Twenty four pictures from Mother Goose


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Twenty four pictures from Mother Goose with full directions for coloring
Uniform Title:
Mother Goose
Cover title:
Mother Goose's melodies
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9, 3 p., 24 leaves of plates : ill. ;
S.W. Tilton and Company ( Publisher )
S.W. Tilton & Co.
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Children's poetry   ( lcsh )
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Bldn -- 1881
Nursery rhymes   ( rbgenr )
Children's poetry   ( lcsh )
Coloring books   ( rbgenr )
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United States -- Massachusetts -- Boston


General Note:
Publisher's advertisements follow text.
General Note:
Baldwin Library copy illustrations are hand-colored: probably by young owner.
Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).

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University of Florida
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Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature in the Department of Special Collections and Area Studies, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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.. . .... . .




,fin 1' 10

T ia rS r1 -at.
S- +
"' iI ,- 4- "' r" '* ,,., --

s'ilr.--.' W'; "j



I --4


^ *% -,' ,'l*^*` ,)-' :'" .: .

9 a*../A ThY. <'i
;V.A I.l~r4?.APOLIa : r"

( *-.lF .*si


' -'- , ,-** /-:,, ,--J <". | ,- '
', \ -, ------ \\ \ >,/
(7s : -,

I' t" ;,' L -, ""
-t '1 *,-- : ,. \
c ,. Pi i / -' / -
S.. / -T /

"'; I I / "
II- ^^r^y- i//./,Y

k^x^''/ / ,' >-J//
/ ,
.- 1 : ... .-i ^ .' ".-, <._., -.

-. ,. j,, -."
/.r I t ,.
S... ..- > -. ^ /' ', -'- *:-. ^ ....
_- i-. n.- .. z_ .-

:>" -:"> ^":+"' "+ '" / / ^- i f,fi! ?' "- .: j/".
--:^il--- ^. 'i>^+S^-,1 *-

T ;; I. ;lte 1 ', o ,,,, 4 t- -';
"1 "-sUt- .._ .t L 'e "" "
j c'ii p u t Y in y a. h m e.-'^ - } Ik _^- ;-^"\ '
3* ,
__________ ___i L
I~~' ________________ ____

r ----- .---.- -.. ------- --------------------

-, , ,K ti. .r n i e j,
"" /, -, y .

S. 'Take your wn .9

,7 ./ .. wct .

-,t ;' I-l .i l
',- ,f.". ,,: j / .
I i/, i' -

ii I a'v" .--
f ', -

ej,, a.' 7
2 / ,

ThL- the miller cy grind

his Corn,
Ti0h te Ctker nial t-c 0 f:
i, aict, )'lro vot, s lla-Kfl ei,
1, it rne mo r

; n ^ i^ 1/ ^-V

5 7~ n

i .. r
T h
i x *(.. C a --^\ -,

"'. .... ..^ ,I :<;' t
/-. . ,1 ...... .. -- , --. *r- r ^,,!

'-" '" i "t .-- *i ?z i ,i ,'

C t . . .. '. ". -;
I -- -- ),,

.,P : /"o- : i ,

( .. .
F 1 l --: l- I-' / A ^ .
.- 1/ ;? -" t c

L _J l _L~l --- ___ ...__ _J _- ^^ -^-- LA ----.---

.l'... .f

uss cal Iss "J 1
where have ou b
J'e teen tc ron CO a _
-- -^ ~- ---fA--,^ ^

se He Que
pusSy- c-, y PUSSY- -C --
what did. you F :-re i

V1 -' -f b ''--
Prightenem a ohe
u 1ndi er 11 el oair -a


Ric Lraty n rct e 'Pre(['
r4 ay hall ride, p
Sfin halue a little UpuJ>
doq tied to hera id e.
-^.t-L- n cV AUHIffe busy Catr tic
he o h k,,
lid away shesall ci ide
to see her Irandr mohite
8 9 ?-o se*e ter 9rac d i1totier
Th See lier grantdu1tGher-

At ;--__._', .

i l i
"/1'"-'; ^ is)-

"- \I

S!rkeT to market tou y. CL -

-fiome fiorne ciLcitr,, j 9 9 1

"i orne agai', hoim, e again, iget-

v"\1 '` 1__ ^^yJ

Lady L;'t ) Icic e bId /'/,. -

f ourly i' ;1.
IOUSWe iSn U re -
iour chiedlepen all


Ii ------.----------------------- -, ^- .
,, ~ '~ 1 ,lt~,

L. ..^ -- i,

Ik 1- rw ick
e I--- Hie 6- u -
-^ I \ ^ ^\N j
C'n we co12W'LbOL) .?SO itf \' V i
/e le in by he wo fu \
*^ Gritclu i-n s m1ouhz /
,l, po rfi\' e

___'_____' \j 5&_________

i )/

'"^ -,", "" ~~ .w <

"NJ "In t

K i 1 j "

"I NLJ '( i" i/ N' .j -"
Y- -"- >_ J -;.> -> ,~ -! ,
"/Ii ->, I 4- I / .
-i - /-
* <>- e ^i o,

N' - -N !I-'^ V ^
~~ ii

N, Ketle on:

yina{ we'll~ dll
hacue bec. s

_ 71

-?-- ^ ^ 1 \ -i,:: '.- ^ .
V^?^'^ 'C

7.-* Z,<; / y ... *^> .'" A, 1 ...
(~ "4/'
,e / <' -i i i

'F / /-y // :;*> ..
,/'/ .- ,............' '- -

- >,; ..-- I.- : '

// ;,i ,- !j- .^ \ ". I
'1 , .

rb - .1 "..-.--..-.:-. |
.. . ,\"' -: .,.. ,,.-. --
L F .oi i, Yi

I l
"- 7.. .
% ,: ., .
[L l "~Y-~ _.SMI-s-D..:'--. -r'~

T I don9 (l e 1\L, 1)
Sill Ilie w eJ r
Who put her i
Little Juhnm Cre.
e Who ipuled l her out' ', "
iqjbhnny Stout.

To drown poor pussy ct -
h0 ever c .. ai," 1 i t

f hs dher r i
'f' V II Sfout- 'v N

' )iVY > <

'7-- -


Bonny Lass! Bon) i
i Lass,
Wil rou (e mine!
you shall neither
Swash dishes. nor
serve H1e .sAinve
/ $jut .Jit on a cushion
Sarlcn Sew c Fiae
S. /S ,e am nt ,
\ f lnC you shall haue
z,, .s trawu erries, Sugear
,an ce CreQa m

"" 1X

/, 4 I /

? ( ^ / ,. .\ \ . /

'\\ /,/' i ^ ^ <
_____^Ir^Ll^ ___

-. '

_, .. Ls ," ... ', !
"- - '- .. /

"- "' ^\ \ i e'-'.t .'
S. ... ,,I \ "\ i
^,, .... \ .,,,. l
-.,, -'. . "-, ..,

)' -... z "_ .... .;-.>\ ,. ~.. *,,-,._,,
S- ,

S. .;.... "' . .. , | ,
Sr ,, 0 -
"" (" I .?... N'" i
:. ,' A ', \! i
.<- .- .' -'; *\ 'l .
-~ A'

*^-1^:-h'- / Y\\ /

t'I. 11V * I ^ \ -

u^'% ^ -' X .-~ ,r^ -^ f--i
-, I ~ ,,J
N' j I 41 L. 1

0 ^ ^ v ^ 7. -!; Sfl~ M c
4t ''7 SC; 1n 1t

)/ V..- ,^ q :*tt -. 1t ^~~~1"o ^ I .
///i ,-- -, ^ n t l '. J' 'r^ hcr
,) ^ *,. / *^ f^ 1-^ ^ Mfe
..^ "^ ^ay
[^ _ _ _- __

-- 'Li'L\e rci biue, come, uovi
r 1 .7 ee in Hie ea o
/ -11t ceqO s in I e t cIv i c, I o,
^ '- / P'! o ', 1 i
SWilere' ie th i 1ie oy thatu
4Q1Anri the h )rb.
^/"^-^*-, c/ 'e's under the+l cty cock lasr
,-^- /, jAf' (o wake him

I/t -,
f u I 0Inont f

\ t e

/7, ____

F /;v J,

A- Like fiix aie1rs rd among
/ h Cincirs'War jretplty titte toey.
-, (PPr naHpr cale aii^d ftuq hpr,
S c whipped !ter L'I'He daughter.
Tor sPoMina 11or
ni c ? new cloHi r ,

Bi oby Sh po':s oe.
on his knee

l: I ma r Ite

1,/" / h. coe a/ l/

S I f 111-
do n his yellow linir
\. \ es l my love for ev e ) -
010 )l e
rC.Bo l(tV o.

b 311 t
"60 '"

'-, \ ^ \
*"" ~1, ^^ ^^

__^^ ji i ress ]W M o
S .. ir quile l 'i'a -n lr,
'--"'-y r '>""-- ^ I. r e 11 r4)

Si)1l r cl
A '1 ) ii
Sll'in ct IJ 7

S" f i
.r i'
"-y; -.... .. i 5!
-'----- /-- p M i/i /1- .-' '

...'.r'.y' 11- '- \ .-- ,' w
:1.. ; ^- ... .. ".( , ,. 1 1 ,

""1-.. _ .... ,

4/ >^ ^ Little itc^ title tcta,
S-"here were V ou Ior it
A F J offo- it Lauca-li'r e
i ; e iey U lfte lt
k JrA'-- i} UaV'ot )tL "

K Al 11J
S*L 4'-- a ,,
-3 t C. .U rl. 1

Js rhf boiiy bowl

N ; lT g' CI" ..

_..- '. ,_ -
,; /. -


-, --- .-J -7
"/<---- - " ,-

- i I n
\ ..-- '.< .> i f

.... A, /i!! LJe '.,h / rl,
I) 1

-,L t I /cl tNe j p

"- ^,'-?^7/~ / W cd did she ivue ,
_ -/ // gt1e ai

f c on. --

0 2.
It _____

4 I
ai;~ '< ~

/ r,, / .'.' .( ?-

S. 7 7 ,.6 I' -Qr; t-'C
.: i ** .,:i' i.;,' ;, '- "J"'>,
... ,_ ,- <. -

'C '.I' -" ..i \ "'-A' -"
'" .. -. ,' ...' .i ;..-- 2> 2 :-^ ''' ... ..
,' A -.

v '/ ''\ \ ? .... !- /.
i t *'. ','" i/,,, \<" / /

; '" I," .
i.1i. ... _- . \r.iA,,

U C( W Ik I %
LJid:,,' \ L '.j f '.' 't1 ?^,' / ': ^ *

,... >7/ ,.

\'t'"i'hB b '. / ,ii. -- A- ....' ---
_ _( ', ., /c \ ~ ~'
) ** *1 :-, ? I '/ /
I 'V u; /' v' / -: --

sda; it-^ "

ii O. ,' ,t "

;CS; .;t !
i ^ _ .- .



TITLE PAGE. GIRL: hair, pale yellow; dress, very pale blue; stockings, left white, shaded
with yellow grays; shoes, black; skin, very fair; cheeks, etc., quite rosy; flowers, left
white, shaded with very pale blue greens; leaves, olive green; branches, brown; sky, pale
rose color wash, beginning irregularly about an inch from top, extending across picture
downwards, and diminishing at girl's lowest foot down irregularly into corner behind tree;
clouds, left white; small letters in deep rose color; Mother Goose in very pale blue.
(I.) LITTLE BO-PEEP." Hair, light reddish; hat, pale blue; roses in hat, pale yellow;
waist, pale blue; skirt, pale yellow; ruffles, left white; skin, brownish; cheeks, lips, etc.,
quite rosy.
"BO-PEEP ASLEEP." Hair, etc., like above description; crook, light brown; ribbons,
pale blue; grass, light olive; poppies, bright, deep red, shaded with darker; leaves, stems,
etc., dark, dull blue greens; landscape, foreground, pale gray greens, shading to blue grays
on mountains; end of house, dull red; roof, dull yellow; sky, pale blue wash extending
across top of picture, and fading out at Bo-Peep's knees; lamb in text, slight cream
color, shading to yellow grays; grass, olive greens.
(2.) JACK AND JILL." JACK: hair, pale light yellow; hat, dull peacock blue ;jacket, dull
dark blue; collar, buff; shirt, left white shaded with blue grays; vest, dark red; sash,
lighter red; buttons, yellow; trousers, dull, light blue; leggings, dark, dull blue; shoes,
tan color; skin, fair; eyes, blue; cheeks and lips, rosy. JILL: hair, bluish black; skin,
brownish; cheeks, lips, elbows, and hands, quite rosy; cap, left white, shaded with blue
grays ; kerchief, very pale tan color, olive green dots; dress, dull, dark brick red; wooden
shoes, light, yellowish tan ; pail, light, yellowish green; roof of shed on well, yellow,
streaked with olive greens (for moss), dark brown at edges; supports of roof, dark brown;
stones around well, blue grays shaded, and occasionally a brownish gray stone ; bush, out-
lined in dark brown ; bucket beside well, very dull, light red; grass, varied shades of olive,
darker on horizon, lighter in foreground; dandelions, bright yellow ; leaves, dark olive green;


bucket in text, light brown; sky, very pale yellow at base, -deepening into pale orange, and
then into rose, (this is done by putting on successive washes of the distinct colors when
they are all wet, thus they blend together). Leave clouds white.
(3.) THIS LITTLE PIG WENT TO MARKiT." (Along the edges of the figures and draperies
turned towards fire there should be a slight yellowish tint to represent reflection of fire).
WOMAN: hair, light reddish brown; skin, fair; cheeks, lips, and fingers, rosy; cap, kerchief,
and lace left white and delicately shaded with blue grays; dress, pale blue, shaded with
darker blues; ribbon on cap, pale rose color; slippers, pale tan color ; stockings, rose color.
CHILD: hair, pale dull yellow; dress, left white, shaded with yellow grays; skin, fair;
cheeks, elbows, fingers, knees, heels, and toes, rosy; chair backs, light yellowish brown;
cushion in chair, dull dark yellow, very dark reddish brown wash running along beneath
and on side of chair ; wall, dark red around arch, shading to very dark red brown behind
woman; interior of fireplace, pale orange; flames, red and yellow; smoke, pale yellow at
base shading into blue and yellow grays towards top; logs, light reddish brown; andirons,
very dark greenish gray; floor, light orange near fire, shading to dull brick red in fore-
ground; apple blossoms, left white, tips of petals delicately tinted and streaked with pale
rose; leaves, pale olive; stem, pale greenish brown; cat, pale gray, shaded with blue grays;
ribbon on cat, pale blue ; shadow on floor, dark red brown, pigs in text, black.
(4.) BLESS YOU, BLESS YOU, BURNIE BEE." GIRL: hair, pale yellow; head-kerchief, light
rose color ; dress, very pale dull light yellow; skin, fair ; cheeks, lips, etc., quite rosy ; apron
and kerchief, left white, shaded with blue grays; clover in hand, dull, crimson pink;
leaves, green : grass, olive greens, in washes, extending as far down as top of lower bee's
wing; flowers beside girl left white; pale blue wash for sky, fading out at girl's knees;
clouds left white; pale gray wash along lower edges. Clover blossoms, pale rose color,
fading to white at base of petals, deepening to dull crimson at tips; leaves, dull, rather
dark olive greens stems, lighter ; marking on leaves, reddish brown. BEE: body, bright
yellow; legs and stripe, black; wings left white, pale blue at tips, and with pale blue
markings. Other bees, ditto ; clover in text, pale olive.
(5.) BLow, WIND, BLOW." GIRL: hair, pale, reddish tan color; cap, dark peacock blue;
dress, pale peacock blue; neckerchief, pale, yellow tan, with olive spots; skin, fair; rosy
cheeks, hands and about toes and heels. BOY : hair, very pale yellow; shirt, left white;
suit, pale tan color; straps over shoulders, darker tan; skin, brownish; cheeks, rosy; wall,
coping, gray, band below coping, pale brick red; plaster in base, left '-hite; pebbles
in plaster, various colors, blue, gray, brown, etc. ; hollyhock leaves and grass in foreground,
medium light olive; hollyhock flowers, rose color; post, right side, pale brick red; stones
at edge, dull gray; front of post ; bricks at top, dark brick red; stones, greenish gray;


ivy on top, dark olives ; trees, stems, very pale, red brown; foliage, very pale olive greens !
grass in distance, very pale olive greens; poplar trees, very pale blue grays; road, very
pale reddish brown. WINDMILL: sails, pale dull red; tower, pale gray; wash for sky, pale
blue, extending from top of lowest poplar tree across sky, up to, and behind, foliage of
trees; meal bags, very pale cream color, darker shading.
(6.) GIRLS AND BOYS, COME OUT TO PLAY." BOY, looking over wall; hair, light yellow;
coat, pale blue, with buff collar; shirt and ruffles, left white; skin, fair; cheeks and lips, rosy.
GIRL, in distance; dress, pale rose color, darker spots; hair, pale brown. Boy, dancing;
suit, dull orange red ; hair, pale, dull yellow ; Skin, fair; shirt-frill, blue gray; ruffles, right
hand, dark blue gray; left hand, left white. GIRL (next boy): dress, pale, dull rose color;
hair, dark, reddish brown; skin, brownish; cheeks, lips, etc., rosy; stocking, blue gray;
shoe, black. LITTLE GIRL (holding hand of last mentioned): dress, pale peacock blue;
hair, light reddish; skin, fair; cheeks, lips, etc., rosy-; stocking, blue gray; shoes, black.
LITTLE GIRL in foreground : hair, dark brown; dress, dark, dull yellow; skin, brownish;
lips, etc., rosy; sky, wash of very dark, dull blue, filling entire sky; moon, pale yellow;
snow, left white; shadows, dark blue gray; wall, bricks, dull red, quite dark at corner;
plaster at edge of text, slight yellow brown wash; ivy leaves, various shades, dark, olive
green ; stems, red browns.
(7.) "Pussy CAT, PUSSY CAT," etc. GIRL: cap, dull, dark yellow, with crimson spots;
hair, bluish black; dress, bright, deep yellow; ruffs left white; skin, brownish; cheeks,
lips, etc., quite rosy. WALL: bricks, dull light red; coping, blue gray; rose vine leaves,
pale olive green; roses, pale pink; stick, dark brown; grass in foreground, light olive
greens, fading into blue grays. Distant city, dull blue; sky, light blue wash, fading out
just above horizon; trees, dull, blue greens; mouse, gray; tip of tail, pinkish; tips of ears,
black. Ground, light tan color ; cat, left white; yellow gray shading.
(8.) RIDE, BABY, RIDE." Feather, left white, blue gray shading; bow and hat, pale
blue; facing of hat, pale pink; rosettes, darker pink; coat, pale rose color; fur, left
white, shaded with cream color (a very pale. shade of tan); robe, left white, and shaded
with cream colors ; flowers on robe, pale pink; leaves, pale olive; pillow, left white, shaded
with blue grays ;-body and runners of sleigh, dull olive green; front of sleigh (swan), pale
yellow gray, yellow beak; dog, black and tan colors; cart, rather bluish; ribbon, pale
blue; cat, left white, gray markings and shadings; tip of tail and ears quite dark; eyes,
pale green: ribbon, pale pink. GIRL: hair, reddish brown; skin, fair; eyes, pale blue;
cheeks and lips,, slightly rosy; rose in text, pale pink; leaves, green; snow, left white,
gray streaks and foot marks.


(9.) "To MARKET, TO MARKET." GIRL: hat, bright, deep yellow; hair, reddish brown;
ribbons, pale blue; kerchief, left white, shaded blue grays; waist and overdress, bright, deep
yellow; skirt, dull, light red; stockings, black; shoes, tan color; skin, fair ; eyes, blue;
mits, lines gone over delicately with black; lips, cheeks, etc., quite rosy. BoY: hat, light
peacock blue; roses in hat, rose color and crimson; coat, light tan color; collar, darker
tan; shirt, left white; breeches, light olive; stockings, dark olive; boot-tops, bright tan;
boots, brown; hair, pale dull yellow; skin, fair; cheeks, lips, etc., quite rosy; eyes, blue.
Reins, very dark brown; cabbages, pale blue greens; beets and carrots, orange red;
greens, green; seat of cart, pale yellow; spokes to wheels, red; tires, blue gray; distant
landscape, pale blue; trees, light olive; branches, red brown ; pigs in text, legs, ears,
snouts, and tails, pink.
(IO.) "LADY BIRD, LADY BIRD." GIRL: hair, pale yellow; cap left white, shaded with
blue grays; kerchief, ruffles, and apron, ditto; dress, pale rose color; skin, fair; cheeks,
etc., rosy. BOY: light reddish hair; suit, pale peacock blue; stockings, black; shoes, tan
color, red heels; skin, brownish. Stone terrace, blue gray, shaded with browns; trees in
distance, pale olive green ; hedge, deeper greens; flower beds, pale olives; borders, dark
olives; vases in garden, left white; basin of fountain, blue gray; water, left white, shaded
with blue grays and greens; house, left white ; roofs, red; vase on terrace, left white,
shaded with yellow grays; flowers in it, deep crimson; pale blue wash for sky, fading out
just above buildings; clouds, left white ; pale yellow gray wash along lower edges; flower
in text, yellow; lady birds, bright red, black dots.
(I .) "THE MAN IN THE MOON." WOMAN: hair, dark reddish brown; dress, dull, dark
brick red; flowers, dull yellow; ruffs and chemisette, blue gray. CHILD: dark, dull, yel-
low dress, light blue gray, shaded with darker; skin, fair; hands and elbows, rosy; stone
work round window, dark green gray, irregular wash, deepening to browner gray behind
flowers and arch. FLOWERS: leaves, deep, warm olives, that is, with a good deal of red
and yellow in them ; marking on leaves, dull, dark reds ; stems, pale olives ; flowers, left
white, shaded with blue gray, deep red at -base of petals; sky, dull, dark blue; moon, very
pale yellow; circle, very pale yellow; man all pale, light brown, to make him look
(12.) POLLY, PUT THE KETTLE ON." Along all thkoutlines on the sides nearest the fire
there should be a slight yellow wash. GIRL: hair, pale light yellow; cap and apron, left
white, shaded with blue grays; skin fair; cheeks, etc., quite rosy. Dress, pale yellow tan
color, with red spots; kerchief, pale peacock blue; skirt, pale peacock blue; stockings, black;
shoes, red; floor, light reddish brown; wainscotings behind girl, dark olive green; wall
above, lighter olive ; bricks in fire-place, dull red, tiles left white, (except near smoke, where

there should be slight yellow tint for reflection 9f fire); blue figures and outlines on tiles;
mantel shelf, lighter olive; flames, red and yellow; grate, black; smoke, pale yellow at
base, deepening into blue grays; wall behind scroll, dark green grays; scroll, pale tan
color; tea-pot and cups, outlined in dull light red; tea cup in text, blue.
(I3.) LITTLE JACK HORNER." Hair, light reddish; skin, fair; cheeks, rosy; suit, pale
peacock blue; gaiters and shoes, tan color; buttons, brown ; pie, tan color; plate, dark pea-
cock green; flowers on tiles, dull red; leaves, green; dog, light tan color, shaded on back
with blue gray; floor, light reddish brown; plums and pie in text; plums, light yellow
green; leaves, dark olive green; pie, tan color; plate, blue.
(13.) TOMMY TUCKER." Hat, dingy yellow; hair, dark brown; coat, light olive green,
shaded with browns; trousers, light yellow brown; violin, light red brown; skin, brown-
ish; lips, red; eyes, light brown. BACKGROUND : steps, yellow grays; wall, dull red; fence,
brown; wash for sky, pale blue, extending from behind fence to first green leaf of daisy,
and behind boy's head; pansy in text, dark red and yellow; leaves, green; daisies, left
white;. some shaded with yellow grays, some with blue grays; centres, bright yellow;
leaves and stems, olive greens, shaded.
(14.) "DING, DONG, BELL." JOHNNY STOUT: Cap, dull yellow; suit, dark olive green;
belt, tan color; socks, dull crimson; shoes, black; bow, dull crimson; collar, left white,
shaded with'blue grays; hair, dark brown ; skin, brownish; cheeks, etc., rosy. Drowned
cat, white, shaded with yellow grays; drops of water, bluish. JOHNNY GREEN: Hat, left
white, shaded with yellow grays; pompons, dull crimson; hair, pale yellow; jersey, dull
crimson; trousers, left white, shaded with blue grays; stockings, black; shoes, tan color.
Grass, various shades of olive, darker towards foreground; path, light reddish brown;
cats, one black and white, one, reddish yellow; flowers in grass, dull red; well roof, pale,
dull yellow, shaded to green ; gray at edges; supports, light brown; bell and weel, blue
grays; inside of bell, very dark; wheel, medium dark; rose-bushes around it; roses, pale
pink; leaves olive; cat on cushion in text, white and shaded with yellow grays; cushion,
pale blue.
(15.) "BONNIE LASS." BOY: hat-facing, very pale blue; ribbons, little darker; hair, pale
yellow, darker shading; suit, very pale olive green; ruffles, left white; sash and rosettes, pale
rose color; stockings, very dark olive green; shoes, light tan; skin, cheeks, lips, and fin-
gers, rosy; eyes, blue. GIRL: Hair, dark reddish brown; ribbons, pale rose color; dress,
light tan ; skin, dark; lis and cheeks, very rosy; eyes, light brown ; grass, olive green;
buttercups, bright yellow; leaves and stems, very pale green; wash for sky, pale blue on
both sides of text panel and extending way across picture; stick, dark brown; strawberry
in text, berries red ; flowers, white, yellow centre; leaves, green.

(16.) LITTLE MISS MUFFETT." Hair, pale light reddish; bow in hair, pale pink ; dress,
pale peacock blue, pale olive green figures; apron and strings left white, shaded with yel-
low grays; bowl, left white, with dark red figures ; stockings, dark red ; slippers, black;
spoon, bluish grays; skin, fair; cheeks, eyelids, etc., rosy; grass, olives, darker in fore-
ground; flowers, yellow; sky, pale blue wash, extending across picture, and diminishing
from spoon upwards to corner; cobweb, dark blue gray; spider, dark brown, shaded
with black; shadow, gray; clouds, left white, with slight gray wash along lower edges.
(17.) "LITTLE BOY BLUE." Hair, dark reddish brown; suit, pale peacock blue; skin,
brownish; cheeks, lips, above eyelids, knees, heels, and toes and fingers, rosy; haycock, pale
yellow, as far down as boy; towards bottom, pale tans, shadipg to brown at base; grass
in foreground, olive greens, growing very light in background; corn in background, very
pale yellow; over corn, slight wash of pale brown ; over that pale gray, shading into dull
blue on mountains ; sky, very pale blue; clouds, left white ; slight gray wash along lower
edges; poppies in foreground and on text, scarlet; leaves, green; cow, dull red; sheep,
left white.
(18.) "POLLY FLINDERS." Hair, pale, dull yellow, shaded with darker; dress, left white,
shaded with blue and yellow grays; sash and ribbons, pale blue; stockings, pale olive green,
rose-colored spots ; slippers, pale rose color; wash over bricks which are drawn pale dull
red; wash around andiron, pale tan ; andiron, dark brown ; flame, red and yellow; smoke at
base, pale yellow, deepening towards top into dark blue gray; floors, pale tan, yellowish
near fire; wall behind girl, irregular wash, extending almost to top of hair of dark red
brown; skin, very fair; cheeks, lips, fingers, palms, hands, elbows, and shoulders, slightly
rosy ; chair, dark olive green; slippers in text, pale rose color; heels, blue.
(19.) BOBBY SHAFTO." GIRL: hair, dark, reddish brown, shaded darker at ends; cap,
red, black stripes; neckerchief, left white, red dots; dress, very pale tan color; skin, dark,
with brownish tint; grass, light olive greens; rocks, light reddish browns. Bo : hair, pale
dull yellow ; hat, very dark, dull blue; suit, very pale blue ; collar, left white; jersey, left
white, with pale, pink stripes; shoes, black, leaving white stripe along top to give lustre;
stockings, dark blue; skin, very fair; rosy cheeks and lips; mast, light yellowish brown;
rope, ditto; deck, ditto; blue wash for sky (darker than boy's clothes), extending as far as
girl's knees on one side, and as far as top of boy's hat on other, leaving clouds white;
clouds, pale, bluish gray wash along lower edges; sea gulls, left white, tips of wings
black ; boat in circle; sail, left white ; boat, brown ; sea, very pale, light green, dull blue
streaks along horizon and in shadow of boat; sky, light wash just behind sail, and along
horizon of pale blue.
(20.) MISTRESS MARY." Hair: blue black, a good deal of blue in the shadows; lace at


sleeves, left white, yellow-gray shading; dress, pale peacock blue; ribbon in hair, ditto;
figures on dress, pale yellow, olive green leaves; skirt, rose color; stockings, deeper rose
color; shoes, pale peacock blue; skin, brownish; cheeks, etc., quite rosy; brick wall,
light, dull yellowish red ; pear-tree leaves, very dark olive; pears, dark, tawny yellows and
reddish; branches, reddish brown; box border, dark olive; grass, light Iaive; flowers,
pale yellow ; rushes, light olive ; path, light, yellowish brown; slight, pale blue wash over
top of wall, for sky ; flowers in text, pale bluish, with green leaves.
(21.) LITTLE LAD, LITTLE LAD, WHERE WERE YOU BORN ? Hat, pale, dull reddish;
hair, very pale, dull yellow; skin, brownish; cheeks, etc., quite rosy; bundle, left white,
light olive spots ; shirt, left white, shaded with yellow grays ; trousers, very pale, blue gray;
flowers in hand, bright red; pavement, yellow grays, carried behind flowers to make a back-
ground for them; pale blue wash on sky, extending across the whole sky of picture to within
an eighth of an inch at each side, running close up to margin at top; flowers, left white,
shaded with blue grays and green grays; centres, greenish, with dark brown dots at ends
of stamens ; stems, red browns; leaves, olive; pumpkin in text, orange yellow; leaves,
light olives.
(22.) LITTLE GIRL, LITTLE GIRL, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ?" Hair, light, pale yellow;
skin, fair; cheeks, etc., rosy; dress, light, dull brownish red; grass, olive, light in fore-
ground, quite dark in background ; trees, dark olives; trunks, dark red browns ; rose-bush,
light olives ; roses, rose colors, dark and light; path, light yellow brown.
(23.) HUSH-A-BY, BABY." FEMALE FIGURE: hair, pale, light yellow; dress, left white,
shaded with blue grays, slight blue gray wash over end of drapery; skin, very fair. CHILD:
hair, pale, yellow brown ; skin, fair; ckeeks, etc., rosy; tree, greenish brown, made by add-
ing a little olive to the brown ; leaves, dark olives; blossoms, left white, just touched here
and there with pale rose color; moon and stars, pale yellow; sky, dull, dark blue wash
filling the whole size of square.
COVER. All the light shades must have white paint mixed with them, to give them
opaqueness, to cover the tinted paper. Outside of picture, very pale wash of light olive;
lettering, letters filled in with pale, light red ; fleur-de-lis petals, pale yellow, fading to
white at base; leaves, dark and bright olives. Boy: hair, very pale, dull yellow; dress,
painted white, shaded with yellow grays; skin, very fair; cheeks, lips, shoulders, fingers,
elbows, toes, heels, and knees, slightly rosy; branch in hand, dark brown, with green
leaves; goose, painted white, with blue gray shading; legs, beak, yellow; eye, brown;
grass, various shades dull olive; branches, with apple-blossoms, brown; leaves, light
olives; flowers, painted white; petals, pink; sky, blue wash, filling corner behind apple-
blossoms, and extending irregularly across picture, down behind child, to where grass
meets edge of picture.



To give these pictures finish after they are painted, it is advisable to outline them,
that is to say, go over all the printed lines of the picture with either a darker shade of the
color to be outlined, or a dull, reddish brown, which gives a still more decorative effect.
In painting bricks and stones, a great deal depends upon the way in which they are col-
ored. They may either be colored a uniform red, which is uninteresting and ugly, or the
reds may be varied sometimes, one brick being almost brown, another pale red, another
orange, and so on. There is infinite variety in an old brick wall. The same thing may
be said of the olive greens in the flowers and grasses. A great many rich tones are com-
prised in the one color, olive green. These directions for coloring are merely given to
help the beginner, who does not yet trust his own eye for color, but it is hoped that, with
their assistance, the colorist will soon learn to combine for himself, and may ring an infi-
nite variety of changes in harmonies of color. The beginner will gain much valuable
assistance in coloring from a little' book published by the publishers of these pictures,
entitled Introduction to the study of Drawing and Painting in Water Colors." Price,
50 cents.


THE words "light" and "dark," dull" and "bright," are used in opposition, respectively.
A light tint is obtained by thinning the given color with water, a dark tone by putting
several washes over one another, always allowing the first to dry thoroughly.
When a bright color is wanted, use the color from the box without mixing with any
other color.
The dull tones are given in the list :-
AUBURN: Gamboge, light red and Vandyke brown.
"BLACK: Sepia, indigo, crimson lake or Vandyke brown and Prussian blue.
BLUE, DULL: Add a little gamboge and crimson lake to any blue.
BLUE GRAY: Cobalt and light red.
BROWN MADDER: Crimson lake and Vandyke brown.
BROWN ORANGE: Same as auburn.
BUFF: Yellow ochre.


CRIMSON, DULL: Add a little blue and yellow to crimson lake.
BRONZE : Indigo, Vandyke brown, and a little yellow ochre.
FAWN: Light red and yellow ochre.
FLESH COLOR: Light tint of vermilion and a faint touch of yellow.
GRAY: Vermilion and Prussian blue or light red and cobalt.
GREEN, BRIGHT: Gamboge and Prussian blue.
GREEN, DULL: Gamboge, indigo, light red.
GREENISH GRAY: Yellow ochre, cobalt, light red.
GREENISH SLATE: Prussian blue and Vandyke brown.
OLD GOLD: Gamboge and Vandyke brown or yellow ochre and a little gamboge.
OLIVE: Vandyke brown and Prussian blue.
OLIVE GREEN: Prussian blue, gamboge and a little vermilion.
ORANGE: Vermilion and gamboge.
PEACOCK BLUE: A little gamboge added to cobalt.
PEACOCK GREEN: Cobalt blue and more gamboge than the preceding.
PINK: Light touch of crimson lake with a faint touch of yellow.
PINK, DULL: Same as above with a little gamboge added.
PURPLE: Cobalt and crimson lale.
RED, DARK: Add Vandyke brown to crimson lake.
RED, DULL: Add brown madder to vermilion.
REDDISH BROWN: Add crimson lake to Vandyke brown.
SCARLET: Use vermilion or mix gamboge and crimson lake.
TAN: Gamboge and a little Vandyke brown; if a yellow tan is wanted, use more gam-
boge; if a greenish, add a little blue.
WOOD COLOR: Sepia or Vandyke brown, thin.
YELLOW, DULL: Add a little crimson lake and Prussian blue to gamboge.
YELLOW, DARK: Put on two or three coats of gamboge, or add a little Vandyke brown
to gamboge.



Each Box has our name stamped on the lid.



The Cups in the Lid are available for preparing large washes, and the Palette Flap
for trying Colors.

These are not Toy Colors, but have been manufactured for us in London for the use
of Art Students and beginners in Water-Color Painting, for which purpose they are
equal to the best, and it will require an experienced artist to detect any difference
between them and the most expensive pigments. These ten colors, with their com-
binations, will be found all which are absolutely needed by the student and beginner.
But for the convenience of those who may wish for other tints without the trouble of
mixing, we can supply the following colors separately at Six Cents each:

Studies in Sepia,


First, The Outline.
Second, The First Wash.
Third, The Second Wash.
Fourth, Finished.

They are on Whatman Paper, prepared for Water Color Painting,
and are intended as easy practice lessons for the beginner in Drawing
and Water Color Painting. The idea is for the pupil to copy each
stage, beginning with the outline, which is to be done with the lead
pencil as a drawing lesson, and following with the 2d, 3d and 4th
stages in color.
The price of each set of four cards, the three last colored by
hand to serve as correct copies for the pupil is . . ... 50 cts.
BLANK CARDS OF WHATMAN'S PAPER, same size as the studies.
Per dozen ........ ............ .25 cts.
No. I. Lesson I. Snow Scene.
No. 2. Lesson 2. Rocky Shore by Moonlight.
No. 3. Lesson 3. Pumps and Trough.
No. 4. Lesson 4. Old Tower.
No. 5. Lesson 5. Rocks and Lily-pads.
No. 6. Lesson 6. Wayside Tub.

Since the publication of our series of Outline Design Cards for hand
painting, we have received so many enquiries for a book which will give easy
lessons in the first principles of drawing and painting, that we have begun the
publication of a series of books, intended to be SELF-INSTRUCTIVE.
Part 1, Introductory to the Study of Drawing and Painting,"
Begins with a list of materials required to commence the study-their cost
and where they may be obtained, followed by some easy lessons in drawing
and painting, in which the pupil is told just what to do, and how to do it, so
that he has only to practise the lessons to perfect himself in them. Price,
50 cents. Sent by mail to any address. Other and more advanced parts
will follow.


Chambers, 333 Washington Street, Boston,
Directly opposite the Transcript Office, at the head of Milk Street.





With the Perforated Pattern which accompanies each Hand Colored Design
any one may easily stamp the same on the material to be embroidered. The
patterns are not destroyed y once using, but may be repeated hundreds of times.
Stamping Powder, with ful directions for stamping, are sent with each pattern.
Catalogue of Designs sent free to any address on application to S. W- TILTON
& Co., 333 Washington Street, Boston.

No. I.
Guide to Embroidery in Crewels, Silks, Applique, &c., and containing
the instructions given at the Royal School for Art Needlework, at
South Kensington, England. Edited by LUCRETIA P. HALE. Price 50 cts.
No. II.
ART-NEEDLEWORK. POINT LACE. With illustrations of
Stitches and Valuable Patterns. By LUCRETIA P. HALE. Price 50 cts.
No. III.
EMBROIDERY. Containing Holbein, Punto, Tirato (drawn
work), Vienna Cross Stitch, Double Platt Stitch, and Cordonnet,
and eighty illustrations and patterns. By LUCRETIA P. HALE.
Price . . . . . . . . . . 5o cts.
No. IV.
DARNING FOR ALL, at Home and in Schools; giving instruc.
tion in Plain Sewing, &c., the Management of Classes, with twenty
illustrations. Compiled from the best English works on these
subjects, with some additional suggestions by the American editor.
Edited by LUCRETIA P. HALE. Price . . . . .. 50 cts.
No. V.
THE ART OF KNITTING. Containing careful directions for
beginners, as well as illustrated instruction in a variety of Knitting
Stitches, Patterns and Novelties, for those advanced in Knitting.
Compiled from valuable sources, with many additions by LUCRETIA
P. HALE. Also nearly one hundred illustrations. Price . .. 75 cts.

S. W. TILTON & CO., Publishers,

333 W7aslhington St., Boston.
Either of the above Books will be sent by mail to any address on receipt
of price.

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