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'nuficoer; ii alao"oa* of .the Beguter of the a'email amount at the outset, for oxcelltmt and honest man who docvasedome Rut 'EKTATB.-We wouM rail attention to hood fHim the Y-i etmai's Bara, t wrote to I rangement. > : to. the water.cart ar

FirrtlHrtrlct which they have }- nncn. The rrcaubrot having dw- the ailvertuement of th" Florida Land Agency, this DntrJ) tptaim>lgonr&)pov riah!eoriditioh

'Mayor Heath" hai ,appointed. two" Aflgroc at received no returns charged thi doty in a filial manner atttndod a in.nothcreolumn. Many poisons here hate and asked ai Ubre, which they chmfnlly tint. I The etpense e1 potting down .the piPe tbe
p olio.mea MoiimUlian has risked his all and lost slate dinner at the hotel and the ,primp and pktfont i'only
_' next day left plantations and land, cleared amt Uncleared, deceit to the amount of eight hundred dollar ill abcwt ta or twelve

o.na __. If Mexico note cannot'take care of herself i for Chapel Hill to attend l)>6 tohimvncuncutxcniMof which they deem to pine in tho mitrkot they rash and all the book we needed. ,dollar for a wolf e|:eight;1 et Every hoses

Tort JttliSJ1 y'd. .fay that the Indian ; she will haTe to offset tho rrov-- <> the Stile I'nivmily. I can find no bettor agcnry for this purpose than The committee which tike appointed > u.I. vela and calm ia Florid *bo ld tv one. Any
.+U"' his fairly, begun; and that rancho y eia make themLybt .
burned stock ttolen,and fetUnra ronrdorod daily.are,! ince of Sitko" as an. appendage to tho hJacU a..aaat 'U.. T.... I the above; while pmnti desiring to purr han Florida Presbytery to reorganize theehnrcht' in:

Tmore are soieg- wwtward rapidlv. j Great Ifcpubllc.A ? I!ran rrrntvo fall and reliable information en all t East Florid, instructed me trot to receive' thi I Rnc DfO ,n..oir _"'. learn, from tW

The Sew York Herald ha* i ps cad afirtmincrn A vory iniiiortant queitiou i i. now pending lo- matters reUtlhg to r Al r tate In "1o fda at this donation under any drenmatancce,be t to write R..pl1blicp.D' that the 1 of IL

(the oention of MarimilUn and omcen,but '- 4tr6 the U. B. Circuit Cotfrt, relative to tbe entub ishment Muse r s. tk f. TViwey &Ob., alt to trie rratheta Hoard for utMsnce. I tnfortd- hives Pollard onthe s chi\1lby of thsttoeth"wse

."tbo nyort u discredited at the State Dcr rttnmiL ( 8 meeting of tho' city council last kgalily of toot levied by Ute lluridit I.giala- pcrfoctly competent and mponaiblB agent ed them that we still maul red this church in tD bye OtI otr'i.Lyacabarg tin the

.TV trial of Sarratt Lagan the in tore during il* iMaioit of The ofgixmwin nmgalpsThurwgyibtttwttsaotddireedf
on 27th ult, week some of tho wards were reported JS85-C. cue tAbnbction with the Did School Oeneral Anent Attightoclocklh.lactsee
the Criminal Court o/Jha Dutrict of Columbia tt tl,,. Tas AMor tt *l, i it an application Itoinnor : -
as "ia condition Ta a -This projeetmt I inaiitntinn bty. They replied th' the upon the
A* the prosKutina wai not rnady, everal, witeossrs a filthy and overgrown southern elament empty benches stage ud announced t
for an injunction U retrain tho oalo nf
not h vmif yet mind,the case watport.poiMtltoihaiOtk with weeds." Since that report waa owing mainly to the lack of pnblio spirit mani- would not go into L chnrrts connected with that nitelyj 1etL Ula&'tbeJ.ctar..OII14" iAJJd. '
'of J., District property levied a* above, on the ground that the ted by' tho' morrhunt :
Attorney made its situation has Jarktonvllle i fa Aaaembly, ami that .fount unite wilktlldliu We UlIilIIOe that tbd'prc8ibItioa.
.Carringtna t.t' that not Improved, on act of Mid the ad WI how -
m v:tertimony, and new wore repo plant to tore
doing( Y poorly. A hold' the. mitbert a .rot It of
meeting 1 tJiiircK
WM { Thin under
;&cU bad receoUy been dacoverd., the contrary tho, filth.is more offensive cooititBticn and law of tho United Slate, ilornlny the circumstance 0' the military:aulhontiee.eaPiNlOptioa Z the part qCoulicil
ITrw evening, but *o few worn present that we. Could .not couK-icntiti&lfy 'I detail d
You June*. The Cmislitotjonal Coo. do. and a1lo"e
the weeds inasmuch Included the
are taller and thicker.vVe a* they tae peI of ,
among it wick
:reotioa hu been organized.' Wm.. A. Wheeler adjourned to Monday flll.II!\ wnulol' hayu therefore suggested u a compirKniee that wo If the gammontastdet VifJiaia
WM elected{ rmeidanLi ,would like'to ask whether it is pJ'O.ler "1I".i,illegal appropriation: f6.5,000 fur the bean bettor fur the repuUtion nf our city had make thi* church indVprndcnt having by aid that they tow t\otiov.th.uar-A'OW
no connection re iat
bonelit of Jisslltnl teOOlIOI.i an,1tboir widowand l
.9 at this I04SOn'of tho year, to indulge ora tho matter never loon started, than to have 1 it with either (kneral Assembly,,, The "chivalry.- are retuning 10 hard.perk aDd
1t.utn IhlusTzL.Bumere .10 th kw of orphan; 3,000 Id indorqnify wrUia U. wanton- -& .
end in !
ia the luxury of such a melancholy fin}*, Will them be ommittoe nj ted
pig.pon.and this
{the.t..eei and
Orpten which pest propaeal loft IBM
formerly ran to this a oflker who heJd'tnce in the Stntb Vn" 1861 .
.port flats bwa for 'Mar a luarnnt nuz1'llunday) t r church u tiwy found it..I I that -' f
prevalent uma day pact pita 10 the street as to fin tho com and paid over in their possession to" th* Uu*plan of
,. money ,
Mt'BOthiag Mlflite known until Proceedings.
yesterday, eompftTmiM WM pcrfocUy fair,' honorabk
l: l ;a*till ownmimnd agent in Charlccton eeemad, mon.air with their fragrance and invite date 'l'nuury'afl.or nccu>an;-to moot' which .Anna_TO.rat FatlD"I.Qn Tuesday &liltWodnoada1' for iiacoeptad; l andInitgnaniiniine A aa nMtla* at'Cqundb . should w..t..t.Yi
.t .- .U Lava ma ia-.t in' beeping tha"information the enc of plagUo and' px tilonce> illegal appropriation the said taxes are in port evenings of this work .we Mcri- Jane k,eCte'etseYP., ...JOOS M UU
'J.r 'IIn 1 W hare learned the Rer. ft I* Ace the amount of&rol by the Board sn1.the PPresatA3k s
; !-rbiie.connection : follow.' We have a right to complain, of this teviod.- .Tho rue' wa argued before Judge I Harris the Inspector of Froattiicn'l Bank ad. more heavily tax onreolvtaj, I accordingly by Webster.John ea.&JI'L,Chen atyjey Net 8riftk,'X. r.lltelit .

i 1be OrV>+,ale under the cofiiituad of Capt neglect, for it is apt merely a matteruf Frawrr who' granted the injunction. ,Cot"IL dneaed.(be colored peoploof JacItaoatilU at theirtliUrchefc public notice in tie city' popes called tau A_"" il.BIooiIb/4 Urlaeeu.and. II I."

:,.'' :!the Tilted i.;left Charle ton about the belt ft&n.s of comfort and cleanliness to ,be decided Biaboo,Jr.', of Uu city"appovoj' for the pa. ; iIr. Harpil devoted bud.eltoiat'niy,U cbdrctt and congregation ioguthur for the pur- o VjK .f"tb* .elglbslkar4l.oratlimedme_
pearl week tt besmd fore"'Todr 1b Ok
May titioner
;i with a"err1 carjto eooairtiJig. 'of machine. by each citizen, so far as regards his impreanng upon Uit) thin j*, ot his hcarfr* the pose bl diaoilllliug'the mailer, and if thought utb.meIkess4.ti Hip a vWn.M.Ud.ratter*end VwOrtr i

.:; '.ry beloopng to a aModguig raarhtn*, and other ,premises.1 .! chool ,. importance of saving their money and the adrantagei beatybrwk the connoclura between this church -he wooden tertrih WUdln,rf tobe sed..tVkiUrie. poi tb.
himself but it is mr o>oMMiiina'
.P_ iieavyfreigbc; On the eight* .of toe 10th of a' We hive bad ,nnmerou Inquiries front the of their bank for this purpose. lIe and the til J School General Aaienibly,and make comer or bilmMiMH i<* y.UCMUI; unttx tfas noU-wrt
May die MUfctol with,the ebaoMr/' 'Two >U.ry question of health and VM tml \ public trnat tbracs
: .
; 8arety.I -i spoke raaui
And Yell l raoamc
freedmen eArnectly sound tnd pnnjent I1ii
and other monies giving tenacsnM .
i : .. >" off Cap Heart, Mar Rattptoa Ilaada and after the raW fcy practical Wa done at the mooting.f'ZJII'ful. (BH the!Joi*'.rrntuCw UMC

".;.! .cheat fmstnfl j amt.,.catrtistr, dorri ivory" .I The city ordinances ,if there aro any. tax from them for edurational purpoeo. Every advice,. such a* ,the freudmen moat" nood, and for, the purpose of uniting with our i 11 ekes is*4yUreoesaWJsebsncws ataodH-rmaU4) M.. TboasM U<, -'E,.}i aMd

: a ".t'" ten, boats.' -.-, should be' rigorously (eflfbroed and theneglient Medtnin who paid a ,tax at all, paid a dollar his labor*.te will probably ,lead te good result southern brethren,nnJer this same we worshipped was Upon b.ar4t rates,01 AMoima Ganrr...Ute

} (6easd'Th foTo.teg far uIa..1aeIabkt W"'i4< the\wbiti rioUoa brought up;:with A sharp into the |State treaaarr which by 8taU lair, wv *. ". J in good faith and luppoaed the other party b Mali J.kt 11.1 wett.b-nsWr uesua4&1L .;Mi.-.-: ,
: Obtain *TOM****U sttt the .
d .tbasr te.me 'B.,W.Tifed; 'Captaio Oeo: W. turn. .If our. .dty ,father. ,will ',do to be tjpentlnl only for hair edut lion. did the same, until about the first of May,when I out bras i lea of the ab.'semsd laitftttoa CoanoU gnUra.a.asra
4 4 rdei 'Panel R ani 'Enrinder Tb* following Lave been Faun I'JOHT. JfouJsy evening, Iut abouteleven their l a.clII. informed UiaU j4r".itml u ; ; lake Extra this ;now they will themselves question pht to n*, me that they did not;re- .. fee tha awn
e saye a rzpKH* vw* ** ef a .
l m
; A.thNaitiaW.'ePert..ttoylll_ Capt which ors cannot aniwer. If any one else can 'clo lr, Capt.' Howard white 'II'p cognise indepcrulent organization de Wll8a'f1la4 .. ra a-r..

: B.O. fieri" Utoof IX&.TelK' ''Cart":Tilts great:deal of trouble and expense bye* we ihall be hit,py to have thorn do be aDd bur duty arrested an IriflUro'named John Morpty, : iit'od the church amt eongrogation called togetjbef 4 -"w..QrotIte "-J.." 7 M_

i 'Ml" Tvter Or*** wr*Wofl fcoowa (a tbu'eityfl 1adbyenof;. ia mention the trifling column at their on Day street( for being'drunk and for .,,4 iSS to,>fflr* IF
,1 tfcy vm- BttJv ttatry atIIIublluceI are service for that purpose; disorderly.Thosprieona'walko4 th :iurpoaa of> voting whether ,If4 pes teaUtth..nileasfaraeNti, 'I .
fl .
"** wOt their lass dr" .fokvrtiOr tastter "o(health and life to of lO. ,flow much bee been tad from ln.Stktly hlong until' hercvb should a A Memorial .smella
o .regret l= :" I : many. rnonoy : preach for any longer or nc*. ,)e,Ued tigti by kerte Ic> flcu<
.' "Jf "" *x ,B SWiHl is cwiiU attk+ .
= the
endangered r' *}the Jmark t where the *
cit fndmen for ibis to endeavored to" '
': I siT* !Duos otrv-A very lslrertam i dn.esie& our pnrpoea eaeepft prating at tidy roqocat, not stfrfv, :Mlle\he pNBealie/uMinnaefaitb i
Si What ha been done wilh/ U : but WM.ued by Copt Howard. A wit It fl***vken tj4rtloa w ImMalnl iteucesda'.aa
baa tsoiaty .na M the Uait.wtJ f hard meeting or*>n! ed. and.it*,,9 $1,pets. kymdrlnkato'clockM&ifkL ')oweit sMsa.ssa

, i .a.a.-o AU' .ind.kambbab 'AcofflurrAltar lewririg Jft.!Mary'i.:bit her '3Ih If any baa been oxpendoJ, by wiote or draggle for the.mastery,followed, and a crowd Jwlge Baker arose and deuoun_>aj ti indeftn-' thcrJoYlJJOrialk-"e4-t.ee. kr paler .to

, -ert flew TkTtrw ngbt iTlhVunSed'statJOMrioOCoM last trip to&v nn.h,its 8I1or, Vtrnck der WrI if done-r Inbat basis dubwtod f.Towhom'and collcct, The patrol c&UeJ upon the by'stand.dW dent cburch j sU.,he had never,re ognJbtd)H.. ,11011:ltoaor unto IleYspsu next mtulu susrdod td etm aka.eattisd peupYy'e,
aad.I teatinp4 be attached -
e.tist art iay ->e_iThido7 _vbsn "aa a. wreck about'1M t mito :Wow'that. town, and for what paid- V some* for awlatance but this'WM not ruodered and suethattb&, R' h t4 : t4yerMppdrtiganatbat \fi their Want..4..tIUoa. .aa."ctI ha! '

/ await, "..pettr M to wrenched her-rridsrr jp y:ally;sa.render it i
tabkirteda. *: beet i> bqt'talsgadtore&bYetJakaoa. .Low ciay 1 commtmity of frealmotii go iawork I !?prisoner the patrol wa*fimpellcxl' to let' U lat- entire!.IllogiLr W* t> swtbgtWegc M '..T. a. with 0al Item; Ko.to I,wAito south*:Jb card f. _.!..W.Jive ioomr a.. _'

v : tbtdkinf"tisdnpt' awir>'wuwwe.Jjfflo* :Bb it ILe beoka' I In t BC nrAai" ".
t .astpt even t>C itforettacitioodparporailfiaon f .w..bad,:n>]kd4.to;;unite The "
along ahore andetery ifflegJaary hMwinssae
; any mud t esd
wrong the prifoner teak ? !! tlAhrdeon.rartd
to bit heels 'lir
the these
that any iH-&atved can spy*a*eat a warrant sJma 0I1i pad wheeI oIL; Vpoa;,4rrfriora& IovstWs;;would caUattwtio'a'.cfpartied i off anj m elewent.had BRtirely.f L;:What >a* CQ4end. sate.To > .

I .'. ,- f.: '," far., ABSUM'teeat"J 'tU. For. Ket rodd e T* way.entirely.Wpwfflng Dy visiting, fate Asguttin*" oa'breiliga"a the F1o mptur 4 by acting Mayor Oro-. then to bu dons? Ouf nlj( ejotri U>w seemed ; tI.le ba d,;_...

.;:m |Mt M>it}IaddJun.4Ut. ,
( with
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to I
: eye a permanent an4 W! S taa1. .
of'F7' eomlbrt
:, ) .esc Siabbytssaa. t'ttr rei 4 pwUc nor to aioiU.'the .
; lea ( *or aolvftpos the "Thi z j
r .: '. *at, and all caw to be tried fcy,theitt1Ststls at the pbitrnctiont))Ow latter earn* QicI&"I'. deG b tt'a4vartionjaot tot a th*H0rWa Howe &aca* and'one QWdtlrabJ1 injured t ttr blows. I original ttatforW! .; v*, *dnotwiUjtadjng the bug.aaetkdttaiaer(blinda4o a .
i r irir tMtgot slid loped bur i to bar' a the other strange to ',
: District. Dart j .' sr ., .. ml,thai plsce, In vSiAifltaui&. the, heal with a slick., '"' '' putt, say 3yR OWf.CtifiS.lftn-fc.
> -c'b .- t dtrtm4l' "rpoied. us m cin| the ife which D. E.Boarrs,flick ',
: : i ; .
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'r' : A: :" J .



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tAIl..m be,. T .- an the patlSc.tb ot GIft eed.f
; .u..bleH tdroo u. essuswtt .p.a"eau..au.. f. reek t b Ia 1IINI
IW1 wWcIIa her Iefrte tbewkat'., I. : .. is Clt m "ef1rt7R1i
wi'pd.lafeala..w "
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IL-.O..sasedpa I pals eed asps adrrrirr as. ;-: .,ru reld u.e.fd ;
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eiICaIabtrr aeutelaaIrdess bt.-war. to. cellthirodus _-FJ."I'aaddRD.MY-w o.aa-.... 1fa 1IbW,.'I'I-&f.hell911" '. ,. itrjl,47.' .CkrL. '

/ ;;; 1 I t=beddinsehr..ebootlbe : :'a : ? RSIAND 'c ": i\\ :;;< > ,Oll'LOmDA.-dMTOPpOtttt' .taSTED X SIL'1867.OIECUIT. 4tIbn4oN

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I ..' ,: .A.'SH.: UoII& Ian M1t-tpBu.hdfcta Y" ,11II. i IUJhto.7 g &I. .sr.ba fuR.aa55fa tile ..'
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-- -

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.'. JOB PBIHTIHC' -. "

t I ,, ., 'I I -, ,--_. .' t'
I ; : : w-w. B 4 t 8200.. R E WA.R.D, --' ]- f

M r BfIt 1i1. i .s..l ,

/ : I; O.t" XOS 57'APn ,OF FLORIDA; ) [
| '. EBCDTTtr5 .bEFAnTItENT. f\
nvi11ci 'iot1& "
: .
,. I tt VT%1ULUA&J11AliIK..l'OPZ.Ia1M It bee G.1t.I ta. tbet. .: I
-atyo /
+ V"- i .I '. WI. Slats did.un.In w umtb fit AJIdI Wt till ,.
; O U 8 E ; I -.Mr. aatdatty

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Is ptnqted to eiecutd all kinds .rbiWtespkjallrtlet e.IXadtt.
y 1i.N. M es MLpe..a ,
: of Job >
t Vftofk
w style.
K t s JI L every ".11I_ YID tt.ora _
aidkibiid'00 0U7aedttddYk.tNifd toIt'. 'naIY .i-
w/eI&awtfartfla-5 1I."w s.-e.III.he 1 of
VI.I orri the ,i
: dotlk -+ ssr rfV eau.Of fIorI4 at the city of Talh1.erw1W4N11D4YLDM
t atbes.M.I. \
:- bra tarn bbml.p..i.ll tar ... LIIEB, t s
r WI b&liefort 1'ttrIIItIMd.eel w.mterlateme.t avw, ", ... .'61- ... Ocmt'r I Pb ridet.

I .vtth---.a.....ud niv-th* .._.net0a-.tr to '.' -. .: _. .: C I* A T COUNTYSHERIFFS .
!! > : 1 "dMsacy= diJ irf iVr!IAbIot rtimn II geueromh-.1 molnmlciCEO. ..: .:;< : _; :.,.. ). ,. ,

j DIIIr, U WrtJetq 1KUl"w.it u.fe amuart L 8IIGI! '. SALE! i

ti E.' CHASE A'CO, = ; .;
t : ; .
: NOTICE f leried BY'lbtaelllauthoilit1Ute4 epos bt .t' br. i..i. t ai.
J.ciorrn.te n.. .I AND ALL OTIlEa 85,000 acres of Land .
biny n.fro
II { alUr dale I ffl apply to the Jari*of r_ !)**to Cia y nxmljr;tats"of TSaMM,whM I WIll ,seer \ -J
-IF.far Isa.Is.all u.tuUuwtuf Heil rot pabllo.arao nel at ft aa WIll tha ,
a, 8wa E, sod Hutrrt II. Hbul Legal Forms to&be rev IIlIII a&'W..II pap d. '
of Job.u.J| Bhod. 1'fa t
.,.naaInI dueeatt4teas. toy 6G tofc .QHDAT IS ADOUST JhdtT. ;;
: J -UM Opt>monpa at tin of the afcnkkl suet marl to a plat U. LnW upon r the fIIOII'rty Of Ute PI La boot '
; dike e..* u. ., pQsrt.stl. W 4asd..Iwpa foe lba
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__ i d.Ole tr4 cal .
1M beach eI 1M .pe M the{1Nt'10Oles W
Ir. ; a l HATZLDA_ i awl o.. : -.c., .1 ... ..saIt.stale..Roll BuIpp1,,_ ,f
eut.r e'w "r .c 11p
-1' M >r..wdl.tw
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'1. ;' price ta'iH nmrketi,. .. ., I' Krafta lfew Toi, VuTnmweeruWyt.d .1 .. .Ite.arh '<< 1e > b. on or PestO ee orders,jwyable tot. fyMft. ?Y. THE EASTER"JUDICIAL"': THE.1' SLATE '. mryfW rdivtt x.
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: The Worll, 1 .
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the 'Depot; ; '
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; :" IIIQIlthL. ) .: ; : Sugareuied if i wittier Mgij 10 Ticrrre choice: .
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il.>., .1 cited,#>8 nooatd*of potatoes oe 4.00C menu Padnt Caaea Fonrrn fco,4ce,IVintaof allOolmiP.tty i t 100 Boles lIar, ., that notice be puuRihed ttte norkU V nion,"a awe : I ...v. .
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1 : t S.-L. t -10,000 Fine Cigara,. I JtJKi>ofFn>tmu>oll>ir l County, oa'gr braes the aW42CJIo .IIrInI1.J&Taa

: : ae ,I Stuff OantoaBmlsewErn3 1 "Jwt lahdod from -bOOll'Franklin". fror4paitimatiB 'manner.8"'lIth prewiW da1 t l y May Inv..' &. :-.. .tbMcI' .ia..Ux. .TO r' DEBTORS CREDITORS?t tteMtflHnal 1 :

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ecru WX EXPRESS ,TORWATIDERS, : Jan-.t1e7.-. AdmtnWntittNOTICE. r. NQTIC :: : .' .1 .
". 1..,a 6 41.. .y ; 1 ,) t ; ,". tJl. _'
) .W\ ::
"0 .' Office in A.IT. Reid's Building; 1:0R$1
'L /
< I ALWAYS ON .. 4. BAlnus BiAC1 'fPJEn O.R :&(C tD
;IQt 'grape*,l t ;DEZ ptb COEHEK BAY & OOHAir BTEEETS: CtX'.afl r dale."ma' iotUe TToiMrableOTttdje
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tern Circuit of Florida the IUDCI'IeI'l. fI6 eatchwta be *
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Florida union
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Title: Florida union
Uniform Title: Florida union (Jacksonville, Fla. Weekly)
Alternate Title: Weekly union
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 13-63 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: W.C. Morrill & J.K. Stickney
Place of Publication: Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date: June 8, 1867
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
Coordinates: 30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1864.
General Note: Publisher: Edward M. Cheney, <1868>.
General Note: Democratic. Cf. Rowell, 1882.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 6 (Sept. 24, 1864).
General Note: Supplements accompany some numbers.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002038457
oclc - 02707184
notis - AKM6247
lccn - sn 83016252
System ID: UF00053711:00053
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I ...oIi", .'" ." -r' Jt. .. .xNY AOKSONY.FLORID9ATURDAY; DUNE 8, :1867.;' .4 *a sjiiiiitHuxm'" *. \
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.T' Y. ..' I."rH.KAN'. t' an educatiop.I 'I }y.thvotd*. at Venice, when the i f-' I.:

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1 .14J AFf'I&>EtQ'el S1AA14IF0'd. ._t: JMw' : eould,: hiTe i red W got them' tight ia o'no.iu May i\ 1S07..' converted them to hit *.panpkenalj*,
I oimSmiJtie where they teach,thai they regardUu"a -: under hit arm &lid with tnaBaateof ,
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a teat mia.ionaryj work,'which it ia. 4I
Jas066t1t on Ha,8treltj trls r8y 1I iogrtt tar tiatatLta+ taa.Mwdkw ep stated lotbetwtal7four : A Booting were held at thi* place last Eattr arts that disarmed a .]' ant
; ,A.mare M I.dwwa1 ftrtp Wei: w I ._IWI4. ; likely ibera.hi 1 food of j II6t after OrIini'l't.lt aDd
'' J' amriouo nay,.b.ic ai\ar having boon caHod to brdor jumping
dnteenl ilk I_.II.otrt. ttuhiri npal.1 8 '!wea.W- br6l6nhetltadangritetalaadr ag thousand dollar'for"Florida. Colonel. onmotion Mid to bo oleo -4hat they hada'l ;
awwato.rw4t 0"" + : :.. of Capt L. (J. Deems, Moee*' Simmon*
., .., M#X Iy..pbonDr 1. Spragn our acnastant Commissioner of Bureau him not to exp toe tii least noboe* thai
; : Zfl : : .the irW awsul .t. r wa aaaaimondy elected Chairman and O. W orded hU carriage to ; They placed their
"'''ci': : .w _. ,. .:.llas_ 1& .weep tbgba -s1, j. bought we might got a donation of .throe orbgrthousind James Secretary.t .' jug with him Count S &bod the stage :
.l1vkIJdri... {j doDart worth of book if *o with "
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AGUOBNOIJNNINOUAN : laughingly. ever
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+d : ow i shoUld read'and
"psalm be i'prayer offered
..G Grocers the drat Maximilian ; *&ogetIier ia the
WhalesaCeandlieeattt dwrl dot I would y thit ill my only object a*a meet
., Jt.tw--ltirJd. .yMalliet The President then announced tho intention of. from the '' rolled like awheel
bf God I have View theca
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i to educate
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"i's.rN' uthwMtherkoeom'aaoxheeb.al4 ,ti.. :. t this meeting which was ire fblluw : i tian Kingdom until they, did with the
1IIi. WDTBSi UQVOKR ''J'OUOOO.Jl-'tT n lrtr"de.nwt40e.ijtti l s. r but..iaLd;., ',_ .. : reodnral sad"elevate them.; 'I will pursue BOfiurthec That a Committee of eii be appointed to 1' dod uptuuuiakiug a : do, with the ftet
1f "U.llU, REGAlia. AtbOii..bef : { the meorableeharscter Mr.Solon Robi- rop- The orown of Mexico for..>In abort, these
Y ", ad'Dnjd.ii abc .i%.inA'ft.i Totb61su-and.i1. -.J4. ,. '. ; rent the.eitaens of this,section at a county : Napoleon in-August .of little chaps.
't : 1Zou:ii (weed togive me, he likely hat effected
:.. fIaB: iprtr'oFaiaWios i Cojventiom to nominate delegates to.tho state i WCRpu to work to still mailer, who
,. _(Met* Ro.hero..geoetialoednpoalbdbatlog. hit IkarnedlamretiredfromtheBa-. ..
.dt.WOows' lnapta3l.ftete4 .. 7-- w--.law.I1_ tatakttst- ,.. { ( nvontwa for this county, and that this Com and.occupancy of -1 l'
/IJ.r .,. airCvti ;'",>:. .- *-': 1#i. A Ut.4ooriI -1 darkm' reamanotceI1i relo1dinaetnecdonitkthe gcktos form t.htma1.eI into central I was occupied in evolutionl
I teea.shatbwipa-SCe ; a # State intmd "for two' 1actoowlodge a KcpuUi UP 10th of ApriV \ ,,- ) .' Bam bri
: E.. r..dullt e..bearer" near year* ei .
Ybtpar iommiUoe} I
'Wnktnilori r to cafes with the eitiaent of other

t Creep.fami UK Iu.1} 4dt 'the kindness and'ooaru. it has" ted proffered cro. little laded tight
nLlrQBAr LAw; """ ***'.!-***- ,atr : looalltlc in th* county:)regarding the expediency coptanre lie made a : Hamaikari;MikiaW;
i" ,,,- .4* d. TALLAH TXiA Wi r.r"the awe Ioeij, 1Ib.--'.-.1. I ever down.me.it ha' uppartod me and. paid .of holding meetings and electing commit the right of eruntual The nickname i* be: :

mare dkdfdr if u:obi imd TotbeboitlQpeulap.n t my transportation. I shall endeavor to carryout tee'to eonfor with thin Committee the Austria and an little creature has .
on same :
yttrultL! .,. "u'U; ru ; 4 the great-object. Superintendent of the hit share of the ,shrill treble,"All
t.1,/t.bhtmta Cnlr fcras-pvnitlrt- t'i: *f Hioin.it.If i award ktppln8 : i i state hoping )hatithe PtoiidoiLW'trhkdi hit object-Republican county Convention. [: 20,000,000 of henna to get in fob pecu.- .:
dt.WStfaa' > e M Tvw'nbiui:if'tile d van loathe ', .' I ..Th Committee having been nominated the the renunciation of hi got into 'about
Ana.he rv m-i,1a haired'_= ; < : marked N clearry ray path will 'UU diroct'meMay '
Cftvtil kma.. W dome meeting elected CoL'II. B. Scott was that such tg"ded. lite
J"fjt A.TRB ( 1 top pieta unanimously ,
.A': ice CloMiy wrapped rnltbin Wit vide Mili mimmKtetk -tb :>MiMDaataa.BikBlilu .- -, : : blue and isms Mr. Hobtnron, Chairman Oon Junkins Jr., Capt. L. iro insucurc choosu to hit font and his .

X7fcol6salevD'ealer, la. Cgi7ij,.itc.CStet ... DI.b1a'a.' K tM luoO,. laDebol'III: ;..- i TcWkindlyYt '- 1 The three latter being eolorod men. Mexico: i manner; pro-
Door to ) N.o&nlh1as1oom7 E.11'DLSCAN: 'g'apl, A Committee The career of alow- defect, by tho
Leak.ouraI on resolution was nomin.te.1.ud ,
ctautea'.kctlyewes .
: Emperor] of Mexico is tab after another
MCA'f'hV1"ILLB FL0211ZJ4.. ,'. : -S S U. Jenkins, Jt, and L, O. Dennis were of this country. Hii thcso tab had bent
Ye*,with .of Wr lv blue nwijoi' [
; tie
.' u- ....;" :; ', .1IMeI., y tY-:.,par, : elected' After a short roc es, the Committee ro offer terms to Juarez like a monkey
.:o.f. Nom new fall wtaotbotT. (lomnr .1 tathed and offered the following rculution, of the latter. These ( tho pyramid began
LuokfcmkcvhbilmwIiorovKW xy I
,. :1 which follbwod tha past ) capers. It wu an
> Aa4 aebhhb wokiwe.L. I SI.TIJINXH were ttnanimoqsly adopt J.
MASOTACTUEER OJ''t.. liJKWUrm itk tm..leu biv.. ngtn.iie.mine; ,*i 1867.M with altet-nato, $ '. The' boy
Moo by..u wttk brew iWw draw< r;, I wheranlJeagre a baa ptw.alb.t Iatb4 Act .f Js,. dclVit of tho Imp..rilL\ with delight at
iT il ,'"SATC saUM.;fift" R'EftlWLKKS Ever,rear qujrkrr Was her pal"thew .; I' *. E rT07.r. i .liigC the hat and rudrdtei auk Uw Act OU"'I.nr tbtinhk Ui* emigration and to footing on a precari
mm of adaiUukra of ttt wain in ivb
Ullji Uaa
ltU)5," ASP a8TDiU8." 1 I .YI .lor hrnbathebeatinbiahetbecaM,'.W Malia.h__ f fTlaroup I largest parting tear from the extreme end of th4'scksonrillo brrp2a.dtatk.aI la Con.nut Ie b lKr prtttkema country art) well the tub were

,' ...JCl\JfQXrlLloM.'LA.. .diotula&e.,IIlf. .. r.J platform and given iriy beat ttteto ok>y" bf nthrr HMlr ol Usa' nthetetorehaf NM-riQcu ti>r Jha'lc Hamaikari and the
> 01-," .' ,II ll. 111a1 n Wtba tllIl r ol .twyciUtm of the
Ie11> ref ,a.. .1. ; : ; failiKl W1U na.l the
l.I l i unIT
>r Jla the Major;IstoVod on' Utoto da>U la I.ta now.r to hufc-B iucrnUiK_ of DM upon hither
.- Lo ,....I.li..fl\aI .pWragwoataei;, -0' i **/' **'ij'j away wHom trraM Mmj ky< rvw.JCcaolred it u doubtful if hp
-,' JOHN G. HADDOCK; Ckwr Ui de.'p a wdcrosoval"uodl i t k.dusty scat,and resigned roystif to doleful an. That w*bailers UK kri e tSo.lyi wI.M rtaahlabeian,. ',1. .: tit can party to b.wlaniitwt,...-.t la 1.01 in
eta iMtuT
f bolt b_Ga.royt rdeymu I.' .. ,. 1' tictpatront of the coming Journey, vii Wary has nmy with ov HqinbikBa InxttUiUona, and aiU 001. tilted his famous order saw the double pcr-
'Inspector jniu1 X eam rest btnbbe; Abd ki _DOe then dnnl-Un,wkfciiyf 3 else"dctfl"who travels on thia modern Jordan.- ban to than ia action In all puIilinU mmmura.Mnalnd J Vmsidfnt| and hit$.I' o wpl pester the
U"YIL1.i'Jj \ UiKliMUkbtla &TUi..chtiM., .; ; .Co' ...1 That*. Win","ffnr uflirv mule .bo ,I Tho 'nl l1l ;" ( of top and
; 4fyJl1 .. 1 1 am not,howerer,jiatorally despondent,though hare boon in rrtvltiaa>pua>t the t'nltnl note or inrn \- I I indivd been eruted) 1MZlb for the
tdiRwort or Ia4t Timber el} kaire.on.Le lila\aoi.i"'ftJ.iMi1i: "' I. 1 the fete hilvo never treated me with that, d i&- aid iir eurahm to Iu <*.nU*. ho first iuducod, Kim
'iuyluLx RMtwctnittr IwlMtn-petrot 8rs JobooJ bt y '. ,seat(un.1' 1t. Tba& trM.d..ed/kadti '.I1oeUMIII.. 4M&at.1lr: touc;,a hewing toac.he.uA a hpkua. iBguiahod consideration to which I have Wt have,wen loalobr urvnlnKtit.. wow anil-* rluindptr I. and ( \ bf 'an intoniahed
lmaas-tt Tortah..dedalrrwt J.c 4.oaa. of In*Repabie.n! ..,. viio .lli ..1"the Maximilian bus the' dnly an amuse
I. The of lifo has
stud .hd. in Uw wrty _rntua mytulfentiU lottery givmQMI xtaataf UM po.er.n4u q erttuuly aribnlwi I themia ,I
-ALBERT : r. IIL'SELL T"tio nmldMi4u
  • ....ua a I*. accontplubul ,/ : MaUui Kikonjiru
    Th nalia>ihrU itiyrikkiia Bnl'..> .. morcJUlanVi ; .I.ot .aaI I 19b'W.u IV retie nit; wow ten\w -ciu-i- I in kindhearted and daughter Otsunre
    n4..jI e1'i ."..rd Jtiattsr.tXTI Found. Uwf-tut UK Lie owl down. a awn my friends especially charming female I,tan.uiudilkdiinmt of. Dm rlmutapportnl l.y "* | the fnjurncy with 'II of high art. Tore '

    ,L eaeeute aJ1.w.r bIo-ttJIjiopaleh and iU-Jara&Li i iriunds, draw love favor and marriage lil.1n., In!ever7ILlna and m.du.i.s an la ij miilhx tow if-onih a itb ..'10111\.II.n of>.nn v.ii\vr"to ,.* mane unfortunate l. jerk come down up

    If ta_Ike nod varknwiHkr mice_nTCl- .5 anubun ro- .. ,I[ have been f'forced to content myself with want the IIt.ok'. Wee 1Iai'l'i-. and eatthlcuuivi.t W lor fwu- i h.inifs of inn general skin aeay' top trav
    t.snki.dt des
    1Jr'rhBoryuMBUwUuolou 8bopoq. Oor.rMIOA'1e1 paper or lowing machine advertisement*. But I /euhad. That "with cniol'y tnwrJ ena. ,ar.Jcanrit I iddtUt. a lacquered pagocU,
    'F .r "C uaa t thew '11. I j far ail" we...Ui the taut,.( Uo |>vt}, IOU IIU through oppe
    ... ) -' ,, .- D' .ea* R.Wa..a. that iI nwither here nor then my "note*by the all who!.iu.{riiKJj4n ailbaut naJ to mx or run down another
    .tt.. I way" mutbea.onroak-lsof fact not strings of 'color* This Mexican keep on srJntuns ;

    JOH3ST Cp i i eks.r'd'ahltixifDCdYYIBttlbtll$61f11. I ..1 CUOn1fL'3Iay 27th, i867.. : toy own poor fancies,other wino,I am afraid thttjr Captain O. W.:JaflSc*wu thou rimuhpaato the time womuls since announced which he spin about his bark*

    : '.itt/tL -1- ian hlkth f'at'tli ot ,ill bar.my 1st*sad find oUivionla. the watt* .wth mooting, and he urged the aonthnoetttrenaoiidy attack on the Liberal'J"I arm lbs height, and tU of twen apia ;

    .- > n'littie fjw. in.yoor'' lirtitu, ti deJoodi&uattt'mort mj.et j.ap b' w. to abandon all alliance with theUawocratio was born in Mexico edge .11 sword .

    r : :r? 1PtIhi3dLEfEALEB' sa4iROCiRRQ anjesliBlbls''stlsclint3do aplMme -,At Ualdwtit,w lingered a right naatVpell(InOder party of tit north and to join hand II*was cducatod for span that derfdbr
    of ultci
    '?fed Vf eiVks- BiT 'LlJ'l' r.! Solon Rot>inon,. ]>rcial canwpoh> ;too rest the locomotive .that powerfulmacbiue with the Republican party which never had J.. Aoulcmy notice' 1865 Chet, >by of falling otr Mop.

    4.i." Qt1Oas;tilrU4k';re" -; dent 01' th-x;1''2 Hlfi am'l I1eUOr to that ., being btJlyHJown by Aftaoa miles anhonrf eeived'them. lIe was followed by Cot IL It.Keott Cooioct.rt the ,. each pftaaiog or twice into par.the

    '- A'.tnf11'o fi'EfPVbfkQ9itmC'f. !'' rupee;d.fen'iifiekDtB'WIftir. It I ale X her.fud th: inUneo'of-a very who poke itrongly in favor of an ba_ he was nnsurcMBfu1, of Gin maiW,whrro-

    ,. pr yl Ifade151'rfhArt'I.rJen1 ; i :tionF Wiito chI to Eh mhi fw,to'&Ueok :iipod i gentioraanly) poison "ho.in&rmed me that k* 'I'disk aecoptAooti of tho tcrnl of Confp a on the!t him Wlion and Coraonf took him l'L wilf to before the people

    nit ; .' '?.__'tr. !Jt ,) riay.1ritho actnat 'bio-W4h'ot faeta,'iad wit a conductor on< the Golf road and runtrlweekly i part.of tho lOath, and concluded with tome after having betrayed do still mow wonder ,

    TRANKLIN'Dm'COmQ I.'tU Mr. KohTnion iipon a flying vt.it to the train front Fcmandina to Iialdwin-4 words of ooiiOid to tho "tonJIlll en. I' the Supremo Court 1 1 k picrt .of 1 ti2lfij

    i it 9Pttrr rRCtA'' I po''poHJari-t t nor' iaw;: iju aUfted'to not exaetly"'tlnd l'lltaJ 'the tri-wtikly tornngtmmt Mr. K.Xfckerson wa then called upon fur a nf the CvuitUution. of poetry in. iL A

    tT80.'rnLL&, ,L4. 't :giA i Axfu&il'nppfonA i io and called, htfing poMcs> ctoerful name of
    tbe character which
    ir: ..mJ'iJ.J. M a* I had ran no notice thereof in th* speech was uufortiuiately curtailed by Zuluaga Tretident n i

    rred.ta- Pm$6disV. .wI'ri-T ttp.WEdoi.ir !tttf"ifci\i irnot; he ..Wtain.If '[toblished I eat od for in explanation the weather, a heavy rant stonu. having ". mand.ef the army. standing c ttil Tcum behind paper a !.

    __. i ''traitrt Biereb ertiU d pa tpidna char hifonnod On motion of Captain IX-aoia it wee unaui- Nt'.tlrs eyeing the '
    .M- r -.txCflOtSLtft my and wa that this tram ran out one 1\4 ,n.:ng it to
    L.1.WABRO'blltiff881bxm $ !tctr otniimllntennt rsiy Y: week and fief ItjH lark lla utrt. I returned moosly agreed that tho rooting adjourn.HAILD I bf Mexiuu obits this i bran created by a
    A T1'GE'C tf1 ins has born going I
    to nhpKAn;. I tiI'>te a'cispWii In''the hoot army aata to my teat and refuted to be comforted."VTa I.Hi-oil to loave the hold the in.tnttcrfl-one-of the

    lrfwpJacxtcpirw L rl4rorroiaua I' ii&tbirlsan" >bat' I|>n hed often i* reached.live-Oak inavason for Popper; ON TIIK KV TUCK Tlil, lteaidoncy to appear, and ,soon pre a :'

    ... 'aouoirte' etch'.M i BfifcfoWSry, t wont I ha.e foU.Jor.ilftopri'yiaw and'a* we'whirled spb -..tho platform Tho lullowing re olnti
    .'* atWagat 0"kM tk!ftit. "i; ytwtd. among ow tribe' of Jut- bagiii to be,the ihriok of our engine wa antwerod adopted by tie Union -pabliuu Clao of this filet Uritith of a Lond large-buldore sum of and beautiful.
    One ....
    Odnkm..1-y ay .' 1. dnTexseai Ark t1& '. 'by the clang of a huge cupper beD city. at ita meeting hut wtt-k. tlio Uritish connuUto .. The latter

    ; If lUv Bobbuon Wi lIctEAN
    W. A. ". ..a.lI'- the uulbrta O uu. UrjoiO to nl t and
    -mbAamedDdc iI reks him tty of Jockorfc Co.,
    can neighboring lhant Come to.think of it compounded of
    chest a
    mil u|"m Uw rvij Iawn.dWa.r tac i twdmrIn ;
    '\(111SPi Ittlln f,d 1 COI(3fl( ONI the ptu un'at JLndortontflJa where I TWti4 iaAu i however I:take Vc they.lbant,."' Tho bellrewundoi "p 4 ttf tii.tir rttffau abd uUiuUaL&4,aatl Almonte trtifj 1tilU ;: tit 'cota.1 ian t ,with a
    his aflorUul the
    Vhrraaa, We also U>bnr ai firmly' that th b>'' 1 of a Woodua beetle
    ait 1864, and peDorary ,,1868, and to 11>. from ,raid portuo'.jot a ooatigooulhotel. a jxmnMif rrw. txuctioa of o.uar< BHI. la Ur Franco and Spain trtss
    ,. uul. anothet
    i XQE.GEi; : Corbettof,New.York i 'l ." I left the CM and climbing np a landbank wtatwacybt ycui rt]'and. .tits l..rom uiiuu of]>li.tPech..rvurity.of the llcpuuiltau r par.fssuit party in Mexico" 'After a ; kept op a ran.
    3lae tlivKoM/iKm DO occaiion for hit atmM. wide Iu the ivutL, Weston, IJbrrals, b) wa -
    IAr .r/lur.uCC80P'lLlo Lf-, ,' from the track track for supper, juggle (omg ou at

    ,t May_ .1 .. . .. ... ..tf.. I learned.that.-he va* in 6t .Augustine whit bet Ute_lie 01 ti* estaUiehmantboing rathat vied Btxtlettt or aol the That phiJaallirnjHe..rested all itluru these now who boii dt..tlU'I8.| made kjr Iu ho I860 retired;and to he f:1 at>:. T Jiiptutnaa, principal box feat of was
    than official dotio Mt i& tomaU li Wo' t.abh. Fnmuiu.tUOr Uulk a*ulueiu u micuuu '
    3..H.A.B.1R1DGE' on my my daadard, and very antigoniUe toa la Usa true pivgm*of Uw moll ana liuMtut to K.oub- |Iy to engage foreign ialk. ribbon, 'whicb,

    .', "JttercbanV.J .' I IT Icy;. toreliog dedgne-.mot ai'M aocaavmS stomach accustomed to the dWUcacie' of the .pnAIS. Mexican aflUirs.,, a piece of firework*
    .,. rf hind tacit at I jDytelf; {ip ap U ot Adanu Honse I concluded not to disturb EmGad, That b frjnM tha Xaw York too andcertaie I the empire it was .Japanese umbrella,
    J _cEG ,IL1 rt rr.ORIDAt ; my' oclxtr Journal, pwtsadpy 1I -I.ublla. who* kwp him aud ). -
    MMMfrIra b,rtwwrdint_ .Da.itwp. .,. \VT nlh ar4pjiii.teiBgin. .AogiUn t faIttiD I redehod my journey end.Skorily ,|>bb>lml aitttk have btnkil luuiut reiim than adpLbfl characters which > throe _.
    '- I. wart of ruoutirftnicliuii, a .., tu ilaeuRrsaa i& I the most
    I.pnlli-u.. ----- nartedl masst.diptingti hed;r3ergctBa.tobtdabs after dark we came to a dead top ia Usa Kiulb a*duublAll In th.fr ullcgialMi)to loo lu<]>ub- bandod IDtJ6'IIlU and _firtt .\-

    ; .'TQDD.PRYBISAD !:' liimm7 j jfcj posrion .gdtirtg tip IIboofa what appealed to be a boundless swamp We than aryt.d pay aaU a< uunirUgr at 1 auj tan U wad u ltAttMfcU > eonnectod with the ,by"All Cighti" f'i

    ),St1.nQ'a j; : the tollmen a* SapedkUmdMt of,thy fit.; waited and waited.but still we Tan- urpD'Io That until frwJ/mcf.pooch"fully K> the tion scene hors in Mexico a suspended bamboo ,

    t .JACJ FLRIDA.tid ap4.slso of;Jha.JSipww,M.J.Hye:done.with oat Iror Tees wens iuflolged.In.a*to the' talll xiwkdKcd ajBaiute aavmity red guaouik(iirrmtiuvf
    .ttdtktaiisd. v N ; ; ", 1 other like i ,tietort from obi north who hare.vorapoikon and vanou* npori obiaJn'ed cttrrcncy. One insisted iteMfK4Tbat ventard Usa tint ri&and uaolt upon height sliiii built and whfcii. .(K$ littlV13'r! i

    ." .11' '..QI.1'O" ", .-- O"j : 'Ui>ie lii hwt emcee of tt y work,aDd_ot ieoor. that,we had run off tho track as usual, JoU.lt sly,at UooUa aa a pmuni 'tt11.. upon lrcx t'an. He ". twenty 6ct long and l t:

    B&.i BW'Wxk. .1 :{ ;'dz r t.'Itn 4ng'tit OaT nettj}. another thought there Va an alligator in the iI M the a iiihl bi"h outr ft trw*t dk.aaitm upw UM Uta,and ttw a radt ol Atuunuui e dvaottniw.'I- tho faculty of but.iDfl -' of his 'father. #
    .;:tW..h foeniU in jfreai charity'of oar cogo ; I nna and the iufluciioc el the elarf cf )*poin"U.nf7ttuiuk under him wa top of the pole mat*! !
    to ,
    ,' wa waiting for him to laidn. At ol t tr Tl Way Had th* engineer *to cnooantfii aaUl & w oUr a htche; twang off fit
    Ph E' t ,< Surgeons, 1'b&vi miitltl i ly met wUh"a hedrty $ppro -0 whiU a third 'ventured to suggest that JUcWcoi That v*wwlmre ali loyal and patriotic ma and not a ibw think 4.. tied himself into T
    : ; Uon+ pleated We the elate moving inxtLieoasGErr. of .aate'rr party,wba cam antuug.. u*tw iliKiu pa ticalewtakersdbadgooetoad ho would have risen i cried hit war j
    : i ttxn6rgaiusv :'dDant fire; 'Itot'Mu. >&i lloUnabn,bonded*> the perhaps*ua ooa w..161\ behind and ". ware rule in his l'Ofoe ioo. : a bit of tUpg pick i
    dlyCtttiobIVlt,4glt4A i waiting for him batch np, a* the companyoopld '
    ? the' carnAL rightea beC"
    d usioT party,oonld not let opportunity dip MEXICO.THJC :
    .BMt.'aa ctH*%:iU' City-ant'ltfc Hot afford to IOM Ii pe* nger., yelled Owf' as ;
    .' & t, '. \ ..f"1 jvieiielsu ricUmatit dnptefen&OV'Ua delegation.1 OArrCUW iaU'KRUL LEADEUS., Tilt dutingiushed the ,e erenicg,at .
    .. ., .; Baring tired of nnaian*a three blood andclsims.a, .
    Q. .. t .r. i. "f e arp inn with'fh biieo"sind tow .'" .. !
    DR fIJ.'R T.:SABAIa" '}1'1cSp purpowccf-gfitana:"tae oatcaed''pBopt.:9d the va appointed to go forward and ascertain the The teIegrama from: Jtatamorot having announced Ktnp rort'and Mexico. i bt.alfet ;

    _.. ; U.04laC E BMnpal Qorea'''SooUu 'H caase'of the delay; TW they did and return- the Npt1Ire'of Maximilian' hit ancmtry; owe* I exuded.oaly u by the :
    with the order of Juan and popularity
    Generals together
    ii't'it1 OOEtitim'i lei tbA.'r; "Mt. .t5d jdetliodiit' EP'tCltorrL pa1 eta reported that 1ht engine baring got out of their elocution, a sketch of the life and exploit fact lobes always I ar..de/laaeolaU,,.with brftta- j

    Ouerey.tve.7 : FWa.J '" '86ntk tat"datermined lo'ulca'thi'rdigt- foal several mcO were soot into the timber to ant of,each will be_found interesting.Ferdinand i tire party of M'oxico, upon' hi*back, ; :I

    ;, 0"ehti'ge'ot1he coluted pbople" Gtii 1dn 1 wood,Dot so'far at the engineer could aaoerUirf TO AfCIIDCL. X 11MtuAx.. coosUlaraUo.Bom military and politic ,, | WderJ to which ;

    ?:i2ab'ldleaft'n < tdtlnecitltdplatipoli.bicbX'ltkntevertc the'men bad fa&ea asleep, and nothing could be b$ at a right aagfe. ;
    ri"'M ho ;
    driythingefe IS"diCettl/o'ppoati mountain of{ "
    Arfcdnke .
    ." q- .." 1" Maximilian Joseph of Austria J..the little .jtfl I
    ..t.T'IT13I.8.. f "X'L&'rii fldh.otrtil they woka up., Knowing.how faith ,and tometime.mperor of Mewed,was Wa able to throw jnhi ( + to utter hit cry or .1

    1 r4luairir AID JO' oocsssjioa riitAw, entire no eKurch la for efforti'.i educate the tan,the principle of "how not t do It"iI w. at Huhonbnmn on tho 6th tf July, 1113:1.: .' llis and aotiko corps of him, tU top, he. stood i t i
    X 'felt that -quiet resignation to father wa Krancit Chariot Joseph Archduke of willing to follow 1l the Jap below
    'UU crrr.1Lti eedm.:a aowt io oHQ.. ;tImarw riad pat here. a officer' and ''the i*
    tsivoilehf mother
    and the Httk follow laid
    '- Austria Kophio ,
    _. .l'. I ,1'I. 'UCi< .tt 1 leftare, *ci hf d4 fate wa*my only. refuge. and rcaiued., myself. ling!& of Maximilian I.,- King of Bavaria c4valry of Oorwru.)1 l and said 01rrt t f
    in their
    .- ltn l",I tiaaytheradoLjetit6ubereii to fccjifcgtfcir -'a Upon the abdioatiott of F Ferdinand Emperor ol mviniyblo( tit' blab tip hung
    .0. GTf.T.t;. the*white,tad Uct iu Date wipro- :- I att toe muohcranantod' writ much now. Austria the Archduke renounced his claim to prohally be ranked .and exclaimed AU I

    ; C UJr' cal iM' omni(5i inlonit'aiid rrrtgatdatbp utn Thin latter It takenp* nth my tniiadventur the.uoceseion.in favor of his oldest son,,.that Iu the,worl'L,. : A impoeaibla trick I

    Sap rtlLttt'AeltLL. .tit} f pretent Kmperor, the brother of the snbject of en.OJIa a ,blander. At 4
    r'lboIcnRoltin1oafretl7rOlaftiflr: iiitii4"i1t and ihow
    l 'lM emtiln'oimizigof of pageant
    J. r title sketc5. Th0 bdfeaUftg mpcrortnglving ( and .posturin-,
    _\ : ourratloe''aii'ttCuigddireut1T' : :sore'Volt. .to ur na A. B.I'IiI .:' .p hi*throne unequally divided hit power,gave life bo Edred very op a cord to the roof i
    ; 0.55PCrEStp.pgLrlr the Archduke Maxi&ulian-to: Ho >s Tory'devoutly i ati ?
    IIS Ift1abit1ht peaftioualiat t5e1iiuocthai j I an ad raulag* to yupc Tht rope ,
    '_ '_"A 6., ,--. -- the di4rioeot of Itit eldur .brother. tioch wu of very pleasing/ .aad -xedown |c. '

    .. :Metdte, .a ..einta-rat.blf'U.. tt< taW. ,ifbetiQdtdA. vit,end havt. %rg d OH".rifiboiial. 1 i, .: ".' the train of the oonitant, sot] at/;mot>err thonih guoerally ( ,',Jmnjenaa.jreknity, 'i j
    hectare hy ot old wcU-
    ilD411i'ja" or
    II 'tilblarSh'alaol
    tiidlifr. which totwtea' s \b4I iskouidar .
    41OJ.-o'We haTe cdvedthelensnn warm diffartccet, arow ,the ,Upon
    ;B.1/BN i ,' is i eaay,\'iYViol1l j ja
    f9 dn4
    i Jt.bA ;i1m fip, ,; aberofW6IpubUatiot. ItUfilWiofonnatioB two. .wwi ,a utef
    .t. f bo.l.. cA.W', -onrssooomYtiagmt I>MaximDoto reetbeclllit.kcaticnli .L V hand leanVl (eons ids U 4Kut .rOwr J[
    t { "fllkWAi -wfth 'i Ta1u&bJelo.I >*1 to hate tpent ft grcM ptfrt of hiijrwth make the most IB patfoifiaars I 1a aota-
    ;:! !.: ; appear
    I ,. :, \tgdiad .lia* +n p t, and no plantar. ahoald te:without in study and travel. At an early ago he Inc aiuntiva .owe wt4 1a .
    'b1'J"lUZ n'"J1tiJlrJIJ'L.. ., ..,. nairi ti, -me t"t't lrstf:ibdn"wlxi46Dt100 itWbr I entered the nary and iaw' coiuulcrtUo service ) ,
    c',. ._ "r qps _JJ8ifW thbil the4chtar etfYef tlA 'tin'T aini'RoLoye'lotJoriq ,' tw, at- aailing about the.Kedit. and Gonaral pfvero .nL'1I8' 1lltC t
    and Soontalnji well vrl&tan" riahad[ all the adit mt eonntruH9n ca Italy, prominently -.1: ; w.a.lru.r' lJ bet R y Matty7 got Bp, wma > iM hitn .
    and Portugal rBctmti/i *a,axecpt the free a"t'"t'
    ', Morocco,,Ii *, Kpain
    >. .of. e ind errndsblaaedeles. stand
    'iend'tsied a
    'f f> 'taotilhhlrtioo4aakt a a| DDW.1f"
    i' *' t At the age dt t* aly-two vie wee placed at thad I tow
    ,DR E } l ".. tiI'atnrrr. '.r.nuG ire aw edddtN ". of what It termed or eoortetjr the AnstrUa and command of a *f n.4 rataiad

    -. .ft1.K' 'jI & "1De'M'W t :i' vl3Txne1Teg1d4If fw Apri1 f Amori. marine and with a nuadjott.. .wt.l tile Germs shown Indiieihdd,acme tlillty Ilbb1I .. tha -eUaalaaxy

    .t"JItj .o.t 'St. n :" b h1lih' ttdittladjlon,ptdabed 1 thi'IAon.ed coUP of*fria aad ralefttin*.,. n41;went,al o. o. tbfK wUc aaan.i.
    f w .. ..4"_ d S.and InUf ort.in the works cf tepee: WUD Oenat thA ad<*ay- tact
    'imd'-el h'i1 'poa4p>ii r noeit=.cito li'4'tnr took Zftcatec fa -
    the"cektiti *
    i r. D6 .g ( 'Ifilyw. > the Son werd justIytsbtlBing audiaBea- pe.*e\
    Sea,- ": ; finia 1 ;.. .-* Rn'rn' ishedrb7. and WM: t'9r k
    ,. ,ti.1tO J bwii" a $ paa TII'JI1oUowbtf heiral.ppeia tet "a" cleariy
    .......w. -. .:' J f t h.9t eotnpanyl: The tatter.open* Vittx"aa of Lombardy nd Vctte! *;u. irf On = .l'AI.iAr t>r i frost(( .

    5 = lo'iiclatdaa dime deI.vat Uurpowtw httached to the position Ii -,' ._ .
    Ji : : \JJ ot&t1 JiKe f 1 *wt TIle Policy" of ;; ,, .
    ; himself:'qiiiU hTorlt "among the'Italian*,
    a 'The
    ,4P titpttw ra1WtlhiittaawbatIan >
    E b.iib.jt at4'U. Mehl therffie'dmiiy1rnecy1 1 wWc li'-'parttculirly the This popularity isra bow ecR dispkt*ing.: Wmnoi Hon {.. ,' : a1d; ,thoif trdl+ray f.
    kj B ti t5oc d lag ,jn 1M9 he ; irit ttdd
    -JD& we IIOWWI'It fairRt. .,.. rp *JotepWand > wll'IIIJIOTIIIC e.ea.
    la, "- .&tt&i tt (d.N:u. r.J -.tt'i" tJO.i \. ''' j *"". """"', '.'"** *' .t of t ; old to tare; ''exhibited mat"coor ge and Pet'B9od,. al. : t-.. ,," ..r a7JC'f''
    ii" i d e ; cddads. jI "T- ':" ,
    ,she .'IS.i .h ; -. L'1";"' rFa. 4sgf; .', 'aexrrtrrp : : 4,j '. ,. .-. -n p. j

    {. a-
    .-,. a
    .J2.l'ft' r
    K.. ,

    .,.1IIfJ J'... .
    "11'.., r
    'j' "tl: -- .. "; : 4a _. ..__. .. ,. .
    ',_ .tA.; ---f"-. ."
    ., ; tb .;.}' '.. .' '

    sP P M :.:
    ,. .: C2 S t. ,,. .. !. l11.,
    ,. < 1'
    f' 't ,,- .

    ,+ f. .

    '::: -; '! <" "'.:}.; ; : .. .. ., "'.:; ':'! { :i ; ', .
    ." ,::: I ,.. ;, 'I: '
    t t.u.
    > ; : =f-- :' :: :. -' f :


    s .,. 4: ri .

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    j ; I .
    ; o i
    .t. -. r"'," <',. -, "_ ,. ,, ,, ,. -, t, :. _
    Il" r.'t : '. '. '; -. -" "
    -_. -.: .. -:. -:= : Y aJ :-.. i :_ __ ,- --- :'. :- ; ". --
    W ZEi T.CluILILY._. I i : Qib bad pbWitiy *vojwwi '.to-,1. illegal
    AVBV8T1BIK. <
    : it1biatii: KtfUarir j Tacktlonvillo andvichnity VXi Tk..
    h : o.n.1..6. ; .
    1. : :?fat yrt..w.t. ,1 J
    ttr that ha \ to vota.
    Judge* otyrt only
    '. I .ehwt;; tiin*ap ;it: pcrtiKff' f)jeaiaitItcory The T 'Jr"U..t D. tatotliangeih
    1'1I'MeIi1' i .d' : '
    ... *. CbsWtod R fo.Ahasa. ,- i,1Jaotl$11111t' toUiionyihat the nurocooMntcUJ lUtes J-VoR' aTr' v ,4 :.i ..A'c..r.4..uiJr.....e. -oundibioa ofi6e.barely Xo'on! ,
    co ,
    bundled thousand M ,
    on doUait
    > do
    ;.' .paid ; wn and I I: -
    I ni U Dletluah13. oaii.d :. pe.ieiersar 1s propose arktog nay
    "i etipoUted Mjr tea theottitd doflanf per aiveioobl'dikatid J.1i Honor\ c. o 4n. pjeeiding. {sot '," ;>
    .tb 1IIL\il < We ifl'trodaced weolutioc* whitli. Iy sta
    thres-kundnil n4Ttttssary i" ltidtir if
    ; yttttEtktx Wi
    1s fie I eo Military bill tod,uikViy I Mat X0.--llarry tidy wssbtouBht up, : ._ .:atvoettrrs,Jae. Q,186T.
    ; eaetd doe the p .a fr ;U hen tie ctdrdl
    dolor{ tea out opiiuoa a >
    ; t6ocu v :, .,_ . : tnjoy a mflifar!'government tolU,, W t Wtioduflnile rpt1ril* triple ttfademeanor.ia 'disturb- We k1',J dbo vm I Ok School
    ',': 17e.predwt'laiiippat 1.4.fe1. ill;._;. SAT't7RDA.T. JSJbE e. 1887.. (alto period,acme pnuaUy in&OAiie' ,reaching the which >*. to tie jAaaeraUy. IIs
    -. leg thIS) public1 pace; using vulgar and pcofano, morning'upon the Sylph ,dld'aioi=
    /f_.f.tae W etPoiu4Boari or _. : ia pro sad of the Iarther dater Hat 1 to bald ebject MMr. 1
    change spirit loyal with
    pnrpot o'clock. Ifeia toads n
    ia TbepriRMwr
    -, No .BaUce language, and being drunk the street bar at 7 we way
    ,t1:Coabptiullee ct th.' advartjc wU tw taken e* atweyiaoai eonmuiibUMM. *- ihoold Bat the Hart because. k.shearfnaa'MutLaactts, ,
    people rapid ofevonU lea then Otttlido
    1M citybit.Jahr.: >otcofUu> TlMMn eM awns el4be. wMr. wut-b, occur% iwgnM pload guilty and wa fined five dollar very good breakout, prouodDd '
    ... 1& pft1l s u that he aCoagretatonalid. That
    '& National &ik oG New .Qrlcan. will be .We can al'lUlllrt7**%imWrtui dm-4 to lalar&it pearls_- tending every day to make the militirj-. for the drunk i Ova dollar fur the 'disturbance rather epoiling tha brcakCut foes few,by giving wa! : > this I IWM
    e paidialawtel : at the taoaw.bkb '. governmdit mote galling and more burden Iu o Alrput f.-pad A".iw/fl to :.XbJoctiM! t ,11 U. Judge
    taooey'o% prewnUUon at.raj rey1. t* and tea dollar* for hit profanity,-the latter bo- j them dose of eakkne v .
    .. Traaary 4Intendi to stla sad to people alike, i La proving that: rnaoW the St. Aoguatino bar, and bat) to i* acquaintal .withUte!( ;t cHetdlhi of the two
    Boston r bog the moat expensive two w*
    : The' > 3 cturchc,he must know; that they exchanpo
    ..::: %Maoeie odtbratiaa va June tlat A bOlo Igd.mai'b tooi Hunter, b howcvur'pliusfbla tho theory might a|>pcar, itwoii ,Jana 1 --Caj t June*Tucker appeared to aowcr la; theWohta+ half pest Ibtor-not a vbry pleasant ptrlitj) M .eithil body'3ate tttltoEgtile

    ;' ,Tb*Secretary of the Tnacury hat,forbiddenU been'recommended badly in actual practice. Quiolly, but a comitUiinl for wing viulcut and provoking addition to our trip. While lying ouiid W '
    ,n of the by tho principal citi it i it iu vrctMniof llio last ownicomliers fartherthat Congregational
    piiblkaUon weokly distrtirtotoentB. surely, itiip(>ing romaining -' toward, land aatau'ting C. L tb -U. a EevenuB Cutter Nat.omaud'came
    ; t, The completed regirtrttloo.*W 9Tawhiter 2 gene of St. Marks for the oflico'of PostmaSter vcetigo Of civil government, oblitnra. language .Feroau1lina- muriate Are called', to Prfbytria,'eWirfbwi
    .,' ; snit<,tl*fcUok*.{ ..party named ,Do. KobiuaoB. Tlio Captain plusd not guilty but, up, Uuiin0.| tito a party fa.wa and to Uwir'tialt
    have only pre
    at that .. The tloridio but wharC and
    .' ro- ling not only lUU-lirivilcgigi elate jinva, clcciJod o'clock landed safely on the
    / '.: : Vanti wfcee nanb wa rejected oa..account of : upon hearing tho tTiduute, t'.o Court. About MX we '
    1 I .:.. .ntadin1Wednft, ton but 'two.p go* of the marks : "Itia 'the, beat they can do, and"proving, what Done bat the wilfully blind that though llio.aosautt wa taut proven;,than We found tho rttamct Sylph more than We ex- pas ad ex niin tjon, to b#bniUel(o the 1Wbytory.
    ,',' R. itsrandatte .awailow: lion-adiou i it rii- ; .' It it tree also, Inat l""yt -
    throe Be mmiMm
    and i ever qumtdotrai"-thal; political pvctadlad.ithonlyortafavlf-ratatrelotir.
    | vote as veil to fee"dODO now aa was 110 question as to the are of vk>U>nt and paw ;
    ha been oat is jail iu roconetrvction k tilh L I tho cuk sad Afe called 10 GbfigrBgatlanal chore he*
    ; : good oAly anti gentlemanly
    :4 e* ioad w chant, wko escaped the Cot at any time, foJ'to this"comldoxio I vuking..ud agcordingly impoatd .fine Her officer ant eonrteous '
    .J.adge.win prebaNy.'" that
    of aafcty, dollar. At UG of Mr. Uubiuayn to show attention The tAble wa in
    fedss W snare by furniahieg* ratxtilute ta* must we of thirty rcqutat always ready
    o been rrfomd regiatratJoa. Considerabla icit. como at htet"aA This wouk bring us two now orders, ono u- bowvver .We fine wa,'rooLtceol.iflwa. all one seek(ncpoct and.the njrv nt polite and ineaking .of, extreme .fotalitiw, he said: "I

    _and much dissatisfaction prevail but no sad by Uon. SchoBald 'commanding the Tin iloLUra which MtttitiTfc. Uion gaining tho-hor a- craM would not.& you a mutt flues South Carulina
    .Mss paid. .
    .tumble, The rule it apprehended.MM!form of Bankruptcy. hare. been. writer in the Ikrilim,etgnmg hint Military Disuioi,-Yutni Ni awl the olhor *. lcu .. -J.ohn Murphy the ror s gtwenJ rush was made for the "Honda! UoiUc.; 'that neither wuaJol'J be wifflng to accept one from
    which the :c ti'iludgo. pIuglae8Y coati.1 allot by Gen. Pope oommaiuling too third Military anion intiwtion1 11 imrthcrn the Eadiral.Ktato. of Mmwachwslrs, bat a* sOt
    'xUayed reported attendees over ) tea fight thtl night before,waa charged with disturbing biing a .
    :Jonas bav been eoMulted by neiL aela the poople of tho State' to do nothing li.tritt,-O oegia, Alabama nod FloriQua. .' the and nut 6t aka patrol John principles by gentlemen [from Connwtknt. cortpromirti will oGor yet the n... H. P. CViuw

    UN radical carried thecity by 8WO ,majority towards KvhofiiJd'order provide that "for tltcp peace ng Iomo'tonfuSion .wt* to ,ta tipected of Ponnaylvanla."
    ,- and have in tke city council. aiding the reconstructiun plead not guilty. The testimony shuwod a vory conrw EL Crane
    a T- anvil' But corropondent *- Who b tho' Bev P. whom he
    Tbe ICaVy Department bra tdviuea from the of the State and "to logaliae mixed ttato vf a&kir but Uw Coart :'unravvlkd among K molly jolt & your sjr-
    .Afietie Squadron thai th* genual health i* says negro ION in their rigUU of poraun and protwrly, in waa one of the favored And gut a very geatoJ,fo'Id 80! BTgadttpott'tts? As the
    O'tI.lSO"er.uiU and he
    aof&ago ia a blunder that amounts to a where the civil authority enough to prove | waa Jadj>rbforreJ th*cen jnxalio* to Mr.
    ood, aDd no pirates im tae Chinese Seat .me..f3etbmber caw nay foil, from good rata: A word to parties viiiting tbi place Orteky
    .( : The Nth of, Captain JokmP.BoBzkhead crime Thia is about equal to the NoT T "whatever cease to give welt protection, and,9 accordingly find dollar ou the flnl chargoand -give the Florida lloueo a calL and myself (w31 'aUU that Mr. Crane came

    i* confirmed.at Afro The,deceased tatmoufh wa of eon tin of Rod the Sea 1 late wk Day Book.;nay.Ood Pity iUeto inaurctho'prowpt upprosiua of inaarreriiogUisorAr until ten paiJ.ua.tUu socuud, aiul to stand ooeiBuUwl Monday the court art-on.*oaion enlgr the from the North a few inoalh bofore the war

    -which thinks and violence, Military CommiMioncru, erganiaing and admitting broke ont, rattled at PaUtka and was one of the
    General James Bottrkbead,of South Carolina that tho froedmoUa Juan Rune wa*charged with riot and resisting time being oixtpiod by
    Advice from Ojl ratter,member ct General schools are an obstruction to the restoration Ie bo clotted from the offictn of the army and Uu I'ate'1'L. out of Uw diatutbanve the lawyer to pieties Among nova admitted first to volunteer in the Confederate service
    catu -
    Grant*taff;and who Unt West to InvoBtigmtetha of tho FreeJmenV Caroau will i be appoinhjandgiran Jtl glow were Hon. Wilk M..Call,'Cot J. J\ when bo served u Cfcaylniwt and WM known a*
    social John
    Kurt Kearney massacre corroborate the of order. Who hall been cruuted Uy Murphy aforatiiJ earnest advocate
    jurioJictinn over .ub+lietrfcti, tube J. J. Finleiy and other*. an of eeeaxKnt and a violent
    report of Indian kortflKie: It M stated unoffi. pulling the wool over there 6olomoa'eyes but was much wore hopelessly u UBllmwr f'andcncon.J.dge many '
    .'l rally that Gem IShertnan .dl..tab the Wd'im.B 0 a du8tudinonlnnagtointingtkuwwiWaulhricaailitni { t aft uiuth p tiuat iiivustigatiun found Some innocent piopto wun' surprised to find *o opponent to tho Vnink ;8och was pro compromise
    force to execute the cxuculiun oCforeJ.hat..knowing the feet
    diately;. or care faithful adborant to the conctitntioa and ** .could
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    that fiiid and
    Oa account of, unexpectedly large of their ordcn. discharged. uutluug the prisoner w ere many law* of tho United Statue. Ilut this ia a time e f ,. not accept it. We prtfcrred Mr. Hart: who had

    a mncellanaoa character from the I The constitution Tbooo Commmionor are clothed with all the never had Anything to do with politic
    Revenue toward the close of Jut month, and of the "Educational JUNE 6.-Wm. Coha waa bougbtop7orerg' refusing Change, and conscienoM are cheap. At 10

    mill requisition from other department,,the Association of the Stato of Florida, power of Justice* of th*.Trace or Police Jof to do jmUol duty and not aiding the offi.cer ('Pluck Tuoday the court again procuudod tu The Judgeckiau that tart not Ay, were tile

    .debt tatemeat for May will show not only avery istratoi and all police oulcon, shtuifti, cumtablo aecirlen.: Now;if I understand tha-y nlology
    farmed he forenoon wa* again occupiud -
    Tallahasseo Keuun
    jUst that whun called buHiness -(
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    balance bat considerable
    large a of the the
    currency and other are rcquiieJ to cxe eta and.ileytheir term pvty that go oat ere the *enuW -
    reduction debt "any molt citizen of tho State engaged' to pay a fine o( tan dollars and the oaao wa re- in admitting a great many nora k>yalciticen *,and the leaf In
    ........ order They are required to make a' furred to the anorak *" to practice-in the drawing of the (rfrty remain aro pot a-
    in the .
    Prom )Menu profession of teaching, on identified prompt report of all rasa of which: truly nay Frank )I 'icie was ttravii-tud similar Grand Jury and swciring them int.. sion.V
    on a
    .. 'tb'.edition of the NaKonalisC of MAy 30lb,, in any way with its educational in t fcoj ris1a went nut, and -IW remained f It Buy

    ._ '%republican newapapor here bai Wwi ap- teresta may become a member." No cWo whether they abaU bo trial by .MilitaryUamrainfon all with a great dolt of attention. Tbe bu that bur acnm duceived u*, but we.tiuiijkt
    coos out of Mr. 1 I
    pruael by the Commandant of the Port tftdk grew Murphy' free fighk"Qciex we taw the and
    Judge his
    or brought beforca civil courtJen. crowd Pre in a body
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    the office. It future or can be Judge delivered an' charge .
    guard placed over poblica- -
    'troy it prohibiteil until the proof-aheet are cubmitted found in the State than a class of ladies ( Pops order rucite that, aa the late dis- RE1VI1 s.-A letter coune of which he alluJod to toile fart that bare during petting of lh. 'a{iestioa', forwhuh
    in tho
    to the Commandant- order of *up- graceful riot at Mobile WM owing mainly U the registered theJackionvillo great t. flare wt.ha ever meeting wat called and leave the church..
    who for the acre now a majy
    )reason says: "Tbe paper hu been ,rendered past yean have been inefficiency or ncglgct of tho mayor and chief o' Voat office fur Austria was tree I- before awl that Colored cituoA 'w<0.1alt. a* Of courau not Using* member of the church ba
    ameuktwv to tbelant of Oeneral Or- laboring successfully in the millet and tbe reuiipl returned here within coulds&
    {paragraph cause of police and us it is important that tho civil offi- tomonths. ro in no ether way.
    ,dens leaned May J94,prohibiting publication much entitled to justice 'white The grand
    articles inciting to Hot and violence or the education, but the "association" for eon in the dwtrict sliouM umlursi&nd precisely! ---- finale caw tueeelevtioa of a colored man aa bailiff lie say they taim to be the only legally constituted .

    public nw of incendiary language." Tho ailkJeke&rml gets thorn and ignores the fact that tho what i* required of thorn by the mihUry 4 u- ;S1..-Wo hail a fritmdly tieilan IPnoaloy .- for Uie Grand lcar}'. I undunUml same of l'rCllhytcrian charch.in Jacksonville

    to van one initrUkting 6ret.11Ii.The the (reoimenmbra world p-ogrceses. tl rft- thwriforo it is ordered thlt- last, from Capt.' P)ka of the rirlirue them are going to object but it will not du any and ntoo can maintain their po iI on._
    and how to
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    officiU.report of the Mobits 1kIi pub. "In the citwsor town havingmunioiigotwnmcnt who pose al through our city on his way to S t good-time* are changed. Tboaft.crnoon..ou They of course have the right to their oliu.
    Mayor and Chief of Police of other
    lished. General tVxpto liy*that CvCrJ-bmly Apprehended 1h Mobllo KfpMlccm a radical journal civil ofluxir ;pussoaing their authority, (vela' Auguctinc. _If wen dovilod to lending the docket and raw tron a. claim We hatrMh. tamo tight to bur opinion, and

    a diaturbanc during Mr. lt.UW'.pcfICh there i il no Mayor or Chief of Police,) are reqnircd Court mot again at 19 Wednesday forenoon t thoT"v lyre tho only Prcabytctiao chunk

    and CNIIUI'EIIthe Mayor' lie fur not being ,published an article ti s week r) to be pimnt at every public ro1iti.1DIO..titg ,V'ATr.n..r.I"f_.-A cargo of fine watcrmehirU had no user for a Petit Jnrykall the forvnoonbcing here entitled to all btu right and priyihJgt1e u apart
    with m. removed the
    f recant, adequate the freedmen or akjumbltigo which occur within tha arrived tit this phco on Wednesday last and of Uw Old School
    inciting to violence General .
    Mayor and police not only for criminal mi/icon limit of their jurisdiction with suck 1"lil'4 capiedinrxaaiaingwitnuaein.naJmiradt, Aarembly.fittrctlf
    mwtj are coming. Ky tefonncc to
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    paper waa at once summarilysurpreesed. force and arrangement aa will ruulur diituib-1 yoars,
    Mcnritv while thry retained office. Input( it will bo seen that they Ire telling d 3. IX MITCHELL.Jacksonville .

    ( The City Tan Collector, City Trearare Board I There,is no stronger evidence hoed At all or riots public impractioabld.or political meeting or awm- 40 cents to $1,50 esch acooding to size.FOR We bare a rtry gnbif ptoupvtt M rttIWailg Fh.,J.tm SU

    i of aldanuea and'common, counofl- _ofltobila have than this that the laws are impartially Mage held ontsiJo of town or city COTWration") hero three or four sake The place i it quite -; Ue

    .boa. ,romored.. carried out by the military authorities the Sheriff of the county or his deputy, or a ST. AUOCSTISE.-Purinif the sitting of lively. There i* a military court martial tn K- l'ds SuwAiiaeB'>rot pabttthod at Lake
    deputy specially appointed fur the occasion, will the U. ti, lion, and that add considerably to the ru h.- City
    ': Court
    .rJ ito at St
    Vnm Cfc
    Augustine extra i it
    of a new bnt it
    regardless color be paper, i
    party or ''-, and "'III. in earn of need organize making aa excollcut
    ID the t'ottwl S. District fount alJUhatbeon and that o# who the laws and pease t from tho people on tbe ground which he will fur run over the roil line for the cnnvrmi When the name of the juror.were called oa dart AVe am always glad.to find it eur
    filel by .United rUatee IMrict Attorney oppose will hold Bcporato from tho body of the ttswm.bllg race of our noraoroas citizen whose att ndnnceia Monday, and the Judge asked if any had cxcaaoi exchange, for it .
    acaitut members of the firm of Julin ', endeavor to creato disturbances arc hold 1. r"'lllirod.tll''o. to rrtuKt wiry Urt-y sholiU not verve aa Jurors. certainly n I rtteAi "the

    o the Cnitod Htatei iu bluckade runingOiorationisand not be cl'iatly hownhal th*civil oincen aLu vC itself inte 1g.
    claiming in other rwpecU that they ara ac servative" xchU'ill not rauio an iniiicatwl wt-re prvcrnt and did actively and faith JlE.u Qt'uulI&-The military Headquarter ale tie oO. Wo hero had t1eaic ty the( --

    oouatable to the Government. Judge Bryan outcry about the bertyol the fully perform their dalk*, both by word and of th%lslatrttet Florida rnmovvd 11 oil the bIUIdory evening eo tat anti Kepo it will eons PaanolrID-Geo 'W..Uayla, who o6>mdahoavj

    vpua hearing the bill granted an injunction rectraioing press. doed, inch officers will be (injioMxl fnun their office JIM. nit CnK Sprague and hi. sUff officer aredomiciled tinue. a, .M, B,, reward throngk lie SoetLorn daring
    the aCmimeotkKKxl parts from I. They have been eo quiet thus far that *, and otherwise bold nariotlsiblB by the military papers -
    peeing of any real citato now held by thfiotiFrvoa hare hope. authoritid to iho full extcut of tho ncgleclpr.cciininility at the roHliMire of the late Judge the war to any pwsoa,who ,would assassinate.

    -_-w_ vp_ ,. manifcctod by tbnn. Barrett on the rater of Fonyth ami Market Prbytrla Cfcmixh.Ma. Fie*iJant Lincoln, wa ,recently bt>Cim

    Hew'Oriemma.By street _. Eqrron.:-linnet deeply ant,.. '1 Jwlgo B rateed'*, t'nirei State bbtrkt Ctxut of

    orW of the JPretident, through UM Sotn The Moxican.Empire is at an end, Tke Pr.iia.nl'. Trip. -- -- -- -- regret King Va wn into a vapor contnJ'ftn:1, Alabama on the e ehdrjr of complicity in the assarainttiot -

    Uryof ," ,0IiIeDr E>> ridai>bas ne toreitlield 1t i1tiqM .with his generals and his The rresiJcnt left'Wwhingfan on the lit in- New Srnadrk.-11th tteamer Taminend ojieciaUy in ,church matter*) bat M tbe'proceedings ., He presented a fan pardon front

    VwlHion Levee froM O Gorwhw loMJn Wfelfe.la compliance' with. a army haa surrendered, and his fate is .Ant iccortipdni*! by Secretary Sttwftrj and a which ha* been lying Savannah for Rome time of the party which I l'rl'WIIt hayo boon Presidtiot johnauq ant wa in ennar<],nco JiVSti

    BhCTidan,tn Keying t Ordw tetionncw Well still uncertain. It is reported that he moderate retinue of miliUry and civil officials.Tho awaiting ordan, anihero on Wednesday m misunderstood and nuarepnaanted, I foal it my miaeiL .

    in the strongest and remora him I'rosiJont reached Uicbmond at dark teat, and will take ate of &w facts
    lermj ap> has been place the Sylph which duty to stain a binning upon ,the case.
    shot but this is > fomxixa
    .'printing Thomu J. Dorant hid plats Phnri- report not the next morning and drove dirr-ci to tho Spots- i is to bo laid up for repail The Tamjnend in Toe Jackaonvillo r"byW&Jt'bolnh and Par WKUJL-A new mel n3 ef
    hot bero
    aifoinh-d Wro." Bakor in hit place.' enacted -, wood liiftuc. They atbsrdud service Sunday' in excellent condilten. for active swrice.JAII. aonage were built and furnished, and bavi bash 'Uipted within two

    Jacob Barker proposes to the creditor of the it is certainly an unfortunate affair SL '&' church; dinod .ith the Mayor and kept in repair almost entirely by northern men, wvoks at Charleston: la:C. It ii i nniple. The

    bank of Commerce to form a Joint Stocki Cotn"f for.the would be "emperor" but it will Council at tho hotel ahd left tho next morning I BiLrvr.HT. About twelve o'clock Lull and It.rth'nefilitaL lit ministers of the whole proctor eontialj ia driving a piece oIl .

    >any :.-with a capital of .half a million of dollar tor Kalciga. On his arrival the latter pip*! Itn tilth and t half in d lftetcr'Iowa into b
    he church have birn
    lesson city Snturil.iy night the uppdrteil almort
    *, bo.tit. purpn.e of building hoe_ and serve M a and a warning to all pri nen confined in Urn altogetherby the
    VnrN, and tock to be|aid for iri cbocki on the future meddlers in American'matters. wacinet by all tho civil and military oQiciali of city jail to the numbr-r of five made break and the Old School Board of Domwtie missions reaches rrmir.d( with 4 hand nliDot. When th*pip

    'Mink of Cofntnwro.H Intro propoM to tnravw The' hat coat' high and low degree and escorted to hit hotel l rV tcd. They Are aU still at "'' The County :and by the northern element in this church the water a oomidoiicktera pump i is ap

    to the company,all real estate and ponooal experiment Franco thirty where ho wa introduced to the crowd by the ( rintiu Court met on Monday morning bat hicn ha* alwny largely rrcpOndoratai.ThU plied and worked. At first,land and water v*
    property as wet u hi* bulL thousand eoldien..>nd three ehu dred Governor a lifted"np; theo kM! mad
    and made ejftil
    Gen. gheridan'i,remonU of tlonrnorWHiis spcwch. On tbe 4th insL the victim* bJ ing tiib "AhsnH without ln "' lUtisturce from pro hoard wal eontmoid Anally beautiful -

    commented'npon favorably by the New Or. millions franca; Austria and Belgium the rrcaiJonUal party attended at the cemntcry the court adjourned to await their rxlurn. until the loathes Mate aectOcd and eomraqnieAlion clear water flow It i* m.e4 for all purpo-

    loan sad to be regarded"fa have sunk considerable where a now monument dedicated to the Along Broad rirsrt they Are*o common U le
    pre appear vor- in men and Probably they will come back-when caught Imlwtxln tin north and south oea,L a* >
    ..aU* by a majority of the people and and memory of tint Presidon!'* pitprnat Mulive. avery -l Aflrr the church used, with hose pfpo' Attached, for watering the
    England property tame tutu
    Wm. Baker,the newry appointed street Com- money, Spain each invested e