.CSAVAN1ll :: '
Lamp Oil, : I do' soo 3.O'JOI 3.307 Prizes amounting to $204,000 'I I Flat Duch ,
of the uit, and can recommend the
eoiuju I _
;: I Ague Jtezcedy JIJ a ralualle one d" ZOO .COO Tickets SlO-Halvcs! S-S-Qtiartera SiW. | Early York, :

GLASS )' : effectual euro cf the diii.1ODT. MS. 400 dOl 1.0 50,000 11JS.DLERY.CLOTIIIG. I Landretbs' Large York. GEO
decided in the usual
307 Prizes axe C.\PS.n
73 first
4.T.5 The ,
F rillLITIT, Leek. < London Flag, or Scotch.
Fi'O"f1I. atkt Dec 1 1235. Ci Wall i Water St 63 do .,0 31150 manner Tia Fernandina. Fla, St. 3 faryt'Brunncick
: :, i 61 do 3G 1f1O1'Z6 The 3,000 Prizes of $10 will be determined by HARDWARE.[ ('Early Cabbage Lettuce,
J'I'E:( AND do !0 2.520 the last figure of the number that draws the CROCKERY, Lettuee. Royal Cabbage Lettuce and Darien Gto, _

\ A. E STTIU.IJCC if thi city, Ln cmwcnt d 600 do 16 lGOfOO $25,000 Prixe. For example, if the Number HOLLOW. EAUTHERN C Drumhead Lettnce. TilE SEW AND SUPERIORSnAitm.

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? L M Pcare who uaiji ted with prires Tickets where the Number end STATIONERY, :
\ irns TICKETS, *3 Sbrresin Proportion 2, then all tbe Mustard. eircuui&taneci. 73 number 15 Drawn Ballot in 2 will be entitled to S40 and so on to 0. GROCERIES

AND C O. A. Luoxri>-PEAR FIBS-?ou> ten We invariably an-wer letters by relaYs mail!% Certificates of Packages will be sold at the following AND PROVISIONS, Okra. < Whit. L. M. COXETTERU. I

C ,itams 5lbi! >:inj, :nl't, I benrd of a poor but de..rrinr (if r- enclosing the tickets in a good life envelope.and rates shirk U tbe rik: WIESFD LIQUORS. t Brown, mmandert ) Late
lablek, Ptiftf, l>cj I ; iJnUerrr. Street, who was tuBrrnip from observe the ftriclebt confidence. After CcrlifiuUe il Package ot 10 Whole Tickets, $60 AND 3IEDICINER Onions. < Red Seal R.H.STE\VAlTMate! V UM ?
always DRUGS
Wi.!! .4 10 Half 30 White or Silver SUn.Pa L. F. ROUX Parwr,
rie", : attack of chili anj fever contracted in the tlra ing U o\.er. we send the official drawing PAINTS OILS &c. ( ) Carolia
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I'ngpcU: of your Fouth American Fever aim ture. All Prizes Umzht at this office arc payable Address orders for Tickets or Certificates fPacfcij" AH .which they will sell at very low prices. W. J runt or Single.Pumpkin. .

1 i.iiU .tr Remedy, itnd it aRonlg me peanre! to ray, immediately a&flcrtbe drawing in Current Money f Tickets either to -0- < Mammoth. has been hilt under the special superintendence,
ami dueaf bt teen brokeo up Ly its aae. and we take Bank Notes of any State or SAM'L SWAN 4 CO, Atlanta, Ga. LvlF. GRAVES still continues to Uke Daguerreotypes oi her officers exrrewly for this route,ha"iDee'

Ru;: permanent euro rfl thtett. Bank Draft in poyiue.it fur Tickets at par. For or' S .: \ !, >mery.AI. in Samma': Building, where be 11'ill Part nips. < Sngar.f egant roomy aDd improved passenger accommodations. -

HAY ly the Truly yours, A F STERLIXQ. odd amount in making change we rocehe pottage or TUOMAs 31cl11LLASJtent, be happy to wait on those who may call on hits Landrethx Extra Early, Connection will t. mad. a& Charleston

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miscarriages of Money happen when Prize $60,000 X Large Sweet Bell, fir pieilinj.f JAMEaO. DKYALL, Palatka. -
D .. !rwcztll therein coutained i few or DO Capital Goods which was saved from the "Apo- TIIEO. hlAitTEjDG. JacksoaviDa:
L il PEASF, : jiroptrlr! directed to as. lie careful that you THE Long Scarlet Short Top. .
I SOrTIIER.V''iliIT.fI 1" ACADEMY : Hall" has been taken to the Dwelling COUPER A FRASER Savanaaa.
iriiio ? Sol?t Five IVujU House of luuustry. I mentiony Fait Cfflce.Cousty and State. Give House, owned by Mr. lIewd,'on Newnan T>,x J' t.. J I Long Salmon, De\29 WILLIAM 1LTUSNO, Caarteetesi
us at least one single trial I, you cannot late iamb Red Turnip Rooted
Lottery Street Second Square on the First Corner, above
; : the un-leti-isncd, hue: uced the S. A. Re- if not gain. One tingle trial may make :ou inde- I CtfASSX( N. the BuGJBgtun House where will be kept a \Yellow Turnip Rooted. Just Published and Recent
STOVES. : ; ) I for life. IKY US. Tbtre should be 110fUch
for Fcter and Ague and luerniiltutg }:- IH.ndent Rhubarb. PiePlant.SpiD1&eh. -
AND : it Las wade a |crfev.t tute of ourrelvcs noah an fail. AddressCOBBINACo To belrawn in the City fuiob11 Ala, in public, GENERAL STOCK < Round Savoy Leaved Works Daily Expected.

SHINGLES.fgiu.ttWua&F'L / e', and with much J,Ica.-uro recmuinend AGENTS. I on Friday, January 30 1557 on the PLan of OFM'E I Early Bush. Lang Green Creen XOMK AND THE WORLD-a

All bf "tch will public u a ;aX" en-I il.sap tnedn.u.e. Bos 19J Itrt Office Baltimore IIJ. m_. .. .sI.YGLEUJI ER9. FlyS uah. l Crooked Neck.Squash. hook from the pen of Mrs. Reeves wife very ef eaeiesj IIosu

(AS11 ::, COXKLIX, I\ViI J UX.-US, January :3d, 1557. John 11u'tllud. W.McGuire, Eggs., D IO.LNiS.: Tomatoes.Turnips.. S Round Red WM. C. Runs of1rgmia formerly minister ef
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rwnov.? 71! I TUST received "Apothecary Hall," second ,More than one:Prizsto erery tenTick'ets.BRILLIAXT Abo,tbe Agency for > ( Red Top do anther of a previous widely read book ia this

eirti3vat iniyht b.0 n-! le 1 t<> 5well the I J corner above tbe BuSngton H<)$*,->.n New- SCHEME! S. SWAN &: CO.'s.GEORGIA AND'ALARAMA {' Large Norfolk, country"&c'lt.nu or A &SSIDKHCX n 'KifIIOU. -
Ki i\s..u1)1: ) I I i a delitm y on the (.art of nitiiiy ii"t to have nan street a choice ascortuiect of fre.h TEAS Ot : LOTTERIES., Large Globe.j .'! Tor an attractive and first cLass book,

<"ill nn4 examine nan.e a] fear in |nnt j.reifiit.- uiblioalion recent importation, which for taste and aroovt, I Prize oC..:.$00,000 | 2 Prizes '....32.000at A'full supply of an .articles in the DRUG endMEDICINE j Purple Tup RutaBaga, lay "Ilome and the World. '
t.H.iitrc t.V .lpi'u.ji'j ; The above however, are unfficirnt evJ- cnunot be surpweed, pot up in 1-2 lb and 1-4 lu.ackaget u.." 21 000 I 2 ".... 1,000 line will be supplied by the first [White Rut Bags or Uanorer. DOESTICK'S LAST The Doings of the Eepa-
and turcf I to ciiaUiah tbe fact that thw remedy i* .4 e'... 10,0001 10 "..-. 250 .. Pot Herts j Sage.Tme.Sw..' Basil Sweet ant Club-in the inimitable style sad with all the.
JU\iI: Jan I I I an equal for tic pcrmnccui cure of the J.GREEN TEA'S.Hyson 1 .... 5,000 I