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Title: Thoughts for sunset
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Title: Thoughts for sunset
Physical Description: 1 v. (unpaged) : col. ill. ; 11 cm.
Language: English
Creator: L. M. W ( Illustrator )
Thomas Nelson & Sons ( Publisher )
Publisher: T. Nelson & Sons
Place of Publication: S.l
Subject: Religious poetry, American   ( lcsh )
Children -- Conduct of life -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Conduct of life -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Christian life -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Children's poetry   ( lcsh )
Children's poetry -- 1886   ( lcsh )
Genre: Children's poetry   ( lcsh )
poetry   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: England -- London
Scotland -- Edinburgh
United States -- New York -- New York
Statement of Responsibility: illuminated by L. M. W.
General Note: Baldwin Library copy is inscribed 1886.
Funding: Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00054426
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature in the Department of Special Collections and Area Studies, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved, Board of Trustees of the University of Florida.
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lbibe-titl?-mei fast-falls-tlhe-eentibe-
i e- barfkness- beepens-torb- witl, me- abibe?
len- otker- lelpers- fail- anb- comforts- lee
/ elp- of- tle- lelpless- 0abibe- witly me:
neeb- -y presence- every- passing- lourra
lat but. 14-y grace can- foil- tle- tempter's power
Io- like-. rIyself. my guibe anb- stay, can, be ?
hlrol cloub- anb sunsltine- #abibe. wit?,- mes
The Baldwin Library
S .~~University
FI orida

/UO O/- <^r<<^


4 0



og s ___

WJ LLLJI WAT', P1 y D B vv

r "/F- oA; 4

IL n^*rinA *1il i fie di

Zec. XIV. 7.


FROM each day's care we gladly flee,
To find, 0 Lord, our rest in Thee;
Our burdens to Thy feet to bring,
Our sins to mercy's healing spring:
We know that at Thy gracious voice
The outgoings of the eve rejoice;-
To us, assembled in Thy sight
At evening-time may there be light.

By every joy or grief we find,
Our hearts to Thee more closely bind;
Trial and blessing, peace and pain,
All links in mercy's golden chain.
And when life's closing shadows come,
Oh, may they find us nearer home !
Then in our souls, with heaven in sight,
At evening-time may there be light !
j. D. BURNS.

Se?^cirtb abening.

LORD, Thou Thyself art Love, and only Thou;
Yet I, who am'not love, would fain love Thee;
But Thou alone being Love canst furnish me
With that same love my heart is craving now.

Allow my plea for if Thou disallow,
No second fountain can I find but Thee;
No second hope or help is left to me,
No second anything, but only Thou.

O Love, accept, according my request;
O Love, exhaust, fulfilling my desire;
Uphold me with the strength that cannot tire,
Nerve me to labour till Thou bid me rest;
Kindle my fire from Thine unkindled fire,
And charm the willing heart from out my breast.

aiiRs everlastting

- 4'prefre r'* wM Ilo gl^

I ^ tJer. XXXI 3



So-p alt.~e .me.

S( aterarb receive me

0 ( >Psa LXXIII. 24

r D F.VI Q

WPhitb Gbening.

NOT alone through the desert waste,
With staff in hand, we go in haste;
The presence of men may not be found,
The presence of God is all around.

I cannot see Him, but day by day
He goeth before me on the way,
To seek for me, wherever I'm sent,
A place whereon I may pitch my tent.

Findest thou not in the hottest day
A shadow of cloud upon thy way?
Seest thou not in the darkest night
A gleam from the guiding pillar of light ?

So press on, till the river is near,
And the hills of Canaan rise bright and clear;
Gather to-day from the desert sand,
But to-morrow the new corn of the land !

I WALK as one who knows that he is treading
A stranger-soil;
As one round whom a serpent-world is spreading
Its subtle coil.

I walk as one but yesterday delivered
From a sharp chain;
Who trembles lest the bond so newly severed
Be bound again.

My steps, I know, are on the plains of danger,
For sin is near;
But, looking up, I pass along, a stranger,
In haste and fear.

This earth has lost its power to drag me downward,
Its spell is gone;
My course is now right upward, and right onward,
To yonder throne.

^^ lolb up .m -ohn

-* tat* m^ footsteyx

Psa. XVII. 5

SrfouRPT EV/Ei45


Strsl- s but stOal

ve loli?-of Tife
John Vll. 12.
FF1'r~ E~V r4'N&G

~ifth &benin^.

SAVIOUR, Thou art my Light; *
Yet light with earthly shade,
Day interspersed with night,
My course appointed made.

I walk in gloom awhile,
And then, like break of dawn,
There comes from Thee a smile,
And gloom is all withdrawn.

Thy light conducts me back
When error furthest bore;
And shows, on weariest track,
A sight of Heaven before.

My wisdom andcmy might
A feeble child display;
But still, a child of light,
I grow to perfect day.

Sixth fbening.

THE Land beyond the Sea!
When will our task be o'er?
When shall we reach that soft blue shore
O'er the dark strait, whose billows foam and roar?
When shall we come to thee,
Calm Land beyond the Sea?

The Land beyond the Sea!
How close it often seems
When flushed with evening's peaceful gleams;
And the wistful heart looks o'er the'strait, and dreams !
It longs to fly to thee,
Calm Land beyond the Sea.

The Land beyond the Sea !
When will our toil be done?
Slow-footed years more swiftly run
Into the gold of that unsetting sun !
Home-sick we are for thee,
Calm Land beyond the Sea!

a otvn; tneiffr

w5 it rawmi`
I sa. LX. 20.

o nat hcepet -t ee

S not

0 a

O Ps. CXXI. 3.


Stmei'th &Wenin4.

WHEN the clouds have hid His face,
And His path no more I trace,
Quenched each earth-enkindled spark-
Can I trust Him in the dark?
Will my wavering faith still hold
To a promise breathed of old ?
When I meet some foe unknown,
Shall I find myself alone?

Soul, by faith thou walkest here;
Though nor sun nor stars appear,
Wait and watch throughout the night,
And till daybreak ask not sight;
All unseen, thy Heavenly Guide
Walks, through darkness, at thy side.
SHeaven and earth shall pass away,
Not my words "-so Christ doth say;
In the gloom His truth shall be
Shield and buckler unto thee.
H. A. B.

THE Shadow of the Rock To angel's eyes
This Rock its shadow multiplies,
And at this hour in countless places lies.
One Rock, one shade,
O'er thousands laid-
Rest in the Shadow of the Rock.

The Shadow of the Rock To weary feet
That have been diligent and fleet,
The sleep is deeper and the shade more sweet.
0 weary, rest !
Thou art sore pressed-
Rest in the Shadow of the Rock.

The Shadow of the Rock Thy bed is made;
Crowds of tired souls like thine are laid
This night beneath the self-same placid shade.
They who rest here
Wake with Heaven near-
Rest in the Shadow of the Rock !

-Ps. I V.

*3. on) ma tne

E G^r4 ^Evr' ) 6 ^^

,.* .T.lC. Ps. CXLVII. i.
hfihfH c~if~te :^

SING to the Lord a joyful song,
Lift up your hearts, your voices raise !
To us His gracious gifts belong,
To Him our songs of love and praise. -

For life and love, for rest and food,
For daily help and nightly care,-
Sing to the Lord, for He is good,
And praise His name, for it is fair.

For strength to those who on Him wait,
His truth to prove, His will to do,
Praise ye our God, for He is great,
Trust in His name, for it is true.

For joys untold that daily move
Round those who love His sweet employ,
Sing to our God, for He is love,
Exalt His name, for this is joy!

Wtenth &b-eninQ.

SMy spirit longs for Thee to dwell within my breast,
Unworthy though I be of so Divine a Guest;
Of so Divine a Guest unworthy though I be,
Yet hath my heart no rest until it come to Thee.

" Until it come to Thee, in vain I look around;
In all that I can see no rest is to be found;
No rest is to be found but in Thy bleeding Lpve,-
Oh, let my wish be crowned, and send it from above !"

" Cheer up, desponding soul thy longing pleased I see;
'Tis part of that great whole wherewith I longed for thee,
Wherewith I longed for thee, and left MyFather's Throne
From death to set thee free, and claim thee for My Own.

" To claim thee for My Own, I suffered on the Cross;
Oh, were My Love but known, all else would be as dross;
All else would be as dross, and souls, through grace
Would count their gains but loss, to be for ever Mine."


'W) -c IV1Thh

'>- -^

O~ '-~\ OS ss -~0' --
~ -^^-v^-"rr o i ^ -- -----

or ) Ex XXVi 22.

TEfiTI-j EVE:fly4f6
00 ~


00 EX, X X V. 22,
Tr EVF,911 G. o

---I ^"^ ^-. ^ ^ ,, _

1%.P L EVE THj EV i N(i

( e ben t h Cbr3bn in

THANKS be to God! to whom earth owes sunshine and
The heath-clad hill, the vale's repose, streamlet and seas,
The snow-drop and the summer rose, the many-voiced trees.

Thanks for the gladness that entwines our path below;
Each sunrise that incarnadines the cold, still snow;
Thanks for the light of love which shines with brightest
earthly glow.

Thanks for the sickness and the pain, which none may flee;
For loved ones standing now before the crystal sea;
And for the weariness of heart, which only rests in Thee.

Thanks for Thine own thrice blessed word and Sabbath rest;
Thanks for the hope of glory stored in mansions blest;
Thanks for the Spirit's comfort poured into the trem-
bling breast.

Thanks, more than thanks, to Him ascend, who died to win
Our life, and every trophy rend from Death and Sin,
Till, when the thanks of earth shall end, the thanks of
heaven begin. F. R. HAVERGAL.

0 FELLOW-CHRISTIAN whosoe'er thou art,
This is for thee and me-
This wine of Trust, that maketh glad the heart
In its adversity:
Drink, therefore, and so bear a braver part
For as thy days, thy strength shall be.

' Thy days" may be a life-long battle-field,
A warrior's history,
Where every weapon Satan's arm can wield
Shall each be aimed at thee :
But strive in Trust, and thou shalt never yield;
For as thy days, thy strength shall be.

O wakeful toiler in a world of pain,
A long rest waiteth thee;-
Seek it not here, but bravely lift again
Tired hand and feeble knee.
If thou wilt trust, thy Master will sustain;
And as thy days, thy strength shall be.

WTWvELfT-( EVFN I 5. Ps. LXiI X .

1 4 bribe. wavif ; -or it i,

I&-r--- -rb if

Luke XXIV. 29.
T~4IR-E E~Jr,- ekj4,NG

MAhittrttnth &b tning.

LONG hast thou journeyed with us, Lord,
Ere we Thy face did know;-
Oh, still Thy fellowship afford
While dark the shadows grow.

For passed is many a beauteous field
Beside our morning road,
And many a fount to us is sealed,
That once so freshly flowed.

Stay with us, gracious Saviour, stay,
While friends and hopes depart!
Fainting, on Thee we wish to lay
The burden of our heart.

Abide with us, 0 Lord! remain
Our Life, our Truth, our Way !
So shall our loss be turned to gain-
Night dawn to endless day.

7RonrtAenth 'iening.

THE brightening dawn and voiceful day
Thy loving kindness, Lord, proclaim;
And night, with its sublime array
Of starry worlds, doth praise Thy name.

O Holy Father, 'mid the calm
And stillness of this evening hour,
We, too, would lift our solemn psalm
To praise Thy goodness and Thy power.

Kept by Thy goodness through the day,
Thanksgiving to Thy name we pour;
Night o'er us with its stars, we pray
Thy love to guard us evermore.

In grief, console; in gladness, bless;
In darkness, guide; in sickness, cheer;
Till, perfect in Thy righteousness,
We all before Thy throne appear.

ap m w v- v *be set.

c>BJ ^ .itcense amb te lifting.

Ps. CXLI. a.
FOdRTEE r(Td El /ENi 6


Ps. CXXXIX. 23.


IEifteenth &b en ing.

OH for the happy days gone by
When love ran smooth and free,
Days when my spirit so enjoyed'
More than earth's liberty !

What can have locked those fountains up?
Those visions what hath stayed?
What sudden act hath thus transformed
My sunshine into shade?

Lord, if it hath been sin of mine,
Then show that sin to me;
Not to get back the sweetness lost,
But to make peace with Thee !

One thing alone, dear Lord I dread-
To have a secret spot
That separates my soul from Thee,
And yet to know it not.

Sixtteeth & abenin^.

HOLY SPIRIT! mighty God !
Send Thy glorious light abroad,
Through each chamber of my soul,
Bending all to Thy control;

All renewing, all transforming,
My whole mind to Christ's conforming;
What He values let me prize,
Let me all things else despise.

Blessed Spirit! by Thee led,
In His footsteps let me tread,
Seek the objects that He sought,
Labour for the souls He bought;

Pleasing not myself, but still
Doing all my Father's will;
Growing more and more in love,
Till I see His face above.

-1 -

C c)



S......... ................. r

Rev X


Stbentuivnth Gbening.

OUT of the sunlight, into the, shade,
Move without murmuring, unafraid !
Since gentle Christian graces bloom best in shady places,
Grieve not if thy course be laid
Out of the sunlight, into the shade.

Out of the shadow, into the sun !
Changes the call when once growth is won !
Faith and Hope and Love blaze soon
All unharmed in heaven's broad noon.
God's own glory blending, there His grace unending
Streams, in radiance soft as dew,
On souls that tribulation knew.
Yet a little space, and thou,
Shivering in the gloaming now,
Wilt behold their shining faces,
Share their peace in heavenly places,
And pass for ever, with Christ made one,
Out of the shadow, into the sun !

eighteenth Gebenin^.

THINE arm, O Lord, in days of old
Was strong to heal and save;
It triumphed o'er disease and death,
O'er darkness and the grave.

And lo! Thy touch brought life and health,
Gave speech and strength and sight;
And youth renewed and frenzy calmed,
Owned Thee, the Lord of Light.

And now, 0 Lord, be near to bless!
Almighty as of yore,
In crowded street, by restless couch,
As by Gennesaret's shore.

Be Thou our great Deliverer still,
Thou Lord of life and death !
Restore and quicken, soothe and bless
With Thine Almighty Breath.

liar % 00


^ '- o o --.*

Il!l lf ilitiso


SrE t4) T H /E, A (
G) f IEETT :^ ^

'Tis not the way that lay so bright before me,
When youth stood flushed on Hope's enchanted ground,
No cloud in the blue sky then bending o'er me,
No desert spot in all the landscape round.

My pleasant path in sudden darkness ended,
My footsteps slipped, my hopes were well-nigh gone,
I could but pray, and as my prayer ascended,
Thy way, O Father, through the darkness shone.

A way I knew not! winding, rough, and thorny,
So dark at times that I no path might see;
But Thou hast been my Guide through all the journey,
Its steepness has but made me lean on Thee.

And onward still I go, in calm assurance
That Thou wilt needful help and guidance lend;
That strength will come for every day's endurance,
Grace all the way, and glory at the end.

^Eitonentieth GeFbaeinig.

O STRONG to save and bless, my Rock and righteousness,
Draw near to me !
Blessing and joy and might, wisdom and love and light,
Are all with Thee.

Come, God and Saviour, come I can no more be dumb;
Appeal I must
To Thee, the gracious One, else all my hope is gone,
I sink in dust.

Oh, answer me, my God! Thy love is deep and broad,
Thy grace is true;
Thousands this grace have shared, oh, let me now be
Oh, love me too !

Descend, Thou mighty Love, descend from heaven above,
Fill Thou this soul,
Heal every wounded part, bind up this broken heart,
And make me whole !

<- Wattenb r

auto) my prer
4 "/Ps. LXI.
Tw rW r rr r,/e^ic6


rut. XXVIII. E

,t b ntV-firot 4fbeuing.

THE channels are on earth, the Fountain is above,
Hid in the secret depths of God's unchanging love;
And, as we onward go, the healing waters flow,
Refreshing weary souls and fainting hearts below.

Arise, believing soul! give praise with cheerful voice,
And in thy Father's gifts with thankful heart rejoice,-
His earnests, and no more, of better things in store,
Ready to fill thy cup, when days on earth are o'er.

Arise, desponding heart if here the streams be dry,
Still in the springs above remains a full supply.
No longer sadly mourn beside a broken urn,
But to the Source itself for living waters turn.

Forward, in Jesus' name our journey is unknown,
But well we know the end, before our Father's throne,
There, at the Fountain side, for ever to abide,
All labours overpaid, all longings satisfied !
H. L. L.

5Itotnt-a xcona b benming.

LORD, may Thy soldiers, faithful, true, and bold,
Fight as the saints who nobly fought of old,
And win, with them, the victor's crown of gold. Alleluia!

Oh, blest communion, fellowship divine!
We feebly struggle, they in glory shine !
Yet all are one in Thee, for all are Thine;-Alleluia !

The golden evening brightens in the west,
Soon, soon, to faithful warriors cometh rest,
Sweet is the calm of Paradise the blest. Alleluia!

But lo! there breaks a yet more glorious day,-
The saints triumphant rise in bright array,
The King of Glory passes on His way Alleluia !

From earth's wide bounds, from ocean's farthest coast,
Through gates of pearl streams in the countless host,
Singing to Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Alleluia!

be. to
," -, --'

I '
4-'-F- 'iW V- fl


( =ur ase

peo s a-ble fto

TWE -TDan. -T I1 I.


AT last all shall be well with those, His own,
Whom Christ from sin and Satan has made free;
At last shall come the year of jubilee,
The time of rest, when all their fears are flown.

At last the soldier shall receive his crown,
Brought from the field, home to his father-land;
For ever in a peaceful lot to stand,
His foes all vanquished, and his arms laid down.

At last shall come the glory and reward
When we have stood the world's reproach and loss,
When faith and love have meekly borne the cross,
And the good servants are made like their Lord.

At last, not yet,-O weary heart, be still!
Trust to thy God, thy Saviour and thy Friend,
Who chastens now, but loves unto the end;-
So be it, Lord good is Thy holy will.

WznfcDt etV-fomrth 4&bening.

FORWARD go in glad accord,
Ye who know your risen Lord,
Let the strain of fervent love
Lift each drooping heart above.
Trust in Him, whose mighty hand
Guards the Church and rules the land.

Through the world's opposing might,
Through the gathering gloom of night,
Forward still! and let the strain
Tell of triumph yet again ;
For the Lord, who reigns on high
Leads His own to victory.

Forward go, despond no more !
Jesus calls, and goes before.
Kingdoms flourish and decay,
Heaven and earth will'pass away,
Evermore the Church shall raise
Songs of triumph, joy, and praise !

our -

S2 ron XIII .2


c (re M*ore

con netror

i L Rom. V 1- 37-
-rw'E/l TY'rir-F r EVNI ts5

T ltvt-f if th -ebrilinq.

IN One Name I have found the All in all;
It is enough, and it will never fail.
Here on the height, or there within the vale,
In this my strength I shall not greatly-fall.
If on the dark hills here thy fears appal,
O thou mine enemy or there assail
My fainting heart, yet shall they not prevail,
For on the Name thou dreadest I will call.
Oh then rejoice not for I shall arise,
And heavenly light shall stream across the gloom,
And heavenly music drown the voice of doom,
And a most blissful prospect cheer mine eyes,-
All from that Name beloved and adored,
Thy sweet great Name, O Jesus Christ my Lord !

MY God, forget me not, when low before Thy throne
I seek to spread my cares and make my wishes known.
A Father's gracious face, by faith, then let me see;
I am Thy loving child,-O Lord, remember me !

My God, forget me not, when all around is bright;
Undazzled let me walk amid the sunshine light.
Give me a quiet mind from earthly bondage free,
Be Thou my chiefest joy,-O Lord, remember me!

My God, forget me not, when this forgetful heart
Is tempted from Thy ways to wander and depart;
Give me to find no rest till I return to Thee
In lowly penitence,--O Lord, remember me !

My God, forget me not, when my last hour is near,
And all the things of earth grow dim or disappear.
Through the dark valley's shade Thy glory let me see;
My Light in life, in death, 0 Lord, remember me!

' i t .u on t he alm

) OftA^v anbms *

W~-Isa. XLIX. 16.
7rv / T SIX-r Ev'.HEl 6


00 0 0 0 0
0 00">0 &

Jill. 0 ~~

0 0 111 0000630000

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Il/i ~r

0 ~

0 S VE01 67
O 1 t 11tI
oo i I I fMatt1

rWT-EVoJ- ViJ4

T5VEztg-ozbmnth Cfbmning.

REST, weary soul!
The penalty is borne, the ransom paid,-
For all thy sins full satisfaction made;
Strive not thyself to do what Christ has done,
Claim the free gift, and make the joy thine own.
No more by pangs of guilt and fear distrest,-
Rest, sweetly rest!

Rest, weary heart!
From all thy silent griefs, and secret pain,
Thy profitless regrets, and longings vain;
Wisdom and love have ordered all the past,
All shall be blessedness and light at last.
Cast off the cares that have so long opprest-
Rest, sweetly rest!

Rest, weary head !
Lie down to slumber in the peaceful tomb,-
Light from above has broken through its gloom;
Here, in the place where once thy Saviour lay,
Where He shall wake thee on a future day,
Like a tired child upon its mother's breast,-
Rest, sweetly rest!
H. L. L.

T^rPtgWntepg-d th @fbening.

PEACE, be still,
Through the night of grief or pain!
Meekly bow, nor strive in vain;
Let thy God do what He will-
Peace, be still!

Peace, be still.
Vain are plans and words of thine
To unfold thy. life's design;
God's own voice explains His will-
Be thou still!

Be thou still;
Let the Great Physiciad deal
With thy case, to wound or heal;
Trust His never-failing skill-
Peace, be still!

Lead me on,
Lord, my Shepherd! feed, uphold,
Guide the weak one of Thy fold,
Till the night be past and gone-
Lead me on!

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T E T'/-E:I1 Th( EVElJ.I Ps. XXXVII, 7.

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4 0 ) \3 XXI.25.

VE W T Y d I 14 TH N( E 1d

TFt ebntg-ninth 49bm~ningi.

DARK is the sky that overhangs my soul,
The mists are thick that through the valley roll;
But as I tread, I cheer my heart and say,
When the day breaks the shadows flee away.

I bear the lamp my Master gave to me,
Burning and shining must it ever be,
And I must tend it till the night decay-
Till the day break and shadows flee away.

He maketh all things good unto His own,
For them in every darkness light is sown;
He will make good the gloom of this my day-
Till that day break and shadows flee away

In Him, my God, my Glory, I will trust;
Awake and sing, 0 dweller in the dust!
Who shall come, will come, and will not delay-
His day will break, those shadows flee away.

WHEN daylight fades, and over all
The silent shades of evening fall,
Speak in the silence, Lord, to me,
And let my heart awake to Thee.

In the still hour Thy light impart,
To calm the mind and cheer the heart;
And in that light appear to me,
That so my heart may wake to Thee.

Raise Thou my soul to things above-
To Heaven, where dwells the Lord I love;
From sinful fetters set it free,
And let my heart awake to Thee.

And e'en when slumber seals mine eyes,
Let holy thoughts within me rise;
Visions of angels let me see
With the pure heart that wakes to Thee.


: C


TNRIo~ ~'/ j- 4 ~


niet resting places.
''' yisa. XXXII. i8
rTOR-rv- ri er R^^ s
eVC iG I

WehirtV-firo b t it e ing.

WHEN the day-of toil is done,
When the race of life is run,
Father, grant Thy wearied one
Rest for evermore!

When the darkness melts away
At the breaking of Thy day,
Bid us hail the cheering ray-
Light for evermore!

When the heart by sorrow tried
Feels at length its throbs subside,
Bring us, where all tears are dried,
Joy for evermore !

When for vanished days we yearn,
Days that never can return,
Teach us in Thy love to learn
Love for evermore !

When the breath of life is flown,
When the grave must claim its own,
Lord of Life be ours Thy crown-
Life for evermore!

Ispl' 1.^

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li/ I :> >V

'W V-'
/' / ~ \~ .

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